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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

I bear witness that there is no deity worth worship except Allah (The True God and Creator and
Sustainer of this Universe) and I bear Witness that Mohammad is His Servant and Messenger,

In 1930, Dr. Sir Mohd. IQBAL, the well known Urdu and Persian poet and Islamic Philosopher, expresse
the need of publishing a book, in which the stories of all those who had converted to Islam in India be
recorded. He said that it would give a new boost to the cause of Islamic propagation.

He was asked, if there are not already books that express the logic and truth of Islam and are they
insufficient, the noted scholar said:

“Yes they are more than sufficient, but you would get so many new points from such a book that you will
amazed. I think there are different ways to impress the heart and mind. Many times brain rejects the most
potent of the arguments, but the hearts gets impressed by a very small incident or some very small point a
grads the mind also.

Conversion to Islam is al related to brain as it is to the heart. A muslim missionary must know what are th
darts that affect heart. There are so many tales of unbelievers coming to Islam thru out the history. We se
person standing firm on his religion for many decades, yet a small point and a small acts of kindness, swe
him away from his feet and he makes the most momentous decision of his life.

You have many logical arguments to prove the truth of Islam, but if you go to a new Muslim and ask him
what impressed him about Islam and what were the points which impressed him. If you have in book form
stories of a large number of such people, it would be a very powerful tool in the hands of Muslim
missionaries. Many new arguments of truth of Islam will come out, which might not be available in the v
Islamic literature we have”

So many books have been written for past few decades on the true stories of new converts of Islam. I hav
compiled about 250 of them and abridged them to be between 6000-8000 words for ease or reading and to
posted in many shared channels on Internet and distribution thru e-mails etc.

People might agree or disagree with some of points mentioned here. But these are personal experiences a
personal reasons of these people who accepted Islam of their own free will. Some of them suffered much
about this new faith. What kept them firm to their faith varies from one person to another person.

I pray to Allah to accept this effort and make it useful for those who read it and share it with other people.

M.U. Qidwai
Jubail, Saudi Arabia
1 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a Landlord family in Jan,1948. I did my B.Com in 1967 and joined the department
sales tax.

02. I got married in a well to do family and my wife was more educated than me and she was officer
Education Department. Since I did not like women to work, I forced my wife to resign her job. This
resulted in tension in our family life.

03. My wife left me and filed a case against me, there was every reason that I will loose my case and
have to pay fine and maintenance allowance to my wife.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

04. This was the situation, when my lawyer told me that only way to escape fine and punishment is,
I produce a certificate in court that I am no longer a Hindu, but have converted to Islam.

05. I was told that there is some Muslim MUFTI in MALYARKOTA, who does this but he will char
15 to 20 thousand rupees for it. The money was no problem , but he was out of station, and I was in
urgent need of the certificate.

06. I asked the Imam of a local mosque and he asked me to go to PHULAT and meet MAULANA
KALIM UDDIN. I went there on 29th January 1994 and told Maulana, that I do not want to accept
Islam, but I only need a certificate, so I can present it in court and escape punishment.

07. He listened to my plea and said “OK, I will do your job , but do you know there is another court
which you have to be tried. In that court, only your real Islam will protect you and not these fake

08. He then explained me about Islam, and what it means and how it will save me from Hell Fire and
eternal punishment…. I got convinced and accepted Islam.

09. Maulana told me that my certificates would be ready next day and I am his guest and could stay
his house or the nearby mosque. I preferred mosque and was much impressed by the pious atmosphe
there…. Next day, I went to village market and bought 25 Kg of sweets and distributed it to all peop
of mosque…I extended my stay to three days and then returned to my place with my “Newly
Converted Muslim certificate”

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

10. I decided in my heart that I have accepted Islam only for the sake of Allah and I do not want to
take any material benefit for it. So I did not present that certificate in the court and I was fined
100,000 rupees by the court and asked to pay monthly maintenance allowance to my wife.

D. How I saved my Islam:

11. I was very afraid of death and once I got a sever heart pain and fell unconscious, I was shifted to
local hospital and they kept me in ICU for 25 days.

When I recovered, I decided to read books about Islam, I read many books and la\earned to perform
my prayer in Arabic properly.

12. I was very eager to meet the Maulana and when I met him after many months, I recited full praye
to him, …he hugged me and was very happy to learn about my efforts.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

13. My life had left me with my children, friend advised me to re-marry, but I declined.

I consulted Maulana and he advised me to pray to Allah for their guidance and opening their hearts t
Allah, I started doing so and one night I dreamed that my wife is imprisoned in a cage and she is
pleading to me to save her and bring her out of that cage… I woke up with a start

14. One night, I during night prayers, put my head on ground and prayed to my Allah to bring back
my wife to me….I kept on praying and weeping for a long ago.

Not many days after that, I heard a ring on doorbell, and when I opened it, my wife with my three ki
was standing on the mat, looking very harried. She came to my arms and started weeping and told th
her place is at my feet and she will never leave me now!!

15. She told that after leaving me, she was living with her brother and during an altercation with her
Sister in Law, she abused her and told “that if I had any good, why my husband would have left me.
A woman who is discarded by her husband is evil”… she decided to come back to me.

She and all my grown up children accepted Islam and now we are very happy.
3. On Family members / Others.

16. There was a strange case with my Driver, who took me to PHULAT to meet the Maulana on the
first instant. He also listened to the talk between me and Maulana.

When we were coming back, he told me that he was very impressed with what Maulana said…..and
told me that he was also reciting silently the Islamic creed when Maulana was reading it to me…. Hi
name was SUDHIR, but he told me that his new name was MOHAMMAD KALEEM, and I should
address him by this name.

17. He went with a Muslim Missionary group for 40 days and grew beard. and he was a very good

He was killed in a road accident …. But he told me before he died that Allah has accepted his “fake
certificate” of Islam!!

F. Present Situation:

I am very content with my Islamic way of life and I feel confident that Allah will give me anything i
ask Him.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

18. I request all of you to pray for me, that I die during the posture of Prostration. I have given my
“Certificate of Islam” to my wife. They should place it on top of my burial clothes in my grave and
pray to Allah to accept my “Fake Certificate”

And I pray to Allah that no one dies without having Islam in his or her.

PS: ABDULLAH (G.R. CHOPRA) breathed his last on Friday 18th March 2005, during ISHA (Nigh
Prayer, while he was in the act of prostration! We pray for Allah to have mercy on his soul…..his fai
and his link with Allah was truly exceptional;

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of April 2005

2 Why be became Muslims?


I was raised with sheer Christian education in London. In 1930, being a young student, I encountered
some events like other youngsters, and tried to understand them. One of them was to establish some
relation between the religion and the world,…
For Christianity defined the world as a place of torture whose mere contents are evils and vices, and
men as creatures sinful from birth. Let alone showing people how to lead a peaceful life in the world
imposed on them a concept of life like an area mined with sins, …

Christianity left people entirely to themselves, and confined their worships to unsatisfactory Sunday
masses, which they perform in the perfunctory air of the church service. In those years Britain was in
great economic depression and poverty. ..

Rejecting Christianity, I, like many other young people, took to atheism and communism. From a
certain distance, Communism appealed to the young people. Depressed under economic straits and
totally hopeless of their future life, the younger generation looked on Communism as a savior becaus
it was being propagated with the promise that it would extirpate differences of wealth and rank. …
Upon this I gave up Communism and dived into philosophy … there is a deep-seated rancor against
Islam, which dates back to the crusading expeditions.

Europeans reject Islam with hatred, though they know nothing of it. They raise their children with an
education dressed with a strong feeling of animus towards Islam. So much so that talking about Islam
means a violation of the established rules of decorum in their society. If someone should bring up thi
subject in a social gathering, the others will protest with a mute frown. In the meantime, I was sent o
an official mission to Australia.

….when I went to the city of Perth in western Australia a couple of weeks later, I visited the grand
library of the city and queried whether there was a translation of the Qur'an rendered by Muslims.
They found a translation of that sort and gave it to me.

No words could define the emotions that began to stir in the depths of my soul when I opened it and
read the first chapter in it, the chapter (sûra) called Fâtiha-i-sherîfa, which began with the phrase,
“Hamd (thanks and praise) be to the Rabb (Lord, Creator, Allah) of âlams (classes of beings).” Th
first chapter ended with the invocations that purported, “Guide us to the right path.” How beautifu
was! I read the Fâtiha-i-sherîfa a number of times. The creator mentioned here was “Rahmân and
Rahîm,” which meant “Very Merciful and Compassionate.”

Contrary to the Christian dogma, He had not created men sinful. I began to read the Qur'an and the
more I read the more ecstatic did I become. Whatsoever I had desired and imagined I found in this
holy book. Hours elapsed, and I was completely oblivious of where I was, of the time, and of
everything. In addition to that translation of the Qur'an, they had brought me some
books about the life of Muhammad PBUH. I was reading them in utter rapture, when at last the
librarian came to me and said, “It’s time we closed the library, sir.” I came back to myself, and left th

On my way home I was soliloquizing and repeating: “I have now attained my goal. I am a Muslim
now.” With the guidance of Allah, I had eventually attained the hidâya (the right way).
On my way back home, I looked for a convenient place to have some coffee. … I walked in, and
became a Muslim. Until that time I had not known one single Muslim. I found Islam by myself and
accepted it by myself. No one guided me in this respect. My only guide was my common sense.
3 Why I became Muslim?


I am Chinese by descent and came to Britain in 1977 for studies. I was born in Anglican Church and
was educated in a Christian Missionary School.

As to how I became Muslim, let me tell you, that it was only thru the guidance of Allah that I came
closer to Islam. No Muslim preached Islam to me. It happened like that:

I was 23 then and in the final year of my education, one day, I happened to look out of the window
and seeing the beauties of nature, like sky, land, trees and clouds. This made my mind wander about
the Creator of this Universe.
I was studying Architecture, and I knew that no structure can be made or stand, unless it is designed
a designer and erected properly. How come this whole universe and every thing in it came by itself
with such perfection? This made me realize that Creator of this Universe must be extremely powerfu
and extremely knowledgeable. This removed the cobwebs which Church doctrine of Trinity was
trying me to believe in.

One I happened to go into a Muslim bookstore and I saw English translation of Quran. I bought it an
started to read it. I was surprised to find that it matched exactly with my recently “discovered “ idea
the Creator of this Universe. I studied Quran carefully and I got all answers to the riddles which I
faced in Christianity.

Then I had many discussions with Christian priest, who tried to convince me that Islam is a false
religion and Christianity is the only true religion. However they had no answers to my questions and
said that you only had to believe in teachings of the Church, even if you do not understand it.

I decided to become Muslim after getting convinced that it is the true religion. I learnt that most of
the things in Christianity are human made and not based on divine guidance. Islam on the other han
provides guidance on every sphere of life and they are directly traceable to Quran or sayings of the

Salvation of humanity is therefore accepting the guidance given by our Creator and which is preserv
in Islam (Abridged)
4 Why I Became Muslim?


My first in-depth encounter with Islam came when I met Mohammad, a fellow student at university
Swansea. He had arrived in Britain one year earlier from war torn Lebanon. Despite a strong Anglic
Christian background, and a secure faith in God, I had unresolved questions of faith, to which
Mohammad’s religion seemed to have the answers.

I had never understood about the Trinity for instance. Then when Mohammad said that there are no
partners with god, it just seemed very pure and beautiful.

Islam corresponded with everything I had always felt deep down inside. That Jesus was a wonderful
prophet with a wonderful message of forgiveness, but he was not to be worshipped as God.

The more I learned about Islam, the more right it seemed to me. But conversion was not easy step to
take. I did not know if I had the courage.
Then one night when I was talking with Mohammad, I took the courage to say the KALIMA, the
declaration of faith in front of him. When I went to bed, I was not sure if I had done the right thing,
when I woke up next morning, I knew I had taken the right step.

I was well aware of the risk I was taking, Islam is a massive subject, suppose I discovered something
did not believe in? But the more I learned, the more I felt it was everything I wanted to believe in.

Later I married Mohammad, but the marriage was not my reason to convert to Islam, we moved to
London so that he could continue his studies. There we met many Muslims , and I was exposed to th
practices of devout followers. It gave me a desire to adhere more strictly to the laws enshrined in

I also welcomed the Islamic rule of separating the sexes. It leads to a much more peaceful life. The
wives are more relaxed because they know that their husbands are not going to be tempted by other
women….the precaution gives women an enormous sense of well being when they are together. The
is no tension, no showing off to opposite sex.

I was brought up in a Western society wanting to be attractive, then vanity started to drive away from
me and I became a little purer. I was glad suddenly that I felt safer at streets and I felt happy that me
would not whistle at me.

(Abridged) Source:: Saudi gazette, April 12 1996, p7

5 Prof. Abdul Ahad Dawud (Former Bishop of Uramiah)

Formerly the Reverend David Benjamin Keldani, B.D.

My conversion to Islam cannot be attributed to any cause other than the gracious direction of Almigh
God. Without this Divine guidance, all learning, searching and other efforts to find the truth may eve
lead one astray. The moment I believed in the Absolute Unity of God, His Holy Apostle Muhammad
became the pattern of my conduct and behaviour.

I have not the slightest intention nor desire to hurt the religious feelings of Christian friends. I love
Christ, Moses and Abraham, as I do Muhammad (PBUH)and all other holy prophets of God.

My writings are not intended to raise a bitter and therefore useless dispute with the Churches, but on
invite them to a pleasant and friendly investigation of this all-important question with a spirit of love
and impartiality. If the Christians desists from their vain attempt of defining the essence of the
Supreme Being, and confess His absolute Oneness, then a union between them and the Muslims is n
only probable but extremely possible. For once the unity of God is accepted and acknowledged, the
other points of difference between the two faiths can more easily be settled.

It would be a mere waste of time here to refute those who ignorantly or maliciously suppose the Alla
of Islam to be different from the true God and only a fictitious deity of Muhammad's own creation. I
the Christian priests and theologians knew their Scriptures in the Original Hebrew instead of in
translations as the Muslims read their Quran in its Arabic text, they would clearly see that Allah is th
same ancient Semitic name of the Supreme Being who revealed and spoke to Adam and all the

The Trinitarian branch of the Christian Church, for about seventeen centuries, has exhausted all the
brains of her saints and philosophers to define the Essence and the Person of the Deity; and what hav
they invented? All that which Athanasius, Augustine and Aquinases have imposed upon the Christia
“under the pain of eternal damnation” – to believe in a God who is "the third of three"! …

The first verse with which St. Johns Gospel commences was often refuted by the early Unitarian
writers, who rendered its true reading as follows: "In the beginning was the word; and the word was
with God; and the Word was God's".

It will be noticed that the Greek form of the genitive case "Theou", i.e. "God's" was corrupted into
"Theos"; that is, "God", in the nominative form of the name! It is also to be observed that the clause
"In the beginning was the word" expressly indicates the origin of the word which was not before the
beginning! By the "word of God" is not meant a separate and distinct substance, coeval and co-existe
with the Almighty, but an expression and proclamation of His knowledge.

The Christian aspiratory formula: "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"
does not even mention the name of God! And this is the Christian God! The Christian Trinity - in as
much as it admits a plurality of persons in the Deity, attributes distinct personal properties to each
person; and makes use of family names similar to those in the pagan mythology - cannot be accepted
as a true conception of the Deity. Allah is neither the father of a son nor the son of a father. He has n
mother, nor is He self-made. The belief in "God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Ghos
is a flagrant denial of the unity of God, and an audacious confession in three imperfect beings who,
united or separately, cannot be the true God. (Contd.)

Then we are told that each person of the trinity has some particular attributes which are not proper to
the other two. And these attributes indicate - according to human reasoning and language - priority a
posteriori among them. The Father always holds the first rank, and is prior to the Son. The Holy Gho
is not only posterior as the third in the order of counting but even inferior to those from whom he
proceeds. Would it not be considered a sin of heresy if the names of the three persons were converse
repeatedly? Will not the signing of the cross upon the countenance or over the elements of the
Eucharist be considered impious by the Churches if the formula be reversed thus "In the name of the
Holy Ghost, and of the Son, and of the Father"? For if they are absolutely equal and coeval, the orde
of precedence need not be so scrupulously observed.

The truth is that there is no mathematical exactitude, no absolute equality between the three persons
the Trinity. If the Father were in every respect equal to the Son or the Holy Spirit, as the unit 1 is
positively equal to another figure 1, then there would necessarily be only one person of God and not
three, because a unit is not a fragment or fraction nor a multiple of itself. The very difference and
relationship that is admitted to exist between the persons of the Trinity leaves no shadow of doubt th
they are neither equal to each other nor are they to be identified with one another. The Father begets
and is not begotten; the Son is begotten and not a father; the Holy Ghost is the issue of the other two
persons; the first person is described as creator and destroyer; the second as savior or redeemer, and
the third as life-giver. Consequently none of the three is alone the creator, the Redeemer and the Life
giver. Then we are told that the second person is the Word of the first Person, becomes man and is
sacrificed on the cross to satisfy the justice of his father, and that his incarnation and resurrection are
operated and accomplished by the third person.

In conclusion, I must remind Christians that unless they believe in the absolute unity of God, and
renounce the belief in the three persons, they are certainly unbelievers in the true God, Strictly
speaking, Christians are polytheists, only with this exception, that the gods of the heathen are false a
imaginary, whereas the three gods of the Churches have a distinct character, of whom the Father - as
another epithet for Creator - is the One true God, but the son is only a prophet and servant of God, an
third person one of the innumerable holy spirits in the service of the Almighty God. (Abridged)
6 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. My father was Dr, ANIL MODI, he was nephew of Mr. PILOO MODI, the well known Indian
socialist leader. We belonged to BIJAPUR, KARNATAKA…. But my father who was a very good
physician and had done his MD from USA….shifted to MEERT in UP and bought a good mansion
there and started his practice there.

02. I have two brothers who were named TARIQ and SHARIQ by my father….My father liked
Muslim way of living very much. He was very fluent in Urdu and he even named his children with
Muslim sounding names.

03. I did my education upto 12th standard in BIJAPUR and then admitted to Meerut college in B. Sc.
did not face any problem in my home town, but I found the situation very bad in my new college.
Local Hindu boys would teased me and pass bad and fouls comments on me….. I got so frustrated th
I decided to forego my education.

04. I noticed however, that there was a Muslim boy in the class, who was different from all these boy
He was alone Muslim boy in the class…. But every one respected him. They would immediately
change the dirty / filthy topic they were talking about, once he was near.

05. Every one called him KALIM BHAI (and he was same Maulana KALIM UDDIN at a younger

I used to praise him and his character to my father and he even visited my house … when I told his
about Boy’s teasing problem….he solved it in an ingenious way.

06. On the festival of RAKSHA BANDHAN (a Local Hindu festival) he asked me to go to boys
Hostel along with 25 or 30 RAKHIS. When we reached there , he called all those boys and asked m
to tie RAKHI to their hands (thereby making them my bespoken brothers, so to say). They felt very
much ashamed and I got rid of this nuisance.

07. My parents were much impressed….(Later I cleared PMT, the Medical entrance exam and
completed my MBBS and MS from London and was employed in SGPGI, Lucknow along with my

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

08. I decided to learn Urdu from Kalim Bhai , my parents encouraged me, because they thought that
knowledge of Urdu is essential in good upbringing.

09. During me learning Urdu, he gave me some books about Islam and hereafter. I got convinced of
the truth and I asked my parents, If I can become a Muslim. They told me that I am a grown up
now….but I should take such decisions after deep thinking.

I decided to accept Islam and on 1st Jan 1974, I accepted Islam in the college library on the hands of
Kalim Bhai.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

10. My parents and no one in my family objected on my decision. My name was already a Muslim
sounding name, so I did not have to change it.

11. I went to London in 1979 after doing my MBBS and returned from there in 1984 after doing MS

Kalim Bhai chose a very Good Muslim doctor from a respected family as my husband. He was a ve
good doctor as well as a very good Muslim and I am very happy with him.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children
I have three children and they are Muslim by birth, Thanks to Allah

2. On Parents.

12. My father was very impressed with Islam and Muslims, he performed my marriage with full
Islamic way and spent lot of money on it.

13. I tried to talk to him about Islam and he was half ready…..but his connections with his uncle
PILOO MODI and R.K. KARANJIA, the editor of Blitz made a mental block.

But me and my husband kept on asking him and I am thankful to Allah that both he and my mother
accepted Islam at our hands.

3. On Family members / Others.

14. I get many patients, both Muslims and Non Muslims in course of our work. I remind Muslim
patients about their duties to Allah and I give missionary literature to Non Muslim patients.

This is having some affect and many people have accepted Islam because of our efforts, Praise be to
Allah for that

F. Present Situation:

15. I and my husband, try to read as much Islamic literature as we can, we even have a sizable librar
at our house… I have read many books published on Islam. During our stay in London, we keep tra
on latest books released on Islam and we keep ourselves up to date on that.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

16. I would like to convey it to all Muslims and especially women, that they should fulfill the trust
which Allah has put on them. A Muslim women also has to share the Missionary activity of Islam a
was during the days of our prophet and his companions.

The western civilization is thirsty and looking for something like Islam which we have. We should b
aware of our trust and responsibility

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of July 2004

7 Why be became Muslims?


I am frequently asked why I became a Muslim. I am the daughter of a renowned family, and my
husband also is well known and rich. To those who ask me why I became a Muslim, I reply that I do
not know for certain when the light of Islam rose in my soul. It seems to me as if I have been a Musl

This is not something strange at all. For Islam is a natural and true religion. Every child is born as a
Muslim. If it is left to itself, it will choose Islam, none else. As a European writer observes, “Islam is
the religion of people with common sense.” If you made a comparative study of all religions, you
would immediately see that Islam is the most perfect, the most natural, and the most logical.

Owing to Islam, many complicated problems of the world are solved easily and mankind attains peac
and tranquility. Islam always rejects the dogma that human beings are born sinful and that they have
expiate for it in the world. Muslims believe in Allah, who is one.

In their eyes, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad PBUH are human beings like us. Allah has chosen the
as Prophets to guide people to the right way. For doing penance, for asking for forgiveness, or for
praying, there is no one between Allah and the born slave. We can supplicate Allah on our own any
time, and we are responsible only for what we have done.
The word ‘Islam’ means both ‘to surrender oneself to Allah and ‘to have belief in Muhammad

Muslim’ means ‘a person who lives in peace and happiness with all beings.’ Islam is based on two
fundamental facts: 1) That Allah is one, and that Muhammad is the final Prophet He has sent. 2) Th
humanity should be entirely freed from superstitions and unfounded dogmas. The Hajj, one of the
(five) tenets of Islam, has a great impact on people.

What other religion contains a form of worship as sublime as Islam’s pilgrimage, which brings
together hundreds of thousands of Muslims from all four corners of the world regardless of their
classes, races, countries, colours and rank positions, and makes them put on the (uniformal garb calle
Ihrâm and prostrate themselves with one accord before Allah? It is a certain fact that Muslims’
worshipping together at these blessed places where the great Prophet announced Islam, struggled
against Islam’s enemies, exerted himself with great determination and firmness, will attach them to
one another with stronger affections, whereby they will try to find solutions for one another’s
problems, and they will once again take an oath to cooperate along the way shown by Allah.

Another use of the Hajj is that thereby Muslims all over the world meet one another, know one
another’s problems, and teach their personal experiences to one another. All Muslims assemble at th
place whereto they turn their faces during their worships at home, and, all in one mass, one body in t
presence of Allah, they surrender themselves to Him.

Seeing the Hajj once would suffice as an evidence to prove the greatness of Islam. Here is Islam, and
have been enjoying the pleasure and satisfaction of having entered this great religion.

8 Why I became Muslim?


George is a direct descendant of George Washington, First President of USA. He was born in
Virginia, his father was a naval office in US Navy. He was a cameraman and reporter for a US
news channel and was deputed to cover many conflicts. During these journeys he came in clos
contact with Muslims and he has following to say on this subject.

From my early childhood, I wanted to know more and more about Christianity. But the priests were
not able to satisfy me with their answers. But I was certain that God and Jesus are two distinctly
separate personalities. That was the hardest part of my life.

Later when I became a cameraman of Times and was deputed to Lebanon to cover the civil war in
Beirut, I was a bit apprehensive to start with, because I had heard only bad reports about Muslims. B
when I reached there and worked with Muslims there, I was surprised to notice that they were totally
different from what I was told.

They took care of me and tried to save me from any harm and injury. When I got injured in the cros
fire, they gave me all medical help. I was 20 at that time and there was a Mosque near to my hotel.
used to discuss Islam with the Imam there. It was the first time I heard about Quran and sayings of

Then I was posted to Afghanistan, when Russia had invaded that country. I was surprised to see the
Islamic spirit of Mujahideen there, they would leave all work and engage in prayer even in the
battlefield. I was amazed to see the spirit with which they were fighting with a much superior army

Then I happened to go to Bosnia to see the plight of Bosnian Muslims at the hand of Serbs. The
scenes I saw and the brutality and the massacre changed my view for ever. My initial plan was only
for two days….but I decided to extend my stay there indefinitely….The scenes I witnessed there are
too horrible to tell in words, only those who have seen them with their eyes can believe it.

During my stay in Bosnia, I met many Muslim News reporters, who were covering that struggle. I h
long discussions with them about Islam. I got answers to the questions, which I was searching in
Christianity. I decided to become Muslim and join the only brotherhood that does not recognize any
distinction in color, race or language (Abridged)
9 Why I Became Muslim?

Abdullah al-Faruq - Formerly Kenneth L. Jenkins, Minister and elder of the Pentecostal


As a former minister and elder of the Christian church, it has become incumbent upon me to enlighte
those that continue to walk in darkness. ..


As a young boy I was raised with a deep fear of God. Having been partially raised by a grandmother
who was a Pentecostal fundamentalist, the church became an integral part of my life at a very early
age. …

My mother worked two full-time jobs and continued to remind me of the teachings given to me by h
mother. My younger brother and older sister did not seem to take our grandmother's warnings of the
Hereafter as seriously as I did…

Every Sunday we would go to church dressed in all of our finery.


After graduating from high school and entering the university I rediscovered my religious
commitment and became fully immersed in Pentecostal teachings. I was baptized and "filled with the
Holy Ghost," as the experience was then called….

I attended church every time its doors would open. I studied the Bible for days and weeks at a time. I
attended lectures given by the Christian scholars of my day, and I acknowledged my call to the
ministry at the age of 20. I began preaching and became well known very quickly. I was extremely
dogmatic and believed that no one could receive salvation unless they were of my church group. I
categorically condemned everyone who had not come to know God the way I had come to know Him

I had never had any contact with Muslims. The only people I knew that claimed Islam as their religi
were the followers of Elijah Muhammad, who were referred to by many as the "Black Muslims" or t
"Lost-Found Nation." It was during this period in the late seventies that Minister Louis Farrakhan wa
well into rebuilding what was called "The Nation of Islam." I went to hear Minister Farrakhan speak
the invitation of a coworker and found it to be an experience that would change my life dramatically
had never in my life heard another black man speak the way that he spoke. I immediately wanted to
arrange a meeting with him to try to convert him to my religion.

Welcome to the Real Church World

I soon discovered that there was a great deal of jealousy prevalent in the ministerial hierarchy. Thing
had changed from that to which I was accustomed. Women wore clothing that I thought was shamef
People dressed in order to attract attention, usually from the opposite sex. I discovered just how grea
part money and greed play in the operation of church activities…..

Cases of adultery and fornication went unpunished. Some preachers were hooked on drugs and had
destroyed their lives and the lives of their families. Leaders of some churches were found to be
homosexuals. There were pastors even guilty of committing adultery with the young daughters of oth
church members. All of this coupled with a failure to receive answers to what I thought were valid
questions was enough to make me seek a change. That change came when I accepted a job in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (Contd.)

A New Beginning
It was not long after arriving in Saudi Arabia that I saw an immediate difference in the lifestyle of th
Muslim people. They were different from the followers of Elijah Muhammad and Minister Louis
Farrakhan in that they were of all nationalities, colors and languages. I immediately expressed a desi
to learn more about this peculiar brand of religion. I was amazed with the life of Prophet Muhammad
and wanted to know more. I requested books from one of the brothers who was active in calling peop
to Islam. I was supplied with all of the books that I could possibly want. I read each and every one. I
was then given the Holy Qur'an and read it completely several times within four months. I asked
question after question and received satisfactory answers. What appealed to me was that the brothers
were not keen on impressing me with their knowledge. If a brother did not know how to answer a
question, he would tell me that he simply did not know and would have to check with someone who
did. The next day he would always bring the answer. I noticed how humility played such a great role
the lives of these mysterious people of the Middle East.

I was amazed to see the women covering themselves from face to foot. I did not see any religious
hierarchy. No one was competing for any religious position. All of this was wonderful, but how coul
entertain the thought of abandoning a teaching that had followed me since childhood? What about th
Bible? I knew that there is some truth in it even though it had been changed and revised countless
numbers of times. I was then given a video cassette of a debate between Shaykh Ahmed Deedat and
Reverend Jimmy Swaggart. After seeing the debate I immediately became a Muslim.

I was taken to the office of Shaykh 'Abdullah bin 'Abdul-'Azeez bin Baz to officially declare my
acceptance of Islam. It was there that I was given sound advice on how to prepare myself for the lon
journey ahead. It was truly a birth from darkness into light.

I wondered what my peers from the Church would think when they heard that I had embraced Islam.
was not long before I found out. I went back to the United States for vacation and was severely
criticized for my "lack of faith." I was stamped with many labels - from renegade to reprobate. Peopl
were told by so-called church leaders not to even remember me in prayer. As strange as it may seem
was not bothered in the least. I was so happy that Almighty God, Allah, had chosen to guide me arig
that nothing else mattered.

It is my prayer that Allah will forgive us all of our ignorance and guide us to the path leading to
Paradise. All praise is due to Allah. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His last messenge
Prophet Muhammad, his family, companions, and those following true guidance. (Abridged)
10 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.

The Case of: SHAHNAZ, JAMMU, India

A. Family Background:
01. I was born on 6th May 1975, to a MALHOTRA Family of Jammu, my father was a lecturer in
commerce dept. My mother was a very nice and suffering lady. He became sick since her girlhood a
her ill health continued even after her marriage.

02. I had an elder brother, who is 4 year older than me. I was told that when I was very small, my
mother took me to a bridge and was almost ready to drop me into the river, a passer by asked her, wh
she wanted to do it, she told that I have suffered much in my life, I do not want my little girl also top
suffer. The man told her, not to do so, as every humans comes with her own destiny. May be I will
very happy in my life.

03. My mother died when I was 5 or 6 years old, my father re-married. My step mother did not treat
us good and she was always complaining to my father about our faults. I was subjected to overwork
and abuses in home, I tried even to commit suicide by eating overdose of sleeping pills once.

04. Somehow I passed 10th standard, I used to go to temples and ask the idols there when my dark
night would end….. now I know how they could respond to me, because they do not hear any pleas
and even if they heard they are powerless to do anything.

05. Once when my mother accused me of stealing 1000 rupees from her purse, I decided to leave the
house, because I was not sure what she would accuse me of next. I left house with a little bag
containing a few pair of clothes.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

06. I boarded a train for Delhi, I boarded a compartment reserved for Military, when the ticket check
came, one of Military man said that she is my sister. I reached Delhi safely.

I did not know any one in Delhi, I boarded an omni bus, and I asked two boys, who seemed good to
me, to please guide me a girls hostel

07. They asked me to go to their sister’s house, where I was very well received… they asked me to
stay for a few days and then I could decide about hostel. While living there, I was introduced to the
message of Islam. I was impressed by their good behavior and Islamic teachings seemed so reasona
to me. I accepted Islam at their hands.

08. After some time, these people advertised for my marriage in a local Urdu news paper. It was
answered by Maulana JAWED ASHRAF NADWI, whose first marriage was not successful. When
knew of my case, he agreed to marry me and we were married.

He was afraid to take me to his house, because of resistance from his family members, so he kept me
in a separate house in Lucknow.

09. Then my husband got a Job in Madina Munawwarah, and I reached there on Umrah visa. I staye
back after performing Umrah and stayed many years there, all my three children were born in Madin
I am very thankful to Allah for doing all this to me, and I do not know how can I ever express my
gratitude to Him

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

I have explained that in my story. I was indeed rejected by my society and they did not know about
me anything for many years.

D. How I saved my Islam:

11. Staying In Madina is in itself a great honor. I get so many guests of all ages and every
backgrounds. I feel honored to serve old and elderly people and by this I earn their respect, honor an

In my service and specially physical service is very effective to get prays and blessings from elderly
and learned scholars.

E. My Missionary activities:

2. On Parents.

12. My parents were sure that I must have committed suicide, because they did not make any attemp
to find me.

After many years, a student from Jammu who came to Medina told my father about me, he was very
anxious to meet me.

13. Once when I went to Delhi to endorse my Visa, he came to meet me. He wept on seeing me and
expressed his deep regrets about what he and his wife did to me. I forgave him every thing and told
him about Islam. He promised to study Islam and take decision. I informed Maulana Kalim Sahib
about my father and he is following up,

14. I also talked to my mother on phone and she also wept and asked for my forgiveness for what sh
did to me. I told her that her poor treatment was indeed the reason of my becoming Muslim. I am
regularly praying for her guidance.

F. Present Situation:

15. I am very happy with my present life and I pray to Allah to let me die in Madina and I would be
buried here… You should also pray the same for me.
G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

16. I can only request my Muslim brothers, to recognize their responsibility. They should present
themselves as an example of good Muslims and they should make this spread of Islam as their life’s

If people take the life of our prophet as their ideal, they would not run after these actors and actresse
and sportspersons and others.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Dec 2004

11 Why be became Muslims?


I was born as a Christian in Britain. I was baptized, and I was raised with an education based on
learning what is written in today’s copies of the Bible. As I was a child, whenever I went
to the church I was deeply impressed by the various lights, the candles burning on the pulpit, the
music, the smells of incense, ..

The prayers that I listened to without understanding their meanings would make me shiver. I think I
was a devoted Christian. In the course of time, however, as I reached higher levels of education, som
questions began to rise in my mind. I began to find some faults in Christianity, in which I had held a
full belief until that time…

By the time I graduated from the school, I was an atheist in the full sense of the term. It did not take
me long, however, to realize that believing nothing would hollow the human soul, leaving a perpetua
mood of despair and weakness. The human being definitely needed some power that would provide
him refuge.

Consequently, I began to study other religions. I began with Buddhism…. Magianism... Judaism …
One of my friends recommended that I practice spiritualism. “..

One day I saw an ad in a newspaper. It announced a “Conference on the divinity of Jesus" and adde
that people from other religions would be admitted…I attended the conference, and met a Muslim
there. The answers that that Muslim gave to my questions were so beautiful and so logical that I
decided to study Islam, which had never occurred to me before. I began to read the Qur'an, the Holy
Book of Muslims. To my astonishment, the rules stated in this book were by far superior to the
statements made by most of the well-known statesmen of the twentieth century, which aroused stron
feelings of admiration and adulation in me

These statements were quite above the human linguistic capacity. So I would no longer believe the li
that “the Islamic religion is a concoction. The Qur'an is a fable,” with which they had been dosing u
for years. The Qur'an could not be a concocted book. Statements in that acme of perfection could be
made only by a being above the human race.

I was still hesitant, though. I spoke with some British women who had embraced Islam. I asked them
to help me. They recommended some books to me. …

I should avow that I felt bored when I read the Qur'an for the first time. For it contained so many
reiterations. It should be known that the Qur'an is a book that impresses and penetrates the human
soul slowly. To understand the Qur'an well and to attach yourself to it, you have to read it a number
of times. So, the more I read this holy book, the more strongly did I become attached to it, so much s
that I could not go to sleep without reading it every night.

What impressed me most was the fact that the Qur'an was a perfect guide for mankind. The Qur'an d
not contain anything that a person could not understand. Muslims looked on their Prophet as a huma
being like themselves. …..

I objected to that. “Why should there be no other prophet,” I asked. My Muslim friend’s explanation
was as follows: “The Qur'an , the Holy Book of Muslims, teaches people all the elements of beautifu
moral quality that a person should need, all the religious essentials, the path that will guide one to the
approval of Allah, and all the necessaries required for attaining peace and salvation in this world and
the next.” The veracity of these statements gets demonstrative evidence from the fact that the essenti
in the Qur'an which are still the same as they were fourteen centuries ago, are perfectly consistent wi
today’s life-styles and today’s scientific levels.
Yet I was still demurring. For we were now in 1954; fourteen centuries later, that is. I wondered if
there was not an iota of obsolescence in Islam that would make at least one of the principles
communicated by Muhammad PBUH, who was born in 571, inconsistent with today’s conditions?

I embarked on an assiduous quest for mistakes in Islam. My efforts to find fault in Islam despite the
fact that my soul had already attained a complete belief in Islam, -so much so that the verity of the
Islamic religion was like a live picture in front of my eyes-, should no doubt have been rooted in the
vilifications of Islam iterated by priests for the purpose of imposing into our infant minds the idea th
Islam was a very defective, inferior and heretical religion.

The first file to rake around in was polygamy. Here, I had found an important loophole. How come a
man could marry four women (at the same time)? When I asked about that, my Muslim friend, whom
have mentioned earlier, explained the matter as follows: “The Islamic religion appeared in a society
where a man could cohabit with as many women as he liked without any official responsibility towa
them. With a view to restoring the woman into her proper place in society, the Islamic religion pared
down the number of women that a man could marry, and stipulated that he should support the wome
mete out justice among them, and pay them (the canonically prescribed) alimony in the event of a
divorce. Furthermore, if a woman had no one to support her, she could join a family as a member, no
as a slave, of the family. Moreover, marrying four women was not a religious commandment enjoine
on men.

It was permission with provisos. Marrying more than one women was forbidden for men who would
not be able to fulfill the stipulations. It was for this reason that many a man had only one wife.
Marrying up to four women was a kind of tolerance.”
On the other hand, the Mormons in America compelled every male member to marry several women
My Muslim friend asked, “I wonder if the British men cohabit with only one woman?” I confessed in
embarrassment, “Today all European men enter into relations with various women both before
marriage and even after they get married.”

Then the words of my Muslim friend reminded me of the story of a young woman who had lost her
husband in the war and had been looking for a man to entrust herself to. The Second World War had
ended, and a programme called ‘Dear Sir’ on a British radio announced the following request of a po
young woman: “I am a young woman. I lost my husband in the war. I have no one to care for me now
I need protection. I am ready to be the second wife of a good natured man and to carry his first wife
my head. All I want is to put an end to this loneliness.”

This shows that the Islamic polygamy is intended to satisfy a need. It is only a permission, not a
commandment. And today, when unemployment and poverty are making the rounds over the entire
world, there is next to no place left where it is practised.

These thoughts completely eradicated the possibility that I would any longer look on polygamy as a
fault in Islam.

Then, with the presumption of having found another defect, I asked my Muslim friend, “How can th
five daily prayers be adjusted to our life-styles today? Wouldn’t so many prayers be
too much?” He smiled, and asked me, “Sometimes I hear you playing the piano. Are you interested i
music?” “Very much, ”was my answer. “All right. Do you practise daily?” “Of course. As soon as I
am back home from work, I play the piano at least two hours every day.”

Upon this, my Muslim friend said, “Why do you find it too much to pray five times daily, which wou
take you only half an hour or forty-five minutes in all? As you might lose your proficiency in playing
the piano if you did not have practice, likewise the less one thinks of Allah or thanks Him for His
blessings by prostrating oneself, the farther away will the way leading to Him become. On the other
hand, praying daily means making progress step by step in the right way of Allah.” He was so right!

There was no obstacle to my accepting Islam now. I embraced the Islamic religion with all my soul
and conscience. As you see I did not choose it at first sight and without thinking at all; on the contrar
I became a Muslim after examining Islam minutely, looking for the possible faults in it and finding
their answers, and reaching the conclusion that it is an immaculate religion. Now I boast about being

12 Why I became Muslim?


I was born in OKARA District of Punjab in Pakistan. My parents were Christians and they wanted m
to become a Christian priest.

In my schools most of students were Muslims and the general atmosphere was Islamic culture. I also
used to be dressed as a Muslim and would mingle with them.
From the beginning I was interested in singing. I had a beautiful voice and on almost every function
school, I would be called on stage and sing a song. When I was in 9th Grade, I was selected by a Film
Company of Lahore to sing for them. Now my sights were set on becoming a famous singer. I did
many shows in various parts of Pakistan and even in Bombay India.

It was at that time, that I met some Muslim missionaries, who explained to me about Islam and its
teachings. I liked it very much and I preyed to god to open my hearts for Islam. I preyed to Allah tha
my faith should be strong and I should not revert back to Christianity.

I accepted Islam at the hands of Imam of Main Mosque of Lahore. Then my elder brother also
accepted Islam. What was most rewarding for us was that our father also accepted Islam in July 199
after satisfying himself of the good teachings of Islam.

I even had a discussion with Rev. Joseph of Lahore about truth of Islam. He was amazed at my
answers and that I have become such a strong Muslims and acquired this much knowledge in such a
short time!! (abridged)
13 Why I became Muslim?


My father was a teacher by profession. He had done Doctorate in Chemistry and Zoology. He
believed in one God and was always preaching against Trinity. I took English Literature in my
University, and also had interest in Ancient History especially Aryans. This study convinced me tha
original of teachings of Jesus was only of Single God which was distorted in the form of Trinity.

I read Leibniz, Spinoza, John Milton…and I was able to see that concept of One God was present in
all of them. My studies on Greek, Latin and Hebrew told me that Polygamy was indeed allowed and
practiced by most Jewish prophets.

I also was impressed by the thoughts of Malcolm-X , who said that only solution for USA was to uni
all under the banner of one God and that will end all racial discrimination.

At that time, I knew little about Islam, but was under the impression that Muslims believe in more th
one God. However after I studied Islam, I was surprised to know that it traced itself to Patriarch
Abraham and followed his teachings.

I also read the biography of Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, which convinced me that his life is in
accordance with the life of other Biblical prophets. I accepted Islam, without help or aid of any

After I became Muslim, I interacted with MSA and met other Muslims. It pained me to see that man
Muslims do not present themselves as good examples of Islam and are divided on the basis of
nationality and language and other things.

I agree with the saying of Arnold Toynbee biggest curse of 20th century is nationalism. This divides
human race into different parts and they all fight and hate each other on the basis of nationality. In f
nationality is a thing which is not in our control. How can we divide humans into things on which w
have no control. (abridged)
14 Why I Became Muslim?

Cardinal Abu Ishaq Coptic Cardinal

Note: The following is a translation from Arabic, of an audio lecture delivered by a former Cardinal
the name of Abu Ishaq (Isaac) in the Egyptian Coptic Church.

I was head of the Missionary Coptic Church of West Africa and Asia. I thank God for coming to
Islam. I never thought I would ever become Muslim…

Since I was a child at school in ‘Said’, Egypt; then at Sunday school; then at ‘Koliya Lahut’ (Jesus
College) in Beirut and then whilst I was doing my doctorate in religion at the Faculty of Theology at
Cairo University; never was a lesson or lecture taught which didn’t in some way denigrate Islam and
teach us to have a hatred for it.

We were taught to have two personalities and to accept that Jesus (pbuh) was the lamb and that he
forgave all of our sins and that you had to believe he was God, the son of God and that he was all
powerful. That God did not separate from the body of Jesus and that he was ‘the ferocious lion’ who
defended the faith of Christianity against the moral degradation and the lies of Islam….

When I started to study the New Testament it was one Christmas. And boy what a Christmas it was!
Whoever wants to see Christmas should come to Egypt. The lights are turned off in the church at
midnight on Christmas day for five minutes signifying that we have not gone into the dark but from
darkness into light (as represented by the birth of Jesus (AS)). And during these five minutes the you
men and women mix freely in the church….

Whenever we used to go to church they used to remind us to be careful and wary of Muslims. "Don’
mix with them", they’d say; "don’t eat with them", "be wary of them". I used to say to myself, where
are these Muslims that these priests keep telling us to be wary about! There aren’t any! … Whenever
they would find me sitting with Muslims in school they’d come and separate me from them.

The Pope said, " We’re sending you to Alexandria and there are Muslims there that you can talk to …
took the train from Asyut to Cairo. ..When I got to Cairo station I asked for a car (to take me to
Alexandria). But I was told that all the cars were being used by the other cardinals. So I went to the
bus station and took the number 64 bus.

A young man came on board the bus and was carrying some small books. He proceeded to give them
out to the passengers and when it got to my turn he skipped past me and continued. ..I called out to th
boy and asked for one of the books, and he refused. He said, " these aren’t for you priest" ..The boy
would let the people keep the books to read on the journey for a price of two garsh (smallest Egyptia
monetary unit), or else they could give them back to him. I persisted with the boy and asked him wh
he wouldn’t give me a book. The boy ran away and I ran after him. The people looked a this comic
sight and laughed. By chance the boy stumbled and fell and I caught up with him. I offered him 5 for
book. The boy took the money and he said "I think for that amount you might as well take them all".

I kept the books and made my journey to the Cathedral Abbasiya (in Cairo as he had missed the bus)
and went straight to the room for special guests (VIPs). Usually when I was tired I needed to read the
Bible and whenever I read the Bible I would sleep quickly. But this time I was going to read these
books I thought to myself. I wondered if they’d make me sleep or keep me awake.

What I didn’t realize was that inside these books was a cure for me (in my heart). This was the first
time I had held an Islamic book in my hand. I proceeded to open it. I opened it on a page which start
by quoting a chapter of the Quran. It read:


I read it again and again and again. I read it till I had leant it off by heart. It felt so sweet. I felt so
peaceful inside. (Contd.)

When I reached Alexandria the Cardinal in charge received me in a very pleasant manner. He had be
told by the Pope that I had become a mental case as I had begun to ask the wrong type of questions.
The Pope had phoned ahead to say that "we seem to have a Muslim inside the church". ..

On Sunday we went for prayers in the chapel. But the prayers in a church are very different from a
mosque. In the mosque, you see, everyone is the same …In the church the more you pay the more
forward you go in the pews…If the priest lifts his hand everyone does that, but what the priest says i
his reading no one understands.

I went to see the cardinal. .. I asked "Cardinal, so many people come to me to ask forgiveness and I
forgive them, and I come to you for forgiveness and you forgive me and you go to the pope for
forgiveness and he forgives them. But who forgives the Pope’s sins?"

He said, "you’re talking about the Pope, don’t you know he is Sinless!" I said " How can that be!", "
prophet Lot is not blemish less and prophet David is not sinless then how can the Pope be sinless? G
himself as Jesus was not sinless and yet you’re telling me the Pope is sinless?!"

The cardinal went straight to the telephone and told the pope that, "Abu Ishaq is still the same and
nothing here has changed his views", implying that the atmosphere of more wealth and loosely clad
women had not changed me. The pope gave strict orders to have me imprisoned in the Abbey and to
have me tortured.

The comparison of prison to the torture of the church cannot be compared. I can say having undergo
it that it is not a thousandth of the punishment that I had to endure in the Abbey for 97 days. As I we
into the torture chamber I found 15-20 priests lined up with their staffs in their hands. One of them
would beat me with the staff whilst another would spit on me calling me a "church seller" or saying
"you sold your church, your people and your mother".

My first punishment after that was that I had to look after the pigs in the Abbey, imprisoned within i
and with the pigs. I endured horrendous punishments because I was looking for the truth. They
punished me because I was drowning and I wanted to surface for some air.

During the 3 months or so I was in the Abbey they sodomised me with their staffs on at least seven
different occasions. They tore at and ripped off my beard with their bare hands. They took out my
nails, but in front of the truth even if they had cut me into pieces I would have followed nothing but

After all that had happened to me I decided there and then that I wanted to be a Muslim, to worship
the One GOD, the Maker of the day and of the night. At that time when we were on the Nile, I starte
to pray as a Muslim. I thank Allah for helping me see the Truth!

All Praise is due to Allah the Lord and Master of the Worlds.

Peace Be Upon You All. (Abridged)

15 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.

This story has an interesting prologue. NASIM GHAZI mentioned here is now a well known Islamic Missionary
and he is running MADHUR SANDESH SANGAM, an organization for propagation of Islam in India. Many of
his cases have been mentioned in these posts.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born into a very religious GOEL family of GHAZIABAD. My father died when I was ver
young, I was brought up by my mother and my elder brother, JAGDISH GOEL. His new name is
Kalim GHAZI, I have another brother, HEM KUMAR, who is not Maulana NASIM GHAZI, I have
four sisters, two of them have converted to Islam, two are dead and one named LAJJA is still Hindu.

02. My brother worked as Tax collector in GHAZIABAD, once during a local trade fair, he
encountered one Muslim trader and asked him to pay his levy…. He asked him to give him some tim
and he will pay the levy in the evening.

“And who pay the levy in the evening” my brother demanded…. “A muslim does” replied that small
03. My brother kept wait for him and true to his promise, the Muslim came and paid his levy. Mt
brother was very much impressed and selected him for friendship.

04. Then my brother met another Muslim QADI JAMEEL, who told him about Islam and gave him
books about Islam. Both my elder and younger brothers were impressed by Islam and wanted to
become Muslim.

Younger brother declared his Islam first, my elder brother also accepted Islam.

05. There was a lot of commotion in local Hindu community and they tried to implicate my brothers
false cases….but they held to their faith and whole family of my two brothers accepted Islam.

Maulana NASIM GHAZI later went to an Islamic seminary and passed out from there as an Islamic

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

06. Nasim Bhai worked on our mother and our sisters and he wrote us many letters … one of his lett
“a letter from Newly Converted son to his mother” was also published in book form.

07. I was very adamant to my brother and I never used to listen to him, to me all Muslims looked dir
and thought that ALL of them are smelly and dirty. My brother took me to some well to do Muslim
families and showed me that ALL Muslims do not live like that.

08. My brother kept on insisting on me accepting Islam, once he requested me with wet eyes to
become Muslim…. I got impressed and asked him what he wanted from me. He told me to accept
Islam and save me from the hell fire.

I said Islamic creed to satisfy him….. but it was only after 10 years that I got fully convinced of Islam
and its truth and became a real Muslim.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

09. After I became Muslim, my family started to look for a suitable spouse for me. I was very
particular in my choice, I told that my husband must not wear beard, and he should not have a large
family etc…

10. After some discussions and arguments, I decided to marry my present husband, who was related
Maulana Kalim Sahib….he came to our marriage party.
11. Now my husband has grown a beard and I like it very much…in fact most members of our
household grow normal beards…. My objection to beard has gone and so are my many objections to
Islam and Muslim’ way of living.

D. How I saved my Islam:

12. My household is a very firm in their faith to Islam… My elder brother is very brave and very bol
in his faith. During the Babri Mosque episode, he did not leave his house and continued to live there

When some asked him to move, he told, if the Angel of Death would not come to new location?

13. Since we were a well known family in our city, local Hindus tried very much to bring us back to
Hinduism. They asked many Hindu Scholars and leaders to win us back. They tried to bribe us, the
even threatened us, but Allah saved us from their clutches and we held on to our faith.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

14. My children owe more to my husband than me for their Islamic bringing up. My husband is a ve
good Muslim and a very good Human. He is respected for his behaviour by both Muslims and Hind

Once our Land Lord who was a devout Hindu, told my husband, that I am convinced of the truth of
Islam…. This is the true way…. But he died without declaring Islam,

There are many people like him, who are convinced of Islam and its truth but are afraid or lack

2. On Parents.

15. My father went from world without accepting Islam, my mother accepted Islam and I thank Alla
for opening her heart to Islam. It was my brother Nasim Ghazi who did most work on her.

3. On Family members / Others.

16. My two sisters also died without becoming Muslim. Though they came very close to Islam. My
another sister is Hindu and we are working on her. I pray to Allah to open her heart to Islam.

F. Present Situation:

17. I am very content with my present life and I try my best to follow Islam as much as possible….
Somehow I do not eat meat, yet I prepare meat dishes for my husband and my children.

I consider it as if I am destined to miss the taste of meat in this life… It is not because of any religiou

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

18. To Muslims, I strongly advise to live as clean people, Islam insists very much on bodily
cleanliness. It was their dirty style of living that kept me away from Islam for many years, there cou
be many like me.

They should present them as example of Islam…see more than 50 people from my own family becam
Muslim, just by the conduct of one Muslim, who paid his levy due!!

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Feb. 2004

16 Why be became Muslims?


There is not a single other religion to equal Islam in its simple comprehensibility or in its reassuring
smoothness. Islam is the one and only one religion which infuses a sense of peace and tranquility int
the human soul, blesses man with a life of contentment, and guides him to eternal happiness and
salvation after death…

What kind of a connection is there between man and the Almighty Being who creates him? No doub
religion explains this. I studied the statements made about religion by various scholars.

Why do I believe that Islam is the most perfect of the world’s religions and that it is the true religion

Let me explain: First of all, the Islamic religion states that there is no god besides the one Allah, who
great, that He is not begotten and does not beget, either, and that there is not another creator like Him
There is not another religion to explain the existence, the unity, and the grandeur of Allah in the
magnificence worthy of Him.

The fourth âyat of Hûd Sura purports, “[O my born slaves], your return shall be to Me, alone. Alla
is Almighty.” The fifty-fifth âyat of Isrâ Sûra purports, “Allah has the best knowledge of the
celestial and the terrestrial creatures.”

Moreover, many chapters of Qur'an state that “He is the only creator,” that “He is everlasting,” that
“He is eternal,” that “He is omniscient,” that “He is the absolute judge who makes the truest decision
that “He is the greatest helper,” that “He is the Creator, who is the most compassionate,” and that “H
is the most magnanimous forgiver.”…

When a person reads these exalted statements, how could it ever be possible for him not to believe in
that great Creator and not to seek refuge in Him? Aren’t all these enough for a person to bask in the
consciousness of a merciful creator who will protect him as long as he lives, and thus to abide by the
right way?...

Christianity busies itself only with spirituality and conscience and overloads every individual Christi
with spiritual and conscientious burdens far beyond the human capacity. Christianity prejudges man
a sinful creature and demands from him preposterous expiations he could never understand. …

And then the group would sit and lament over the fact that that tiny particle of love has been lost for
good in today’s Christianity, which is awash in superstitions. Coleridge states in one of his books, “
is a reality that a person who loves Christianity very much becomes gradually alienated from
Christianity and begins to love the church more, and at the end he loves himself the best.”

The only way of attaining peace and comfort in the world and salvation in the Hereafter is to embrac

17 Why I became Muslim?


I was born in a Christian family and would go regularly to Church on Sundays. I would not be
convinced with what the priest or preacher would say. I started to learn some thing about Islam.

In those days, one Christian abused the Prophet of Islam openly and he was punished with the death
penalty. Upon this another Christian Medical Doctor committed suicide. This incident has a deep
impact on me and I started to think, what sort of religion is this that says bad words about another
How come Christians in our country break the law of land and force the government to change rule
that they be free to curse a prophet of God, which is revered by most people in this country. This
made me realize that Islam is the true religion that teaches tolerance and praises all prophets of God.

I recently got transferred from BANNU to LORALIE and there I met a Muslim preacher who was
engaged in Missionary activities. I told him that I want to become a Muslim. I went to my wife and
discussed this issue with her. I praise Allah that my entire family of seven people agreed with me an
we jointly accepted Islam on the same day. It happened on 24 July 1998.

When my parents and my family learned of our decision, they became very angry and they ex-
communicated us. But I was firm and told that nothing can now change our religion, we have accep
it with full understanding.

I would request Muslim Missionaries in Pakistan, that there are many people like me in Pakistan wh
have a soft corner for Islam. They want to become Islam, but lack the courage or proper knowledge
about Islam (abridged)
18 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born into a Roman Catholic family in Austria, my mother was a firm believer, my father was a
atheist and had no respect towards religion From a very young age, my mother told me about God a
I developed a deep love for Him ..

Growing up, I turned into a rebel, My parents had little control over me and were unable to provide m
with guidance. At the age of 15, I traveled to Turkey and this was my first contact with an Islamic
culture. I loved the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and I spent hours there just relaxing..

After completing my A-level, I decided to continue with my education and join university. I was no
sure what subjects to take but I decided to take Social Anthropology and Arabic. During my studies,
received grants which allowed me to travel to Egypt and Sudan and gather data for my PHD thesis
about the colloquial Arabic of Khartoum and Omdurman.

During these stays in Muslim countries , I felt very much at home. I loved the way people cared abo
other people even in crowded cities like Cairo. I felt very close to Islam and I was longing to becom
one, but only after I changed for the better.

After finishing my Ph. D. I left Vienna and went to Sudan…from there I took a train to Cairo and the
went to Jerusalem. I went to see a person who lived at Mount of Olives and there I decided to becom

My parents were not delighted at my choice, but did not put hindrances in my path. The most difficu
thing was to meet old friends who would find it impossible that I had changed.

After another year, I married an English Muslim convert and came to England to live with him and
since then we have been blessed with three lovely children by Allah the Most gracious.

For me the power of Islam lies in Quran and the example of noble prophet, what convinced me was n
a dogma or a set of facts but the sheer power of Islam to turn my life around.

An old myth about Islam is that it takes the freedom away from women. ‘What Freedom”? I ask. In
my so called free days I was dependent on so many things, from cigarettes to drugs to the attention o
men. Only now I feel that I am totally free and respected., dependent only on God and he is the best

I say that the worst thing you can do is try to convince other people about Islam, as it just shows them
that you are not sure yourself and it makes a problem between you and others because people do not
want to hear about God or religion, if their hearts are closed. If they ask you, tell them about it, but
never indulge in preaching to the ones who do not wish to hear….

(Abridged) Source:: The MWL Journal Jan-Feb 199, p23-24

19 Why I Became Muslim?

George Anthony - Former Catholic priest

Note: Fr. Antony was a Catholic priest in Sri Lanka. His tale of becoming a true believer and adoptin
a name Adulrahman for him is quite interesting. Being a Christian priest he was well versed with the
teachings of the Bible. He quotes the Bible frequently as he sits to narrate his journey to Islam. Whil
reading the Bible he found many contradictions in it. He goes on quoting verses from the Bible in
Sinhalese language and points out the ambiguity.

“He quotes Esaiah 9:12 which reads like this.” And the book is delivered to him that is not learned,
saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith; I am not learned.” This verse is a prophecy towards
prophet Mohammed (pbuh), because Mohammad (pubh) was an unlettered prophet and when he was
an unlettered prophet and when he was asked by Angel Gabrielto read out the first divine revelation
upon him he said, “I am not learned” Contrary to the Christian belief that Jesus is God, Acts 2:22 of
the Holy Bible considers Jesus as a man. It says, “Ye men of Israel, hear these words, Jesus of
Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by
him in the midst of you, as ye yourself also know.”

Christianity and the other religions, do not define the Prophethood according to him. Nor does Budd
and is silent about the other prophets. Contrary to this it is compulsory in Islam to believe in all the
former Prophets and to revere them. According to Abdulrahman this belief is quite convincing and
appealing to every body.

Abdulrahman says that there is no reason for the restriction that a Roman Catholic priest cannot mar
when the priests of many other sects of Christianity can marry. Abdulrahman was pondering over the
confusions of Christian belief. Meanwhile he got an Audio Cassette of a converted Christian priest S
Lanka Shareef D Alwis. Cassettes of Ahmad Deedat also attracted him. His continuous efforts to fin
the truth finally resulted in reversion to Islam. Fr. George Antony

Abdulrahman, hails from the Rathnapura village of Sri Lanka. He was rendering his services as a pri
in Katumayaka church. He has ten years of training of the priesthood to his credit.

He wrote letters to his mother introducing Islam. After months of studies she followed the path of he
son and embraced Islam. Abdurahman’s only sister is working in Greece. His father and sister still
remained Christians.

Abdurahman gave up his highly respected career as a priest for the sake of truth. He happily sacrifice
all material gains for the spiritual triumph. He is now working as a trainee in Islam Presentation
Committee of Kuwait.

20 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:
01. I belong to a well to do SAINI family of South Delhi. My father is Accountant in Delhi
Development Authority. I have three brothers and all of them are working as Officers in different

I did my MA in English and Diploma is Mass Communications and I work as secretary in one of the
ministries. I am aged 33 now and very few people know me by my new Islamic name.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. Govt. of India established an institute to teach foreign languages to its staff working in different
ministries. I was selected to learn Arabic … most of the teachers were Muslims there and they starte
to teach Urdu to us along with Arabic.

03. My father is very well versed with Urdu language and I also spoke good Urdu, so I did not had
much difficulty in learning Urdu or Arabic. One of our teacher Dr. MOHSIN OSMANI gave us som
literature on Islam in Urdu and Hindi. That included a small booklet in Hindi named “AAP KI
AMANAT AAP KI SEVA MEIN” i.e. “Your trust returned to you” by Maulana Kalim Uddin.

I was very much impressed with that book and after that I studied Quran and then I told our teacher
that I want to accept Islam.

04. I accepted Islam on his hands and then I used to go to Islamic Mission in NIZAMUDDIN and
started learning about Islam and SALAAT from sisters there.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

05. I have not yet declared my Islam to my family and they are not aware of it. This causes lots of
inconvenience to me as I must wait till every one is away before I can offer my regular prayers.

D. How I saved my Islam:

06. I am now at a dilemma, when I read Quran it asks us to surrender ourselves to Allah fully and
completely and I am unable to do that at present.

I am very fond of prostration and I pray to Allah during my prostration to give me strength and make
me a Good Muslim.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

07. After becoming Muslim, I cannot marry a non Muslim, so I excused my parents to marry anyone
whenever they bring up this subject.
I discussed this with my Islamic teacher and he brought a Muslim boy, who told me that he is ready
marry me….there is no need for me to declare my Islam and he would not mind if I even go to templ
once in a while “to maintain the façade”… This reply saddened me and I declined the marriage

08. I know that Islam wants Muslim women to remain inside house. So I do not like to work outside
I am praying to Allah to grant me a Good Muslim husband, who will relieve me from this office wor

F. Present Situation:

09. This is the situation in which I find myself. My only source of strength is My Allah and I always
pray and ask Him to solve my problems

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

10. When I see Muslim women in Delhi and other places, I get convinced that they do not value the
gift of Islam they have.

In many Muslim localities, it is not possible to find out if they are any different from Non Muslim

I advise them to read stories of Muslim women in early age of Islam and use them as their ideals.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of April 2004

21 Why be became Muslims?


Prof. Baron Leon comes from a prominent British family and possesses the title of Baron. He
owns a Ph D. and other scientific titles. He became a Muslim in 1882.
One of the most perfect essentials of the Islamic religion is that it never demands of Muslims to act
against reason. Islam is a religion whose teachings are quite reasonable and perfectly logical. …

Muhammad PBUH states, “Allah has not created anything irrational or illogical.” He states in
another Saying, “I tell you with certainty that even if a person performs (his daily prayers of)
namâz (regularly), fasts, pays (the prescribed alms called) zakât, goes on hajj (Muslim’s pilgrimag
to Makkah), and carries out all the other commandments of Islam, he shall be rewarded in
proportion to the degree of his using the mind and logic Allah has endowed on him.”

The pure religion preached by Jesus also contained similar rules. For instance, ‘First try everything!
Accept only the good one.” Yet, these rules were forgotten in the course of time. …

The last Prophet of Allah Muhammad ‘PBUH who is the greatest blessing Allah has sent to
humanity, showed them the path that they were to follow. It was during his final days (in this world)
when the following incident took place:

It was a couple of days before Muhammad’s passing away, and he was resting, half conscious, his
head on
the knees of Aiyesha , his beloved wife. All the people of Medina were desperately sad about
Rasûlullah’s illness, ….This great Prophet who had brought them peace and security by means of
Islam, was now bidding ‘Farewell’ to them….

In tears they asked, “O Messenger of Allah! You are gravely ill. Perhaps Allah will invite you to Hi
presence and you will no longer be with us. Then, what can we do without you?”

Our Prophet Muhammad stated, “You have the Qur'an to consult.” Then they asked, “O
Messenger of Allah! It is certain that the Qur'an will be our guide in many respects. Yet if we canno
find what we are seeking by looking up in it, and if you have already left us, who will be our guide?”

Upon this, our Prophet ‘ “Act in accordance with what I have told you.” This time they asked, “O
the Messenger of Allah! Since you will no longer be among us, what should we do if we encounter
altogether new matters and cannot find anything about those matters in your Hadith?”

Our Prophet raised his blessed head slowly from the pillow, and said, “Allah has given a personal
guide to each and every one of His born slaves. This guide is the common sense, and his heart,
which embodies a conscience. If you use this guide well and properly, you will never deviate fro
the right path, and in the end you will attain to Allah.”

Here is the Islamic religion which I boast of having chosen. This religion is the true religion of Allah
which is entirely based on reason and logic.
22 Why I became Muslim?


My father was working in Saudi Arabia for past 30 years and during his long stay, he accepted Islam
learned it from my mother. At that time I did not know about Islam or Saudi Arabia.

I completed my study, and got a job in Saudi Arabia. My flight to Saudi Arabia was from Saudi
Airlines, before take off, It played Muslim prayer for Journey in Arabic. I did not know any word of
Arabic, but some how the wordings kept me spell bound.
When I landed in Saudi Arabia, I found the way Muslims greeted each other, the way they went to
regular prayers five times daily impressed me. I used to compare this with our Sunday Church
services and could feel that this was indeed much better than our ways.

I used to watch religious programs on Saudi Channel 2.. I even memorized first chapter of Quran
(after listening it recited so many times). I found that if I recited that chapter on any occasion where
felt danger, somehow I could maintain my calm.

I decided to know more about Islam and after return of my first vacation, I started going to Islamic
guidance center. I met a missionary from Philippine, who had accepted Islam some time back….he
told me about Islam and provided satisfactory answers to my questions and doubts.

I decided to accept Islam and I want to thank all those who contributed towards this, including Saudi
Channel 2. (Abridged)
23 Why I became Muslim?


I got the Chartered Accountant degree from Manila University and was selected to serve in Saudi
Arabia. The position was inferior to my qualifications but the money was more than I could get in m
country. The reaction of my parents were mixed on the eve of my departure to Saudi Arabia, a
conservative Muslim country.

I was posted in Riyadh HO of Irish Mestok company that runs dairy farms in the Kingdom. I was to
my duties and introduced to my colleagues many of whom were from my country and some from oth
countries also. I had to share my office with a Pakistani Accountant who was quite aged and had a f

After some initial hesitancy, we became quite talkative and discussed many topic amongst them Isla
and Christianity. One day I had a severe headache, my friend read some verses and blew on my hea
and I felt better. I asked him to give me English translation of these verses.

My Pakistani friend gave me some books on Islam, like Islam in Focus, Towards Understanding Isla
Myth of the Cross etc. After reading these books, I thought that I must make thorough study of Islam
and Christianity. I asked my friend to give me English Translation of Quran and what they read in
prayers. When I read the Quran, I found its teachings very reasonable and I was much impressed by
I tried to emulate my Muslim friends in prayer. I used to prey in an empty room, so that my fellow
Pilipino Worker would not know about it. But one day, one Pilipino saw me preying and he informe
all other Pilipino that I had become Muslim.

When things came to that level, I consulted my Pakistani friend and we decided that it is best, if I
declare my faith officially, so that I will not be persecuted. We went to the office of Sheikh Bin
BAAZ, head of Saudi Religious organization and I declared my faith in front of him.

I wrote to my parents explaining to them good points of Islam. They did not respond well, when I
went on vacation, my father told me, that if you are able to convince our local priest, we will become
Muslim. I went to the priest and I gave him English translation of Quran and took time from him to
come next week. But when we reached he was not there. My vacation time was over, but the priest
did not find time to argue with me.

I started my missionary activity in Philippine with the help of some friends, with the grace of Allah
this is now some what established. I married a Christian girl and she also accepted Islam after seeing
its benefits.

I was in Kuwait the day Iraq invaded it. I had gone there to open the new branch of my company
there. I had to reach Amman by road which took almost 26 days. I think my practice of fasting and
Hajj helped me survive that ordeal. Now I am a senior member of that MNC and my employers are
happy with my work.

Some times I think back on the day, I was taking my first flight to Riyadh, Allah was preparing for
best provisions for me on this earth and INLSHALLAH in the hereafter too (Abridged).

24 Why I Became Muslim?

Dr. Jerald F. Dirks, Former minister (deacon) of the United Methodist Church.

Note: He holds a Master's degree in Divinity from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Psycholog
from the University of Denver. Author of The Cross and the Crescent: An Interfaith Dialogue betwe
Christianity and Islam (ISBN 1-59008-002-5 - Amana Publications, 2001). He has published over 60
articles in the field of clinical psychology, and over 150 articles on Arabian horses

One of my earliest childhood memories is of hearing the church bell toll for Sunday morning worshi
in the small, rural town in which I was raised. ..

By my junior high school days, the local Methodist Church had closed, and we were attending the
Methodist Church in the neighboring town, which was only slightly larger than the town in which I
lived. There, my thoughts first began to focus on the ministry as a personal calling.

By age 17, when I began my freshman year at Harvard College, my decision to enter the ministry ha
solidified. ..That spring, Harvard named me a Hollis Scholar, signifying that I was one of the top pre
theology students in the college. I was a very promising young minister,

There is some irony in the fact that the supposedly best, brightest, and most idealistic of ministers-to
be are selected for the very best of seminary education, e.g. that offered at that time at the Harvard
Divinity School….As such, it is no real wonder that almost a majority of such seminary graduates
leave seminary, not to “fill pulpits …

It was at this juncture that I began to come into contact with the local Muslim community. For some
years before, my wife and I had been actively involved in doing research on the history of the Arabia
horse. Eventually, in order to secure translations of various Arabic documents, this research brought
us into contact with Arab Americans who happened to be Muslims. Our first such contact was with
Jamal in the summer of 1991.

After an initial telephone conversation, Jamal visited our home, and offered to do some translations f
us, and to help guide us through the history of the Arabian horse in the Middle East. Before Jamal le
that afternoon, he asked if he might: use our bathroom to wash before saying his scheduled prayers;
and borrow a piece of newspaper to use as a prayer rug, so he could say his scheduled prayers before
leaving our house. We, of course, obliged, but wondered if there was something more appropriate th
we could give him to use than a newspaper…
Over the next 16 months, contact with Jamal slowly increased in frequency, until it was occurring on
biweekly to weekly basis. During these visits, Jamal never preached to me about Islam, never
questioned me about my own religious beliefs or convictions, and never verbally suggested that I
become a Muslim

While I never spoke to my Muslim friends about those books, my wife and I had numerous
conversations about what I was reading. By the last week of December of 1992, I was forced to adm
to myself, that I could find no area of substantial disagreement between my own religious beliefs and
the general tenets of Islam… As such, I continued to read, and then to re-read.

It was now the very end of December, and my wife and I were filling out our application forms for
U.S. passports, so that a proposed Middle Eastern journey could become a reality. One of the
questions had to do with religious affiliation. I didn’t even think about it, and automatically fell back
on the old and familiar, as I penned in “Christian”. It was easy, it was familiar, and it was
comfortable. However, that comfort was momentarily disrupted when my wife asked me how I had
answered the question on religious identity on the application form. I immediately replied,
“Christian”, and chuckled audibly. ..

