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1. In ancient rome, owners of the inns would not allow guests to stay unless they carried a
permission to travel from the government officials that they called it what?
a. Letter of eviction*
b. Authority to travel
c. Travel Pass
d. Letter of acceptance
2. In ancient times, TAVERNS are called “TAVERNAS” while the attached inn was called_____.
a. Caucatious
b. Cauponas*
c. Caravansaries
d. Caravantels
3. In the early days in the Near East, caravans crossing vast deserts stopped at a large courtyard
surrounded by accommodation is what you called:
a. Caucatious
b. Cauponas*
c. Caravansaries
d. Caravantels

4. Complete the bible reference “And she brought forth her first-born son, and wrapped him in
sadling clothes and laid him in a _______; because there was no room for them in the inn. (Luke
a. Street
b. Manger*
c. Wooden bed
d. Grass
5. In the middle ages, who is the famous storyteller that speaks about the Tabard, a fine hostelry of
the 1300s in London in his Canterbury Tales.
a. Chaucer*
b. Nairobi
c. Chris Watts
d. Shakespeare
6. In what period, does the public coach service was put into effect?
a. Colonial Period*
b. Medieval Period
c. Renaissance
d. Ancient and Roman Days
7. A tourist site since roman days, in which are mineral springs or pools believed to be medicinal or
a. Resorts
b. Hot springs
c. Spas*
d. Falls
8. It was the first luxury hotel and boasted the first indoor toilets and the first private bedrooms
with locks on the door.
a. Tremont Hotel*
b. Hillton Hotel
c. Swiss Hotel
d. Marriott Hotel
9. In nineteenth century, Bellhop are called?
a. Rotunda man*
b. Aboyer
10. Complete the famous motto that of hotel industry during the Twentieth century “A bed with a
______ for a dollar in a half”
a. Sheet
b. Pillow
c. Bath*
d. Food
11. He is considered as the “King of the Innkeepers” that influenced the twentieth era.
a. Howard Johnson
b. Kemmons Wilson
c. Conrad Hilton
d. Williard Marriot
12. Meaning of Motel
a. Hotels
b. Motortel
c. Motel
d. Dormitel
13. What is the name of the famous hotel in Africa that features rooms in a huge tree from which
guests can watch wild animals feed at night?
a. TreeHouse
b. Tree-top
14. And 15. Name the 2 famous book of Homer where he gave insights into lodging at ancient days.
a. Odyssey
b. Iliad
c. Poseidon