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Advise to the Sisters in the West

By: Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdillah Al-Imaam

Advise to the Sisters in the West
By: Shaikh Muhammad ibn Abdillah Al-Imaam
Translated and Transcribe by: Abu Ismaeel Mustafa George

All praise is for Allâh, may the blessings and peace of Allâh be upon His Messenger , and upon
(the Messenger's) family members and companions.

For what proceeds:

We praise Allâh for facilitating and making easy for us this gathering of advice. He has made easy
for us the usage of means of communication in a way which brings about good and benefit in our
worldly lives and in the hereafter. This is indeed from the bounties of Allâh. A Muslim must be
grateful for the bounties of Allâh pertaining to good and benefit. Pertaining to what corrects ones
deen and establishes his or her worldly affairs.

Oh my sisters, every Muslim male and female is in dire need of knowing that he or she is a
servant or slave to Allâh. Allâh orders them, so they obey, Allâh forbids them, and so they abstain.
Allâh calls them, so they respond. Allâh informs them, so they believe. Allâh admonishes them, so
they accept the admonition. Allâh warns them, so they fear His warning.

So the Muslim is not truly a sincere servant to Allâh, obeying Him, being humble for Him,
submitting to Him, except that they (Muslim) place the rights of Allâh before and over the rights of
the creation. Except that they place the orders and wants of Allâh over the wants of the creation.
Except that they place that which pleases Allâh over and before that which pleases the creation.

Al 'Ubodiyah (servitude) to Allâh is the greatest reason why Allâh has created us. This 'Ubodiyah is
established completely and correctly with sincerity to Allâh, seeking His face, being honest with
Him, being pleased with His legislation and obeying His orders and judgment. It is also established
through fearing Him, awareness of Him, loving Him, and exalting Him. Of the greatest things that
(unclear word) a Muslim for 'Ubodiyah to Allâh is Tawaqul (trust). Also dependence on Him faith
and hope in Him, and placing one's affairs with Him (Tafweed).

When these types of 'Ubodiyaat are established in the heart of the servant and upon his or her
tongue and limbs, then indeed he or she has become a servant of Allâh. It is befitting and hoped that
this individual has become from amongst His Awliyah (close, beloved friends), those whom have been
brought near, His righteous servants.

Advise to The Sisters in The West from the Sisters of Yemen

Given: 27 Muharram 1427 A.H./February 26, 2006
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Advise to the Sisters in the West
By: Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdillah Al-Imaam

Those whom He has specifically blessed with (2 unclear words), complete success and guidance a
Muslim male nor female cannot reach nor establish this 'Ubodiyah, that is correction of one's self,
what is open and what is hidden, one does not reach nor accomplish this except through struggling
with one's self (nafs) desires. The shaytoon, of the worldly life, means fitnah and ways to sin.

Allâh mentioned in His Book:

〈1 ∩∉®∪ t⎦⎫ÏΖÅ¡ósßϑø9$# yìyϑs9 ©!$# ¨βÎ)uρ 4 $uΖn=ç7ß™ öΝåκ¨]tƒÏ‰öκs]s9 $uΖŠÏù (#ρ߉yγ≈y_ z⎯ƒÏ%©!$#uρ ®
As for those who strive hard in Us (Our Cause), We will surely guide them to Our Paths (i.e.
Allâh's Religion - Islâmic Monotheism). And verily, Allâh is with the Muhsinoon (good

This is the promise of Allâh that He is with the good doers. He will assist them, support and
protect them. He will defend and guide them. How dependent are we on Allâh! How great are we
in need of what is with Allâh, the Lord of the worlds, The Glorified The Most High.

The fact that a Muslim male and female fights and struggles against his or her desires for the
purpose and the establishment of the worship of Allâh, in order to fulfill His orders and stop at
what He has legislated, indeed one needs knowledge of the legislation and the religion of Allâh.
If this does not take place and one remains ignorant, then even if this individual wants good, it may
miss him and pass him by. It’s also possible that a person (ignorant) fights the good and in his or her
opinion they intend and want good or they are upon the path of it.

Therefore, through legislated knowledge and gaining understanding in the religion upon the
methodology of the Messenger  in understanding the book of our Lord and the Sunnah of His
Messenger  a person will have knowledge. The Muslim servant will come to know the path of
Jennah and the path of the fire.

He or She will know what will bring about evil, what will bring about its results of good. They will
know happiness, from what is misery and wretchedness is. They will know what brings one close to
Allâh, and what distances one from Him. He or She will know what pleases Him from what brings
about His anger.

Beneficial knowledge is the foundation of all good just as ignorance is what brings about all evil. We
seek refuge in Allâh from submitting to ignorance which is the bridge to evil leading to the hell fire.

