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About MRF

An enterprise that started as a toy balloon maker in 1946 in South India quickly grew to
become one of India's biggest and respected companies. Renowned for product superiority
and innovation, MRF continues to be the leading tyre-maker in India.
A leader in the category MRF holds the No.1 position for the last 21 years.

Established as toy-balloon manufacturing company in 1946 by KM Mammen

Mappillai, MRF quickly emerged as the leading maker of tread rubber. Since
then, the company hasn't looked back.

The fact that it is the first tyre company in India to reach a turnover of 5000
Crores is testament to its dominance of the industry.

MRF is also the first company to export tyres to the US; its global presence is
now spread across 65 countries around the world.

Backed by a superior R&D, MRF tyres are rolled out of six interdependent
facilities, which are built over 450 acres and with over 15,000 dedicated people.
MRF has over 3000 strong dealer network with 180 offices. What this means is
that the company boasts of the largest range of tyres in India - from heavy duty
truck tyres to 2-wheeler tyres.

The company's penchant for quality has earned it the distinguished Q1

certification from Ford - an achievement that qualifies MRF to supply tyres to any
of the Ford plants worldwide. This has also translated in the company winning
the prestigious JD Power award five times.

The company's love for sports, especially Cricket, is well known. The MRF Pace
Foundation is synonymous with training and teaching the world's best fast
MRF's involvement in motor sports in India is no less fervent. Its rallying team
has won the prestigious FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championships twice. Even in
international championships MRF karting tyres, homologated by FIA, is the
preferred choice.

History og mrf
A young entrepreneur, K. M. Mammen Mappillai, opened a small toy balloon
manufacturing unit in a shed at Tiruvottiyur, Madras (now Chennai).

Although the factory was just a small shed without any machines, a variety of
products, ranging from balloons and latex-cast squeaking toys to industrial
gloves and contraceptives, were produced During this time, MRF
established its first office at 334, Thambu Chetty Street, Madras (now Chennai),
Tamil Nadu, India.

MRF ventured into the manufacture of tread rubber. And with that, the first
machine, a rubber mill, was installed at the factory. This step into tread-rubber
manufacture was later to catapult MRF into a league that few had imagined possi

The quality of the product manufactured was of such a high standard that by the
close of 1956, MRF had become the market leader with a 50% share of the tread-
rubber market in India. So effective was MRF's hold on the market, that the large
multinationals had no other option but to gradually withdraw from the tread
rubber business in India.

With the success achieved in tread rubber, MRF entered into the manufacture of tyres. MRF
established a technical collaboration with the Mansfield Tire & Rubber Company of USA.
Around the same time, it also became a public company.
It set up a pilot plant for tyre manufacture at Tiruvottiyur, Madras (now Chennai).
The Chief Minister of Madras Mr. K. Kamaraj released the first tyre from the tyre

On June 12, 1963, India's first Prime Minister, Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laid
the foundation stone for the Rubber Research Centre at Tiruvottiyur to
commemorate the inauguration of the Tiruvottiyur factory.

With the commissioning of the main plant in 1964, MRF also made progress in
the export of tyres. An overseas office at Beirut (Lebanon) was established to
develop the export market, and it was amongst India's very first efforts on tyre
exports. This year also marked the birth of the now famous MRF Muscleman.

1967 - 1986
MRF became the first Indian company to export tyres to USA - the very birthplace
of tyre technology.
MRF inaugurates its Kottayam unit

MRF opens its factory in GoaMRF's Arakkonam plant is inaugurated

MRF scored a major breakthrough by being among the very first in India to
manufacture and market Nylon passenger tyres commercially.

MRF developed the MRF Superlug-78, a sturdy tyre for heavy-duty trucks. The
tyre was a significant improvement over its existing products, and went on to
become the country's largest selling truck tyre in later years.

MRF's turnover crossed INR one billion.

