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2010-11 Season

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Season Outlook....................................................................................................................4
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Schedule................................................................................................................................. 7
Player Profiles................................................................................................................ 10-11
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Season Outlook.................................................................................................................. 14
Men’s Team Roster........................................................................................................... 15
Women’s Team Roster.................................................................................................... 16
Player Profiles.............................................................................................................. 20-22
Coaches’ Profiles................................................................................................................22

Men’s Basketball
Season Outlook..................................................................................................................26
Team Roster........................................................................................................................28
Player Profiles...............................................................................................................32-33
Coaches’ Profiles................................................................................................................34

Women’s Basketball
Season Outlook..................................................................................................................36
Breakdown.......................................................................................................................... 37
Team Roster........................................................................................................................38
Player Profiles.............................................................................................................. 42-43
Coaches’ Profiles............................................................................................................... 44

2 0 10 – 2 0 11 S e as o n O ut lo o k
Sheridan College Volleyball Team has high a significant amount of court time even starting at times
expectations for the 2010 Season. The Generals return throughout the season. Rebecca Nuniez, 5’3 Libero, from
seven players who will be an intricate part of the Honoka’a, Hawaii played in 67 games during the 2009
team’s success this year. The Generals will have seven Season. Nuniez will vie for time as a defensive specialist
new faces to complete the for her defensive and serve
General family. The squad’s receive skills. Gabrielle Kelly
goals include teamwork, will complete the returning
commitment, dedication, and class, 5’6 Libero/Setter, from
education. The Generals’ focus Gillette, WY who played in 36
is to bring the tradition and games during the 2009 Season.
success of Sheridan College Kelly’s contribution as a setter
Volleyball back to the dome. last season will focus more
The Generals return five defensively this year.
starters from the 2009 Season Seven new signees complete
including one All-Conference the General roster from
Selection and four individuals Wyoming, Montana, and
who were recognized on the Hawaii. Andrea Hespen, 6’2
national level. De-Ann Smith, middle/rightside hitter, from
5’11 middle blocker, from St. Gillette, Wyoming transfers
James, Barbados played in 85 from Northern University as
games during the 2009 Season. a Redshirt Freshman. Heather
Smith received WCCAC Kaikauana, 5’7 outside hitter/
Honorable Mention and defensive specialist, from Hilo,
finished 21st in the nation with Hawaii transfers from the
blocks. Smith averaged 1.129 University of Hilo. Wyoming
blocks per game last season. freshman include Kayla Ando,
Nikita Wickham, 6’1 middle blocker, from St. Thomas, 5’6 Setter, from Powell, Katy Siroky, 6’0 outside hitter,
Barbados played in 79 games during the 2009 Season. from Dayton, and Lacey Smith, 5’9 redshirt outside
Wickham finished 59th in the nation with blocks hitter, from Hulett. Kylinn Brendon, 6’0 middle/
averaging .886 blocks per game last season. Both Smith rightside hitter, from Billings and Reyna Acosta, 5’4
and Wickham’s contribution in the middle will be one Libero, from Pearl City, Hawaii will complete the
of the keys for success this year. Tajana Santiago, 5’7 freshman class this year.
setter, from Hauula, Hawaii played in 94 games during The SC Generals have spent a tremendous amount
the 2009 season. Santiago averaged 6.138 assists per game of time in the preseason on “family.” We believe that
finishing 50th in the nation with assists. Santiago will our team needs be a reflection of our own family values.
have high expectations as the Generals setter, as well as, We are “one” and our dedication/commitment will hold
an offensive threat on the front row. Abeje Carrington, the team accountable for our entire team’s success. Our
6’0 rightside hitter, from St. George, Barbados played in team has been active in the community volunteering at
48 games during the 2009 season. Carrington’s strength the Big West Arts Festival and Habitat for Humanity
is her intelligence blocking the opponent’s strongest during the preseason. Our team is an extremely tight
offensive threats. Candace Tufaga, 5’9 outside/rightside group and I hope that you will invest your time in our
hitter, from Kahuku, Hawaii played in 78 games finishing family. We look forward to seeing you in the Dome!
42nd in the nation with service aces averaging .449 per
game. The remaining two members of the SC Generals saw – Coach Jonea Rima

Returning Starters_____________________________________5
Abeje Carrington Rightside 6’0 Barbados
Tajana Santiago Setter 5’6 Hauula, HI
De-Ann Smith Middle 6’0 Barbados
Candace Tufaga Outside/Rightside 5’9 Kahuku, HI
Nikita Wickham Middle 6’1 Barbados

Returning NON-Starters_______________________________ 2
Gabrielle Kelly Setter/L 5’7 Gillette, WY
Rebecca Nuniez DS/L 5’2 Honoka’a, HI

Newcomer’s __________________________________________7
Reyna Acosta DS/L 5’5 Pearl City, HI
Kayla Ando Setter 5’5 Powell, WY
Kylinn Brenden Middle/Rightside 6’0 Billings, MT
Andrea Hespen Middle/Rightside 6’1 Gillette, WY
Heather Kaikauana Outside 5’8 Hilo, HI
Katy Siroky Outside/Rightside 6’0 Dayton, WY
Lacey Smith Redshirt 5’8 Hulett, WY

Abeje Carrington, Gabrielle Kelly, Rebecca Nuniez, Tajana Santiago, De-Ann Smith,
Candace Tufaga, Nikita Wickham

Reyna Acosta, Kayla Ando, Kylinn Brenden, Andrea Hespen, Heather Kaikauana,
Katy Siroky, Lacey Smith


20 1 0– 2 0 11 R o s t e r
No. Name Year Ht. Position High School Hometown
1 Katy Siroky FR 6’0” OH/RS Tongue River HS Dayton, WY
2 Kayla Ando FR 5’6” S/DS Powell HS Powell, WY
3 Becca Nuniez SO 5’4” L/DS Honoka’a HS Honoka’a, HI
4 Reyna Acosta FR 5’4” DS Pearl City HS Pearl City, HI
5 Heather Kaikauana FR 5’7” OH Hilo HS Hilo, HI
6 Gabrielle Kelly SO 5’6” S/DS Campbell County HS Gillette, WY
7 Tajana Santiago SO 5’7” S Kahuku HS Hauula, HI
8 De-Ann Smith SO 5’11” M Alexandra School St. Michael, Barbados
10 Abeje Carrington SO 6’0” M/RS Springer Memorial St. George, Barbados
11 Candace Tufaga SO 5’8” OH Kahuku HS Kahuku, HI
12 Andrea Hespen RSFR 6’2” M/RS Campbell County HS Gillette, WY
13 Nikita Wickham SO 6’1” OH/M Combermere School St. Thomas, Barbados
14 Kylinn Brenden FR 6’0” M/RS Skyview HS Billings, MT
15 Lacey Smith RSFR 5’8” DS/OH Hulett HS Hulett, WY

2010–2011 Schedule
Date Opponent Time Location
Aug. 19 Rocky Mountain Scrimmage TBA Billings, MT
Aug. 27-28 Lamar Community College Tourney TBA Lamar, CO
Aug. 29 Otero Junior College 1:00 La Junta, WY
Sept. 3 Sheridan College Classic Sheridan, WY
vs. Williston State College 3:00
vs. Colorado Northwestern Community College 7:00
Sept. 4 Sheridan College Classic Sheridan, WY
vs. Johnson & Wales University 11:00 AM
vs. Dawson College 5:00
Sept. 7 Northwest College 7:00 Powell, WY
Sept. 10 Dawson Community College 7:00 Glendive, MT
Sept. 11 Williston State College TBA Williston, ND
Sept. 14 Casper College 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Sept. 16 Western Wyoming Community College 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Sept. 18 Johnson & Wales University TBA Denver, CO
Sept. 23-25 WYO-BRASKA Shoot-out TBA Rangely, CO
Oct. 1 Eastern Wyoming College 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Oct. 2 Laramie County Community College 3:00 Sheridan, WY
Oct. 5 Casper College 7:00 Casper, WY
Oct. 8 Colorado Northwestern Community College 7:00 Rangely, CO
Oct. 9 Western Wyoming Community College 5:00 Riverton, WY
Oct. 12 Rocky Mountain College-JV 7:00 Billings, MT
Oct. 15 Northwest College 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Oct. 16 Central Wyoming College 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Oct. 19 Rocky Mountain College-JV 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Oct. 22 Laramie County Community College 7:00 Cheyenne, WY
Oct. 23 Eastern Wyoming College 3:00 Torrington, WY
Oct. 26 Dawson Community College 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Oct. 28 Central Wyoming College 7:00 Riverton, WY
Nov. 3-6 Region IX Tournament TBA Glendive, MT
Nov. 18-20 NJCAA National Tournament TBA West Plains, MO

