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Officials: Nashville blast deliberate

Recorded warning was heard from Chief John Drake said. Po-
lice evacuated nearby build-
a news conference after
issuing a curfew for the
Police could not say
whether it potentially came
town Nashville’s tourist
scene, an area packed with
recreational vehicle before explosion ings and called in the bomb area. from someone inside the honky-tonks, restaurants
squad. Police believe the blast RV. and shops. Buildings shook
By Kimberlee Kruesi police emergency systems “Shortly after that, the was intentional but don’t Surveillance video pub- streets over from the explo-
and Thalia Beaty and grounded flights at the RV exploded,” Drake said at yet know a motive or target, lished on a Twitter account sion near a building owned
Associated Press city’s airport. Authorities a midday news conference. and Drake noted that offi- Friday that appeared to be by AT&T, which is one block
said they believe the blast “This morning’s attack cials had not received any across the street from the away from the company’s
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A was intentional. on our community was in- threats before the explo- blast captured the warning office tower.
recreational vehicle parked Police were responding tended to create chaos and sion. issuing from the RV, “... if “We do not know if that
in the deserted streets of to a report of shots fired fear in this season of peace The chief said investiga- you can hear this message, was a coincidence, or if that
downtown Nashville ex- Friday when they encoun- and hope. But Nashvillians tors at the scene “have evacuate now,” seconds be- was the intention,” police
ploded early Christmas tered the RV blaring a re- have proven time and time found tissue that we believe fore the explosion. spokesman Don Aaron said.
morning, causing wide- corded warning that a bomb again that the spirit of our could be remains, but we’ll The blast sent black AT&T said the affected
spread communications would detonate in 15 min- city cannot be broken,” have that examined and let smoke and flames billowing
outages that took down utes, Metro Nashville Police Mayor John Cooper said at you know at that time.” from the heart of down- Turn to Nashville, Page 4



Nick Del Priore helps his daughters Evelina, center, and Vivian Del Priore open their gifts in front of a cutout of their family friend Mark Kosin at their home in Orland Park.

‘It gets back to what’s important’

A COVID-19 Christmas — less glitter, but there are still some silver linings
By Elyssa Cherney, head, Margaret Hermanek set a festive mood, Margaret also able to do things.” were limited this year to drop-
Diana Wallace, up her headphones, dialed her dropped off a bag brimming For most Chicago-area resi- ping off presents at the front
Alice Yin and Paige Fry 66-year-old father’s cellphone with cookies, holiday cards and dents who observe Christmas, doors of loved ones with brief,

and struck up a holiday conver- games — Santa’s version of this year’s holiday is like no masked and socially distant
evin Hermanek sation about relatives, enter- no-contact delivery. other in their lifetimes, with visits standing outside. He and
crossed his legs taining television shows and “It’s a little weird, but it’s the traditional gatherings of loved his wife, Tanya, and their chil-
while sitting in what items she would put on best that we can do, and I’m ones in homes and churches dren, Sebastian and Elena,
a wheelchair hold for him at the Chicago glad that we’re able to do it,” curtailed, modified, Zoom-ified made a quick trip to Michigan
and peered out Public Library. Margaret, 33, said through a or done away with altogether, to check in on Tanya’s parents
the tall first- Though it’s no replacement plaid-patterned face mask. “He along with meals and ex- and give them a chance to
floor window of a senior living for the typical Christmas Eve feels like he’s missing out be- changes of presents. interact with the Parks’ two
facility in Lincoln Park where dinner that’s become a family cause that’s just his frame of Many are still trying to count new puppies, Baby and Maui,
his daughter waited outside — tradition, the Hermaneks relish reference and he doesn’t realize their blessings and make the who joined the family a couple
the closest the two could get on the moments they can share that everybody out here is going best of things. of weeks ago.
Christmas Eve. together — even if separated by through some version of not For Chicago resident Arnold
As light snow swirled over- a pane of glass. To put her dad in seeing people and not being Park, family holiday gatherings Turn to Christmas, Page 2

Therapy adapts CHICAGO SPORTS

Bears fight to keep

to pandemic year playoff hopes alive
Can the Bears offense con-
‘Walk-n-Talk’ lets lenges, he said this method tinue its late-season surge
has big impact. with another big output
clients get support “People are cramped up against the Jaguars on Sun-
and exercise and they don’t want to be day? In short: absolutely.
inside,” said Sevier, the exe-
By Alison Bowen cutive director of Advance
Potential Psychological
Glenn Sevier believes Services in Rogers Park.
Lake Michigan can reflect “Sometimes people don’t TOM SKILLING’S
our emotions and seasons want to connect via Zoom.” WEATHER
through life. He and his clients often High 32
For years, the Chicago have their sessions on walks Low 21
psychotherapist has been along the lakefront, through
preaching what he calls a forest preserve or a scenic Complete forecast
“Walk-n-Talk Therapy,” the route on Northwestern’s on back of A+E
practice of receiving mental campus. This form of ther-
health support while walk- apy combines exercise and a $2.50 city and suburbs,
ing outdoors with a ther- possible endorphins boost $3.00 elsewhere
apist. with the chance to improve 173rd year No. 361
In a pandemic year, when mindfulness and aware- © Chicago Tribune
people feel stuck inside ness. Sevier is open to a
their homes and many are variety of locations, factor-
struggling with isolation Therapist Glenn Sevier, left, walks with his client Thomas Miller along Loyola Beach
and mental health chal- Turn to Therapy, Page 4 during “Walk-n-Talk Therapy” on Dec. 12 in Rogers Park.

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2 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Saturday, December 26, 2020

Continued from Page 1

“We treated ourselves to

two brand new puppies
since we knew would be
spending an inordinate
amount of time at home this
winter,” Park said. “Our
family dog of 12 years, Bear,
passed away in November
and we were going to wait
some time for a new dog,
but the grim news and
weather motivated us to get
the two new puppies.”
The Parks also planned
to make a Christmas dona-
tion of food and treats in
honor of Bear to the rescue
where they got him. That
was another curbside drop- ERIN HOOLEY/CHICAGO TRIBUNE