About a month had gone by since my wife’s question to me. It was now late in January of 1993. I h
set aside all the books on Islam by the Western scholars, as I had read them all thoroughly. The two
English translations of the meaning of the Qur’an were back on the bookshelf, and I was busy readin
yet a third English translation of the meaning of the Qur’an. Maybe in this translation I would find
some sudden justification for…

It was now March of 1993, and my wife and I were enjoying a five-week vacation in the Middle Eas
It was also the Islamic month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from day break until sunset. Because
we were so often staying with or being escorted around by family members of our Muslim friends
back in the States, my wife and I had decided that we also would fast, if for no other reason than
common courtesy. During this time, I had also started to perform the five daily prayers of Islam with
my newfound, Middle Eastern, Muslim friends. After all, there was nothing in those prayers with
which I could disagree.

It was now late in our Middle Eastern trip. An elderly friend who spoke no English and I were
walking down a winding, little road, somewhere in one of the economically disadvantaged areas of
greater ‘Amman, Jordan. As we walked, an elderly man approached us from the opposite direction,
said, “Salam ‘Alaykum”, i.e., “peace be upon you”, and offered to shake hands. We were the only
three people there. I didn’t speak Arabic, and neither my friend nor the stranger spoke English.
Looking at me, the stranger asked, “Muslim?”

At that precise moment in time, I was fully and completely trapped. There were no intellectual word
games to be played, because I could only communicate in English, and they could only communicate
in Arabic. There was no translator present to bail me out of this situation, and to allow me to hide
behind my carefully prepared English monologue. I couldn’t pretend I didn’t understand the questio
because it was all too obvious that I had. My choices were suddenly, unpredictably, and inexplicabl
reduced to just two: I could say “N’am”, i.e., “yes”; or I could say “La”, i.e., “no”. The choice was
mine, and I had no other. I had to choose, and I had to choose now; it was just that simple. Praise be
to Allah, I answered, “N’am”.

With saying that one word, all the intellectual word games were now behind me. With the intellectu
word games behind me, the psychological games regarding my religious identity were also behind m
I wasn’t some strange, atypical Christian. I was a Muslim. Praise be to Allah, my wife of 33 years
also became a Muslim about that same time.

Not too many months after our return to America from the Middle East, a neighbor invited us over to
his house, saying that he wanted to talk with us about our conversion to Islam. He was a retired
Methodist minister, with whom I had had several conversations in the past. Although we had
occasionally talked superficially about such issues as the artificial construction of the Bible from
various, earlier, independent sources, we had never had any in-depth conversation about religion. I
knew only that he appeared to have acquired a solid seminary education, and that he sang in the loca
church choir every Sunday.

My initial reaction was, “Oh, oh, here it comes”. Nonetheless, it is a Muslim’s duty to be a good
neighbor, and it is a Muslim’s duty to be willing to discuss Islam with others. As such, I accepted th
invitation for the following evening, and spent most of the waking part of the next 24 hours
contemplating how best to approach this gentleman in his requested topic of conversation. The
appointed time came, and we drove over to our neighbor’s. After a few moments of small talk, he
finally asked why I had decided to become a Muslim. I had waited for this question, and had my
answer carefully prepared. “As you know with your seminary education, there were a lot of non-
religious considerations which led up to and shaped the decisions of the Council of Nicaea.” He
immediately cut me off with a simple statement: “You finally couldn’t stomach the polytheism
anymore, could you?” He knew exactly why I was a Muslim, and he didn’t disagree with my
decision! For himself, at his age and at his place in life, he was electing to be “an atypical Christian”
Allah willing, he has by now completed his journey from cross to crescent.

There are sacrifices to be made in being a Muslim in America. For that matter, there are sacrifices to
be made in being a Muslim anywhere. However, those sacrifices may be more acutely felt in Ameri
especially among American converts. Some of those sacrifices are very predictable, and include
altered dress and abstinence from alcohol, pork, and the taking of interest on one’s money. Some of
those sacrifices are less predictable. For example, one Christian family, with whom we were close
friends, informed us that they could no longer associate with us, as they could not associate with
anyone “who does not take Jesus Christ as his personal savior”. In addition, quite a few of my
professional colleagues altered their manner of relating to me. Whether it was coincidence or not, m
professional referral base dwindled, and there was almost a 30% drop in income as a result. Some o
these less predictable sacrifices were hard to accept, although the sacrifices were a small price to pay
for what was received in return.

For those contemplating the acceptance of Islam and the surrendering of oneself to Allah—glorified
and exalted is He, there may well be sacrifices along the way. Many of these sacrifices are easily
predicted, while others may be rather surprising and unexpected. There is no denying the existence o
these sacrifices, and I don’t intend to sugar coat that pill for you. Nonetheless, don’t be overly
troubled by these sacrifices. In the final analysis, these sacrifices are less important than you present
think. Allah willing, you will find these sacrifices a very cheap coin to pay for the “goods” you are

25 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I belong to the JANSATH Tehsil of Dist. MUZAFFARNAGAR, UP. We are a small sugarcane
grower family, we are five brothers and by the grace of Allah, four of us have accepted Islam along
with our families.

Our elder brother, who is leader of Congress party in our area is also closer to Islam, but he has not
declared his Islam openly

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. If I can say, the let me say that it was the Idol of Lord Siva, who asked me to become Muslim!!

It so happened that some years back, we had a very good harvest of sugarcane, and we saved a lot of
money. We reconstructed our house and there in we made a special room for prayer. It was a sort o
small temple inside the house.

03. I went to the City to buy an Idol of Lord Siva and I purchased a very costly statue casting more
than 5000 rupees. I was carrying the same in my hand, taking care lest it should break.

I was just in front of a Muslim mosque, when a thought came to my mind, what will happen if I drop
this Statue…. I thought and the Idol slipped from my hand and broke into many small pieces.

04. I thought what sort of god is he, who cannot even save his own statue. The God of Muslims is
much better, who does not break and does not need any caring from its worshippers.

05. I went up to the mosque and asked the incharge there to make me Muslim, when he hesitated, I
told that I have taken this decision with lot of care and seriousness. He asked me to read Islamic
creed….later I came to PHULAT and met Maulana Kalim Sahib, who instructed me in Islamic
C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

06. When I reached home,. I told my wife about Islam and that I had accepted it. She said that I am
also impressed with Islam after seeing Muslim ladies.

I wanted to embrace Islam, but was afraid because of you, so she accepted Islam and our three childr
also accepted Islam at the hand of local Imam

07. Our elder brother, who was the local leader of Congress Party, he became very angry and he bea
me and my younger brother with stick and even got us arrested by the local police. They beat my
brother mercilessly and broke his leg (see the attitude of Secular Indian Police, which had nothing to
do in this case-MUQ).

I complained to the higher officer in the city, he was very good and he sent an officer to our village
and warned the local police and my brother to behave themselves.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

I told already that my wife and my children accepted Islam without much effort, Thank to Allah

3. On Family members / Others.

08. I presented Islam to my younger brother and tried my best to convince him…he said that he will
consult with his wife…she agreed and the whole family of my younger brother became Muslim

Then we started work on my elder brother, after some discussion, he along with his family also
became Muslim, Alhamdolillah.

09. That leaves only my eldest brother, he showed lot of opposition and even tried to get us tortured
the local police. He has no children and had adopted one of his nephew, when the entire family
became Muslim, we wanted our children back.

He fell sick and despite many treatment had no improvement. He came to our house and asked us to
forgive him for his past behavior. When we prayed for him, he was cured. He is studying about
Islam, but is yet to declare his faith. We are hopeful

F. Present Situation:

11. We are very happy with our Islam, all our children are learning about Islam and we encourage
When I think, How Allah brought us to Islam, our hearts are filled with his praise.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

12. I ask them to pray that we die as a Muslim and they should pray for guidance of all the Non
Muslims in India and elsewhere… If Allah accepts the prayers then He opens His ways.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of March 2004

26 Why be became Muslims?


It is stated in a Hadith “Every newly-born baby is suitable for and agreeable with Islam.
Afterwards they are made Jews, Christians or magians by their parents.”

Likewise, I had been born as a Muslim. Yet it was only many years later that I realized this fact. …

As a Christian, I had been given some teaching on the concept of Allah and on how to worship Allah
Yet my adoration was not confined to their teachings; I felt the same worship-like attachment toward
all paragons of chivalry and valor that I had read about in history. Eventually, I was given an office i
Uganda, which was under the British sway in those days. …
The difficult and unaccommodating life I was now leading in Uganda was making me feel closer and
closer to the oriental people. As I was reading the stories of Arabian Nights now, I was comparing
them with the people of Uganda and, as it were, I was living with them.

I was completely accustomed to life here, when the First World War broke out. When I applied for
military service, they would not admit me into the military on account of my poor health. When I fel
better I applied again. This time they admitted me, and sent me to the German front in France. In 191
I joined the terrible Somme battles. I was wounded in these battles, and I was captured by the
Germans. …. My arm and leg were entirely out of service.

What would become of me now? How would I earn my living? These thoughts drove me to infinite
despair. As I was in this mood of utter hopelessness, I somehow remembered the consolatory Korani
statements that I had read in a book which I had bought in Uganda. In those days I had read them aga
and again with deep interest and adoration; I had even memorized them. I began to pass these
statements through my heart and to repeat them a number of times daily. It gave my heart a sense of
relief and opened the gates of hope. And my hopes came true, too.

The Swiss doctors operated on my leg once again, and my leg began to feel better. I owed this to the
Qur'an . As soon as I began to walk, the first thing I did was to go to a bookstore and buy a translatio
of Qur'an by Savary. [This book is still my most cherished companion.] This time I began to read th
entire Qur'an . The more I read, the more relief did my heart feel, the higher did my soul ascend, the
deeper into my essence did a tremendous mass of light penetrate.

My leg was completely well now. Yet my right arm was still motionless. Upon this, I obeyed the
command of the Qur'an , surrendered myself to the Will of Allah and drilled myself in writing with
my left hand. The first thing I did after learning to write with my left hand was to embark on writing
copy of Qur'an with my left hand. At one time, I had been deeply impressed by an episode in an
Islamic book that I had been reading. The episode was about a young man who was reading the Qur'
quite oblivious of his surroundings and without even knowing that he was in a graveyard where he h
come accidentally. I put myself in his place, delivered my essence to the Grace of Allah, and carried
on my reading the Qur'an. In other words, I was a Muslim now. …

A couple of days later he took me to the London mosque at Notting Hill Gate. I joined the daily
prayers in that mosque for about a year. In 1922 I became a Muslim officially. We are in 1950 now.
far, I have held fast to all the commandments of Qur'an with both hands, and this has given me a gr
pleasure. (Abridged)

27 Why I became Muslim?


I think if you visit any Church, you will find nothing but statues and figure. If you look at the dresse
of clergy and procession of priests, nuns and deacons….you would not see any spiritual dimension
there. If will be as you have entered into a temple filled with idols and idol worship is in progress.

On the other hand if you visit any mosque, what you see will be rows upon rows of devotees, clad in
normal clothes. There would be no idols, statues or music and every one would be busy in worshippi
One Lord of Universe.

I don’t know if any reasonable man would not be able to notice the contrast in the two scenes.
I always had an attraction towards Islam, but it was not enough for me to declare my allegiance to it.
But the more I started to read about Islam from the books written by Muslim scholars, its truth dawn
on me. I could see the service done on humanity by the Great Prophet of Islam.

What attracted me towards Islam was its absolute Monotheism. Then I saw that Islam does not only
deal with spiritual matters, but it gives instructions for every walk of life.

Then Islam is free from narrow mindedness and treats with respect those who are non Muslims. It w
Islam which first taught to the world meaning of tolerance and live peacefully with people of other

Islam is a religion of action…it does not encourage people sitting idle or renounce the world. On the
other hand, if you want to become a good Christian, you have to renounce the world. Not so in Islam

According to Islam, the purpose of human life on this earth is to enjoy everything what God has
created for him…but he should remember God and lead life as per His guidance. (Abridged)
28 Why I Became Muslim?


Shortly after I was born in 1934, it became a fashion in Germany to quit membership of the Church.
In fact when I was 11 years old, one girl told me that there was no god at all and she seemed to be an
authentic person.

The world at that time was far from ordinary, there were bombs day after day, there were fathers wh
would come only now and then, and there were mothers, who knitted gloves and socks for ‘our poor

When the war was over there were strange people who took away our houses and American war film
started coming in which melted my heart. I was unable to judge who was right and who was wrong
and every thing looked cruel and senseless to me…

It was a miracle for me that out of all girls it was I who met a young European who had embraced
Islam seven years before. I asked him to tell more about it. I was a great skeptic at that time. Yet wh
he explained to me the meaning of the word Muslim i.e. one who out of his free will surrenders
himself to God’s commandments, something started waking inside me…

He explained how everything in the nature was following God’s was only men who
disobeyed God’s laws. It was wonderful logic, the pure common sense.
I learned as much as in the books in the following years, small though the stock of unbiased Islamic
literature in German Language is.

Mohammad Asad ‘s book Road to Makkah made a deep impression on me… I understood the deep
meaning behind all Islamic injunctions, it helped me most toward my journey to Islam.

While Muslim at heart, I decided that I would try out first whether I would be able to follow the laws
of Islam, so I kept fast the most difficult duty as it seemed to me then. I fasted the Month of Ramada
of year 1959, and it taught me that if we do anything for love of God, it is no longer as difficult at it

After that I became Muslim, me and my husband saved some money to migrate to a Muslim country
and we settled in Pakistan, where my husband was given a suitable position.

I used to enjoy all freedom the West offers to women, free mixing of sexes, parties, cinemas, dancin
concert, theatre, swimming, skating…Yet the peace of mind I have after becoming Muslim seems to
me an ample compensation for what I have left behind…

The reason why I tell this is that I want my young sisters and brothers to understand that all the
tempting glitter of materialism is just nothing when compared precious gift that God bestows on thos
whom He makes Muslims..

(Abridged) Source:: YAQEEN INT. FEB 7 1992, P200

29 Why I Became Muslim?

The Former Catholic Missionary (Burundi)

The nuns looked so clean and smart in their starched white habits. They looked like the saints in the
pictures that hung on the wall of every classroom, that I dreamt of the day I could be like them. I wa
among two other girls who get excellent grades at the end of the school year and we were asked if w
would like to study religion. They thought we were pious for our ages because we liked to spend
endless hours inside the church. They didn’t realize that the inside of the church was dim and cold an
a welcome relief from the hot African sun.

I couldn’t wait to tell my father, who surprisingly said, ‘absolutely not!’ He would not like that kind
life for one of his girls; without husband and children. He enrolled me in another school, which had
previously only admitted boys.

Besides myself, there was another girl in the Roman Catholic Mission school in Burundi. The years
spent at this school made me quite tough as I competed only against boys. The nuns used excessive
force in disciplinary matters. The fact that we were all adolescents might have had a good deal to do
with it. Still, it didn’t seem a very Christian thing to do.

I was interested in religion and excelled in the study of languages and accepted a full scholarship to a
university in Cameroon after graduating from high school. Again, as the only female, I enrolled in th
College of Theology. I wasn’t sure where I would go with it, but after a short while, the administratio
applied for a scholarship in the same College of Theology, but in Belgium. There I would learn how
be a Pastor in the Roman Catholic Church.

My language ability aided me quite a bit and my mastery of some of the African dialects attracted
them as a good candidate for missionary work.

As the years went by, I began to see through the layers of theology and found the superficiality of th
teachings. I was not alone in seeing the many contradictions in the New and Old Testaments. To lear
that the ‘Trinity’ is mentioned only once in the New Testament was a surprise but when I learned it
had been fully established at the Council of Nicea and that it was not part of what Jesus taught,
something in my mind clicked.

We were shown certain books called the Gnostic Books, which we were told were hidden teachings,
understood that the church was being deceitful and this was disturbing. How could I believe that this
was, as they said, the word of God from A to Z. "The People of the Book know this as they know the
own sons; but some of them conceal the Truth which they themselves know. The Truth is from thy
Lord, so be not in doubt." (Qur’an 2:146-147)

Still I pursued my studies in an effort to be able to help myself and my people some day. "As for tho
who divide their religion and break up into sects, thou has no part in them in the least: their affair is
with Allah: He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they did." (Qur’an 6:159)
After graduation from University, I took a position in Nairobi, Kenya. The Church was very anxious
have an African in a position such as this. They had many programmes for women and I was a
coordinator for these programmes under the auspices of the World Council of Churches. I handled
different aspects of exhibitions, women’s projects, donors, workshops and conferences.

I was sent to the regional office in Togo because they are mainly French-speaking which I spoke
fluently and the type of projects I knew how to handle were being implemented there. I began to
search for the spiritual force that was missing in my life and in Togo I searched through all the
practiced religions. When one looks for truth there are many things thrown in one’s path. (Contd.)

This part of Africa has many people who practice witchcraft and who claim to have knowledge of th
unseen and it was obvious they were just taking people’s money. There is no one with knowledge of
the unseen except God.

I had been facing much mediocrity from the Church and at the same time I had Muslim friends who
were very comfortable in their knowledge of God, who prayed five times daily and who had many
virtues. They believed in what they said, in contrast to the Church where you repeat what you have
been taught without believing in it.

I had never been taught anything about Islam except a superficial introduction so I did a lot of readin
about the religion.

I cannot say that to convert to Islam was easy; it was very difficult. But when one is searching for th
truth there is no way to deny it.

The decision was also difficult for economic reasons as I had one of the highest paying professions
with many perks.

I resigned from my position citing my conversion as my reason and immediately lost my job and
salary, housing and medical benefits. I became destitute in one day!

My family does not like my Hijab but they admire the moral aspects of Islam.

I helped to raise my brothers and sisters and they are much younger than I, and now to see how much
they hate me is almost unbearable.

They felt the economic hardship immediately as I did, and cannot understand why I would do such a
thing. But with the grace of Allah they too will find the truth of Islam, Insha’allah.

I hope and pray that I can use the knowledge that the education in the Church gave me towards the
propagation of Islam. The spiritual climate of West Africa is ripe for Islam and there are many proje
which need doing. This is what I have been trained to do and so my path is straight and narrow for m
30 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born on 9 June 1965 , in a KAYASTH Hindu Family in RANI GANJ of PRATAP GARH
UP. My father is an IPS officer and presently posted at MUGHAL SARAI. In our family Urdu is we

I did my PHD is psychology from Allahabad University in 1994 and I am teaching psychology in a
college in PUNE.

I have a younger brother and sister and they are both educated and are employed.

02. I wanted to do research in Germany in Para-psychology… this subjects deals with subjects which
are outside of our world… I wanted to do research on Jinn.

I wanted to control one Jinn under my power, so I could do my research and have an advantage over
my other colleagues.

03. What is a better place to control Jinn than in India! So I met many Hindu Sadhus and Muslims
who were known to have Jinn under their control… I tried all of their “sure fire” methods to control
Jinn…. But after so much tries and efforts, I got no break thru.

04. I went to Famed Muslim college NADWA in Lucknow, where some one told me to go to TAKIA
RAI BARELY and see a Scholar named Kalim Uddin , who might help me

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

05. I reached the mosque and was waiting there in the heat of month of June, when some one came a
said, Are you Dr, KC SAXENA? I was astonished, how did you know my name?

“It is nothing special, my friend told me that a gentleman of this name would come today and when I
saw you sitting I guessed” he said laughing. I was much impressed, the people I had consulted woul
make every thing so mysterious and he was telling simple truths.

06. When I asked him about my mission to control a Jinn… he laughed and congratulated me on my
bravery saying that he was afraid of Jinn…
When I insisted, he told me that the creatures whom Allah has made free, it is not OK to make them
under control…he instead presented to me Islam, saying that it is more important than controlling Jin

07. But if you want to control Jinn, first you have to become Muslim, I was very excited in my
mission, so I said that I am ever ready to become Muslim, if I am able to control a Jinn.

But he said that accepting Islam for controlling Jinn is not acceptable in the eyes of Allah….I must
decide to accept Islam for Allah alone and if you became a true Muslim…then you come to me, I wi
show you some of Jinn.

08. He gave me a list of books , which I should read, I went to Lucknow and bought “What is Islam”
and “Madras Lectures”…after reading these I got convinced that Islam is the only true way.

So I went to PHULAT and on 9 June 1195 accepted Islam , he named me Abdul Rahman…

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

09. After that I spent most of my time in learning about Islam, I purchased many books on islam and
then I realised that research on Jinn is nothing compared to getting closer to the Lord and Creator of
the Jinn

When I met Maulana after some time and he asked me about my Jinn project….I told that now I am
away from that and need to worship and get closer to the Lord and Creator of Jinn.

10. When the news reached to my family members, they forced me to get away from this and do not
sully the family’s name and its reputation.

They tried to even put pressure on me, but I remained firm and then they left me alone.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

11. When I accepted Islam, I was unmarried, I decided not to marry since it would affect my
Missionary activities. But Maulana Kalim Sahib told me that it is against Islam and I should marry.

12. It so happened that one Christian Nun AP accepted Islam due to our mission activities… she had
suffered in her first marriage and had decided to turn into a nun and leave that world behind.

When I offered to marry her, she consented and we were married and I now a daughter from this

3. On Family members / Others.

13. I am really sorry that I did not work on my family members, I talked to my father once…and he
read to me laughing this Urdu couplet “HUM TO DOOBEY HAIN SANAM YAAR KO LEY
DOBBENIGE” ( Which means “I have drowned but I want to drown my partner also”

It is Allah who guides people to Islam, but more than 200 people have accepted Islam in past 9 year
due to missionary activities of our small group, Alhamdolillah

F. Present Situation:

14. There is a post of reader in Allahabad University , I have applied for it and am going for intervie
there. If selected I want to do my missionary activities in this Ancient Hindu city.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of

31 Why be became Muslims?


(Dr. Marcus is a renowned man of ideas, a writer, and the founder of a magazine, i.e. the
magazine entitled Berlinde Moslemische Revue.)

I was only a child when I took an interest in Islam and began to collect information about Islam. In
the library of my hometown I came across an old translation of Qur'an that had been printed in 116
[1750 C.E.].

As I read the Qur'an, I was deeply impressed by its exceedingly logical and fascinating style of
expression that penetrated deep into the soul….

When I left my hometown and went to Berlin, I made friends with all the Muslims living there, joine
them and attended with rapt attention the interesting and instructive conferences held by the member
of the Islamic Mission.

The more friendly I became with the members of the Islamic Mission, the more closely was I able to
examine Islam. After a while I reached the conclusion that Islam was the true religion I had been
aspiring after, believed in it, and accepted Islam.

According to Islam, Allah is One, and belief in One Creator is Islam’s most sacred creedal tenet. The
Islamic religion does not contain any irrational or unbelievable tenet. There is not a creator besides

In Islam you cannot find a single dot disagreeable with or contradictory to modern sciences. All its
commandments and inculcations are entirely logical and useful.
In Islam, belief and logic do not contradict each other, which is the common blemish of other religio
Consequently, for a person like me who has dedicated all his life-time to natural sciences, what could
be more natural than preferring Islam, which is in full conformity with the scientific results that he
obtained from his lucubration, to the other religions that are quite the other way round?....

Commandments of the Islamic religion lead a person to the right way not only in the Hereafter, but
also in the world, and, in the meanwhile, they never restrict his freedom….

How exquisite a passageway it is that Islam lays between the individual and the social life! Islam
arranges these two lives. Islam is a religion of perfect justice and its sole aim is to guide people to th
good end. Islam embodies all the good aspects of all the world’s social trends. (Abridged)
32 Why I became Muslim?


Even though I had a vague believe in God, I really I had no knowledge about any religion or try to
know about God or felt his need in my life. Then around 8 years ago my mother became seriously i
and according to doctors she had only one more week to live. It was then that I prayed to God and
asked from Him to extend her life. Surprisingly she recovered and lived one more year and I was ab
to serve her.

After that personal experience, myself and my wife visited a Baptist Church which was near to our
University and one of Mathematics teacher was a member there. Soon he persuade me and my wife
be formally baptized and we started to join Sunday classes in the Church regularly.

Soon I started to read Christian books and acquire some knowledge about it. I stumbled on the
Doctrine of Trinity, which I could not understand, how so much I tried it. I asked my church fellows
their answers did not satisfy me and I asked more doubts. Finally they advised me to accept Trinity
taught by the Church and stop trying to understand it.

It was at that time, that one of Muslim Student told me about Quran and its clear teachings. He gave
me an audio cassette of Mr. Jamal Badawi (Well known Muslim missionary from Canada) about
concept of God in Islam. I could see that it was a straight forward concept and lacked any mysteries
which Trinity tried to introduce.

I got busied in cultural activities and I noticed that black people were not encouraged or welcomed in
our Church. On many occasions when my wife brought some of her black friends to the Church, no
one spoke to them. When we tried to join in the movement to restore Walter Helms (first Black
Superintendent of School in Birmingham, who allowed non union teachers in Black schools), our
Church openly condemned us.

It was at that time that I got an offer to teach mathematics in KFUPM University Dhahran. There I g
an opportunity to learn about Islam from those who were Muslims. Those people gave me English
translation of Quran and other Islamic literature. I got audio and video tapes of Jamal Badawi, whic
helped me a lot to know what Islam really is.
I started Muslim prayers even before I declared my faith…..but soon I decided to join brotherhood o
Islam (Abridged)
33 Why I became Muslim?


My Name was K. U, and our parents were Christians. My mother worked as maid in rich person’s
homes. Some of these were Arabs and they had some children named as Khalid, I liked that name an
at an early age, asked my mother to call me Khalid in place of my original name.

It was in 1985, when my mother was working at a rich French Gentleman, in Karachi that I saw a
dream as if there is a great flood and most of big houses are getting demolished, but our small cottag
is intact. I heard some one calling “Khalid get rid on unbelief from your heart”. I mentioned this to
my mother, but she said dreams are nothing. But I was for many days trying to figure out meaning o
that dream.

It so happened that Muslim month of Ramadan was close by and I thought that we Christians also fa
why should I not fast the way Muslims do. Accordingly without informing any one in home, I fasted
the way Muslims do and what is more and I went to Mosque and preyed with other Muslims. This
first prayer gave me a lot of peace.
I got so addicted to fasting and prayer and I would attend most prayers in mosque, without informing
my parents. Slowly the mark on my forehead started appearing, which told its own tale.

My family was very much angered by my action, I was engaged to be married to my cousin, their
family refused to agree to marry their daughter to a Christian. I talked to my fiancée and told her, th
I am ready to marry her, in court. She agreed and we were married by a court in 1988. This further
angered my family.

It so happened that circumstances took me to live in Christian colony, my presence there was a sourc
of many debates about Islam and Christianity. I did not have much knowledge about comparative
religion of Islam and Christianity, but Allah helped me and no Christian would convince me that Isla
is a fast religion.

Then I got hold of that marvelous book IZHAR-AL=HAQ, by RAHMATULLAH KERANWI, whic
was translated in Urdu language in Pakistan. This book opened my eye and I got so much informatio
on the problems of Christianity and their standard objections to Islam that I felt that now no Christia
can stand before me. This book which was written almost 150 years back is still without parallel on
this subject. Then I read other books also on Christianity and Islam and now I feel very comfortable
any debates with Christians.

In the end, I request my Muslim brothers to prey for me and my family and that Allah opens the hear
of my mother and brothers also to Islam (abridged)
34 Why I Became Muslim?

Rabbi Moisha Krivitsky of Makhachkala synagogue

Note: Every person has a different way of coming to the Truth. For Moisha Krivitsky this way led
through a faculty of law, a synagogue and a prison. The lawyer-to-be becomes a Rabbi, then he
converts into Islam and finds himself in prison. Today Musa (this is the name he has adopted when h
became a Muslim)

Q. Did you find the way easily?

- With great difficulty. It was hard then, and it isn’t much easier now. When you go deeply into Islam
inner meaning, you understand that this religion is very simple, but the way that leads to it may be
extremely difficult. Often, people don’t understand how a person could be converted into Islam ‘from
the other side’, as it were. But there are no ‘sides’ here: Islam is everything there is, both what we
imagine and what we don’t imagine.

Q. Musa, as a matter of fact, we were given this fact as a certain sensation: a Rabbi has turned Musli

- Well, it has been no sensation for quite a long while already - it’s more than a year that I did this. It
was strange for me at first, too. But it wasn’t an off-the-cuff decision. When I came into Islam, I had
read books about it, I had been interested.

Q. Did you finish any high school before coming to the synagogue?

- Yes, I finished a clerical high school. After graduation, I came to Makhachkala, and became the loc

Q. And where did you come from?

- Oh, from far away. But I’ve already become a true Daghestani, I’ve got a lot of friends here - both
among Muslims and people who are far from Islam.

Q. Let’s return to your work in the synagogue.

- It was quite a paradoxical situation: there was a mosque near my synagogue, the town mosque.
Sometimes my fiends who were its parishioners would come to me - just to chat. I sometimes would
come to the mosque myself, to see how the services were carried out. I was very interested. So we
lived like good neighbours. And once, during Ramadan, a woman came to me - as I now understand,
she belonged to a people that was historically Muslim - and she asked me to comment the Russian
translation of the Quran made by Krachkovsky.

Q. She brought the Quran to you - a Rabbi?!

- Yes, and she asked me to give her the Torah to read in return. So I tried to read the Quran- about te
times. It was really hard, but gradually I began to understand, and to get a basic notion of Islam.
Q. Musa, and when you were reading the translation, you must have begun to compare it with the

- I had found answers to many questions in the Qur'an. Not to all of them, of course, because it wasn
the Arabic original, but the translation. But I had begun to understand things. (Contd.)

Q. And what exactly were the questions that you couldn’t find answers to in Judaism?

- Before I came into contact with Islam, there were questions which I had never even tried to find
answers to. Probably, an important part here had been played by a book written by Ahmad Deedat, a
South African scholar, comparing the Quran and the Bible. There is a key phrase, well-known to tho
who are familiar with religious issues: “Follow the Prophet who is yet to come”. And when I studied
Islam, I understood that the Prophet Muhammad (let Allah bless him!) is the very Prophet to be
followed. Both the Bible and the Torah tell us to do it. I haven’t invented anything here.

Q. And what does the Torah say about the Prophet (let Allah bless him!)?

- We won’t be able to find this name in the Torah. But we can figure it out using a special key. For
example, we can understand what god this or that particular person in history worships. The formula
describing the last Prophet (let Allah bless and greet him) is that he would worship One God, the Sol
Creator of the world. The Prophet Muhammad (let Allah bless him!) matches this description exactly

Q. Should I understand you, Musa, that you now feel a great responsibility for becoming a Muslim, o
do you have some other feelings?

- Yes, responsibility, but something else as well. I can’t put my finger on it now. When a person kno
Islam well, he’s got both his feet firmly on the ground. Islam helps a person …When I understood th
I had to become a Muslim, I thought that Islam was a single whole - one common road, or a huge
indivisible ocean…..

Q. Musa, and what brought you into the prison?

- I’ve recently seen a programme on the TV, and a representative of the Chechen republic in Mosco
- I forget his name now, I believe he had some beautiful, French-sounding name, something like
Binaud - he said that if the authorities were going to carry on like they had done before - barging into
homes, planting drugs and weapons on people - then the people would be out in the streets protesting
This has happened to many here. So there was something planted on me. Then they came and took m
away at night.

Q. Musa, why were the authorities frightened by you?

- No idea. Even children aren’t afraid of me.

Q. Did you avoid the question on the nature of your crime on purpose?

- No, it was illegal weapon keeping. I’ve forgiven those people, of course, although I used to be very
angry with them. What matters is the Islam, and the things that are good for it. … What we hear
instead is that if a Muslim is wearing a beard, he’s a Wahhabi. I have such tags attached to all I’m
wearing. It’s ridiculous.

I think that what happens to me is right. And what I want now is to come to people who don’t
understand me, to tell them about my ideas, to explain what Islam is. We’re all in the same boat,
anyway. Especially here in Daghestan: we know everything about one another. Why then should we
trying to find enemies in one another? Life is going by, and finally, we’ll all have to answer for what
we’re doing. (Abridged)

35 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I belong to a Brahmin Family in Calcutta , my father had a leather good shop, which ran very we
I had one younger brother and one elder sister.

I did my MA in English and wanted to do PH. D , but father’s sudden death caused me to drop the id
and I had to manage the shop.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. In 1999, my father got a severe pain in his stomach, despite treatment his condition deteriorated
and he expired. As eldest son, I had to lit his pyre. That scene and what I had to go thru made me ve
disgusted from our religion and its practices.

03. Then after five months, my elder sister also died because of brain fever. She was six or seven
month pregnant. When we took her to cremation ground, the Pundit there said that, the child in her
womb cannot be burned. He has to be buried and we cannot burn the body like that.

When I said that we will burn here body elsewhere, my family member protested and in front of me,
my sister was made naked and her stomach was slit open and the body of infant was taken out…

04. This made me leave Hinduism for good and I left Calcutta and I went to Patna and started workin
in a small nursing home. The doctor was Muslim and a very good person. When I told him my
situation, he asked me to go to Delhi and accept Islam

05. I went to JAMA MASJID in Delhi and told Imam that I want to accept Islam … they asked me to
bring certificates from tow reliable persons from my town… I went to the Head Office of Jamat Islam
Hind, but they started asking me so many questions… I went to many people but none was ready to
make me Muslim.

I decided to return to Patna, on Delhi Station, I met a Muslim who told me to go to PHULAT and me
Maulana Kalim, I went there and he gladly made me Muslim.

06. He then sent me with a Muslim missionary group for 40 days, in these days I learned how to pray
and how to recite Quran and that helped me a lot

D. How I saved my Islam:

07. Maulana explained to me, why the other people were hesitant to make me Muslim. Because ther
have been cases where some one became Muslim and later when the matter came into light, he accus
these Muslims to convert him by force or thru offering him money.
In PHULAT the situation is different, we are in a small village and every one knows us and the work
we do. We are better organized also to handle these situation.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

08. I was not married when I became Muslim, I met a girl from Bengal who was working in a cloth
shop. I told her about Islam and after some persuasion, she agreed to become Muslim.

I married her after she became Muslim, and I have a son, whom I have named Abu Bakar.

My wife gets Islamic education from the wife of Maulana and we are very happy.


09. My mother is alive, but she is much advanced in age. She likes me very much, but she is not read
to accept Islam yet.

3. On Family members / Others.

10. My brother and Sister have become Muslim along with their families, Alhamdolillah…. I hope th
my other two younger brothers shall also accept Islam. They love me and they honor me and my fait
F. Present Situation:

I have started working as Manager in a Bakery in Patna. The job was also arranged by Maulana Kal

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

11. The Muslims should do the Missionary activities sincerely and they should look after the social
needs of the New converts. If we do not take care to help and solve their problem, the inflow will be

If one Muslim family decides to take care of one Newly Converted Muslim, then this problem can be

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of May 2004

36 Why be became Muslims?

Mrs. ÂMINA MOSLER (German)

Why did I become a Muslim?

My son was asking me various questions, and I was unable to answer them. When he asked me, for
instance, “Mummy, why are there three gods?” I was at a loss as to what to say because I myself did
not believe in trinity, and yet I could not find another answer to convince him. Eventually, it was
sometime during the year 1346 [C.E. 1928], and my son had reached a mature age, when, one day, m
son came to me, his eyes welling up with tears. He begged, “Mummy, I have been studying Islam.
They believe in one creator. Their religion is the truest one. So I have decided to become a Muslim.
Join me!”

Upon his request, I, too, began to study the Islamic religion. I went to the Berlin mosque. The imam
the mosque gave me a cordial welcome and told me the essentials of Islam. As he spoke, I saw how
right and logical his words were. Like my son, I, too, began to believe in the fact that Islam was the
truest religion.
First of all, Islam rejected trinity, which I had never been able to understand or accept since my yout
After examining Islam thoroughly, I realized the absurdity of such things as redemption, looking on
the pope as an innocent being never prone to sin, baptism and many other rites of the same sort, I
rejected all these falsities and embraced Islam.

All my ancestors were fanatical Catholics. I was raised in a Catholic monastery. I grew up totally
under Christian education. Yet this sheer religious education that I had received helped me to choose
the true religion that would guide me to Allah.

For, all the good things that I had been taught throughout my education I found not in Christianity, b
in Islam. I am so lucky to have accepted Islam.
Today I am a grandmother. I am so happy because my grandchild has been born as a Muslim. I know
that Allah will always guide those people whom He has brought to the right way.

37 Why I became Muslim?


Jonathan is the son of John Bert, former Director General of BBC. H accepted Islam in 1996 and too
the Islamic name of YAHYA which is Arabic Translation of his Original Name Jonathan. His story
accepting Islam in his own words is reconstructed here from statement of his friend.
It all happened when I had a Muslim room mate during my university yeas. I found his manners, life
style and his putlook so different from ours that I got interested in his religion. After studying books
about Islam, I started working in the Local Islamic center so as to know Islam still better.

During this I studied Arabic language and read original books of Islam in its own language. My
Arabic skills are so advanced that I can give lectures to my country men in Arabic. My studies
convinced me of the truth of Islam and I accepted islam.

I alter married an Indian Muslim girl FAUZIA and we are happily married now and spend our spare
times in missionary works(abridged).
38 Why I Became Muslim?


As I read the book “Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin, it seemed that the book separated men of
science from men of religion. It made Biblical version of creation outdated. My father did not believ
in God and considered Old Testament as book of fairy tales. We have no records, except a few
remnants of early scriptures, the meaning gone, their wisdom lost thru countless years and numerous

In school we had period of comparative religion, my teacher was so biased against Islam that he
always talked ill about it. He lectured us on Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. He would
always picture Islam as a decline from the peak of Christian teachings into a collection of rituals whi
led to the stagnation of Muslim people.

Singling out Prophet of Islam, he would say that he was an imposter who deceived his people and le
them into wars.

Somehow I could not digest all this negative talk about Islam, I wanted to know more about the
religion of Islam, about prophet Mohammad and what he said about God.
I got so irritated from the one sided criticism of my teacher that I wanted to leave the subject
altogether, I asked my father, if there was a way, I could study about Islam and know its real teachin
He asked me to search in school library a book on Prophet Mohammad written by a muslim writer. I
tried but I could only fid books written on Prophet Mohammad by Western writers and no one by an
Muslim writer.
Finally I was able to find a Muslim who gave me Translation of Quran in English by a Muslim and
also the biography of prophet Mohammad written by a Muslim writer.

I started to read the translation of Quran from the very beginning. I found there were many things I
did not understand, but others impressed me. So I decided to continue reading , as I was unable to
sleep any way. I continued reading as his my heart was not in it, and suddenly before me were these
words “And give glad tidings to the patient, who say when misfortune strikes, to God we belong and
Him is our return” (2: ) . I felt better immediately.

My studies convinced me of the truth of Islam and the link it had with Old Testament and Jesus. No
I could find why Western Writers were so against Islam and its prophet. It was their fear of Islam an
its teachings that caused all this negative propaganda.

From then to come into fold of Islam was a logical and simple step for me.

(Abridged) Source::
39 Why I Became Muslim?

Selma A. Cook , An Australian Missionary’s Journey to Allah

For many years I lived alone, isolated in a world of fear and unrest. Some happy childhood memorie
times of love and joy were always covered by a cloud of uncertainty; a feeling of being lost but not
knowing where my real place was. ..In my isolation, I sought help and comfort in the One Who had
created me; I had no doubt that there exists a Creator and Sustainer of all things. I knew this as
clearly and as surely as I know the sun rises and sets, the movement of the tides, the echo of a thund
storm and the delicate beauty of a spider’s web. No! This world was no accident! As sure as an
explosion in a paint factory could never produce an encyclopedia, I always knew this world has a
Designer – the Source of all peace.
At sixteen years of age, I prayed as I had always done, knowing that He is so Powerful and All-
Encompassing that there was no need to pray in the name of Jesus (peace be upon him). I forced
myself to throw off the shackles of Christianity and dependence upon Jesus as a medium between m
Creator and myself. I felt a surge of peace and inner quietness.
I always felt close to God and prayer was a way of life for me. Deep in my mind, for I could never
voice any doubts, I had some misgivings about what I’d been taught about Jesus (peace be upon him
some things didn’t make sense to me, but as a missionary I felt I was calling to God, not to a
particular church. I could recognize a harmony and structure in all the nature around me, yet I found
an absence of order wherever I looked around people.
I learned to love Jesus as a messenger of God but it seemed strange to me, that God would require a
sacrifice in order to forgive us. I believed that God was above having any need. I felt I could
communicate with Him as I was, without the necessity of an intermediary because, again, God didn
need any help to hear what I said. (Contd.)
I met my neighbors who were Muslims. I thought I would do some missionary work. I always like t
remind people about the Creator, goodness, and the existence of truth. What little I knew about
Muslims and Islam was colored by the Christian-Judaic doctrine in which I’d been raised. I was
taught that Muslims did not believe in Jesus (peace be upon him), that they were ignorant heathens
who deserved to be usurped from the land of Palestine. How ignorant I was!
They listened to me patiently, and then I too listened to them. They did not try to explain any
complicated issues, they just read to me from the Qur’an. First they read in Arabic, then in English.
was the chapter of Maryam (Mary). I listened in silence. The sound was so tranquil – something
independent from the reader, something that contained the ability to touch hearts, remove the
obstacles we place in front of ourselves, and redirect us towards light, guidance, and that constantly
elusive element of life called happiness. I cried. I could not find words to explain my tears and all I
could say was, “It’s beautiful.”..
I learned that prayer is strictly between the individual and God, and that each person is held
responsible for the actions they have sent forward. No one can bear the sins of another, not even a
parent, child, or friend. Thus Jesus (peace be upon him), is loved and revered as a Prophet and
Messenger of Allah; for his righteousness and closeness to Allah. I learnt that Muslims believe that
Jesus (peace be upon him) will come again to the earth and that all the confusion about his origin an
role will be wiped away.
I knew deep within myself that I had reached the place of light that I had sought for so many years.
was twenty-two years old. I had been a missionary since I was seventeen. In my heart, I left the
church the moment I heard the Qur’an. But I decided to go to the church one more time to publicly
announce in the monthly “testimony meeting” the following Sunday that my life had taken a new
direction and I wouldn’t be seeing them again, but that I was glad to have known them and wished
them all well.
My leaving the church caused something of an uproar in my family and community. Deep down I
knew I was alone in life. Family and friends could come close to us but no one really knows us or ca
help us except Allah. Indeed, we are born alone, will die alone and will stand for judgment alone. I
had always felt alone. I was right.
The loud and often hostile reaction of people is easy to confront when one remains in a state of
reliance upon Allah, the Almighty. I considered myself a Muslim but had a long way to go, much to
change and much to understand. I felt like a young child who had just taken her first steps. I knew
with conviction that Allah was the One to whom I’d always prayed but it wasn’t until that time that
knew His name and reality. I spent the next five years rediscovering my life.

*This story is based upon excerpts from “The Miracles of My Life” by Selma A. Cook. It has been
reproduced with the permission and assistance of the author.

40 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.

A. Family Background:

01. I was born on 17th Jan 1974 in a KAYASTH family of Gauhati. My father; name is HANS RAJ
KESWANI, he was a lecturer of Science.

I did my education in English medium school in Gauhati, I did my B. Sc in Computer Science. Then
did my M .Sc from Delhi and P. HD from New York. Now I am employed in an American Software
Company as its Head in GURGAON near Delhi.

02. My elder Brother Dr. VINOD KESWANI is a very good surgeon and he is settled in NY.

In our family Urdu is given a high regard, We were a religious family while we lived in Gauhati, bu
after coming to Delhi and then In NY, the society was least interested in Islam.

03. I was living in NY when 9/11 incident happened and after that every Muslim living in USA was
viewed with suspicion. I took my nephew to a park and he saw a Muslim with beard, He came runni
to me and said “That Uncle is Osama”!

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

04. I went to USA for company Job and on returning back came via Dubai. I boarded Dubai Delhi
flight. The seat next to me was vacant, just before plane was to move, One bearded Muslim (who wa
no other than Maulana Kalim) came and sat next to me.

05. When the plane took off, we introduced each other, and I said to Maulana that my name was
Osama.. He asked me if Osama was my real name. Then I told him the incident with my nephew the
other day (later Maulana told me, that I decided that after three hours, my name will become Osama)

I told Maulana that I was very interest to meet some religious scholar, so we can discuss religion wit

06. Maulana told me about the Creator and how He created every thing in this universe .. I said that
this is Computer age and now every argument has to be verified thru logic and reason.

Maulana told me, that I am a Doctor in Computer Science, but my knowledge is less than that of a ol
women who used to run spin wheel and make cotton.

07. When some one asked her, how she knew that there is a Creator in the Universe, she told that her
spinning wheel gave her the answer. The wheel stays motion less until I move it, it moves fast or
slow, as I wish it and if any one interferes while I am spinning the wheel the thread will break.
So when a small wheel cannot run unless it is in full control of ONE person, how come this whole
Universe is running without a Single Supreme Power.

08. I got convinced with his logic… but I told that there are so many religions and so many books,
which one I should accept… He told me that God has given us intelligence and using that intelligenc
one would be able to recognize which is the true path and which is the true religion.

09. We kept on talking…untill Maulana asked me to read the Islamic Creed as this is the only way to
save me from hell fire…. I asked him to give me some time…but he said, one does not know when o
will die. So I should not delay.

So I accepted Islam in the Plane on the hands of Maulana and he gave me name Mohd. Qasim, sayin
that Qasim was one of the names of Our prophet.

10. After a few days, Maulana phoned me and asked that I said in the plane that my name was Osam
and he had also decided to name me Osama… Will I change my name to Osama now.

I said that I am happy with my new name as it was a title of our prophet… he hung up the phone.

E. My Missionary activities:

3. On Family members / Others.

11. I could not do much DAWAH activity. I wanted to talk to my brother about Islam. But he told m
that he was much impressed by the actions of one of Muslim Nurse working under him.

He accepted Islam and married her as a second Wife. His first wife got very angry and wanted to
come back to India, but when she met that Muslim Nurse, she was also impressed and she also becam

F. Present Situation:
I live in GURGAON and I am trying to read Quran and do my prayers correctly.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

12. They should realize that Islam is the truth and they should spread the truth to every one,. If
Maulana Kalim had not spoken about Islam to me, I would still be wandering here and there.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of March 2005

41 Why be became Muslims?


Lord Headley possessed the title of Excellency. Sir George Allanson was born in 1855 and
descended from the oldest British family. He occupied very important Political positions in
Britain, and at the same time made fame as an editor. He graduated from Cambridge Universi
In 1877 he won the title of Lord. He served as a lieutenant colonel in the British army. He was
an engineer by vocation, but a powerful writer by avocation.
Lord Headley became a Muslim in 1913, performed Haj (the Islamic pilgrimage), and adopted
the name Shaikh Rahmatullah Fârûq.

Why did I become a Muslim? Perhaps, some of my friends and acquaintances are of the opinion that
became a Muslim as a result of persuasion on the part of my friends and acquaintances. But it is not
the fact. My accepting Islam was the result of long-time research and contemplation….

The Qur'an commands that a person should accept

Islam after his heart’s full confirmation, and rejects a conversion under coercion….

During my former life-time, I had seen many bigoted Protestants. They would go to Catholic student
hostels and try to force the Catholic students. These unwanted efforts and coercive attempts would
cause various fights, offenses and controversies and would sow discord among people.

The same meaningless methods Christian missionaries used with Muslims. They ran all sorts of risks
for the purpose of Christianizing Muslims. …

Christianity has been defiled, to the extent that the real Nazarene religion communicated by Jesus ha
been lost completely, and the tenets of humanity he preached have been forgotten. These things exis
in Islam today.

Then, by becoming a Muslim, I have also attained the Nazarene religion in its pristine purity.
Principles commanded by Jesus, such as brotherhood, solidarity, good will, generosity and others, ar
observed not by Christians, but by Muslims today. …

Today, nothing could be as logical as a sane person believes in the existence of one Allah. By
becoming a Muslim, I believe in one real Allah and reject all the fibs that were inserted into the pure
religion of Jesus afterwards.

… Day by day Christians are abandoning their religion and becoming atheists. For today’s
Christianity is no longer satisfactory for a normal and cultured person.

People refuse a blind belief in superstitions and entertain doubts about the Christian creeds. On the
other hand, all through my life-time so far, I have never heard of a Muslim feeling doubts about his
faith. For the Islamic religion satisfies all the spiritual and physical needs of human beings in the mo
perfect and rational manner….

After giving this brief account of why I chose Islam, let me add that by becoming a Muslim I manag
also to become a more true and pure follower of Jesus. I wish to be an example for other Christians.
Choosing Islam will not make them enemies of Christianity, but, on the contrary, it will teach them t
true Christian religion, and it will raise them to a higher level.

42 Why I became Muslim?


Dr. SWAROOP was a well known Hindu Guru, who accepted Islam on 10th May 1986 with his wife
and daughter. He was educated in Ashram, then graduated and obtained Master Degree from
University of Allahabad, the did his DD from Oxford University. Pope Paul –VI awarded him the
honor of O.F.M. C. AP. He is fluent in more than 12 languages of the world. Vonoba Bhave, the we
known Gandhian leader of India, invited him for lectures in his Ashram in 1981. Here he gives his
reasons of accepting Islam.

I have studied all major religions in the world from their own scriptures, so I know about basic
teachings of these major world religion. While I was in the Ashram of Vinoba Bhave, Baba DHRAM
ADHIKARI posed me a question after my lecture “You have studied most religions, which one of
these you find best?”

I replied without any Hesitation “Islam”. “But it binds you very tightly” was his observation.

“The one who binds tightly, is really the one which sets you free and the one which apparently sets y
free, really binds you.” I told “On this earth humanity needs a religion, which binds him tightly not
only on this earth, but also in the hereafter and that religion is only Islam” That was in 1981.

As to why I accepted Islam, I saw a dream in 1984, that a large crowd is trying to lay hand on me an
am running to save my life. I stumbled and fell on the ground, some unknown hands picked me up.
looked at my savior, his face was very brilliant and I could not look at it. Them some one said, He is
Mohammad, the messenger of Allah (PBUH). H eembraced me.

In the morning I found out that my wife also had seen a similar dread. We decided not to delay our
decision any further and I went to Main Mosque in Bhopal and accepted Islam at the hands of local
Imam. Now me, my wife and my daughter arer putting all our efforts in spreading the truth of Islam
those who are in doubt.

43 Why I became Muslim?


The Case of Cassias Clay, the World Heavyweight boxing champion, who became Muslim and
chose Mohammad Ali as his new name, is very well known to every one. He became a most
recognizable face on globe and world of boxing lost some of its glamour when he retired. The
way he was stripped off of his title because he refused to go to Vietnam is also known to most
people. US Govt. and many sporting bodies behaved in most partisan manner on this issue. If
he would not have become Muslim, most probably he would have been exempted from the
Military Duty, but his Islamic name and open refusal to go to Vietnam on religious grounds
turned whole media against him. We present below some insights into his life.

Cassias Marcellus Clay was born in 1942 in Louse-vile Kentucky. His father was a sign board paint
His family belonged to Catholic faith and were respected for their manners. Cassias was interested in
Boxing since very early age. By the age of 14, he was champions in the High School Boxing.
In 1958, at the age of 16, he won Golden Glove title in his state and next year he won Golden Glove
Title in heavy weight division of Chicago and on that basis he was selected to represent USA in 1960
Olympics at Rome. He won Gold Medal for USA in Heavy Weight Division.

High from his Olympic Old, he happened to enter a Restaurant reserved for Whites only, when the
proprietor objected to this, he informed that he just won Olympic Gold Medal for USA in Rome. Bu
he was turned out from that restaurant. This made a lasting impression of his mind and he threw his
Olympic medal in river (He was awarded a special medal in 2000 Olympics to replace the one he ha
dropped into river).

He turned professional boxer and started his climb towards the World Champion. His quick repartee
and his manners soon attracted whole world’s attention. He would predict the fall of his opponents i
particular rounds, which would be accomplished.

He was billed to fight for World Title with Sony Listen on 25th Feb. 1964. By that time he was alrea
accepted Islam at the hands of Malcom-X, but the conversion was kept secret. It was thought that
otherwise he would be denied the title shot.

He won the World Boxing Championship by defeating Listen and same night shocked the whole wo
by Declaring that he is a Muslim and his name is Mohammad Ali.

The media turned against him on the basis of his conversion and would always root for his opponent
than for him. But he was always on the winning track. He won the return fight with Listen on 25 Ma
1965 in mere 1 minute 42 seconds of the First Round!!! That was amazing by any standards.

He then defeated Floyd Peterson, Earney Terrel, Henry Cooper, C. Williams and others but he was
always the winner.

Mohammad Ali refused to go to join US army and go to Vietnam, because his religion does not allow
killing unarmed innocent people. He was stripped off his title and was even sent to prison which
showed the biased attitude of agencies and media.

He was released from prison on 20 the June 1970 and on March 71, was to fight with Joe Frazier to
win back his title. But Ali lost that bout first time in his career. He later won back his World Title
when he beat George Foreman in 1974. He lost his title to Leon Sinx but later defeated him to win t
World title for unprecedented third time. He announced his retirement.

His dedication to Islam and Islamic cause is very strong. He is a devout practicing Muslim. He is
loved by millions and millions of Muslims world over. They all treat him as his brother, and wherev
he goes, he is awarded grand welcome.

But he is suffering from Alzheimer’ syndrome for many years, which has blurred his speech and
reactions. (abridged)
44 Why I Became Muslim?
Dr. Yahya A.R. Lehmann, Doctor of Theology, (Former Roman Catholic Priest Germany)

ALLAHU AKBAR, there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger. I hear this cal
to worship the one God alone for the first time in my life from the minaret of the Al-Aqsa Mosque
standing in the ancient temple square of Jerusalem. I had arrived in this city, sacred to Jews, Christia
and Muslims alike, for the Easter pilgrimage, as a research fellow for special studies in the then
recently discovered and deciphered Dead Sea Scrolls. I had spent most of the night hours after the
Christian Good Friday celebrations praying and meditating in the Church of the Holy Sepulcre, and
had witnessed the busy bickering of priests and clergymen of differing Christian Church-
denominations about precedence into the somber grave-chamber of Christ and about entrance-fees
there payable by their respective flocks.

Surprising Encounter

After passing the gloomy Wailing Wall, old darkened stones, last relics of the former Herodean
Temple, dear to the Jews during the long centuries of their dispersion under alien suppression, I slow
climbed up to the Holy Temple-Rock and its sacred precincts just before dawn. There I could observ
groups of Palestinian Arabs freely responding to this early Adzan-call for morning worship, and I so
heard the solemn Arabic prayer-recitations of this devout congregation. The surprising encounter wi
this praying community of the greatest monotheistic world religion surrendering themselves to the o
God and Creator in faithful worship was a deeply stirring experience.

A Deep Spiritual Experience.

Of a sudden the morning-sun rose over the Mount of Olives casting a radiant glow of brightness ove
the magnificent golden Dome of the Rock. It struck a new chord in my heart; it was like a symbol of
new light and insight ahead, and of still undiscovered realms of religious truth and spiritual experien
The deep impression of this moment has never since left me; it did encourage me during the difficult
research-task for my doctorate thesis on the Essenic influences in early Christianity and the canonica
New Testamental Writings; it guided me throughout my later work as priest and educationist here in

Allah the Greatest

Allahu Akbar, God alone is the greatest, even greater than the triune deity as professed by Christian
dogma, in which I had been raised from childhood and which in later years of ecclesiastical studies I
have been specially trained to proclaim, as a priestly member of a Roman Catholic Missionary Order

A New Religious Message

The public declaration of the monotheistic faith of Islam from the minaret above the Jerusalem Temp
sounded to me like a new religious message of great challenging force. Several years of post-graduat
studies in the field of Comparative Religion and special research of the Essenic Movement during th
time of Jesus and its impact on the development of early Christianity, have led me convincingly into
the radiant light and truth of Islam, bringing me closer to the original message of Jesus, the god sent
man and prophet of Nazareth who called his followers back onto the right religious way of the Jewis
prophets and patriarchs of old, like Abraham, surrendering themselves to the one and only God, Alla
Creator of all, and striving to establish in word and action real human brotherhood among their peop

The Living Islamic Truth

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been sent later by my religious superiors to Malaysia,
where I could study and experience more thoroughly the all-comprehensive living truth of Islam as
revealed to the last and greatest of Allah's messengers, the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)

By officially embracing Islam as the best fulfillment of the genuine Christian faith in the original Go
Message (Gospel) of Jesus, foretelling Allah's last universal Revelation through His greatest
Messenger Muhammad in the divine Word of the Holy Quran, I had to repay my heavy spiritual deb
to the many Muslim friends of mine in this country, who encouraged me by their word and example
choose for myself the Islamic Truth as the most positive directive force to a fuller individual life in
submission to Allah's guidance as well as towards the unification of mankind in fraternal fellowship
and peace.

45 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in THANA BHAWAN which is a village in SHARANPUR. My father’s name is

I had five children with my marriage.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. Since my childhood, I did not like the idol worship. I used to look at the beauties of Flowers,
fruits, sun and moon and used to wonder, How beautiful would be the one who created such beautifu

Muslim traders used to come to our village to sell their merchandise. They would talk about
worshipping one True God and the life history of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be on him).
03. Myself and my children used to listen to these stories and they would impress so. So much so th
my children started asking me, how good it would have been if we were Muslims.

After some months I decided to accept Islam and went to GANGOAH with my children and we
accepted Islam there.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

04. My husband and there household were powerful landlords in the village. First they tried to
convince me to leave Islam and come back to them, but when I refused, they started beating me.. I
suffered a lot at their hands…and one day I said to them, I will die but I will never leave Islam.

Then they took away my children and started beating them, one of my husband’s brother took out a
knife to kill my children, but my elder son tried to take the knife away from his hand, in altercation,
the knife cut the stomach of my brother in law and he died…

05. Police came and arrested my boy, he said that he was innocent….and the knife hurt him by
mistake… but they took him and lodged him in the Jail…. Every one in the village started taunting m
saying I will never see my boy again.

I used to pray to Allah whole nights and ask for the safety and release of my son.. after a few days, m
son got bail and I sent him out along with a Muslim missionary group.

06. I used to weep for my other four children also and used to pray to Allah. My in-laws and my
husband tried many times to kill my children but Allah saved them every time… I prayed to Allah to
send my children back to me as He had done for Mother of Moses…

Allah heard my prayer and all my children came back to me one day

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

07. All my children are Muslims, my two daughters got married. They wear full Muslim Hijab and a
very happy in their new houses.

In fact seeing them doing full Islamic Hijab, many women in their in-laws have also started wearing

08. I think that Islamic Hijab is a protection for Muslim women, when I was not wearing it, I used to
be the target of hungry gazes of every one and I used to KNOW what is the hidden intention of those
looking at me.

F. Present Situation:
09. I have full faith in My Allah and I feel confident that He will grant me, whatever I will ask from
Him. I have seen His help and grace at too many points in my life already.

I want to memorize whole Quran…and I want both of my boys to become the Missionary for Islam.
That is the best course for them.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

I want every one to pray for me that I am able to fulfill my goals.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of June 2003

46 Why be became Muslims?


Sir Archibald Hamilton, a well-known British diplomat, served as a naval officer during the
First World War. Coming from a widely known family, he possesses the title of baronet, (which
means a candidate baron). He was honoured with becoming a Muslim in 1923.

Since reaching the age of puberty, I had been allured by Islam’s simplicity and crystalline limpidity.
had been born as a Christian and I had been given a Christian education. Yet I had never believed in
wrong creedal tenets, and I had always preferred truth, right and reason to blind beliefs.

I had been aspiring to worship one Allah sincerely and with a peaceful heart. Yet, both the Roman
Catholic Church and the English Protestant Church had been short of serving this pure intention of

It was for these reasons that I answered the call of my conscience and accepted Islam, which satisfie
me fully, and only after that did I begin to feel myself as a true and better born slave of Allah.

Sad to say, various Christians and ignorant people have misrepresented Islam as a religion of falsitie
and concoctions that are intended to induce torpor into humanity. But the fact is that it is the only tru
religion in the sight of God.

Islam is a perfect religion which brings about unity between the powerful and the weak as well as
between the rich and the poor….. It commands the rich to help the poor. It provides a social setting
where humiliations and afflictions are extirpated….

The Islamic religion is not destructive, but it is restorative. The Islamic religion prohibits gambling a
all the other vicious and deleterious games. The Islamic religion prohibits also all sorts of intoxicants
Indeed, the majority of afflictions people suffer in the world are caused by gambling or alcohol.
We Muslims are not people who hold the belief that everything is a slave in the hands of destiny.
Destiny in the Islamic sense does not mean to sit idly with your mouth opened in the celestial directi
and to expect that Allah will give you everything. On the contrary, Allah enjoins work in the Qur'an.
Man should do his best and hold fast to all the apparent causes; only after that will he put his trust in
Allah. Not without working, but while working, should he beg Allah to help him for success and
earning. ..

Islam never accepts a credo based on the belief that human beings are originally sinful, that they are
born with sins, or that they have to expiate their sins throughout their lives.

Islam states that human beings are the born slaves of God, men and women alike, and that with respe
to mental and moral qualities the two sexes are not very different from each other. Only, because me
are more powerful and stronger by creation, onerous and tiresome duties such as supporting the fami
have been given to them, while women have been blessed with a more comfortable, more cheerful an
happier life…

A final remark I would like to add is this: Islam invites people both to work honestly all day long and
to carry on his acts of worship, his duties as a born slave to Allah. Today’s Christianity, on the other
hand, induces into people a life style consisting in Masses in the name of worship only on Sundays a
a complete oblivion of God covered with worldly occupations and sins throughout the rest of the we

It was for these reasons that I became a Muslim, and I am proud of having become a Muslim.

47 Why I became Muslim?


Mr. David is a Jewish Scholar based in Egypt. He did not accept Islam, but nevertheless, he has
expressed his gratitude to Islam in following words.

Even though I am still a Jews, I respect Islam with all my heart, because I have seen in Islam qualitie
which can hardly be found in any other religion.

First of this is that it has always been the protector of weak and oppressed people since its inception.
directs its followers to help those in need irrespective of their religious backgrounds.

Every one knows that before Islam, a large portion of world population was living as slaves. Power
was concentrated in the hands of a few powerful people, who used to treat others worse than animals
It was Islam, which help these downtrodden people and raised them to the level of humanity.

Every one knows how Christians used to treat Jews in their countries. Jews had no civil rights, their
lives, property and honor were not safe. It was Islam which changed the status of Jews.

Islam based its teaching on Unity of Godhood, but it was more than that, it meant the unity of human
brotherhood. All humans came from Adam and Eve, so there was no superiority per see of any natio
over other. All religions before Islam distinguished between humans based on their religious
background. They used to persecute followers of other religions. It was Islam which united all hum
based on concept of human unity….

Islam grew very fast in the world. The people who benefited most from Islamic conquests were Jew
who were freed from the persecution of Christians.

We think 20th century as the century when Democratic values were supreme, but even in this 20th
Century, Jews were persecuted in Russia, Germany, France and almost all European nations. It was
only in Islamic countries that Jews lived with peace and tranquility…

It pains me to see that same Jews are treating Muslims so badly in Palestine, they have forgotten fav
which they received from Muslims over the centuries…(abridged)
48 Why I Became Muslim?


As Christians we are taught to believe that we are born in sin and can only be saved by the cleansing
blood of Jesus Christ. It is for this reason tat we are Baptised and later of confirmed. I tried hard to
believe all this but my commonsense refused.

It was all childish and seemed an excuse to do as one liked and wiggle out of the consequences, the
coward’s way in fact.

I could not believe that the babies I saw were sinful and again I found that most of so called sins wer
just a breaking of community laws and nor God’s laws at all.

It was a great relief to find that under the teachings of Quran nothing in itself is right or wrong but on
the use and abuse of it.

Secondly although the muslim prayers puzzled me at first, yet when I began to study them I realized
they were all praise or very nearly so. They sing nothing but God’s mercy and greatness and I am su
that their constant recitation must foster a desire to be more godlike in our daily lives.

This contrasts with the Christian prayers, which is constant whine to be saved from the results of one
misdeeds or for things we think we need.

Christians are taught God is a ‘kind father’ who is always listening to our prayers, ready to grant all
wish, if only we ask long and loud enough. I for one, always asked for all I wanted and I have had m
prayers answered only to find I would have been happier had I left myself in God’s hands. For my
vision was short..

Every day I am learning to love the simplicity and justice of Islam and the wisdom of Holy Quran. I
therefore accepted Islam on 21 June 1940 and declared “I hereby solemnly declare of my own free w
that I worship one and only Allah alone, that I believe Mohammad to be His Messenger and servant.
That I equally respect all prophets, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and others and that I will live a Muslim l
with the help of Allah”

(Abridged) Source:: The Islamic Review Vol. 28, Nov. 1940 p401
49 Why I Became Muslim?

Hamza Yusuf (Mark Hanson)

Hamza Yusuf started life as Mark Hanson in Walla Walla, Washington, USA. The son of two US
academics of a Catholic and Greek Orthodox background, he seemed destined not for Islamic
scholarship, but for Greek Orthodox priesthood until a near-death experience in a car accident, and
reading the Quran, diverted his attentions towards Islam.

It was this sudden confrontation with his own mortality that Yusuf has described as being the definin
moment that gave " someone who was introspective, perspective." Although, numerous factors
interplay in any individual's conversion, it was this vista in particular, that opened up a path of enqui
and reflection that ultimately led to his conversion to Islam in 1977, a few months before his 18th
birthday. His brush with death had sparked an intrigue into the afterlife, causing him to study various
traditions' views on death. Islam, he found, offered the most detailed account of all.

Furthermore, he found that many of his own values only served to harmonise with Islamic belief. Hi
father, a Humanities Professor and his mother a Berkeley graduate, were fairly active in the civil righ
movements enabling a strong awareness of social struggle and justice in the young Mark. "As a
westerner, the child of civil rights and anti-war activists, I embraced Islam not in abandonment of my
core values, drawn almost entirely from the progressive tradition, but as an affirmation of them."

Simultaneously, the arguments put forward in the Quran drew parallels with many of his own musin
From a young age, he was very much aware of being a product of his environment. The Quran
prompted reflection on his perception of life, reality, and religion. Just as his parents were Christian,
had been raised as one, yet the Quran offers many parables of those following the religion of their
forefathers without question. The Quran prompted him to look beyond what many take for granted.

After his conversion he left for England where he embarked on private study which was to instill a
desire to learn the tradition from its source. It was during this time, in which he was beginning to lea
Arabic, that he met Sheikh Abdullah Ali Mahmood of Sharjah who was in England at the time. This
meeting was to prove pivotal in Yusuf's life providing him the opportunity to further his studies in th
United Arab Emirates.

Yusuf spent some four years in the UAE, where he became a Muadhin (caller to Prayer) and Imam a
local mosque. It was also during this time that he met various West African scholars who kindled an
interest in studying traditional Islam as is still being taught in West Africa today. These scholars did
much in the way of his personal tuition before his aspirations of studying in West Africa were finally

His journey of reflection, prompted by a fateful car accident, took him to many parts of the Middle
East over a ten-year period where he received numerous teaching licenses, or ijazas, from the some o
the greatest remaining scholars of traditional Islam. Having travelled to the UAE, Madinah, Algeria,
Morocco, and West Africa he eventually returned to the US where he took degrees in nursing and
religious studies from Imperial Valley College and San Jose State University, respectively.
50 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I belong to a trading family from GWALIOR. I was born on 19 April 1962. My father ran a
Whole sale business, he saw ,many ups and downs in his business, but he was a very strong and
resolute man and surmounted these difficulties.

02. I have two younger brothers and one sister. After Intermediate I did B. Pharma and I opened my
own medical store. I married to well educated girl from Jhansi, who war working as a lecturer. Afte
some time, my wife got transfer to GWALIOR and that was very good for me. I have two sons and o

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. I had a neighbor named SAEED Ahmad, who was doing the business of Spare Parts. He was a
very religious and very good man. We developed a friendship so much so that we usually exchanged
gifts with each other.

His wife was from Bhopal, once there was a marriage in Bhopal and my friend insisted on my going
there. When I reached Bhopal, my friend took me to meet Maulana Kalim Uddin, who was present i
Bhopal for his other works.

04. He asked me that we are children of one parents, so are like a brother unto each other. And as a
brother it is my duty to save you from any danger that comes to you.

Then he told me that there is only one Creator of this universe and only He should be worshipped….
Those who worship other than Him are like rebels in any country. No Govt. gives any regards to the
good deeds and they are punished whenever they are caught…. The same is the case with Creator an
His Creation on the hereafter.

05. He went on explaining principles of Islam to me and in the end asked me to say Islamic creed an
save myself from the hell fire.
I decided to accept Islam then and there and after I had said my faith, he congratulated me and said
that now I have to read about Islam and learn the regular prayers etc.

He did not ask me to change my name,, but after I had studied Islam properly, I picked up this name

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

06. When I reached Gwalior and told my wife and asker her to become Muslim…. She got very angr
contrary to my expectations. I was forced to apologize to my family members and said that I renoun
my conversion to Islam.

But when I was alone, my conscience started pricking me, for my cowardice. After few days, I got
firm and told my wife and family members that I have become muslim and now nothing can turn me
They tried to harass me by every means including implicating me in false cases. I left my town and
moved to Delhi and later Rajasthan.

D. How I saved my Islam:

07. It was help and support from Maulana Sahib and other Muslim friends which kept me firm and
surmount so many hurdles that were before me. This and Mercy and Grace of Allah, helped me
preserve my faith.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

08. Later my wife also got convinced of truth of Islam and she and all three of my children accepted

We are living once more as a happy family and I am very thankful to Allah for that.

3. On Family members / Others.

09. I have started working on one of my cousin, who is employed at some high position in Delhi. I
have given some books to him about Islam and praying Allah to give him guidance.

I am hopeful that if he becomes Muslim, doors will open for other members of my family, Inshallah.

F. Present Situation:

10. I have learned to recite Quran as well as Urdu language. I like to read Quran as much as possible
myself and all members of my family are very much attached to Quran.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

11. Islam is the true religion which is tuned to the human nature. Muslims should convey their
message to other people.

There are lots and lots of thirsty people outside, who are in need of truth of Islam.

Muslims should not be over concerned with Anti Islamic propaganda and should work full time in th

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of July 2009

51 Why be became Muslims?


To tell you why I became a Muslim, I have to explain what I felt before and after embracing Islam,
my first contact with Islam and the faith that it inspired into me.

First of all, let me tell you that thousands of Canadians and Americans think exactly as I used to thin
before becoming a Muslim; they have the same feeling of dissatisfaction; and they are awaiting the
Muslims who will teach them the essence of Islam.

As I was a child, I held fast to my faith, Christianity, with both hands. For I needed a religion to feed
my soul. However, as I grew older, I began to see a number of faults in Christianity. The stories told
about the life of Jesus and his being the son of God, –may Allah protect us against saying so,– sound
like superstitious tales to me. My personal logic would never accept them.

I began to ask myself questions, such as, “If Christianity is the true religion, why are there so many
non-Christians in the World?” “Why do Jews and Christians share the same basic religious book and
differ in other respects?” …

It was in those days when I met a missionary who had been serving in India. He complained to me,
“Muslims are very obstinate. They insist that the true religion is Islam, and not Christianity. So all m
efforts to Christianize them end up in failure.”

These statements were at the same time the first definition I had heard of Islam. A sensation of
curiosity towards Islam, seasoned with a high degree of admiration for Muslims who had been so
staunchly attached to their religion, began to blossom in my heart. I felt that I should observe Islam
more closely, and began to attend lectures on ‘Oriental Literature’ in the university.

I saw that what the oriental people had been rejecting in our belief was the doctrine of ‘trinity’, and
that they accepted the belief of ‘One God’, which was perfectly agreeable with common sense.