Katy Siroky #1 Heather Kaikauana #5
Position: OH/RS Position: OH
Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Dayton, WY Hometown: Hilo, HI
Favorites: Camping, 4-wheeling, Favorites: Animals, beach, sports,
spending time with friends, sports, friends, family, country
volleyball, mountains Quote: “Life is not measured by the
Nickname: Kate breaths you take, but by its breath
taking moments.” -Michael Vance
Quote: “Our greatest battle in life is
against ourselves.”

Kayla Ando #2 Gabrielle Kelly #6

Position: Setter Position: DS/Setter
Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Sophomore
Hometown: Powell, WY Hometown: Gillette, WY
Favorites: Music, hanging out with Gabrielle played in 36 games last year,
friends, camping, anything involving averaging 1.47 digs per game and 2.83
adrenaline assists per game.
Nickname: Kay Favorites: Music, spaghetti, tubing,
Quote: “Failure happens all the time. It design, snowboarding, my little sister
happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you Nickname: Gabby, Gobbi, Gabbs
react to it.” -Mia Hamm
Quote: “If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?” -Joe

Rebecca Nuniez #3
Position: DS/L
Tajana Santiago #7
Year in School: Sophomore
Position: Setter
Hometown: Honoka’a, HI
Year in School: Sophomore
Rebecca played 67 games last year,
averaging 2.31 digs per game last year
Hometown: Hauula, HI
Tajana played in 94 games last year,
Favorites: God, nature, beach bum,
averaging 6.14 assists per game. Finished
finger painting, music, animals, colors,
50th in the nation with assists.
dressing up, rain or shine.
Favorites: Homestyle cooking, beach
Nickname: Becca Boo, Mighty Mouse
days with the family & friends, family
Quote: “Leave your ego at the door; don’t doubt yourself; and parties/get-togethers, hiking on a sunny
don’t deny what you’re meant to do.” day, cruising & talking story with friends
Nickname: Taj, Tajy
Quote: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead
Reyna Acosta #4 where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Harold R. McAlindon
Position: DS/L
Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Pearl City, HI
Favorites: Music and “The HI Life”
Nickname: Rey
Quote: “I believe that everything
happens for a reason. People change
so that you can learn to let go, things
go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you
believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself,
and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall
together.” -Marilyn Monroe
De-Ann Smith #8 Nikita Wickham #13
Position: MB Position: MB
Year in School: Sophomore Year in School: Sophomore
Hometown: St. Michael, Hometown: St. Thomas
Barbados Barbados
De-Ann played in 85 games last year, Nikita played in 79 games last year,
averaging 1.13 blocks per game. WCCAC averaging .886 Blocks per game,
Honorable Mention Selection finishing finishing 59th in the nation with blocks.
21st in the nation with blocks. Favorites: Chocolate, dressing up,
Favorites: Chocolate, music, cake, and good bajan cooking music, purple, having fun!
Nickname: D Nickname: Kita Bear
Quote: “To be a great champion you must first believe you are the Quote: “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and
best, if not pretend you are.” -Muhammad Ali this is why I succeed.” -Michael Jordan

Abeje Carrington #10 Kylinn Brenden #14

Position: RS Position: MB/RS
Year in School: Sophomore Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: St. Michaels, Hometown: Billings, MT
Barbados Favorites: Country music, Live for
Abeje played in 48 games last year with a God, mom’s homemade mac & cheese,
hitting percentage of .245 for the year. family, “The Last Song”, “We Are
Marshall”, yellow
Favorites: Barbados cooking, macaroni
pie, Cheetos, cheesecake Nickname: Lucky, Ky
Nickname: BEGE Quote: “Challenges are what makes life interesting; overcoming
Quote: “We may encounter defeats but we must not be defeated.” them is what makes life meaningful.” -Joshua J. Marine
-Maya Angelou

Candace Tufaga #11 Lacey Smith #15

Position: RS Position: DS/OH
Year in School: Sophomore Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Kahuku, HI Hometown: Hulett, WY
Rebecca played 78 games last year, Favorites: Color lime green, pizza,
averaging .45 aces per game finishing 41st volleyball, basketball, fishing, camping,
in the nation with service aces. hiking, horseback riding
Favorites: Sandy beaches, local island Nickname: Splat
food, and good company
Quote: “When you cease to dream, you
Nickname: Candy cease life.” - Malcolm S. Forbes
Quote: “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is
your only choice.” -Anonymous

Andrea Hespen #12 Kylea Spiker

Position: MB/RS Manager
Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Gillette, WY Hometown: Laramie, WY
Favorites: Ma’s homemade enchiladas,
riding horses, family, “other than
Nickname: Drea, Dru Dru, Andy Sue
Quote: “God grant me the serenity to
accept things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.”
Jonea Rima Rima also served as the Head Women’s Volleyball Coach,
Head Coach Assistant Men’s Volleyball Coach, and USAV Tournament
Director/Coach for MOVAL Men’s Volleyball Club
Jonea Rima starts her third Team at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri.
season as the Head Women’s Missouri Valley College competed at the National Athletic
Volleyball Coach at Sheridan Intercollegiate Association (NAIA) and is a member of the
College this Fall. Rima also Heart of America Conference (HAAC). While at Valley, the
serves as the Director of the Volleyball Program was recognized as a consistent Region
Fitness Center and Adjunct V top ten team throughout the season. Under the guidance
Professor in the Recreation, of Coach Rima five athletes earned HAAC Conference
Outdoor Education, Health Recognition and two athletes earned MAMVIC Conference
& Wellness Department at Recognition. Rima also served as an instructor in the
SC. Under the guidance of Rima, one athlete has received Physical Education and Education Department at Missouri
Academic All-American, six athletes received Academic Valley College.
All-Region, six athletes received Academic All-Conference, Rima also has experience as an Assistant Volleyball Coach
four athletes received WCCAC Conference Honors and at The University of Louisiana at Monroe for two years. The
eight athletes finished nationally ranked in individual Lady Indians competed in the Southland Conference as a
statistics. member of the NCAA Division I Volleyball Program.
Rima was previously the Head Women’s Volleyball As a player Rima spent four seasons at Hendrix College
Coach at Clarendon College, Director of Softball in Conway, Arkansas competing in the Southern Collegiate
Operations, Program Coordinator of Physical Education, Athletic Conference where she played two sports. In
and Instructor in the Physical Education Department for volleyball Rima finished among the leaders in blocks and
the past three seasons. While at Clarendon, the Bulldogs was part of a nationally ranked basketball team. She was also
were recognized at the national level through various actively involved as a coach in the Conway Volleyball Club
weekly polls throughout the last two seasons. Under the for three years. Rima received her Bachelor of Art Degree
guidance of Rima, ten athletes received WJCAC Conference with a K-12 teaching certificate in Physical Education from
Recognition, four All Region Selections, one Region V All Hendrix College in 2001. She received her Master of Science
Tournament Team, and 16 athletes have finished nationally Degree in Exercise Science from The University of Louisiana
ranked in individual statistics. at Monroe in 2002.

