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Thursday | October 29, 2020

‘Billing error’ from AT&T leaves Clay County sheriff

without national crime database access for a month
Brandon Presley calls for investigation; claims AT&T should Eddie Scott told The Dispatch.
Law enforcement officers and
have worked with county rather than cut off service E911 operators connect to
NCIC to run drivers licenses
BY ISABELLE ALTMAN services due to what a company Service Commissioner for and vehicle tag numbers, check spokesperson said was a “bill- Mississippi’s Northern District for arrest warrants, receive
ing error.” Brandon Presley. safety alerts and complete oth-
Clay County Sheriff’s Office AT&T technicians were Presley on Tuesday called for er day-to-day operations.
and E911 Office were without working to restore the connec- the PSC Public Utilities Staff to Clay County first lost ac-
access to a national database of tion on Wednesday, said both investigate AT&T for the error. Presley Scott cess to NCIC on Sept. 28 after
crime information for a month AT&T Public Relations Man- The service AT&T provides to the National Crime Informa- a storm damaged the CCSO
after AT&T cut off the offices’ ager Megan Daly and Public CCSO and E911 connects E911 tion Center, Clay County Sheriff See BILLING ERROR, 3A


claim ‘potential
for problems’
if Initiative 65
Advocate: MSDH will
regulate medical
marijuana if amendment
passes; impaired
driving, non-prescribed
use still illegal

Local officials Courtesy photo

voiced their opposi- Golden Triangle Regional Airport firefighters Matt Schober and Chief Kris McCarter practice how they would respond to a
tion to the proposed plane crash during an emergency response drill at the airport Wednesday morning. Thirteen agencies participated in the drill,
Initiative 65, a state which the airport holds once every three years. “This simulation provides not only very practical hands-on experience, but just
constitutional amend- as importantly, it is about communication,” GTRA Director Mike Hainsey said in a press release about the event. “It’s essen-
ment that would le- tial that we get the right people and equipment at the right place on time to save lives.”
galize medical mar-
ijuana, in a meeting
at Lowndes County Hawkins
Sheriff’s Office on
Sheriff Eddie
Hawkins, Colum-
bus-Lowndes County
joint narcotics task
Boardtown Pizza and Pints opens in Starkville
force commander
Capt. Brian Turner
PLUS: Cobalt’s Boutique and Little Magnolia end and opened officially on
and District 39 Rep. Grantham Co. find new location in Columbus You can try the new pizza,
hummus, falafel, pita moz, dog
Dana McLean (R-Columbus) raised
multiple concerns, including that BY MARY POLLITZ “All during a pandemic and bowl nachos (yes, they are
medical marijuana would not be a hurricane,” he laughed. served in an actual dog bowl)
regulated and lead to increased After more than a year and more every day from 11

crime rates and addiction problems or Tyler Klaas it’s been of planning and setbacks, a.m.-11 p.m.
throughout the state. Beth Hamil- busy lately. Boardtown Pizza and Pints is “It feels great,” Klaas said.
ton, a representative for Mississippi He tied the knot with officially open at 705 Universi- “The nerves are still up there
State Board of Health member Jim his wife and opened a restau- ty Drive, Suite C. because we don’t know what’s
Perry of Jackson, was also present. rant in Starkville, all in two The new pizza restaurant going to happen. … We’re real-
Mary Pollitz
See INITIATIVE 65, 6A weeks. had a soft opening last week- See BUSINESS, 6A

Bulldog Football Weekend Guide

Mississippi State at No. 2 Alabama, Oct. 31 at 6 p.m.
n Watch on ESPN
DISPATCH STAFF REPORT Development Partnership office n Stream on the ESPN app
on Main Street in Starkville. Be-
On Thursday, Mississippi State cause of safety protocols due to
head football coach Mike Leach the pandemic, fans cannot attend tators can listen while outside or
will participate in an hour-long in- in person, but the interview will be while eating outdoors at downtown
terview with host Neil Price from broadcast through the downtown dining options.
7-8 p.m. at the Greater Starkville speaker system, meaning spec- See WEEKEND GUIDE, 6A


1 The iPod name was inspired by Today MEETINGS
which Stanley Kubrick sci-fi classic? Nov. 2: Lown-
■ Loaves & Fishes: This Com-
2 What was the name of President des County
munity Soup Kitchen fundraiser
Roosevelt’s cure for the U.S. economy Board of Super-
after the Great Depression? features pork loin take-out meals,
visors meet-
3 Which author who suffered from $15 or two for $25, from First
United Methodist Church Family ing, 9 a.m.,
chronic insomnia created one of the
least sleep-deprived literary charac- Life Center, 602 College St. City Lowndes County
Mary Powell Westby Courthouse,
ters, “Rip Van Winkle”? limits delivery available. Tickets
Kindergarten, Annunciation
4 What is the massive explosion at at Columbus Arts Council, FUMC,

61 Low 47
the end of a star’s life cycle called? other churches. 662-425-6408. LowndesCounty-
High 5 What is the name of the stadium in ■ National Day of Prayer ob- Mississippi/
Mostly cloudy
which the French Open tennis tourna- Nov. 16:
servance: This Columbus virtual
ment takes place? Lowndes County
Full forecast on Answers, 6B community prayer service at 6
page 3A. p.m. on Facebook and YouTube Board of Super-
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Comics 4B Opinions 4A and Josh Tilly. Info: christiancom- studying political science at LowndesCounty-
141st Year, No. 197 Crossword 6B Mississippi State University. Mississippi/


2A THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2020 The Dispatch •

Pandemic politics: Biden shuns

‘false promises’ of fast fix
The pandemic’s consequences are escalating, cal spotlight on the pandemic. That
was a departure from the president,
with deaths climbing in 39 states and an average who downplayed the threat and
spent his day in Arizona, where
of 805 people dying daily nationwide relaxed rules on social distancing
made staging big rallies easier.
BY WILL WEISSERT, A AMER nominee also argued that a Su- The pandemic’s consequences
MADHANI AND ALEX ANDRA JAFFE preme Court conservative majority were escalating, with deaths climb-
The Associated Press
stretched to 6-3 by newly confirmed ing in 39 states and an average of
Justice Amy Coney Barrett could 805 people dying daily nationwide
dismantle the Obama adminis- — up from 714 two weeks ago. Over-
CITY, Ariz. — Fo-
cused firmly on tration’s signature health law and all, about 227,000 Americans have
COVID-19, Joe Biden leave millions without insurance died. The sharp rise sent shock-
vowed Wednesday coverage during the pandemic. waves through financial markets,
not to campaign in He called Trump’s handling of the causing the Dow Jones Industrial
the election home- coronavirus an “insult” to its vic- Average to drop 900-plus points.
stretch “on the false tims, especially as cases spike dra- Trump, who frequently lauds
promises of being Biden matically around the country. rising markets, failed to mention
able to end this pandemic by flip- “Even if I win, it’s going to take the decline. But he promised that
ping a switch.” President Donald a lot of hard work to end this pan- economic growth figures for the
Trump, under attack for his han- demic,” Biden said during a speech summer quarter, due Thursday,
dling of the worst health crisis in Wilmington, Delaware. “I do would be strong, declaring during
in more than a century, breezily promise this: We will start on day a rally in Bullhead City, Arizona,
pledged on his final-week swing to one doing the right things.” “This election is a choice between a
“vanquish the virus.” His comments reflected an un- Trump super-recovery and a Biden
The Democratic presidential wavering attempt to keep the politi- depression.”

Trump paints apocalyptic portrait of life under Biden

‘It’s pure fear and fear based on a Biden in the campaign’s
final weeks. Trump typi-
have that particular kind
of ignorance,” Robin La-
particular kind of ignorance that cally makes his warning
about the fate of suburbia
koff, professor emerita of
linguistics at the Universi-
only works if your hearers have that as he showcases his own ty of California, Berkeley,
decision to end federal said of Trump’s claims
particular kind of ignorance’ regulations that govern about Biden.
Robin Lakoff, professor emerita of linguistics at the the placement of low-in- Trump made fear —
University of California, Berkeley coming housing in the particularly the fear of im-
suburbs. migrants — a major theme
BY DARLENE SUPERVILLE tioning or electricity. Campaign rhetoric can of his 2016 campaign.
The Associated Press This is the apocalyptic often become heated and Now, he is giving voters a
version of American life hyperbolic as candidates laundry list of mostly im-
WA S H - that President Donald scrap for every last advan- plausible reasons to fear a
INGTON — Trump argues would be tage before the votes are Biden presidency.
The suburbs the dire consequence of counted. “This election is a
wouldn’t be turning over the White Experts say instilling choice between a TRUMP
the suburbs House to Democrat Joe fear in one’s opponent is RECOVERY or a BIDEN
anymore, Biden. usually the primary moti- DEPRESSION,” the pres-
the econo- “He’ll bury you in regu- vating factor behind such ident tweeted, echoing
my would lations, dismantle your po- talk as candidates seek to what he tells supporters
sink into its lice departments, dissolve give voters a reason to put at rallies. “It’s a choice be-
worst depression ever and our borders, confiscate a checkmark next to their tween a TRUMP BOOM
police departments would your guns, terminate reli- name on the ballot. or a BIDEN LOCK-
cease to exist. Even Amer- gious liberty, destroy your “It’s pure fear and fear DOWN. It’s a choice be-
ica’s older adults would be suburbs,” Trump said in based on a particular kind tween our plan to Kill the
left to figure out how to get one of many over-the-top of ignorance that only virus — or Biden’s plan to
by without heat, air condi- pronouncements about works if your hearers kill the American Dream!”

Media election planners prepare for a night of mystery

Poll: Nearly half of respondents intend and perhaps beyond. NBC
News has mapped out a DAYS UNTIL
to follow election night returns closely schedule to stay on the air

for days if necessary, said
BY DAVID BAUDER Nearly half of people Noah Oppenheim, NBC
AP Media Writer polled recently by the News president.
Pew Research Center said Besides the traditional
NEW YORK — This they intend to follow elec- broadcast and cable news
coming weekend, CNN’s tion night returns closely. networks, there will be many estimates, the early
Sam Feist will distribute live-stream options from vote will eclipse the num-
It’s easy to see this year
to his staff copies of the the likes of The Wash- ber of people going to
eclipsing 2008’s record of
testimony news executives ington Post and others, polling places on Election
71.5 million people who
gave to Congress when including websites filled Day for the first time.
watched for results, and
they tried to explain how with graphics and raw That’s an extraordi-
many will have laptops,
television networks got numbers. nary change: In 1972,
2000’s disputed election so tablets or smartphones
“There is an odd com- only 5 percent of votes
spectacularly wrong. ready for a multi-screen
bination of anticipation were cast prior to Elec-
It’s required reading — experience.
and uncertainty about tion Day, and by 2016 it
perhaps never more than CBS News built a new
this election night, more was 42.5 percent. That
this year. Media planners studio where pop stars than any other election profoundly affects how
are preaching caution in once visited MTV’s “To- night I can remember,” the results are reported.
the face of a surge in early tal Request Live,” and Fox said David Bohrman, a Some states begin
voting, high anxiety levels News hired the makers of television veteran who counting early votes as
overall and a president who the “Fortnite” video game this year is producing the they come in. Some wait
raises the specter of anoth- to design whiz-bang CBS News coverage. until Election Day or even
er disputed election. graphics, an illustration Election nights always after polls close. Some
“We need to prepare of the money and plan- have surprises, but the key states count absen-
ourselves for a different ning that goes in to the worry this year is being tee ballots only if they are
kind of election night,” said quadrennial event. driven by the large num- postmarked by Election
Feist, CNN’s Washington Live television cover- ber of people voting early Day. Elsewhere, ballots
bureau chief, “and the word age will extend into the or by mail, in part driven can arrive as late as Nov.
I keep using is ‘patience.’” early morning of Nov. 4 by the coronavirus. By 13, as is the case in Ohio.