It was certain that Jesus had announced his religion as one based on belief in One God, and himself a
a mere born slave and Messenger of that One God… One Merciful, Compassionate God had been
adulterated into a tripartite godhood, which was accessible only to priests and which, so to speak,
created mankind with a share from the original sin.

Then, a new religion with a new prophet was necessary to restore the humanity with that pure and
intact belief in One God. Europe, on the other hand, was awash in semi-barbaric cruelty in those day
As savage tribes were invading countries, on the one hand, a small minority was perpetrating all sort
of vices under the mask of religion, on the other.

The human race was moaning desperately under the talons of idolatry and irreligiousness, when,
[according to historians], seven centuries after Jesus, in the oriental horizons, there rose Muhammad
the final Prophet of Allah, and he began to communicate to people the true religion of the true God,
which was based on belief in One God.

When I read and learned all these facts, I believed in the fact that Muhammad was the final true
Messenger of Allah ..
You can be sure that, as I have already said, thousands of Americans and Canadians sense the same
deficiencies and errors in Christianity. Sad to say, though, they have not had the same chance I did to
do a thorough research into the Islamic religion; they need a guide. (Abridged)

52 Why I became Muslim?


Jonathan is the son of John Bert, former Director General of BBC. H accepted Islam in 1996 and too
the Islamic name of YAHYA which is Arabic Translation of his Original Name Jonathan. His story
accepting Islam in his own words is reconstructed here from statement of his friend.
It all happened when I had a Muslim room mate during my university yeas. I found his manners, life
style and his putlook so different from ours that I got interested in his religion. After studying books
about Islam, I started working in the Local Islamic center so as to know Islam still better.

During this I studied Arabic language and read original books of Islam in its own language. My
Arabic skills are so advanced that I can give lectures to my country men in Arabic. My studies
convinced me of the truth of Islam and I accepted islam.

I alter married an Indian Muslim girl FAUZIA and we are happily married now and spend our spare
times in missionary works(abridged).
53 Why I became Muslim?


I now believe that Sikh religion was an attempt to join Hindu and Muslim during Mogul period. Sik
religion is a combination of Hinduism and Islam. Its First Guru Nanak even performed many Hajj.
Teachings of earlier Gurus are very near to Islam. Sikh’s holy book mentions unity of God, angels a
even the angels which record deeds of every human.

Initially I knew very little about Sikh religion, but as I grew up, I studied many religions, like
Buddhism, Christianity. I read many books on these religion.
Somehow by this time, no Muslim approached me to study Islam and I do not know why. I feel the
Muslims in India lack this Missionary spirit and they do not know as to how to propagate their

I met a Muslim medical practioner, who told me about Quran and its nature. He gave me translation
Quran, which I read for the first time. Then I met some Pakistani Muslims who spoke my language
and they told me many things about Islam.

When I was 21 years, I accepted Islam. My Muslims colleagues gave a banquet in my honor. I had
not yet disclosed my new religion to my parents. I used to prey in locations so that they will not be
able to see it. But slowly they found that I was preying like a Muslim. They thought I might be
interested in Islam and nothing else.

Finally I told my parents that I had indeed accepted Islam and I told my parents that if they are able t
convince me that Islam is a false religion, I will leave it, but if they cannot do it, then let them leave
me to it. (abridged)

54 Why I Became Muslim?

Becoming Muslim,

Note: 1.The story of American former Catholic, Nuh Ha Mim Keller, who in the 25 years since
his conversion has gone on to become one of the leading contemporary scholars of Islam.

2. It is with a sad hand that I had to abridge this story. I would request people to read full story on th
link cited for better understanding of this moving story.


"I studied philosophy at the university and it taught me to ask two things of whoever claimed t
have the truth: What do you mean, and how do you know? When I asked these questions of my
own religious tradition, I found no answers, and realized that Christianity had slipped from m

Born in 1954 in the farm country of the northwestern United States, I was raised in a religious
family as a Roman Catholic. … but as I grew older, and especially after I entered a Catholic univers
and read more, my relation to the religion became increasingly called into question, in belief and

One reason was the frequent changes in Catholic liturgy and ritual that occurred in the wake of the
Second Vatican Council of 1963, suggesting to laymen that the Church had no firm standards. …

A second reason was a number of doctrinal difficulties, such as the doctrine of the Trinity, which no
one in the history of the world, neither priest nor layman, had been able to explain in a convincing
way, and which resolved itself, to the common mind at least, in a sort of godhead-by-committee,
shared between God the Father, who ruled the world from heaven; His son Jesus Christ, who saved
humanity on earth; and the Holy Ghost, who was pictured as a white dove and appeared to have a
considerably minor role. …

Another point of incredulity was the trading of the Church in stocks and bonds in the hereafter it call
indulgences. Do such and such and so-and-so many years will be remitted from your sentence in
purgatory that had seemed so false to Martin Luther at the outset of the Reformation.

I also remember a desire for a sacred scripture, something on the order of a book that could furnish
guidance. A Bible was given to me one Christmas, a handsome edition, but on attempting to read it,
found it so rambling and devoid of a coherent thread that it was difficult to think of a way to base on
life upon it. Only later did I learn how Christians solve the difficulty in practice, Protestants by
creating sectarian theologies, each emphasizing the texts of their sect and downplaying the rest;
Catholics by downplaying it all, except the snippets mentioned in their liturgy. Something seemed
lacking in a sacred book that could not be read as an integral whole.

Moreover, when I went to the university, I found that the authenticity of the book, especially the New
Testament, had come into considerable doubt as a result of modern hermeneutical studies by Christia
themselves. In a course on contemporary theology, I read the Norman Perrin translation of The
Problem of the Historical Jesus by Joachim Jeremias, one of the principal New Testament scholars o
this century. A textual critic who was a master of the original languages and had spent long years wi
the texts, he had finally agreed with the German theologian Rudolph Bultmann that without a doubt
is true to say that the dream of ever writing a biography of Jesus is over, meaning that the life of Chr
as he actually lived it could not be reconstructed from the New Testament with any degree of
confidence... (Contd.)

It was during this time that I read an early translation of the Qur'an which I grudgingly admired,
between agnostic reservations, for the purity with which it presented these fundamental concepts. Ev
if false, I thought, there could not be a more essential expression of religion. As a literary work, the
translation, perhaps it was Sales, was uninspired and openly hostile to its subject matter, whereas I
knew the Arabic original was widely acknowledged for its beauty and eloquence among the religiou
books of mankind. I felt a desire to learn Arabic to read the original. …

At this juncture, I read a number of works on Islam, among them the books of Seyyed Hossein Nasr,
who believed that many of the problems of western man, especially those of the environment, were
from his having left the divine wisdom of revealed religion, which taught him his true place as a
creature of God in the natural world and to understand and respect it. Without it, he burned up and
consumed nature with ever more effective technological styles of commercial exploitation that ruine
his world from without while leaving him increasingly empty within, because he did not know why h
existed or to what end he should act. …

I read other books on Islam, and came across some passages translated by W. Montgomery Watt from
"That Which Delivers from Error" by the theologian and mystic Ghazali, who, after a mid-life crises
questioning and doubt, realized that beyond the light of prophetic revelation there is no other light on
the face of the earth from which illumination may be received, the very point to which my
philosophical inquiries had led. Here was, in Hegel's terms, the Wise Man, in the person of a divinel
inspired messenger who alone had the authority to answer questions of good and evil. ..

I began to learn Arabic at Chicago, and after studying the grammar for a year with a fair degree of
success, decided to take a leave of absence to try to advance in the language in a year of private stud
in Cairo. Too, a desire for new horizons drew me, and after a third season of fishing, I went to the
Middle East. (Contd.)

In Egypt, I found something I believe brings many to Islam, namely, the mark of pure monotheism
upon its followers, which struck me as more profound than anything I had previously encountered. I
met many Muslims in Egypt, good and bad, but all influenced by the teachings of their Book to a
greater extent than I had ever seen elsewhere. ..

Many other things passed through my mind during the months I stayed in Egypt to learn Arabic. I
found myself thinking that a man must have some sort of religion, and I was more impressed by the
effect of Islam on the lives of Muslims, a certain nobility of purpose and largesse of soul, than I had
ever been by any other religions or even atheisms effect on its followers. The Muslims seemed to ha
more than we did.

As for the inglorious political fortunes of the Muslims today, I did not feel these to be a reproach
against Islam, or to relegate it to an inferior position in a natural order of world ideologies, but rather
saw them as a low phase in a larger cycle of history. Foreign hegemony over Muslim lands had been
witnessed before in the thorough going destruction of Islamic civilization in the thirteenth century by
the Mongol horde, who razed cities and built pyramids of human heads from the steppes of Central
Asia to the Muslim heartlands, after which the fullness of destiny brought forth the Ottoman Empire
raise the Word of Allah and make it a vibrant political reality that endured for centuries. It was now,
reflected, merely the turn of contemporary Muslims to strive for a new historic crystallization of Isla
something one might well aspire to share in.

When a friend in Cairo one day asked me, Why don't you become a Muslim?, I found that Allah had
created within me a desire to belong to this religion, which so enriches its followers, from the simple
hearts to the most magisterial intellects. It is not through an act of the mind or will that anyone
becomes a Muslim, but rather through the mercy of Allah, and this, in the final analysis, was what
brought me to Islam in Cairo in 1977. (Abridged)
55 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:
01.I belong to a poor Rajput family of PALWAL, FARIDABAD. My father was a small former.

I left my studies after 8th standard and then started looking for job. I had a friend named Abdul Hami
and we both were learning to be car mechanic.

02. Our friend ship grew and once I visited his small village of NOOH in MEWAT region. There w
a small mosque there, where local Imam used to lead prayers and meet day to day religious needs of
Muslim community there.

There was a small earthen mound there and when I reached people were working to shift the earth
from there to another location. Suddenly there was a commotion in the workers and when we reache
there, we found a body clad in white burial clothes. No body knows how old it was, but it was looki
as if the man had died only now.

03. Local Imam explained that, good servants of Allah, are protected from earth eating their bodies.
was very impressed with this and used to visit him, whenever I went to my friend’ village.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

04. When Imam saw our close friendship, he said to my friend, why did you not invite him to becom
Muslim. What sorts of friend are you, that does not bother about him burnt in hell fire for an eternity

Then he told me that son, you should become Muslim, if you want to save yourself. I decided to
become Muslim and he named me as Mohd. OSMAN.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

05. Imam Sahib sent me third day to complete my official papers for registering me as New Muslim.
When my case came before District Judge, he was biased against Islam, he said that I was a minor an
handed me to local police to verify my conversion with my family.

06. Police Incharge of our village was a very cruel and biased man. He asked me to renounce Islam
and when I refused, he beat me mercilessly. When I stood firm, he asked two of his constables to go
and heat an iron rod by the nearby smith’ shop and then burn me with it (see again the attitude of
Secular Indian Police, there are thousands of cases, where these police men have behaved like
extremist Hindus - MUQ ). They brought the rod and placed it on my back, I did not feel anything
(My Allah saved me from harm).

Incharge cursed his constables and said that the rod was not properly heated, when he touched it, his
whole hand was burnt!

07. He asked constable to make me run and when I run then shoot me as an absconder (standard Indi
Police Fake Encounter Practice, showing the “Human face” of police – MUQ)… I refused to run.
D. How I saved my Islam:

08. We are in this condition when a higher officer of Police came to Police station. He was very ang
with Police man and Incharge saying that they have exceeded their limits and unless they desisted, h
will get all of them dismissed.

Then he asked me about the iron rod incident, when I told him, he said that this was certainly a mirac
of Islam, He told me in secret that he was very impressed with Islam.

09. He released me and asked me to not to declare my Islam openly. Later I joined a Islamic semina
and passed out from there as an Islamic scholar, Alhamdolillah.

F. Present Situation:

I am presently working with an Islamic missionary society in ALWAR district of Rajasthan. I am

constantly in touch with Maulana Kalim Uddin, who is my guide in these matters.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

10. They should pray for me and other members of my family and we do our bits for the mission of o

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of July 2003.

56 Why be became Muslims?


I am a doctor and I come from a fanatically Catholic family. Yet my vocational choice, medicine,
provided me a career in positive, experimental, and natural sciences, which in turn caused me to
develop a growing hatred against Christianity.

With respect to religion, I was at complete loggerheads with the other members of my family. Yes,
there was a great Creator, and I believed in Him, i.e. God.

Yet the absurdities concocted by Christians, especially by Catholics, various mysterious gods, sons,
holy ghosts, the preposterous fibs fabricated for the purpose of proving that Jesus is the son of God,
myriad of other superstitions, ceremonies and rites pushed me away from Christianity, instead of
attracting me towards it.

Because I held the belief in one God, I would never accept trinity, nor would I by any means recogni
Jesus as the son of God. That means to say that, long before knowing of Islam, I had already accepte
the initial half of the Kalima-i- Shahâdat, i.e. the part that says, “Lâ ilâha il’l’Allah... (There is no
God but Allah...)”

When I began to study the Islamic religion and read the Ch 112 of Qur’an , which purported,
“Lo; Allah is One. He is not begotten, nor does He beget. There is no being bearing any likenes
to Him,” I said, “O my Allah. My belief is exactly the same.” I felt immense relief. I realized that it
was of paramount importance to study Islam more deeply.
And as I studied Islam I saw with admiration that this religion was completely agreeable with my
ideas. Islam looked on religious men, and even on prophets as ordinary people like us; it did not
divinize them.

Giving a priest authority to forgive people’s sins was something which Islam would never accept. Th
Islamic religion did not contain any superstitions, any irrational rules, or any unintelligible subjects.
The Islamic religion was a logical one, exactly as I wanted. Contrary to the Catholics, it did not
smudge human beings with the consequences of the so-called original sin.

It enjoined physical and spiritual cleanliness on human beings. Cleanliness, which is an essential
principle in medicine, was in Islam a commandment of Allah. Islam commanded to clean oneself
before acts of worship, and that was a quality which I had never seen in any other religion.

In some Christian rites, such as Baptism and the Eucharist, people consume the bread and wine offer
by the priest in the name of the flesh and blood of Jesus, which is intended, so to speak, as a simulate
unity with Jesus, i.e. with God, I saw the resemblance between these rites and those of the most
primitive heathens, and hated them. My mind, which had improved under the guidance of positive
science, vehemently rejected these puerile rites which did not suit to a true religion.

Islam, on the other hand, did not accommodate any of those things. There was only truth, love, and
cleanliness in Islam.

Eventually, I made up my mind. I visited my Muslim friends and asked them what I should do to
become a Muslim. They taught me the (statement called) Kalima-i Shahâdat, how to say it and wha
it meant.

As I have mentioned earlier, before becoming a Muslim, I had accepted its first half, i.e. the part that
meant, “There is no God but Allah,...” It was not difficult, therefore, to accept the remaining part,
which said: “... and Muhammad is His (born slave and) Messenger.”(Abridged)
57 Why I Became Muslim?


Note: This story is converted from a third person to first person, to match with the style of pos

II was born and raised as a Christian. I studied in a Christian school and never heard about Islam
during my studies. During summer vacations, I took up a job in a fast food restaurant. There I met
Pakistani co worker and thru him I came to know about Islam and its teachings.

I soon realized that Islam answers my spiritual needs, and despite the stringent doctrines required by
Quran, I decided to accept this religion.

I was fortunate that my family posed no problem and accepted my decision, but they have shown no
interest to follow it. My parents gave me freedom in choosing my religion as long as it was not a cu
My mother did worry about my health and asked why Muslims always ask their believers to fast. Sh
was finally persuaded when I explained that it was a way to experience the sadness and hunger
suffered by poor people.

Initially I was not allowed to pray at home…but as times went by, they got used to my religious
rituals. I realized how different I was from other people in the community when I discovered all the
bewildered gazes came from local rather than westerners. May be Hong Kong people are simply
unfamiliar with Islamic culture.

To some a religious law which urges women to hide their bodies to avoid being a temptation to men
oppressive…however this dress code serves as a symbol of spiritual life and it is more of a protectio
to women

On Polygamy “ I think there is a delusion in many people’s mind and they tend to take the words of
Quran at face value. Although Polygamy was allowed due to social needs, it was not encouraged yo
mind you, it is very difficult to treat all your wives with equal justice as prescribed in Quran”

I found work in the Islamic center of Hong King and my new duties fit very well with my living life
a practicing Muslim. There are more than 65, 000 Muslims in Hong Kong now.

(Abridged) Source:: Saudi Gazette 28 July 2000, p7

58 Why I Became Muslim?

The Introduction and Decision (Testimony of Aminah Assilmi)

"I couldn't be a Muslim! I was American and white!"

I was completing a degree in Recreation, when I met my first Muslims. It was the first year that we h
been able to pre-register by computer. I pre-registered and went to Oklahoma to take care of some
family business. .

Now, you need to understand that while I was attending college and excelling, ran my own business,
and had many close friends, I was extremely shy. My transcripts actually had me listed as severely
reticent. I was very slow to get to know people and rarely spoke to anyone unless was forced to, or
already knew them.

Well, back to the story. The computer printout held one enormous surprise for me. I was registered f
a Theatre class...

When I entered the classroom, I received my second shock. The class was full of 'Arabs' and 'camel
jockeys'. Well, I had never seen one but I had heard of them…There was no way I was going to sit in
room full of dirty heathens! After all, you could catch some dreadful disease from those people.
Everyone knew they were dirty, not to be trusted either.
When I told my husband about the Arabs in the class and that there was no way I was going back, he
responded in his usual calm way. He reminded that I was always claiming that God had a reason for
everything and maybe I should spend some time thinking about it before I made my final decision…
For the next two days, I prayed for guidance. On Thursday I went back to the class convinced that G
had put me there to save those poor ignorant heathens from the fires of hell.

I proceeded to explain to them how they would burn in the fires of hell for all eternity, if they did no
accept Jesus as their personal savior. They were very polite, but did not convert. Then, I explained h
Jesus loved them and had died on the cross to save them from their sins. All they had to do was acce
him into their hearts. They were very polite, but still did not convert. So, I decided to read their own
book to show them that Islam was a false religion and Mohammed was a false God.

One of the students gave me a copy of the Quran and another book about Islam, and I proceeded wit
my research. I was sure I would find the evidence I needed very quickly. Well, I read the Quran and
the other book. Then I read another 15 books, Sahih Muslim and returned to the Quran. I was
determined I would convert them! My studies continued for the next one and half years.

During that time, I started having a few problems with my husband. I was changing, just in little way
but enough to bother him. We used to go to the bar every Friday and Saturday, or to a party, and I no
longer wanted to go. I was quieter and more distant. He was sure I was having an affair, so he kicked
me out. I moved into an apartment with my children and continued my determined efforts to convert
the Muslims to Christianity.

The, one day, there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and saw a man in a long white night
gown with a red and white checkered table cloth on his head. He was accompanied by three men in
pajamas. ….His name was Abdul-Aziz Al-Shiek and he made the time. He was very patient and
discussed every question with me. He never made me feel silly or that a question was stupid. He ask
me if I believed there was only one God and I said yes. Then he asked if I believed Mohammed was
His Messenger. Again I said yes. He told me that I was already a Muslim….

We continued talking. Later, he explained that attaining knowledge and understanding of spirituality
was a little like climbing a ladder. If you climb a ladder and try to skip a few rungs, there was dange
of falling. The Shahadah was just the first step on the ladder. Still we had to talk some more.

Later that afternoon, May 21, 1977 at Asr', I took Shahadah. However, there were still some things I
could not accept and it was my nature to be completely truthful so I added a disclaimer. I said: "I bea
witness that there is no god but God and Mohammed is His Messenger" 'but, I will never cover my
hair and if my husband takes another wife, I will castrate him.'

I heard gasps from the other men in the room, but Abdul Aziz silenced them. Later I learned that he
told the brothers never to discuss those two subjects with me. He was sure I would come to the corre

When I first started to study Islam, I did not expect to find anything that I needed or wanted in my
personal life. Little did I know that Islam would change my life. No human could have ever convinc
me that I would finally be at peace and overflowing with love and joy because of Islam. (Contd.)

How Islam changed my Life

When I first embraced Islam, I really did not think it was going to affect my life very much. Islam d
not just affect my life. It totally changed it.

Family life: My husband and I loved each other very deeply. That love for each other still exists. Sti
when I started studying Islam, we started having some difficulties. He saw me changing and did not
understand what was happening. Neither did I. But then, I did not even realize I was changing. He
decided that the only thing that could make me change was another man. There was no way to make
him understand what was changing me because I did not know.

After I realized that I was a Muslim, it did not help matters. After all...the only reason a woman
changes something as fundamental as her religion is another man. He could not find evidence of this
other man...but he had to exist. We ended up in a very ugly divorce. The courts determined that the
unorthodox religion would be detrimental to the development of my children. So they were removed
from my custody.

Friends: Most of my friends drifted away during that first year. I was no fun anymore. I did not wan
to go to parties or bars. I was not interested in finding a boyfriend. All I ever did was read that 'stupid
book (the Qur'an) and talk about Islam. What a bore. I still did not have enough knowledge to help
them understand why Islam was so beautiful.

Employment: My job was next to go. While I had won just about every award there was in my field
and was recognized as a serious trend setter and money maker, the day I put on Hijab, was the end o
my job. Now I was without a family, without friends and without a job.

In all this, the first light was my grandmother. She approved of my choice and joined me. What a
surprise! I always knew she had a lot of wisdom, but this! She died soon after that. When I stop to
think about it, I almost get jealous. The day she pronounced Shahadah, all her misdeeds had been
erased, while her good deeds were preserved. She died so soon after accepting Islam that I knew her
'BOOK' was bound to be heavy on the good side. It fills me with such joy!

Rather than try to tell you about how each person came to accept Islam, let me simply say that more
members of my family continue to find Islam every year. I was especially happy when a dear friends
Brother Qaiser Imam, told me that my ex-husband took Shahdah. When Brother Qaiser asked him
why, he said it was because he had been watching me for 16 years and he wanted his daughter to hav
what I had. He came and asked me to forgive him for all he had done. I had forgiven him long before

Now my oldest son, Whittney, has called, as I am writing this book, and announced that he also wan
to become Muslim. He plans on taking the Shahadah as the ISNA Convention in a couple of weeks.
For now, he is learning as much as he can. Allah is The Most Merciful.
True, Allah has tested me, as was promised, and rewarded me far beyond what I could ever have
hoped for. A few years ago, the doctors told me I had cancer and it was terminal. They explained tha
there was no cure, it was too far advanced, and proceeded to help prepare me for my death by
explaining how the disease would progress. I had maybe one year left to live. I was concerned about
my children, especially my youngest. Who would take care of him? Still I was not depressed. We mu
all die. I was confident that the pain I was experiencing contained Blessings. (Abridged)
59 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. My first birth was on 27th Sept 1959 and my second birth came after 45 years when I was born to
Islam. Our family lived in NAJAFGARH village, which was earlier in HARYANA but later merged
Delhi state.

My family members were the leaders of my village, my father expired when I was very young. I wo
these days as Property dealer in Delhi.

02. I left school after 10th standard. One of my uncle was an officer in Army. He got me enrolled as
soldier in the army. I did not like military at all. I wanted then to declare me unfit, I tried many thin
but I was not successful.

Once when a high office was inspecting Parade, I started to mix Chewing Tobacco with lime (a loca
Indian composition) on my palm. When the office reached me, I saluted him with closed palm. He
said what I was hiding in my palm…when I showed it, he got very angry and wrote UNFIT on my
military file… that was my end in Indian Army.

03. After that I returned to Delhi and started property dealing business. Soon I got some rowdy frien
and we use every wrong mean to cheat people out of their properties…

The end of such endeavours is known to every body…soon I was a haunted man and I had many
criminal caser registered against me with Police and courts.

04. From my childhood I was against the idol worship. Not only that, no one could do idol worship
the house when I was around. My mother diagnosed root cause of my problem as my opposition to
these idols. So when the date for an important case came, she gave my some book of hymn and ask
me to go and worship Lord HANUMAN.

I did all that, but I lost the case … I returned to home and started hitting idol of Lord HANUMAN w
my shoe..

I was very much frustrated and at my wit’s end as to what to do with these legal cases against me.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

05. There was a small fruit merchant in my locality. He was a Muslim, I went to her and asked him
about a Charm to save me from these cases. He asked me to recite DROOD (Salutation) to Prophet
Islam at least 100 times every day.

06. I started doing that and very soon the cases were being decided in my favor. I started meting him
more often….he then gave me some books about Islam and after I had read them…. I saw the mistak
and injustices that I have done to others. How I will be saved in the hereafter.
07. When I told him this, he advised me to become Muslim. I went to JAMA MASJID of Delhi, but
they asked certificates from my village. Then I went to Imam of FATEHPURI mosque in Delhi, he
told me I have to leave my wife, if I became Muslim… I tried many people but no one was bold
enough to make me Muslim (that is a shame for Muslim Leaders in India- MUQ)…

08. Some how I reached PHULAT and met Maulana Kalim Sahib, he was very glad to see me and h
immediately asked me to read Islamic creed and made me Muslim.

Then I asked Maulana, will I have to leave my wife….he was astonished and asked me how this idea
came to my mind. I must start working on my wife and save her from hell fire. Otherwise I would n
be the real husband I wanted to be.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

09. When I reached home, my wife, who was a devout Hindu like my mother, became very angry. S
started shouting at me and whatever I said made no effect on her so to say. It went on late past
midnight, then I used my last trick (told to me by Maulana).

10. I asked if she was a real Hindu wife or a fake one. She said that I am a Real Hindu Wife. I said
then you should be where your husband is. I am burnt on the pyre of Islam and she should also burn
with me….otherwise she is not a Hindu wife but a prostitute…

This asked her to think and finally she agreed to become Muslim.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

11. Three of my children accepted Islam when my wife became Muslim. One of my daughter got
married before I became Muslim.

I am working on her and my son in law. I have given them some books on Islam like “Your Trust…
“What happens after death”… “Islam and introduction” etc. And I pray to Allah to open their hearts

F. Present Situation:

12. I still have some cases pending against me. I am called to court every now and then. But when I
am free, I try to study Islamic literature and work along with Islamic Missionaries.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

They should distribute these small books like “Your trust returned to you” and other simple Islamic
literature to every one in India.

This is not only a help for other people, but they must do it, if they want to answer about their duties
the hereafter.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Nov. 2004

60 Why be became Muslims?


In France Islam has been spreading at a high velocity …. People who have preferred Islam are not on
from among workers and civil servants but also from among people renowned in every respect.
Among people who have chosen Islam is Captain Cousteau, whom the entire world closely knows f
his explorations about life under water.

Captain Cousteau, who has revealed the secrets of oceans one by one with the films that he made and
which are being televised world over in a program sub-headed The Living Sea, said that what actua
prompted him to choose the Islamic religion was, after observing that the waters of the Atlantic Ocea
and the Mediterranean did not mix with each other, his seeing that the same phenomenon was writte
in the Qur'an which had been revealed fourteen hundred years before.

Captain Cousteau told of the event that had caused him to become a Muslim, as follows:
“In 1962 German scientists said that the waters of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean did not mix wit
each other in the Strait of Bâb-ul-Mandab where the Aden Bay and the Red Sea join. So we began to
examine whether the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean mixed with each other. Fir
we analyzed the water in the Mediterranean to find out its natural salinity and density, and the life it

We repeated the same procedure in the Atlantic Ocean. The two masses of water had been meeting
each other in the Gibraltar for thousands of years. Accordingly, the two masses of water must have
been mixing with each other and they must have been sharing identical, or, at least, similar propertie
in salinity and density. On the contrary, even at places where the two seas were closest to each other
each mass of water preserved its properties. In other words, at the point where the two seas met, a
curtain of water prevented the waters belonging to the two seas from mixing.

When I told Professor Maurice Bucaille about this phenomenon, he said that it was no surprise and t
it was written clearly in Islam’s Holy Book, the Qur'an
Indeed, this fact was defined in a plain language in the Qur'an.

When I knew this, I believed in the fact that the Qur'an was the ‘Word of Allah’. I chose Islam, the
true religion The spiritual potency inherent in the Islamic religion gave me the strength to endure the
pain I had been suffering for the loss of my son.”

61 Why I Became Muslim?


After hearing so many stories from newly converts to Islam, here is one story by a Muslim Women,
who re-discovered Islam. This could be the tale of many Muslims who are living in western countrie
and even in so called Muslim countries. We present this story for benefits of both Muslim and Non
Muslim readers.

I was a Muslim Girl brought up in USA. My parents knew nothing about Islam and we all were
Muslims only in name. My parents never used to prey and even did not knew how to prey. There
were no fasts observed in our house. We did not know how to read Quran. My parents would leave
for job in the morning and would return late in the evening. They had no time for their children to
teach them any thing. In the same way, our brothers and sisters also did not have much interaction.

Every one was busy living in his or her individual lives. We grew up in this atmosphere and some o
my sisters even got married. I also grew up and after completing my college education joined

All this changed when our Grandma came to visit us from Pakistan. She was a very pious and
religious lady and she literally wept when she saw the atmosphere of our house. She used to remind
about out duties and lives as a Muslim, but none of us had any time or inclination for such talks.

She objected on the matter of my dress and clothes in which I used to go to university… much so
that one day I got really angry and slapped her on her face before I left the house…

That day I felt distraught about my behavior and injustice I had done to her….that night I could not
sleep. I went to her room late in the night to apologize to her. She was just free from late night
prayer….she hugged me and forgave me.

Then slowly and slowly I got attracted towards her and her talks. I learned as to how to prey and how
to recite Quran. I started preying regularly. I still went to University in Western clothes, but soon I
decided to go in full Islamic dress.

Well, my first day was not that good. All my friends started making fun of me…they would taunt us
and call me names….I was branded as a terrorist….when I entered any room, some one would remar
that she should be searched….may be she has a bomb underneath these clothes!!

My parents became very angry on me and my Grandma. Then one day we had a party in our home.
My parents told me to dress in Western Clothes, otherwise their friend would make fun of him. Whe
I entered in full Islamic dress…then my father got very angry and beat me and drove me and my
Grandma out of the house for good.

I borrowed some money from one of my friend and me and my Grandma returned back to Pakistan.
is more than three years since that incident and my parents have never even phoned once to know
about our welfare.

But I thank Allah that He saved me from that evil environment and I have found true path. I prey to
Allah to show right path to my parents and my brother and sisters also. May be my story would be a
eye opener to those who are dazzled by the glamour and outside beauty of Modern Western Society.
62 Why I became Muslim?


Why I became a Muslim is often asked from me, let it suffice that it Was Allah who guided me to it.
was born in a Christian family and had that as a background. My mother used to take us to church
every Sunday and would read to us Biblical stories in the night.

However that grip loosened when I grew up and decided to study different religion. First book whic
read was The Religion of Man. Its first chapter was on Islam. I was astonished to read about the bas
teachings of Islam, of the life story of its prophet. What close links it had with Abraham and how
close it was to Christianity. All this was new to me.

Then I also read about Buddhism, Hindu religion, Judaism and many smaller religions of Americas
and other places. Judaism seemed to me a true religion, but was racial in out look. Buddhism takes
you away from the world and there is no clear concept of God and life after death. Hinduism deals
with countless gods and goddesses. Old religions of America are mostly tribal in nature.

Islam seemed to be the only religion which was Universal in outlook and its beliefs and practices we
not bound to any region or nation.
Then I met a Muslim women, who asked me to join Islamic classes conducted by her father for peop
who want to learn about Islam. When I went there I found Muslims from all parts of world on one
platform and sharing the same beliefs. I was very much impressed and she gave me Arabic Quran
along with its English Translation.

I would have closed Quran if it said any bad thing about Jesus or any other prophet of God. But whe
I saw that Quran always mentions Jesus, Moses and other Jewish prophets with equal respect, I knew
must be from God and not any human, because no human can be that broad minded.

When I was reading old Semitic languages, I came to know that Son was often used in the sense of
Nearness. Son of God might mean one who is very near to God. Jesus is also referred to as Son of
Man. How this got changed into Only Begotten Son of God was the question which puzzled me.

Then I pondered on the subject of Crucifixion and why it meant what Christians want it to mean. W
an innocent soul has to die to expiate sins of mankind was beyond my understanding.

I preyed to God to guide me to true path and when my mind got satisfied that what Islam says is
indeed truth and logical, only then I decided to become a Muslim.

Islam is not the religion of terrorists and violence, it is religion of all those who want peace and want
to worship their own creator with full devotion of their hearts and minds (Abridged)
63 Why I Became Muslim?

Testimony of Asiya Abd al-Zahir

I have always, since developing an ability to think deeply, believed in the existence of a single Creat
on whom everything that exists is dependent. Though my parents are Buddhist, from the age of 13, t
this Creator, I have steadfastly prayed and yielded guidance from every day that I can remember. Ye
being schooled within a Christian environment, I naturally identified myself as a Christian.

Sadly, my knowledge of Islam was minimal. I perceived it as a bizarre religion, limited to only a few
underdeveloped nations, most of which were in the Middle East, and which endorsed an astoundingl
suppressive lifestyle, particularly for women. Muslim women, I presumed, were considered inferior
passive domestic slave, bashed often and forced to compete among four for her husband's affections,
which he could withhold from them all if he wanted to. The majority of these ideas I developed from
hearsay, interactions with others I assumed knew what they were talking about and a few
documentaries on Iran and Saudi Arabia I watched on television.

As I entered university nearly three years ago, I came into contact with quite a number of Muslim
students from various backgrounds. Strangely enough, even to myself, I was drawn to them and
developed a curious inclination to learn and understand more about their religion. I observed how
content they seemed and was very impressed by their openness and warmth towards myself and each
other, but more importantly with their pride in belonging to a religion which holds many negative

I gradually became fascinated with Islam, and through a process of education, developed a greater
respect for it than even my beloved Christianity. I was stunned at how wrong my previous conceptio
had been and became particularly overwhelmed at the tremendous entitlements, equality and
acknowledgment Islam provided for women. I realised the reality of the Islamic lifestyle and the trut
concerning that feeble American innovation termed "Islamic fundamentalism".

Is it said that any person who possesses the faulty of reason and an open mind should recognise logic
and truth when he/she encounters it, and so it was in my case.

More and more, literature, signs and evidence were revealed to me, and more and more, my intellect
was stimulated and my heart, warmed. I wanted to know everything about Islam and felt already a
sense of brotherhood with and belonging among its followers.

What impressed me the most was how practical Islam is - how it encompasses a rule and a lesson for
almost every facet of living. And by the sheer grace of God, I at last understood the faults of Christia
theology and of the concepts I had previously accepted unquestioningly.

At midday, on August 4th, 1994, before over 20 witnesses, I recited the shahadah and became an
official Muslim.

I shall never forget the bliss of that day and how much my life has turned around in only a year's tim

I have often been asked what it is like to be a revert and of the difficulties I must endure. Though I d
not wish to dwell on this topic, as pity is not my priority, I shall give some examples of what I have
been through.

The period up till the end of Ramadhan was, by far, the hardest to get through. Family disputes took
place almost daily; I was showered with verbal abuse, ridicule and threats. On many occasions, my
room was physically torn apart, books mysteriously disappeared and slanderous phone messages we
sent to my friends and their parents.

There have been times I have been locked out of home and forced to abstain from dinner as pork wa
deliberately served. Even to this day, all my mail is opened before I have the chance to do so myself
Apart from my housing and meals, I must provide for myself financially. My readings, as my
conversations over the phone are done in privacy. My writings and my visits to mosques or other
Islamic venues must always be concealed. I am similarly not able to visit friends very often as I may
be "brain-washed" even more. (Contd.)

I cannot perform my prayers until I am sure no one is around. Nor can I express my excitement and
celebration during Ramadan. I cannot share the joy at knowing yet another sister has put on Hijab, n
can I discuss the lesson I have learned this day or the speech given by an Islamic scholar/scientist.
Moreover, I must continually defend the Muslims and the Islam portrayed on the media, and fight
against the stereotypes my parents stubbornly maintain.

To see their expressions of disgust at myself is almost unbearable. I am now insecure as to my paren
affections and constantly worry of how much I am hurting them. Through the entire month of
Ramadan, my mother spoke to me not once. I had to hear her say time and time again at how I had
betrayed the family. My pleading with her otherwise was to no avail. I am told over and over again
that what I have done is unforgivable and if any of our relations or already few friends knew, my
parents would surely be outcasts.

However, I do not claim to have a miserable life. I am more content and at peace now than I ever hav
been. My purpose in relating all of this is to try to display the opportunities that many of you have
which are so often taken for granted, so little taken advantage of, but so precious to many reverts like
To reflect on these hardships alone would imply I have gained nothing by becoming a Muslim other
than pain. On the contrary, Islam has given me already so many vast rewards, I shiver to think of how
much more wonderful the gifts of Paradise would be.

At the time of my reversion, although I had accepted Islam as being true, I had no idea of the vast
internal changes it would incur upon me. Even I am astounded at how much I devour knowledge, ho
Islam is in my thoughts every waking moment, how compelling I feel my responsibility is to the
Ummah and how much more of a Muslim I became every month. …

Over the past year, I have developed quite an extensive breadth of Islamic knowledge and have
studied ayats of the Holy Qur'an in much finer detail. Not once have I come across anything which
would make me doubt the authenticity of the Qur'an and the relevance of Islam for contemporary
society, for even one minute. This has been the only religion I have ever been completely sure of
and am more sure of each day that I serve.

Furthermore, I have established my identity, I am more confident of myself; a stronger woman and
person of colour, I am more aware of my existence and more secure in my battles. (Abridged)
64 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a religious JAT family and we lived near DEOBAND UP. We are three brothers an
one sister. When I was six years old, My father renounced the world and devoted himself to running
Hindu ASHRAM near the river Ganges. He is a very much learned scholar of Hinduism. I have
studied upto 12th Standard.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. Since I was a child, I was interested as to how to reach to the Creator of this Universe. I asked
many Hindu scholars, but their answers did not satisfy me.

Once I asked this question to a Muslim scholar and he explained to me about Islam and its concept o
Allah. It appealed to me and specially the concept of cleanliness in Islam. How can a man be clean i
his clothes have a drop of urine on it..

03. Then he introduced me to Maulana Kalim Sahib in PHULAT, he also explained to me about the
concept of Islam and I accepted Islam on his hands almost seven years ago.
After I became Muslim, I was under the wrong impression that it is now the duty of Muslims. When
did not get much support…. I got myself registered with a Christian Mission.

04. When I saw the atmosphere there, I realised the value of true love and respected which I got from
the Muslims. I phone to Maulana and left the mission and met him. He was very happy top receive
me back and told that every one accepts Islam for the sake of Allah and for his own self.

05. There is burden on the Muslim community, it is like if some one saves a drowning man, will he
become responsible for his boarding and lodgings for his whole life? I realized my mistake and
repented to Allah.

Then I spent four months with an Islamic missionary group and learned Quran , prayers and other
items needed for Muslims.

E. My Missionary activities:

2. On Parents.

06. As I told earlier, my father was head of a Hindu ASHRAM and he was a great scholar… Maulan
asked me to go back to him and invite him to Islam.

Initially I was very hesitant , but I took courage and gave him the book “Your Trust…” My father w
very much impressed with reading this small booklet and he asked me to take him to Maulana.

07. When he met Maulana and talked to him, he was very much impressed with him and his talks…
and after a few days, he also accepted Islam , Alhamdolillah.

Some of his disciples also accepted Islam on the hands of my father.

3. On Family members / Others.

08. I am working on him. Initially they were hesitant to mix with me, but slowly they started to
respect me. I gave them the same book “Your Trust..”.

I pray to Allah to guide them to the right path.

F. Present Situation:

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

09. I just want to remind my Muslim brothers that it is their duty to spread the message of Islam. Th
was entrusted to them by their prophet, when on the occasion of Last Pilgrimage he said “Let those
who are present, tell this to those who are not present”

This is the only way for our recovery and gaining our position in this world

And they should be sympathetic towards New Muslims and should try to look after them and help
them so they can start their new life in Muslim. Because changing one’ religion in this country, cuts
him off totally with his family and friends.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Feb. 2003

65 Why be became Muslims?


(Muhammad Emîn Hobohn is both a diplomat and a missionary. He is a man of knowledge an

religion with a social career.)

Why are Europeans abandoning their religion and becoming Muslims? It has various reasons. Amon
them is the ‘Haqq=Truth; Right; Reality’.

The principles that Islam is based on are so logical, so true and honest that it is out of the question fo
wise and educated person seeking for truth and reality in a religion not to accept them.

For instance, the Islamic religion professes the existence of one god. It appeals to the human commo
sense, and never descends to inculcating people with superstitions.

The Islamic religion states that people all over the world, regardless of their races, are the born slave
of God, equal and similar. ….

An awareness of the fact that Allah will subject human beings to an equitable interrogation in the
Hereafter on what they have done in the world, will urge them that they should abide by justice and
integrity in the world.

For this reason, true Muslims never attempt to do something before thinking well and being firmly
convinced that what they are going to do is really something useful. Thereby this great religion
establishes control over human beings in such a degree as could be managed by no worldly police
organization, and permanently keeps them on the right way.

Another aspect that makes Islam an attractive choice in the eyes of Europeans is its norms of worshi
The namâz (the five daily ritual prayers) teaches punctuality to people, and fasting drills a strong sen
of will power into them. What other factor could be as essential to success in life as punctuality and
determination? Great men owe their accomplishments only to these two determinants.

Now I come to a most beautiful aspect of the Islamic religion: While educating people in the ethical
and humanistic areas in the most logical styles, the Islamic religion never compels them beyond thei
capacities. On the contrary, it offers them many opportunities to lead a prosperous and comfortable
life. Allah wishes people to live in comfort and happiness. To this end, He commands people not to
commit sins….

I have been to many places and districts of the world on diplomatic and religious missions. I have
studied other religions and social systems minutely. I have seen neither a religion nor a social system
as faultless or as immaculate as Islam. ….

Islam is a practical religion, not a theoretical one. Islam means submission to Allah who is
compassionate and forgiving and who always shows the right way. What on earth could be more
beautiful? (Abridged)

66 Why I Became Muslim?


Here is an interesting and somewhat detailed description of a sincere and unbiased person, as to how
gradually, he became learnt and accepted truth about Islam. There might not be many who can have
varied experience as him.

I was born in Trenton, NJ. My father was an Engineer by profession, and as is usual in USA, we use
to travel a lot. We belonged to protestant faith, but we only went to church as a social obligation. M
parents never forced any belief on me, and I knew very little about Jesus and Christianity and may b
that was the reason, I was not biased towards any religion. My mother was a very pious and generou
women and would help any one in need and send gifts to relatives and friend. That could be the
reason, which helped her in the ending portion of her life.

After completing my college education in Indiana and then enrolled for Business Administration
course in Texas University. Later I changed it to Latin America when I noticed that this was a far
more interesting topic than Buss. Admin. I then studied about Latin America and also studied books
on many religion. I took a room on rent, where many students were living together. We had a stude
from Saudi Arabia, Iran and Indian Hindu as my fellow roommates. I used to enjoy foods from
different parts of the world.

Still undecided about my future career, I toured USA and Canada, so to think about it. I saw many
beautiful natural scenes… by seeing these natural beauties, I used to think that there must be one Go
who created it all, but I still did not knew His name or as to how to prey to Him…. Meanwhile my
Saudi friend invited me for a two week stay in his ancestral village near Riyadh.

When I reached the village, I was given much honor. They killed many sheep and invited whole
village for a banquet. I saw camels being milked for the first time. After spending two wonderful
weeks in KSA, I returned back to USA.

My first job was to teach English to those whose mother tongue is not English. It was a joint progra
between Abu Dhabi and Texas University. I would spent one month in Abu Dhabi and then six
months in USA with the trainees. This gave me experience and aptitude to teach English which I lat
decided as my future career. …

After many ups and downs in my professional career, I phoned my Saudi Friend to find a job for me
Saudi Arabia. I got a job as English teacher in Jubail in one of the Professional Training Center.

Once my Saudi Friend took me to a mosque, I did not know anything about a mosque or as to what t
do there. They advised me to wash my hands and feet and do as other Muslims do. I did it a couple
times and felt much peace and tranquility in my heart. I attended a picnic that was arranged especial
for Non Muslims , there we took part in many activity and even listened to some public talks about

In Jubail I met a fellow American (named Ali Basheer) who had become Muslim. I told him that I a
very close to Islam, what I need is a little push by some one and I will fall into it. He gave me a CD
look at. Topic of the CD was “What is your purpose of life and what you know about Islam?”
This talk was delivered by a Newly converted American Muslim named Khalid Yaseen in 1990 in
Jeddah. After watching this Video, I got convinced of 3 basic facts.

1. The purpose of life should be Islam, i.e. submission to the will of our Creator. Islam is the best
word for it.

2. The word Islam is mentioned in Quran. No other religion is named as such in their scriptures.

3. He gave a very beautiful example for one who is Christian and wants to convert to Islam. It was a
if one has a precious old suit, which has become loose and not fitting the body properly. No one wil
throw it out, but make a fix and it will fit on the body. One does not have to discard every thing whe
he becomes a Muslim after being a Christian.

After this I got convinced of the truth of Islam and became a Muslim and chose YAHYA (John the
Baptist) as my new name. Every one in the mosque came forward to greet me, when I became a
Muslim and that was very wonderful for me. I later married an Arab Woman and our children speak
very good Arabic.

When I went back to USA, my friends made fun of me and my wife. They asked me how can you
marry a women, whom you do not know fully. I told them about Islamic concept of marriage and
restriction on free mixing of sexes. I told them that in Western System…it is like taking a car for tes
drive before one buys it!!! They became silent as they knew what I meant.

My parents did not react favorably or unfavorably and accepted my choice as is the case with most
American Parents. But my mother was much impressed by sincerity of my wife and the way she
helped her.

Later I got a phone call from USA, that my mother is very sick and I and my wife should reach there
ASAP. We found my mother very sick and started to take care of her. My mother was much
impressed by sincerity of my wife and the way she served her. Once I asked my mother, do you
believe in One God and that we should only worship her. She said yes. I asked her to repeat that thr
times in English and once in Arabic.

Then I asked her, do you believe in all prophets of God, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and
Mohammad (May peace be on All the Messengers of Allah), she said yes. I asked her to repeat it thr
times in English and once in Arabic.

After accepting Islam on my hand, my mother expired after five days. May be her good nature and
good deeds helper her in the last.

I am still teaching English, I have written a small booklet on comparative religion “The Best way to
live and Die” which was published by WAMY. If any one wants to know about Islam, he can conta
me at
67 Why I Became Muslim?


Note: This is from parents of an American lady, who converted to Islam many years ago. It
shows broadmindedness and openness to Islam from those who are Christians.

When our daughter married a young man from Iran, we had no idea what it meant to be muslim. It
was comforting to us that he was Muslim, because we were a religious family and assumed that befo
long he would convert to Christianity.

They enrolled in a college several hours away from us. Thru telephone calls and occasional short
visits we began to notice a change taking place in our daughter. During one weekend about one and
half years, she broke the news to us that she had become Muslim.

She made it clear that it was not because her husband asked her to do it, she had chosen to be Muslim
herself. She assured us hat she was not rejecting us. Our world fell apart, and we reacted with deep
grief and loss. It has been 12 years since that day.

We have healed from the grief, rebuilt our relationship with our daughter and her husband, and have
come to have deep respect for that what she has chosen. I have been impressed with all of her friend
both American converts and those from other countries who are Muslim.
A little over two years ago, I started a project to survey American women in the US and Canada who
had become Muslim. I distributed Questionnaires at Muslim conferences, advertised in Islamic
magazines….and this is our findings:

A. Approx. 40 % of women work outside the home either part time or full time.
B. 12 % are working toward college degrees.
C. 25 % choose to home school, their children of school age.

All but two women in the survey were wearing full time Hijab.

90 % of the women in the study are married and reflect successful marriage, …From this survey, I
have written a book Daughters of another path: Experiences of American women choosing Islam….

As parents of an American Muslim convert, my husband and me now feel that the two paths are not
different…It has broadened our world to see it thru the eyes of a daughter who has chosen another

(Abridged) Source:: Islamic Horizons , Sept-Oct 1995, p26-27

68 Why I Became Muslim?

Testimony of Chahida Zanabi

I have always believed in God, since I was very small. My family was not religious, but for a period
my mother prayed for us children, by the bedside every night. Since then I have seen Gods existence
a fact of life, and for me the question was how to live according to Gods will so that I could be
admitted into Paradise.

When I was about 12 years old, I started to study the Bible, to seek guidance. But I was disappointed
could not sense Gods nearness in these words attributed to him. The more I read about the Christiani
the more confused I felt. My concept of a religion did not support important teachings of the Church
God was in my eyes someone raised above all, I could not accept the idea of God having to let his 'so
die for humans to be saved. God, who says "be", and it is, whatever He would please? Certainly He
could forgive the humans without such arrangements? Jesus could be no more than a wise man with
guidance and knowledge from God, for God does not take a human shape. And why are all humans
born sinful because of what Eve did? What is the meaning of the trinity? How can one say the Bible
Gods word, when it is clearly written by humans?

When I was seventeen, I moved away from home to attend a Christian school. I thought perhaps
staying with Christians would help me understand the religion better. And I did enjoy their company
very much, the non-alcoholic parties, their concern for each other and their tolerance. I told them of
my doubts, and they told me that it was a part of the wonderful mystery which I just had to accept.
They said it was all a matter of faith, I just had to keep believing Jesus gave his life for me, and I
would be saved. But i found it illogical and unjust. What about all the righteous believers around
world who never heard of the crucifixion, would their faith and work be in vain? Would God deny M
faith and deeds, in spite of the fact that I believed in him with all my heart? This could not be the

A year later I was married with a Muslim by origin. Religiously I was at a point of zero, my only
knowledge was that I believed in God, I knew nothing else. Some of my husbands friends had
Norwegian wives who had converted, and I was provoked by the thought of a Western woman
embracing Islam. We discussed religion until early morning hours, but I remained skeptic towards
Islam. So they challenged me: Why wouldn't I join them in the mosque to learn some Arabic and fin
out more? I wanted to learn Arabic, and I had never been in a mosque, so I came. It became an
emotional and very surprising experience!

I remember watching myself in the mirror in the mosque, wearing the Hijab, and it felt so right. I
remember watching the Muslims pray, and I wished so much I could join them in their prostrating fo
God. I had an overwhelming feeling of submission to God. I did not know how to pray, and I cried
inside of not being able to do so. I bought the English translation of the Qur'an, and when I read it, I
could sense Gods voice, the words hit my heart.

Though, everyone warned me from embracing Islam. I knew too that this was just too emotional, and
needed more knowledge, so I spent the next seven months reading and studying Islam. But only to fi
out that Islam matched my concept of a religion and my concept of God.

Then, in May-1988, I went for a holiday in Greece. It was a perfect holiday, a lot of sunbathing,
swimming, good food and drink, lots of nice people, and so on. I enjoyed it all, at least the first week
But then I became more and more annoyed with the same things. It seemed meaningless and empty.
Why did one have to drink to have fun, something must is missing in peoples lives! Why did not the
men respect me, though I was married and probably they were too? I found myself by the swimming
pool when I made the decision. This was enough! I wanted to go home to embrace Islam! I started to
pray three weeks after, and I have never regretted since.

Today I am happy to be reminded again of the favor and mercy God has given me.

Wa alaikum salaam!

Chahida Elisabeth Zanabi)

69 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a poor family of KHATAULI in 1950. I studied only upto 8th standard and then left
education. I did many odd jobs and now I have a general merchant shop in my village.

My mother died the year I got married, I have three brothers and two sisters living.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. I got married to a well to do family in a neighboring village. My wife was very beautiful and I
loved her. She was more educated than me. Due to the difference in our standard of living, she wen
to her house and refused to come back.

I went to her house, even I send my father, but she did not come. I was very much in love and I
wanted to get her back at any cost. First I tried prayers in Temples, and met many Hindu
TANTRICKS, but nothing helped.

03. Some one told me to go to Muslim mosque and get some charm from them. They have a program
on Friday night and by Saturday morning,, I will find some Muslim Scholar who would give me

When my father and I reached there Saturday morning, we found a young man of about 13 years
(Maulana Kalim in his younger age) giving lecture. When he came out, we told him of our problem.
He said that he has nothing on him now, but if we could after two weeks, he will have some thing fo

04. We reached there after two weeks, he asked me to take bath and he wrote on a piece of paper
Islamic creed in Arabia and told us to keep on repeating it. I did not know its meaning, but
nevertheless I recited it for next three or four days. It gave me some peace of mind. On fourth day, m
father in law came to our house with my wife. I was very happy.

I got used to the wording, that I would recite is most of the time. Once a Muslim friend heard me
reciting it and asked did I know what it meant? I told this was the thing which brought back my wife
he said It was Islamic creed and if I read it, I become a Muslim.

05. Then he told me about Islam and gave me some books on Islam. I got impressed and then I
decided to become Muslim. I learned from him how to pray.

Then I told my wife that I had become Muslim, first she was very angry, but when I told her that as
Hindu wife, she must do what I did, she also decided to become Muslim.

Then I went to Delhi for some days.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

06. My father got alarmed and he complained to local police that Maulana had abducted me. He of
course knew nothing about him. I reached the village on the same day when the dead line given by
police to Maulana expired. It saved a lot of unpleasantness.

D. How I saved my Islam:

07. Afterwards I spent some time with Islamic mission and learned more about Islam and its teachin
I moved to POONA and worked in a bakery, I brought my wife also and now we are living happily.

E. My Missionary activities:
1. On Spouse / Children

08. My wife accepted Islam soon after I accepted Islam, we have five children, three sons and two
daughters and they all are trying to live like a good Muslim.

3. On Family members / Others.

I thank Allah that many persons in my in-laws have accepted Islam on my advice.

I am busy is Missionary activities, whenever I get time.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

09. I want them to pray for me that I die as a sincere Muslim and this gift which Allah bestowed on
us , is not taken back.

I also pray to Allah for the same.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of

70 Why be became Muslims?


Rolf Freiherr (baron) von Ehrenfels is the only son of Prof. Dr. Baron Christian Ehrenfels, wh
is known as the founder of Gestalt psychology all over the world. He belongs to a well-known
family. He was only a small child when he felt a growing concern for the orient and began to
study the Islamic religion.

You ask me why I became a Muslim. In the following lines I shall give an account of the factors that
formed the cause of my becoming a Muslim and realizing that Islam is a true religion:

1) Islam contains the good aspects of all the world’s religions known to us. All religions are intended
for men’s living in peace and tranquility. Yet no other religion has managed to teach it to people as
explicitly as Islam does. No other religion has been successful in imbuing with such deep love towar
our Creator and towards brothers of the same faith.

2) Islam enjoins a perfect submission to Allah in a mood of peace and tranquility.

3) A retrospective look into history will automatically expose the fact that the Islamic religion is the
final true, heavenly religion and that no other religion will appear.
4) Muhammad who communicated the Qur'an is the final prophet.
5) It is doubtless that a person who enters the Islamic religion will automatically have separated
himself from his former religion. Yet this separation is not so big as it may be anticipated. The tenets
of belief are the same in all the heavenly religions. Qur'an acknowledges the heavenly religions
before itself. Yet it rectifies the wrong beliefs inserted into these religions afterwards, exposes the
religion of Jesus in its essential form, and declares that Muhammad is the final prophet and that no
prophet will come after him.

6) In other words, Islam is the true and perfect form of other religions. Various clashes of interests an
contrasting ambitions have made men inimical towards one another. And this animosity, in its turn, h
been exploited by other people, who have tried to change religions into rival camps and thus to build
their worldly advantages on religions, which, in actual fact, are essentially paths guiding to knowing

7) In fact, it takes a little alertness to see that the Islamic religion acknowledges the other heavenly
religions and that it purifies them of the human interpolations that they had been subjected to in the
course of time. To accept Islam, therefore, means to render a spiritual and material service which is
needed by all people, men and women alike.

8) In no other religion has the concept of brotherhood among people been stated so expressly as it ha
been in Islam. All Muslims, regardless of their race, nation, colour and language, are brothers of one
another. Whatever their political views are, they are brothers of one another. No other religion
possesses this beauty.

9) Islam is a religion which gives women great rights. The Islamic religion has allotted women the
most proper place. Muhammad stated, “Paradise is beneath mothers’ feet.”

10) Muslims have displayed greatest justice and mercy towards people of other religions.

For reasons such as these, I chose Islam for my faith.

71 Why I Became Muslim?


I belonged to a Christian family living in IOWA in the Mid West. If you know, Church is very
powerful in Mid West and no can live in peace by ignoring Church there. I had a religious bent of
mind and used to go regularly to the Church and listen to the sermons.

But I had a belief that God is only one, He alone is present everywhere and is Most Powerful. While
in Church we practically worshipped Jesus and we could reach God only thru the personality of Jesu
Secretly I believed in only one God. Then I used to listen to all sweet talks in Church, but when I us
to come out of Church, I would find a totally different world.

How come Church has no influence in personal life of people, why we have to go to Church only on
Sunday, that too for a short period and have the rest of week to ourselves? There were many such
questions, which would come into my mind and did not get any reply. If I asked priests, they would
tell me that religion and intellect are not related. Just believe what is written. Then I was troubled b
so many contradictions in various versions of the Bible. When I asked our local priest, he replied
“How does it matter, any way?”

It was in this state of mind that I graduated from high school and before joining college, I took a tour
of Europe. May be I could find some answers to these questions during my tour of different Europea

I was in Spain, visiting ALHAMRA Mosque in Granada, when my I suddenly felt fascinated by the
most beautiful calligraphy I ever saw. Pillars and walls were decorated with it. I watched for much
time and asked the local guide, what language is this? Arabic he replied. I collected every tourist
information in Arabic thru out my tour of Spain and other European countries.

In University, I took Arabic as a special subject (I had only two more students in the class), the
teachers felt troubled my showing this much attention to this language. I used to do my home work
with the Calligraphic pen and even visited Muslim locality in Chicago to get more samples of Arabic
righting. In my second year I took Mid eastern studies and attended many lectures where this was
discussed. I even attended special lectures on Quran.

Once I took the English Translation of Quran to my home for homework, I was so fascinated by it, th
I went on reading like a Novel. It answered many of my doubts which I had from my earlier days. I
told me as to how to live for other six days of the week.

I went to my teacher, to get more books by the same author. He told me that I was reading the Engli
Translation of Quran, and as per Muslims the author is God Himself and there are no sequels to it!!
Muslims believe that this book is preserved as it was revealed and no changes have been done to it.
This was a new thing for me.

I decided to learn more about Islam and see a Muslim country by my own eyes. I visited Egypt and
spent most of my time seeing mosques, Arabic Calligraphy and listening to Quran being recited in
most beautiful of all tones.

So much so that one day…one Muslim asked me “If you are so much interested in Islam and Arabic
why did not I become Muslim?”.

“But I am already a Muslim!!” I told him. He then told me that to be officially recognized as a
Muslim, I have to declare my faith in front of two witnesses…I did so and they gave me a
certificate…. I kept is along with all other Arabic literature I had with me…..I was Muslim long
back….Arabic and Quran had converted me long back (abridged).
72 Why I became Muslim?


I was born in 1907 in a Buddhist family. I was placed in a Chinese Scholl when I was 6, and read
basic books of Confucius. From there I got the basic idea of one God. Later I joined a Christian
missionary school and read Bible thoroughly. I accepted Christianity at the age of 16.
In 1923 I was posted as a priest to KULALAPIS and was to go on my new assignment, one of my
Muslim fried presented me with an English translation of Quran. I liked it very much but not to
degree to leave Christianity.

When I reached KUALALAPIS, I was shocked to see that Protestant Church was divided into so ma
sects and denominations, each arguing and denouncing each other. Then differences between
Protestant and Catholic Church are also very severe.

I got so much confused that I looked back to Quran for guidance.

73 Why I Became Muslim?

Convert Find Women's Rights in Islam

By Elizabeth Clarke, Palm Beach Post Religion Writer. Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Fourteen years ago, Mimi Ma became an American religious pioneer of sorts: At age 18, the former
Indiana boarding school student converted to Islam.

Now a West Palm Beach resident, Ma says the decision wasn't difficult, but her life since has not bee

For starters, her faith cost her, her family. Born in Vietnam to Buddhist parents and raised as a
Christian in Africa by her eldest sister and American brother-in-law, she has had no contact with her
relatives since her conversion.

She also lost a part of her identity. When she swapped blue jeans and T-shirts for head scarves and
long skirts, some people suddenly couldn't see past the clothes. And since Sept. 11, few people see h
as Asian anymore; they think she's Arab.

It is an experience more and more young American women can relate to, as growing numbers join
Islam, the faith's leaders say, although they don't have statistics available.

"In the past there were more African-Americans coming into Islam," says Altaf Ali, director of the
Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "Now I'm seeing an influx of white,
Caucasian females. This is a very strange phenomenon. It's not anything negative, but it's something
that's very unusual, something that's new to our religion."

Today, many of those converts will begin their first Ramadan, the Muslim holy month that calls on
believers to fast from sunrise to sunset every day in an attempt to learn discipline, self-restraint and
generosity. Ma and Ali know it will be a tough test for new believers, but they also think they know
why many of them have converted: women's rights.

Despite stereotypes that portray Muslim women as subservient and silent, many women convert
because of the freedom they find in Islam. For years, women converted only for marriage and for the
husbands, Ali says. But today many single and married women convert based on their own
convictions, especially those teachings about equality.

"It's common across the board," Ali says. "They always say they enjoy the respect that is given to the
by members of the opposite sex."

Comfort in the Quran

Islamic teachings don't dictate subservience for women, Ma says, although some Islamic societies do
Ma found more in the Quran to ease her concerns about equality than she ever found in the Bible. Sh
likes being able to challenge Muslim men, including her husband, whom she married after convertin
when they tell her something about women's rights.

"I can say, 'Open it up. Prove it to me,' " she says of the Quran. And if they're trying to show that
women shouldn't own property, be educated, take leadership in government, vote, control their own
finances or do anything else that men do, they won't find the proof in the Quran, she says.

The Quran does speak about dress for women, but Ali hasn't found many converts who balk at weari
a scarf to cover their hair and long clothes to cover their arms and legs. Many embrace the idea, he

"It's easier to undress in our society than to dress," Ali says, laughing.

Ma agrees that many find relief in covering themselves.

"Women wear the scarves out of modesty, so people see us for who we are and what we do, not as se
objects," she says. "You can have an Islamic society where women are covered and have rights. And
you can have a society where women who are very scantily clad don't have those rights."(Contd.)

Women's rights was the primary reason Ma herself converted to Islam.

Born during the Vietnam War, Mimi left the country at age 4 with her oldest sister and her sister's
American husband, who worked for the Foreign Service.

Her brother-in-law was sent to Africa to work, moving over the years from Chad to Cameroon to Ma
to Mauritania. The family practiced Christianity in the primarily Muslim countries and, according to
Ma, held a low opinion of non-Christians.

An observant Presbyterian, Ma started studying the Quran and other Islamic teachings at the
Midwestern boarding school. She thought it would be simply an intellectual experience, but almost
immediately she found something in the faith of the Prophet Mohammed that filled her spiritual need
As a devout teenager, the Bible's teachings on women and their roles had started to disturb her. She
found nothing but equality for women in the Quran.

Family rejected her

After just a month of study, as an undergraduate at George Mason University in Virginia, she made t
short profession of faith required to convert, immersed herself in Islam -- and was immediately
rejected by her family.

"That's one of the most difficult aspects of converting," Ma says. "That didn't stop me. My concept o
God can't be dictated by them."

After Sept. 11, she feared for her life and did not leave her Washington, D.C., apartment alone for
months. Since she and her husband, Mohammad, moved to West Palm Beach in March, they have
encountered a broader range of reactions, Ma says. More intolerance and yet more kindness, too. Th
considered returning to the nation's capital but have decided to build a home in St. Lucie County
instead. They work together as project management consultants.

Until the house is finished, they're living at CityPlace, where Ma loves being so close to the booksto
And as Ramadan begins, they look forward to getting to know the Muslim community here. Ma
expects to break the fast on some nights at a local mosque. She also plans to start a Quran study this

"It's like a self-reformation time, like a boot camp," she says. "It's very rewarding and comforting
feeling to know that Muslims all over the world are doing this together: abstaining from these things
during the day and then breaking the fast at night."

Muslims also try to read the entire Quran during Ramadan -- Ma didn't make it her first year -- and to
be kinder to each other. They become more focused on the important things in life. They often give
money to the poor.

Concentrating at work is the hardest thing to do during Ramadan. But she insists fasting isn't so
difficult. It's really just skipping lunch after a pre-dawn breakfast. The reason makes it worth every
midday craving, she says.

"It's different when you're doing it for God," Ma says. "You're not thinking about food as much. Of
course, you do. I fantasize about a chocolate mousse or a bag of chips. But thoughts of a Snickers ba
that leads to God and why you're doing this."

74 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born on 15 August 1952, in DORALA in Jat family. My father was a renowned freedom
fighter and he was head master in the Govt. School. Gandhi Ji had adopted him as his son and he
visited many countries with him.

My grand father was also a freedom fighter and he was killed in 1857 fighting with British. He was
half Muslim and was nick named as Maulvi Prem Chand by Islamic schoar of his time.

02. My father knew very good Urdu and he was educated in the Muslim Seminary of famed
DEOBAND. My father did not have any son for a long time, a Muslim learned man prayed for him,
and I was born when my mother was aged almost 50 years.

My father was very close to Gandhi Ji and he used to say that Gandhi was half Muslim. He died wh
I was very young and my uncle brought me up.

03. I passed High School, Inter , BA and then passed LLB exam from Meerut college. I started doin
practice in Meerut, but I left it, when my conscience told me that I cannot carry out that profession a
involved telling too much lies.

I am now doing farming in my village.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

04. I think that I was a born Muslim. My father wanted me to be educated in a Muslim Seminary. I
used to watch Muslims at prayer and I wanted to join them. Once I went to the Jama Masjid of Delh
to watch Eid prayer and I could not control myself and joined the congregation!

It so happened I received a wrong mobile call, it was some one (Maulana Kalim Sahib in fact) asking
for his friend Rashid. I said it was wrong number and hung up.

05. After a week or so, I received the same wrong call, and I said forcefully that I am not Rashid, bu
my name is so and so.

After two weeks I again got the call from same person, and This time I lost my temper and said, why
he bent upon annoying me. He laughed and told that he wanted to talk to his brother. I told I am no
his brother. He said, yes we are sons of the same father.

06. This brought down my anger and after some talks, he asked me to come to PHULAT and meet h
younger brother.

When I reached there, he met me with lot of emotion and took good care of me. After some time, he
explained Islam to me and gave me some books. I was impressed and I accepted Islam on his hand.
He gave me my new Islamic name.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

07. When the news reached to my family, they became very angry and became my enemy. They
called a meeting of all village elders. I was also a lawyer so I knew my rights.

I gave applications to High police officials and due to that they could not harm us.

D. How I saved my Islam:

08. Later on Maulana s advice, I shifted to Delhi, where I had a house and we moved there. My
children are studying in Delhi and I plan to stay away from my other family members for a while.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

09. Maulana had given me some books like “Your trust…” and “What happens after death”…..when
told my wife about my conversion to Islam, she started weeping.

I told her to read these books and if she still thinks that I had done a wrong thing, I will turn back.

After reading those books, she got convinced and she also accepted Islam.

My Children also became Muslim once my wife accepted Islam.

F. Present Situation:

10. Whenever I think about my father and grandfather, how close they had come to Islam, but yet, th
died as Non Muslims, I become very sad.

I think it was the fault of local Muslims there who did not even once asked them to become Muslim.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

11. There are many like me, my father and my grandfather, who are already half Muslims. They onl
need some encouragement and missionary works from Muslims to save them from hell fire.

Muslims should remember what is their real mission as a Muslims and they should be more serious i
spreading their faith.

If these half Muslims accept Islam, condition of our own country, nay whole world would change

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Nov 2008.
75 Why be became Muslims?


(Weiss was born in 1318 [A.D. 1900] in the Lvov city of Austria [in Poland today], visited Arab
countries as a newspaper correspondent when he was twenty-two years old, admired and
professed the Islamic religion, then visited all the Islamic countries, including India and
Afghanistan, and published his impressions in ‘Frankfurter Zeitung’, one of the greatest
newspapers worldover. Weiss worked as the publication director for Frankfurter Zeitung for
some time, then, after Pakistan’s winning its struggle for liberation, he went to Pakistan with a
view to cooperating with that country’s government in the establishment of a system of a
religious education, and later he was sent to the United States Center to represent Pakistan. He
has two books, one entitled ‘Islam at Cross- Roads’, and the other ‘The Way Leading to Mecca

..I was from a fanatical Catholic family. Throughout my childhood I had been inculcated with the
belief that Muslims were irreligious people worshipping the devil. When I came into contact with
Muslims I realized that they had been lying to me and I decided to study the Islamic religion.

I acquired a number of books written on this subject. When I began to read these books with close
attention, I saw in amazement how pure and how valuable a religion it was. Yet the manners and
behaviors of some Muslims I had been in contact with did not conform to the Islamic principles that
was reading about.

First of all, Islam dictated cleanliness, open heartedness, brotherhood, compassion, faithfulness, peac
and salvation and, rejecting the Christian doctrine that “men are ever sinful,” it substituted it with qu
an opposite belief which tolerated “all sorts of worldly pleasures with the proviso that they should no
cost someone else’s harm and that they should not overflow the free area defined by Islam.”
…As long as Muslims preserved their perfection as true Muslims, they always made progress; and a
downfall began the very moment they relaxed their grips of Islam. In actual fact, Islam possesses all
the qualifications required for a country’s or a nation’s progress. It contains all the essentials of

The Islamic religion is both extremely scientific and very practical. The principles it lays down are
completely logical, intelligible to everybody, and do not contain one single element that would run
counter to knowledge, to science, or to human nature.

…Eventually, in 1344 [A.D. 1926], as I was discussing these matters with a governor in Afghanistan
he said to me, “You have already become a Muslim without you yourself noticing it. Only a true
Muslim would defend Islam as earnestly as you are doing now.” Upon these words of the governor’s
lightning flashed in my brain. When I was back home I plunged into deep thoughts, finally saying to
myself, “Yes, I am a Muslim now.” Presently I pronounced the statement called Kalima-i-sahâdat.
have been a Muslim ever since.

You ask me, “What aspect of Islam attracted you most?” I cannot answer this question, for Islam has
penetrated and invaded my entire heart.… It is impossible to separate any of its parts from its entiret
All its parts are pivoted, clenched on one another in a certain order. There is a tremendous harmony
among the parts. There is not a single part missing. Each and every one of its parts is in its proper

Perhaps it was this extremely admirable order which attached me to the Islamic religion. … So I
embraced Islam with all my heart and love, and it settled in my heart so as to never leave there again
76 Why I Became Muslim?


Dr. SAROJ belonged to a devout and educated Hindu Family residing near Lucknow, UP India. Her
father was MD in Cardiology. One of her brother is Reader in BHU Baranasi and another Engineer i
BHEL. She competed and cleared PMT (Renowned Pre Medical Entrance Exam) and Completed
MBBS from KGMC Lucknow and MD from MA College Delhi. She later did MD in cardiology fro
AIIMS Delhi and was working there. We pick up the story in one hot summer June day in 2003.