off, as the rescue center Marcus Trotter, 8, carries presents with his family at a toy and food giveaway hosted by
wasn’t allowing visitors. the Equality Should Be Normal organization on Friday in Bronzeville.
It’s also one of the many
charitable efforts that con-
tinued unabated, if modi-
fied, on Christmas Day
around Chicago, with
houses of worship, along
with social service groups
and community activists,
handing out meals,
COVID-19-related supplies
and other needs for those
struggling this year, in some
cases for the first time.
The organization Om-
budsman Chicago said it
NEW CHICAGO BEARS BOOK responded to the over-
whelming need it saw at
“The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Bears: A Thanksgiving by joining
Decade-By-Decade History, 2nd ed.” The Chicago with other community
Tribune’s new expanded second edition Bears book groups to provide free toys,
includes photography, original box scores, essays from meals and COVID-19 sup-
Hall of Fame reporters and Tribune coverage from the plies to families at Legends
last 100 seasons. It’s a decade-by-decade look at the Chicken and Fish on the
team, from George Halas moving the team to Chicago in South Side on Friday. Chi-
1921 to multiple NFL championships titles to their 1985 Care said it planned to E. JASON WAMBSGANS/CHICAGO TRIBUNE
Super Bowl win that transformed the city’s passion that deliver thousands of meals Margaret Hermanek makes a Christmas Eve “window visit” with her father, Kevin Her-
continues today. to homeless people around manek, at Belmont Village Senior Living in Lincoln Park.
“He Had It Coming: Four Murderous Women and the Chicago on Friday.
Reporter Who Immortalized Their Stories” “Chicago Romel Murphy, 42, had other uncles and aunts in
The Musical” has played on Broadway for more than the blueprint of his organi- their lives. I hope I raised
9,600 performances since it premiered on Nov. 14, 1996, zation’s Christmas toy give- the bar.”
yet not many people know the characters of Roxie Hart, away planned out to a T. Kosin has been best
Velma Kelly and others are inspired by real women. Their Around noon, speakers friends with Nicholas Del
stories were captured by Chicago Tribune reporters in- were to boom with a playlist Priore, 36, since they were
cluding Maurine Watkins. For the first time in almost a ranging from Mariah Carey college roommates at Loyo-
century, see photos of these real women that were dis- to the Jackson 5. A purple la University Chicago. After
covered by Chicago Tribune photo department. Christmas tree, represent- graduating in 2007, Kosin
ing his late mother’s favor- moved to California but
All Chicago Tribune books are available at ite color, was set up to greet continued to come back to families in the doorway. A Chicago for the holidays.
Black Santa Claus as well as This year has been more
Mickey and Minnie Mouse challenging for Del Priore
characters were on hand for and his wife, Kelly, as the
WINNING LOTTERY NUMBERS photos with children. YOUNGRAE KIM/CHICAGO TRIBUNE parents of two kindergart-
And piles of at least 400 Lamarr Jackson, left, receives a food package from Carlos ners. They were concerned
ILLINOIS INDIANA toys, collected through do-
Dec. 25 Dec. 25
Estes, as volunteers work to distribute free holiday meals. about how the pandemic
Mega Millions ......................................... Daily 3 midday ......................... 103 / 2 nations to his nonprofit, would affect such an impor-
Not available Daily 4 midday ....................... 0755 / 2 Equality Should Be Normal, tant educational milestone,
Mega Millions jackpot: $352M Daily 3 evening .......... Not available as well as the Jack and Jill but the twins have been
Pick 3 midday .......................... 364 / 7 Daily 4 evening .......... Not available Lake Shore chapter, waited
Pick 4 midday ........................ 6120 / 5 Cash 5 .......................... Not available
resilient, they said.
Lucky Day Lotto midday ..................... to be unwrapped by excited “Once they adjusted, they
02 15 21 30 37 MICHIGAN children. haven’t looked back,”
Pick 3 evening ............ Not available Dec. 25 Murphy, a Bronzeville Nicholas said. “Because of
Pick 4 evening ........... Not available Daily 3 midday ............................... 630 resident originally from St.
Lucky Day Lotto evening .................... Daily 4 midday ............................. 6601
their age, they are not
Not available Daily 3 evening ............................... 830 Louis, founded his organi- searching for the way things
Daily 4 evening ............................ 9096 zation in June because the were. They’re living with
Dec. 26 Lotto: $2.7M Fantasy 5 ..................... 09 12 21 24 32 devastation of the pan- the restrictions and with
Dec. 26 Powerball: $341M Keno ......................... 03 05 13 14 20 22 demic and the death of
24 29 30 33 37 44 50 54
the knowledge that at some
WISCONSIN 58 61 62 65 67 76 78 80 George Floyd, a Black man point it will be over, and
Dec. 25 who died after a Minneapo- they’ll move forward.”
Pick 3 midday ................................. 921 lis police officer knelt on his The girls have been able
Pick 3 evening ............ Not available More winning numbers at
Pick 4 midday .............................. 6811
neck, spurred Murphy to to attend their private
Pick 4 evening ............ Not available want to dismantle racism school in person since Au-
Badger 5 ....................... Not available and government disinvest- gust. Nicholas and Kelly
SuperCash .................. Not available ment on the South Side, he have also been able to work
said. That starts with giving ERIN HOOLEY/CHICAGO TRIBUNE
from home during the pan-
something back. Aria Campbell, 4, pushes her new bicycle with her mother demic. The girls catch up
“I just want to carry that Nakia Smith during a toy and food giveaway in Bronzeville. with Kosin over FaceTime.
ACCURACY AND ETHICS torch and pay it forward,” Their Thanksgiving was
Murphy said. “That’s how safely interact with family,” wore a thick red sweater — spent with just the four of
Margaret Holt, standards editor we change the cycle and we Mollie Rojas said. his favorite color — and them.
The Tribune’s editorial code of principles governs fight to eradicate racism: by Celebrating Christmas sipped on a Diet Coke “It’s sort of best worst-
professional behavior and journalism standards. Every- building generations on this year, then, involved during the “window visit,” case scenario,” Kelly said.
one in our newsroom must agree to live up to this code of generations of youth and Zoom calls with loved ones, as the residents call them, “We’re obviously super for-
conduct. Read it at strong Black men and wom- lots of baking and special with his daughter. While he tunate to be in that position,
en that want to create meals to share with their stayed warm inside, his which we do not take for
Corrections and clarifications: Publishing information change.” son. daughter pushed her glove- granted in the slightest.”
quickly and accurately is a central part of the Chicago Murphy has repeatedly Throughout her hus- less hands into her coat The life-size cutout of
Tribune’s news responsibility. heard from neighbors who band’s training, “he has pockets to shield them from Uncle Marky arrived the
have lost their jobs during often worked on the holi- the 16-degree weather. night of Christmas Eve.
the coronavirus pandemic days, like so many other As the pair talked, trucks “Quite frankly, I think it’s
HOW TO CONTACT US 7 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Friday and are coming to his com- essential workers, and we clanged down a busy Fuller- not a great photo. I didn’t
7 a.m.–noon Saturday–Sunday
7 a.m.–11 a.m. holidays
munity center for the first just make the best of it,” ton Avenue behind them clean up that much for it. It
Delivery problem? Or go to time in search of food, coats Rojas said via email. “Grow- and pedestrians strolled the was just like on an average
Call 312-546-7900 customerservice and hygiene products — ing up, my father was a sidewalks, sometimes stop- day after remote work,”
Subscribe online: “stories of desperation,” he fireman, so our family is ping to watch with their Kosin said. “Very kind of
To subscribe, manage your print or digital subscription, said. He believes many chil- used to improvising during dogs or children. ad-hoc, on the run, 2020-
or inquire about billing or vacation holds, call dren may not expect lavish the holiday season as he “This is going to make us style stuff.”
312-546-7900 gifts due to the financial often had to work on either all appreciate Christmas a On Christmas morning,
To report an error, email readerhelp@chicagotribune crunch many parents are Christmas Day or Christ- little bit more,” Kevin Her- the family — including addi-
.com, fill out a report at, under. mas Eve.” manek said. “When you tional relatives who had
or call the Reader Help line at 312-222-3348. But for him, this year’s Kevin Hermanek and his take away all of the trap- self-isolated for the last two
Christmas will feel more wife normally host relatives pings, all the fancy, frilly weeks — wore matching
uplifting than years past at their home in the South add-ons and get back to just long-sleeved Christmas pa-
Main operator...........................................................................................312-222-3232 because he believes the toy Loop, where she still lives, getting together with family jamas that Kelly picked out.
Hearing impaired number.......................................................312-222-1922 (TDD) giveaway will ease some of for the holiday. On Christ- ... it gets back to what’s The girls closed their
Classified advertising......................312-222-2222, the burden on families to mas Eve, their small family important about Christ- eyes for the gift and cutout
Preprint/display advertising......312-222-4150,
Display advertising self-service
provide Christmas cheer. gathers to open trinkets, mas.” reveal. Vivian jumped up
Interactive advertising...312-222-6173, “A lot of parents, we listens to him play the piano This year, Mark Kosin, and down and Evelina had a
Mail ............................................................... 160 N. Stetson Ave., Chicago, IL 60601 make sacrifices for our chil- and faces off in a game of also known as “Uncle huge smile on her face, said
All advertising published in the Chicago Tribune is subject to the applicable dren,” Murphy said. “My charades after dinner. Marky,” didn’t let the pan- “Oh, Uncle Marky!” and ran
rate card, copies of which are available from the Advertising Department.
The Chicago Tribune reserves the right not to accept an advertiser’s order.
goal is to allow parents to But this year, Hermanek demic stop him from figura- over to hug it and try to
Only publication of an advertisement shall constitute final acceptance. focus on the necessities of wouldn’t be leaving his as- tively being with his 5-year- replicate their piggyback
food and meals and allow us sisted living facility — Bel- old goddaughter, Evelina, rides.
to meet the warmth of mont Village Senior Living and her twin sister, Vivian, The family took selfies
EDITORIAL: Questions and comments about stories in the Chicago Tribune
should be directed to editors of the respective content areas. Christmas for their kids, so — and everyone planned to for Christmas, even if he with it and sent them to
that way they won’t go connect through a Zoom lives a couple of time zones Kosin, then gave him a call.
Chicagoland news: Phil Jurik,
Business: Mary Ellen Podmolik, without a meal to give their call instead. Guests are not away. Still, Kosin and the Del
Sports: Amanda Kaschube, kids a toy to open on allowed inside his building After some planning, a Priores said they wished
Features: Amy Carr,
Entertainment: Scott Powers,
Christmas. We want to fill due to high infection rates photo shoot with a co- they could have celebrated
Opinion: Kristen McQueary, that gap.” in the city, and residents are worker, and $150 for ship- again together, but they
For South Side residents discouraged from exiting. ping, Kosin arrived at his now have “a new terrifying
Chicago Tribune (USPS 104-000) is published daily (7 days) at 160 N. Mollie and Juan Rojas, Despite the changes, he best friend’s house in Or- tradition” and plan to keep
Stetson Ave., Chicago, IL 60601; Chicago Tribune Company, LLC, Publisher; Christmas plans were fluid said still looked forward to land Park just in time for Kosin’s cutout to scare their
periodicals postage paid at Chicago, IL, and additional mailing offices.
Postmaster: Send changes to the Chicago Tribune, Mail Subscription because he works as a the holiday. Christmas morning. Ex- other friends when they
Division, 777 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60654. critical-care physician at “I like to talk to my cept, that version of Uncle plan to stay in the future.
Copyright 2020 Chicago Tribune Company, LLC. All rights reserved as to UChicago Medicine. Be- family,” said the retired at- Marky was made of card- “This is difficult and ter-
entire content.
cause both he and his wife, a torney, who moved to sen- board. rible,” Kosin said, “but if we
dentist, work in health care, ior living about two years “The girls thought it was can use a little hope and
they have not visited the ago due to health and mo- funny and cute. I even got a ingenuity and kind of get
INSIDE extended family in months. bility issues. “We don’t get stupid speech bubble that through it with that sort of
“Recently, my husband together real often, so it’s a said, ‘Ho, ho, ho! It’s Uncle mentality, then I think we
A+E News 9 Editorials News 8
got the vaccine, and I am treat just to have some time Marky,’” Kosin, 36, said. “If will come out in a better
Business News 7 Nation & World News 5
hoping to have it in the near together.” nothing else, it just gives me place when, quote, unquote,
Comics News 12-13 Weather Sports 12
future so we can more On Thursday, Hermanek another leg up over the this is all over.”