Philly shooting brings policing, racism back into campaign

Victim shot this week in the throes of this year as they negotiate
the end game for a race in
dals,” Trump said of the
former vice president and
a mental health crisis after he ignored which Pennsylvania is a his running mate, Sen.
critical battleground. Kamala Harris, during a
officers’ orders to drop a knife In Philadelphia and campaign rally. “I stand
its suburbs, voters are with the heroes of law.”
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS in the throes of a mental weighing how to factor In a separate exchange
health crisis after he ig- the issue into their elec- with reporters earlier in
PHILADELPHIA — nored officers’ repeated tion calculations. the day, Trump spoke
The fatal shooting of orders to drop a knife. Trump, while cam- about the shooting in
another Black man on The encounter, caught
America’s streets by po- paigning Wednesday purely partisan tones,
on video, spurred violent in Arizona, expressed noting that the unrest
lice — with subsequent
unrest in Philadelphia, outrage over the violent had happened again in a
unrest — has brought the
fraught issues of policing and now has both Presi- protests in Philadelphia “Democrat-run city.”
and racism in the nation dent Donald Trump and and attempted to use it “They should be able
back to the fore of the Democrat Joe Biden cal- to court suburban voters to handle it themselves,”
presidential election in its ibrating how to address outside Philadelphia and Trump said, even as he
closing days. some of the same ques- elsewhere. suggested that he stood
Philadelphia police tions that roiled American “I can tell you, Biden ready to deploy federal
say Walter Wallace Jr., 27, cities — and the presiden- and Harris stand with troops to Philadelphia if
was shot earlier this week tial campaign — earlier the rioters and the van- asked.
The Dispatch • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2020 3A

Supes to consider changes to garbage billing, vicious dog ordinance

Election resolution committee will in light of recent dog at-
tacks on both humans
to county roads, but not all
drivers follow the supervi-
years, and they will come
back on Nov. 8 and Nov.
receive extra pay for processing and animals in the Maben
sors’ directions, Howard
13 to finish processing ab- person, but
sentee ballots that come the board
record numbers of absentee ballots The ordinance defines The board hopes to ac- in after Nov. 3. agreed to
a “vicious dog” as one commodate large develop- “We’re going to adjust pay them an
BY TESS VRBIN proposed policy “sort of “with a known propensity, ment projects that require their pay accordingly to extra $300, addresses all the issues tendency or disposition hauling several heavy reflect their workload,” with $200 Montgomery
we face” and only needs to attack, when unpro- loads across the same Montgomery said. for Election
Ok t ibbe - a few changes before the voked, to cause injury or roads to one area, he said. Overtime pay for the Day and $50 for each of
ha County board can vote on it Mon- otherwise endanger the “We would have our committee usually totals the two additional days.
super visors day. safety of human beings, county engineer (Clyde
will consider Golden Triangle Waste domestic dogs, livestock Pritchard) go out and do a
a proposed
Services charges Oktib- or poultry.” A vicious dog pre-inspection of that road
policy for
beha County more than that kills or severely in- before the work actually
collect ing
$76,000 per month at $8.12 jures a human “shall be begins, and once it’s com-
unpaid gar-
per residence. The agency immediately confiscated pleted, have him go back
bage bills at Howard
increased its billing from and thereafter destroyed and do an inspection and
Monday’s meeting after
$64,000 per month in Jan- in an expeditious and hu- come up with the amount
discussing it at length
during a work session on uary to account for resi- mane manner.” of damage (that) possibly
Wednesday. dences that had not been Capt. Brett Watson could have happened do-
Supervisors voted billed previously. of the Oktibbeha Coun- ing that project,” Howard
unanimously in Decem- The Golden Triangle ty Sheriff’s Office will said.
ber to bill property own- Planning and Develop- present a proposed ordi- Finally, the board
ers instead of renters for ment District is responsi- nance to the supervisors agreed Wednesday to pro-
garbage collection ser- ble for counting the hous- on Monday, and he said vide overtime pay for the
vices. The property owner es, billing the residents he could not comment on resolution committee that
is ultimately responsible and collecting the money, the proposal until then. will process the county’s
for paying a garbage bill which the county then OCSO is responsible for absentee ballots for next
even if the previous owner pays to GTWS. enforcing the ordinance, week’s general election.
or renter did not pay it. GTPDD currently bills and vicious dog cases are As of Monday, Oktibbeha
Board attorney Rob 8,841 of the 9,533 rural adjudicated in Oktibbeha County Circuit Clerk Tony
Roberson’s proposed pol- residences in Oktibbeha County Justice Court. Rook estimated 2,500 vot-
icy would allow anyone County. This does not in- Additionally, the board ers had turned in absen-
with a delinquent garbage clude apartment complex- discussed formalizing its tee ballots this year, an in-
bill to pay 25 percent up es, which have their own policy for hauling heavy crease of 56 percent over
front and make regular dumpsters, and some of loads like dirt and logs the 1,600 absentee ballots
payments to finish off the the remaining residences across county roads. The cast in 2016.
rest of the debt. They can are not occupied, GTPDD current policy is not a for- District 1 Supervisor
still purchase a car tag as representatives told the mal ordinance, and haul- and Board President John
long as their payments are board in August. ers typically contact the Montgomery said the
on schedule, Roberson The board will also county supervisors and committee will probably
said. consider strengthening ask them for the route have to work three times
District 3 Supervisor the county’s ordinance to their destination that as long on Tuesday as they
Marvell Howard said the pertaining to vicious dogs would do the least damage would have in previous

Zeta barrels across Southeast after battering weary coast

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS coast Wednesday, the left people shaken. Will taking video of the raging
storm was still a tropical Arute said it sounded like storm, Harrison County
NEW ORLEANS — storm Thursday morning a bomb went off when part Brian Switzer said. Rich-
Zeta sped across the with maximum sustained of a large oak snapped out- ardson and another man
Southeast on Thursday, winds of 60 mph about 50 side his home in New Or- exited a floating car and
leaving a trail of damage miles west of Asheville, leans, and part of the tree desperately clung to a tree
and more than 2 million North Carolina — unusu- crashed into his car and a before his strength “just
homes and businesses in al even in a region accus- corner of his home. gave out,” Switzer said.
the dark in Atlanta and tomed to hurricanes and “I did not anticipate In Louisiana, a 55-year-
beyond after pounding their aftermath. this to happen. It was pret- old man was electrocuted
New Orleans with winds Hundreds of schools ty intense along the eye by a downed power line
and water that splintered canceled classes or wall when it went through in New Orleans, a coroner
homes and were blamed planned to open late across here,” he said. said. In Georgia, authori-
for at least three deaths. from the Gulf Coast to the Leslie Richardson, ties said a man was killed
A Category 2 hur- Carolinas. 58, drowned after being when high winds caused
ricane when it hit the The latest punch from trapped in rising seawater a tree to fall onto a mobile
southeastern Louisiana a record hurricane season in Biloxi, Mississippi, after home in Cherokee County.

Billing error
Continued from Page 1A
and E911 terminals that service on behalf of the discrepancy and trying tion.
connect their offices to county. Presley said he is to get to the bottom of it, “We’re constantly run-
the database, Scott and still investigating whether cut them off. Clay Coun- ning tags, drivers licens-
Presley told The Dispatch DPS was supposed to pay ty doesn’t appear to be at es. It’s just ... 100 times
on Wednesday. While in the bill or whether AT&T fault because Clay County a day probably easily,”
the process of repairing was supposed to bill Clay never received a bill for he said. “That ain’t even
the terminals, AT&T em- County for the $67,000. this. They’ve been paying including all the other
ployees discovered there Presley said that does the bills that were sent stuff we do, background
was $67,000 owed on the not excuse AT&T for tak- them the whole time, and checks. We do back-
equipment and services. ing so long to repair the then AT&T shuts them ground checks for Navis-
The company cut off the equipment and cutting off off.” tar ... for the hospital,
service without notifying the county’s connection Scott said access to for the nursing homes. I
the county. to NCIC. NCIC is critical for law mean, it’s just all kinds of
Scott said he had been “There’s been an enforcement, even com- stuff that we do.”
under the impression equipment issue there paring it at one point to
AT&T simply hadn’t yet that they could not get cutting off water at a hos-
fixed the equipment until AT&T to come in and pital.
earlier this week when repair,” Presley said. He said his officers
county Emergency Man-
“Secondly for the sher- had been calling other
agement Agency and
iff’s office, AT&T claims agencies, such as sheriff’s
E911 Director Torrey Wil-
that they owe bills that offices in nearby counties
liams learned about the
they’ve never rendered to and Mississippi Highway
bill. Scott and Williams
the county. … So AT&T, Patrol, when they needed
then contacted Presley
about the issue. rather than finding that access to NCIC informa-
“We paid what we’ve
been billed on the 10th
every month,” Scott said.
“Then all of a sudden,
without any discussion
at all, without even con-
tacting the courthouse,
myself, anybody, they
apparently took it upon
themselves to just cut our
service off, which thor-
oughly ticked me off.”
Daly apologized for
the company’s error in
an email to The Dispatch
Wednesday night.
“We are working
quickly to fully restore
service to the Clay Coun- SOLUNAR TABLE
The solunar period indicates

ty Sheriff’s Department peak-feeding times for fish and game.

Thurs. Fri.
after some data lines were Major


disconnected due to a bill- Major 11:34a 12:14p
Minor 5:55a 6:48a
ing error,” the email said. Courtesy of Mississippi Department
of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
“We apologize for the in-

The Dispatch
Presley said that while
the Public Service Com-
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Closing the barn door after the cows have gotten out
ool me once shame on you. increases in cases, Gov. Tate first to end it (Sept. 30). Mississippians. That’s not being munities who refuse to wear
Fool me twice, shame on Reeves is making the same So here we go again. “heavy-handed.” Protecting the masks in defiance of local mask
me. mistake now he made during Now as then, cities and towns people is one of the most solemn mandates?
As we head into November, the early summer - employing a are left to their own devices in duties entrusted to our leaders. Mississippi daily deaths went
a surge in Coronavirus cases piece-meal strategy that is com- requiring people to wear masks While many cities and down when the Governor’s posi-
throughout the U.S. once again parable to closing the barn door in public places, something counties — including those in tion on mask-wearing began to
points to a bitter harvest of seri- after the cows have gotten out. the overwhelming majority of the Golden Triangle — have align with local mandates. Since
ously ill patients and deaths. On Oct. 9, Reeves issued a medical experts tell us is one of maintained mask mandates, the statewide mandate expired,
As of Wednesday, 3,302 Mis- mask mandate for nine counties. the best ways to fight the spread enduring whatever misguided cases have spiked.
sissippians have died during the Tuesday, he added seven more of the virus. criticism that goes with it, the If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,
pandemic and the state ranks counties to the list. His strate- Reeves explains his reluc- Governor’s actions have sent a as the saying goes. It should
seventh in the nation in COVID gy is to enact mandates where tance to be as proactive as possi- mixed message, one that serves be obvious the statewide mask
deaths per 100,000. cases are highest, i.e., the barn ble as an act of restraint against to dilute the strength of local mandate was working.
The number of deaths per door approach. employing “the heavy hand of requirements. Reeves should have learned
day in our state is ticking up, What he has not done is take government,” as he puts it. We are hearing one thing that lesson months ago.
and our efforts to slow the virus’ proactive measures. Remem- But there is no government from our local officials and quite It’s obvious he hasn’t.
spread is hampered by our state ber, Reeves was among the last overreach and no infringement another from our Governor. Is Fool us once, we’ll accept.
leadership. governors to enact a statewide on our rights to impose mea- it any wonder, then, that we still But fool us twice?
Faced with the indisputable mask mandate (Aug. 7) and the sures that protect the safety of see many people in our com- Shame on Tate Reeves.


Response to Emmerich column
Wyatt Emmerich’s column in
the Wednesday Dispatch was in
some ways a welcome explanation
of the positions many Republicans
may hold about Trump’s supposed
strengths. He said that letters
like mine would be “hate mail.” I
assume that he takes the position
that those who disagree with him
have hate in their hearts; or he
didn’t really mean HATE? Several
opinions in his column stand out:
1. “His openness and honesty
can be refreshing.” The obvious
truth to anyone is that Trump is
a pathological liar through and
through. Truth to him is whatever
he says it is, regardless of any-
thing else. Thousands of exam-
2. “Conservative judges”. The
Senate rejected considering a mid-
dle-of-the-road justice in 2016, yet
reversed their “rules” to nominate
and approve a candidate with a
clear social agenda and limited
judicial experience this month
after many millions of people had
already voted in the upcoming
election. Judges should be as
impartial as possible. I do not see
this happening with Barrett or
Trump’s other nominees. Will we
go back to the days of back-alley
abortions and loss of health insur-
ance for millions, among other
3. “Learn to live with COVID”
Weak excuses to vote for Trump
would be better expressed as “Man is not a rational his illusory border wall, share of sand kicked in their faces, but
“learn to die with COVID” (over animal; he is a rationalizing illegally withheld aid to an for now, they feel like they’re winners.
200,000 and counting), with the animal.” ally in an attempt to extort And it’s because of Trump.”
worst yet to come largely because — Robert Heinlein a damaging story about his This is the technique we’ve grown
of incompetence and inaction at opponent, treated Con- accustomed to in the Trump era —

