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Full name = Vaela Adaline Robinson

Nickname = Adaline
Age = 11
Birthdate = 2 august
Mother Name = Diana Wallace Robinson
Father Name = Brandon Zouch Robinson
Big Brother Name = Louis Daren Robinson
Blood status = Pureblood + half veela
Height = 141cm
Weight = 33kg
House = slytherin
Favorite colour = black and light blue
Years at DR = year 1
Nationality = United Kingdom , London
Residence = Robinson manor
Safeword = Martabak or clap 2 times
Smell = Vanilla , warm ocean , rain , jasmine flower
Wand = 9½" long, made of beech wood with a Veela hair core and unbending
Patronus = Chestnut Stallion
I’m good at = Transfiguration, Charms, Potions , D.A.D.A
I’m bad at =History Of Magic , Astronomy and Herbology.
Eye = blue , slightly slanted
Hair = long straight hair dark brown
Nose = sharp
Gender = Female
Skin = white
Mouth = not thin but not thick
Language spoken = English with british accent
Hobbies = listening music , reading , go for a walk , see the rain
Pet = I have an white owl named Xeana
Skills = hypnotise , mesmerize,animagus ,brave,can run so fast, flying broomstick
Personality = kind , very talkative , annoying sometimes , ignorant , hard to
Get, kinda arrogant
Body look = propotional body , lean stomach , oval face
Roomates = Daphne Greengrass
My final visual is I have a really propotional body , sharp nose , long straight dark
brown face , bitchy looking , cynical eyes but still have cute face , white skin My
face doesn't look old at 11, that's why my face is cute , and have a really pretty
face at year 3 , I like to wear pants than a skirt

- i can shift really easy

- Im strong and powerful
- I can do shift as many as I want
- I can shift
- it always work everytime I do it
- when I fall asleep in DR I will wake up in DR too
- I will still remember about CR in my DR
- in Hogwarts phone is forbidden
- I will never forget my safeword , name , parents , and all about me in DR
- I have a wristwatch that shows the current time on CR
- 2 hours in CR = 1 year in DR
- I can summon “phone” for lifa app with “phonimator” spell
- Friend = Fred, George,Luna,Oliver,Ginny,Cho,Cedric,Adrian
- best friend = harry , Hermione , ron , Daphne , Pansy and draco
- I'm going to love cedric but I can change it if I already shifted
- cedric , Adrian , draco , harry,oliver is liking me
- I am the belle in school , all the boys want to be close to me
- I will never be bullied by anyone , no one hate me
- My british accent is really good, and my english is very fluent
- All the food at hogwarts will taste the same as in the world of CR
- I'll jump right into a few lessons
- All Hogwarts professor are very close and kind to me
- I'm good at dancing and singing in DR
- Theres no voldemort
- Theres no death eaters
- Malfoy family is not a death eaters but they are economical and sometimes
being impolite
- cho doesn't like cedric, and vice versa
- Nobody died
- My family is rich , famous , attractive , powerful , kind , polite , and very
influential in the wizard/DR world.
- My family is really close with malfoy , weasley family and all Hogwarts
- My mother is Ravenclaw and my dad is slytherin
- My grandmother is veela , she donated some of her hair for my wand.
- I have happy and lovely family

- My brother is really annoying and mischievous but also very protective he is a

Durmstrang students
- Im not having period
- DR paused when im in my CR and play again when I come back
- I know all about hogwarts and magic the way I should
- I can buy whatever I want
- i’m never awkward and i’m comfortable with everything. i am very healthy and i
am not allergic to anything.
- no one know im shifting
- everytime I walk everyone glanced at me
- nobody can look into my memories. nobody can erase my memories.
- i age with my DR time, in my DR i start out as age 13 my birthday is on 2th june
- My ability is called “Immortality”. “Immortality” allows me to be immortal,
which means I cannot die. When I am hurt it heals really quick. I feel low pain. I
cannot choke and I never throw up. I feel subtle emotional pain. I never feel
nauseous and have no problems with food. My pain tolerance is really high.
- i know i’ve shifted to my DR when i hear alarm and my mom in DR wake me up
and give morning hug
- my clone behaves just like me. My clone studies and works hard . my clone eats
healthy and exercises, my clone is protected from all harm . my clone is
intelligent. I have all the memories of my clone’s actions when I return to CR

YEAR 1 (day 1 , cloudy 10)

- I woke up and get morning hug from my DR mom , I have a nutella and bread for
my breakfast with my family and we talk about a lot of things as usual , suddenly a
phoenix came and gave me a letter , my parents confused what is that , I open it
and its Hogwarts letter . my mom and dad give me a congratulations hug and they
start telling me about their love story in Hogwarts
- on the next day my mom took me to diagon alley to buy equipment while at
Hogwarts , my dad can't come because he has a sudden work , after we arrived at
diagon alley we buy a wand, cloak, several books, and an owl named xeana
- when I finished to buy all my equipments I see my mom was talking to Lucius
and narcissa malfoy I came to my mom and she Introducing me to the Malfoy
family, Lucius and narcissa really like me they told me to call them mom and dad ,
I also met Draco Malfoy , he is really economical talking but I know he looking me
up and down. We say goodbye and going back home
- next day , my brother go to my room and screaming ‘’ADALINE WAKE UPP’’ , I
got mad but I'm really excited because today I'm going to Hogwarts so I ignored
my bro , I go to platform 9 ¾ and I see malfoy family right there , my mom run and
Hug narcissa , my dad have a talk with Lucius , Draco was dumbfounded and I
immediately asked him why, he didn't even blink at me. finally we chat for a
- after the train was coming I said goodbye to my parents and my brother, I
hugged them and Narcissa hugged me too, I was looking at Lucius and the
surprising thing is, he lined up his height and hugged me . Draco was also
surprised, his father very very rarely hugged him can be counted on the fingers
- I got into the train and sat with 2 boys, I got to know them, and they were very
surprised because I'm the Robinsons ,ron said his family always talking about my
family, that 2 boys is potter and weasley. a girl with hair rising into our
contemporary and acquainted, she is Hermione granger she was just as surprised
when he found out I was a robinson family, she also asked if I descended Veela
because I was very beautiful , I answered and my cheeks blushed because she was
said im very pretty.
- after I arrived at Hogwarts , everything went as usual until professor mcgonagall
told us to be orderly because there will be a dormitory division , when my name
was called , everyone didn't stop looking at me and started whispering, they were
talking about me because I'm a half veela and im robinson , the sorting hat was
really happy to see robinson family again and I sorted to SLYTHERIN actually im a
little bit disappointed because me and Hermione,ron,harry was not in the same
house. Draco is also in slytherin , slytherin table was very crowded, they shouted
in joy because the veela lineage entered their dorm
- in this first and second year not too many want to be friends with me because
my face looks very bitchy even though i am very pretty , I met Pucey, Diggory,
Wood, Lovegood and Chang , theyre really kind . Draco was really protective to
me bcs I always met golden trio , he said I cant be friends with mudblood , but I
ignored him , pucey , diggory and wood liking me at the second year but I don’t
know , they always stares at me when I was walking or eat in great hall , in this
first and second year the romantic moment is not that much .