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It took me a long time to create this so use it!

First Year spells;

Accio! (Summoning Charm) ;

- - Summons a specific object to the wand bearer. (Accio [name of object:]!)

Aguamenti! ;

- - It produces a jet of water from the witch or wizard's wand.

Alohomora! ;

- - Unlocks doors

Descendo! ;

- - Causes any targeted object to move downwards.

Everte Statum! ;

- - Dueling spell used to send the opponent flying.

Flipendo! ;

- - The spell used to push or topple something.

(Hot-Air Charm) ;

- - Causes wand to emit hot air. Non-verbal but requires a complicated wand

Incendio! ;

- - Conjures fire

Lumos! ;

- - Makes light come out of the end of the bearer's wand

Nox! ;

- - Puts out light from bearer’s wand (the opposite of Lumos!)

"Pack"! ;

- - Packs a trunk, or perhaps any luggage.

Petrificus Totalus! ;
- - Full body-bind, causes the victim to turn as stiff as a board

Reparo! ;

- - Fixes broken objects

Wingardium Leviosa! ;

- - Makes things levitate

Second Year spells;

(All First Year spells plus - )

Ardor Glacio! (Flame-Freezing Charm) ;

- - Causes fire to become harmless to those caught in it.

Avis! ;

- - Conjures birds

Colloportus! ;

- - Applies a magical lock on a door. Can only be lifted by the Alohamora spell

Furnunculus! ;

- - Gives the target boils

Homemun Revelio! ;

- - Reveals human presence in the vicinity of the caster.

Immobulis! ;

- - Freezes objects where they are.

Locomotor! ;

- - Causes the named object to 'float' and move around at the caster's will.
(Locomotor [object:])

Mobiliarbus! ;

- - Moves objects (generally plants)

Oculus Reparo! ;

- - Repairs glass

Orchideous! ;

- - Makes flowers come out of the bearer's wand

Pluma pondus! (Featherweight Charm) ;

- - Makes something lightweight.

Quietus! ;

- - Makes voice quieter

Rictusempra! ;

- - Tickles victim and they laugh uncontrollably as a result.

Snufflifors! ;

- - Transfigures small books into mice

Tarantallegra! ;

- - Makes victim’s legs move uncontrollably.

Third Year spells;

(All First and Second Year spells plus -)

Arania Exumai! ;

- - Knocks over or throws back animals.

Ascendio! ;

- - Propels the caster of the spell upwards.

Carpe Retractum! ;

- - It releases a red beam that pulls items or heavy objects toward you, or you
towards them.

“Eat Slugs”! ;
- - The victim vomits slugs.

Expelliarmus! ;

- - Disarms whoever the wand is aimed at

Flagrate! ;

- - With this spell, the caster's wand can leave fiery marks.

Impedimenta! ;

- - This hex is capable of tripping, freezing, binding or knocking back the


Impervius! ;

- - Repels water from whatever the bearers wand is aimed at

Locomotor Mortis! ;

- - Stops someone from moving their legs

Lumos Maxima! ;

- - Generates a brilliant light. A more powerful version of the Lumos spell.

Point Me! ;

- - Four point spell, points to north; Makes the bearer's wand act like a

Reducio! ;

- - Decreases the size of something

Riddikulus! ;

- - Defence against boggarts; Makes the boggart take the shape of the
caster's funniest thought

Spongify! ;

- - Allows the user to bounce on a magical gel-like substance

Trinus sursum! (Trip Jinx) ;

- - Once used, makes the victim trip.

Waddiwasi! ;
- - Shoots objects at a high speed

Fourth Year spells;

(All First, Second and Third Year spells plus -)

Ablegatio! (The Banishing Charm) ;

- - Causes the targeted object to be thrown away from the caster.

