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Season unlike any other nears finish

On the county, state and national levels, ever-more partisan, divided
this year’s process far from traditional In the Illinois legislature, all 118
seats are up for election to the
By Rick Pearson income tax to a graduated-rate Illinois House and 22 seats are on
levy. That top-of-the ballot item the ballot in the 59-member state
To some degree, every election also could present a referendum Senate. The election of the Gen-
is a referendum, and perhaps on voter trust in state government eral Assembly, with supermajori-
never more so than in a presi- or how they view the state’s ties of Democrats in both cham-
dential year. financial future. bers, could present a referendum
But peeling back the Nov. 3 There’s a decision on whether on its leadership, including long-
ballot beyond the decision on U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, a member time House Speaker Michael
whether Donald Trump or Joe of the chamber’s Democratic lead- Madigan, who finds himself en-
Biden should sit in the White ership, deserves a fifth term. And snared in a federal investigation.
House, there are a number of there are elections involving the In Cook County, the race be-
issues and candidacies that pre- state’s 18 congressional seats, in- tween reelection-seeking Demo-
sent their own referendums. cluding the reelection bids of two cratic State’s Attorney Kim Foxx
There’s a proposed constitu- suburban Democratic freshmen. and Republican Pat O’Brien could
ANTONIO PEREZ/CHICAGO TRIBUNE tional amendment that would Those races could prove to be a
Early voters wait at Prairie State College in Chicago Heights on Oct. 22. change Illinois from a flat-rate referendum on voter views on an Turn to Election, Page 9

Stakes run
high amid
year of lows
Election results could
test America’s solidarity
as well as its leadership
By Julie Pace
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — After a year

of deep disruption, America is
poised for a presidential election
that renders a verdict on the
nation’s role in the world and the
direction of its economy, on its
willingness to contain an escalat-
ing pandemic and its ability to
confront systemic racial inequity.
But the two men on the ballot,
President Donald Trump and
Democrat Joe Biden, offer more
than just differing solutions for
the country’s most pressing prob-
lems. The choice before voters is a
referendum on the role of the
presidency itself and a test of the
sturdiness of democracy, with the
president challenging the legiti- STACEY WESCOTT/CHICAGO TRIBUNE

macy of the outcome even before Lonnie Kapinus checks on Black Angus calves at Kapinus Farms at sunrise Wednesday in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.
Election Day and law enforce-


ment agencies braced for the
possibility of civil unrest.
“There’s more than just your
standard ideological difference
between the two candidates.

There’s a fundamentally different
view of what the presidency is and
what leadership means for the
nation,” said Jeffrey Engel, direc-
tor of the Center for Presidential
History at Southern Methodist
Voters appear to recognize the Trump flipped key Midwest counties from Obama. Can he keep grip vs. Biden?
moment: More than 86 million
people have already cast ballots, By Bill Ruthhart But not for the better, in his ing the Mississippi River, Prairie
shattering records for early voting. book. This time, Kapinus is du Chien and western Wiscon-
PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, Wis. — Seated at the bar at Frazier’s Old voting for Democratic nominee sin is filled with voters like
Turn to Campaign, Page 9 Joe Biden, because he isn’t Kapinus who backed Obama in
Faithful Inn with one hand gripped on his beer and one eye on the President Trump. 2012 only to flip in large num-
Packers game, Lonnie Kapinus explained in four words why he voted “He gets caught in all these bers to Trump in 2016. Which
IN NATION & WORLD: Barack for Republican Donald Trump in 2016 after twice backing Democrat lies and his over-abuse of power. direction this group of inde-
Obama rallies with Joe Biden in Trump thinks he’s a king or pendent-minded voters chooses
Barack Obama: “He wasn’t Hillary Clinton.”
Michigan while Donald Trump something,” Kapinus said. “I this year could prove critical in a
makes play for Pennsylvania. “Her husband had already been president eight years, she had don’t have enough fingers and number of Midwestern battle-
been senator and secretary of state, and I thought it was just too many toes to tell you how many times ground states, including Wis-
IN A+E: Freaking out about not Clintons in the situation,” said Kapinus, a 55-year-old farmer who he’s disappointed me in what consin, Michigan, Minnesota,
knowing election results Tuesday? he’s done.” Ohio and Iowa.
You’re not alone. Why patience is tends to 1,200 acres in Prairie du Chien, a rural town of 5,665 people. Tucked amid the rocky bluffs
not an American virtue. “There needed to be a change, and damn it, Trump did change it.” and rolling farmland overlook- Turn to Midwest, Page 10

Race, class divisions are stark SEAN CONNERY

Restaurants hope
tents help in winter

in fight over reopening schools They’re a must-have, but will

outdoor dining work when
it’s 20 degrees? Business
Pandemic fears still Hill School in Carpentersville cases.
also reopened. But only about 1 in Now, many parents, particu-
run high for some as 4 families at Sunny Hill — where larly from middle- and upper-
others rally to return 90% of students are economically income communities in the Chi- Bears still seeking
disadvantaged — allowed their cago area, are again demanding a
By Karen Ann Cullotta children to return to the class- reopening of schools, saying their CHRISTIAN EGGERS/AP offensive identity
room. children are suffering from social The team just can’t seem to
When Barrington School Dis-
trict 220 began welcoming stu-
This tale of two schools — less
than 8 miles apart, but a world
isolation and academic regres-
sion they believe pose a greater
So much more find its groove. Dan Wiederer
dents back into the classroom in away when it comes to parents’ danger than the virus itself. than James Bond in Chicago Sports
October, nearly 90% of children reactions to the coronavirus — Yet as parents in more affluent
who attend Hough Street School began a rocky new chapter this communities like Elmhurst, Lin- Over a career spanning seven
in the heart of the village arrived week, as District 220 joined a colnshire and Libertyville organ- decades, Sean Connery
for in-person instruction. growing list of suburban Chicago ize rallies in support of open brought a vital, often subtle FALL BACK: Daylight
Heading west past the horse schools that are pausing in- schools, fears that in-person fire to his lines of screen saving time ended at
farms and rolling fields of Bar- person instruction due to the work. Michael Phillips in 2 a.m. Sunday. Set your
rington Hills, the district’s Sunny record high rate of COVID-19 Turn to Schools, Page 2 Nation & World, Page 26 clocks back one hour.

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Tom Skilling’s forecast High 40 Low 26
forecast in Nation & World, Page 32 173rd year No. 306 © Chicago Tribune
2 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B

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classes will increase the

risks of coronavirus expo-
sure to students and staff —
and, by extension, to their
families — are only growing,
especially in lower-income
and more racially diverse
communities dispropor-
tionately affected by the
That all of this is playing
out during an economic
crisis and perhaps one the
most polarized presidential
elections in U.S. history has
only escalated tensions.
Troubled by the dispa-
rate attitudes toward the
virus, Dr. Tina Tan, profes-

western University Fein- Parents and students rally Tuesday in favor of reopening schools in Elmhurst Community
berg School of Medicine, Unit School District 205.
observed that, “Everything
has become a political de-
bate, and a lot of more
affluent individuals don’t
believe in the science.”
“Some of these parents
believe kids don’t get very
sick, and even if their kids
get COVID, it would just be
the sniffles,” Tan said. “But
the opposite is true, and a
certain subset of children
can become very ill with
long-term consequences.”
Tan said residents from
CHICAGO BEARS BOOK low-income communities
have had higher rates of
“The Chicago Tribune Book of contracting the virus for
the Chicago Bears: A Decade- many reasons, including
By-Decade History, 2nd ed.” family members in the
The Tribune’s new expanded household who are more
second edition Bears book likely to be front-line work-
includes photography, original ers providing essential serv-
box scores, essays from Hall of ices to the public.
Fame reporters and Tribune Economically disadvan-
coverage from the last 100 taged families may also find Maria Sinkule, a social worker at Indian Trail Junior High School, rallies Wednesday with
seasons. It's a decade-by-dec- it impossible to social dis- Addison teachers union members against the resumption of in-person classes.
ade look at the team, from tance when a member of the
George Halas moving the team to Chicago in 1921 to mul- family is ill with COVID-19, union. more concerned about their dents and staff.
tiple NFL championships titles to their 1985 Super Bowl due to living in modest In Addison School Dis- children’s emotional health Similarly, at New Trier
win that transformed the city's passion that continues homes that are often shared trict 4 — where nearly 60% and flagging academic prog- High School, which District
today. This keepsake second edition also includes special by numerous relatives, Tan of students are considered ress than the virus. 36 feeds into, officials plan
reporting and photographs of the Bears 100th season said. low-income and nearly 65% “I’m much more worried to spend up to $1.3 million
from the Chicago Tribune staff. Availableat chicago “If you’re living in a are Hispanic — children about my son being stuck at to conduct COVID-19 saliva and wherever books are sold. 10,000-square-foot home, have been returning to home, taking classes on a screenings for students and
it’s easy to find a room for a school in stages over the last computer in the basement, staff.
“Life Skills: How To Do Almost Anything” How do you family member who is sick, few weeks. than in him getting COVID,” While District 36 officials
give a good wedding toast? How do you fix a clogged so they don’t infect the rest And while the district is said Hawthorn Woods resi- have reported only eight
drain? How do you bowl without hurting anyone? Ques- of the family,” Tan said. “But using a staggered schedule dent Christina George, cases of COVID-19 since the
tions like these — some highly practical, others wildly when you have a multi- so that no more than a fifth whose 15-year-old son is a start of the school year, with
funny — make up this engaging do-it-yourself guide. generational family living of students are in the freshman at Stevenson the holidays approaching,
Collected from the Tribune how-to columns called “Life under the same roof in a schools at one time, only High School in Lin- Superintendent Trisha Ko-
Skills,” this book is filled with often humorous instructions two-bedroom apartment, about 40% of families have colnshire, which has not canda sounded the alarm in
on performing a variety of tasks. how do you social distance chosen to send their chil- reopened and is instructing recent days.
when someone is sick?” dren back for in-person 4,300 students with remote In a video message to
“Won for the Ages: How the Chicago Cubs Became In one suburban school learning, the district con- learning. parents posted on the dis-
the 2016 World Series Champions.” Revisit the joy system, Cicero District 99 — firmed. “I personally don’t feel trict’s website, Kocanda ex-
produced by the team that Theo Epstein built and Joe where the community’s Still, with Addison’s sev- afraid of COVID, because pressed her dismay upon
Maddon guided to the baseball promised land. From Rizzo COVID-19 rate has double en-day positivity rate hover- the fact remains that any- learning that some students
and Russell to Baez and Bryant — and that’s just the in- digits in recent weeks — the ing around 15% — and the time you step foot out of the were sent to school despite
fielders — a cast of characters grew up before our eyes as teachers union is strongly DuPage County Health De- house, you assume some family members awaiting
their 2016 juggernaut took them from spring training in opposing a request that partment recommending kind of risk,” said George, the results of COVID-19
Arizona to their sport’s ultimate prize in Cleveland. Avail- teachers begin delivering that schools revert to re- who has been among the tests, which is strictly for-
able online at remote lessons from empty mote learning because of leaders of the grassroots bidden.
classrooms in November. “substantial community Stevenson Can Team, In addition, Kocanda said
All Chicago Tribune print books are available online at Rachel Esposito, president transmission” of COVID-19 which touts the support of some students have re- of the Cicero Council of the — teachers rallied outside of more than 500 students, ported that their parents
West Suburban Teachers a Board of Education meet- parents, taxpayers and busi- did not inquire about their
Union, noted Friday that a ing Wednesday seeking an ness leaders who want the health, nor did they have
large majority of families immediate suspension of option of a return to in- their temperature taken be-
ACCURACY AND ETHICS indicated support for re- in-person learning. person learning. fore school — both of which
Margaret Holt, standards editor mote learning in a district “We need to do what’s George said the fact that are required daily to comply
survey. safest for our students and residents living in affluent with the district’s CrisisGo
The Tribune’s editorial code of principles governs The Cicero district our community. The medi- towns in Stevenson’s at- tracker report system.
professional behavior and journalism standards. Every- enrolls around 11,000 stu- cal experts at the DuPage tendance area like Long “We urge you, and I
one in our newsroom must agree to live up to this code of dents in prekindergarten County Health Department Grove and Kildeer pay “in- implore you, to be extra
conduct. Read it at through eighth grade, about recommended school dis- credibly high” property mindful and vigilant about
Corrections and clarifications: Publishing information 92% from economically dis- tricts move to all remote taxes — a $40,000 yearly tab the daily process that we all
quickly and accurately is a central part of the Chicago advantaged families and learning. We should abso- is not unusual, she said — have to take part of to
Tribune’s news responsibility. 96% who are Hispanic, ac- lutely be following that ad- makes the high school’s extend in-person learning
cording state data released vice,” Addison Teachers As- remote learning especially as long as possible,” said
Friday. sociation Co-President Alli- galling. Kocanda, who also urged
“There is a divide be- son Andrikokus said in a The prospect of the high families to avoid traveling or
HOW TO CONTACT US 7 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Friday tween families from afflu- news release ahead of the school reopening anytime attending large gatherings.
7 a.m.–noon Saturday–Sunday
7 a.m.–11 a.m. holidays
ent communities who have rally. soon dimmed when the Studies have found the
Delivery problem? access to great health care, District 4 Director of Lake County Health De- impact of the COVID-19-era
Or go to
Call 312-546-7900. customerservice and those who don’t have Communications Brendan partment issued a recom- school closures will likely
Subscribe online: the same access, which is Marshall said the district is mendation on Oct. 20 that prove most detrimental to
To subscribe, manage your print or digital subscription, the case for most of the “committed to ensuring a all schools in the county students from economically
or inquire about billing or vacation holds, families in Cicero,” Esposito safe learning environment shift to virtual learning be- disadvantaged neighbor-
call 312-546-7900. said. and a high-quality educa- cause of growing COVID-19 hoods, where children do
To report an error, email readerhelp@chicagotribune While she said she was tion.” He said schools are infection rates. not have the same access to
.com, fill out a report at, well aware that many local operating under public “Is the virus itself politi- resources like tutors, tech-
or call the Reader Help line at 312-222-3348. families have lost loved ones health safety guidelines and cal? No, but politics is nology and activities like
to COVID-19 in recent that officials are monitoring playing into these decisions travel soccer and violin
Main operator ..........................................................................................312-222-3232 months, the dire situation the situation “on a daily, from our political leaders in lessons. Yet families on the
Hearing impaired number ......................................................312-222-1922 (TDD) was underscored by a re- hourly and case-by-case ba- some way, shape or form, front lines of the pandemic
Classified advertising ......312-222-2222,
Preprint/display advertising .....312-222-4150, cent conversation she had sis.” and even after the election, may view the reopening of
Display advertising with a neighborhood priest. Nearby in Oak Brook- it’s not going to just magi- schools as a risk not worth
Interactive advertising ..312-222-6173,
Mail........................................ 160 N. Stetson Ave., Third Floor, Chicago, IL 60601
“He typically presides based Butler Elementary cally go away,” George said. taking.
over 10 to 12 funerals a year District 53 — which has one In Park Ridge, a Face- “When you think of
at his church in Cicero, but elementary and one middle book group of parents call- Maslow’s Hierarchy of
MON-FRI SUNDAY 7 DAYS All advertising published in the Chicago he estimates that by the end school, and just 1% of stu- ing for a return to in-person Needs, where basic survival
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card, copies of which are available from
of this year, it will be dents are considered low- learning has just over 800 and putting food on the
*Rates are for the 9-county area (Cook, the Advertising Department. The between 130 to 160 funerals, income — Superintendent members, with followers table are most important, I
Lake, DuPage, Will, Kane, Kendall and Chicago Tribune reserves the right not to
McHenry Counties in Illinois, Lake and accept an advertiser’s order. Only which hit me like a ton of Paul O’Malley said the per- encouraged to “flood” wouldn’t be at all surprised
Porter Counties in Indiana) and also are publication of an advertisement shall
constitute final acceptance.
bricks, knowing the devas- centage of students partici- school board members’ in- if families from high-pover-
available in communities served by
Chicago Tribune contractors. Chicago Tribune (USPS 104-000) is
tation COVID has caused to pating in full in-person boxes and share links to ty communities are putting
Rates in other areas vary. published daily (7 days) at this community,” Esposito learning has increased as of articles they say support their kids’ health and safety
160 N. Stetson Ave., Third Floor, Chicago,
CHICAGO TRIBUNE DIGITAL EDITION IL 60601; Chicago Tribune Company, LLC, said. “People in Cicero want Wednesday to 77% from their belief that, if done first when making decisions
A replica of the paper in PDF format is
online as part of Unlimited Digital Access
Publisher; periodicals postage paid at
Chicago, IL, and additional mailing
to take a pause from reopen- 62% at the start of the safely, schools can and about school reopenings,”
at offices. ing schools, because they school year. should reopen. said Jon Schmidt, a clinical
WEEKLY Postmaster: Send changes to the are scared, and they are Indeed, the strong reac- Even now, with rising assistant professor in the
Unlimited Digital Access $3.99* Chicago Tribune, Mail Subscription
Division, 777 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL definitely suffering.” tions to COVID-19 from COVID-19 rates both locally School of Education at Loy-
*7 days per week, billed every 4 weeks. 60654. District 99 Superintend- more racially and ethnically and statewide, the position ola University Chicago.
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ent Rodolfo Hernandez on diverse communities hit of many parents does not “Yes, they want their kids
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5-state area* $56.29 $117.65
U.S. rate $63.05 $142.87 Copyright © 2020 Chicago Tribune in COVID-19 cases and the evident in a national survey said Alexis Conway, one of kids need to be back in
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Company, LLC. All rights reserved as to
the entire content.
“current conditions” in not- conducted by Consumer the creators of the group. school for multiple rea-
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ing that the school board Reports in July. Fifty-seven “Based on the activity I’m sons,” Schmidt said. “But for
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10/18/20, 11/22/20 and 12/27/20. Dates are subject to change without notice.
an abundance of caution,” they preferred schools to a strong interest” in schools what COVID means, be-
despite having received remain closed with remote opening fully, Conway said. cause for them, this virus
“confirmation from the instruction, compared with With more than 93% of has been up close and per-
(Cook County Department just 25% of whites who parents in Winnetka School sonal.”
INSIDE SUNDAY’S PAPER of Public Health) that it was were polled. District 36 signaling they
Ask Amy ........................Life+Travel, 2 Lottery ...............Nation & World, 26 safe” to reopen schools to Many suburban parents wanted their children back Pioneer Press reporters Jen-
Bridge ...........................Inside Comics Markets .............................Business, 4 students. He said the deci- who have protested school in the classroom this fall, nifer Johnson and Chuck
Chicago Flashback ...............News, 17 Obituaries .........Nation & World, 26
sion to bring teachers back closures say while families officials plan to spend up to Fieldman contributed.
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into buildings on Nov. 9 was worried about COVID-19 $2.3 million — roughly
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Horoscopes ................Inside Comics Weather .............Nation & World, 32 and deliberation” and in their kids continuing re- PPE this year to ensure the com
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B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 3

Remote learning skews annual report card
96% attendance completely. Districts that previously teacher leadership pro- likelihood of continuing to Because of inconsisten-
Of the state’s 865 school indicated struggles with grams and recruitment pursue teaching, Owens cies in the analysis, this year
reported during entities that receive report chronic truancy reported plans for educators of color. said. the state did not issue new
pandemic year cards, the median attend- that it wasn’t as significant a “While we have in- “We want our students to rankings and carried over
ance rate for the 2019-20 problem last year. For ex- creased the number of go into communities and school rankings from the
By Jessica Villagomez school year was more than ample, Chicago Public teachers, the profession re- see how they can help last school year.
96%. Only 100 districts Schools reported more than mains overwhelmingly people that look just like The rankings rate
The Illinois State Board didn’t post higher attend- 20,000 fewer chronically white and female … we still them; that’s a very powerful schools as: exemplary, com-
of Education released its ance rates this year than truant students. have much more work to thing in this profession.” mendable, underperform-
annual school report card last, a Tribune analysis Ayala said there will have do,” Ayala said. In another category, the ing and lowest performing.
Friday as students across shows. Last year’s attend- to be higher-quality attend- Eighty-two percent of report card shows more For 2020, the lowest per-
the state adjust to remote ance rate was just under ance data going forward, teachers in the state are students excelling in ad- forming designation was
and hybrid learning this 95%. regardless of whether a white, while nearly 77% vanced placement tests changed to “comprehen-
school year. For some metrics, such as school is hybrid, in person identify as female. with students achieving a sive” and underperforming
Typically, the card is a surveys on school culture or online. In order to diversify the 70% pass rate, 2 points was changed to “targeted,”
comprehensive analysis of and climate, ISBE collected Another metric impacted teaching force across the higher than the class of according to the school
academic and test perform- no data for the 2019-20 by the pandemic is gradua- state, Roxanne F. Owens, 2019. More than 8,000 more board.
ance, demographics and a school year. For other met- tion rate data, according to chair of the teacher educa- high school students took But there was one addi-
financial summary of every rics like attendance, the the school board. Gradua- tion department at DePaul career and technical educa- tion.
school and district in the suspension of in-person in- tion rates cannot be com- University’s College of Edu- tion, dual credit, Advanced For the first time, the
state. However, as the co- struction likely affected the pared to previous years be- cation, said universities Placement and Interna- 2020 Illinois Report Card
ronavirus pandemic contin- results, according to the cause the state changed must support students tional Baccalaureate includes Kindergarten Indi-
ues to affect in-person school board. requirements for students studying to be educators. courses in the 2019-20 vidual Development Survey
teaching, many metrics in “A standardized method expecting to graduate in “We have to help high school year, compared with (KIDS) data, a tool used to
this year’s analysis are not of reporting attendance was spring 2020. school students and career the prior year, according to track student developmen-
comparable to previous not possible in the spring However, some data changers see the benefits of the report. tal readiness in the first 40
years. during the suspension of points were included in the becoming teachers. Right Illinois schools are usu- days of kindergarten.
“This year, COVID-19 in-person instruction, some 2020 report card. now, teaching is a tough sell ally given designations that
had a significant impact on schools had access to tech- More than 2,000 teach- for anyone,” she said. “We rank how well a school Chicago Tribune’s Jennifer
the data we normally collect nology while other schools ers were added to the work- need to help people see all educates all demographic Smith Richards contributed.
for the report card,” Car- had paper packets,” Ayala force, and the teacher re- of the upsides to it.” groups of students, taking
men Ayala, state superin- said. tention rate is at 86%, ac- Owens said programs into account student im- jvillagomez@chicago
tendent of education, told With districts deciding cording to the school board. like the Golden Apple provement in standardized
news media Tuesday. on their own when a stu- The 2019 teacher retention Scholars of Illinois alleviate testing. Twitter @jessicavillag
One example is an in- dent should be considered rate statewide was about the financial burden of get-
crease in the attendance absent, the vast majority the same. ting a college degree, for
rate. Schools reported logged high attendance Ayala said the state has example. Connecting stu-
higher attendance, even as rates — even with the dis- prioritized teacher recruit- dents to community schools
they closed their doors ruption of the pandemic. ment through grants, early also increases their


Scaffolding remains on the twin towers of St. Adalbert Catholic Church in Pilsen as a jet plane flies past Oct. 13.

City switches on St. Adalbert status

Will take first steps “We’ve been encouraging
the city to demonstrate that
to propose Pilsen the crown-jewel and one of
church landmark the iconic and gateway
buildings of Pilsen needs to
By Blair Kamin be landmarked,” Ward
Miller, executive director of
As debate has raged over Preservation Chicago,
a proposed landmark dis- wrote in a text message
trict in Pilsen, activists kept Thursday.
asking why the city was It is unclear whether the
moving to protect 900 city’s decision on St. Adal-
buildings in the Near South- bert will affect its controver-
west Side neighborhood, sial landmark district pro-
but not one of its most posal.
prominent structures, the The church would be an
shuttered St. Adalbert Cath- individual city landmark. It
olic Church. is not being included in the
City officials replied that CHICAGO TRIBUNE HISTORICAL PHOTO proposed Pilsen landmark
the ornate edifice, which St. Adalbert Catholic Church at 17th and Paulina streets, district, which covers com-
has been called the mother circa June 1926. The church was desanctified last year. mercial and residential
church of Polish parishes on buildings primarily built be-
the city’s West and South redevelop it, he said. Designed by prolific Chi- tween the 1880s and the late
sides, was in no danger of If a house of worship is cago architect Henry 1940s.
demolition. If someone still being used, its owner Schlacks and located a block Cox said at the meeting
moved to tear it down, they must consent before it can north of Pilsen’s 18th Street that Ald. Tom Tunney, 44th,
said, they would have ample become a city landmark, commercial corridor, the chair of the City Council
time to safeguard it. but, if like St. Adalbert, it is 106-year-old church at 1650 Committee on Zoning,
This week, however, they no longer in use, the owner’s W. 17th St. combines the Landmarks and Building
said they would take the consent is not required, Pe- austere basilica form of Standards, will conduct a
first step to grant the church ter Strazzabosco, a spokes- early Christian churches special meeting Dec. 1 to
official landmark status — man for the planning de- with baroque flourishes that consider the proposed land-
and that they have authority partment, said Friday. symbolize Polish national mark district.
to begin that process with- City officials have been identity. Opponents of the pro- HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR
out the consent of the discussing landmark status Thousands of Eastern posed district, led by Ald.
church’s owner, the Archdi- for the church with the European immigrants, in- Byron Sigcho-Lopez, 25th, YOUR ONE & ONLY!
ocese of Chicago. archdiocese since last year, cluding Czechs and Poles, argue it would burden
“We have heard you,” he said. lived in Pilsen before it Pilsen residents and proper-
Maurice Cox, commissioner In a statement, the arch- became predominantly ty owners with costly build-
of the city’s Department of diocese said it looks forward Mexican American in the ing repair standards, a claim
Planning and Development, to working with the city “to 1960s. city officials deny.
said Tuesday at the last of understand their goals and When the archdiocese The opponents also
three online meetings about to develop a plan for the announced in 2016 that it charge that the district
the proposed landmark dis- property that recognizes its would close St. Adalbert as would accelerate gentrifica-
trict. “This is an iconic land- historical significance to the part of its cost-saving con- tion in Pilsen. City officials
mark in Pilsen. That is with- community while support- solidation plan, some point to the need to preserve 630.954.2662
out dispute.” ing the needs of St. Paul church members com- old, multiapartment build-
The city, he said, would parish.” plained they no longer ings in Pilsen so they are not
start to prepare a report to St. Adalbert, which was would have access to a place replaced with expensive,
make the case that the officially desanctified last that echoes with memories single-family homes. Oak Brook Promenade
building deserves to be pro- year, was combined with St. of baptisms, weddings and 3021 Butterfield Road | Oak Brook, Illinois
tected from demolition or Paul Catholic Church in funerals. Blair Kamin is a Tribune
character-destroying altera- Pilsen as part of a consoli- Historic preservationists, critic. New Store Hours:
tions. City officials would dation that church officials who have been fighting to Thurs, Fri & Sat 11am - 4pm
By Appointment Only
work with the archdiocese attributed to a declining protect St. Adalbert, ex- bkamin@chicagotribune.
on the proposed landmark parish population and high pressed satisfaction at the com
designation and plans to renovation costs. shift by city officials. Twitter @BlairKamin
4 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B

Documents: Teen cried upon surrendering

After shootings in being on social media and ther, who begrudgingly had from being sent to Wiscon-
then briefly showed me allowed the rifle to be stored sin to face murder charges.
Kenosha, worried from his phone a picture of at his house. However, she never took the
about comments him with the AR-rifle at the He told police he did not stand and, after dry legal
Kenosha riots from earlier approve of his stepson pur- arguments, a Lake County
By Stacy St. Clair in the evening.” chasing the gun for Ritten- judge ordered he be extra-
and Christy Police confiscated Ritten- house, who was a minor, and dited.
Gutowski house’s assault weapon so he kept it in a locked safe A high school dropout
from the friend’s trunk a in his garage. with a deep interest in law
Kyle Rittenhouse cried, short time later, along with After Blake’s shooting by enforcement, Rittenhouse
vomited and worried about another AR-15 rifle the police, the man said he lives with his mother and
negative social media com- friend said he carried that moved the gun into his sisters in a modest Antioch
ments after turning himself night in Kenosha, according basement for his own “per- apartment complex located
in to a far north suburban to reports. The friend told sonal protection.” about 20 minutes from Ke-
police department follow- police that he had not wit- The man said he went to nosha. His attorneys say he
ing the fatal shooting of two NAM Y. HUH/AP nessed the shooting, but work Aug. 25 — the day of went to Kenosha after his
protesters in Kenosha, Wis- Kyle Rittenhouse appears at his extradition hearing Friday Rittenhouse called him im- the Kenosha protest shoot- lifeguarding shift Aug. 25 to
consin, last summer, accord- at the Lake County Courthouse in Waukegan. mediately afterward, and he ings — and his stepson help remove graffiti drawn
ing to newly released docu- had driven the teen back called. His stepson said he during the ongoing unrest
ments. neck and head with a base- states. across the Illinois state line. and Rittenhouse had been and later responded to a
Rittenhouse, 17, and his ball bat and a skateboard Video from the scene of The friend later was hired by a downtown busi- local business owner’s re-
mother appeared in the before firing his weapon, the protests showed Ritten- questioned by Kenosha de- ness to perform security, quest for help protecting his
lobby of the Antioch police according to the police re- house apparently trying to tectives at the Antioch po- and he needed to borrow establishment.
station around 1:20 a.m. port. A filing by Kenosha surrender to police in Keno- lice station, where he said he sandpaper for graffiti re- Armed with an assault
Aug. 26, just hours after prosecutors does not indi- sha after the shootings, but bought the weapon for Rit- moval. rifle, Rittenhouse walked up
prosecutors say the teen- cate that any of the victims they didn’t arrest him. Rit- tenhouse earlier this year so The friend’s stepfather and down the downtown
ager shot three men with an were wielding a baseball bat tenhouse told Antioch offi- the two could hunt together, said he did not realize the streets with little pushback
AR-15-style rifle, killing two when they were shot, cers that when he tried to according to the reports. rifle was missing from his from local police. At one
of them. Police reports show though video taken that speak with officers there The friend told police he home until Aug. 26, as he point, officers in an armored
Rittenhouse repeatedly ac- night does show Huber after the shootings, he was purchased the gun in his was preparing to leave town vehicle tossed bottles of
knowledged his role in the reaching for the rifle as a told to go home. name at a hardware store in for a week due to the water to Rittenhouse and
shooting during his conver- skateboard hits Ritten- When he showed up at northern Wisconsin, but demonstrations, according other armed civilians.
sations with officers, though house’s shoulder. the suburban police station Rittenhouse paid for it. to the police report. Though the people were
he insisted he had been Antioch officers noted hours later, he was wearing The friend kept Ritten- Authorities have said Rit- clearly violating the city’s 8
protecting himself. small scratches on Ritten- the same jeans and tan- house’s rifle at his step- tenhouse will not face gun p.m. curfew and Ritten-
“I shot two white kids,” house’s arms when he colored cowboy boots he father’s house in Kenosha, charges in Illinois because house is too young to openly
he told police, according to turned himself in, but he did had been wearing during and the two picked it up the Smith & Wesson AR-15 carry a firearm in Wiscon-
documents obtained late not have any cuts or bruises, the protests, according to before heading to protests, .223 caliber rifle “was pur- sin, the officer expressed his
Friday under a Freedom of a police report states. Para- the police reports. according to the reports. chased, stored and used in gratitude for the group.
Information Act request medics, however, were While waiting for Keno- The friend told police that Wisconsin” and they turned “We appreciate you
that village officials initially twice called to the police sha detectives to arrive, Rit- he wished he would have up no evidence the 17-year- guys,” the officer said. “We
denied. department to treat him. tenhouse repeatedly asked stopped Rittenhouse from old “physically possessed” really do.”
The records offer the first “As I stayed with Kyle, I to speak with his sisters and taking the gun that night, the weapon here. Neither In an interview with the
detailed accounts of what observed him exhibit sev- an 18-year-old friend who records show. Rittenhouse nor his mother Daily Caller that night, Rit-
transpired in the hours after eral different emotions,” An- were back at the family’s “(The friend) thought in possess the firearm owner’s tenhouse refers to his pres-
the shootings in Kenosha, a tioch Officer Kourtney Ne- apartment. The friend, who his head he could have identification cards re- ence as his “job” and ex-
lakeside town located about mec wrote in her report. “I the Tribune is not naming stopped it, but he knew if he quired to keep a gun in plains his self-appointed re-
10 miles from the Illinois observed Kyle to appear because he has not been would have told Kyle ‘no’, he Illinois, according to the sponsibilities in policelike
border. Joseph Rosenbaum, calm, then burst into crying charged, was with Ritten- (Rittenhouse) would have police reports. vernacular.
36, and Anthony Huber, 26, fits, and then calm down house in Wisconsin and still thrown a fit,” the police Rittenhouse’s case has “People are getting in-
died from the injuries they again. Every once in a while, had his gun, according to report said. become a cause célèbre for jured and our job is to
sustained that night. I observed Kyle to throw up. police reports. The reports indicate the gun rights advocates and protect this business,” Rit-
According to 17 pages of I noticed a pattern to his Nemec allowed the teen friend also worried the he militia groups throughout tenhouse says in the 19-
police reports, an emotional behavior for over an hour to make the phone call, could be held responsible the country since his arrest second clip. “And part of my
Rittenhouse told police he with him calming down, which quickly turned into a for the shootings. in late August. In laying the job also is to protect people.
had been hired to protect a crying, calming down again discussion about social me- “(The friend) stated after groundwork for a self-de- If someone is hurt, I’m
Kenosha business amid the and then throwing up.” dia reaction to the shooting. the shooting he spoke with fense argument, the teen’s running into harm’s way.
unrest stemming from the The teen also had a tense “When they spoke the Kyle and told Kyle that he attorneys have painted him That’s why I have my rifle;
police shooting of Jacob exchange with his mother, conversation turned into (the friend) believed he (the as a young patriot who I’ve gotta protect myself
Blake, a Black man who was Wendy, who was not con- the family discussing the friend) was going to be in wanted to protect the com- obviously.”
shot multiple times in the vinced her son had killed negative comments about more trouble than Kyle,” the munity and the victim of With his mother present
back at close range days anybody. Rittenhouse in- Kyle on social media, which records said. “He told Kyle political conspiracy. in the interview room, Ke-
earlier. At some point during sisted he had “ended a man’s caused Kyle to become up- that he (Rittenhouse) was In court records filed nosha detectives questioned
the night, Rittenhouse said, life.” set,” Nemec wrote. “I re- defending himself and said before his extradition hear- Rittenhouse in Antioch for
he tried stop an unnamed “He’s dead,” he said, ac- quested Kyle to stop speak- he told Kyle, ‘In all reality, ing Friday, Rittenhouse’s at- roughly four hours, stop-
man from hitting windows cording to a report by Sgt. ing with his sisters and you are not supposed to torney indicated that his ping once for a coffee break
and the man began to chase Nicholas Garcia. (friend) as this was causing have the gun. That gun was mother could testify about and a second time because
him. “Wendy then raised her him to become upset and in my name.’” the circumstances sur- the teen had trouble breath-
The teen told officers that voice and said ‘we don’t again made him cry. Kyle Antioch police later inter- rounding his arrest in their ing, according to police re-
he had been hit in his lower know that!’,” the report continued to talk about him viewed the friend’s stepfa- bid to keep the teenager ports.


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a safely-distanced outdoor Rosary
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This will be a drive-in style service.
Seating will NOT be provided. Please
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On Sunday November 1st
and Monday, November 2nd,
visitation hours at ALL
Catholic Cemeteries locations
will be extended to 6:00 pm and
5:00 pm for the indoor mausoleums.


