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Limits and Possibilities of the Initiatory Esoteric

by Jean Dubuis, Legate to Europe, The Philosophers of Nature
Copyright 1998, Jean DUBUIS. All Rights Reserved.

Reprinted from Issue 26 of The Stone

Each student on the Path has in mind the initiation which he expects will allow him to
master his inner worlds, and especially the one on the level of the heart that gives a
conscious contact between the little king of the Earth and the Inner Self. You must
understand that the authentic Initiation is not given by anyone but the student
himself, and more precisely by his Inner Self. It is said: "When the student is ready,
the master will appear".

In order to be prepared, the student will try to attune his consciousness to one of his
inner levels. Whatever the system and the initiatory method chosen, it is of interest
to know the limits, the advantages and the eventual inconveniences.

In order to compare the several possibilities of the initiatory disciplines, it is in each

case necessary to adopt the same structure of the human being. Our choice is of the
structure of Man as found in several Qabalistic groups. Thus, four structures called
"trees", each of those being linked to one of the elements of the manifested Primary
Energy: Earth, Water, Air, Fire. In classical Qabala, each of these structures is
divided in ten levels of coagulation of the Universal Energy, from the Absolute to the
less subtle. The first three levels without space-time belong to Unity; the seven
others that belong to worlds of space-time are in the manifested Duality. Level 3
belongs to both Unity and Duality. The Initiation concerns only Duality, thus levels 3
to 9, our level being the receptacle.

The Path of Qabala

The practice of Qabala is based on both the symbolic study of the Hebrew letters and
rituals. The rituals said to be of the "Hexagram" determine the energetic level we
aim at: 9, 8, or 7. The rituals of the "Pentagram" determine the element involved, in
other words, one of the trees on which we proceed. The goal is to develop in
ourselves the knowledge of the space-time to which they are related.

Concerning Level 6, or the Solar Level, there is no Solar ritual in Qabala. In fact,
Qabalistic rituals stop just before Level 6. In order to go beyond that point, we must
use Theurgic practices that imply a lot of precautions in order to avoid dangers. This
practice is based, as in Qabala, on the manipulation of energies, but with a
difference. The Theurgist, if he orders to Nature, has no inner protection and risks
significant psychic shocks in case of mistakes, and consequently heavy disturbances.
Whereas, the Qabalist, even if his field of action is limited, benefits from the
protection of the Invisible up to Level 6, for, in case of danger, the Inner Master will
stand in the way. A natural method in order to go up beyond this level is to try the
Contact on Eternity.

Plant Alchemy or Spagyrics

The spagyric work consists of separating, purifying, and then concentrating the
principles of a plant in order to prepare an elixir, in this case, a plant one. Spagyrics
does not necessitate an important material but requires some knowledge of physics
and chemistry, especially as regards distillation.

Each plant has a specific resonance that corresponds to one of the seven levels of
Duality. For instance, the caraway elixir, whose archetype is based on Level 8 of
Nature, could induce experiences of daydreams and develop inner powers that give
authority on the elements, in magic like in alchemy. Therefore, through the choice of
the appropriate plant, it will be possible to act on the chosen level.

We have noted that the action of the spagyric elixirs has some degree of healing
both physical and psychic, and especially on people who did not take part in
preparing the product. As for the Spagyrist, the elixir does not so much heal, but has
a definite initiatory effect. In fact, spagyrics acts on the levels of the Water World, or
levels 9, 8 and 7. The action on levels 6, 5, and 4, if it exists, is already weaker and
more difficult to reach. Only metallic alchemy gives access to these levels and even
to Level 3.

Mineral Alchemy

Should you choose the metallic path of acetates, note that it needs much more
equipment -- rather expensive -- and more knowledge than spagyrics. On this path,
there is no transmutation of the metal but an acceleration of its evolution by
injection of the plant life in the metallic compound. Experience shows that on this
path, practically only the lead compounds are satisfactory. This work leads to the
"White Work" but concerns only levels 9, 8 and 7. All our attempts to push toward
the "Red Work" have failed.

Succeeding in the "Red Work" concerns all levels from 9 to 3 inclusive. It can only be
done through the Antimony metallic path. This one acts through the Tree of the
Earth, i.e. on the very basis of matter. This path is based on the possibility to
transfer the mineral life of Antimony, this metal being the only "immortal" one.

The life of antimony will allow one to animate the mercury, which can be done
through two different methods. The first involves making the mercury and "flying the
eagles" along with the method of Flamel and other classical authors. Only minor
details change in these methods. The other method of animation, after making the
Martial Regulus, is the path of Urbiger, a very rapid method, but also very
dangerous. It requires a very good knowledge in practical chemistry.

The animated mercury will them permit the fermentation of gold. The only practical
method, although expensive, is the one of Urbiger, called "of the rich". The Stone
obtained is a red, flowing resin which is only animated gold. It is only at this point
that a proper use of the Stone will open all the levels of consciousness.

Through the esoteric systems presented above, or through others as long as they are
authentic, the student following an Initiatory Path will only advance by making the
motto "Ora et Labora"* his own.

* Pray and Work

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