Alarte Ascendare! ;

- - Spell which causes something to shoot up into the air

Aparecium! ;

- - Makes invisible ink and general invisable things [to some extent:] appear

Cultivate Abeo! (Colour-changing charm) ;

- - Changes an object’s color

Declino alica! (Hex Deflection) ;

- - Deflects spells. Similar to a Shield Charm, but the spell doesn't rebound

Densaugeo! ;

- - Makes the victims teeth enlarge

Diffindo! ;

- - Rips objects in half

Fera Verto! ;

- - The spell transforms an animal into a water goblet

Protego! ;

- - Shields the wand bearer from minor spells, charms, and hexes

Reducto! ;

- - The Reductor Curse blasts solid objects out of the way

Relashio! ;

- - Used to shoot sparks out or used underwater to shoot hot bursts of water

Risus hilaris! (Cheering Charm) ;

- - Victim becomes happy and contented [clumsiness may cause laughing


Scourgify! ;

- - Cleans dirt off anything

Stupefy! ;

- - Stunning spell

Tremo cruris! (Jelly-Legs Jinx) ;

- - The victim's legs wobble uncontrollably, in a jelly-like fashion.

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Fifth Year spells;

(All First, Second, Third and Fourth Year spells plus -)

Aqua Eructo! ;

- - Creates a large torrent of water, mainly to put out large fires [used by one
or more wizards:]

Anapneo! ;

- - Clears obstructed airways

Arresto Momentum! ;

- - Slows the speed of a moving object that is falling.

Bombarda! ;

- - Spell that can blast open a door.

Deletrius! ;

- - An erasure spell. It erases images and magical "after-effects".

Engorgio! ;

- - Enlarges objects

Ferula! ;

- - Bandages a wounded body part on whoever the wand is aimed at

Confundo! (Confundus Charm) ;

- - Causes the victim to become confused and befuddled.

Lacarnum Inflamari! ;

- - Ignites a flame in clothing.

Langlock! ;

- - Glues victim's tongue to the roof of their mouth

Lux lucis! (Hand-held Light) ;

- - A small, handheld flame.

Oppugno ;

- - Causes animals or beings of lesser intelligence to attack the victim(s)

Planto maior! (Inflatus charm) ;

- - Causes someone to blow up like a balloon and fly away.

Prior Incantato! ;

- - Reveals previous spell(s) conjured by a wand

Rennervate! ;

- - Appears to rouse an unconscious person.

Silencio! ;

- - Used to tune out a person's voice. Usually used to counteract the

"Sonorus" spell.

Sonorus! ;

- - Magnifies a person's voice

Tentatio volatilis! (Bat-Bogey Hex) ;

- - Causes bogies to turn into bats and attack the victim.

Ventus! ;

- - Shoots thin cord rope out of your wand. Once it's out you can control the

Sixth Year spells;

(All First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Year spells plus -)

Confringo! ;

- - Causes anything that the spell comes into contact with to explode.

Deprimo! ;

- - Places immense downward pressure upon it’s target.

Duro! ;

- - Turns it’s target into stone.

Episkey! ;

- - Heals minor injuries

Finite Incantatem! ;

- - Neutralizes spells or a spell's effect. Can stop mass commotion

Glisseo! ;

- - Causes the steps on a stairway to flatten and form a ramp, slide, or chute.

Incarcerous! ;

- - Ties someone or something up with ropes.

Legilimens ;

- - The caster can see victim's memories. Only wizards who can fully cast the
spell see clear memories.
Lumos Solem (or Solarem)! ;

- - Generates a brilliant blast of light, almost as bright as the sun.

Muffliato! ;

- - Fills ears of people around with a buzzing sound.

Mobilicorpus! ;

- - Creates invisible strings used to move bodies

Parum oculus! (Conjunctivitis Curse) ;

- - A curse that affects the victim's eyesight and vision.

Punctum alica!(Stinging Hex) ;

- - Produces a stinging sensation in the victim.

Specialis Revelio! ;

- - Apparently causes an object to show its hidden secrets or magical


Tergeo! ;

- - Clears away any liquid

Transtuli alius! (Transfiguration Spell) ;

- - Transforms non-living things into something else.

