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PEJI, Elain Joyce V.

October 22, 2020


1. Search for top companies in the Philippines and know their quality policy:

1.1. Nestlé Philippines Quality Policy:

 Build trust by offering products and services that match consumer expectation
and preference
 Comply with all internal and external food safety, regulatory and quality
 Gain a zero-defect, no-waste attitude by everyone in the company
 Make quality a group-wide objective

1.2. SM Investments Corporation Quality Policy:

 Capitalize on the synergies within SM’s extensive network of businesses to
steadily expand the core businesses and invest in other growth sectors of the
emerging Philippine economy.
 Continue to build integrated lifestyle cities capitalizing on the synergies of the
combined retail, tourism, residential, and commercial property businesses under
one development.
 Adhere to global standards of professionalism .
 View all the opportunities and risks through the lens of the economic, social and
environmental impact.
 Anchor all the businesses on good corporate governance.

1.3 Ayala Corporations Quality Policy:

 In line with our commitment, we continue to improve the economic value we
deliver as we responsibly manage our impact on the environment and society.
 Long-term, sustainable growth is a key priority, and we strive to expand our
businesses in both the local and global arena. Guided by the UN SDGs, we look
at how we can further improve our bottom-line while being transformational to
society and the environment.
 We are committed to the efficient use of our natural capitals, while ensuring the
proper control of our waste and greenhouse gas emissions. We integrate
environmental parameters into business operations and establish green practices
in the workplace.
 Improving quality of life is a main driver in the development of our products and
services. We pursue excellence to empower more customers and enhance their
2. Why do you think they are successful as an organization? Give at least 2 aspect

The three top companies I mentioned above was successful because based on
their quality policy they are producing goods and services at the level that meets and
exceeds the needs and expectations of the customers. And I think it’s one of the
business aspects that needs to be prioritized. All the companies make sure to build the
best quality in their products and offers it with the same standards of their commercials.
It’s a critical move but satisfying customers and retaining their loyalty may help the
company to gain more customers in the future.

Aside from satisfying customers with their products, another aspect that I think
the reason they are successful was the people behind of the company or the
organization that managing it. People make the difference in every organization. They
are the way organizations transform informational and physical resources into products
and services the customers value. They can generate ideas, solving problems, making
decisions, and generating learning that improve the organization. People create the
other elements of a high-performing organization and achieve its’ Mission through the
application of their capabilities as individuals and teams.

3. Why do you think commitment to Quality and Performance Excellence is important in

achieving continuous growth?

In today’s business, to achieve a continuous growth in your organization means

you need to offer the best services or experiences to your customers and to come out
on top of the industry. Staying connected to quality and performance excellence is the
best decision of every organization. It is important by the reason that many
organizations face common challenges when it comes to achieving quality and high
levels of performance. And knowing that quality is dictated by the behaviors of
consumers and performance excellence refers to an integrated approach to
organizational performance management that results in. I can conclude that these two is
important in the business and must be committed to every on-going companies.

Quality is important because it will tell you on how well you completed something.
In companies, quality products help to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and
reduce the risk and cost of replacing faulty goods. Companies can build a reputation for
quality by gaining accreditation with a recognized quality standard.

While on the performance excellence you can easily recognized their best
performance because they consistently or far exceeded expectations. Good
performance happens when the performer can apply themselves to the task in front of
them with the exact response required for the task, and within an environment that
allows that response.