the federal level. Trump continues mong many lessons gressional subpoenas with that if you aren’t pro-Trump you are
to mouth myths about COVID, learned over the last contempt, and abused his disrespecting working class people or
such as calling mask wearing excruciating four authority as commander in gun-owners or farmers. You represent
unnecessary. In Kansas, counties years is this: Partisanship chief to use military force the snobbish “elites” who kicked sand
with mask mandates have had half is a more potent drug than against peaceful demon- in their faces, and who can blame
the COVID cases as those with no heroin. I consider myself strators across from the them for giving you the finger in the
mandates. to be in recovery but by no White House, among innu- form of the Bad Orange Man?
4. “Global Warming” is means cured. After decades Mona Charen merable other violations. Who exactly is really disrespecting
dismissed in one sentence as of Republican loyalty, I now I’m old enough to working-class people? Do you need
apparently nothing to worry about. devoutly desire a Republi- remember when conser- a college degree to find mocking the
Contrast this with the consensus can loss. vatives excoriated Barack Obama for handicapped disgusting? Must you be
opinions of scientific experts who Many on my former side cannot un- rewriting the ACA by fiat and chang- a professional to despise selfishness
argue that this is the largest and derstand my anti-Trump vehemence, ing immigration policy with a wave and cruelty? Do working-class people
most dangerous problem facing so perhaps the best way to make a of his hand. Without rule of law, this not have a stake in the rule of law and
the world over the rest of this closing argument is to examine some country becomes indistinguishable protection of minority rights?
century. of the rationalizations I see coming from unstable and dangerous places If someone lies to you flagrantly, is
5. “Biden’s son”. First, his from people who seemed, in 2016, to around the globe. that a sign of respect or contempt?
son is not running for president. be as adamantly opposed to Donald Conservatives also used to say that Any number of Republicans justify
Why even mention him? Even if Trump as any, but have since accom- character mattered, and some still their heretofore unimaginable sup-
this one unproven “scandal” pans modated themselves to the party’s struggle with this. Shapiro’s solution is port for Trump by reference to the
out, it pales in comparison to the drift. to suggest that, while Trump’s moral “radicalism” of the Democrats. The
dozens of scandals in the Trump Ben Shapiro has changed his mind. example is terrible, all of the damage Democrats are going to destroy your
administration leading to prison In 2016, he made a cogent case against that can be done on that front is al- suburban idyll, confiscate your guns,
sentences and in Trump’s personal Trump. He said he was committed to a ready done and will not be augmented upend the economy with the “Green
life, many of which are transgres- conservatism that was “not racist, not by another four years. New Deal” and invite either MS-13 or
sions punishable with prison time sexist, not bigoted... not vulgar and Not so. Millions of children are Cory Booker (perhaps both!) to move
for other, less sheltered people. vile to women and the disabled.” Ac- maturing in a nation whose chief exec- in next door. Does this obvious clap-
In deciding to vote I think the cordingly, he would never vote for him. utive models the sort of behavior it has trap really require refutation?
highest priorities for our entire Until 2020. He explains that he was required centuries to anathematize. There will be no gun confiscations,
country are those that have po- wrong about where Trump would land They watch and learn. Every decent no open borders, and no destruction
tentially the largest effects on the on policy, and that he has governed parent, teacher, coach, priest, rabbi of the suburbs. Those are the shrill
most people. These are climate in a more conservative fashion than and minister must attempt to counter- bleats of a dying campaign.
change and covid-19. Trump is Shapiro expected. He cites judges, tax mand the message that deceit, enmity, In fact, Joe Biden, institutionalist to
failing miserably in both cases. cuts, leaving the Paris climate accord cruelty and recklessness pay off. his core, is about the best Democrat
Most everyone will suffer from and a few other things. Contra Shapiro, it can and will get we could have gotten in 2020.
these failures one way or another. The appointment of conservative worse. Being a part of Team Trump, Despite opportunities to respond in
Bill Parker judges (leaving aside the norm-shred- aka a Republican, requires dulling kind to Trump’s savagery, Biden has
Columbus ding manner in which two Supreme one’s conscience and rationalizing the stuck to his essential decency.
Court vacancies were handled) is a indefensible. Trump’s closing message is a raised
Correction: A letter to the editor hollow victory. It comes at the hands of There’s another theme that sur- middle finger. Here is Biden’s, spoken
in Wednesday’s Dispatch was an administration that has treated the faces in Trump-friendly precincts: at Warm Springs, Georgia, on Oct. 27:
incorrectly attributed to Bill Parker. law like birdcage liner. Trump fans are simply resorting to the “I’m running as a proud Democrat,
Wednesday’s letter was written by You cannot proclaim the adminis- only available option to express their but I will govern as an American
Bill Gillmore. tration’s commitment to law when the defiance of the “woke” elites. Rich president. I’ll work with Democrats
chief executive repeatedly instructed Lowry writes, “If Trump manages to and Republicans. I’ll work as hard
officials to break the law in exchange pull off an upset in 2020, it will be as for those who don’t support me as for
for pardons, engaged in witness a gigantic rude gesture directed at those who do.”
Make Your Voice Heard tampering, encouraged vigilantism, the commanding heights of American Biden is a fine politician of the old
Write The Dispatch: stoked domestic terrorism by wink- culture.” And Tim Carney describes school. After the last four years, that
ing at the attempted kidnappings of a Trump rally in central Pennsylvania feels like Pericles.
governors, paid hush money to a porn this way: “The farmers, coal miners, Mona Charen is a Senior Fellow at
actress, unlawfully diverted funds to gun-owners, and bikers have had their the Ethics and Public Policy Center.
The Dispatch • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2020 5A

COMMERCIAL DISPATCH in Sandfield Ceme- and Tracie Rogers both Eva Roberts way; sisters, Exie Lee and Desond DeMann
OBITUARY POLICY tery, with Leroy Jones of Vernon, Alabama; Motes, Joyce Simmons, Rice of Georgia; and
Obituaries with basic informa- HAMILTON — Eva
officiating. Visitation is and sister, Ruthy Moore Nell Roberts, 85, died and Kathy Smith; four sisters, Karolyn Maria
tion including visitation and
service times, are provided
from 2-6 p.m. today, at of Millport, Alabama. Oct. 28, 2020, at Baptist grandchildren; and sev- Ewing and Annie Dean-
free of charge. Extended obit- Carter’s Funeral Ser- Pallbearers will Memorial Hospi- en great-grandchildren. es, both of Georgia.
uaries with a photograph, de- vices. Carter’s Funeral be Eric McAdams, tal-Golden Triangle. Pallbearers will be
tailed biographical information Services of Columbus Kade McAdams, Jerry Services will be at 3 B. J. Holloway, Danny
and other details families may is in charge of arrange- Harris, Pud Merchant, p.m. Saturday, at Cen- Holloway, Don Hollo-
wish to include, are available ments. Butch Thomas, Tony ter Hill Baptist Church, way, Eugene Holloway,
for a fee. Obituaries must be
Ms. Jenkins was Harris and Brooks with Terry Edwards James Holloway, and
submitted through funeral
homes unless the deceased’s
born Sept. 12, 1976, in Thomas. officiating. Burial will Mike Holloway.
body has been donated to Columbus, to the late follow at the church
science. If the deceased’s Flozelle and Linda Jen- Sheila Morgan cemetery. Visitation Gaberielle Davis
body was donated to science, kins. She was a mem- STARKVILLE — will be two hours COLUMBUS —
the family must provide official ber of El Bethel M.B. Sheila Vaughn Clark prior to services at the Gaberielle DeSiree
proof of death. Please submit Church. Morgan, 53, died Oct. church. Tisdale-Lann
all obituaries on the form She is survived by Renee Rice Davis, 26,
provided by The Commercial 20, 2020, at Baptist Me- Memorial Funeral died Oct. 23, 2020, in
her children, Jakobi morial Hospital-Golden Home of Aberdeen is
Dispatch. Free notices must
Colvin and Jordan Fox Pooler, Georgia.
be submitted to the newspa- Triangle. in charge of arrange- Services will be at 1
per no later than 3 p.m. the both of Columbus; and Graveside services ments. Lisa Heath
siblings, Timothy Jen- p.m. Friday, at Hairston Memorial Services:
day prior for publication Tues- will be at 1 p.m. Sat- Mrs. Roberts was and Hairston Funeral Friday, Oct. 30 • 11 AM
day through Friday; no later kins and Vonda Jenkins urday, in Ebenezer born Jan. 24, 1935, in Calvary Baptist Church
than 4 p.m. Saturday for the both of Columbus. Home, with Joe Lew- Burial
Sunday edition; and no later
Cemetery, with the Rev. Monroe County. She is officiating. Burail Houston City Cemetery
than 7:30 a.m. for the Monday Michael Taylor offici- attended Hamilton will follow at Concord College St. Location
Peggy Kyles ating. Visitation will be High School and was a
Katherine Norris
edition. Incomplete notices Cemetery. Visitation
must be received no later than SULLIGENT, Ala. from 1-5 p.m. Friday, graduate of Aberdeen will be two hours Incomplete
7:30 a.m. for the Monday —Peggy Harris Kyles, at Hairston and Hair- High School. She was College St. Location
79, died Oct. 27, 2020, prior to services, at the
through Friday editions. Paid ston Funeral Home. formerly employed with funeral home. Hairston
Betty Fancher
notices must be finalized by 3 at DCH of Tuscaloosa, Hairston and Hair- Best Western and was a
p.m. for inclusion the next day
Alabama. and Hairston Funeral
ston Funeral Home of member of Center Hill Visitation:
Monday through Thursday; and
Funeral services will Home of Columbus is Friday, Oct. 30 • 6-8 PM
on Friday by 3 p.m. for Sunday Starkville is in charge Baptist Church.
be at 11 a.m. Friday, of arrangements. in charge of arrange- 2nd Ave. N. Location
and Monday publication. For She was preceded in Services:
at Otts Funeral Home Mrs. Morgan was ments.
more information, call 662- death by her parents; Saturday, Oct. 31 • 11 AM
328-2471. Chapel, with Edward born March 12, 1962, and her brother, J. P. Mrs. Davis was born 2nd Ave. N. Chapel
Aug. 13, 1994, to Betty Burial
Puckett and Jeremy to Winnie Ruth Mor- Holloway. Friendship Cemetery
Kell officiating. Burial ris and the late Elbert She is survived by Rice Deanes. She was 2nd Ave. N. Location
John Sykes will follow in Sulligent Vaughn. She was for- her husband, John T. formerly employed with
City Cemetery. Visita- merly employed in the Roberts of Hamilton;
John Sykes, 97, died She is survived by
tion will be one hour school system. sons, Johnnie Roberts
Oct. 19, 2020, in Atlan- her husband, Andre Da-
prior to services at the In addition to her of Hamilton and Da-
ta, Georgia. vis; son, Mason Camillo
funeral home. Otts Fu- mother, she is survived vid Deason of Slidell,
Graveside services Rice Brooks; brothers,
neral Home of Sulligent by her husband, Walter Louisiana; daughter,
will be at noon, Fri- Devante Rashon Ben-
is in charge of arrange- Morgan Jr.; stepdaugh- Theresa Pickle of Ham-
day, in London Chapel ning Rice of West Point
ments. ter, Christiana Grant ilton; brothers, Billie
A.M.E. Church Ceme-
Mrs. Kyles was of Quinton, Alabama; Joe “B.J.” Holloway,

Betty Fancher
tery. Visitation will be born Jan. 19, 1941, in
from 11:30-noon prior and siblings, James James Edward “Gabo”
Sulligent, Alabama, Kennard Purnell of Holloway, Eugene
to services at the ceme- to the late Audie and
tery. Carter’s Mortuary Dyersburg, Tennessee, “Pookie” Holloway, Betty Alexander Fancher,
Maggie Mae Harris. Nathaniel Norris Jr. of Danny “Nunu” Hol-
Services of West Point age 87, graduated to be with our
She attended Sulli- Starkville and Barron loway, Donald Gene
is in charge of arrange- Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
gent Schools and was Morris of Collierville, “Duck” Holloway, and
ments. on Monday, October 26, 2020,
formerly employed with Tennessee. Mike “Gizzard” Hollo-
Mr. Sykes was at Caydance Assisted Living in
McCoy Manufactur-
Katy, Texas.