Seventh Year spells;

(All First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year spells plus -)

Abeo cultivate! (Disillusionment Charm) ;

- - The target changes colour to match their background [not invisible:].

Cave Inimicum! ;

- - Spell used to strengthen an enclosure from enemies.

Cushion Meuscado! (Cushioning Charm) ;

- - Creates an invisible cushioned area.

Defodio! (Gouging Spell) ;

- - Causes deep gouges to appear in the object targeted by the spell.

Discrim Enres! (The Protean Charm) ;

- - Copies of an object are remotely affected by changes to the original.

Ebullio! (Bubblehead Charm) ;

- - A large bubble of air around the head of the user to breathe underwater.

Enervate! ;

- - Revives someone after being knocked out, or being the recipient of the
Stunning Spell (Stupefy!)

Evanesco! ;

- - The vanishing spell. Makes anything vanish

Expecto Patronum! ;

- - A wall between the castor and a dementor. Only a powerful wizard can
conjure a fully-fledged one

Geminio! ;

- - Creates a duplicate of any object cast upon [can not be used upon living

Levicorpus! ;

- - A non-verbal spell that causes a person to be lifted off their feet and
dangled in the air

Liberacorpus! ;

- - The counter spell for Levicorpus. Sets the person down from mid-air

Obliviate! ;

- - Eliminates a person's memory. Usually used on Muggles who discover the

Wizarding World

Occulto Mihi! (Concealment Charm) ;

- - Used to conceal something

Piertotum Locomotor! ;

- - Used to animate statues and suits of armour to do the caster’s bidding.

Portus! ;

- - Turns an object into a Portkey, a device which transports the toucher to a

desired destination.

Serpensortia! ; - - Makes a snake come out of the bearer's wand

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Spell List 2:

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Spells, Charms & Curses

Accio - A summoning charm that sends any object directly to the spell-caster.
Can be used over long distances.

Aguamenti - This charm causes a stream of water to sprout from the end of
the spell-caster's wand.

Alohomora - With this spell the caster can open locked doors and windows.
Especially effective against doors locked with the colloportus spell.

Anapneo - A charm that eliminates any blockage within a person's airway

allowing them to breathe.
Aparecium - A revealing charm used to turn invisible ink visible again.

Apparate - Allows a witch or wizard to appear out of thin air at will.

Avada Kedavra - One of the Unforgivable Curses, this spell will kill a person
instantaneously as long as the spell-caster is sincere when casting it. It is
known as the Killing Curse.

Avis - A charm used to conjure a flock of birds

Babbling Curse - Causes the victim to speak incoherently.

Banishing Charm - This charm works the opposite of the summoning charm,
causing an object to be removed from the spell-caster's presence.

Colloportus - A charm to magically seal doors. This charm can be easily

broken by 'alohomora'.

Concealment Charm - A charm used to conceal an object from the naked eye.

Confundus Charm - This charm is used to confuse the victim and make them
easy to influence by the spell-caster.

Conjunctivitis Curse - A charm aimed at the eyes, it causes pain to the victim
as their eyelids close and crust over rendering the victim blind.

Cruciatus Curse - One of the Unforgivable Curses. This spell causes severe
pain within the victim as long as the spell-caster is sincere when casting it.
The effects of the cruciatus curse are enough to drive a person to insanity.
Cushioning Charm - Used commonly on broomsticks to create an invisible,
cushioned area for the rider to sit upon.

Deletrius - This charm is used to disintegrate, or 'delete', an object.

Densaugeo - A charm that will cause the victim's teeth to grow in size.

Diffindo - A severing charm, used to split an object apart.

Disapparate - Allows a witch or wizard to disappear into thin air at will.

Dissendium - A spell that will reveal a secret passageway.

Drought Charm - This charm will dry up bodies of water when cast.

Engorgio - An engorgement charm. Useful in causing an object to grow in


Ennervate - A reviving charm that will return an individual to their normal


Episkey - A healing charm that works well on broken bones.

Evanesco - This vanishing charm makes objects disappear.

