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CMOS RAM can be identified on many motherboards as the chip labeled


Real Time Clock





You need to replace a failed AT power supply in a workstation. Which of the following statements are true and should be considered before replacing the failed power supply with a new ATX power supply? (Choose two.)

An ATX power supply does not have a 12-volt output necessary for the CDROM.

The monitor may need to be upgraded as well.

The case design may not be compatible with the new ATX power supply.

The motherboard may not be compatible with the ATX power supply.

The current system hard drives may be incompatible with the power connectors of the new power supply.


You are tasked with installing a new SCSI RAID controller in a system with a Primary and Secondary IDE controller built into the motherboard. Since you need an available IRQ, you decide to disable the Secondary IDE controller.

Which IRQ would you expect could then be used for the RAID controller?


IRQ 15




In a Pentium 4 computer running on the Windows 2000 platform, how could you

identify all IRQs and I/O addresses already assigned to devices currently installed on the system? (Choose all that apply.)

This is not relevant because Pentium 4 computers do not use IRQs or I/O addresses.

Use the Windows 2000 Computer Management support tool to list them.

Use the System CMOS Setup Utility to display them.

Run MSCONFIG from Start|Run.

Use the Windows 2000 Device Manager to list them.


Which of the following symptoms indicate IRQ conflicts? (Choose all that apply.)

The mouse does not work.

The system frequently locks up.

The system audio sounds broken up.

When you use the modem, the printer doesn't work; otherwise, the printer is fine.


Which of the following are most likely to use a DMA channel? (Choose three.)

High-speed laser printer

SCSI adapter

Sound card

Wireless network access point

Floppy disk controller

Digital camera


For a system to be able to boot from a bootable CD-ROM disc, the BIOS must support which standard?





What are the two electrical types of SCSI cables? (Choose two.)


IEEE 1394

IEEE 1284




Which of the following statements about SCSI devices is true?

SCSI devices require a terminator on the interface card.

SCSI devices require a terminator only on the first and last devices in the SCSI chain.

SCSI hard drives usually use a 40-pin ribbon cable.

SCSI devices require a terminator on each device in the SCSI chain.


An LVD differential cable would likely be used for which of the following devices?

A computer monitor

A SCSI hard drive

An external DVD Burner

A high speed printer


A customer complains that her Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) often sounds an

audible alarm and that she loses power to her computer even with it plugged into

the UPS.

Which of the following might cause these problems? (Choose two.)

The computer's power supply is faulty.

The customer plugged a laser printer into the UPS.

The monitor is not UPS compliant.

The computer has a virus.

The UPS battery needs replacement.



network file server is configured for RAID 1 fault tolerance using two 72GB SCSI

drives. What would be the effect on the system if a third disk drive of the same size and design was installed in the system and all three drives were configured for RAID 5?

The disk performance would drop due to the CPU overhead required to manage the extra disk.

The system performance would improve and the storage capacity would double.

The system performance would improve at the expense of losing fault tolerance.

System disk storage capacity would triple.


After properly connecting the power and ribbon cables to a new hard drive that you just installed in your three year old Pentium II computer, you startup the system, enter the CMOS setup utility, and find that the system has not recognized the new hard drive correctly. It only displays that it is 10,220MB, but it said on the box that the drive is 80GB.

What steps should you take to resolve the discrepancy?

Replace the ribbon cable because the 80GB drive is incompatible with the old ribbon cable.

Contact the motherboard manufacturer's Web site to see if a BIOS upgrade is available. If so, download the update and flash the BIOS.

Check the drive jumper settings to make sure they are set for Master.

Use a boot disk to partition and format the drive. It will display correctly

after formatting.


John's supervisor wants to increase the overall performance of his 1.8GHz Pentium 4 server. He asked John to write a proposal for new disk drives and drive

controllers. There are several types John could specify.

Which type should John specify for best throughput performance?



SCSI Ultra320



Which of the following best describes BIOS?







Which of the following statements about the differences between ISA and PCI slots/cards are true? (Select all correct statements.)

ISA slots are divided into two unequal segments.

ISA slots are more common in newer systems.

ISA cards are longer.

PCI cards are taller.


Motherboards provide computer.



I/O Ports

Expansion slots


to supply ways to get data in and out of the

Which of the following identifies a small, handheld computer?






Which bus type is most commonly used in newer computers for video expansion cards?