James Woodard
born June 21, 1925, ing and Ray’s Store.
in Monroe County, to Visitation will be held Friday,
She was a member of
the late Frank Sykes October 30, 2020, from 6:00 PM
Sulligent First Freewill
Sr. and Queenie Bell to 8:00 PM at Memorial Gunter
Baptist Church. James Mason Woodard, 39 of Columbus, MS
Townsend-Sykes. Peel Funeral Home, 716 2nd
In addition to her passed away Monday, October 26, 2020, at his Avenue North, Columbus, Mississippi. Service
parents, she was residence.
Teresa Jenkins will be held at the funeral home Saturday,
preceded in death by Visitation will be Friday, October 30, 2020,
COLUMBUS — Te- October 31, 2020, at 11:00 AM, with Reverend
her husband, Thom- from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM at First United
resa Ann Derek Youngblood officiating. Burial will follow
as Kyles; son, Bruce Methodist Church Columbus, MS. A memorial
Jenkins, at Friendship Cemetery, also in Columbus.
Callard; and siblings, service will follow at 12:00 PM with Pastor Jimmy Betty was born on January 9, 1933, to the
44, died Wallace Harris, Jimmy Criddle officiating and Lowndes Funeral Home, late Osborne Wingate “Sam” Alexander and
Oct. 16, Harris, Danny “Doo- Columbus, MS directing. Bessie Aileen Ennis Alexander. In addition to
2020, at dle” Harris and Betty Mr. Woodard was born June 23, 1981, to James her parents, she was preceded in death by her
her resi- Ann Mordecai. Woodard and Mabel Mason in Flowood, MS. He husband, Vivian Louis Fancher; son Norman
dence. She is survive by her was employed with New Home Building Store Louis Fancher; and brothers O.W. Alexander Jr,
Grave- children, Kenny Bal- as the store manager for the past 14 years. Mr.
Jenkins Cecil Alexander and Larry Alexander.
side lard, Steve Ballard both Woodard was an avid LSU and New Orleans Saint Betty is survived by her sons, Lawson Fancher
services of Smithville, Gene football fan. He loved his family and his work. and wife Janice of Houston, Texas, Donald
will be at 2 p.m. Friday, Flynn, Gracie Carter Mr. Woodard is survived by his wife, Kayleigh Fancher and wife Mylinda of Conroe, Texas;
Barksdale Woodard, Columbus, MS; mother, sister, Sharon Waas; brother, Tommy Alexander
Mabel (Michael) George; father, James (Phyllis) and wife Patsy; sister-in-laws, Ruby Alexander
Woodard; children, Mason Trigg Woodard, and Brenda Alexander; grandson, James Fancher
Colton Vass Woodard and James Mason and wife Wendi; granddaughters, Aimee Groves
Woodard, Jr.; brothers, Jacob Woodard and M.G.
What are the treatment George; mother-in-law, Teresa Barksdale.
Honorary pallbearers will be employees of
and husband Tommy, Amy Waddle and husband
Thomas, Elizabeth Burns and husband Erin, and
options for COVID-19? New Home Building Store, M.G. George, James
Barksdale, Brett Barksdale, Blake Chandler and
Hannah Browning and husband Nick. Betty had
twelve great and four great-great grandchildren
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS needing extra oxygen but
ensuring an enduring legacy. Betty was Aunt
all contractors of Columbus, MS. Betty to eleven nieces and nephews and their
not a breathing machine: Memorials may be made to Blair E. Batson
What are the treatment The antiviral drug remde- children.
Children’s Hospital, 2500 N. State Street, She was a retired public-school teacher having
options for COVID-19? sivir, given through an IV, Jackson, MS 39216. taught seventh grade math at New Hope Junior
There are several, and and in some cases also a
which one is best depends steroid. High. Her hobbies included many through the
Compliments of years such as sewing, cooking, gardening, bingo
on how sick someone is.
For example, steroids
■ Hospitalized and
on a breathing machine: Lowndes Funeral Home with her assisted living friends, games of all
such as dexamethasone Remdesivir and a steroid. sorts, couponing, etc., all of which she used to
can lower the risk of dying What about convales- pursue her true passion, loving people. She was
for severely ill patients.
But they may do the oppo-
site for those who are only
cent plasma, an infusion
of blood from a COVID-19
survivor that contains an-
Joe Danner “that” person at church that made sure the first-
time visitor didn’t feel like the first-time visitor
on the second trip to church! Betty was a true
mildly ill. tibodies that fight the vi- Joe Robert Danner, 89, of lover of the “children of Israel” and so many other
In the United States, no rus? Not enough is known Ethelsville, AL passed away things in her true passion of loving Jesus!
treatments are specifical- to recommend for or Tuesday, October 27, 2020, at The family has received testimonies from
ly approved for COVID-19, against it, the guidelines Baptist Memorial Hospital-GT, hundreds of people as they have come forward
but a few have been au- say. Columbus, MS to express deep appreciation for her school
thorized for emergency However, enough is Graveside service will be teaching, Bible studies (LOTS OF THEM),
use and several more are known to advise against Friday, October 30, 2020, Sunday School class teaching, mentoring and
being considered. A panel hydroxychloroquine and at 10:00 AM at Ethelsville friendship. Sons Lawson and Donald are grateful
of experts convened by certain drugs that affect Cemetery, Ethelsville, AL with for the significant outpouring given their mother
the National Institutes of the immune system — Bro. Kenny Gardner officiating
Health updates guidelines
during her final hours. They are most grateful
multiple studies have and Lowndes Funeral Home Columbus, MS
as new studies come out. found them ineffective
to their Auntie Sharon Waas for being by their
directing. mother’s side for so many years, taking care of
Here’s what’s advised against the coronavirus. Mr. Danner was born April 20, 1931, in Kemper
for various patients: Aside from drugs, doc- her, and looking after her - you are the best!
County, MS to the late Christine Watt Danner and Pallbearers will be Mike Alexander, Stan
■ Not hospitalized or tors have learned more
Joe Getzen Danner. In addition to his parents, Alexander, Matt Alexander, Ben Alexander,
hospitalized but not need- about ways to treat hospi-
Mr. Danner is preceded in death by his wife, James Fancher and Mitchell McElhenney.
ing extra oxygen: No spe- talized patients, such as
cific drugs recommend- putting them on their bel-
Helen Ruth Jaynes Danner. He retired from the The family would like to thank the hospice
ed, and a warning against lies and other measures United States Air Force as a TSGT after 20 years. workers from Accredited Hospice and sitters
using steroids. that may prevent the need Mr. Danner worked for propane gas companies who were with Mom in this time. We know she
■ Hospitalized and for breathing machines. for many years following his retirement from the appreciated it more than even the family did.
Air Force. Finally, thank you for the care givers at Caydence
Mr. Danner is survived by his daughters, Assisted Living in Katy, Texas, especially the
Linda (William) Brooke of Birmingham, AL executive director Keli Childs, for all they did
and Margaret Ponds of Ethelsville, AL; son, Lee for mom over the years she has been there, and
(Donna) Danner of Coker, AL; grandchildren, the love they had for her, which was evident and
Jacob Danner, Ryann Danner, Jennie (Dewayne) appreciated.
Miller, David (Kelly) Lowery, Joseph Carr and For those who can’t attend for health reasons
Patrick Carr; great-grandchildren, Gloria Carr, or inability to travel, a special Facebook feed will
David Miller, Brookann Miller, Hunter Lowery, live stream the service.
Houston Lowery and Heidi Lowery.
Honorary pallbearers will be David Lowery,
Dewayne Miller, Joseph Carr, Patrick Carr,
Jacob Danner, David Miller, Hunter Lowery and
Houston Lowery.
Memorials may be made to the donors choice. Sign the online guest book at
Compliments of Lowndes Funeral Home 716 Second Avenue North • Columbus, MS
6A THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2020 The Dispatch •

Initiative 65
Continued from Page 1A
“There’s nobody that can con- want marijuana, and you don’t really 2020 had looked to other states with
vince me, with 25 years of expe- qualify on any of those, you’re going medical marijuana bills to craft the
rience working narcotics, that to be able to get your hands on it,” amendment.
marijuana is not a gateway drug,” Hamilton said. “Colorado, that’s a recreation-
Hawkins said. “I see the potential More than 30 states throughout al state,” she said. “Nobody wants
for problems, just like they’re seeing the country have already legalized that here, and that is not a model
in other states … that have legalized medical marijuana, including Ar-
program, clearly, because it’s recre-
medical use marijuana and/or recre- kansas, Louisiana, Florida and Okla-
ational use marijuana.” homa. Reports from the National In-
But Jamie Grantham, commu- stitute of Health have said that while Further, she argued, MSDH reg-
nications director for the Medical there has not been much research ulation of medical marijuana would
Marijuana 2020 Campaign that ad- on medical marijuana, what data reassure users of what ingredients
vocates for 65, told The Dispatch there is does not indicate that legal- are in the product and keep them
medical marijuana would be regu- ization causes higher crime rates. from turning to those illegal prod-
lated like any other medication un- When voicing his opposition to ucts on the street that are potential-
der the proposed amendment and the amendment, Hawkins said he’s ly laced with other illicit substances.
that in states with similar medical specifically studied Colorado, the The medication would come in pack-
marijuana laws there had been no first state to legalize recreational aging designed by MSDH, and both
significant impact on crime. marijuana use, saying it has seen patients and their caregivers would
“Crime rates do not increase,” she higher crime rates, more traffic ac- be issued special medical identi-
said. “This is a medical program for cidents and other problems. He said fication cards by the state and be
patients to have an alternative treat- he does not see any difference be-
entered into a state database. Abuse
ment option under the care of their tween that and Initiative 65.
doctors in a regulated program.” “What’s to keep that person that’s by caregivers, children and other
The proposed amendment would got medical marijuana from going to non-patients would still be illegal,
allow the Mississippi State Depart- work and driving a forklift?” he said. she said, as would driving impaired.
ment of Health to issue licenses He raised issues ranging from Moreover, she argued, the issue
for treatment centers to dispense whether law enforcement would be of medical marijuana should be a
medical marijuana to patients with able to tell whether a suspect had decision between doctors and pa-
a state-issued medical marijuana received marijuana legally from a tients, without the interference of
identification card. Under the con- dispensary to how patients would politicians.
ditions of the amendment, patients keep their medical marijuana away “These are patients with cancer
must receive a physician certifica- from children and caregivers. He and ALS and kids with seizures,”
tion and have one of 22 debilitating also questioned whether patients she said. “They need another op-
medical conditions to receive an ID. would know what was in the mari- tion. This should not be political.
The state board of health has op- juana, pointing out specifically that
This puts it into the doctor’s office
posed Initiative 65. Hamilton said in recent years, narcotics officers
and not into politicians’ offices.”
board members do not want to reg- have seized increasing amounts of
ulate it and pointed out the amend- marijuana and cannabinoids laced To read the proposed amend-
ment allows doctors to hand out cer- with other more potent substances ment, go to the Secretary of State
tifications if they think the patient such as fentanyl. website at this link: https://www.
needs one for an illness similar to Grantham argued Colorado -
the 22 listed. could not be compared to Missis- PDF/P roposed%20Initiative%20
“If you’re in Mississippi and you sippi, and that Medical Marijuana Measure.pdf

Continued from Page 1A
ly hoping that the people patch. “Nothing has been exponentially, which is square feet. It also has a
that live here will come sent in for review.” great, but we were both boardroom for potential
out and support us.” Neither Captain D’s doing well in store and clients to meet with their
Boardtown Pizza and nor Sonic’s corporate online,” Gill said. “As event planners to create
Pints will have its grand offices responded to mes- far as inventory went, the perfect wedding,
opening celebration Nov. sages from The Dispatch we were kind of in each reunion, party and more.
13, which will be a Friday. by press time. other’s space. … We are If you’re in need of
“Grand opening on Moving to Columbus, wanting to split up and rental equipment in-
Friday the 13th in 2020 in we have two new bou- have our own spaces to cluding lighting, tents,
the middle of a pandem- tiques coming to down- buy as much or as little tables, chairs, arches,
ic,” Klaas laughed. “That town. inventory as we want.” generators and more, you
sounds like a perfect Jordyn Gill, owner of Gill first started can see Prestige Event
grand opening date. It Cobalt’s Boutique, and Cobalt’s Boutique, a Rentals’ new space Mon-
will be true to course. Chaney Fair, owner of women’s online retailer, day through Friday from
We just like testing the Little Magnolia Co., will in September 2019, while 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
waters I guess.” be moving in across from Fair opened Little Mag-
Be sure to check out Huck’s Restaurant at 124 nolia Co., a children’s
the new pizza joint that Fifth St. S. boutique, in February.
has more than 30 beers If those names and “We’re super excited
on tap. stores sound familiar, and we can’t wait to serve
Staying in Starkville, it’s because Gill and Fair Columbus and dress
City Planner Daniel opened up The Pop Up all the women and little
Havelin confirmed there Shop on Main Street (kids),” Gill said.
are changes coming on earlier this year. Prestige Event Rentals
Highway 12. Captain D’s, The Pop Up Shop, moved locations from
which burned in April, which was one store Second Street to 530
will be moving to the for- offering items from both Hwy. 45 S. about a month
mer Payless Shoesource Fair and Gill’s individual ago.
at 812 Hwy. 12. boutiques, will remain Owner Ashley Pound-
He added Sonic, locat- open through the end of ers said business was go-
ed next to the Captain D’s 2020. ing well and the company
lot at 302 Hwy. 12, also Hopefully, by mid needed more warehouse
has plans to build a new January, Fair said the space to meet its custom-
facility, using its current new boutiques’ stores ers’ demands.
lot as well as the current will open at their new “We were seeing good
Captain D’s lot. location. growth until February or
Neither Captain D’s The former Steel March,” Pounders said.
nor Sonic has filed per- Forest Furniture building “Now, it’s kind of picking
mits with the city as of on Fifth Street will be up a little bit.”
yet, Havelin added. divided into two store- Pounders said the new
“They are still in the fronts, Cobalt’s Boutique space is more than triple
preliminary site design and Little Magnolia Co. the size of its former
stage,” he texted The Dis- “We just both grew location offering 15,000

Weekend guide
Continued from Page 1A
On Friday in Columbus, America’s
CAR-MART Inc. at 2325 Hwy 45 N. will
hold a trunk-or-treat from 2:30-6 p.m.
There will be designated areas for chil-
dren to walk and receive pre-packaged
candy from car trunks.
In Starkville, Dunkington Art & Jew-
elry will host a Glow Crazy Paint Party
from 6-8 p.m.
On Saturday, the opportunity to shop
at local produce and cottage food ven-
dors will be available at the Starkville
Community Market with social dis-
tancing guidelines enforced at Fire Sta-
Dispatch file photo
tion Park from 8-11 a.m. It will include
special Halloween activities, including The Starkville Community Market is pic-
tured in May in this Dispatch file photo.
a costume contest for children 10 and The market will be open at Fire Station
younger at 10 a.m. and a pet costume pa- Park from 8-11 a.m. on Saturday.
rade at 10:30.
Masks are required. If a customer Starkville will offer a drive-through
does not own a face covering, one will trick-or-treating event from 4-6 p.m. Sat-
be provided. No customer is allowed to urday.
touch produce and place it back on a ven- Several organizations in Columbus
dor’s table for any reason. The market will host drive-through trick-or-treating
will only be allowed to accommodate 20 events, including Wesley United Meth-
customers at a time and lines will be so- odist Church at 511 Airline Road from
cially distanced. 5-7 p.m., and the city of Columbus at
Boo at the Zoo will make its way to Propst Park from 6-8 p.m., according to
Pheba’s Heaven’s Jubilee Farm Petting Mayor Robert Smith’s official Facebook
Zoo from 1-3 p.m. Saturday. Admission is page. Participants will remain in their
$5, except for children 3 and under ($3). cars and sponsors will give out candy
Access to the petting zoo, face painting, and goodies to children.
hay rides and games are included. Pony Lion Hills Center and Golf Club in
rides are an additional $5, while matted Columbus will be hosting a hang-out on
photos with an animal of your choice the patio every Saturday during football
cost $10. season from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Call 662-329-
Twigs Nursery and Landscaping in 6747 to reserve a tee time.

Former Starkville assistant Westerfield finding success at Kemper Co.