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B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 5

Every Woman is a Princess


Oak Brook Promenade • 3021 Butterield Road • Oak Brook, Illinois

630.954.2662 • •
Store Hours: Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11am - 4pm - By Appointment Only
6 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B

As CPS eyes reopening, parents seek answers

Concerns cited He added that communi- will do so remotely or at a
cation is “extremely, ex- distance, according to CPS.
about face masks, tremely important” and that The plan does not say the
distancing, pods CPS needs to keep looking maximum number of pods
for new ways to communi- to which a specialist may be
By Hannah Leone cate with school communi- assigned.
ties. If a student has symp-
What happens if a stu- Chief Education Officer toms of COVID-19, they will
dent takes off their mask in a LaTanya McDade on be moved into a designated
pod? What if someone in Wednesday presented an “care room” until they’re
their pod has a medical outline of the plan for picked up. One question
mask exemption? What are prekindergarten and cluster posed through Raise Your
the health and safety proto- programs that provide mod- Hand was whether a nurse
cols for students who need erate to intensive special or a different type of em-
help eating or using the education support. She ployee will staff the care
restroom? went over health and safety rooms.
On the deadline for stu- measures and data that Eligible families who
dents in preschool and spe- shows widespread choose to continue learning
cial education cluster pro- enrollment loss, most pro- at home will need to wait
grams to decide whether foundly among Black pre- until third quarter to opt in
they will return to in-person school children. to in-person learning.
learning next quarter, par- The district expects As for community en-
ents and educators sought teachers and paraprofes- gagement, McDade said
details and advocated for ERIN HOOLEY/CHICAGO TRIBUNE sionals who work with pre- CPS put on 10 parent town
their children at the Chi- Parents have questioned Chicago Public Schools about plans and COVID-19 protocols school and cluster students halls and counted 480 meet-
cago Board of Education ahead of the return of some students to buildings for the next quarter. to start reporting in-person ings among 401 schools.
meeting Wednesday. at schools a week before District staff members
Many also tweeted their school communities, Raise clear place to go with their “People are desper- students return. For stu- made nearly 1,000 calls to
concerns at Chicago Public Your Hand’s Jennie Biggs feedback, Biggs said. dents who continue remote early childhood families,
Schools and Mayor Lori said the hashtag #CPSTalk- “This is a big fail on the ate for details. We learning, the district plans and nearly 61% of respond-
Lightfoot in a campaign this ToUs was trending in Chi- part of the district,” Biggs have details. Do we to use a “simultaneous ents had not logged into
week organized by Raise cago this week because so said. “This is also eroding teaching model,” in which remote learning, with 64%
Your Hand for Illinois Pub- many people still want an- trust in CPS even further.” have every detail educators teach the stu- saying they’d send their
lic Education, which com- swers and authentic en- Board president Miguel dents at school while pro- children to school if they
piled a 16-page document of gagement. del Valle acknowledged that is necessary at viding live online instruc- had the choice, McDade
questions from parents, “You cannot center equi- both the many questions this point? No, we tion for the others. CPS will said.
caregivers and educators. ty if you keep parents of and the ways CPS has tried have additional guidance to The district has started
“What will the protocols color out of the decision- to answer them. don’t because … help educators plan for that publishing information on
be for siblings, i.e., if one making,” Biggs, who has two “People are desperate for this is evolving.” model of teaching, accord- COVID-19 cases in its
sibling’s pod is exposed and children in CPS, said in a details. We have details,” del ing to McDade’s presenta- schools each week, adopted
they need to quarantine, statement to the board. “It is Valle said. “Do we have — Miguel del Valle, tion. contact tracing procedures
will siblings in the same especially egregious that we every detail that is neces- president of Chicago A sample “day in the life” and community notification
home also need to quaran- are hearing nothing from sary at this point? No, we Board of Education graphic shows how the typi- protocols developed by the
tine?” one parent asked. the district as both the city don’t because … this is cal school day could go: Chicago Department of
Others asked what’s be- and state are surging in evolving. That’s why a date, Students complete symp- Public Health and hired its
ing done to ensure students COVID positivity rates.” an exact date, has not been tom screening at home and own contact tracers. Be-
are assigned work that’s Along with other mem- set for returning some of but those are all areas he don a cloth face covering. If yond the cloth face masks
doable yet challenging, if bers of the Grassroots Edu- our students into the sees CPS addressing. they ride a bus to school, for each person, district
schools will use outdoor cation Movement, Raise schools. Because that date, “There is a plan. We are they’ll be offered hand sani- officials said they will pro-
spaces to minimize risk and Your Hand signed onto a when it is set, is going to be dealing with the ventilation tizer and sit alone or with a vide equipment as needed
how schools bringing stu- letter to CPS and the mayor set based on the science.” issue. There is transparency. sibling. At school, drop-off such as face shields, gowns,
dents back will consider last week. Movement lead- Del Valle said he keeps And so it seems like we have times could be staggered, gloves and N95 masks.
pods that some families ers are constantly hearing hearing about people who this gulf between what we and students are supposed An assessment of ventila-
have created themselves to about parents’ questions, feel there isn’t really a plan have some people saying to wash or sanitize their tion systems in school build-
meet child care needs. experiences and suggesti- or parental engagement, and what we … are doing, hands when they arrive, ings was completed Sept. 23,
Though CPS leaders say ons for improving remote and teachers aren’t getting what steps are being taken,” then go straight to class- and analysis and remedia-
they value the voices of the learning, but people have no an opportunity to chime in, del Valle said. rooms. Meals will be eaten tion efforts “are currently
in classrooms or on a stag- underway,” with an addi-
gered schedule in the cafe- tional assessment by an out-

Love your
teria if there’s enough space. side expert expected to be
Where do you find Each pod will have an as-
signed bathroom.
completed by early Novem-
ber, according to CPS.
3000 lampshades, Social-emotional special- Questions posed to the

ists, as well as special educa- district this week include
tion and English language requests to see the ventila-
a collection of fine teachers and other service tion reports, which officials
providers, will rotate among have said they’ll make public.
lamps, and world class pods. If they need to see
students who aren’t in one hleone@chicago
lamp repair? of their assigned pods, they

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B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 7

CPS: Sexual misconduct cases down in e-learning

Officials disclose according to the inspector gan, student-on-student al- The weekly case num- 30, the OSP took an average touching cases during first
general. legations have also fallen as bers have been higher this of 30 cases per five school semester last year.
more misbehavior Similar trends have oc- a proportion of the total, fall than during the remote days, including a total 23 Black students are the
has moved online curred with student-on-stu- now making up about two- part of the spring, but are reports of sexual electronic most disproportionately af-
dent cases, which are inves- thirds of cases, according to still lower than last fall. communication. During re- fected, comprising 44% of
By Hannah Leone tigated by the Office of the OSP. “As students began inter- mote learning in the spring, students reporting sexual
Student Protections and Ti- Of 279 sexual miscon- acting virtually instead of there were 56 reports of allegations to the OSP
Since remote learning tle IX. duct cases opened between in-person, (reports of ) sex- sexual electronic communi- though only 36% of the
began, both Chicago Public After schools closed the start of remote learning ual electronic communica- cation and 14 of inappropri- student population. Stu-
Schools offices that investi- March 17, the volume of and the end of September, tion more than doubled as a ate touching; 114 electronic dents in special education
gate sexual misconduct new weekly cases reported 63% were student-on-stu- proportion of total cases,” communication and 168 in- programs are also dispro-
have received fewer com- to the OSP fell about 90% dent, 25% were CPS adult- while reports of inappropri- appropriate touching dur- portionately affected, ac-
plaints than usual, with compared with the first part on-student, 7% were stu- ate touching fell dramati- ing the in-person part of the counting for 21% of cases
online behavior accounting of the semester. While all dent-on-adult and 5% were cally, according to the OSP second semester; and 264 yet only 15% of enrollment.
for a bigger share of the case types have been down non-CPS adult-on-student, presentation. electronic communication
cases, according to the dis- since remote learning be- according to the OSP. From July through Sept. and 335 inappropriate
trict’s inspector general and
Office of Student Protec-
“The complaints have
slowed down. They cer-
tainly have not stopped,”
said Amber Nesbitt, chief
investigator for the OIG
unit that handles cases in-
volving CPS-affiliated
adults accused of sexual
misconduct with students.
“The types of complaints
that we have been seeing
since remote instruction be-
gan have certainly changed.
We are receiving many
more complaints involving
Google Classroom conduct
and different online interac-
tions between students and
staff members,” Nesbitt
The majority of com-
plaints continue to fall under
the category of “concerning/
other,” which includes con-
duct that makes a student
feel uncomfortable but “is
not necessarily sexual on its
face,” Nesbitt said. For all
categories, about 1.6 reports
per school day came into the
office this September.
Investigators were con-
cerned to see the number of
“sexual acts” allegations
during July through Sep-
tember increased from
three to six, though three of
those cases stem from ru-
mors on social media and
others relate to past miscon-
duct, Nesbitt said. Four
other cases involve sexual
electronic communication,
and three allege sexual
comments made in person.
“Several recent com-
plaints relate to online in-
struction, but most involve
allegations of past miscon-
duct,” according to Nesbitt’s
presentation to the Board of
Education on Wednesday.
The inspector general is
still keeping an eye on
certain job categories, in-
cluding coaches and custo-
dians, “for potential trends
of concern.” Teachers have
faced the most allegations of
any group this school year,
with 15, followed by security
guards with 10.
Between July 1 and Sept.
30, the inspector general
opened 50 sexual miscon-
duct cases, down from 75
during the same period last
year. The decrease can
likely be attributed to the
closure of school buildings
during the COVID-19 pan-
demic, according to the
inspector general’s office. Of
cases closed during that
same time frame, 14 were
ruled unsubstantiated and
seven were referred to an-
other agency for further
Cases may be substantiat-
ed when the evidence
proves a violation of CPS
policies or rules, regardless
of the grounds on which the
initial complaint was made.
The Chicago Police De-
partment has opened inves-
tigations into 18 of the
inspector general’s cases
and has made one arrest
since July, of a teacher
charged with sexually as-
saulting a student last
school year, according to the
OIG’s report.
The inspector general is
still actively investigating
344 sexual allegation cases
and wrapping up another
95. Investigators have
closed 77 cases since they
started working remotely in
March, and have kept con-
ducting interviews, sending
subpoenas and writing re-
As of Sept. 30, 93 CPS
employees, including 46
teachers, were removed
from their schools, and 16
substitute teachers were
blocked pending investiga-
tions into allegations of mis-
conduct toward students,
according to the inspector
general’s office. Another 14
CPS staff members remain
pulled after the inspector
general closed or referred
their cases; some are now
being investigated for other
Since July 1, a total of six
pulled or blocked adults
were reinstated, while 23
people under investigation
by the inspector general
quit, retired or were fired,
8 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B

1.8M subscribers — and scrutiny

Critics call Gary Franchi’s YouTube channel, the Next News Network, a hive of conspiracy theories
By John Keilman
The Next News Network
is a YouTube channel pro-
duced in Chicago’s western
suburbs that pumps out a
dozen or so aggressively
partisan videos each day.
They usually stick to prais-
ing President Donald
Trump or attacking his crit-
ics, but every so often they
wade into the dark waters
of conspiracy theory.
In just the last few
months, the channel’s
owner and host, Gary
Franchi, has showcased
several baseless allegations,
including a suggestion that
antifa might be behind the
Western wildfires, an osteo-
path’s insistence that the
COVID-19 pandemic was “a
false flag operation” and a
claim that Democratic poli-
ticians had members of Seal
Team 6 killed to cover up a
dirty deal with Iran.
Some of those videos got
millions of views, helping
the Next News Network
grow to more than 1.8
million subscribers. Social-
Blade, an analytics website,
estimates its traffic could
generate hundreds of thou-
sands of dollars a year, to
say nothing of the revenue
from bitcoin investments
and survivalist supplies
Franchi hawks during his

The channel’s growth Gary Franchi, founder of Next News Network, has built a channel of 1.8 million subscribers. The channel is produced in the western suburbs.
has continued even as
YouTube has pledged to conspiracy channels. He he founded the Lone After initially portraying real-world violence. the recommendation list,
crack down on conspiracy said for all the headlines Lantern Society, a group Donald Trump as a circus The spokesman also dis- the Next News Network
theorists and misinforma- about the crackdown, social that promoted the notion clown, Franchi wholeheart- puted the idea that continues to expand. Its
tion. In October, the plat- media platforms put their the U.S. government edly embraced him as a YouTube profits from con- subscriber base is ap-
form removed hundreds of financial interests first. brought down the Twin leader who would fight the spiracy videos, saying that proaching those of news
channels associated with “At the end of the day, Towers on Sept. 11. He globalists. by removing ads and channels run by
QAnon, the mushrooming you’re pushing up against helped make docu- “Donald Trump is buck- squelching recommenda- Bloomberg and PBS, and
movement that says Satan- very powerful companies,” mentaries suggesting the ing the system,” Franchi tions, the company doesn’t with 100,000 new sub-
worshipping pedophiles are he said. “My impression is Federal Emergency Man- said in a video as the make any money from scribers in the last 30 days,
scheming to take down they do just enough to get agement Agency was build- election neared. them. it’s growing faster.
Trump. people off their backs, but ing camps to imprison dissi- But Carusone, of Media Franchi defended his
Franchi, who said he is their hearts aren’t into it.” dents. Uneasy Matters, didn’t buy that. He presence on YouTube as a
not part of QAnon, has And in “The Reality Re- pointed to Franchi’s April matter of free speech — “Am
drawn YouTube’s scrutiny Conspiracy port,” an early web show he relationship interview with the osteo- I not entitled to my First
as well. The company has produced in his basement, The Next News Network path, who claimed without Amendment position to
suppressed recommenda- history he dealt heavily in alleged grew quickly with Trump’s evidence that the pandemic present information?” —
tions of his videos, blocked Franchi, 43, who appears conspiracies. Devin victory, but even before was ginned up to spur but said he was nervous
advertising on some and onscreen in a jacket and tie Hansen, who worked as then Franchi had an uneasy mandatory vaccines and the about his future following
removed others. with slicked-back hair, Franchi’s technical assistant relationship with YouTube. implantation of computer the QAnon removals. He
One thing YouTube trendy glasses and a pre- after answering a Craigslist He appealed to his viewers chips. YouTube removed recently announced a serv-
hasn’t done is kick Franchi cisely trimmed beard, said ad, said he rolled his eyes at for contributions after the the video, but not before it ice that will allow viewers
off. And that staying power he’s no conspiracy theorist the subject matter. platform shut off ads on had been viewed 7 million to watch his content
aggravates critics who say — just someone who asks “I was always pretty vo- hundreds of his videos for times. through streaming devices
the giant video platform is tough questions. cal with him about how silly featuring what he called “Everybody’s already for $100 a year.
putting profits ahead of “Sometimes people don’t I thought the conspiracy “controversial politics.” made their money after a Some conspiracy theo-
social responsibility. YouTube demonetizes video racks up millions of rists have endured after
“I’m surprised honestly videos it determines are not views,” Carusone said. being evicted from
that he’s still standing,” said
Angelo Carusone of Media
“At the end of the day, you’re push- advertiser-friendly, but
that’s just one step in its
For the most part,
Franchi and his collabora-
YouTube, including Fran-
chi’s longtime acquaintance
Matters for America, a libe- ing up against very powerful com- regimen to police so-called tors have kept on the right Alex Jones, notorious for
ral watchdog group that borderline content. Anoth- side of YouTube, which insisting the Sandy Hook
frequently criticizes the panies. My impression is they do er is to suppress those relies on viewers and artifi- massacre was a hoax.
channel. “Just based on videos in the platform’s cial intelligence to flag po- Though Jones was booted
what he’s done over the just enough to get people off their recommendation algo- tential violations. off social media platforms
years, the high volume and rithm, a major source of After the takedown of the in 2018, his website, In-
frequency, I am genuinely backs, but their hearts aren’t into it.” traffic for most channels. osteopath interview, which foWars, still gets more than
surprised.” After critics accused Franchi bemoaned at the 10 million visits a month.
Franchi told the Tribune — Hany Farid, a University of California at Berkeley YouTube of leading view- time as “Orwellian censor- “People who are ideolog-
he has done nothing wrong. computer science professor who studies YouTube’s response ers down dangerous rabbit ship,” he removed hundreds ically driven or financially
He said the Next News to conspiracy channels holes by recommending of other videos he thought driven, they don’t just slink
Network, which he de- one conspiracy video after could pose problems, in- away,” said Farid, the com-
scribes as a source of con- like those questions asked,” theories were, but he was the next, the platform an- cluding those related to puter science professor.
servative news, hews to he said. “So if they don’t like really into them,” he said. nounced last year it would COVID-19 and vaccina- “They’re not just going to
YouTube’s shifting guide- the topic or what direction Franchi was also in- reduce the reach of those tions. Many remained, disappear. Of course they’re
lines, and that he preemp- you’re going, or if you draw volved in the unsuccessful videos. Following the though, including one in going to come back.”
tively takes down videos if a conclusion based on what 2012 presidential campaign change, the Next News which a fill-in host, Josh But Carusone had a dif-
he thinks they might cross you’ve learned, they like to of former congressman Ron Network saw its recom- Bernstein, repeated the ferent conclusion. He said
the line (the Seal Team 6 try to label it if it doesn’t fit Paul, who has been criti- mendations disappear, ac- false claim that masks cause YouTube is a unique envi-
video was one of them). with their agenda.” cized for embracing con- cording to an analysis by people to breathe their own ronment, and that Franchi’s
“YouTube has been His critics scoff at that spiracy theories. Unhappy software engineer Mark CO2 and harm their influence would likely
great,” he said. “I love the description — “This is a with Paul’s depiction in the Ledwich. immune systems. evaporate if he were ban-
platform. I love what we’re typical response from a con- media, Franchi said he YouTube also removes The video stayed up well ished.
able to accomplish there. spiracy theorist,” said Dave started the Next News Net- videos that violate its com- into October. Franchi said “There is no path for him
They have to make deci- Van Zandt of the Media work to support another munity guidelines, which he took it down after break- outside of YouTube right
sions, and we respect those Bias/Fact Check website, contender. ban everything from hate ing ties with Bernstein, who now,” he said. “There’s no
decisions.” which lists the Next News He rejected candidates speech to cyberbullying to recently lost his own path for a lot of creators.
Franchi’s resilience Network as a questionable like Hillary Clinton, Jeb COVID-19 misinformation. YouTube channels. This is their ecosystem.
doesn’t surprise Hany source — and Franchi’s his- Bush and Ted Cruz as pup- But a spokesman said the There is no alternative.”
Farid, a University of Cali- tory provides plenty of fod- pets of the New World platform doesn’t forbid all A new path?
fornia at Berkeley computer der for skepticism. Order — shorthand for a conspiracy content — just jkeilman@chicagotribune
science professor who stud- After attending Glen- supposed plot to create a that which targets individu- Despite the takedowns, .com
ies YouTube’s response to brook South High School, vast authoritarian regime. als or groups and is linked to ad blocks and exile from Twitter @JohnKeilman

Official backs Lightfoot speeding ticket plan

City transportation deficit, Lightfoot expects to of the safety situation than eras in different locations
raise an additional $38 mil- the administration has pre- entirely.
chief reiterates it’s lion next year from fines, sented, with total crashes “I know that over the
a matter of safety forfeitures and penalties, a actually down in the first course of the last two years,
total that includes the speed nine months of 2020 com- I don’t think you’ve put in
By John Byrne camera tickets. pared with the same time any new cameras. So are we
Biagi talked at the De- period in 2019. looking, since this is a safety
Chicago’s transportation partment of Transporta- During Friday’s hearing, issue, are we looking at new
commissioner on Friday de- tion’s annual budget hear- Southwest Side Ald. Matt traffic patterns?” Scott
fended Mayor Lori Light- ing about a “dramatic in- O’Shea, 19th, told Biagi it asked.
foot’s plan to have auto- crease in vehicle speeds due would make sense to install CDOT spokesman
mated speed cameras to fewer vehicles on the additional cameras on the Michael Claffey said Friday
across the city issue speed- road,” and “a crisis” in fatal existing speed camera poles that while the department
ing tickets to cars driving as crashes involving cyclists in the vicinity of city parks appreciated the suggestions
little as 6 miles per hour and motorists. and schools. from aldermen, and will ERIN HOOLEY/CHICAGO TRIBUNE

over the posted limit, even “This is why we’re using “If the thought process is “continue to evaluate op- A speed enforcement camera tracks vehicles in 2015 on
as aldermen urged her to all the tools in our toolbox capturing revenue while tions,” the department has near Schaefer Playlot Park in Chicago.
look at different ways to to combat unsafe driving … trying to once again con- “no plans to expand speed
raise money to help balance and this does include lower- vince everyone that this will cameras.” “nickeling and diming” ating revenue, not safety.
the city’s books. ing speed limits anywhere slow down traffic as people South Side Ald. Anthony residents with a 6 mph Biagi also told aldermen
Commissioner Gia Biagi we can, investing in rapid- get tickets, a second camera Beale, 9th, told Biagi the threshold instead of simply Friday that the city has been
touted the safety benefits of delivery infrastructure proj- would capture the license lower ticket threshold adding new cameras to ex- looking into deploying
lowering the threshold for ects to make streets safer for plate that we’re missing on a seems like “a tail wagging isting poles and keeping the around the city “dynamic
$35 tickets to be mailed to everyone, and using our lot of these,” O’Shea said. the dog situation” in which enforcement parameters speed cameras” that can be
drivers from the current 10 automated speed enforce- Biagi said that is some- the city will raise money on the same. moved from location to lo-
mph over the limit down to ment program to deter thing the city will consider. the backs of struggling Chi- As a candidate, Lightfoot cation.
6 mph over, which is in- speeding,” Biagi said. And West Side Ald. cagoans. promised to reform the
cluded in Lightfoot’s 2021 The Tribune reviewed Michael Scott Jr., 24th, said And North Side Ald. city’s fines and fees pro- jebyrne@chicagotribune.
budget plan. Seeking to city crash data and found a the city should consider Maria Hadden, 49th, ex- gram, saying it was regres- com
close a $1.2 billion budget more complicated picture putting in new speed cam- pressed concerns about sive and focused on gener- Twitter @_johnbyrne
B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 9


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be considered a referendum
on her first term amid
controversy as well as
what’s left of the power of
the county’s machine to
Overall, the election itself
could represent a refer-
endum for voters on how
they view the state of the
state as a whole, expressing
their choices as they face
renewed restrictions aimed
at countering a new rise in
Illinois’ March 17 pri-
mary, occurring just days
before Democratic Gov. J.B.
Pritzker’s initial stay-at-
home order due to a bud-
ding pandemic, was an elec-
tion unlike what we’ve ever
seen. But consider it just a
dry run for Tuesday.
A new state law
prompted by the pandemic
that sent mail-in ballot ap-
plications to more than 5
million voters and the deci-
sion by voters to flock to
early voting sites to avoid
crowded polling places on
Election Day have
prompted both types of
voting to soar.
Through Friday, more
than 3 million Illinois resi-
dents had already cast bal-

sent in by mail in Illinois is People vote inside of Arlington Heights Village Hall on Monday, Oct. 19, the first day of early voting in suburban Cook County.
nearly 1.2 million above the
370,000 cast in the state in
the 2016 election, while the
Foxx, the incumbent, was
scheduled to kick off a
has owned the Chicago air-
waves, running nearly 900
“It’s everything
nearly 1.5 million in-person virtual phone bank for the half-minute ads costing $1.2 about Trump.
early votes cast was nearing Biden ticket on Saturday, million while Wehrli has
the 1.52 million cast four while U.S. Rep. Danny Davis run none. He’s going to be
years ago — with the full was scheduled to stump for Over in the Far North-
final weekend yet to go. her in Bronzeville on Sun- west Side and suburbs, why there’s
That means that as the day. Democrat Michelle Darbro
weekend began, Illinoisans But the pandemic restric- of Chicago is challenging going to be the
had already cast 53.1% of the
nearly 5.7 million votes cast
tions have, for the most part,
created a made-for-TV elec-
appointed first-term GOP
state Rep. Brad Stephens,
turnout. He is
in the entire 2016 presi- tion being broadcast to peo- the mayor of Rosemont. why people will
dential election, state re- ple at home. Darbro has aired more than
cords showed. On the amendment 900 half-minute TV ads on vote as they do.”
Delays in ballot counting alone, tens of millions of Chicago’s five major TV
are possible, and there also dollars have been spent on stations, costing $1.1 mil- — Christopher Mooney,
is expected to be a heavy hundreds of TV ads, funded lion, records show. political scientist at the
in-person voting presence An “I Voted” sticker is picked up after a ballot is cast Oct. primarily with $58 million Stephens has not aired any. University of Illinois at
on Tuesday among tradi- 19 at Arlington Heights Village Hall. from Pritzker, who has Regardless of the various Chicago
tionalists who insist on cast- made the amendment his subplots on the Illinois bal-
ing a ballot on Election Day. Jim Oberweis of Sugar paigning methods. top agenda item and lot, the overwhelming de-
But there is little tradi- Grove. O’Brien, the GOP state’s pumped another $1.5 mil- terminant factor in voting Mooney said. The party is
tional about this election, It plans four days of attorney candidate, kicked lion into the cause last will be the presidential elec- trying to capitalize on Com-
which found many candi- virtual phone banking, even off his Saturday afternoon week, and $53.75 million tion and Trump, said Chris- monwealth Edison’s admis-
dates and activists naviga- going beyond Illinois to by greeting voters outside from hedge fund founder topher Mooney, political sion to federal prosecutors
ting a new world of pan- include calling voters in the the 33rd Ward polling site in Ken Griffin on behalf of the scientist at the University of that it provided jobs and
demic politics, using rallies battleground states of Albany Park. opposition. Illinois at Chicago. contracts to Madigan allies
over Zoom in lieu of door- Michigan, Wisconsin and On the sidewalk outside In the state legislative “Presidential elections to seek the speaker’s favor.
to-door canvassing. Iowa. Volunteers are also Bateman Elementary races, though Madigan re- are totally different than Madigan has not been
Spurred by Trump’s vic- doing limited socially dis- School, Renne “Rex” mains a controversial fig- nonpresidential elections. charged with wrongdoing
tory in 2016, the grassroots tanced canvassing in south- Chavez, a volunteer for ure, he has continued to The electorate is different. and has said he did nothing
group Indivisible Chicago west Michigan, where per- Democratic nominee Iris raise money and has You get a big chunk of wrong.
Alliance knocked on 20,000 mitted. Martinez’s campaign for bankrolled millions of dol- voters that didn’t vote be- “The Republicans have
suburban doors in the final The group also had more Cook County Circuit Court lars in expensive Chicago fore. They are less inter- cried wolf so often with
weekend of the 2018 elec- than 5,000 volunteers send clerk, introduced himself to TV ads through funds he ested, less engaged and Madigan. They’ve been us-
tion to help elect Demo- 2 million handwritten post O’Brien as a proud Republi- controls to try to elect and know less about politics. ing him for 20 years over
cratic U.S. Reps. Sean Cas- cards to voters in 14 battle- can. He followed up with, protect suburban Demo- They’re there to vote for and over again. At a certain
ten of Downers Grove and ground states. “I’m not going to lie to you: I crats in the state House. Trump or vote against him,” point, you get numb to it,”
Lauren Underwood in Weekend phone banking also support Donald Republicans have been left Mooney said. Mooney said. “There’s
Naperville. and text banking is also part Trump,” to which O’Brien to fend for themselves after “It’s everything about nothing new here. That’s
While the door-knocking of the effort on behalf of the shrugged. having been able to count Trump. He’s going to be the perception of Madigan.
is out this time, the group graduated-rate income tax “I support you,” Chavez on Bruce Rauner’s wealth why there’s going to be the It’s already baked in.”
has continued to back Cas- amendment under an effort added. “Just do a good job. during his one term as turnout. He is why people
ten, who is being challenged being run by the labor- That’s all I’m asking, to do a governor. will vote as they do,” he said. Chicago Tribune’s Alice Yin
by former Republican state backed Vote Yes for Fair Tax d— good job.” In Naperville, Democrat Republicans shouldn’t contributed.
Rep. Jeanne Ives of coalition. O’Brien replied, “I’m Janet Yang Rohr is challeng- count on their repeated
Wheaton, and Underwood, But some candidates re- hoping people hold me to ing three-term Republican attacks on Madigan as a rpearson@
who is facing GOP state Sen. verted to traditional cam- that. Then I’ll be happy.” state Rep. Grant Wehrli and strategy for victories,

Campaign and was briefly hospital-

ized. Since then, he’s been
barnstorming the country,
Continued from Page 1 holding large rallies with
crowds that are not socially
The election is being held distanced and only sporadi-
at a moment of bitter parti- cally wearing masks. His
sanship in America, and message to Americans has
whichever candidate wins been that the U.S. is “round-
the White House will con- ing the corner” on the virus,
front the challenge of gov- despite the fact that cases
erning through deep divi- are on the rise in most states
sions. If anything, the cam- and the U.S. is setting daily
paign has clarified how records for confirmed cases.
stratified the U.S. has be- Sixty-five percent of
come, with Trump’s base of Americans said the presi-
support coming from over- dent has not taking the
whelmingly white voters at pandemic seriously enough,
lower income and educa- according to a mid-October
tion levels. More highly poll from The Associated
educated Americans, par- Press-NORC Center for
ticularly women, and voters Public Affairs Research.
of color, most notably Afri- Despite the pandemic’s
can Americans, have all but toll on his political fortunes,
abandoned the Republican Trump’s campaign is bank-
Party during Trump’s four ing on strategy similar to
years in office. 2016. Advisers contend that
Dan Giesen, 56, of Min- Trump will draw out new
neapolis, said he was a voters who haven’t partici-
conservative voter before pated in politics previously
Trump became the Repub- or in some time. His cam-
lican nominee four years NATI HARNIK/AP paign is also banking on
ago, leading him to vote for An election commission member collects early ballots from a drop box Saturday in Omaha, Nebraska. some voters ultimately
third-party candidate Evan looking beyond their per-
McMullin. Recently, Giesen states that will decide the year’s election. Biden is The pandemic indeed ing over 9.1 million Ameri- sonal qualms with the presi-
was waiting in line to cast contest. He has multiple viewed more favorably by turned Trump’s plans for cans; both are the highest dent to back his policies.
his vote early for Biden. paths to victory and has voters than Hillary Clinton this election year inside out. confirmed counts in the That was the case for
“I think we can deal with devoted significant re- was four years ago. The president opened world, according to Johns Tom Redford, 79, who cast
partisan differences when sources to the Upper Mid- “In the last 10 days of 2020 in strong position, Hopkins University. The his ballot for Trump on
our institutions and our west states where Trump 2016, the story was, ‘What’s with a robust economic U.S. economy cratered, and Thursday outside Rich-
norms are in place, but I surprised Democrats four the FBI going to do about record and the GOP unified though it has recovered mond, Virginia. Redford
think that those are being years ago, but also to states the newly reopened Hillary behind him after he sur- somewhat, the unemploy- said he’s the only Trump
seriously eroded under such as Arizona and Georgia Clinton email investiga- vived an impeachment trial ment rate rests at 7.9% and supporter in his family and
Donald Trump,” he said. that for years have been tion?’ ” said Sen. Tim Kaine centered on his request for businesses across the coun- doesn’t much like the presi-
Biden heads into Tues- reliable Republican territory. of Virginia, who was Clin- Ukraine’s help digging up try are worried about sur- dent personally.
day’s election with an edge in Though Democrats are ton’s running mate in 2016. dirt on Biden. viving the winter, given that “But everything he’s
public polling, including a wary of overconfidence, Now, Kaine said, “they’re Since then, the co- infection rates are on the done is great — everything,
comfortable national lead given Trump’s upset in talking about COVID and ronavirus has gripped the rise. including what he’s done on
and a narrower advantage in 2016, party leaders see sig- how it’s affecting communi- nation, causing more than Trump himself con- the coronavirus,” Redford
some of the battleground nificant differences in this ties.” 230,000 deaths and infect- tracted the virus in October said.
10 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B


Midwest president comes in with a

large group gathering with
none of the public health
Continued from Page 1 precautions being taken.
That’s wearing thin here.”
Nationwide, there are To draw a contrast, Kind
206 of these counties that emphasized his bipartisan-
pivoted from Obama to ship by holding a Zoom call
Trump, and no region is before the rally with former
home to more of them than Republican Arizona Sen.
the Midwest, with 120. Wis- Jeff Flake, who has en-
consin has 23 of the pivot dorsed Biden. Kind said the
counties, with virtually all nation’s politics have be-
of them clustered in the come “too vicious, too
western and northern re- mean-spirited, too nasty.”
gions of the state. “The people back home
With higher Democratic here in Wisconsin are tired
turnout expected in big-city of this reality TV presi-
strongholds, hanging onto dency, the constant chaos,
the working-class white the instability,” Kind said.
voters in pivot counties be- “It doesn’t match ‘Wiscon-
comes all the more pa- sin nice’ that well.”
ramount for Trump to win, Buttigieg and Walker
said former Wisconsin Gov. both observed that voters in
Scott Walker. Plus, Walker pivot counties tend to split
said Biden is not disliked in their tickets and vote for the
those areas in the way that candidate over party.
Clinton was, increasing the Democrat Brad Pfaff is run-
degree of difficulty for ning his state Senate cam-
Trump. STACEY WESCOTT/CHICAGO TRIBUNE paign in western Wisconsin
“There’s no way the pres- Barbara Engelhart holds her Trump-Pence bumper sticker during the campaign rally Tuesday in West Salem, Wisconsin. accordingly.
ident can carry Wisconsin if In a 30-minute interview,
he doesn’t do well in what Pfaff didn’t mention
we call out-state, which is Trump’s name once. The
all along the Mississippi, the former Obama administra-
northwest and the northern tion agriculture adminis-
part of the state,” said trator said he only talks
Walker, a Republican who about the president when
was governor for two terms asked. And even then, he
and lost a 2018 bid for a said he tries to stay focused
third one. “He can’t have on policy.
any slippage in those areas.” “The people of western
The president’s party, Wisconsin are an independ-
however, did slip in the 120 ent lot. They want to hold
pivot counties during the their elected officials ac-
2018 midterms, a Chicago countable,” Pfaff said. “But
Tribune analysis of election we’re also an optimistic
results found. people. We work together.
In that cycle, Democrat We can disagree with one
congressional candidates another, but we don’t have
carried more of the counties to be so disagreeable.”
than Republicans — 63 to 57. Pfaff’s opponent, Dan
Factor in governor and U.S. Kapanke, held the seat be-
Senate contests, and Demo- fore losing a recall election
crats won more votes in at in 2011 amid the public
least one race in 82 of the uproar over Gov. Walker’s
120 counties Trump efforts to weaken public
flipped, or 68%. employee unions. Kapanke
Trump, however, was not lost a bid for the seat in 2016
on the ballot in 2018. To win by just 61 votes, outper-
again, he’ll need a return to forming Trump, who lost
GOP dominance in the piv- STACEY WESCOTT/CHICAGO TRIBUNE that district by 4 points.
ots, especially since polls Cathy Swenson, a volunteer at the Crawford County (Wisconsin) Democrat headquarters, moves a sign Wednesday. “Some of my friends have
show him hemorrhaging told me they aren’t going to
support in the higher-in- some suburban support. his way to a stunning vic- show Biden ahead or tied in part to a $2 million ad buy vote for any Republican that
come, traditionally GOP “We had people in the tory last year in the state’s all five states, but within from the House GOP Super supports Donald Trump.
suburbs where some have suburbs saying in exit inter- first-in-the-nation cau- margins of error in many of PAC that dubbed Van Orden They’re Republicans who
been turned off by his im- views that they wanted to cuses. them. “a patriot, not a politician.” voted for me in the past, and
peachment, divisive rheto- send a message to Trump, “There is a sense of Biden leads by roughly 6 At Trump’s West Salem I don’t expect I’ll get their
ric and handling of the which of course, was ridicu- familiarity, and that’s why I points in Wisconsin and rally, a fiery Van Orden vote this time. So there is
coronavirus pandemic. lous just on logic,” Walker think their message about Michigan, two decisive decried that the left did not some of that,” Kapanke said.
As a result, the president said. “But in those out-state the so-called radical left is states Trump won by less want the nation to know the “But if a person isn’t sure
has scheduled a number of areas, the president’s per- falling flat in a lot of these than 1 point in 2016. Biden American Dream is open to about Trump, I always say
stops in pivot areas during sonality is not necessarily a counties,” Buttigieg said. holds a 4-point lead in all. He recalled his own separate his policies from
the campaign’s final three liability. Even if people “The idea that you’re look- Minnesota, a state Trump version of the dream real- his personality. Look at
days, including visits on there don’t act like that ing into the eyes of a radical narrowly lost. He leads the ized, noting how he was what he’s done for the
Sunday to Macomb County themselves, I think there is when you look at Joe Biden president by 1 point in Iowa raised in “abject rural pov- economy, for jobs, look at
outside of Detroit and a fair amount of respect for doesn’t pass the smell test and is tied in Ohio — two erty by a single mother” and what he stands for.”
Dubuque in northeastern authenticity.” with these folks.” solid GOP states once dropped out of high school Kapanke said he’s seen
Iowa along with a Monday Biden’s travels in Wis- Like Walker, Buttigieg thought to be out of reach. before enlisting in the Navy. far more enthusiasm for
night stop in Kenosha in consin mostly have focused also noted that Biden The closer the margin, He declared Trump “the Trump this election.
southeastern Wisconsin. on winning over suburban doesn’t face the type of the more importance some only man I trust to continue “In 2016, people would
It’s also why Trump voters and boosting turnout opposition that Clinton did. of the Obama-Trump areas the American Dream.” say, ‘Yeah, I’m voting for
found himself riding a “vic- in Milwaukee, which fac- The 38-year-old former could carry. The greatest In an interview at the Trump, but I don’t want a
tory lap” in the presidential tored heavily into a 19% mayor said he sees parallels concentration of pivot rally, Van Orden said the yard sign,’” Kapanke said.
limousine Tuesday around statewide drop in Black in his campaign’s success in counties is located along the “Make America Great “Now, they’re saying, ‘I’m a
a fairgrounds speedway in voter turnout in 2016. The Obama-Trump regions and Mississippi River valley, in- Again” signs and flags dot- Trump supporter, and I’m
West Salem, a small town former vice president, how- Biden’s message. cluding western Wisconsin. ting the western Wisconsin putting a sign out here to
outside of LaCrosse. With ever, held a rally last month “When I think about Democrat Ron Kind has countryside reflected an en- make sure you know it.’”
thousands of mask-free in Manitowoc where he what we had to say on represented that region for thusiasm gap that would
spectators crammed into specifically addressed vot- belonging, the importance 24 years in Congress, and it deliver Trump another win. Signs vs. votes
the aging grandstand and ers who had flipped from of bringing people together had been years since he “I don’t think the presi-
seated in the muddy infield, Obama to Trump. and the idea of a presidency faced a serious challenge. In dent is going to just hold on, I All the Trump signs and
Trump sought to boost “I know many of you were as a moral office and not just fact, Trump’s success there think that he is going to do large rallies have Mike Lan-
turnout in his base by warn- frustrated. You were angry. a policy office, I think a lot was so unexpected that he better,” Van Orden predicted, caster worried. The 75-
ing, “I’m the only one stand- You believe we weren’t seen of that tracks with his mes- carried Kind’s district by 4 pointing to the crowded fair- year-old retired stagehand,
ing between you and the — you weren’t being seen, sage from day one about points in a year when the grounds. “Look around. You who helped rock bands tour
left-wing mob.” represented or heard,” Biden restoring the soul of the GOP didn’t bother to run a see what’s going on. You see the country, knows enthusi-
And on a day when Wis- said in a speech at the nation,” Buttigieg said. “I candidate for the seat. In the enthusiasm. These are astic crowds when he sees
consin set a new record for Wisconsin Aluminum think that’s a reason why 2018, Kind easily dis- responsible American citi- them.
COVID-19 cases, the presi- Foundry, located in a north- the same kinds of voters patched an opponent, win- zens expressing their politi- “I’m scared. I’m afraid
dent said of the pandemic, east Wisconsin county that who were questioning their ning 10 of the district’s 13 cal views, and I think that’s Trump’s gonna do it again,”
“We’re turning the corner. backed Obama by 7 points in old political habits to come pivot counties. super important.” he said, seated at his dining
We’re rounding, like this 2008 before supporting across and support me in a The congressman has a Few of them wore masks. room table in Black River
racetrack.” Trump by 21 points. “I get it. place like Iowa are an im- prominent moderate pres- None of them practiced Falls, a city of 3,600 north-
In that region of the state, It has to change, and I portant part of the coalition ence in Washington. He social distancing. Kind east of LaCrosse. “There’s a
LaCrosse is surrounded by promise you this: It will that can deliver a win for helped lead party opposi- called it irresponsible. hardcore Trump base here.”
13 Obama-Trump counties change with me.” Joe.” tion to Nancy Pelosi’s bids “People here feel that is Lancaster lives in Jack-
where Walker said the pres- Former South Bend May- for speaker and was among incredibly disrespectful to son County, which backed
ident’s rough-and-tumble or Pete Buttigieg, a fellow ‘An the last Democrats to an- the hard work our front-line Obama by 15 points in 2012
rhetoric still plays. The for- moderate who ran against nounce he would vote to health care workers are before giving Trump a 12-
mer governor won 15 of the Biden in the Democratic independent lot’ impeach Trump. putting in,” said Kind, a point edge in 2016. In 2018,
state’s 23 pivot counties in primary, predicted Trump’s There are 94 pivot coun- That vote prompted a former Harvard quarter- the county backed Kind by
his one-point loss in 2018 to talk of the “left-wing mob” ties in the five Midwestern challenge from retired Navy back and onetime local 19 points, Democrat U.S.
Democratic Gov. Tony Ev- won’t gain traction in pivot battleground states — 31 in SEAL Derrick Van Orden. prosecutor. “We have one of Sen. Tammy Baldwin by 9
ers, a defeat Walker mostly counties. Buttigieg’s opin- Iowa, 23 in Wisconsin, 19 in The Republican newcomer the highest positivity rates points and Walker, the Re-
chalked up to sky-high ion is an informed one: The Minnesota, 12 in Michigan has corralled enough mon- of any state, hospitalization
Democratic turnout in deep Midwesterner carried 20 of and nine in Ohio. Real Clear ey to compete with the and death rates skyrocket- Turn to Midwest,
blue Madison and a loss of 31 such counties in Iowa on Politics polling averages well-funded Kind, thanks in ing in Wisconsin, and the Next Page