2 0 10 – 2 0 11 S e as o n O ut lo o k
The 2010-2011 Sheridan High School Finals last year.
College Rodeo Team is This group of freshmen
looking strong for this year. has displayed all year long
There are eight returning their heart and desire to be
sophomores, and 19 in- successful in the classroom
coming freshman. and the arena. There are a
The team has a lot of couple of state champion
talent this year; many cowboys and cowgirls as well
returning sophomores have as many reserve and runner-up
been competing in rodeos champions. I feel that among
all summer. They are ready these freshmen are many who
to work hard both in the can and will qualify for the
classroom and in the arena. CNFR this year.
These eight sophomores Overall, the year looks to
have the talent to qualify for the CNFR, and with their be very promising with returning talent and the
freshman jitters out of the way they will be ready to new talent coming in, we are ready to work hard
go this year. and put the tradition of Sheridan College Rodeo
The incoming freshmen class has a lot of talent as back at the top.
well, with over half of them qualifying for the National – Coach Marc Gilkerson


201 0– 2011 M e n ’ s R o s t e r
Name Year Hometown Events Worked
Cory Albright FR Pavillion, WY Bull Riding
Allen Auer SO Whitewood, SD Bull Riding, Team Roping, Tie Down Roping, Bareback Riding
Dusty Benoit FR Miles City, MT Bull Riding
Nathan Foulger SO Kinsey, MT Tie Down Roping, Team Roping
Ty Hiatt FR Wheatland, WY Saddle Bronc Riding, Team Roping
Sam Irwin SO Alexander, ND Team Roping
Taylor Kelly FR Sheridan, WY Saddle Bronc Riding, Team Roping
Blake Nelson SO Guernsey, WY Bareback Riding
Ethan Rodne SO Murdo, ND Team Roping
Zach Scofield FR Belle Fourche, SD Saddle Bronc Riding, Team Roping, Bull Riding
Shane Stevens FR Hawk Springs, WY Bareback Riding
Wacey Stuart SO Miles City, MT Tie Down Roping, Team Roping
Kacy Townsley FR Riverton, WY Bareback Riding, Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding


20 1 0– 201 1 Wo m e n ’ s R o s t e r
Name Year Hometown Events Worked
Sammi Berry SO Interior, SD Barrel Racing
Brittany Beyer FR Coaldale, Alberta Canada Barrel Racing
Randa DeCock SO Colstrip, MT Breakaway Roping, Barrel Racing
Kelsey Hanson SO Helena, MT Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, Goat Tying
Kelsey Hostutler FR Midland, SD Breakaway Roping, Barrel Racing
Logan Huebeck FR Taber, Alberta Canada Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping
Chelsey Kelly FR Dupree, SD Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying
Bailey Lloyd FR Rimby, Alberta Canada Barrel Racing
Catie Lohse SO Buffalo, WY Breakaway Roping, Team Roping
DeDe O’Neal FR Busby, MT Breakaway Roping, Team Roping
Tomie Peterson FR Parade, SD Breakaway Roping, Barrel Racing
Mandy Smith SO Banner, WY Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping
Chancey Stirling FR Huntley, MT Barrel Racing, Goat Tying

2010–2011 Schedule
Date Location
Sept. 10-12 Chadron (Chadron, NE) - Dawes County Fairgrounds
Sept. 17-19 Central Wyoming (Riverton, WY) - Fremont Country Fairgrounds
Sept. 24-26 Sheridan (Sheridan, WY) - Sheridan County Fairgrounds
Oct. 1-3 Lamar (Lamar, CO)
Oct. 15-17 Laramie County Community College (Cheyenne, WY)

Sheridan, Wyoming
1-800-443-8919 • 307-672-2702 or 672-2755 • Fax: 307-672-5235

Dakota Machine, LLC
Dakota Custom Rifles
Sheridan College Generals
Patrick Auer & Family
Whitewood, SD
PH: 605-578-2191

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Good Luck SC Rodeo Club!

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Allen Auer Nathan Foulger
Year in School: Sophomore Year in School: Sophomore
Hometown: Whitewood, SD Hometown: Kinsey, MT
Major: Machine Tool Major: Engineering
Technology Events Worked: Tie down Roping,
Events Worked: Bull Riding, Team Roping
Team Roping, Tiedown Roping,
Bareback Riding

Cory Albright Kelsey Hanson

Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Sophomore
Hometown: Pavillion, WY Hometown: Helena, MT
Major: Construction Major: Dental Hygiene
Technology Events Worked: Breakaway Roping,
Events Worked: Bull Riding Team Roping, Goat Tying

Dusty Benoit Ty Hiatt

Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Miles City, MT Hometown: Wheatland, WY
Major: Welding Technology Major: Animal Science
Events Worked: Bull Riding Events Worked: Saddle Bronc Riding,
Team Roping

Sammi Berry Kelsey Hostutler

Year in School: Sophomore Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Interior, SD Hometown: Midland, SD
Major: Computer Information Major: General Studies
Systems Events Worked: Breakaway Roping,
Events Worked: Barrel Racing Barrel Racing

Brittany Beyer Logan Huebeck

Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Coaldale, Alberta, Hometown: Taber, Alberta,
Canada Canada
Major: Business Major: Dental Hygiene
Events Worked: Barrel Racing Events Worked: Barrel Racing,
Breakaway Roping

Randa DeCock Sam Irwin

Year in School: Sophomore Year in School: Sophomore
Hometown: Colstrip, MT Hometown: Alexander, ND
Major: Nursing Major: Ag Business
Events Worked: Breakaway Roping, Events Worked: Team Roping
Barrel Racing

Chelsey Kelly Tomie Peterson
Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Dupree, SD Hometown: Parade, SD
Major: General Studies Major: General Studies
Events Worked: Breakaway Events Worked: Team
roping, Goat tying roping, Breakaway roping,
Barrel racing

Taylor Kelly Ethan Rodne

Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Sophomore
Hometown: Sheridan, WY Hometown: Murdo, ND
Major: Ag Business Major: Diesel Technology
Events Worked: Saddle Bronc Riding, Events Worked: Team Roping
Team Roping

Bailey Lloyd Zach Scofield

Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Rimbey, Alberta, Hometown: Belle Fourche, SD
Canada Major: Welding Technology
Major: Dental Hygiene Events Worked: Saddle Bronc Riding,
Events Worked: Barrel Racing Team Roping, Bull Riding

Catie Lohse Mandy Smith

Year in School: Sophomore Year in School: Sophomore
Hometown: Buffalo, WY Hometown: Banner, WY
Major: General Studies Major: Business
Events Worked: Breakaway Roping, Events Worked: Barrel Racing,
Team Roping Breakaway Roping

Blake Nelson Shane Stevens

Year in School: Sophomore Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Guernsey, WY Hometown: Hawk Springs, WY
Major: General Studies Major: Construction Technology
Events Worked: Bareback Riding Events Worked: Bareback Riding

DeDe O’Neal Chancey Stirling

Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Photo Hometown: Busby, MT Hometown: Huntley, MT
Major: Medical Transcription Major: Pre-Professional
Events Worked: Breakaway Roping, Events Worked: Barrel Racing,
Available Team Roping Goat Tying

Wacey Stuart Kacy Townsley
Year in School: Sophomore Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Miles City, MT Hometown: Riverton, WY
Major: Welding Technology Major: Construction Technology
Events Worked: Tie Down Roping, Events Worked: Bareback Riding,
Team Roping Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding

Marc Gilkerson Mountain States Circuit Finals in Bareback Riding. Marc

Head Coach also was nominated to many different amateur association
finals as a Bullfighter, and he also competed at those finals
Marc Gilkerson
in Bareback Riding.
grew up and graduated
high school in Hobson, Marc trained working cow horses, reining horses,
Montana. Marc was cutting horses and a few team roping horses for a number
competitive in high of years in Arizona. With hard work, dedication and love
school sports such as of competition, Marc qualified for the AQHA world show
rodeo, football, track, in the Amateur Working Cow Horse, he split 3rd and
baseball and wrestling. 4th that year and was the only finalist not having a horse
He learned at an early trainer riding his horse for him.
age that hard work Marc came back to Wyoming, the state that he loves,
and practice will pay and is hard at work recruiting young men and women who
off in the end. This is the kind of philosophy Marc has used are dedicated to their education and the sport of rodeo.
his entire life and has resulted in his qualification to the He brings with him the desire to see the Sheridan College
College National Finals Rodeo in Bareback Riding and Rodeo program be successful again.

