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Economics Class - XI


Economics as one of the component of social science is introduced at the

senior school stage in the form of an elective subject which has a lot of influences on
every human being. As economic life and the economy go through changes. It is
extremely urgent to provide opportunities to acquire analytical skill to observe and
understand the economic realities.

At the senior school stage students are in a position to understand abstract

ideas, exercise the power of thinking and to develop their own perception of this
stage the students could be exposed to the economic issues that the nation is facing
today along with some basic statistical tools to under stand these broader economic

The Course designed for the students of this stage to study the structural of
the economy. The strategy of achieving higher level of economic growth and
development, structural and institutional changes .The planning process and the new
challenges before the India economy including globalization and liberalization.
Besides the course it also aims equipping the learner with the statistical tools that will
help them understand, interpret and explain statistical information or data and draw
meaningful conclusions.

It is also proposed to include many project and activities in the syllabus in

order to provide opportunities for the students to develop better insight to explain
various economic issues both from their day today life and also issues which are
invisible in nature.

1. Familiarize learner with the structural of India economy and economic
development of India since Independence.
2. To Enhance their awareness of Economic issues and problem confronting the
Indian Economy.
3. Understanding of some basic economic concepts and developing economic
reasoning which the learner can apply in their day life.
4. To equip learner with the various statistical tools to analysis interpret
economic issues and explain data and information.

Specific objective

1. Familiarize the learner with the concepts of statistical and its importance in
2. To acquire skills into explain statistical information or data collection,
organization and presentation of quantitative and qualitative information
pertaining to various economic aspects systematically.
3. Equip student with the basic statistical tools to analysis and interpret any
economic information and draw appropriate inferences.
4. Students are expected to understand the behavior of various economic data.
5. To provide the learner with a background discussion on some of the key
issues relating to the Indian economy.
6. As citizens they are expected to be seasoned about these issues initially
assess the role of the govt. to various economic sphere.
7. It also gives opportunities for knowing the economic resources available and
how these resources are being utilized in different sector.
8. By exposing them to quantitative data on economic aspects and policies. The
learners would be able use their analytical skills interpret the economic events
and visualize the economic future of India.
9. By comparing India's economic performance with our neighboring nation, This
would also provides opportunities for knowing where we stand today as a

Expected outcome
1. It will enhance the awareness of the students in understanding the concepts
of statistics and tools.
2. It will develop constructive attitude in students to apply statistical tools/
techniques to solve their day to day economic problems.
3. It will helps the students to better understand the realities of economic life and
have make the subject more behavioral.
4. It will help the students to have a scientific approach towards economic
5. To have a better idea of growth and development and a comparative study
with neighboring countries like Pakistan & China.
6. It will aware the student about structural changes of Indian Economy Pre and
Post independence period.
7. It will aware the students with the current problems of India Economy and
visualize the economic future of India.
Economics (Class XI)

One paper 3 Hours 100 marks


Part-A Statistics for Economics

1. Introduction 3
2. collection and organization of data 5
3. Presentation of data 7
4. Condensation of data 30
5. Project work in Economics 5

Total 50

Part –B Indian Economics Development

1. Economic growth & development 10

2. Development policies and experiences 20
3. Current challenges facing Indian Economy 20

Total 50