I was posted in ICCU Children ward of AIIMS, we had all 8 beds occupied, each child fighting
between life and death. As a doctor, I knew that less than 50 % of these would survive. Only one
attendant is allowed to stay with each child. I saw one bearded Muslim coming to one of these beds,
the attendant left and he read some thing and blew on the child. Then he repeated same thing for all
other children.

I would have nothing of these…I went to him straight and told “Don’t you know it is ICCU, there ar
so many chances of Infection…who is your patient…why are you just roaming around the ward…
going to each bed?”

To my surprise, he remained very calm. He told that I have blood relation which each of these
children, They all have been created by one who created me also. What I was reading was nothing
other than Words from the Same Creator…”

Then he continued “ Don’t you see that sometimes, despite your best efforts, the child dies. Who is
one giving life and death? They are not you nor your medicines”

I got interested in his talks and invited him to my cabin, so I could listen to some more. He agreed o
one condition, that I would consider each child as my child and world deal kindly with him and his
parents or attendants. He told me that my Creator has blessed me to be in a position to help His othe
creations and I should be thankful to him.

He left and I was much impressed by his talks. When I asked from the child’s parents, he told me th
he is a very good Muslim and so many Non Muslims have accepted Islam on his hands. I remember
for some time his words but soon got engaged in my own life.

I became room partner with another Girl Doctor and moved there. I found that her maid was a Musli
Girl. I asked my friend as to how could she allow a Muslim girl to cook food and take care of house
But she is a very good girl, on so many occasions she had returned my purse intact, without taking a
thing from it, my friend replied.
Our talks then drifted towards Islam and Muslim. My room mate told be “The more world media is
turning against Islam, the faster it is growing. You see Michel Jackson became Muslim, one Dr.
BALBIR Singh in our own Cardiology department accepted Islam and he wants every one to becom
Muslim. When I called him for consultation about a patient, he told me if you want to avoid going t
Hell, become a Muslim”

This reminded me of the words which I had heard from the lips of that Muslim gentleman, so I fixed
appointment with Dr. BALBIR and met him in his cabin on a Sunday morning. I asked him “When
you became Muslim”? He told “Eight or None Years Back”

I wanted to know the reason. He told that “Islam is the only true religion which was sent by God to
this world. It is the first and it is the last. All prophets preached the same message. If you want to
avoid Hell after you die, there is no other way than to accept Islam” I asked him to give me some
literature about Islam.

He sent me the English Translation of Sermon which Last Prophet delivered on his Farewell
Pilgrimage. I was very impressed by the message and specially that women were specifically
mentioned there.

I wanted to get in touch with MAULANA KALIM UDDIN (the gentleman who visited the ward in
2003), I was told that he would deliver a lecture in Green Park Mosque. I reached there on Auto
Rickshaw and when I saw that he was the same gentleman, I bent to touch his feet (as is our local
custom amongst Hindus), but he cautioned me against it. I told that I have learned many of your boo
and I want to become Muslims. He made me Muslim, changed my name from SAROJ to SAFIA, bu
told me to keep my Islam secret for a while, till the situation changes.

But how could I keep my Islam secret? How could I deny the same privilege to others? So I told my
close friends about my becoming Muslim. My room partner became Muslim. Her husband also
became very close to Islam.

I informed my father of my decision. He accepted it but was not very enthusiastic about it. But slow
and slowly, he is accepting it with grace.

Now regarding my marriage, my father was trying it for past 6 or 7 years, Many good matches came
but I excused on pretext of my completing my MD. Now this my accepting Islam became a new
factor. Then one day Maulana Kalim talked to me about one Dr. Asad Faridi, who was working in
PGI, Chandigarh and was perhaps the only Muslim Doctor in Sherwani (a local Muslim dress) and f
beard. After some time, we got married and when our parents saw my choice (and the fact that the
marriage took place without any dowry and not any financial burden on them, a custom in India), the
congratulated me.

Now was the tricky issue as to how to announce our marriage to my orthodox Hindu Family, Maulan
Kalim solved this problem , by getting both of us jobs in KAA Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My
marriage and conversion was announced to my family as Post Jeddah affair and “bad effect of living
and working in a Muslim country”!!!
When I think all of it, I feel that Allah was indeed very kind to me. Otherwise how could I have fou
truth in those darkness of idol worship and associating others with God.

I feel what this modern and technical world needs is Islam and nothing but Islam. It is Islam which
can solve the problems of the world. How come we Muslims who hold the solution and salvation fo
this world, should have inferiority complex? (Abridged)
77 Why I Became Muslim?


I was brought up as a Christian, much as most people in this country are. I was christened, studied
scripture at school and never went to church, except for the occasional wedding and even less for the
midnight mass service on Christmas Eve.

Whilst I believed much of what I was taught, there were many aspects I found unacceptable,
particularly the idea of the Trinity and deification of Jesus. I did however believed in a ‘supreme
being’ and that Universe had a Creator…

I knew next to nothing about Islam and most of what I had picked up came from media reports of a
stern and unforgiving God, Fanatical followers, Terrorists, subjugated women and all the usual
negative and untrue images.
How wrong and ignorant I was, a few months later I met a Muslim friend. I was very much impress
by him as a person, his attitude towards life and other people. I also remember the way his face woul
light up from deep within, whenever he spoke about islam.

While visiting local library, a borrowed a copy of Holy Quran and two other texts on Islam, much to
my surprise, I found myself agreeing with what Iw as reading rather than arguing against it. By the
time I had finished reading the Quran, I was convinced that I had found something important and ver
meaningful. I was embarrassed for my earlier prejudice.

I found myself Isolated, as my friends became unsupportive or could not understand. I had no Musli
where I was now living. However I borrowed more books from the library and learned myself how
do ablution and how to perform prayers, I fasted during the month of Ramadan…

Where did I go from here? I really could not carry on alone and still I had not made declaration of m
faith. As I was worrying about my next step, Allah provided me with the answer. I met a Muslim lad
When I told her what I was going thru, she was wonderful and arranged every thing. Within a week
met Imam, made declaration of faith and adopted my new Muslim name. by Grace of Allah, I was
now officially a Muslim.

(Abridged) Source:: Islamic Voice, May 1999, p 22

78 Why I Became Muslim?
Haji Maryam Mohammed Ahmed, American Muslima,

She lives only to talk about Islam

Note: : Sister Haji Maryam, responded to my call for Volunteers in the main page of , now we work together in answering many Christians inquiring about Islam and
Christianity in a civilized way. If you are a Christian, and want to talk about Islam and Christianity,
please contact me or sister Haji Maryam.

My name is Maryam and I am an American Revert to Islam from Christianity. I also brought my
Mother to Islam. I study only the Quran and Sahih Hadith (authentic books of the doings and sayings
of the holy Prophet of Islam) I don't study Muslims because they don't represent Islam. If you would
like to know the truth about Islam or have questions about things in Islam feel free to e-mail me
anytime. I also have the holy Bible in memory as well being I studied Christianity most of my life, s
can relate to Christians who would like to ask questions. I don't try to push Islam on anyone and I
would not make you feel bad for being who you are, Just God knows best! My door is always open,
Islam is not for me but all humanity.

I live only to talk about Islam, I am available to talk to Christians about Bible and Quran,


Video Haji Maryam Mohammed Ahmed, American Muslima,

Yahoo User Group:

360 link:

Thank you and God Bless, Sister Haji Maryam (Contd.)

Growing up I was an only child and had plenty of time to reflect. I saw my Mothers struggles trying
be "a good Christian" funny thing is when ever she asked meaningful questions she was always turne
away. We pounced around from church to church. Never finding what she was looking for. I always
new My God and he were very kind to me but I was very lonely growing up I didn’t consider myself
Christian. I just couldn’t believe that the Bible was completely the word of God. I always knew
something was missing, something just wasn’t right. I knew the Prophets were real. It was the stories
felt had been corrupted over time.

I only had my God, and I always new in my heart I would someday make God (Allah Subhanna
Watallah) proud of me. I was visited by what I believe to be was Angels, they didn’t show themselve
I think they felt sorry for me because I was so sad. I was told one day you will be a big part of
something that comes from God (Allah Subhanna Watallah). I was only about seven years old, but it
made me cry. I felt safe happy calm. I always used that day as strength when I felt at the end of my
Then in October 1998 I was traveling around Europe and on one occasion I was asked if I knew wh
Mohammed (saw) was. I replied Mohammed Ali the boxer? The questioner laughed at me. I didn’t
find it amusing, so I asked him who was this Mohammed then. The man told me he was a messenger
said messenger of what he said Islam. I had never heard this word before “Islam” I asked what is Isla
he said “it’s a religion” (the amazing thing was I had never heard about Islam the entire 25 years of m
life). I said like Hinduism or Buddhism?

He said NO Mohammed (saw) was the last messenger. I said Jesus (as) is the last messenger. He we
on to tell me not only was Mohammed (saw) the last messenger who came after Jesus (as) but he als
had a book, the Quran and it is unchangeable unlike the Bible that was rewritten by King James. At
this point I was very interested in knowing more but had no time to listen further, but that day was th
day a seed was planted in my heart, it grew and grew and even today it continues to grow. I carried o
learning and asking questions. For example I saw things in my travels like one morning the people
(full of Muslim people) I was staying with all got up for breakfast and my friend was arguing with o
of them. He said to him come on and eat with us the man happily said, “No thank you, I’m ok”.

I looked at this man and wondered why he is happy not to eat with us. What is this book he is holdin
in his hands so respectfully? I later learned and realized that morning was the first day of Ramadan a
he was reading the Quran. He was the only Muslim that was observing Ramadan. On another occasio
I was walking with a friend and there was a group of people walking in the other direction and they
called out to my friend and said to him come on come with us. My friend said no thank you I’m fine

I later learned and realized that those people were calling him to pray (my friend of course being a
Muslim) couldn’t be bothered. That friend of mine was like a brother, actually he is my brother in
Islam, but his faith is weak. Even today he will tell me don’t be a Muslim it’s not a good life. What h
doesn’t realize it was because of him I became a Muslim. It was him that asked me if I knew
Mohammed (saw). For all he knows Islam might just have saved him from the hell fire. If you bring
someone to Islam, then you’re granted Heaven God willing.

I had to learn Islam not from Muslim but direct from the Quran and the Sunnet (sahih hadith). After
year had passed I went to the United Kingdom and Asked for a Quran with an English translation. I
had not made the choice to convert/revert to Islam yet. But three Imams came to tell me how to respe
the Quran. They taught me about “Intention” and “Purification firstly and then talk a lot of respectin
the Quran. They said it was unlike any other book. By time I finished listening to them and had a bat
with my intentions. They then handed me the Quran. As the Quran was laid in my hands and everyon
left the room, I just sat there crying. From that time on I have been alone. And I have never been
happier in all my life. I converted to Islam on July 7.1999
79 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a Brahmin Family in Panipat, which is known to whole India. I have four brothers
and three sisters all elder to me.

In my village, there are a few houses of Muslims, but they are very weak economically and also
religiously. I doubt if they even know what is Islam.

02. I was educated in my village upto primary level and then my brothers tool me to Ludhiana for
further study. I passed High school and then Intermediate from there.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. From my childhood I did not like religious rituals of my family. To me they just seemed like
dramas, something without any real emotions behind it.

I was studying in a Christian Missionary School. They gave us Bible to study, but I was not impresse
by it.

04. Once I passed by a mosque, where some religious function was in progress. There were a few
book stalls there. I bought some small booklets, that included small biography of prophet Mohamma

That impressed me much and then I read many books on Islam, unless I decided to become Muslim.
left my house and I did not know where to go and how to become Muslim. After asking so many
Muslims…. I was finally brought to PHULAT, where I accepted Islam and he gave me my Islamic

05. I stayed there for few days and they took good care of me and treated me like one of their family

I learned about Islam and how to recite Quran. After I had done that Maulana married me to a Musl
from Delhi.

06. He does the business of Import and Export….there were many ups and downs in his business and
seemed that it is the end. But Allah had mercy on us and his business survived. Now it is quite stab
and we are happy.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

07. My family members searched for me. They even reported my loss to police. I had written them
letter that I am not running away from house, due to any love affair or things of that kind. I am in
search of truth and want to find it.
They searched for me and after some time gave up hope.

E. My Missionary activities:

2. On Parents.

08. My father had died, when I was young. News reached to me that my mother is very sick, I was
very worried that she should not die as a Non Muslim.

I told my husband that I want to visit my dieing mother. I went there in full Islamic Hijab. My moth
saw me and started weeping…. After some time I told her about my Islam and how good is my
husband and his whole family.

09. After much pursuance she accepted them and what more…she read Islamic creed in the dead of
night in front of me … she died after a Month as a Muslim.

3. On Family members / Others.

10. I am working on my brothers and sisters. Two of them like us and want to continue our

The truth is , our family members are not so much against us, but it is the local people.

F. Present Situation:

11. My husband is very active in the field of Islamic propagation and many people have accepted
Islam on his hand.

I have two sons and two daughters and they are undergoing Islamic education. I hope that they will
memorize whole Quran and be active in the Islamic Missionary works.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

I left my home for the search of truth and Allah guided me to the truth. That is my message to all
Muslims / Non Muslims.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of August 2009.

80 Why be became Muslims?

Mrs. CECILLA CANNOLY [Rashîda] Austrian

Why did I become a Muslim?

Let me tell you sincerely that I became a Muslim without even noticing it myself. For, at a very youn
age I had already completely lost my confidence in Christianity and had begun to feel apathy toward
the Christian religion.

I was curious about many religious facts. I was disinclined to believe blindly the creed they were
trying to teach me. Why were there three gods? Why had we all come to this world sinful, and why d
we have to expiate it? Why could we invoke God only through a priest? And what were the meaning
of all these various signs that we were being shown and the miracles that we were being told?

Whenever I asked these questions to the teaching priests, they would become angry and answer, “Yo
cannot inquire about the inner natures of the church’s teachings. They are secret. All you have to do
to believe them.”

And this was another thing that I would never understand. How could one believe something whose
essence one did not know? However, in those days I did not dare divulge these thoughts of mine. I a
sure that many of today’s so-called Christians are of the same opinion as I was; they do not believe
most of the religious teachings imposed on them, yet they are afraid to disclose it.

The older I became the farther away did I feel from Christianity, finally breaking away from the
church once and for all and beginning to wonder whether there was a religion that taught “to worship
one single God.” My entire conscience and heart told me that there was only one God.

Then, when I looked around, the events showed me how meaningless the unintelligible miracles that
priests had been trying to teach us, and the absurd stories of saints they had been telling us, were.
Didn’t everything on the earth, human beings, beasts, forests, mountains, seas, trees, flowers indicate
that a great Creator had created them? Wasn’t a newly born baby a miracle in itself?
On the other hand, the church was striving to indoctrinate the people with the preposterous belief tha
every newly born baby was a wretched, sinful creature. No, this was impossible, a lie. Every newly
born child was an innocent slave, a creature of Allah. It was a miracle, and I believed only in Allah a
in the miracles He created.

Nothing in the world was inherently sinful, dirty, or ugly. I was of this opinion, when one day my
daughter came home with a book written about Islam. My daughter and I sat together and read the
book with great attention.

O my God, the book said exactly as I had been thinking. Islam announced that there is one God and
informed that people are born as innocent creatures. Until that time I had been entirely ignorant of

In schools Islam was an object of derision. We had been taught that that religion was false and absur
and infused one with sloth, and that Muslims would go to Hell. Upon reading the book, I was plunge
into thoughts.

To acquire more detailed information about Islam, I visited Muslims living in my town. …My
daughter and I read many other books written about Islam, were fully convinced as to its sublime nes
and veracity, and eventually embraced Islam, both of us. I adopted the name ‘Rashîda’, and my
daughter chose ‘Mahmûda’ as her new name.
As for the second question that you ask me: “What aspects of Islam do you like best?” Here is my
What I like best about Islam is the nature of its prayers. In Christianity prayers are said in order to as
for worldly blessings such as wealth, position and honour from Allah through Jesus.

Muslims, in contrast, express their gratitude to Allah and they know that as long as they abide by the
religion and obey the commandments of Allah, He will give them whatever they need without them
asking for it.

81 Why I Became Muslim?


I was brought up in a devout Christian family, my mother used to us to Church every Sunday. Duri
my studies, I used to get many doubts about Christianity and its teachings, which Church was not ab
to answer.

I joined Oslo University and enrolled in Department of Religious studies. I studied History and
Comparative religions. After these studies, I did not have any favorable opinion about Islam. The
reason was that most of these books were written by Non Muslims, who had a grudge against Islam.

Then some one gave me “DENIYAT” Written by MAULANA MAUDOODI & some books of SYE
QUTUB of Egypt. These books answered many of my questions. Then I studied Islam thru the boo
written by Muslims and studied English translation of Quran written by Muslims. When I was fully
satisfied with Islam and its teachings, I went to Local Islamic Center and accepted Islam.

After that me and my husband joined and gave our support in the Missionary works of Local Islamic
center. We established societies and circles where Muslim women could study and understand Islam
teachings. I also plan to translate Quran in Swedish language.

We have in Sweden Muslims from many parts of the world. They speak different languages and hav
different ethnic backgrounds. Despite all these, they all are united in belief and practices of Islam.
Many of them have no proper understanding of Islam and do not present a good example of a Muslim
to attract others.

Then I visited many Islamic countries and took part in many Islamic Conferences and represented
Swedish Muslims there. I performed UMRAH and felt very satisfied. All I can say after visiting so
many Muslim countries, that I praise God that I became Muslim before visiting these Muslim
countries. If I had known already the real teachings of Islam, before hand, I would have been
detracted from accepting Islam by seeing the life style of many of these Muslim Countries.

Very few Muslim countries and societies present a good example of what Real Islam is…. I do not
want to condemn any one….I definitely saw and met many good Muslim men and women…they are
striving to practice Islam and present a good picture of Islam. But the majority is trying to just imita
western style and western thinking in their lives…(abridged)
82 Why I became Muslim?


I praise Allah that He guided me to the true path of Islam after I was in search of truth for many year
I am a Plant Engineer and in 1987 I accepted Islam.

I was born a Christian, but it puzzled me, that to run any Organization, we only need one head, how
come this whole Universe is running so smoothly with three heads? Then I studied Buddhism, but I
decided that to renounce world and live in jungles and caves cannot be the cure for humanity. Then
started studying Hinduism to know the position of self and humans in it, but I soon gave up after so
much confusing theories.

It was at that time that my Brother (who had become Muslim many years back) ‘ wife gave me some
books on Islam to study. There was a book by Ahmed Deedat on “Is Bible God’s Word?”. I got into
sort of mental turmoil after reading that book. Upon then my Sister in law introduced me to other
Muslims, who told and explained to me about Islam.

I got convinced about the truth of Islam and joined the faith in 1987. I think it is a very big
achievement for any human to know his Creator. Islam showed me the path to my creator.

Then I found Islamic prayer as very forceful means to establish direct contact between man and his
Creator. It is a thing about which should really feel proud of. No other religion has such gatherings,
which five times a day removes all distinctions between men and brings them in one row, praying to
their common Creator.

When I accepted Islam, my friend told me “You want top join HOUZZ” In Ghana most Muslims
belong to this tribe. I explained to them that Islam is a universal religion for mankind and it is not
linked to any ethnic or racial group.

I would request all my Muslim brethren to remove all these distinction of race and color which have
got into them. Muslims should be united and preach their common sense religion to those who are s
uneducated about it (Abridged)
83 Why I Became Muslim?

Karen's Testimony

I was born whole and healthy on July 8, 1960. I was second eldest of what would be seven siblings,
which naturally placed me into a life of observation and responsibility, as I began to help my mother
with the younger children.

My mother, who was herself very spiritual, had converted to the Roman Catholic religion after a
miraculous experience early in her adult life, and my father had always been a devout catholic. The
churches we attended (every Sunday) seemed always to have been unique and not quite the normal
traditional teachings of the Catholic church so that I got a very "universal" teaching of the messages
Jesus with the emphasis being on God and His kingdom in heaven (not on Jesus as God). It was a
requirement back in my early days for young girls and women to wear a scarf or some type of head
covering when we attended church services. At Catholic School, we girls also were required to wear
specific type of head cover at all times.

I went to a Baptist affiliated college where studying the Bible was a requirement. Much to my surpri
(and delight), however, "The Bible" was taught as an historical artifact, an archeological piece of
literature. The class was taught by an ordained Methodist minister who also happened to be a very
learned and well-respected archaeologist. He taught us all about the many modifications and literary
styles of the bible, how you could tell that the various books and sections of the Bible had actually
been written at different periods over very long stretches of time, and how it has so many different
versions now. He told us about how the monks used to edit the texts according to political
requirements of the time (and that those original and edited versions have now been uncovered), or
how often times words were simply mistakenly translated incorrectly, etc. Needless to say, the class
material was a shocking, but enlightening experience.

In 1983 I graduated college and received a degree in Special Education. …I spent 2 years teaching
before I met my future husband, a seemingly pious, devout Catholic who was not only gentle, kind a
giving, but highly intelligent and insightful. Everything seemed perfect, in fact, he seemed to have
been "heaven sent". We met in the church where he had been assigned to work for the summer and w
came to have many long philosophical conversations about life and family. …

Six years after we had been married, and having had to quit work because of the pregnancy, my
husband and I agreed that I should stay home to raise the twins. After this the domestic violence and
abuse would escalate, despite my constant pleas to God for help, and despite many varied attempts to
make the marriage work. ..After several years of this abuse in my marriage and especially after one
particular nightmarish event (my 9 month old babies and I almost lost our lives in a car accident the
cause of which would have been the drunken and drugged out hands of my husband), I lost my
connection to God and fell into a state of numbness. … Four more years of the worst abuse in my
marriage passed before I finally broke free from my husband. Finally, ..

I happened to meet a fellow on the internet who I began to have long philosophical discussions with.
He was from another country originally and I found it comforting to find that in his country children
are raised as I was. After a month of chatting with him and finding that his beliefs were extremely
similar to mine, he told me that he is a Muslim.

Here I was, 35 years old, and this was my first ever meeting an actual Muslim. All I knew was that
cursory coverage of the subject of Islam in the World Religions classes and that the word Muslim wa
synonymous with "terrorist". Now I was certainly stuck with a mix of emotions! Fear mixed with tha
famous curiosity, plus admiration for what he was telling me he practices in his life. I had spoken to
him just long enough to crave more knowledge. He gave me my first book of Islam, .. That book lea
to another, to another, to another and another until finally I found myself trembling from a mixture o
emotions. I wanted to say that this was my religion. (Contd.)

I decided, too, that before I get into this any further, it was incumbent upon me to see just exactly ho
this religion was put into practice… The scarves saved me from the painful earaches and so I was
wearing one when I entered the mosque for the first time. .. A sister came through the door. I looked
her, she looked at me and immediately I just KNEW it was the woman I had spoken to on the phone
they were so happy to meet me, see me there, and invited me to stay and observe the prayers.

On Friday nights and Saturday mornings, I began attending classes. …One night I arrived early and
found inside the cabinets of the study room a library FULL of books of all sizes and in various
languages. My attention was drawn to one particularly FAT book and as I pulled it from the shelf, I
realized it was an English translation of the Qur'an! WOW! Great!

It was reading the Qur'an that finally gave me the final -- what should I call it? -- that final percentag
of doubt removed. Here in the pages of the Qur'an were explanations of dreams I had had, the vision
on rosary meditations, life events, thoughts, scientific things, miraculous things, etc. Once I had begu
reading the Qur'an (I didn't have to read it all to know this), I was certain that it was an authentic Ho
Book, divinely revealed. It was too complete, too sublime, too eloquent, too beautiful to have been
from the hand or mind of man without having come first from the only One who could know all this

The next time I went to the mosque, I asked one of the sisters what was involved in converting to
Islam. Were there special classes for a specified amount of time I would have to complete? (This is s
for Catholicism...I automatically thought it would be so for Islam, or any other religion for that
matter). Was there some special ceremony?

I was told that all I needed to do was have it sincerely in my heart and say in front of at least two oth
practicing and sincere Muslims that "I believe there is no God but God and Muhammad was his
messenger". I could even say it in English if I wanted to.

The following night, much to my surprise, the mosque was literally filled to the brim with people. It
was the eve of Ashura and maybe 1500 or 2000 Muslims had come in from all over California to
commemorate that day, that battle, which was so important for the revival of Islam in the world. Wh
a perfect night to take shehadah! I stood there and read in Arabic from a tiny piece of paper I held
between my fingers "Ashadu an la illaha Ilallah; ashahdu an Muhammadun Rasululah." I had not hea
the actual pronunciation of it, so I was unsure if I had recited it correctly. When I looked up, I saw th
everyone was crying. The moderator for the evening was choking back tears as well, and asked that
the sisters come to the front, to the stage where I stood, and welcome me to the family of Islam.

All I remember at that point was a sea of women, crying, smiling, kissing me, hugging me, rocking m
back and forth, telling me things in their language that I couldn't understand. I was overwhelmed and
was 45 minutes or more before the last sister came up to express her joy and extend the warmth of he
heart. I remember the feeling this way: Imagine being in a room with 2000 of your favorite
grandmother. One old woman took my face in her hands, kissed my cheeks and through tears of joy
and broken English said, "You will be so happy!"

And I am... Karen

84 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a Jat family in Rohtak on 23 May 1962. My father was a Judge. I did my
Intermediate and BSC from my city. Then my father asked me to study for law. I did my LLB and
was selected in the Judicial Exam. I am an additional Judge and waiting for promotion to become
District Judge.

One of my sister is a Deputy Superintendent of Police and her husband is Additional District

02. We are an educated family and Urdu is very popular in our family. My grandfather was a very
good Urdu poet and he used surname MAKHDOOM.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. I was working in the court of Additional District Judge. In our family there is great emphasis on
human values. Since our childhood we were told stories from great personalities of past.

My father was a very honest person, and I also had great sense of responsibility when I used to sit on
the chair of Judge. I used to try my best to reach the correct decision and was always impartial in my

04. Due to that I had a great respect from every one in my court and whom I knew. Once when I wa
having a morning walk, an educated Muslim came to me and said that every one loves me for my
honesty as judge…but have I considered what will happen when I have to face a judge and he will
decide on my case.

I was surprised and asked , who will come and judge me, then he told me about hereafter and the co
of Almighty there. He then told me that his teacher, Maulana Kalim is coming to a near by place and
should meet him to know more.

05. I got interested and then we went to nearby town of SONIPAT. Maulana arrived after a delay of
some time. I said immediately that I want to become Muslim. He said that Islam means the faith fro
inside and that is it. So when you decided to become Muslim, you became Muslim.

He then asked me to recite Islamic creed and asked what I knew about Islam. I said that I have read
only about Muslim Personal Law in my LLB exam.
06. He then asked me to read some books about Islam. I read those and my faith in Islam increase.
named me after a great Islamic judge of First Islamic century. And I am hopeful that Allah will give
me something from his qualities.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

I wanted to declare my faith, but Maulana asked me to wait a little. That is why I have not declared m
faith to my family.

D. How I saved my Islam:

07. Some Muslims know about my conversion to Islam. On Fridays I go to Muslim mosque in remo
villages and offer prayer there. Other prayers I offer when no one is looking.

E. My Missionary activities:

3. On Family members / Others.

08. Some persons from my family have accosted Islam. One of my aunts and her husband have
become Muslim and one of my cousin has become Muslim.

Six of my servants have declared their faith to Islam and some of them have married muslim girls,

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

09. Islam is a religion which is most suited to human nature. It is like water to a thirsty man. Our
Hindu society gets very impressed with love and acts and words of kindness.

If Muslims use these techniques to inform them about Islam, many will come over to their side.

10. But most Muslims have no thought about that and their responsibilities in this regard. They shou
remember how their prophet was eager and anxious and worried about his city folks going to hell an
how he tried every thing to save them from it.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Sept. 2009.

85 Why be became Muslims?


As the Spring’s mellow, warm hand thaws out the earth after an awfully frigid winter, likewise Islam
had a similar effect on me. It warmed my heart and clothed me with a new and lovely dress of
knowledge. How beautiful, how true, and how logical Islam’s teachings are! How clear, how genuin
and how charming a word it is to say that “Allah is one, and Muhammad is His Messenger.”

How could one ever compare it with the unbelievable, unintelligible Christian credo which imposes
the absurdity of “Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit”? In contrast with these formidable, fearful and
never satisfactory tenets of Christianity, this simple and logical belief draws you towards itself.

Islam is an undefiled heavenly religion. Despite the centuries that have elapsed since its advent, it
answers all the material and immaterial needs of humanity, not only today, but also forever.

For instance, Islam clearly states that men are equal and that before Allah there is no difference of ra
and position among men, and it enforces this equality in actual life.

The Christian churches profess the same equality, yet there are various echelons among them, such a
priests of different ranks, archdeacons, deacons, bishops, and many other ecclesiastics. These people
intervene between Allah and the slave and use the name of Allah for their personal advantages.

In Islam, on the other hand, no one can intervene between Allah and the slave. Allah communicates
His commandments through the Qur'an to His slaves.

In the following lines, I will quote a commandment of Allah. It is only an example. This example
shows very explicitly how simple and clear the commandments are.
“O ye who believe! Give of the good things which ye have (honorably) earned, and of the fruit
of the earth which We have produced for you, and do not even aim at getting anything which i
bad, in order that out of it ye may give away something, when ye yourselves would not receive
except with closed eyes. And know that Allah is free of all wants, and worthy of all praise.” (2-

As I read and learned these profound and beautiful commandments of the Qur'an , my soul attained
peace and I embraced Islam willingly.
86 Why I Became Muslim?


Dr. Bosin was the Professors of Communism Philosophy during Soviet days. Then he became
Christian and was fielded by Church when elections were held first time in Russia. He was head of
“Religious affairs” in the newly elected parliament and served for four years. He made laws that
allowed freedom of religion and worship in Russia. He had a very close relationship with Russian
Church in those days. His conversion to Islam was a shock to every one in Russian Church. Here he
describes his conversion to Islam and aftermath.

I was teaching Communism t others, but deep down I was not satisfied with its reasoning. I used to
think that there must be some Creator of this Universe. This drove me to study of religion, I studied
Christianity and accepted it and became its priests. I was fielded by Church as one of its candidates,
was made head of Religious Affairs department in the new Parliament and made laws that deal with
freedom of religion and worship. After four years of Parliament duty I came back and rejoined
Now I studied Christianity and Bible in great detail and I started feeling some discomfort on its man
dogmas and teachings. I found many contradictions in it. The personality of Jesus, his Divinity,
Trinity and others. I found these things against reason and against Unity of God. After 16 years of
dedicated service to Church, I finally decided to cut my links from it.

After leaving Christianity, I did not know that there is any other religion in world, who teaches Unity
of God. I knew nothing about Islam and its teachings in those days.
One day I watched a Special Program on Russian TV about Islam and Muslims. That was on the eve
of EID Al AZHA festival of Muslims. The program mentioned basic teachings of Islam and that it
teaches Unity of God and worship of One God and no one but God. I was very impressed by that
program and wrote an article about it in a local magazine. What is more I declared myself Muslim in
it!! Even though I had very little knowledge about Islam except what I saw in that TV program!!!

My article raised a storm in Russian Church, I was after all a recognized priest, had represented it in
Parliament for four years. Every paper or magazine wrote for or against me. I was asked to appear o
many TV shows to answer questions about my new beliefs. Mean while Russian Church passed a
resolution “Damning me and my next seven generations” and advised my relations to stop all dealing
with me!!!

After this I started study of Islam in true sense. I read many books about Islam, met and discussed
with local Muslims many issues and all this increased my faith (which I had declared based on one T
program). I wrote some books on Islam, First was “Straight way to reach Allah”, next was “
MUQADDAMAT SHIRK” (i.e. Means of Associating others with God). The third was “Gospel fro
the eyes of New Muslims”. I can say that many thousands of Russians have accepted Islam or have
come closer to Islam after reading my books. I thank Allah for that.

We have established a Muslim society in Moscow and we are dealing with issues of rehabilitating N
Muslims, which number now in thousands in Moscow alone.

Majority of Russians have no religion at all, they do not believe in any thing. They have superficial
knowledge about Christianity thru TV, Films and other programs. There is very bright prospects of
Islam growing there, but the work has to be done carefully and with planning. First we should remo
the hate and bias against Islam by showing that how we respect Jesus and other Biblical prophets. W
have to highlight commonality between Islam and Christians and Jews….

Then there are some special points with Russia, due to its dealings with Central Asian Muslims state
There are people from many races that live in Russia. Then we have to help in New Muslims settlin
in their lives. Their marriages, jobs and livelihood all have to be take care of. (abridged).
87 Why I Became Muslim?


I can thank none but God that now I am a Muslim. I am fully aware that it is difficult for my Christi
friends to comprehend my decision. Why I reject the fiction that Jesus was Almighty God is the resu
of my long search for the truth about One God.
There is no time and space to prove from the text of the gospels that the words of Jesus concerning th
oneness of God are a far cry from the language of the Trinitarians.

I tried to find the truth about the Oneness of God in Christianity but failed. However I tried to heed
words of Jesus :knock and the door will open, seek and you will find..(Mat. 7:7).

Islam reveals to me the correct concept of Monotheism- that the Oneness of God is absolute and ther
is no mystery about this truth.

Jesus confirmed that when asked of the greatest thing in faith is “Hear O Israel, Lord our God is one
God” (Mk. 12:29). I have not the slightest doubt that Jesus and Mohammad (May peace of God be o
both of them) are servants of the same true God.

The true conception of the Oneness of Allah the Most high is to me light from darkness and confusio
At an early age the incredible Trinity was a bitter pill to swallow with the logical 1+1+1 = 3.

During my high school.. anew manner of worship became known to me. My teachers persuaded me
join Christian cultists but my heart said no! Noise, temporal joys and emotional swerves were not my
kind of bait.

The cultists brag as God will not test their faith, not to speak of Satan. If Satan could test faith of
Jesus, who are these cultists compared to Jesus.

During my undergraduate years the long accepted ‘pagan’ world opened to me with availability of
books on major world religions. Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam attracted me. During my readings
occurred to me that I was searching for a religion that defines the absolute Oneness of God. Hinduis
and Buddhism lost my favor because of their ambiguous definition of Supreme Deity.

Islam’s bold definition of the Supreme deity attracted me strongly; There is none worthy of worship
save Allah and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.

A Muslim means one who submits completely to Allah the Most High. Christians submit that jesus
submitted totally to the will of Allah, so Jesus was a perfect Muslim.

Jesus’ gospel was a forward to the Holy Quran the permanent revelation. Know this truth and you
shall be free. Thus I have come to know and accept Islam the straight path.

(Abridged) Source:: YAQEEN INT. PAK. SEPT 1987, P119-120

88 Why I Became Muslim?

Testimony of Dr. Kari Ann Owen

These are the words of the Shahadah oath, I believe.

The Creator is known by many names. His wisdom is always recognizable, and his presence made
manifest in the love, tolerance and compassion present in our community.

My road to Shahadah began when an admired director, Tony Richardson, died of AIDS. Mr.
Richardson was already a brilliant and internationally recognized professional when I almost met him
backstage at the play Luther at age 14.

Play righting for me has always been a way of finding degrees of spiritual and emotional reconciliati
both within myself and between myself and a world I found rather brutal due to childhood
circumstances. Instead of fighting with the world, I let my conflicts fight it out in my plays.
Amazingly, some of us have even grown up together!

I began to look outside American and Western society to Islamic culture for moral guidance.

Why Islam and not somewhere else?

My birthmother's ancestors were Spanish Jews who lived among Muslims until the Inquisition
expelled the Jewish community in 1492. In my historical memory, which I feel at a deep level, the ca
of the muezzin is as deep as the lull of the ocean and the swaying of ships, the pounding of horses'
hooves across the desert, the assertion of love in the face of oppression.

I felt the birth of a story within me, and the drama took form as I began to learn of an Ottoman caliph
humanity toward Jewish refugees at the time of my ancestors' expulsions. Allah guided my learning,
and I was taught about Islam by figures as diverse as Imam Siddiqi of the South Bay Islamic
Association; Sister Hussein of Rahima; and my beloved adopted Sister, Maria Abdin, …

Her brilliance, coupled with her amazing (to me) freedom from arrogance, had a profound effect on
beginnings of my knowledge of how Islam can affect human behavior.

The course of my research introduced me to much more about Islam than a set of facts, for Islam is a
living religion. I learned how Muslims conduct themselves with a dignity and kindness which lifts
them above the American slave market of sexual competition and violence.

Why did this seem so astonishing, and so astonishingly new?

Like most American females, I grew up in a slave market, comprised not only of the sexual sickness
of my family, but the constant negative judging of my appearance by peers beginning at ages younge
than seven. I was taught from a very early age by American society that my human worth consisted
solely of my attractiveness (or, in my case, lack of it) to others. Needless to say, in this atmosphere,
boys and girls, men and women, often grew to resent each other very deeply, given the desperate
desire for peer acceptance, which seemed almost if not totally dependent not on one's kindness or
compassion or even intelligence, but on looks and the perception of those looks by others.
While I do not expect or look for human perfection among Muslims, the social differences are
profound, and almost unbelievable to someone like myself. (Contd.)

I do not pretend to have any answers to the conflicts of the Middle East, except what the prophets,
beloved in Islam, have already expressed. My disabilities prevent me from fasting, and from praying
the same prayer postures as most of you.

But I love and respect the Islam I have come to know through the behavior and words of the men and
women I have come to know in AMILA (American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism) and
elsewhere, where I find a freedom from cruel emotional conflicts and a sense of imminent spiritualit

What else do I feel and believe about Islam?

I support and deeply admire Islam's respect for same sex education; for the rights of women as well a
men in society; for modest dress; and above all for sobriety and marriage, the two most profound
foundations of my life, for I am 21 1/2 years sober and happily married. How wonderful to feel that
one and half billion Muslims share my faith in the character development marriage allows us, and al
in my decision to remain drug- and alcohol-free.

What, then, is Islam's greatest gift in a larger sense?

In a society which presents us with constant pressure to immolate ourselves on the altars of unbridled
instinct without respect for consequences, Islam asks us to regard ourselves as human persons create
by Allah with the capacity for responsibility in our relations with others. Through prayer and charity
and a commitment to sobriety and education, if we follow the path of Islam, we stand a good chance
raising children who will be free from the violence and exploitation which is robbing parents and
children of safe schools and neighborhoods, and often of their lives.

The support of the AMILA community and other friends, particularly at a time of some strife on the
AMILA Net, causes me to affirm my original responses to Islam and declare that this is a marvelous
community, for in its affirmation of Allah's gifts of marriage, sobriety and other forms of
responsibility, Islam shows us the way out of hell.

My husband, Silas, and I are grateful for your presence and your friendship. And as we prepare to la
the groundwork for adoption, we hope that we will continue to be blessed with your warm acceptanc
for we want our child to feel the spiritual presence of Allah in the behavior of surrounding adults and
children. We hope that as other AMILA'ers consider becoming new parents, and become new parent
a progressive Islamic school might emerge... progressive meaning supportive and loving as well as
superior in academics, arts and sports.

Maybe our computer whizzes will teach science and math while I teach creative writing and horseba

Please consider us companions on the journey toward heaven, and please continue to look for us at
your gatherings, on the AMILA net and in the colors and dreams of the sunset.

For there is no god but Allah, the Creator, and Muhammad, whose caring for the victims of war and
violence still brings tears from me, is his Prophet.

A salaam aleikum.

Sister Penomee (Dr. Kari Ann Owen)

89 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in village SAHJI of Dist Saharanpur, UP. I did my intermediate from my village scho
and then shifted to city and started working in a shop to learn the business.

Since my childhood, I used to like many things of Islam. I was very much against idol worship and
whenever any one of my family worshipped any idol, I used to say, that why you worship them, who
cannot save themselves even.

02. Once I tore all the posters of Hindu gods that were in my house and then burned them and threw
the dust into river. When my mother asked, I told that what type of gods are these who cannot even
defend themselves.

My mother got very angry and said that I had become Muslim…. I told, no I have not become Musli
but I want to know who speaks the truth, Hindus or Muslims and I will find the truth.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. In the shop where I was working belonged to a Muslim. He was very nice and kind to me and
seeing my interest in Islam, he used to tell me about Islam and its teachings. Hearing these I was qu
certain that Islam and Muslims speak the truth.

One day when the Son in-law of my master came and was told of my interest in Islam…he took me t
a Muslim scholar in DEOBAND. I accepted Islam and he named me Mohd. Omar and then sent me
PHULAT to learn about Islam and its teachings.
C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

04. My family members became suspicious of my prolonged absence and not contacting them. I told
them that I was working in Delhi, they asked my address and Mobile number etc.

When again I did not contact them , they reported to police that one Muslim Scholar in my village ha
abducted me. Police arrested him and put him in jail. He was released on bail but the case was
registered against him.

05. I decided to go and appear as a witness, I went to local MP and he instructed Police to take me an
treat me well and see to it that no harm comes to me.

06. When our jeep was entering the village, a large mob of Militant Hindus attacked it, the police
people seemed helpless, I was about to be lynched, when another Police vehicle passed us. Seeing th
those people ran away.

I went to court and told that I had accepted Islam of my own free will. No one put any pressure on m
after my statement, the Muslim scholar was released.

D. How I saved my Islam:

07. After that I got admission in an Islamic MADARSA and now I am about to finish my education
and I will be active in the Missionary work.

F. Present Situation:

08. Due to tension in my family, I have not contacted them and they have also not made any effort to
contact me.

I do not know when I will meet them and convey to them the message of Islam. I am hopeful and pr
to Allah for it.

I got circumcised recently because it was the practice of our prophet, and it is helpful in maintaining
purity. And I was also afraid, that if I were to die any accidental death, may be they will cremate me
as Hindu.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

10. My advice to my Muslim brothers us is that they should value the gift of Islam which Allah has
given them. They should take care to propagate this message to as many people as they can.

To my Non Muslim brothers I would like to say that , irrespective of whatever trials come in one’s li
if one has a true faith, Allah will help him and save him from harm.

11. Hindus tried to harm the Muslim scholar of my village, but they could not harm him. They once
burned his field, but the yield became double!

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of May 2007.

90 Why be became Muslims?


It was almost noon time. Dazed with the sweltering heat of the day, we were trudging along a dusty
road, when, from afar, a singularly mellifluous voice began to caress our auditory senses. So rich a
voice it was that the entire space seemed to be sated with it. As we walked past a cluster of trees, a
bewildering scene came into sight. It was such a scene that we hardly believed what we saw.

Mounted on a small, wooden tower, an elderly Arab in an extremely clean long robe and wearing a
white turban was performing (calling) the azans. As he performed the azans, he was in a trance, almo
completely isolated from the world, and in the presence of his Creator, Owner. As if hypnotized by t
noble sight, we halted, and then, slowly, sat down on the ground. We did not know what the sounds
and words reaching our ears meant, yet they somehow moved us and instilled a mood of elation, reli
into our souls. Afterwards, we learned that the sweet words uttered by the Arab meant, “Allah is the
greatest. There is no god to be worshipped other than Allah.”

All of a sudden, many people appeared around us. Till hardly a moment before, however, we had see
no one around us. We did not know whence these people came, and there was an expression of great
deference and love on their faces. There were people of all age-groups and classes among them. The
were different in their clothing, in their manners of walking, and in their appearances. Yet they all ha
the same expression of earnestness, great dignity and, at the same time, geniality on their faces. The
number of comers increased incessantly, so that we felt as if the process of their increasing would
never come to an end. At last the comers assembled.

They all took off their shoes and clogs and stood in rows. To our great amazement, no segregation of
any sort was observed in the formation of the lines. White people, yellow people, black people, rich
people, poor people, tradesmen, civil servants, workers stood side by side without any discrimination
between their races or ranks, and performed their worship together.

I admired so many different people’s brotherly coming together. It is three years now since I saw tha
sublime scene for the first time. In the meantime, I began to gather information about that lofty
religion which brought people so closely together.

The information that I collected about Islam brought me all the closer to this religion. Muslims
believed in one Allah and professed that men were not sinful by birth, which was quite contrary to th
Christian inculcation. They looked on them only as born slaves of Allah, displayed profound
compassion towards them, and wished them to abide by the right path and thus lead a comfortable,
peaceful and happy life.
Whereas in Christianity even an evil thought was deemed as a sin, Muslims defined sin only as a res
of disobeying Allah or violating the rights of born slaves, and acknowledged man free as to his
thoughts. According to the Islamic religion, man was responsible “only for what he has done.”

For the reasons I have cited above, I accepted Islam willingly. Despite the three years’ time since, I
sometimes dream of the Arab muazzin’s touching and effective voice and multifarious people’s
running from all directions and standing in lines. It is a doubtless fact that these people, who prostrat
themselves altogether and indiscriminately, are doing so sincerely to worship Allah
91 Why I Became Muslim?


WARIS MASIH was born in Pakistan in 1979, his family belonged to a poor Christian gardener fam
in Pakistan. He had many brothers and sisters and could not pursue higher education. His family wa
devout Christian, here he tells the story of his conversion to Islam, we reproduce it with some what
more details, because it holds many lesions for us and trace the mental travels of a simple minded

My father used to gather all of us after dinner every night and we used to say many prayers like
“Lord’s Prayer”, Ten Commandments, Apostles Creed, Seven Sacraments, Blessed Mary …etc. As
small child I never understood any thing, but when I grew older, I started to muse on these wordings

In Lord’s prayer…we say “O Our father in heaven…” Why we call God as father? I asked a Christi
He told me that when Disciples asked Jesus as how to prey, Jesus asked him to say “O Our Father…
So we also say the same. I was not satisfied with the answer….so I continued in my study of Bible.

Apostle’s Creed was the next “I believe in God Almighty the Father and Lord Jesus Christ, who is H
only Begotten Son and our Lord…” This was a thing which was not against reason but also against
Biblical teachings.

For Example Jesus asked every one to say “O our Father…” Then how come Jesus became His only

Jesus says “Those who spread peace will be called sons of God” then in Bible God says about Jacob
“You are my son, and the First Born”…so the use of Father for God is only allegorical and not litera
How come we call Jesus Only Begotten Son of God?

This opened the door for more critical studies of Bible. I found many more contradictions in Bible,
some of these I mention here

1. Jesus says “Hear O Israel, Lord our the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart…
(Mark 12: 29) and Jesus says
2. “This is life eternal, that they may know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom you have
sent” (John 17:3) Then in the Book of Isaiah we read
3. “I am God and there is none beside me”
But despite these Paul calls Jesus as God, Image of God and even Greater God. How it could be wh
Jesus never himself used that word for him?

Then Jesus says “Think that I have come destroy the law or prophets, I have not come to destroy the
but to fulfill them…” (Mat. 5:17-19) But Paul has his own logic

“All those that depend on Law are under a curse…” Gal. 3:10-13

Then look at the Dogma of Trinity, this is also against reason and logic. How come Three Persons b
themselves are Complete God and their combined also is One God? Moreover nothing is mentioned
by Jesus regarding this.

When I posed these doubts during my Sunday Church meetings, the priest told me “You study Bible
and understand it to the best of your understanding. Leave those parts which you cannot understand
leave them, if you ponder on these you will go astray”

These things convinced me that Christianity is not what it claims to be, there are lot of serious
contradictions in it. I decided to study other religions. Since I was living in Pakistan, so Islam was m
natural choice. I asked some one to give me a translation of Quran, He hesitated because he did not
want to give Quran to a Non Muslim, but I asked some one else and he presented me with a copy of

When I started reading Quran for the first time, I did not understand much, that happens to most peo
who take a cursory look at Quran, however I took the serious study of Quran and tried to understand
meaning and message, I also started learning meanings of what Muslim read in regular prayers.

Then I read some books about the life history of prophet and then I realized the deceit which Christia
preachers do when discussing any prophet that would come after Jesus. The often quoted verse is
“Beware of false prophets, they come to you in sheep clothing but are wolfs really” (Mat. 2:24). Bu
this verse refers to false prophets and not true prophet.

Then I met Dr. Asrar Ahmed, well know Islamic scholar, whose lectures on Quran are very popular.
listed to his talks and his lectures. Then one of my friend gave me money and Visa to come and wor
in Dubai. After lots of study and investigation I finally decided to accept Islam and become a Musli

Here I want to comment on the conditions and problems which New Muslims face in Pakistan. I wa
first asked to join one of the many sects and sub sects. They were surprised when I said I am only a
Muslim and I do not want to be a member of your sect. So much so that some one remarked that “It
was better for you to be a Christian rather than not be a member of our sect”!! It is my humble reque
to such persons that if they cannot propagate Islam themselves, then they should not block or put
hindrance in the path of others.

Our enemies treat them as Muslims and not member of this or that sect or sub sect. If Muslims put a
their efforts on things that do not benefit Islam, they their efforts are in vain.
To my Christian friends I would like to request to verify that the beliefs which they hold are truly fro
Jesus or from some one else (Abridged)
92 Why I became Muslim?


I was working in a car garage. Since childhood I had bent of mind to engage in comparative religio
I used to read about different religions.

I used to go to church, but some how the teachings and atmosphere there would not impress or satisf
me. So much so that I decided to leave Christianity and join another faith.

I was in a dilemma as to what new religion I should join, which should be close to human nature and
be true. I discussed this matter with a Jewish customer who was a regular visitor to our Workshop. H
was well educated and very serious in his talks.

He told me that if I am looking for a true religion, then I should accept Islam. Because Islam is the
only True religion. But take care that you should never ask me to became Muslim!!

I then started to study Islam with care and slowly the truth of Islam became manifest to me. I met
some Muslims who helped me in knowing about Islam and answer my queries. When I was fully
satisfied about the truth of Islam, I decided to join it. Now I strive to put into my life teachings of
Islam to the best of my abilities. (Abridged)
93 Why I Became Muslim?

A Revert Story by KIMM HENRY

I have been asked by many people to tell my personal story about coming to Islam. .. I have
attempted to write my story many times and had become thwarted in my efforts many times over. As
professional writer and editor it seemed to me that the task should have come easy but because of my
background I expect stories to read with a certain beauty that evaded each attempt.

Growing up religion wasn’t a large part of our family’s priorities. Although I vaguely knew that
Christmas was a celebration of the birth of Jesus, PBUH. I never earnestly associated the rituals with
religion. My earliest memories involve church. Intermittently between the ages of three and four my
mother’ s third husband, Tony, made a big show of Sunday morning services. …

In my fifth year my mother along with myself and my brother and two baby sisters moved in with m
grandmother after her husband had beaten her senseless in our presence. .. In my eighth year, I wa
selected along with six other top students from my third grade class, to spend the day at my teacher’s
house. The main portion of the day was to be spent bar-be-queuing and swimming but since it was
Sunday the morning would start at church were my beloved teacher, who would later die of sickle ce
anemia, was the choir director.

Incidentally, it was in that same period that I heard the word Muslim. There was a very beautiful
exotic lady on the television news. She was wearing a lacy square of fabric on hair of which such
luster I had never seen before. My grandmother began railing to no one in particular that they claim
be so liberated yet she’s the queen but can’t even appear on television without that thing on her

It was at this time that I also heard the word Jew. I had to research a guy named Hitler because
apparently these Muslims wanted to do to me what that guy did to those people. I also thought that J
was a nationality. Which I learned later was the general consensus of all good white Christians.

That same year my mother married a man who apparently married her for her four young daughters
was just coming into my womanly body and was often the subject of his attention, which resulted in
severe beatings that for whatever reasons my mother turned a blind eye to. …

It was in college that I first saw a Muslim person in flesh. The word Islam would come many years
later. There were no Muslimas in the school that I knew of but it seemed the tables at the rear of the
commissary were reserved strictly for these beautiful exotic young men and their occasional bombsh
American consorts…(Contd.)

At age sixteen I had become sort of the campus mascot often toting my little daughter to various stu
groups and commitments. Nick and I became friends with a young man, who I thought was a Muslim
that had bumped into me in the hall one afternoon when I had my little girl in tow and made sweet
with her offering her ice cream and such. Eventually I agreed to go out with him. Omar was tall,
handsome, and kind. Soon we became a regular couple. ..

Just after my nineteenth year, near Christmas time, I was engaged in a discussion with a colleague w
was Catholic from Columbia, South America and used the term Holy Days instead of holidays. I beg
questioning her about this wanting to know what her views and doctrines were. I learned that althoug
Catholic the people from South America have a slightly different version. …

On a rainy morning in March in my twenty-seventh year, I read the Quran again and resolved to fin
out what I was missing. I spent three days tracking down a Masjid was denied entrance into two of
them; the first I believe was Nation of Islam, the second I don’t know. I was told that a meeting was
taking place within and that if I would go to this place the sisters would help me. Uneasy I didn’t
follow the door guards advise. Finally, I found the Islamic Society. I didn’t need to be asked if I
wanted to say shahada, I was there to be told what I needed to do. And took the shahada that very da

I returned home feeling light and uplifted. I told my husband what I had done but by now he was as
disinterested in my pursuits as I was of his opinions. In reality I suppose one could say that I was
weekend Muslim. I lived a secular life at home and attended Masjid on the weekend sometimes totin
the children along.

One day my little daughter said to me, “Mommy, it’s hard to be nice when everyone is always yellin
around you.” She was four years old. I knew that I had to get out. I was divorced in my thirty-seco
year. Initially I stayed away from the Masjid after my divorce because of the misinformation that I
received, renewed and expanded my study of Islam.

The summer directly after my divorce was final I visited Pakistan to work on a research project
concerning the orphans of Kashmir as well as orphans throughout Pakistan and also spent time in

Over these years I have come to know that every experience that I have is a part of something so
much bigger than me and I feel the strength of Allah’s care not only for me but his entire creation an
yet I also feel grave pain from recognizing how difficult it is for the Muslims to come together and
fulfill their destinies as the khalifa’s of this earth due to the many and deep divisions in our commun
as Muslims disenfranchise their brothers and sisters by having the audacity to claim to be the one
group that is righteous. .
94 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in village SAROOR PUR, BAGHPAT in a Hindu Jat family. I did my primary
education in the village school. Then High School and Intermediate from BAROT and BAMS in
Aurvedic from Allahabad.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. My conversion to Islam has a somewhat unusual story, After my medical degree, I did house job
then I started doing my private practice, but It did not go very well. Some one advised me to shift to
ELAM Village in KANDHLA, I went there and opened my clinic there. Despite my sincerity, it did
not go very well.

During that time, the whole area was under the terror of a Dacoit SENSER PAL, alias FAUJI. Desp
handsome reward on his head, there was no respite. Every day news reached that he killed this one
and that one. So many rumors came that he was killed in police encounter, but they all proved to be

03. I had distant family relationship with him, so I decided to join his gang. When I went there, I
found in him a better example of a true human being.

In his youth he was a very handsome and very powerful man and a man of principle. He got job in
army and when he saw that one of his officer had spied on the country and handed over some secret
papers, he could not control himself. He killed the officer and left army and started living in Jungle.

04. He came to know that some Hindus were trying to demolish a village mosque in the aftermath of
BABRI Mosque demolition in 1992. He told villagers not to worry, then he went and killed the
leaders of those who were doing it. They retaliated by killing many men and women of his family.
seeing this he vowed to take revenge on those who killed his family member. He vowed that he will
kill every day at least one family member of those people.

Thus started his terror in the region. But he used to distribute the money to poor people and take car
of their problem. So these people protected him from Police. Most of these people were Muslims.

05. When news of his good deeds to Muslims reached Maulana Kalim, he started praying for his
guidance. He met him once and told him about the next life when he had to give all accounts of his
killings. This impressed FAUJI and he decided to accept Islam at the hands of Maulana. Shortly
afterwards he was arrested and news of his arrest was published in most news papers. They took him
to TIHAR jail in Delhi, where he is reported to have committed suicide. (Maulana told me that he w
murdered as a man like him cannot commit suicide).

I went to meet him in Jail and he gave me a letter to give to Maulana. When I reached PHUALT and
gave Maulana the letter, he told me about Islam and how I will save myself in the hereafter. He
explained Islam to me and I became Muslim on his hands on April 3 1993.

06. Then he sent me with a Muslim Missionary group for four months to learn Quran, Prayers and
other Islamic teachings.

Now many members of FAUJI gang have accepted Islam and have dedicated their lives on the servic
of Islam and poor people.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children
07. When I told my wife about my conversion, she did not oppose me at all, She said that as a true
Hindu wife, she was linked to me forever, I was very happy to hear it. She accepted Islam.

I have three children two boys and one girl. They are named Abu Bakr, Omar and Fatima. I have
decided to give them a good religious education and make them Islamic missionary.

2. On Parents.

08. Initially they were angry with me, but I used to deal with them kindly and used to visit them and
bring present to them.

Now they are changing their attitude towards me and Islam. I think it is sincere service which chang
the heart. Before Islam, I did not care for them much, but now me and my wife both care for them

F. Present Situation:

I have opened clinic in a new village and it is doing quite well, Alhamdolillah.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

09. To Muslims I say that we do not have any outer enemy. We muslims are our own worst enemies
By neglecting to act on Islam and propagate it to others who are in dire need of it, we are doing a gre

Non Muslims when they look at Muslims are not impressed, because they do not see any effect of
Islam on their day to day lives.

10. When a dacoit and killer can so easily come to Islam, what about simple law abiding people?

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Oct. 2004.

PS: FAUJI ‘s letter to Maulana Kalim Sahib

Dear Maulana Sahib.


You would have come to know that I am in TIHAR Jail and waiting for my death. I am really
enjoying kingdom in the restrictions of Jail life. My last desire is that all members who joined my
gang, become Muslim. I wish that they meet you once. I cannot repay my debt to you, which you d
by making me a Muslim.


Your Servant


95 Why be became Muslims?


In 1338 [1920 C.E.], I was in the waiting-room of a doctor’s office where I had gone for a medical
examination, when I saw two magazines printed in London, namely ‘Orient Review’ and ‘African
Times’. As I was skimming through them I read a statement that said, “There is only one God,” whic
impressed me deeply. Christianity dictated three gods, which we were
compelled to believe although we could never explain it to our own minds. From that time on, that
statement, “There is only one God,” never left my mind. This holy and sublime belief, which Muslim
bear in their hearts, is an invaluable treasure.

Now I grew more and more deeply interested in Islam. By and by, I decided to become a Muslim.
After embracing Islam I assumed the name Salâhaddin. I believed in the truth that Islam is the truest
religion. For Islam is based on the fact that Allah does not have a partner and that Allah, alone, has t
authority to forgive sins.

How compatible this law is with the laws of nature! In a field, on a farm, in a village, in a city, in a
school, in a government, in a state and, in short, everywhere, there is one single ruler. Dualism has
always brought about separatism.

The second proof that showed me the fact that Islam is the truest religion was that the Arabs, who ha
been leading a completely barbarous life before Islam, had developed into the world’s most civilized
and the most powerful state in a very short time and carried the most ideal concepts of love of manki
from the Arabian deserts all the way up to Spain, and all this was owing to Islam. The Muslim Arabs
had found Arabia as a wilderness. And they cultivated it into a rose-garden.

John W. Draper (1226 [1811 C.E.]-1299 [1882 C.E.]), an honest historian, in his book ‘The
Intellectual Development of Europe’, enlarges on the extremely great and important part that Islam
played in the development of contemporary civilization, and adds, “Christian historians, on account
the grudge they have been nursing against Islam, try to cloak this truth and cannot seem to get
themselves to acknowledge how indebted Europeans are to Muslims.”

The following passage is (the paraphrase of) an excerpt

from Draper’s writings on how Muslims found Spain:
“Europeans of that time were completely barbarians. Christianity had proved short of delivering them
from barbarism. They would still be looked on as wild people. They lived in filth. Their heads were
full with superstitions. They did not even have the ability to think properly. They lived in roughly-
made huts. A rush mat laid on the floor or hanging on the wall was the sign of great wealth. Their fo
consisted of vegetables like wild beans and carrots, some oats and, sometimes, even barks. In the nam
of garments, they wore un-tanned animal hides because they lasted longer, and therefore they stank

“Cleanliness was the very first thing that Muslims taught them. Muslims washed five times daily,
which caused these people to wash at least once a day. Later on, they took the stinking, tattered, lice-
infested animal hides off their backs, dumped them, and gave them their own garments, which had
been made from textures woven with coloured threads. They taught them how to cook, and how to e
They built houses, mansions and palaces in Spain. They established schools and hospitals. They
instituted universities, which in the course of time became sources of light illuminating the entire
world. They improved horticulture everywhere. The country was soon awash with rose and flower
gardens. Gaping in astonishment and admiration, the uncivilized Europeans watched all these
developments, and gradually began to keep pace with the new civilization.”

Educating so wild a nation; imbuing them with sentiments of civilization; rescuing them from the
depths of darkness, nescience and superstitions; all these inconceivably tremendous tasks were
accomplished by the Arabs owing only and only to the Islamic religion. For the Islamic religion is th
most genuine religion. Allah helped them for their success.

The Islamic religion, commanded by Allah and taught and publicized by Muhammad , and the
Qur'an , which is the Word of Allah changed the course of the world’s history and freed it from the
fetters of darkness.

Had it not been for the Islamic religion, humanity would not have attained the present heights of
civilization, nor would knowledge and science be in such advanced levels today. This is the Islamic
religion which I accepted willingly.

96 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born in Columbia, after completing my degree from Columbian University, I moved to Spain.
am a doctor by profession. I was a Roman Catholic, but only for name sake and I never practiced it.

Somehow, I got interested in Arabian Culture, their music and their language. I had a special
fascination about Arabic Script. The way it was written and the shapes which Arabic Calligraphy
took. The same interest prompted me to learn about Islam.

Sometimes in 2004, I left a message on Internet that I want to learn about Islam in Spanish, could
some one out there help me. I got a reply signed by one Mustafa Mohi Deen asking me if I am
interested to read free Islamic literature in Spanish, then please write your Postal address. I was
hesitating to reveal my postal address to a total stranger, but after a couple of e-mails….I received a
parcel containing some Islamic books. I was very happy to read them.

I maintained my connection with the brother and got many books on Islam. I learnt that this man
would sent Islamic books in different languages depending upon who asked what. Soon we
established a site to help those who wanted to learn about Islam in different languages.

I was engrossed in Islamic propagation, without accepting Islam myself. This intrigued many Non
Muslims. I told I am still learning about Islam and the time for me to say SHAHADA has still not
arrived. But slowly I got convinced that Islam is the only true path and there is so other way for me.
preyed Allah to show me right path and make my faith firm.

In 2007, I went to Libya in connection with one sister becoming Muslim. There Allah opened my
hearts for Islam and I said my SHAHADA (Declaration of faith) on Internet. Mustafa Mohi Deen an
another gentleman being witness to this.

When I revealed this to my family, my father congratulated me on taking a right decision, my mothe
was shocked initially but after some time accepted my decision.

Now I am busy in propagating Islam on Internet and by lectures. We tell them that Islam is not wha
shown on TV channels. No doubt there are some Muslims out there who do horrible things, but the
acts are not as per teachings of Islam. We must get the true picture of Islam.

In the end I thank Allah for showing me the correct path. It was His mercy that today I am a Muslim
97 Why I Became Muslim?

Testimony of Madonna Johnson

Source: Looking back on my past, I say that the turnin

point in my life was without a doubt the birth of my daughter. Before she was born, I spent my life o
a day to day basis, concentrating my time and attention to whatever crisis I could get my hands on. I
there wasn't one, then I made one.

When I became pregnant, I knew I would be raising my child alone. If it weren't for the love, devotio
and determination of my mother, things would have been different. When my daughter was 5 month
old, she died of "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome" (SIDS), which is a medical term for "No known

I had never experienced such pain, panic, and complete emptiness. However, throughout the funeral,
was consoling other people, telling them I believed with all my heart that God would not cause me
such pain if He didn't have something incredible waiting for me in the future; all I had to do was stay
on the right road, and God would show me when I was ready.

Friends would say, "You'll see her again someday." I would question them openly; how does anyone
know that I'll be going to heaven? Just because I was a Christian was no guarantee, since I couldn't
bring myself to swallow all of Christianity. There were too many unanswered questions.

So my quest for the "One True Religion" began out of a desire to insure that I would indeed see my
daughter again. I went through all the Christian religions diligently. Having been a Christian all my
life, I found it very hard to look outside the church, even though my heart wasn't totally Christian.

People would say things to me like, "Jesus spoke to me today," or "Jesus is with you, all you have to
do is invite him into your heart and you will see your daughter in heaven." I was beginning to think I
was doomed. I looked at Tarot cards, crystals, and even entertained the thought that all religions wou
take you to heaven, if you followed their beliefs.

Eventually I put my search on hold for awhile and got a job at a bar in Indianapolis. It was there that
met a girl, who later turned out to be a good friend for a while. She had three or four businesses
running out of her home, none of them doing very well, and some of them questionable.

One day, she asked me if I wanted to go to Malaysia. She said she wanted me to buy some Malaysia
style clothes, get pictures taken of them, and find an importer-exporter to handle the business. Witho
thinking I said "I'm there!"

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur during the middle of Ramadan. I'd never heard of Islam before, and had n
idea that Malaysia was an Islamic country. Almost every woman I saw had a scarf on her head in 95
degree heat! I also noticed that people went out of their way to be nice to me. It took a very special
friend (plus, he was one of the few who could speak English fairly well) to explain that Malaysia wa
an Islamic country, and Muslims believe that whenever we do something nice for someone for the
pleasure of Allah (SWT), then we will be rewarded for that deed on Judgment Day, Insha Allah.

However, all I could see where the negative aspects of Islam, the same things others see, who are
ignorant about Islam; so I bought some Islamic books (including a Quran) and began studying Islam

I asked many questions, such as why do women cover their whole body, except for the face and hand
Why is everyone so happy and willing to fast throughout the day? How could anyone be happy abou
starving themselves? It seemed suddenly that no one could speak English well enough to satisfy me,
I turned to the Quran.

Ever since I can remember, I have felt out of place in Christianity , like I was the only one in the who
church who didn't know the joke was on me. The more I studied about Islam, the more I began to
wonder if this was the road to my daughter; would this religion get me into Heaven? Although my
biggest obstacle was the Islamic concept of Jesus (PBUH), and how would I explain this to everyone
home, I found the answers to some of my questions and realized that Islam was what I had been
looking for.

But I had a problem, should I take the challenge…become a Muslim and walk the straight path to
heaven? Or deny the Truth I knew in my heart out of fear of disapproval and persecution from family
and friends…only to abide in the hellfire forever? I constantly carried with me a feeling of doom and
anxiety. This was my state of mind everyday while I was deciding whether I should revert to Islam o

For me, this decision was not as easy. Islam is not a part time religion; a true Muslim doesn't practice
Islam one day a week. Islam is a full-time challenge with enormous struggles, as well as benefits. Th
more you learn and understand, the more you realize you have only just begun to scratch the surface
which makes you strive even harder to learn more.

One day I woke up with the words, "OK, I believe, I will go and revert to Islam", and from that
moment on, all of my turmoil and anxiety was gone Alhamdulillah. All of the pain I had felt from m
past experiences, including my daughter's death, were gone. The nightmares stopped, and I felt the
most incredible peace. I went to PERKIM, the Malaysian Muslim Welfare Organization, and took m
Shahadah, filling my life with the peace and love of Allah (SWT) , Alhamdulillah.

Looking back, I can say all of the things I experienced on my path to Islam were well worth the effo
and pain, because now, Insha'Allah, I will be able to see and hold my daughter again, if I can stay on
the right path. Sure, I still have challenges, being Muslim doesn't mean I won't have problems. But
being a Muslim does mean that for every challenge I came across, the solution lies in following the
path of Truth. And at the end of that path lies Heaven, my daughter and numerous other pleasures th
the human mind can't begin to comprehend.

All praises are due to Allah for bringing me to the Truth and for His grace in making me a Muslim.

98 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born the most idolatrous country of the world (India) in its most idolatrous center (RISHI
KESH). My father was running one of the four biggest ashrams in that place. He is well known to
Hindus thru out India. I was born on 20 April 1985. I have one elder brother and sister.

I got my education in English medium school (run by my father’s trust) and then I did by BSC and th
year I shall finish my MSC.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. It seems unthinkable that a girl in my situation would ever come or know about Islam, but Allah
works in miraculous way. It so happened that one Hindu women with her young daughter came to o
Ashram, they were lured to a secluded spot and both mother and daughter were raped by employees
our Ashram.

This incident shocked me to the core, I told my father that our Ashram should be burned along with
for allowing this to happen. I stopped going to prayers in the Ashram.

03. One night I dreamt that I am being chased by two SADHUS and I am running for my life and
honor. I saw a mosque with doors opened, I entered there and one Muslim Scholar said to me, not to
worry as now I am safe.

When I wake up, I decided that my honor is a t risk in the Ashram and I must look for Muslims to sa
me. I decided to phone someone at random, if it was picked by a Hindu, I shall remain Hindu, if it w
picked by a Muslim, I shall become Muslim.

04. I prayed to God sincerely to guide me which is truth and best for me. The random number that I
dialed was picked up by a Muslim. He said that he lived in a village in MUZAFAFRNAGAR. I told
that I want to become Muslim. He asked about my whereabouts and said how a girl with my positio
could live with them.

I told I will live with every one if they take me out of here….he then introduced me to Maulana Kali
and he told me to recite Islamic creed on phone itself. Then he asked me to come to PHULAT, so I
could be taken care of.

05. I was married to the son of that Muslim man whom I phoned than I went to Meerut and complete
all official formalities needed for change of religion in India.

I was very happy with the family of Maulana and my in-laws. They were poor but they treated me
more than their own daughter.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

06. My father reported my absence to the local police and some one informed them of my presence i
My new place. Police came and arrested my father in law. I asked him to jump from the vehicle as
have to face lone what came next.
07. I was tortured by my family members and even by ladies police to come back to Hinduism. I had
read the incidents of early Muslims how they were tortured for their faith and how they stood firm.

My own mother tried to strangle me , my brother beat me, I was also poisoned, but Allah gave me
strength and I told that I accepted Islam by own free will. You can kill me, but you cannot take away
Islam from me and now I am married to a Muslim and I will never marry to another man.

D. How I saved my Islam:

08. In the end, they could not turn me away from my faith. My father consulted the members of his
Ashram and they told that such a girl cannot live in the Ashram. It is best if she be quietly sent away
to her in-laws and to forget the whole episode.

Accordingly my father asked my father in law to take me away. They came to a mid way place and
was handed over to them. The whole village came out to receive me and I was given much honor th

E. My Missionary activities:

2. On Parents.

09. I am in contact with my father and he phones and some times come to meet me. I have not yet
presented Islam to him, but I am praying Allah to open their hearts for Islam. It all depends on Allah

3. On Family members / Others.

10. When I was being tortured one of my aunt took pity on my situation. She told me to stay firm an
said that surely my religion is truth.
I was much impressed by that and while I was coming, I asked her to become Muslim too to save he
from the hell fire. She recited Islamic creed in front of me, Alhamdolillah.

F. Present Situation:

11. I am living in village and very busy in teaching Islam to women there. It has made a lot of
difference and many women have started to pray regularly and work their lives in Islamic way.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

12. I heard Maulana to say that Allah has decided to enter Islam in every house, hut or skyscraper. I
Muslims do not fulfill their trust, then Allah is not handicapped because of these Muslims.

He will get His work done one way or another. By people who are not in the fold of Islam now.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of June 2008

99 Why be became Muslims?


Why did I accept Islam? For a long time I had been greatly impressed by Islam’s clear logic and
formal simplicity, by the magnetizing attraction felt towards its mosques, ….