Lacey Hewitt
the Northwest Ranch Cowboys Association in goat tying
Assistant Coach
where she won in 2008. Lacey is currently serving a two
Lacey Hewitt was year term as goat tying director for that association.
raised in Newell,
Lacey is majoring in Elementary Education at Sheridan
South Dakota. She has
College and Chadron State University, with a minor in
been competing in the
Early Childhood. Lacey competed on the Sheridan College
arena for as long as she
Rodeo Team for four years and is very thankful to be able
can remember. Lacey
to stay involved with the college and the rodeo atmosphere
competes in breakaway
by being the assistant coach. Lacey has recently received
roping, goat tying, and
her Coaching certificate through Sheridan College as well.
team roping. She was
a four time qualifier to “I am excited to be the assistant rodeo coach because I
the 4-H finals and High School finals in South Dakota in have always enjoyed working with students and love to
goat tying and breakaway roping. Lacey also qualified for see people succeed. It has always been a dream of mine
the High School National Finals rodeo in goat tying and to coach, and I am hoping to have a team at the CNFR in
breakaway roping, and has competed and qualified for June,” said coach Lacey Hewitt.

Performance Horses, LLC
Home of:
French Streaktovegas
Mahalas Blue Cash
Foxbee Blue
Darren Barton
Kandy Barton
2690 W. Echeta Rd.
Gillette, WY 82716
Ph: 307-736-2577

2 0 10 – 2 0 11 S e as o n O ut lo o k
The 2010-11 Sheridan College Generals will look to and ten rebounds per game as a senior. Wyoming’s own
improve on the tradition that has become Generals Robert Heyer, a 6’5, 200 pound forward from Worland
Basketball. Sheridan will only return four players from averaged 21 points, 12 rebounds, three assists, and three
a team that went 27-7 and made their steals per game as a senior. Heyer is a
second straight Region IX Final Four two time All-State selection. Khion
and was one win away from reaching Sankey from Stockton, CA rounds out
the national tournament in Hutchinson, this talented group of forwards that
KS. Sheridan will rely heavily on can play on the perimeter and also
its sophomores for leadership and bang down low on the block. Sankey
experience as only three of the four averaged 14.6 points, eight rebounds,
returners have game experience being 2.8 steals and three assists in leading
that one took a redshirt in 2009-2010. his team to a 30-5 record, a Northern
Jarrell Crayton (6’7, PF, Bellevue, NE) California Championship and a second
started all 34 games for the Generals and place finish in all of California (CIF).
was the team’s third leading scorer at 11 Sheridan College has brought in
points per game and the team’s second some very talented guards from around
leading rebounder at six rebounds per the world for this year as well. Matt
game. For his performance last year Glover, a 6-4, 190-pound guard from
Jarrell was named 1st Team All-Conference. Kendrick Tustin, California, averaged 18.6 points, 6.1 assists and
Morse (5’7, PG, Richton Park, IL) started 33 of the 34 7.5 rebounds while leading his team to a 20-7 record.
games he played in and was one of the best in the region Glover was selected All-League First Team. As well as
in assists per game averaging four per game. Kendrick also All-Orange County Second Team and All-CIF Second
posted a three to one assist to turnover ratio and averaged Team. Johannes Kriegereit, a 6-2, 175 pound point
eight points per game. Omar McDade (6’2, PG, Logan, UT) guard from Bayern, Germany averaged 19.4 points per
played in 29 of the 34 games last season due to an injury game. Johannes has been selected one of the top 40
that kept him out of the first five games of the year. Omar players in Germany and brings a wealth of experience
averaged six points a game and dished out an average of from international play. Malachi Roberts rounds out
2.5 assists per game. Rage Geringer (5’11, SG, Glendo, WY) the incoming freshman. This 6-5, 190 pound wing from
rounds out the list of returners for the Generals in 2010- East Wenatchee, WA led his league in scoring at 24.6
2011. Rage redshirted last year and will look to step in points per game. Along with that, Roberts averaged 7.8
and make an immediate impact on the program due to his rebounds, five blocks, three assists, and three steals a
great work ethic and tremendous outside shooting ability. game on his way to becoming 1st team All-Conference.
The Generals will bring in eight new recruits this year The 2009-10 Sheridan College Generals compiled a
that will need to be ready to make an impact as soon as record of 27-7. Last year’s Generals advanced to the
they arrive on campus if the Generals have intentions championship game Region IX Tournament. For their
to compete for a Region IX championship. Inside the efforts many Sheridan College Athletes were honored
Generals will rely on Lamont Prosser, a 6-8, 225-pound with awards. JR Cadot was named Third Team All-
center from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Prosser averaged 16.8 American, First Team All-Region, and First Team All-
points, 11.2 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks per game at Charis Conference. Antoine Proctor was named First Team
Prep last season. The Generals will have great height All-Region. Jarrell Crayton was named First Team
and versatility at the forward spots highlighted by five All-Conference, and Idris Lasisi was named to the All-
incoming freshman. Jermaine Lippert, a 6’8, 230-pound Defensive First Team for Region IX.
forward from Munich, Germany averaged 23 points, 11.5 Five players from last year’s squad moved on to play
rebounds, and 2.5 steals a game in route to leading his at the next level including: JR Cadot (Texas Christian
team to a quarterfinal appearance in the post season. University, TCU), Antoine Proctor (Sacramento State
Rolands Narkis, a 6’7, 210-pounder from Broceni, Latvia University), Idris Lasisi (University of Montana), Steven
averaged 15 points, 8.6 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game. Ivory Jr. (Texas A & M International), Bryen Pyles
In his post season he jumped those averages to 18 points, (Mayville State University), and Charlton Wilson (East
6.3 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 3 blocks. Shelton Black Central University).
from Compton HS, Los Angeles, CA averaged ten points – Coach Steve Smiley
Returning Starters_____________________________________2
Kendrick Morse---------------------------------------------------G 5’7 Richton Park, IL
Jarrell Crayton------------------------------------------------------F 6’7 Bellevue, NE

Returning NON-Starters_______________________________ 2
Omar McDade-----------------------------------------------------G 6’2 Logan, UT
Rage Geringer----------------------------------------------------G 5’11 Glendo, WY

Newcomer’s __________________________________________9
Shelton Black-----------------------------------------------------C 6’7 Los Angeles, CA
Matt Glover-------------------------------------------------------G 6’4 Tustin, CA
Robert Heyer------------------------------------------------------F 6’5 Worland, WY
Johannes Kriegereit----------------------------------------------G 6’2 Bayern, Germany
Jermaine Lippert--------------------------------------------------F 6’8 Munich, Germany
Rolands Narkis----------------------------------------------------F 6’7 Broceni, Latvia
Lamont Prosser----------------------------------------------------C 6’8 Ft. Wayne, IN
Malachi Roberts----------------------------------------------G 6’4 East Wenatchee, WA
Khion Sankey------------------------------------------------------F 6’5 Stockton, CA

Kendrick Morse, Jarrell Crayton, Omar McDade, Rage Geringer.