So upon you, oh my Muslim sister, upon you is to increase in Islâmic knowledge. Indeed, gaining
knowledge is something easy upon the one whom Allâh makes it easy for. The Noble Qur'aan,
which is the first source (of knowledge). The greatest, most supreme source that one takes their
Islâmic knowledge from; this Quran was made easy for us. Its recitation was made easy along with
its Tajweed (correct recitation), Tafseer (explanation), and Fahm. (Understanding)

1Surah Al-'Ankabut:69
Advise to The Sisters in The West from the Sisters of Yemen
Given: 27 Muharram 1427 A.H./February 26, 2006
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Advise to the Sisters in the West
By: Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdillah Al-Imaam

Allâh mentioned in His Book:

〈2 ∩⊇∠∪ 9Ï.£‰•Β ⎯ÏΒ ö≅yγsù Ìø.Ïe%#Ï9 tβ#u™öà)ø9$# $tΡ÷œ£o„ ô‰s)s9uρ ®

And We have indeed made the Qur'an easy to understand and remember; then is there any
one who will remember (or receive admonition)?

Meaning: is there anyone that wants to reflect, fear and repent to the All Knowing of the unseen and
turn to The Lord of the worlds, The Most Glorified The Most High. Indeed, when a person focuses
on and commits to The Noble Qur'aan and the authentic pure Sunnah, learning them, memorizing
them, understanding them and acting upon them, when the Muslim servant does this, Allâh has
joined for this individual two great strengths.

The strength of Knowledge and the strength of Action: This is because the strength of action is in fact
brought about and is a result of the strength of knowledge of the Religion of Allâh. Therefore,
when a person's knowledge of Allâh's Religion is weak, his or her actions will be weak. And when
an individual's knowledge of the religion of Allâh is strong, their actions will be strong and
strengthened with the prophetic methodology. So directing oneself toward Islâmic knowledge is a
great affair and it is that which leads to understanding and awareness of realities, affairs with true
insight. It leads to knowing the enemy from the companion, knowing who is correct from who is
false, knowing who is righteous, from who is unrighteous. One (with knowledge) will understand
and know their rights and the rights of others upon them. Islâmic knowledge is light between
dangerous darkness, it is the lantern in the wilderness, and it is the provision when all the provisions
have run out. It is that which is beautiful and strong, and it is the weapon for everyone that wishes
to gain might and happiness in that which they desire.

Due to this, it was mentioned by Ameer al Mu'mineen (in hadeeth), Ibn Shehab:

Our scholars used to say:" In knowledge there is that which uplifts the religion and the worldly affairs”

Therefore, the deen is based and established on Islâmic knowledge. With it the worldly affairs are
corrected, and without it, the worldly affairs are destroyed along with the affairs of the hereafter. So
when the Muslim male and female is pleased with ignorance, then they are in fact pleased with clear
destruction. (Without knowledge) there is no firmness and steadfastness upon the truth, there is no
anger for the (rights of the) religion and the likes, except that one acts upon the legislation. When
this takes place, the feet will be firm upon the straight path of Allâh.

Islâmic knowledge is from the greatest obligations that Allâh obliged (upon His servants). It is from
the greatest things that display the wisdom of Allâh. Indeed Allâh has created us for His worship,
and none would have the ability to perform, nor there be any worship except with knowledge,
learning His legislation and knowing Him. Indeed He has also created us to have knowledge of

Surah Al-Qamar:17
Advise to The Sisters in The West from the Sisters of Yemen
Given: 27 Muharram 1427 A.H./February 26, 2006
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Advise to the Sisters in the West
By: Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdillah Al-Imaam

Allâh mentioned in His Book:

Èe≅ä. 4’n?tã ©!$# ¨βr& (#þθçΗs>÷ètFÏ9 £⎯åκs]÷t/ âö∆F{$# ãΑ¨”t∴tGtƒ £⎯ßγn=÷WÏΒ ÇÚö‘F{$# z⎯ÏΒuρ ;N≡uθ≈oÿxœ yìö6y™ t,n=y{ “Ï%©!$# ª!$# ®

〈3 ∩⊇⊄∪ $RΗø>Ïã >™ó©x« Èe≅ä3Î/ xÞ%tnr& ô‰s% ©!$# ¨βr&uρ ÖƒÏ‰s% &™ó©x«
"Allâh is He who created the seven heavens and the earth similar to that. His orders and
decrees ascend between them. This is in order for you to know that Allâh is in control of all
affairs and His knowledge encompasses everything"

Islâmic knowledge has been focused on specifically in matters of Tawheed of Allâh, which means to
single out Allâh alone in worship without associating partners with Him. It also means to praise and
glorify Him by confirming complete beauty, perfection, magnificence and exaltedness for and to
Him. This is done through praising and exalting Him with what He has described Himself with and
with what His Messenger  described Him with. Therefore, focus and pay attention on matters of
'Aqeedah is in fact focusing and attending to (ones) main wealth. It is considered focusing and
attending to the great foundation and important core that which if it is established, the branches and
pillars will be established, but if it is weak and crumbles, all the pillars and branches will fall and

Therefore, learning 'Aqeedah is a great affair for every Muslim male and female and directly after
that, learning the affairs of worship such as: prayer, fasting, hajj, charity and the likes. One also learns the
rights of the relatives and neighbors and other than that from affairs that are encouraged and
ordered by the Islâmic legislation.

We ask Allâh through His bounties, merits, grace and blessings to give all of us success in learning
beneficial knowledge and righteous action. Verily, there is neither might nor power except with

The End of Shaikh Muhammad Al- Imaam's Talk

Advise to The Sisters in The West from the Sisters of Yemen
Given: 27 Muharram 1427 A.H./February 26, 2006
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