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Life Insurance Corporation of India

Detailed Policy Status Report

Policy Information:

Name of the Life Assured: M.Riyashini La PolicyNumber: 748000733

Plan Name: JEEVAN TARUN Policy Status: In Force

Plan -834 ` 492.00
Instalment Premium:
Sum Assured: ` 1,00,000
Premium due from: 04/02/2020
Bonus , Guranteed ` 19,700
Nominee Details:

Name of the Nominee Relation of Life Assured Share(%)

Details not available. Please contact Servicing Branch. You are requested to register nomination
under the policy, if not done so far.Ignore if nomination not required.

Billing Details:

Instalment Premium: ` 492.00 Amount due: ` 492.00

Premium due from: 04/02/2020 Premium Mode : Monthly

No of Instalments: 1

Other Details :

Age : 4 Yrs Policy Term: 21 Yrs

Commencement date: 04/02/2016 Premium Paying Term: 16 Yrs

Date of Maturity: 04/02/2037 City: Dindigul

Agent Details: 03936749 - B.Lakshmi Branch Name(code): LIC of India, Dindigul

Prabha Branch Office-I (749 )

Disclaimer : In case of any discrepancy , please refer the policy document or contact the servicing branch.

This document is electronically generated and no signature is required.