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NR SCG Failure Information

The purpose of this procedure is to inform E-UTRAN or NR MN about an

SCG failure the UE has experienced. Here NR MN is the case for NR dual
connectivity which is applicable for SA case.

In case of NSA, UE send SCG failure on E-UTRAN only.

UE trigger the SCG failure in the event of any below condition -

1. SCG radio link failure.

2. Failure of SCG reconfiguration with sync.

3. SCG configuration failure for RRC message on SRB3. // Note — here

SRB3 is control plane between UE and gNB. If reconfiguration failure
occur on SRB1 (control plane between UE and eNB) then UE will trigger
re-establishment instead of SCG failure.

4. SCG integrity check failure

5. Exceeding the maximum uplink transmission timing difference.

//Note — this is not fully described in the specification yet so not
explained in this article.

In short summary, if same situation occur on MN node (in case ENDC, MN

is LTE) then UE trigger the Re-establishment procedure whereas in case SN
node (in case of ENDC, SN is NR), UE trigger the SCG failure with proper
value of failureType based on the any above condition which met.

SCG radio link failure ==> A UE mark the radio link failure on SCG cell
if any of the below condition met-

1. Expiry of T310 in Pscell ==> If Radio Link failure (RLF)occur

because of T310 expiry then UE trigger SCG failure with failureType
as t310-Expiry. UE start the T310, upon receiving N310 consecutive
“out-of-sync” indications from lower layer and stop this Upon receiving
N311 consecutive “in-sync” from lower layer before expiry of this timer.

2. Random access problem indication from SCG MAC ==> if

RLF occur due to random access problem then failureType set
as randomAccessProblem. Ex — Lets say UE is in connected mode
but not uplink synchronized i.e. timeAlignmentTimer expired before
RRC Inactivity timer. In this case if there is some uplink traffic then UE
will start RACH procedure and during this time if RACH gets failed on
NR cell then UE will trigger the SCG failure.

3. Max RLC re-transmission reached ==> In this case failure type

is rlc-MaxNumRetx. This is similar to LTE case, the only difference is
in case of LTE (MN node) re-establishment would be triggered, here in
case of NR (SN node), SCG failure triggered.
Failure of SCG reconfiguration with sync ==> If NR cell sync failed
during NR cell addition then UE trigger the SCG failure with failure type set
as scg-ChangeFailure

SCG configuration failure for RRC message on SRB3 ==> If

reconfiguration message received over SRB3 is invalid then UE trigger SCG
failure with failure type set as scg-reconfigFailure. If reconfiguration
received over SRB1 (SRB1 is with MN node whereas SRB3 is with SN node)
is invalid then UE trigger the re-establishment.

SCG integrity check failure ==> If reconfiguration message received

over SRB3 integrity check failed then UE trigger SCG failure with failure
type set as srb3-IntegrityFailure. If same condition occur for the
reconfiguration message received over SRB1 then UE trigger the re-
establishment here.

ASN structure of SCG Failure Information

During the SCG failure , UE also report the available measurement result
under IE (measResultFreqListNR-r15 and measResultSCG

SCG Failure
Various type of failure can happen during NR addition after UE recieves RRC Connection
Reconfiguration. When this happens, UE send SCG Failure Information message with various
failure cause as listed below. This is based on 38.331 You should see 38.331 v15.4
or higher)
Failure type of SCG-FailureInformation

Number of SCG-Related Failures

Counter ID Counter Name Counter Description Measurement Point

As shown at point A in this figure, the

Total number of SCG-related L.NsaDc.ScgFailure counter is incremented
failures for UEs that treat the each time the eNodeB receives an
1526747855 L.NsaDc.ScgFailure
local cell as their PCell in the SCGFailureInformation message from the UE.
LTE-NR NSA DC state The counter value is accumulated in the PCell
of the LTE-NR NSA DC UE.

4 scenarios will be counted as SCG Failure.
RRC connection reconfiguration


II. SN change failure,


III. SCG configuration failure (only for messages on SRB3),

IV. SCG RRC integrity check failure (on SRB3) ,