…Only after a thoroughgoing analysis of the Islamic religion, which resulted in my exploring a myri
of beautiful and useful aspects in it, did I become a Muslim.

A solemn and, at the same time, sentimental, attachment to life, mutually consultative method in doi
daily chores; a habitually soft behaviour flavoured with mercy and compassion in social lives,
indiscriminately; charity for the poor; property rights, which women had been given for the first time

Then, contrary to Europeans’ assertions, the Islamic religion is not a religion for those idlers who
expect everything from Allah without doing anything for their part. The Islamic religion commands
everybody first to do their best and only then to put their trust in
The justice which Islam rendered to people of other religions was one of its aspects which had had a
great impact on me. Muhammad commands Muslims to be benign towards Christians and Jews. Qur
acknowledges the Prophethood of the other prophets as well, beginning with Adam and including
Moses and Jesus.
This is an exalted sense of faith and a great model of justice, which other religions do not possess.
While the believers of other religions are casting inconceivable aspersions on Islam, Muslims are
answering them favourably
One of the most beautiful aspects of Islam is that it has completely purified itself of idols. Whereas
pictures, icons and signs are still being worshipped in Christianity, things of this nature do not exist i
Islam. This is an indication of how pure and unstained a religion Islam is.

The facts stated and taught by Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, have reached our time without an
interpolation. And the Qur'an, which is the Word of Allah, has been preserved in its pristine purity,
exactly as it was revealed, without losing anything from the limpidity it had in the time of

…The qualities of freedom and equity inherent in the Islamic religion have always magnatized me
towards it. Among Muslims, a person occupying the highest rank position and the poorest member o
the society are equal before Allah and they are merely two individuals in the general recognition of
fraternity. Muslims perform their acts of worship side by side in mosques. There are not any special
places allotted for the leadership.

Muslims hold the belief that there is not a third person to act as an intermediary between Allah and H
born slave.
The Islamic acts of worship are performed between Allah and the slave.

They do not appeal to men of religion for the forgiveness of their wrongdoings. Every Muslim is the
only person responsible for his personal behaviour. (Abridged)
100 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born on 9th Dec 1984. I had three brothers and no sister. My parents belong to KANAUJIA
caste from DEORIA district of UP. My parents had shifted many years back to Mumbai and my fath
had a general store shop in Thane District.

We had a Muslim family as neighbors, and we had very good relations with them. We would share
and borrow things from each other, the difference in our religion would not stand in our way.

Some times these people would talk about Islam. I used to listen their talks with interest. Many
questions would arise in my mind, but I did not know to whom or to how to get answers for them.

Once I asked my Sister in Law, why do we worship all these idols? She did not answer anything. I
was following lifestyle of my ancestors, but I was not satisfied, I was in search of truth.

It is my belief that whatever the situation be, if you are sincere in your efforts, you will find the truth
The same happened to me, after long study and thinking, I got convinced that Islam is a true religion
asked my neighbors that I want to become Muslim, they told me that for that I have to change my lif
style totally and might have to leave my parents.

After some time, I met a Muslim boy and wanted to marry him. He told that in order to marry him, I
have to leave my religion and become a Muslim. I also wanted that, so I became Muslim on 10th Ma
2006, and changed my name and we got married soon.

The Islamic teachings about hereafter have changed my concept of life….I am still getting more
knowledge about Islam to practice it fully in my life (abridged)
101 Why I Became Muslim?


Allah in His infinite mercy and wisdom created me to be a Muslim of eastern Europe descent living
the US. It might seem strange for a white girl from a small Midwestern town to be Muslim. The toe
seem world’s apart. Unfortunately Islam is the most misunderstood religion. Muslims are unjustly
associated with terrorism, radicalism and senseless violence.

As a Roman Catholic, I was baptized, took my first communion, performed my first confession,
attended mass and catechism classes. Early in life I wondered why there were different religions, I h
questions no one could answer…I did not understand Jesus, was he a man or God?

One summer evening, just before turning fourteen , I climbed on top of the roof of our house, I
marveled at the glorious beauty of an animated moon. I wondered how any one could look at such a
sight and nor believe in God…

At 17 I moved on my own into the city, for several years my life was a nightmare of instability,
directionless searching and un-fulfillment.

Finally I read the autobiography of Malcolm X, in his life I found the direction I had so desperately
searched for. I had caught a serious glimpse of the straight path. By the mercy of Allah it was now i
my heart. Malcolm’s letters written from Makkah touched me deeply.
The only reason I did not embrace Islam was the interference of my own choice views and adherenc
to misconceptions of women’s status in Islam. It seemed like a plunge into darkness. I thought it wa
too strict for me and my arrogantly self righteous liberal views.

I came into contact with the Islamic community thru a Radio station called KUCB. I listened to
several Muslim personalities on air and became deeply impressed by their strength, courage,
commitment and knowledge. I went to station to offer my services…there I met Imam Ako Abdul
Samad, the station’s vice president. He selflessly gave time, advice encouragement and offered a cle

At last I started asking questions and Imam answered them….my confusion regarding Jesus was now
made clear. He was not son of God, God is far above the base reality of human reproduction. Jesus
was a prophet a messenger of God. The miracles were performed by God thru him.

Now I understood my own inner self regarding abortion. Like many young women, I had been misle
into thinking anti abortion stands were a threat to my rights as a women. Islam put all elements in th
proper perspective. The issue is much greater than Roe Vs Wade…

My life was forever changed by the simple truth of submission to one Creator. Simple truths are the
most powerful. It was all practical. There is only one God. The truth can cut thru the façade of
intellectual unreasoning, selfishly motivated denials and lies that I had clinged to….

Islam is not a terrorist society, but a broad community striving for peace, justice and human rights fo
all in the name of Allah.

(Abridged) Source:: Riyadh Daily Nov 6 1998 p8

102 Why I Became Muslim?

Reverting to Islam: A Journey back to God

by Maryam al-Mahdayah (USA/Egypt)

My name is Maryam al-Mahdayah - I was not born with this name, but chose it when I converted to
Islam (in 1992). My Christian birth name is Maria (Mary in English, Maryam in Arabic). I would lik
to share with you my personal story of converting to Islam, with the hope that this story might bring
with it a better understanding of Islam.

My story is organized into different life-periods:

Growing up Christian (early years) ..Turning away (teen years) ..Searching for Truth (the twenties)
..The Opening (the thirties) ..Coming Home (the forties and forever)


I was raised in the Catholic tradition. I went to Catholic elementary school, learned my Catechism,
received my First Communion, received my Catholic name (after a saint), went to confession, all the
important steps to growing up Catholic. I tried my best to be good, and I was (I was too afraid of som
terrible retribution from God if I wasn't) and throughout these years I developed a substantial feeling
guilt (for what, I wasn't sure, but I knew I was guilty of something). The nuns who taught me seemed
harsh, and I couldn't understand why these 'brides of Christ' were so tense and angry. …


I didn't have an easy childhood, and the family problems grew in severity to the point where one day
came to the conclusion that there is no God (or, at the very least, if there was a God, He wasn't there
for me). I remember that day, laying in my bed at night, waking up to that reality. I suddenly felt a
great vacuum within myself, but, I told myself, if that's reality, then I have to accept it. At my level o
understanding, that was my reality. As my teen years progressed, I started searching. By this time, I
was no longer required to go to church …


As I entered my twenties, I felt a tremendous need to find the truth, to still the restlessness in my hea
and soul. I was introduced to Buddhism, and since it seemed to come close to what I was looking for
(at least there was a clear logic to it), I joined. In many ways it did help me feel better, but to me it
seemed to be missing something (what, I didn't know at that time). Over the years, I drifted away fro
Buddhism as well. It was becoming more of a burden than a comfort in my life. During this time I
traveled to Egypt for business, where I met my husband, who was raised in the Muslim tradition. Sti
involved in Buddhism, I tried to convert him. He patiently listened, and I believed I was succeeding,
but I know now that he would never have converted. (Contd.)


So I continued, became more uncomfortable with Buddhist practice, went back to Egypt to get
married, came back to the USA alone and eventually returned to Egypt to live with my husband. We
were there together for a year, a wondrous, healing and unforgettable year. By now I was in my early
thirties. I had just arrived in Egypt to really start married life, stressed out to my limit, feeling very
much that I had arrived with my last breath. ..

My husband asked a friend to bring me some books about Islam. I was surprised he would do so,
because I was still "not interested in hearing about God" - sometimes emphatically so. So he left me
with the books: an English translation of the Qur'an, a book about all facets of Islam and a book from
the Sufi perspective. My interest was slightly piqued, but I dismissed it. I put the books aside, and la
went to bed.


I read about the principles of Islam. They made sense to me, with no contradiction. The descriptions
the Islamic way of life, the roles of men and women in society as complimentary rather than
competitive were so logical. After reading this I understood that what I felt instinctively about mysel
as a woman was, in fact, true to my real nature. Rather than feeling demeaned, I felt uplifted, not onl
as a woman, but as a member of the human race. I started to feel my true self, for the first time in my
life. I began to have the sense that I was coming home. I read the Qur'an. Although not in the Arabic
original, I found that just reading the verses in English filled me with a tremendous sense of peace an
quiet, in a most gentle way. The verses themselves answered many questions I had throughout my lif
but could never get a clear answer to. Reading the Qur'an, I began to realize that this book must be th
work and the word of God, because of its impeccable logic and its effect on me. I learned that this is
one of the qualities of the Qur'an, a certain "barakah" or grace that has a very calming effect on the
human soul…

We moved to the USA and our daughter was born in the autumn, 4 months after our arrival. The
following year we went back to Egypt so my husband's family could meet this wonderful addition to
our family. Before we left, I decided it was time to officially become Muslim - God had shown me s
many signs, that I knew this was the clear path for me. And so, back in Egypt, I went to Al-Azhar to
declare, "There is no God but God, and Muhammad is his Messenger." Now I'm in my forties and
looking back through my life, particularly the last 10 years, (Abridged)


103 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01.I was born in a Rajput Family in BHARAICH UP about 50 years ago. My father was head Maste
in the Govt. School. I did my Intermediate from my city then I did Engineering Degree in Civil
Engineering from JAMIA MILLIA Delhi.

I got a job with DDA. But as my father had told me that taking bribe in the worst thing in this life an
due to my hot temper, I soon resigned from DDA and opened my own construction Company in
partnership with some people.

02. Soon we started getting big orders. We took the construction of a shopping mall in Delhi and
expected a big profit, but as happens, our partners started having their own interests and the company
went into loss. Not only that our creditors sued us. I had to sell every real state I had in my name, bu
it was not enough and I was dragged into courts for a number of cases.

I had to sell my car and I bought a used old car and was at my wits end as to how to come out of this

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. While I was in that state, I was going in my car, when I saw a gentleman walking the street. He
seemed a respectable fellow, so I offered him lift…after some hesitation he sat in my car. I did not
know that he was Maulana Kalim Sahib.

He asked how I was and I told him about my difficulties and the harassment from court cases. He tol
me to recite daily after my regular bath, YA HADI, YA RAHIM at least 100 times. He told these ar
the names of Creator of Universe.

04. Next day, I did as he told me, and I got a lot of peace of mind. I wanted to recite more but I did a
I was told….after a few days, one court case came in my favor and I was to get 500,000 Rupees in o
month. I was very happy as it enabled me to pay most of my creditors.

I went many times in that direction to meet that gentleman once more….after many tries, some one i
Green Park told me to go to OKHLA and meet Maulana Kalim Sahib.

05. When I reached there, I was told that he has gone to Madras and will return after one week. The
was a book shop selling Islamic books. I purchased two books in Hindi “Recommended
supplications” and “Supplications of Prophet” and “What is Islam” …and “Your trust…”

06. When I read those books, my eyes were opened. I became very anxious to meet Maulana Kalim
and when I met him , I was overjoyed to see that he was the same gentleman who had recommended
me that supplication.

I accepted Islam at his hands and then he put some on to teach me Quran and Islamic prayers

07. After that I won three more case and I purchased a new house and called back my family and our
life came back on track, Alhamdolillah.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

08. My family was very religious and they were biased against Islam. One of our family member wh
was a DIG in Police had accepted Islam some times back that had increased their hatred of Islam.

In my old days , I had contributed to militants and extremist Hindu organizations. Now I had a totall
different opinions about Islam and Muslim and I decided to do expiations for all that.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

09. When I told my wife my experience about Islam and how it had changed my condition….there w
but little hesitation from her to accept Islam.

My two daughters and my son also became Muslim. Maulana named my wife as Khadija. My
daughters as Amina and Fatima and my son as Mohd. Omar.

F. Present Situation:

10. I have decided to buy a house and dedicate it for Muslim missionary activities and help newly
converted Muslims. I want to do for Islam at least what I did against it in my old days.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

11. To Muslims I want to say that whole world is thirsty about Islam. It is their duty to quench their

And we should be persistent and should not reply evil with evil but with kind words and patience.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Feb. 2009

104 Why be became Muslims?

(Muhammad Alexander Russel Webb was born in 1262 [1846 C.E.], in Hudson, United States o
America. He studied in the university of New York. In a short time he was a very much loved
and admired writer and columnist.
He published magazines named ‘St. Joseph Gazette’ and ‘Missouri Republican’. In 1887 he wa
posted as the American consul in the Philippines. After embracing Islam, he thoroughly
dedicated himself to the promulgation of
Islam and presided over the organization in the United States. He passed away in 1335 [1916

I was asked by quite a number of people why I, as a person who was born in the United States, a
country with an overwhelmingly numerous Christian population, and who
listened to the preaches, or, rather, foolish talks, made by Christian priests throughout his growing
years, changed my religion and became a Muslim. The brief account I gave them on why I had chose
Islam as my guide in life:

I became a Muslim because the studies and observations I carried on indicated that men’s spiritual
needs could be filled only with the sound principles established by Islam.

Even as a child I had never had a disposition to completely dedicate myself to Christianity. By the ti
I reached the adult age of twenty, I was completely defiant towards the mystical and annoying churc
culture which interdicted everything in the name of sin.

Gradually I disengaged myself from the church, and finally abandoned it for good. I had an inquisitiv
and curious character. I would always search for causes and purposes for everything. I would
anticipate logical explanations for them.

On the other hand, the explanations provided by priests and other Christian men of religion did not
satisfy me. Most of the time, instead of giving satisfactory answers to my questions, they would
dismiss the matter with evasive prevarications such as, “We cannot understand these things. They ar
divine secrets,” and “They are beyond the grasp of human mind.”

Upon this I decided to study, on the one hand, oriental religions, and on the other hand, books writte
by famous philosophers. I read
various works on philosophy, such as those written by Mill, by Locke, by Kant, by Hegel, by Fichte,
by Huxley, and others.

The books written by these philosophers always dealt with such subjects as protoplasms, atoms,
molecules, and particles, and did not even touch on reflections such as “What becomes of the human
soul?” “Where does the soul go after death?” “How should we discipline our souls in this world?”

The Islamic religion, on the other hand, treated the human subject not only within the corporeal area
but also along the spiritual extensions.
Therefore, I chose Islam not because I had lost my way, or only because Christianity had incurred m
displeasure, or as a result of sudden decision, but, on the contrary, after very minutely studying it and
becoming thoroughly convinced about its greatness, singularity, solemnity and perfection.

Islam is based on belief in the existence and the unity of God, entire submission to Him, which
spontaneously entails worshipping Him and thanking Him for His blessings. Islam enjoins fraternity
goodness, and friendliness upon all the human race, and advises them to be leanly, spiritually,
physically, verbally, and practically. Definitely, the Islamic conclusive of all the religions known to
humanity so far.
105 Why I Became Muslim?


It happened on 29 Nov. 2003. I was on a bus going from Kanpur to Lucknow. In hurry, I did not ke
enough money in my purse. I had my little daughter in my lap. When the conductor came and asked
for money, it fell short by 6 Rupees. I was at loss to say anything. The conductor was shouting at m
to pay up or get down immediately. Every one else was silent and watching me intently. Suddenly a
gentleman from the front seat asked the conductor, what was reason for all this shouting, he produce
a 10 Rupee note and gave a it to conductor to settle the amount.

When the bust stopped at Lucknow, I proceeded to thank the gentleman, he was of the age of my
father, he consoled me and said that these things do happen and then he even paid me for Cycle
Rickshaw fare to reach to my home (which I intended to walk initially). When I reached home, I tol
my Husband AMIT, what transpired in the bus. He asked me why I had not taken the name or Tel.
number of the gentleman, so we could repay him and express our gratitude.

I was always on the lookout, whenever I went to market, so as to see the gentleman somewhere. On
day I found him out and pointed to my husband. We met him and expressed our thanks for his kind

When I asked him to accept the money which he spent on me, he initially refused, but accepted on o
insistence on the condition that we must visit him at the earliest. We went to his house and for the fi
time I felt that I had come to my brother’s house (I had no real brother or sister). His wife welcomed
me and we had lots of talk and a wonderful meal. When we parted, his wife gave me a packet to be
opened after reaching our home. It contained a dress from me and one for my daughter too,
Well after that AMIT was always looking forward to meet him…whenever he returned he would rel
to me some act of kindness which the gentle man or his wife did to poor (irrespective of his being
Muslim or Non Muslim.

A strange change was coming on us. We removed all the photos and Idols from our house and stopp
going to temples altogether. AMIT was getting some books from the gentleman which both of us we
reading with interest.

Finally one day, we asked him, how long will we continue like that? He asked us to wait for some
more time. What if our time of death came? Asked AMIT and the gentleman became very quite.
So after four months, we were transferred from Lucknow to Ghaziabad and we decided to start a new
life in a new city. We became Muslim, I took the name, AMINA TABASSUM, AMIT became
ABDUL KARIM & our daughter SAMTA AZIM.

We still have very good relationship with the gentleman (who was indeed a Doctor from Azamgarh)
and we visit each other and exchange gifts.

Some times I think…what would have happened to me if I had enough money to pay for my ticket o
that fateful Nov month of 2003? Was it coincidence or was Allah making provisions for me?
106 Why I became Muslim?


I was born in a Christian family and was very obedient to my parents. However in 1973, thru the
Nation of Islam of Elijah Mohammad. That was based on racism and later when Malcom X
introduced true teachings of Islam, we became true Muslims.
We joined the group led by son of Elijah Mohammad, W Deen Mohammad which is different from
Nation of Islam of Luis Farrakhan.

I did my undergraduate in Anthropology from NY and joined San Diego University for further studi
There I met my future wife Saleema, who was Lutheran and later became Muslim.

I then joined US army and was posted as Muslim Imam to lead Muslim soldiers in prayers and for
religious education. This gave me ample opportunity to engage in social works, which suited me bes
I am happy to repost that we are going to built a new mosque in Fort Brigg Cant. Which will have a
capacity to accommodate upto 300 worshippers. I [raise Allah that He got that work done thru me.
107 Why I Became Muslim?

Life is good for Muslim women By Maureen McCormick (Canada)

When I was a non-Muslim, I, too, believed that Islam was misogynistic, male-dominated and
backwards. Imagine my surprise after I read the Qur'an and learned Islam is diametrically opposed to
misogyny and male dominance, and, in fact, is a very progressive and gentle faith which protects

I have seen a lot of controversy over the last few weeks about the application of Sharia law to
resolving family disputes between willing individuals in Canada. The subject has led to a discussion
the status of women in Islam.

As a Canadian Caucasian woman who recently accepted the Islamic faith, I would like to share my

There is good and bad everywhere and it is important to stress that not every Muslim follows true
Sharia. Humans are not infallible.

First and foremost, Islam gives a woman more legal rights than she is afforded using Canadian law -
the right to keep all of her property, even in a divorce; the right to keep her own money; even the rig
to be sexually satisfied, among many other things. Non-Muslim women don't have those rights; they
are just expected to suck it up.

The concept of a dowry might seem odd in Canada, but it has its merits. Many divorced women in
Canada live below the poverty line because their ex-husbands are unwilling to support them. They p
the least amount of alimony possible and transfer their assets to their new wives so that the ex-wife
gets nothing.

There are not many divorced women who live at the same standard they had while married unless th
are professional women. To me, a dowry is like an insurance policy -- the just-in-case part of marria

Islam gives women more respect than any other faith. My experiences have shown me (for the most
part) that Muslim men really respect women and like them for who they are. In my opinion, nothing
sexier than a woman who is covered up. No woman with any amount of self-respect would walk
around looking like she is soliciting sex. Too many people have no respect for each other at all. It's
very sad to see.

Refraining from sex before marriage affords the woman the right to know a man first and give the m
her mind, heart and soul before she decides to give her body (which is completely backwards to the
thinking here, where a woman has to "put out" in order to get another date).

The woman is never compromised or coerced in any way in Islam. She is always in control of her bo
and is always provided a safe environment. What a concept.

Women are protected in Islam. Men are responsible for the safety, protection, financial suppor
and well-being of their wives and families. Perhaps an old-fashioned concept, but it works. Rea
women want to be with real men. Moreover, Islam allows for women to be emancipated and

Islam is easy and fair for both sexes. It is a faith between an individual and God. In its story about
Adam and Eve, Islam did not mention that Eve encouraged Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. The
original sin concept led to the downgrading of women in the early Christian culture. Islam actually
treats love-making with ease and Muslims expect to be rewarded for making love to their lawful

Muslim women can do anything that any other woman in the world can do, cultural limitations
notwithstanding. The only difference is good Muslim women still have their honour and respect thei

Generally speaking, my experience has been that Muslim women have more self-respect and
confidence than non-Muslim women because Muslim women know what really counts.
108 Why We Became Muslims:
(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born on 3rd Jan 1959 in BENARAS , UP in a Hindu Brahmin family. My father was a
graduate and retired as NAIB TAHSILDAR. He was a very honest person, that is why he had to fac
lot of difficulties in his service life.

02. I did my college education and then did B. Com and started my own business of garments. After
changing many trades I went to Goa and was engaged in clothes business. This time it was successfu
I was married in a Good family of Allahabad. My wife is a Post Graduate. We have three children,
one son and two daughters and we are well set in Goa.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. I think that it was mercy from Allah , who picked me from gutter and chose me to be a Muslim.
so happened that I lost a lost of money in my business. I decided to do trading and was going to
Ludhiana to find suitable avenues.

Our family was an orthodox Hindu family and we used to worship many gods and we had idols of
many gods in our house. I used to think , how these lifeless idols can help us and do they even hear
our prayers. I thought that my present misfortunes are due to ill effects of these idols, so before I
started my journey for new business, I removed all these idols and pictures from my house and
drowned them into a river.

04. I reached Delhi and I got to know many good opening. I boarded the train from Delhi to Ludhian
A very good smell was coming from my seat and when I opened the birth of my 3 tier seat, I saw a
small booklet Titled “Your trust, returned to you” in the small pocket.

It was a small booklet in Hindi, I read it once, twice and thrice. I think that I had already accepted th
First part of Islamic creed “There is no deity except Allah” and the book “guided me to the second p
“And Mohammad is His messenger”

05. I was very eager to know and meet the author of booklet. I tried to ask many about him during
journey…. But I could not know much. When I returned to my place , I went to a Mosque and aske
scholars there about my intention.

They knew Maulana Kalim Sahib, very well, they gave me his address. I learned Quran and regular
prayers and many things needed for our Islamic life.
06. I reached PHULAT and met Maulana and reminded him as to how his book had reached me. He
said that he had placed that book in the compartment and remembered only after he had left the train

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

I called my Father in Law to our place in Goa and told him about our conversion to islam.

07. He is a man with a very cool temper. He said that religion is our personal affair , but we should
take that decision after thinking all implications. I gave him some books on Islam and he said that he
will read them. We are very hopeful that he will become Muslim, Inshallah.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

08. I told my wife about what happened to me and how this small booklet changed me. I gave her th
book, she said, she will read it.

I said it is best, is she read it from me. I read to her that book slowly and with lot of love and sinceri
I told her that now I have become a Muslim and only way she can live with me is to become Muslim
or else I will leave her to her parents.

09. She started weeping and said, how we will fight with the family and society. You know how
orthodox are our families. I said that this is a lesser fight than to fight against Allah and what will
happen to us on the Last day.

After some persuasion, she accepted Islam on my hand and after that it was simple matter to convert
our other children to islam. Alhamdolillah.

3. On Family members / Others.

10. On my journey to PHULAT on train, I gave the booklet “your trust…” to two of my fellow
passengers. One of them was from Trader family and another was lecturer in Govt. college.

They were much impressed by the book and we had lots of discussions about Islam in the train.

11. Both of them accepted Islam when we were passing MATHURA Junction and they came with m
to PHULAT to see and meet Maulana Kalim Sahib.

F. Present Situation:

I and my newly converted Hindu friends have decided to spend our life in Islamic missionary activit
and spread this message to as many people as we can.
G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

According to Maulana the whole world is thirsty and standing in line to quench their thirst.

It is for Muslims to meet their requirement and save thee people from hell fire. It is their duty and th
will be asked about it in the hereafter, if they did not do it

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Feb. 2008

109 Why I Became Muslim?


Muslims in Woking Mosques were much impressed by the zeal and sincerity by which an Englishma
was preying in the mosque. He used to prostrate for many minutes at a time and would supplicate w
much sincerity and humility. One day the Imam of Mosque asked him as to what brought him to
Islam, here is the reply.

It was the Magic of Prayer which brought me closer to Islam. I was living in Kenya since 1912. I w
a big trader there. I was a very devout Protestant Christian and had very firm beliefs. Despite my bu
schedules I used to read Gospel regularly and join religious activities.

Once I visited Egypt and saw many of the Islamic sites there. I went to Al Azhar Mosque, Ali Kabe
Mosque, Husain Mosque and Sayyidah Mosque. I was much impressed by these mosque and the
inside atmosphere. It became my practice that whenever I would get free time, I would visit these
The scenes were such which would keep me mesmerized. I man would climb on a Minaret and give
call for prayer in a most beautiful and mesmerizing voice. Soon people from all walks of life would
start coming. Old and Young, Black and White, Rich and Poor, Manager and Messenger. They
would take off their headgears, wash those portions, which could get dust…

Then they would stand in neat rows and would complete the prayers in a most orderly manner. Thes
are scenes which would impress any one who has some observing power. One could see God’s hand
in all of this.

These prayers scenes took me in, I was languishing to join them, when they are washing their hand a
feet, when they were standing in rows when they were putting their faces on ground. I would enter
Mosque happily but would return with a sad heart as to why I did not join with these people.

So I decided to study about Islam and its prophet. It took me many years, but my deep studies
convinced me of the truth of Islam. I learned Arabic to understand Quran and sayings of prophet
directly….. Then with open heart I got my desire….I was now with those who were preying and not
only an observer!!!
I think Islam is the most perfect of all religions. If you only look at prayer…it includes cleanliness a
hygiene , It is a sort of exercise….It is a unity and community gathering…it is a meditation…then
above all it is Worship of Our Creator and Sustainer …!! (abridged)
110 Why I Became Muslim?


Note: Ruth has worked as a civil servant, in London. Now she works a s a Muslim missionary
Regent Park Mosque London

As a child, I used to enjoy going to Sunday School and I can remember once promising myself that I
would read the Bible from cover to cover. Several years later and after marrying and becoming the
mother of two children, I decided to go to Church one day and I noticed that I did not feel the same
warmth that I had known as a child.

There was so much happening in terms of women priests, Homosexuality and various other alarming
stories. As a child wherever I did anything wrong or felt in need of God’s help, I would go down to
nearest Church and ask God to help me and forgive me.

One night, I knelt down beside my bed and recited the Lord’s prayer. I asked God to guide me along
the right way, to forgive me and my sins, and that I had lost my faith and strayed far away from the
beliefs that I once had.
The next day, I decided to go out and buy a copy of Bible and read it from cover to cover. As I was
about to buy a Bible, I saw another religious book called the Quran. I put the Bible in place and
picked up Quran…I just looked thru it and was surprised to find the Jesus was mentioned there as we
as other prophets like Noah, Moses, Abraham and Joseph.

I was amazed to learn that Muslims believed in the same prophets as we did, so I bought the Quran a
took it home with me. I started to read it and began to realize that the guidance I had asked God the
night before was right in my hands.

As times passed on, I came to realize that the message in the Holy Quran is for all of mankind and so
became a Muslim straight away.

As many of us know, the Gospels were written many years after Jesus, furthermore these gospels hav
been rewritten many times over the years and consequently it is significantly distorted today.

It is now my opinion that if anyone requires true guidance, then they should pray and ask sincerely f
His guidance, salvation and forgiveness and in return He will Guide you towards Islam, God Willing

(Abridged) Source:: Riyadh Daily, Aug 1998, p9

111 Why I Became Muslim?

Becoming Muslim Michelle - Jew


I come from a Jewish family in New York. My mother was from S. A. but also Jewish. She never wa
comfortable with anyone knowing that. When my father died, she remarried a Catholic and became
one herself. And that is how she brought us up. From the age of 5 I was told that Jesus was also
God...? I never felt comfortable with it.

We moved to the Philippines - that is where my stepfather was from. And life there was unbearable.
My stepfather, to put it mildly, was abusive to me and my 2 brothers. The effect of that hard life: my
spelling is poor, one of my brothers is now a drinker, and the other has a low self-worth.

When I grew up and we returned to the USA, I left home. I took care of myself by working hard. I
never had time for God, whoever He was. I did not feel that God helped me in any way, so why
bother? I did try to get back to my roots but Judaism made no sense, so I let that go. I did come acros
Muslims from time to time but the effect was, how do they dress that way, and why do they seem
different? Over time, the idea of Islam kept coming back to me, so I tried to find out more. I read the
history and life of Mohammed (saas). That is what got to me: such kindness and sabr (patience) in th
face of hardships.

It seemed to me that my life had no direction, so I went to learn more. After reading Surah Al-Fatiha
I knew I had come home - this is where I wanted to be! I became a Muslim and have never regretted
I always knew there was only ONE God - ALLAH - and things have not been always easy for me. M
mother died of cancer soon after I became a Muslim. But the faith I have helped me make it. Just bei
able to go to ALLAH with all my pain was such a relief. It is the only true lifestyle known to man, an
it is the truth and the last chance for us. I wish all mankind could come to know the truth (haqq) of
Islam, and its peace and beauty!

112 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in 1965 in HARIDWAR in a Learned Brahmin Family. My father KESHAV RAM
SHARMA was a big Hindu Scholar. My Grandfather SRI RAM SHARMA was the founder of
GAYATRI SAMAJ. Every learned Hindu knows about him. I was told that in his last time, he had
become Muslim, but that fact is hidden from Hindus.

My whole family belonged to ARYA SAMAJ. I was educated in Ashrams in a strict Hindu way of
teaching. I learned Sanskrit and Vedas and was top in my whole University.

I was appointed teacher in a Sanskrit University near Delhi.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

1. While I was teaching, two Apostate Muslims came to my university. I met them, one of them of
very vocal against Islam and he used to say were dirty things about Prophet Mohammad. I did not
like such talks against a very renowned founder of one of the major religion of the world (I later
learned that this man used to deal harshly with his mother and even beat her).

2. One of them was even educated from NADWA College of Lucknow. I heard that one Islamic
Scholar (Maulana Kalim from PHULAT) came to talk to these people. It came to my mind that if I
could convince this Maulana to become Hindu, it would be a very good thing.

3. I met Maulana and told him that Hindu and Vedic Dharma is the oldest and he should accept it. H
gave me a small booklet “Prophet of Islam” by Prof. KS RAMARAO, and told me to study it. When
studied it, it warmed my hearts towards him.

4. When I spoke to my apostate Muslims, they advised me to read books by Salman Rushdie and
Taslima Nasreen. I read those books and I got much biased against Islam and I threw the book of
RAMARAO on roof.

5. One night I saw in dream my grandfather and he told me, why I have gotten on the wrong track. H
told me that Prophet Mohammad is the same whom we know as KALIKI Avatar. There is no MUK
for me unless I believed in him.

6. I woke up and I was alarmed. I realised that listening to these Apostates has mislead me, I went to
roof and retrieved the book by Prof. RAO and read it with interest….. Then I fixed an appointment
with Maulana Kalim in PHULAT and he gave me some books on Islam and I accepted Islam on his
hand. He gave me name which is same as of my Prophet.

7. He then sent me with a Muslim missionary group for 40 days and I learned Prayer and other Islam
teachings needed for day to day life.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

08. Maulana told me to go back to my institute and work there. I started working on those two
apostates… but it seemed to me that they had gone too far.

The one who used to speak bad things about prophet, he died after some time and Ashram people
refused to cremate him according to Hindu rites. His body was thrown away from Ashram and Polic
threw it into come gutter.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

09. I was not inclined to marriage and wanted to dedicate my life in Islamic missionary activities, bu
Maulana told me that I should get married. It is a recommendation from our prophet.

I have given him the authority and he is looking for a suitable wife for me.

F. Present Situation:

10. I am presently living in Benaras, and I go on missionary activities to well known Hindu religious

It is making a very good impression and I am very hopeful from the Mercy of Allah. I have learned
how to read Quran and I have read many books on Islam. I am very interested in books written on th
biography of our prophet.

I am busy in memorization of whole Quran, I have finished more than half of it in three months.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

11. Muslims should get close to Quran, because our prophet propagated Islam mostly by recitation o

There is no better way to propagate Quran than thru Quran.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of March 2008

113 Why I Became Muslim?

Sarah Joseph, UK

Sarah Joseph accepted Islam at a very early age, when she was only 16. She was brought up in a
typical British Christian family, where there is no special place for religion. Her mother was
proprietor of a modeling agency.

I have a religious bent since very beginning as was constantly remembering God. I never missed my
daily prayers or Sunday Church. My parents were sort of indifferent towards religion and would
watch me with interest. By the time I was 10, I realized the dangers that Atomic weapons posed for
humanity. I wrote personal letters to Ronald Reagan, Yuri Andropov, and Margaret Thatcher to
reduce their atomic stockpiles. I also took part in many Anti Atomic demonstrations.

In our house people of all religions were coming and working. So we did not have any religious bias
so to say. My elder brother got in love with an Indian Muslim girl and became Muslim to marry her
No one in family objected to it. Well I knew nothing about Islam and Muslims then.

But slowly I noticed that I was also getting a bias against Muslims and since “Most Biases are a resu
of ignorance”, so I decided to read about Islam and get first hand knowledge. The more I studied
about Islam, the more I found that it answered most of my questions and doubts which I had about

The Idea of Original Sin as told by Catholic Church was most repugnant to me, It was a big relief to
me when I found that in Islam there is so concept of Original Sin. When I got convinced of the truth
of Islam, I decided to join it when I was only 16. My parents opposed this, but when they saw my
determination, they gave in and I became a Muslim.

Then I met Mahmood, a fellow worker and we soon married. After the events of 9/11 we took a
lecture tour explaining the position of Islam against terrorism. My child was only three weeks old at
that time and I used to carry him on my lecture tours. Then we started a magazine name “Hope” tha
was intended to remove the doubts and prejudices that are prevalent against Islam in UK and Wester
countries. It became quite popular and many Non Muslims read it to know about Islam.

I think Islam and Christianity should have a serious dialog between them, only then there can be any
hope for peace in the world. I know about both religions, so persons like us can play a big role in su
dialogs. (abridged)
114 Why I Became Muslim?


I have always, since developing an ability to think deeply, believed in the existence of a single Creat
on whom every thing that exists is dependent. Though my parents are Buddhist, from the age of 13,
have steadfastly prayed to the creator and asked for guidance every day that I can remember.. Being
schooled within a Christian environment, I naturally identified myself as a Christian.

Sadly my knowledge of Islam was minimal. I perceived it as a bizarre religion, limited only to a few
underdeveloped nations, most of which were in ME. It endorsed a suppressive life-style, particularly
for women. Muslim women I presumed were inferior, a passive domestic slave, bashed often and
forced to compete among four or more of her husband’s affection.

I got all these ideas from hearsay and TV documentaries shown in our country.

As I entered University, I came into contact with quite a number of Muslim students from various
backgrounds. I was drawn to them and developed a curious inclination to learn and understand more
about their religion.

I observed how content they seemed and their openness and warmth towards myself and each other.
gradually became fascinated with Islam and thru a process of education, developed a greater respect
for it than by beloved Christianity.

I was stunned at how wrong my previous conceptions had been and became particularly overwhelme
at various entitlements, equality and acknowledgement Islam provided for women.

I wanted to know everything about Islam and …by sheer grace of God, I at last understood the faults
of Christian theology and of the concepts which I previously accepted. At Midday on August 1994,
before over 20 witnesses, I recited the SHAHADA and became a Muslim.

I shall never forget the bliss of that day and how much my life is turned around in only a year’s time

I have been often asked what it is like to be a revert and of the difficulties I must endure… I do not
want pity, but I give few examples.

The initial period was by far the hardest. Family disputes took place almost daily, I was showered
with verbal abuse, ridicule and threats…On many occasions my room was torn apart…there have be
times when I was locked out of home and forced to abstain from dinner as pork was deliberately
served…Even to this day all my mail is opened.

I cannot perform my prayers until I am sure no one is around… I must defend the Muslims and Islam
portrayed on the media and fight against the stereotypes.

However I do not claim to have a miserable life. I am more content and at peace now than I ever hav
been….From this religion, I have gained a profound insight into the operations of human behavior an

(Abridged) Source:: Islamic review (Quoted in DAWAH INT. PAK. NOV 1996)
115 Why I Became Muslim?

Nakata Khaula

A Japanese Woman's Experience of Hijab

When I returned to Islam, the religion of our inborn nature, a fierce debate raged about girls observin
the Hijab at schools in France. It still does. The majority, it seemed, thought that wearing the head-
scarf was contrary to the principle that public -that is state-funded - schools should be neutral with
regard to religion. Even as a non-Muslim, I could not understand why there was such a fuss over suc
a small thing as a scarf on a Muslim student's head.

Muslims contributed a proportionate amount of tax to the state funds. In my opinion, schools could
respect religious beliefs and practices of students as long as they did not disrupt the school routine, n
pose a threat to discipline…

The feeling still persists amongst non-Muslims that Muslim women wear the Hijab simply because
they are slaves to tradition, so much so that it is seen as a symbol of oppression. Women' s liberation
and independence is, so they believe, impossible unless they first remove the Hijab.

Such naiveté is shared by "Muslims" with little or no knowledge of Islam. Being so used to secularis
and religious eclecticism, pick and mix, they are unable to comprehend that Islam is universal and
eternal. This apart, women all over the world, non-Arabs, are embracing Islam and wearing the Hijab
as a religious requirement, not a misdirected sense of "tradition." I am but one example of such
women. My Hijab is not a part of my racial or traditional identity; it has no social or political
significance; it is, purely and simply, my religious identity.

For non-Muslims, the Hijab not only covers a woman' s hair, but also hides something, leaving them
no access. They are being excluded from something which they have taken for granted in secular

I have worn the Hijab since embracing Islam in Paris. The exact form of the Hijab varies according t
the country one is in, or the degree of the individual's religious awareness. In France I wore a simple
scarf which matched my dress and perched lightly on my head so that it was almost fashionable! No
in Saudi Arabia, I wear an all-covering black cape; not even my eyes are visible. Thus, I have
experienced the Hijab from its simplest to its most complete form.

What does the Hijab mean to me? Although there have been many books and articles about the Hijab
they always tend to be written from an outsider's point of view; I hope this will allow me to explain
what I can observe from the inside, so to speak.

When I decided to declare my Islam, I did not think whether I could pray five times a day or wear th
Hijab. Maybe I was scared that if I had given it serious thought I would have reached a negative
conclusion, and that would affect my decision to become a Muslim. Until I visited the main mosque
Paris I had nothing to do with Islam; neither the prayers nor the Hijab were familiar to me. In fact, bo
were unimaginable but my desire to be a Muslim was too strong (Alhamdulilah) for me to be overly
concerned with what awaited me on the "other side" of my conversion.

The benefits of observing Hijab became clear to me following a lecture at the mosque when I kept m
scarf on even after leaving the building. The lecture had filled me with such a previously unknown
spiritual satisfaction that I simply did not want to remove it. Because of the cold weather, I did not
attract too much attention but I did feel different, somehow purified and protected; I felt as if I was in
Allah' s company. As a foreigner in Paris, I sometimes felt uneasy about being stared at by men. In m
Hijab I went unnoticed, protected from impolite stares. (Contd.)

My Hijab made me happy; it was both a sign of my obedience to Allah and a manifestation of my
faith. I did not need to utter beliefs, the Hijab stated them clearly for all to see, especially fellow
Muslims, and thus it helped to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood in Islam. Wearing the Hijab soon
became spontaneous, albeit purely voluntary. No human being could force me to wear it; if they had
perhaps I would have rebelled and rejected it. However, the first Islamic book I read used very
moderate language in this respect, saying that "Allah recommends it (the Hijab) strongly" and since
Islam (as the word itself indicates) means we are to obey Allah' s will I accomplished my Islamic
duties willingly and without difficulty, Alhamdolillah.

Two weeks after my return to Islam, I went back to Japan for a family wedding and took the decision
not to return to my studies in France; ..After six months in Japan, my desire to study Arabic grew so
much that I decided to go to Cairo, where I knew someone. None of my host family there spoke
English (or Japanese!) and the lady who took my hand to lead me into the house was covered from
head to toe in black. Even her face was covered. Although this is now familiar to me here in Riyadh,
remember being surprised at the time, recalling an incident in France when I had seen such dress and
thought, "there is a woman enslaved by Arabic tradition, unaware of real Islam," (which, I believed,
taught that covering the face was not a necessity, but an ethnic tradition).

Nevertheless, I balked at the suggestion that I should wear my khimar back in Japan. I was angry at
the sister's lack of understanding: Islam commands us to cover our bodies, and as long as this is done
one may dress as desired. Every society has its own fashions and such long black clothes in Japan
could make people think I am crazy, and reject Islam even before I could explain its teachings. Our
argument revolved around this aspect.

After another six months in Cairo, however, I was so accustomed to my long dress that I started to
think that I would wear it on my return to Japan. My concession was that I had some dresses made in
light colors, and some white khimars, in the belief that they would be less shocking in Japan than the
black variety.

I was right. The Japanese reacted rather well to my white khimars, and they seemed to be able to gue
that I was of a religious persuasion. I heard one girl telling her friend that I was a Buddhist nun; how
similar a Muslimah, a Buddhist nun and a Christian nun are! (Contd.)

My father was worried when I went out in long sleeves and a head-cover even in the hottest weather
but I found that my Hijab protected me from the sun. Indeed, it was I who also felt uneasy looking at
my younger sister's legs while she wore short pants. …

It is clear that what is acceptable to be bared in society varies according to societal or individual
understanding. For example, in Japan fifty years ago it was considered vulgar to swim in a swimmin
suit but now bikinis are the norm. If, however, a woman swam topless she would be regarded as
shameless. To go topless on the south coast of France, however, is the norm.

Muslims are accused of being over-sensitive about the human body but the degree of sexual
harassment which occurs these days justifies modest dress. Just as a short skirt can send the signal th
the wearer is available to men, so the Hijab signals, loud and clear: "I am forbidden for you."

Having married, I left Japan for Saudi Arabia, where it is customary for the women to cover their fa
outdoors. I was impatient to try the niqab (face cover), and curious to know how it felt. ..Once
accustomed to, the niqab is certainly not inconvenient. In fact I felt like the owner of a secret
masterpiece, a treasure which you can neither know about, nor see. Whereas non-Muslims may think
they are life imitating caricatures when they see Muslim couples walk in the streets, the oppressed, a
the oppressor, the possessed, and the possessor, the reality is that the women feel like queens being l
by servants.

It is an error of judgment to think that a Muslim woman covers herself because she is a private
possession of her husband. In fact, she preserves her dignity and refuses to be possessed by strangers
It is non-Muslim (and "liberated" Muslim) women who are to be pitied for displaying their private se
for all to see.

Observing the Hijab from outside, it is impossible to see what it hides. The gap, between being outsi
and looking in, and being inside and looking out, explains in part the void in the understanding of
Islam. An outsider may see Islam as restricting Muslims. In side, however, there is peace, freedom,
and joy, which those who experience it have never known before. …

A person blinded by prejudice may not see it, but a woman in Hijab is as brightly beautiful as an ang
full of self-confidence, serenity, and dignity. No signs of oppression scar her face. "For indeed it is n
the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts within the bosoms, that grow blind," says the Qur'an (Al-
Hajj 22:46). How else can we explain the great gap in understanding between us and such people?
116 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a small village BHAINSI near KHATAULI. My father was Dr. Mohan Kumar, we
are three brothers and one sister.

I was usually late in finishing my school Homework…..once I went to take notes from my Muslim
friend, I was told that he had gone to mosque. I went there, he told me I could not enter mosque as I
was unclean. I told I am cleaner than you and my clothes are cleaner than you, how come I cannot
enter mosque?

02. Then I went for higher study to a near by city. There on Fridays, teacher would ask, who wants t
go for Friday prayer, raise your hand, I also used to raise my hand and went out and played. Once
some one remonstrated me and took me to a mosque and told me to pray.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. Then I went to MUZAFFAR NAGAR to study in an Inter college and there one Muslim told me
am very good looking but I will burn in hell… when I asked further, he told me to become Muslim.
accepted Islam without knowing much about Islam or what it means.

Then after many years I met Maulana Kalim Sahib, and then I learned what Islam really is, and then
reaccepted Islam and started following its teachings carefully.

04. On his advice, I learned UNANI Medicine from a HAKIM and I have opened my own practice a
I hope to earn my living as well as serve humanity thru it.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

05. I went to my parent, and they asked me to come back to my religion. My stepmother was very
much against my becoming Muslim. When I refused they tried to persecute me.

I remained firm, so much so that one night they plotted to kill me. My sister informed me and I left

D. How I saved my Islam:

06. I had to struggle for my survival and I had to do many odd jobs and even menial jobs. But Allah
gave me strength and saved my faith.

E. My Missionary activities:

2. On Parents.

I am working on my father and meet him occasionally. His earlier anguish has subsided and he is
ready to listen to me now.

Same is the case with my mother also. Once she had agreed to become Muslim, but then she change
her idea. I pray to Allah to guide them to the true path

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

07. I advise Muslims to become real Muslim. I see the people who brought me to the door of Islam,
there is no change in them.

They should become true Muslim and invite others also to islam….this is their real job….other thing
are just to earn living and not their main job.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of April 2008.

117 Why I Became Muslim?


Jennifer was born in Dominion Republic. She was 21 and was married with three children… She wa
just reflecting on what is he purpose of life. Was she born to just live and reproduce and establish
some relation ships….The things were such when events of 9/11 happened and we pick up the story
from there…

My mother in law screamed…”Another plane crashed!!” I moved to TV screen and saw WTC
Towers crashing down. I was shocked to the core,! Is it real or am I dreaming, who could do such
acts…It was only yesterday that I was shopping in WTC!!! If it were today! May be my time to die h
not yet come…but what iis the purpose of my life.

After a few days, I heard news about another plane crash, this time AI flight 587, the same flight I to
only a week before. This was second incident which reminded me that some how I am being
saved….but for what.

Then I witnessed that Muslims in US were subject to witch hunt and insults every where. They were
taunted, labeled as Taliban and asked to go back. What is the fault of these innocent people, why the
should be subjected to these insults? These thoughts created a sort of sympathy towards Muslims in
my heart. I entered into a college for some course, which also had a number of Muslim girls. I aske
them about why they have to wear scarf and other things about Islam and Muslims, I found that they
knew very little about Islam and could not answer my queries satisfactorily.

Then I tried Internet….there I got lot of information about Islam. First I wanted to make sure that
whether Prophet Mohammad did exist or he was an imaginary personality. I learned that indeed he
existed and his life history is preserved in great details.

I was surprised to learn that God had sent another prophet after Jesus. That this prophet was last
prophet and he had brought message for whole humanity. Islam gave questions to all my doubts wh
I had about what is purpose of life and why we are here.

I decided to join prayers with Muslims in Ramadan of year 2002. The mosque was full of people of
every race color and country. It was so different from Church. Every body was greeting each other
with “SALAM ALAIKUM (May peace be with you)” At that time I did not know what it meant. I
also did not know what they do in prayer. Some one advised me to stand quite and do what others d

I was much impressed to know that all Muslims irrespective of where they live, face towards Kaaba
when they prey. This unites all Muslims to a common cause, that also was so different from

I decided to wear Muslim scarf as a trial, I found that it gave me a sense of protection, I was safe fro
hungry grazes. Many people told me why you wear scarf when you are not Muslim? I told it gives m
a sense of protection.

I was getting closer to Islam, but I was not sure what will be reaction of my family. I tries first on m
younger sister that I want to become a Muslim. She told that she would continue to love me, but my
parents would be very angry. My father accepted my decision (because he liked my ides on covering
up my body), my mother also agreed with my decision after few months.
I decided to become Muslim in Jan 2003. I took a bath, wore new dress with Muslim scarf and took
train to local Mosque. I told Imam my decision to accept Islam. Every one in the Mosque became
very happy, they all greeted me warmly and asked if I needed any help. I had become a member of
Islamic brotherhood!!!

That night I slept first time as a Muslim, Id dreamt, as if I was in a beautiful garden, and a very
handsome man, with unclear facial features, was greeting me. When I woke up, I thought that perso
was Prophet Mohammad, but I was told that it could be an angel, because angel of God appear as me
with unclear facial features. Allah knows Best (abridged)
118 Why I Became Muslim?


Note: Ann , A British physician, worked at the Institute of Clinical Blood Research of London,
prior to her marriage to an Egyptian. She shifted from London to Cairo 18 years ago. Althoug
her Egyptian husband was indifferent towards Islam, she found the faith and accepted it.

“Prior to my coming to Egypt I knew nothing about Islam, but I was impressed by the good nature o
the Egyptian people and their tolerance.

When I came to Egypt, I realized the difference in the values that exist in the west and the values tha
prevail in Egypt and I jumped to the conclusion that Islam was the cause of this difference.
Although my husband is a Muslim, I heard no word from him about Islam and I never saw him
performing Islamic rituals. My husband did not know that I was performing Muslim, even five year
after I had become a Muslim (that is a average Broad Minded Modern Muslim for you – Ed.). When
he came to know that I had become a Muslim, he remained indifferent.

But gradually and slowly, I was able to influence both my daughter and my husband to become
practicing Muslims, and I thank God for that.

I regret that Westerners have a totally wrong concept about Islam and Muslims and that is due to wh
information they receive from the Western Media. I believe that most westerners have no antagonist
attitude towards Islam and they would be ready to accept Islam, if they are provided with correct
knowledge about it.

I have been trying to clarify Islamic principles to my relatives in England , the best way to preach
Islam is to behave well and to implant its values in the hearts of the new generations. The
responsibilities of Housewife is therefore very great, my own example with my husband and my son
and daughters is an example.

(Abridged) Source:: Riyadh Daily May 15,1998 p9

119 Why I Became Muslim?
Noor's Testimony

Insights into Women in Islam vs. Women in Hinduism

I came from a purely Hindu family where we were always taught to regard ourselves (i.e. women) as
beings who were eventually to be married off and have children and serve the husband - whether he
was kind or not. Other than this I found that there were a lot of things which really oppressed women
such as:

* If a woman was widowed, she would always have to wear a white sari (costume), eat vegetarian
meals, cut her hair short, and never re-marry. The bride always had to pay the dowry (bridal money)
the husband's family. And the husband could ask for anything, irrespective of whether the bride wou
have difficulty giving it.

* Not only that, if after marriage she was not able to pay the full dowry she would be both emotional
and physically tortured, and could end up being a victim of "kitchen death" where the husband, or bo
the mother-in-law and the husband try to set fire to the wife while she is cooking or is in the kitchen,
and try to make it look like an accidental death. More and more of these instances are taking place.
The daughter of a friend of my own father's had the same fate last year!

* In addition to all this, men in Hinduism are treated literally as among the gods. In one of the religio
Hindu celebrations, unmarried girls pray for and worship an idol representing a particular god (Shiva
so that they may have husbands like him. Even my own mother had asked me to do this. This made m
see that the Hindu religion which is based on superstitions and things that have no manifest proof , b
were merely traditions which oppressed women could not be right.

Subsequently, when I came to England to study, I thought that at least this is a country which gives
equal rights to men and women, and does not oppress them. We all have the freedom to do as we lik
I thought. Well, as I started to meet people and make new friends, learn about this new society, and g
to all the places my friends went to in order to "socialize" (bars, dance halls, etc.). I realized that this
"equality" was not so true in practice as it was in theory.

Outwardly, women were seen to be given equal rights in education, work, and so forth, but in reality
women were still oppressed in a different, more subtle way. When I went with my friends to those
places they hung out at, I found everybody interested to talk to me and I thought that was normal. Bu
it was only later that I realized how naïve I was, and recognized what these people were really lookin
for. I soon began to feel uncomfortable, as if I was not myself: I had to dress in a certain way so that
people would like me, and had to talk in a certain way to please them. I soon found that I was feeling
more and more uncomfortable, less and less myself, yet I could not get out. Everybody was saying
they were enjoying themselves, but I don't call this enjoying.

I think women in this way of life are oppressed; they have to dress in a certain way in order to please
and appear more appealing, and also talk in a certain way so people like them. During this time I had
not thought about Islam, even though I had some Muslim acquaintances. .. (Contd.)
In these days of so called "society of equal rights", you are expected to have a boyfriend (or you're
weird!) and to not be a virgin. So this is a form of oppression even though some women do not realiz
it. When I came to Islam, it was obvious that I had finally found permanent security. A religion, a
belief that was so complete and clear in every aspect of life. Many people have a misconception that
Islam is an oppressive religion, where women are covered from head to toe, and are not allowed any
freedom or rights. In fact, women in Islam are given more rights, and have been for the past 1400
years, compared to the only-recently rights given to non-Muslim women in some western and some
other societies. But there are, even now, societies where women are still oppressed, as I mentioned
earlier in relation to Hindu women.

Muslim women have the right to inheritance. They have the right to run their own trade and business
They have the full right to ownership, property, disposal over their wealth to which the husband has
right. They have the right to education, a right to refuse marriage as long as this refusal is according
reasonable and justifiable grounds. The Qur'an itself, which is the Word of God, contains many vers
commanding men to be kind to their wives and stressing the rights of women. Islam gives the right s
of rules, because they are NOT made by men, but made by God; hence it is a perfect religion.

Quite often Muslim women are asked why they are covered from head to toe, and are told that this is
oppression - it is not. In Islam, marriage is an important part of life, the making of the society.
Therefore, a woman should not go around showing herself to everybody, only for her husband. Even
the man is not allowed to show certain parts of his body to none but his wife. In addition, God has
commanded Muslim women to cover themselves for their modesty:

If we look around at any other society, we find that in the majority of cases women are attacked and
molested because of how they are dressed. Another point I'd like to comment on is that the rules and
regulation laid down in Islam by God do not apply just to women but to men also. There is no
intermingling and free-running between men and women for the benefit of both. Whatever God
commands is right, wholesome, pure and beneficial to mankind; there is no doubt about that.

When I put on my Hijab (veil), I was really happy to do it. In fact, I really want to do it. When I put
the Hijab, I felt a great sense of satisfaction and happiness. Satisfied that I had obeyed God's
command. And happy with the good and blessings that come with it. I have felt secure and protected
In fact people respect me more for it. I could really see the difference in behaviour towards me.

Finally, I'd like to say that I had accepted Islam not blindly, or under any compulsion. In the Qur'an
itself there is a verse which says "Let there be no compulsion in religion". I accepted Islam with
conviction. I have seen, been there, done that, and seen both sides of the story. I know and have
experienced what the other side is like, and I know that I have done the right thing. Islam does not
oppress women, but rather Islam liberates them and gives them the respect they deserve. Islam is the
religion God has chosen for the whole of mankind. Those who accept it are truly liberated from the
chains and shackles of mankind whose ruling and legislating necessitates nothing but the oppression
one group by another and the exploitation and oppression of one sex by the other. This is not the cas
of Islam which truly liberated women and gave them an individuality not given by any other authorit
120 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. We belong to Delhi, where I was born. We live in WAZIRABAD locality of Delhi. I did my MA
in English and specialization in Martial arts. I have been state champion of Delhi for three years. I r
a Martial arts coaching institute in Delhi.

I was in search of truth from very beginning. A Buddhist scholar was living in my neighborhood. H
asked me to accept Buddhism and told that we will sent me to some foreign country. I accepted
Buddhism, but once I saw Pork meat in his Fridge, that turned me away from his, as he was a

02. My mother used to go to Church regularly, I also used to go with her. The priest was very happy
to meet me. He also told me that if I become Christian, they will send me to some foreign country.
But when I looked closely, I found the same type of idol worship there also.

Then I met a Muslim Sufi, who asked me to become Muslim, and he told me to recite some
incantation. I got some peace, but when I saw that my teacher was being “worshipped” like Hindu
Brahmin, I said they all are same from the inside.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. It so happened that I met one Muslim gentleman during reconstruction of my house. He told me
something about Islam and when he told him about that Muslim Sufi, he laughed and asked me to m
Maulana Kalim Sahib in PHULAT.

I reached PHULAT and Maulana told me in detail about Monotheism and how it is different from al
those who make partners with True God. His talks impressed me. He gave me some books about
Islam, I read them and came to know what real Islam is all about.

04. I accepted Islam at the hands of Maulana. He gave me my new Islamic name and asked me to
learn about Prayer and other Islamic teachings.

C. How I saved My Islam:

05. I also had to face many difficulties, which every new Muslim faces in the society. Many student
left my coaching Institute when I became Muslim. Allah sent many more students.

My in-laws tried to put hindrances in our path. Then some of my creditors from whom I had taken
loan for re-building my house behaved badly and harshly with me…but these were minor tests and
Allah gave me strength and solved my problems..

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

I presented Islam to my wife and Allah opened her hearts to Islam. She and all my children accepted
Islam, Alhamdolillah.

2. On Parents.

After my wife, I presented Islam to my father and by grace of Allah, he also accepted Islam.

3. On Family members / Others.

06. I came to know that one Muslim Girl from a good family of MP had done court marriage with a
Hindu boy and was living with him as Hindu.

Maulana asked me to go and meet her, I went to their house and talked to the boy. When I presented
Islam to him, he accepted islam, then I asked the girl to re-enter Islam and then their marriage was
redone as per Islam.

07. Then I came to know that a Muslim Lawyer had married a Muslim girl to a Hindu boy after mak
her Hindu. I got very angry and went to that lawyer and told what type of Muslim is he..

Then I went the same night to the couples home in Delhi and talked to them about
Islam….Alhamdolillah the boy, who was a computer engineer accepted Islam. The girl (who was a
Muslim) did not know how to recite the KALIMA (Basic creed of Islam)… I told her and then they
were married according to Islamic rites Alhamdolillah.

F. Present Situation:

I am active in DAWAH activity and now I want to memorize the whole Quran. I ask my Muslim
friends to pray for me.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

08. The whole world is thirsty about truth. They go tot his door and that door in search of truth. So
many god-men are misleading the people.
It is Islam which will quench their thirst. It is duty of Muslims to bring the message of Islam to them
It is their duty as a Muslim.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of May 2008

121 Why I Became Muslim?


JERMAINE JACKSON is brother to the well known Pop Singer Michel Jackson. He was born in
Grey Indiana in 1954. His mother’s name is Katherine Jackson and Father’s name Joseph Jackson.
He is also a very good singer, but not as famous as his brother. The story of his conversion to Islam
a commentary of prophetic saying “When Allah wants to do favor to some one, He opens his hearts

It was in 1989, when me and my sister took a tour of some ME countries. We were very well receive
and a large crowd used to gather wherever we went. It was in Bahrain, when we were surrounded by
large group of small children. They asked me many questions…..some one asked me about my
religion….when I asked what was their religion….they answered in one voice Islam!!

This answer and their confidence was the one thing which changed my outlook about Islam. I was
forced to learn about Islam and when I knew the truth, it was almost impossible for me to hold back.
Therefore I declared my conversion to Islam. I did not care the way Western Media was doing
propaganda against me,

When I recited the Islamic KALIMA of faith, I felt that it was a sort of re-birth of me. Islam gave m
answers to all Question, which as a Christian I was not getting. In Islam I got the answer about the
birth of Jesus Christ and many such issues.

I knew that US media was presenting a very bad image of Islam and Muslims. They did the same
thing to me and against my brother Michel. My brother has no grudge against Islam and Muslims an
is very close to Islam himself. But the media sensationalized trivial issues concerning me and my
family. They threatened that they would make USA too hot for us to stay therein.

We tried our best to help Bosnian Muslims as well as poor Muslims in many African countries. Ou
family is very serious in helping poor because we ourselves were very poor not long ago.

My sister was also very much surprised about me accepting Islam, she had reservations about
Polygamy in Islam. When I told the circumstances and conditions under which Islam allows limited
polygamy, and the downfall in sexual morality which free western society was bringing, she got
convinced (abridged)
122 Why I Became Muslim?
Young, Female and Muslim

by Jocelyn Wiener, Times Staff Writer. © St. Petersburg Times. Published October 7, 2002

The first time 21-year-old Rose Munoz deflates the Whoopee cushion; everyone jumps, and then
begins to giggle. Rolling her eyes at her vice president's antics, 19-year-old Amal Kurdi, the presiden
calls the members of the Sisters United Muslim Association back to attention.

It is just before noon on Friday, and the young women, most of whom wear Hijab, the traditional
Muslim head covering, are simultaneously making their way through an extensive agenda (student-
teacher dinner, poetry reading, highway cleanup, beauty tips) and a veritable feast of college student
food (strawberries and Cool Whip, Keebler Chips Deluxe, carrots and ranch dressing).

One young woman, a recent convert, suggests that SUMA host a dinner for the parents of converts.
Rose, who also is a convert, embraces any opportunity to spread awareness about Islam.

"We can have different people get up and talk about why we converted, and how we faced hardship
with our parents," Rose says.

Every year, about 20,000 people in the United States convert to Islam, in addition to those who conv
in prison, according to a study conducted last year by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. O
these converts, there are more women than men, the majority of them young and unmarried, says
Hodan Hassan, spokeswoman for CAIR. They come to Islam because they have Muslim co-workers
and friends, because they have Muslim boyfriends, or because they start studying and find they agree
with the tenets of a religion that emphasizes modesty and community.

In the past year, Muslim women have frequently been called upon to defend their role in their faith.
But young women who convert to Islam often face an additional challenge: persuading their families
to accept their decisions. Islam insists that people maintain close family ties and show respect for the
parents. For those who are going against their parents' wishes merely by practicing Islam, negotiating
balance can prove difficult…

Rose did not intend to wear the scarf. But slowly, she started covering her hair with baseball caps.
Then she moved on to bandanas. Her Muslim friends assured her that when she was ready to wear
Hijab, she would know. The day she put it on, Rose felt liberated.

"I used to dress very provocatively," she says. "People say, "Don't you miss it?' What do I miss? I
gained something. I don't get gawked at by random men anymore."

Rose says her parents, however, were horrified by her decision to wear Hijab.

"You chose your religion over us," she says they told her. "People will discriminate against you.
You're making yourself a third-rate citizen." She says her father calls her every time he hears about a
attack on a Muslim. By wearing Hijab, he tells her, "You've basically painted a bull's-eye on you
saying "shoot me.'"

Her younger sister, a 15-year-old high school sophomore who wants to be a movie star, asked her,
"How are you going to heaven?"

Rose Munoz moves so naturally in her elegant peach-colored Hijab and her matching loose-fitting
julbab that it seems surprising her first exposure to Islam took place only three years ago. A friend le
her a copy of the Koran. Rose flipped through it a bit, read maybe five pages, then put it away.

Although she had been baptized twice -- by Roman Catholics in New York and Baptists in St.
Petersburg -- Rose hadn't felt comfortable in either faith. She was scolded for asking too many
questions and gossiped about for wearing tight clothes and partying.

By the time she started studying at USF, Rose had long since stopped attending church. She began
seeing groups of young women, their hair covered with Hijab, walking together around campus. She
started looking for them at the library every Friday. On one of these Fridays, Sept. 3, 1999, a month
into her freshman year, Rose approached them.

"I really want a "head thing' and to come to the mosque if you guys will take me," she blurted out.
Amal, who remains one of Rose's best friends, was in that group. The girls brought Rose home, gave
her appropriate clothing, and invited her to join them for Friday prayers at the mosque.

"It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen," Rose remembers. "It was so calming and so peaceful.
Everybody was bowing down and praying. I'd always been at churches where the front pews were
reserved for the people who gave the most money."

When the prayers were over, Rose looked at Amal. "I want to convert right now," she said. "Are you
sure?" Amal asked.

"This is it," Rose answered. She could feel it.

Rose's struggle to defend her faith to her family was intensified by the climate of fear that many
Muslims experienced in the aftermath of Sept. 11. Despite such difficulties, in the 13 months since
Sept. 11, many Muslim groups have noticed an increase in new converts.

"We've seen a surge of interest in Islam," says Altaf Ali, director of CAIR Florida, "and as that surge
increases, so does the conversion ratio." Britney Johnson, a 17-year-old senior at Durant High Schoo
is one of the new converts. Raised in a Baptist family, the fourth of seven children, she had the same
initial reaction as many of her peers in the aftermath of Sept. 11.

"I thought we should turn the Middle East into a parking lot," she remembers. But at that time,
Britney's family lived next door to a Muslim family, and Britney was friendly with many of the
neighbors' children. So she bought The Idiot's Guide to Islam, and started studying. That was in
November 2001. After a few months, a friend gave her Amal's phone number. Britney started
attending Sunday classes at the mosque. She converted this past August. "I was nervous, dizzy," she
says. "This has been the most incredible month of my life."

[Times photo: Ken Helle. Converts take classes and study books such as the Sahih Muslim, a
collection of sayings and deeds by the Muslim prophet Mohammad.]

Britney says that if she could choose to clarify one misconception about Islam, she would explain th
women are not oppressed. She says her family has accepted her conversion "pretty well." "It's so
opposite from what we hear on the news," she says. "In my world religions class, people say, "Wow,
never knew Islam was so close to Judaism and Christianity.'"

Muslim leaders are also quick to dispel many of the myths surrounding the role women play in Islam
Hassan of CAIR says many of these stereotypes arise from the incorrect understanding "that we're
voiceless, that it is mandated in Islam that we have no rights, that we're chattel."

Sofian Abdelaziz, director of the American Muslim Association of North America, says that Islam
emphasizes the importance of women's education.

"In the mosque, women are supposed to be active, to teach," he says. "The daughter of the prophet
used to teach Islam, even to men." Hassan says actions taken by specific governments, especially
Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, have led many people in the West to believe Islam is a misogynistic
faith, when in fact those governments are breaking Islamic law. Hassan notes that Indonesia, the
largest Muslim country, has a female president, Egypt and Jordan have a higher percentage of femal
engineers and doctors than the United States, and a larger percentage of women sit in the Iranian
parliament than in the U.S. Congress.

"There is no compulsion -- and this is in the Koran -- in faith," she says. "You give people the option
to cover. If you force them, it goes against Islam."

For many young women, the emphasis on modesty is a crucial reason for their attraction to Islam. Ju
three weeks ago, Arrica Clark's life was, by her own estimation, a mess. "I used to be real boy crazy,
wearing those little shorts," says the 27-year-old single mother, as she sits in McDonald's watching
three of her four small children play with Happy Meal figurines. The father of 6-year-old Kashayla a
5-year-old Lonnie sends Arrica some child support. The father of 3-year-old Jamellah and 14-month
old Fatima does not. To make ends meet, Arrica works as a cashier at a local U-Save, leaving the
children in government-subsidized day care.

Stressed from what she calls "living in the world," she says she used to "cuss like a sailor" at work an
scream at her children at home. As a high school student, Arrica had known some Muslim girls and
had once tried wearing Hijab. She had taken it off after three days because she was confused. The
father of Jamellah and Fatima is Muslim, and had encouraged Arrica to consider Islam. Arrica had
only been with her most recent boyfriend for two months when she became pregnant with a fifth chi
due in April. Her boyfriend hit her. She kicked him out. A few days later, she went to an open house
the mosque, and said shahada, the prayer for accepting Islam.

"I felt like a whole new person," she says. "I felt clean. Men can't holler at me," she adds. "I don't mi
that part." Her father, who is Christian, doesn't know she converted. She doesn't think he'd approve.

[Times photo: Ken Helle. Amal Kurdi, center, in discussion with Taqwa Aquil, left, and Anna
Harbaoui at the end of their Islamic conversion class.]

Rose still plays soccer with other SUMA members, still rides horseback, still visits Busch Gardens,
still eats pizza and watches movies and dances when she is alone with her friends. What she misses
most, she says, is a normal relationship with her family. She believes that, with time, such a
relationship is possible. "My mom loves me so much she'll buy me scarves sometimes," Rose smiles
"My grandmother gave me a beautiful, velvet embroidered scarf. They'll respect my prayer, but at th
same time ask, "Why are you so fanatical?"

In the shadowy side room of the al-Qassam mosque in north Tampa, 10 young women sit in a semi-
circle on the beige and brown-striped carpet. A fan whirs overhead, gently stirring the flowing scarv
-- ivory, violet, cobalt, sage -- that conceal heads of blond, brown and black hair. Loose dresses, wor
for modesty, drape gracefully over bodies thick and thin.

It is Sunday, just after noon, and Amal and her friend Taqwa Aquil are leading a weekly class, with
support from Rose and Jennifer Valko, a quiet 20-year-old who converted two years ago and is co-vi
president of SUMA. The more recent converts, including Arrica and Britney, mostly listen and ask
questions. "What if you haven't prayed and it's time to go to sleep?" asks Britney. "I've heard it's bett
not to pray tired," Rose says. "That's true, but you should take the necessary steps, set an alarm," Am
replies. They talk about the prayer for guidance. "This might sound silly, but I'm a dorky student and
do it before I take a test," Amal confesses. "If I'm all stressed out, I tell myself, I studied, I did what
can, and now I'm just leaving it to him to help me through."

"You know what's cool?" Rose says, looking up. "In the Koran, Allah's mercy is greater than his wra
All these prayers are really long, but the one for forgiveness is really simple."

At 2 p.m., the imam chants the call to prayer. The young women stand in a row, their eyes closed, th
heads bowed. Slowly, quiet sounds penetrate the silence of the mosque -- the whirring of the fan, the
cries of children outside, the rustle of dresses as the young women kneel, bow, kneel, stand, and the
sound of the imam's voice, calling the name of Allah.

123 Why I Became Muslim?

Somayyah From a Bathing Suit to Hijab

By Christian Hauser, Islamic Voice

Note: SOMAYYAH was educated in a convent and as a teenager worked as a model and in cocktail
lounges. Growing up in Ireland and Britain, she tried drugs and liquor land supported alcoholic and
sometimes abusive parents. Years later the 25 year old Irish woman moved to the Gulf Arab Emirate
of Dubai where, through books loaned by friends, she learned about Islam.

“I would go to the beach in my bathing suit and listen to Qur’an on my Walkman,” she said.

“One day I was going to the beach in a taxi driven by a Pakistani who had Qur’an on the radio. I got
there and put one foot on the ground to get out.

“Then I looked at the taxi driver and said: ‘No, take me back home.’ I couldn’t go to the beach and
take my clothes off.”

Now Somayyah, a school teacher who adopted the name of Islam’s first female martyr, will not leav
her flat without covering herself from head to toe in Hijab. Since she converted her family has refuse
to see her.

In interviews, some said they converted because they were disillusioned by changes in their own
religious traditions.

Others said they were influenced by husbands or relatives or that they liked the sense of community.