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Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Saturday, December 26, 2020 3

Community rallies for woman, boy killed
Reward offered, no night. as a result of a motor vehicle crime, he should have said. The driver left the The woman was thrown
Giovanne Bucio, 12, of striking a pedestrian, ac- stopped, and he didn’t. The scene without stopping and into the air and landed near
arrests reported in Chicago, was taken to the cording to the medical ex- family is so distraught.” should have front-end dam- a curb. According to anoth-
hit-and-run deaths University of Chicago’s aminer’s office. Chicago police con- age on the driver’s side of er witness, the boy was
Comer Children’s Hospital, At a news conference in firmed Friday that no ar- the car, police said. found underneath a parked
By Jessica where he was pronounced Gage Park on Friday morn- rests have been made in the According to a police vehicle, the report stated.
Villagomez, Paige Fry dead just after 9 p.m., ac- ing, Raul Montes, a civic case. report, one witness told Montes said there has
cording to the Cook County activist, said the community The two victims were police he saw both pedestri- been an increase of hit-and-
A reward has been of- medical examiner’s office. gathered to offer a $5,000 struck by a dark-colored ans heading south, crossing runs in the area, and the
fered for information in the The woman, Araceli Gutier- reward for any information SUV, possibly a Chevrolet the street in the crosswalk, activists called for legisla-
deaths of a 12-year-old boy rez, 48, also of Chicago, was leading to the arrest and Malibu made between 2009 when the vehicle struck tion to prevent further inci-
and a 48-year-old woman taken to U. of C. Medical conviction of the offender. and 2012. The vehicle was them while traveling west at dents.
who were struck by a hit- Center, where she was pro- “He could have at least traveling west in the 3100 a high rate of speed. The “Someone has seen
and-run driver while cross- nounced dead just before 9 stopped,” Montes said. “We block of West 55th Street vehicle then continued west something. We don’t want
ing a street in the Gage Park p.m. Both Bucio and Gutier- want him to turn himself in shortly after 8 p.m. when on 55th Street, the witness this to become another cold
neighborhood Wednesday rez died of multiple injuries because this was a heinous the crash occurred, police said. case,” Montes said.

District 86 prepares
for about half of
in-school attendance
Families will have monthly opportunity
to switch to hybrid model from online
By Kimberly Fornek Hinsdale South Principal
Arwen Pokorny Lyp said.
Hinsdale High School Schools will continue to
District 86 is preparing to practice their pandemic
have about half of its stu- protocols, requiring every-
dents in school at the same one in the school to wear a
time during the second mask and stay at least 6 feet
semester. apart. The staff regularly
District 86 started the disinfects frequently tou-
school year with remote ched surfaces.
instruction only, but in Oc- District 86 students fol-
tober started offering a lowing the hybrid schedule
hybrid schedule, where will have lunch one day a
roughly 25% of students week in school, either
could be in school at the Tuesday or Friday, depend-
same time, to allow extra ing which group they are
space to separate desks and in.
prevent congestion in the The past several months,
halls when changing a “grab and go” lunch was
classes. provided to students who
To plan for the second were on campus.
semester, which begins in Instead of a crowded and
January, the district sur- noisy cafeteria, students
veyed parents about the will be divided among up to
first semester and what eight separate lunch spaces
they hoped going forward. at Hinsdale Central and
Of the 2,831 surveys that four spaces at Hinsdale
were completed, about 55% South.
of parents said their chil- Students will be seated 6
dren will participate in the feet apart, all face the same
new hybrid schedule. direction and be assigned a
Nearly 34% said they specific seat for the entire
wanted their students to semester, Hinsdale Central
start the second semester Principal William Walsh
with remote only said.
instruction, but “I feel this The school
want the option district needs
of switching to decision adult volunteers
the hybrid to supervise and
schedule later in will result enforce the co-
ARMANDO L. SANCHEZ/CHICAGO TRIBUNE the semester. in students ronavirus proto-
About 11% of par- cols and disin-
ents said their being more


fect the tables
children will stay and other sur-
with all online productive faces.
instruction in the and more “I’m asking
A Christmas tree sits on the 300 block of East Garfield Boulevard in the Washington Park neighborhood on Christmas second semester. the Hinsdale
Eve on Thursday in Chicago. Once a month, attentive in community to
from January support our re-
through May, class ...” turn to school
families doing plan,” Walsh

Wilmette District 39 Pace guard charged online learning — Carson Kotecki, said. “If you are
will have the op- a Hinsdale South available be-
portunity to senior tween 10:45 a.m.
to launch COVID-19 with punching man switch to the hy-
brid model.
and 1 p.m. on
Tuesdays or Fridays, please

saliva testing program who was handcuffed

Children whose parents complete a lunchroom vol-
did not complete the sur- unteer application.”
vey will continue with the Hybrid students will
By Karen Ann communities,” officials said form of instruction they participate in classes re-
Cullotta in a recent parent email. Incident caught to a disturbance near a had in the first semester, motely on days when they
“While the district contin- Pace terminal near 154th which ended Dec. 18. are not on campus. But
Officials with Wilmette ues to experience success on viral video Street and Broadway Av- Lyons Township High instead of giving students a
School District 39 are ring- with its current mitigation enue in the south suburb, School plans to start second choice of whether or not to
ing in 2021 with a new procedures to minimize the By Madeline according to Harvey po- semester with four days of turn on their computer
COVID-19 saliva screening risk of COVID-19 transmis- Buckley lice Chief Robert Collins. remote instruction from cameras, students will be
program they say will add sion within our schools, Undraitis, who works Jan. 5-8. This will give expected to have their cam-
another layer of safety high levels of external com- A Pace bus security for a security company students and staff time to era on and their face visible
when students return to the munity spread may in- guard was arrested Dec. contracted by Pace, had a monitor themselves for co- during each class. Excep-
classroom in January. crease the risk of positive 19 after a Harvey police scuffle with a 30-year-old ronavirus symptoms from tions will be made for
The launch of the dis- cases within our schools. officer witnessed him Chicago Heights man, potential COVID-19 expo- special circumstances,
trict’s COVID-19 screening Screening will assist with punch a handcuffed man, Collins said. sure during the winter school administrators said.
program, which is already this.” officials said. Harvey police officers break, especially if they Many teachers said
in place at New Trier High In addition to providing The incident was arrived on the scene and traveled or attended large when they start their
School, will be available for students and staff with a caught on a viral social arrested the man on sus- gatherings. LTHS officials classes, they would see a lot
students and staff starting screening tool that officials media video that appears picion of battery after a said on the school district of black screens from the
the first week of January. It said will “further mitigate to show the alleged as- struggle on the ground, website. remote students, Christo-
is expected to provide “test- and reduce the risk of sault as well as the Har- Collins said. Beginning Jan. 11, LTHS pher Covino, assistant su-
ing as an additional miti- exposure, transmission, and vey police officer taking After the officers hand- will transition to a 50% perintendent for academ-
gation procedure” within quarantine, especially dur- the security guard into cuffed him, Undraitis hybrid/50% remote learn- ics, told the District 86
the district’s six schools, ing times of significant custody. punched the man, Collins ing plan. School Board Dec. 17.
officials said. community spread.” Edward Undraitis, 60, said. Similar to LTHS, stu- “You can imagine what
The district’s contract Officials said the pro- of Calumet City, is facing “The officer just took dents in Hinsdale District that does to the morale of
with the saliva screening gram will also, “reduce the a misdemeanor charge of action immediately and 86’s second semester hy- the class,” Covino said.
provider includes a cost of need for school closures, battery in connection had the security officer brid model will be divided Sometimes when teachers
$11 per test, with the district classroom, and/or individu- with the alleged assault placed in handcuffs,” he into two groups and be in speak to students, they
committed to purchasing at al quarantines.” as well as a felony weap- said. the classroom two days a don’t even respond. “This
least 3,635 tests at an esti- Parents are urged to sign ons charge because he The video shows offi- week. A third group of was a surprise to some of
mated total price of roughly up their students using the did not have the proper cers struggling to arrest students with special needs the parents,” Covino said.
$40,000, District 39 Super- district’s COVID-19 Screen- licensing for the gun he the man on the ground. can attend school in person Carson Kotecki, a Hins-
intendent Kari Cremascoli ing Registration Form by carried, according to After the officers hand- four days every week. dale South senior and the
said in a Friday email. Dec. 28, officials said. Cook County court re- cuff the man and stand By allowing 50% of stu- student liaison to the
“Participation in the pro- At New Trier High cords. him up, the video appears dents to attend in person School Board, commended
gram is free; however, many School, which began con- A Pace spokesperson to show Undraitis swing each day, district adminis- the administration for
families have generously ducting voluntary saliva said Undraitis was con- in the direction of the trators hope the classes will pressing students to turn
volunteered to cover the screenings for students and tracted through A P Pri- man’s head. seem more like a typical on their cameras.
costs associated with their staff last month, officials vate Detective & Security One of the officers then class setting. “I feel this decision will
child’s participation,” Cre- announced this week that Agency in Hazel Crest, handcuffed Undraitis, the Students had com- result in students being
mascoli wrote. the screenings will soon be and is no longer allowed video shows. plained that in some small more productive and more
“Screening testing will mandatory for those to work on Pace con- “He knew it was wrong classes, with just 25% of attentive in class and moti-
help contribute to the enrolled in the high school’s tracts. and he took action right students allowed, there vate them to find an appro-
health of our schools, our in-person hybrid instruc- About 3 p.m. on Dec. 19, away,” Collins said of the were only two or three priate workspace for their
staff, our students, and our tion. Harvey police were called officer. students in the classroom, schoolwork,” Kotecki said.

