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Flamingo Fashion Limited.

Reason for Excess cutting Jhute %

SL Reason

There is no cut panel checking system in Lingerie unit that’s why the rejection quantity
1 remains more in sewing section, So in this case completed cut panel of a garments
need to cut as re-cut qty.

The fabric GSM supposed to vary in range (+-) 5% but In practically ,the fabric GSM is
2 found always (+) more than fabric booking GSM, it creates additional fabric
requirement which increases the Jhute%.

For Lingerie item, Majority of the fabrics are Lycra Single Jersey which have more side
3 edge curling tendency. For this reason, always consider additional 2-3cm fabrics which
is finally intensify the Jhute%.

Parts of Lingerie item are so shorter in size. There is no scope to remain 6”-9” size cut
piece which would be segregated from jhute. So here all are considered as Jhute.

Sometimes there are found discrepancy between booking fabric width & Receive
5 fabric width. As a result due to uneven width the fabric have to cut extra 2 - 3 times
more for matching the fabric dia that causes for excess Jhute percentage.

In case of subcontract order, there are no entry in MIS 365 regarding the fabric
6 consumption but Jhutes are calculated as (subcon + direct) together. (The fabric
consumption is Applicable for direct order but jhute is calculate for Both) which is a
major cause for excess Jhute%
s cutting Jhute %

CAP Remarks

Management should ensure the 100% cut

panel inspection system.

It should be ensure regarding right GSM

during Knitting & dyeing fabric .

Fabric side edge should be flat ie.Reduce

fabric curling tendency.


Correct fabric width( Booking Dia) should be

followed by the Knitting & dyeing concern.

Maximum time we receive

cut panel from subcon-
Entry the correct fabric consumption for
factory so fabric
subcon order.
consumption is not