MRF entered into a technical collaboration with the B.F. Goodrich Tyre Company
of USA, which was involved with the development of tyres for the NASA space-
shuttle. With this began a significant exercise in quality improvement and new
product developme

Sales crossed INR two billion.

MRF tyres were the first tyres selected for fitment onto the Maruti Suzuki 800 -
India's first small, modern car.

MRF Nylogrip tyres for two-wheeler vehicles were launched.

MRF was selected by the National Institution of Quality Assurance for their most
prestigious award. Pitted against 20 tyre companies worldwide, MRF also won 6
Quality Improvement Awards instituted by the B.F. Goodrich Tyre Company from

MRF crossed the INR three billion mark and also became the No. 1 tyre company
in India. MRF Legend, the premium nylon car tyre was introduced.

The MRF Pace Foundation was set up, with international pace bowler, Dennis
Lillee as its Director. Not long thereafter, pace bowlers trained at the Foundation
were selected for the Indian Cricket Team.

1989, MRF was the clear market leader in every tyre segment. Once again, in
recognition of excellence, MRF was awarded the Visvesvaraya Award for the Best
Business House in South India.

MRF collaborated with Hasbro International USA, the world's largest toy makers,
and launched Funskool India.

Company also entered into collaborations with Vapocure, Australia to

manufacture polyurethane paint formulations and with Pirelli for MUSCLEFLEX
Conveyor & Elevator Belting.

MRF opens its MDK unit

MRF launched the MRF ZIGMA CC Radial
Synchronizing with the MRF World Series Cricket Tournament for the Jawaharlal
Nehru Trophy sponsored by the company.

MRF also opened the MRF Tyredrome, India's first tyre company-owned wheel
care complex at Madras (now Chennai)

MRF brought the 6th World Cup Boxing Championship to Mumbai - the first of its
kind - with 39 countries participating.

K. M. Mammen Mappillai was awarded the Padmashri Award of National

Recognition for his contribution to industry - the only industrialist from South
India to be accorded this honour until that time.

MRF became the first tyre company in India to cross the INR 10 billion mark.

In 1993 and 1995, the company was voted by the Far Eastern Economic Review,
as one of the ten leading Corporate Groups in India and a Leader in Asia. During
the same time MRF was selected as one of India's most admired Marketing
Companies by the readers of the A & M magazine.

The company's turnover crossed INR 15 billion.

MRF was chosen for fitment on the Daewoo Cielo.

In the Golden Jubilee year, Mr & Mrs Mammen Mapillai received gold medal for
being the first 2 employees of the company.

A special factory dedicated entirely to the manufacture of radials was started at

Pondicherry. MRF Tyres were also chosen for fitment on the Ford Escort, Opel
Astra and Fiat Uno. Further proof of its superior quality.

MRF launches its first ever F3 car

MRF launches its Super Lug tyre for trucks

MRF launched the Smile campaign on Indian roads.
MRF Launched ZVTS tyres for passenger cars
The MRF rally team wins the APRC rally
The MRF Nylogrip Zapper for two-wheelers is launched
MRF wins the JD Power award
MRF registers its second APRC victory
MRF wins the JD Power award
MRF's turnover crossed INR 30 billion mark
MRF wins its third APRC rally
MRF's turnover crosses the 5000 crore mark
Australian PM visits the MRF Pace Foundation
MRF wins the JD Power award
MRF launches the Super Lug 505 - A premium mileage, rear fitment truck tyre for
national highway operations on rated roads.
MRF wins the JD Power award again for the 6th time

TNSMRF voted the "Most Trusted"

Tyre company in India by
TNS 2006 global CSR study.

