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1. Which is the basic need of humans?

a) car c) water
b) television d) handphone

2. If humans didn’t get air, they will

a) happy c) live longer
b) die d) feel sad

3. Food give us ___________ to do activities.

a) energy c) heat
b) fat d) sweat

4. People need ___________ to grow and stay healthy.

a) air c) shelter
b) water d) food

5. ___________ is to protect us from rain, sunlight and danger.

a) air c) shelter
b) water d) food

6. Basic need of plants are list below, except

a) air c) shelter
b) water d) food

7. Which plant will still alive?

Ujian Berkala Selaras 1 1 Science Year 4

8. This plant was put in the box for 1 week. It leaves turn yellow. Why it’s happen?

a) The plant didn’t get enough water.

b) The plant didn’t get enough air
c) The plant didn’t get enough sunlight
d) The plant didn’t get enough fertilizer

9. A cat live in the ____________

a) Nest c) cave
b) House d) tree

10. Which of the following statement is not true

a) human need air to breath
b) human need food to grow
c) human need water to stay alive
d) human need big house to feel comfortable

11. Which is the following statement is true about basic need for human, animal and
a) Coconut tree : shelter, air, sunlight
b) Ali : shelter, air, sunlight
c) Bird : shelter, air, food
d) Siti : shelter, air, rain


This is to protect birds from

a) food c) water
b) Air d) danger

Ujian Berkala Selaras 1 2 Science Year 4

13. Animal such as bears, tigers and bats live in the
a) hole c) cave
b) cage d) nest

14. The leaves of a plant covered with grease

After 5 days, the plants died because it did not receive

a) water c) food
b) air d) sunlight

15. Breathing is also called

a) excretion c) reproduction
b) respiration d) defecation

16. Which of the following is not the human breathing organ?

a) lung c) heart
b) windpipe d) nose

17. What gas is taken into the human body during breathing?
a) Oxygen c) Carbon dioxide
b) Energy d) Water

18. Why do humans carry out excretion and defecation?

a) To respond to stimuli
b) To remove toxic and waste product
c) To get energy
d) To regulate the body temperature

19. Miss Mindy touches a hot metal and spontaneously withdraws her hand from the
metal. Why does she react like that?
a) She wants to maintain the temperature of her hand.
b) She is shocked by the hot metal.
c) Her body has systems that respond to the high temperature.
d) She is under pressure.

Ujian Berkala Selaras 1 3 Science Year 4

20. Chart shows En. Hakim’s family tree.

Halim Salmah

Hassan Suriani Halimah

Why do Encik Hassan and his wife need to reproduce?

a) To make them happy.
b) To have happy children.
c) To have beautiful children.
d) To increase the number of family members.

21. Which of the following are organ of excretion?

I) kidney III) lung
II) skin IV) nose

a) I and II only. c) I, II and III only.

b) III and IV only. d) II, III and IV only.

22. Which is the following is a bad habit?

a) Drinking a lot of water
b) Taking a variety of food
c) Taking drugs
d) Exercise regularly.

23. What is the effect of taking overdose of drugs to humans?

a) Their respond are slow.
b) They will happy.
c) They can walk better.
d) Give extra health to humans.

24. Picture shows human shelter.

This type of house is called

a) a bungalow. c) a flat.
b) a hut. d) a terraced house.

Ujian Berkala Selaras 1 4 Science Year 4

25. A shelter of ant is show below. Which animal live in the same shelter as ant?

a) caterpillar c) earthworm
b) snail d) grasshopper

26. Which animal breath through lung?

a) Fish c) Earthworm
b) Whale d) Caterpillar

27. The following statements is true, except

a) a turtle laying eggs in a hole
b) goat give birth to one or two offspring
c) a bird taking care of her chicks
d) a whale laying their eggs.

28. Which of the following animals reproduce by laying eggs

I) snakes III) birds
II) cats IV) frogs
a) I and III only. c) II and IV only.
b) I and IV only. d) I, III and IV only.

29. Which of the following animal to not breathe through the gills?
a) Tadpole c) Prawn
b) Fish d) Crab

30. These animals breathe through the

a) skin c) mouth
b) lungs d) gills

Ujian Berkala Selaras 1 5 Science Year 4

Ujian Berkala Selaras 1 6 Science Year 4