BY THEO DEROSA Even then, Miller to deliver the same for knew Westerfield could the Wildcats. Kemper
be a head coach some- County — featuring
DE K ALB — Ray day. Miller at running back
Westerfield taught Di- Now, Westerfield is — is 6 -2 and will play for
cenzo Miller II how to making the most of that a district championship
play quarterback. chance. Friday at Forest.
As the eighth-grade In March, Westerfield “I’m happy Kemper
football coach at Louis- took his first-ever head took a chance on Coach
ville, Westerfield taught coaching job at his alma Westerfield,” said Co-
Miller the important mater, Kemper Coun- lumbus High coach
things about the posi- ty, where he’d been an Joshua Pulphus, who
tion. How to throw. How assistant twice — from coached Kemper Coun-
to move his feet. How to 2009 to 2012 and under ty in 2017. “It was his
lead a team. current Starkville coach time.”
Westerfield brought Chris Jones in 2016,
a “positive vibe” to the when the team went 15-1 A special season
process, Miller said; the and rolled to a state title. A graduate of Kemper
Courtesy of Ray Westerfield
coach was just fun to be So far, Westerfield, County in the class of
A former assistant under Chris Jones at Kemper County and Starkville high schools, around. who went on to be an 2006, Westerfield grew
Ray Westerfield has gotten his first chance to lead a football program. The first-year “He’s a good man on assistant under Jones up in Preston, just out-
head coach at Kemper County, his alma mater, is making the most of it so far. The and off the field,” Miller again at Starkville, looks side of De Kalb.
Wildcats are 6-2 and play Forest for the Region 5-3A title on Friday. said. like he could be poised See WESTERFIELD, 3B


faces first Leach threatens more departures, confirms
test Shavers, two others have left program

Outside the Starkville
Academy field house on
Wednesday afternoon,
the hurdles sit in a row,
soaking slowly in the
steady rain.
They form an unin-
tentional — yet potent
— metaphor for what
the Volunteers’ football
team is about to face.
Starkville Acade-
my’s first playoff hurdle
of the 2020 season is
Friday against Simp-
son County Academy,
and unlike last season,
when the Vols rode the
road all the way to the
MAIS Class 5A cham-
pionship game, they’ll
open at home.
And while three
comebacks led to ex-
citing road wins over
Magnolia Heights, La-
mar School and Adams
See SA, 3B

up with the
Kentucky Athletics
Head coach Mike Leach confirmed on Wednesday’s Southeastern Conference coaches teleconference that junior receiver Tyrell Shavers, junior
STARK VILLE — defensive end Tre Lawson and freshman defensive end Jamari Stewart are no longer part of the program.
Michael Casagrande
covers Alabama for BY BEN PORTNOY 2020. Lawson spent his fresh- certain expectations and rules to cleaning house within the He took some man season at Florida State that are best for everybody. program, saying, “”We’re go-
time to speak with The before spending the 2018 and Those that don’t follow them ing to have to check some of
Dispatch ahead of Mis- STARKVILLE — The re- 2019 seasons at Mississippi won’t be part of the program our group and see who really
sissippi State’s matchup cent Mississippi State football Gulf Coast Community Col- and that’s a service we’ll gladly wants to play here, because
against Alabama on Sat- exodus in Starkville continued lege, while Stewart is a former continue to provide.” any malcontents, we’re going
urday. Wednesday. three-star recruit out of Ft. Multiple reports surfaced to have to purge a couple of
In a conversation Head coach Mike Leach Pierce, Florida. Tuesday that star running those.”
with The Dispatch that confirmed on Wednesday’s With Wednesday’s news, back and Columbus native With MSU sitting at 1-3 on
also will appear on the Southeastern Conference MSU has now had a total of Kylin Hill is expected to opt the season ahead of a Satur-
newspaper’s podcast, coaches teleconference that six players leave the program out of the 2020 season as well. day contest at No. 2 Alabama,
Bully Banter, Casa- junior receiver Tyrell Shavers, in the past 48 hours. Tuesday, According to a report from the first year head coach has
grande discussed the junior defensive end Tre Law- quarterback Jalen Mayden, re- Sports Illustrated’s Ross Del- seemingly begun the “purge”
Alabama offense, quar- son and freshman defensive serve offensive Nick Pendley lenger, Hill was involved in an and he warned Wednesday
terback Mac Jones and end Jamari Stewart are no lon- and former Michigan running outburst following MSU’s loss that more departures may fol-
more. ger part of the program. Rob- back Kareem Walker all re- to Kentucky on Oct. 10. low.
This interview has bie Falk of first portedly left the team. A source with direct knowl- “Every time I’ve been in-
been edited for length reported the news. Sophomore quarterback/ edge of the situation previous- volved with a program there’s
and clarity. Shavers has been the lone wide receiver Garrett Shrader ly told The Dispatch that Hill been a certain amount of turn-
Q: Alabama’s offense contributor of the trio this year. also previously announced his was suspended for the Texas over,” Leach said. “I mean,
has been pretty high A former Alabama transfer, intention to transfer on Oct. A&M game but it was unclear you need guys to buy into
flying this season. This the one-time top-100 recruit 20. how long his shelving would what you’re doing and you
team, guided by quar- caught nine passes for 109 “It’s positive from the stand- last. need guys to want to work re-
terback Mac Jones, is yards and one touchdown in point we have certain rules and “I haven’t talked to him,” ally hard and play really hard
near the top of the coun- four appearances this season. expectations that we expect to Leach said of Hill. “Heard he and do it the right way.”
try in passing yardage.
His highest output of the year be followed and if they’re not, opted out and we wish him the “I’d be surprised if we don’t
What’s been the differ-
came Week 1 against LSU, you’re not going to be a part of best. We’ll just try and focus lose more,” he continued. “If
ence with this system
when he notched two catches the program, because we have on the guys that are on the you’re stunned or nervous, I
and what’s the differ-
for 68 yards and his lone score. to think about the whole team,” team.” mean, you better brace your-
ence from when it was
Lawson and Stewart ar- Leach said Wednesday, “....We Following the Kentucky self because we might lose
See ALABAMA, 3B rived at MSU in the class of want to be a program that has game, Leach made reference more.”
2B THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2020 The Dispatch •

MLB says Turner violated protocols

when he returned to field
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS he was given regarding can’t state strongly Turner has served as
the safety and protection enough how big of a role a player representative
ARLINGTON, Texas of others. While a desire he’s played in the success on the union executive
— Justin Turner violat- to celebrate is under- of this organization,” board and spoke about
ed coronavirus proto- standable, Turner’s de- Friedman said. the protocols on Sept. 29,
cols when he celebrated cision to leave isolation “But I think for him, a day ahead of the Dodg-
on the Globe Life field and enter the field was just being a free agent, ers’ postseason opener.
with his Los Angeles wrong and put everyone not knowing exactly how “Obviously there’s
Dodgers teammates and he came in contact with the future is going to play a lot of protocols and
he refused instructions at risk. When MLB Se- out. I don’t think there
from security to leave things that we’re allowed
curity raised the matter was anyone that was go-
the field, behavior that to do and not allowed to
of being on the field with ing to stop him from go-
Major League Baseball Turner, he emphatically ing out,” he said. “I think do in getting tested every
said risked the safety of refused to comply.” from at least my perspec- day, and I would say it’s
others. Turner became a free tive and not watching it been a pretty successful
The commissioner’s agent when his $64 mil- super closely with ev- season getting to this
office said Wednes- lion, four-year contract erything going on, but point and getting to the
day that it is starting a expired following the vic- I think he was mindful playoffs,” he said then.
full investigation of the tory. of other people, espe- “I was probably in that
35-year-old third base- Turner’s agent, Greg cially other people that category where I was op-
man. Genske, did not imme- he hadn’t already been timistic that we were go-
The Dodgers won diately respond to a text in contact with. This is ing to have a season, but
their first World Series from The Associated something that we’re there was definitely some
championship since 1988 Press seeking comment. going to wrap our arms doubt whether or not it
with a 3-1 victory over On Wednesday, both around tonight and in the was going to happen. So
Tampa Bay in Game 6 on teams were still at the morning and figure out to be sitting here today
Tuesday night. Dallas area hotel where where we’re going from watching playoff baseball
Turner was pulled they had spent the World here.” as the American League
from the game following Series. Turner, however, was kind of kicks off their
the seventh inning after “Last night, nasal visible on the field with-
wild-card round, I would
MLB was notified that swabs were conducted on out a mask during the
he had tested positive say that we did a good job
the Dodgers’ traveling celebration. And Dodg-
for COVID-19. He was party,” MLB said. “Both ers manager Dave Rob- and I commend everyone
quarantined in a doc- the Rays and Dodgers erts was nearby, also not for taking it serious and
tor’s office off to the side, were tested again today wearing a mask. being responsible and
Dodgers president of and their travel back to “I haven’t seen the pic- making good choices and
baseball operations An- their home cities will be tures,” Friedman said. “If allowing us to get to this
drew Friedman said. determined after being there are people around point.”
Turner later returned approved by the appro- them without masks, He addressed the
to the field with a mask priate authorities.” that’s not good optics at success of reaching the
to celebrate the Dodgers’ The commissioner’s all. I haven’t seen them, World Series despite the
title. He then took down office said it will consult so it’s hard for me to pandemic on Oct. 19, a
his mask and posed for a with the players’ associa- speak to it specifically.” day before Game 1.
team photo on the field. tion as part of its investi- “But I think from our “I think it’s ultimately
“Immediately upon gation. The union was in standpoint, I think the a testament to the players
receiving notice from the process of gathering people who were around for being responsible and
the laboratory of a posi- facts on the events. him were people that making good choices and
tive test, protocols were Turner hit .307 with would be in the contact doing everything that we
triggered, leading to the four homers and 23 RBIs tracing web, anyway, had to do to ensure that
removal of Justin Turner in the pandemic-short- with just how closely a lot
the season was able to
from last night’s game,” ened season and .293 (17 of us have been around
go on,” he said. “So I tip
MLB said in a statement for 58) with three homers each other,” he said.
Wednesday. “Turner and six RBIs in the post- “And so now I think the my cap to every player
was placed into isolation season, including .320 subsequent tests we’re who put the uniform on
for the safety of those with a pair of solo hom- going to take are really and took that risk of play-
around him. However, fol- ers in the World Series. important to figure out ing and was responsible
lowing the Dodgers’ vic- “Having a mask on what we do and to make about it and did it the
tory, it is clear that Turn- and staying socially dis- sure that any of us that right way and enabled us
er chose to disregard the tanced, he want to come are potentially positive to have a full season and
agreed-upon joint proto- out and take a picture do not spread it to other now be able to participate
cols and the instructions with the trophy, which people.” in a World Series.”

Hendrick hires banished Kyle

Larson to drive flagship No. 5
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS owner Rick Hendrick Daniels, who spent the
said in a statement. “He last two years working
CHARLOT TE, N.C. has championship-lev- with seven-time NA-
— Kyle Larson will be el ability and will be a SCAR champion Jimmie
back in NASCAR next significant addition to Johnson.
season driving the flag- our on-track program. Hendrick will return
ship No. 5 Chevrolet for More importantly, I have the No. 5 — the first
Hendrick Motorsports. full confidence that he car campaigned when
Larson signed a multi- understands our ex- Hendrick Motorsports
year contract Wednes- pectations and will be a launched in 1984 —
day with Hendrick that tremendous ambassador and discontinue use of
ended his seven-month for our team, our part- the No. 88 it acquired
banishment from NA- ners and NASCAR.” for Dale Earnhardt Jr.
SCAR for using a racial Hendrick said he’s
in 2008. Geoff Bodine
slur while playing an had “many, many con-
online racing game last drove the No. 5 to three
versations” with Larson
spring. He’d been con- victories in the 1984 sea-
and is “confident about
sidered the top pending son that was almost Hen-
what’s in his heart and
free agent in the sport his desire to be a cham- drick’s first and last in
but was promptly fired pion in all aspects of NASCAR.
by Chip Ganassi Racing his life and career. Kyle The No. 5 has made
and lost all his sponsors. has done important a Hendrick-record 1,129
Since using the work over the past six Cup Series starts and
n-word on April 12, months, and Hendrick Larson will be the 10th
Larson has completed Motorsports is going to driver in the car but the
NASCAR’s sensitivity support those continued first since Kasey Kahne
training, hired an inclu- efforts.” in 2017. Hall of Famer
sion training coach, vol- Hendrick was ex- Terry Labonte won 12
unteered with the Tony pected to bid for Lar- races and the 1996 Cup
Sanneh Foundation, vis- son when his contract title in the No. 5.
ited Jackie Joyner-Ker- expired with Ganassi, “The ‘5’ is special to
see and her St. Louis who also wanted to keep me. It’s the original,”
community center, and the driver he’d groomed Hendrick said. “I view
the site of the 2014 pro- from sprint cars to NA- it as Hendrick Motor-
tests in Ferguson, Mis- SCAR’s top Cup level. sports’ flagship team in
souri, that followed a Instead, the 28-year- a lot of ways. To bring
fatal police shooting of a old’s future in NASCAR the car back to the race-
Black man. was jeopardized by his track is meaningful for
Larson has volun- use of the slur during an my family and for many
teered at food banks, iRacing event late Easter of our team members
went with Sanneh to the Sunday. He was finally and fans.”
George Floyd Memori- reinstated by NASCAR Larson will be part of
al site in Minneapolis, last week. a Hendrick lineup that
spent extensive time at “Mr. Hendrick is one
includes Chase Elliott,
the Urban Youth Racing of the people who extend-
William Byron and Alex
School in Philadelphia ed a hand to me over the
Bowman. The average
and made numerous oth- past six months,” Larson
er visits to both educate age of the lineup will be
said in a statement. “Our
himself on racial justice initial conversations 26 years old at the open-
issues and speak of his were not about racing. ing of next season.
own experiences. He cares about me as a The four drivers com-
Larson, who is person and wants to see bined have already won
half-Japanese, also kept me succeed beyond driv- 18 Cup Series races and
racing under the radar: ing. I can’t put into words earned 14 playoff berths.
He has won 42 sprint car how grateful I am for the “I’m excited about our
races in 2020 while sus- commitment, the faith roster of young talent,”
pended from NASCAR. and the confidence from Hendrick said. “We have
“Kyle is unquestion- him and everyone at a team that is built to win
ably one of the most Hendrick Motorsports.” races and compete for
talented race car driv- Larson will be teamed championships for years
ers in the world,” team with crew chief Cliff to come.”
The Dispatch • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2020 3B