A volunteer named Steve enters the headquarters of the Republican Party of Crawford A handmade Biden for president sign sits along Highway 60 in Gotham, Wisconsin.
County on Wednesday in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.
B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 11


Midwest, change a God-darn thing,” cussions among patrons.

from Previous Page said Engelhart, who wore a The barman did offer one
red “Make America Great hint: “I think we need a 7163 S. Kingery Hwy., Willowbrook, IL 60527 1149 Wilmette Ave., Wilmette, IL 60091
publican governor, by 5 Again” hat and a Harley- nonpolitician in the White (630) 455-1234 - Call or Text (847) 251-5000 - Call or Text
points. Davidson jacket to the rally. House, but I’m not sure we
Lancaster, a onetime Re- “I’m tired of the corrupt got the right one.”

publican who voted for swamp. Trump’s not a poli- Both Coburn and Kapi-
Obama and Clinton, is so tician, and he’s doing what nus agreed that weary vot-
convinced Trump will win he said he’d do.” ers who aren’t looking for a
Wisconsin again that he bet In Prairie du Chien, a red confrontation with their
his wife $100 on it. Trump flag mounted on Trump-loving neighbors
Desiree Gearing-Lancas- Randy Fortier’s minivan will quietly head to the polls IMMEDIATE CASH PAYMENT
ter isn’t sold that she’ll win fluttered in the wind as he and vote for Biden. Kapinus FREE EVALUATION
her end of the wager — even pulled into a convenience said he believed many of
though she is a Democrat store to pick up some ciga- them, like him, are motivat-
who is president of the rettes. The Army veteran ed by Trump’s upending of
Black River Falls Common
Council and a county board
and truck driver said he
voted twice for Obama, be-
cause he had grown weary
democratic norms and the
type of boorish behavior he
has enabled.
“Jackson County and this of Republican President Then as a freight train
Jewelry & Diamonds
part of Wisconsin is defi- George W. Bush and hoped rumbled by the 115-year-
nitely a bellwether,” Gear- Obama would draw down old bar, Kapinus told a We buy gold in any condition.
ing-Lancaster said. “I’m ac- troops overseas and create story from over the sum- Gold rings, chains, brace-
tually appalled at how many more blue-collar jobs at mer when he traveled to lets, necklaces, pendants,
Trump signs are in the area. home. Sturgis, South Dakota. charms, earrings, brooches,
It’s absolutely devastating,” “He said he was going to There, he saw Trump sup-
dental gold, broken and
The Lancasters had signs change all these things,” porters demanding two
for Biden and Kind on their Fortier said. “And he really Asian Americans remove scrap jewelry. We buy both
backyard fence, a promi- never did.” their masks. loose and mounted diamonds,
nent location that faces Fortier said he voted for “I said, ‘You can’t tell from very small to 20 Carats. En-
Main Street in the city’s Trump because he’s not a them to do that.’ But to gagement rings, wedding bands,
historic downtown. Neigh- politician and credits him them, if you were wearing a
antique rings, diamond studs,
bors covered them up by with improving the local mask, you were un-Ameri-
placing giant ones for Veterans Affairs hospital can. That’s how I could see diamond bracelets and more.
Trump, Kapanke and Van and overseeing a strong society going,” Kapinus
Orden on the property line, economy before the pan- said, shaking his head.
leading the Lancasters to
mount their Biden sign on
top of the fence so it’s still
“With COVID, there are a
few things Trump could
“These guys were nuts.”
With his beer empty and
a Packers victory secure,
visible. have done better, but no- Kapinus settled up with Watches
The episode, Gearing- body knew anything about Coburn, got up from his bar
Lancaster said, is emblem- it,” Fortier said. “I think it stool and headed for the We buy vintage and antique
atic of how public political might be a little closer for door. watches, chronographs, modern watches.
discourse has taken a turn Trump here this time, but As Kapinus drove his Rolex, Cartier, OMEGA, Tifany & Co., IWC,
for the worse since Trump’s with all the driving I do, I white Dodge pickup off into Piaget, Baume & Mercier, Patek Philippe,
election. see a lot of Trump signs out the cold afternoon, a relic of
“Who does that?” she there.” his voting past was still Breitling, TAG Heuer and more.
asked. “It’s a very bullying While signs don’t vote, visible under the tailgate —
Barbara Engelhart grew
they remain a popular topic
of conversation in town.
a faded Trump bumper
sticker. WANTED
up across the street from Down the street at Frazier’s Coins & Bullion
the West Salem fairgrounds Old Faithful Inn, co-owner bruthhart@chicagotribune.
where Trump held his rally. and bartender Keith com
She took her disabled Coburn remarked to Kapi- Twitter @BillRuthhart G
Gold, platinum and silver coins.
daughter to the event and nus, the farmer voting for Investment grade gold and
arrived seven hours early to Biden, how so many Trump silver coins & bullion, currency.
get a good spot for her supporters have placed two Gold eagles and maple coins. All
wheelchair. flags and four or five MORE FOR
NEWSPAPER pre-1965 US silver dimes, quar-
Engelhart, 57, a group “TRUMP” signs in their
homeowner who twice yards.
SUBSCRIBERS ters, and half-dollars. 1965-1970
voted for Obama, said it was “They still only get one Already getting the half-dollars and all silver dollars.
the first time she’d ever vote,” Kapinus said as he Tribune in print? Your
attended a political rally. took a swig of his Miller subscription comes with
She was thrilled with the
turnout for Trump.
In sticking to his strict
Unlimited Digital Access
“I thought Obama had a bartender code, Coburn and the eNewspaper. Flatware & Tea Sets
lot of energy, first African wouldn’t disclose how he’d Activate your account:
American president, but vote. He said he turns up the Anything marked sterling. Silver flatware,
boy oh boy if I knew then volume on the bar’s TVs to activate
silver candelabras, silver tea sets, silver
what I know now. He didn’t diffuse heated political dis- goblets. Scrap gold, silver and platinum.



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Khurram Khan, MD
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12 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B


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B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 13


Holiday Cookie


Most cars parked on Leavitt Street just east of the Sulzer Regional Library were found
Saturday with flyers promoting the Proud Boys on the windshields. The crunchiest, meltiest, most
mouth-watering recipes are in,
Flyers recruiting for Proud and our 2020 Holiday Cookie

Boys on cars in Ravenswood Bake-Off has officially begun.

Messages included Flyers with varying mes- election, and members

Help decide who will earn a shot at
sages papered the cars, in- have been known to share
‘core tenets’ of cluding one that portrayed white nationalist memes cookie-making fame…and some dough!
far-right group a drawing of Uncle Sam and anti-Muslim and mi-
The top finalists will also have their
proclaiming, “We want you sogynistic rhetoric, accord-
By Madeline Buckley to be a Proud Boy.” It listed ing to the SPLC. recipes featured in the
the group’s “core tenets,” The flyers come as the Chicago Tribune.
Dozens of flyers attempt- which included anti-racial city is bracing for possible
ing to recruit for the far- guilt, anti-political correct- unrest ahead of Tuesday’s
right group the Proud Boys ness, venerating the house- presidential election fol-
were placed on cars parked wife and Western chauvin- lowing protests and looting
throughout several resi- ism. last summer in the wake of
dential blocks in Ald. Matt Martin, 47th, George Floyd’s death at the
Ravenswood late Friday. said residents have in- hands of Minneapolis po-
By Saturday morning, formed his office of at least lice.
about three dozen flyers six blocks in the district On Friday, Mayor Lori
remained wedged under where flyers were placed Lightfoot unveiled a plan to
windshield wipers on cars on cars. increase police patrols
parked near Montrose and “People are certainly bo- across the city while de-
Lincoln avenues, including thered, but I think they just ploying 60 to 300 garbage
at least one displaying racist wanted us to be aware,” he trucks and other heavy city
imagery evoking the Ku said. vehicles to key neighbor-
Klux Klan. Martin notified the hood corridors to be used
The Proud Boys, desig- Town Hall police district as a blockade on wheels. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE
nated as a hate group by the and said his office will The Office of Emergency
Southern Poverty Law continue to monitor the Management and Commu- HOLIDAY COOKIE RECIPES BY NOV. 6
Center, drew attention last situation. nications also has held a
month when President
Donald Trump called on
Some residents crum-
pled the flyers when reach-
number of trainings aimed
at severe weather,
the all-male group to “stand ing their cars Saturday COVID-19 outbreaks and
back and stand by” when he morning, saying they are protests related to the elec-
was asked by moderator not surprised by the leaflets tion, city officials said. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Promotion runs from 12:01am CST on 10/12/2020 to 11:59pm CST on 10/30/2020.
Promotion is open to legal U.S. residents in the state of Illinois, Lake County, Indiana, and Kenosha County,
Chris Wallace to disavow in such a volatile political No matter who wins the Wisconsin (contest area) and who are 13+ as of promotion start. Void where prohibited & outside the contest
white supremacy during climate. A man who would elections, Lightfoot urged area. To enter, visit & complete form. Limit 1 entry per person & per email address.
Odds depend on # of elig. entries. Prizes: 1st place: $250.00; 2nd place: $150.00 and 3rd place: $50.00. Total
the first presidential debate not give his name came by people to channel their ARV: $450.00 Official Rules at Sponsor: Chicago Tribune Co., LLC, 160 N. Stetson
with former Vice President to remove the flyers, saying emotions into peaceful pro- Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60601
Joe Biden. Trump was he wanted to make sure tests.
widely criticized for failing they didn’t intimidate peo- “We need to de-escalate
to condemn white suprem- ple who were voting nearby from this long, difficult
acy and instead issuing at an early voting site in year,” Lightfoot said.
what some members of the Welles Park.
Proud Boys took as a rally- The Proud Boys were mabuckley@ ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT
ing cry. founded during the 2016

Illinois sets record for virus

cases for third day in a row
By Rosemary Sobol Ezike urged people to make opening rollback. The re-
“pandemic-guided deci- strictions also include a
Illinois continues to sions” and to avoid in- 25-person limit on gather-
shatter records for new person gatherings on Hal- ings, down from 50.
known coronavirus cases, loween weekend. The return of restric-
setting another high mark Ten of 11 Illinois regions tions has proved controver-
for the third day in a row. are now operating under sial, with some restaurants
State public health offi- tighter restrictions under vowing to continue indoor
cials on Saturday reported Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s reopen- dining. Pritzker ordered
7,899 new COVID-19 cases, ing plan, including a ban on closures for indoor dining
eclipsing Friday’s single- indoor dining and bar serv- last week in DuPage, Kane,
day record of 6,943 cases. ice, as the coronavirus con- Will and Kankakee coun-
On Thursday, the state re- tinues its statewide resur- ties. A similar restriction
ported 6,363 cases, which gence. took effect in suburban
set a record at the time.
Along with the record
number of new cases, state
health officials announced
A chunk of east-central
Illinois that includes
Champaign-Urbana and
Decatur is the latest to join
Cook County on Wednes-
day and in Chicago on
Friday. Lake and McHenry
counties are to follow Sat-
46 more fatalities on Sat-
urday bringing the state-
wide death toll to 9,757
since the pandemic began.
the list after its seven-day
rolling positivity rate on
coronavirus tests hit 8.6%
on Tuesday, exceeding the
The state has reported
410,300 confirmed infec-
tions since the pandemic
The high number of
cases comes as Public
state-established threshold
of 8% for the third straight
began. The seven-day state-
wide positivity rate, cov-
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14 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B

PERSPECTIVECommentary and analysis from Tribune columnists and staff

Golden Moutza of October: There can only be one

“No! Don’t!” she hissed through must go because it serves as “rem- carols. We exchange candy corn We could leave those interpre-
her mask. “They’ll know you.” nants of this school’s history of gifts. It’s all about the joy of giving tations to Biden, who told a radio
They might. But masks are white supremacy.” candy corn.” host in May: “Well I tell you what,
quite useful when you’re on ad- Didn’t Lincoln sign the Eman- Jeff Schwartz nominated May- if you have a problem figuring out
venture in the woke world. cipation Proclamation? or Lori Lightfoot for wanting to whether you’re for me or Trump,
Now, at the keyboard, I’m Woke students? Nah! use traffic cameras to issue fines then you ain’t Black.”
maskless and completely calm What of those stupid plastic to drivers going 6 mph over the Did Joe talk to the hand after
John Kass and apolitical because, well, it’s igloos for “COVID safe” outdoor speed limit. that one?
Golden Moutza of the Month dining in Chicago winters? Or the “Being a retired cop after 27 And of course, Toobin.
Nothing is more disgusting and time. two Florida men who robbed a years, I would have never even “If Toobin’s Zoom malfunction
moutza-worthy than John Good- “I gotta go with Giuliani,” says store but left their wallets with stopped anyone going that speed doesn’t win, I’m cancelling my
man’s creepy disembodied head Anthony Kefalas, a Canadian. their driver’s licenses behind? over the limit,” Schwartz says. subscription!” says Ann MacIn-
on a fingertip in that cheesy TV Wait just a minute, Anthony. I And what about Illinois politi- “Mayor Lightfoot, a big NAH to tosh Baker, who also brought up
gambling commercial, or candy haven’t even typed the boilerplate, cians? you.” the John Goodman commercial.
corn on Halloween. explaining that the moutza, the Oh, and Toobin. A few nominated our beloved “That said, nah to the self-
Unless it’s Jeffrey Toobin, the noble and ancient hand signal of “So many choices!” writes Chicago White Sox for bringing pleasuring creep-a-zoid Jeffrey
liberal CNN legal analyst and disgust, was invented by the Michelin star chef Carrie Nahabe- back 76-year-old Tony La Russa as Toobin. Please spare your col-
writer for The New Yorker who Greeks and how readers find me dian, owner of the restaurant manager. leagues and keep your hands
violated journalistic norms — all on social media to nominate their Brindille. “Toobin for sure, fol- “The game has moved on,” says above the table.”
norms — and was suspended after idiotic candidates. lowed by those stupid (igloo) Matthew Latourette. “Find some- Many readers used a vulgar
his notorious Zoom call with Open your palm with fingers domes.” one else. NAH!!!” Greek word that literally means to
colleagues. spread, point them at some idiot Reader Brandon Gorte, who But I’m good with it if La make soft by overuse. But I loathe
And to think Toobin’s work was and say “Nah” (here) or “Feesah has seen the movie “Highlander,” Russa grows back his mullet. At vulgarity in newspapers. And
once mentioned by Meryl Streep etho” (blow on it.). reminds us there cannot be multi- least he’s not running for presi- since everybody is now changing
in “The Devil Wears Prada,” when “This month is YUGE with ple winners of the October Gold- dent. If he collapses in August, word definitions to suit them, I’m
she portrayed a world-famous nominations,” says Jodee War- en Moutza. maybe Kamala Harris can be changing that Greek word forever
fashion editor running a glitzy wick, noting that October’s horde “So many potential moutzas manager. Won’t that be safer for to “Toobin.”
magazine in an old-fashioned, of moutza-worthy morons this month, but like ‘Highlander,’ everyone? As in, “Don’t be such a
non-Zoom editorial meeting. stretches beyond the horizon. there can be only one!” Chelsea Handler, the liberal (bleepin’) Toobin.”
“Also, I’m pulling that Toobin “We might need moutza catego- Bingo. activist, comedian and Joe Biden Jeffrey Toobin, for being the
piece on the Supreme Court ries.” “George Renninger, the inven- supporter, was nominated by Toobin you are, you win the Gold-
women,” Streep’s character says. Among them are Big Tech tor of ‘Chicken Feed,’ which be- many for race-shaming her ex- en Moutza of the Month.
Speaking of fashion, what giants Twitter and Facebook for came that horrid, disgusting mung boyfriend, rapper 50 Cent, be- You’re disgusting.
about the short, curvy person censoring news about Joe Biden called candy corn,” says noted cause he suggested that he’s wor- Nah.
wearing a mask and a skintight cat that the company executives don’t Chicago foodie Peter Bella. ried about a Biden tax increase
suit, complete with a tail, who I like. “NAH!” and might vote for President Listen to “The Chicago Way” pod-
saw in line when we went to vote Also, those idiotically woke I hate candy corn too. Donald Trump. cast with John Kass and Jeff Carlin
early in Chicago Friday morning. University of Wisconsin at Madi- But Peggy Meskin Zabicki “I had to remind him that he — at
“Check out the tail,” I told Betty son students who voted to get rid admonished me for hating: was a Black person, so he can’t category/wgn-plus/thechicagoway.
as we stood at the front of the line, of a statue of Abraham Lincoln, “Don’t ruin this holiday for vote for Donald Trump,” Chan-
like eager voting nerds. “That who freed the slaves. Their reso- everyone. We like to stand around dler said on “The Tonight Show
deserves a pre-vote moutza.” lution said the Lincoln statue the candy corn tree and sing corn Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Twitter @John_Kass

Trump may well beat

Biden. Why? Trumpism!
a political candidate. As I said,
cults show up.
That’s why there are no polls, no
recitations of early voting numbers
and no anecdotes of Democratic
voter enthusiasm that will make
me believe Biden has this election
Rex W. Huppke in the bag. He doesn’t. He’s facing a
man who pulled off one of the
It won’t surprise me if Donald greatest cons in American history,
Trump gets reelected. and the con man now has the full
He shouldn’t, of course. It force of a complicit Republican
would usher in a second term that Party and the U.S. Supreme Court
would make the corruption and behind him.
cruelty of his first term seem mild In 2016, we learned a large
by comparison. swath of the nation was gullible
But it’s entirely possible he will enough to buy what Trump was
beat former Vice President Joe selling. For those who didn’t sell
Biden, not by the kind of judicial our souls to the huckster, it was a
chicanery many of us fear or due to tough fact to process.
ARMANDO L. SANCHEZ/CHICAGO TRIBUNE relentless Republican voter-sup- Four years later, with evidence
Voters watch updates during a 2016 election night party in northwest suburban Park Ridge, the home- pression tactics, but just outright. of the con, evidence of the incom-
town of then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. If you don’t think it can happen, petence, evidence of the abject
you haven’t been paying attention. stupidity and mismanagement,

Election night, 2016, 2020: The liberal in me wants to be

optimistic Trump will lose. The
believer-in-common-sense in me
wants to think there’s no way this
piled from floor to rafters, it’s
again hard to process the fact that
there are enough Americans out
there to reelect Donald Trump.

Anxious then, anxious now evil clown, a science-denying,

remorseless oaf who has had
more than 225,000 Americans die
of COVID-19 on his watch, could
But trust me, there are.
We all have friends or loved
ones who’ve fallen into this pit.
When was the last time you heard
7:28 p.m. sible outcomes. possibly prevail. them accept a fact that makes
Me: I’m getting nervous. Trump Wins. Clinton Wins. But the pragmatist in me knows Trump look bad? When was the
Her: Pretending to work, but I It’s a Draw. it’s possible, and the reason is last time you saw them deny a
give up. Going home. Nervous too. I picked up the page that simple: Trump is more a cult harebrained conspiracy theory
8 p.m. showed Hillary the winner and leader than a candidate, and cult that bubbled up from the
Me: I’m going to take a bath. felt a jolt of pride. Pride in my members show up. Trumpian fever swamps?
She has to win. She must. country. Pride — but not without There are certainly stray per- Beyond that, when was the last
Mary Schmich Her: California: 55 electoral a fearful premonition — that I centages of Trump’s wealthy sup- time you heard President Trump
votes. was alive to witness this break- porters who look past his narcis- admit to any kind of mistake? Or
Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. Elec- Me: A nation turns its hopeful through. sism and sadism and see him as a acknowledge that he was wrong?
tion Day. eyes to you. I wanted to snap a photo but useful fool who will bring them tax Or say anything that showed even
Where were you that night? 11 p.m. my editor said no, so that page cuts and conservative judges. And a sliver of self-reflection?
Odds are, you remember. It’s Me: Feeling very sad. lives only in my head now. But it there are one-issue voters and There was no last time, because
one of those moments seared Her: Just sick. Just heard that does live on there. In that mo- some who simply can’t bring there hasn’t been a first time. His
into our individual and collec- the Canadian immigration site ment, I glimpsed the future, themselves to vote for a Democrat. narcissism is bottomless, same as
tive memories as vividly as the has crashed. even though it was a future that But the core of Trump’s base that pit your friends and loved
9/11 terrorist attacks or, for older Me: They say Portugal is nice. would never be. ceased long ago to be a political ones have fallen into.
Americans, the assassination of OK I really am going to sleep now Four years have passed since party, becoming instead a group of Once people fall deep into the
JFK. if I can. the future took a different path. people whose lives and identities alternate reality Trump has cre-
I’m speaking today on behalf Her: May you wake up to a The other day I sent our text revolve around Trump. ated, getting out is near impos-
of Hillary Clinton voters, though happy surprise. exchange to my friend in Cali- They view him like this: He can sible. It would require them to
the smaller number of Ameri- Like the nearly 66 million fornia. She wrote back: “Wow, do no wrong. He alone can fix the admit they were conned, admit
cans — nearly 3 million fewer — Americans who voted for Clin- and we really had no idea how changing world that so frustrates they let a flashy meathead lure
who voted for Donald Trump no ton, I did not wake up to a happy bad it would be … Feels like an them. Any word against Trump is them down a rabbit hole with
doubt remember the night too, if surprise. That stunned morning eon of outrage and exhaustion.” a treasonous slur. Any news criti- promises that could never be kept.
not with the same dismay. is memorable too. She added that she was about cal of Trump is fake. Any news Accepting you’ve been
We, the Clinton voters, re- Many of us also remember the to go watch “What the Constitu- making Trump look good or his scammed is mentally painful. It’s
member how the day started day that led into election night, tion Means to Me,” Amazon’s opponents look bad is real. The hard to pull yourself away from
with polls that said Hillary the anticipation that bordered production of Heidi Schreck’s world, and the facts, must bend hardcore believers once you’ve
would win, becoming the first on jubilation. We remember award-winning play about what toward Trump. invested your time and money
woman elected to the highest how we dressed to go vote. One the Constitution has meant to The president has done all he and soul. It’s hard to let go once a
office in the land. We remember of my friends recalls the white generations of women. can to nurture that fervor. movement defines you.
the slow accretion of confusion pantsuit she wore, in honor of Now election night 2020 is He denounces those who speak So when thinking about this
as the night ticked on and the women’s suffrage. Another near. We carry the memory of against him. He lies with deaf- election, play the odds. Are Trump’s
Electoral College numbers trick- remembers wearing her late four years ago into the present, a ening frequency, and labels any- supporters more likely to have a
led in: What. Is. Happening? mother’s watch, so her mom memory that leaves us anxious, one who questions those lies as a sudden revelation about their
We remember feeling sick, could vote in spirit. I wore my cautious, wise enough not to liar, or worse. leader or simply stick with him?
not primarily because our candi- mother’s yellow coat. We were predict or assume. He has made it OK for white They’ll stick. They’ll show up
date was losing, or that a Repub- voting not just for ourselves and And we wait, afraid to hope, people to let their hatred — of in droves.
lican was defeating a Democrat. the future, but for the women but hoping anyway that when- immigrants, of liberals, of Blacks That means the rest of us need
Voting sometimes means losing. who came before us, who were ever a winner is declared — and Muslims and feminists and to be in this election with more
What made that night sickening denied opportunities we take for probably not that night — the “globalists” (wink, wink) — fly than just commensurate force.
was that this exceptionally granted, who helped make our polls this time will be proved free. He has recast white power as Consider it less an election and
qualified woman was on the opportunities possible. right. We hope that the fore- a perverted form of patriotism. He more a national intervention, one
brink of being beaten by a crude, The men who favored Hillary casts of civil war and civic un- has made ignorance and intoler- that could stretch well beyond
racist, misogynistic, pathologi- also felt the loss that night, but it rest are wrong. Despite the ance badges to be worn proudly at Election Day.
cally lying bully. And that she was for the women, I think, that shock of that night four years rallies where calls for the jailing of Because if you think Trump
could lose because the popular the defeat was most personal. ago, we hang on to the slippery political opponents, threats will lose and go quietly, again, you
vote alone doesn’t count. I also recall being in the Chi- belief that the United States of against the press and the booing haven’t been paying attention.
I still have the texts I traded cago Tribune newsroom on the America is a special place of public servants unite his follow- And if you think he can’t win, I
with a friend in California that afternoon of Election Day. An where democratic principles ers in orgies of unbridled id. have news for you: This isn’t a
night. I imagine millions of editor waved me into his office. and decent leaders may not That makes him dangerous, candidate, it’s a cult. And cult
similar conversations happening On a big table were laid out three always win but still can. both as a leader of people who members show up.
all over the country. Here it is, mock front pages for the follow- violate their own self-interests to
slightly abridged: ing day, one for each of the pos- stay loyal to him and, of course, as
B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 15



Scabby, an inflatable rat, sits outside a building in Chicago’s Loop on Aug. 7, 2019. Scabby is a fixture at picket lines, but the NLRB is considering banning it.

SCABBY THE RAT? sight could bring a smile to my face.
But the NLRB’s general counsel,
“The rat balloon itself was symbolic
speech,” said the board. “It certainly
Court has ruled that they are constitu-
tionally protected expression.
appointed by Donald Trump, is not drew attention to the union’s griev- In a 1943 Supreme Court decision
smiling. Peter Robb, previously a man- ance and cast aspersions on (the non- upholding the right of schoolchildren
agement lawyer, “hates the rat,” one union employer), but we perceive to refuse to salute the flag, Justice
unidentified senior NRLB official told nothing in the location, size or features Robert Jackson wrote, “There is no
Bloomberg Law. At his direction, the of the balloon that were likely to doubt that, in connection with the
Steve Chapman agency is trying to eradicate Scabby. frighten those entering the hospital, pledge, the flag salute is a form of
The effort isn’t likely to succeed. disturb patients or their families, or utterance. Symbolism is a primitive but
The federal Endangered Species Act Under Barack Obama, the NLRB ruled otherwise interfere with the business effective way of communicating ideas.”
protects a wide array of threatened that putting this huge air-filled mascot of the hospital.” Nor does it matter that Scabby may
creatures. But it doesn’t apply to outside the entrance of a hospital, I would not leap at the chance to make employers gnash their teeth in
Scabby the Rat, which soon will be- accompanied by a union member cross a picket line composed of beefy fury. As Justice Oliver Wendell
come extinct if the Republican-con- holding a leaflet, was a form of free Teamsters who woke up on the wrong Holmes Jr. memorably wrote in 1929,
trolled National Labor Relations Board expression protected by the First side of the bed. But in the times I have “If there is any principle of the Consti-
has its way. Amendment. passed by, Scabby failed to elicit a tution that more imperatively calls for
Scabby is a giant inflatable rodent, Lawyers for the hospital insisted twinge of anxiety in my peace-loving attachment than any other, it is the
up to 25 feet tall, with angry red eyes, that the use of Scabby was not pro- self. It’s about as scary as Oscar the principle of free thought — not free
exceptionally prominent front teeth tected because it could intimidate Grouch. thought for those who agree with us
and sharp claws. Created some 30 people from entering the building. Not that the comfort of me or any but freedom for the thought that we
years ago in Chicago, it’s a favorite They also claimed that it amounted to other observer is the concern of the hate.” You don’t need a First Amend-
device of unions trying to draw atten- picketing, which is illegal when used First Amendment. It deliberately ment, after all, to protect inoffensive
tion to their grievances, and it works. against an employer who is merely places the freedom of people to ex- expression.
“Before, you could drive by and see six doing business with the employer that press their views above the desire of Plenty of companies have critics, but
guys with picket signs and probably the union has a dispute with. other people to avoid being exposed to only a few find themselves under the
never notice them,” James Allen, presi- But there is a critical line between those views. unblinking glare of a vinyl rodent
dent of District Council 1 of the Inter- picketing, which typically forces peo- The fact that the means of expres- colossus. Those who do might as well
national Union of Bricklayers, told the ple to pass through a line of marching sion here is a towering container of air take Scabby as an honor.
Tribune last year. Scabby is harder to and sometimes hostile workers, and does not allow the government to ban
miss. persuasion, which subjects passersby it. Some modes of communication — Steve Chapman, a member of the
I used to occasionally pass by one only to images and words meant to burning American flags, wearing black Tribune Editorial Board, blogs at
incarnation on a sidewalk in the Loop. communicate the union’s point of armbands, declining to salute during
The figure was set up to express dissat- view. In 2011, NLRB reached the obvi- the Pledge of Allegiance, staging a
isfaction at a contractor’s use of non- ous conclusion that Scabby, red eyes silent sit-in in a segregated library —
union workers. Even on a bleak day, the and all, was an example of the latter. are not literal speech. But the Supreme Twitter @SteveChapman13


16 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B


Races I’ll be watching Tuesday night,

and what I expect to see
“I don’t know” is the most sight of the juvenile court system. Best guess: A blue wave vindi-
common response you’ll hear if But there’s little evidence of this cates FiveThirtyEight. Democrats
you ask political journalists who dissatisfaction in the news ar- prevail.
they think is going to win a close chives predating Toomin’s 2019
race. decision to appoint special prose- President. Lighting could strike
Such honesty and modesty! Of cutor Dan Webb to reinvestigate twice. The preelection polls in
course they don’t know. Election the Smollett case. Webb’s report key battleground states could be
results can confound expecta- was highly critical of Foxx, Preck- off by just enough to give a second
tions because of any number of winkle’s former chief of staff. Electoral College victory to Presi-
factors, from weather to late- Best guess: Voters, persuaded dent Donald Trump. A surge of
breaking news events to higher- in part by strong editorial support energy from his rabid base com-
than-expected turnout among for Toomin in the Tribune and bined with GOP voter-suppres-
certain demographic groups to the Sun-Times as well as endorse- sion efforts and friendly conser-
inaccurate or inadequate polling. ments from the Chicago Bar vative judges willing to toss out
Sports journalists don’t know Association, the Chicago Council ballots that were mailed before
which teams are going to win of Lawyers and the Cook County Election Day but didn’t arrive
either. Entertainment journalists Bar Association, will reject the until after the polls closed could
don’t know which artists are retaliatory effort of Team Toni to deal us another surprise result.
going to take home Oscars, Gram- punish a judge for doing his job. But the political savants tell us the
mys, Emmys and so on. But their Toomin stays. fundamentals and circumstances
lack of clairvoyance never seems are quite different than they were
to stop them from making predic- Retention of Supreme Court in 2016 and that Democratic
tions, just as general uncertainty ANTONIO PEREZ/CHICAGO TRIBUNE Justice Thomas Kilbride. Kil- challenger Joe Biden is very likely
about the future doesn’t grind the bride, a Democrat, is trying to to win.
gambling and investment econo- tion. It’s a high threshold. for how her office abruptly dis- hang on to his seat in a Republi- Best guess: Biden wins com-
mies to a halt. Best guess: Even though the missed all charges against TV can-leaning Downstate district, fortably.
I’ve never been shy about offer- idea has polled very well in Illi- actor Jussie Smollett for allegedly and he’s facing a well-funded But, again, of course, I don’t
ing predictions as a way to frame nois, it feels to me as though filing a false police report, and for “vote no” campaign linking him know. Maybe you think you do.
thinking about the future, but I’ve opponents have successfully how she has refused ever since to to controversial Democratic I’ve posted the link to a survey on
come to prefer presenting them turned the question into “Do you provide a coherent explanation House Speaker Michael Madigan, these races at chicagotri-
as best guesses. This seems to trust those schnooks in Spring- for that decision. Republican his political sponsor. The Demo-, and you can
limit the temptation certain read- field with greater latitude in challenger Pat O’Brien, a former crats’ 4-3 control of the state’s check back there for results.
ers have for taunting me when monkeying with tax rates?” The prosecutor and judge, has re- high court is at stake, and Kilbride As always, please, no wagering!
I’m wrong, which, sadly, I have referendum goes down to defeat. ferred to Foxx as a “crime lover” needs 60% support from voters in
been, as Minnesota Sen. Amy for her reform-minded approach order to prevail. Re:Tweets
Klobuchar, the candidate I pre- U.S. Senate in Illinois. Demo- to incarceration in this notably Best guess: Kilbride goes.
dicted in January would win the cratic incumbent Dick Durbin is nasty campaign, and his candi- The winner of this week’s
presidency, would tell you. not facing a particularly strong dacy promises a return to a Control of the U.S. Senate. I reader poll to select the funniest
That said, here, framed in field in his bid for a fifth term in tougher form of justice. have lefty friends who tell me tweet was, “Standing in line to
humility and presented for Washington, but philanthropic Best guess: It’s never smart to that, if they had to choose be- vote, somebody pulls up and asks,
amusement purposes only, are the entrepreneur Willie Wilson of the bet against a Democrat in Cook tween Democrats winning the ‘How long have you been wait-
races I’ll be watching Tuesday Willie Wilson Party has a stronger County, particularly an incum- Senate or Democrats winning the ing?’ Some guy yells back, ‘Four
night and the results I expect (not following than most third-party bent. But O’Brien, whose TV ads White House, they’d take the years!,’” a tweet that appeared in
necessarily those I want): or independent candidates refer to him as a lifelong Demo- Senate. I disagree, but it’s true so many forms from so many
(nearly 11% in each of the last two crat, squeaks out a win. that without control of the Sen- people in recent days that I was
Graduated income-tax Chicago mayoral contests ) and ate, a presidency is hamstrung. unable to determine who first
amendment. The ballot measure will eat into Durbin’s typically Retention of Cook County Democrats will have to win a net came up with it.
to amend the Illinois Constitution solid support among African Judge Michael Toomin. Local gain of four seats to have a major- The poll appears at chicago
to eliminate the requirement that American voters. judicial retention races seldom ity going forward (they currently where you can
all income be taxed at a single rate Best guess: Durbin wins, but get much attention, but the effort have 47 seats, counting the two read all the finalists. For an early
has been the subject of heavy TV with slightly under 50% of the to oust Toomin led by Cook independents who caucus with alert when each new poll is
advertising on both sides. To pass, vote. County Board President Toni them). Friday, the polling analyt- posted, sign up for the Change of
the referendum must get “yes” Preckwinkle, chair of the Cook ics site FiveThirtyEight gave Subject email newsletter at
votes from either a majority of all Cook County state’s attorney. County Democratic Party, has put them a 76% chance of doing so,
those who cast ballots in the elec- First-term Democratic incum- this one in the headlines. Party factoring in the chance that the
tion or more than 60% of those bent Kim Foxx would probably be officials and other foes claim to be next vice president will be the
who choose to vote on the ques- sailing to reelection were it not dissatisfied with Toomin’s over- 51st vote in case of ties. Twitter @EricZorn
B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 17

CHICAGO FLASHBACK Breaking history since 1847


John H. Johnson, publisher of Ebony magazine, circa June 1967. Ebony’s first issue was published on Nov. 1, 1945. By 1967, the publication had a guaranteed circulation of 1 million.


