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Aleea Nicolina Ne. 4 1ASI- 700221, ROMANIA Colegiul National cr a7ai592 Emil Racovita last + Tel/Fax: +(40)-232-236 272 email: office@racovita.r0 Excelenta in educatie Web page: TESTAREA COMPETENTELOR LINGVISTICE LA LIMBA ENGLEZA 31 august 2020 Read the text. Are the following statements true (T) or false (F)? - 2,50 p. Itis a beautiful summer day. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Eliza is going for a walk. She is tired after a long week of hard work. She is meeting her best friend, Jane, in the park. They want to relax and eat icecream. Their favourite flavour is vanilla. The weather is chilly. Eliza is happy after a long, busy week. Jane is a friend of Eliza's. They want to meet in the park to relax and eat somé icecream. Their favourite icecream flavour is not vanilla. geere Il. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense (Present Simple or Present Continuous ) - 2,50 p. 1. They ___ (meet ) their friends in the park now. 2.Where____(she live)? 3. She (not/always/eat) in the cafeteria. 4.Thedog_____(have got) three puppies. 5. They _ (enjoy) themselves in Australia at the moment. II. Choose the correct item - 2,50 p 1, He always reads a magazine........ the evening. aat bon cin 2. ssnune do you eat for dinner? a. Who b.When c. What 3. How... Legs does a cat have ? a.many b.much , long 4. A." Is this your sweater ?” B.“ No, itis ........sweater .” a. her b.hers c.she Atgea Nicolina Nr. & |aSi - 700221, ROMANIA Colegiul National cr 4701892 Emil Racovita Iasi Tel/Fax: +{401-232-236 272 email: Excelentd tn educatie Web page: www, racovita.0 5. Do we need bread? aa b.some — c.any IV. Write a text about how you spend your weekend (write between 50 and 75 words) - 2.50 p. Timp de lucru: 50 de minute