Which of the following specifications of PCMCIA card slots is most likely to be used for a hard drive on a laptop?

Type I or II

Type I, II, and III

Type I


You are performing a processor upgrade on a motherboard that takes a slot-style CPU. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

The processor sits in some kind of retainer.

You must first release the ZIF lever to remove the old processor.

The CPU could be a Celeron, a Pentium III, or an Athlon.

If the CPU doesn't have a fan/heat sink attached, you'll need to attach one.


Which of the following specifications are used for hard disk drives? (Select three.)








You are updating a Pentium III 800 system with a faster, larger, SCSI-3hard drive and SCSI-3 controller. You remove the old SCSI-2 drive controller card prior to installing the new one. The new controller has several jumpers for different configurations, including the IRQ number.

When you set the IRQ jumper, which two of the following IRQs are possibilities for the new hard drive? (Select two.)

The same IRQ as the old controller

IRQ 13

IRQ 14


You are installing a new hard drive, and you set the jumpers according to the instructions. When you are ready to install the ribbon cable, what must be done to connect it to the hard drive?

The power connector must be aligned with the red wire on the power cable.

The jumper settings on the drive must be set to select whether a straight data cable or a cable with a twist is used.

The ISA connector on the disk controller card must be aligned properly in EISA- type motherboard connectors.

The data connector must be aligned with the red stripe on the data cable to match pin 1 on the hard drive.


Which of the following devices could be connected to and communicate through the

IDE controller? (Choose three.)

SCSI Hard Drive

ATAPI Tape Drive


Floppy drive

USB CD-RW drive

ATA-100 Hard drive


What did the ATAPI specification enable PC users to do? (Select two.)

Configure a CD-ROM drive as an EIDE drive.

Configure a CD-ROM drive to play CD-Audio disks.

Use a Sound Card in conjunction with computer functions.

Install up to two ATAPI devices on one interface.

Use SCSI CD-ROM drives in an ISA bus system.


A two-row, 15-pin D connector is typically used for which of the following ports/devices? (Select all that apply.)

Graphics port

Parallel port

Midi port

Game Port

Network (AUI) port

Serial port



You are installing a second serial port in a computer that already has a serial port configured as COM1 and a parallel port configured as LPT1.

To configure the port as COM2, which Interrupt Request (IRQ) should you assign to it?






Which of the following connector types is often referred to as a PS2 connector?






In a PC/AT-type computer, what allows Interrupt Request (IRQ) 15 to have a higher priority than IRQ 3?

The interrupt controller assigns IRQs 0,1, and 2 to system functions that don't use bus slots, allowing important devices like hard-drive controllers to be assigned priority while still using IRQ 15.

The interrupt controller always interprets a higher number as a higher-priority request.

IRQ 2 acts as a gateway for a block of eight interrupts, including IRQ15.

The interrupt controller gives a higher priority to "new" interrupts, such as 15, which only serve higher-priority 16-bit adapters.

The second interrupt controller gives high priority to interrupts 8-15 to encourage designers to create adapter boards that do not use 0-7.


A female DB-25 connector (also called a 25-pin "D" connector) is most often used

for which of the following?

MIDI port

Game/Joystick Port

Graphics port

Parallel port

Network (AUI) port

Serial port


You are installing a NIC (network interface card) into a desktop computer that already has two serial ports configured as COM1 and COM2 and a parallel port configured as LPT1. All 16-bit Interrupt Requests (IRQs) (8-15) are assigned to

other devices.

Which interrupt should you assign for the NIC?





Larry's supervisor asked him to install a modem into his PC. Which of the following Interrupt Request (IRQ) settings for the modem would NOT normally cause a resource conflict?


IRQ 14

The same IRQ setting as the modem in another computer

IRQ 10



Which of the following cables/connector types are used for SCSI devices? (Select three.)

High-density, 68-pin connector

IEEE 1284 cable

DB-25 female connector

50-pin internal cable

9-pin "D"


Roberta's supervisor has asked her to daisy-chain five SCSI devices to her computer. Which of the following methods can she use to accomplish this?

Attach each of the devices together by SCSI cable in any sequence, with termination on the SCSI controller.

Attach each of the devices together by SCSI cable, in any sequence, with both ends of the SCSI bus terminated.

Attach each of the devices together by SCSI cable in a required sequence.