Ebony magazine gave a voice people “to remind white Ameri-
cans that we are not free.” There
are echoes of that sentiment in
and lens to Black America The New York Times’ recent
undertaking “The 1619 Project.”
By Darcel Rockett Looking at Johnson’s words
and Ebony’s work over the years,

harles Whitaker, dean at the Medill School of Journalism at it appears that not a lot has
Northwestern University, says Ebony magazine is largely changed. Case in point: In Eb-
ony’s 1979 issue about black-on-
why he became a journalist. When as a young student he black crime, Johnson wrote,
had to do a report based on a periodical, he chose Ebony “Tens of thousands of young
because it “was on every Black coffee table growing up” in the 1960s. Black men and women, the
flower of our youth, are riding
“My report was based on a first publication, Negro Digest — a conveyor belts leading from petty
story by Charles Sanders who periodical that informed readers crime to reform schools to pris-
once upon a time was the Paris about Black people fighting in ons to major crimes to death
bureau chief of Ebony,” Whitaker World War II. While the digest and/or the penitentiary.” Con-
said. “It was all about Black expa- would not stay, it served as the cerns over the school-to-prison
triates living in Paris, and I foundation for Ebony and the pipeline and police in schools
thought, ‘How cool is that?’ You Johnson Publishing Co. Periodi- haven’t abated.
could actually write and go to cals would ebb and flow under Younger generations haven’t
cool places and interview inter- the Johnson Publishing banner — embraced Ebony like their fore-
esting people. That’s what I the news digest Jet and Ebony Jr! bears, Whitaker said. Johnson
wanted to do — that was my in- for 6- to 12-year-olds — but Ebony Publishing sold Ebony and Jet in
spiration for being a journalist.” magazine remained the flagship 2016 to a Texas-based private
Much like Bibles have been a publication. equity firm, and its iconic build-
mainstay in hotels and motels By 1972, Johnson Publishing ing was sold and turned into
across America, so was Ebony would be headquartered in its high-end apartments. Johnson
magazine when it came to Black own now-landmarked building at Publishing filed for bankruptcy in
homes and businesses. If you’re of 820 S. Michigan Ave. The mod- 2019 and sold its vast photo ar-
a certain age, the Chicago-based ernist 11-story building, the first chives for $30 million to a group
publication was just a constant. and only high-rise in downtown of philanthropic foundations. As
One never questioned its pres- Chicago designed by an African of July, Ebony hadn’t published a
ence. American, was a touchstone for print edition in more than a year,
The monthly publication — the Black community, much like and CEO Willard Jackson was
focused like Life magazine on Ebony was, and it attracted digni- forced out.
showing American lives — taries and history-makers. Whitaker said that without
chronicled the achievements of “They used to do these tours ERNIE COX JR./CHICAGO TRIBUNE 1987 Ebony, there’s not a mainstay
those in the Black community for schoolchildren, and two years Johnson Publishing’s landmarked building at 820 S. Michigan Ave. documenting monumental events
and was a success from its first after Ebony’s new building had was home to Ebony and Jet magazines and other enterprises. such as the social unrest that fol-
issue published on Nov. 1, 1945, by opened my freshman class in high lowed the police killings of George
founder John H. Johnson. The school went down there,” Whita- before streaming: It was must- Floyd and Breonna Taylor.
25,000-copy press run of the ker recalled. “It was this gleaming see, must-read and must-share. “We don’t have a vehicle that is
inaugural 52-page issue sold out. monument to African American “If you called most Black peo- chronicling this for us and help-
By its 10th year, the magazine was achievement on Michigan Ave- ple and said you were from Ebony ing us put it in perspective,” said
being read by 500,000 people. nue. … Everyone from the person and wanted to do a story on them, the South Shore native. “Ebony
By 1965, the press run was who greeted you at the door to they kind of dropped everything,” gave Black intellectuals and
900,000, and the average issue John Johnson was African Whitaker said. “It meant some- scholars, but also people who are
was 169 pages. Readership sur- American, and that was this won- thing to be on the cover.” just the voice of the time, a plat-
veys showed that in Black com- derful, inspirational experience.” Ebony writes “with a candor form and a forum to kind of put
munities, Ebony outsold other Whitaker would eventually that the white press has generally this all in context for us.”
publications of the same type 15 serve as an Ebony editor for close shunned,” the Tribune observed As for an heir apparent to the
to 1. By 1967, the publication to 10 years handling politics, in 1979 while discussing a special Ebony brand, Whitaker said that
would end the year with advertis- culture and world affairs. Joining Ebony issue about black-on-black while there are many entities out
ing revenue of more than $7 mil- the ranks of Ebony gave him a crime. Johnson and his staff there trying to fill the void, noth-
lion, with a guaranteed circula- feeling of having arrived, he said. weighed in on the issues that ing has the universal resonance
tion of 1 million. Traveling to South Africa with affected and reflected on the that Ebony had.
Johnson saw Ebony’s role as a Coretta Scott King and Maya community — from Black people “Partly that’s because there are
way “to portray the positive side Angelou and other Black civil in media and entertainment to no barriers to publishing now
of Negro life because he believed rights leaders, interviewing trail- the real buying power that mem- because in digital, anybody is a
that every man must have a blazing Black mayors between EBONY MAGAZINE bers of the community possessed; publisher and anybody can put
wholesome self-image before he 1985 and 1992, sitting at a lunch- Ebony magazine’s first issue was from ongoing concerns like pov- something together and put it out
is prepared to demand respect eon with novelist James Baldwin, published on Nov. 1, 1945. erty in Black neighborhoods to there,” he said. “No one’s cap-
from others,” the Tribune wrote. this was the norm at Ebony. the development of the Black tured the heart and soul of the
“We try to present the good “That kind of stuff would hap- That was the thing about Eb- child, the special focus of a 1974 community in the same way that I
things that Negroes are doing, pen all the time, and it was kind of ony — every month, it showed issue. think Ebony did in its heyday. We
with emphasis on what can be a magical place to be because of readers of my community our- In 1975, Ebony tapped a multi- miss that.”
done, not on the handicaps, in a that,” Whitaker said. “I traveled to selves. Johnson Publishing pro- tude of expert voices for its Au-
lively colorful way that appeals to four continents and met with vided us with a window for view- gust issue “The Bicentennial: 200
our readers,” Johnson said. heads of state. … The opportuni- ing the greatness and legacy of Years of Black Trials and Tri-
The Ebony story began when a ties that it afforded me, this little, our people. Young and old from umphs,” wherein senior editor Have a Flashback idea? Share your
25-year-old Johnson borrowed working-class kid from the South different communities would Lerone Bennett Jr. wrote: “There suggestions with Editor Colleen
$500 in 1942 using his mother’s Side of Chicago, were phenome- discuss Ebony’s articles with one has never been a better opportu- Kujawa at ckujawa@chicagotri-
furniture as collateral to start his nal.” another. Ebony was like television nity or better time” for Black
18 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B

Par Ridder Christine W. Taylor, Managing Editor

General Manager
Colin McMahon directors of content
Editor-in-Chief Jonathon Berlin, Amy Carr,
Phil Jurik, Amanda Kaschube,
Kristen McQueary, Editorial Page Editor Founded June 10, 1847 Michelle G. Lopez, Todd Panagopoulos,
Margaret Holt, Standards Editor Mary Ellen Podmolik,
Rochell Bishop Sleets


In conclusion: Vote No
on the Pritzker Tax
This Election Day is also Future another empty promise from a state promise of property tax reform Have they let you vote on redis-
Day, or maybe Fulcrum Day. Which failing its disabled population. if the amendment went on the tricting reform? What, and de-
way will Illinois tip? “There are approximately 19,500 ballot? No. He and other Demo- prive incumbents of the right to
If voters permit graduated in- people on the waiting list for state crats want you to forget that prom- draw their own districts?
come tax rates, they’ll invite law- aid and/or services, yet there are no ise.
makers to impose an endless clear plans to solve this problem. Have they consolidated many
scheme of new revenue grabs. That That’s why my family and I are Will lawmakers truly gouge only of the 7,000 local governments
would further hobble Illinois’ jobs planning our move to Wisconsin. the top 3% of taxpayers? Trust that drive runaway property
climate and economic future. It “State leaders are failing our lawmakers to keep that pledge only taxes? No.
would intensify the Illinois Exodus most vulnerable. Yet they want us if you don’t mind getting burned,
of employers, young people and to trust them, that — with this tax while keeping these broken promis- Did they pair this Pritzker Tax
other taxpayers to better-managed hike — they will finally do right. es in mind: That they would spend vote with spending reforms or
states. Illinois already has one of the high- Illinois Lottery proceeds on an amendment to slow the
If, though, voters reject what we est tax burdens in the country and schools. That their income tax growth of pensions? No. That
call the Pritzker Tax amendment, still fails to provide legitimate, surcharge was only “temporary.” would require respect for taxpay-
they’ll be pressuring lawmakers to easy-access services that people That taxpayers wouldn’t have to ers as more than convenient
do the hard work of restructuring with disabilities need.” bail out their doomed-from-the- ATMs.
how this high-tax, high-spend state So keep her in mind as you study start “College Illinois” program.
does the people’s business. That your ballot on Tuesday. And con- That Tollway travel would be “Free Would Pritzker & Co. endure
means forcing politicians to finally sider: in ’73!” That their punishing in- this much criticism, and buy all
deliver policy reforms and public come tax hikes of 2011, and then of these TV ads, if they wanted
finance solutions — such as limiting Have lawmakers protected 2017, really would fix Illinois. That only $3 billion a year? Or does
spending to the many billions of public pensions? If and when all these FBI raids, search warrants, this divide-and-conquer strate-
dollars Springfield already collects. Illinois pension systems go insol- wiretaps and federal charges of gy foreshadow imminent in-
The attitude of the politicians vent — unable to pay benefits due — brazen corruption are no reason to come tax hikes on middle- and
eager to collect more billions boils retirees can blame governors and deprive Springfield of new billions working-class taxpayers? That
down to this: Give us your money legislators too cowardly to rescue in taxes. question raises a question: Whenev-
but don’t make us change anything. pension funds from unsustainable er our lawmakers could make easy
As is, Illinois works just fine for us. math. It’s easier for politicians to let Have they let you vote to im- money from tax hikes, or do the
But it is not working for rank- union members risk fund collapses pose term limits? No. In some hard work of fixing Illinois, which
and-file taxpayers. We’re reminded than it is to build consensus for cultures, failed leaders resign and did they choose?
of a mother struggling with an equitable pension reforms on future slink away. In Illinois, pols who’ve You know the answer.
autistic child who wrote a letter to benefits, not those already earned. made a disaster of state finances
the editor this fall against the keep running for office until they’re Vote No on this tax
amendment, saying it would be Has Gov. J.B. Pritzker kept his retired or indicted. amendment.

2020 General Election

Here are the Chicago Tribune endorsements in the Nov. 3 general election. Endorsements are made only in contested races.

PRESIDENT 61st District: Dan Yost KANE COUNTY

62nd District: Jim Walsh
Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris County board chairman: Corinne Pierog
63rd District: Steven Reick
U.S. SENATE 64th District: Tom Weber State’s attorney: Robert Spence
65th District: Dan Ugaste Circuit court clerk: Thomas Hartwell
Mark C. Curran Jr. 66th District: Allen Skillicorn Auditor: Terry Hunt
67th District: Maurice A. West II Recorder: Sandy Wegman
68th District: No endorsement LAKE COUNTY
1st District: No endorsement 70th District: Jeff Keicher
2nd District: Robin Kelly 71st District: Tony M. McCombie State’s attorney: Michael Nerheim
3rd District: Mike Fricilone 72nd District: No endorsement Circuit court clerk: Erin Cartwright Weinstein
4th District: Jesus “Chuy” Garcia 74th District: Dan Swanson Coroner: Howard Cooper
5th District: Mike Quigley 76th District: No endorsement Recorder: Mary Ellen Vanderventer
6th District: Jeanne Ives 77th District: Kathleen Willis McHENRY COUNTY
7th District: Danny K. Davis 78th District: Joshua Flynn
8th District: Raja Krishnamoorthi 79th District: Jackie Haas County board chairman: Mike Buehler
9th District: Janice D. Schakowsky 80th District: No endorsement Circuit court clerk: Katherine Keefe
10th District: Brad Schneider 81st District: Anne Stava-Murray Coroner: Michael Rein
11th District: Bill Foster 82nd District: Jim Durkin Auditor: Shannon Teresi
12th District: Mike Bost 83rd District: No endorsement
13th District: Rodney Davis 85th District: Dagmara “Dee” Avelar
14th District: Lauren Underwood 87th District: Tim Butler Chief executive: Nick Ficarello
15th District: Mary Miller 88th District: No endorsement Circuit court clerk: Andrea Lynn Chasteen
16th District: Adam Kinzinger 89th District: Andrew S. Chesney Coroner: Laurie Summers
17th District: Esther Joy King 90th District: Tom Demmer Auditor: Kevin “Duffy” Blackburn
18th District: Darin LaHood 91st District: Mark A. Luft Recorder: No endorsement
92nd District: No endorsement
93rd District: Scott Stoll
Judicial races
Graduated Tax: Vote NO. 94th District: Randy E. Frese ILLINOIS SUPREME COURT
95th District: Avery Bourne Retention: Vote YES on Thomas Kilbride
ILLINOIS SENATE 96th District: Charles McGorray 5th District (Karmeier vacancy):
10th District: Anthony Beckman 97th District: Mark Batinick David Overstreet
11th District: Celina Villanueva 100th District: No endorsement
102nd District: Brad Halbrook ILLINOIS APPELLATE COURT
25th District: Karina Villa
31st District: Melinda Bush 103rd District: Carol Ammons 1st District: Vote YES on Aurelia Marie
34th District: Paul Hofmann 104th District: Mike Marron Pucinski and Mary Katherine Rochford
40th District: Eric M. Wallace 105th District: Dan Brady
43rd District: Ben Bierly 107th District: Blaine Wilhour
46th District: Mary Burress 108th District: No endorsement Retention: Vote YES on all judges except
49th District: No endorsement 109th District: Adam M. Niemerg three: Vote NO on Patricia Manila Martin,
52nd District: Scott Bennett 110th District: Chris Miller Mauricio Araujo and Jackie Marie
55th District: Darren Bailey 111th District: Amy Elik Portman-Brown.
112th District: Katie Stuart 12th Subcircuit (Hanlon vacancy):
ILLINOIS HOUSE 113th District: No endorsement Frank R. DiFranco
114th District: No endorsement 13th Subcircuit (Kulys Hoffman vacancy):
17th District: Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz
115th District: Paul Jacobs Susanne Michele Groebner
18th District: Sean Matlis
116th District: No endorsement
19th District: Lindsey LaPointe DuPAGE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT
20th District: No endorsement County races Bakalis vacancy: James McCluskey
35th District: Frances Ann Hurley
37th District: Tim Ozinga COOK COUNTY O’Shea vacancy: Richard Felice
38th District: Debbie Meyers-Martin Sutter vacancy: Ann Celine Walsh
State’s attorney: Patrick W. “Pat” O’Brien Anderson vacancy: Monique O’Toole
41st District: Grant Wehrli
Board of Review, 1st District: Dan Patlak
42nd District: Ken Mejia-Beal KANE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT
Circuit court clerk: Iris Y. Martinez
45th District: Seth Lewis
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District:
47th District: Deanne Marie Mazzochi Spence vacancy: Elizabeth Flood
M. Cameron “Cam” Davis, Kimberly Neely
48th District: Peter Breen
Dubuclet, Eira L. Corral Sepulveda LAKE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT
49th District: Laura Curtis
50th District: Keith R. Wheeler Schippers vacancy: Christopher Morozin
51st District: Mary Edly-Allen
52nd District: Martin McLaughlin Auditor: Bob Grogan
54th District: Thomas R. “Tom” Morrison Circuit court clerk: Chris Kachiroubas Caldwell vacancy: David Gervais
55th District: No endorsement Coroner: Richard Jorgensen Sullivan vacancy: Justin Hansen
56th District: Scott Kegarise Recorder: Babette Holder Youngberg Prather vacancy: Mark Gerhardt

Find a downloadable, printable list of candidates’ responses to our questionnaires at

CUT THIS OUT AND TAKE IT WITH YOU TO THE VOTING BOOTH. (Yes, it’s legal.) Or print it at
B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 19


Flying during the pandemic

Like many Americans, I am apprehensive
about flying during COVID-19. My American
Airlines flight on Oct. 27 only worsened those
I needed to go to a funeral, and flying was
the only option. There were signs and an-
nouncements in the airport, and the pilot
made announcements about COVID-19 rules.
But when people ignore the rules, the airline
staff need to say something.
As I boarded the plane, people were
crowded in the aisle waiting to be seated.
There was a man in first class with his mask
on his lap. I saw him when I entered the plane,
and certainly the flight attendant who was
greeting people could see him. People boarded
the plane with masks hanging down or noses
sticking out. Every seat on the plane was occu-
I mentioned my concerns to the flight at-
tendant. I never saw an attendant walk the
aisle asking people to put masks on. For the
entire flight, the woman sitting next to me and
the woman in front of me had their masks
under their noses. I mentioned it to them and
was ignored.
If the airline industry wants to convince us
it is safe to fly, they need to do more to con-
vince us.
— Fred Schectman, Chicago

Americans are
hurting for relief
President Donald Trump acknowledges the crowd during his swearing-in ceremony Jan. 20, 2017, at the U.S. Capitol.
In the spring of 1846, a group of pioneers

President Trump may be

lured by the promise of a better life out West
left Missouri. By mid-October, the group had
suffered floods, drought, sickness and homi-
cide. After crossing a perilous desert and los-

most memorable for his lies

ing several oxen, the group was exhausted, but
the worst was yet to come. Trapped by snow-
fall in the Sierra Nevada, half the Donner Party
As the U.S. faces winter with coronavirus
squeeze into a catchy bumper sticker. with reality. cases on the rise and an economic stimulus bill
Still, we can only wish that President “Truthful hyperbole” is how Trump stalled in the Senate, our experience with this
Trump’s lies were as easy to count on describes his frequent exaggerations in pandemic is beginning to resemble that of the
one hand. Instead they have been so his bestselling “The Art of the Deal.” Donner Party. Just as we thought we had
frequent that The Washington Post’s Let the buyer beware. The skimpi- gotten over the worst of it, the worst is yet to
Fact Checker keeps a running tally of ness of his governing abilities appears to come. Without another stimulus package to
“false or misleading claims” — by the be catching up to him this year as he families, some of the population may not be
Clarence Page end of August it topped 22,247 claims in tackles such unexpected crises as the able to afford food or shelter this winter.
1,316 days. COVID-19 pandemic. While the Donner Party was cut off from
For those who occasionally have More significant than the number of His long-held belief in Norman Vin- relief by an impassable mountain range,
dared me to say something nice about falsehoods or exaggerations is how cent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Americans today are cut off by the cruelty and
President Donald Trump, here you go: easily he has gotten away with them. He Thinking,” fortified with his “truthful ineptitude of leaders who are denying econo-
His first — and, I pray, only — term in dismisses media corrections as “fake hyperbole,” seems to have distanced him mic aid and refusing to implement public
office has taught me a lot. news,” which tickles his base, the one from negative realities. He repeatedly health measures that would save thousands of
The lessons began with Sean Spicer’s group to which he gives top priority. declares that we’re “rounding the corner” lives. Millions of people have been left to their
blistering insistence as the new presi- Previous presidents tended to cam- on the coronavirus, when plainly we are own devices even as they live in a wealthy
dent’s press secretary that the inaugura- paign in the fashion President Richard not. His White House science office even society.
tion had brought out “the largest audi- Nixon reportedly described as “run to boasted this past week that one of his Congress needs to pass a stimulus bill that
ence ever to witness an inauguration, the right” in the primary campaigns major achievements has been “ending includes direct payments to households, un-
period, both in person and around the then “run to the center” in the general the COVID-19 pandemic.” We wish. employment benefits, student debt relief,
globe.” election to pick up independent swing In that fashion, the president’s avoid- eviction moratoriums and more. And we the
The lie was laughably false, as anyone voters and moderate Democrats. ance of bad news becomes dangerous people need to vote out the inept leadership
with vision could see by comparing his Trump, a newcomer to elective office misinformation. He has divided Ameri- that steered us into these perilous circum-
crowd with those of former presidents, but an old hand at salesmanship, broke cans along tribal lines and, aided by stances in the first place.
particularly Barack Obama and Lyndon that mold. He continued to run to the some overly zealous conservative media, — Clara Fang, Detroit
Johnson. right during the 2016 campaign, reading nurtured an alternative reality of con-
But I was one of many who could not and reassuring his base at every turn. spiracy theories about a nonexistent Sacrificing for greater good
laugh at the sense of menace in this That strategy won him 2.9 million fewer “deep state.”
bizarre announcement. The lesson votes than Hillary Clinton received, but Ironically, this latticework of lies The COVID-19 pandemic has been most
confirmed repeatedly over the years has enough votes in the Electoral College to actually endangers supporters in his successfully controlled where the strictest
been that, to this president, the blatant win the White House — and rub it in the own base who are most likely to believe lockdown and quarantine procedures have
obviousness of the lies doesn’t matter as faces of anyone who didn’t vote for him. his cavalier dismissals of the need for been put in place. The effects of climate
much as how many people let him get This, too, was educational. His Elec- masks, school closings and other pre- change and environmental degradation are
away with them and actually become his toral College victory led to divide-and- cautions that can truly “round the cor- lessened when we switch from fossil fuels to
enablers. conquer policies and a strategy of politi- ner” on the pandemic. renewable energy sources.
All presidents lie from time to time, cal tribalism that would impress any I’ve had some readers, detecting to These adjustments do not come without
Trump supporters have assured me, a old-school big-city political boss: Em- their apparent delight that I’m a trig- pain. Yet we Americans have traditionally
reality from which I take no comfort. power your base and they will protect gered liberal, sarcastically ask me what prided ourselves on our ability to endure
Some like to bring up as an example, “If you by intimidating any congressional I’m going to do if I don’t have this presi- short-term sacrifices for long-term gain. Take,
you like your health plan, you can keep Republicans who might get in your way dent to kick around anymore. Good for example, the Civil War, World War II, and
it.” That was Obama’s often-repeated — like, for example, the Grand Old Par- question. I’m eager to find out. the civil rights movement.
promise about his proposed health care ty’s elders who informed Nixon that it It would be a wonderful thing if citizens
plan, quickly rebranded by Republican was time for him to resign. Clarence Page, a member of the Tribune across the political spectrum could agree to
critics as “Obamacare.” Instead, today’s GOP leaders in Con- Editorial Board, blogs at www.chicago unify around painful but necessary policies for
Actually, most of us were able to keep gress have become Trump’s enablers, the sake of our health and that of the planet
our health plans, if they offered enough protecting him from impeachment and upon which we all depend.
coverage to meet the Affordable Care innumerable other attempts to hold him — Eugene G. Newman, Chicago
Act’s standards. But that’s not easy to accountable for his playful relationship Twitter @cptime
Give us rank choice voting
I find myself in the same quandary as Jenni-
fer N. Pritzker describes in an Oct. 26 com-
SCOTT STANTIS mentary (“Social liberal, fiscal conservative,
Biden voter”). In the 2016 presidential elec-
tion, I threw my vote away by voting Libertari-
an. There is an option that legislators could
implement, namely the rank choice voting
system used in Maine.
In its simplest form, it allows people to vote
first for the candidate of any party and second
for their choice among the two major parties.
If enough voters did this, new parties could
emerge for more choice.
— Bruce Chrisman, Glen Ellyn

Democrats would
have done same
I can understand the frustration and even
anger of Democrats over the confirmation of
Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.
However, everyone knows, and they do, too,
that if the president were a Democrat and the
Senate had a Democratic majority, they would
have done the same thing.
— Larry Craig, Wilmette

Collaboration in Washington
In this election, let’s elect political leaders
who can cross the aisle and work with each
other to solve our problems.
— Cary Ollerer, Des Plaines

For online exclusive letters go to www.chicago Send letters by email to or to Voice of the
People, Chicago Tribune, 160 N. Stetson Ave.,
Third Floor, Chicago, IL 60601. Include your
name, address and phone number.
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In final stretch, Obama rips Trump
President’s focus gia on Monday. He is the
campaign’s most valuable
on Pa. as Biden asset to help energize the
rallies in Mich. nonwhite voters Democrats
need to defeat Trump. “Joe
By Steve Peoples, Biden is my brother. I love
Alexandra Jaffe and Joe Biden, and he will be a
Zeke Miller great president,” Obama said
Associated Press Saturday.
The press for Michigan’s
DETROIT — Calling Joe Black voters comes after
Biden his “brother,” Barack voting was down roughly
Obama on Saturday accused 15% in Flint and Detroit four
Donald Trump of failing to years ago — a combined
take the coronavirus pan- 48,000-plus votes in a state
demic and the presidency Trump carried by about
seriously as Democrats 10,700 votes. Overall, the
leaned on America’s first Black voter turnout rate
Black president to energize declined for the first time in
Black voters in battleground 20 years in a presidential
Michigan on the final week- election, falling to 59.6% in
end of the 2020 campaign. 2016 after reaching a record-
Obama, the 44th presi- high 66.6% four years earli-
dent, and Biden, his vice er, according to the Pew
president who wants to be Research Center.
the 46th, held drive-in ral- Trump isn’t ceding Mich-
lies in Flint and Detroit, igan to Biden. He visited
predominantly Black cities Waterford Township, near
where strong turnout will be Detroit, on Friday and held a
essential to swing the long- rally in the state capital,
time Democratic state to Lansing, this past week,
Biden’s column after Trump ANDREW HARNIK/AP CHRIS SZAGOLA/AP amid surging coronavirus
won it in 2016. Former President Barack Obama and presidential candi- President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally Sat- cases.
“Three days until the date Joe Biden speak Saturday in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. urday in Newtown, Pennsylvania. The worst week of the
most important election of year, in terms of new infec-
our lifetime — and that Associated Press. Tens of ing-class base. of Pennsylvania,” Trump three days after polls close. tions, arrived with Election
includes mine, which was millions more will vote by At an evening rally in said in announcing his The extra time, Trump Day looming. More than
pretty important,” said the time polls close Tuesday Butler, Pennsylvania, Trump memorandum. “You can say, claimed without evidence, 99,000 Americans reported
Obama, urging Democrats to night. announced that he had is- sorry about that.” would allow for fraud and new infections on Friday, a
get to the polls. Speaking earlier in Flint, sued a memorandum that Earlier in the day in a potentially deny him a win record high, according to
The memories of Trump’s Obama said he initially calls on government agen- small town on the eastern in the state. Johns Hopkins University.
win in Michigan and the rest hoped “for the country’s cies to determine fracking’s edge of the state, Trump Republicans are betting Trump told Pennsylvania
of the Upper Midwest are sake” that Trump “might impact on the economy and raised baseless concerns Trump can win a second voters that his administra-
still searing in the minds of take the job seriously. He trade and the costs of ban- about election fraud, point- term by driving up turnout tion has done “an incredible
many Democrats during this never has.” ning the oil and gas extrac- ing specifically at Philadel- among his strongest sup- job” dealing with the pan-
closing stretch before Tues- Later in Detroit, Biden tion through fracking. phia, a city whose large porters — white, noncol- demic. He again promised
day’s election. That leaves ridiculed Trump for calling The president has repeat- African American popula- lege-educated men and ru- that the mass distribution of
Biden in the position of himself a “perfect speci- edly charged that Biden will tion is key to Biden’s fate in ral voters — while limiting a vaccine was “just weeks
holding a consistent lead in men,“ called him Russian end fracking — a big industry the state. Biden’s advantage with away.”
the national polls and an President Vladimir Putin’s in Pennsylvania and other “They say you have to be Blacks and Latinos. Demo- Biden has focused almost
advantage in most battle- “puppy,” and joked about a states — even as the former very, very careful — what crats in several swing states exclusively on Trump’s in-
grounds, including Michi- New York Times report that vice president has said he happens in Philadelphia,” worry voters of color may ability to control the pan-
gan, yet still facing anxiety it showed Trump had spent does not support such a ban. Trump charged. not be excited enough about demic.
could all slip away. $70,000 on hair care. “In other words, if one of The president also railed Biden to show up in the “We’re gonna beat this
As of Saturday, nearly 92 Meanwhile, Trump made these maniacs come along against a recent Supreme numbers they need. virus and get it under con-
million voters had already an aggressive play for pivotal and they say we’re gonna Court ruling that will allow Biden’s campaign an- trol and the first step to
cast ballots nationwide, ac- Pennsylvania, focusing end fracking, we’re gonna Pennsylvania to count mail nounced it was sending doing that is beating Donald
cording to a tally by The largely on his white, work- destroy the Commonwealth ballots received as many as Obama to Florida and Geor- Trump,” Biden said in Flint.

Minority contact tracers

build trust in diverse cities
Knowing community disproportionately affected Diego County that hired
people of color. people from the region’s
issues helps bridge They have fluency in a Arabic-speaking, Spanish-
cultural divides multitude of languages, speaking, Filipino and Black
helping them bridge cultur- communities.
By Julie Watson al divides and knock down Elsewhere around the
Associated Press misinformation about the U.S., Nashville, Tennessee,
virus circulating among im- has hired contract tracers
SAN DIEGO — When a migrant, Black and His- fluent in Bengali and Ne-
contact tracer called the panic communities. pali, and Ventura County
Iraqi woman to say her While many rich coun- near Los Angeles is recruit-
18-year-old daughter tested tries like South Korea use ing people who speak Mexi-
positive for the coronavirus extensive contact tracing to co’s indigenous Mixtec lan-
and could quarantine for contain the virus and re- guage.
free in a hotel, the woman open their economies, the “Beyond language,
panicked — recalling the U.S. has no national pro- knowing what things indi-
family’s terror of risking gram, and local efforts have vidual communities care
separation forever during struggled to get people to about makes a difference
their flight from Baghdad cooperate and keep up with absolutely and is necessary GREGORY BULL/AP

after a bomb killed her all the cases. for this work,” said Matt Iraqi immigrant Ethar Kakoz is among a legion of ethnically and racially diverse contact
brother. Concerns about privacy Leger, senior director of tracers hired by health departments to rebuild public confidence in the U.S. health system.
The contact tracer, Iraqi abound among many CONTRACE Public Health
immigrant Ethar Kakoz, Americans, but an inherent Corps, a consulting firm being able to go to stores,” them about what is the right let everyone she calls know
had made a similar harrow- distrust of government in launched six months ago to Kakoz said. thing to do.” that their information is
ing journey using smugglers communities of color is a help communities set up That knowledge helped After being called by a confidential and attempts in
to get out of Iraq after her compounding factor. contact tracing programs. Kakoz in her interview with Spanish-speaking contact each call “to make it very
parents were told she could The contact tracers make Kakoz lives in El Cajon, a the Iraqi woman to come up tracer when a relative in an personal and be very under-
be kidnapped. So Kakoz cold calls from lists pro- city of about 105,000 east of with a safe plan for the apartment upstairs from standing.”
came up with a safe way for vided by local health de- San Diego, that is a melting family of six living in a her tested positive, 77-year- In the call to Tellez,
the teen to isolate herself at partments of people who pot for refugees, many of three-bedroom apartment old Mexican immigrant Pelayo stressed the impor-
home in the San Diego were reportedly within 6 them from Arabic-speaking, with two bathrooms. Maria Tellez said she was tance of wearing masks. She
suburb of El Cajon, knowing feet of an infected person war-torn countries. The daughter would stay grateful someone was look- then followed up by visiting
the mother couldn’t bear to for more than 15 minutes. The pandemic, she said, in one bedroom and be the ing out for her. Tellez and the relative dur-
be away from her daughter. Their goal: convince them has triggered anxiety many only person using one bath- The contact tracer, ing the quarantine period to
Kakoz is among a grow- to self-quarantine or take believed they left behind in room and all family mem- Veronica Pelayo, is the check on them and make
ing legion of ethnically and precautions so the virus their home countries after bers would wear masks at daughter of Mexican immi- sure they had enough food.
racially diverse contact trac- won’t spread. arriving in the U.S. home. She also put them in grants. Tellez does not Tellez said the attention
ers hired by local health No prior health training “For many of these fam- touch with counselors who speak English and said she “kept our spirits up and
departments to help immi- is needed for the program ilies it’s really bringing them treat war trauma. immediately trusted Pelayo. made us feel like everything
grants, refugees and minor- Kakoz works for, a partner- back to the past and the “I feel empathy,” Kakoz Pelayo also makes calls to was going to be OK.”
ities protect themselves ship between San Diego unsafety they felt during the said. “My responsibility is to people in the country il- “We no longer felt
during a pandemic that has State University and San war, the lack of food, not just educate them and tell legally so she takes care to afraid,” she said.

American citizen kidnapped in Niger rescued in military operation

By Eric Tucker week by a local government SEAL Team 6, along with because they were playing their Niger guide while they could be passed to another
Associated Press official as Philipe Nathan other members of a joint with American citizens.” were visiting a wildlife park terrorist group, or that the
Walton, though other offi- special operations force, Secretary of State Mike east of the capital. kidnapping could become a
WASHINGTON — An cials and news reports cited conducted the rescue, ac- Pompeo said in a statement A U.S. official, who was prolonged hostage-taking.
American citizen kid- slightly different spellings cording to U.S. officials with that the rescue by “some of not authorized to publicly Walton is back in Niger.
napped in the West African of the man’s first name. knowledge of the operation. our bravest and most skilled discuss the rescue before an A local government offi-
nation of Niger last week The Defense Depart- The officials were not au- warriors” underscores the official announcement and cial, Ibrahim Abba Lele, a
has been rescued in a U.S. ment confirmed the opera- thorized to publicly discuss U.S. commitment “to the spoke on condition of ano- prefect in Birni-N’Konni
military operation in neigh- tion Saturday, saying it took the operation and spoke on safe return of all U.S. citi- nymity, said there were no town, told The Associated
boring Nigeria, U.S. officials place in northern Nigeria. condition of anonymity to zens taken captive.” solid indications that Wal- Press earlier last week that
said Saturday. “This American citizen provide details. Niger has faced a grow- ton’s kidnapping was ter- the kidnappers had called
The man was taken from is safe and is now in the President Donald Trump ing number of attacks by rorism-related and that it and demanded ransom
his farm in Massalata in care of the U.S. Department said in a tweet that “coura- extremists linked to both was instead “trending from Walton’s father, who
southern Niger early Tues- of State. No U.S. military geous soldiers” had pulled the Islamic State group and toward a kidnapping for lives approximately one-
day by armed kidnappers personnel were injured off a “daring nighttime res- to al-Qaida. The kidnapping ransom.” half mile away from his
who demanded a ransom during the operation,” the cue operation” and also told comes two months after But the official said the son’s farm. No ransom was
from the man’s father. He department said in a state- reporters that “it was some- IS-linked militants killed U.S. government was con- paid, according to the U.S.
was identified earlier in the ment. thing that had to get done six French aid workers and cerned that the hostage official.
22 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B


‘I try to avoid it’

More than 3.5 million eligible voters in Pennsylvania did not cast ballots for president in 2016. Above, campaign signs for Joe Biden dot a street Oct. 22 in Stroudsburg.

Millions did not vote in 2016. Many plan to opt out — again
By Sabrina Tavernise and Robert Gebeloff ingly angry at the political system,
The New York Times which she believes is tilted against
Black people like her and people

AST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Like nearly half of all the who are poor.
eligible voters in her county in 2016, Keyana Fedrick did not She grew up in Newark, New
vote. Jersey, whose failing schools and
violent streets prompted her par-
Four years later, politics has permeated her corner of ents — an art teacher and a city bus
northeastern Pennsylvania. Someone sawed a hole in a large driver — to move to East Strouds-
Trump sign near one of her jobs. The election office in her county is so burg when she was 12.
overwhelmed with demand that it took over the coroner’s office next College was a stretch finan-
cially. She said she has tried twice
door. Her parents, both Democrats born in the 1950s, keep telling her she for associate degrees, but has not
should vote for Joe Biden. Anything is better than President Donald finished either. She ended up with
Trump, they say. $5,000 in debt. At 31, she is still
living with her mother.
But Fedrick, who works at a 56,000 eligible adults stayed Her father, who grew up in
hotel and at a department store, home, more than 100 times Hilla- rural Georgia in the 1960s, keeps
does not trust either of the two ry Clinton’s 532-vote margin of telling her things have gotten
main political parties, because victory. better. Government can be re-
nothing in her 31 years of life has In interviews in Monroe sponsive, even if it is slow. Voting
led her to believe that she could. County, some of the people who Susan Miller, 42, is a waitress at Compton’s Pancake House in Strouds- matters.
She says they abandon voters like did not vote in 2016 said they burg. She has voted once and doesn’t plan to do it again this election. She sees no evidence of prog-
“a bad mom or dad who promises planned to vote this year. The ress. Minimum wage has been
to come and see you, and I’m stakes were too high to miss it, stuck for more than a decade and
sitting outside with my bags they said. the problems of police violence
packed and they never show up.” “I never thought I’d be bo- against Black people, joblessness
That is why Fedrick does not thered with this crap, but now it and incarceration only seem to get
regret her decision in 2016 to skip really counts,” said Jack Breglia, worse.
the voting booth. She plans to 49, a retired tow truck driver in “We need to break up with the
repeat it this year — something Kunkletown, Pennsylvania. He system,” she said.
that she and a friend have started could not remember the last time Just 47% of African Americans
to hide from people they know. he voted but said he planned to under 30 voted in 2016, compared
“We said we’re just going to lie, vote for Trump this time. with nearly 70% of those over 65, a
like ‘Oh yeah, I voted,’ ” she said. “I But many others said they pattern of youth disenchantment
don’t feel like getting crucified for would not. They expressed a common to Americans of all races
what I think.” profound distrust of politics and and ethnicities
As the presidential campaign doubted their vote would have an Many interviewed in Monroe
reaches its final days, early voting effect. They felt a sense of fore- County said they felt their vote did
turnout in a number of states has boding about the country and saw not matter, pointing to the con-
been higher than last time, mail-in politics as one of the main forces tested 2000 presidential election
ballot requests are surging and doing the threatening. Many were and to Trump losing the popular
some are predicting the highest not particularly partisan and said vote.
turnout in many decades. But if they shrank from people who
history is any indication, a signifi- were. “We love you and we wish you
cant portion of Americans will not “I try to avoid it because it gets Kyle Marsh, who works for a beer wholesaler, worries about the effect good luck,” said Fannie Sanchez,
participate, a signal of distrust and angry and nasty,” said Susan his vote might have on his friendships. Marsh, 23, doesn’t plan to vote. 44, a New York-born daughter of
disillusionment with the political Miller, 42, a waitress at Compton’s Colombian immigrants, of voters.
system that spans the partisan Pancake House in Stroudsburg, “if the right person came in.” Jennifer Martin, 46, a single People who do not vote “already
divide. who said she had voted once in But Biden is not that person, mother waiting in line in her car at saw that there’s something being
Voting is fundamentally an act her life, for Barack Obama in 2008. she said. the Pleasant Valley Ecumenical maneuvered back there. We just
of hope. One predictor of political en- Miller said she had not watched Network food pantry in Sciota, unplug ourselves.”
But since the 1960s, between a gagement is growing up in a family any of the debates or kept up with Pennsylvania, said last time she Sanchez is part of a demo-
third and half of eligible voters that talked about politics. Miller the candidates. voted she was in her 20s. Politics, graphic that also had low turnout
have stayed home during presi- did not. And she is so sick of the “I’m just trying to make it she said, has little relevance to her in 2016: American-born Latinos.
dential elections, resulting in one one person in her life who is through,” she said. life. She said in 2008 she swallowed
of the lowest rates of voter turnout loudly insisting that she vote — an A recent study found that peo- her cynicism and cast the first vote
among America’s developed aunt who supports Trump — that In recent decades, richer, more ple like Martin who do not follow in her life, for Obama.
peers. Since the early 1900s, the she has started simply pretending educated people are far more politics closely have different con- “I had to just close my eyes and
high point for presidential turnout that she will. likely to vote. In the 2016 analysis, cerns from those who do. For say, ‘If this is fake, I don’t care. I
was in 1960, when 63.8% of Like many people interviewed about three quarters of those example, they say that low hourly want to be part of this.’ ”
eligible adults voted, according to for this article, Miller was scram- living in households earning at wages are among the most impor- But she did not vote for him
the United States Elections Proj- bling to pay rent and buy grocer- least $150,000 voted, compared tant problems facing the country. again.
ect that tracks voting data back to ies. Monroe County’s unemploy- with less than half of those in For hard partisans, who are more “They rent space in my brain
1789. Most recently, the highest ment rate stood at around 13% in households earning less than likely to vote, the issue barely and they frustrate me, but in the
peak was in 2008, when 61.6% August, as the pandemic bit into $25,000. About 76% of college registers. end, they do what they want
turned out. the county’s tourism industry. Her graduates voted, compared with “I work at a day care where they anyway,” she said.
An analysis of Census Bureau tips have fallen by half and she is 52% of people with just a high pay their workers nothing,” she Kyle Marsh, 23, an operations
survey data from the 2016 election now working for Instacart to school degree. said. “That’s why I have to come to manager for a beer wholesaler, is
shows a deep class divide: Ameri- make up the difference. Two close Marriage mattered too: Just places like this to feed my family.” not particularly political, but most
cans who did not vote were more relatives have died of COVID-19. 45% of single women who had Fedrick was one of those who around him are. His mother, a
likely to be poor, less likely to have “Politics? It’s the least of my children and were eligible to vote stayed away in 2016, but not nurse, is furious at Trump. His
a college degree, and more likely worries,” she said. cast ballots compared with 70% of because she was not following the friends are angry too. On Insta-
to be a single parent than the She said she would vote again married mothers. news. She has become increas- gram recently, one said, “imagine
people who voted. They were also being dumb enough to vote for the
less likely to be in the labor force. worst person in history?”
The data give a comprehensive The post made him uncomfort-
look at who voted and who did able: He has a friend who likes
not, and while no two elections Trump. But he kept quiet.
are the same, it points to patterns “Do you know how many
for why some people are more friends I’d lose if I say some-
likely to vote than others. thing?” he said. Voting means
being part of the outrage. That is
Not voting has been a feature why he will opt out.
of the American political land- Others see a reason to vote this
scape for decades. time.
But with razor-slim margins in Latoya Garrison, a single
a number of swing states last time, mother who works nights at a
nonvoters have taken on an out- factory putting safety seals on
size importance: Even a small cosmetics, did not vote in 2016.
victory in converting some of But the coronavirus changed her
them may tip the scales. mind this time. Her tips while
Consider Pennsylvania. More working as a waitress at the
than 3.5 million eligible voters in Roasted Tomato dwindled to $30
the state did not cast ballots for a day, and this fall, a social services
president in the 2016 election, a agency helped her pay rent.
number that dwarfed Trump’s “I’m looking for who is more
margin of 44,292. Monroe County, into controlling this virus, so we
the Pocono Mountain vacation can go back to normal,” she said.
spot where Fedrick lives, is a MICHELLE GUSTAFSON/THE NEW YORK TIMES Three weeks ago, she voted by
microcosm of the state. About Potential voters attend a presidential debate watch party Oct. 22 in Haddonfield, New Jersey. mail for Biden.
B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 23