“I had seen so many changes in the church that unsettled me,” said Kathy Grigg, an American in her
mid-thirties whose family supported her conversion to Islam.

“Latin was dropped from the mass, women were not only no longer required to cover their heads in
church but were permitted to wear pantsuits. Abstinence from eating meat on Fridays was dropped.”

“There was no more reverence. But to me, seeing a Muslim pray, to bow down on the ground..”

Bilal Philips, 49, a Canadian who had worked for the Saudi air force religious affairs department in
Riyadh and who was well-known as a TV religious presenter, said he belonged to the communist
movement in Canada and the United States.

“I became fed up. Basically I was searching for something meaningful,” he said of his conversion 24
years ago.

Some US military personnel were exposed to Islam when they served in the Gulf war.

Philips manned an Islamic information centre in a tent at an air force base in Dhahran. In the six
months after the war 3,000 Westerners converted at the centre, 98 percent of them US servicemen or
women, he said.

They gave up alcohol but wearing Muslim attire and praying five times a day clashed with military

“You got out of uniform as quickly as you could land put Hijab back on,” said one convert, Asma
Markusson, a former US army reservist who grew up in Illinois wanting to be a nun.

As for prayers “I had to catch my prayers when I could.” (Abridged)

124 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a JAT Family in PHULAT. My father was headmaster of Primary school in which
LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI, the second Prime Minister of India was teaching.

02. I did my primary education in that school and then High School and Intermediate from city
schools. I was very much interested in body building and wresting and I won many competitions in
my village and city level.

My father used to take care of poor people and those in need. I also inherited the same attitude of
helping poor and down trodden. Then I fell into the society of bad people and made a sort of gang.
The people were afraid of us, but even in those days, I used to help the poor people and those in need

03. My temper was very high and that led to high blood pressure and other complications. I used to
take FORTE-1 injection, at least four to eight per day. If one injection is given to normal person, he
would go to sleep for 8 to 10 hours.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

04. Once I went to a clinic for FORTE-1 injection, Maulana Kalim Sahib was also sitting there, whe
he saw the injection, he asked me why I was injecting all this poison in my body. I told that it is my
only cure.

He said that if I accept his advice, I would never need these injections. I only need one month from
you and you have to come to PHULAT for that.

05. Next morning when I was still thinking about last evenings happening, when someone brought m
a small letter from Maulana. In which he told me about hell fire and what will happen to me if I
continue my present case. This impressed me very much and I decided to go to PHULAT at the first

I went but Maulana was busy in his outside visits, He came back after two days and was very happy
see me. I told him to make me a Muslim. He said that I had become Muslim the day I had decided t
accept Islam. But this is needed fro confirmation.

06. I accepted Islam and he named me Abdullah, saying that this is one of the best names for anyone

Then Ramadan came and Maulana asked me to stay away from those injections for one month…. I
fasted for the whole month and did not need those injections, after the end of month , I did not get th
urge and have got rid of that evil habit, Alhamdolillah.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

07. Earlier I was incharge of the Local Hindu Extremist party SHIV SENA and had participated
actively during Babri Mosque movement. Now when I became Muslim, it was strange news to my

They opposed me and implicated me into many false cases. But with the encouragement I received
from Maulana and my faith, Allah made things easy for me.

D. How I saved my Islam:

I went along with a Muslim missionary party for some time and learned Quran and Prayers and othe
day to day teachings of Islam.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

I had two wives, one of them and her two children accepted Islam with me.

My other wife did not accept Islam, after lot of persuation, I left her and gave her my house in Delhi

3. On Family members / Others.

08. My brother along with his family accepted Islam and many members from my family also accep

When I remember how much I worked against Islam and Muslims in my earlier days, it affects me
very much. It is Maulana who advices me to forget the past and look for present and future.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

09. I was thirsty for the true love and when I got it from Maulana, I became his slave. This is my
advice to all Muslims also.

They should treat their Non Muslim brothers with love and consideration.
(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Sept. 2008

125 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born into a Catholic Family. We had our own saint whom we used to worship and we were no
allowed to read Bible. Once I went to a Protestant Church and was surprised that every one was free
to read Bible there. So I joined that Church and soon got enough knowledge to act as priest. I
completed my degree in Computer Engineering and was looking for job.

In those days I knew nothing about Islam and had very negative opinion about Muslims. In our loca
media Muslims were always refereed to as Terrorists and killers and very bad people.

It so happened that I got job in a bank in Saudi Arabia and moved to the city of Dammam. I used to
live with my Pilipino friends in a rented house. I had no desire to learn Arabic, because I considered
a very inferior language and in the bank every one talked in English.

Things were going on like that, when one day, we hired a Taxi from Dammam, the fair we agreed w
Saudi Riyal 15, but the driver at the end of journey demanded 20 Riyals. I got very angry and Told t
driver, how can you behave like that when you believe in God and prey five times!!! Immediately th
driver became ashamed and asked to be paid 15 Riyals.

This event showed me that the driver was good at heart and cared about his religion. My attitudes
towards Muslims started changing and I wanted to know more about Islam. I always thought that th
do some worship of sun, because they prey according to sun cycles.

Then one day my Supervisor mentioned Jesus, I asked him “what have you to do with Jesus, he is fo
us for Christians”. He told me smiling that Muslims also believe in Jesus and all other Biblical
prophets!! I was much surprised.

I decided to know more about Islam and went in a local book store to buy books about Islam. I boug
three or four books including one titles “Jesus not God but son of Mary”. The book gave many
quotations from Bible, I took out my Bible and checked the quotations, they were all true. I then
started going to local Islamic Guidance center and started listening to talks and lectures there. There
were many sub groups there, I used to Join Pilipino group.

After some time, it became cleat to me that 1) Jesus is not God 2) Bible is not preserved in its origina
condition 3) Islam is right when it says that only God should be worshipped and no one else.

When I got convinced of these facts, I decided to become Muslim. But I did not know how or what.
One day I decided to go to local Mosque for the FAJR prayer. I was standing outside the Mosque an
was not knowing what to do. One Sudanese knew my dilemma and he told me to just go inside
Mosque and do what I see others doing. I cannot express the peace and tranquility I felt when I put m
head for the first time on ground.
I did not declare my Islam to my fellow Pilipino, but was praying in secret. But it soon leaked out an
my friend started arguing with me and tries to turn me back. I told clearly that I have accepted Islam
after lot of consideration and after knowing that it is true. I had to leave that house and shift
elsewhere. When my Saudi Supervisor know that I had accepted Islam, he became very happy and
gave a great banquet in my honor.

When I went to Philippine on vacation, I told my parents that I have become Muslim, They were
shocked at first , but soon adjusted to my wishes. I soon met another Pilipino friend who had becom
Muslim and was soon married to his daughter. I have two daughters whom I have named SAFA and
MARWAH. I try t spend my spare time with the Islamic Guidance Center in Al Khobar. (abridged)

126 Why I Became Muslim?

Ms Tasha

Assalaamu 'Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Tasha, and I recently converted (formally) to Islam on July 7,2004.I had been studying
Islam ever since I was in 7th grade. My interest in Islam began when I was invited to iftar for
Ramadan by my Seventh grade teacher. And ever since then I was hooked!!!

I was raised a Baptist, but like so many former Christians I never really practiced Christianity. I rare
if ever attended Church or Sunday school because I just felt so uncomfortable there. My immediate
family was the type where we just went to church on major holidays. So I studied Islam and fasted fo
the Ramadan while I was not Muslim (I knew that my fasts wouldn't count, but it was my situation,
perhaps that was Allah subhana wa ta'ala's will). Then finally my sophomore year in high school I go
back in
contact with my 7th grade teacher and I learned even more. I learned how to pray, I learned (and I am
still learning) how to read Arabic, and I had started reading the Qumran (Alhamdolillah what a
glorious Al Khitab it is. My favorite Surah thus far is Sura Yusuff). Then I began going to a dars in
February (shortly after Ramadan) that she (my old teacher) spoke at for girls 12-18 (which I still
attend). Then I slowly increased and I started going to a Lecture or Khutbah on Thursday nights. The
finally on that fateful Tuesday I converted/reverted (what ever people want to call it)!!! It was one of
the best days of my life!!! Subhanallah!!! The only problem is that I haven't told any one because I a
truly afraid they'll either disown me or try to Deprogram me!!!

I had mentioned to my Mother that I wanted to convert when I was a freshman in High School, but I
had told her I'd wait until I was 18. And then My grandfather suspects something because even befor
I converted I spread the "good news" if you will, about Islam and how it cancels out the divinity of 'I
(aleyhi salaam) and original sin, so he believes that I am brainwashed or what not. But the kuffar are
truth rejecters!!! Then to make it even worse I have a twin sister, she knows that I pray five times da
and that I go to the Masjid frequently and all that, but she doesn't know if I converted or not!!! The
only one that knows besides the other Muslims at the Masjid is the Board of Directors at the library a
which I work. I just pray that Allah (SWT) gives me guidance and soften their (My families and my
friends and my co-workers) hearts, Ameen. Insha'allah , I will survive and increase in my iman.

By the way I am 16 and I live in IL.

Also I will be attending the ISNA conference/convention this labor day weekend and I hope that tho
of you on this mailing list will be attending. And isn't it ironic that when Muslimahs wear Hijab, or
when for that matter whatever Muslims people see (no matter what ethnicity you are or whether or n
u have been a citizen of the country where in you reside) people don't classify you as an American o
as a Mexican or as a German, etc. they classify you as a Muslim (subhanallah). But sometimes, in an
Americans case they look at you as if you don't know how to speak English properly and as if you ar
a terrorists and as if you are an Arab, ironic huh!!! But never the less I am proud of my Muslim
identity and insha'allah I will be able to be a good image of a Muslim to the American people and
insha'allah I will be able to wear Hijab proudly (once I tell my family) not only when I pray but whe
go outdoors too.

Wa salaam,

127 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in CHURU in a Rajput family on 20th April 1968. My father was principal in a local
high school. I did BA from the city and was married on 6th June 1990 in a good family of MP.

My husband was NAIB TAHSILDAR and he had been a very good hockey player. In fact he got his
job due to his hockey game. We lived in RATLAM and MANDSORE due to my husband’ transfers
Then he was promoted as TAHSILDAR in Bhopal and went there.

02. My husband used to love me very much and everything was fine in our family and we had two
children. But all that changed in 2000 when my husband went to live in Bhopal.

There was a very handsome Brahmin girl working in his office. She was very hard working and
efficient. My husband fell in love with her, even though there was no sexual relationship between
them, but he always was lost in her thought.

03. He decided to leave me an marry her….so he left me with my parents and invited her to Delhi to
marry her. Since he was already married, so lawyers told them the only way out was them to becom
Muslim and then get married..

They went to many places in Delhi, but no one helped them. Some one told them the address of
Maulana Kalim in Phulat. He reached there but Maulana was not there. But there was Muslim schol
there who asked them to recite Kalima and then married them as per Islamic rites.

04. He also told them that they have to complete official formalities by giving affidavit before a DM

The girl told my husband that when we have become Muslim, we should also read about Islam. She
got some book on Islam and read them. The study of Islam opened their heart to Islam and they
became Muslims from their heart.

05. Later when they met Maulana and told about their story….Maulana told that it was very unfair to
your first wife, you should start working on her and start praying for her right with..

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

06. Slowly the news of his marriage reached to me, I was very angry and sad. My father initiated a
case against my husband, he was arrested and spend some days in jail. He got bail but he was
suspended from the office duty.

My family members made life more and more difficult for him….but his new wife became a staunch
Muslim and even started participating in Missionary activities.

07. They consulted Maulana and his wife told him, that now that she has become a True Muslim, she
feels that his first wife was a victim. I have no objection, if he goes back to her and divorces me.
08. She phoned me a number of times and begged me repeatedly to come to Bhopal, so we could sol
the issue ourselves. Firstly I refused, but after some time, when Is aw no way out, I decided to go

When I reached there, she told me about Islam and went on asking me to save me from the hell fire…
She kept on working on me, till Allah also opened my heart to Islam.

09. I accepted Islam and I was remarried to my husband according to Islamic rites. She was very
happy for me and kept on congratulating me again and again.

Soon she told me one Friday that I have seen a dream that I am going to heaven….shortly afterwards
she fell sick…and died after a brief sickness.

It was strange that second wife is presented in a bad light, but in my case, she became a real boon.

E. My Missionary activities:
1. On Spouse / Children

10. My husband was very much affected by the death of his second wife. In fact he told me that he h
now no more attraction left in life.

I am consoling hem and send him to Maulana when he feels very depressed. I have brought my
children back to Bhopal and then are studying in Islamic schools now.

I hope that they become Islamic missionary.

F. Present Situation:

We have taken Maulana as our religious teacher and consult him on our situation and religious queri

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

11. It is said in Quran that “If one believes and does good deeds, Allah will make his earthly life
pleasant..” We have seen the truth of this Quranic verse in the life of my husband, his second wife a
now in my own case!!

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of March 2009

128 Why I Became Muslim?


Note: The Name of YOUSUF ESTES is very familiar to those who watch Peace TV. He is a regular
member on this channel. His imposing personality and his inimitable style of telling stories keeps on
spellbound. He was a Christian Missionary to start with, but now is an Islamic Missionary. Due to h
efforts, many persons belonging to various walks of life have entered into folds of Islam. As per him
they were all searching for the truth. He has many times told the story of his conversion to Islam of
Peace TV, an abridged version of which is presented below.

It all started in 1991, when my father announced that he is going to do a business with an Egyptian
guy, I thought it was OK to bring an International Flavor to our business. Land of Egypt always had
fascination for me. But when he announced that this man is a Muslim, I was very much Surprised:

A Muslim!!! Are we going to deal with a Muslim? Don’t you know that 1) they do not believe in Go
2) They worship a black cell in a desert 3) They kiss earth five times daily, I don’t want to do nothin
with any Muslim!!

But my father told me that he is a very good man and I should behave properly with him. An Idea
struck into my mind, may be we can make him a Christian!! Accordingly I decided to meet him on a
Sunday, when I was fresh from Church meetings, with My Bible under my arm and a Cap with a bol
Caption “Jesus is God”. Me with my wife and our two daughters were ready for our “First Encounte
with this Muslim.

I had imagined him to be dressed in a long robe and overflowing beard, hiding some gun or Bomb in
his garments, but to my disappointment he was a small man with a smiling face and pleasing manner
He met me with a sincere smile, I was bent upon to give my “Treatment” to him

“Do you believe in God”, I asked. Yes he replied and I was slightly taken aback.

“Do you believe in Adam and Eve”? , Yes he replied “Abraham…Moses”? Yes he replied. Then I
went for Kill
“Do you believe in Jesus that he was Christ”? I asked, his answer surprised me “Yes” Then I though
he only needs to be Baptized.

I took him to a café and we discussed (mainly I spoke) for a long time. I found him to be somewhat
shy and of silent disposition.

I told my father that it is OK to do business with me, then we traveled together many times and I too
care to turn on Christian Radio Channel, so he should listen about our beliefs, then it so happened th
he had to move into our house for a few days. Then it so happened that we had to take in a Catholic
priest also into our house. When I talked to the Catholic priest about Islam, I found that he knew mu
more about Islam than any of us. (Contd.)

We used to discuss religion every day after dinner, my father had his KJV, I with RSV, The priest w
Catholic Bible and my wife with Jehovah’s Witness Good News. We used to argue amongst
ourselves, which is the better and more authentic. Mohd. Would just sit silently listening to our talks
I asked him “How many versions he had of Quran”

He told us “Quran has no versions, every Muslim reads and memorizes the same Quran”. I was very
much surprised. One day the Priest asked Mohd. That he wants to visit the Muslim Mosque. When
returned, we were very eager to know what he saw in Mosque? “Nothing much, people came, they
prayed and dispersed” I was much surprised, no Music, no singing and no rituals?

After some time, the Priest again went to see the Mosque, when he came back after much time; we
were surprised that he was dressed in Muslim attire. “I have become Muslim”, he declared, we were
taken aback.

I thought about this, and I discussed with my wife. She told me that she also wanted to become
Muslim. Myself and my wife accepted Islam the next day… my father took a few months before he
also became Muslim. Both our daughters also became Muslim.

During my ministerial services I have met many Christian priests who told me that Islam is the true
religion. When I asked them why they did not accept it, they told that they do not want to loose thei
jobs and positions in the Church.

This is short story of my conversion to Islam, those who want more details can go to my site (Abridged)
129 Why I Became Muslim?


Note: This story is converted from a third person narrative to first person to match with other
posts. The events are correct however.

I belong to a comfortable middle class family in Southern California. After graduation, I married a
Syrian Muslim student and moved to Syria. There I desperately tried to understand Islam and its

I asked those around her about Islam, surprisingly my husband did not like my interest in Islam and
even rebuked me.

Growing up in America had ingrained upon me that various religions are in fact different paths to
reach to the same goal, a person chooses one that suits him, or he does not choose at all.

I found the literature on Islam in English insufficient and the translations of Quran seemed baffling,
the only way to comprehend was to simply learn the language.

The faith came slowly to me, I prayed to God that if He was true, He would make Himself known to
me. I realized that Quran indeed was an inspired book and a guidance for whole humankind.

The next logical step was for me to accept Islam, but when I realized the responsibilities of a true
Muslim, I hesitated. I was torn between the desire to live according to God’s law and the fear that I
would not be able to do so. I prayed, fasted and even gave ZAKAT, but I felt that if I did not declare
my faith, I will not be held accountable.

After two years of Arabic course and another thru private tutors, I could struggle thru reading the
Quran with the assistance of dictionaries and commentaries. Gradually I began to understand that w
are just as much responsible for what we neglect to do.

At that moment, I was ready to declare my faith. I did not knew what would the ceremony would be
like, what the Imam would ask me, I tried to prepare myself for many questions… It was so surprisin
to me that the ceremony was so simple and was over in a few minutes. I had become Muslim after 1

Since that time I have done much more study on Islam and have even written some books in Arabic
help Arabic speaking Non Muslims appreciate and make use of guidance that God placed within the
easy reach….

(Abridged) Source:: The Islamic Voice, Bangalore, Nov 1996, p18

130 Why I Became Muslim?
Testimony of Um Luqman

Um Luqman, "Jesus(AS) made sense to me as being a Prophet"

Bismillah ir Rahman nir Raheem ( In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu ( May the Peace and Blessings from ALLAH
be upon you) all in Islam,


This is my story of how I reverted back to Islam.

Revert is One who comes back to Islam. We are all Born Muslim, so those who stray and find there
way back, ( by ALLAH's will) has reverted.

By the time I was born, Islam had already been introduced to my family.

My Uncles, (maternal), had both accepted Islam, by the end of the Vietnam war. Masha'ALLAH. An
had given both of their sisters, my mother and aunt, dawah -- needless to say both of them rejected th
dawah at this time.

They were not too keen on the idea of telling their parents, (my grandparents-maternal). You see, I
came from a very strict Catholic background, and for anyone to convert to any other religion was
frowned upon terribly.

During my childhood, I always had the questions; Who was God, and Where did he come from. Min
you those two questions permeated my thoughts throughout my spiritual journey.

Well, in the cathedrals my family attended, there were these Big, and Massive statues. Oh my, I
thought these were the most scary statues I had ever seen. The music was creepy and the combinatio
of candles and stained glass made shadows look ghastly. Then, I remember having to light candles a
go to confession, eat bread and drink fake wine (grape juice)...........

........All of this was very exhausting to me.

The Frilly dresses and meticulous and strategically placed bows in my hair, I felt like a porcelain dol
and if anyone touched me or if I moved the wrong way , I could break. Did I forget to mention that
went to 2 different masses, Spanish and English. The Spanish I could barely understand ( parents
wanted me to be western-so they only spoke English to me). And the English was to difficult to follo
and after all of that, and after many years ; I still did not know the answer to my 2 questions.

As I got older, things changed quickly, here I was about 8 years old or so and my aunt took her
shahadah (Masha'ALLAH), and I still didn't know what that meant at that time, only heard the word
few times, here and there. And my mother and father grew apart, and we ( my mom and I) grew apar
I lived with my grandmother
, who was still a Devout Catholic, and I still had the dresses and bows. <smile>

My mother moved to Georgia, and I was still in New York, going to 2 masses and going to confessio
the whole bit.

I got a little older and at about age 12, (almost a teenager!!, <smile> ) I moved to Georgia with my
mom, and guess what!........

She also took her shahadah, ( Masha'ALLAH) and still I didn't know what this meant. I was
devastated. My mother, a beautiful career women, a Muslim. Now, I know that she was the most
beautiful women that I knew back then, and even now.

I didn't know what to do. I knew One thing , I was not going to wear that head rag, as I called it at th
pre teen stage. My mother tried to force me to wear the Khimar (head covering) and the long dress a
the long shirts at first, then she realized the more she tried , the more I rebelled. I even ran away from
home to my cousins house, (across the street from my school) to get away from my new Muslim mo

As time went on, I develop my curiosity of, Who God was and Where did He come from ,again. So,
here I am at age 15 searching for God. I was away from my Muslim mom (living with relatives again
back and forth to New York, visiting my grandma), and I went to a penacostle church. I took the inv
from a school friend.
I could not connect, so I kept on searching.

Now I was 17, had already been to a holiness church (all the "got the Spirit dancing" scared the heck
out of me), a Baptist church (to much singing and yelling, not enough preaching), and a non
Denominational church (finally found my niche) .

I was "baptised" and saved!! At last, I was no longer a sinner and was a spiritual person, who loved
God and His son...................

But, Who was He again? and Where did He come from? And now He had a son, did I just realize

Back to square one. I decided to just say no to all the invites and not do anything, as far as religion w

I had graduated from highschool and was in the beginning of my 2nd year of college ,when I met a
preacher, a very young one. Just 3 years older than me. He was at the "Other" University, one for all
males and it had a Theology program. Well, he gave me a bible, and told me to read certain chapters
to renew my faith in God. But Which God, hmmmmmmmmm.

I had been fed so much from so many different people, phew! I needed some renewal of faith, but ho
did I know this was the way. He made sure that he was there to guide me, if I had a question he alwa
had the answer, if I needed clarification, he did it, if I needed some upliftment, he was there. It came
time I accepted his invite to this little church he practiced preaching at. I thought I knew it all, I had
my Bible in hand , read it from cover to cover. I was prepared for it all.

Or so I thought..........

....I froze, something would not let me enjoy the service, I couldn't get up and say thank you Jesus
(AS) anymore, I could not say Hallaleuah anymore. I got up and walked out, and never returned to th
church again. Let me explain, I saw something in that church, I dont know what it was, but it was
looking at me as I was looking at it. A few months after that, I had 2 dreams. 2 dreams I will never
forget, Insha'ALLAH. To make it short, I dreamt that something was chasing me, and I turned aroun
and said something in a different language. it stopped and ran away. The next dream I had was of my
grandmother, (who had died, and taken her shahadah before her death, Masha'ALLAH). I was in her
house with a Jewish family, mother and son. My grandmother was in the kitchen cooking, and I was
speaking to this Jewish man, all of a sudden, my grandmother left and this Jewish mother was cookin
(I was in a spot where I could not see her), Well, this Jewish guy started speaking, what I think was
Yiddish or Hebrew, and he jumped up and disappeared, I was drawn to the kitchen and saw that sam
thing again, I started to say something in that same language as before , in my other dream. And this
time it didn't run, but grew. I said it over and over again, until I woke up screaming. I had to tell this
it is very significant in my reverting, (I think so anyway). Allahualim.

I decided once again, not to do anything about religion. I was going to pray directly to God and see
what would happen. So I did, and waited, and waited, and waited. I was now 23 years old, had two
children and still did not know the answer to those 2 questions. One day my uncle called me , just to
see how I was. I told him about the dreams, and to my surprise, what I had been saying in my dream
was Arabic! I was seeking refuge. And I didn't even know. Masha'ALLAH! All my Uncle said to m
was seek ALLAH, go to him and ask Him to guide you. He said this with such earnest, and he is an
uncles I love so dearly, one that has never steered my wrong, Should I believe him? Should I pray to
ALLAH? ALLAH.? Who was ALLAH? When my uncle gave me the answer, I broke down and crie
This was it, this was the answer I had been looking for , practically my whole life.!! That night I
prayed, to ALLAH.

About 2 years later, my aunt came to visit me, I was pregnant with my third child, and she asked me
you believe in God, the One God, who created all mankind., ALLAH. I said, Yes. She asked me wha
do u believe about
Jesus (AS), by this time I knew the Muslims believed him to be a prophet of God, so I said what I
thought she wanted me to hear and said, He is a prophet. She asked me did I know about the Prophet
Muhammad, I told her not much, and she told me all about him. And that is when Jesus (AS) made
sense to me as being a Prophet. I was intrigued. But still wasn't ready to make that move. I had too
much pride, I could not cover my hair. I couldn't go into a perfect religion, being so imperfect. And
what would my friends say? What about my job, what would they
say if I covered my hair?

Well, during this same week, my aunt and her husband visited me and my family again, we ate , we
talked, and then My husband, (who knew a little about Islam) started to ask questions, before I knew
He took his shahadah! Masha'ALLAH.

I was still stubborn, and he never pushed Islam on me. Two months later, the day before my son was
born (3 out of 4) <smile> I visited my mother. She had company and of course, she was Muslim. I
spoke to the sister ,that I was fond of,. And she said to me, What is stopping you from accepting
Islam. Your family, almost the entire family, is Muslim. Do you even know about Islam. I said
somewhat, so she grabbed my hand, and I followed her to another room. We sat, and talked, I found
out that I did not have to be perfect or never mess up, or free from sin. I still had some misconceptio
And By the Grace of ALLAH, this sister had put them to rest, with just one conversation. She even
told me if I could not cover right away, then not to worry, that all I had to do was pray to ALLAH.
And cover for Salah, and Insha'ALLAH, eventually I would cover. I could not believe it , to accept
Islam, ALL my previous sins forgiveen, wipe clean, a new start?!!, Now THAT is born again.

At that moment, I wanted to accept Islam, I wanted to take MY shahadah. It wasn't anything fancy, a
was used to in my previous ventures. My little brother, (a man then but still my little brother) gave m
my shahadah, Ashahdu illa ilaiha illallah, wa ashadu anna muhammadan rasoolu Allah,(I attest that
there is only One God, and His Name is ALLAH ,none is worthy of worship but He, and I did all thi
in front of my mom, my aunt , and the friend. The next day my son was born, and I had a peace that
came over me, I still cannot describe today. I have since then grown in my deen, and the knowledge
Islam, and can affirm, that Islam is the TRUE WAY OF LIFE,. AL - Hamdulillah!!

Sorry this took sooo long, I became absorbed.

I thank ALLAH, the Most Merciful, for allowing me to be Muslim, and Insha'ALLAH he will allow
all In Islam, to live , worship, and die as Believers, and Submitting Muslims, Ameen.

May ALLAH guide us all to His Straight Path, Ameen

Oh, I forgot to say, that I did wear my Khimar, shortly after that, Masha'ALLAH. And have since qu
that job, and now run my own business. I have progressed from just wearing the khimar, to full Hijab

Wa Alaikumu As Salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu


131 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.

A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a trading community in western UP on 3 Sept 1984. My father has a grocery shop
and is a very nice man. My mother also is a very nice woman. I have two brothers and one sister.

I was educated in my city upto BA and then I did MA in sociology as a private candidate.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. There are many Muslims living in my locality and we have close relations with them. One of my
neighbors were Mr. Khan who had a daughter who was my class fellow. I used to go to her house

She had one elder brother, who was very shy when talking to me. He would never look at my face a
when I would talk to him, he would leave the house. I used to comment on his behavior to my friend

03. Once I said that this is Kaliyug, and that is why there is so much indecency in India and world, a
our Kaliki Avatar will come and set the things right. My friend told me, but he has already come and
she gave me a small booklet titled “Prophet Mohammad and Kaliki Avatar” written by V.P. Upadha
a learned Hindu Scholar.

I read that book in the night and was very much impressed by it. In the end there was a list of books
recommended for further studies. I told my friend that I need all these books to study. She gave me
small booklet “Your trust returned to you” by Maulana Kalim Uddin.

04. I read that book and I read it to my mother also. She was also very much impressed by that book
and asked me to get all the books. After reading these books, I started having visions about heavens
and hell and what will happen to me if I died at that moment.

Meanwhile, the brother of my friend, who had gone abroad for job, send me message thru her sister,
that if I become Muslim, he will marry me.

05. I got Hindi Translation of Quran, I used to read and my mother also used to read it. Till it
convinced me that Islam is the true path and I must accept Islam if I want to save myself.

I left my house for Phulat and I stayed there for one week. During that week I accepted Islam and
completed all official formalities to register myself at Muslim.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

06. My absence from the house created an uproar and my family accused my neighbor Khan Sahib f
kidnapping me. Things took a very nasty turn and a riot was about to happen.
07. Somehow the elders intervened and asked every one to maintain peace. The news reached Phula
and Maulana told me to go back and tell every one the truth. I was afraid as to what will happen to
me, but he told me to stay firm and remember what had been done to earliest Muslims.

I came back and told every one that I had gone on my own and have become Muslim on my own. T
got Mr. Khan and his family to be released from Police station.

08. My family members tried every thing to turn me back from islam. From threats to physical
beatings to attempts to poison me … But Allah gave me strength to bear all that and I stayed firm.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

09. My mother told my father that one Dr. from Vijayvada , who has recently converted to Islam fro
Hinduism is ready to marry me. If we could marry them without any rituals… one in the family
will know it.

So the marriage was arranged accordingly and we came out from my family and the first place we
visited was Phulat!

10. Maulana was very happy to see me and told that he was always praying for my safe return. He
even said that he was guilty of violating a Quranic verse which prohibited Muslims to return newly
converted Muslim women back to Non Muslims. He asked me to pray for his forgiveness!!

2. On Parents.

11. My mother was half converted to Islam when I was there, but seeing my trials and my firmness
convinced her to truth of Islam.

Later she convinced my father also and both of them accepted Islam, Alhamdolillah.

F. Present Situation:

My husband has shifted to Delhi and is working in a hospital. He has also qualified for MD and hop
to start his study for it.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of April 2009

132 Why I Became Muslim?


Note: Name of Abdul Rahim Green is familiar to the viewers of Peace TV. He is a regular visitor
there. He is a regular speaker about Islam on Hyde Park corner in London. He described his
conversion to Islam in following words.

I was a Christian, but I was totally dissatisfied with Christianity. In order to achieve peace of Mind I
started study of other world religions. After reading about major world religions, I found that it is on
Islam, which provides real peace of mind. When I started reading Quran, I felt as if the verses are
directly reaching to my heart. I got what I was searching for, and I decided to accept Islam.

That portion of Quran which deals with the events of hereafter affected me most, when you read abo
the description of Last day, Heaven and Hell, then you realize the value of this life, and you know
what is the purpose of your life in this world. These things you will not find in OT or NT books.
Quranic verses shake your heart and you start looking to do some thing about next life.

Regarding the present condition of Muslims, I think that Muslims are now coming closer to Islam an
Quran. They want to adhere to Islamic teachings. I accept that there are some amongst them who ar
inclined towards extreme and do actions which are against teachings of Islam. But it is not correct t
generalize all Muslims.

It is like wise not correct to say that there is no good in present day world, we do have large number
Islamic thinkers, who have to find a solution to the present day problems. Not only that we have to
continue improving our condition and do not sit idle thinking about our past.

I would like to give an example for this, when Japan made the first car, it was very expensive and wa
not reliable, It did not sell much in the world. But Japan did not leave it on that, but kept on
improving the performance and reduce the price. The result being now Japan produces the Best Pric
and Most reliable cars in the world.

In the same way if we have to show our position in the world, we should be ready to do hard work a
keep pace with the times.
133 Why I Became Muslim?


At the age of 23, I was a divorced mother of two and a college student. Because I had my children a
rather young age. I was just then beginning to enjoy a social life (so to speak)…

One night I met these men who clamed they were Hebrews…part of Black Hebrews…they talked
about Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac and that the Black Hebrews and not the Jews that we knew
were the true inheritors of Yahweh’s promise… As I listened to them I knew there was something ou
of place in their story, but I could not identify what it was exactly, because of my own poor knowled
of religion at that time…

In order to contradict them, I went for looking for Torah in our college library… I could not get a co
of Torah but many other books on topics of religion.. I scanned thru Apocalypse and Bhagwat Gita…
I had heard that Quran also would say something about that topic, but there was no Quran in college
library other.

Thru some friends of my sister, I was able to get a copy of English translation of Quran and started
reading it. I read as much of Quran as I could. I was immersed in it….This is what I always though
and believed…what sort of book was this? I read and I cried…I read more and I cried more…
That Saturday night I found those Rastafarian people and told them what was missing in their story
was Ishmael…the first born son of Abraham…they argued that it was Isaac and not Ishmael who wa
to be sacrificed. I did not have enough knowledge to argue with them, so I left them on their believe

I had heard about a Black Muslim sect of Nation of Islam….but my study of Quran had convinced m
that Islam is not a racial religion at all.

One day, I had a knock at my door, and I saw a Muslim man standing and asking me if I wanted to b
some cakes they were selling. I ran and picked up my Quran and I asked if he was following religio
preached in that book? He looked surprised but said after a few second “Yes”.

Then I asked if he belonged to Nation of Islam…he said once, but now he was following true Islam a
Malcolm X did. I went with him to attend their meetings and finally in July 1979, I declared my
SHAHADAH in New York city Mosque.

I still have the same Quran with me and I still enjoy reading it regularly. I enjoy giving Quran as gif
to anyone who expresses any interest in Islam…

(Abridged) Source:: Saudi Gazette 12 Oct. 1998 p12

134 Why I Became Muslim?

Zainab's Testimony

My Spiritual Life:

I have been enamored with God since I was young. Like many children, I would stare into the clouds
or stars and wonder who, what, where, why, and how was God. Trying to verify His presence, I wou
set up quasi-experiments to find proof. For instance, setting a glass on a table, and ask God to move
to prove His existence. …

I was raised as a Christian, and as I grew up, I would go to different church denominations, and ask t
ministers (Imam), how they knew, for sure, that God existed. Now, I would think, that, this would be
the question, they are asked most often, but as it turns out, they are almost never asked this question,
and even more surprisingly, for the most part, they do not appear to like being asked this question…

I had other difficulties with Christianity. The concept that heaven can only be obtained through havi
Jesus as your Savior, with good and bad deeds having no relevance in the scheme of things, was an
idea that always defied common sense to me. Theoretically in Christianity, a person who sins all day
every day of his life, will go to heaven if he accepts Jesus as his Savior, one second before he dies. T
man that does all good, every day of his life, who does not accept Jesus as his Savior in his lifetime,
sentenced to eternal hell.

One day, I met several Muslim sisters, and I felt an instant kinship, unlike any I had previously held
Like myself, they did not date, swear, drink, and the long list of other common vices. It was such a
great feeling to meet others, with whom, I held so much agreement about so many matters. I was
surprised to learn that there was any other person on the planet so similar to myself. I had no idea su
a creature existed.

Since this was the second time Muslims had been brought to my attention, I decided that I should at
least investigate Islam, so I called a Mosque and went to it for direction. I was given a copy of the
Quran and so I started to read. Slowly my focus began to shift from Christianity to Islam. At first I
stopped teaching the "Christ as Savior" part in my Sunday School lessons, and opted for morality
lessons each week.

I did not discuss Islam with anybody because I felt I was betraying all my Christian family and
friends, and I did not even discuss it with my Muslim girlfriends because I did not want my decision
have any pressure applied. Slowly, without my actually realizing it, I began to shift my beliefs from
Christianity and towards Islam. I

In the following month, I was overwhelmed with the sense that I was home. I felt that what I had bee
looking for all my life had been found, and for the first time I was home where I belonged. Often, I
feel as though I was always a Muslim,

My familial response to my conversion:

The rude response however was difficult to understand, and very troubling for my family. Their
impression of Muslims had been the same as 95% of Americans, that they are crazy terrorists.
However, when my family met my girlfriends, they changed their opinion to a positive one. Then,
when mean-spirited brothers did their best to make my life difficult, they reversed their opinion. The
did this rightly so. I have not written here some of the bizarre behavior that occurred because I do no
think it will serve any benefit to Islam. Suffice to say, if anyone else had been in their shoes, they
would agree with them. (Contd.)

Looking to God for Guidance:

Some religious people get angry when I say that God guides me, and claim it is impossible. First of a
the Quran begins by stating that we should go to God for guidance. Secondly, just because they (the
angry person) have never had this experience, does not mean it does not exist. It does happen, and I
will be happy to try to explain how to get started, as far as I understand it.

1. First of all, remember, that God knows every iota of our intentions. So, we must begin with utterly
pure intentions. You cannot want God's guidance for some reason or power, ego, etc. It must be for
wholly unselfish reasons. God recognizes the impure heart, no matter how successfully someone mig
try to disguise it among the general public.
2. You must let go of all the things that you try and control in your life and recognize that God is in
control. I think so often God is trying to guide us towards what he wants us to do, however, we are to
busy, trying to make things go the way that we want, that we are not able to hear Him. A good way t
let go of our control, so that we can hear God, is to visualize a barge floating down a river in front of
you. Imagine placing everything you have in your life on that barge as it floats away from you, to Go
Image you have no say or input as to what happens to these things, situations, people, etc., and
honestly saying to God that you fully accept and embrace whatever it is He decides to do with all of
the things in our life. Even if it is the opposite of what you desire - that is a very hard part. Imagine i
He decides that everything is best for you, if it is the opposite, of what you are trying to achieve. Thi
is where you have to truly trust God one hundred percent.

3. Next, you must be still and recognize God and all of His attributes.

4. Next, you must be silent and still and just "be" with God.

5. You must not expect anything to happen, because it is the grace of God when He guides you.
However, if you do this daily, my experience is eventually something happens. Sometimes it happen
during the prayer, but other times it occurs while you are in the ordinary situations.

6. The thing that happens is that you will sense a strong direction of guidance. You have to learn to
distinguish between your own ideas and Gods. The way that I usually know that it is God, is that His
guidance is usually the opposite of what I want to do. For instance, since I am not a good person, the
are certain people that I do not like, and would not mind if they disappeared from this earth.
Sometimes, I will sense God telling me to go to them and comfort them. It is a struggle because
sometimes my only desire is to go up and kick them. I remember once I sensed God asking me to pra
blessings for my least favorite person on the planet. I could not believe it. I was arguing with God
saying, "come on God? Blessings? Can I just pray that he gets in a car accident and suffers pain and
becomes very sorry for being so evil." (I told you that I am bad, didn't I?) Anyway, needless to say, H
did not find that acceptable, so I pray the way He requested. When I have a strong sense that I need t
do something good that I do not want to do, and this action falls in line with all the teachings of Alla
it is usually God's guidance.

7. The way that I confirm that it was God's guidance is that something significant and Godly happen
as a result. For instance, the day I prayed blessings for my least favorite person, he made a dramatic
turn around in his behavior toward me from that time forward.

8. Again, the key, is all in the honesty of intention. Your intention must be to behave in a pious way,
serve Allah and His purposes with no desire for personal gain. Again, I have many interesting stories
about this, but I want to limit the length of this.

Finally, I would like to ask for prayers from my brothers and sisters in Islam. I have found the
transition to Islam difficult and I have encountered a world of problems trying to do Islamic work in
the community. I would sincerely prefer a prayer more than a gift of $1,000,000. So to anyone that
sacrifices their valuable time and remembers me in their prayers, I will be eternally grateful and

135 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born on 4 Nov. 1957 in a Brahmin family in Allahabad UP. My father was head master in
school there. I have two sisters and one brother, and I am he eldest.

I did my High School and Intermediate in Science from my father’s school. I did not get good mark
so I did B. Com. I started working in POONA and after three or four jobs, I am working as Productio
Manager in a company.

I am married to a girl from Benaras and we have three children.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. In June 2003, I was going on picnic with my whole family. We had five seats and the sixth was
Maulana Kalim Sahib. My wife and my children treated Maulana with respect and spread his beddin
for him and place his shoes properly and asked if he needed any help etc.

The train reached Delhi at around 8 AM and we had to change there for going to Simla. While
departing, Maulana thanked my wife and my children for their courtesies and said that he wanted to
give some thing in return. He gave me a small booklet “Your Trust returned to You” and said that th
is his visiting card.

03. Later when returning from Simla, we started talking about Maulana and how nice he was. My
children told me that what happened to the small book which he had given. I took out the small
booklet and my whole family started reading it.

I got so impressed by the book that I got 20 copied of it made from station and distributed it to my
fellow travellers.

04. Then I got some other books on Islam and my whole family read these books. We got convinced
of the truth of Islam and wanted to accept Islam. But no one amongst the local people was ready to
make us Muslims. We wrote to Maulana and he told me to come to Phulat.
We reached there on the day of Eid, Maulana was overjoyed to see us and told that he had prayed to
Allah many times to guide us to the true path and pay back for what we had done for him in that

Me, my wife and my three children accepted Islam at the hands of Maulana and he gave us our Islam

E. My Missionary activities:

2. On Parents.

Both my parents accepted Islam, Alhamdolillah. My father has died and he was buried in Allahabad
a Muslim graveyard.

3. On Family members / Others.

My brothers and both my sisters have accepted Islam. And Maulana told me that two of the persons
whom I had given the booklet “Your Trust…” also became Muslim, Alhamdolillah

F. Present Situation:

I am very happy with our new life. Last year I performed Hajj also with my whole family and
my father.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

06. Most Hindus in India are very simple and they respect love and kindness. Once you can show to
them that you are kind to them, they will become your servant.

It is now upto Muslims in India to rise up to the task and show Hindus that they have their own welf
in bringing Islam to them.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Oct 2007.

136 Why I Became Muslim?


You would be surprised to now that this was the name which my Christian parents gave to me!!! I
never found any other Christian who had name like me. I used to discuss Christianity with my Musl
friends… one of them remarked that I must be a Muslim, because this is a common Muslim name.
When I asked my parents, they told me that they had selected this name for me, so I could mingle wi
Muslims and do secret preaching!!!

I joined Christian Mission and started work amongst Muslims, because of my Muslim name I could
join and go anywhere and could listen to their talks. Then I thought that since I have a Muslim name
why should I learn something about Islam also, so I would not be ignorant when any Islamic questio
is directed to me. So I took up study of Islamic books.

I was struck with amazement, when I learned that all Muslims, irrespective of their language, or
nationality read Quran in exactly the same way. This was unheard about Bible. Then I was amazed
the way all Muslims conduct daily prayers in the same manner, irrespective of where they live or
belong to. Slowly and slowly I got convinced about the truth and uniformity in Islam, which is so
different from Christian belief and practices.

Then the concept of individual accountability in Quran prevent Muslims from doing any thing wrong
whereas the Christian concept of Vicarious Atonement is a sort of encouragement for Christians to d
whatever they think fit.

So finally I declared my faith and Christian Abdul Haq became a Muslim Abdul Haq!!! I wish if the
be any Abdul Haq s like me in Christian World they should really become real Abdul Haq !!!

137 S Why I Became Muslim?

SISTER Zainab Oñez Discovered Islam while training to be a nun.

Assalamu alaikum waramatullahi wa barakatuhu!

I am Zainab Oñez, 24 years old, single never been married, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in
Commerce major in Marketing at Holy Cross of Davao College Inc, Philippines. I was a former
Roman Catholic and I am one of the working Scholars in SVD or society Verbini Divini, a religious
congregation in the Catholic religion for 6 years. Previously, my plan was to become a nun. When I
was at the young age of 14, I used to ask myself why many people would have debates about the
Christian religion. I had realized maybe God has given one religion to all mankind. When I reached
age of 20, I started to research on the internet and I read about how ISLAM IS A WAY OF LIFE. An
I was getting shocked, why was Catholicism not a way of life? I started to research more about Islam
because it was my first time to hear about Islam.

I printed all the Islamic research that I had found from the internet and showed them to our professor
He was getting angry with me; why I was studying about Islam; Muslims are terrorists; Muslims are
bad people; Muslims worship another God. I considered this as a challenge and was encouraged to
study more about Islam. After two years of studying about Islam I decided to embrace Islam last
February 21, 2006.

Alhamdolillah, I am only one Muslim among with our family and I am now working as a volunteer i
Dawah Islamic propagation in Davao city. My entire Christian friends were against me in my new
Islamic way of life. I don’t care what other people say. The most important thing is that this is my
decision and I know that this is the true religion of Allah SWT given to all mankind.

That is why I spend my life in Dawah for Muslim and non-Muslim area because this is the true
religion of Allah that has given to all mankind. The first big jihad for me is wearing of Hijab and aba
but Alhamdolillah with the help of Allah I got my self-confidence of wearing in proper attire.

Most of Christian friends say, what happened to you Zainab, you look like a ghost but I smile at them
and say you do not understand what you are talking about and it is better for you to study your Bible
because even the Bible is very strict for the woman: If Christians read their Bible carefully and
understand their Bible, all of them will become Muslims.

I am now enjoying making my comparative study of religion and inshaAllah I am hoping to be like
Ahmad Deedat a good daeyah or preacher in our Islamic religion. Now, I am always hoping to focus
on study in Arabic education inshaAllah if Allah given me an opportunity to study in Saudi Arabia

Please try to correct my English grammar. I hope that you can understand because I am not really
good in English grammar.

138 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a village in MUZZAFFAR NAGAR in GUJJAR family on 19 April 1984. My
father was a teacher and we belonged to an educated family. My uncle was a Govt. officer and one o
my brother was in army.

I studied upto High school and then left school and got into bad society. Soon we formed a gang and
did many petty and serious crimes.

02. Last year our gang fired on a vehicle in which Maulana Kalim Sahib was traveling. One bullet h
the driver’ hand and another just missed the Maulana.

My gang consisted of 8 people and seven of them were Muslims and I was alone Non Muslim
member. I had gotten sick two weeks before the firing, so I did not take part in the firing myself.

03. The news of firing on Maulana spread like wild fire and Police Officers vowed to catch all the
miscreants speedily. Soon all seven members of the gang were arrested and I went underground for
fear that I might be arrested any time.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

04. After three or four weeks, when Police did not came to arrest me, I went to jail to visit my gang
members. They were very sorry for what they had done, they asked me to go to Phulat and talk to
Maulana and ask him to forgive them so that they could get bail.

As first I was very reluctant to go, both for fear and shame as to what we had done to this learned an
respectable Islamic scholar. But I had to agree when they insisted too much.

05. I started for Phulat, and there was rain on the way, by the time I reached there it was almost suns
time and I was fully drenched. Maulana brought new pant and shirt for me and asked for hot tea to b
served to me. Then he went for his evening prayers.

06. After the prayer, he came and I told him about my friends and the bail they wanted. He said that
you worry about jail of your friends and forget yourself, about the jail you will have to go, if you die
without being a Muslim.

He then explained to me about Islam and gave me the book “Your trust…” The more I read the book
the more I cried inside….so much so that I was eager to accept Islam at the first Instant.

07. I went to Phulat but was told that Maulana has gone on Hajj and will come back after one month
waited and when he returned, I went to him and accepted Islam.

He sent me with a Muslim missionary party for forty days and during that time I learned how to pray
and other day to day teachings of Islam.

08. Maulana was very happy to learn about my progress…..when I asked him about my friends, he to
that he will agree on one condition that each of them shall spend 40 days with a Missionary party.

When I told my friends, they agreed and soon they will be freed on bail.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

09. I asked Maulana’ permission to go back to my house. My family had thought that I have joined
another gang, but when they saw me in this garb they were surprised.

My father was initially very angry at my change of religion, but when I told him what had happened
Phulat, he kept quite. I gave him the book “Your trust…” and talked to him about Islam.

10. After some days, he also went to Phulat and accepted Islam , Alhamdolillah. There are very few
Muslims in my village, so Maulana has asked us not to declare our faith openly.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of June 2007.

139 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born in New York in a poor family. My parents admitted me to a Christian Missionary school
which was in a village far away from New York. They wanted me to become a Christian priest,
because they thought that a Christian priest earn a descent living, is well respected and does not have
to pay Income Tax. They thought that thru me, my family will be able to get away from property.

The seminary which I joined was having all facility and we had nothing to worry. We had to study
about Christianity almost 10 hours every day. During this study, I started having some doubt about t
concept of God as taught to us. That was regarding the role of Mary, I started thinking, why Mary is
so much elevated in Christianity? Does God Almighty has some feminine qualities?
Then we heard that Father Michael from Austria is going to visit our seminary. He was well known
and well respected in Christian Circles. There was hardly any one more learned than him in these
affairs. I felt very confident that he would be able to satisfy my query. When the question time cam
at the end of his lecture, I raised my doubt about the feminine nature of God.

He just ridiculed my question and tried to avoid answering it directly. When I persisted in my
question, he told that God has many qualities, in some of which there is a sort of feminism. This we
reply took away all respect which I had for Father Michael and I started having doubt about
Christianity as what sort of religion is this which could not answer this simple question.

I had same doubt about Christian concept of God when I graduated ten years later from that seminar
When I went to New York, I discussed this point with Muslims and they directed me to Islamic Cent
in New York. They gave me some books which cleared my doubts about the nature of God. In a few
months I learned about God which I could not during my ten long years in Christian Seminary.

I accepted Islam and by Grace of God is busy in missionary work for Islamic Center. I think that Ne
Muslims like me have better faith and zeal than those who are simply born n Islam.

140 Why I Became Muslim?


The first time I seen a Muslim was while I was in college at the University of Arkansas. I will admit
that at first I stared at the women in their different clothing and the men with the towels wrapped
around their heads and wearing night gowns. But the first time I had the opportunity to know a
Muslim lady that I felt comfortable in asking questions, it started a thirst in my heart and soul that w
never be quenched.
I was born in Arkansas to Christian parents…I was raised here all my life on a farm, where you get u
in the morning, milk cows, feed the chickens and do the rest of chores. My father was a Baptist
minister…the town that I lived in was completely white raced and all Christians.

So I had never been exposed to any other culture or religion. But I had been always taught that we
were all created equal in the eyes of God, and that there was no difference in race, color, culture or
religious practices. Later I discovered that this was easy for them to preach as long as they stayed
closed minded.

I will never forget her, she was from Palestine and I could sit for hours listening to stories about her
country and the culture. But what intrigued me most was her religion, Islam. This lady had an inner
peace around her, like no one I had ever seen…

My friend did every thing she could to convince me that Islam was the only true religion that would
take me to heaven and that it was not just another religion. It was a way of life.

My friend graduated six months later and returned to Palestine. She was killed two weeks later outsi
her home. I was devastated, it was like a part of me had died with her..

After I left college and returned to my country, I did not have the honor to be around Muslims any
longer. But the thirst had never left nor had my love and desire for Arabic language…

Then in the spring of 1995, Allah brought someone into my life. This person was such a wonderful
example of what a Muslim should be and what Islam was about that once again I started to ask
questions. I was even taken to my first visit to Mosque.

For 8 months I studied everything he could possibly find me and read and listened to tapes. Then on
Feb. 15, 1996 I officially embraced Islam….

When I embraced Islam, my family first tried to have me committed to a mental hospital, when that
did not work, they completely disowned me. They did make calls to me to tell me that they hoped I
rotted in hell…Yes this hurts, even though my family and I have many differences, I love them deep

The last time I spoke to my family was two days after the bombing in Saudi Arabia. My uncle and
cousin were killed in the bombing….my family called be to tell me that their blood was on my head
and all my terrorist friends…I cried for days, but my faith stood strong…

Then some one painted my car side with Slogan TERRORIST LOVER…during the night I heard
gunshots and they broke all my windows and killed all my pets…Police told that unless I give positi
identification, they are helpless…

Then I was once attacked in a Parking lot, I was beaten, my writs was broken and some ribs fracture
The town I live in is a very small and there is no other Muslim even close. The nearest mosque is 12
Miles away…
I am not writing this story in the hope of gaining pity. I do ask that every one continue to pray for m
and every one reading this story be rest assured that Allah will never let you down. But the injustice
and prejudices that we Muslims face in United states has got to come to an end…

(Abridged) Source:: Islamic Voice Feb. 1998, p22

141 Why I Became Muslim?

How I Came to Islam

Abdul Malik Hamidullah , Operations Manager, Dallas Central Mosque, Texas

My father was a Jew and my mother a not very religious Christian. With this mix I started and end
up taking first communion in the Catholic Church. I do not remember attending church regularly a
child. However, I do remember that once when I was very young (perhaps seven or eight years o
having a powerful experience in a Catholic church, a feeling that I was suddenly very light; a feeli
that I was being lifted. Although I was too young to have burdens, it was a feeling that the "burden
the world" was being lifted from me. This was my first profoundly spiritual experience. As one of
earliest memories it remains with me to this day.

As a teenager, I was really into the psychedelic sixties and all that came with it. I looked for a deep
meaning in the lyrics of the Beatles, Cat Stevens, and the Moody Blues. I read metaphysical boo
some philosophy, Carlos Castaneda, and more. I attended a Baptist church, and was even baptized o
afternoon when I felt that powerful feeling again. I started reading the Bible in earnest and fou
myself reading only the 'red-ink-words' of Christ (as). Still, the people and the religion seemed to
lacking something that I knew was out there somewhere.

I continued to read and search. I practiced yoga, joined an ashram of Sikhs, read the Guru Gran
Sahib; I married a Muslim woman that wasn't practicing Islam and began living in an ashram. Ev
though her father prayed five times a day, her parents did not teach her. [Hence, she too was alwa
searching for the straight path.] This was a good thing for me. Otherwise, we would not have marr
and I would not have been placed in the life situations that I have found myself in that eventually
me to Islam. At any rate, we soon left the ashram. Soon I went to India, practiced Krya yoga, a
joined SRF (Self Realization Fellowship). Still I always had this feeling that something was missing
continued to study Taoism, and Buddhism and other religious teachings.

During much of this period, I was a Field Artillery Officer in the U.S. Army. After Desert Storm, an
few days in Iraq fighting the ground war, I attended a military school in Pakistan for a year. Of cour
most of my classmates were Pakistani Muslims, and several were from other countries: Malays
Brunei, Syria, and Bangladesh, to name but a few. I became a close friend with two officers that w
not what we would consider very good examples of Muslims [they smoked and drank on occasio
However, despite their shortcomings, I was very impressed with them. And there were seve
Pakistani Muslims that impressed me even more. They were devoted; they had strength and digni
humility and kindness, and many more traits that I had rarely seen in others in my travels. A
certainly I had never seen so many people at one time with so many fine qualities. I decided tha
must be their religion that had made them this way. (Contd.)
I read some about Islam and discovered the logic and simplicity that I had looked for in other dogm
I was really struck by the fact that al-Qur'an was still in the original unchanged form [If there is a Ki
James Version, then I'd like to see the version published before that?!] And that ANYONE could re
Hadith and learn what the Holy Prophet [PBUH] would have we Muslims do. One does not have
have a Pope, a priest, or a monk tells you what to do; there is no guesswork; it's all right there! Hen
towards the end of my year in Pakistan, I told two of my close friends that I would like to becom
Muslim. They were astounded. Nonetheless, they met with two more of our friends that w
following the Sunnah a bit more closely than they had been, and we arranged for me to say Assha
anlaa ilaaha ilAllah... Four of us met, I became a Muslim, and was taught how make salah. I tha
Allah for that glorious day and the days that led up to it.

There is a lot more to this, but the bottom-line is that: It was the kindness, humility, and excelle
manners of Muslims, coupled with the system of straightforward Islamic ideals and way of life, wh
appealed most to my reason and my heart. This is why I am a Muslim now.

And yes, now my wife also practices Islam, as does our grown daughter. Even my mother has beco
a Muslimah! Al hamdu lilLah

142 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in Nepal in a Brahmin family on 21 May 1980. I studied upto High School in Nepal, b
when my father died, I discontinued my studies. One of my relatives brought me to Delhi, and I
started working as a sales man in JAMIA NAGAR OKHLA, Delhi.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. I was working in the General Merchant shop and a small boy (younger son of Maulana Kalim
Sahib) also went that route for his daily prayers. He used to ask every one to go to mosque for praye

He also used to ask me to go to prayer (I was called GUDDU, which is a common name used by bot
Hindus and Muslims in India). I used to say, yes I will come. There was one Muslim watchman in a
near by building. The boy would ask him to go for prayers, but he would not go. One day I asked th
man, as to why he does not go to prayer, when this small boy asks him daily? He then decided to go
03. After some days, the boy asked me, why I never went to prayer. I told that I am Hindu and not
Muslim. Then they boy told me that I was in deeper trouble than I think. How will I save myself fro
hell fire?... he went on pressing me till I said jokingly, OK I will become Muslim. He then recited
KALIMA and I also recited it. Then he asked me, that now I have to change my name also.

I asked jokingly, what is your name, he said MOHD. ASJAD, I said I will also chose the same name
He said there is no harm in that!!

04. Then he gave that small booklet “Your trust returned to you” and when I read it, I realized what i
the purpose and importance of becoming Muslim. That night I dreamed that I am going to hellfire …
when I woke up, I felt scared and I started regular prayers.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

05. Master of the shop was like common Muslims in India, when I started to go to mosque regularly,
he asked me why I leave the shop. I told I have to got o prayer? When I told him that I had become
Muslim….he got scared and told me that I should remain Hindu and I would create big problem for
him and his shop.

He then abused me, he even beat me, removed me from his service and threw my things from the sh
!! (That is a typical Muslim in India for you- MUQ).
06. I took shelter in a shed, I had resolved not to ask any one for help but Allah. I had accepted Islam
fro His sake. I was in the shade, when a car stopped and some one asked me, why I was sitting in th
shed. At first I was reluctant, but then I told him about my Islam and what had happened.

07. He asked me to come with me and live in his house as his son. He was a trader in pearls and oth
precious stones, I went with him and I completed my B. Com also.

I came to know that my old master, fell to very bad times after he chucked me out. His shop was
closed and then some bad elements took possession of his house… I prayed to Allah to forgive him.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

I got married to an educated girl from old Delhi. I am very happy with my wife.

Both of us regularly spend times with Missionary parties.

2. On Parents.

I have decided to go to Nepal and work on my relatives there.

Pray to Allah that He helps me in this task.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

08. I would like to remind My Muslim friends in India, that there was a time, when Non Muslims us
to beat newly converted Muslims… come now Muslims beat some one just because he has
become Muslim..

How can we hope to be successful in this world and reach the peak, when we are so afraid of facing
consequences if some one near us accepts islam?

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of April 2007

143 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born in a Pentecostal Christian family in South India. My father was a Roman Catholic, but
when he saw so many statues and figures in Church,, and the way they are worshipped, then the way
priests and saints are treated, he changed from RC to Protestant Church. He is now a full time
missionary of the Church.

I was also an active member of Church and was a devout Christian. I was a missionary and member
Health Care Fellowship for Christians. It consisted of those medical people who would work in
remote places for propagation of Christianity.

During my study of Bible, I was puzzled a bout some of its teachings, Like Divinity of Christ, His
Resurrection after death, Contradictions in Bible, what is Word f God OT or NT. If both are world o
God, then why Christians do not act on OT teachings? The church teaches to have simple belief and
do not think too much.

Then the fact that Christianity is being decided in Councils and not on the teachings of Jesus also
puzzled me. When God did not allow Abraham to sacrifice his Only Son…then why God sacrificed
His Only Son Jesus Christ?

I was in this state of mind and knew nothing about Islam, when one of my friend gave me Two Book
“Muslim Christian Dialog” by M.A. Nabi and “Choice between Islam and Christianity” by Ahmed
Deedat. These two books caused revolution in my way of thinking. I learned that Islam itself means
peace and Muslims are not such as described in media.

In this condition, I got a job offer from Saudi Arabia and I went there. There I could see a Muslim
society in existence and I went on comparative study of Islam and Christianity in a serious way.
Despite books, audio video cassettes, talks with Newly converted Muslims helped me a lot. One of
them was Khadija Watson from USA who was working in theology department in one of the Americ

After a long and careful study I got convinced that Islam is true religion. Its scripture is preserved i
its original condition and not like Bible which had suffered over the years.

I did not know how to prey or fast according o Islamic way, so I preyed to God to help me find the tr
path. I thought that I will not be able to do one month of fasting as Muslims do, so I tried a few fasts
in year 1421 AH. I found that fasting is not so difficult as it seems and I would be able to do it.

Then finally I accepted Islam in Saudi Arabia and Allah has given me strength to overcome all
problems that I faced from my family and friend circles. I am thankful to Allah that I am a practicing
Muslim today (abridged)
144 Why I became Muslim?


I think if you visit any Church, you will find nothing but statues and figure. If you look at the dresse
of clergy and procession of priests, nuns and deacons….you would not see any spiritual dimension
there. If will be as you have entered into a temple filled with idols and idol worship is in progress.

On the other hand if you visit any mosque, what you see will be rows upon rows of devotees, clad in
normal clothes. There would be no idols, statues or music and every one would be busy in worshippi
One Lord of Universe.

I don’t know if any reasonable man would not be able to notice the contrast in the two scenes.
I always had an attraction towards Islam, but it was not enough for me to declare my allegiance to it.
But the more I started to read about Islam from the books written by Muslim scholars, its truth dawn
on me. I could see the service done on humanity by the Great Prophet of Islam.

What attracted me towards Islam was its absolute Monotheism. Then I saw that Islam does not only
deal with spiritual matters, but it gives instructions for every walk of life.

Then Islam is free from narrow mindedness and treats with respect those who are non Muslims. It w
Islam which first taught to the world meaning of tolerance and live peacefully with people of other

Islam is a religion of action…it does not encourage people sitting idle or renounce the world. On the
other hand, if you want to become a good Christian, you have to renounce the world. Not so in Islam

According to Islam, the purpose of human life on this earth is to enjoy everything what God has
created for him…but he should remember God and lead life as per His guidance. (Abridged)
145 Why I Became Muslim?

Testimony of AbdusSalam Sipes

A former member of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan)

The Beginning: Early Life Trials of Clinton Sipes

I grew up in a dysfunctional family setting in the atmosphere of alcoholism, physical and emotional
abuse that came from my father. ..I began to imitate what I was being exposed to, this process of
imitation began unconsciously, it affected my interaction with my older brother, classmates, teachers
and animals also. Nothing was exempt from the sadistic outpouring of pent up anger and rage!

At the age of 13 I fell into association with similar children but because they weren't as driven as I
was, I quickly became bored with them and I began to hang out with the young adult type who
welcomed my willingness to participate with no reservations in anything under the title of alcohol,
drugs, crime, violence and racism. …

I began correspondence with the KKK and upon my release on parole, I was a full fledged card
carrying hate-monger. For the next 3 to 4 years my activities were heavily involved in Klan cross-
burnings, media appearances, night raids of beatings, property desecrations, etc. My parole was
violated for possession of weapons and suspicion of robberies.

Search for Peace: Young Adult

This last violation of parole, at the age of 20, the search for peace began. I had so much rage and
hatred inside me for so many years, it was beginning to consume me from the inside out. I lashed ou
at the prison staff in hatred. I had anger and hate literature, graffiti, drawings covering my cell walls
and tattoos covering half my upper body. I was not exploding, but imploding!

In a haze of anger and rage I found myself stripped naked in solitary confinement with not even a
mattress. Only me and a Styrofoam cup. I began to review my past and the negatives which brought
me to this point of reduction to the lowest terms.

While I was there my daughter was born. I began to assess my future. I began thinking of the many
victims' lives I had affected. I could see myself in prison for life if this past were to continue into the
future. I said to myself, "Clint, you must make a choice between this evil or a future good." It was
clear to me there was no future (of longevity) in this evil…

The Search for Truth

It began upon my arrival to federal prison. An African American offered to assist me in my cosmetic
needs. He said he was a Muslim and Muslims are commanded to help those in need. It struck my
interest to check this Islamic thing out. However, I was under the impression that this was a religion
exclusively for African Americans. I was thinking, no way I can become a Muslim, I'm white!

Still I asked this brother for some literature on Islam. I found out about the universality of it, how it
transcends color, ethnic and race. It sounded real, pure. It began to appeal to me. This brother invited
me to Jumu'ah service, I was given a Quran, and as I read the translation I felt the purity of it, and th
truth of it. There was no hocus-pocus, no spookism, no mysticism, just plain, simple understanding
"Truth." When I heard the Adhan (the call to prayer) I felt a closeness to God that penetrated my hea
and soul.

After some research and study of the Quran, I discovered its total infallibility, no contradictions in it

There are religions based on believing in certain sciences, multiple deities, the religion of 3 gods in
one. I was a thinking man and none of them made any logical sense to me.

Here was Islam, based on the belief in One God, who created the creation itself out of nothing and th
fact that this book I was reading (Quran) had not one vowel or language changed in over 1400 years
was a miracle in itself. Thus, I was sold on the oneness of God and the unity of Islam.

Christianity has and is still undergoing changes, in the Bible and in the Christian doctrines, and cann
even begin to claim originality of the Bible which is read and taught out of today.

There is only one God and one Religion and religion is "Submission" to the one God. This is the
meaning of Islam. (Contd)

Note: : Clinton Sipes into Abdus Salam (Servant of Peace)

As you have read, the life of Clinton Sipes was one of hate, crime and violence, the very things that
bring about the total destruction of a human being.

After years of falsehood, half-truths, following others on the road, and then, from within a place
(prison) where more than one million people are cast away, the same environment that once honed m
anger and hate to a razor sharpness, was now the place where Islam greeted me and proceeded to
change me into a "Servant of Peace." Islam filled the spiritual void by teaching me my beginning and
end, has given contentment, a peace, a serenity to me these words cannot adequately describe. My
purpose is clear, my direction is straight.

Islam has through its truth taught me humility and the true worship of Allah (God). I had learned tha
from Allah (God) we came and to Allah (God) we must return. Allah (God) created all things animat
and inanimate, microscopic and macroscopic, the finite and infinite. Nothing creates itself but is
created by Allah (God).

On the last day, it will not matter if I was black or white, rich or poor, powerful or weak in power, no
will it matter about all mankind. Rather it will be about one's deeds good and bad that an individual i
personally responsible for and will be punished and rewarded accordingly. No one can die or be
punished for my sins or be rewarded for the good I may do but me. I am responsible, I must answer
when asked. I became aware of this truth and I declared openly, "There is no god but God and his las
messenger was Prophet Muhammad-Ibn-Abdullah-Al-Mustafa. Thus, in essence, my life has returne
to infancy where truth and purity begin Al-hamdu-lillah!

In closing, the metamorphosis has now come full circle. I have found "Truth" in Allah (God) (all
praises to Him, creator of mankind, angel and jinn, all that exists in the heavens and earth. Allah (Go
(Whom all praise is due) has 99 names or attributes, one attribute is Salam (peace).

The creator, originator of the very existence of peace. There is no peace but the Peace of Allah (God
(Whom all praise is due). I have found this Peace, I am now "Abdus Salam," the slave and servant of
The Originator of the one and only source of Peace...Allah, The Most High, Whom all praise is due.

146 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in BEGUSARAI, Bihar 23 years ago. My father was a Pharmacist and my mother als
was a Health Worker. I have six sisters and three brothers.

I studied upto BA and then I worked for some time in PANIPAT, now I am working as Drawing

02. My father was by nature a Muslim, he was very much against idol worship. I also used to like
Islam from my childhood. I was also against worship of idols and used to stop people from
worshipping something whom they made with their own hands.

I had seen on many occasions that dogs would enter a Temple and eat from what is placed before the
idol and then sometime they will urinate on the idols. I used to say, an idol who cannot save itself
from dogs, how can it fulfill the wishes of these people.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. I used to like the Muslim system of regular prayers, whenever there was call for prayers, I used t
listen to it very attentively and I longed to go to mosque and pray with other Muslims.

In my factory there was a Muslim worker, who used to have full beard and he was very punctual in h
prayers. Once I asked him that I want to dress like him and grow full beard. He said what will happ
with only outward change of clothes, when from inside I am not a Muslim.

04. I told , how can I change from inside, I am born in a Hindu family and I must remain Hindu. He
said it is not so and he told me how he was once a Hindu and active member of Extremist SHIV SEN
and then Allah had mercy on him and he became a Muslim.

05. He took me to Maulana Kalim Sahib and I accepted Islam on his hand. He gave me my new
Muslim name. Then I went with a Muslim Missionary party and I learned about prayer and how to
recite Quran.

Then Maulana asked me to teach in the Junior High School in Phulat and I am enjoying my job for
past many years.

E. My Missionary activities:
1. On Spouse / Children

2. On Parents.

07. My father was very close to Islam, he used to like Islam and Muslims…he had more Muslim
friends than Hindus.

Unfortunately he died even before I could talk to him about Islam. Whenever I think, what would
happen to my father, I start weeping. Why no Muslim told him to accept Islam and save himself fro
hell fire?

When I told my mother about my Islam, he encouraged me and told me that I did fine to correct my
relationship with my Creator.

I am hopeful that she will also accept islam formally.

3. On Family members / Others.

08. I spoke to my younger brother who is Electrical Engineer. After three or four attempts, he also
accepted Islam Alhamdolillah.

I am working on other members of my family.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

09. My request to Muslims is that now no new prophet will come and it is now their duty to spread a
propagate the message of Islam to every one.

There might be hundreds and thousands of people in India like my father, who are Muslims from
inside. They only need a formal push to come to Islam.
10. How sad it is to know that Muslims do not even got o such persons and tell them to join Islam.

This is their religious duty….

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of March 2007.

147 Why I Became Muslim?


My story of conversion to Islam is very interesting. It so happened that I went on a sale of surplus
books at our local library and got hold of one book for a few coins that I had in my pocket. I brough
the book home, without even looking at it, displayed it carefully on my table and never even bothere
to read it or even go thru it!!!

I graduated from High School, in College I selected Arts instead of science and selected a course tha
dealt with comparative religions. I was taught about major world religions, like Christianity, Judaism
Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. None of my teachers were Muslims. I graduated from school and
went to job market. It was not easy to find a job for female arts gradate in a my country so easily.

After a few months of trial I felt frustrated from my job search and kept to my room. While in such
state, I looked again at the book which I had purchased with my own pocket money many years back
I cleaned the dirt and I started reading it, It was about Islam and what more, it was totally different
from what my teachers were teaching me in my college.

This book was nothing but English Translation of Holy Quran. The teachings of Quran convinced m
that it was a true religion and must enter into its fold, I went to local Islamic center and I became a
Muslim, which was such an easy thing to do. I joined the missionary activity and soon met an Afgha
Boy, we got married and I gave my services to the local Islamic Center.

Islam we think is a revolutionary and full of activity. It does not makes it followers idle or take shel
from the world’s problems. I only hope that Allah accept our small services and make us serve
Muslims more and more (abridged)
148 Why I Became Muslim?


I am a 17 year old Caucasian American girl who happens to be a Muslim, not by birth, but my own
choice. I converted from Catholicism to Islam 2 years ago

I am mainly writing this because many Muslims in America feel that many of our fellow Americans
associate our peaceful religion with hatred and slavery of the women!

I can say that after intense research for a couple of years on all religions, I felt closest to Allah (God)
when I read the Quran and read about Islam, a feeling that Christianity could not give me. That is w
I converted.
I must admit that it is very hard going from ‘free wheeling’ typical American life style to one of
praying, modesty and spiritual freedom. Islam is a fairly simple religion, with a few rules, but the
rules you must follow as best you can….
As Muslims we respect and we believe in Moses, Abraham, Jesus, the Virgin Mary and also the last
prophet that God sent to the earth…

Sadly there are many false rumors about Islam, for some reason or other people tend to prefer these
false rumors to the truth..