Column: Turner’s selfish celebration mars Dodger triumph

BY TIM DAHLBERG Ronald Reagan was president. has killed nearly a quarter proud of this team & unbeliev- who was not, and whether it was
The Associated press The players on the Dodgers million people around the na- ably happy for the City of LA safe to travel.
deserved that, manager Dave tion isn’t such a big deal after #WorldSeriesChamps.” That includes Roberts, a
Well, at least the contact Roberts deserved that, and all. The fact Turner felt great cancer survivor who is sitting
tracing should be easy. the long-suffering fans surely It’s not just that Turner isn’t, of course, the point. It’s next to a maskless Turner in
The Dodger postseason deserved that. went on the field. It’s that he well-known by now that as- the team picture. Just as he was
roster would be a good place Instead, it became a cau- decided his right to celebrate ymptomatic people can pass enjoying the weight of the world
to start. So would the team
tionary tale about what not to outweighed the rights of ev- the virus on. being lifted by finally winning
picture on the field after win-
do to others when you’re in- eryone else on the field to re- Yes, Turner was probably the World Series in his third try,
ning the World Series.
fected with the coronavirus. main safe. already a superspreader be- Roberts now has a bigger worry
You know, the one with Jus-
Turner paraded around on ``When MLB security fore he even took the field — that he could be infected, too.
tin Turner sitting front and
national television with the raised the issue of being on postgame. Just being in the Before Turner ignored MLB
center among all his team-
World Series trophy in his the field with Turner he em- dugout with teammates when security to take the field his
mates, unmasked in his full
red-bearded glory. hand. The star third baseman phatically refused to com- the Dodgers came to bat for reputation was pristine. He’s the
Turner’s quarantine after hugged his teammates, and ply,’’ Major League Baseball the first seven innings before heart and soul of the Dodger
testing positive for COVID-19 he kissed his wife. said in a scathing statement he was pulled from the game team, and it wasn’t October un-
during the clinching win over Then, in an incredibly Wednesday that called Turn- gave the virus plenty of time til you saw Turner with his un-
Tampa Bay ended up lasting tone-deaf — and incredibly er’s actions wrong and said he to do its thing. kempt beard and flowing locks
just two innings. The reper- selfish — grand finale, he put everyone in danger. But why would he insist on hacking away at home plate.
cussions from his ill-advised took off his mask and plopped What could Turner possi- taking it a step further? Why Off the field he’s known for
decision to celebrate the himself in the middle of all bly be thinking? How could he would he bring on the terrible his charitable efforts and en-
World Series with his team- his happy teammates for an possibly be so selfish that he optics on national television of gagement with the community.
mates figure to last a whole official team victory photo. would risk infecting an entire being nonchalant about a vi- Everyone loves Turner, from his
lot longer. Congratulations, Dodgers, organization just so he could rus that can kill even healthy teammates to Andrew Freid-
No, it’s not Turner’s fault you’re the World Series cham- parade on the field afterward? ballplayers? man, the Dodgers director of
he contracted the virus like pions. Now everyone please Luckily, we live in an age Why, indeed? baseball operations who was
millions of others. But it is his go into quarantine and don’t where we can turn to Twitter Instead of talking about seen talking to a maskless Turn-
fault that his appearance on forget to keep checking your and find out. Mookie Betts, Corey Seager, er afterward.
the field afterward overshad- temperature. “Thanks to everyone reach- and the satisfaction of final- Friedman said he didn’t
owed the feel-good story of A privileged player thought ing out!” Turner tweeted after ly getting their first World think anything was going to
the last three decades in Los it was his privilege to decide the game. “I feel great, no Series title since 1988 fans stop Turner from taking the
Angeles. whether he could celebrate or symptoms at all. Just experi- were talking about the virus. field. He noted Turner became a
This should have been not. By doing so, Turner not enced every emotion you can Instead of simply packing up free agent when the last out was
about a team that persevered only put a lot of people at risk possibly imagine. Can’t be- and heading home on Wednes- made, suggesting the Dodg-
through a season like no other but suggested to everyone lieve I couldn’t be out there day, the Dodgers and Rays had ers were powerless to control
to win for the first time since watching that the virus that to celebrate with my guys! So to figure out who was healthy, him, too.

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But when he played ia. But the distance from assistant to longtime But after spending just Kemper was. The ball team — something
football for coach Rob- his family back home Louisville coach M.C. a few days observing school decided to hire Jones had done to great
ert Wilson, the Wildcats was hard to take. The Miller, on whose staff Starkville’s pass catch- him in February, and the success — and building
just weren’t very good. flights were long. The Jones had previously ers, Westerfield began move was announced in relationships with his
The school placed a 12.5-hour drives were served. Miller listened, to make them feel like early March. new players.
much bigger emphasis even longer. hiring Westerfield to the sky was the limit. Senior middle line- His efforts paid div-
on its standout basket- So he came back to be the Wildcats’ wide He stressed attention backer Ishmael Naylor
idends. Kemper Coun-
ball program than it Kemper County in 2016 receivers coach and re- to detail, both in practice was glad to hear it. He’d
ever did on football. cruiting coordinator. been coached by West- ty won its first three
to be the wide receivers and games. He showed
“The pedigree was The position left erfield in eighth grade games against West
coach and co-offensive the Jackets’ receivers
there as far as athletes Westerfield in charge of in 2016, and he knew Lowndes, Raymond and
coordinator, along with how to catch, how to
and having a winning Jones, as the two coach- plenty of head coaching keep their pad level low. Westerfield was from Eupora — all teams the
mindset,” Jones said. es formed a big broth- responsibilities: mak- He encouraged staying Kemper County, unlike Wildcats were project-
“Football wasn’t as im- er/little brother rela- ing sure players’ grades after practice for extra previous coach John ed to lose to. They won
portant.” tionship The Wildcats were in good shape, set- catches. He advised any- McKenzie. three of their next five,
After graduation, lost their first game to ting up travel, arrang- one on the team — not “I was happy about too, and now face Forest
Westerfield worked to Columbus and star run- ing meals and more. He just the receivers — on it, because I knew he for the Region 5-3A title.
change that. He served ning back Kylin Hill, 26 - felt like he was being football and life. was from around here,” “We have some pretty
as an assistant under 12. Then they won the groomed to take over Soon, Aka could tell: Naylor said. “He pret- good talent here,” Nay-
current Shannon head next 15 contests and the the program. Westerfield was going ty much knows every-
lor said. “I feel like as
coach Darryl Carter Class 3A title. But when Miller re- to be a head coach. body.”
long as he stays, we’re
from 2009-11 — includ- “Looking back, it was tired after the 2018 sea- But he didn’t realize Right away, there
ing two winning sea- son, Noxubee County’s were challenges. Less going to have a pretty
special,” Westerfield quite how quickly that good team.”
sons — and under a new said. “It was special to Tyrone Shorter took the would happen. than a week after his
Wildcats coach in 2012, head job. So Wester- hiring was announced, Though Pulphus
do it here in my home- “I knew he had the said college coaches
a 1-10 campaign. field joined Jones’ staff the COVID-19 pandem-
town. It was special to smarts and the knowl-
Jones — passed over at Starkville in a simi- ic delayed Westerfield’s could be beating down
do it with Chris.” edge to, but I didn’t
for the head coaching lar role to the one he’d introduction to his pro- Westerfield’s door soon
know it was going to be
job at Kemper County in had at Kemper County: gram until summer, and enough, Westerfield —
2012 — got it on his sec- An ‘easy hire’ passing game coordina-
so soon,” Aka said.
he had to communicate always “in the moment”
ond try in 2013. By then, When Jones took over tor and wide receivers via group texts and — plans to stay in De
though, Westerfield was at Starkville High in coach. For Jones, it was A good choice Zoom meetings with a Kalb for a while. There’s
nearly 900 miles away. January 2017, he want- an “easy hire.” Westerfield wasn’t team that went 3-8 in
ed to bring Westerfield sure, either. He knew he work to be done.
With a psychology At first, Westerfield 2019 and then graduat-
with him. But the only was prepared. But was “If and when we get
degree from the Univer- was quiet around the ed 15 seniors.
sity of West Alabama, jobs available required Yellow Jackets, accord- his alma mater? But Westerfield got all of our kids out who
Westerfield took a job a teaching certification. ing to Joshua Aka, a “I knew how to build started right away, should be playing, I
as a behavioral counsel- Westerfield didn’t have 2020 Starkville gradu- it and how to do it, but trying to get athletes think we can roll the
or at a K-12 school for one. ate now playing wide- I wasn’t sure if Kemper who played basketball same exact way as we
students with autism in Instead, Jones rec- out for East Mississippi was ready for that or and other sports at the rolled in 2016,” Wester-
Newport News, Virgin- ommended his former Community College. not,” Westerfield said. school to join the foot- field said.

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County Christian last season, in nearly every game and “If we stop the run, I think it was in the best interest of face rival Heritage Acad-
Starkville Academy coach owns a majority of Starkville we’ll be OK,” Allen said. the kids at our school,” he emy for the fourth time in
Chase Nicholson said his Academy’s touchdowns to Starkville Academy has said. two seasons should they win
team can’t afford to bank on boot. But Nicholson said the had an extra week to pre- Instead, the break gave this week, but neither is con-
the same thing happening to Cougars (4-6) employ a simi- pare for the game after last Starkville Academy a chance cerned about the potential
make a run this year. lar scheme and will deploy it week’s home regular-sea- to rest, heal bumps and bruis- matchup yet.
“The end of the road is against the Vols on Friday. son finale against Jackson es and renew its focus for its “We know it’s down the
the same, but the path to get “They know what they like Academy was called off due first-round game. Nicholson road, but you can’t worry
there will be different,” Nich- to do, and they’re going to do to COVID-19 concerns with said the Vols weren’t sure about that today,” Nicholson
olson said. “That’s our goal: it,” the coach said. “They just the home school. With a cou- until Saturday morning who
said. “You can only worry
to find the right path. It’s not want to try to do it better than ple of students waiting on they’d be playing, but they’ve
about Simpson.”
going to be last year’s path. anybody else.” test results, Nicholson said homed in on the Cougars
The Volunteers have been
We have to find our own path, Senior outside linebacker Starkville Academy sent its with renewed fervor.
and sometimes we can’t see it Colby Allen, Starkville Acad- football players home and “I think it gives us more doing just that, and with Fri-
in front of us, but if we contin- emy’s leading tackler, said worked with the Raiders to time and makes us hungrier day night’s matchup lurking
ue to work hard, the path will that puts a premium on rush cancel the game. Ultimate- to play football — kind of like just ahead, they’re prepared
reveal itself.” defense come Friday night. ly, there was no outbreak of the summer did,” Allen said, to clear the first hurdle
So far, the path to victo- Jackson isn’t likely to be bot- the virus, but the Vols would referencing the delayed start they’ll face.
ry for the Vols this year has tled up, but the Vols hope to rather be safe than sorry, to offseason workouts be- “We’re ready to go,” Allen
been a heavy dose of senior curtail Cougars quarterback Nicholson said. cause of the virus. said. “We’ve been working
running back CJ Jackson, Brentley Berry and running “We wouldn’t have made Both he and Nicholson ac- hard all year. This is what we
who has gone over 200 yards back Carter Cockrell. the decision if we didn’t think knowledged the Vols would worked for.”

Continued from Page 1B
used for Tua Tagovailoa? the big running plays, but they’re pro- he’s the guy. He was interim coach in a ris complemented Mac with what he
A: It’s not terribly different. I guess ficient with 4 or 5 yards a carry. There sense last year, and now he’s the head gives this offense in the backfield?
there are fewer run/pass options. Mac are elements that are similar but there’s coach. He came in the same signing A: He kind of brings a little bit of a lot.
Jones isn’t as mobile as Tua was, but he’s some different ways they’re going about class as Tua, and there were questions if I think the biggest asset he brings is his
not afraid to take off if the opportunity it. he’d ever play here because he commit- ability to catch the ball out of the back-
presents itself. There’s a lot of quick Q: I wanted to ask about Mac Jones ted to Kentucky as a three-star prospect field. Not just a swing pass or a screen,
slants, that’s a big part of his game. He’s specifically, how have you seen his pro- and was very much an afterthought in he can get downfield and catch the ball
been accustomed to downfield pass- gression from last year to this year and the grand scheme of things in the shad- in space. It really forces the defenses to
ing more often, he’s pretty proficient how has he looked to you? ow of Tua. Then five-star true freshman respect him and it really changes the
throwing 30 to 40 yards downfield to A: He’s been very accurate. He had Bryce Young came in this year and that math of the defense when you have to
a variety of targets. They’re throwing one of the highest QB ratings in the was the talk, he’d be passed over again. account for that.
the ball deep more often, and that could country on pop passes that were easy But Mac pretty calmly and confidently To listen to the rest of the interview
be a factor of what defense’s are giving and pretty much handoffs, but he’s just won the job. His passing has been pretty with Michael Casagrande, listen to Bully
up. They’re still running the ball pretty been very calm. When he came in last impressive to watch. Banter, which can be found wherever pod-
well, they’re not hitting the home run or year, he was a replacement, and now Q: How has running back Najee Har- casts are available.
4B THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2020 The Dispatch •

