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Unit 8 Test A 

Listening Language focus

1 1.09 Listen to the tour. Then answer the 4 Write the present passive form. (10 marks)
questions. (10 marks) 1 This kind of painting ____________________
Where is the museum? Madrid (criticize) by many art critics.
1 What century is the painting from? 2 These paintings ____________________ (see) by
____________________________________________ thousands of people every year.
2 Where was it first exhibited? 3 Masterpieces ____________________ (not paint)
____________________________________________ every year.
3 What colours did the artist use?
4 The painting ____________________ (not
understand) by a lot of people.
4 What does bombilla mean in English?
5 The artist’s real identity____________________
‘Little bomb’ and ‘___________________________.’
(not know) by many people.
5 Where did Picasso learn the news?
____________________________________________ 5 Complete the second sentences so that they
have a similar meaning to the first. Use the bold
Vocabulary words and the past passive. (10 marks)

2 Complete the words for the definitions. Munch painted The Scream.
(10 marks) The Scream was painted by Munch.

Somebody who collects things: collector 1 Impressionism influenced Fauvism.

1 A place where paintings are shown:
by Impressionism.
2 Moreau taught Matisse during the 1890s.
2 Someone who writes reviews: c_______________
______________________________ by
3 An excellent work of art: m_______________
Moreau during the 1890s.
4 A painting of a person: p_______________
3 Their colourful paintings shocked viewers.
5 A place where historic things are shown:
__________________________ by their colourful
m_______________ paintings.
4 They didn’t sell the painting yesterday. _______
3 Complete the sentences. (10 marks)
_______________________ yesterday.
amusing dull beautiful 
5 They didn’t create these sculptures in Italy.
colourful controversial
____________________________________ in Italy.

1 Damien Hirst is a _______________ artist. His 6 Write the passive questions. (12 marks)
works often shock people.
Question Answer
2 Look at the amazing mountains! They’re very
who / Don Quixote / write / by Cervantes
1 what language / speak / in Brazil Portuguese
3 The new comedy on TV is very
2 where / the World Cup / hold / in
_______________. I laughed loads! South Africa
4 I think it’s a very _______________, boring 3 what / omelettes / make / from eggs
painting. 4 who / Starry Night / paint / by Van Gogh
5 Their paintings were very _______________, with 5 when / the Reina Sofía / open 1992
lots of reds, blues and yellows. 6 who / the statue of David / Michelangelo
create / by
Unit 8 Test A 
Who was Don Quixote written by? 5 The magazine helps children in Sharbat’s home
1 ____________________________________________ country.
2 ____________________________________________ ___________________________________________
3 ____________________________________________
4 ____________________________________________ Communication
5 ____________________________________________ 9 Complete the sentences. You don’t need three of
6 ____________________________________________ the words. (10 marks)

7 Write two passive quiz questions about about as if like on of when with
art, books or films. Then write full-sentence 1 It reminds me ________ a Frida Kahlo painting.
answers. Use your own ideas. (8 marks)
2 It doesn’t look ________ a Bosch painting.
Who were the Harry Potter books written
3 What ________ earth is that?
4 I’m not sure ________ this painting.
They were written by J.K. Rowling.
5 She looks as ________ she’s smiling.
1 ____________________________________________
2 ____________________________________________
____________________________________________ 10 Read the information. Then write a description.
Use the ideas to help you. (10 marks)
8 Read the text. Then write true or false. Correct NOTES ON MONA LISA
the false sentences. (10 marks) (Leonardo da Vinci)
● painted in the sixteenth century
● a portrait of a woman, beautiful, mysterious smile
SHARBAT GULA ● one of the most famous paintings in the world
Sharbat became famous after she appeared on the cover of National ● Renaissance, Europe. Artists experimented with
Geographic magazine and the world was amazed by her beautiful green
eyes. She was photographed in 1985 at the age of thirteen by journalist
perspectives and a realistic style of painting.
Steve McCurry. She lived in Afghanistan and was forced to leave her ● exhibited in the Louvre museum in Paris, 1793
home in Afghanistan during the war with Russia. For many people she ● stolen in 1911, returned after two years
symbolized the war. Nobody knew who she was for a long time. ● in the Louvre today
The journalist tried to find her during the 90s, but he couldn’t. In 2002 a
team from National Geographic looked for her. A few women said they
were Sharbat, and a few men said they were her husband! They finally
found the real Sharbat later that year. Her identity was confirmed using Paragraph 1: The painting
technology which matched her eyes to the eyes in the photo. … was painted by …
Sharbat was photographed again and her story was published in the April Paragraph 2: The art movement
2002 magazine. A television documentary was made about her life, and
a charity was set up by National Geographic with the aim of educating This type of work is typical of ...
under-sixteen-year-olds in Afghanistan. Paragraph 3: History of the painting
It was first exhibited ...
1 Sharbat looks very ordinary.
2 A man took her photo when she was a teenager.

Total marks: Listening _______ / 10 Vocabulary _______ / 20 Language focus _______ / 40

Reading _______ / 10 Communication _______ / 10 Writing _______ / 10 TOTAL _______ / 100
3 Sharbat has lived in Afghanistan all her life.
4 People found Sharbat twenty-seven years later.