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4 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Saturday, December 26, 2020

Continued from Page 1

ing in safety, ambiance and the

ability to have discreet conver-
sations. If clients cannot walk
for an entire hour, they find a
location to sit and continue the
counseling session.
Sevier said Chicago’s way-
ward climate mimics the hu-
man condition, showing highs
and lows of different seasons.
Walking in the cold and even
snow and rain can help naviga-
te a variety of emotions, he said.
Psychologists are increas-
ingly interested in offering
walking therapy, and it is en-
couraged by the American Psy-
chological Association. While
there is little data on the
practice, it is one way psychol-
ogists are incorporating nature
into therapy.
Therapists should be clear
that going outdoors means
people might run into others
who know the therapist or
client, according to the APA,
and it’s important to address
this possibility and find a strat-
egy. It can also bring other
challenges, such as therapists
and clients feeling pressure to
compete athletically or nega-
tively comparing abilities or ERIN HOOLEY/CHICAGO TRIBUNE

appearances. People walk under lighted arches over the sidewalk along West Belle Plaine Avenue in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago.
At Light On Anxiety CBT

‘Chance made us neighbors ...

Treatment Centers, with loca-
tions in Chicago, Wilmette and
Deerfield, sessions can include
a brisk walk or run. CEO Debra
Kissen said it is a way to
activate someone who might
need an energy boost.
“If I have somebody experi-
encing mild, moderate, even
severe depression, they’re
Quarantine made us family’
coming in and they’re super Albany Park residents Thanksgiving Day. By the end of have stopped to say hi otherwise.” put it back together. If someone’s
low energy and reporting to me that weekend, they recruited more She added that each arch cost arch lights are having problems,
all of their concerns of the come together to cheer neighbors. about $20 in materials, and each they’ll communicate through the
week and seeming pretty hope- up pandemic Christmas They figured out a system and house averages three to six arches, group text to see who can be on
less. I’ll say, you know what? some helpers fell into specific depending on the size of the land. light duty to help out.
We’re going to walk and talk,” By Paige Fry arch-making tasks. One person did But if people weren’t able to pay Even though the arches weren’t
she said. the Home Depot runs, one put for the arches or put them up their original idea, the Belle Plaini-
She brings in mindfulness, Theresa Martinez doesn’t know together the PVC pipes, one would themselves, other neighbors were ans’ block has the most pro-
encouraging patients to talk how many people have stopped to wrap the lights and another would willing to pitch in. nounced presence in light-up
about what they see or hear as a take photos outside of her house. decorate. By the end of the week- People were welcome to deco- arches. Other nearby blocks also
way to focus on their surround- Her decorative Santa and snow- end, 77 were done, said neighbor rate their arches how they liked. took on the idea and have patches
ings and break from rumina- man provided the perfect center- Randy Dixon, 59. One house made theirs an under- of arches here and there. Then the
tive thinking. piece, but what drew people to her Poetzing even figured out how the-sea theme, another Jewish Belle Plainians took it a step
People who might be a good block is the long tunnel of over 100 to put the pipes on a drill to spin household lined theirs with blue further and created a giant arch in
fit for walking therapy include lit-up arches that march down them while wrapping the lights, and white tinsel, and some neigh- front of 45-year-old Avi Nachom’s
those who enjoy nature, want both sides of the street. making them perfectly tight and bors who are metal workers bent house at the entrance to the block.
to get more exercise or feel Theresa, 43, and her husband, spaced out. their arches into a different shape. Two other neighbors also got
better while moving. Insur- Rudy Martinez, 47, who live in the “We got down to a minute and “Every house came out and Christmas trees to put on either
ance, however, might not cover 3200 block of West Belle Plaine 44 seconds to wrap it with the helped, which was nice. We met side of the large, sparkling arch.
this form of therapy in the way Avenue in the Albany Park neigh- lights,” Theresa Martinez said. some people that we didn’t ever Nachom said he once walked
it would an office visit, or even borhood, got the idea from some- “We timed ourselves.” know as neighbors,” Dixon said. outside his house in the middle of
a virtual visit, which is some- one who started the arches last To make sure everyone on the “It wasn’t any religious belief. It the day and a family was taking
thing patients should consider. year at Francisco Avenue and Belle block had an opportunity to be was just to get everyone together.” photos outside. They came up and
Plaine. They spoke to the creator included, she passed out flyers: As the main group of about 14 said, “Thank you so much. This is
“We’re going on and learned how he made them. “You may have noticed the neighbors got close, they commu- so awesome. It just makes us all
Then, because of the pandemic, festive arches that were recently nicated through a group chat and smile,” he recounted.
this literal journey they decided there was nothing put up in front of my house and a called themselves the “Belle More dog walkers and drivers
together. We’re better to do but make the arches few other neighbors’ houses. If Plainians.” They even came up started coming past the neighbor-
for their house. you are interested in adding some with a motto, Theresa Martinez hood at night. “In a year where
literally walking from Rudy Martinez spoke with his to the front of your house, I’d like said: “Chance made us neighbors. things are just so negative, it gave a
friend and neighbor Warren Po- to show you how!” she wrote. “It Alcohol made us friends. Quaran- little bit of hope, right? People felt
point A to point B etzing, 32, about the idea, and he would be great if we could get the tine made us family.” that,” Poetzing said. “Even random
and talking.” quickly got on board. They got to whole block lined with some Just on Wednesday, her Santa people on the street just saying
work on Thanksgiving Day, start- festive arches to help the dreary fell down, and when she looked some things like that, just made it
— Thomas Miller, ing with the Martinezes’ house. last days of 2020! Also a great way outside her window, two of her worth it — made all the work,
a client of Glenn Sevier They ended with four done on to meet neighbors you might not neighbors were already there to worth it.”

Sevier first came up with the

idea years ago, when he was
working as a counselor at a
high school.
When he would be called to
meet with a student, he real-
ized time was wasted when he
went to collect the student and
return together to his office.
Instead, he started offering to
walk the halls, and he found
students felt more comfortable
and opened up while side by
side, instead of face to face.
“It gave them a lot more
options of not feeling like they
were in trouble in a small
room,” he said.
Sometimes they even
walked the stairs. “It would
slow them down and force
those feelings,” he said.
Rogers Park resident Thom-
as Miller, 30, is Sevier’s client.
He was hesitant, he said, to go
to a more traditional therapy
session. “I think guys, some-
times we struggle with mental
health and being vulnerable,”
he said. “I like that you’re doing
this physical activity.”
At the beginning of the
pandemic they switched to
walk and talk calls — Miller
would still take the walk, while
talking with Sevier on the
phone. They’ve since recon- MARK HUMPHREY/AP

nected outdoors. Emergency personnel work near the scene of a Friday morning explosion in downtown Nashville that shattered windows and set cars on fire.
Through all seasons, he and
Sevier have walked and talked.
Often, Miller brings along his
dog, Lucy.
Nashville Bowling Green, Kentucky, about
65 miles north of Nashville. Sev-
eral police agencies reported that
people were taken to the depart-
ment’s central precinct for ques-
tioning but declined to give more
that show water pouring down the
ceiling of his home. Alarms blare
in the background along with cries
“We’re going on this literal Continued from Page 1 their 911 systems were down details. of people in distress. A fire is
journey together,” Miller said. because of the outage, including The FBI will be taking the lead visible in the street outside.
“We’re literally walking from building is the central office of a Murfreesboro and Knox County, in the investigation, agency McCoy said he heard gunfire 15
point A to point B and talking.” telephone exchange, with net- home to Knoxville about 180 miles spokesman Joel Siskovic said. Fed- minutes before the explosion
He said that committing to work equipment in it. east of Nashville. eral investigators from the Bureau rocked his building, set cars in the
this despite the weather feels The blast interrupted service, AT&T said t was bringing in of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and street on fire and blew trees apart.
itself like committing to better- but the company declined to say portable cell sites. Explosives were also on the scene. “All my windows, every single
ing himself, no matter the how widespread outages were. The Federal Aviation Adminis- A Philadelphia man staying in a one of them got blown into the
environment. “Service for some customers in tration temporarily halted flights nearby hotel said that when he next room. If I had been standing
“There’s something about Nashville and the surrounding out of Nashville International heard the blast, he knew it wasn’t there it would have been horrible,”
the way we treat it like this areas may be affected by damage Airport because of telecommuni- harmless. “We tried to rationalize he said.
really important part of the to our facilities from the explosion cations issues associated with the it that it was an earthquake or “It felt like a bomb. It was that
process. We’re going to go out; this morning. We are in contact explosion. something, but it was obvious it big,” he said.
we’re going to go for the walk,” with law enforcement and work- Three people were taken to wasn’t an earthquake,” Joseph President Donald Trump has
he said. “It’s sort of like a good ing as quickly and safely as area hospitals for treatment after Fafara said. He said he traveled to been briefed, according to White
metaphor for the importance possible to restore service,” AT&T the blast, although none were in Tennessee with his family on House spokesman Judd Deere. The
of talking.” spokesman Jim Greer said in an critical condition, Aaron said. Christmas because the state has Justice Department said Acting
Plus, it’s nice to get some emailed statement. Authorities don’t know looser COVID-19 restrictions than Attorney General Jeff Rosen was
steps in. The AT&T outages site showed whether anyone was in the vehicle Philadelphia. also briefed and directed all depart-
service issues in middle Tennes- when it exploded. Buck McCoy, who lives near the ment resources be made available see and Kentucky, including Aaron said earlier that some area, posted videos on Facebook to help with the investigation.

