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Essay A

Mark Twain refers to a lengthy set of reminiscences, dictated, for the foremost part,
within the previous few years of yankee author Mark Twain's life and left in
typescript and manuscript at his death. The Autobiography comprises a rambling
collection of anecdotes and ruminations instead of a traditional autobiography.
Twain never compiled these writings and dictations into a publishable form in
his lifetime. Despite indications from Twain that he didn't want his
autobiography to be published for a century, he serialised some Chapters from
My Autobiography during his lifetime and various compilations were published
during the 20th century. However it absolutely was not until 2010, within the
100th anniversary year of Twain's death, that the primary volume of a
comprehensive collection, compiled and edited by The Samuel Langhorne
Clemens Project of the Bancroft Library at University of California, Berkeley,
was published. Clemens wrote lots of dictations, writings and also the
Adventures of fictional character, Duke and also the king. Samuel Langhorne
Clemens could be a famous American writer. he's the author of literary works
written in various genres, from satire, fairy tales and phantasy to thoughtful
novels and journalism.

Twain surprisingly well managed to convey deep, serious thoughts within the adventure
work, which distinguishes him from a traditional author.

Twain surprisingly well managed to convey deep, serious thoughts in the adventure
work, which distinguishes him from a number of other writers.

Huckleberry Finn was a roman, divided into parts written in December 1884, we are
going to describe the chapter number twenty. In two words it is a roman which
tells us about a life of a boy, who floats to the Missisipi river, when he run away
from the slavery life, Huck searched adventures and found them.

In chapter twenty, we see that Huck makes a story and tells how he was slaved, about
his past life tells that he and Jim have been forced to travel at night since so
many people stopped his boat to ask whether Jim was a runaway. That night, the
duke and the dauphin take Huck's and Jim's beds while Huck and Jim stand
watch against a storm.

In every chapter of Mark, Huck live some adventure and tells us something every
chapter. We observe how and what he lived throughtout his life. His adventures
beggined when he run out to protect him.

We look at the quote “For Goodness sakes, would a runaway nigger run south?”
What it means? It means that he with his friend were escaping from the slavery
to a better llfe, like the black people earlier escaped from the slavery, bad life,
from all than he had survived. All black people had a very cruel life that times,
Mark tells us in his adventures what he survive throughout it. Many people were
living racism, were slaved and had not a very good life. Everybody would run
away, does not matter where. But only not be slave and to be free all his life. It
was very hard to black people to survive, that is why in the quote “For Goodness
sakes, would a runaway nigger run south?” ¨ would runaway nigger run south¨
everyone would go no matter where, no matter with who, black people suffered
and supported racism. Mark tells us with this quote that he ¨Huck¨ in this case
runned to a better life, and tells in every chapter something different, how he
grow up in every chapter, what he had seen and survived through his life

So in a single words we can say that, that in the chapter number twenty, we can tell that
Mark tells us that when they where floating in the boat with Jim, a lot of people
stopped them whith the boat in the night. They were standing against the storm
and supporting it, before coming to the island. The chapter 20 tell us about a
hard life of slavery and what they must support before. How they feel and to
what consequences it bringed. No matter where but the importance is to be free.