Pac-12 embarks on short season with lots of new faces at QB

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS downs and nine intercep- Slovis is considered Other returning games last season when mon Cooper.
tions. He was named Pac- one of the top QBs in the starters at QB include Costello was injured and Utah also had three
The so-called Con- 12 Freshman of the Year. conference, if not the Arizona State’s Jayden set a school record with players vying for the start-
ference of Quarterbacks “I felt as Kedon pro- nation, heading into the Daniels, who threw 504 passing yards against ing nod, Jake Bentley,
has had some consider- gressed through that sec- pa ndem ic - abbrev iated for 2,943 yards with 17 Washington State. Drew Lisk and Cameron
able turnover at the po- ond half of the season and season. The Trojans, who touchdowns and two in- At Arizona, Grant Rising, while Colorado’s
sition heading into the we progressed as a team, finished 8–5 overall and terceptions as a fresh- Gunnell will take the battle was primarily be-
season. we started playing our 7–2 in the Pac-12 last year, man. He had five 300- reins at QB after starting tween Tyler Lytle and Sam
Gone are some of the best ball towards the end are currently ranked No. yard games. Cal’s Chase in three games last sea- Noyer.
Pac-12’s big names: Or- of the season last year,” 21 in the AP Top 25 de- Garbers threw for 1,772 son when Tate struggled As COVID-19 cases
egon’s Justin Herbert, Trojans coach Clay Helton spite the fact they haven’t yards and 14 touchdowns with injury. surge nationwide and
Washington State’s An- said. “Now, to be able to played yet. with three interceptions Oregon’s backup last
more games get canceled,
thony Gordon, Arizona’s watch Kedon work with “From my perspec- in nine games last year. season, Tyler Shough, is
Khalil Tate and Utah’s the Pac-12 is proceeding
those skill players and tive, or from the of- And UCLA junior Dorian the presumed starter for
Tyler Huntley. Just five with caution. Oregon re-
see the timing the ball is fense’s, we’re just really T hompson -Robinson the Ducks, while Tristan
quarterbacks who started coming out (with), the ac- throwing in a lot of stuff, threw for 2,701 yards and Gebbia is expected to top ported that five players
regularly for conference curacy the ball is coming more nuances from what 21 TDs with 12 intercep- the depth chart at Ore- had positive tests and
teams last season are out with, the chemistry we did last year and more tions. gon State. To the north called off a scrimmage
back. of those skill players with variations from what we At Stanford, quarter- in Washington, Jacob last Saturday. The players
Arguably the top re- him, it’s evident that be- did last year. We can run back K.J. Costello went Sirmon appeared to be were asymptomatic and
turnee is USC’s Kedon ing in the second year of so many different things to Mississippi State un- the frontrunner to replace isolated pending more ac-
Slovis, who took over last the system and his com- from so many different der Mike Leach, who left Jacob Eason, and Wash- curate tests. Turned out,
season when starter JT fort level with the kids looks,” Slovis said about Washington State in the ington State had a three- the initial tests were false
Daniels was injured in the he’s been working with is USC’s progression head- offseason. But the Cardi- way competition in camp positives and the play-
opener. Slovis threw for clear on the field. It makes ing into his second sea- nal still have junior Davis between Jayden de Laura, ers returned to practice
3,502 yards with 30 touch- you excited as a coach.” son. Mills, who started in six Gunner Cruz and Cam- Tuesday.

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: caused and how dispute over her youngest child,
My brother much their chil- and we disagreed more than
“Brian” and dren are missing once about issues concerning
his wife, “Laurel,” out from not being the children.
have an adult son, around these two After a couple of years, she
“Dick,” who dated great individuals? moved into her own place. She’s
a girl I’ll call “Crys- — MISSING OUT IN still involved with this individual.
tal” for 10 years OREGON I haven’t met him and have no
before they got DEAR MISSING desire to. She’s upset with me
married. Everyone OUT: While it because of it. I don’t want to see
got along fine, until isn’t unheard him with her because he has
Crystal gave birth. of for the wife’s been married several times and
ZITS After their first parents to take is involved with drugs. I realize
child was born, precedence over who Angie is involved with is
Crystal started the husband’s, her business and not mine, but
withholding visits Crystal’s behavior I want nothing to do with him.
from my brother does appear to How can I avoid a rift with her
and his wife. Crys- Dear Abby be extreme. It over this? — SOURED IN SOUTH
tal and Dick had also appears the CAROLINA
two more children. The oldest is way she’s acting is retaliatory, DEAR SOURED: No law says
now 6. The only way Brian and but the people who must get to you HAVE to meet this person,
Laurel see their grandchildren the bottom of it are your brother and it is your privilege to avoid
is if there’s a family reunion, and his wife. I don’t think there him if you wish. I’m not sure
wedding, etc. Crystal allows is anything to be gained by what your daughter expects
her parents to see the kids and involving yourself in this sad from you. Does she want you to
spend time with them whenever. mess, because if you do, Crystal entertain him? Common sense
Brian and Laurel are flabber- and her husband will resent it. would dictate that you do not
GARFIELD gasted by what has happened.
They have no idea why all of a
Sympathize, but stay out of it.
DEAR ABBY: Five years ago,
want anyone who is involved with
illegal substances in your home.
sudden after giving birth, their my daughter, “Angie,” and her However, I do think you should
DIL has not allowed them to visit two children moved in with me agree to meet him once.
the grandkids, babysit or any- after she and her husband sepa- If Angie’s relationship with
thing. My brother and his wife are rated. I hoped she would get her you is predicated on the idea
great people. They don’t drink to finances and life together and be that you will welcome this
excess or use drugs and would able to get a place of her own. individual into your life with open
be wonderful grandparents What I didn’t realize at the arms because she has, you will
for these children. Would it be time was that Angie had started then have to figure out how to
appropriate as a family member a relationship and had fallen in navigate this. That she would al-
(aunt) to write a letter to Crystal love with a man she met online. low someone like him to interact
and, in a kind, nonaccusatory Her daughter was very upset with her children shows very poor
way, explain the hurt this has about it. Angie was in a custody judgment.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Oct. TAURUS (April 20-May unless you know that another
29). When you were younger 20). You love security as much person is in it with you. Is it too
you sought the shiny prize, as anyone, and yet, today, early to reveal your feelings?
though you’ve long since you’re feeling restless and bold LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).
realized that the real riches are enough to give some of that up You’ve been known to be over-
good relationships, cultivated for a thrill, some solid enter- come by fits of fatalism, though
with care. Now, in addition to tainment or a chance at the big you’re stronger now. You may
the shiny prize, you’ll reap the prize. still have that thought, every
benefit of your habitual pattern GEMINI (May 21-June 21). once in a while, that things
of thoughtfulness, attentive- You’ve been slowly getting to won’t go your way again. But
ness and tenderness. Great joy know someone for a while now. you’ll battle the idea and win.
flows through your days. Virgo Yet, when you think about this VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
and Sagittarius adore you. Your person, there are still more The proverb suggests, “Pride
BABY BLUES lucky numbers are: 7, 10, 33, questions than answers. It’s goeth before a fall.” You can
21 and 36. a good place to be. Curiosity avoid the fall by checking the
ARIES (March 21-April 19). is just what the relationship pride. Carefully estimate the
Because you listen and try to needs. elements and humbly assess
understand the other person’s CANCER (June 22-July your ability to navigate them.
point of view, arguments can 22). While you may be having a LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct.
bring you closer together. The deeply moving experience of joy, 23). Caring too much, doing
relationship gets better because there is part of you that cannot too much and giving too much
you know each other better. fully accept and revel in this knocks you off your game.
Balance is always a stronger
position. Whatever you can do
to move toward balance will be
a move toward strength.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
21). A loving person is attuned
BEETLE BAILEY to your feelings and responsive
to your needs. That’s the base-
line for what to expect from your
inner circle. If that line is not
being toed, then it’s something
to either address or move on
21). There is no such thing
as a “casual invitation” today.
Oh, the opportunity may be
delivered with nonchalance, but
you can be certain that it’s as
significant as anything altering
the course of destiny.
19). This pile of work in front
of you isn’t pretty right now and
won’t be later either. Its best
look is “gone.” Start with what
interests you, and you’ll gain the
energy necessary to tackle what
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). Most traps are invisible
and yet they hold as powerfully
as physical constraints. No one
likes to feel like they are being
held against their will. But is
this really the case? Test it.
FAMILY CIRCUS What happens when you break
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). You don’t give yourself
enough credit. If you’re not go-
ing to do it for you, do it for the
ones who need you. Because,
believe it or not, you’re the
model that someone else is
following closely.

Painting by numbers
The Dispatch • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2020 5B

■ Ora and Louis Gray Jr.; 509 College Street; electrical, mobile home; Mark Thompson
City of Columbus Cypress Street; reroof house; Nell’s Electrical Contractor electrical
Oct. 19-23, 2020 Doug Wheeler Roofing Inc ■ BH Properties LLC; 2422 ■ Janice Gore; 4758 Cale-
■ Columbus Redevelopment ■ Miriam and Charles Hutchi- College Street; electrical, donia-Kolola Road; move up
Authority; 512 4th Street son; 912 Tuckaho Drive; reroof Nell’s Electrical Contractor mobile home; McNairy Mobile
North; demolish residence, house; Doug Wheeler Roofing ■ Nathaniel Blevins; 2012 Homes
Johnathan S Burns Enterprises Inc 14th Avenue North; electrical; ■ Delmo Payne; 76 Magowah
LLC ■ Virginia and Wade Leonard; Vertis Lee Ranch Road; set up mobile
■ BH Properties LLC; 907 1010 9th Street North; reroof ■ Mayurkumar and Dipika home; Welford Electric
Shady Street; demolish resi- house; Doug Wheeler Roofing Patel; 2329 Martin Luther King ■ Delmo Payne; 76 Magowah
dence; JMorgan Company LLC Inc Jr Drive; mechanical; Advanced Ranch Road; move up mobile
■ BH Properties LLC; 1019 ■ Katherine and Kelly Van Gun- Air Systems home; T & B Mobile Homes
Shady Street; demolish resi- dy; 1107 Southdown Parkway; ■ Katherine and Mack Murray; ■ David Oglesby; 310 Mill
dence; JMorgan Company LLC reroof house; Doug Wheeler 406 Winterset Drive; mechan- Road; addition to s/f resi-
■ BH Properties LLC; 1021 Roofing Inc ical; Progressive Heating and dence; McNees Construction
Shady Street; demolish resi- ■ Debra and Terry Guin Sr.; Cooling ■ Autery; 152 Hunnington
dence; JMorgan Company LLC 1302 20th Street North; reroof ■ Jennifer and Tyrone Porter; Drive; addition to s/f resi-
■ CRM Inc; 618 Alabama house; Doug Wheeler Roofing 74 Stokes Road; mechanical; dence; Econ Construction
Street; signs for The Bridge Inc Triangle Air ■ Willie M. Bowling; 102 Lee
Church; Mid-South Signs ■ Joan T Myers; 1504 Hickory ■ BH Properties LLC; 2414
Street; construct s/f resi-
■ Swoope Investments LLC; Lane; reroof house; Doug College Street; mechanical;
dence; owner
2203 Highway 45 North; Signs Wheeler Roofing Inc BDM Industrial Services
■ Ricky Hicks; Caledo-
for Title Mx; Mid-South Signs ■ Emily and Robert Jones; ■ BH Properties LLC; 2418
nia-Steens Road; construct s/f
■ Lehmberg Crossing Partners 1718 Bramblewood Drive; College Street; mechanical;
residence; Gale Construction
LLC; 909 Alabama Street; reroof house; Doug Wheeler BDM Industrial Services
erect interior wall; Southern Roofing Inc ■ BH Properties LLC; 2422
Custom Renovations ■ Alice and Gerald Scallions; College Street; mechanical;
■ The Innovation Group LLC; 2208 Bluecutt Road; reroof BDM Industrial Services
410 Main Street; signs and house; Doug Wheeler Roofing ■ Blake Martin; 607; Syca-
holder on wall; same Inc more Street; plumbing; P&H
■ Earnestine Davis; 808 21st ■ Idlewild LLC; 323 Idlewild Plumbing
Street North; replace insula- Road; 25’x40’ concrete slab ■ Ken Kidder; 2016 College
tion/drywall/pipes; same only; Karan Patel Street; plumbing; W R Kidder
■ Jackson Square LLC; 2003 ■ Columbus Redevelopment and Son
Highway 45 North, Suite 3; ■ Betty Holliman; 2601 5th
Authority; 319 5th Avenue
install twenty-three storage Avenue North; Plumbing; P&H
North; demolish residence;
units; Lex Jordan Jonathan S Burns Enterprises
■ GH&M LLC; 321 Hospi-
■ Linda and Joseph Howard; LLC
tal Drive; plumbing; Klutts
99 Stokes Road; reroof house; ■ Annette and Johnny Moore;
Doug Wheeler Roofing Inc 507 Beech Street; electrical;
■ Columbus Housing Author-
■ Roger D Porter; 113 Kermit Joseph Harris
ity; 1703 12th Avenue North;
Street; reroof house; Doug ■ Lakeithric James; 2112 14th
plumbing; Browning Plumbing
Wheeler Roofing Inc Avenue North, Apt C; electrical;
■ Dean F Shaw Life Estate; Nell’s Electrical Contractor
118 Stewart Avenue; reroof ■ Lillie Vaughn; 2004 14th Lowndes County
house; Doug Wheeler Roofing Avenue North; electrical; Vetis Oct. 28. 2020
Inc Lee ■ Frances Oaks; 2400 N.
■ Ratliff Family Trust; 201 ■ 7th Day Adventists; 301 Wolfe Road; set up mobile
Jones Circle; reroof house; Brooks Drive; electrical; Nick- home, owner
Doug Wheeler Roofing Inc oles Electric of Columbus ■ Frances Oaks; 2400 N.
■ Dorothy M Berglund; 425 ■ 7th Day Adventists; 406 Wolfe Road; move up mobile
9th Street South; reroof North Lehmberg Road; home, McNairy Mobile Homes
house; Doug Wheeler Roofing electrical; Nickoles Electric of ■ Mike and Holly McElroy; 123
Inc Columbus Freeman Drive; construct pool,
■ George Cook; 502 Sylvan ■ Jackson Square LLC; 2003 Sunrise pools
road; reroof house; Doug Highway 45 North, Suite 3; ■ Robert J. Letourneau; 564
Wheeler Roofing Inc electrical; Wofford electric Plantation Drive; remodel s/f
■ Maxine and Monroe Hysaw; ■ BH Properties LLC; 2414 residence; West Remodeling,
504 Sylvan Road; reroof College Street; electrical, LLC
house; Doug Wheeler Roofing Nell’s Electrical Contractor ■ Janice Gore; 4758 Cale-
Inc ■ BH Properties LLC; 2418 donia-Kolola Road; set up

Tupperware profits soar as

pandemic shut-ins store leftovers
BY MATT OTT seemed to be accelerating rising since April, jumped
AP Business Writer this year. 35 percent to a new high
Long gone was the for the year. Shares that
SILVER SPRING, Md. heyday of the Tupperware could be had for around $1
— Tupperware relied Party, first held in 1948, in March, closed at $28.80
on social gatherings for which provided women on Wednesday.
explosive growth in the with a chance to run their
mid 20th century. In the
21st century, it is social
own business. That sys- LOCAL GAS PRICES
tem worked so well, Tup- Source:
distancing that is fueling perware took its products
sales. out of stores three years COLUMBUS
Restaurant pain has
turned into Tupperware’s
later. But it has struggled
as more families gave 1.79 CHEVRON
1402 Main St.

gain with millions of peo- up making dinner from

ple in a pandemic open- scratch and also dining 1.82 MURPHY USA
1913-A US-45 N
ing cookbooks again and out more.
looking for solutions to
leftovers. They’ve found it
Then the pandemic
1.85 SPIRIT1604 Gardner Blvd.

again in Tupperware, sud- Profit during the most

denly an “it brand” five de- recent quarter quadrupled
cades after what seemed
to be its glory days.
to $34.4 million, Tupper-
ware reported Wednesday.
105 Market St.