J D POWER ASIA PACIFICMRF won the award for customer

satifaction not once but 6 times
in the last 7 years.
The MRF Design Process
The Design process at MRF starts from the customer - inputs from individual customers are
compiled by marketing and given to Corporate Technical MRF's R&D and Product
Development Division or vehicle specific requirements are received from the OE customer.
MRF's team of 300 engineers and scientists gives MRF its enormous strength in product
design. Requirements received, a team now works on converting the customer input into a
Design Concept.
MRF uses cutting - edge technologies in predictive testing and design validation before it
leaves the drawing board. These advances have significantly brought down the time to market
for new designs.
Advanced raw materials are tested and approved in our NABL accredited laboratories. MRF
works closely with global suppliers in using the latest developments in materials across the
globe. Our laboratories which have the very latest in testing equipment closely monitor the
quality of the material going into our tyres at the time of approval and regularly after that.
The prototypes for verification and validation testing are manufactured in one of MRF's 6
factories all of which are TS 16949/ISO 9001 certified. The tyres then go through testing for
confirming the architecture and a series of indoor testing to ensure that they meet MRF's tight
standards and also those required by the OEM or by any of the national standards like
Tyres are now handed over to the Vehicle Dynamics Group, who now validates the design on
the vehicle. These tests are done at the test track in a series of manoeuvres at various speeds,
pushing the tyres to the limits of its capabilities.
MRF also tests tyres on fleets across the country to ensure that the tyres have endured
successfully all the types of roads on which our customers travel daily. Race Tracks and
Indian Roads are our laboratories.
Only after this do we give any tyres to the customer - all global players manufacturing a
global class of vehicles. MRF has been designing tyres this class of vehicles for more than a
decade now. MRF tyres have met the demanding requirements of these vehicles, backed by
an R&D team which is completely in-house and self reliant.

Manufacturing Units

MRF is the leading manufacturer of tyres in almost all segments.
Being driven by technology and product innovation, every tyre that comes out is of the
highest standards and tested to weather the toughest conditions take on any road.
MRF has diverse business interests which also include Pretreads, Paint and Coats and Toys.

 Radial Tyre Patterns
 Bias Ply Tyre Patterns
 Motor Bikes Front
 Motor Bikes Rear
 Scooters Front
 Scooters Rear
 LCV Bias
 LCV Radial
 Tubes
 Flaps

 Audi
 Daewoo
 Daimler Chrysler
 Fiat
 Ford
 GM
 HM
 M-M

Radial Tyre Patterns

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MRF Conveyor Belting

MRF manufactures its MUSCLEFLEX brand of Conveyor Belting at one of the most
advanced, 'State of the Art', Facilities in India. Incorporating the latest manufacturing
techniques in processes beginning with Mixing, Calendaring and the like, to manufacturing of
the Finished Products, all of which is In-House, MUSCLEFLEX-Conveyor Belting has
gained rapid acceptance in markets worldwide.

Cover Grades
A comprehensive range of Cover Grades covering a wide variety of applications is
manufactured. These Cover grades conform to the most Stringent International Standards,
across the range.
Belt Cover Grades
Technical Data - EP /NN Belts

Quality Assurance
MRF Conveyor Belting Division is ISO 9001 certified. Belting is manufactured under a
detailed Quality Assurance Plan involving meticulous raw material testing, in-process
controls and stringent finished product testing.

MRF's comprehensive range is used for several applications including Mining, Quarries,
Ports, Thermal Power Plants, Cement Plants, Steel Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Paper
Manufacturing, Fertilizer Industry etc. Exports currently cover 15 countries across the world
and growing Rapidly.

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MRF PRETREADS is the most advanced precured retreading system
in India. MRF forayed into retreading as far back as 1970. Today, MRF has perfected the art
of recured retreading with its extensive knowledge in tyres and rubber.
In the MRF PRETREADS system, the tread rubber is precured from MRF's factory in a
carefully controlled environment, thereby ensuring world-class quality. Today, MRF
PRETREADS has emerged as the Mileage leader in precured retreading and also has the
specialized expertise required for retreading Radial Tyres of Truck, Bus, LCV and Passenger

The MRF PRETREADS Advantage.