Shelton Black, Matt Glover, Robert Heyer, Johannes Kriegereit, Jermaine Lippert,
Rolands Narkis, Lamont Prosser, Malachi Roberts, Khion Sankey


201 0– 2 0 11 R o s t e r
No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. Hometown High School
0 Khion Sankey F 6’5” 210 FR Stockton, CA Newark-Memorial HS
1 Omar McDade G 6’2” 205 SO Logan, UT Logan HS
2 Kendrick Morse G 5’7” 170 SO Richton, IL Rich South HS
3 Malachi Roberts G 6’4” 185 FR Wenatchee, WA Eastmont HS
4 Shelton Black C 6’7” 180 FR Los Angeles, CA Compton HS
5 Matt Glover G 6’4” 190 FR Orange, CA Tustin HS
14 Rage Geringer G 5’11” 165 FR Glendo, WY Guernsey-Sunrise HS
22 Jermaine Lippert F 6’8” 230 FR Munich, Germany Fc Bayern Muenchen
23 Rolands Narkis F 6’7” 210 FR Broceni, Latvia Team Liepaja
32 Johannes Kriegereit G 6’2” 175 FR Bayern, Germany MTSV Schwabing
33 Jarrell Crayton F 6’7” 200 SO Bellevue, NE Bellevue East HS
34 Robert Heyer F 6’5” 200 FR Worland, WY Worland HS
44 Lamont Prosser C 6’7” 240 FR Ft. Wayne, IN Charis Prep

2 010 – 2 0 11 S c hedule
Date Opponent Time Location
Oct. 17 Black Hills State University Jamboree TBA Spearfish, SD
Oct. 22 Casper College Jamboree TBA Casper, WY
Oct. 23 Casper College Jamboree TBA Casper, WY
Oct. 31 Blue Angels (Exhibition) TBA Sheridan, WY
Nov. 9 Little Big Horn College 7:00 Crow Agency, MT
Nov. 12 Best Western Tip-off Tourney 5:30, 7:30 Sheridan, WY
Nov. 13 Best Western Tip-off Tourney 3:00, 5:00 Sheridan, WY
Nov. 19 Northwest College Tourney 5:30 Powell, WY
Nov. 20 Northwest College Tourney 3:30 Powell, WY
Nov. 26 Lions Club Tourney 3:00, 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Nov. 27 Lions Club Tourney 3:00, 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Nov. 30 Western Nebraska Community College 7:00 Scottsbluff, NE
Dec. 3 Holiday Inn Tourney 5:30, 7:30 Sheridan, WY
Dec. 4 Holiday Inn Tourney 3:00, 5:00 Sheridan, WY
Dec. 10 Casper College 7:30 Sheridan, WY
Dec. 11 Gillette College 7:30 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 7 Central Wyoming College 7:30 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 8 Western Wyoming College 5:00 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 12 Otero Junior College 5:00 La Junta, CO
Jan. 14 Laramie County Community College 7:00 Cheyenne, WY
Jan. 15 Eastern Wyoming College 5:00 Torrington, WY
Jan. 18 Northwest College 7:30 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 21 Miles City Community College 7:30 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 22 Dawson Community College 7:30 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 28 Western Wyoming College 7:30 Rock Springs, WY
Jan. 29 Central Wyoming College 5:00 Riverton, WY
Feb. 5 Little Big Horn College 7:30 Sheridan, WY
Feb. 9 Miles City Community College 7:30 Miles City, MT
Feb. 13 Dawson Community College 3:30 Dawson, MT
Feb. 18 Gillette College 7:30 Gillette, WY
Feb. 19 Casper College 5:00 Casper, WY
Feb. 22 Northwest College 7:30 Powell, WY
Feb. 25 Eastern Wyoming College 7:30 Sheridan, WY
Feb. 26 Laramie County Community College 5:00 Sheridan, WY
Mar. 5-9 Region 9 Tourney TBA East Region Host
National Tournament TBA Hutchinson, KS

Khion Sankey #0 Omar McDade #1
Position: F Position: G
Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Sophomore
Hometown: Stockton, CA Hometown: Logan, UT
Favorites: Fresh Prince, Martin, Kings, Pizza, Lil Favorites: Fresh Prince, LA Lakers, Mexican food,
Wayne, Wale Trey Songz
Nickname: Big Baby Davis Nickname: O
High School As one of the best players on his team, Khion Quote: “Fall down 7 times, get up 8.”
averaged 14.3 points, 8 rebounds, 2.8 steals, and 2.8 assists per game in leading his
team to a 30-5 finish, a Northern California Championship, and a second place 2009-2010: Omar played in 29 games for the Generals last year, starting 1, and
finish in the entire state (CIF).in his final year. In his senior season Sankey led having to sit out the first five games of the season due to injury. Omar averaged 6.5
his team in points, rebounds, steals, and free throws made. He was also second in points, 3 assists, and 2.5 rebounds playing 18 minutes a game. McDade shot 40%
assists and three point field goal percentage. Khion has been named First Team All- from three point range and 70% from the free throw line. In four games last season
Northern California, ESPN RISE Boys State Athlete of the Week, Omar made four or more three point baskets. Omar had a season high of 19 points
All-Bay Area Team-Division 1, All-East Bay Basketball First Team, 2009 MaxPreps vs. Western Wyoming and also pumped in 18 points off the bench in the North
All-Tournament Team-National Division, San Francisco Chronicle’s All Metro 2nd- Sub-Region Championship game vs. Northwest College.
Team, and Top 125 Easy Bay Prep Athletes of the Year of 2010. High School: Omar averaged 16.5 points, 5 assists, 4.2 rebounds, and 2.5 steals a
game in route to leading his team to a runner up finish in the Utah state 3A playoffs.
Some of Omar’s accomplishments include: McDonalds All-American Nominee,
Herald Journal All -Valley Player of the Year (2009), All Region 1st team (region
11, Utah), All State 1st Team - Deseret News, All State 1st team - Salt Lake Tribune
Kendrick Morse #2 Utah 3A All Tournament 1st team. Logan High School record holder in: Assists in a
season, assists in a career, and Omar is currently the 6th all-time leading scorer in
Position: G school history.
Year in School: Sophomore
Hometown: Richton, IL
Favorites: Fresh Prince, Cleveland Caveliers, Lil
Wayne, Gucci Mane Malachi Roberts #3
Nickname: Special K Position: G
2009-2010: Kendrick played in all 34 games for the Year in School: Freshman
Generals as a freshman starting in 33 of those games. As the starting point guard Hometown: Wenatchee, WA
Morse dished out 4.2 assists per game which led the team and was ranked top 5
in Region IX. Eight times throughout the year Kendrick finished games with six Favorites: Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”, Miami
or more assists having a career high 10 assists vs. Lake Region State. Kendrick also Heat, Seafood, Drake
averaged 8.5 points and 2.1 rebounds per game. Kendrick poured in 20 points vs.
Montana Western which is his career high. Morse shot 45% from three point range,
Nickname: Chi
44% from the field and 71% from the free throw line. High School: Hailing from Washington, Malachi
Roberts was one of the most highly touted seniors in his area for the year of 2010.
High School: Morse was a 4-yr starter at Rich South High School, where he had a
Roberts, a 6-5, 190 pound wing from Eastmont High School in East Wenatchee,
highly decorated career. As a senior, Kendrick averaged 22 points, 5 assists, and 2
WA led his league in scoring at 24.6 points per game. Along with that Roberts
steals per game while leading his team to a 19-8 record before eventually losing in
averaged 7.8 rebounds, 5 blocks, 3 assists, and 3 steals a game on his way to
the Regional Championship. Kendrick was named to the All-State, All-Area, and
becoming 1st team All-Conference. Malachi finished his senior season a top 3
All-Conference teams during his senior year, and he played in the City vs. Suburbs
statistical categories on Eastmont’s all time leaders list as well as finishing in the
All-Star game and the Legends All-Star game. Kendrick was also rated as one of
top ten of 16 of the 23 records on file. Roberts was a three year starter in basketball
the top point guards in the state of Illinois by numerous media outlets, including
and football at Eastmont High. He was the Big Nine Conference Athlete of the Year,, and others.
and holds a 3.6 GPA.

