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Pro-Engineer example

First of all you will have to set up a working directory, the quickest way is to go into explorer
<flying windows> E go into your own student folder and make a folder named

We are now ready to start. Open Pro-engineer from the start menu, in the open window go to
file>working directory and point to your directory indicated above.

We will be producing this box

Diagram of box

file>new make sure that “part” is chosen and uncheck “use default template” give your part
the name box-middle

Click >OK
Choose the extrude tool
Placement>define choose the top plane as your “sketching plane” and front plane as your
reference plane >sketch
Draw a rectangle □ symmetrical about the origin. Click on the arrow at he top right
hand side of the screen change the lengths to 100mm x 100mm and 50mm from each

reference and accept >

Use middle mouse button to spin your model and choose a depth of 20mm, in the box next

to the number “20”> “sketch on both sides” and accept >

It is now important that you execute a CTRL+D command this will rotate the model to its
default orientation. And then save your file.
You have now completed the first part of your part generation.

You will need to repeat the process undertaken above, except choose the TOP FACE of your
model as the sketching plane

Extrude>define> choose TOP FACE of your model>front plane as

reference>sketch>choose rectangle>draw a rectangle symmetrical about the origin
70mm x 70mm and 35mm from the origin. Input a value of 10mm in the depth box

Now, we need to tell the software that

1. We want to reverse the direction of the extrusion click on .
2. We also want to remove (cut) material so click on .

Accept then CTRL+D

Creating the rounds

Find the round tool. Round off the corners of the slot to a radius of 5mm by changing the
radius to 5mm and choose the four vertical edges of the slot,

Central Boss

Extrude>define ref. choose the bottom of the slot and sketch. Sketch a circle 25mm
diameter. Give it a height of 10mm


Choose the hole tool > placement> and choose the top of the box
Move the green “markers” to the nearest edge of the box. And make the changes
indicated below: Distance from each reference edge = 10mm ;Diameter= 10mm and
depth =20mm

Accept and CTRL+D

Edit>mirror> choose “hole 1”>choose front plane>accept
Repeat this process choosing BOTH hole 1 and mirror 1 and the right plane as

Your model is now complete.