• Greater tyre Mileage
• Better Road Grip
• Well researched Tread Patterns through years of innovation and Testing
• Proven Rubber Technology
• Range of patterns to suit various applications
• Low Operating Costs:
• MRF PRETREADS gives you 70-80% of original tyre mileage and costs about 25-
30% of a new truck tyre.

MRF offers a whole host of services to its customers, ranging from helping them pick the tyre
of their choice to helping them maintain their vehicle.

MRF T&S is a one stop shop for a unique tyre shopping experience. An experience that's fun
and enjoyable for the whole family. T&S stocks the entire range of MRF tyres and is
equipped to provide services of computerised wheel alignment, wheel balancing and tyre
changing. It is an answer to the increasing number of world-class cars which are cruising on
Indian roads.
Customers shop for tyres and wheel related services in air conditioned comforts. Each T&S
facility has an exclusive corner where customers can unwind over a cup of hot coffee as they
wait. The technicians at MRF T&S are trained at the MRF Tyredrome. Currently, there are 90
T&S franchisees across the country and many more springing up each day.

MRF Tyredrome
The MRF Tyredrome is a state-of-the-art facility with contemporary computerised equipment
to diagnose and correct wheel related problems. The MRF Tyredrome is manned by factory-
trained, experienced engineers and technicians. The Tyredrome is frequented by car owners
who drive down and enjoy the unique carwash experience with their whole family.
It is open to all days of the week (except on Sundays and public holidays) between 8 AM and
8 PM.
The Tyredrome offers a whole host of services:
Wheel Alignment
• High precision wheel alignment using the latest technology
• 8 digital high resolution cameras are used for stereoscopic measurements
which guarantee fast, precise and reliable measurements independently
• Databank of more than 18,000 imported vehicles which is updated by the
equipment manufacturer with world's leading automotive manufacturers

Wheel Balancing
• Dynamic balancing of wheel assembly for increased tyre life and enhanced
vehicle stability
• Exclusive wheel balancing programs for alloy wheels

Tyre Changer
• A universal and automatic tyre changer is used for all cars and SUV wheels
• Damage-free tyre changing is carried out using a mounting and
demounting tool
• A tyre changer capable of handling both tube type and tubeless tyres

Nitrogen Filling
• Tyres inflated with nitrogen runs cooler and does not lose pressure as
quickly as those inflated with air
• Nitrogen prevents oxidation, thus increasing the life of expensive rims and
• Nitrogen being an inert gas it cannot catch fire or explode making it safer
than air in tyres

Robotic Car Wash

• A fully automated car wash that cleans your car and leaves it sparkling
• The insides of the car are vacuum cleaned while grime and dust are
removed using a special wax based detergent

Optical Headlamp Aligning

• The headlamps of the car are aligned and focused for safe driving
Rim Straightening
• Bent and distorted steel rims are straightened back into shape and
restoring them into usable conditions

Tubeless Tyre Repair

• Professional repair for radial tubeless tyres
• Repair ensures that the steel belts are not exposed to moisture,
preventing tyre failure

