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Dice Maiden is a simple to use dice rolling bot perfect for any trpg sessions.

Below are examples of the dice roll syntax:

!roll 2d6 + 3d10: Roll two six-sided dice and three ten-sided dice.

!roll 3d6 + 5: Roll three six-sided dice and add five. Other supported static
modifiers are add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*), and divide (/). NOTE: These
static modifiers must be applied to the end of the roll syntax and after other

!roll 3d6 e6: Roll three six-sided dice and explode on sixes. Some game
systems call this 'open eneded' dice. If the number rolled is greater than or
equal to the value given for this option, the die is rolled again and added to
the total. If no number is given for this option, it is assumed to be the same
as the number of sides on the die. Thus, '3d6 e' is the same as '3d6 e6'.

!roll 3d10 d1: Roll three ten-sided dice and drop one die. The lowest value
will be dropped first. NOTE: These dice are dropped before any dice are kept
with the following k command. Order of operations is : roll dice, drop dice,
keep dice

!roll 3d10 k2: Roll three ten-sided dice and keep two. The highest value
rolled will be kept.

!roll 4d6 r2: Roll four six-sided dice and reroll any that are equal to or less
than two.

!roll 6d10 t7: Roll six ten-sided dice and any that are seven or higher are
counted as a success. The dice in the roll are not added together for a total.
Any die that meets or exceeds the target number is added to a total of

!roll 5d10 t8 f1: f# denotes a failure number that each dice must match or
be beneath in order to count against successes. These work as a sort of
negative success and are totaled together as described above. In the
example roll, roll five ten-sided dice and each dice that is 8 or higher is a
success and subtract each one. The total may be negative.

!roll 4d10 kl3: Roll four ten-sided dice and keep the lowest three dice
rolled. NOTE: This modifier will only work with comments and math

!roll purge 10: Purge the last 10 messages from channel. The purge value
can be between 2 to 100 messages and requires the user to have the
"manage messages" role.
!roll 4d6 ! Hello World!: Roll four six-sided dice and add comment to the

!roll 6 4d6: Roll 6 sets of four sixe-sided dice. A size of a set can be
between 2 and 20.

!roll s 4d6: Simplify roll output by not showing the tally.

!roll 4d6 ! unsort or !roll ul 4d6: Roll four six-sided dice and unsort the

!roll help: Displays basic usage instructions.

!roll donate: Get donation information on how to help support the bot!

These commands can be combined. For example:

!roll 10d6 e6 k8 +4: Roll ten six-sided dice , explode on sixes and keep
eight of the highest rolls and add four.

Game Systems Specific Rolls

Warhammer 40k Wrath and Glory example syntaxes:

!roll wng 4d6: Roll four six-sided dice with a wrath dice.

!roll wng dn2 4d6: Roll four six-sided dice with a wrath dice and a difficulty
test of 2. The bot will append the test pass/fail status to the roll result!

!roll wng 4d6 !soak or !roll wng 4d6 !exempt or !roll wng 4d6 !dmg: Roll
four six-sided dice without a wrath dice.

Dark Heresy 2nd edition syntaxes:

!roll dh 4d10: Roll four ten-sided dice for dark heresy 2nd edition. If your
roll contains a natural 10, you will be prompted with a righteous fury

Alias Rolls
Alias rolls are commands that are shorthand for a longer, more complex
comand. They can also change what the dice faces appear as in most cases.
Below is the complete list of aliases , with example rolls, currently supported
by Dice Maiden. Have a game system that you want turned into an alias?
Create an issue on github to get it added to this list!
4wod8 -> 4d10 f1 t8 World of darkness 4th edition. The first number is the
number of dice to roll and the second is the toughness of the check.
Exploding 10s will be added to this alias at a later date.

3df -> 3d3 t3 f1 Fudge dice from the fate RPG system. The number
represents total dice rolled. This alias also outputs the dice faces as +/ /-.

3wh4+ -> 3d6 t4 Warhammer Age of Sigmar/40k style rolls. The first number is

the amount of dice rolled and the second number is the target number.

dd34 -> (1d3 * 10) + 1d4 Double digit rolls. Uses the first number for the first
digit and the second number for the second digit. This is sometimes used in
warhammer as a "d66".

age -> 2d6 + 1d6 AGE system roll. The AGE system games use 3d6 for ability
tests, with 1 of them typically being represented as a drama die, stunt die,
dragon die etc. It is important that all three dice be rolled together but the
drama die is able to be distinguished from the others. Example games
include Fantasy Age, Dragon Age, Mordern Age, Blue Rose, and The
Expanse RPG.

+dX -> 2dX d1 Advantage roll where X is the dice sides value. Roll two dice
and keep the highest.

-dX -> 2dX kl1 Disadvantage roll where X the dice sides value. Roll two dice
and keep the lowest.

Found a bug? Have a feature request? Create an issue on github. Thanks!