In fact Islam is one of the first religions to give women equality…You may be wondering why Musl
women wear the scarves to cover their hairs and dress in loose clothing. In the Quran, Allah tells tha
girls past puberty should cover their beauty and body from men who are not their close relatives….

Did you know that majority of Muslims are not Arab! It is a common belief that Muslims are all Ara
In reality majority of Arabs are Muslims, but many are Jewish and also Christians. Indonesians and
South East Asians make up the majority of Muslims, and Islam is one of the fastest growing religion

Islam is not the religion of terror, blood or hatred of its women, but a thoughtful. Peaceful, modest
religion that gets us closer to our Creator, Allah

(Abridged) Source:: The Islamic Voice May 1998 p 22

149 Why I Became Muslim?

Testimony of Adam Wilson


Before learning about Islam, my only real exposure to any religion occurred during a hot summer da
I was outside working in the yard when two shady looking characters pulled up in a 1970's style blac
Cadillac. I only remember parts of their fast talking rhetorical nonsense. "The Lord wants this . . . Th
lord loves you . . . The lord needs you to be saved right now. So what is your name son?"

"Adam," I replied.

"Okay Adam, all you need to do is put your hand on this bible and follow along with me" they

I thought the situation seemed a little strange, but I agreed to the ‘saving ceremony’ to get them out o
my yard. It worked. These men were far too busy to explain what had just happened and they were o
searching for more desolate souls to save. What they didn't realize and what I am thankful for now is
that their actions actually prevented me from going to church. At that point in my life I was searchin
for truth and was contemplating the idea of attending church to find some answers. Instead the churc
came to me and I still needed some answers. A couple of years went by and I eventually fooled myse
into thinking that I was happy being agnostic.


About three years after the above incident I was delivering Pizzas in a small town located in Norther
Michigan. It was 1:00 a.m. in the morning and there was about two and a half feet of snow on the
ground. The sky was clear and the stars were glowing with a magnificent splendor. Delivering pizza
is a lonely process and the loneliness often directed my thoughts to spiritual realms. On this particula
delivery I was trying to decide whether or not I believed in God. I drove over a small hill and at the
peak of it I could see the night sky in what seemed like its entirety. At that very moment, I witnessed
falling star (meteor). It gave me the shivers one-second and an amazing feeling of calmness the next
second. The very first thing that I thought was, ‘there really is a God.’ I had resolved the most
important issue of all issues. However, the transition from knowing that a God exists to knowing abo
the One and only God was still in progress.


My discovery and eventual acceptance of Islam happened over a ten-month period. I met an America
convert to Islam in February of 1997. We worked together and often discussed issues about religious
and non-religious topics. I was impressed with this particular brother because he had a wonderful
ability to apply logic to many different situations. In addition to this he was young, married and had
child on the way. These are responsibilities that I had not seriously considered and I respected him a
great deal for his actions. After about nine months, I became more and more interested in Islam. I
knew that I had to take action but I was not sure which action to take. My thought process was
changing and my desire to learn more increased.

In November of 1997 I was invited to the Mosque for an open house. I did not attend the open house
because of a family obligation, however the brother was compassionate and patient enough to invite
me again that very same week. After going to the Mosque and speaking to several other brothers, I w
to the point that I knew accepting Islam was my destiny. The next day I used my newly acquired
prayer book and began praying five time a day. Taking the shahadah (bearing testimony) that God
alone deserves to be worshipped and Muhammad is His Messenger, is the not the final step, it is only
the first step. Today, my path to God continues. (Contd.)


Does it really make any sense to say that God is a man or has a son made of human flesh? The answe
is no. And no dogma can convince you or myself that this is true. The ultimate truth is Universal. It
applies to everyone at any point in time. Remember there is no compulsion in religion as the Quran
states, "Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth stands out clear from error; whoever rejects ev
and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks. And Allah
heareth and knoweth all things". Quran 2-256 Consider Islam with an open heart and an open mind.
you consider Islam to be true than accept and practice it, if not at least respect it.

The only way that you can justify rejecting Islam is to say that it is a false religion. Know one thing:
Islam is a false religion, then so is the religion of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Joseph, Joh
Mary, and yes, Jesus. Why? Simple: they all taught the same concepts, namely the Oneness of God,
and they all worshipped God alone without making any association between Him and others. They
knew that their Creator stood high above all of His creations. That concept alone is the first step to
correct guidance. There is God alone, the Creator, then there are creations, which no matter how
numerous or powerful they may seem to us, have no power at all, because all power is with God.


Remember it is our obligation to show as many people as possible that Islam is a possibility for them
The only way this can be done properly is to practice Islam with no exceptions the way Prophet
Muhammad (SAS) taught it to us. Do as much as possible to establish this religion and to perfect the
faith that is within your own heart. Allah (SWT) will hold you accountable for all that you could hav
done, even if you fall short. May Allah reward all of you for your good deeds and honest efforts.

Adam Wilson

150 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born on 30th October 1939, in a RAJPUT family in well known city of BENARAS UP. My
father was a big Land Lord.

I finished my studies in my village, and did B. Com from BENARAS. My uncle was Professor in
Benaras Hindu University (BHU), he advised me to go to England and do MBA there.

02. I was already to go to England, but suddenly my father expired due to heart attack. I wanted to
abandon my UK program, but my mother told me that my father wished me to finish my MBA from
England. I went to England and finished my MBA and then I also did Doctorate also in Business

In those days, there were very few MBA ‘s in the country and that too from England and then also
Doctorate! I was soon picked up to be a GM in a Tata firm… but I was more interested in Teaching
03. So after five years I got a job in BHU and I taught in the University fro many years. My students
have risen to highest positions in trade and industry. I retired from BHU as Dean in year 1999.

I married a lady who had done PHD from BHU and belonged to a very rich family of UP. Our’ was
love marriage and took place after many years of courtship..

04. After my retirement, I got many offers from good companies, I joined as Advisor with BAJAJ
group. They wanted to construct Sugar Mill in MATHURA. In Jan 2003 I went to Bombay to attend
meeting and on return I had to see the factory site.

Instead of flying from Bombay to Delhi and then take a car ride to MATHURA, I decided to board a
direct train from Bombay to MATHURA. I was booked in AC 1st Class (Highest class of travel in
Indian railway, costing same as Air travel- MUQ) in August KRANTI express…..when new phase o
my life started.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

01. I reached platform when the train had just started moving, when I reached my cabin, I found that
one Muslim Gentleman was my fellow passenger. After some time, we introduced each other, He to
me that his name was Maulana Kalim Uddin from Phulat. He told me that his teacher was famed
Maulana Ali MIAN of Lucknow.

02. I had met Maulana Ali MIAN many times earlier, so that made a bond between us. After taking
some breakfast, I told Maulana that I wanted to take some rest after my hectic schedule, but now sinc
he is with me, why not we should discuss about religion.

03. I told that I am very much interested in religion and I have met and heard most of religious group
active in India. I have been to most of religious places of Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists and I have
talked with almost every big scholars of these religions.

04. But no one has been able to convince me and I did not get peace of mind anywhere. I told him th
whenever I went to mosques, I felt some peace and same sort of peace I observed when I was in the
company of Ali MIAN.
05. Then I went on relating to him my various experiences with Pundits and Scholars of other faiths…
I went on talking and Maulana kept on listening , it went on past midnight, finally when I was finish
Maulana told me that he also wanted to say something, but since it was already very late, he will say
in the morning.
06. I realised my mistake, that I should have spoken less and listened from this scholar more, but it w
already late. So I went to my birth and during night whenever I woke up, I saw Maulana paying and
busy in supplication.

07. When I woke up and finished my breakfast, it was only 90 minutes left to my destination. Maula
started talking to me about Islam and what it stands for. He told me that I was already Muslim by
nature…what I needed was only a formal declaration. He went on pressing me, but I said that I cann
take such an important decision on such short notice.
08. The train reached MATHURA and I was ready to get down. Maulana came to door to see me off
and when I was getting down, he gave me a small booklet to read at my leisure.

09. I got down, but some one inside me was saying that I should have accepted the advice of Maulan
…. When I read the booklet “Your trust…” my condition changed and I was eager to reach to Maula
at shortest notice and ask him to make me Muslim.

10. I traced him and when I met him, I asked him to make me Muslim. He recited the KALIMA to m
and I became Muslim and he gave me my new Islamic name.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

When I told my wife about my Islam, she was very angry. She left me and stayed away from me for
one year. But then she came back and accepted Islam. During that one year period she had studied
Islam very carefully.

My son and his wife and both their children who are residing in America accepted Islam without mu

My daughter who is in France also accepted Islam and married an Arab Muslim there.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

As Maulana used to say, that every child is born a Muslim, it is later that parents turn them into Hind
Christian or Buddhist. I testify to this fact and I ask Muslims to present Islam to Non Muslims in Ind
and elsewhere.

Islam is the need of humanity and Islam is the solution of all the problems which humanity is facing.

PS: There is a small twist in the story. Maulana Kalim told that he always use to travel in 2nd Class
3Tier. He had asked his friends to book ticket for him. When he learned that the ticket was of 1st AC
he refused to go.

But his friends convinced him that it is a travel time of 16 hours and there will be 3 VIP s in that AC
Cabin. If we could convey message of Islam to 3 VIP s by spending a few thousand rupees, it is still
bargain. This convinced Maulana.

Later it turned out that it was Allah’ destiny to grant guidance to such a luminary during that travel.
Allah chooses His own ways!! - MUQ

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Feb. 2007

151 Why I Became Muslim?

I was born in Australia, once I went to the Muslim Mosque in small town of Armindale and borrowe
English translation of Quran for study. While just scanning thru the book, The following verse of
Quran caught my eye, that dealt with planetary movements:

“And the sun runs the course for a period determined for him: that is the decree of (Him) the Exalted
Might, the All Knowing. And the Moon- We have measured for her mansions (to traverse) till she
returns like the old (and wretched) lower part of a date stalk. It is not permitted to the sun to catch u
the Moon, nor can the Night outstrip the day, each (just) swims along in (its own) orbit (according to
Law) 36: 38-40

This made me think, how can Prophet Mohammad, an unlettered man could describe the movements
of sun and man in so scientific way? He must be getting these info from God Almighty….so Quran
must be the divine book.
Now I started studying Quran with much care and attention taking care to implement in my life what
read. Soon I decided to enter into faith of Islam.

I tried to convince my husband also about Islam, but despite my best efforts, he continued in his faith
So much so that I gave him choice between me and his religion. He divorced me and I got the custo
of my daughter, whom I named AMINA and therefore I am known as UMM AMINA.

Soon I met a Muslim from Pakistan on Internet Chat club and I migrated to Pakistan and married him

Australia is a Christian majority country, but Islam is spreading fast there. Many women are attracte
to Islam for protection, because it is Islam which gives them real protection and real respect.

I am sorry to say that most Muslims living in Australia do not give a good picture of Islam. They do
not live according to Islam and are divided amongst themselves. To Muslim women also I request to
think about hereafter, The present life will end in a few decades, and then they will have to account
for that in the eternal life. Islamic teachings are best suited for all situations in life. They should
practice them into their daily life. (abridged)
152 Why I became Muslim?


Even though I had a vague believe in God, I really I had no knowledge about any religion or try to
know about God or felt his need in my life. Then around 8 years ago my mother became seriously i
and according to doctors she had only one more week to live. It was then that I prayed to God and
asked from Him to extend her life. Surprisingly she recovered and lived one more year and I was ab
to serve her.

After that personal experience, myself and my wife visited a Baptist Church which was near to our
University and one of Mathematics teacher was a member there. Soon he persuade me and my wife
be formally baptized and we started to join Sunday classes in the Church regularly.
Soon I started to read Christian books and acquire some knowledge about it. I stumbled on the
Doctrine of Trinity, which I could not understand, how so much I tried it. I asked my church fellows
their answers did not satisfy me and I asked more doubts. Finally they advised me to accept Trinity
taught by the Church and stop trying to understand it.

It was at that time, that one of Muslim Student told me about Quran and its clear teachings. He gave
me an audio cassette of Mr. Jamal Badawi (Well known Muslim missionary from Canada) about
concept of God in Islam. I could see that it was a straight forward concept and lacked any mysteries
which Trinity tried to introduce.

I got busied in cultural activities and I noticed that black people were not encouraged or welcomed in
our Church. On many occasions when my wife brought some of her black friends to the Church, no
one spoke to them. When we tried to join in the movement to restore Walter Helms (first Black
Superintendent of School in Birmingham, who allowed non union teachers in Black schools), our
Church openly condemned us.

It was at that time that I got an offer to teach mathematics in KFUPM University Dhahran. There I g
an opportunity to learn about Islam from those who were Muslims. Those people gave me English
translation of Quran and other Islamic literature. I got audio and video tapes of Jamal Badawi, whic
helped me a lot to know what Islam really is.

I started Muslim prayers even before I declared my faith…..but soon I decided to join brotherhood o
Islam (Abridged)
153 Why I Became Muslim?

Testimony of Ahmed Corpus (Formerly Marco Corpus)

All praise is due to Allah, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His last Messenger, Prophet
Muhammad, his family, companions, and those following true guidance.

This is my story why I embrace Islam. During my childhood, I was brought up in the Catholic faith
particularly within the Aglipayan sect. My grandfather and aunt are faith healers….

When I reached the age of seventeen, I noticed that there are many religions having different types o
doctrine, however, using one common source, which is the Bible. Everyone claims to be the true
religion. Then, I ask my self; “Shall I remain with my family’s faith or shall I try to attend and listen
other religion?”

One day my cousin invited me to attend the Pentecost Church. My motive was only to observe what
they are doing inside their Church. I witnessed that they employ singing, clapping, dancing, crying a
raising of hands in worship to Jesus (peace be upon him). The pastor preached about the bible. He
mentioned the most common verses quoted by all preachers pertaining to the divinity of Christ such
John 1:12, John 3:16, John 8:31-32. That time, I became a Born Again Christian. I accepted Jesus
Christ as my lord and personal savior. …
I began teaching people about the bible and its doctrines. I read the bible twice from cover to cover.
committed myself to memorize chapters and verses of the bible for the purpose of protecting the fait
am uphold to defend. With the position I have attained, I became proud of myself. ..

However, looking into the lives of my co-pastors, you cannot find among them as good examples to
the flocks they pastorate. Thus, my faith began to decline. Still, I strive hard to work to serve my
congregation (Contd.)

One day, I thought of going abroad not only to work but also with the intention to proselytize the nam
of Jesus as Lord, astagfirullah. My plan was to go either Taiwan or Korea. However, by Divine Will
got a visa for Saudi Arabia. Immediately, I signed a three-year contract to work in Jeddah.

A week after I arrived in Jeddah, I observed the diverse lifestyle of different people such as the
language, customs, and even the food they eat. I was totally ignorant of other’s culture.

Alhamdulillah, I have a Filipino co-worker in the factory that happens to be a Muslim and who can
speak Arabic. Though, there was little apprehension, I tried to ask him about the Muslims, their faith
and beliefs. I thought Muslims were hard-killers who worship Satan, Pharaohs, and Muhammad (pbu
as lords. I shared to him my faith in Christ. As response, he told me that his religion it totally differe
from my religion. He quoted two verses from the Holy Qur'an. One in surah al-maidah 5: verse 3
which says;

“…This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen
for you Islam as your religion.”

Another in surah Yousuf 12: verse 40 which says;

“You do not worship besides Him but only names which you have named (forged), you and your
fathers, for which Allah has sent down no authority. The command is for none but Allah. He has
commanded that you worship none but Him, that is the straight religion, but most men know not.”

The verses he quoted struck me. After that I began to observe his life. Everyday we shared each othe
belief and eventually became close friends. In one occasion, we went to Balad (the commercial distr
of Jeddah) to post some letters. There, I happened to notice many people watching video of a debate
my favorite “preacher”. My Muslim friend told me that the favorite “preacher” I was telling him
happens to be Ahmad Deedat and apparently a famous propagator of Islam. I told him that, our pasto
back home had made us to believe that he is just a “great preacher”. They kept to us his real identity
that he is a Muslim propagator! Whatever their intention was, definitely, it was to keep us away from
knowing the truth. Nevertheless, I bought the videotape as well as some books to read about Islam.

In our residence, my Muslim friend told to me about the stories of the prophets. I was really convinc
but pride kept me away from Islam.

Seven months later, another Muslim friend from India went to my room and gave me an English
translation of the Qur’aan. Later on, he brought me to Balad and accompanied me to an Islamic Cent
nearby. There, I met one Filipino Brother. We had some religious discussions and related to me his l
before when he was a Christian. Then he lectured to me the teachings of Islam.

That blessed night, on the 18th of April 1998, without compulsion, I finally entered Islam. I announc
my declaration of faith called the shahadatain, Allahu Akbar!

Before I was following a blind faith. But now, I see the ultimate truth that Islam is the best and
complete way of life designed for the whole of mankind, alhamdulillahi rabbil ‘alamin. My prayer is
that Allah will forgive us all our Ignorance regarding Islam and Guide us to the siratal mustaqeem
(straight path) leading to Paradise. Ameen.

154 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born on 7th July 1977. My father was a Hindu Pundit. He was engaged in performing
religious rites, make Birth sketches and other Hindu rites. He died one year before I became Muslim

I have one sister. When I was in school, I did not like all these rituals which my father performed. I
even talked to him about it, but he used to say that at least it earns living for him and the family.

02. I used to get up early in the morning and take bath. Once when I was in high School and my
exams were due. My mother asked me to pray to their gods before I went for exam. When I reached
temple, I saw (rather Allah made me see) that one dog entered the temple. It ate what sweets were
placed before the idol and then urinated on the head of Idol. This took my faith away from these ido
and I went to my exams without prayer.

03. When my results came, I got First Division. Next year when I was in 11th standard, my father fel
suddenly sick and his condition became very serious. My mother insisted that I go to temple and pra
for his recovery. Forced I went to temple and prayed whole night…. But when I returned , my fathe
had died. That was the second stroke that alienated me from these idols and their worship.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

04. I then went to a Church to become Christian, but when I saw the statue of jesus there, I came bac
Then some one told me that I should meet Maulana Kalim Sahib, who visits this place on such and
such time. I waited and when Maulana came, I told him my story. He consoled me on my father’s
death and then explained me about Islam.

05. He told me that there is no time for death, it could come any time and my end would be same as
my father’s. He also gave me his small booklet “Your Trust…” and asked me to read it.

After some hesitation, I got convinced and told Maulana that I am ready to become Muslim. He was
very happy to know it. I recited KALIMA in front of him and he gave me my new Islamic name.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

06. I was very confident that my mother will be very happy to see that I have found the true path….b
when I went home and told her, she became very angry. She told me that I have dishonored family

She pressed me to come back to my old religion, I said that now this is impossible. I was so much
against idol worship that I broke the idol in the temple which was near my house….this caused a lot
mayhem in the community.

07. Police arrested me and started beating me mercilessly…some one told my mother, she came
running to Police station. When she saw me being beaten like that, she could not control herself.

She fell in between me and sticks of Police and screamed, if you beat him because he has converted
Islam so am I!! Beat me if you want.

This took me away all my feeling of pain and I thanked Allah for giving guidance to my mother in th
Later my sister also accepted Islam.

D. How I saved my Islam:

08. There were very few muslims in my area. After consulting with Maulana , I brought my mother
and sister to Delhi.

I had to face many difficulties to make both the ends meet….there were many trials but Allah helped
me at every juncture and I got a good job to run a darning factory in Delhi.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

09. My advice to muslims is that they should feel pity on people like us, we who are unhappy with o
religion and are in need of truth and correct path.
They should bring to us the message of Islam and they should present themselves as true reps of Isla

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Sept. 2003

155 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born in a poor Christian family. My parents could not afford higher education for me, so they
were advised to enter me into a Christian Mission and they would take care of my higher studies. So
went to California to study in a Christian Mission.

All my hopes of higher studies were shattered when I went to that mission, because all they taught w
Christianity and Anti Islamic courses. Arabic language was part of the curriculum but the teachers
were Christians. It was told to me that purpose of all this Islamic knowledge and Arabic language is
that soon I would be placed in one of Muslim countries and work amongst their women for
Christianity. If I did my work diligently and achieved some thing remarkable, I would be fixed for
life in some well know organization like UNO or its affiliates.

I was destined to work in Egypt. Before going there I was shown many films about poor conditions
Egyptian Muslim women and how much they were suffering under Islam. I was full of confidence a
my abilities when I landed in a remote Egyptian town and started my mission activities.

When I started talking to these poor Muslim women, I found that it was me who was lacking
something. Whenever I used to tell them about beauties of Christianity they would counter with som
quality of Islam which was lacking in Christianity. Soon I realized that their faith is based on much
solid grounds than it was told to us in the mission school.

When these Egyptian girls used to recite Quran, I was almost mesmerized…. I visited Al Azhar
Mosque in Cairo and talked with scholars there. They told me that there would be a seminar shortly
which many renowned scholars would take place.

I was very eager to attend this seminar and ask my doubts about Islam from them. I was much
impressed by the simplicity of the event and down to earth approach of renowned Muslim Scholars,
different from pomp and show which Christian Church luminaries display when they visit any where
I talked to these scholars who gave questions to all my doubts.

We discussed about the Unity of Islam which is cornerstone of Islam. They gave me very convincin
answers to all my doubts. One more thing I noticed that whenever I asked any doubt, they would giv
answer immediately and without much going round the bush. However whenever they asked me any
question, I had no answer or a very far fetched answer.

This convinced me that Islam is the true path and it is preserved in its pristine beauty. While no one
can make the same claim about Christianity which was changing with time and is still changing.

I then decided to accept Islam on the hands of these scholars and I thank Allah that He guided me to
the right path. (abridged)
156 Why I Became Muslim?


When a western women like myself turns towards Islam, the road is long and sometimes difficult…
The western culture uses its women towards its own goal. TV Commercials are indented with lesson
that teach everyone what they must desire. A slim figure seems essential because the clothing
advertised exposes everything on a western woman.

There are books by millions, about how to be a sex symbol, how to make friends….the system feeds
upon itself. Such was my thinking before coming to Islam.

When I approached Islam, first by reading the Quran and then by studying Islam, I wondered at its
simplicity. Life in the western culture is so endlessly complicated by false needs and desires.

At first Islam seems to be unintelligible to a westerner simply because we are always taught that the
life must befilled with self gratification and self seeking pleasure…
Islam is more logical yet it contradicts every thing that I was ever taught. When one spends an entire
lifetime demanding self-abuse in the name of freedom, the prospect of a life dedicated to Allah, inste
of selfish desires, becomes frightening as well as exciting.

The mere notion that there is a better way, is difficult to accept, because we are always taught that th
western way is the only way….Therefore the first step towards Islam requires courage and convictio

Islam is a total life system that enjoins respect for the purity of life. It insures purity of family life as
well as purity of the individual. A woman is a special individual in the eyes of Allah and not just a
produce for commercialization….A Muslim woman is a respected member of the Muslim communit
contributing in a positive way to family and community life…

Muslim woman must be stronger and more confident than other woman. To be a Muslim living in
western world today is a great responsibility, but the rewards may be blessing for all mankind.

I am proud of being a Muslim woman because only in Islam are Allah’s blessings so bountiful…

(Abridged) Source:: Yaqeen International Pakistan July 7-22, 1991 Page 47

157 Why I Became Muslim?

Christopher Patrick Nelson , Islam Saved My Mental Health and Returned My Soul

Note: Nelson writes for Silicon Valley De-Bug, a PNS publication by young workers, writers and
artists in Silicon Valley.
I am a 26-year-old Irish American who converted from Christianity to Islam in order to save myself.

Although I never had a problem taking the Prophet Jesus as a role model for a way of life, I needed
more specific guidance with day-to-day behavior – my own was out of control. After studying Jainis
Buddhism and Hinduism, I concluded that the example of the Prophet Muhammad served as a
blueprint for a comprehensive spiritual life.

And that saves me. Literally.

Let me explain. When I turned 14 I was put in a psychiatric ward for my out-of-control behavior. I fe
high and acted on any impulse as though it were a fabulous idea. I would try to kiss girls I just met, a
if we had been going out for a long time. Not a good idea.

Then the pendulum would swing from high and energetic to low and depressed. I found no pleasure
anything. I wanted to sleep all the time, and, far worse, I wanted to die. I slit my wrists several times

If that sounds funny or even romantic, that's not how it feels. Mania might be fun, but the ensuing
depression is pure hell. It sneaks up on you like the devil, insidiously. I remember staring at somethi
innocuous, like a coffee table, and suddenly being overwhelmed by the conviction that life is

Western medicine may help, but it does not cure me. Medication was mandatory at the adolescent
psychiatric ward in San Jose. We had seven group therapy sessions a day, chores, wretched meals, an
then medication time. As the shrinks mixed and matched my meds I felt as if I were wading through
thick oatmeal.

Eventually, outside the mental institution I found something that finally helped me with being bipola

I'd always felt, deep down, that my illness had something to do with my soul. Western medicine –
drugs and therapy – could, therefore, never cure me. How could it when it does not even recognize th
I have a soul? Islam, on the other hand, taught me how to purify my soul from disease …

I found the emphasis on reciting certain invocations to God most helpful. In order to protect
themselves from demonic elements that can do harm, followers of Islam recite prayers. The disciplin
and the act of praying helped me deal with my mania directly.

Reciting prayers, though, may not be for people who just want to deal with mental distress. And I'm
not at all suggesting that people go off their medications just yet. There are prerequisites to the
effectiveness of the practice, such as the belief in what one recites. And it's about more than just
prayer: a strict life is a must. Avoidance of pork and intoxicants, as well as a supportive, mosque-bas
community are crucial parts of being Muslim.

Dealing with mental illness is a lifelong struggle, but now I feel that I am finally in control. I have a
soul. And Islam teaches me how to purify it. (Abridged)

158 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a village near HARIDWAR in a religious Hindu family. I have three brothers and
one sister.

I was educated in Hindu GURUKUL type school. These are schools sun by very orthodox Hindus.
was very active and used to take part in every function.

02. I was very much interested in dancing and had learned to do very good Break dancing. My body
was especially suited for breaking dancing and I was very much in demand due tot this specialty.

However there was a Muslim religious man, who used to prevent me from dancing and such type of
things, saying that men have not been made to do such things. Slowly and slowly he told me about
Islam and its teachings. He took me to mosques and showed me some Muslim schools.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. I got interested in islam, I accepted Islam on his hand and then he sent me to Phulat to meet
Maulana Kalim Sahib.

He helped me in understanding Islam and its teachings. Very soon I learned about prayer and how to
recite Quran. I even grew full beard and was dressed like any Muslim.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

04. For some months I stayed in Phulat and did not contact my family. Then Maulana Sahib asked m
to contact my family and work on them.

I phoned my parents and told them about my accepting Islam. They did not react at that time and tol
me that my sister’s marriage is to take place on such and such date and I should be present there. Ev
if I am renegade from my ancestor’s religion I am still her brother.

05. I reached there and brought some presents for my sister….they did not say any thing…but after
end of marriage…they took me to a room and locked it from inside, then they asked a barber to shav
off my beard. I requested them to leave my beard alone….but they did not listen.

I was very ashamed to meet Maulana in this condition…but he told me not to worry. Allah will
reward me for this.

D. How I saved my Islam:

06. I lived in Phulat and did course in Computers and now I am busy in DTP works in MAWANA.

I go with Maulana in his missionary missions and try to educate people about Islam and its basic
teachings. Alhamdolillah more than twenty people have accepted Islam on my hand. Earlier I used t
wait for Maulana to make them Muslims and recite KALIMA, but Maulana told me not to wait for a
one, because no one knows when the end will come.

E. My Missionary activities:

F. Present Situation:

I try my best to live my life according to Islam as far as I can.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of March 2003.

159 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born in Geneva in a very devout Christian Family. After completing my primary education I
moved to Rome to complete my further study. I joined Arts academy, I was very beautiful to look a
so I got offers for modeling, which I did in my spare time. After completing my graduation, my nex
target was Film Industry. Because of my looks, my modeling background and my talents, I soon
become a famous star in Italian Cinema.

I was living with my “Live-in” husband and both of us were very happy and had every thing in the
world so to say. But something happened in that period which changed our lives for ever.

We had to shoot one of the film on WW-2 in MERCI MATROUH city of Egypt. I was once waiting
there when I found a few people going towards a small building in the town. They took off their
shoes, washed their hands, faces and feet and then appeared to do some sort of exercise. I watched
with interest this act and then it became a sort of habit to me to watch these people performing this a
When I asked someone about it, they told me that these are Muslims and performing their five regula
daily prayers. This kept me thinking about the purpose of my own life….I went to Islamic center in
Rome and they gave me some booklets about Islam. When I went for more they gave me more fina
I got convinced about message of Islam and asked them to join it.

I had thought that the ceremony would be long and elaborate and it would take at least couple of
weeks, I was surprised when the ceremony was over in a few seconds and I became a Muslim.

I had left the film line already, soon I became a volunteer of the local Islamic Center. My Live-in
Husband left me even though we loved each other very much. He asked me to see hi from time to

I soon started visiting him and talking Islam to him….slowly and slowly he also got convinced of th
truth and decided to accept Islam. The ceremony was soon over and we became husband and wife
once again, this time according to rites of Islam.

My husband jokingly recalls that “I never thought becoming Muslim would be so easy, I thought the
would demand a few hundred heads of Non Muslims to prove my faith!!!”

So in the end it was that scene in a small Egyptian Mosque, which became my reason to come into
Islam (abridged).
160 Why I Became Muslim?


Note: She was a noble British lady born in 1914. She went to Egypt to make a study of
Comparative religions. She got so much impressed by teachings of Islam that she became
Muslim in 1931. Following her example her younger sister also accepted Islam. She performe
Hajj in 1935. Here she writes in one of the magazines.

I am going to address more particularly to the Non Muslims who are not as well acquainted with the
noble character and life of the holy prophet.

The prophet Mohammad’s character and qualities were those which appeal especially to my own
countrymen and women, namely courage, loyalty, kindness and greatest generosity to a fallen foe.

His courage was exceptional, at the commencement of his great work, he stood entirely alone. His
clansman and people of his own tribe were against him, and he fought for his cause against apparent
overwhelming odds. It was his courage and faith in Allah that brought him victory.

Previous to the days of prophet, the Arabians had sunk to the lowest degree- drunkenness, immoralit
and idolatry were at their heights. The Kaaba which since the days of Abraham had been used as the
House of God was filled with idols of stone and wood…It was a most courageous acts of Prophet to
cleanse Makkah of those idols.

Mentioning Makkah, I should like to say here that it seems to me a grand thing that the holy cities of
Makkah and Medina are again visited by Occidentals as well as Orientals. This is as was in the days
of prophet.

Every one desires World peace, well, there is nothing which will better accomplish that than the
festival at the end of the pilgrimage at Arafat, where all nationalities, Black, White, brown Yellow, a
dressed alike, Kings, Beggars, Poor and Rich side by side, offer up one universal hymn of praise to

The prophet banned all intoxicants. He was the first prophet to raise the status of women. Up to tha
time women had no real status, in fact, the Arabs used to bury their female babies alive. All this the
prophet stopped and instituted laws, 1356 years ago, establishing women’s rights, that alas do not ex
even today in some European countries..

To this day, In Islamic laws which the prophet introduced, a woman’s possessions, whether money,
land or anything else are her own, even her husband cannot lay a hand on them.

There is a great misconception amongst Christians as regards to women in Islam. For example many
Europeans have said to me “As per your prophet, you have no souls”. How this fallacy has crept int
the Christian imagination is incomprehensible.

(Abridged) Source:: The Islamic Review Sept. 1938 Vol. 26

161 Why I Became Muslim?

FAUZUDDIN AHMAD OVERING, Preacher and Social Worker, Holland

It is difficult to say how my first interest in the Eastern world was aroused. It was purely linguistic
first. I started learning Arabic when still at the primary school, when I was about twelve or thirte
some thirty years ago. But as I had no one to help me, I did not make much headway at first.

It goes without saying that by the study of Arabic I came into contact with Islam. I bought seve
books about; though all were written by Western authors and, therefore, not always unbiased. I beca
convinced of the truth of the Prophet's mission (the peace and the blessings of God be on him). But m
knowledge about Islam was rather restricted, and I had no one to guide me.

The book that influenced me most was E.G. Browne's History of Persian Literature in Modern Tim
This brilliant work contains parts of two poems that were decisive for my conversion: the Tarj-Ba
by Hatif of Isfahan, and the Haft-Band by Mohtashim Kashan.

At first Hatif's poem appealed to me most. It gives a beautiful visionary picture of a soul in turmoil,
a struggle for a higher conception of life, in which I discovered - on a lower level, of course - my o
struggle for Truth. although I cannot agree with some to its couplets, it taught me at least one gr
There He is One, and there is naught but He,

That there is no god save Him alone.

According to the wish of my mother, and in accordance with my own inclination, I went to a spec
school for religious instruction, not because I adhered to its religious principles (which admit
broadmindedness) but some knowledge of Christianity was thought necessary for a general educatio
I think the Principal of the School was rather surprised when at the end of the curriculum
handed in a composition in which I confessed my adherence to the Islamic faith.

My faith in those early days was, however, irrational. It was a conviction, which, though genuine, w
not yet armed by reason against the first onslaught of the rational materialism of the West.

It is then that the question arises: Why should one choose Islam! And why not maintain the religion
which one happens to be born (if any)! The answer is contained in the question itself; Islam mea
being at peace with oneself, the world and the god that is, it consists in submission to the will of Go
Though the beauty and majestic terseness of the Qur'an is lost in translation, I will quote God's o

"O soul that art at rest. Return to thy Lord, well-pleased with Him, well-pleasing Him. So enter amo
my servants. Enter my Garden-the Paradise." (Al-Qur'an LXXXIX: 27-30)

Islam, therefore, is the only pure religion not a religion marred by mythology, like Christianity a
other religions.

Compare the Christian doctrine that an infant is responsible for the sins of its forebears, with Go
consoling words:

"And no soul earns evil but against itself, and no bearer of a burden shall bear the burden of anothe
(Al-Qur'an VI:165).

"We do not impose on any soul a duty except to the extent of its ability." (Al-Qur'an VII:42).

162 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:
01. I was born in a village (which is now within the city) of Meerut, UP. My father was a farmer. I
have four brothers and three sisters. I did my MA in History. I started LLB course, but did not
continue after first year.

My family were very religious minded. When I grew up, I used to think about God and how He wou
be. I used to ask, who will be the Creator of this universe and what will be His powers.

02. When I went to temples and I saw people worshipping the idols made by their own hands, I used
wonder as to how illogical these people are. I used to say, you made these idols, you clothe them yo
put food before them, you make the place cool….how will they help you, when they cannot even hel

People had no answers but said that I was a madman. I used to read in papers that this statue was
stolen from this ancient temple and these ornaments stolen from this temple….these incident
confirmed my thinkings that these idols cannot do anything.

03. Then I started going to these Gurus who are so abundant in India. I saw that these people ask oth
to shun pleasure of this life and lead simple life….but their own life style is full of luxury and they
indulge in every pleasure of life.

Then I studied life styles of SADHUS and find many of them living naked and young girls and wom
worshipping them…that is enough to disgust any right thinking men from them.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

04. Then I decided to know about Islam. There were many Muslims in my village. They told me abo
Islam and its teachings. To me they seemed very reasonable.

The thing which impressed me most was their concept of Last day and individual accountability. I
once went to Muslim graveyard to witness burial of Muslims. I found it was much better and dignifi
than our Hindu concept of burning the dead body.

05. I was slowly and slowly getting attracted to Islam….when my grace of Allah, Maulana Kalim
Sahib visited our village on 12th October 2002. I was very much impressed with his speech and his
personality. I accepted Islam on his hands the same day.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

06. When news of my conversion reached to my family, they became very angry and tried every thin
to turn me back. What more Muslims of my village were also afraid from my conversion to Islam.

When I feared for my life, I complained to Police about my safety. Local Police inspector also told m
to come back to my old religion (typical Hindu Police in Secular India – MUQ).

07. They asked me where I will be safe, I named Phulat. So they left me there and I was very happy
be near Maulana and learn about Islam and take part in missionary activities.
E. My Missionary activities:

2. On Parents.

08. My father used to come and meet me in Phulat. He used to ask me to come back to my old religi
and I used to reply to him very harshly. Maulana told me to talk to them with respect, irrespective of
what he says. I tried that and now his anger has reduced.

He comes and listens to me about Islam. I am hopeful and I also pray to Allah to open his heart to

3. On Family members / Others.

I also present Islam to members of my family who come to meet me. Some of them have got
convinced and accepted Islam. Some are thinking of accepting it/

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

09. We all are children of one parent and one Creator. There are more than 300 Millions of Dalit
people in India who are broken from inside.

If we Muslims bring Islam to them, they will be happy to accept it and get their honor back.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of October 2003.

163 Why I Became Muslim?


Note: This story is set during the period when British were ruling India and duration partition of Indi
and Pakistan in 1947.

I was born in District of Jhelum in 1924 and we belonged to a well to do Hindu family. My father w
working in the Jammu and Kashmir state. Our family was Santan Dharmi (Old Orthodox Hindus).

By the time I reached 8th standard I felt attracted towards Islam and started to know more about Islam
from Maulana Abdul Rauf, a local Muslim Scholar, so much so, I asked him to make me Muslim. B
he said that you are still young and I fear for your life.

One night I dreamt that I am standing in Kaaba Mosque, the Prophet of Allah is present and I am bei
introduced to him. When he asked my purpose, I told I want to become Muslim….he hugs me and
reads some thing in Arabic and makes me Muslim…..when I told this dream to Rauf Sb. He made m
Muslim but asked me to hide it from my parents.

Things were like that when I dreamt one night as if I am in a jungle with some kids and a huge black
man is standing before us. He is asking every one, who is his God, those who say any other thing, h
leaves them alone, those who say Allah, he kills him. When my Turn came and I told Allah is my
God, he hit me with much force…I started weeping…then again I saw the Prophet of Allah….he
consoled me and told not to fear from this demon, he cannot harm you anymore now. When I went
back and repeated my answer, the demon was powerless to harm me.

When I got up, I realized that Now I should declare my faith openly. I did so and soon every one
turned against me. My father came back from his job and they all started beating me. They made m
prisoner in one room….somehow I got free and run to Maulana Rauf, who took me under his

My father appealed in local court that I have been kidnapped by Muslims and being kept a prisoner.
The judge was a Sikh who called me, Maulana and my parents in the court. I told in court that I hav
become Muslim by my own free consent and do not want to go back with my people who torture me
turn back from Islam. The judge ordered in my favor….my father then appealed against this
judgment….the judge this time was an Englishman, who after hearing my story from my lips kept up
the judgment.

My father appealed again and the Judge this time was a Muslim. He ruled that since I was a minor, m
parents have more right for my custody. He ordered me to be handed over to my family. In the car m
father told me that I paid this much some as bribe to judge. He ridiculed me by saying that you want
to join with such people!!! I told that I became Muslim at the hand of Prophet and such actions wou
not deter me from the path.

Next period of my life was full of tortures and beatings. My father tried to use force, coercion,
coaxing, and every thing in his power to turn me back from Islam. He even brought Hindu Pandits t
answer my doubts…nothing could turn me back. I was kept permanently chained in a small room.
When news of my tortures reached some Muslims….some of them planned to get me free even at th
cost of risks to their life. Somehow I got free and run back to Maulana, who sent me away to a remo
place away from the reach of my family. (Contd.)

There I studied Islam properly in a Madarsa and got real knowledge about Islam.

By that time I had reached adulthood and had no fear from my family. The partition events of 1947
brought me back to my family, in order to save them from any harm. I was always with my family t
they left for India. One of my Aunt had kept a large sum of money to take care of and hand it to her
when she was finally on the way to India. When I handed it over to her on the train going to India…
some of Hindu passengers observed that I did it because I have Hindu blood in me.

I told, I did it because I am Muslim now, if I was Hindu, I would have already taken that money!!!
Thereupon some observed that if all Muslims were like you, we would have no need to flee to India!
After partition I got a job in the education department, I got married and then retired from Govt.
Service in 1980. My job is now relating my own story to my fellow Muslims in Pakistan and tell the
what it means to be a Muslim.

When I see present conditions of Muslims in Pakistan, I fell saddened. These breaking into sects and
each arguing with others are not what Islam and Quran and prophet taught us. Quran asks all Muslim
to jointly hold the “Rope of Allah (Quran) and be not stand divided” 3:103.

I feel that my story would remind some Muslims and Non Muslims as to how precious is their faith
and how some people have given everything to enter into it. (abridged)
164 Why I Became Muslim?

'Allah came knocking at my heart' By Giles Whittell, The Times UK, 7 January 2000

Anecdotal evidence suggests that there has been a surge in conversions to Islam since September
11, especially among affluent young white Britons

Six months ago Elizabeth L. — a graduate in political science, the daughter of affluent white British
parents, an opponent of terrorism in all its forms — climbed Mount Sinai at night to watch the deser
sunrise from its summit.
“It was the stillest, most peaceful place I’ve ever been,” she says. “I could hear my feelings come up
from within me, and in one surreal moment it all seemed to come together.”

Last Friday, at 4.45pm, Elizabeth went to Regent’s Park Mosque in Central London and converted to

It wasn’t hard. She didn’t even have to wear a scarf. Witnessed by two Muslim men and nine other
friends squeezed into the imam’s office, she pronounced, in Arabic learnt from a tape the night befor
the words she will repeat like a mantra five times a day for the rest of her life: “There is no God but
Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” Afterwards there was a modest celebration at Al-Dar on th
Edgware Road. Elizabeth and her well-wishers sipped mint tea and smoked apple-flavoured tobacco
from a hookah. There was no booze, but she never drank much anyway.

Why has she done this? “I know it sounds clichéd, but Allah came knocking at my heart. That’s reall
how it feels. In many ways it is beyond articulating, rather like falling in love.”

It was, in other words, intensely personal. As she read the Koran and prepared for her conversion, th
September attacks came and went and failed to derail her spiritual journey, despite their proven link
a fundamentalist Islamist terror network. In as far as they featured in her thinking, they even elicited
some sympathy. All terrorism is cowardly, she says. “But I can see why people get fed up with the
West. Capitalism is enormously oppressive.”..

They are people like Elizabeth (who asked for her name to be changed because she has not told her
parents yet); like Lucy Bushill-Matthews, a 30-year-old graduate of Newnham College, Cambridge,
who flirted with Islam as a student in order to dismiss it, but found it “so simple and logical I couldn
push it away”; like “Yahya”, whose father is a pillar of the Anglo Establishment and who feels that
Islam “fits right into British tradition”; and like Joe Ahmed-Dobson, a son of the former Labor
Minister Frank Dobson who believes that Islam transformed his spiritual life — and helped him to g
a first at university. (Contd.)

If there is something familiar about these people’s startling choices, there should be. We have been
here before, or at least Imperial Britain’s adventuring classes and their moneyed gap-year successors

T. E. Lawrence fell hard for the romance and otherness of Islam and came to embody them for
succeeding generations even though he never converted. Gai Eaton, a former British diplomat now in
his seventies, did convert. His influential work Islam and the Destiny of Man has become required
reading for bright young Anglo-Saxons turning to his adopted faith, often as an expression of
dissatisfaction with a Western culture that appeared to have offered them everything.

Matthew Wilkinson made headlines when he converted and changed his name to Tariq in 1993; he w
a former Eton head boy. He and Nicholas Brandt, another Etonian and the son of an investment
banker, swapped their destinies as scions of the Establishment for a Slough semi shared with four oth

Lord Birt’s son, Jonathan, forsook a fast track into the ranks of the great and the good by converting
1997 and starting a PhD on British Islam. So did a son and a daughter of Lord Justice Scott, the
scourge of Tory sleaze and the chairman of the Arms to Iraq inquiry.

And so did Jemima Khan. “My decision . . . was entirely my own choice and in no way hurried,” the
21-year-old daughter of the billionaire James Goldsmith declared angrily after suggestions that she h
converted to marry Imran Khan, the former Pakistan cricket captain. ..Her plea seemed hard to credi
in the circumstances, but it is a common one from educated British women trying to persuade baffled
non-Muslims that conversion did not mean surrendering their independence or their critical faculties

For Lucy Bushill-Matthews, it meant the reverse. “When I went to Cambridge I joined the Christian
and Islamic societies and all three political parties,” she says. “I wanted to explore all the possibilitie
in order to dismiss them.”

Yahya, too, chose Islam from the broadest possible religious gamut. He was raised in a high-profile
London family that, because of his father’s position, could not be seen to favour one faith over anoth
He then took a degree in comparative religion — the theological equivalent of a blind wine tasting —
and Islam, quite simply, won.

“It’s pure monotheism,” he says. “It has a clear moral system and an intact tradition of religious
scholarship. No scripture expresses its message of the oneness of God as clearly as the Koran. It also
has a remarkably rich mysticism, which may be what appeals to middle-class white Brits like me.”

Yahya converted five years ago. Now 33, he is at Oxford writing a PhD on British Islam and is
dismayed not just by last September’s attacks, but also by the mauling he says his religion has suffer
since in the media, even — or especially — at the hands of would-be sympathisers. “It’s very painfu
for all of us to be associated with such sickening barbarism (of the attacks),” he says. “That’s not wh
we signed up for. And now we can’t portray our religion in undiluted form. It’s always mediated by
someone else. It’s incredibly frustrating to have Polly Toynbee trying to save you from yourself.”

All those I spoke to agreed that Christianity claims to answer the same yearnings for meaning and
guidance. All had rejected it on intellectual grounds. Why grapple with mental puzzles such as the
Holy Trinity and Original Sin, they asked, when the alternative, asserting neither, proved to them so
much more satisfying? (Abridged)
165 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01I was born in the city of BULANDSHAHAR, UP which has historical importance. My father was
having a big Grocery shop. I have one younger brother. My father died when I was in Intermediate,
so I could continue my education further and started sitting on the Shop.

My business grew and I opened a whole sale shop for my brother also. We were quite successful in
our business.

02 I was married to a wealthy trading family of Muzaffarnagar. My wife is a very gentle lady, she is
Post Graduate. We have two sons and one daughter.

My father was very generous in spending on religious causes. I also inherited this habit from me. I
used to give lavish money for any religious cause, including building and renovation of Muslim

03. My father had constructed an old market and the shops were rented to many people, two of them
were Muslims. We decided to reconstruct the market and sent notice to all the shopkeepers to vacate
the shops. We were also ready to pay them some money to compensate for their inconvenience.

Now one of the Muslim shopkeeper went to the Imam of local Mosque and told him the situation.
After learning details, Maulana told him to vacate the shop immediately as Islam does not allow for
any Muslim to violate his trust or contract or agreements.

04. Next day when I went to market, I saw the shop keeper vacating the shop. I officered him 100,00
rupees, but he refused to take it saying that Islam does not allow it.

I was amazed and I asked that if his religion has rules for renting shops also. He told me , yes my
religion gives instruction for all spheres of life.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

05. I went to Imam Sahib of the mosque and asked him did Islam has rules for such small matters als
He told me not only this but even smaller matters than that are also covered in islam.

He said that it is mistake of Muslims that have not spread the real islam to Non Muslims of this
country. I was very impressed by his talk and then I used to visit him regularly and he gave me som
books on islam.

06. I got interested in Islam and he told me to go to Phulat and meet Maulana Kalim Sahib there. I m
Maulana and accepted Islam on his hand.

He named me USMAN and told that this was the name of one of the companions of our prophet, wh
was very rich and used to spent lots of money on religious causes.
C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

07. Maulana asked me to deal kindly with my family and spend more an more money on them. He
asked me to deal with them kindly and with patience and ask them to read his small booklet “Your

I purchased lots of new clothes for my children and special dress for my wife and mother. Then I us
to bring gifts very frequently for all of them. This continued for many days.

08. One day I told my wife not to cook any dinner as I will bring I from the famous restaurant of my
city. After dinner when every one was happy, I took out that small booklet and asked my wife to rea
it loudly to the family.

She started reading, but after a page or two, she could not control herself and started weeping. I took
the booklet and I read it to them.

09. Then I asked my mother, Is she ready to burn in hell fire. She said that I cannot bear a small bur
how can I bear the hellfire. After some thought, My mother, and my wife decided to accept Islam.
Then all our children also became Muslim. I took all of them to Phulat and Maulana gave them new
Islamic names.

D. How I saved my Islam:

10. Maulana had told us not to declare our Islam not for the time being. But the news spread and my
family members were very unhappy. My in-laws took my wife and children away.

But my wife had read the stories of early Muslims and what they had to undergo to save their faith, s
she stood firm. Son they gave up and we were united and free to practice our faith, Alhamdolillah.

F. Present Situation:

11. I gave back the key of Shop to my Muslim tenant , saying that this shop is his now for ever. I ha
got much more than shop in lieu of it.

The other Muslim shopkeeper, went to court, he lost the case and also had to pay all the cost.

I also had pity on him and I also gave them the key to the shop.

I am busy in Missionary activities and many people have accepted Islam on my hand, Alhamdolillah

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

12. We should tell people about real Islam. There are so many Islamic teachings, which are so
reasonable and logical that every one will be attracted to it.

Muslims have kept their religion to themselves and have not propagated it to their brothers living in
their neighborhood.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Dec. 2008

166 Why I Became Muslim?


Dr. RK MALHOTRA is the elder brother of Mr. V K MALHOTRA, the well known leader of Delhi
BJP, who served as Chief Minister of Delhi and also as Minister in Indian Cabinet. His family
migrated from Pakistan during partition. His family is well educated and very influential. RK
completed his studies from St. Stephen college Delhi, did his B. Sc and M. Sc in Chemistry and then
went to Oxford for doctoral studies. He served in London for six years and then came back to India
hearing about his parent’s illness…let us pick up the thread from that point onwards.

I attended to my father during his long illness and was deeply shocked when he died in 1989. Within
days my mother also died and this was a dual blow to me. At least I felt contended that I was able to
attend to my parents in their old age, which is so different from what I saw in West.

In that state of mind, I decided to renounce the world after this dual blow, I visited all well known
pilgrimage centers in India…I was surprised to see that what is going on in the name of religion is
really the business deals. Each so called Guru has his own party and they are in race with each other
collect maximum number of disciples and wealth and position.

Disgusted I came back to Delhi and there met Swami Kalyan Deo, who was engaged in social work
and in educating poor. I agreed to join his trust and help him in education field. There also I smelt
same type of worldly atmosphere. I was not feeling happy and whenever I used to discuss religion
with Swami Ji, he would give not give me clear answers. I felt that he was also in search of truth.

I left the trust and joined Delhi Public School and was soon made Principal of one of its branch, later
rose to the position of Administrator and member of committee to establish more branches of DPS in
other parts of India.

Now I come to the curious part of my story, while I was retuning from Ahmedabad (where I had gon
in connection of establishing DPS branch), the train was late and I was waiting on the platform. It w
noon time…suddenly I saw a group of twenty or so porters moving in a group in one direction…I
thought that they want to demonstrate for some cause and I should find out and help them if I could.
I was surprised when I saw that these people picked up water pots (LOTAS in Hindi) and washed the
faces, hands and feet. Some of them cleaned their teeth with a stick and then they arranged themselv
into rows….one of them went forward and lead them into prayer. All members followed the leader.
After end of prayer, they put back every thing in its place and went back to their work. (Contd.)

This was my first encounters with Muslim prayers. I started thinking what religion would instill so
much discipline in such poor and uneducated people? I must study about this religion. Back in Delh
I went to Jama Masjid area where they sell Islamic books. When I told them that I want to learn abo
Islam, they gave me two books, “What is Islam?” by MAULAN MANZOOR NOMANI and “Ideal
Prophet” by MAULANA SULAIMAN NADWI (English translations of two very good books on
Islam and prophet’s life in Urdu-Ed.). When I read those books, I immediately realized that Islam
must be the true path. Later I read Hindi Translation of Quran and my conviction was confirmed.

Now I decided to become Muslim, but it was not that easy. My name and family connections were
known to every one and no one in Delhi was ready to convert me (for want of repercussion and back
lash-Ed.). I went to more than twenty Muslims Imams and Scholars, but no one found enough coura
to come forward. I was desperate and in the mean time my sister died and I was present at her
cremation. I saw her burning in flames and thought that this could be my end too.

Some one advised me to go to PHULAT Village in MUZZAFARNAGAAR and meet MAULANA

KALIM SIDDIQUI. I went there and accepted Islam on his hands. . He told that he understood
position in Delhi.

When I announced my conversion to my family… they all were taken back. I was offered all sorts o
rewards and positions to turn back….but how could I? I was not in this for money or position. My
wife joined me in Islam and on advice from Maulana I went to Oman to work in an International

During my stay in Oman I continued in my Islamic work…I am glad to report that many of my
students and teachers (from west) got convinced of truth of Islam. Many of them accepted Islam and
some even established Islamic schools in their countries.

My advice to Muslims in India is that if they do not wish to introduce Islam to Non Muslims, then at
least they should not become a hindrance.

In the end I feel fortunate that Islam invited me itself…what would have happened to me if the train
was on time on that fateful day in Ahmedabad! !!! (Abridged)
167 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born as a Buddhist but I was not taught any thing about Buddhism, its teaching or its principals
All I know about Buddhism was following my parents to the temples during festive seasons…We us
Joss sticks to prey to the idols, or even colored disks with inscriptions on them.

When we prayed, we prayed for our own good, making up a very long ‘shopping list’.

In Malaysia, Chinese think they are superior. Most Chinese are either Buddhists or Christians and
there is very small minority who are Muslims. These Chinese Muslims are looked down upon.

All the Malays are Muslims and Chinese consider them as stupid and lazy. Therefore to associate w
any Malays was a terrible ‘sin’.

To the older generation of Chinese, Islam is only for Malays, and since all Malays are Muslims, Islam
is a stupid religion…
Because I was brought up in that society, I also accepted their ignorant way of thought. Because of
racial tension in my country, I did not trust any Malays and so my knowledge of Islam was practical

I was never a religious person at home, so when I came to England, I became an Atheist. All of my
friends were not religious either. All we were interested in was amusement and entertainment,

It was after two years in England and one broken marriage that I met a Muslim Malay. He gave me
few books on Islam and in order to please him I read them. I was very suspicious of Islam but I was
willing to learn and soon my interest grew.

Then one day I came across a copy of the book “Islam our Choice”, I read that book carefully and th
feelings of those brothers and sisters expressed in that book made a great impression on me..

What really impressed me most about Islam was its moral teachings. One must dress decently and
cover up one’s body. Another aspect of Islam that attracted me was cleanliness, which in Islam is ve
important. Cleaning after call of nature, and performing WUDU before going to prayer was natural
and very wise.

Against my parent's wishes, I became a Muslim after six month of studying the religion…I became a
Muslim because I believe in Allah as the only God and Mohammad is His prophet….

(Abridged) Source:: The Muslim (London) Oct-Nov 1974 Vol. 12 p 10-11

168 Why I Became Muslim?
Testimony of Ihsan Chua Gim Sam

Ihsan Chua Gim Sam, 23, born a Taoist, who when he was 9 years old believed in Christianity
because of a threat and later in his young teens followed the teachings of Buddha, shares with Sister
Muneera Al-Adros, his path toward embracing Islam. Ihsan's story was published in the "Muslim
Reader", Oct-Dec 1994. This is a publication of the Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore.

According to a Hadith, when a child is born, he or she is like a white cloth, it is the parents that will
colour the white cloth to be red, blue, green or yellow. My parents are Taoists, therefore I was broug
up as a Taoist since my birth. During my childhood years, I believed and accepted Taoism even thou
I did not know anything about it. ..

When I was about 9 years old, a school teacher told me and some of my school mates that we should
all become Christians. We were told if we do not become Christians, we will have to die as a
punishment for being a non-Christian. I was very afraid of that threat. Thereupon I became a believe
of two religions - Taoism (because of my family) and Christianity (because of the threat). As I grew
older, I could not decide which religion I should be practicing.

During my third and fourth year in Secondary School, I opted to study Buddhism as a subject in
Religious Knowledge because it was known to be the easiest paper to study for. I was influenced by
the Buddhism doctrine because it is very logical and practical. The concept of benevolence in
Buddhism struck a chord in my heart. I followed the teaching of Buddhism as closely as possible but
did not become Buddhist I found that even though Buddhism is based on good principles and
practices, however, it lacks the presence of a supreme being - God.

When I joined St. Andrew's Junior College, a missionary aided school, it was compulsory for all
students (except Muslim students) to attend the school's weekly chapel service. During the service, w
sang songs and listened to sermons. At the end of some of the services, we were asked if any of us
would like the become Christians. …

However I could not settled down with one one-denomination of the Christian faith. I kept changing
from one church to another. I was still searching for inner peace and could not make up my mind as
which church I should be attending….

While I was still active with the church, I got to know a Muslim whom I tried to talk to about
Christianity. She was very sure about the truth of her religion but she did not know how to explain it
truth to me. There was no way I could convince her about Christianity. It made me wonder because
many Muslims even those who are drug addicts, they are all "dead sure" that Islam is the true religio
I decided to ask my Muslim friend what is so true about her religion that its followers will not
renounce it. She did not know how to explain to me but instead told me to get information on Islam
from Darul Arqam, the Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore. I agreed to her suggestion even
though I regarded Islam as a religion of terrorism and a religion that does not make sense. My
reasoning was that if the religion is good, the people will be good. …

My family has been against Islam because of what always happened in the Middle East as well as th
Malay workers that my father hired, all of whom happened to be lazy and always misbehaved.

Since I had agreed to visit Darul Arqam, I went on ahead to the Association. On my first visit I
attended the orientation class and was introduced to Brother Remy. I was shocked and impressed ove
two things that he told me. First, he pointed out that Islam is not based on emotion unlike Christianit
I contemplated these words and was surprised at my reaction to those words. Secondly, he said, "Do
convert first, until you ask questions as much as you want and when you have no more questions to
ask, then only convert." In Christianity, you 41cannot ask questions because the more questions you
ask the more confused you become. (Contd.)

After highlighting those two points, Brother Remy recommended to the Orientation class the book,
"Islam in Focus". I was shocked at what I found in the book. Some issues which I felt was not logica
in Christianity but had no way to resolve them, I found the answers in this book. I was also shocked
find in the book what I believed and like about Buddhism are actually Islamic beliefs. There are man
similarities in the principles in the principles of Buddhism with that of Islam.

Since I got a lot more information from Islamic sources on Christianity, I was not satisfied. What I
found out about Christianity from the Islamic sources, I checked with various encyclopedias and oth
different sources. I found that all the information I got from the Islamic sources were genuine facts.

When I took a closer look (closer than I ever did before) at the prophecy, "the spirit of the truth will
come and lead people to all truth," I could clearly see that this prophecy was referring to Prophet
Muhammad (s.a.w.) and his message. This prophecy did not point out to Jesus (a.s.) because the earl
Christians could not decide on the identity of Christ. To this date they are still arguing regarding the
identity of Christ.

During my study on Islam, I also tried to learn about Islam from Christian books and I found them to
be malicious. With the knowledge I have on Islam, I could refute all the false claims made by
Christians. One example is the claim that they made about God in Islam - "that of being seen as so fa
away and cannot be reconciled with His creations." I know this is not true because in Islam, God is
close to His creation, as close as to a person's jugular vein. "It was We who created man, and We kno
that dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein." (The
Holy Quran, [50:16])

Later on, when my family found out that I was a practicing Muslim, there was chaos. It became mor
chaotic when I observed fasting during the month of Ramadan. I was almost driven out of my house.
The situation at home continued to be strained for several months thereafter. I did not eat at home. I
was accused of not loving my family anymore. There were constant quarrels between my family and
I tried to explain Islam to them but they just did not understand.
I grew afraid to go home. I stayed out late at night. One day, my mother approached me and told me
not to be out so late at night. She said my father had expressed concern about my late nights. She
suggested that I buy my own food and she would cook separately for me. Now, most of the time my
family and I eat halal food at home. It is more convenient for my mum to cook dishes where not only
my family members can eat but also her Muslim son. Situation at home has improved for the better
except for the occasional harmless nagging that I get from my family. Alhamdulillah.

169 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01.I was born in a small village in PANIPAT, HARYANA. My father had a small piece of land, in
which he used to grow vegetables. I had two sisters older than me. We were a poor family.

My father first married my two elder sisters and then I also got married. Three years after my
marriage, my father died and next year my mother also died. These deaths affected me very much an
I took to drinks.

02. My wife was a very good women, she opened a shop in the village and took care of me and my
children. I had five sons and three daughters, Some how my wife worked very hard to make both en
meet, I do not know how.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. Once I was lying in a field, totally intoxicated, my wife took me to Imam of local; mosque and
asked him to do anything, so I can get over my drinking habit. He told that I have one Maulana in
Phulat, who can do this thing, but he would ask you to become Muslim.

My wife told him that she is ready to do anything, if I could be cured me of this bad habit.

04. When I reached Phulat and told Maulana about the condition imposed by the Imam, he told that i
is not conditional to become Muslim. A man should accept Islam for the sake of Allah and to save
himself or herself from the hell fire.

He then asked me to go to a doctor, who used to give medicine for curing people from this habit. I
went to him and he gave me medicine to be taken every day….in ten days or so, I stopped drinking.

05. When I got cured, my wife took me back to Phulat and thanked Maulana and told that she was
ready to become Muslim. Maulana sahib then explained Islam to us and what it means for our future
life…. Myself and my wife accepted Islam with open hearts and we got new Islamic names.

Then all our children also accepted Islam and got new Islamic names. Then Maulana sahib told my
wife that I should go with a Muslim Missionary party for forty days, to cement my condition of stayi
away from Alcohol.

I went for forty days and in that period I learned about prayer and other things of daily needs.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

06. People of my village first very happy that I got cured of my sickness and bad habits, but slowly a
slowly they started opposing me and my family.

I discussed with Maulana and we left that village and went to a nearby town and opened a small
grocery shop.

My children are now studying in an Islamic MADARSA and learning Quran and other things. My
wife is also active in missionary activities.

D. How I saved my Islam:

07. Once my eldest son ran away from house and my wife was very much concerned by his absence.
Some one rumored that my family people killed him. This made her condition worse….we contacte
Maulana and he told us to pray special prayer and pray to Allah.

Me and my wife spent who night in supplicating to Allah to bring our child back and in the morning
we got the news that our son was back. This strengthened our faith on Allah and His Mercy on us.

F. Present Situation:

08. Maulana sent me to work with a Contractor in Calcutta. After working for some time, he was
impressed by my work and made me the storekeeper of his factory.

He then sent me to NANDIGRAM for a new site and I started my missionary activities there. Many
labours accepted Islam on my hand Alhamdolillah.

Every one was worried when the trouble started there, (Village agitation re. NANO project there-
MUQ). But Allah kept me safe.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

09. It is Muslim’s duty to preach and tell Islam to every one. If they do not do it, then they are not
doing the duty imposed on them by their Prophet, PBUH.

We should try our best to save every one from hell fire.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Jan. 2008.

170 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born in a Hindu family and my father and brothers came to Delhi in search of work. My father
had a small shop in Delhi and I used to help him occasionally. We were poor and in Delhi, it is not
easy to get a house for poor people. There was a small embroidery workshop nearby which was
owned by a pious Muslims. It was arranged that during night, I would sleep with other workers of th
workshop in a small room.

Now it was the practice of the owner to read every night FAZAIL A’MAL (a popular book dealing
with rewards for actions). I used to listen to these words every night and soon got attracted to these
words. So much so that I requested to be taken into the faith of Islam. The owner cautioned me to
take care that my fathers and brothers do not know about it, otherwise I would be tortured and even
lose my life.

Accordingly I took care to hide my prayers and fasting from them, but soon they found out. I told
them boldly that I have become Muslim and no persuasion or torture would now turn me back from
the true path. Well I was beaten mercilessly…was taken back to my ancestral village and tortured
there. I was sent to another village, where my mother was from (to change the environment so to say
but all proved fruitless. They showed me to many soothsayers and village quacks to heal me from m
sickness. But all proved fruitless.

So much so that one day, I told my father, even if you cut me into pieces, I will not turn away from
worship of true God. When all their efforts failed…they left me alone and I got enrolled in a Muslim
Madarsa to learn and study about Islam, and Quran.

Later my father told me that village priest had told him to kill me, otherwise I will turn all of them
away from their ancestral religion. I tried to explain Islam to my father and other members… the
end they got convinced of the truth of Islam. But my father told “What you say is true, Islam is the
correct religion….but I cannot leave religion of my forefathers ..what other people will say and feel”

I remembered the story of Uncle of our prophet, who gave similar reply to our prophet from his deat
bed. In the end I realized that it is Allah which grants guidance to those who ask for it and strive for

I have one uncle who works in Saudi Arabia….I know he is very close to accepting Islam (abridged)
171 Why I Became Muslim?

An African Missionary (Name Withheld), Burundi

Note: God guides sincere souls to His true path, irrespective of the circumstances.

The nuns looked so clean and smart in their starched white habits. They looked like the saints in the
pictures…I dreamt that I could be one of them.

I got excellent grades in exams every year and I was asked if we would like to study religion, they
thought we were pious for our ages…I could not wait to tell my father, who surprisingly said
“absolutely not”! He would not like that kind of life without husband and children for his girl. He
enrolled me in another school.

Years spent as Roman Catholic Mission School at Burundi made me tough as we competed against
boys.. I was interested in religion and excelled in languages…I accepted a full scholarship to a
University in Cameroon. I later got admission in Faculty of Theology in Belgium..

My language ability and my mastery of some African dialects attracted them as a good candidate for
missionary work.

As the years went by, I began to see thru the layers of theology and found the superficiality of their
teachings. I was not alone in seeing so many contradiction in Old and New testaments. To learn tha
Trinity is only once mentioned in New Testament was a surprise..

After graduation from the University, I took a position in Nairobi Kenya. The Church was very
anxious to have an African in a position such as this. They had many programs for women…I was
sent to regional office in Togo…

I had been facing much mediocrity from the Church and at the same time I had Muslim friends who
were very comfortable in their knowledge of God, who prayed five times daily and who had many
virtues. They believed in what they said, in contrast to the Church.

I had never been taught any thing about Islam except a superficial introduction, so I did a lot of readi
about the religion.

I cannot say that to convert to Islam was easy; it was very difficult. But when one is searching for th
truth there is no way to deny it. The decision was also difficult for economic reasons as I had one of
the highest paying jobs with many perks.

I resigned from my position citing my conversion as my reason and immediately lost my job and
salary, housing and medical benefits. I became destitute in one day!

My family does not like my Hijab but they admire the moral aspects of Islam…The spiritual climate
West Africa is ripe for Islam and there are many projects that need to be done. This is what I have
been trained to do and so my path is straight and narrow.

(Abridged) Source:: Islamic Voice , Feb 1997, p 18

172 Why I Became Muslim?
"The Best Speech is the Speech of Allah, And the Best Guidance is the Guidance of Muhamma

by Jameel William Aalim-Johnson

Note: Jameel Aalim–Johnson , is Chief of Staff for Congressman Gregory Meeks of New York. Rais
as a Christian, he converted to Islam in his early 20s. He now organizes the weekly Muslim
congregational Friday prayer on Capitol Hill.

Raised in a church-going Christian household, I was always a believer in God and organized religion
Even after watching "Roots," I still believed that the religion of God was Christianity and I fully
expected that one day I would be baptized and join the Church.

However, television had opened my mind to the realization that other people believed as strongly in
their religion as my family believed in its own. I also had to consider the circumstances that resulted
my Afro-American family residing in America in the first place: the transcontinental slave trade of
Africans. On my mother's side of the family we can trace my great grandparents to their time as
Virginia slaves. As we are well aware, Africans brought here to become chattel slaves were not
allowed to speak their native tongue, maintain their family names, engage in their native customs, or
practice their native religions. They were forcibly converted to Christianity, although the converted d
not achieve an improved status of spiritual brotherhood with his converter.

That summer, perhaps because I missed being in school, I went on a reading frenzy. Two works I rea
that summer were The New Testament and The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Malcolm's
autobiography was completely captivating. I found myself reading it when I woke up in the morning
on the train going back and forth to the city, when I came home in the evening, and before going to
bed at night. I, like many others, was intrigued by Malcolm's transformations from street criminal to
Black Muslim minister to orthodox Muslim and international figure.

The more I began to study the Christian doctrine, the more I began to see a divergence between it an
the Bible. On the other hand, the more I began to study the way of the prophets, from Adam to Jesus
(peace be upon them all), I found it coincided with the doctrine and the way of life espoused by Islam

More and more, my conversations turned toward religion, particularly among my friends and
colleagues. I was not, however, ready to discuss my Islamic leanings with family members. All that
changed on February 15, 1988 with what has so far been the saddest day of my life: the day my fathe
died… I said goodbye to my father William, from whom I derived my middle name and nickname,
and I promised him, (or promised me, or promised Allah, I am not sure who, perhaps all), that I wou
stop wasting time, I would soon accept Islam as my way of life, and I would pray for my father's sou

Over the next three month's I began to take what I thought of as additional steps toward accepting A
Islam. Some of these 'steps' were more superficial than others, such as wearing a kufi (prayer cap) fro
time to time along with certain buttons that were symbolic of various Muslim and cultural groups. I
began to identify more with Muslims that I saw in the street, in stores, or on the subway, including
those from questionable, unorthodox organizations. Even before taking shahada, the public declarati
of one's belief in Allah and Muhammad as his prophet, I fasted for the first time during the month of

That first year of fasting had to be one of the most difficult disciplines I had ever undertaken. It
wouldn't realize until later years that refraining from eating and drinking was actually the easy part.
My two closest friends, then known as Curtis and David, were also making this transformation with
me. David we saw only rarely that year as he was then busy repaying a debt that had come due from
his pre-Islamic business activities- if you get my meaning.

Shortly after Ramadan ended, Curtis came by the house and told me that he had visited a masjid
(mosque) called Masjid At-Taqwa in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn with a Muslim that he worked
with. While he was there he chose to take shahada. I told him that at some point I would like to go
visit with him to see what the mosque was like.

One Saturday, we went by Masjid At-Taqwa for Curtis (now Saifudiyn) to take care of some busines
with the assistant imam. Because the assistant imam was not there when we arrived, we spent some
time at a restaurant next door eating and chatting with some brothers from the mosque. I always
remember them making jokes whose punch lines had Islamic references. Saifudiyn and I both laughe
not because we understood the joke, but because of our mutual confusion. An African American
brother named Abdul Kariem seemed to give particular attention to us. Just as we were about to leav
someone started to call the adhan, the call to prayer, at the mosque. Abdul Kariem informed us that
this late noon prayer was very important and that we should stay and perform it with them. After
demonstrating how to wash before prayer, he turned to me and said that it seemed like I was ready to
take shahada. I agreed that I was. After the prayer Imam Siraj Wahaj conducted my shahada. Just
afterwards, a brother in the mosque asked me what my name was and when I said James, he began to
call me Jameel. Leaving the house that day I'd had no intention of taking shahada yet; I only intende
to visit a mosque for the first time in my life. By the time I left that mosque, however, I had entered
fold of Islam and all my previous sins had been washed away. As the Prophet Muhammad taught us
from the Qur'an, "Men plan, but Allah is the best of planners."

As I look back on those early days just before and just after taking shahada, and when I consider my
most significant shortcomings at that time, I am reminded again of my arrogant attitude toward non-
Muslims. As I began to change and see the world through different eyes, focusing more on the spirit
and less on the material, I had difficulty understanding why others didn't see what I saw. …(Abridge
173 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.