Tyre Maintenance
• What is the approximate life of a set of tyres?
The life of your tyres depends on several factors: the condition of your vehicle and the
roads you drive on, driving habits, etc. However road tests have showed that under
similar conditions, MRF Steel Belted Radials last considerably longer than other
radial in its class.
• How do I know that it's time to retread my tyres?
It is best to remove tyres for retreading when the original tread on the tyres wears upto
the tread wear indication (which appears inside the tread grooves against TWI marked
on the sidewall)
• What precautions can I take to prevent my tyres from wearing out prematurely?
Always make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. When inflating your
tyres, always make sure that the gauge is accurate. Never bleed air from tyres / tubes,
which are hot after continuous running. Always make sure that the tyres are the
correct pressure at regular intervals (optimally, every fortnight).
Make sure that your tyres have valve caps, which are screwed on securely to prevent
air leakage and prevent dirt and other particles from entering the valve pin area. In
vehicles fitted with radials as original equipment tyres, make sure that the tyres are
inflated to the specified minimum on the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.
You will find this on the tyre pressure placard/sticker, which is usually placed near
the driver's right hand side door or please refer to the Vehicle Manual.
It is advisable to occasionally check your car's suspension, especially if you are
driving on bad roads.
• Must all the tyres on my car be the same kind?
Steel belted radials are the best type of tyre for your vehicle. As far as possible avoid
mixing them with any other kind of tyre. And if you have to mix tyres, NEVER mix a
radial tyre with a bias ply/ conventional tyre on the same axle.
Tyres come in different sizes. Make sure that your tyres match the size recommended
by your automobile manufacturer. Or use the automatic tyre selector to determine
which tyres are best suited for your car.
• What is the recommended inflation pressure for my tyres?
The inflation pressure of your tyres varies depending on the tyre size and the kind of
car you drive. Check the inflation chart for the optimum inflation pressure for your
Remember that all radial tyres, by the nature of their construction appear to be under-
inflated. Hence do not inflate them beyond the recommended pressure. Improper
inflation can result in uneven tyre wear and even premature tyre/ tube failure. Always
check inflation pressure when the tyres are cold.
• How are tyres mounted on wheel?
Correctly mounting a tyre can increase their life span. Here's how it is done: Inspect
and clean wheel rims before mounting a new tyre. Ensure all bead seats are
completely free of dirt and rust. Remove old wheel weights. It is advisable to replace
your wheel rim if a flange is bent.
Always lubricate the tyre beads before mounting, with a mild soap-and-water solution
to prevent them from being damaged. Do not use grease or oil to lubricate the beads.
Ensure that the beads are properly seated in the rims once the tyre has been fitted.
• Is it necessary to check the balance and alignment of my wheels?
Yes it is. Electronic balancing of wheels prevents uneven tyre wear that is caused by
unbalanced wheels. Ideally, balancing and alignment should be checked every 5000-
7000 kms. However, if you are driving on bad roads, it is advisable to check the
alignment and balance more often.
• Are tubes for Radial tyres different from tubes for ordinary nylon tyres?
Yes. radial tubes are harder and retain air better. They are built to withstand a higher
rate of deflection.
• What are the driving tips?

MRF Institute of Driver Development

In an economy that is booming with a GDP growth rate of around 8% per annum, the need of
the hour is organised and efficient transport systems. Developing economies such as India
depend heavily on road transport. Such heavy reliance has led to a dearth of skilful and
competent drivers who drive safely. In order to address this problem, MRF has instituted a
non-profit organisation known as the MRF Institute of Driver Development (MIDD), which
imparts training to unemployed young men in light and heavy commercial vehicle (LCV and
HCV) driving. The objective of the institute is to produce proficient HCV drivers in the larger
interest of the road transport industry. Over two decades, the institute has turned out over
2000 LCV and 700 HCV drivers since its humble beginnings in 1988.

Apart from its main objective of training drivers for HCVs, the institute, in the preliminary
stage (the first 6 weeks) of the training process, provides training for LCVs as well. During
this stage, the driver's aptitude for professional driving is ascertained. After this 6-week
phase, the trainee spends one year 'on the field' driving Light Commercial Vehicles, before
being admitted to the Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) phase, which extends for another term of
3 months.
Along with instilling in its trainees the spirit of hardship and strength of character, the
institute also organises lessons for its trainees in several key issues like First Aid, prevention
of drug abuse and alcoholism, AIDS awareness, etc. Special classes to learn Hindi are also
conducted to enable the HCV trainees take up driving on National Permit routes with ease.
The end product of one and a half years of dedicated and rigorous training: professional and
efficient drivers who abide by the rules, facilitating the growth process of the nation.

MRF exports tyres and conveyor belts to over 65 countries in America, Europe, Middle East,
Japan and the Pacific region.
These markets are serviced by our offices in Dubai, Vietnam and Australia
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