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Office: Office of the Media Research and Development Staff


Requirements, Needs Relevant Interested Concern (for RIPs) Risks Opportunities

and Expectations of Parties
RIPs (RIPs/Stakeholders)
Timely wages MRDS EMPLOYEES Responsible Quality of service Source of
personnel  innovation
Development through There are
trainings, seminars documents
and workshops prepared
/approved for the
next users
Stability of job, Stability of jobs unstable job  Capacity building
security of tenure for COS personnel of staff
End contract of
Sense of
fulfillment when Untimely
delivering work employee
tasks turnover will
affect service
Providing timely and MANAGEMENT (PCOO Approval and Non-approval of Support and
quality seminars and and its main client, the support of the initiatives, training participation for
workshops for the Office of the projects of MRDS and workshops the initiatives,
whole PCOO President) provided by the training and
MRDS. workshops
Misalignment of
priorities of the
Support on planning Implementation of Change of To get relevant
and programming, projects and management will and important
project development activities for the affect the progress training and
and management and whole PCOO plans certifications for
review of memos, MRDS employees
guidelines, manuals will greatly
Non- validate plans and
implementation of institutionalize
initiatives and changes
non-compliance of
the units or
Effective and Efficient Implementation of New Archiving already
Administration policies administration in placed
may scrap the
processes to fit
new policies
Provide quality service PCOO UNITS/OFFICES Impact on MRDS’s Non Participation Increase trust and
and willing to help in reputation for an immediate confidence
the queries provision of report
Timely delivery of Improvement of Non-participation, Quality training
good-quality MRDS their unit Scheduling opportunities to
services  processes with the concerns help develop
help of various participants’ skills
proper planning and competencies
Give relevant training Lack of sufficient Poor quality of User-friendly
for organizational time for training outputs documents
Low Performance Reasonable
Provide assistance deadlines will
regarding office Targets are lessen hesitancy
performance unattained and non-
management products participation of
other departments
Lack of research
management Archiving of
guidelines and documents to
archiving offer greater
continuity on
Provision of quality Participation and Non-conformity of Active
workshops, seminars Engagements of the employees in participation and
and trainings for their PCOO personnel  the seminars and engagement of
workshops the employees
professional growth
which will also
and development help them to
boost their skills
and competencies
Assistance on How to monitor No monitoring of Engagements of
planning, monitoring the personnel will different offices
and evaluation implementation of result to may hasten
projects/initiatives for the initiatives with unattained targets planning
the employees other offices developments

Available Poritriy projects of

implementation each departments
tools per office may delay
documents for
planning and

Continuous EXTERNAL PROVIDERS Their criteria Poor quality of Provide a

coordination to be and PARTNER influences MRDS service/ delay in recommendation
updated with the ORGANIZATIONS services due to for the
guidelines   (Public: DAP, A0 25, unexpected improvements of
CSC, DBM, COA) circumstances like the whole PCOO
Compliance the COVID 19
Proper support EXTERNAL PROVIDERS Good reputation Non-payment of Establish good
provided by MRDS and PARTNER and their speakers communication to
during events/ ORGANIZATIONS partnership make sure that
implementation (Private) opportunities with external service
PCOO units providers are on
the same page
(cross- checking of