Courting the politically homeless vote

Black men are the response to the pandemic,
which has disproportion-
focus of efforts to get ately killed Black people and
them to the polls left many Black men jobless.
In 2008 and 2012, at least
By Aaron Morrison nine in 10 Black men and
Associated Press women voted for former
President Barack Obama, ac-
NEW YORK — For Phillip cording to the American Na-
Agnew, engaging Black male tional Election Studies sur-
voters ahead of the general veys of the electorate.
election isn’t just about per- But Black men’s overall
suading them to choose for- election participation has
mer Vice President Joe Bid- mostly been in decline since
en over incumbent Donald 2012, when 61% turned out to
Trump. vote, according to an AP
As an activist and organ- analysis of the Census Bu-
izer who gained acclaim af- reau’s Current Population
ter leading protests in Flor- Survey data. Turnout fell to
ida over the 2012 shooting 54% in 2016.
death of Trayvon Martin, In addition, one in 16 Black
Agnew sees an opportunity people of voting age are
to keep the 14.4 million Black without the right to vote
men of voting age politically because of a felony convic-
engaged well beyond 2020. tion — a disenfranchisement
That begins with keeping rate 3.7 times higher than
it real about this year’s candi- that of other races, according
dates. Trump’s positions on MARTA LAVANDIER/AP to a recent Sentencing Proj-
race and Biden’s decades-old Those supporting the restoration of felons’ voting rights march to an early voting precinct Oct. 24 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. ect report. Not only are Black
controversial record on men more likely to be
criminal justice make neither tions have poured signifi- In a political party, Dun- 98% of Black women who Enforcement Act of 1994, stopped, searched and ar-
candidate attractive to Black cant resources into increas- son said he now wants “to did so, according to a Pew federal legislation that rested by police, they were
men. ing Black men’s participa- find something that is going Research Center analysis. lengthened sentences for vi- about 2.5 times more likely
“You don’t lie, you ac- tion in the election. to work for us.” Biden’s campaign has olent crimes, helped fill pris- than white men to be killed
knowledge the truth, and And they’re doing so with There’s evidence that get- regularly hosted virtual ons and flooded Black com- by law enforcement between
admit that the choices before an acknowledgment that no out-the-vote campaigns tar- roundtable discussions, tap- munities with police offi- 2013 and 2018, according to a
Black people in the year major political party can lay geting Black men have ping Black celebrities, ath- cers. Harris’s tenure as a top 2019 study published by the
2020 are abysmal,” said Ag- claim to being a consistently worked. As of Wednesday, letes, political leaders, activ- prosecutor in California in- National Academy of Scien-
new, an organizer with Black loyal advocate for Black men more than 67.1 million votes ists and others to parse cludes the disproportionate ces.
Men Build, a group created and women. Whoever had been cast in the 2020 challenges faced by Black incarceration of Black men But, advocates point out,
to empower Black men. comes out ahead among general election, with Black men across the country. for drug offenses. Black men of voting age care
His group has paid to run Black men, advocates say, voters making up about 9% And in more than a dozen Trump’s appeals to Black about many issues beyond
targeted ads on TV and will have succeeded in of that total — a proportion Black Voices for Trump men have included touting criminal justice and econo-
music-streaming services reaching more of those who similar to the number of Community Centers placed economic policies early in mic prosperity. Health care,
such as Hulu and Spotify, are apathetic or feel politi- registered voters who are in African American neigh- his administration that led to education and housing are
supplemented by mailers cally left out. Black. borhoods, the president’s historic lows in their unem- also on the list.
and organizers on the Iraq War veteran Leo And 39% of those votes campaign has been drawing ployment rates, funding for That’s why some desire a
ground. The message is Dunson is a 35-year-old were by Black men — a contrasts with Biden and historically Black colleges new political home where
geared toward Black men Black conservative activist similar gender breakdown Sen. Kamala Harris on is- and universities, and setting they don’t feel taken for
who feel politically home- and former Democrat who to numbers reported in the sues of criminal justice and up so-called opportunity granted or ignored, said Wes
less. feels both parties have for- 2016 general election. Turn- economics. zones for economic redevel- Bellamy, national co-chair of
“We are not choosing a gotten Black men. Dunson out has been boosted by “In 2016, President opment in distressed Black the newly launched political
champion, we are choosing said he’s not planning on traditional grassroots organ- Trump asked Black Ameri- communities. platform, Our Black Party.
an opponent,” Agnew said, voting for Biden or Trump, izing within venues like cans, ‘What the hell do you “That’s what every Black “What we want to say is
adding that he is also telling and is disappointed with Black churches, where have to lose?’ The answer man wants for his own that, ‘Yes, this is a home for
Black men that “a Biden how both major parties han- “souls to the polls” cam- was everything,” Kamau family,” said Paris Dennard, you,’ ” said Bellamy, who is
presidency allows for terrain dled providing relief for paigns have stressed voting Marshall, director of strate- senior communications ad- also chair of the political
to organize under that is Black Americans during the early, in-person or absentee. gic communications for the viser for Black media affairs science department at Vir-
more favorable.” coronavirus pandemic. Energizing Black men as a Biden campaign, told the with the Republican Na- ginia State University. “We
Following an unprece- Black men “would be job voting bloc has been impor- Associated Press. tional Committee. want to endorse and support
dented surge of protests creators too, if you gave us tant to both campaigns. But Biden isn’t particu- But these have been candidates. And even if we
against racial injustice and $100 million,” he said, criti- While 81% of Black men larly popular among Black eclipsed by Trump’s over- get to the point of getting
the killing of Black people by cizing the relief funding that voted for former Secretary men, largely because of his tures to white supremacists ballot status later on, we want
law enforcement, partisan went mostly to large, white- of State Hillary Clinton in role in passage of the Violent and denunciation of Black to make sure we are running
and nonpartisan organiza- owned corporations. 2016, that’s still less than the Crime Control and Law Lives Matter, as well as his folks who put Black first.”
24 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B

Oregon may become 1st state

to decriminalize hard drugs
By Andrew Selsky
Associated Press

SALEM, Ore. — In what

would be a first in the U.S.,
possession of small
amounts of heroin, cocaine,
LSD and other hard drugs
could be decriminalized in
Oregon under a ballot mea-
sure that voters are decid-
ing on Tuesday.
Measure 110 is one of the
VICTORIA JONES/AP most watched initiatives in
Demonstrators hold a silent vigil Saturday in London to call for more government funding Oregon because it would
for the performing arts, which has been suffering amid the coronavirus pandemic. drastically change how the
state’s justice system treats

England enters 2nd lockdown people caught with

amounts for their personal
use. MARY HUDETZ/AP 2019

as UK virus cases surpass 1M Instead of being arrested,

going to trial and facing
possible jail time, the users
If the measure passes, possession of small amounts of
some hard drugs may mean no criminal punishment.

By Jill Lawless struction sites and manu- inevitable that Johnson would have the option of who say the measure “reck- session charges.”
Associated Press facturing businesses will would have to follow. paying $100 fines or attend- lessly decriminalizes pos- The measure would de-
stay open. Britain’s death toll from ing new, free addiction re- session of the most danger- criminalize possession of
LONDON — British As in other European the coronavirus is 46,555, covery centers. ous types of drugs (and) less than 1 gram of heroin or
Prime Minister Boris John- countries, virus cases in the the highest in Europe ac- The centers would be will lead to an increase in methamphetamine; 2
son on Saturday an- U.K. began to climb after cording to Johns Hopkins funded by tax revenue from acceptability of dangerous grams of cocaine; 12 grams
nounced a new monthlong lockdown measures were University data. retail marijuana sales in the drugs.” of psilocybin mushrooms;
lockdown for England after eased in the summer and Any new lockdown will state that was the country’s Three other district at- 40 doses of LSD, oxyco-
being warned that without people began to return to need Parliament’s approv- first to decriminalize mari- torneys back the measure, done or methadone; and 1
tough action, a resurgent workplaces, schools, uni- al, and a vote is scheduled juana possession. including the top prose- gram or five pills of
coronavirus outbreak will versities and social life. The for Wednesday. The new It may sound like a radi- cutor in Oregon’s most MDMA.
overwhelm hospitals in Office for National Statistics restrictions would apply to cal concept even in one of populous county, which in- Marijuana tax revenues
weeks. estimated Friday that 1 in England. Other parts of the the most progressive U.S. cludes Portland, the state’s in excess of $45 million
On the day the U.K. 100 people in England, well U.K. set their own public states — but countries in- largest city. annually would fund Ore-
passed 1 million confirmed over half a million, had the health measures, with cluding Portugal, the “Misguided drug laws gon’s addiction recovery
COVID-19 cases, Johnson virus in the week to Oct. 23. Wales and Northern Ire- Netherlands and Switzer- have created deep dispari- centers. Doing so would
confirmed that stringent Johnson had hoped a set land already effectively in land have already decrimi- ties in the justice system,” reduce the amount given to
restrictions on business of regional restrictions in- lockdown and Scotland nalized possession of small said Multnomah County schools, the state police,
and daily life would begin troduced earlier in October under a set of tough restric- amounts of hard drugs, District Attorney Mike mental health programs
Thursday and last until would be enough to push tions. according to the United Schmidt. “Arresting people and local governments, ac-
Dec. 2. numbers down. But govern- Owners of businesses Nations. with addictions is a cruel cording to the ballot mea-
He said at a news confer- ment scientific advisers that have struggled to get Portugal’s 2000 decrimi- punishment because it sure’s financial impact
ence that “no responsible predict that on the out- back on their feet since the nalization brought no surge slaps them with a lifelong statement published by the
prime minister” could ig- break’s current trajectory, first lockdown was eased in drug use. Drug deaths fell criminal record that can Oregon secretary of state.
nore the grim figures. demand for hospital beds said the impact of new while the number of people ruin lives.” The Oregon revenue de-
“Unless we act, we could will exceed capacity by the closures would be devas- treated for drug addiction Jimmy Jones, executive partment said it received
see deaths in this country first week of December. tating. in the country rose 20% director of Mid-Willamette about $133 million in mari-
running at several thou- The scientists warned “People have borrowed from 2001 to 2008 and then Valley Community Action, juana taxes during the most
sand a day,” said Johnson, COVID-19 hospitalizations up to the hilt and spent stabilized, Portuguese offi- a group that helps homeless recent fiscal year that
who was hospitalized earli- and deaths could soon sur- money in order to get cials have said. people, said arresting peo- started in July 2019 and
er this year with COVID-19. pass the levels seen at the COVID-secure,” said Kate Oregon’s measure is ple who are using but not ended last June.
Under the new restric- outbreak’s spring peak, Nicholls of pub and restau- backed by the Oregon dealing hard drugs makes Opponents have seized
tions, bars and restaurants when daily deaths topped rant industry group Hospi- Nurses Association, the Or- life extremely difficult for on the funding reductions
can only offer takeout, non- 1,000. The government’s tality U.K. “There is no egon chapter of the Ameri- them. in an attempt to sway voters
essential shops must close chief scientific adviser, Pat- spare capacity in the tank to can College of Physicians “Every time that this to vote against the measure
and people will only be able rick Vallance, said the mor- be able to fund a lockdown, and the Oregon Academy of happens, not only does that and have also said that
to leave home for a short tality rate had “potential to even for three to four Family Physicians. individual enter the crimi- decriminalizing hard drugs
list of reasons including be twice as bad, if not more” weeks.” “Punishing people for nal justice system but it would make young people
exercise. Activities ranging than it was during the A government program drug use and addiction is makes it very difficult for more likely to start using
from haircuts to foreign pandemic’s first European that has paid the wages of costly and hasn’t worked. us, on the back end, to them.
travel must once again be wave, if nothing was done. millions of furloughed em- More drug treatment, not house any of these folks The state’s voters in 2014
put on hold. As European countries ployees during the pan- punishment, is a better ap- because a lot of landlords legalized recreational use
Unlike during the U.K.’s such as France, Germany demic was due to end proach,” the groups said in won’t touch people with and sale of marijuana. But it
first three-month lock- and Belgium imposed a Saturday, but will be ex- a statement. recent criminal history,” passed by fewer than
down earlier this year, second lockdown amid tended during the new Opponents include two Jones said. “They won’t 200,000 votes of the 1.5
schools, universities, con- surging caseloads, it looked lockdown. dozen district attorneys touch people with pos- million counted.

From news services

USPS told to deliver

ballots in time to be
counted in Mich., Wis.
SALEM, Ore. — A federal the website.
judge has ordered the U.S. Asked for comment on
Postal Service to take “ex- the judge’s order, Postal
traordinary measures” to Service spokesman Dave
deliver ballots in time to be Partenheimer referred to a
counted in Wisconsin and fact sheet posted Saturday
around Detroit, including that says as of Friday, Postal
using a priority mail service. Service employees are au-
Chief U.S. District Judge thorized to use the Express
Stanley Bastian in Yakima, Mail network to speed com-
Washington, issued the or- pleted ballots to their in-
der Friday after being pre- tended destinations.
sented with data showing
on-time delivery of ballots Voting rally arrests: A
sent by voters was too slow get-out-the vote rally in the
in Michigan and Wisconsin, swing state of North Car- CHIANG YING-YING/AP
both considered battle- olina on Saturday ended Pride on display in Tawian: Amid the coronavirus, a crowd of more than 100,000 marched in Taiwan’s capital Saturday
ground states in Tuesday’s with police using pepper in an annual LGBT Pride event. The self-governing island of 24 million has recorded 554 coronavirus cases with only seven
election. spray on some participants deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Taiwan says it hasn’t had a locally spread case in over 200 days.
Delivery of ballots in the and making several arrests.
USPS’ Detroit district, for Multiple people were ar-
example, has dipped as low rested outside Alamance
as 57% over the past week, County’s courthouse and shot Saturday while he was than 24 hours after a power- fired simply because city in the future. Terminating
Washington state Attorney police used pepper spray to closing his church in the ful earthquake in the Aege- officials are worried he him would create an “illogi-
General Bob Ferguson’s of- disperse the crowd, news French city of Lyon, and an Sea killed at least 39 might do it again. cal and artificial rule” that
fice said Saturday. outlets reported. authorities locked down people and injured more Wauwatosa Officer Jo- officers can use deadly force
National on-time deliv- Police did not immedi- part of the city to hunt for than 800 others. seph Mensah, who is Black, a certain number of times.
ery has been at 93% or ately comment. the assailant, authorities The quake that struck has been cleared of any “In each of the cases
higher, said the statement said. Turkey’s Aegean coast and criminal wrongdoing in all identified, Officer Mensah
from Ferguson, who leads a Tropical weather: A tropi- The priest, a Greek citi- north of the Greek island of three cases. was simply responding to
coalition of 14 states that cal depression has formed zen, was hospitalized with Samos registered a magni- The most recent shooting risks he faced,” Cermele
filed a lawsuit Aug. 18 over in the central Caribbean Sea life-threatening injuries af- tude that Turkish author- took place in February, wrote.
changes to the Postal Serv- and forecasters say it is ter being shot twice in the ities put at 6.6 while other when Mensah shot an
ice. expected to become a hurri- abdomen, a police official seismology institutes said it armed teenager outside a Armenia-Azerbaijan con-
Bastian, an appointee of cane in the coming days as it told The Associated Press. measured 6.9. It toppled mall. The decision not to flict: Armenia’s leader
former President Barack approaches Central Ameri- The attacker was alone and buildings in Izmir, Turkey’s charge him in that shooting urged Russia on Saturday to
Obama, said that starting ca. fired a hunting rifle, said the third-largest city, and trig- sparked several nights of consider providing security
Sunday and continuing The U.S. National Hurri- official, who was not au- gered a small tsunami in the protests in the Milwaukee help to end over a month of
through Nov. 10, the USPS cane Center in Miami said thorized to be publicly Seferihisar district and on suburb, some of which fighting over Nagorno-
must report to his court the Tropical Depression 29 named. the Greek island. Hundreds turned violent. Karabakh, and both sides in
prior day’s “all clear” status emerged Saturday after- The reason for the shoot- of aftershocks followed. The city’s police commis- the hostilities accused each
for each facility and proc- noon about 315 miles south- ing was unclear. It hap- At least 37 people were sion suspended Mensah in other of breaking a mutual
essing center in the Detroit east of Kingston, Jamaica. pened two days after an killed in Izmir, Turkish July and is expected to pledge not to target residen-
area and a district covering The Miami-based center Islamic extremist knife at- President Recep Tayyip Er- decide his fate this month. tial areas hours after it was
most of Wisconsin. said the storm system is tack at a Catholic church in dogan said from a crisis Former federal prosecutor made.
If the USPS identifies any forecast to become a hurri- the French city of Nice that coordination center. Steven Biskupic issued a The fighting is the big-
incoming ballots in its “all cane in a couple of days as it killed three people, and The health minister as report in October saying gest escalation in decades
clear” sweeps of these fa- approaches Nicaragua and amid ongoing geopolitical well as rescue worker Ah- Mensah should be fired between Armenia and Azer-
cilities, it must make every Honduras. tensions caricatures mock- met Yavuz told HaberTurk because the risk that he baijan over the separatist
effort to deliver those bal- Forecasters said that if ing the Muslim Prophet television hours later that would kill a fourth person territory. As Azerbaijani
lots by 8 p.m. local time on the depression becomes a Muhammad published in one of the rescued children and expose the city to liabil- troops pushed into
Election Day, including by named storm as expected, it satirical French newspaper had died. ity was too great. Nagorno-Karabakh, Prime
using Priority Mail Express would be named Eta as the Charlie Hebdo. The officer’s attorney, Minister Nikol Pashinian
or other extraordinary mea- 28th named Atlantic storm Wisconsin police shoot- Jon Cermele, filed docu- asked Russian President
sures, Bastian said. this season — tying the 2005 Quake rescue: Three chil- ing: An attorney for a Wis- ments with the commission Vladimir Putin to quickly
Priority Mail Express is record for named storms. dren and their mother were consin police officer who last week arguing that state discuss possible security aid
an overnight service that rescued from the rubble of a has fatally shot three people law doesn’t allow the panel to Armenia.
costs a minimum of $26.35 Priest shot in France: A collapsed building in west- since 2015 says his client to fire an officer because of There was no immediate
per envelope, according to Greek Orthodox priest was ern Turkey on Saturday, less shouldn’t be disciplined or something that might occur response from the Kremlin.
B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 25


Experts: It’s time for mask mandate

GOP strategist says
action would ‘go over
like a lead balloon’ in
some parts of the US
By Sheryl Gay
The New York Times

the nation heads into what
public health experts are
calling a “dark winter” of
coronavirus illness and
death, public health experts
are coalescing around Joe
Biden’s call for a national
mask mandate, even as they
concede such an effort
would require much more
than the stroke of a presi-
dential pen.
Over the past week, a
string of prominent public
health experts — notably,
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the gov-
ernment’s top infectious
disease specialist, and Dr.
Scott Gottlieb, a former
commissioner of the Food
and Drug Administration
under President Donald
Trump — have said it is time
to consider a national man-
date to curb the spread of

Overseas, President Just 69% of Americans wear masks, according to recent data. Above, bar patrons — some without masks — mingle Aug. 7 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Vladimir Putin of Russia
this week became the latest He could also prod gover- sor at Yale University and an cently in the journal Na- local leaders decide about Gov. Doug Burgum, a
foreign leader to impose a nors who are resisting mask expert in national security ture, researchers at the masks was “a far better way first-term Republican seek-
national mandate for citi- mandates to at least require and human rights. Institute for Health Metri- to go.” ing reelection, is opposed to
zens to wear masks. Trump masks in public buildings in Trump, however, has cs and Evaluation at the But that has not pro- a mandate, saying that
is opposed to a mandate, their states. shown little interest in sup- University of Washington duced the kind of compli- while he favors masks, peo-
and Biden has conceded But that is delicate politi- porting such norms. At a estimated that “universal ance that public health ex- ple should do so out of
that a presidential order for cal terrain in the United rally this week in Arizona, mask use” — when 95% of perts say is necessary to “personal responsibility.”
all Americans to wear States, where Trump has he mocked California’s people wear masks in pub- reduce the spread of the There is some evidence
masks would almost cer- turned the act of wearing a mask mandate, saying, “You lic — could prevent nearly virus. As of last week, 33 that norms are changing.
tainly face — and likely fall mask — or not wearing one have to eat through the 130,000 deaths from states and the District of Chris Christie, the for-
to — a legal challenge. — into a political statement. mask.” COVID-19 in the coming Columbia required mask- mer governor of New Jer-
Biden, the Democratic Public health and legal ex- Experts say there is months, though those wearing in public, accord- sey, is now proselytizing
presidential nominee, ech- perts say it would be far growing scientific evidence numbers are based on cer- ing to a list compiled by about wearing masks — a
oed the “dark winter” lan- better for Biden — or that masks can considerably tain assumptions and could AARP. But in certain parts lesson he took away from
guage during the most re- Trump, for that matter — to reduce the transmission of change if people alter their of the country, especially his own bout with
cent presidential debate use his powers of persua- respiratory viruses like the behavior. Currently, just heavily Republican states, COVID-19, which he be-
and is already using his sion to convince Americans one that causes COVID-19. 69% of Americans wear resistance is deep — even lieves he contracted either
bully pulpit to promote and that covering one’s face to Even when mask-wearing masks, according to data when cases are soaring. at a ceremony at the White
reinforce a culture of mask- curb the spread of the virus does not prevent infection, gathered by the institute. Many people in rural House’s Rose Garden for
wearing. If elected, he will is a patriotic or civic- it can reduce the severity of Even so, any hint of a areas view masks as unnec- then-Judge Amy Coney
almost certainly do more. minded action. disease by diminishing the sweeping federal require- essary for them because Barrett’s nomination to the
Biden has already said “Instead of making it intensity of a person’s expo- ment would “go over like a they do not live in crowded Supreme Court or during
that, as president, he would about the president’s co- sure to the virus. Research lead balloon” and “divide cities; in North Dakota, co- debate preparations with
mandate masks on all fed- ercive authority under law, also shows that states that and harden areas of the ronavirus cases are rising the president.
eral property, an executive it should be about whether have passed mask mandates country in opposition,” said faster than any other state in In a recent opinion piece
order that could have wide the president can support a have had lower growth Joel White, a Republican the nation, but according to in The Wall Street Journal,
reach. He could use his norm that supports public rates of COVID-19, begin- strategist with expertise in the University of Washing- he offered his readers some
authority under federal health, which is in people’s ning on the day the mandate health policy. White said ton’s data, just 46% of North advice: “Wear it or you may
transit law to require masks self-interest,” said Harold was passed. the Trump administration’s Dakotans are wearing regret it — as I did.”
on public transportation. Hongju Koh, a law profes- In a study published re- policy of letting state and masks.

Central Europe hit with ‘terrifying’ shortages

By Karel Janicek needed. Mostly, the hospital
and Vanessa Gera chose people who have
Associated Press some medical training.
They keep a roster of others
KYJOV, Czech Republic they can call if they need
— Soldiers in Poland are them.
giving coronavirus tests. “I have healthy hands
American National Guard and legs, and this is some-
troops with medical train- thing as a firefighter I can
ing are headed to the Czech do,” said Antonin Kuchar,
Republic to work alongside the deputy mayor and a
doctors there. A Czech uni- volunteer firefighter who
versity student is running has helped move patients
blood samples to labs, and around the hospital.
the mayor of the capital is Vojtech Coufal, a me-
taking shifts at a hospital. chanical engineering stu-
With cases surging in dent at a university in Brno,
many Central European also answered the call. The
countries, firefighters, stu- 20-year-old has first-aid
dents and retired doctors training and was couriering
are being asked to help blood samples around the
shore up buckling health hospital campus.
care systems. While the volunteers’
“This is actually terrify- help is vital, their roles are
ing,” Dr. Piotr Suwalski, limited, said Dr. Jiri Vyhnal,
head of the cardiac surgery chief of the intensive care
ward at a Polish hospital unit in Kyjov that treats
said on a day when daily COVID-19 patients in seri-
COVID-19 cases rose 20% ous condition.
nationwide. “I think if we “It’s impossible to re-
continue to gain 20% a day, place those doctors by any-
no system can withstand it.” one else, because you need a
Even before the pan- PETR DAVID JOSEK/AP long time to gain experience
demic, many countries in Health care workers transfer a COVID-19 patient Oct. 22 from a hospital in Kyjov to a hospital in Brno, Czech Republic. to become a good intensive
the region faced a shortage care specialist,” Vyhnal said.
of medical personnel due to
years of underfunding in
“We will do Czech Prime Minister An-
drej Babis put a date on
ition ground.
Croatia has asked former
Interior Ministry Hospital
in Warsaw, the capital’s
“The problem is that a small
group of doctors and nurses
their public health sectors everything. But, when his country’s health doctors to come out of main coronavirus hospital. will have to take care of a
and an exodus of doctors system would collapse, if retirement to help in hospi- “The numbers of victims high number of patients
and nurses to better paying of course, we are the new regulations were tals, while Slovenia has put of this pandemic are not just treated with lung ventila-
jobs in Western Europe not imposed to slow the retired physicians and cur- the patients dying directly tion.”
after the nations joined the afraid, who virus’s spread: between rent medical students on from COVID-19,” Suwalski As the number of co-
European Union in 2004. Nov. 7 and 11. standby in case its situation said. “There are also (pa- ronavirus patients rises, the
Now, with the virus ripping wouldn’t be?” With one of the highest deteriorates. tients) who die because of hospital has closed several
through their hospitals, — Dr. Jiri Vyhnal infection rates in Europe, Poland, meanwhile, is the change of conditions, wards: ones for ear, nose
many health workers have the Czech Republic’s hospi- mobilizing soldiers to con- and even the collapse of the and throat, neurology, reha-
been sickened, compound- tals are desperately looking duct testing, so medical medical system.” bilitation and orthopedics.
ing the shortfall. This may sound familiar, for volunteers. The govern- professionals can focus on The problem is felt espe- “We have been forced to
More than 13,200 medi- but not for these countries. ment is deploying thou- helping patients, as War- cially keenly in small-town stop doing planned opera-
cal personnel across the Many in the region imposed sands of medical students to saw’s National Stadium and hospitals that don’t have the tions, but we have to go on
Czech Republic have been tough restrictions in the hospitals and other stu- other spaces are being resources of university with urgent ones,” Wenzl
infected, including 6,000 spring — including sealing dents to testing sites. transformed into field hos- medical centers, such as the said.
nurses and 2,600 doctors, borders and closing schools, In the capital of Prague, pitals. Three times this one in Kyjov, a southeastern The intensive care ward,
according to the doctors’ stores and restaurants — Mayor Zdenek Hrib, who week, the country reported Czech town of 11,000. meanwhile, has 11 patients
union. and saw low infection rates has a degree in medicine, new records in daily infec- The director of the hospi- and can accept up to 18,
It’s not just clinicians even as the virus killed tens volunteered to help do ini- tions, and Thursday it also tal there, Lubomir Wenzl, Vyhnal said.
these countries need. of thousands in Western tial exams of possible co- announced a record num- says staffing became critical He said he and his staff
Both Poland and the Europe. ronavirus patients at a uni- ber of daily deaths — 301. in October as the number of are ready to work on their
Czech Republic are build- But now many Central versity hospital. Soon, 28 In Poland, deaths among COVID-19 patients doubled days off “to prevent an
ing field hospitals as beds European countries are see- medical personnel from Na- people with cancer and over three weeks to almost Italian scenario,“ referring
fill up on wards, and author- ing an onslaught similar to tional Guard units in Ne- other illnesses are also ris- 60, and 75 of the medical to how hospitals there be-
ities say there are only 12 the one their western braska and Texas are ex- ing because doctors and staff fell ill. came overwhelmed.
ventilators left in all hospi- neighbors experienced — pected to arrive to help treat nurses simply cannot keep He appealed for volun- “We will do everything,”
tals taking COVID-19 pa- and the same dire warnings. patients at Prague’s military up with their care, said teers on social media and he said. “But of, course, we
tients in the region around As he announced new hospital and a new field Suwalski, the head of the got so many offers that the are afraid, who wouldn’t
Warsaw, the Polish capital. restrictions last week, hospital at the city’s exhib- cardiac surgery ward at the hospital could pick who it be?”
26 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 BD


SEAN CONNERY 1930-2020

Much more than Bond, James Bond

Earned Academy descriptions of physical and
mental abuse, fueled by
Award as wised-up jealous rages over her own
Chicago cop success.
He wasn’t, as she saw it,
By Michael Phillips “able to cope” with what
Bond did for him. And to
More than anything else, him.
the movies’ first official and Though he provided the
best James Bond once said, voice of Sir Sean Connery,
“I’d like to be an old man aka himself, in a 2012 ani-
with a good face, like Hitch- mated feature “Sir Billi,” his
cock or Picasso.” last on-screen feature, “The
He got there, all right. League of Extraordinary
Over a career spanning sev- Gentlemen,” came in 2013.
en decades, Sean Connery A flop, it sealed the deal on
— who won his Academy Connery’s unofficial retire-
Award as the wised-up Chi- ment from screen acting at
cago beat cop who joins 73. “I’m fed up,” he said
Eliot Ness’ underworld cru- around that time, with “the
sade in “The Untouchables” ever-widening gap between
— gave audiences so much people who know how to
that had little to do with his make movies and the peo-
talent. ple who green-light the
That face. That Edin- movies.”
burgh Scots burr. The ef- Like so many, I grew up
fortless, just-this-side-of- and then continued to
caveman masculinity. And spend untold hours in the
the charm, wholly distinct company of Connery,
from the brittle, moneyed watching him kill off hun-
artifice of Roger Moore, a dreds of anonymous Bond
later incarnation of Sir Ian villain extras, energizing
Fleming’s idea of the male sublimely ridiculous mate-
paragon with the license to rial (“The Rock,” “Zardoz”),
kill. MATT SAYLES/ASSOCIATED PRESS taking on a formulaic heart-
Connery, who died Oct. Sean Connery, famous for his decades as James Bond in six movies, died Saturday; he was 90. warmer (“Finding For-
31 at the age of 90, brought a rester”) and somehow actu-
vital, often subtle fire to his (1987), something happens ally warming hearts in the
lines of screen work. Before in Connery’s first scene that process.
that, he had many others: feels like secret code be- I’ve only recently caught
milkman, enlistee in the tween actors of different up with lesser-known, often
United Kingdom’s Royal generations. I’ve always wrenching proof that Con-
Navy, 1953 Mr. Universe loved this scene, filmed on nery didn’t want to lose
contestant (he finished the lower level of the Michi- sight of his ambitions. No
third), member of the cho- gan Avenue Bridge on loca- one agrees to star in a harsh
rus in the London produc- tion in Chicago. As written procedural like the 1973
tion of “South Pacific.” Then by David Mamet, it’s a drama “The Offence”
he became an actor. And perfect jewel: weary, witty (Lumet again, in which
then an international movie experience, embodied by Connery plays a rage-fu-
star. Connery, patiently school- eled, disintegrating police
So many of the latter ing the idealistic U.S. Treas- detective) because it’ll
forget the former, or never ury Department greenhorn, make money.
were much interested in Kevin Costner. The unexpected humor
testing themselves after It’s also an acting lesson he brought to the humor-
stardom. Connery was dif- of the highest order. At this less Fleming superspy ce-
ferent. point in his career, Costner mented Connery’s star-
Five films into his Bond PROVIDED couldn’t make sense or hu- dom. In the eyes of film
superstardom, after “Dr. Andy Garcia, Connery, Kevin Costner and Charles Martin Smith in “The Untouchables.” man rhythms out of historian David Thomson,
No” (1962), “From Russia Mamet’s dialogue. He tries, writing in The New Repub-
With Love” (1963), but throughout “The Un- lic, the franchise was from
“Goldfinger” (1964), touchables” he’s outgunned the start “a decisive step
“Thunderball” (1965) and by nearly every scene part- forward in camp. The sex
“You Only Live Twice” ner. and violence flowered be-
(1967), Connery grew weary Connery, I suspect, sym- cause no one regarded
of the spy games. “Looks pathized with this much them as real — least of all
like you’re out to get me,” he younger actor over his head, Sean Connery, who was far
says in his first “Dr. No” charged with headlining a from English or upper-
scene, cigarette dangling, big Brian De Palma/Robert class. From ‘Dr. No’ on-
eyeing a female across the De Niro gangland movie. He ward, Connery looked at us
baccarat table. By “You Only likely knew that the project and winked. The cinema
Live Twice,” audiences could withstand a weak changed, and it’s hard now
were turning out to get leading man, but barely. So to make a serious film
more of him, but mainly what does Connery do? He about spies or secret agents
they were there for the toys. helps him out, without any — which may allow them to
Connery wanted more and, fuss or winking. Connery flourish more in life.”
in terms of spectacle, less. intuitively makes Costner a Maybe you believe that,
As early as 1964, while better actor, before our eyes, maybe you don’t. This much
firmly affixed to Bond in the just by being such fun to is certain: The man who
global public eye, he took on GETTY IMAGES work with, presumably. would be Bond held the
“Marnie,” Hitchcock’s Sean Connery in “Dr. No,” 1962. And such a pleasure to screen like few others, may-
fraught, financially unpop- watch, inarguably. be no others, of his genera-
ular “sex mystery.” Then, ters by circumstance. Con- ver Say Never Again” (1983). bered for all sorts of hits. There was, also inar- tion. He was a fine, commit-
with Sidney Lumet, another nery sang, pretty well, in the Throughout the 1970s, “The Hunt for Red Octo- guably, a dark and abusive ted actor before, during and
good, tough outing, set in 1960 Disney fantasy “Darby however, in everything from ber” (1990), as the Soviet side to the man. He admit- especially after Bond made
World War II: “The Hill.” O’Gill and the Little People.” John Huston’s rousing “The adversary of steel and wiles. ted it and never apologized. Sean Connery’s name
Well before Bond, in 1957 People went for the little Man Who Would Be King” Harrison Ford’s father in In a notorious Barbara Wal- nearly as well-known.
the young actor came to people, not for the nascent to Lumet’s sterling “Murder “Indiana Jones and the Last ters TV interview, Connery As he says in “The Un-
prominence on British tele- movie star. on the Orient Express” to Crusade” (1989). It’s sour reasserted what he saw as touchables”: Here endeth
vision in Rod Serling’s “Re- By the time I saw my first Michael Crichton’s minor revisionism, but Connery his right to physically as- the lesson.
quiem for a Heavyweight” Bond movie at 12, “Live and but diverting “The Great and Audrey Hepburn in sault a woman if a provoca-
and an adaptation of Eu- Let Die” — vicious, racist, Train Robbery,” the actor “Robin and Marian” (1976) tion “merits” it. His first Michael Phillips is a Tribune
gene O’Neill’s “Anna Chris- salacious and semi-appal- proved a constant source of warm up an ice-cold sub- wife, actress and “Tom critic.
tie.” He had the looks, but he ling, then and now — Moore delight to audiences. Even version of the Robin Hood Jones” Oscar nominee Di-
could plausibly handle had taken over, though Con- when the material wobbled; tale, the way no two other ane Cilento, was married to mjphillips@
brutes with hidden sensitiv- nery came back for an odd, he steadied it, all of it. actors ever could. the actor from 1962 to 1973.
ity, beaten out of the charac- jokey reprise himself, “Ne- He’ll be warmly remem- In “The Untouchables” Her autobiography contains Twitter @phillipstribune

Whitehall. Leon Jaworski to be the In 2003 Democratic presi- at the 46th Country Music
Chicago Daily Tribune new Watergate special dential candidate Howard Association Awards.
In 1765 the Stamp Act went prosecutor, succeeding Dean stirred controversy
ON NOVEMBER 1 ... speare’s tragedy “Othello” into effect, prompting stiff Archibald Cox. within his party by telling In 2013 a 23-year-old man
was first presented at resistance from American the Des Moines Register he with an assault rifle shot
In 1512 Michelangelo fin- Whitehall Palace in Lon- colonists. In 1989 East Germany re- wanted to be “the candidate and killed Gerardo Hernan-
ished painting the ceiling of don. opened its border with for guys with Confederate dez, an unarmed Trans-
the Sistine Chapel at the In 1936, in a speech in Czechoslovakia, prompting flags in their pickup trucks.” portation and Security Ad-
Vatican. In 1611 William Shake- Milan, Italy, Benito Mus- tens of thousands of ref- (The former Vermont gov- ministration agent, and
speare’s drama “The Tem- solini described the alliance ugees to flee to the West. ernor explained that he wounded another TSA
In 1604 William Shake- pest” was first presented at between his country and intended to encourage the agent and a teacher before
Nazi Germany as an “axis” In 1991 Clarence Thomas return of Southern voters being wounded by police at
running between Rome and took his place as the newest who had abandoned the Los Angeles International
Berlin. justice on the Supreme Democrats for decades but Airport. (Suspect Paul Cian-
WINNING LOTTERY NUMBERS Court. were disaffected with the cia, 23, faces multiple
In 1952 the United States Republicans.) charges, including murder.)
ILLINOIS INDIANA exploded the first hydrogen In 1997 Chinese President In 2007 re- Also in 2013 a U.S. drone
Oct. 31 Oct. 31
Powerball ................ 02 06 40 42 55 / 24 Lotto ............................ 12 17 18 21 23 39
bomb, codenamed “Ivy Jiang Zemin defended his tired Air Force Brigadier strike killed Pakistani Taliban
Powerball jackpot: $127M Daily 3 midday ............................. 491 / 9 Mike,” at Enewetak Atoll in government during an ap- Gen. Paul Tibbets, who pi- chief Hakimullah Mehsud in
Lotto .................... 17 18 22 29 30 31 / 02 Daily 4 midday ........................... 5320 / 9 the Marshall Islands. pearance at Harvard Uni- loted the B-29 bomber North Waziristan.
Lotto jackpot: $8.9M Daily 3 evening ............................. 706 / 7 versity, but conceded that Enola Gay that dropped the
Pick 3 midday .............................. 396 / 7 Daily 4 evening .......................... 1759 / 7
In 1954 Algerian national- China had made mistakes. atomic bomb on Hiroshima, In 2014 Brittany Maynard,
Pick 4 midday ............................ 5316 / 9 Cash 5 ............................... 03 04 11 21 42
Lucky Day Lotto midday ......................... ists began their successful Meanwhile, about 2,000 died in Columbus, Ohio; he who became the public face
02 12 16 27 45 MICHIGAN rebellion against French people demonstrated out- was 92. Also in 2007 Less of the right-to-die move-
Pick 3 evening .............................. 590 / 7 Oct. 31 rule. side both for and against the than a week after workers ment, killed herself at her
Pick 4 evening ........................... 6661 / 8 Lotto ............................ 03 08 15 28 41 46
Lucky Day Lotto evening ........................ Daily 3 midday ................................... 326
Beijing government. ratified a new contract, home in Portland, Ore. She
01 02 04 09 24 Daily 4 midday ................................. 4516 In 1968 the Motion Picture Chrysler announced 12,000 was 29. (She had terminal
Oct. 30 Daily 3 evening ................................... 573 Association of America un- In 1998 the military arm of job cuts. brain cancer.)
Mega Millions ............................................. Daily 4 evening ................................ 1773 veiled its new voluntary the radical Islamic group
14 19 34 39 59 / 11 Fantasy 5 ......................... 03 08 09 14 36
Mega Millions jackpot: $118M Keno ............................. 08 10 13 14 19 20
film rating system: G for Hamas made an unprece- In 2012 Raymond Kasper, In 2016 the Chicago White
Pick 3 midday .............................. 018 / 5 22 27 29 30 34 37 42 45 general audiences, M for dented threat against Yasser the nephew of serial killer Sox ballpark’s name was
Pick 4 midday ............................ 2071 / 7 47 61 73 74 75 77 78 79 mature audiences (later Arafat, demanding the Pal- John Wayne Gacy, was sen- officially changed from U.S.
Lucky Day Lotto midday ......................... changed to GP, then PG), R estinian leader halt a crack- tenced to 24 years for the Cellular Field to Guaran-
17 19 30 33 42 WISCONSIN
Pick 3 evening .............................. 730 / 7 Oct. 31
for restricted audiences, down against it or face sexual assault of a 12-year- teed Rate Field.
Pick 4 evening ........................... 2336 / 0 Megabucks ................ 03 05 09 16 25 40 and X (later changed to violent vengeance. old girl in her home in
Lucky Day Lotto evening ........................ Pick 3 midday ..................................... 728 NC-17) for adults only. Algonquin, Ill. Also in 2012 In 2017 the Houston Astros
13 25 29 37 43 Pick 3 evening .................................... 765 In 2002 a federal judge singer-songwriter Blake beat the Los Angeles Dod-
Pick 4 midday .................................. 1367
Nov. 3 Mega Millions: $129M
In 1973, following the “Sat- approved most provisions Shelton won entertainer, gers 5-1 in Game 7 of the
Pick 4 evening .................................. 2476
Badger 5 ........................... 02 05 11 12 31 urday Night Massacre,” Act- of an antitrust settlement male vocalist and song of World Series to win the
More winning numbers at SuperCash ................. 14 19 23 24 25 33 ing Attorney General between Microsoft and the the year honors, the latter franchise’s first champi- Robert Bork appointed Justice Department. shared with wife Miranda, onship.
B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 27

In Memoriam Crovetti, Dr. Aldo J.