The company had ap-

peared to be on life sup-
The explosion of sales
caught almost everyone 1.69 MURPHY USA
1012 MS-12

port, posting negative off guard and shares

sales growth in five of the of Tupperware Brands 1.72 STRANGE BREW
605 MS-12 W

last six years, a trend that Corp., which had been

To place ads starting at only $12,
call 662-328-2424 or visit

Apts For Rent: Other Firewood / Fuel Autos For Sale

EMPLOYMENT The Military Square

Apartments are now
Various lengths.
2006 FORD Ranger FX4
ext. cab, 4.0 L Eng. with
accepting applicants! 662−295−2274. only 208K miles. Has
CALL US: 662-328-2424 We have 1, 2, and 3 TWO FREE SIGNS camper shell, bed rug,
bedroom units available. General Merchandise brush guard with light bar,
General Help Wanted All apartments are newly Estate Sales new tires in Sept, cold air
remodeled, and include: Mobile Home Frames intake, new water pump in
New Washer/Dryer, New BIG SALE: Oct 30−31. 2 Mobile Home Frames for Oct, and new A/C in 2019.
Refrigerator, New A/C Unit! Fri 9−6, Sat 8−4. Oil paint $500 Each. 30 Free Has 3 coats of ceramic
−ings, glassware, chalk Concrete Blocks w/ Each coating. Looks & runs
We also offer rent ware, furn, h/h items, Frame good. Only $8500.
discounts for: clothing, many quilts & 501−545−7750 in
−Active Military collectibles. 10469 Hwy 12 2 Electric Tongue Jacks Columbus.
−Veterans E, across from Cedar Hill. $150 Each
−Seniors For More Info. Contact

Call us at: 662−205−0005 Jessie Brooks @
Orr Estate Sale 662−272−8711
810 1st St. North
COLEMAN Reform, AL 35481
RENTALS Sat. Oct. 31, 9am−5pm
Leather chaps, genuine
Mon. Nov.2, 9am−1pm
buffalo, XL, new. $40. Travel & Entertainment
Motorcycle riding boots,
Selling the estate of
2 BEDROOMS Leon & Shirley Orr,
waterproof/insulated, worn
very little, size 10. $70. PUBLIC CATFISH POND
Sudoku is a number- Yesterday’s answer
See photos placing puzzle based on
One piece rain suit by
Gear, L, new. $35.
130 Hillcrest Dr
Catfish contest Oct. 1− Sudoku
a 9x9 gridis witha several
num- 3 4 8 6 2 9 1 7 5
Stewart’s Antiques & For sale locally. 31. $200 for most ber-placing
given numbers.puzzleThe object 2 7 5 8 1 3 4 6 9

2020 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

© The Dispatch

Estate Sales
Benny Shelton
501−545−7750. weight. $100 for Big based onthe
is to place a 9x9
numbers 6 1 9 7 5 4 2 8 3
DEPOSIT Columbus, MS
Fish. 2 drawings for
1 to 9with
in theseveral
empty spaces 5 2 6 4 3 7 9 1 8
$50 valued prizes. Call
AND 662−251−1515 Sporting Goods
662−386−8591 for given
so thatnumbers.
each row, eachThe 1 9 3 2 8 6 7 5 4
CREDIT CHECK details. object
column and each 3x3 the
is to place box
Crawford Army Surplus
numbers 7 8 4 5 9 1 6 3 2
on Main in Crawford. contains the1same to 9 number
662-329-2323 Vardaman Estate Sale.
Selling all contents inc−
Now for sale: Metal Ammo
cans 30&50 cal, $10; Pets
the empty spaces so
only once. The difficulty
that each row, each
luding furniture, books, level increases from
2411 HWY 45 N household items,
.155mm Howitzer treated
Big Puppies For Sale: column and each 8 5 1 9 7 2 3 4 6
wood ammo boxes, Monday
3x3 boxtocontains
COLUMBUS, MS Two large breed Standard Difficulty Level 10/28
appliances, flat screen $5&10; Army steel
TVs, and like new John bunkbeds, $125; Field Poodle cross, 12 wk old the same number only once. The difficulty level
Deere mower. puppies for sale. Wormed,
Houses For Rent: East View at
Artillery camo nets with
vaccinated, vet checked increases from Monday to Sunday.
spreader poles, $225;
662−418−6830 Unissued camo (BDU/ and very healthy. They have
3BR/1BA, stove, refrig− ACU/ABU) military 6− long white curly hair with
OFFICE MANAGER needed erator, fresh paint & hard− pocket fatigues, $35 & M− tan and gray spots around
for local Construction com- wood floors. Available Garage Sales: North the face and ears. 1 male,
65 field coats & fire−
pany. Job includes man- 11/1. $600/mo + $500 retardant coveralls, $50; 1 female, very smart with
aging Pay Roll, QuickBooks, dep. No HUD, no pets. 1426 6TH St N. Oct 31 @ polypro col weather under gentle temperament and
Spreadsheets, Accounts 662−295−3022. 7am. Please wear mask. garment, $18; lots of energy. Located in
Payable & Receivable, Pur- OCP T−shirts, $5. Crawford, MS. $350.
chasing & Social Media. Mobile Homes for Rent 216 4TH St. N. Fri., Sat. & Call 662.769.1889 626−590−2584
Single position in small Sun., 10/30−11/1. 9a−
business with nice atmo- 3p. H/h furn. & appliances.
3BR/2BA MH in New Hope.
sphere. Mail resume to
Blind Box 677 c/o The
$650 dep + $650/mo. No
pets, quiet area. Leave full
Garage Sales: New Hope ED SANDERS GUNSMITH
Open for season!
Five Questions:
Commercial Dispatch name & message, Tue−Fri: 9−5 & Sat: 9−12
PO Box 511 Over 50 years experience!
1 “2001:
205−712−6697. 8598 NASHVILLE FERRY
Columbus MS 39703. RD E. 7am. 662−251−
Repairs, cleaning, refin−
ishing, scopes mounted &
A Space
6580 zeroed, handmade knives.
Garage Sales: Caledonia Located: Hwy 45 Alt, North
DISPATCH seeks a motiv- of West Point, turn right on
ated, contracted carrier for Yokahama Blvd, 8mi & turn
the Caledonia area. Excel- 678 MAIN ST. Fri., 10/30
lent opportunity to earn ADS STARTING AT $25 & Sat., 10/31 7a−5p. left on Darracott Rd, will
see sign, 2.5mi ahead
money for college. Must Tools, towing equip.,
2 New Deal
shop on left.
have good transportation, Farms & Timberland pressure washer, camping
valid driver's license & in- equip. & misc. items.
surance. Delivers on LAMAR CO. AL, 197 Acres.
Sunday morning and Mon-
3 Washington
Good timber. Good hunting.
Fri afternoons. Apply at The
Commercial Dispatch, 516
Road frontage. South of
Millport. $1,325/ac. 205−
Main Street in Columbus. 799−9846 or 205−695−
No phone calls please. 2248. ADS STARTING AT $12 ADS STARTING AT $12
Houses For Sale: East
Bargain Column Autos For Sale
4 Supernova
RENTALS 3BR/2BA in 55+
community of Plantation 4 Covid face shields Wear 2004 CHEVY IMPALA LS,
Pointe. For more info call to polls or Church. Clear 3.8 liter engine, 4 door,
5 Roland-
after 5pm, 662−251− plastic. Can be worn over automatic, leather interior,
7664. glasses. $13.00 for all. sunroof, & AM/FM/
Apts For Rent: North 662−497−4626 or 662− cassette. $2,000.
244−5861 662−251−3001.
Houses For Sale: Southside
1 & 2 BR near hospital. Auctions
$595−$645 monthly. 3BR/1.5BA, living room w/
Military discount, pet area, gas log−heat, dining room,
pet friendly, and furnished front/back porch, natural
corporate apts. gas heat, window units−
24−HOUR PROFESSIONAL cooling, storage bldg &
GYM. ON SITE SECURITY. carport. 1,230 sq ft.
ON SITE MAINTENANCE. Call 662−425−9451.
SURVEILLANCE. Benji & Houses For Sale: Other ACROSS
Ashleigh, 662−386−4446.
FSBO: 4BR/4.5BA 1 Hawk
Apts For Rent: South 10,000+sqft, situated on 5 Cartoon pig
13 ac in South Lowndes Co 10 River catch
@ 627 Canfield Rd. New
Downtown Loft: Very nice 1
Hope school district. 50x 12 Game setting
bdrm loft, wood floors, tall
ceilings, above a downtown 100 shop, in ground pool 13 Fab Four
business. Great location. w/pool house & 1.5 acre drummer
stock pond. Ideal place for
Call before 9:00 p.m.
mini farm! $675,000. 14 Singer Neville
$650. 662−364−1610
662−327−3477 15 Star pitcher
Large 2−bedrm apartment.
16 Spell caster
Lots & Acreage 18 Prison head
Recently renovated, very
nice, includes washer / 1.75 ACRE LOTS Good/ 20 Luau strings
dryer, lots of closets, great
location. Must see inside.
Bad Credit Options. Good 21 Liberal study
$850. 662−364−1610
credit as low as 20% down, 23 Course need
$499/mo. Eaton Land,
662−361−7711. 24 Matching
Apts For Rent: West 26 Listen to
28 Frodo’s friend
Approx. 7 acres located
between Dale Road and 29 Woodland 2 Writer Jong 25 “West Side

Buck Egger Road at end of grazer 3 Antisocial one Story” song
Renon Lane. $30,000 31 Cyclops
Call; leave message. 4 Galoot 27 Mess up
Apartments & Houses 662−549−0696 feature 5 Talk show 28 Homes to
32 Pop’s Andy legend Jack urban gators
1 Bedrooms PICKENS COUNTY, AL 36 Small song- 6 Test type 30 Ram’s mate
2 Bedroooms 180 acres in Liberty bird 7 Send another 33 Port-au-
39 King Kong,
3 Bedrooms way Prince’s nation
Community. Good hunting
& road systems. $850/ac.
Other tracts available. Call e.g. 8 Rapped 34 Made a
Furnished & Unfurnished 205−799−9846 or 205− 40 Writer Brontë 9 Big Apple choice
1, 2, & 3 Baths
695−2248. 41 Musical set in player 35 Main roles
Argentina 11 Stood tall 37 Photo prob-
Lease, Deposit

43 Happen again 17 Worker in a lem
& Credit Check 44 Out of style colony 38 Orpheus 45 Catch 19 River stopper played one
327-8555 46 Toppers 22 Clipped 42 Kilmer of
DOWN 24 Exhortation “Batman For-
Apts For Rent: Other PROMOTE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS STARTING AT ONLY $25 1 Scarecrow fill from the pulpit ever”
Carpet & Flooring General Services General Services Painting & Papering


Bucket truck & stump & Bonded. Carpentry, minor SERVICE
removal. Free est. electrical, minor plumbing, Special Prices.
Serving Columbus insulation, painting, demo− Interior & Exterior Painting.
since 1987. Senior lition, gutters cleaned, 662−435−6528
citizen disc. Call Alvin @ pressure washing, land−
242−0324/241−4447 scaping, cleanup work. Plumbing
"We’ll go out on a limb for 662−242−3608.
Lawn Care / Landscaping ACME, INC.
Fall Special: 4 Rms $99 Stan McCown
1 Room − $50 "We fix leaks."
2 Room − $70 JESSE & BEVERLY’S Natural gas & water.
3 Rooms − $90 LAWN SERVICE 662−386−2915
Carpet−Rugs−Tile−Cars Mowing, cleanup, tree
DAVID’S CARPET & cutting, landscaping,
UPHOLSTERY sodding & bush hogging.
CLEANING 662−356−6525
Call for more info!
662−722−1758 Painting & Papering

Ext/Int Painting.
Read local. Don’t have time
to cut your lawn?
Sheet Rock Hang, Finish &
Repair. Pressure Washing. Free Estimates. Ask for Are you a painter?
Find help here! specials! Larry Webber, Advertise here!