Attach each of the devices together by SCSI cable, in any sequence, with one end of the SCSI bus terminated.


Which of the following ports on the main system unit of a computer are MOST likely

to use "D" connectors (which are also referred to as "DB" connectors)? (Select four.)




Serial Pointing device

Network (10Base-T)

PS-2 Pointing device




You are upgrading components in a computer to refurbish it. The motherboard and BIOS are three years old and you are concerned that the BIOS may not properly

support some of the components you want to install.

Which component might require updating Flash ROM contents before the installation will work properly?

Graphics card for 1600 x 1200 display

128MB of physical SDRAM

100Base-TX network adapter

56K modem

DVD-ROM drive

80 GB hard drive


Walter is upgrading his computer. He is adding a second IDE hard drive that needs to be configured. He put the second drive on the same data cable as the first, and

made sure that a power cable was connected to both drives. When he powered the system up, it didn't recognize either drive.

What does Walter need to know to correct the situation?

The Delayed Start command needs to be activated for the new drive. This allows the original drive to spin up first and minimizes the load on the power supply.

Each drive needs its own interface card to access the system bus.

The secondary hard drive will need to have CAM-ATA (Common Access Method) software drivers loaded in order to be recognized by the primary drive.

Both drives must have a different designation, one as master and the other as slave. Changing jumpers on the drives usually fixes this problem and prevents having two competing drive controllers.


You are installing two hard drives in a new PC. There are no drives installed when you start, and there is a primary IDE controller and a secondary IDE controller

available. Each drive is to be partitioned with a primary and an extended/logical partition. Each drive will be on a separate drive controller.

In this configuration, what is the default drive letter of the extended/logical partition on the drive on the primary IDE controller?








SCSI devices use which of the following to connect to each other and the

controller? (Select all that apply.)

Ribbon cable with 34-pin connectors

Ribbon cable with 50-pin connectors

68-pin HD "D" connector

50-pin Centronics connector

DB-25 female connector

Ribbon cable with 40-pin connectors

36-pin Centronics connector


Which of the following aspect ratios (resolutions) is used to display SVGA


1280 x 1024

640 x 480

1024 x 768


x 1200


x 600


You are installing an internal modem in a computer at your office. The computer supports serial ports COM 1 through COM 4 and parallel ports LPT1 and LPT 2. The computer already has COM 1 configured for a serial mouse, and LPT 1 configured for a parallel printer port.

Which port or ports can be configured for the modem?

COM 3 only

COM 4 only

COM 3 or COM 4

COM 2, COM 3, or COM 4

COM 2 only

COM 2 or COM 4


You are installing a computer for inventory control at a warehouse. Three serial

devices must work on the same computer: a mouse, a modem, and a serial barcode scanner.

Which of the following are valid configurations? (Select two.)

COM 1=serial mouse, COM 2=open, COM 3= serial barcode reader, COM 4= Modem

COM 1=serial mouse, COM 2=serial barcode reader, COM 3=Modem, COM 4= open

COM 1=serial mouse, COM 2= serial barcode reader, COM 3=open, COM 4= Modem

COM 1=serial mouse, COM 2= Modem, COM 3=open, COM 4= serial barcode reader

COM 1=serial barcode reader, COM 2=Modem, COM 3=serial mouse, COM 4=open


You are trying to run a computer program that requires the display to be set to IBM VGA Graphics mode resolution. You start the program and the image is small and hard to read.

For which display resolution is your computer presently set? (Choose all that apply.)


x 480, 16 color


x 600, 256 color

1024 x 768, 16 color

640 x 480, 256 color


What two settings for a device are expressed in hexadecimal format? (Choose two.)

I/O Port





The computer you are working on has two IDE hard drive interfaces built in to the

motherboard. What are these interfaces called?

ATA-1 and ATA-2

primary and secondary

master and secondary

master and slave


Which of the following are features of docking stations but not port replicators?

(Choose all that apply.)

Drive bays

Mouse port

Keyboard port

ISA or PCI expansion slots

Parallel port

VGA port

USB port

Serial port


You are trying to configure a laptop to use a PC-card external hard drive. When

the PC-card is inserted into the laptop, it takes up both PCMCIA slots.

What type of PC card is it?

Type III

Type II

Type IV

Type I


What are characteristics of a laptop active matrix LCD display?

Active matrix displays are not as clear as a passive matrix display.