Shelton Black #4 Matt Glover #5

Position: C Position: G
Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Hometown: Orange, CA
Favorites: NBA TV, Grizzlies, BBQ, Drake Favorites: Sports Center, Miami Heat, Pizza,
Nickname: KD
High School: Before coming to Sheridan College, Nickname: Jumbo
Shelton went to Compton High School in Compton, High School: Matt played his high school basketball at
CA where he averaged a double-double, 10 points and 10 rebounds a game. Tustin in Orange, California where he averaged 19 points 2 assists and 3 rebounds
He played for Coach Tony Thomas, who produced McDonalds All-American per game as a senior in 2010. Glover, a 6-4, 190-pound guard lead his team to a
Demar Derozan two years earlier. Shelton’s senior season Compton High went 20-7 record in his final year. Glover was selected All-League First Team as well as,
21-14 overall and were ranked 28th in the state of California. Black’s team All-Orange County Second Team and All-CIF Second Team. Matt scored over 20
went to the California state semifinals and lost to the eventual champions points in 14 games this year including a triple double performance vs. University
Lincoln, 52-60. Shelton will add size in the post and has tremendous basketball High School where he dropped 40 points, pulled down 13 rebounds, and dished out
11 assists.
potential. Coach Steve Smiley says of Shelton, “he is one of the longest players I
have coached and I am excited to see how he will improve here at Sheridan”.

Rage Geringer #14 Jermaine Lippert #22
Position: G Position: F
Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Glendo, WY Hometown: Munich, Germany
Favorites: Reaper, House, LA Lakers, Favorites: Fresh Prince, Two and a Half Men, Miami Heat,
Pop-tarts, Linkin Park Chinese, Jay-Z

Nickname: Rage Against the Machine Nickname: Big Germ

2009-2010: Took a redshirt year. Before Sheridan: Lippert, a 6-8, 230 pound forward from Munich,
Germany will have an immediate impact on the Sheridan College program. In 2008-09 Jermaine
High School: Rage played his high school basketball at Guernsey- played for Fc Bayern Muenchen where he averaged 23 points, 11.5 rebounds, and 2.5 steals per game
Sunrise where he averaged 27 points and 4.3 steals per game as a senior in leading them to a quarterfinals appearance in their post-season play. Last year Jermaine played
in 2009. Rage was the leading scorer in the state of Wyoming. For his with MTSV Schwabing where he continued to put up great numbers averaging 31 points, 11 rebounds,
career Rage scored over 1600 points. Geringer has received All-state and 2.3 steals per game. His points per game along with rebounds per game where ranked first on the
honors in basketball, football, and track, along with having a 4.0 GPA. team in those categories. Upon completion of his time at Sheridan College, Jermaine will continue
Geringer is great at using his intelligence and knowledge of the game to play collegiately in the United States, as he is already verbally committed to NCAA Division 1,
to his benefit, and he will add the outside threat that a lot teams in Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.
junior college lack.

Johannes Kriegereit #32

Rolands Narkis #23 Position: G
Position: F Year in School: Freshman
Year in School: Freshman Hometown: Bayern, Germany
Hometown: Broceni, Latvia Favorites: What’s Up Dad, Two and a Half Men, Thunder,
Chinese, 2 Pac, Drake
Favorites: Sports Center, Orlando
Magic, Chicken and Vegetables, Nickname: JoJo
Method Man, Guru Before Sheridan: Kriegereit, a 6-2, 175 pound point guard from Bayern,
Nickname: Rol Germany played with Erding Baskets/MTSV Schwabing averaging 19.4 points per game. Johannes has
been selected one of the top 40 players in Germany with a year of birth in 1990. He has also won two
Before Sheridan: Narkis, a 6-7, 210-pound forward from Latvia played Bavarian League Championships throughout his career. After attending Sheridan College, Johannes
for Team Liepaja. For the 2009-2010 season Narkis averaged 15 points will continue to play in America, as he is already verbally committed to play at NCAA Division 1,
per game, 8.6 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks while leading his team to an Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.
18-6 season. In the playoffs Narkis took his game to the next level
averaging 18.3 points, 6.3 rebounds, 4.3 assists, and 3 blocks per game.
Rolands has scored over 30 points four times throughout the year Robert Heyer #34
with his best performance coming vs. Jugla when he had 35 points,
14 rebounds, 4 assists, and two steals. In 2009-2008 playing for Team Position: F
Liepaja Rolands averaged 13.2 points, 4.9 rebounds, 1.6 assists, and 1.2 Year in School: Freshman
steals per game.
Hometown: Worland, WY
Favorites: Sports Center, LA Lakers, BLT, Lil Wayne
Nickname: Rob
Jarrell Crayton #33 High School: Robert, a 6-5, 200-pound forward, played his high school
Position: F basketball at Worland High School in Worland, WY. Heyer was named
the 3A Player of the Year in 2010. Heyer averaged 21 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 steals while
Year in School: Sophomore shooting 68% from the field as a senior. Heyer is a 2-time All-State selection, and a 2-time All-
Hometown: Bellevue, NE Conference selection. Heyer finished his career at Worland High School with 1339 points and 860
Favorites: House, NCIS, Cleveland rebounds. Heyer also participated in Track and field and was a highly touted football player in the
state of Wyoming.
Cavaliers, Chinese food, Michael Buble
Nickname: Rell
Lamont Prosser #44
2009-2010: Jarrell played in every game as
a freshman for the Generals last year, starting in all 34 games. Jarrell Position: C
averaged 11 points a game, which was third best on the team. He also Year in School: Freshman
pulled down 7 rebounds a game, which ranked him second on the
Hometown: Ft. Wayne, IN
team. Jarrell shot 57% from the field as a freshman and led the team in
that category. For his efforts he was awarded 1st Team All-Conference. Favorites: Family Guy, Denver Nuggets, Pork Chops and Fried
Jarrell had a career high of 25 points vs. Central Wyoming and nearly Potatoes, Young Jeezy, Wiz
matched that with a 24 point effort vs. Casper College. Crayton hit
double figures 22 times as a freshman and had 7 or more rebounds in Nickname: LP
23 games last season. High School: Prosser, a 6-8, 225-pound center from South Side High
High School: Jarrell was one of the most highly touted recruits in the School in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, played last year at Charis Prep Academy in Wilson, North Carolina
state of Nebraska. Throughout the year Crayton received offers from under head coach Carlos Peralta. At Charis Prep Prosser averaged 16.8 points, 11.2 rebounds, and 2.3
Creighton, Colorado State, and the University of Nebraska. Jarrell blocks per game while leading his team to an appearance at the National Prep School Tournament
started out the 2008-09 season with a bang scoring 51 points in his this year. Coach Peralta had this to say about Prosser “Lamont has been an outstanding member of
first game; it was the first 50 plus point game in three decades in our school and of our team. In every respect, Lamont has exceed the standards that we set for our
Nebraska. As a junior Crayton averaged 18 points and 10.5 rebounds student-athletes. He has done his part to put himself in a position to succeed. I am very excited to
per game and was named First Team All-State (he was the only see Lamont moving forward to continue his education and his basketball development at Sheridan
junior to receive that award), while leading his team to the State College under Coach Smiley. I am confident Lamont is going to the right place.”
Championship game. Jarrell’s senior year he led Class A in scoring at At South Side High School Prosser averaged another double-double pouring in 18 points a game and
19.8 points per game; he also pulled down 10 rebounds per game, and hauling down 11 rebounds a game.
was again named First Team All-State.
Steve Smiley
Head Coach University (Aberdeen, SD) under the winningest
Athletic Director coach in NCAA History, Don Meyer. During his
time, the Wolves went 50-12. Prior to his return at
Steve just completed NSU, Steve was the head assistant coach at Black
his 2nd season Hills State University. During his first year, the
as head coach at Yellow Jackets finished in 2nd place in the Dakota
national junior college Athletic Conference and lost in the conference
powerhouse Sheridan championship by one point. Steve finished his senior
College. In the past season at Northern State University (Aberdeen, SD)
two seasons, the in the spring of 2004. Steve was a starter since his
Generals overall record sophomore season. During his career, Steve led the
is 53-14, winning two North Sub-Region IX titles, Northern Sun league in assists for three consecutive
one Wyoming Conference Title, advancing twice seasons. He finished second all-time at NSU in career
to the Region IX Final Four and appearing in one assists with 537, and was only the second player in
championship game. The Generals also were the host school history to surpass the 500-assist mark. Steve
team for the Region IX Tournament for the 2009-10 was the starting point guard for NSU teams that won
season, and Steve was named North Sub-Region IX the conference title during his sophomore and junior
Coach of the Year this past season. Over the past two seasons. As a senior, Steve won the NSIC Defensive
seasons, five Generals have signed to play at NCAA Player of the Year award, and the Wolves posted a
Division One schools, and a total of ten players have final record of 24-7, won the conference tournament
moved on to the four-year level to continue their for the first time, and played in the NCAA D2 national
careers. Two of his players were named NJCAA All- tournament. Steve was named to the All-Tournament
Americans (Moustapha Diarra – Honorable Mention, Team, and was also named as the NSIC Tournament
and JR Cadot – 3rd-Team All-American), and four MVP. Prior to NSU, Steve played at Pomona High
have been named to the prestigious All-Region IX School in Arvada, CO, becoming the first ever four-
Team (Moustapha Diarra, Scottie Payne, JR Cadot, year starter at PHS while leading the state of Colorado
and Antoine Proctor). in assists during his junior year, being named All-
Prior to Sheridan, Steve spent two seasons as an State during his junior and senior season, and tying or
assistant coach at his alma mater, Northern State breaking ten school records, including career assists.