A. Family Background:

01. I was born in the city of HARDOI, which is near Lucknow. My father was a small farmer. I hav
one brother and one sister. And my age at present is 22 years. I stopped my education after High

In my city, there are many mosques. When I used to pass by the mosques when the prayers were
going on, I used to listen to the recitation of Quran. The sound attracted me very much and every of
tears would come to my ears, even if I did not understand a word of it. In early morning prayers whe
the recitation is longer, the effect was stronger.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

02. Once I asked the local Imam, why you people do not tell Islam to non Muslims. I have read that
during the time of prophet, there were very few Muslims and they used to invite other people to Islam
Why you Muslims have stopped that work and what answer will you give to your prophet?

I had a Muslim friend named Saddam and I used to ask him about Islam. He was able to answer som
question and many questions, he was not able to answer.

03. Once I saw him in the company of a Islamic Missionary party that had come from Lucknow, I
went to them and asked their leader, why you only tell your message to only Muslims and do not tell
to Non Muslims?

He told me that we work mainly amongst Muslims, but we have another group who work mainly on
Non Muslims. You go to Phulat and meet Maulana Kalim Sahib or Maulana WASI Sahib there, the
would be able to help you.

04. I reached Phulat and met both these people. They first gave me small booklet “Your Trust….”
And afterwards I accepted Islam on their hands. I stayed there 15 days and I learned prayer and how
to read Basic Arabic language.

I used to see that many people used to come to Maulana, every one with different problem and
situations, but when he met Maulana, his problem was solved and every one used to think that
Maulana loves him most.

05. He sent me to a lawyer to complete the official formalities. He asked about my Islamic name, I
asked if it is a must, he said it is not a must, but it helps in the long run. I said that I like the Word
AKBAR when it is called in prayers….he then named me Mohd. AKBAR.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

06. I have a feeling that my family will not oppose my decision to become Muslim. My mother love
me very much and I am very hopeful that she will become Muslim.

But first I will spend forty days along with the Missionary party, when I come back, I will start work
on my mother and other family members.

F. Present Situation:

07. I feel that many Hindus are very simple, no one told them what Islam is really. They have
misconceptions and wrong opinion about Islam and Muslims.

Recently one LALA JI accepted Islam, he had spent 2, 500,000 Rupees on the Demolition of Babri
Mosque….he thought that he spent that money in the cause of God…. But his young son was killed
accident and that opened his eyes. Now he has spent the same amount of money to build a mosque i
his city… Allah gave him guidance in this way.

There are many cases like that, when one is active in this field, he sees and hears many cases like thi

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

08. I would like to warn my Muslim brothers, that they should remember their responsibility of
conveying this message of Islam to every one.

If they do not do that, Allah will question them on the last day…. I do not know what answer will th
give there.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of May 2009.

174 Why I Became Muslim?

Dr. KAMLA SURAYYA DAS , Kerala India

Dr. Das was a well respected poet and writer in Malayalam language. She was born in 1934. Her
conversion to Islam in 1999 caused a furor in Indian and World Media. Before her conversion to
Islam, she was well respected at all levels, but after her conversion all sorts of accusations were
leveled at her. Here she provides her own response to these accusations.

Yes, let the world know that I have become a Muslim. Islam which is a religion of peace and love.
Islam which is a perfect code of life. Moreover, I have not reached this decision emotionally or
suddenly, I have studied Islam with lot of care and consideration for a long time.

After my careful studies, I reached to the conclusion that it is Islam which gives maximum protectio
and rights to women. One of the best part of Islam is that instead of worshipping innumerable gods
Hinduism, I am worshipping only One God, the True God, who is my Creator and Sustainer.
I was very much attracted by the Muslim women dress code especially the BURQA (a type of Hijab
popular in Indian subcontinent). It saves women from hungry grazes of men. It gives them protectio
I was using this dress occasionally for past 34 years while going for shopping, going out and even on
some foreign tours. I found that every one respects a women clad in BURQA and no one teases her.

Islam has given maximum freedom and rights to women and thru out history, there was no system w
gave more rights to women than Islam. She has been given rights as a daughter, sister, wife and as a

I do not think that it is slavery for women to reside inside in her house and take care of her husband
and children and contribute in making a happy family life. No system can work unless there be som
sort of restriction and bounds on one’s action and Islamic system also provides that. It is not Islam b
social inequalities which has usurped rights of women. The blame should be placed on these
inequalities rather than on Islam.

I want to introduce Islam in this new millennium as a living and true religion, a religion which is bas
on science, reason and logic. I wish o dedicate my talents of poetry in the praise of Allah and His
religion. I am now in advance age, but I say that in my experience I never felt the peace and
tranquility in my entire life, like what I felt after accepting Islam (abridged and based on many

175 Why I Became Muslim?

My Conversion from Christianity to Islam, Hussein Amin

Note: Mr. Hussein Amin is an Irish, he accepted Islam in 1998. He was having a Catholic


I have submitted my story of conversion to Islam mainly for the benefit of other (would-be) western
converts, especially those who, like myself, come from a genuinely religious Christian background.
Whilst Christianity and Islam have much in common, there remain fundamental differences about
which no compromise is possible, principally concerning the Christian doctrine of Trinity and the
belief that Jesus is divine.

I converted to Islam before I became Internet-aware and had to do all the research for myself. It wa
essential to me that my investigation of Islam result in intellectual and theological satisfaction. I trus
that others from a similar background to mine will find that some of my experiences along the path
from Christianity to Islam serve as useful pointers and starting points for investigation in their own
spiritual quest.
Jesus - Son of God?

Where I did have a real problem, though, was with the role of Jesus. I had been brought up a Catholi
Christian, believing in the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Jesus the Son plus the Holy Spirit - three
persons in one god.

Islam rejects this and teaches the absolute oneness of God (Tawheed) and specifically that Jesus,
though a great prophet, was only human and not divine. (There are many Quranic verses which are
very specific, omitted for space-Ed.)

Islam preaches pure monotheism…. Chapter 112 of the Quran is quite explicit about this:

He is God, the only One, God the Everlasting. He did not beget and is not begotten,
And none is His equal.

Saint Paul and the early Christian Church:

..As my knowledge increased, I came to reject what I now regarded as the doctrinal innovations of th
foremost evangelist of the early church, Paul of Tarsus, usually referred to as Saint Paul the Apostle.

Paul was not an Apostle at all. In fact, he personally never even met Jesus, yet claimed to receive
visions of Jesus which overrode the first-hand historical and theological knowledge of those who had
known and followed Jesus during his actual ministry. .. For the original Jewish disciples of Jesus the
notion of a literal and physical Son of God would have been blasphemous and in direct contravention
of the First Commandment….

Saint Paul's missionary work was overwhelmingly directed at polytheist pagans in the northern
Mediterranean. In Corinth he gave up in exasperation on the Jews who stayed faithful to the worship
of God alone and to the oneness of God. (Contd.)

The Questionable Validity of the New Testament

As for the four Gospels…. these were compiled from unreliable third and fourth-hand accounts long
after Jesus' lifetime.

Mark, 65-75 AD, Luke: 80-85 AD, Matthew, 85-90 AD, John: 95-140 AD..

In addition, it seems silly to have to point it out but Jesus, his apostles and disciples were Jews whos
scriptures were in Hebrew. However, the new testament was written in Greek. …

It is not credible that the Jesus and his followers would be quoting from a foreign language translatio
containing significant differences rather than from the Hebrew original of their Jewish scriptures. Th
casts further doubt on the accuracy of the New Testament and again undermines its validity as a bas
for doctrine….

Jesus was regarded by his disciples and other contemporaries as a prophet. They do not acclaim him
as an incarnation of God or the Son of God.

My Journey from Catholic Christian to Arian Unitarian to Muslim:

As a result of my studies and after much soul-searching, I came to reject Pauline church doctrinal
innovations such as the Trinity, a concept unknown to Jesus' disciples and not definitively establishe
as official church doctrine until as late as 381A.D.

I found myself in sympathy with the more purely monotheist beliefs of the late third and early fourth
century priest Arius of Alexandria and others such as Bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia (later Patriarch
Constantinople), their teacher, the respected priest and martyr Lucian of Antioch and, in later decade
Roman Emperor Constantius II.

The Catholic Encyclopedia defines Arianism as a heresy:

What the encyclopedia fails to mention is that what they are describing as heresy was, in fact, officia
church doctrine in the middle of the fourth century. For example, after the Council of Ariminum in
359A.D. St. Jerome wrote, "the whole world groaned and marveled to find itself Arian". This prevai
until after the death of Constantius and his fellow Arian successor when a changing political climate
within the Roman Empire resulted in the persecution of Arian Christians and the conclusive impositi
of Trinitarianism as official church doctrine at the Second General Council in 381A.D.

When I too came to the conclusion that Jesus was not divine, I had crossed an essential hurdle in
terms of mindset and beliefs. Whether or not Jesus is divine is the absolute crux of the matter as far
any believing, theologically aware Christian is concerned. Once I had come to this new
understanding of Jesus, it was but a small step for me to be able to accept a later prophet and embrac
Islam … it made sense to me that God should send a new prophet, Mohammed, to call mankind bac
to the correct worship of himself, the one true god.

There are 25 prophets recognized by name in the Quran. All but three of them are also mentioned in
Jewish or Christian scripture:

I had now reached the point where I genuinely wanted to be a Muslim in my own right, ..

For I see my conversion to Islam not as a rejection of what I regard as true Christianity, simply as a
rejection of the tangent or erroneous path along which Paul and his followers led astray the new,
gentile, former polytheistic Christians of the Greco-Roman world. Sadly, all major forms of modern
Christianity - Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism - stem from Paul.

The Catholic Encyclopedia states that Arianism has never been revived (although it concedes that su
eminent figures as Sir Isaac Newton and Milton displayed Arian sympathies). What it fails to
acknowledge is that Arianism has, for the last fourteen hundred years, been incorporated within Islam
There is no one left within Catholicism, Protestantism or Orthodoxy to espouse the oneness of God.

Statement of Theological Beliefs

With a clear conscience and with none of the mental torment on this issue that I had to face when I
first started studying Islam, I can now state that I believe Jesus to have been an entirely human proph
of God, one of the greatest prophets of God and worthy of the utmost respect, but that he was neither
an incarnation of God nor the Son of God.

I believe Mohammed to have been a later (the last) prophet of God. And just as the true Christianity
Jesus' genuine apostles in Jerusalem is the successor to Judaism, so is Islam, the final revelation of
God's word, the legitimate successor to and fulfillment of original Jerusalem-Jewish Christianity…

I rejected Christianity as it is known to us today because I no longer believed in the doctrine of Trini
and the claim that Jesus is God. I came to believe wholeheartedly in the oneness of God. And I judg
this belief to have found its best expression in the religion of Islam. Whatever the future may hold in
terms of personal relationships, I will continue to hold these beliefs.

And I am sickened by the politicized hate-filled philosophy, which passes itself off as Islam when in
fact not only does it violate the most basic Islamic rules of warfare, it is often indicative of a comple
lack of trust in God's promise that no one will have to suffer more than they can endure. What a long
list of recent examples - September 11, Palestine suicide bombings, the mid-Atlantic shoe bomber, th
Tunisian synagogue massacre, the ongoing slaughter of thousands of innocent Muslims by Muslims
Algeria, the Bali bombing, the Moscow theatre massacre, and now apparently even the Washington
serial sniper. These extremists have set the cause of the spread of Islam back decades. At times I ca
help but echo the lament of British convert, Michael A. Malik: "Islam is wonderful, but I can't stand
the Muslims!"

Thanks to Parents
Finally, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my parents - devout, practicing Catholics
who, although strongly disapproving of my conversion to Islam on theological grounds, have accept
my decision and have continued to show me great love, understanding, sensitivity and practical
support. I have been most blessed in this regard.

176 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.

A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a trading family near Lucknow. My date of birth is 6 Dec. 1939. My father had a b
shop. For past six generations, we have only one son in the family. I was the only son of my father
and he was the only son of my grandfather and I had only one son.

After ninth standard I started helping my father in his shop and discontinued my study. My father w
member of Hindu Extremist Political Party, JAN SANGH which was forerunner of present BJP.
Hatred of Islam and Muslims was in our blood.

02. I was married to a very good lady. Her family had very good relations with Muslims…. During
marriage ceremony many Muslims were invited and one Muslim was incharge of food arrangements
refused to eat in this condition but people asked me to cool down.

Our marriage took place in 1952 and for nine years we had no issue. Then in 1961 my only son
YOGESH was born. I educated him in good colleges and he was always a topper in his class an
school. I had decided him to further the cause of Hindu Extremism…

03. But he inherited his mother’s love an closeness to Muslims. He was very much opposed of my
communal bias and hatred of Islam and Muslims. He used to discuss this issue many times with
me….but I was in a different world then.

I considered Muslims to be outsiders and invaders, who made India and Hindu slaves and destroyed
their temples and idols. My son used to argue against this hypothesis, and he said that there were thr
kinds of invaders in India:

04. First came the Aryans, they established their government here and made millions of local residen
as their slaves for eternity. They exploited these poor people in every way imaginable.

Then came Muslims, who united India to be one country for the first time in its history. They taught
people of this country how to dress, how to talk and how to dress. They showed us how to build
houses and palaces. Red fort, Taj Mahal and thousands of such buildings show their good taste and
advancement in architecture.

05. Then came British, who enslaved people of India and took its gold and silver out of this country.
They killed and hanged people by thousands.

But I never used to listen to these talks of YOGESH and was living in my own world of hate and

06. Babri mosque agitation gave a new meaning to Hindu Extremism. I was part and parcel of that
agitation. I spent my every energy for that movement and I was present in Ayodhya on 6 Dec 1992,
when the mosque was being demolished. In fact I was commanding one unit of people engaged in
When I returned, I gave a big party to celebrate the demolition… disgusted my son left the house …
must have spent close to 2,500,000 Rupees on this cause.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

07. We had demolished the mosque… but I had a fear from inside. The date of 6 December was a d
of bad omens for us. On 6 Dec. 1993, there was a fire and short circuit is one of my warehouse and
good worth close to a Million rupees were lost. We used to suffer some or the other misfortune on 6
Dec….the worst was yet to come.

On 6 Dec 2005, my only son YOGESH had gone to Lucknow in his car. A truck hit his vehicle and h
and driver died on the spot. He left a son aged 9 and a daughter aged 6.

08. This made me almost insane and I was not in my senses. My wife took me to many physicians,
temples and every where else, but every thing was useless.

Then she took me to HARDOI in the famous Islamic Madarsa…. I got some peace. One scholar the
gave me a small booklet “Your Trust returned to you” by Maulana Kalim from Phulat. I read that
book and then he gave me some more books on islam

09. These books convinced me of truth of Islam and the follies which I was following. The month o
December was close and I wanted to become Muslim before 6 Dec. On 5 Dec I asked many Muslim
to make me Muslims, but no one came forward.

Some one told Maulana about my case and he sent one man, who was himself the one who participa
in the Babri mosque demolition, to me. He met me on 22nd Jan and I recited KALIMA on his hands
and I became Muslim.

10. I them thanked Maulana on phone and told him that I had spent so much money to demolish one
house of Allah (during the period for my ignorance) now I will spend the same and more for
construction of House of Allah.

What affects me most is the condition of my son YOGESH, he was so close to islam, but he went fro
this world without reciting KALIMA, what will happen to him? Maulana consoles me by saying tha
in such cases, the angels of Allah help the person in reciting KALIMA before their death. I am sure
that this must have happened with my son YOGESH.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse

11. My wife became Muslim without much effort… I am sure she was half a Muslim already and it
was a trail for her to live with so much Anti Islamic and Anti Muslim man like me for all these years
(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of June 2009.

177 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born in New York and had a very beautiful body. My only aim in life was to look as beautiful
possible. I was constantly busy in buying best clothing, shoes, perfumes and jewelry. I used to
exercise regularly to keep by body is best shape and form…but somehow I used to feel unhappy.

I tried to solve this “illness” by drugs, dancing and even joining spiritual clubs….but the illness kept
on getting more serious.

I was in that state, when the events of 9/11 occurred and I discovered that every one in America was
turned against Muslims and a “New Crusade” was started. This caused me to get interested in

Then I joined a social group that was engaged in Women Rights and I became a social worker. Duri
this work I met a senior member who was engaged in providing right and justice to all humans
irrespective of their color, religion or background. I was impressed with this attitude and also started
helping him in his works.
During this work I studied English Translation of Quran. I found it to be totally different from what
Western Media had projected it to be. Found that in Quran Allah speaks to humans directly without
any other entity between Him and His Servants

I got convinced of the truth of Islam and I accepted this faith and bought Islamic dress and Hijab.
When I first wore Hijab, I felt that now I am free for the first time.!!!
I who felt “freedom” in Mini Skirts, Bikinis and Shirts….found that Islamic Hijab protects me from
the hungry gazers who would feast on exposed portion of my body. Those “Admirers” of my beauty
were nothing but hunters looking at their prey!!!

While I was in this state, it paned me to learn that certain priests and Church groups, so called wome
rights groups and civil rights groups have started a movement against Islamic Hijab. Some call it
backwardness, others call it restriction of female movement and others that it is against National

I marvel at the dual standards of these people. They would give the right to women to expose her
body….but when she wants to voluntarily cover it, they want to stop it!!!

I am still an activist of Women Rights but now as a Muslim woman. I advise Muslim women to kno
their rights and duties which Islam gives them. They should help their husbands to better
understanding and upbringing of their Children as a good Muslim. They should fight for their rights
Hijab. What I had taken as “My Right of Freedom” to expose my body for others was nothing but a
form of “Slavery” to Satan and his followers. By going against my own Creator, I could never becom
free. That is the advice which I wish to give all my Muslim Sisters who are living in west or Islami
countries. They should not accept that “freedom” at any cost.

178 Why I Became Muslim?


I belonged to a Christian family living in IOWA in the Mid West. If you know, Church is very
powerful in Mid West and no can live in peace by ignoring Church there. I had a religious bent of
mind and used to go regularly to the Church and listen to the sermons.

But I had a belief that God is only one, He alone is present everywhere and is Most Powerful. While
in Church we practically worshipped Jesus and we could reach God only thru the personality of Jesu
Secretly I believed in only one God. Then I used to listen to all sweet talks in Church, but when I us
to come out of Church, I would find a totally different world.

How come Church has no influence in personal life of people, why we have to go to Church only on
Sunday, that too for a short period and have the rest of week to ourselves? There were many such
questions, which would come into my mind and did not get any reply. If I asked priests, they would
tell me that religion and intellect are not related. Just believe what is written. Then I was troubled b
so many contradictions in various versions of the Bible. When I asked our local priest, he replied
“How does it matter, any way?”

It was in this state of mind that I graduated from high school and before joining college, I took a tour
of Europe. May be I could find some answers to these questions during my tour of different Europea

I was in Spain, visiting ALHAMRA Mosque in Granada, when my I suddenly felt fascinated by the
most beautiful calligraphy I ever saw. Pillars and walls were decorated with it. I watched for much
time and asked the local guide, what language is this? Arabic he replied. I collected every tourist
information in Arabic thru out my tour of Spain and other European countries.

In University, I took Arabic as a special subject (I had only two more students in the class), the
teachers felt troubled my showing this much attention to this language. I used to do my home work
with the Calligraphic pen and even visited Muslim locality in Chicago to get more samples of Arabic
righting. In my second year I took Mid eastern studies and attended many lectures where this was
discussed. I even attended special lectures on Quran.

Once I took the English Translation of Quran to my home for homework, I was so fascinated by it, th
I went on reading like a Novel. It answered many of my doubts which I had from my earlier days. I
told me as to how to live for other six days of the week.

I went to my teacher, to get more books by the same author. He told me that I was reading the Engli
Translation of Quran, and as per Muslims the author is God Himself and there are no sequels to it!!
Muslims believe that this book is preserved as it was revealed and no changes have been done to it.
This was a new thing for me.

I decided to learn more about Islam and see a Muslim country by my own eyes. I visited Egypt and
spent most of my time seeing mosques, Arabic Calligraphy and listening to Quran being recited in
most beautiful of all tones.

So much so that one day…one Muslim asked me “If you are so much interested in Islam and Arabic
why did not I become Muslim?”.

“But I am already a Muslim!!” I told him. He then told me that to be officially recognized as a
Muslim, I have to declare my faith in front of two witnesses…I did so and they gave me a
certificate…. I kept is along with all other Arabic literature I had with me…..I was Muslim long
back….Arabic and Quran had converted me long back (abridged).
179 Why I Became Muslim?

TIM WEIS Globe and Mail Update

Note: Tim Weis is an Edmonton-based environmental consultant and advisory board member
the Council on American-Islamic Relations Canada.

I was born and raised in Ontario. I have European lineage. I am a Muslim. I am a Westerner. I feel th
sorrow and the confusion of both caught within the so-called war on terror. With a foot in both world
I can see how both are looking and talking past one another, without a great deal of introspection.

Let me start by saying I condemn the horror in Beslan. I felt sick to my stomach watching the news
and cried when I saw mothers burying their children. Yet I remember the same feeling in my stomac
the day Russian tanks rolled into Groznyy and flattened a city of more than a million people. I
condemn that, too.

I condemned the attack on New York City, and I condemned the thousands of children killed in Iraq
I've condemned the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and I've condemned the brutal occupatio
of East Timor. After each subsequent atrocity, one community looks to the other to condemn it
unconditionally. In one form or another, someone from the "guilty by association” community speak
out against what happened.

But those asked to do the condemning most likely had nothing to do with the atrocity and don't
appreciate the insinuation that they support the slaughter unless they explicitly deny it. While this
game of condemnations will unfortunately continue, it is likely to do little to prevent the next atrocit
Rather, an inward examination on both sides needs to begin.

Civilian attacks, hostage beheadings, and the murder of schoolchildren are so far removed from
Islamic principles that we in the Muslim community have a difficult time believing that it could be
"one of us.” As such, we force ourselves to view the news at best as intentionally un-contextualized
media coverage and at worst as conspiracy theories.

Rare is it that we reflect on how we got to a point where the perpetrators of these crimes don't see
themselves as the radicals and extremists that the rest of the community does. The Muslim world nee
to recognize that, somewhere in the legitimate struggle for emancipation and self-determination, a lin
has been crossed.

At the same time, occupations, collateral damage and prison torture are equally far removed from
democratic principles, such that we in the West have a tough time believing the extent to which they
are happening. As a result, we have a tendency to assume that "the other side” must be exaggerating
even fabricating their grievances, leaving us susceptible to the simplistic rationale that they ”just hat
us,” and this blind rage can only be dealt with a sweeping yet blunt sword. (Contd.)

The ”West” needs to acknowledge that, somewhere in the legitimate desire for human and economic
security, a line has also been crossed. And crossing the proverbial lines has led us collectively down
slippery slopes in opposite directions, from where we are now able to dismiss unthinkable horrors
without losing too much sleep by saying: ”Yes, it is terrible. But don't forget about [insert appropriat
atrocity here].”

Although it shouldn't, it needs to be said that the vast majority of Muslims are appalled by what is
being justified in the name of their religion. The vast majority of Westerners, meanwhile, deplore the
civilian death toll we have racked up in the name of freedom.

I know it needs to be said because I have heard people say the exact opposite.

Clearly, the vast majority of humanity does not think butchering others is a good idea, and yet we are
somehow caught in this whirlwind of simplistic rationalizations for murder as the body count climbs

The only way I see out is to painfully examine our own complicity in the problem. How did it come
this? How did we not stop it?

In today's globalize world, no one can claim complete immunity from the events on the planet. I
understand the paradox within which I live - condemning the occupation of Palestine while living on
land that was taken from the First Nations. Yet I, we, Muslims and Westerners, cannot allow ourselv
to be paralyzed by such contradictions. Rather, let them spur us into action to rectify what we can
within ourselves and our own lives. It is too easy to cast blame on someone else and believe that the
roots of the problem lie elsewhere.

”Be the change you want to see in the world,” Mahatma Gandhi, a great Eastern thinker, once said.
Voltaire, a great Western thinker, warned: ”As long as people believe in absurdities, they will contin
to commit atrocities.”

180 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born on 3 June 1965 in a Sikh family in FIROZEPUR, Punjab. My father was Mr. Fateh
Singh who was an educated landlord in the area. I graduated from Sri Gobindsingh College. I was
married to a Police Officer. He is now a Deputy Superintendent, we have two sons and one daughter
and all of them are studying.

I had a younger sister who was very beautiful, she was also married to a police officer. Her husband
loved her very much. But after marriage, she was always sick. Despite every effort, her health did n
improve. When all medical options were exhausted, her husband took her to many temples and plac
of worship, but she was not cured.

02. She went to a Muslim lady, who used to practice Islamic system of supplication cure. She got so
relief , but that lady told her , that she will become fully OK, but she will have to accept Islam. She
consulted her husband, who told her, that he only wanted her health, Muslim or Non Muslim, it did n
matter with him.

The lady referred her to contact Maulana Kalim Uddin Sahib of Phulat. She talked to him on phone
and told that she wanted to come to Phulat to accept Islam. Maulana told her, that she need not have
come to Phulat for that and she could recite KALIMA over phone itself. In fact Maulana almost
forced her to recite KALIMA on phone and gave her Islamic name Aiyesha,

03. I was with her that night when she recited KALIMA and her condition immediately improved. H
face was radiant as with inside pleasure. She was very happy and prepared food and fed her husband

After some time she started saying that, I am seeing heaven and all good people are surrounding me…
she went on saying that untill she became silent and when we touched her, she had died.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

04. I was very close to my sister and her face and the ease with which she died affected me very muc
I saw her in dreams and she was sitting on a throne and wearing very good clothes.

I told my husband that I also wanted to become Muslim for one or two weeks to feel what Aiyesha
felt…. When I asked him repeatedly, he agreed for me to become Muslim for a week or two.
05. I spoke to Maulana in Phulat and arranged for my trip there when he will be present there. When
told Maulana my intention to become Muslim for a week or two, he told that Islam is not like a dress
that you change every now and then. It is entering the faith for full life.

I was perplexed, because I was not prepared for becoming Muslim for life. Maulana then explained
fundamentals of Islam to me and what it means to be a Muslim. He also gave me a small booklet
“Your trust returned to you” and asked me to study it and then decide..

06. After some thoughts and discussions, I decided to become Muslim and recited KALIMA in front
him. He congratulated me and gave me the same name as that of my sister.

All family members of Maulana treated me like a member of that household.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

07. I came back very happy and told my husband that I have decided to become Muslim for life. Fir
he seemed to ignore me, but when I remained firm on islam and asked him also to become a Muslim
he got annoyed.

We had arguments every day, Maulana told me, that I should not have sexual relationship with my
husband, but I can live with him in the hope of converting him. I prayed to Allah to open hearts of m
husband for Islam whole night.

08. Next day when I asked him to become Muslim, he agreed and accepted Islam on my hand. I was
very happy and all my children also became Muslim.

Then after some time, my husband was killed in an accident in course of his police duty.

This was a very strong trial, but Allah gave me strength to stay firm on my faith.

09. I was yearning to perform Hajj, but I could not go alone. I started working on my brother and
asked him to become Muslim. I told him that Baba Guru Nanak had also gone to Makkah to perform
Hajj. After some persuation, he accepted Islam and we went to Makkah top perform Hajj.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

I would like Muslims to be grateful for the gift of faith which they have. A day with faith is better
than one century of life without faith.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Sept. 2006

181 Why I Became Muslim?


I was born in LA state of USA in 1956. My parents were devout Catholics, we later moved to Florid
where I completed my education and joined modeling profession. I got married and had three
children. Our financial position was very good and apparently I had no worry in the world so to say.

But I was not feeling happy, I was missing something. In my childhood days I was attracted to
religion and had memorized many passages of the Bible. I left modeling and joined University to do
further studies, I was 30 years at that time.

In my class there were many African American and many Muslims also. I had very bad opinion abo
Muslims, and used to equate Muslims with hate, violence and terrorism. I thought may be God has
commissioned me to save these wretched Muslims.

But I used to observe that these Muslim students were different from other students. They did not m
freely with girls and would shun any party where alcohol was to be served. Whenever I used to
explain to them beauties of Christianity, they would smile and keep quite. I was frustrated in my
efforts to convert any of them.

Then I thought, let me study about Islam, then I would present to them the mistakes of Islam. On the
outset, I did not notice any of the qualities with which Christian writers and priests associate Muslim
with. I started reading English translation of Quran. I was surprised that it provided answers to all
question which rise in the mind. On the other hand Bible leaves many doubts and questions

I studied more about Islam and discussed it with Muslims students, I discovered that Islam really is
totally different from what is projected in Western Press and Media. When the truth was manifest to
me, I declared my new faith on 22 May 1977.

Now my trial period started.. My husband who loved me left me and I had left to parent the two
children….I lost my job because my firm did not like my conversion to new faith….then US family
court decided that if I want to parent my children I have to leave Islam and come back to Christianity
I had to surrender custody of my children.

I had only one support in this period of trial….My Allah ….My God….I used to prey him all the tim
to help me overcome all these trails and give me a way out. I busied myself in the missionary work
Islam and soon married a Moroccan Muslim, who was Imam in a local Mosque and used to recite
Quran in a most beautiful voice and manner.

Well I gave birth to a son from this new marriage, who is now 10 years old and very handsome….

I have established many Women study circles where we discuss the rights and duties which Islam
gives to women. Many US women are wonderstruck when they discover how much honor, right and
protection Islam provides to them. I praise Allah that he has blessed me with converting many Wom
and men to Islam.

One last word….My old family is coming closer to Islam….the eldest son accepted Islam and took t
name Farook. (abridged)
182 Why I Became Muslim?


One day when I was six years old, my parents gave me a shiny quarter, and told me to put it in the
collection plate for Church “to give it to Jesus for his work”

When I returned the quarter was still in my pocket, because I frankly told my parents that Jesus was
not there!! My parents were more amused than concerned…

I had descended in a family that had three Christian ministers as my grandparents….I attended al
Episcopal Private School, where we studied world religions during our last term.

Trinity was a point which I never understood, I felt it was not logical. How could one Father (the
Great Spirit), plus His Son (Jesus) and one Holy Ghost all be together as one, inside one being?

It was logically impossible, and I had been raised to use rational thoughts to make decision in my
life…I continued reading Bible every night with my father after dinner, looking for answers and
enjoying stories of historical prophets.
In high school I met some more students from the Middle East, who sensing my inner dissatisfaction
asked me if I had ever learned about Islam. I found some books on Islam in school library, including
English Translation of Quran.

My grandfather encouraged me to read these books as according to him, Islam contained a good mor
code of living..

The more I read, the more my understanding and excitement grew. I found the answers to all my
questions and more!

At the age of 17 I began regular Prayers (SALAT) and even completed my first month of fasting…
That summer I took the train to Bloomington Indiana to attend Muslim students lectures and
seminars…I stayed in campus with other Muslims for a week….

I moved to Houston to seek employment….one evening at an international costume party I met a pol
gentleman whom I later found to be an intelligent Saudi Student. We married shortly and thru him
God has let my dreams come true.

We have three children and he has taken me to perform hajj. I am content and satisfied and greatly
thankful to the Almighty God for accepting my paryers…

(Abridged) Source:: Saudi Gazette 13 April 2001, p9

183 Why I Became Muslim?

Walter 'Abdul-Walee' Gomez


My conversion to Islam has alarmed many friends and family members. It seems to them strange an
odd for a Latino like me to become a Muslim. Catholic and Protestantism are the leading religions in
Latin America so these are reasonable religions for any Latin American to convert to, but when my
family follows either Catholic or Protestant domination's, why Islam?...

My story begins at my birthplace, El Salvador, a beautiful tropical country located in Central Americ
…I was born in 1975, from middle class of the poor, yes we were poor but we had the blessing of

My father came to America in 1978, to make some quick money and he kept coming and going back
for a period of 4 years .. In 1983, he left El Salvador again but with intentions to bring the family an
stay for good.

So after my father left, I spent a lot of time with my grandfather who was a Protestant, and I used to
listen to the Biblical readings and I used to love looking at the pictures in the Bible. I used to ask,
"does anyone still dress like the people drawn in the bible, with long robes, turban and beards" and
they replied "No" it was long-time ago.

In 1984 my father sent a letter to my mother telling her come to America, ..We left El Salvador in
August, . We arrive in National Airport of Washington D.C. three weeks after we left El Salvador.

After spending time here in America I found out that religions are thrown away by society and are
considered private, and not a way of life to many. 1990, my first year in High School, what a
joy!!! I was so happy the first day, and my cousin Ana warned me to be careful because seniors threw
freshmen in lockers, but I didn't care I was happy…

We started going to clubs, drinking, using drugs, and of course women were not excluded. This perio
of time was the most dangerous of my life. We used to fight for stupid things. I almost got shot on th
metro (train) in Washington D.C. for a stupid argument between my friend and some young kids.. .

My friend at that time was confused what the true Islam was, his Islam looked weird to me. He
believed that Nation of Islam was the true Islam; he did not know the differences, that the real Islam
was not racist like Nation of Islam was. .. He pushed on about Islam, telling me to read his Koran, s
did. I was amazed to see Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and many more Prophets of the Bible in this Koran
He told me "We believe Jesus is a Prophet of God, not the son of God nor God himself" and
immediately responded that I believe in the same. (Contd.)

In 1995, I went to work at a cafeteria at a University a year after I graduated from High school. At
work, I saw so many cultures and different religious people. I still had hate towards non-Latinos, yet
my first week at work a group of students came to buy some stuff at the store I worked, and they wer
fighting amongst each other, that everyone wanted to pay.

This incident was very touching to me because I was a very giving person yet my friends took
advantage of that quality. All the people in that group who came into the store wanted to pay for the

I replied to him that I used to study Islam for political reasons. He asked, "Why did you stop?" I told
him that I didn't know where to get more information about Islam. He looks at me with joy and he sa
I have an American Muslim friend that converted six month ago.

The next day they came to visit me, and I saw this white male dressed like the people in the Bible an
looked like Jesus. My heart felt this peaceful calm feeling that I still feel. .. For two months, Muslim
were coming to me with books, pamphlets, and just to talk.

In September, I went to a party with my friend and I really got drunk that night and almost got into a
fight, but my friend reminded me that I was studying Islam, so I stopped and asked him if we can go
home. The next day, at 9:00 in the morning I woke up with this disgusting feeling and the phone ran
It was my friend from the University.

I told him to please pick me up and take me to the Mosque. He came like a lighting flash to my hous
I was nervous and happy at same time. We arrived at this beautiful Mosque Darul-Al-Hijra in northe
Virginia ten minutes away from my house.

At 10:00 a.m. the teacher came, very calm, and not pushing and asked me if I believed that God is
One, I said, "Yes." He asked if I believed that Jesus is a Prophet and the son Mary? I said, "Yes." Do
you believe that Muhammad is the Last Prophet of God, in doubts, I replied "Yes." At that moment i
doubts of Muhammad, I said to myself, “If I believe in the teachings of Islam, I must be a fool not to
accept in the one who brought it, I told the teacher that I was ready to became a Muslim (in submissi
to God); He told me to repeat:

"I testify that there is nothing worthy of worship than Allah and I testify that Muhammad is the
Prophet of Allah"

At this point, I could smell the mercy and the sweetness of heaven, felt the presence of God in my
torn, sick heart. I felt clean brightness in my new way of life. My life was ready for the next journey
earth, the journey to Paradise.

All Praises are due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds that He has invited me to Islam, from among billion
of people in the earth to be a Muslim. My thanks are due to Allah the Almighty, for inviting me to H
House Makkah in 1997 for Um-rah. (Abridged)

184 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.

A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a poor family in RAJPURA, PATIALA, in a Bhagat family. My father’ name was
Shiv Ram Bhagat, and my Mother’ Somi Bai. We were three sisters.

At the age of 20, I was married to a rich family. My aunt thought that by marrying into a rich family
would be very happy. But my husband was a very cruel man and man of many vices. I was treated
more like a made servant in their house.

02. I some how pulled on and I had two boys and one daughter. I started to open my own workshop
for tailoring and darning. Most boys working in my workshop were Muslims. I was impressed by
their sense of dress and specially their women as they covered their bodies.

So much so that I wanted to accept their faith. They were poor Muslims and told that our Baba will
come on such and such day and will make me Muslim.

03. He was of the group that visit graves and do many rites there, I was not knowing much and I also
started doing as he was doing.

I started facing difficulties from local Muslims and they started objecting to my life style…. My
business also suffered and I did not know what to do.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

04. At that stage, I met some serious Muslim brothers and Sisters, who educated me about real Islam
and the error into which I had fallen.

Then I accepted Islam all of a new and learned prayer and fasting and started to live as a true Muslim
should live. I educated my sons and daughters in the Islamic way and one of my son memorized who
Quran, Alhamdolillah.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

05. My husband had forgotten about me and my children for close to 25 years. When he got retired,
invested his retirement fund into buying a house and shared it with his son from another wife.
06. Soon his condition deteriorated and I saw his daughter in law treating him like a dog and give he
food like a dog.

I had pity on him and on the advice of my eldest child, started working on him. He had many vices;
drinking alcohol was one of them.

07. I prayed to Allah for his guidance… It so happened that he heard about Islam in a lecture and his
heart was opened for Islam. He accepted islam and we were re-married according to Islamic rites.
And he has not touched alcohol since that day.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

08. My children were grown up and married when I became Real Muslim. I talked to them about
Islam and after some discussions my sons decided to become Muslim.

But it was different working on their wives and they were very form in their beliefs. I asked a Musli
sister who was active in missionary activities to come to our house and talk about Islam.

09. My daughter in law was hearing the talk….the sister presented Islam and its teachings is such a
manner that Allah opened her heart for Islam. At the end of talk, she decided to become Muslim,

3. On Family members / Others.

10. I take part in Islamic missionary activities and speak to both Muslim and Non Muslim sisters.

It is having effect and many sisters have decided to become Muslim after my interactions with them,

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

11. My advice to Muslims is that they should share their faith with Non Muslims. There are thousan
of Non Muslims who are very much interested in islam.

Many Hindus spend their money in building mosques, and other things for Muslims. If Muslims sha
their religion with them, things will change in India.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of July 2008.

185 Why I Became Muslim?

S. P. Singh Gautam (Mohd. Omar Gautam) India

Note: Mr. Gautam was born in Fatehpur UP is a well to do High Caste Hindu Family. He got his B. S
and M. Sc. Degrees in Agriculture from Pant Nagar University in 1980 and 1984. He accepted Islam
in 1984 and due to opposition from local Hindu groups had to discontinue his studies and take shelte

When I was 15 years old, I used to mediate on the rites and ceremonies that we used to conduct as
Hindus. Are they true and what is the logic behind that. Before that we were never told as to why w
were Hindus and why do we worship these idols and do all these elaborate rites. Who created us all,
what is the purpose of our life. What will happen to us when we die? Why there are so many gods
and goddesses in Hindu religion? Why a large number of people have been made untouchable? Etc

When I used to ask our elders these sorst of questions, they really had no answers. They only advise
me to follow the religion of my forefathers were. After all how they could be all wrong? But these
replies did not satisfy quest for knowledge.

When I reached Pant Nagar University, I devoted most of my spare time in reading books by noted
Hindu Scholars and Philosophers. I read Vedas, Puranans, Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata…..I read
biographies of Gautam Buddha, Vivekananda, Param Hans, Gandhi, Nehru etc. ….so as to know the
secret of their success. I got very much confused and decided to renounce this world and spend rest
my life as hermit, in search of God and truth….

Then it came to mind as to not ask my own creator for guidance and ask Him to show me the right
path…I did and the path opened for me in a strange way!!!

I made a scooter accident and was hospitalized for a few days. One of my fellow student, one named
Nasir Khan used to visit me daily in hospital and console me. He helped me during my stay in hospi
and during my rehabilitation period. Once I asked him, as to why he was taking so much pains for
me….He answered that it was his duty as a Muslim to help others in distress….I got impressed by th
reply and wanted to know more about Islam, which gives such good advice.

He gave me some books about Islam and I started studying them. I read Hindi translation of Quran,
life history of prophet of Islam, life histories of early Muslim Caliphs and Islamic history in general.
In six months and after reading 50 odd books, I got answers to all my questions as to who my Creato
is, Why I am on Earth and what will happen to me when I die… I got convinced the truth mentioned
Quran that Allah will show guidance to those who seek it

My declaration of Islam met with much resistance at my University…I was ridiculed…threatened an

physically abused. The news was published in local Hindi Newspaper…so much so that I had to run
away from University and could not complete my studies. I joined Jamia Millia University in Delhi
complete MA in Islamic studies.

After much opposition from my family…soon the things changed and many of my family members
accepted Islam and the number is increasing. My own analysis is that most Hindus did not get true
message of Islam and this is the fault of Muslims in general. If they propagate truth, then the situatio
could be quite different from what it is these days in India.
186 Why I Became Muslim?


Note: Sister Aiyesha was one of the exchange students, who was sent to Saudi Arabia to attend Shar
College. She had close contacts with many prominent Saudi citizens of Jeddah. She accepted Islam
late 1970 s. Here she tells story of her conversion to Islam

My formal education goes slightly beyond the norm, after high school, a got a Bachelor’s degree in
International studies, with 2 of 7 years I studied Arabic. I also studied Arabic with private paid tutor

I am a graduate of Naval school and have worked in US navy. I was sent as exchange student to atte
Shariah college at Jeddah University….I later earned master’s degree in International Education

I came to Islam, taking my SHAHADAH in Northern Nigeria, where I was visiting In-laws of my
second marriage, who was a diplomat in Northern Nigeria.

Local people in Nigeria introduced me to Islam, and informed me that it was the most important face
of the historical pasts of people who were taken out of Africa.

I was not entirely ignorant of Arabic Quran as during my studies I had gone thru English translation
Quran by Abdullah Yousuf Ali.

Some credit to my conversion should go to Elijah Mohammad , thru whom many black people in US
learned about true Islamic teaching as a non racial Universal faith for all mankind…

I have visited many Islamic countries and have attended many conference on Islamic and other topic
I have also written many books to teach English language to people whose mother tongue is not

(Abridged) Source:: Why woman are accepting Islam? Pages 20-25

187 Why I Became Muslim?

The Story of a Jewish Boy - Finding Islam in Cyberspace By Musa Caplan

Prior to my conversion to Islam, I lived my life as a Jew. Although my family was not traditional, I
learned Judaism from traditional Jews. I went to an Orthodox Jewish synagogue, and an Orthodox
Jewish school. I lived, and continue to live, in a Jewish community in the United States where there
little diversity…

I developed a strong interest for studying other religions as well as my own. I paid special attention t
Islam, for I knew it was a religion not much different than Judaism. We share many similar prophets
(peace be upon them all), morals, values, and most importantly, we worship the same God … I was
lucky because I knew many Muslims online,

Regardless, when I heard of a terrorist attack, similar to many others, I figured the cause of it was
Islamic extremists. Many times I was not wrong. But then you must ask yourself, what makes these
people go to the extreme? Does their religion really teach to kill innocent people? The reality is that
does not. ..
Another astonishing factor that led me to Islam is the scientific truth written in the Qur'an. The Qur'
mentions the human embryonic development long before it was discovered by science.
The Qur'an also mentions how mountains are formed and talks about the layers of the atmosphere!
These are just a few of so many scientific discoveries mentioned in the Qur'an 1400 years before
discovered by science.
Here is one of the key factors that led me to explore my heart to find the truth of life. In Arabic, the
word Islam comes from salama which means "to submit"; "purity" and "peace" come from the same
root. The person submits to the One, the Merciful, and the Most Beneficent Allah; whereas other
religions are named after people: Judaism comes from the tribe of Judea, Christianity from Jesus
Christ, etc. Islam is a word derived from a verb; anyone who submits to Allah and believes in all the
prophets is a true Muslim. Many of the great prophets mentioned in the Old Testament lived prior to
Judaism and Judea; they submitted to God, and therefore they were all Muslims. And we shall live a
the prophets lived, for they were great human beings.
Considering my situation of being very young and living in an all-Jewish area, it would be difficult t
have my beliefs accepted. My parents and relatives are very respectful, but I am unsure how they
would react if it is their own son who reverts to Islam.
So for now, I am unable to live out an Islamic life to the fullest, but thanks to Allah, I am able to pra
five times a day, I am able to study Islam online, and at least I am openly able to believe in one God
and express those feelings. In some ways it can be very difficult. …When studying Qur'an, my advi
to you is to read it for yourself. Looking at biased websites, you are not able to see the full content o
verse. "Go forth to war" will be a phrase you can find on prejudiced sites in order to make you think
Islam is a religion of war. But if you read on, you will see the Qur'an specifically says only with thos
who first wage war with Islam. (abridged)
188 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born in a farmer family in a small village in MUZAFFARNAGAR District. My father was
very good person and he was a small farmer. We had seven brothers and sisters, two have died and
now we are only three brothers and two sisters.

I studied upto high school and then left studies. I was married to a good wife, but I fell into bad habi
and divorced my wife. After that I fell into society of bad people and we formed a sort of Gang.

02. I decided to make a Tube well and do farming in my ancestral land. We dig the tube well, but no
water came out. Some one told me to give some sacrificial things to the well in the name of Hindu
gods. I offered the sacrifice but still no water came out.
I had a Muslim friend, who said that he will offer two units of prayer of water came out. I also said
same thing and this time water came out with full force. Now my friend said that I must offer the
prayers. We went to a mosque and I offered the prayer.

03. Then the question came about light for the tube well, village people refused to help me in this. B
the same Muslim friend said that if you become Muslim, he will help me in getting light.

I said that Muslims will not keep me seeing my habits and past record. He said that once I became
Muslim, all those bad habits will go away.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

04. We were in search of some one who will make me Muslim and teach Islam to me. I was refereed
to go to Phulat and meet Maulana Kalim Sahib there. I went there and met Maulana and told his sto
of my life.

After hearing that, he said that Islam is religion of peace and it wants it members to be peaceful and
not cause mischief on the land. He said that I have to repent from all my bad habits and specially

05. I was not sure that I will be able to leave my habit of drinking. But he said me that I belong to a
fighting race, If I decide something, I will be able to do it. This encouraged me and I stopped drinki
from that day.

This gave me so much confidence that I am able to cure many persons from this bad habit… He sent
me with a Missionary party for 40 days and during that time I learned prayer and other day to day
maters of Islamic life.

06. Them Maulana arranged for my marriage with a very good Muslim girl of near by village. He di
not wanted any trouble from my family members, so he planned marriage to be performed silently.

C: What was reaction of spouse , parents, family and society:

07. My father came to know about my marriage and he came to attend it. He was very happy to see
me transformed so much and able to shun all my bad habits. He congratulated Maulana and express
his gratitude for all he did for correcting me.

He said that he supports my decision to become Muslim. There was some resistance from villagers ,
but my father stood firm and the villagers had to keep quite.

E. My Missionary activities:

2. On Parents.

08. My father is very impressed with Maulana and he meets him often. I am sure that he has accepte
Islam on the hands of Maulana.

Myself and my wife presented Islam to my mother, she got convinced but is afraid from her family
members. But we asked her to recite KALIMA to us and do not declare her faith openly.

3. On Family members / Others.

09. My two brothers have become Muslim. I am working on other members of my family and pray
Allah to open their hearts for islam.

Many of my friends are also interested in islam, seeing how it has changed me.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

10. Islam is a religion of peace, it is irony that because of actions of some misguided people (and
Media’ propaganda)… it is being linked with Terrorism.

Muslims are more in jails as compared to their population in the country. It is because these people
not practice Islam in their daily lives.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of March 2006.

189 Why I Became Muslim?

Balbir Singh (Mohd. Amir) Panipat, Haryana, India

Note: I heard this story myself from Mr. Balbir Singh, so I am a witness to what I am writing. Since
is translated from vernacular, so I cannot guarantee its accuracy word by word.

I was born in a village of Haryana. State of India. We belong to the Rajput family. My father was a
very good and pious person and he was headmaster in the local school. He was a true humanist and
used to tell us about the atrocities committed against humanity during pre and post partition riots of
1947. I on the other hand was influenced by the extreme right wing attitudes of RSS and Bajrangdal
one of its militant affiliates.

My father used to caution me against violent policies of these outfits and used to tell me that no good
would come out of it, as violence is not the solution of any problem.

But in my youth, I was brainwashed by the stories of past atrocities committed by Muslims against
Hindus during Mogul and other past dynastis. Haryana unit of Bajrangdal was most powerful unit in
India. I took active part in Babri Mosque Demolition drive and I was the main organization (for my
district) when Mr. LK Advani (BJP Leader) came to our town during his famous Rath Yatra in 1990
I along with many people of my village took pledge to destroy Babri Mosque and re-built Ram Temp
at its site.

Me and my friend Yoginder were present at Ayodhya when Babri Mosque was demolished in broad
day light on 6th December 1992. In fact when Mr. Advani and Ms Uma Bharti exhorted us to “Give
one push and remove the mosque”, myself and Yoginder were amongst the first lot who climbed on
the dome of Mosque and started demolition work. We were present when the Mosque was finally
raised to the ground and a make shift temple was erected at the site.

We were very happy on the return journey and carried some of Mosque bricks as “trophies” for our
village. There was lot of jubilation and felicitation when we reached our village. At the advice of
Yoginder, every one was asked to come forward and urinate on the “cursed bricks”!!!

My father however was very sad at our actions and forbade me to enter the house. You have
demolished a place of worship, a place of prayer and want me to appreciate it? was what he said. In
my youth I could not understand my father. I was perplexed that I am being honored by every one in
village on my “Heroic deed” and my own father is ashamed of me!!! (Contd.)

Soon a strange change started to come on me and my friend Yoginder. We felt as if we were being
watched and something bad is going to happen to us. Every Muslim face felt as some one who is
going to kill us. Yoginder slowly lost his senses and became violent against his own family members
On many occasions he tried to molest sexually his own mother. Despite every treatment his conditio
worsened and he was kept in chains all the time.

Then some one advised his father to take him to a Muslim Scholar and let him find the cure. The
Muslim Scholar told Yoginder to repent sincerely for his crime and become Muslim. When Yoginde
did as he was advised, he became normal after a few days. He told me what happened to him and
advised me to take the same path.

The story of my friend and my own condition also made me realize my folly. I also went to the sam
Muslim scholar and he gave me books about Islam to read. When I read those books, I got convince
of the truth of Islam and became Muslim and took the name of Mohd. Amir. Yoginder took the
Islamic name of Mohd. Omar. Mohd. Omar took an oath to built 100 new mosques to undo (if it can
ever be undone) the mistake of demolishing Babri Mosque. I pledged to free and populate 100
mosques which are under control of Non Muslims. Since that day, we are both are busy in our tasks

Now one advice which I want to give to my Muslim friends in India. The present situation and Anti
Islamic feelings which they experience in India is mostly due to their own doing. They never took
their message of Islam to Non Muslims living in India. Most of Hindus are peaceful and peace lovin
people. Muslims have nothing to fear from bulk of Hindus. That is the only way for Muslims if they
want to survive in India, otherwise they will always be target of Media and these hate monger group

190 Why we became Muslim?

From Times Online, May 29, 2010

(Sheila Rock)
1. It’s a controversial time for British women to be wearing the hijab, the basic Muslim headscarf. L
month, Belgium became the first European country to pass legislation to ban the burka (the most
concealing of Islamic veils), calling it a “threat” to female dignity, while France looks poised to follo
suit. In Italy earlier this month, a Muslim woman was fined €500 (£430) for wearing the Islamic veil
outside a post office.

2. And yet, while less than 2 per cent of the population now attends a Church of England service eve
week, the number of female converts to Islam is on the rise. At the London Central Mosque in
Regent’s Park, women account for roughly two thirds of the “New Muslims” who make their officia
declarations of faith there – and most of them are under the age of 30.

3. Conversion statistics are frustratingly patchy, but at the time of the 2001 Census, there were at lea
30,000 British Muslim converts in the UK. According to Kevin Brice, of the Centre for Migration
Policy Research, Swansea University, this number may now be closer to 50,000 – and the majority a
women. “Basic analysis shows that increasing numbers of young, university-educated women in thei
twenties and thirties are converting to Islam,” confirms Brice.

4. “Our liberal, pluralistic 21st-century society means we can choose our careers, our politics – and w
can pick and choose who we want to be spiritually,” explains Dr Mohammad S. Seddon, lecturer in
Islamic Studies at the University of Chester. We’re in an era of the “religious supermarket”, he says.

Dr Benil Hafeeq K.P

Consultant Nephrologist
MIMS and IQRAA Hospital
191 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:
01. I was born in a landlord family of Eastern UP on 13 August 1957. I have one brother who is
Engineer and one daughter who is married to a lecturer.

I did my Intermediate in 1977, one of my uncle was working in UP Police. On his advise I also join
Police and during service did B. Com.

02. While on Training in Flora Academy, its Director A. A. Siddiqui advised me to do PH. D is
Criminology. I took leave from my service and completed my Ph. D. Based on my performance I
was promoted to the level of Dy. SP. I was posted in the CID (Secret Investigation).

Our family was known for its Anti Muslim bias. One of the reason could be that many decades ago,
one of our branch accepted Islam and got settled in FATEHPUR, HASWA. Then some families of
Backward caste in our village accepted Islam to save themselves from insults and discrimination from
High caste Hindus.

In fact I had all the ingredients which can make it difficult for anyone to become a Muslim. But Alla
had different plans for me.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

03. Nine members of one family from Ghaziabad accepted Islam in Phulat on the hands of Maulana
Kalim Sahib. Father, Mother, four sons and three daughters. Eight people became Muslim on that
occasion, but since one boy was married, they told that he will accept Islam later after convincing hi
wife. Maulana gave them Islamic names and asked them to complete official formalities.

This news was leaked to Media and caused a big commotion. Many Hindu organizations came to
oppose this decision and alleged that these people were bribed to changed this religion.

04. I was asked to investigate the matter, I reached Phulat with two inspectors and asked Maulana
about this allegation.

He welcomed us with a smiling face, asked to bring tea and breakfast for us , and then asked how ca
he help us. His confidence and ease convinced us that he was innocent and sincere.

05. When I asked about this bribery allegation, he told us that this is totally wrong. These people cam
of their own free will to accept Islam and I made them Muslim and then I asked them to go to Govt.
offices and complete all official formalities. We are living in Secular country and our constitution
gives us right to practice and propagate our religion peacefully. What is wrong in that? I had no
answer for that.

He then told me, what benefit would any religion have by bribing people to come to their religion.
What good will they do to the religion?

06. He then told me that there is a common misunderstanding amongst Non Muslims that our prophe
came only for Muslims. He came for all people and not only to Muslims.
He then told me that all humans are brothers unto each other and they are sons of same father and
mother. He then told me that as a brother it is my duty to save your from any harm. And the bigges
harm is that I see you burning in hell on the last day.

07. He then asked me to become Muslim and save me from hell fire. I had no answer for these thing
He told me that I am asking you to become Muslim, because I know I am right. If you think that you
are right, you should have asked me to become Hindu.

08. He went on asking me to become Muslim…again and again and when we were leaving he gave u
a small booklet in Hindi “Your trust returned to you”. Myself and both my fellow Police Inspectors
were very much impressed by this bold stand of Maulana.

When I reached home and read that booklet… this impressed me very much. Then I got Hindi
Translation of Quran and studied it. This convinced me about truth of Islam. I went to Phulat and
accepted Islam on the hands of Maulana. He named me Mohd, HUDHIFA saying that one companio
of prophet of that name, did secret jobs for our prophet.

09. Maulana sent me along with an Islamic missionary party for forty days. I learnt Prayer and other
things of daily needs during that period.

E. My Missionary activities:

1. On Spouse / Children

10. When I came back from that travels, I was posted at Allahabad. I told my wife every thing , she
was a very simple lady, she did not oppose me in the least and accepted Islam without much argume

It so happened that we had no issue during our ten years of marriage. I prayed Allah to give us a issu
to strengthen the faith of my wife and we were blessed with a son in the 11th year of marriage, after
three years we were blessed with a daughter also, Alhamdolillah
3. On Family members / Others.

11. During my Allahabad stay, I declared my change of faith officially and got the necessary papers
from the court.

Some officers in my dept. got very angry and they suspended me from the job. During investigation
when they came to know of real facts, they restored me back to my job.

12. My two inspectors who went to Phulat… one of them accepted Islam, He faced many problems
from his family and his wife left him, but he remained firm. The other one is Muslim from inside bu
is afraid to declare it after seeing the condition of other man.

I am working on members of my family, the results are mixed

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

13. Islam is the truth and they should not shy or afraid to spread the truth. Falsehood can never
overcome the truth, whatever may be the condition.

A light from lamp, can overcome whatever may be the level of darkness.

14. Most of Hindus in India are simple and loving people. When Islam can convince some one so ha
and biased as myself, it would be very easy to convince simple people.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Oct. 2006

192 Why I Became Muslim?

Yvonne Riddley, UK

Note: Yvonne Riddley was BBC reporter, captured by Taliban in Afghanistan before the start of
hostilities in Dec 2001. She spent ten days as captive and was released by Taliban just before the sta
of war. Her later conversion to Islam brought her into lime light once again. Many “theories” for th
conversion were put forward, here the lady presents her own story in her own words (This is translat
from vernacular, so absolute accuracy as to wordings cannot be guaranteed).

Being a reporter made me objective in my thoughts and means. When the UK newspaper and BBC
decided to sent me to Afghanistan, I immediately agreed. I tried for Afghanistan visa thru Pakistan,
but could not get one. So I decided to enter Afghanistan without proper visa. The mule on which I
was riding suddenly changed the route and I found myself alone in a strange neighborhood. The mu
was stopped by a young Taliban.

My dress and camera gave me away, the camera was taken away and I was made to wait. I was full
apprehension as to what this “Barbaric and Uncivilized” people would do to me, a western and
Christian woman, who has entered illegally into their territory. After some delay, a woman came an
searched me for hidden weapons etc. This was my first surprise!!! These “Barbaric and Uncivilized
people did not touch me until a woman came to search, while in my “Civilized and Cultured” countr
I would be “pawed” immediately without waiting for any woman!!

After my “arrest” I demanded use of Satellite phone, when my request was denied (might be for fear
pinpointing their location-Ed.), I resorted to hunger strike. I thought that this “Cruel and Evil” band
would care least whether I consumed food or not. It was surprise for me when I started receiving
strings of people, of all ages, old and young, male and female, all requesting me to start eating!!!
They even offered to bring bear for me if I required that. When I got a temperature, they even called
doctor for me. All this surprised me.

Once I was told that Commander of Taliban is coming to meet me, they requested me to behave
properly with him. There was a knock on my door, I opened it (I had key to my room!!! Another
surprise), the Commander appeared before me. He was dressed in a long gown and had a beautiful
face and a full beard. He asked me what I think about Islam. I was diplomatic in my answer and
highlighted many good qualities of Islam. “Then why don’t you accept it? “ was the next question.
I could not answer this question…so he told me that soon you will be released, but promise me that
you will take up study of Islam when you go back. I gave my promise.

Next day, I was taken to another place and I found that many Western Women were prisoners and th
were reading Bible. I later learned that these missionaries also entered Afghanistan illegally and wer
preaching Christianity to Afghanis. What was peculiar, was that Taliban did not do any thing to the
Bible and gave it all due respect. That was another surprise for me that these “Barbaric and
Uncivilized” people give this much respect to other people’s scriptures (What American Soldiers did
with Quran at GITMO and ABU GHARIB is known to every body –Ed.). (Contd.)

Many days passed and each new day brought more and more surprises to me. I was able to watch th
respect and regard which they showed to women. They never mistreated us or subjected us to any
hardship. I was the most outspoken and complaining of the lot. I tried to break as many rules as I
could do….the maximum “Punishment” I received was that I was denied use of Satellite Phone whic
was given to other inmates!!!

One thing which I never forgot was the uproar that which open drying of my washed clothes caused.
had also washed my undergarments and put them out in the sun to dry. Soon I was requested to take
them inside…I refused….they asked again me to remove them as they could tempt people …I again
refused and they gave me Title of “Evil Women”!!!

Finally just one day before American Bombardment started, they told me that they would soon take
away from harm’s way and release me near Pakistan Border.

I could hardly believe my ears. They are worried about my safety, when their own lives are in extrem
danger. …..Soon I was back in “Civilized and Cultured land” and was swarmed by media person,
each asking about what happened to me when I was “in Dark and Medieval” age Afghanistan!!! The
did not seem to believe me, when I told that I was treated with respect and was not harmed in any wa

Well after my release I remembered my promise to the Taliban commander. My studies about Islam
opened my eyes and I decided to join the “Biggest Brotherhood” on the face of this earth and accepte
Islam in June 2002!!! (abridged)
193 Why we became Muslim?

Joanne Bailey
Solicitor, 30, Bradford

1. “The first time I wore my hijab into the office, I was so nervous, I stood outside on the phone to m
friend for ages going, ‘What on earth is everyone going to say?’ When I walked in, a couple of peop
asked, ‘Why are you wearing that scarf? I didn’t know you were a Muslim.’
“I’m the last person you’d expect to convert to Islam: I had a very sheltered, working-class upbringin
in South Yorkshire. I’d hardly even seen a Muslim before I went to university.

2. “In my first job at a solicitor’s firm in Barnsley, I remember desperately trying to play the role of
young, single, career woman: obsessively dieting, shopping and going to bars – but I never felt truly

“Then one afternoon in 2004 everything changed: I was chatting to a Muslim friend over coffee, whe
he noticed the little gold crucifix around my neck. He said, ‘Do you believe in God, then?’ I wore it
more for fashion than religion and said, ‘No, I don’t think so,’ and he started talking about his faith.

“I brushed him off at first, but his words stuck in my mind. A few days later, I found myself ordering
copy of the Koran on the internet.

3. “It took me a while to work up the courage to go to a women’s social event run by the Leeds New
Muslims group. I remember hovering outside the door thinking, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ I
imagined they would be dressed head-to-toe in black robes: what could I, a 25-year-old, blonde
English girl, possibly have in common with them?

4. “But when I walked in, none of them fitted the stereotype of the oppressed Muslim housewife; the
were all doctors, teachers and psychiatrists. I was struck by how content and secure they seemed. It
was meeting these women, more than any of the books I read, that convinced me that I wanted to
become a Muslim.

“After four years, in March 2008, I made the declaration of faith at a friend’s house. At first, I was
anxious that I hadn’t done the right thing, but I soon relaxed into it – a bit like starting a new job.

5. “A few months later, I sat my parents down and said, ‘I’ve got something to tell you.’ There was a
silence and my mum said, ‘You’re going to become Muslim, aren’t you?’ She burst into tears and ke
asking things like, ‘What happens when you get married? Do you have to cover up? What about you
job?’ I tried to reassure her that I’d still be me, but she was concerned for my welfare.
6. “Contrary to what most people think, Islam doesn’t oppress me; it lets me be the person that I was
all along. Now I’m so much more content and grateful for the things I’ve got. A few months ago, I g
engaged to a Muslim solicitor I met on a training course. He has absolutely no problem with my
career, but I do agree with the Islamic perspective on the traditional roles for men and women. I wan
to look after my husband and children, but I also want my independence. I’m proud to be British and
I’m proud to be Muslim – and I don’t see them as conflicting in any way.”

194 Why We Became Muslims:

(Stories of New Entrants to Islam, thru Missionary Activities of MAULANA KALIM UDDIN of Village PHULAT

Note: These are stories from India, the local color is predominant, some points may seem strange to those who are
not familiar with Indian social life.


A. Family Background:

01. I was born on 13th August 1944 in Warrangal, AP. My father was a big trader in the city. I did my
High School in 1959, Intermediate in 1961, B.Sc. in 1964 and M. Sc. In Physics in 1966 and register
myself in Ph. D.

My father wanted to get married, but I wanted not to be fettered with these matters, so much so that I
ran away from Home and went to Haridwar, the well known Hindu holy city. I vowed to lead a life
celibacy. There were many Ashrams in that place, I went to them one by one, but they did not impre

02. One of my friend who was working in BHEL there, advised me to go to Rishikesh, another Hind
holy city and join Ashram there. I went and after searching , I joined an Ashram run by Swami
Nityananad. He himself was a Physics Professor in the University of Allahabad, but left it and starte
this Ashram. Many educated persons were living in that Ashram. I studied there for six years and th
Swami JI tested me and awarded me the degree of Shastri.

My father was searching for me every where, he and my brother located me and came to meet me af
seven years, They wanted me to come back, but I told them to leave me alone in the study of religio
and spend my life in religious cause. They left me, but said that I will not eat from the charity. They
paid all charges for my six years of stay there and also left a large sum of many to take care of my
future expenses.

03. I was in the search of truth, but after close study and lots of discussions my inner self was not
satisfied. That Ashram was run by people of Arya Samaj. Every one knows that founder of this
movement was very much influenced by Islamic concept of Monotheism. He borrowed many concep
from Islam, but in the end, criticised Islam in his book.

It was said that Arya Samaj is based on reason and logic. During my stay and study, I got many
doubts, I used to tell them to Swami JI, and his answers did not satisfy me. In fact I found that Swam
JI himself was not convinced of his answers, but he did not want to admit it.

04. After 13 years of leaving my dears and nears and after every type of hard rituals and people calli
me Shastri JI, I did not find any improvement in my inside. Then in 1992, It so happened that SONI
PAT, HARYANA branch wanted to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Swami JI deputed me to go and supervise the function and act on his behalf. This was a great honor
for anyone and people in Ashram congratulated me for getting this recognition.

05. That night, I prayed to God, that I have left everything in the world to find you, but I am still not
found the way to you. Help me and get me a true teacher who can answer my doubts and lead me to
correct path.

B. How and Why I accepted Islam:

06. I took roadways bus from Rishikesh to Baraut, and then took another bus that was going to
Sonipat. My fellow passenger was Maulana Kalim Uddin Sahib of Phulat. I was dressed in my
traditional Hindi SADHU dress.

Maulana welcomed me and asked about my destination. and when I said about my purpose. He aske
me about my faith, when I told that I was Arya Samaji, he said that he had read that book of ours,
Satyarth Prakash and wanted to ask some questions from a learned man. It is very fortunate that he
found me.

07. Then he posed some questions to me and I was surprised that they were more or less the same
which I my self asked from Swami JI. I did not have any convincing answers to these questions.

After some time, Maulana told me that he was a Muslim, and though he does not know every thing
about Islam. He will answer my questions about Islam.

08. He started by saying that most Non Muslims are under false impression that Prophet Mohammad
PBUH was only sent for Muslims. In fact he was sent for all people and all nations. Then he told m
about some incidents from the life of prophet and how much he and his early followers had to suffer
the cause of faith.

His talks and his explanation of Islam convinced me that Islam is the true path and that was what I
was searching for and what I prayed to God the night before. I asked him, what they do to make any
one Muslim, he said nothing, you just declare your faith.

09. I was dressed in the same Swami cloth and he named me Abdul Rahman, saying that this is one o
the best liked name by Allah. After reciting KALIMA I found that I have entered into daylight from
the dark night I was under.

10. It transpired that Maulana was on the way to a small village, where many ignorant Muslims had
left islam and accepted Hinduism.

He asked me to go with them in the same clothes. When we reached that village, and gathered these
new Hindus and I told that I was a Hindu Scholar and today I have accepted islam, they were very
much impressed. It had a positive effect on them, and we are very hopeful that they will come back
Islam, Inshallah.

11. Then Maulana sent me along with a Muslim Missionary party for forty days to learn about praye
and Quran and other day to day matters.

I wanted to go back to Rishikesh and work in the Ashrams there. How many learned people like me
were searching for truth there and unable to find any answer.

I told Maulana this thing, but he told me to go to my home town of Warrangal for one year and work
on my family members.

E. My Missionary activities:

2. On Parents.

12. When I reached Warrangal after all these years, I found that both my parents were dead. They
were always remembering and waiting that I will return one day.

I was filled with sorrow and remorse, that my parents left the world without Islam. My father was
very close to islam. He liked Muslim, his driver was Muslim. House hold help was Muslim… he ha
many Muslim friends…. But no one came and asked him to become a Muslim.

13. This saddened me so much that I wrote a letter to Maulana Ali Mian, the well known Islamic
Scholar of Lucknow as to who will be responsible for these people dying without Islam.

What answer these Muslims will give to Allah and their prophet on the last day?

3. On Family members / Others.

14. My brother, his wife and their children accepted Islam. There was some problem with their
business in Warrangal… so they sold every thing and started a new in Gulbarga and now they are we

I did not want to marry to start with and that was the reason of my leaving home, But Maulana told m
that our prophet did not like Muslims to remain unmarried, I got convinced and married a poor girl.
have one son and one daughter, Alhamdolillah.
F. Present Situation:

15. Then I went back to Rishikesh and met swami JI and told him about Islam. He got convinced an
recited KALIMA but he was afraid to declare it in open. But before his death, he got courage and to
his disciple that he has become a Muslim and should be buried and not cremated.

They made a SMADHI for him and buried him, instead of cremating him. Many people in his Ashra
are now studying Islam and I am very hopeful.

G. My advice to Muslims / Non Muslims.

16. My appeal to Muslims is that they should have a feeling for people like us…. Who find that our
parents and other elders went from this world without accepting Islam…because no one even asked
them to become a Muslim.

(Translated from Vernacular Urdu and abridged)

Source: Monthly ARMAGHAN of Sept. 2005

195 Why I Became Muslim?

Cynthia (Amina) USA

Cynthia gained much Media attention during days of President Ford, when she influenced Roberdo,
Mafia don, to shun the criminal activities and join Islam. Her feat considering that she was a
physically challenged person was all the more remarkable. She was affected from Polio in the early
childhood and confined to a wheel chair. But her zeal and determination never caused this disability
stand in the way, what she wanted to get or do. Let us hear from her own lips her story.

People consider me as Handicapped, but I never consider myself as one….How come any Muslim b
handicapped? With the Powers of Allah behind him, he can never be handicapped. My own story is
proof of it!!!

I was born in American Black Christian family. We were Christians only in name and the religion d
not mean any thing to us in the real world. Since I was confined to wheel chair, I used to read a lot i
my spare job. I was amazed to read as to how Malcolm-X and his friends were able to convince so
many drug addicts to shun that habit and come to Islam. I also decided to know about Islam and got
some books on Islam and read it. This caused a very positive change in my attitude towards Islam.

I decided to visit the local Islamic Mosque. Now this mosque was built and was looked after by
another New Muslim from black community. His name was Mohammad Yousuf. I was much
impressed by his story and his talks and his zeal in propagating Islam. I read a lot and then convince
myself as to the truth of Islam and decided to join the faith.

My announcement of new faith at home was initially ridiculed by my parents and friends. They
thought that it would a passing whim. But when I took to Islamic dress code and shunned Alcoholic
parties….then they realized my sincerity. I did face many hardships at their hands, but Allah gave m
strength to bear it all. I remained firm to my faith despite so much opposition.
Then I decided to work in prison and preach Islam to the inmates there. I got much success there an
many convicts decided to embrace Islam. While conversing with one of the inmates he told me “Wh
I do not work on Roberdo”? Who is Roberdo, I asked? "He is the Mafia Don and drug lord for this
area" was the reply.

So I decided to meet this Roberdo. I reached his palatial villa one evening. The security guard woul
not let me in….The noise brought Roberto out of the Villa. When he saw me (on wheel chair) he let
me in and asked me what I wanted. I told him to leave the evil path and do not spoil the society. He
denied everything but on my persistence agreed to give me five minu