Breit, Jeffrey P. Epstein, LeRoy ‘Lee’
Doris Scott High Dr. Aldo J. Crovetti, 90, raised in Highwood, Illinois, LeRoy “Lee” Epstein, age 86, passed away on
1922-2018 Jeffrey Philip Breit, 67 years, of Oak Lawn, IL. Passed
and a longtime resident of October 15, 2020. Devoted husband of Jeanette
Birthday Love, Memories are Forever in the Mix. away on October 29, 2020. Beloved husband
Lake Forest, Illinois, passed “Jean” (nee Ochwat). Loving father of Christopher
Love You...Angel, Mother, Grandmother, Friend of Margaret “Meg” nee Collins. Loving father of
away peacefully in his home (Sharon) Epstein, Catherine (James) Faxel, Steven
Sign Guestbook at Christopher (Brooke), Matthew (Elizabeth), & Nicole
at Lake Forest Place in Lake (Christine) Epstein and the late Linda Epstein.
(Mike Harris). Cherished Papa of Brody, Tessa, Shane,
Death Notices Forest, Illinois, on October Cherished grandfather of Joseph (Erin) Faxel,
Maggie, Lucy, Brock & Nora. Devoted son of the late
27, 2020. He is survived by Michael Faxel, Jaclyn Epstein, Paige Epstein and
Allen, James T. Lucille nee Tomaszewski & Philip Breit. Dear brother
his beloved wife Jean, mar- Matthew Epstein. Doting great-grandfather of
James T. Allen, 86 of Mt. Prospect was born August of Paul (Linda), Donna (Robert Messing), & Michael
ried for 61 years; his four Emma Lynn Faxel. Loving grandpa to his pups the
29, 1934 in Chicago to William P. and (Gail). Kind & generous uncle & brother in law of
children: Mary L. Crovetti late Cubby and Casper. LeRoy was a lifetime mem-
Christine H. (Fisher) Allen and passed many. Funeral Tuesday 9:15 am from Thompson
(David J Avalos), Anna Marie ber of the Pipe Fitters Local #597 and the Park Lawn
away October 19, 2020. Jim graduated & Kuenster Funeral Home, 5570 W. 95th St., Oak
Crovetti, Donna (Robert) Storm, and Alan Crovetti; Association Board Member.
from Loyola University with a Liberal Lawn to St. Gerald Church for Mass at 10:00 am.
his three grandchildren: Matthew (Morgan) Crovetti, In lieu of flowers, memorials in LeRoy’s name to
Arts degree and went on to IIT Chicago Interment private. Visitation Monday from 3:00 pm
Grant and Cara (Pederson); his two great-grandchil- your favorite No Kill Animal Shelter are much ap-
receiving a degree in mechanical and aero-space until 8:00 pm. Member of Local 21 IUBAC. In lieu of
dren Brynlie and Ryder Crovetti; his brother Eugene preciated. Services were held privately for family
engineering. He also served in the United States flowers, memorials to Ronald McDonald House, ron-
(Carol) Crovetti; and many cousins, nieces and members. You may share a memory on his tribute
Army retiring as a Captain and was a very active would be greatly appreciated.
nephews. Aldo’s greatest joy was his family. He was wall for all to cherish.
parishioner at St. Cecilia Church in Mt. Prospect. Jim 708-425-0500
very spiritual, patient, kind, generous, and shared Arrangements entrusted to care of Damar-Kaminski
was the beloved husband of Patricia C. (Halloran) Sign Guestbook at
his vast wisdom with all. He was an avid reader, Funeral Home & Crematorium, 7861 S. 88th Avenue,
Allen; loving father of Jeanne (Mark) Doruff, Diane enjoyed sports - especially golf and baseball, sto-
(Gregory) Summers, Thomas (Victoria) Allen, Justice, IL 60458 For more info, 708-496-0200 or
Carey, William rytelling, traveling, passionate about great wine and
Nanette (Stanley) Kuc, Janet (Paul) Hagen, Robert food, art and nature, music and gardening. A true
William Thomas Carey of Northfield, Illinois, Sign Guestbook at
(Mary Dwyer) Allen and Susan (William) Tangney; Renaissance man and loyal friend. Aldo attended
passed away at age 90 on
cherished grandfather of 23 and great-grandfather Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois, earning
October 7, 2020. Bill, born
of 9 with 2 more on the way and dear brother of the his B.S. degree in Chemistry, Math and Physics. He Fliess, Winston S.
in 1929 to William and Grace
late Ruth Weiher, William J. Allen, Joan Sommer and continued his studies in post graduate work com- Winston S. Fliess, Jr., 91, of Lake Bluff, IL passed
(nee McFadden) Carey on
Lawrence J. Allen and fond uncle of many nieces pleting both his M.S. and PhD degrees in Organic away October 26, 2020
Chicago’s South Side, was a
and nephews. Funeral service and interment will be and Bio-Chemistry from the University of Illinois in at his home with his wife,
loving husband of 66 years to
private. To leave a condolence message, please visit Urbana-Champaign, earning membership in several Virginia, and beloved dogs at
Helen (nee Kuhn), proud fa- Info 847-253-5423. Honor Societies. He then went on to serve as a spe- his side. Winston was both
ther to William (Linn), Joseph
Sign Guestbook at cialist in the United States Army Chemical Corps August 14, 1929 in Bronxville,
(Renata), Elizabeth (Daniel)
Baker, Therese S. ‘Sue’ Colston, and devoted grand- for two years of active duty before pursuing his NY, the son of Winston and
Therese S. “Sue” Baker (nee Metoyer), Age 87, career, also serving an additional four years in the Margaret (Kimmerle) Fliess.
father to Daniel (Allie) Colston, William Carey, David
Born into Eternal Life on Army Reserves. Dr. Crovetti spent his professional Because of his father’s
Colston, Joseph Carey, and Nicholas Carey. Bill was
October 28, 2020. Beloved career as an organic research chemist at Abbott career, the family lived in
also the beloved brother of Joan (Jack) McGinty and
wife of the late Kenneth J. Laboratories in North Chicago, Illinois for 35 years, various parts of the country
Patricia Carey (preceded in death) and fond uncle
Baker Sr. Loving mother of extensively published, earning a substantial number during Winston’s early years, eventually settling on
of John (Karen) McGinty, Michael (Chris) McGinty,
Rev. Kenneth J. Baker, Jr. and of U.S. patents, awards and achievements; most the upper east side of Manhattan. He graduated
William (Joni) McGinty, and Patrick (Dianne) McGinty.
Susan (Peter) Womack. Proud notably the Fredericka L. Stahl Award, David Clark from Trinity School and Columbia University in New
Bill was a man of powerful words who won the
“Nana” of Peter and Kristen. Award, and the Abbott Research Award. He was York and began a long career in the industrial liquid
National Extemporaneous Debate Championship
Dear sister of Barbara proud to be accredited in Who’s Who in America, handling field. In 1953, he married Dorothy W. Child
while at the University of Notre Dame from which
Porter, Patricia Russi, the Who’s Who in Technology, and Who’s Who in Science and that union produced 4 children: the late Cynthia
he graduated Magna cum Laude in 1951. There, he
late Margaret “Marge” (Jim) and Engineering. He was recognized as a notable Scheel of Libertyville, IL, the late Salli Lindner of Lake
was a recipient of the prestigious Dome Award and
Philon, Rosemary Carter, James (Melvina) Metoyer, international speaker within his profession. In 2009, Worth, FL, Winston Fliess III of Boynton Beach, FL
a member of the Blue Circle. He enlisted in the Navy
and Paul Metoyer. Fond aunt of many nieces and the “Dr. Aldo J. Crovetti Prize in Chemistry” was and JoAnn Flisek of Aurora, CO. In 1963, the mar-
where he served aboard the cruiser USS Columbus
nephews. Sue retired from the Chicago Board of established at Lake Forest College. This prize ac- riage dissolved, and Winston took a position with
CA 74 from 1951 to 1955 as a Lieutenant in the
Education after 39 years as a School Clerk, with knowledges an outstanding graduating senior in the Liquid Controls Corporation of North Chicago, IL and
Korean War. Bill married his college sweetheart,
over 25 years at Fernwood Elementary School. She Chemistry Department selected by its faculty, which relocated to the Chicago area. At LC, he met his
Helen, in 1954 and settled in Chicago where he
volunteered as a Religious Education Catechist. is presented at Senior Honors Convocation. Aldo future wife, Virginia (Saari), they married in 1965 and
worked for the University of Notre Dame Foundation
Lifelong member of the Merrymakers Mother’s Club, was also a member of a variety of professional soci- began building their forever home in Lake Bluff, IL,
with Father John Cavanaugh, then President of
and member of the Carillon Community Chorus. Sue eties including the American Chemical Society, the overlooking the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan.
Notre Dame. While studying law at DePaul University
had a great love for music, theater, watching her American Horticultural Society, His volunteer Win embraced all facets of life and was always up
from which he received his Juris Doctor in 1960,
granddaughter Kristen play hockey, and consum- work included being a member of the Alumni Board to trying new things. As he liked to say, he was not
he joined the family baking business, Delicious
ing doughnuts from Beacon Doughnuts, where and a mentor for Lake Forest College. He was also championship caliber in any of his avocations but
Cookie Company, which he expanded nationally.
her grandson Peter is a partner. Visitation Sunday, a board member of the Highwood Historical Society. better than average at many. In college he was
Subsequently, Bill and Helen invested in real estate.
November 1, 2020, 2-8pm at Curley Funeral Home Aldo volunteered for the “Kids & Chemistry” pro- good enough at baseball to receive a professional
Bill was a true renaissance man – a child actor in the
(Heeney-Laughlin Directors), 6116 W. 111th St., gram sponsored by the American Chemical Society. team tryout as a pitcher with the then St. Louis
“Golden Age of Radio” on stations WCFL in Chicago
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415. Covid-19 guidelines for He enjoyed volunteering at the Chicago Botanic Browns. He was an accomplished fly fisherman, a
and KDKA in Pittsburgh. He was regularly “on the
social distancing and masks to be observed by at- Gardens for over 20 years. In addition, he volun- decent amateur magician, an enthusiastic consum-
air” from 1936 to 1947 in many programs, including
tendees. Family and friends will meet on Monday, teered at the Botanical Gardens in Naples, Florida. er of and participant in traditional jazz, good photog-
Tom Mix and Youth Looks at the News, throughout
November 2, 2020 at St. Cletus Church, 600 West A memorial service and celebration of Aldo’s life will rapher, golfer, skier, woodworker, and 20+ year polo
grade and high school while also performing with
55th St., LaGrange, IL 60525 for Mass of Christian be held on a future date. In lieu of flowers, donations player. He and Virginia spent many years traveling
The Pittsburgh Theater Caravan. He was passionate
Burial at 12:00 Noon. All guests must register for can be made in honor of Dr. Aldo J. Crovetti to: Lake the world and seeing the US from their motorhome,
about Notre Dame football, his beloved White Sox,
Mass using the link: Forest College Chemistry Department, Lake Forest, stockpiling wonderful memories that he could enjoy
and his ever-elusive golf “short game.” Bill loved to
/go/20f0d4ba4a923abfc1-therese. Attendees are Illinois; or to the University of Illinois Chemistry during his later, less mobile years.
tell stories, read voluminously, had a photographic
asked to arrive at church by 11:30am for Mass seat- Department at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. Info: Winston leaves behind his loving wife of 55 years,
memory, loved all types of music and wrote a musi-
ing check-in. Livestream of the Funeral Mass will Wenban Funeral Home, Lake Forest (847) 234-0022 two surviving children, eight grandchildren, eight
cal which was performed with a full cast at ND.
be available beginning at 12:00 Noon using the link: or great grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild,
A larger-than-life personality who lit up every room two totally spoiled English Springer Spaniels and a
he entered, Bill was the compleat gentleman with
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Info: Heeney-Laughlin 40-year-old painted turtle.
an abundance of Old World charm who exuded el-
Funeral Directors, 708-636-5500 or Because of Covid, interment will be private and
egance, kindness and class. He fostered higher edu-
cation, supporting various colleges and universities. celebration of life will be delayed until spring. Info:
Sign Guestbook at Wenban Funeral Home (847) 234-0022 or www.wen-
Bill will be lovingly remembered for his intelligence,
wonderful tales, quotes and quick Irish wit. Bill
Davis, Karen Schlicht
Sign Guestbook at could speak to anyone brilliantly and knowledgeably Karen Davis died at home on October 14th, 2020.
Bean, Phd, Philip Garth about an encyclopedic range of topics from politics Born Karen Anne in 1939 to
Philip Bean, age 79, and Naperville resident for 38 to movie stars and Broadway to batting averages. Arnie and Dollie Schlicht of
years passed away October A private Mass of Resurrection was celebrated at Sibley, Iowa, she attended lo- Sign Guestbook at
26, 2020 of Interstitial lung Our Lady of Perpetual Help. In lieu of flowers, me- cal schools and then Grinnell
disease/idiopathic pulmonary morials may be made in Bill’s name to Guardian College as an American
fibrosis in the ICU of Edward Hospice ( or American Forests Foley, Parker
Studies major. After Grinnell,
Hospital. He had fought the ( It is with great sadness that we announce the
she taught 7th grade for a
disease for four years. Philip Info: or (847)675-1990. passing of Parker Foley
year in Arlington, Illinois, and
grew up in Enosburg Falls, on Wednesday, October
then worked as a salesper-
Vermont, about seven miles 21, 2020, in Minneapolis,
son and buyer for the Charles
from the Canadian border. Minnesota. He is the be-
A. Stevens Company in Chicago. Following marriage
Occasionally on a Sunday loved son of Melissa & Joe
Sign Guestbook at in 1964, she spent three years in Bamako, Mali,
drive they would notice that the signs were in of Duxbury, Massachusetts,
where she gained fluency in French, taught herself
French and that they must have accidentally ended and the treasured brother
how to cook out of a Julia Child cookbook, reveled
up in Canada. Then they would have to stick to back of Caroline of Denver,
Colby, Carol Perel in daily shopping at the local markets, and began a
roads to return to the U.S. He enjoyed celebrating Carol Perel Colby, 94, the strong, funny, indepen- Colorado. Parker was born
lifelong romance with the City of Light while vaca-
his July 14 (1941 ) Bastille Day birthday. One brother dent, often outrageous and in Summit, New Jersey, grew
tioning in Paris. Once back in Chicago, she gave birth
remarked on a trip to France that the whole country always loving mother of Sue up in Duxbury, and was graduated from Augsburg
to sons Jared and Cullen, mothered many of their
set off fireworks to celebrate. Philip received his Colby (Larry Baill) and Marilyn College in Minneapolis in 2016. It was there in
friends, worked through the intricate master-pet
Doctorate in History from the University of Illinois Colby Rivkin (Jeff), grandma Minneapolis that Parker was building his life, work-
relationship with two French Briards, acquired an
in 1976. He taught at Illinois Benedictine in Lisle of Laura, Michael (Abby), ing for SmartCare Equipment Solutions and actively
MA in Linguistics at UIC and began a career in real
for 30 years and reached over 2500 students. He Sarah (Marc) and Anna, great engaged in all aspects of his community.
estate-- all the while learning that relationships are
brought an extra level of interest to his lectures by grandma of Jordan and Maya, Parker believed in living life out loud. From his earli-
like pancakes, the first one is always a mistake and
coordinating his ties to them--ships, airplanes, rock- and adored wife of the late est days, he loved to be with people. He was a good
needs to be tossed out. She read and re-read Proust,
ets, fife and drummers, etc. Dr. Bean was known Bernard Colby, died peace- friend, a loving brother, and a caring son. Parker
discovered Reacher late in life, and continued to
as a problem solver as he served as Head of the fully on October 28, 2020. wanted people to feel welcomed, and to be loved
savor vacation and retirement life in both Paris and
Summer School and also the Evening School in ad- Carol was a passionate lead- and cared for. When a friend was down, Parker was
Provence. She was a devoted friend, a giver of won-
dition to his teaching. He served as President of the er and champion for the many causes there to lift him up. To know Parker was to experi-
derful dinner parties and a devout Democrat who
Lincoln Group of Illinois for 10 years and oversaw she believed in. Her wonderful stories, ence both the joys of high achievement and the pain
made sure to vote before she passed on in hopes of
its quarterly publication. He had an interest in his warm heart, and generous spirit will of life’s difficulties. Most of all, we remember Parker
making a difference one last time. Jared and Cullen,
family genealogy which included one of the Salem be remembered by family and friends for the energy, passion, and laughter he shared with
five grandchildren--Quinn, Jamison, Spencer, Delilah
witches His students enjoyed spoofing history by forever. Please send memorials to JUF everyone who was lucky enough to have walked
and Wallace-- and her companion, partner and good
having him dress as a warlock at Halloween. Philip Chicago, NCJW, Inc., or a charity of your choice. For beside him.
pancake of 25 years, Bruce Thomas, preserve and
was preceded in death by his parents, Donald Bean information: 847-256-5700. His family members include George and the late
cherish her memory. There are no immediate plans
and Vivian Archambault Bean Nichols and his sister, Elaine Balbach of Lake Forest, Illinois; MaryJoan
for a memorial service. Karen would be pleased to
Sr. Rhea Bean RSM. He is survived by his beloved and the late Joseph Foley of Annapolis, Maryland;
hear of contributions to the Shriner’s Hospitals for
wife of 51 years, Janet Richards Bean., brothers Vanessa and Charles Clarke of Lake Bluff, Illinois;
Children in her memory.
Daniel Bean (Jeanette Voss), Lawrence (Larry) Bean George Balbach of Lake Bluff, Illinois; Michael and
Sign Guestbook at Sign Guestbook at Kimberly Foley of Osterville, Massachusetts; Kate
(Marie), David Bean, brother in law John Richards
(Diane) as well as numerous nieces and nephews Foley of Baltimore, Maryland; Patrick and Heather
and grand nieces and nephews. Philip asks that Dowd, George M. Foley of Berlin, Maryland; Sean Foley of Burlington,
Courney, Raymond J. George M. Dowd, formerly of Wheaton and Indian Connecticut; Brian and Jordanna Foley of Berlin,
any remembrances be directed to St Catharine Raymond J. Courney, 79, a resident of Naperville since Head Park, age 98. U.S. Army Maryland and their families.
Academy (Sr. Rhea Bean RSM Scholarship Fund), 1970, was born on January Veteran. Beloved husband of Visiting hours will be on Thursday, November 5th,
2250 Williamsbridge Rd, Bronx, NY 10469. www. 8, 1941 to Raymond T. and the late Patricia, nee Lafferty; from 4 p.m.—8 p.m. at Shepherd Funeral Home, 216 Phone 718-822-2882. All services are Catherine (Fluffy) Courney loving father of Barbara Main Street, Kingston, Massachusetts. For addi-
private. Arrangements entrusted to Friedrich-Jones nee Mulcahy, in Chicago, Simpson, James (Jean) Dowd, tional information:
Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Naperville. For Illinois. He met Karen Briski, Mark (Lynn) Dowd and Paul There will be a private funeral service on Friday,
more information, please call (630)355-0213 or visit his beloved wife of 56 years, (Linda) Dowd; grandfather November 6th, at 11 a.m. which will be live
www.friedrich at the St. Sabina’s Sunday of 10; great-grandfather of streamed at:
dances. He was a devoted 17; dear brother of the late In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in
father to Caroline Mangan, Eleanor (late Carl) and the Parker’s memory to The Retreat, a treatment center
Jane (Scott) Grundberg, and late Lorraine; brother-in-law located in Wayzata, Minnesota https://info.ther-
Raymond Michael (Mike). Much loved grandfather of of Tom (Janet) Lafferty, the late Peggy, or call 866-928-3434
Sign Guestbook at Carrie, Kaileen, Michael and Katie Mangan, and Lucy, (Bill) Mueller and the late Michael and speak with Debbie Johnson.
Emmett and Eli Grundberg. Fond brother of John
Boehm, Arlene F. Lafferty. Services are private. In lieu May he rest in peace and rise in glory.
Arlene F. Boehm, 94 of Bellwood passed away on (Mary Lou) and Margie (Ed) Joy. Raymond graduated of flowers, memorials to the Hesed
in 1965 from the Loyola University School of Law Sign Guestbook at
October 28, 2020. Beloved wife of Edward. Loving House Homeless Shelter (www.hesed-
mother of William, Edward and the late James. and practiced law in Oak Brook. In his retirement he appreciated. Arrangements entrusted
Viewing on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 from 9:00 enjoyed many hobbies, including photography, bird- to Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home. For info
A.M. until time of service, 11:00 A.M. at Bormann ing, and Formula One racing. Ray was a ham radio 708-F-U-N-E-R-A-L.
Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Ave. Melrose Park, operator with the call sign N9WJI and had oversite
Illinois 60160. Interment Mount Emblem Cemetery. of the nightly “net” for many years. An active mem-
708-344-0714 or for fur- ber of the Naperville Sportsman’s Club, he par-
ther information. ticipated in trap shooting weekly. Raymond passed
away on October 25th 2020 at the Tabor Hills Health Sign Guestbook at
Sign Guestbook at
Center. A Memorial Mass will be held on Saturday,
Boylan, Judith Marie
Judith Marie Boylan, age 72, went to heaven on
November 7th at 11:00 am at St. Thomas the Drake, Lucille M
Apostle Church, 1500 Brookdale Road, Naperville. Lucille M. Drake, nee Santowski, 73, of Palatine, IL
October 29, 2020. She was the cherished daughter
Visitation at the church from 10:00 am until the start Beloved wife of David. Loving mother of Jill (Dan)
of the late Dorothy, née Kohlman, and Peter Boylan.
of Mass. Private Internment immediately following Mobley, Joseph (Heidi) Chiaro, Amy (Chantel)
Judy had a life of service to others, being kind and
generous to all who knew her. A true animal lover,
she devoted much time and supplies to several ani-
mass. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made
to Tabor Hills Health Center 2 East, 1347 Crystal
Chiaro, Christine (John) Ernst, David Jr. (Connie)
Drake, Daniel (Jessica) Drake and Scott (Brenda)
Every life story
mal shelters. Although we will all miss her terribly,
the memories of her and her special wit and humor
Ave., Naperville, IL 60563 for their loving care of
Raymond. Arrangements by the Beidelman-Kunsch
Drake. Cherished grandmother of Taylor, Jessica,
Anthony and Elijah Chiaro. Dear sister of Michael deserves to be told.
Funeral Homes & Crematory, 516 South Washington (Bonnie) Santowski. Fond aunt to many nieces and
will be with us forever. God Bless Judy.
nephews. A Celebration of Lucy’s life will be held at
Share your loved one’s story at
Street, Naperville. Info 630.355.0264. www.beidel-
Private Visitation Tuesday, November 3rd, 10:00 a.m. Masks and social distancing will a later date. For information 847-359-8020 or www.
until time of prayers, 12:00 p.m. at Robert J. Sheehy
be required.
& Sons Funeral Home, 4950 W. 79th St. Burbank,
IL. Interment Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. In lieu of
flowers, memorials to a charity of your choice, are
appreciated. 708-857-7878 or Brought to you by®
Sign Guestbook at Sign Guestbook at Sign Guestbook at
28 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B

Frank, Poczatek/Parks Ginsburg, Gerald “Jerry” Homola, Ronald S. Kelly, Anita

Frank G. Poczatek/Parks, 92, of Inverness, IL. Gerald “Jerry” Ginsburg, 78, beloved husband of Ronald S. Homola, 84, passed away surrounded Anita Kelly, of Arlington Hts., and previous long-
Beloved husband for 66 years Dale, nee Kaminsky; loving father of by the love of his family on time resident of Skokie was born on September
of the late Lorraine Theresa, Steve (Lori) Ginsburg and Robby (Maria) October 29, 2020. Ronald 29, 1928 in Evanston to Mathew and Helen (nee
nee Kawalec. Loving mother Ginsburg; adored Zayde of Jack, Josh, was born and raised in Garrett) Winandy. She died Wednesday, October 28,
of Frank M. (Lydia) Poczatek, Sophia and Ian; devoted son of the Chicago with his parents and 2020 in Arlington Heights. Mrs. Kelly attended St.
Elaine D. (Mark) Carlson, late Pauline and Morris Ginsburg; dear sister. Ronald then enlisted Scholastica High School in Chicago and Mundelein
Cherylynn (Jeffrey) Leach brother-in-law of Lynn (Earl) Siegel; cherished cous- in the Army and went off College in Chicago. She was most recently a
and Tom (Barbara) Poczatek. in, treasured friend and source of joy to all he met. to Alaska. After fulfilling his member of St. James Catholic Church in Arlington
Cherished grandpa of Daniel In lieu of flowers, donations in Jerry’s memory may civic duty as a soldier, Ronald Heights, and a founding member of St. Lambert
(Erin Damisch) Poczatek, be made to the Scleroderma Foundation (www. moved to Peoria to pursue Parish in Skokie. Anita loved spending time with her
Justin (Kahla) Poczatek, Laura and the Anti-Defamation League his career and met the love friends, both those from childhood, and those she
(Joe Maish) Poczatek, Keith (Angela) Carlson, Scott ( Due to the pandemic, services are of his life, Marjorie with whom he happily shared 60 met later in life. She enjoyed reading, golf, tennis
(Sara) Carlson, Christina (Duane) Carlson Grimm, private. To leave condolences and for information, years of marriage. They lived in Elk Grove Village, IL and bridge, and was grateful for the opportunity to
Elisabeth Kelly Leach, Ashley (Billy) Hazen, Courtney including link to view service: Shalom Memorial and raised three children. In pursuit of a successful travel extensively with her husband. She loved to
(Dr. James) Gray, James (Jillian) Leach, Daniella (Luis) Funeral Home (847) 255-3520 or career, Ronald decided to take a risk for his family, spend time with her family, especially her grand-
Gutierrez, Matthew (Eve) Poczatek, Kevin (Mary and with his hard work and determination, started children and great-.grandchildren. Anita is survived
Margaret Skelly) Poczatek, Jeffrey (Ellie) Poczatek his own business: Frontier Electric Supply. He was by her children, John H. (Lea) Kelly, III, Paul (Amy )
and Melissa (Tyler) Kim. Proud great-grandpa of the founder and remained President from 1982- Kelly, Dr. Leo (Linda) Kelly, Jay (the late Kimi Nance)
21 plus 2 expected on the way. Frank, along with 2012. Ronald and Marjorie later relocated to Itasca, Kelly and Sue (Jim) Longo; grandchildren, Erin (Eric)
his partner, Paul Spiewak, founded Century Tile in IL where they joined Itasca Country Club and there- Oganesian, John H. Kelly, IV, Jim (Molly) Kelly, Melissa
Sign Guestbook at
1947. Frank worked his way up from a little store after spent their winters in their home in Ft. Myers, Kelly, Matthew (Lindsey) Kelly, Sarah Kelly, Payton
on Austin Avenue in the city to owning and oper- FL where they became members of The Forest Kelly, Zachary (Caitlin) Kelly, Emily Longo, Rebecca
ating 12 stores throughout the Chicagoland area. Country Club. They enjoyed golf, traveling, and hav- Longo, Gay (Cindy Charlier) Crain and Becka (Bob)
Frank was a keen businessman and determined
Glynn, Michael ing fun with their family and friends. Ronald was a Chantry; great-grandchildren, Jack Kelly, Payton
Michael Glynn, age 69, a resident of Western
hard-worker. Frank always had a zest for life and strong patriarch for his family and a good friend to Chantry and Taylor Chantry. She was preceded in
Springs, IL. Markasan, WI.
a sparkle in his eye! He always looked forward to all. He is loved dearly and will be missed by so many. death by her husband, John H. Kelly, Jr.; her par-
passed away on October 22,
family gatherings with Polka music and 18 holes on Ronald is survived by loving wife, Marjorie; children, ents; and brother, Lester (Iris) Winandy, Visitation
2020, surrounded by the love
the golf course. He will be missed by many friends, Stephen (Nancy) Homola and Michael (Rebecca) Tuesday, November 3, 2020 from 9:00 am until
of his family. He was born on
family and business associates. In lieu of flow- Homola; 8 grandchildren, Tanya (Christopher) the 10:00 am Funeral Mass, at St. James Catholic
January 24, 1951 in Chicago,
ers, please make a gift to the American Diabetes Deckert, Eric (Jaclyn) Homola, Myles Homola, Sean Church (capacity limits, PPE requirement, and social
IL. He is survived by his lov-
Association Research Foundation, P.O. Box 7023 Homola, Katie Flanagan, Michael Homola, RJ Homola distancing in effect), 831 N. Arlington Heights Rd.,
ing wife Deborah Carlson-
Merrifield, VA 22116-7023 or visit Smith-Corcoran’s and Kayla Homola; 2 great-grandchildren, Reece and Arlington Heights, IL 60004. Interment will be pri-
Glynn; children, Nicole Glynn
website for a memorial link. Due to the COVID-19 Connor; one sister: Marcia Felix. Visitation Tuesday, vate, at All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines. In lieu
(Michael Denslow) and
pandemic and everyone’s safety all services have November 3, 2020 from 3 to 8 p.m. and Wednesday, of flowers memorials may be given to Misericordia
Elizabeth (Joshua) Sokacich;
been held privately. Entombment St. Michael the November 4, 2020 10:00 a.m. until time of Service, Heart of Mercy, 6300 N. Ridge, Chicago. Funeral
his cherished granddaughter Olivia Marr; his dear
Archangel Mausoleum. More info 847-359-8020 or 11:30 a.m. at The Oaks Funeral Home, 1201 E. Irving Information and condolences can be given at www.
siblings, Jack Glynn, Mary Kay Slakaitis, Martin Glynn, Park Rd. (at Prospect), Itasca, IL. Interment will fol- or (847) 253-0168.
Patricia (Gary) Glynn-Springer; as well as numerous
low at St. Michael the Archangel Cemetery, Palatine,
nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Michael was
IL. For funeral info: 630-250-8588 or www.oaksfh.
preceded in death by his parents, Elizabeth Hanlon
Glynn and Martin Glynn. Michael dedicated over
Sign Guestbook at 30 years of service to the Local Engineering Union Sign Guestbook at
Sign Guestbook at
Franklin, David R. 399. He was a volunteer firefighter and paramedic.
David R. Franklin. October 24, 2020. Age 71 of Michael enjoyed fishing and spending time with his Jackson, Christopher J.
Grosse Ile, MI and Lisle, IL. friends and family. The family has chosen to follow Christopher John Jackson, 50, of Long Grove, IL,
Dave worked for the USPS the health guidelines in order to protect the health passed away on October 27, 2020 following a cycling Kolo, Lorraine M.
Chicago Bulk Mail Center for and well being of their family and friends, a celebra- accident. He is survived by his wife, Karen (Edwards) Lorraine M. Kolo (Floss), age 95, of Chicago, Illinois
38 years. He retired in 2007. tion of life in the spring of 2021. Please see the full Jackson, daughter Lily Jackson, stepdaughter Abby passed away peacefully on Wednesday, October 28,
Loving partner for 20 years of obituary and online guestbook at Crelman, parents, Anita and David Jackson, broth- 2020. Lorraine was born June 5, 1925 in Chicago to
Cheryl Yocum. Dear brother ers, Daniel (Branda) and Michael Jackson, and Margaret Rummel and Harold Floss. Loving mother
of Joan Mastrodonato father-in-law, Charles Edwards. An online memo- of Mary McQuillan (Jay), Kathleen Schatz (Joseph),
and Mike (Virgie) Franklin. rial service will be held on Sunday, November 1 at Lori Ann Houlihan (Timothy) and daughter-in-law
Uncle of Phillip (Connie) 3:00pm. Details can be found at www.kolhadash. Carla Kolo. She was a loving Grams to Kathleen
Sign Guestbook at McQuillan Burken, Colleen McQuillan O’Neal, Joseph
Mastrodonato and Ryan com/chrisjackson. In lieu of flowers, donations can
Franklin; great uncle of John Mastrodonato. Also be made to the Chris Jackson Memorial Scholarship Schatz, Elizabeth Schatz Ivansek, Tara Kolo Goebel
survived by his Michigan family, Carole (John) Friel, Fund by visiting and Molly Houlihan and great-grandmother “GG” to
Lara Friel (Ken Brooks), Bryan (Stephanie) Friel story/cjacksmemorial. Madison, Sydney, Meghan, Mac, Kaylee, Logan, Ada,
and Ryan & Julia Brooks. Arrangements by Molnar Godlewski, Diane L Sign Guestbook at Woody, Jack and Addy. Left to cherish her memory
Diane L. Godlewski (nee McKenna) beloved wife of are her sister Rosemary Sullivan, brother Robert
Funeral Homes-Nixon Chapel. www.molnarfuneral-
Thomas Godlewski; loving mother of Thomas, Traci Jacobek, Shirley Ginter Floss, sisters-in-law Lucille Floss and Donna Floss.
(Daniel) Harty and Tod (Susan) Godlewski; devoted Shirley Ginter Jacobek, age 96, of Palos Park, IL She was aunt to many nieces and nephews. Lorraine
Sign Guestbook at
grandmother of Brittany, Maddi, Heather, Kelsey, passed away on October 31, 2020. She was born was preceded in death by her husband John A. Kolo,
Germanson OP, Sister Michelle Ryan, Emma, Cooper and Taylor; cherished great
Sister Michelle Germanson, OP, passed away Oct. in Oak Park, IL on September 21, 1924 to Florence her son John H. Kolo, her brothers Harold, George,
grandmother of Damien; dearest sister of Donna Ginter and Harold Fredericks. Her sister, Jean, came William, Eugene, John and brother-in-law William
21, 2020. Born in Dixon,
(the late Larry) Mosses, Jeanette (Jim) Baker, Donald two years later. She spent her childhood in Forest Sullivan.
IL and raised in Madison,
McKenna and the late Joni Hilger; dear sister in Park and enjoyed summers in Crystal Lake with her A visitation for Lorraine will be held Sunday,
WI, Sr. Michelle entered
law of Thomas Hilger; proud aunt of many nieces beloved Grandma Lillian and Grandpa Walter. Shirley November 1, 2020 from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm at
the Sinsinawa Dominican
and nephews. Visitation Monday 3 P.M. until time met her husband, Warren, when both worked at the Ridge Funeral Home (Edward A. Tylka Manager/
Congregation in 1965. She
of Funeral Service 7:00 P.M. at Lawn Funeral Home McLellan’s Five and Dime Store in Forest Park. They Director), 6620 West Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60638.
ministered in education and
17909 S. 94th Ave. Tinley Park, IL 60487 Interment were married for 68 years. Together they founded Closing prayers will be on Monday, November 2nd
leadership roles in Illinois
Private. Due to Phase 3 of the State of Illinois and operated Jacobek Insurance Agency. Warren from 9:30 am to 9:45 am at the funeral home. A
and Colorado before serv-
COVID-19 guidelines visitation is limited to 25 people preceded her in death in 2012. Shirley was a com- Mass of Christian Burial will follow at 10:00 am, St.
ing as the Dean of Students
at all times. We kindly ask to keep your visitation mitted member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Daniel the Prophet Church, 5300 S. Natoma Ave.,
at Rosary College (now
brief to allow all to attend to pay their respects. Due of the Good Shepherd in Palos Heights and also Chicago, IL 60638. Interment private at Resurrection
Dominican University.) Sr. Michelle assumed her
to CDC guidelines, face masks and social distancing an engaged member of the community her entire Cemetery, 7201 Archer Rd., Justice, IL.
role in 1992 when she became the President of
is required. Family kindly requests to refrain from life. Shirley was the epitome of a “life-long learner.” Lorraine was a proud Lady who never gave up.
Trinity High School. Her passion and unwavering
bringing food into the building. Funeral info (708) She valued knowledge above all else. Reading was She always looked forward and never back. She
faith made her instrumental in leading this all girls,
532-3100 perhaps her greatest passion. Shirley was also a treasured her family and many friends especially
Catholic high school for over 27 years. Sr. Michelle
ensured that every young woman graduated from talented artist and particularly enjoyed develop- Jerry, Mike and Nick from her Winston Family, Lil and
Trinity with self-confidence rooted in a foundation ing her water painting skills. She was a woman family, Helen and family, Lorraine and family and her
of knowledge, community, and faith. Affectionately of deep wisdom, intellect and creativity and will buddy, Eric. The family would like to thank Asbury
referred to as “SMG,” she was known for encourag- Sign Guestbook at be greatly missed. Shirley is survived by her two Gardens in North Aurora for the wonderful care
ing everyone to always remember to be AWESOME! children: Kim Jacobek and Dr. Christine Jacobek, her given to their Mom.
In addition to her Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters, Sr. grandchildren: Kelly Zednick (nee Jacobek), Kathryn Due to Covid Restrictions there will be a Celebration
Michelle is survived by generations of empowered Durkin (nee Jacobek), and Justin Jacobek. She was of Life at a later date. In lieu of flowers, please con-
women. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made Golemis, George also a proud great-grandmother to her eight great- sider a donation to the Mercy Home for Boys and
to Trinity High School. For more information on ar- George Golemis. Age 67 of Downers Grove. Beloved grandchildren: Madelyn, Audrey, and Emma Zednick; Girls, Chicago.
rangements, please visit father of Nick (Marina). Loving grandfather of Arden. Thomas, Matthew, and Mabel Durkin; and Henry and Ridge Funeral Home will adhere to current restric-
Loved partner of Katie Diederichs. Dear son of the Walter Jacobek. Services private. Express your tions in the state of Illinois, which allows 25 or fewer
Sign Guestbook at
late Nick and Artemis. Devoted brother of Nancy (Ed) thoughts and condolences at guests at a time. Proper social distancing must be
Geudtner, Robert Paul 708-532-5400
Robert P. Geudtner, 93, of Lake Forest, Illinois passed McNulty. Loving former husband of Nancy Mason. practiced and all guests will be required to wear
away on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 quietly at his Also survived by many loving cousins. Visitation face masks at all times. For info: Please call 773-
home in Lake Forest. Friday, November 6, 11:00 a.m. until time of service, 586-7900 or
He was born to parents Paul and Evelyn Geudtner 12 noon at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Sign Guestbook at
on April 6, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated Church, 2350 E. Dempster Street, Des Plaines, IL Sign Guestbook at
from Senn High School and Iowa State with a de- 60016. Interment Elmwood Cemetery, River Grove.
gree in Architecture. He is a veteran of World War In lieu of flowers, memorials to St. John the Baptist Kamm, Richard
II. He was a life time member of the Chicago Yacht Greek Orthodox Church. Funeral Info. and to sign Richard J. Kamm, formerly of Oak Park and Western
Club where he was an Old Guard. At the time of his the guestbook please visit, Springs, IL; Essex Junction, Krawiec, John Francis
VT; and Plymouth, MA died Our Beloved Uncle, John Krawiec passed away on
death, the 3rd oldest member of the club.
October 24, 2020 at the age October 28, 2020. He was
He survived his wife, Virginia, the love of his life,
of 71. Born May 30, 1949, born in Poland on June 15,
who he married in 1956 and had two children.
Rick was the sixth of Robert 1919. He leaves behind many
His daughter, Jennifer (Donald) Anderson and son, Sign Guestbook at
F. and Helen M. (McDonald) nieces and nephews in the
David (Diana) Geudtner. He has two grandchildren,
Kamm’s nine children. He at- States as well as in Poland.
Elizabeth Geudtner and Nicholas Geudtner. He
tended Fenwick High School He was a Journalist, A Fighter
is also survived by his brother and sister-in-law,
Richard and Sandy Geudtner.
Gotangco, Maria (‘67) and St. Norbert College for Political Freedom, A
Maria Gotangco, nee Villegas, age 102, of Chicago. (‘71) where he met many Historian and a Teacher. In
Bob was known for his wry sense of humor and
Beloved wife of the late Eutequio. Loving mother of lifelong friends and his beloved wife of 48 years, WWII, he was arrested in
impish grin. He loved traveling, sailing, reading and
Maria Lourdes V., Tomasita (the late Eusebio), Cris Susan (Kirwan). Together with Sue, Rick created a May of 1943 for publishing
his beloved home, Beechwood in Michigan where
V. (Ruby), Ossie V.(Lydia), Mario V. (Neny), Angeles G. wonderful life that included a successful career, the underground newspaper as part of the Polish
he and Virginia would summer. He started his ar-
(Ray), Fe V., Sr. Michaela V., Herman V. (Joy), Redempto three children, five grandchildren, and more family Resistance. He was imprisoned for two years in
chitectural career at a small firm, then going on to
V. (Joy), Digna G. (Jony), and Rachel G. (John). Dear and friends than can be mentioned here. Rick held Auschwitz – Buchenwald Concentration Camps and
American Marietta and then opening his own firm.
grandmother of 28, great-grandmother of 34, and a CPA and enjoyed a rewarding career in corporate bears his numbers on his left arm. Emigrating to
He and his brother grew the Lake Forest firm to in-
great-great grandmother of 1. Funeral services to finance that included 10 years as VP, Treasurer, and the US in 1949, he worked his way through Loyola
clude many associates and designed manufacturing
be held privately. Information 773-736-3833 Controller at Blodgett Oven Co. in Burlington, VT. University; earning a degree in Political Science.
buildings, hospitals, churches and homes. A life well
Rick was a dedicated golfer, storyteller, and bal- Serving as the Editor-in–Chief of the Daily Polish
ancer of books. But his true passions were his family Newspaper in Chicago, he was part of the press
and his friends. If he worked too much, it was to pool for President Nixon’s trip to Poland; the only
Sign Guestbook at
Sign Guestbook at provide for his family. If he laughed too loud, it was way he could safely return to his homeland. He has
Gillies, Jean met several US Presidents and Popes in his career.
Jean Gillies, age 91, of Evanston. Loving mother because he was with those who made him happi-
est. And if he was at a table surrounded by those he His retirement from the newspaper included vol-
of Janice Mueller, Laurie
loved, it was the only place he wanted to be. Rick unteering at the Holocaust Museum in Skokie. He
(Keith) Pitner, Kendra (Scott) Grzelak, Vincent H ‘Vince’ was blessed with 12 additional years of life thanks spoke to over 3,000 Chicago area school children.
Simpson. Dear grandmother Vince Grzelak, age 78, formerly of Brookfield Illinois to the generosity of organ donors (including his son, If you ever asked him how he aged so well, he
of Alison, Alexander (Megan), passed away October 28th. Vince was born on Chris and another who remains anonymous) and would say “I drank good scotch with good friends.”
Michael, Kerry, Kathryn, and October 22, 1942. Vince married the love of his life the incredible work of the talented professionals We toast you Uncle John, Na Zdrowie. We will miss
Jenna. Adoring great grand- Karen Koci on August 25, 1962 and were married at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. Rick you.
mother of Oliver. Kind sister to for 52 years at the time of her passing. Vince was will be dearly missed by his wife Sue; his children In lieu of flowers please make all memorial dona-
the late Flora Martin and the an avid bowler holding the title of “King of Chicago” Chris (Megan), Jeremy (Maureen), and Betsie; his tions to the Holocaust Museum of Skokie. There will
late Donald Gillies. Jean was bowler in 1965. He retired from American Wilbert grandchildren Lucy, Alyssa, Colin, Jack, and Nora; be no public services, due to Covid but please visit
a renaissance woman. She Vault of Des Plaines Illinois. Preceded in death by his as well as by siblings Bob, Don, Helen, Rosemary, his online guest book at
received her Ph.D. in Art History from Northwestern wife, Karen and his Brother Dennis Grzelak.
University while raising her 3 daughters as a single Marilyn, Jay, Tom, and John along with their spouses,
Survived by his son Gary (Lauri) Grzelak, daughter children, and grandchildren. The family plans to hold
mom. After receiving her Ph.D. she began teaching Diane DeTorrice, grandchildren Abby DeTorrice,
Art History at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU). a celebration of Rick’s life in the near future. In lieu
Daniel DeTorrice, Allison DeTorrice, Dana Waddell, of flowers please consider a donation to the United
While a professor of Art History she also was the Amy DeTorrice, Joseph Grzelak , sister-in-law Cathy Sign Guestbook at
Coordinator for the Women’s Studies Program and Network for Organ Sharing or to the Greater Boston
Grzelak, many nieces, nephews, and cousins. A pri- Food Bank.
developed the course Images of Women in Art, vate memorial service will be held in Moab, Utah at
which led to the film “American Women-Daughters Sign Guestbook at
a later date for Vince and his wife Karen. Donations
of a Dream”. She retired from NEIU in 1999. Jean can be given to the Abbie Hunt Bryce Home 4760
was obsessed with the Bottecelli’s Primavera and Pennwood Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46205 in his name
worked on a manuscript for years finally becoming and the American Cancer Society. HONOR THE
a book which was published in 2010 as “Botticelli’s