Ryan Davis
management with a business minor in the spring of
Head Assistant 2010 at KU. Ryan is originally from Overland Park,
Coach Kansas, located 25 minutes southwest of Kansas City
Ryan is entering his and went to Bishop Miege High School in Roleand
first year as the Assistant Park, KS.
Coach at Sheridan College. Coach Smiley had this to say about Ryan: “We’re
Before Sheridan, Ryan was a extremely thrilled to get a young coach of Ryan’s
Manager for the University caliber. Ryan worked his way up the ladder at the
of Kansas Men’s Basketball University of Kansas and held many responsibilities
team under Head Coach during his time in Lawrence. He was highly
Bill Self. While at Kansas, the Jayhawks won 5 recommended by not only the staff at the University
Big 12 regular season conference championships, of Kansas, but also from several other top-notch
four Big 12 tournament championships, a National programs across the nation. He is exactly what our
Championship in 2008 and went 175-27 in 5 years. program needs to continue to move forward and
Ryan received his undergraduate degree in sports compete at the highest level in the NJCAA!”

161 Hwy 335, Sheridan, WY

2 0 10 – 2 0 11 S e as o n O ut lo o k
The Lady Generals are coming off one of the best This year’s team has just one starter back in Dawne
seasons in the history of Sheridan College, winning Degel from Sheridan, Montana, and will feature
the National Junior College North Sub-Region IX and many new faces. This year’s freshmen include Lauren
making it to the quarterfinals of Hoffman (Custer, Montana),
the Region IX Tournament. Their Ruth O’Neal (Fort Washakie,
overall record was 20-12, making WY), Jordan Hirsig (Cheyenne,
their record 76-24 over the last WY), Kelli Cordell (Cheyenne,
three years with a 76% winning WY), Blake Jacobs (Kamiah, ID),
percentage, which is one of the Elina Eide (Latvia), Laura Pelse
top percentages in the country. (Latvia), Fallen Lewis (Dayton,
The Lady Generals also finished WY) and Karly Miller (Billings,
number one in the nation in free- MT).
throw percentage at 74% and Expectations are high for the
number one in Region IX in field Generals as they look to again
goal percentage at 45%. compete for the North Sub-
The Lady Generals not only Region IX Title, the Wyoming
excelled on the court, but in the Conference Championship,
classroom too, as they finished and a shot at the Region IX
number one in the nation Championship and a trip to the
amongst community colleges National Tournament in Salina,
with a team grade point average Kansas. The Lady Generals open
of 3.57. The team had a record number of Academic this season at home with the Holiday Inn Tournament
All-American’s; Kendahl Avery, Pavlina Chudarkova, on November 5th and 6th, and they will host a total
Mandy Mullock, and Leann Tuschling (for the second of three tournaments and have a record number of 16
consecutive season). home games.
– Coach Frank McCarthy

115 Coffeen Avenue
Sheridan, WY 82801

Returning Starters_____________________________________1
Dawne Degel---------------------------------------------------G 5’10 Sheridan, MT

Newcomer’s __________________________________________9
Fallen Lewis------------------------------------------------------F 5’11 Dayton, WY
Blake Jacobs------------------------------------------------------G 5’5 Kamiah, ID
Jordan Hirsig--------------------------------------------------F 5’10 Cheyenne, WY
Lauren Hoffman----------------------------------------------------G 5’8 Custer, MT
Ruth O’Neal-------------------------------------------------F 5’9 Ft. Washakie, WY
Kelli Cordell----------------------------------------------------G 5’6 Cheyenne, WY
Elina Eida------------------------------------------------------------------F 6’1 Latvia
Laura Pelse-----------------------------------------------------------------F 6’3 Latvia
Karly Miller---------------------------------------------------------G 5’7 Billings,MT

Dawne Degel

Lauren Hoffman, Ruth O’Neal, Jordan Hirsig, Kelli Cordell, Blake Jacobs, Elina Eida,
Laura Pelse, Fallen Lewis, Karly Miller


201 0– 2 0 11 R o s t e r
No. Name Pos. Ht. Yr. Hometown High School
5 Dawne Degel F 5’10” SO Sheridan, MT Twin Bridges HS
13 Lauren Hoffman G 5’8” FR Custer, MT Custer HS
20 Blake Jacobs G 5’5” FR Kamiah, ID Kamiah HS
23 Jordan Hirsig F 5’10” FR Cheyenne, WY Burns HS
24 Fallon Lewis F 5’11” FR Dayton, WY Tongue River HS
25 Karly Miller G 5’7” FR Billings, MT Skyview HS
30 Ruth O’Neal F 5’9” FR Fort Washakie, WY Lander Valley HS
31 Kelli Cordell G 5’6” FR Cheyenne, WY Cheyenne East HS
32 Elina Eida F 6’1” FR Riga City, Latvia Riga City #2
40 Brook Jacobs G 5’5” FR Kamiah, ID Kamiah HS
52 Laura Pelse F 6’3” FR Liepaja, Latvia Liepaja #5

2 010 – 2 0 11 S c hedule
Date Opponent Time Location
Nov. 5 Holiday Inn Tournament 5:00, 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Nov. 6 Holiday Inn Tournament 1:00, 3:00 Sheridan, WY
Nov. 11-13 College of Southern Idaho Tournament TBA Twin Falls, ID
Nov. 17 North Idaho College 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Nov. 19 State Farm Tournament 5:00, 7:00 Sheridan, WY
Nov. 20 State Farm Tournament 1:00, 3:00 Sheridan, WY
Nov. 26 Lion’s Club Classic Tournament 1:00, 5:00 Sheridan, WY
Nov. 27 Lion’s Club Classic Tournament 1:00, 5:00 Sheridan, WY
Dec. 3-4 Air Force Classic TBA Colorado Springs, CO
Dec. 10 Casper College 5:30 Sheridan, WY
Dec. 11 Gillette College 5:30 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 7 Central Wyoming College 5:30 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 8 Western Wyoming College 3:00 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 11 Little Big Horn College 6:00 Crow Agency, MT
Jan. 15 Eastern Wyoming College 3:00 Torrington, WY
Jan. 18 Northwest College 5:30 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 21 Miles City Community College 5:30 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 22 Dawson Community College 5:30 Sheridan, WY
Jan. 28 Western Wyoming College 5:30 Rock Springs, WY
Jan. 29 Central Wyoming College 5:30 Riverton, WY
Feb. 5 Little Big Horn College 5:30 Sheridan, WY
Feb. 9 Miles City Community College 5:30 Miles City, MT
Feb. 13 Dawson Community College 1:30 Glendive, MT
Feb. 18 Gillette College 5:30 Gillette, WY
Feb. 19 Casper College 3:00 Casper, WY
Feb. 22 Northwest College 5:30 Powell, WY
Feb. 25 Eastern Wyoming College 5:30 Sheridan, WY
Mar. 3-8 South Sub Region TBA Central Winner
Mar. 16-20 NJCAA National Championship TBA Salina, KS

Good Luck Generals &
Lady Generals!