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Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Saturday, December 26, 2020 5


Crisis mutes Christmas celebrations
Effects from the that is normally performed
in person was recorded and
coronavirus are felt shown online.
around the world “I have to remember
that Christians have been
By Elliot Spagat celebrating Christmas for
and Frances D’Emilio hundreds of years in all
Associated Press sorts of circumstances,” said
the Rev. Elizabeth Marie
ROME — Families that Melchionna, the church
usually reunite on Christ- rector. “Some of the exter-
mas over a hearty, lingering nal appearances are differ-
meal stayed home Friday, ent and yet the essence
services were held online, remains the same. What has
and gift exchanges were not changed is that essential
low-key in one of the most longing and celebration for
unusual holiday seasons in love that is born at Christ-
decades. mas.”
The coronavirus left In Paris, members of
almost no one unaffected. Notre Dame Cathedral’s
Patricia Hager, 60, deliv- choir sang inside the church
ered homemade caramel for the first time since a 2019
rolls for breakfast to family fire, wearing hard hats and
and friends in Bismarck, protective suits against
North Dakota, a state that construction conditions.
didn’t get hit until later in Border closures foiled
the pandemic but got hit some plans. With Colom-
hard. It seemed every time bia closing its borders to
she opened her door this prevent the virus from
holiday season, someone spreading, Venezuelan
had left smoked salmon, migrants couldn’t go home
baskets of nuts or cookies. The pandemic upended Christmas traditions across the globe, but determination and imagination kept the day special for for the holidays. Yake-
“This year Christmas love many. Above, a boy looks at a holiday display Friday on Fifth Avenue in New York City. SETH WENIG/AP lin Tamaure, a nurse who
is expressed at the door,” she left economically wracked
said. “I’m glad that people night church vigils. brated. But the closure of as her husband retires next are jobless. Venezuela two years ago,
will probably be with us next Pope Francis delivered Israel’s international airport week as a trash collector and “All I can do is to work as wanted to visit her mother,
year with the vaccines. I can his Christmas blessing from to foreign tourists, along her daughter wrestles with much as I can, get by and who is nursing a broken foot.
give up anything for that.” inside the Vatican, break- with Palestinian restrictions student debt. hope this . . . virus disap- “I try to send her money,
With a child due in Febru- ing with his traditional banning intercity travel in Sypniewski, 58, bought pears next year,” he said. but it’s not the same as being
ary, Song Ju-hyeon of Paju, speech from the balcony of the areas they administer in her daughter pajamas, Church services shifted there,” she said.
South Korea, near Seoul, St. Peter’s Basilica to tens the Israeli-occupied West compared with a diamond online. The Catholic Arch- Many took the restric-
said home is the only place of thousands in St. Peter’s Bank, kept visitors away. bracelet last Christmas. Her diocese of Los Angeles tions in stride. The 70 resi-
she feels safe. The govern- Square. In Beijing, official husband got a $20 plaque celebrated five Masses dents at St. Peters, a nursing
ment reported 1,241 new Citing a cause for opti- churches abruptly canceled describing his Polish heri- at the Cathedral of Our home in the northern Span-
cases Friday, a new daily mism, Francis said the Mass after China’s capital tage, compared with a tablet Lady of the Angels, with ish town of El Astillero, held
record for the country. invention of COVID-19 was put on high alert follow- computer last year. attendance capped at 130 video chats or 30-minute
“It doesn’t feel like Christ- vaccines shines “lights of ing two confirmed COVID- “The bills have to be paid people, compared with a visits with family, separated
mas anyway, there’s no hope” on the world. In a 19 cases last week. Two new this month and next month. pre-pandemic capacity of by a plexiglass wall.
carols being played on the passionate appeal to leaders, asymptomatic cases were With the reduced hours, it’s about 3,000. All were lives- “This terrible thing has
streets,” she said. businesses and international reported Friday. tough,” she said. treamed. come to us, so we must
“It’s Christmask,” the organizations, he said they With economies reeling In Sao Paulo, Brazil, taxi The Chapel of the Cross accept it and deal with
Daily Nation newspaper must ensure that the most around the world, it wasn’t driver Dennys Abreu, 56, in Chapel Hill, North Caro- it with patience,” said
declared in Kenya, where a vulnerable and needy in the a year of lavish gifts. Robin navigated the vast city over- lina, stuck with five services, Mercedes Arejula, who met
surge in cases led to doctors pandemic be first in line to Sypniewski of Middlesex night to cover the $300 but in-person attendance with her mother.
ending a brief strike Christ- receive the vaccines. County, New Jersey, was monthly payment on his car, was capped at 25 people, The nursing home
mas Eve. Celebrations were Bells rang out around furloughed twice from her which he bought after losing compared with as many allowed only one relative
muted in the East Africa hub Bethlehem as the traditional job serving school lunches a construction job. An esti- 2,000 before the pandemic. inside. A granddaughter
as a curfew prevented over- birthplace of Jesus cele- and is now on reduced hours mated 14 million Brazilians A Christmas Eve pageant blew kisses from outside.

Virus relief still in limbo

with Trump in Florida
Shutdown of the said. “Made many calls and had
government looms Trump also tweeted that meetings at Trump Inter-
he planned to make “a short national in Palm Beach,
with bill unsigned speech to service members Florida. Why would poli-
from all over the world” by ticians not want to give
By Jill Colvin video conference Friday to people $2000, rather than
Associated Press celebrate the holiday, but only $600?” he tweeted
declared: “Fake News not after leaving the golf course
PALM BEACH, Fla. — invited!” Friday afternoon. “It wasn’t
President Donald Trump Trump’s vacation came as their fault, it was China. Give
spent his Christmas golf- Washington was still reel- our people the money!”
ing in Florida as a govern- ing over his surprise, 11-hour Trump’s decision to attack
ment shutdown looms and demand that an end-of-year the bill has been seen, at least
COVID relief hangs in the spending bill that congres- in part, as political punish-
balance. sional leaders spent months ment for what he consid-
Trump, at his Mar-a-Lago negotiating give most Amer- ers insufficient backing by
club in Palm Beach for the icans $2,000 COVID relief congressional Republicans
holidays, had no events on checks — far more than the of his campaign to overturn
his public schedule after $600 members of his own the results of the Nov. 3 elec- With a government shutdown looming and COVID-19 relief hanging in the balance, President
throwing the future of a party had agreed to. The tion with unfounded claims Trump’s motorcade arrives Friday at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach,
massive COVID relief and idea was swiftly rejected by of voter fraud. Florida. SAUL LOEB/GETTY-AFP
government funding bill into House Republicans during a “At a meeting in Florida
question. Failure to sign the rare Christmas Eve session, today, everyone was asking Trump has provided economic toll. in the Republican-controlled
bill, which arrived Thursday leaving the proposal in why aren’t the Republicans no credible evidence to To mark the holiday, the Senate. They are also consid-
night in Florida, could deny limbo. up in arms & fighting over support his election claims, president and first lady ering a vote Monday on a
relief checks to millions of The bipartisan compro- the fact that the Democrats which have been refuted by Melania Trump tweeted a stop-gap measure at least
Americans on the brink and mise had been consid- stole the rigged presidential a long list of officials, among pre-recorded video message to avert a federal shutdown
force a government shut- ered a done deal and had election?” Trump tweeted them judges, former Attor- in which they wished Amer- and keep the government
down amid the pandemic. won sweeping approval Thursday. ney General William Barr, icans a merry Christmas and running until Democrat Joe
The White House in the House and Senate “I will NEVER FORGET!” Republican governors and thanked first responders and Biden is inaugurated Jan. 20.
declined to share details of this week after the White he later added. local election administra- military personnel. In addition to the relief
the president’s schedule, House assured GOP leaders Trump for weeks now has tors. Meanwhile, Democratic checks, the COVID bill that
though he was expected to that Trump supported it. If refused to accept the results Meanwhile, the nation House Speaker Nancy passed would establish a
golf Friday with South Caro- he refuses to sign the deal, of the election and has been continues to reel as the coro- Pelosi and Treasury Secre- temporary $300 per week
lina Republican Sen. Lindsey which is attached to a $1.4 pushing new, increasingly navirus spreads, with record tary Steven Mnuchin have supplemental jobless bene-
Graham, a close ally. trillion government fund- outrageous schemes to try infections and hospitaliza- been trying to salvage the fit, provide a new round of
“During the Holiday ing bill, it will force a federal to overturn the results. He tions and more than 330,000 year-end legislation to try subsidies for hard-hit busi-
season, President Trump government shutdown, has been egged on by allies dead. And millions are now to prevent a shutdown. nesses, restaurants and
will continue to work in addition to delaying aid like his lawyer, former New going through the holidays Democrats will call House theaters and money for
tirelessly for the Ameri- checks and halting unem- York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, alone or struggling to make lawmakers back to Wash- schools, and provide money
can People. His schedule ployment benefits and evic- who accompanied the pres- ends meet without adequate ington for a vote Monday on for health care providers and
includes many meetings and tion protections in the most ident to Florida aboard Air income, food or shelter Trump’s $2,000 proposal, to help with COVID vaccine
calls,” is all the White House dire stretch of the pandemic. Force One. because of the pandemic’s though it would probably die distribution.

US: Negative test required from UK travelers

Associated Press the United Kingdom will U.S. from the U.K. is already three airlines with flights
need to get negative COVID- down by 90%. from London to New York
ATLANTA — The United 19 tests within three days of Last weekend, Britain’s — British Airways, Delta and
States will require airline their trip and provide the Prime Minister Boris John- Virgin Atlantic — had agreed
passengers from Britain results to the airline, the son said the new variant to require passengers to
to get a negative COVID- CDC said in a statement late of the coronavirus seemed take a COVID-19 test before
19 test before their flight, Thursday. The agency said to spread more easily than getting on the plane.
the Centers for Disease the order will go into effect earlier ones and was moving United Airlines on Thurs-
Control and Prevention has Monday. rapidly through England. day agreed to do the same
announced. “If a passenger chooses But Johnson stressed for its flights to Newark,
The U.S. is the latest coun- not to take a test, the airline “there’s no evidence to New Jersey.
try to announce new travel must deny boarding to the suggest it is more lethal or Britain has been under
restrictions because of a new passenger,” the CDC said in causes more severe illness,” considerable pressure since
variant of the coronavirus its statement. or that vaccines will be less the word of the new variant
that is spreading in Britain The agency said because effective against it. of the virus was made public.
Passengers arrive Dec. 20 at Gatwick Airport ahead of new and elsewhere. of travel restrictions in place This week, New York Some 40 countries imposed
restrictions for travelers to the U.S. GARETH FULLER/PA Airline passengers from since March, air travel to the Gov. Andrew Cuomo said travel bans on Britain.