Expecto Patronum - The Patronus Charm is used as a defense against

dementors. When used, the spell-caster conjures a patronus that will ward off

Expelliarumus - A disarming charm that will cause its victim's wand to fly out
of their hands.

Ferula - This charm can produce bandages and slings for the wounded wizard.

Fidelius Charm - A powerful charm that conceals a secret. The secret is

known only to the Secret-Keeper and cannot be found out by anyone else
unless told to by the Secret-Keeper.

Finite Incantatem - This spell is used to eliminate the effects of any other
spell cast.

Flagrate - A marking charm. With this charm, the spell-caster and use his
wand to draw fiery marks in the air.

Flame Freezing Charm - This charm was commonly used by witches being
burned at the stake, it allowed them to remain untouched by the fire.

Furnunculus - The victim of this charm will find themselves covered in boils.

Homorphus Charm - This charm will force a werewolf to return to its original
human state.

Hover Charm - A charm used to levitate an object and float it in the direction
of choice.

Immobulus - A freezing charm used to stop an object from moving.

Impedimenta - This charm will slow down and obstruct attackers.

Imperius Curse - One of the Unforgivable Curses. The imperius curse gives
the spell-caster complete control over their victim.

Imperturbable Charm - With this charm a barrier is created that allows

nothing to cross. This includes people, objects and sounds.

Impervious - This is a water repelling charm that makes an object resistant to


Incarcerous - A charm used to bind the victim with ropes.

Incendio - A fire charm that can be used to ignite fires.

Jelly-Legs Jinx - With this charm the victim's legs will shake uncontrollably.

Langlock - A charm that renders the victim speechless by causing their

tongue to stick to the roof of their mouth.

Levicorpus - This charm will raise the victim up by its ankle and dangle them
in mid air.

Liberacorpus - A counter-charm for levicorpus, this charm releases a person

from being suspended in mid air.

Locomotor - A motion charm that allows objects to be moved through the air.
Locomotor Mortis - This is the Leg-Locker Curse. The charm will cause the
victim's legs to lock together making them unable to walk.

Lumos - When spoken, this spell produces a light at the end of the spell-
caster's wand. Useful in illuminating dark places.

Mobilarbus - This spell makes immovable objects movable.

Mobilicorpus - A charm used to move individuals who can't walk, such as an

unconscious witch or wizard.

Morsmordre - A charm that conjures the Dark Mark. This is used only by
Death Eaters and is a signal to show where a death has occurred.

Muffliato - This charm will allow the spell-caster to speak without being heard
by filling the ears of others around them with a buzzing noise.

Nox - A charm to cancel out lumos. Removes the light from the spell-caster's

Obliviate - This is a memory charm useful in erasing, or modifying, a person's


Orchideous - A charm that causes flowers to bloom from the end of the spell-
caster's wand.

Oppungo - With this charm the spell-caster can command something to

attack a specific target.

Peskipiksi Pesternomi - A charm that supposedly gets rid of Cornish Pixies.

Petrificus Totalus - The petrifying charm. With this charm the victim is unable
to move or speak for a period of time.

Point Me - Allows the wand to act like a compass. When the wand is placed in
the spell-caster's hand, speaking the spell will cause the wand to point due

Portus - The charm used for turning an object into a portkey.

Prior Incantato - This is a charm that will reveal the last spell cast by a
specific wand.

Protean Charm - A charm that will cause multiple items to change even when
the charm is only cast on one item.

Protego - A shield charm that can be used to repel harmful charms.

Quietus - This charm will cancel the effects of sonorous, bringing a person's
voice back to its normal state.

Reducio - A shrinking charm causing any object to reduce it's size.

Reducto - This is the reductor curse, it will blast apart a solid object.

Relashio - A charm to produce a stream of sparks from the spell-caster's

wand. If cast underwater the spell causing boiling water to stream from the
spell-caster's wand.
Rennervate - A charm to revive an unconscious person.

Reparo - The repairing charm. Useful at restoring any object to its original

Rictusempra - A charm used to tickle a victim senseless.

