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GDS Online Engagement Application

Personal Details

Registration Number CR2AFE1A78FEAD


email ID Mobile 8870221301

Category: UR Date of Birth : 10/06/1984

Present Occupation nil Aadhar Number -

Whether Employer NOC
Can You ride a bicycle Yes No
is available
PH :

Address Details
Present Address Permanent Address
5939 5939
Door No. Door No.
Chandru Nagar, Chandru Nagar,
House/Apartment House/Apartment
Siluvathur road Siluvathur road
Street Balakrishnapuram Street Balakrishnapuram
City Dindigul City Dindigul
Pincode 624005 Pincode 624005

Secondary School
Leaving Certificate
State of Passing 10thclass Tamilnadu Board
upto September 2011,

10thclass Certificate
Result Type Marks 6080504

Compartmental/Supplementary/Trail No

Tamil 91


English 84

Mathematics 91

Science 94

Social Science 89

Documents Uploaded:
10thclass Supplementary-I Supplementary-II Computer
Caste Certificate
Certificate Marks Memo Marks Memo Certificate
xmark1.jpg - - -

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and
that if the information proved to be false at a later date, I am liable for such action that may be taken by the
I have studied and understood the notification and found myself eligible for applying to this post. This is not
a duplicate Registration. If found duplicate my entire candidature will be cancelled
I hereby undertake to declare that I will reside in the Branch Post Office village within one month from
selection but before engagement as Gramin Dak Sevak Branch, Postmaster in the event of selection to the
I hereby undertake to declare that I have other sources of income besides the allowances to be paid by the
Government for adequate means of livelihood for myself and my family, in the event of my engagement to
the post of Gramin Dak Sevak Branch Postmaster. self and my family, in the event of my engagement to the
post of Gramin Dak Sevak Branch Postmaster.
I hereby undertake to declare that my candidature will be cancelled If I failed to produce computer
certificate at the time of appointment, if i got selected.
I have passed all the subjects in the qualifying exam and uploaded the copy of original certificates.
I have submitted genuine certificates only and I know my candidature will be disqualified in case the
certificate found fake/ingenuine at any later point of time.

Date: 28/04/2019

Annexure for Preferences:

S.No Preference Circle Post Name
1 1 Tamilnadu Balakrishnapurampudur S.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
2 2 Tamilnadu Nagalnagar S.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
3 3 Tamilnadu Jambuliapatti B.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
4 4 Tamilnadu Dindigul H.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
5 5 Tamilnadu Begampur S.O (Dindigul)-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
6 6 Tamilnadu Mullipadi B.O-UR-GDS BPM-12000-29380
7 7 Tamilnadu Kodaikanal S.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470


8 8 Tamilnadu Achanampatti B.O-UR-GDS BPM-12000-29380

9 9 Tamilnadu Achanampatti B.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
10 10 Tamilnadu Reddiapatti B.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
11 11 Tamilnadu Cumbum S.O (Theni)-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
12 12 Tamilnadu Kujjanur B.O-UR-GDS BPM-12000-29380
13 13 Tamilnadu Theni S.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
14 14 Tamilnadu Periyakulam H.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
15 15 Tamilnadu Tadicombu S.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
16 16 Tamilnadu Vakkampatti B.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
17 17 Tamilnadu Eriyodu S.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
18 18 Tamilnadu Natham S.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
19 19 Tamilnadu Palani H.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470
20 20 Tamilnadu Palani Devastanam S.O-UR-GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak-10000-24470