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6 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Saturday, December 26, 2020

EU leaders begin assessment of

post-Brexit trade deal with UK
By Raf Casert
and Pan Pylas
Associated Press

BRUSSELS — The fast-

track ratification of the post-
Brexit trade deal between
the U.K. and the European
Union got underway on
Christmas as ambassadors
from the bloc’s 27 nations
started assessing the accord
that takes effect in a week.
At Friday’s meeting, the
ambassadors were briefed
about the details of the draft
Trucks are parked on the M20 highway Friday in Ashford, England, as drivers wait to resume treaty, which is believed to A colleague in a Christmas hat speaks with EU ambassadors
their journey across the English Channel to France. KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH/AP be around 1,250 pages long, and representatives during a special meeting Friday in

British soldiers help clear negotiator, Michel Barnier.

They are set to recon-
vene again Monday and
even those who are minded
to back it because it’s better
EU,” he said.
Though tariffs and
have informed lawmakers than a no-deal scenario, said quotas have been avoided,
backlog of stranded drivers at the European Parliament
that they intend to take a
decision on the prelimi-
it adds unnecessary costs
on businesses and fails to
provide a clear framework
there will be more red tape
because the U.K. is leaving
the EU’s frictionless single
By Pan Pylas Poland’s Territorial Defense put in at Manston, with nary application of the deal for the crucial services market and customs union.
Associated Press Force also sent reinforce- 32 others placed along the within days. sector, which accounts for Firms will have to file forms
ments to help with testing gridlocked M20 highway. While voicing sadness at 80% of the British economy. and customs declarations
LONDON — Around and food distribution. Britain’s coast guard said the rupture with Britain, EU In a Christmas message, for the first time in years.
1,000 British soldiers were British Transport Secre- its teams in the Dover area leaders are relieved that the Johnson sought to sell the There will also be different
spending Christmas trying tary Grant Shapps said he had so far delivered 3,000 tortuous aftermath of the deal to a weary public after rules on product labeling as
to clear a huge backlog of had instructed the army to hot meals, 600 pizzas and Brexit vote had come to a years of Brexit-related well as checks on agricul-
truck drivers stuck in south- take control of testing as 2,985 packed lunches. conclusion in Thursday’s wrangling since the U.K. tural products.
east England after France part of efforts to get “foreign “The most reassuring agreement about future voted narrowly to leave Despite those additional
briefly closed its border to hauliers home with their thing is that food is getting trade ties. the EU in 2016. Although costs, many British busi-
the U.K., then demanded families as quickly as we through at Manston, and I All member states are the U.K. formally left the nesses who export widely
coronavirus tests from all can.” have to say a big thank you expected to back the agree- bloc Jan. 31, it remains in a across the EU voiced relief
amid fears of a new, appar- Officials from the trans- to everyone who volun- ment as is the European transition period tied to EU that a deal was in place as it
ently more contagious, port department have teered to help drivers stick Parliament, which can only rules until the end of this avoids the potentially cata-
virus variant. said that all but three of it out in cold conditions give its consent retrospec- year. clysmic imposition of tariffs.
Even though an esti- the tests conducted so far in the days leading up to tively as it can’t reconvene Without a trade deal, One sector that appears
mated 4,000 or so interna- have been negative. Those Christmas,” said Duncan until 2021. British lawmak- tariffs would have been to be disappointed is the
tional truck drivers were testing positive are being Buchanan of Britain’s Road ers have to give their imposed on trade between fishing industry with both
spending another day offered accommodation. Haulage Association. approval, too, and are being the two sides starting Jan. sides voicing discontent
cooped up in their cabs, Most of the testing is being The mood among the summoned next week to 1. Both sides would have at the new arrangements.
some progress was evident conducted at a disused stranded drivers appeared vote on the accord. suffered in that scenario, Arguments over fishing
Friday, with traffic around airfield at Manston Airport, to be mostly sanguine, espe- Both sides claim the with the British economy rights were largely behind
the English Channel port of 20 miles from Dover. cially compared with their agreement protects their taking a bigger hit at least in the delay in reaching an
Dover moving in an orderly France closed its border anger this week at the situ- cherished goals. the near-term, as it is more agreement.
fashion toward the extra for 48 hours to the U.K. last ation and the lack of facil- British Prime Minister reliant on trade with the EU Under terms of the deal,
ferries that were put on to Sunday after British Prime ities. Boris Johnson said it gives than vice versa. the EU will give up a quar-
make the short crossing Minister Boris Johnson said The virus has been the U.K. control over its “I have a small present for ter of the quota it catches in
across to Calais in north- a variant of the virus that is blamed for over 1.7 million money, borders, laws and anyone who may be look- U.K. waters — far less than
ern France. Rail operator 70% more transmissible is confirmed deaths world- fishing grounds. The EU ing for something to read in the 80% Britain initially
Eurotunnel was also back in driving the rapid spread of wide. says it protects its single that sleepy post-Christmas demanded. The system will
action, offering a way back infections in London and On Friday, the U.K. market of around 450 lunch moment, and here be phased in over 5 ½ years,
into France. surrounding areas. As a recorded another 570 million people and contains it is, tidings, glad tidings of after which quotas will be
The military person- result, the capital and many virus-related deaths, taking safeguards to ensure the great joy, because this is a reassessed.
nel were directing traffic other parts of England have the total to 70,195, the U.K. does not unfairly deal,” Johnson said in his “In the end, it was clear
and helping a mass testing seen lockdown restrictions second-highest death toll undercut the bloc’s stan- video message, brandish- that Boris Johnson wanted
program for the drivers, tightened and family holi- in Europe behind Italy. dards. ing a sheaf of papers. an overall trade deal and
who must test negative to day gatherings canceled. On Saturday, Britain is Johnson hailed the agree- “A deal to give certainty was willing to sacrifice fish-
enter France. French fire- Free food and drink was extending tighter lockdown ment as a “new beginning” to business, travelers and ing,” said Barrie Deas, chief
fighters have also been being sent to the stranded restrictions to more areas as for the U.K. in its relation- all investors in our country executive of the National
drafted to help the military truck drivers and more than authorities try to stem the ship with European neigh- from Jan. 1. A deal with our Federation of Fishermen’s
test drivers for coronavirus. 250 portable toilets were spread of the new variant. bors. Opposition leaders, friends and partners in the Organizations.


