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35 Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus) Words and Music by CHRIS RICE With freedom Nc. G GuvA GB Dm CE F Dm Glsus or with some freedom Cc Dm? Ce G Am? GB mp Weak and wound - ed sin - ner, lost and left to die;_— Dm F G7sus raise your head,— for Love is pass. - in’ by. Come to Je~ (© Copyright 2002 Clumsy Fly Music (adm, by Word Music, LLC) "AI Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. c 24) F come to Je ‘oS Dm? 2 ‘more motion 2.Now your bur - den’s cis ce G7 Cmaj 715 Gsusia ow Dm and pre - cious blood — GTsus ar ¢ DmF has washed — as way— the stain. — Db bm? DwF 21 3.Like a new - born ba - by, | a mf mem - ber when you walk, — a . ~, — don't be a-fraid— to erawl.— some- times we fall So fall on DWAb Alsus AMT bb Gi2ms Je is sus and live! 30 Db Eb? DWE Ab Absus/Bb AbIC = — = = SS === S ——— ee te S A.Some-tiose the way me = I and steep and file with pata, = ph \ = 3 bse 32 Ebn DWF G Eom Absus Ab AMT if your sky is dark and pours— the rain, Db Gites) at ce when the love—— ENG ‘and mu - sic Bb Bisus/C BD ‘lls — the night, and when you can’t eon - tain oh your joy— in = side, Ab AMC Bosus BbiAb & a SS = — | o SS = 2 : nie 8 Bb Fax? EWG Bb BhsusiC ByD kiss the world good - bye, Fm EWG Ab Au BbTsus ang4) Ab ENB Bsus BIT 5 et ee —== as — Se a o Je - sus, fy Je - sus. ENG Ads) Ae Byes rie BTous Bi? B Ai2(n03) Ants) Ab .