108 E. Grinnell Street
Sheridan, WY 82801

Dawne Degel #5 Fallon Lewis #24
Position: G Position: F
Year in School: Sophomore Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Sheridan, MT Hometown: Dayton, WY
Favorites: Milk, Blue, Watermelon, Favorites: Dinner for Schmucks, Hot
Remember the Titans, Hiking, Pockets, Playing sports, Listening to
Running, Fishing, Swimming, music, Hanging with friends
Horseback Riding Quote: “Continuous effort-not
Nickname: D, Dawney strength or intelligence-is the key to
Quote: “What lies behind us and what unlocking our potential.”
lies before us is nothing compared to what lies within us.”

Lauren Hoffman #13 Karly Miller #25

Position: G Position: G
Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Custer, MT Hometown: Billings, MT
Favorites: Quesadillas, Country music, Favorites: Blue, Nike shoes, Jesus,
Yellow, Basketball, Laughing Painting, Crab legs, Dr. Pepper
Quote: “Some people want it to Nickname: Kar
happen, some wish it would happen, Quote: “Everything is possible to the
others make it happen.” one who believes.”

Blake Jacobs #20 Ruth O’Neal #30

Position: G Position: F
Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Kamiah, ID Hometown: Fort Washakie, WY
Favorites: Fishing, Country music, Favorites: Sleeping, Lady GaGa, Nicki
Michael Jackson, Orange, Carmex, Minaj
Frosted Flakes
Nickname: Ruthie
Nickname: Blakey J
Quote: “Never give up, never
Quote: “Obstacles don’t have to stop surrender. I’m a peacock, let me fly.”
you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn
around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or
work around it.”

Jordan Hirsig #23 Kelli Cordell #31

Position: F Position: G
Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Cheyenne, WY Hometown: Cheyenne, WY
Favorites: The Office, Spending time Favorites: Shoes, Ben & Jerry’s ice
with friends, Basketball, Country cream, Nicki Minaj, Denver Nuggets,
Music, North Carolina Tar Heels Chips and Salsa
Quote: “The dictionary is the only Nickname: Candy
place where success comes before hard Quote: “Basketball doesn’t build
work. Hard work is the price we must character. It reveals it.”
pay for success. You can only accomplish anything if you’re
willing to pay the price.”
Elina Eida #32 Laura Pelse #52
Position: F Position: F
Year in School: Freshman Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Riga City, Latvia Hometown: Liepaja, Latvia
Favorites: Sports, Movies, Hanging Favorites: Swimming, Sunbathing,
out with friends, Sunbathing, Walking by the sea
Swimming Quote: “Never lose your faith.”
Nickname: Eli E
Quote: “Try Harder.”

Brook Jacobs #40

Position: G
Year in School: Freshman
Hometown: Kamiah, ID
Favorites: Purple, Mustard,
Doing Hair, Mountain Dew
Nickname: Brookie
Quote: “Reach high for the stars lie
hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for
every dream precedes the goal.” 2009-10 Sheridan College Lady Generals
#1 in the Classroom

Frank crown. In 2009, that team was inducted into the Hall of
Fame at Montana State – Billings. His work was rewarded
McCarthy as he was named the Pacific West Coach of the Year, the
Head Coach Region VIII Coach of the Year, and was a finalist for National
Head Coach Frank Coach of the Year honors. Seven of Coach McCarthy’s
McCarthy is beginning Yellowjackets were named All-Americans, while three were
his tenth season at honored with Pacific West Conference Players of the Year.
Sheridan College. The Frequently his teams were polled in the top twenty lists for
Lady Generals are Division II institutions, while appearing in five consecutive
coming off of another NCAA tournaments, and four straight Pacific West titles.
outstanding season In 2004, he was inducted into the Montana State – Billings
winning the NJCAA Hall of Fame.
North Sub-Region IX Community College basketball is nothing new to
Title, making it to the McCarthy. Before taking the position at MSU – Billings,
Region IX Tournament quarterfinals, and finishing with McCarthy led the Eastern Wyoming Lady Lancers to a 19-
a record of 20-12. The Lady Generals finished number one 11 record, setting a new mark for school record victories.
in the nation in free-throw percentage at 74% and number His time at EWC earned him the honor of the Wyoming
one in Region IX in field goal percentage at 45%. Not only Conference Coach of the Year. He was also named Wyoming
did the team excel on the court, but also in the classroom, Conference Coach of the Year for the 1987-88, 2003-04,
where they finished number one in the nation amongst 2004-05, and 2007-08 seasons. Previous to his collegiate
community colleges with a team GPA of 3.57. The team endeavors, Coach McCarthy was named Wyoming High
had four Academic All-Americans; Kendahl Avery, Pavlina School Coach of the Year four times, and the winningest
Chudarkova, Mandy Mullock, and Leann Tushling. High School coach in Powell, Wyoming. He posted an
The 2008-09 season still ranks as one of the best in the 86-50 record, winning five regional championships and
history of Sheridan College, winning the NJCAA North four conference titles, and in his final year of high school
Sub-Region and the Region IX championship to advance coaching, his team advanced to the state championship
to the National Tournament in Salina, KS. The Generals game. McCarthy began his coaching career at the Sidney
finished with an overall record of 29-7, and they are 76- Boy’s Club in Australia, returning to the U.S. to head both
24 over the last three years for a 76% winning percentage, the boy’s and girl’s basketball programs at St. Labre High
which is one of the tops in Region IX. The Generals were School in Ashland, MT.
ranked as high as 13th in the nation, as they led the country Student athlete is the term used to describe Coach
in free-throw percentage at 72.8% and 3-point percentage at McCarthy’s recruits and team members. While at MSU
48%. Before his move to Sheridan College, McCarthy had an Billings, the Yellowjackets were selected eighth overall for
extremely successful venture at Montana State University, WBCA Academic Honor Roll, and had a graduation rate
a Division I institution in Bozeman, MT. In his final year of 97.6%. In 1997-98 all five senior starters were named
at MSU Bozeman, Coach McCarthy’s team finished second First Team All-Academic. McCarthy earned his Bachelor
in the Big Sky Conference. The Bobcats gained their best of Science degree in elementary education from Eastern
win-loss record in seven years, with an 18-9 standing. Prior Montana College in 1979 and received a Master’s Degree in
to his experience at Bozeman, Coach McCarthy served for Sports Science from the United States Sports Academy in
ten years as head coach for the Montana State University 1988. During the off season Coach McCarthy serves as the
– Billings Yellowjackets a division two school, where he head coach for the Wyoming – Montana All Star Classic, a
posted an incredible 190-90 record, becoming the all-time series featuring the ten best players from each state. He has
winningest coach. Under Coach McCarthy’s direction the compiled a 546-286 record in 32 years of coaching. Frank
Yellowjackets advanced to the NCAA Division II National and his wife, Amy, have 4 children, sons Jake, McKye, and
Championship in 1999, and a Pacific West Conference Luke, and daughter, Taylor.

Cameron Karajanis
ladies strength & conditioning program, stats, and overall
Assistant Coach management of the program. Cameron will enjoy a greater
Cameron Karajanis joins capacity this season, as he helps out with recruiting,
the Lady Generals staff for the scouting, practice planning, and many other roles. Cameron
second consecutive season and is pursuing a career in physical therapy with a coaching
is now the head assistant for degree on the side.
the women’s program. During Originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Cameron came
last year’s 20-12 season in from a very athletic family. Cameron attended Cheyenne
which the Lady Generals won Central High School where he played both football and
the North Sub-Region IX title, Cameron helped with the 44 basketball (his team won the state football title in 2005).
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