Democrats in Georgia
Senate contests take
in more than $200M
From news services fully rescheduled the execu-
tion of the only woman on
ATLANTA — The Demo- federal death row, poten-
crats running for Geor- tially setting up the Trump
gia’s two U.S. Senate seats administration to schedule
each raised more than $100 the execution after Presi-
million over two months, a dent-elect Joe Biden takes
massive haul that eclipsed office.
campaign contributions to U.S. District Court Judge
their Republican opponents Randolph Moss also vacated
and reflects the high stakes an order from the director
of the twin contests. of the Bureau of Prisons
Jon Ossoff, who is taking that had set Lisa Montgom-
on Sen. David Perdue, took ery’s execution date for Jan.
in more than $106 million 12. Montgomery had previ-
from Oct. 15 through Dec. ously been scheduled to be
16, according to his latest put to death at the Federal
campaign finance report. Correctional Complex in
Raphael Warnock, who is Terre Haute, Indiana, this
trying to unseat Sen. Kelly month, but Moss delayed
Loeffler, was close behind the execution after her
with a little over $103 attorneys contracted coro-
million. navirus visiting their client
Perdue reported $68 and asked him to extend the Christmas amid church remains: A choir sings during their Christmas prayers Friday in Kampala, Uganda, at the entrance of
million over the same amount of time to file a clem- St. Peter’s Anglican Church, which was demolished four months ago, allegedly by agents of a local developer. The land’s
two-month span, with ency petition. ownership has been the subject of a court battle between the church and the developer. BADRU KATUMBA/GETTY-AFP
Loeffler taking in just under Moss prohibited the
$64 million. Three of the Bureau of Prisons from
campaigns reported their carrying out Montgom- eight months pregnant, and is still largely bound by tradi- the incident. previously duped into
financial data Thursday. ery’s execution before the then a kitchen knife to cut tional gender roles, making The report follows a series describing details of the
Loeffler submitted hers a end of the year, and officials the baby girl from the womb, it difficult for women to of assaults targeting Saudi alleged poisoning.
day earlier. rescheduled her execution authorities said. pursue careers in business energy infrastructure that Sobol has denied the accu-
The two races will deter- date for mid-January. But and politics while fulfilling has spurred concerns about sations and insisted that she
mine which party controls Moss ruled Wednesday that Japan gender quality: expected responsibilities in ship safety in the Red Sea, violated no law by ringing
the Senate — and likely how the agency was also prohib- Japan on Friday adopted a homemaking and childrear- a crucial transit zone for the doorbell to the apart-
ambitious President-elect ited from rescheduling the plan that delays women’s ing. global shipping and energy ment. While Sobol was being
Joe Biden can be with his date while a stay was in advancement goals by up supplies that largely had questioned, the state Inves-
agenda. place. to a decade after failing to Red Sea attack: A sea mine avoided the chaos of regional tigative Committee issued
If Republicans win one Under the order, the reach even half of the 30% planted by Yemen’s Houthi tensions involving the U.S. a statement accusing her of
race, they will maintain a Bureau of Prisons cannot target by 2020 and other rebels struck a cargo ship and Iran last year. trespassing — charges her
narrow majority, and the reschedule Montgomery’s measures. Friday in the southern Red colleagues have rejected.
chamber will serve as a execution until at least Under the new five- Sea, Saudi Arabia’s state- Navalny aide detained: A
bulwark against Democratic Jan. 1. Generally, under year gender equality plan, owned television channel top associate of Russian 2 kids die in Detroit fire:
legislation. But if Democrats Justice Department guide- approved by Prime Minis- reported, without providing opposition leader Alexei A Christmas morning fire
carry both, the balance will lines, a death row inmate ter Yoshihide Suga’s Cabinet, further details. Navalny was detained killed a 4-year-old and a
be 50-50 —with Vice Pres- must be notified at least the government has post- Al-Ekhbariya quoted the Friday after doorstepping 6-year-old at a home on
ident-elect Kamala Harris 20 days before the execu- poned the goal for women Saudi-led coalition, which an alleged security opera- Detroit’s east side and
delivering tie-breaking tion. Because of the judge’s to account for at least 30% has been fighting Iran- tive who has inadvertently forced others to jump from
votes. That will likely enable order, if the Justice Depart- of leadership positions until backed Houthis in Yemen revealed details of Navalny’s a second-floor window to
Biden to enact a more ambi- ment chooses to reschedule “as early as possible during since 2015. The coalition supposed poisoning with a escape, fire department offi-
tious agenda, assuming he the date in January, it could the 2020s.” did not identify the vessel or Soviet-era nerve agent. cials said.
can keep fellow Democrats mean that the execution The earlier goal was set by elaborate on the attack. Lyubov Sobol, a key figure The Detroit Fire Depart-
on board. would be scheduled after Suga’s predecessor, Shinzo The U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, in Navalny’s Anti-Cor- ment said the two children
Georgia’s runoff races Biden’s inauguration on Abe, under his “wome- which patrols the Mideast, ruption Foundation, was were found dead in a front
kicked off in November after Jan. 20. nomics” policy designed to did not respond to a request detained for 48 hours after living room of the two-story
Perdue and Loeffler failed to Montgomery was promote more women in for comment. a day of interrogation on house. Three children and
get more than 50 percent of convicted of killing 23-year- the workforce to make up The United Kingdom charges of violent trespass- their mother were injured
the vote on Election Day. old Bobbie Jo Stinnett in the for Japan’s fast-aging popu- Marine Trade Operations, ing. The move followed leaping from the upper-level
northwest Missouri town lation. an information exchange Sobol’s attempt Monday to window.
Woman’sexecutiondelayed: of Skidmore in December The plan called for a soci- overseen by the British Royal enter the Moscow apart- “It’s definitely a Christmas
A federal judge said the 2004. She used a rope to ety with no gender bias by Navy in the region, did not ment of the alleged oper- tragedy,” said David Fornell,
Justice Department unlaw- strangle Stinnett, who was 2030s. But it said that Japan immediately acknowledge ative, whom Navalny had a deputy fire commissioner.

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8 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Saturday, December 26, 2020

Par Ridder Christine W. Taylor, Managing Editor

General Manager
Colin McMahon directors of content
Editor-in-Chief Jonathon Berlin, Amy Carr,
Phil Jurik, Amanda Kaschube,
Kristen McQueary, Editorial Page Editor Founded June 10, 1847 Michelle G. Lopez, Todd Panagopoulos,
Margaret Holt, Standards Editor Mary Ellen Podmolik,
Rochell Bishop Sleets

Pandemic blues? Look out your window
By Allen M. Young the pandemic. The removal of noise pollut-
ants has enhanced the innate vibrating of
“Mr. Bluebird is on my shoulder” as I try bird songs and bird activity, even in winter.
to make sense of the pandemic. We need It is less strenuous to sing and to move
the saving graces of the natural world. about when the mask of human activity is
Nature endows humanity with hallmarks lowered.
for healthy, hopeful well-being — wel- Sit by the warmth of a nearby hearth and
comed timeouts from the dings, bells, watch these signs of life’s perseverance in
beeps and other noise pollutants of our winter’s bleakness, so especially needed
existence. this year. Look beyond the glass, through
Yes, dare I suggest bird-watching? Let’s the portal, to lift your spirits, knowing that
sit by a window and observe birds at strate- better times lie ahead. Windows can be our
gically placed feeders and birdbaths in thresholds to a healthy, uplifting and opti-
one’s own backyard. How fun to see a mistic future.
smorgasbord of sunflower seeds, nuts, Remember last summer’s flower beds
dried berries and dried mealworms. Feed- and vegetable gardens, and imagine what
ers become impromptu theaters, the actors will come again in spring. The presence of
for which are chickadees, sparrows, house bluebirds and others on the feeders exudes
wrens, cardinals and bluebirds. hope and rebirth. Bluebirds and their
Who can imagine a more prescient time brethren provide one with a sense of life’s
for signs of hope in our natural world than renewal and continuance, a sweet relish at
in the midst of a pandemic? A pandemic is this most challenging season.
a beast, one that can be tempered by avian TONY CENICOLA/THE NEW YORK TIMES Take time to sit and watch in your back-
antics. Bird-watching helps one to remain A downy woodpecker at Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park in the Hudson Valley. yard for the signs of life. Shelter in place,
woven into the fabric of everyday life that stay safe and imagine stepping out into
we all miss. with their movements, exude a warm and Aside from being an enlightenment, melding vistas of the natural world. Then,
We do not need exotic locations to con- welcomed vibrancy against the stark, skele- consider the health benefits. In recent smile, embrace hope, peace and promise!
nect with our natural world. Rather, it can tal branches of leafless basswood, crab years, there has been a growing body of Doing so can help shed those gnawing
be your own now-faded garden or back- apple, and other trees and shrubs. evidence that spending time in nature is blues. Use your imagination to seek a light
yard, where birds become our wildlife Seeing a male bluebird fluttering good for one’s physical and mental health in the darkness of winter’s grasp. Let’s
teachers. Pay attention to them. Observing through shafts of sunlight, its wings a blur — the lowering of blood pressure, elevating hope that there is “plenty of sunshine”
nature any time of the year is a good thing. of stunning iridescence, is oddly reminis- happy moods, much like eating dark choc- coming your way.
But a pandemic beckons us to perch by a cent of large, dazzling blue butterflies olate.
window and gaze into winter’s pall. The flopping along sun-flecked streams in a Noise pollution has steadily risen since Allen M. Young is curator emeritus of zoolo-
striking colors of cardinals, bluebirds, along rainforest. the 1950s but is now suddenly muffled by gy at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Backlash against disco