life & memories

Sign Guestbook at
Primavera – The Young Lorenzo’s Transformation”.
Jean loved playing bridge and was an American
Contract Bridge League Life Master. She was a life-
long Chicago Cubs fan, loved going to the ballpark Heavey, Constance “Connie” P. OF YOUR LOVED ONE
and one of her favorite memories at Wrigley Field Constance “Connie” P. Heavey, 92 of Lake Zurich,
was taking the rosin bag to the pitcher’s mound was born on December 5, 1927 and passed away
in 2014. She loved to travel and said one of her on October 28, 2020. Connie was the dear mother
most adventurous things she did was driving on of Bernard Heavey and Pamela (Rusty) Allen; loving EXCEPTIONAL PERSON DESERVES
the wrong side of the road in England and traveling grandmother of Erin, Phil (Leanne Bornschlegel), and WITH LIFE TRIBUTES
to Italy alone without knowing the language. Jean Greg Heavey, Aimee (Wes) Sothen and Katie (Brett)
is a long-time member of Lake Street Church in Bildstein; great-grandmother of Jace, Eliette, Brooks, Our professional writers will assist you
Evanston. Ryan, Marlowe and Everett; beloved sister, aunt, to showcase and celebrate the life of
Due to the restrictions of COVID-19 the Funeral great-aunt and friend of many. She was preceded your loved ones with a beautifully written
Service will be held privately. To view the Funeral in death by her husband, Francis Heavey. Services tribute prominently placed within the
Service live on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 1:00 will be held privately for her family at All Saints Chicago Tribune.
p.m. go to Catholic Cemetery, Des Plaines. Arrangements
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be were entrusted to Davenport Family Funeral Home
made to Lake Street Church of Evanston, 607 Lake and Crematory, Lake Zurich. To leave an online  312.222.2222
Street, Evanston, IL 60201. condolence message for the family, please visit 
Info: or (847)675-1990. or call 847-550-4221.

Sign Guestbook at Sign Guestbook at

B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 29
Krehbiel, Fred Love ‘Pete’ Lobas, Germaine Milburn, Sue E Norwood, Leon ‘’Chops’’
Fred Love “Pete” Krehbiel, Germaine Lobas, age 80, of Plainfield, IL passed Sue Ellen (Moore) Milburn passed away peace- Leon Norwood, age 72, passed away on October
January 17, 1965 - Oct 19, away surrounded by her loving family on October fully at the age of 91 in the 21, 2020. Beloved husband
2020 28, 2020. She was born in Cicero, IL on July 12, home of her daughter in of over 50 years to his surviv-
Chicago Philanthropist, 1940. Germaine is survived by her loving children; Austin, TX on October 26, ing wife Shirley A. Norwood.
Molex Executive Who Valued David (Arlene) Lobas, Gary Lobas, Nicole (James) 2020 after a lengthy struggle Loving father of April
Family Janiak, 3 grandchildren, 1 great-grandson and 2 with Parkinson’s. Sue grew Norwood and five others;
Fred Love “Pete” Krehbiel sisters. She was preceded in death by her loving up in Des Plaines, IL, raised proud grandfather of twelve
died October 19 at husband, Ronald J. Lobas. Services are private and a her family in Park Ridge, IL, and a host of great grandchil-
Northwestern Memorial Memorial Celebration will be scheduled at a future retired in Prospect Heights, dren, relatives, and friends.
Hospital in Chicago. date. Memorials in Germaine’s name may be made IL and moved to Austin, TX. Leon was a member of Union
Pete’s career was with Molex to the American Lung Association. Arrangements Sue and Jim (her husband) Evangelistic Baptist Church
Inc., a worldwide leading manufacturer of electronic, entrusted to Beidelman-Kunsch Funeral Homes were high school sweethearts at Maine (East) High all his life and was part of the Usher Board for 20
electrical, and fiber optic interconnection systems. & Crematory. Info: 630-922-9630 or www.beidel- School, went to Bowling Green State University to- years. An advocate for helping others, he was a pas-
He joined in 1981 as an intern, working in the sum- gether and then were married in October 1950. sionate political advocate and supported women
mers throughout high school. After graduating from Even though she worked for 10 years at Lutheran running for office. Leon was preceded in death by
Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts (1988) General Hospital in the Drug and Alcohol Unit, yet his mother Mary E. Norwood (Tyms), father John J.
and a Bachelor of Science in engineering (1989), he when asked about her career, she would beam and Norwood, sister Audrey Norwood, brother Maurice
joined Molex full time as a design engineer in the say, “I am a mom and a wife.” She was a member of Norwood, his favorite sister-in-law Alma L. Martin
Sign Guestbook at
company’s America’s Region automotive division. her college and high school’s synchronized swim- and other relatives. He is survived by his sister
In 1993 he was promoted to engineering manager Lorenz, Richard T. ming team. Sue and Jim enjoyed ballroom dancing Viola “Peaches” Norwood and sister-in-law Florence
of the division, where he led the product develop- Richard Theodore Lorenz, Jr., 88, passed away on and would dazzle on the dance floor. She was an Robinson and brother-in-law Allen R. Kennedy.
ment team that won the largest connector contract October 24, 2020. He was avid golfer, and at 87 years young, she achieved her Sign Guestbook at
in Molex history. In 1994 he was named to Molex’s born on November 10, 1931 SECOND hole in one! In addition to golf, her other
board of directors and earned the Molex Excellence in Chicago, IL to Richard and favorite pastimes were bridge, crossword puzzles,
O’Donnell, Joan Louise
Joan Louise O’Donnell, 84. Joan passed away
in Product Design Award for the development of the Catherine (nee Blumenthal) travel, and art.
peacefully on October 21st,
family of Delco filtered headers. Lorenz. Richard married Jane For over 40 year Sue volunteered to help kids. She
2020 with her family and
When Molex acquired Cardell Automotive in 1999, (nee Benner) on September was a fun and engaging Girl Scout leader; searched
grandkids by her side in La
Pete relocated to Molex’s new automotive division 10, 1955. He was a gradu- for lost children for the Salvation Army; made hun-
Grange, Illinois. She was born
headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich., and in 2000 was ate of the University of Notre dreds of Christmas stockings for children with the
on July 22, 1936 in Boston
named division president. In 2007 he was promoted Dame and Loyola University Red Cross; knitted little caps for babies born with
Massachusetts. She is the
to vice president of product development and com- School of Law. Richard prac- HIV/AIDS; and for twenty years volunteered twice
daughter of the late John and
mercialization for Molex’s new Global Divisions, ticed law in Chicago with McDermott Will & Emery, a week at Euclid Elementary School in Prospect
Norma Fraser. In addition to
and in 2009 he was named senior vice president before retiring as a partner in 1991. A lifelong fan Heights.
her parents, she is preceded
of technology innovation. Pete retired from Molex of Notre Dame, the Chicago Bears and Cubs, he Sue will be dearly missed for her love and support,
in death by her sister, Joyce
when the company was sold in 2013—with more also enjoyed travel, photography, music, and mov- kindness, generosity, warmth and sweetness. She
Fraser Kingsfield. Joan loved her time at Lyons
than 20 patents for his designs under his belt. ies. Richard is survived by his loving wife Jane, his had a quick wit and silly sense of humor that made
Township High School and she co-chaired many of
daughter Anne, pseudo-daughter Geri Yaccino, and people happy: everyone who knew her came away
her class reunions. She also loved to go to the Corral
“Unlike many inventors Pete insisted on including other family and friends. His family is grateful to a better person because she touched their lives.
on Friday nights where she met her husband, Tom
every engineer on the patent, no matter how small caretakers Patrick and Shaneisha. A private fu- Sue was the beloved wife of the late James S.
O’Donnell. Joan was an avid traveler. Her favorite
their role,” said his uncle, Fredrick A. Krehbiel, Molex neral mass will be held at Church of St. Mary, Lake Milburn; loving mother of David (Gail), Tim (Tracy),
places were New Mexico, Europe’s river boats,
Co-Chairman prior to its sale. “He always said it was Forest, with burial to take place at St. Mary Catholic and Lynne (Gail Goodman); dear sister of the late
Ireland, Scotland, New England and Montana. Joan
a team effort, and he wanted the full team to re- Cemetery, Lake Forest. Bonnie (the late James) Eck; the late Florence (the
also loved to travel with her close-knit group of high
ceive the credit. He knew that having a name on In lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Richard late Stanley) Holbrook and fond sister-in-law of the
school friends, “The Turkeys”. She made fast friends
a patent boosted your engineering career, and he may be sent to St. Malachy School, 2252 W. late Joann (nee Milburn) and the late Bill Jensen;
with people she met and was beloved by so many.
helped so many build their careers.” Washington Blvd., Chicago, 60612 or The Church of cherished aunt of Nancy Rodie, Margery (Michael)
She will be greatly missed and fondly remembered
St. Mary, 201 East Illinois Road, Lake Forest, 60045 Burton, Lon (“Pookie”) Eck, James “Charlie” (Laura)
by all who knew her. Her infectious laugh made oth-
Many More Accomplishments Info: Wenban Funeral Home, Lake Forest (847) 234- Eck, Ellyn (John Wach) Blauser, Karen (Daniel)
ers enjoy life. An enthusiastic patron of Lucca’s in La
Pete’s accomplishments stretch far beyond engi- 0022 or GO IRISH! Kinnare, Diane (David) O’Brill, Sherrie (Steve) Richey,
Grange; she loved pizza and Mickey. Joan’s biggest
neering. He was extremely family-focused and was Bill Jr. (Marti) Jensen, Julie (Dennis) McGowan, and
strength was being the glue that held her tightly-
a wonderful photographer, a combination that led Jim (Amy) Jensen. She cherished her many great
knit family together. Joan is survived by her loving
him to produce a hardbound book of photographs nieces and nephews who called her “Aunt Sue,” and
husband of 67 years, Tom O’Donnell, her three chil-
commemorating the year’s highlights of shared numerous dear friends, especially Jim O’Connor from
Sign Guestbook at dren, Kathy O’Donnell, Mike (Jean) O’Donnell, and
times together for each immediate and extended Prospect Heights, IL, who was her close friend and
Steve (Hannah) O’Donnell, and was devoted grand-
family member. companion for 24 years. Sue was preceded in death
Malik, Jean A. mother to Zak, Riane, Murphy, Maddy, McKenna, and
Jean A. Malik, 71, of Wheaton, passed away October by her parents Alonzo Hough Moore and Florence
Molly. Interment at her church. In Lieu of flowers,
Widely known for his generosity, he hosted numer- 25, 2020. Beloved wife of Patrick B. Malik; lov- “Daisy” (nee Bonnell). Sue will be laid to rest next
memorial contributions should be sent to the Music
ous large annual events to benefit a host of chari- ing mother of Jen (Tim) Burns and Doug (Angela) to her husband at Town of Maine Cemetery in Park
Ministry at the First Congregational Church of La
table organizations. His truest love, however, was Oest; proud grandmother of Benjamin, Alexander, Ridge, IL. Due to COVID, no services will be held
Grange, 100 6th Avenue, La Grange, IL 60525.
Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital where he served Catherine and Eleanor. Jean was a loving sister at this time and a memorial and celebration of her
Sign Guestbook at
on the hospital’s Medical Center board for 16 years, and a dedicated teacher. She will be dearly missed. life is planned for late Spring, 2021. In lieu of flow-
beginning in 2004. Information at or (630) ers please consider a donation to the Parkinson’s Osborn, James Morgan
668-0016. Foundation online at Jim born July 16, 1951 in Oak Park, IL passed away
Pete also cared deeply about children and their Sign Guestbook at Sign Guestbook at suddenly at home from natu-
wellbeing. He was a beloved uncle to his nieces, Milke, Judith Marie ral causes on October 22,
nephews, and godchildren. Pete had a special tal- Mallory, Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Judith(Judi) Marie Milke, aged 69, passed away in 2020 at the age of 69.
ent in connecting with adults and kids through his Roberta Mallory passed away on October 19, 2020, her Shreveport home on Jim is survived by his wife
very funny sense of humor and his ability to engage from COPD. She had 4 children: Harry; Michael; Dan; Monday 26oct2020 at the Linda Whitby Osborn, sons
people of all ages. and Jennifer (Eric). Roberta, born on November 11, end of a long respiratory ill- Morgan Osborn and Jackson
Pete had a zest for life and loved Chicago where he 1939 to Frances and Ralph O’Neil. She has 5 grand- ness. Daughter of Scottie and Osborn. His father Victor
lived his entire life. He loved the architecture and children: Michael Mallory (Jason Menken);Danny Leonard Milke, she is sur- Osborn, and sisters and
cultural institutions of Chicago, and he also loved Dubow (Keti);Mark Dubow (Brittany); Thomas vived by siblings Tom, Susan, bothers Patricia (Thomas);
the city’s fabulous food. But, apart from Chicago, Mallory, and Nicki Dahlem. She was preceded in Deborah and David. Judi is Michael (Jane); Vicky (Bill);
his favorite place in the world was Lake Como, death by her parents, her husband, Harry Mallory, cousin to: Gary, Karen and Dan; Mary (Dave), Matt (Becky); and fourteen nieces
Italy, where he soaked in the Italian sun, culture, and her son, Michael Mallory (2019). We will miss Mark, and aunt to: Jennifer, and nephews and ten great-nieces and nephews.
language, and food. you. Where ever you are, there’s a cat on your lap Lisa, Bethann, Michael, Jim was proceeded in death by his mother Joan
and the Bear’s game is on. A Funeral Mass will be Jessica and Tommy. Kerwin Osborn and sister Catherine Waddle and her
A Rare Combination held at the St. Paul on the Cross in Park Ridge on She was born in Chicago where she lived until our husband John.
Pete was a talented and all-around athlete and an May 29th 2021 at 10 am. family moved to Glenview IL. She graduated from Jim’s family was a big part of his life. He loved sports
inquisitive reader. A competitive ski racer in high Sign Guestbook at Glenbrook South HS, the UofI (Champaign) and UW and was a life long golfer. He marched with the
school and college, skiing remained a lifelong pas- Madison Law School. She moved to Shreveport LA drum and bugle corp. during his youth. He was a
sion. He became a certified scuba diver in high Martorana, Vincenza ‘Gina’ in the 80’s where she worked as an Attorney for very gifted actor working throughout the Chicago
school and earned his pilot’s license in college. He Vincenza “Gina” Martorana, nee Butera of Elmwood
over 30 years, until retirement. area to name a few the Franklin Park Players, Oak
loved cars as well as hunting with his father, ten- Park, Born in Casteltermini, Sicily on August 13,
Judi accomplished a great deal in life. She never Park Players, Second City, Steppenwolfe and The
nis, water skiing, running, and road and mountain 1928; Loving wife of Carmelo Martorana who
followed the path of least resistance, particularly Goodman. He loved the white Sox’s and even
biking. He also enjoyed fun, social city sports, such preceded her in death along with their dear son
when that path conflicted with her principles. For posted a blog and went to their spring training. His
as rollerblading, softball, kickball, and any other ac- Michaelangelo Martorana. Gina leaves behind her
myself, my sister spent a great deal of time guid- career was in wine and beverage sales and also in
tivity that gave him a chance to get together with daughter, M. Stella (Michael) Weber; Daughter-in-law
ing me through my college years when she lived management. To highlight a few moments, he man-
family and friends. And, he was an avid reader of Mary Martorana and her cherished grandchildren
in Madison - those years that I can recall with true aged and opened the bar and lounge in Spiaggia on
science, technology, and world affairs, and he espe- and great-grandchildren, Annette (Jeffrey) Sowka,
fondness, filled with great memories and jokes that the Million Dollar Mile. Opened, managed and set up
cially loved science fiction. Nicole (Tony) Ingraffia, Christine (Thomas) Dowgiallo,
I still laugh about today. concessions and beverages for Stadium Club at the
Loredana Martorana-Weber, great grandchildren,
In lieu of condolences, simply consider examining new Comiskey Park.
Pete is survived by his parents, John H. Krehbiel Jr. Olivia Ingraffia, Alex Ingraffia and Emma Ingraffia.
“the path of least resistance” the next time it con- A memorial mass was held at Our Lady of the Brook
and Posy Krehbiel; John’s wife, Karen Gray-Krehbiel; Loving sister of 8, survived by 5 sisters. Beloved
flicts with your own principles – I think Judi would Catholic Church with only the immediate family in
his brother, Yaz (Kate) Krehbiel; his sister Meg aunt to many. All services for Vincenza will be
be happy with that. attendance following restrictions in place due to
Krehbiel; his fiancé, Amy Halvorsen; and his nieces held privately. Arrangements handled by Salerno’s
Sign Guestbook at COVID-19. A larger gathering to follow when per-
and nephews. He is also survived by his uncle Galewood Chapels, 1857 N. Harlem Ave., Chicago.
Moses, Charles ‘Charlie’ mitted. Cremation was handled by Hursen Funeral
Fred (Kay) Krehbiel and his close first cousins Liam For info (773) 889-1700
Charles ‘Charlie’ Moses, age 93. Beloved husband Home.
(Karen) Krehbiel and their children and Jay (Silvia) Sign Guestbook at
for 67 years of Ursula, nee Bloomfield.
Krehbiel and their children.
Devoted son of the late Osias and Anna
Ostrowski, James
Moses. Dear brother of the late Henry
A special acknowledgment from the Krehbiel family Sign Guestbook at James Ostrowski, 78, of Palatine, passed away
(Marion) Moses; dear brother-in-law
to Amy Halvorsen, who provided unwavering love peacefully on October 30, 2020. Beloved husband
of Ruth and the late Robert Kupchick;
and support to Pete throughout his illness, and Mazur, Mari of Mary Ostrowski, nee Clayton. Loving father of
Dear uncle and great-uncle and great-great uncle.
the world-class care provided by Northwestern Mari Mazur nee Hillan, age 84, of River Grove; be- Jennifer (Richard) Seifert and Peter. Cherished
Private family graveside services will be held
Hospital’s extremely talented doctors and nurses loved wife of the late Daniel H. Mazur; loving mother Grandfather “Dziadzia” of R.J. and Keira. Adored
Monday November 2, 2020 at 1 PM. Family and
who cared for Pete. of Daniel (Holly Barnes) Mazur cherished grand- brother of Joanne Behm. Son of the late Mary P.
friends that cannot attend the service are welcome
mother of Toby and Will Barnes-Mazur; dear sister and Edmund Bruno. He will be missed by many
to view the service at Charlie’s webpage on www.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only a small family of Sadie (Brian) Connell, Edward (Kay) Hillan, Mary friends and family. He retired from the Metropolitan live, or anytime after the fu-
service led by Father Wall was possible, which was (Robbie) MacDonald and John (Clare) Hillan; fond Water Reclamation District. Visitation will be held
neral. Info Mitzvah Memorial Funerals 630-MITZVAH
held October 22, 2020 at Old St. Patrick’s Church in aunt and cousin of many. Mari is also survived by on Tuesday, November 3rd from 3-7pm at Smith-
Chicago. her “stepson” Bob and his wife Anandi Thompson Corcoran Funeral Home, 185 E. Northwest Highway,
Sign Guestbook at Palatine IL 60067. Mass of the Resurrection held at
and their son Buddy. Mari was a native of Crumlin in
In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in Dublin, Ireland. Private services and interment were Nakagawa, Marian St. Thomas of Villanova, if you’d like to attend mass
Pete’s name to Lurie Children’s Foundation, attn: held in All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines. Memorials Marian Nakagawa, nee Fujimoto, age 95, born in please reach out to the family directly. Inurnment
Erin Coleman, 225 E. Chicago Ave, Box 4, Chicago, are suggested to your favorite charity in memory Armona, California and lived in Chicago, Illinois, St. Michael the Archangel Cemetery. In lieu of flow-
Il 60611. of Mari. Info: 708-383-3191 or drechslerbrownwil- mother of Susan and Nancy, passed away on ers, please make a donation JourneyCare. More October 26, 2020. She was preceded in death by info 847-359-8020 or visit www.smithcorcoran.
Arrangements by CENTRAL CHAPELS-Chicago. Info., Sign Guestbook at her husband, Shunichi Nakagawa. Condolences can com. Due to covid-19 restrictions 25 guests will be
773-581-9000. be sent to Nakagawa, 3736 N. Bell, Chicago, Illinois allowed in the funeral home at one time and masks
60618. Any memories or stories you can share of will be required.
her will be placed in a remembrance book for her
family and friends. Services private. Info 773-472-
Sign Guestbook at
Levin, Joseph Sign Guestbook at
Joseph Levin, 90, beloved husband of Marlene, nee
Pagni, Carol
Endless, for 67 wonderful Carol Pagni nee Dombroski, Beloved wife of Angelo;
Sign Guestbook at
years; loving father of Ellen Loving mother Roberta (Roberto) Torres, Angelo
(Donald) Robinson and Neal Nielsen, Anna M.
Anna M. Nielsen, nee Ryder, age 85; Beloved wife and Liana (Jason) Simonsen; Caring grandmother of
Levin (Amy Morton); cher- Gianna, Kayla, Karissa, Alyse, Alyssa and great grand-
ished Papa of Rachel (Brian) of the late Everett Nielsen; Loving mother of the
late Laura Gertonson-Kirby, and Charles (Susan) mother of Aurora; Dear sister of Raymond (Barbara),
Wadkins, Jacob (Sara) Shulkin, Robert (Celeste), John (Patti), Rick (Sue), Marilyn (late
Laura Shulkin, Ruby Rae Gertonson; Dearest grandmother of Nicholas
Gertonson and Andrew Gertonson; Loving sister Tom), Darlene (Don), late Danny (Annette) and the
Levin, Abra J Levin, Taluhla late Gail. Caring sister in law of Enzo (Joy). Cherished
Rose Levin and Amanda of Margaret Rita (the late George) Ribikawskis, the
late Irene (the late Bud) Cooper, the late Thomas aunt of many nieces and nephews. Visitation is on
(Sam) Schwartz; adored great Monday 3:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at Belmont Funeral
grandpa of Raizel Devorah Shulkin and William Ryder, the late Patrick Joseph Ryder, and
the late James Robert Ryder; Loving aunt of many Home 7120 W. Belmont Avenue. Friends are asked
Blake Wadkins; devoted son of the late to meet at St. Alphonsus Church 411 N. Wheeling
Lillian and Icko Levin; treasured brother, nieces and nephews; Funeral and interment private;
Arrangements by Lack and Sons Funeral Home, Rd. Prospect Heights for Mass of Christian Burial
uncle, cousin and friend of many. Joe’s 10:00 a.m. Entombment All Saints Cemetery. Due to
infectious smile lit up every room he entered. He 9236 S. Roberts Road, Hickory Hills, IL. 60457;
Information 708-430-5700 the current CDC regulations, limited to 50 people at
was a role model for all men; kind, loving and always a time. We respectfully ask that you promptly exit
put his family first. the funeral home after paying your respects, this
Due to COVID restrictions, a private funeral service will allow other people the same opportunity. Face
was held on Friday, October 30th. In lieu of flow- masks are required. Info 773.286.2500 or www.
ers, donations may be made in Joe’s name to the Sign Guestbook at
American Cancer Society ( or the
Wounded Warrior Project (www.woundedwarrior- For information, Shalom Memorial
Funeral Home, (847) 255-3520. Every life story Sign Guestbook at
Sign Guestbook at
deserves to be told.
Share your loved one’s story at
Every life story
Every life story deserves to be told. Every life story
deserves to be told. Share your loved one's story at deserves to be told.
Share your loved one's story at Share your loved one's story at
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Brought to you by®

Brought to you by® Brought to you by®
30 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B