Active matrix LCD displays use less power than passive matrix displays.

Active matrix displays have a sharper image than passive matrix displays.

Active matrix displays are limited to 256 colors.


Refer to the exhibit and identify the VGA port.

Figure C

Figure B

Figure A

Figure D


Which of the following is true about installing DIMMs?

You must line up the cutout end of the DIMM with the correct end of the memory socket.

You must install DIMMS in matching pairs.

You push the DIMM straight down into the socket.

You insert the DIMM at a 35-degree angle.


Identify the port on the exhibit that you would most commonly use to connect a printer to your computer.

Figure C

Figure A

Figure B

Figure D


Robin has connected four USB devices through a USB hub to her computer. How many Interrupt Requests (IRQs) are required?






Refer to the exhibit and identify the mini-DIN connector.

Figure B

Figure D

Figure A

Figure C


When you are choosing a new hard drive, which of the following performance measurements should you evaluate as having the most impact on system performance?


Transfer Rate

Average Seek Time

Average Access Time


When you are choosing a new hard drive, which of the following performance measurements should you evaluate as having the most impact on system performance?


Transfer Rate

Average Seek Time

Average Access Time


When you are choosing a new hard drive, which of the following performance measurements should you evaluate as having the most impact on system performance?


Transfer Rate

Average Seek Time

Average Access Time


Which of the following are ways to designate a hard drive as a slave? (Select all

that apply.)

Set the dip switch on the hard drive to Slave instead of Master.

Set the Master jumper to Off.

Connect the hard drive to the motherboard using the Slave connector portion of a Cable Select cable.

Designate it as Slave in the BIOS Setup.


You are adding a third SCSI drive to an array and need to set the SCSI ID to three. To set the jumper, you must know the binary equivalent.

Which of the following is the binary equivalent of three?






Which of the following are true statements about SATA? (Choose all that apply.)

Transfer rates are approximately 150MB/sec. SATA uses the same cables as the ATA-100 Drives. There are no master/slave settings necessary. Maximum SATA cable length is 1 meter.


The company you have been contracted to presently has a file server with a RAID-5

disk subsystem, dual Pentium III Xeon CPUs, 128MB SDRAM and a 10Base-T NIC. The network uses a UTP CAT 5e cabling and a 10/100Base-TX switch.

Which of the following would improve performance for the file server in this network? (Choose all that apply.)

Upgrade the Network Interface card to 100Base-TX.

Replace the RAID 5 with a RAID 1 mirror.

Add 256MB RAM.

Upgrade the Power Supply to 400W.


Which statements about overclocking a CPU are true? (Choose two.)

When you overclock your system, the processor generates more heat.

To overclock a system, you need a faster hard drive.

Overclocking your system can damage components.

When you overclock a system, the hard drives operate faster.

Overclocking will not make your computer run any faster.


Which components in a computer are typically NOT designed to be upgraded? (Choose two.)

Motherboard Chipset

CPU L1 Cache

Hard Disks

Power Supply



Bill has a Pentium II, 233MHz computer with 64MB SDRAM and a 10GB hard drive. The video card is a 1X AGP, 4MB card. The system uses a 250W ATX power supply that is three years old. Bill wants to replace the motherboard and CPU to upgrade the system to a 2.4 GHz Pentium 4.

What issues should he be concerned about prior to making the upgrade? (Choose two.)

The video card is an original AGP form and needs to be replaced.

The Power Supply probably does not have the ATX12V connector necessary for the new motherboard and will have to be replaced.

The memory modules are probably incompatible with the Pentium 4 and may also need to be replaced.

The hard drive is too small for the Pentium 4 and needs to be upgraded as well.


Bill's brother upgraded his computer by replacing his Pentium II, 300MHz CPU and motherboard with a Pentium 4, 2.2GHz CPU and compatible motherboard. His brother gave him the old components saying Bill can use them in his computer. Bill removed

the RAM from his brother's old motherboard and installed it into his Pentium III, 800MHz system. The chips fit properly in the DIMM sockets. However, now when Bill boots his computer, it locks up.

What is the most likely cause of the system lock-ups?

Bill installed the memory backwards.

Bill's motherboard is incompatible with SDRAM.

The memory modules from the Pentium II are most likely PC66 and need to be PC133 for the Pentium III, 800MHz system.

The memory modules are bad, probably due to ESD.