Riddikulus - An effective charm to use while facing a boggart. This charm will
cause the boggart to turn into a creature or object that is the opposite of

Scourgify - A spell used to clean an object.

Sectumsempra - A charm for those you don't like, it causes the victim to
develop deep and painful cuts all over their body.

Serpensortia - This charm will produce a snake from the spell-caster's wand.

Silencio - The victim of this charm loses all ability to make sound of any kind.

Sonorous - When this charm is cast upon someone's throat, their voice will
magnify to carry over a large crowd.

Specialis Revelio - A revealing charm that will show anything hidden by


Stupefy - This charm is useful in knocking a victim unconscious with a bolt of

red light.
Tarantallegra - A charm that will cause the victim's legs to dance rapidly.

Tergeo - Another cleaning charm, useful in cleaning blood.

Unbreakable Charm - A charm used on an object to make it unbreakable.

Unbreakable Vow - A spell to create a magical pact between two people. The
vow is so binding that if one person should break it, death will incur.

Waddiwasi - A charm that lets the spell-caster fly an object at high speed to
wherever they want it to go.

Wingardium Leviosa - This charm allows the spell-caster to levitate an object

and navigate it through the air.

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Spell List 3:

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Accio!- followed by the name of the object will bring it to you.

Aquamenti!-shoots out water from the tip of your wand

Alohomora!- unlocks doors

Confundus!- temporarily confuses the victum

Expelliarmus!- Disarms the victum; causes opponents wand to shoot up into
the air.

Imperturbable!- turns an object into a privacy barriar

Impervius!- used on an object to repel another ie: casted on an object to

repel water

Locomortor!- followed by the name of the object, causes it to move under

your power

Lumos!- Lights up the tip of your wand

Nox!- opposite of Lumos!

Obliviate!: Wipes a person's memory to a certain point

Protego!: Sheild charm, deflects minor spells

Relashio: Sends sparks off the tip of your wand, slightly wounds your

Reparo!: Repairs an item

Silencio!: Silences the person/animal that you cast on

Sonorus!: Makes one's voice louder

Tergeo!: Cleans dirt, blood, or anything else off of one's body/clothing.

Rictusempra!- Tickles the opponent...

Waddiwasi!: Shoots a wad of gum(and other objects) up the other person's


Wingardium Leviosa: Levitates an object NOT people

Anapneo!: Saves a person from choking.

Aparecium!: Forces invisible ink to become visible

Avis: Shoots a bird out of the tip of your wand

Coloportus: seals a door together with a lousd squish

Densaugeo: Causes teeth to grow at an alarming rate.

Diffindo!: This causes something to split or break ie, someoneelse's pants, a

bookback, etc.

Rennervate!: used to revive someone who has been Stunned

Episky!: heals an injured person

Evansco!: causes an object to disappear

Ferula!: heals a break or a sprain

Finite Incantatem!: stops all spells

Flagrate!: affixes a large, flaming X on an object

Incendio!: Creates fire

Langlock!: glues toung to the roof of the mouth, rendering the peson upable
to speak

Lebracorpus!: undoes Leviecorpus

Levicoupus!: lifts a person and turns him/her upside down

Mobiliarbus: moves trees from one place to another

Oppugno!: provokes something to attack your opponent

Portus!: casted on an object to create a Portkey

Serpensortia!: shoots a snake out of you wand

Stupefy: stuns your opponent

Tarantallegra!: causes one to tap dance frantically

Furnunculus!: causes victim to sprout boils

Impedimentia!: Slows down, attackers

Incarcerous: Places ropes around a person's arms and legs, temporarily

securing the prisoner.

Locomotor Mortis!: locks a person's legs together

Mobilcorpus!: makes a person act like your puppet for a short period of time

Reducto!: reduces items to a fraction of their original size

Sectumsempra!: used to cover opponent in deep cuts

Protego Totalum: sheild charm that is used on a large area of land. ie: a

Protego Horibilus: stronger sheild charm, blocks most of all