Paleczny, John P. Piec, Joyce M. Schuldt, Stuart Nelson Shopiro, David Robert
On October 18, 2020 John P. Paleczny of Lake Joyce M. Piec, age 91 of Batavia. She was born in Stuart Nelson Schuldt, 58, died surrounded by his February 5, 1952 - October 22, 2020
Forest, IL, loving husband, fa- Great Yarmouth, England to family on October 25, 2020 after a 19-month battle A bright light went out when
ther, brother & uncle passed Leo and Florrie McDermott. with glioblastoma. Raised in Kenilworth, he was David Shopiro left this world
away peacefully at the age Joyce emigrated to the the son of the late Robert F. and Barbara N. Schuldt. on October 22, 2020 after
of 72. He was surrounded by United States with her hus- While Stuart had a distinguished career in the finan- losing his battle with cancer.
many of those that he loved band and young son in 1954. cial services industry, it was his personal pursuits David’s passionate, exuber-
dearly. - especially those in the outdoors - that truly defined ant, yet caring nature left
John was born on November She is survived by her three his life. Earning the Eagle Scout rank as a teen, Stu a lasting imprint on those
17, 1947 in Chicago, IL to John sons; Christopher (Diana) was devoted to Boy Scouting and shepherded his whose lives he touched.
& Catherine Paleczny. He Piec, of St. Charles, Dave sons as well as scores of other young men through David grew up on Chicago’s
graduated from Forest View Piec, of Geneva, Greg Piec, the ranks as an Assistant Scout Master. Stuart was South Side, the son of
High School and was a proud alumnus of Batavia, five grandchildren; Derek Piec, Andrew an avid fisherman who shared his love of both bait Florence & Gordon Shopiro, brother to Carolyn
of Northwestern University. He also (Elizabeth) Piec, Brianna (Chad) Leistikow, Ryan casting in Canada and fly-fishing in Colorado with Shopiro Davis. He attended the U of C Lab School,
served with honor in the United States (Meredith) Piec, Eric (Lauren) Piec, eleven great- his family. A lifelong recreational sailor, he enjoyed then graduated Case Western Reserve later earning
Marine Corps Reserves. Semper Fidelis. grandchildren, and two brothers; Derrick (Christine) trying to pass that passion on to his sons. He also his MBA degree from the University of Chicago.
John married Marlane, the love of his life, in 1973. McDermott and Michael (Annette) McDermott. spent countless hours gardening, putzing around As a restauranteur, originally owning Orly’s in Hyde
The two were inseparable for the next 47 years. among his roses and other perennials. As a lifelong Park, he continued for years pursuing his own cre-
Together, John & Marlane raised their only child, Roy Joyce was preceded in death by her loving husband athlete, Stuart especially loved coaching his sons ative entrepreneurial spirit within the food service
Paleczny. The couple was blessed to share many Jan, and her sister Margaret Newman. in any sport they participated in, regardless of his industry. David took great joy in frequently and gen-
very happy and special memories together. They knowledge of the sport. Most of all, he loved his erously donating meals to those in need within his
traveled the world and shared a special fondness Joyce was a devoted wife and mother who fulfilled family and friends. Once you were Stu’s friend, you community.
for the Tuscan countryside. her dream of making a better life for her children. were a friend for life, and he would go out of his David was a voracious reader possessing an insatia-
John had a passion for all things Chicago – be it A South Sider at heart, she migrated her way from way to support and protect those he loved. Stuart ble intellectual curiosity. His other passions included
his beloved Cubs, the annual Air & Water show or the Back of the Yards to Burbank, Oak Forest, and is survived by his wife and best friend Kathryn (née involvement in politics and an appreciation and love
the many neighborhood festivals that he enjoyed Plainfield finally settling at the Holmstad in Batavia Park), his favorite oldest son Jonathan, his favorite of classical music. David was an avid Cubs and Bulls
frequenting with family and friends. John was also to be near her family. She will be remembered for youngest son Peter, and his best dog Sheffield. fan and for many years was a competitive athlete.
an avid lover of music who displayed a particular her hard work, perseverance, mince meat pies and He is also survived by his brother Robert (Cheryl), He was a life-long caring and devoted dog owner
fondness for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones kolaczki. brother-in-law Thomas (Mary) Park, his father-in-law and his wonderful sense of humor, combined with
among many others. He was known for his quick Dale (Rachel) Park, and 5 nieces and nephews. A his at times irreverent but always playful wit, was
smile, easy laugh and sound advice. Interment will be private due to Covid restrictions. family memorial service with be livestreamed on relished by all that knew him.
John was an avid golfer as well and loved being on A celebration of her life will be held at a later date. Sunday, November 1 at 1:00pm (CT) on www.kuc. David’s enduring love for his only sibling Carolyn
the course with family, colleagues and friends. For In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to a org. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made was a constant. Their mutual bond was so very
many years he had a standing Saturday foursome charity of your choice. in Stuart’s name to Ten Thousand Villages, 915 remarkable and deeply cherished by both of them.
at Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest, IL with Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60202 or the American Over the last decade David shared his life with his
the many friends he had there. Conway Farms held For more information, please call Yurs Funeral Home Brain Tumor Association, 8550 W Bryn Mawr Ave, soul mate, Renee Bass. Together they embraced a
a special place in John’s heart. of St. Charles, 630-584-0060 or visit us at www.yurs- Ste 550, Chicago, IL 60631. Arrangements by Wm. fulfilling and very special loving relationship.
John’s other true passion was his work at Petersen . H. Scott Funeral Home. For information please call Missing David will be very difficult for his entire fam-
Aluminum Corporation. Starting in 1970 as a ware- 847-251-8200. ily (including his brother-in-law, Loren Davis) and for
house worker, he rose to become President of the his dear life-long friends. Hopefully in the not too
company. A true “rags to riches” story! He retired distant future a smile will return to the faces of all
from the company at the beginning of 2019. Among those who were so very fortunate to know, to care
his many business accomplishments, John was the for, and to remember our dear David.
Sign Guestbook at Sign Guestbook at
recipient of the Metal Service Center Institute’s In David’s memory, any donations may be made to
“Lifetime Achievement Award”, the organizations’ Poerio, Alex Craig-Schnidt ‘Poe’ the American Cancer Society or to ASPCA.
highest honor. Alex Craig Schmidt Poerio, age 27, passed away Shaw, Robert R. Sign Guestbook at
In death, John was preceded by his father John, his on Friday, October 23, 2020 Robert Ralph Shaw, 89, of Richmond, IL; formerly Spachner, Sally P.
mother Catherine as well as his sisters Kathleen & Community Hospital in of Athens OH, Lake Geneva, Sally P. Spachner, age 73, passed away peacefully
Judy. He is survived by his wife Marlane, son Roy, sis- Munster. He was born on July IL, and Florida; passed away on October 28, 2020. Loving
ters Patricia (Michael) Czarkowski & Sandy (Jeffrey) 28, 1993, in Hazel Crest, IL. peacefully at home October mother of Sherri (William)
Seay, brother Michael (Kathryn) and a great many Alex graduated from Purdue 20, 2020. Roscoe, James and Derek.
nieces and nephews. All will miss John terribly, but University with his BS and Cherished Nana of Kyle,
are thankful that he touched their lives with such a MBA in Finance. Though his The founder of Vehicle David, Jake, Kacey, Brady,
loving impact. time here was short, he lived Improvement Products Mackinzie and Kennedy. Dear
At the present time a memorial service for John a very full life and provided (V.I.P.), Bob manufactured sister of Caesar (the late
is being planned. When it is safe to do so friends, his friends and family with a steering wheels for luxury Bette Ann) Vitale and Theresa
colleagues and family will gather to remember lifetime of memories. He loved his work and in his automobiles and freightliner (Thomas) Wood. Sally is now
a life, well lived. In lieu of flowers, donations may spare time enjoyed golf, skeet shooting, and being trucks. at eternal rest with her par-
be made in memory of John at the University of anywhere near water. ents Ben and Phyllis Vitale. Fond Aunt and a dear
Chicago Medicine. Checks may be made payable He is survived by his mother and father, Kelly and He was a well-loved and much-respected collector friend to many.
to “The University of Chicago Medicine” and sent Craig and younger sister, Abby. He was the loving of classic cars, a member of the Rolls Royce Club of Memorial Visitation Wednesday, November 4, 2020
to the following address: University of Chicago Gift nephew of Janet (Reinke), Karen & John (Stalmack), Chicago, and a founding member of the Streeterville from 3:00 - 9:00 p.m. at COLONIAL - WOJCIECHOWSKI
Administration and Business Data, John Paleczny Fred (Schmidt), Beth (Schmidt & Peter Frigo), Sue Scramblers - That Chicagoland Motorcycle Club. His FUNERAL HOME, 6250 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago.
Memorial, 5235 S. Harper Court, 4th Floor, Chicago, & George (Cook). He leaves behind his cousins, Bugatti sits in the Schlumpf Collection at the Cité de Funeral services Thursday, November 5, starting
IL 60615. If preferred, you can donate online at: giv- Valerie, Nick, Tony and Michael (Cepil) Kelly, Tom, l’Automobile in Mulhouse, France. with prayers at 10:45 a.m. from the funeral home, Alternatively, gifts Joshua, Jillian (Hosek), Dennis and Joanna (Stalmack) proceeding to Immaculate Conception Church for
may be made to Mercy Home for Boys & Girls – 1140 and Aaron (Schmidt). Along with numerous aunts, Beloved husband of almost 25 years to Roberta 11:15 a.m. Mass. Inurnment will follow at St. Joseph
West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60607. https:// uncles and cousins. His fraternal grandmother, “Bobbi” Jane Kirkpatrick Shaw (nee Lichtenberger), Cemetery in River Grove. Arrangements entrusted Eleanor (nee Malito) is heartbroken as he joins his former spouse of the late Dottie Shaw. to Green Burials of Love, Ltd., Marion O’Connor Friel -
maternal grandmother and grandfather, Beverly and Director. Info (773) 774-0366 or
Frederick Schmidt and fraternal grandfather Robert Dear father of Jay, Robert, and the late Gregory
Sign Guestbook at and uncle Bob and David (Schmidt). Shaw; grandfather of Cameron Choo and Austin,
Lilly, and Landon Shaw.
Sign Guestbook at
Panico, Pat J. Beloved step-father of Kim Kirkpatrick, Randi Mikrut,
Rebmann, Irene M. and Kristine Myerson Vollmer. Step-grandfather of
Sign Guestbook at
Pat J. Panico, age 96, beloved husband of the late
Irene Mary Rebmann, (nee Shields), age 76 of Alsip, Tatum Kirkpatrick, Ryan Mikrut Faurie, Riely and Sr. Siminas, Lorraine Therese
Lillian; loving dad of Mary
passed away October 23, 2020. Beloved wife of Reese Mikrut, and Kirk, Kyle, Kory, Kase, and Kent Sister Lorraine Therese Siminas, SSC, 86, beloved
Ann (Bill) Marr and Joe (Chris)
Dan; loving sister to Charles Shields and the late Kay Myerson. Great-grandfather of Raedyn Faurie, Kory member of the Sisters of St. Casimir for 67 years,
Panico retired CPD and Elwood; devoted aunt to Julie (Dave) Servatius, Jim Lee, Jr and Knox Myerson, and Kylee and Kayden died October 24, 2020. Sister Lorraine Therese
CCSD; cherished grandpa Elwood, Karen (Jim) Brock, Mylene (Brian) Coleman, Myerson. taught in elementary schools in Illinois, Maryland,
of Bill (Maria) Marr, Gloria Colette Rebmann, Al (Barbara) Rebmann, Sue Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, and
(Joe) Lorusso, and the late (Michael) Miles, Howard Machek, and April (Robert) Close friends and family will gather on August 15, Pennsylvania. Since 2015 she served as a minister
Pat “PJ” Panico; proud great
Soto; great-aunt to Ethan, Amelia, Charlie, Andrew, 2021, to celebrate what would have been Bob’s of prayer and presence at Franciscan Village in
grandpa of Christopher,
Jacob, Kevin, Brandon, Patrick, Daniel, Natalie, Ben, 90th birthday. Lemont, IL. Sister Lorraine Therese is survived by
Stephen, Mario, Leah, and
Will, Dylan, Landon, Emmeline, and Nolan; fond nieces, nephews, and cousins and by members of
Mia. Donations In memory of sister-in-law to Noreen (Howard) Machek, the late Arrangements by Cremation Society of Illinois, 773- the SSC Congregation. Her parents, Frank and Mary
can be made to Wounded Warrior Project, Renee (the late Bill) Kisha, and the late Stanley (Alda) 281-5058 or Agnes Siminas and her brothers Leonard, Richard, or St.Jude Children’s Rebmann; cherished daughter of the late Peter and Frank preceded Sister Lorraine Therese in
Research Hospital, Funeral and Catherine Shields; dear daughter-in-law to the death. Visitation at Nativity BVM Church, 69 th
Services private. Entombment St. Adalbert
late Dan and Irene Rebmann; wonderful friend to and S. Washtenaw, Chicago, Thursday, November
Cemetery. For info or (773)
many. There will be a memorial mass held Saturday, 5, 2020, 10:30 a.m. to be followed by the Mass of
774-3232. Sign Guestbook at
November 7, 2020 11:00 a.m. at Incarnation Resurrection at 11:30 a.m. Interment, St. Casimir
Catholic Church, 5757 W. 127th Street, Crestwood. Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be
Interment private. For more information: 708-422- made to the SSC Retirement Fund. www.sistersof-
2700 or Sheehan Jr., James W. or 2601 W Marquette Road, Chicago IL
Sign Guestbook at Of El Cajon, California went to be with the Lord on 60629 (David Gaidas, Funeral Director)
October 28th, 2020 at age 86. Born in Chicago, Jim at-
tended St. Ignatius College preparatory school(class
Peck, Mary C. of 1952) followed by Western Michigan University
Mary C. Peck, nee Heraty, October 30, 2020, lifelong Sign Guestbook at
(WMU class of 1956) where he was an integral Sign Guestbook at
resident of the Southwest Side of Chicago, of Rosebraugh, Robert William member of the cross country team. He was the lov-
Clearing neighborhood; beloved wife of the late Bob Rosebraugh, longtime of Wheaton, IL, beloved Stepek, Robert J.
ing husband of Marilyn Wild Sheehan and father to Robert J. Stepek, beloved husband of the late
Ralph Peck; loving mother of Michael Peck, Mary husband of Martha, loving father of Bob (Melinda) Beth(Garry), Kathy (Bill), Michael(Nadine) Pat (Mike) Dorothy (nee Hansen); loving father of Susan
Ann (Tony) Dubczuk, and Ralph (Patricia) Peck; Rosebraugh, Linda (George) Rosebraugh Neill, proud Daniel and Mary (Jim) grandfather to Ashley, Adam, (Jerry) Wachowiak, Scott (Netta) and the late Rev.
proud grandmother of Ralph, Kelly, and Tracy Peck, grandfather of four and great-grandfather of six. Alex, Jennifer, Aimee, Steve, Ben, Jack, Patrick, Matt Robert A. Stepek; devoted grandfather of Terri
Maureen and Toni Marie Dubczuk; dear sister Born in Conway, Iowa May 26, 1922 he served in and Kerstin and great grandfather of nine. (Christopher) La Via, Jeffrey (Nicole) Wachowiak,
of Barbara (late Robert) Smith, Eileen (Dr. John) the US Navy and retired from United Air Lines as a Jim was a natural born leader and spent his entire Scottie Stepek and Robert (Fiancee Megan) Stepek;
Zumerchik, and preceded by John, Paul, and Patrick captain on Boeing DC-10. A Celebration of Life will career leading teams at United Airlines and Pacific cherished great grandfather of Bailee, Lily, Marco,
Heraty; fond aunt of many. Family and friends be scheduled in the future when it is safe to gather Southwest Airlines (PSA). He rose to executive level Andrew, Neil, MaKayla and Grace; dearest brother
will gather on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, at St. in groups. In lieu of flowers the family suggests con- positions at both airlines and made many lifelong of the late Dorothy (James) Maloney; fond uncle of
Symphorosa Church, 6135 S. Austin Ave., Chicago, tributions to Disabled American Veterans at DAV. friends during his career. Jim served in ROTC at many nieces and nephews. Robert was a member
from 9 a.m. until Funeral Mass of Christian Burial org. Guest book and complete obituary at www. WMU and was a member of the USMC and trans- of Local 134 for 70 years. Visitation Saturday 9:00
at 10 a.m. Burial Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Alsip, or 630-668-0027. ferred to the Army where he rose to be a Captain AM until time of Service 10:30 AM at Lawn Funeral
IL. For those attending services, PLEASE NOTE Sign Guestbook at in the late 1950s. In his retirement Jim joined the El Home 7909 State Road (5500W) Burbank,IL 60459.
Ross, Carole J. Cajon Rotary club and was a member for 24 years, Interment St. Mary Cemetery. Due to Phase 3 of
Carole J. Ross nee Johan age 85; beloved wife of serving as president in 2000-2001. Additionally Jim the State of Illinois COVID-19 guidelines visitation
TIME, WITH MASKS REQUIRED. Please omit flowers.
Frank; loving mother of Frank (Carol), Christopher was a realtor, working for several real estate agen- is limited to 25 people at all times. We kindly ask
Contributions to St. Symphorosa Church, 6135 S.
(late Laura), Nicholas, Kathryn, Maureen Ross and cies over the past 20 years. to keep your visitation brief to allow all to attend
Austin Ave., Chicago, IL 60638, greatly appreciated.
Carolyn (late Joseph) Mullen; cherished grand- Jim was a devout catholic and was very involved to pay their respects. Due to CDC guidelines, face
mother of Casey, Andy and James; dear sister of with the Church of St Luke community, serving on masks and social distancing is required. Funeral
To express your thoughts or memories in the
Martin (Arlette) Johan; dearest daughter of the late several advisory committees and enjoying a fel- info 708-636-2320
online guest book, visit or www.
Rudy and the late Therese Johan; also survived by lowship lunch each week after mass. Jim enjoyed Arrangements by
other relatives and many friends. Visitation Monday travel and was able to see many countries during
CENTRAL CHAPELS-Chicago. Info., 773-581-9000.
November 2, 2020; 4 pm to 8 pm at Kosary Funeral his airline career and into his retirement. He was
Home 9837 S. Kedzie, Evergreen Park. Funeral especially proud of being Irish and was fond of
Tuesday November 3rd; 10:15 am from Chapel to returning to Ireland any chance he got. He was Sign Guestbook at
St. Bernadette Church for Mass of Christian Burial even seen lifting a pint or two in a local bar! Jim Straka, Frances P.
Sign Guestbook at 11:00 am; Interment Private (708) 499-3223 or kosa- was always a gracious host, opening up his home Frances P. Straka nee Monteleone, age 98, 68 year to friends and family often. Enjoying the California resident of Lombard. Beloved wife of 62 years of
Sign Guestbook at sunsets with a cocktail in hand was a nightly ritual the late Edward L.; loving mother of Camille (Albert)
in the Sheehan household. Jim is predeceased by Brito, Janet (the late John), and Robert (Marquetta);
Rymek, Collin A. his parents James and Florence Sheehan, his wife cherished grandmother of Michael (Mary Ann)
Collin A. Rymek, age 37, passed away on October Loys Sheehan, Andrew Lefkovitz and ex-wife Marge Brito, Jeffrey (Melissa) Brito, Gary (Aimee) Brito
27th. Loving father of Adin Mitchel, Gabriel Sheehan. At this time there are no services planned and Christine (Justin) Tait; great-grandmother of 9;
Fredrick, Ellie Eden and Malakai Austin. Cherished due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are hopeful that dear sister of the late Elizabeth (the late Russell)
son of Carol and Paul Rymek. Dearly loved by his one day we can have a celebration of life honor- Larson; and many nieces and nephews. She was a
brother Phillip Daniel, aunts and uncles, cousins and ing Jim and all his many accomplishments. In lieu long-time member of Sacred Heart Church. She was
many friends. Services are private, a celebration of flowers please consider a donation in Jim’s name also a great cook, baker, gardener and seamstress.
of life will be scheduled at a later date. The family to the El Cajon Rotary club at PO Box 643 El Cajon, Due to COVID, family visitation and Funeral Mass at
requests that those who wish to express sympathy CA. 92022 Sacred Heart Church will be private. Entombment
to consider making a donation to the future college Sign Guestbook at Assumption Cemetery Mausoleum. In lieu of flow-
education of Collin’s children. Checks made payable ers, memorials to a charity of your choice appreciat-
to Bright Directions College Savings Plan can be ed. Arrangements made by Brust Funeral Home, 135
mailed to Edward Jones-6800 Main street, Suite S. Main St., Lombard. Info www.brustfuneralhome.
100, Downers Grove IL 60516. Please reference the com or 888-629-0094.
Rymek children in your notation. Sign Guestbook at

Sign Guestbook at

Saso, Louise ‘Jannet’
Every life story Louise “Jannet” Saso of Hillside, age 80; dear sister
of Josephine “Rose”; preceded in death by five

deserves to be told. siblings; proud aunt of many nieces and nephews.

Family and friends will be received at the Conboy-
Every life story
Westchester Funeral Home, 10501 W. Cermak Rd.,
Share your loved one's story at Westchester on Monday, November 2, 2020 from
deserves to be told. Every life story 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. Funeral Tuesday 9:15 a.m. from
the funeral home to St. Domitilla Church for 10:00
Share your loved one’s story at
deserves to be told.
a.m. Mass. Interment Queen of Heaven Cemetery. Share your loved one's story at
Info 708-F-U-N-E-R-A-L. www.conboywestchesterfh.

Brought to you by®

Brought to you by® Brought to you by®
Sign Guestbook at
B Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 31
SWADE, JOAN GRACE Walker, Robert E. L. Wisniewski, Barbara M.
Joan Grace Swade, 83, of Western Springs. Beloved Surrounded by family, former Wilmette resident, Barbara M. Wisniewski, was born in Poland May
wife of Ronald. Loving mother of Susan May, Robert Walker (90) passed peacefully away on 4, 1934 and came to a new
Maureen (Michael) Milligan, Dr. Terrence, M. D. (Dr. October 11, 2020. Born in Dodge City, KS on country America, her country
Karyn, D. D. S.), Alan (Cathy) and Donald. Devoted November 5, 1929 to Lancelot Lee and Kathryn she loved so much. She was
grandmother of Aaron and Heather May, Michael, Walker, Robert was a Kansas Law School graduate always eager to help her
Jennifer and Emily Milligan, Sarah, Christopher, with a distinguished career in the banking industry. friends with their problems
Anne and Katie Swade, Corey, Kyle, Andrew and Robert was a world traveler, intellectually curious, whenever needed. She was
Megan Swade. Dear sister of Marilyn (Frederick and adventurous at heart. He is survived by his 7 highly appreciated by anyone
“Rick”) Marrese, the late Thomas (Dorothy) and the children and 13 grandchildren. Private funeral she worked for. She was very
late Arthur (Mary) Gyrl. Fond aunt of many. Due service will be held on November 5th at St Francis appreciative of her neighbors
to Covid-19, services and interment are private. In Xavier church in Wilmette, IL and friends who comforted
lieu of flowers, memorial contributions to Nazareth Sign Guestbook at her during her illness. She is dearly missed by her
Academy appreciated. Joan was loved by all her friend Frank and her nephews and nieces. Funeral
grandchildren, who referred to her as “Pajama Services arranged by Skaja Terrace Funeral Home
Grandma.” Arrangements entrusted to Hallowell Walton III, Stanley A. ‘Sandy’ 7812 N. Milwaukee Ave. Niles. Funeral Services and
& James Funeral Home at 708/352-6500 or www. (12-10-1939 to 10-28-2020) Interment private at Maryhill Cemetery. 847-966- 7302 or
With heavy hearts, we share
that Sandy Walton, 80,
passed away suddenly on
October 28, 2020. Sandy was
Sign Guestbook at a friend to many, an adept Sign Guestbook at
raconteur, dedicated to com- Wolfson, Lee S.
Szuberla, Stanley munity-service, a passionate Lee S. Wolfson, 64. Beloved husband of Naomi, née
Stanley Szuberla died peacefully at home October
traveler, movie connoisseur, Raysses; devoted father of Joshua and
21, 2020, from Chronic Congestive Heart Failure.
and most importantly a fam- Daniel Wolfson; dear brother of Mark
Born in Rzeszowice, Poland on April 17,1932. He
ily man who loved making his children and grand- (Lynn) Wolfson and brother-in-law of
was a Siberian survivor. Son of his predeceased
children laugh. Kathryn (Jim) Benson; cherished son of
parents Joseph and Marianna (nee Walat) Szuberla
Lorraine and the late M. Robert Wolfson;
and the brother to his predeceased siblings. Stanley
Sandy grew up in Clarendon Hills, IL and graduated cherished son-in-law of the late George and Dee
is survived by his beloved wife Christina (nee
from Hinsdale High School where he met the love Raysses; will be deeply missed by nieces, nephews,
Jamieson) of sixty-four years and by his devoted
of his life, Karen (Kayser) Walton. A man of diverse cousins, and many close friends. Lee was the found-
children: daughter Lisa Maria (Paul) Dinning and son
talents, he starred in the senior class play and was er of SF Solutions and was well known in the real
Joseph Szuberla; loving grandchildren Kathrine and
an All-Conference Varsity football lineman; many of estate community. Due to the current health situa-
Ian Dinning and Eligia and Stanley Szuberla. Due to
his teammates remained lifelong friends. tion, services will be private. In lieu of flowers, me-
the pandemic, a private family memorial service
morial contributions may be made to North Shore
was held on Friday. May he Rest In Peace.
The years he spent earning his bachelor and law Congregation Israel,, or the University
Sign Guestbook at
degrees at his beloved Washington & Lee University of Chicago Oncology Program. Checks may be made
provided endless material for rollicking stories. He payable to the “University of Chicago Medicine” and
Tadevich Jr., Edward V. was convinced his fraternity chapter was the inspi- sent to the following address: University of Chicago
Edward V. Tadevich Jr., age 75, Army Veteran, beloved
ration for “Animal House”. Gift Administration and Business Data, Lee Wolfson
husband of Jill S. (nee Bosmann); loving
Memorial, 5235 S. Harper Court, 4th Floor, Chicago,
father of Adrienne (Geoffrey) Stigler and
A born entertainer with an irreverent sense of hu- IL 60615. Or, you can donate online at: giving.uchi-
Keith (Kim) Tadevich; cherished grandfa-
mor, Sandy was a hardworking and accomplished by entering only your contact
ther of Ava and Ethan Stigler, Haley, Jack,
litigator who became a partner at Winston & Strawn and credit card information, and the amount of your
Nathan and Sarah Tadevich; dearest
and then Seyfarth Shaw LLP. He was also deeply in- gift (no other fields required).
brother of Rosemary (Daniel) Fritsch, Deidre (Jay)
volved with his community. He served as a Hinsdale
Wright, the late Dennis and the late Darryl (Linda)
Village Trustee, and was twice elected president
Tadevich; dear brother-in-law of Bruce (Marjorie)
of the Hinsdale Historical Society -- spearheading
Bosmann; fond uncle of many nieces and nephews.
the purchase of Immanuel Hall and helping to pre-
Ed was a retired proprietor of Burr Oak Bowl, Mardi Sign Guestbook at

serve the Zook Home and Studio. He joined with a
Gras Lanes and Oak Forest Bowl. Visitation Monday
group of concerned citizens in protecting Katherine Yntema, Ida G.
3:00 P.M. until time of Funeral Service 7:00 P.M. at Ida G. Yntema (nee Hoekstra), age 97, died peace-
Legge Memorial Park from development and spent
Lawn Funeral Home 7732 W. 159th St. Orland Park. fully on October 25, 2020, in her Western Springs
many years on the board of the Hinsdale Central
Due to Phase 3 of the State of Illinois COVID-19 home where she had lived for sixty years. She
Foundation. He also remained deeply involved in

life story
guidelines visitation is limited to 25 people at all was the loving wife of the late Dr. J.L. Yntema, the
the W & L Alumni Association and relished his year
times. We kindly ask to keep your visitation brief to devoted mother of Margaret Yntema Sereno, James
leading it as President.
allow all to pay their respects. Interment Private. In Yntema, Richard (Louise Captein) Yntema and David
lieu of flowers memorials to Susan G. Koman Breast (Esther Patrick) Yntema, the proud grandmother of
Sandy was a “desultory and eclectic”, as he called
Cancer 13770 Noel Rd. Suite 801889 Dallas TX Alexander (Stacy) Sereno, Samuel Yntema, Zane

himself, reader, who prepared yearly summaries for
75380. Funeral Info: 708 429-3200 Yntema and Calvin Yntema, and the loving aunt
his family and friends of the books he voraciously
read. Among the other joys of his life were his of many nieces and nephews. She was born in
Czech heritage, the Chicago Bears, the Northeast The Netherlands on March 8, 1923. She relocated
Kingdom of Vermont, and -- after bravely conquer- with her husband when he pursued his career as a
Sign Guestbook at

Telser, Sylvia Ruth

Sylvia Ruth Telser, (née Trossman), age 90, of
Chicago, Illinois died on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.
ing his fear of flying -- world travels. He and Karen
travelled to all 50 states and 50 countries.

He was enchanted by and treasured his multi-

talented wife, and was a devoted and generous
nuclear physicist at laboratories in Ottawa, Canada,
Princeton NJ and Pittsburgh PA before settling in
Western Springs near Argonne National Laboratory.
She loved gardening, cooking and reading and trav-
eled extensively with her husband and family. She
to be told.
She was born in Montréal, Canada on March 7, 1930. father to Kathy, Anne & Alex. Sandy was very proud was a loyal and steadfast member of the Western
She graduated from McGill University and came to of and doted on his grandchildren Sam Lombardo, Springs Christian Reformed Church since 1956. Share your loved one's story at
Chicago when she was 25 in 1955. She married Charlie, Luke & Jack Randall, and Julia, Emma, She will be interred beside her late husband in
Lester G. Telser in June 1956. Over the years, she Sophia & William Walton. He cherished his warm Bronswood Cemetary. Services will be private. In
was a social worker, and active in Hadassah. She relationships with his sons-in-law, Leigh Randall and lieu of flowers, please consider donating memori-
was passionate about gardening. She took great Ali Allabadi, and enjoyed the camaraderie he shared als to Doctors Without Borders or Elim Christian
joy in raising their son Joshua (Esther Tryban) and with his surviving younger brother Jon. Services.
their daughter Tamar (Ron) Schwartz. In later years
she also found great joy in being a grandmother We are so grateful to have been given the chance to
to Tamar and Ron’s daughters, Leena and Cara. have him in our lives. He was astute, adventurous,
Graveside service will be private. In lieu of flowers, generous, handsome, humorous, firm, and commit- Sign Guestbook at
donations can be made to a charity of your choice. ted. His huge presence will be deeply missed.
Arrangements entrusted to Lakeshore Jewish Zajakala, Joseph C.
Joseph C. Zajakala, 71, died on Oct. 19, 2020 in
Funerals, 773-625-8621 He was preceded in death by his parents, Stan and
Burbank. He was born in Chicago on Feb. 12, 1949
Emily, and his brother Christopher.
to the late Frances (nee Gaber) and Joseph W.
Zajakala. Joe was a longtime Ryerson employee.
The family is planning a celebration of Sandy’s life
Joe was adored and will be missed by many nieces Brought to you by®
in the spring. In lieu of flowers, donations in his
Sign Guestbook at and nephews. Joe will have a private interment
memory may be made to the Hinsdale Historical
at Resurrection Cemetery. Funeral arrangements
Society, P.O. Box 336, Hinsdale, IL 60522.
Trygar, Michael Burke ‘Mike’ entrusted to Lawn Funeral Home. Funeral info
CHICAGO, IL - October 23, 2020, Age 66. Raised (708)636-2320.
in Southfield, MI. Beloved Sign Guestbook at
brother of Nancy (Jim)
Artinian. Preceded in death
by his parents Michael and
Honor Trygar. He will be Sign Guestbook at
dearly missed by his family
and friends. Services will take
place privately. Memorial
tributes to Capuchin Soup
Kitchen, American Heart
Association or charity of choice. A. J. Desmond &
Sons Funeral Home (248)362-2500. View obituary
and sign tribute wall at
Sign Guestbook at

Van Zeyl, John J.

John Van Zeyl, beloved husband of Peggy (nee:
Podesta) for 52 years. Loving father of Tony (Lorie)
and Brian (Annie). Dear Pappa to Daisy, Riley,
Lily and Hunter. Brother of Robert and the late
James. Interment private with celebration of life
mass at later date. Donations to Misericordia and
St. Judes Hospital in name of John appreciated.
Arrangement by Salerno’s Galewood Chapels. For
info 773-889-1700.

Sign Guestbook at

Voss, Sr., Peter

Peter Voss Sr., age 84, went to be with his Lord
and Savior on October 17,
2020. Beloved husband
for 63 years to Louetta,
nee Slager. Loving father
of Peter Jr. (Valerie), John
(Kimberly), David (Pamela),
Donna (Shawn) Matthuis,
Thomas (Cheryl) and James
(Rachel). Cherished grand-
father of 22. Dearest great-
grandfather of 28. Dear brother of Grace (Henry)
Kamp and the late Jacob (late Johanna) Voss, Jennie
(late Henry “Ike”) Iwema, Henry (late Grace) Voss,
Sadie (late Richard) Smits, Ted (Peggy) Voss, John
(late Frances) Voss, Anna (late Clarence) Haak and
Marie (late Edward) Pierik. Dear brother-in-law of
John (Madeline) Slager, Joyce (Ken) Ipema, Dorothy
(Jim) VanderVeer, and the late Beverly (Dave) Noort.
Fond uncle of many nieces and nephews. Pete was
a well known builder and developer in the South
Suburbs of Chicago. Visitation Thursday, November
5, 2020 from 3-8 p.m. at Colonial Chapel 15525 S.
73rd Ave. (155th/Wheeler Dr. & Harlem) Orland
Park, IL. To uphold safety guidelines, all guests are
asked to wear a mask and respect social distanc-
ing requirements. Private burial at Orland Memorial
Park Cemetery. A service to celebrate Pete’s life
will be held Friday, November 6, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.
at Orland Park Christian Reformed Church, 7500
Sycamore Dr., Orland Park, IL. To uphold safety
guidelines, all guests are asked to wear a mask
and respect social distancing requirements. A
live-stream of the service will be available, please
visit Pete’s obituary on Colonial Chapel’s web-site
at to view the live-stream of the
service. The link will be posted shortly. Memorials
to the Bible League International, 1 Bible League
Plaza, Crete, IL 60417-9902 ( pre-
ferred. Express your thoughts and condolences at 708-532-5400

Sign Guestbook at

32 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Sunday, November 1, 2020 B


SUNDAY, NOV. 1 NORMAL HIGH: 56° NORMAL LOW: 38° RECORD HIGH: 81° (1950) RECORD LOW: 21° (1879)

November starts colder with strong winds

-10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s wise pleasant Halloween,
the first day of November
Saturday’s lowest: 6° at will bring afternoon tem-
Estcourt Station, Maine
International Falls
peratures about 20 degrees
HIGH LOW 60/44
50s 32/26 colder than the last day of
October. A cold front pas-
Spokane Bismarck Concord sage Saturday night will
40 26 Steady or
rising at night Portland

49/34 30s
Green Bay
37/26 Boston
keep wind speeds high but
turn warm south winds to
■ Lakeshore flood 65/38 Rapid City 53/35 much colder northwest
advisory until 3 a.m. CST 60s 58/40 Minneapolis
Detroit Buffalo 50s winds. The high tempera-
Monday for Lake County, 38/30 45/30 50/31 New York
Pittsburgh 59/39 ture Sunday will have oc-
Indiana. Gale warnings Reno 60/40 Des Moines Cleveland 51/32 curred at midnight Sat-
in effect for southern 73/36 45/30
52/37 urday night. Temps will
Lake Michigan. Did you Washington
move your clocks back
Salt Lake City
49/34 St. Louis Indianapolis
remain mainly in the 30s
San 66/40 48/28 48/27 through the daytime hours
one hour last night? Francisco Denver 50s
Kansas City
70/49 Las Vegas 65/42 51/35 Louisville Sunday, about 20 degrees
■ The high temp for 84/59 51/28 below normal. Wind gusts
Sunday will have occurred Wichita
Los Angeles Charlotte may approach 50 mph
at midnight. Afternoon 56/36
temps in the 30s.
86/61 Albuquerque
Little Rock
68/34 60s through Sunday afternoon,
Phoenix potentially producing
■ Morning clouds diminish 94/70 Oklahoma City Atlanta
as the day progresses.
60s 61/38 Birmingham 68/35 waves of 15 to 20 feet on the
San Diego 68/36 Lake Michigan shores of
Gusty NW winds 25-35 78/60 El Paso Dallas Jackson Porter and La Porte Coun-
mph with gusts to 50 mph 71/46 68/41 68/39 ties in Indiana. A quick
possible through Saturday’s highest:
98° at Yuma, Ariz. Orlando
warmup begins Monday
New 86/60 with a high near 50.
■ Becoming clear and cold Orleans Warmer weather for the
76/50 73/51
overnight. workweek will include dry
(Precipitation at 7 a.m. CDT)
■ Nighttime winds 86/75 conditions through the first
diminish and turn west. SNOW RAIN week of November.


Steady or Steady or Steady or Steady or Steady or Steady or
50 35
rising at night 59 44
rising at night 63 48
rising at night 65 46
rising at night 65 51
rising at night 63 52
rising at night
Sunny, warmer and breezy. A Most of the U.S. will be dry Morning sun then increasing Continued dry, mild and Mostly sunny and comfort- Morning sun but clouds
little cool for early November for Election Day. Sunny, afternoon clouds. Warmer breezy. Some morning able with a high in the mid increase in the afternoon.
a high near 50. WSW winds continued dry, warmer and with a high in the low 60s, clouds, becoming mostly 60s, well above the normal Remaining dry and mild
15-20 mph gusting to 30 mph less windy. High near 60. SW about 10 degrees above sunny by afternoon. High in high of 53. Some increasing with the high in the low 60s.
diminish after sunset. winds 8-12 mph increase normal. Breezy SW winds the mid 60s. SW winds 10-18 cloud cover late in the S winds 8-12 mph. Partly
Scattered overnight clouds. slightly overnight. Mainly 15-20 mph. Partly cloudy mph diminish overnight. afternoon. Breezy SW winds cloudy overnight with S
Warmer with a low in the mid clear and warmer overnight and warmer overnight with Scattered overnight clouds. 10-20 mph. Partly cloudy winds 8-12 mph. An above
30s. with a low in the mid 40s. w in the upper 40s.
a low Loww ne
nearly 10° abo
above normal. overnight, normal low in the low 50s.

Chicago Chicago Chicago

Chicago Chicago Chicago

NOTE: Predicted high/low temps on Tribune weather page are chronological—the “high” refers to maximum reading expected during day and “low” is the minimum reading expected the following night.


Dear Tom, November normals and extremes—colder, shorter days ahead SATURDAY TEMPERATURES

SNOWIEST NOVEMBERS November is tied with January as the second least sunny month as a percentage Gary 59 23 O’Hare 61 29
by multiple hurricanes this Normals
HAVE OCCURRED of possible sunshine with an average of 42%. December is the least sunny Kankakee 61 27 Romeoville 59 29
season. Has this happened Monthly maximum temp 48.2° IN THE PAST 5 YEARS month with the normal mothly sunshine being 41% of possible. Lakefront 59 35 Valparaiso 58 24
before? Monthly minimum temp 32.4° AVG DEP DEP DEP % OF DEP Lansing 59 26 Waukegan 58 21
Jack Hardekopf, Monthly average temp 40.3° MONTHLY FROM TOTAL FROM TOTAL FROM POSSIBLE FROM

Monthly snowfall 1.2” 1940 1895 1951 2015 44.6° +4.3° 4.49” +1.34” 11.2” +10.0” 56% +14% PERIOD 2020 NORMAL

Percentage of possible sun 42% 2016 46.8° +6.5° 1.69” -1.46” Trace -1.2” 60% +18% Sat. (through 4 p.m.) 0.00" 0.10"
Dear Jack, Extremes 12.7” 11.2” 2017 39.7° -0.6° 1.75” -1.40” 0.1” -1.1” 45% +3% October to date 3.65" 3.15"
Louisiana ranks third 2018 2015 2018 34.6° -5.7° 3.24” +0.09” 12.7” +11.5” 28% -14% Year to date 34.95" 31.49"
Warmest mean avg. temp 50.0° (1931) 2019 34.8° -5.5° 1.87” -1.28” 3.7” +2.5” 33% -9%
among coastal states in Coolest mean avg. temp 31.6° (1873, 1880) CHICAGO SNOWFALL
hurricane landfalls, but Wettest 8.22” (1985) NOVEMBER HAS THE FASTEST TEMPERATURE DROP
Sat. (through 4 p.m.) 0.0" 0.0"
well behind the runaway Driest 0.31” (1904) FROM BEGINNING TO END OF MONTH NORMAL NORMAL
Least snowy 0.0” (1944, 1999, 2001) Season to date Trace Trace
leader Florida and runner- Snowiest 14.8” (1940)
Chicago-O’Hare Airport—November normal Normal to date 0.2" 0.1"
up Texas; based on a tabu- Sunniest (highest % possible) 73% (1999) maximum/minumum/average temp from 1981 to 2010 BELOW SOURCE: Frank Wachowski
lation of tropical cyclone Least sunny (lowest % possible) 16% (1985) 60° Normal maximum temp
tracks dating to 1851. This During November, the length of day
Normal average temp
year, Louisiana has been a shortens by about 2 minutes per day 50°
Normal minimum temp SOURCE: CPC NORMAL Wind NW 30-40 kts. WSW 20-25 kts.
veritable hurricane mag- DATE SUNRISE SUNSET LENGTH OF DAY Waves 5-8 feet 3-5 feet
net, logging a record five 11/1* 6:24AM 4:44PM 10 hrs. 20 min. 40°
NORMAL Fri. shore/crib water temps 41°/32°
named-storm landfalls: 11/5 6:29AM 4:39PM 10 hrs. 10 min. U.S. SNOW COVER
tropical storms Cristobal 11/10 6:35AM 4:34PM 9 hrs. 59 min. 30° ABOVE
OCT. 30 2020 2019
and Marco, and hurri- 11/15 6:41AM 4:29PM 9 hrs. 48 min. NOV. Area covered by snow 8.2% 16.9%
11/20 6:47AM 4:26PM 9 hrs. 39 min. TEMP
canes Laura, Delta and 11/25 6:53AM 4:23PM 9 hrs. 30 min.
20° Average snow depth 0.2" 0.6"
11/1 11/5 11/10 11/15 11/20 11/25 11/30 OUTLOOK
Zeta. 11/30 6:58AM 4:21PM 9 hrs. 23 min. SOURCE: CPC TRACKING THE COLD
Tropical cyclones have SOURCES: Frank Wachowski, NWS archives *Return to Central Standard Time on 11/1 MARK CARROLL AND JENNIFER M. KOHNKE / WGN-TV
several approaches to Sub-32° highs 0 days 0 days
Louisiana; storms that Subzero lows 0 days 0 days

pass into the Gulf through Illinois Abilene pc 69 36 su 73 43 Fairbanks pc 5 -7 su 0 -11 Palm Beach ts 84 73 pc 77 69 Acapulco su 88 77 Kyiv sh 46 42 Saturday's forecast Good
Yucatan Channel, and Carbondale
Albuquerque pc
sh 51
56 35
68 36
Palm Springs pc
Philadelphia rn
Amsterdam sh
su 78
Critical pollutant Particulates
Atlantic storms that enter Decatur
Fort Myers
Fort Smith
78 59
63 36
the Gulf through the Flor- Peoria su 42 25 su 55 35 Asheville pc 63 28 su 48 29 Fresno pc 81 51 su 84 51 Portland, ME rn 51 39 sh 41 31 Auckland cl 69 62 Manila sh 88 77 Sun 6:23 a.m. 4:43p.m.
Quincy su 47 27 su 59 37 Aspen su 60 31 su 62 32 Grand Junc. su 65 36 pc 65 37 Portland, OR su 65 39 pc 65 45 Baghdad pc 93 65 Mexico City pc 75 48
ida Straits. Rockford pc 40 25 su 53 33 Atlanta pc 68 35 su 56 38 Great Falls su 63 45 pc 68 50 Providence rn 56 34 pc 42 34 Bangkok pc 91 76 Monterrey su 79 58 Moon 5:33 p.m. 7:12 a.m.
Springfield pc 44 25 su 55 37 Atlantic City rn 60 37 pc 49 41 Harrisburg rn 55 36 pc 48 39 Raleigh rn 65 35 su 54 38 Barbados sh 84 78 Montreal sh 48 33
Sterling pc 41 25 su 53 32 Austin pc 77 44 su 74 42 Hartford rn 56 35 pc 41 36 Rapid City su 58 40 su 69 44 Barcelona pc 72 55 Moscow sh 42 37
Baltimore rn 56 37 pc 50 40 Helena su 57 31 su 60 35 Reno pc 73 36 su 75 38 Beijing su 56 26 Munich rn 56 55
Billings su 60 44 su 66 44 Honolulu pc 85 72 pc 86 74 Richmond rn 59 35 su 53 38 Beirut pc 78 71 Nairobi pc 77 59
Bloomington pc 48 27 su 50 36
Birmingham pc 68 36 su 58 36 Houston pc 76 50 su 70 47 Rochester sh 53 30 ss 40 37 Berlin sh 56 54 Nassau pc 84 76
Write to: ASK TOM Evansville
Fort Wayne
Bismarck pc 49 34 su 63 40 Int'l Falls pc 32 26 pc 44 31 Sacramento pc 82 44 su 83 44 Bermuda sh 77 74 New Delhi su 87 5