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Automatic Operable Wall Systems

For Glass Doors

HAWA Motus 150/GV-matic • Areas of application: Wherever elegant, high class and high
For Door weights up to 150 kg quality automatic solutions are
required, for instance in banks, open
plan offices, shopping centres, airports,
shopping arcades, hotels and
• Features: CE tested
Modular, pluggable track system
Extremely smooth and quiet cornering
Elegant top-fixed suspension and glass
retainer profile
Precision glazing
Drive technology invisibly integrated
into the top track
Secure automatic locking
Combinable with manual installations
due to the same appearance as the
HAWA-Variotec 150/GV
• Max. door weight: 150 kg
Hardware system for automatically stackable all • Panel width: 850 - 1500 mm
glass sliding walls weighing up to 150 kg and • Max. door height: 3500 mm
glass thickness of 10, 12 and 15 mm • ESG: Toughened safety glass 10, 12 and
15 mm
Operable Wall and Shutter Systems

HAWA-Motus 150/GV-matic is a completely new HAWA design that • VSG: Laminated safety glass 10.6–11.8 mm
moves up to 20 sliding glass doors automatically and stacks them (VSG from sprint on 2007)
neatly in the smallest of spaces. It is capable of sliding glass walls of • Max. number of doors: 20 sliding doors and 1 pivot door
up to 30 metres in width gently and quietly along high-quality tracks. • Installation width: Up to 30 m
The intelligent menu control is captivatingly easy to use, both during • Vertical adjustment: +6/–3 mm
installation and subsequent operation. HAWA-Motus 150/GV-matic is • Minimum axis radius: 4000 mm for curved applications
equally as captivating from an aesthetic viewpoint, as every technical • Space requirement
component is invisibly integrated into the top tracks. Its appealing in stacking area: 70 mm per panel
glass retention profile is the same as that of the well known • Control panel: Mobile partition walls up to 30 m in
HAWA-Variotec 150/GV. HAWA-Motus 150/GV-matic enables fast width can be set in motion at the touch
implementation of perfect overall solutions for room partitioning, of a button. Installation and operation
including fixed glass sections. are both convenient and easy via
menu-driven controls. Complicated
data input, such as manually
Parking bay options addressing sliding doors, is
unnecessary. Doors stop automatically
whenever they encounter an obstacle,
ensuring maximum safety during

Dimensions in mm Dimensional data not binding. We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice.
8 Sliding door Fixed glass

Parking parallel to the slide axis

10 - 15

Control panel

32 24

Please enquire for information on designs with other materials such
Parking 90º to the slide axis as timber or metal.
Please contact Häfele for technical advice and approved installers.

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