Rob Tannenbaum sounds like he has
done a lot of research in his review of
“How Can You Mend a Broken Heart,” the
documentary on the Bee Gees, but he’s way
off base in his assessment of the rock fans
he blames for their retirement (“Stayin’
alive,” Dec. 19). He says that “men singing
in a female range has inspired loathing” in
these rock ’n’ roll enthusiasts; well, that
will be news to fans of Led Zeppelin and
I’ve been hearing for years the charge
that Disco Demolition was racist and ho-
mophobic, but I don’t buy it. If guys
brought Aretha Franklin’s records to be
demolished, it was to get into the event for
free because they certainly didn’t have any
disco records in their collection. For those
of us who followed the Beatles from “I
Wanna Hold Your Hand” to “Strawberry
Fields Forever,” we had come to expect
more of pop music than a good dance beat,
especially after hearing bands like Yes and
The late ’60s brought a revolution in
records made by artists, not producers, and
disco seemed to return the control to mar-
keters with their fingers to the wind with a
formula that was easy to reproduce ad
Personally, I liked the Bee Gees, but
more during their “Baroque” period than
later. It was their imitators who reduced
the music to a beat any dummy could
dance to. The return to producer-con-
trolled pop music led to rock stations turn-
ing into disco stations, the reason for Steve
Dahl getting fired and seeing signs of re- MIKE LUCKOVICH/ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION
sentment by like-minded people who felt
like they had gone to the store for their
favorite beer but could only find Zima on
the shelves.
This is what has also led to DJs with
synthesizers becoming more important
Then, when the bill was finally ham-
mered out and passed both houses of Con-
Reining in social media Saying no to
than the artists who make music. Ask any gress, Trump calls it a “disgrace” and In Congress, and among a wide swath of undignified speech
musician how he or she feels about that. threatens to veto it. He then neither vetoes the public, there are well-intentioned It pains me to say this, but today, I must
— Robert Holdsworth, Westchester nor signs it, but cruelly turns his back on debates about whether social media plat- stand with the Republicans, in a way.
the American public and leaves town for forms should be constrained. There is no In a recent interview, Joe Biden’s cam-
Will he defend his Florida resort. question that these platforms — which paign manager and incoming deputy chief
I didn’t lose my job or business or health empower anonymity — are breeding of staff, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, referred
ultrawide lapels? insurance, I am not struggling to pay a grounds for virtually unbridled hate, lies to Republicans using an F-word. Her inap-
Fascinating defense of the disco years by mortgage or rent, and I don’t need the and conspiracy theories. But they are no propriate language is reminiscent of that of
the Los Angeles Times’ Rob Tannenbaum money, but I feel so sorry for those who do. more guilty of complicity in spreading Michigan Democratic U.S. Rep. Rashida
in last Saturday’s Tribune. Hope he follows — Hal Schweig, Evanston these memes than a radio was in spreading Tlaib, who promised early on, regarding
up with a similar defense of polyester rock ’n’ roll music described as evil by Donald Trump, that representatives would
clothing and the AMC Gremlin. Sorry to see Trump leave many in the 1950s. “impeach the (expletive).”
— Matt Foster, Orland Park By one means or another, ideas will get This type of language diminishes our
Washington, D.C.: The “D.C.” stands for out, and if a receptive audience is found, discourse and us. It flies in the face of Pres-
Insecurities of dance-inept “disgusting Congress.” they will flourish. ident-elect Joe Biden’s steady credo, that
Is it a surprise to anyone that the House These social media do provide a fertile those with whom we disagree are not our
The Bee Gees documentary, as discussed and Senate provided a pseudo COVID bill, ground for amplifying these ideas. But it is enemies; rather, we are all Americans with
in Rob Tannenbaum’s review, is a great providing little relief to Americans? those of us who create these messages of different viewpoints.
watch. But one observation: The backlash President Donald Trump is 100% cor- hate and mendacity who really are to Now I must turn to Republicans in not-
against disco was not primarily “racist” or rect that Congress is a disgusting swamp of blame. As long as we are a democratic ing their stunning hypocrisy. From most of
“homophobic.” It was fueled by one simple special interests. It is why most of us voted society in which freedom of speech is our them, there was deafening silence when
demographic: white men who, unfortu- for him in the first place. Whether you like most hallowed right and privilege, this is the president referred to the people with
nately, didn’t — or couldn’t — dance. Trump, he is the only president in decades just an unfortunate byproduct that we whom he disagreed as “human scum,”
— Joe Bisceglia, Chicago to fight special interests openly and to rock must live with. You can’t legislate decency, “lowlifes,” “enemies of the people,” “mon-
legislators in D.C. and elsewhere with some and creating legal barriers to disseminating ster,” “crazy,” “nasty,” “slob” and “dog” and
Left to twist in the wind hard truths! vile rhetoric might be a slippery slope. That when he consistently used profanity and
With Joe Biden coming into the presi- could be the first step in creating a coarse language in speeches, something to
For weeks, congressional leaders strug- dency, we will return to D.C. business as “thought police” to judge if our words are which impressionable children were surely
gled to draft a stimulus relief bill. President usual. I will be very sorry to see Trump legally tolerable to others; that is the prov- exposed.
Donald Trump, apparently, never got in- leave the White House. It’s been a wild ride ince of autocracies, not democracies. Please, Democrats, honor Biden and
volved, never let the negotiators know his for four years, and the special-interest So, tolerating the evident excesses of dignified Americans. Do not lower our
desire for how much money should go to pundits of D.C. have won again and have extreme views on social media is a price we party to that level.
the people so desperately looking for help the last laugh. must bear in a free society that is dedicated — Oren Spiegler, Peters Township, Penn-
to survive the financial impact of the pan- — Peter Stern, Driftwood, Texas to the overarching principle of free speech. sylvania
demic. — Ken Derow, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

For online exclusive letters go to Send letters by email to

or to Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune, 160 N. Stetson Ave., Third Floor, Chicago, IL 60601. Include your name, address and phone number.

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Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Saturday, December 26, 2020 11

exploration of the latest theories about the
1947 crash of an unidentifiable object in
Roswell, New Mexico, comes to a conclusion. MOVIES
The diary of the man first on the scene of the
to watch crash may reveal important information — if it
can be decoded.

Kentucky Murder Mystery:

All times Central. Start times can vary based
The Trials of Anthony Gray
Investigation Discovery, 8 p.m.
on cable/satellite provider. Confirm times on This two-hour special delves into the case
your on-screen guide. of Anthony Gray, a man accused of killing
his parents in 2007. After an extensive trial
Air & Space featuring a tearful confession on camera,
‘Most Terrifying
Stunt Marathon With Jason Hawes’ Anthony was sentenced to 45 years and
Smithsonian Channel All-day Marathon remains incarcerated to this day. But looks
TRAVEL CHANNEL can be deceiving, and this might not be
You’re in for a menu of air- and space-themed an open-and-shut case. In a trial of errors,
programming featuring hit titles such as the city to start their family. Rachel finds it
difficult to get to know her new neighbors, Anthony’s confession eventually gets thrown
Mighty Planes, Black in Space: Breaking the out. If Anthony didn’t kill his parents, the
Color Barrier, Space Disasters, Ice Airport with the exception of Sandy. The two women ‘Stepmom’
hit it off instantly, and when Rachel is put on lingering question is who did. This special COLUMBIA-TRISTAR
Alaska, Air Disasters and more. reveals a dark tale of family drama, gun-
bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy,
Sandy is more than willing to help. However, running, stolen safes — and the possibility Shrek 2 (2004, Children) Mike
Doctor Who Marathon things start to take a dark turn when Rachel that the real killer sat in the same living room Myers, Eddie Murphy TNT, 7 p.m.
BBC America, beginning at 5 a.m. notices Sandy’s suspicious behavior. Rachel where James and Vivian were killed. The Bodyguard (1992, Drama)
Travel through time and space with BBC then sees Sandy with a baby no one even Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston
America’s year-end Doctor Who marathon, knew she had. As Sandy’s odd behavior Most Terrifying Lifetime, 7 p.m.
with Saturday and Sunday episodes featuring begins to spiral out of control, Rachel begins
Matt Smith as the Doctor. The marathon to fear her unborn child may be what Sandy With Jason Hawes The Replacements (2000,
continues with Peter Capaldi on Monday, truly desires. Sara Mitich, Kristian Bruun and Travel Channel, 8 p.m. Comedy) Keanu Reeves, Gene
David Tennant on Tuesday, the best of the Brigitte Kingsley star. In “Blackbeard’s Vengeance,” Jason Hawes Hackman CMT, 7 p.m.
Daleks on Wednesday, the best of Timey unearths America’s scariest haunts, including USS Christmas (2020, Mystery)
Wimey on Thursday and Jodie Whittaker on History’s Greatest an island stalked by the spirit of a notorious Jen Lilley, Trevor Donovan
New Year’s Day. pirate, a restaurant quaking with ghostly Hallmark, 7 p.m.
Mysteries activity and an orphanage where a monstrous
The Goonies (1985, Children) Sean
College Football History, 8 p.m. headmistress tortures innocent souls from
Astin, Josh Brolin SYFY, 7:30 p.m.
ESPN & ABC, beginning at 11 a.m. Live In “Roswell: First Witness — The Writer,” the beyond the grave.
A full day of college football postseason Acrimony (2018, Suspense) Taraji
games features the Union Home Mortgage P. Henson, Lyriq Bent BET, 8 p.m.
Gasparilla Bowl (ABC), the Cure Bowl (ESPN),
the SERVPRO First Responder Bowl (ABC),
CATCH A The Fugitive (1993, Suspense)
Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones
the Lending Tree Bowl (ESPN), the Radiance
Technologies Independence Bowl (ESPN) and
CLASSIC Sundance, 8 p.m.

the Guaranteed Rate Bowl (ESPN). Bloodsport (1988, Biography)

Memorable Goodbyes Jean-Claude Van Damme, Donald
Gibb VICE, 9 p.m.
Christmas Leftovers TCM, beginning at 7 p.m.
IFC, beginning at 12:30 p.m. It’s never easy saying goodbye, even for Pocahontas (1995, Children) Irene
movie characters, but it can be memorable. Bedard, Judy Kuhn Freeform,
Not ready to say goodbye to Christmas yet?
Tonight’s double feature features two films 9 p.m.
Spend the day after watching nearly 12 hours
that close with iconic tear-jerking moments WARNER BROS.
of holiday movies on IFC. Things start with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
when their lovers had to separate. The night
the 1945 Barbara Stanwyck classic Christmas (2016, Horror) Lily James, Sam
begins with what is probably Hollywood’s Oscar nominee Barbra Streisand’s Katie
in Connecticut, and continue with A Dennis Riley FXM, 9:30 p.m.
most enduring and quotable farewell scene, and Robert Redford’s Hubbell happen to
the Menace Christmas (2007), A Christmas when Best Actor Oscar nominee Humphrey run into each other again later in life after Stepmom (1998, Drama) Julia
Story 2 (2012) and Jack Frost (1998; back-to- Bogart’s Rick assures Ingrid Bergman’s they shared many early years — including a Roberts, Susan Sarandon Bravo,
back showings). Ilsa that they’ll “always have Paris” as he former marriage and a child — together. As 10 p.m.
reluctantly, but for the greater good, sends they catch each other up on their new lives
The Baby Stealer her out of his life at the airport in the and loves, they wistfully, but realistically,
LMN, 7 p.m. Original Film Best Picture Oscar-winning Casablanca realize that they are no longer the way they
After a traumatizing robbery, Rachel and her (pictured) (1942). After that, Best Actress were in The Way We Were (1973). From the editors of
husband, Peter, decide to move away from TV Weekly and


By Jacqueline E. Mathews. © 2020 Tribune Content Agency, LLC. All rights reserved.
ACROSS 50 Berry & Griffey Solutions
1 Part of a tooth Jr.
5 Scatter 51 “Gone with the
10 “I’ve got __ in Wind” production
Kalamazoo…” co.
14 1 of 7 deadly 54 Held back
sins 57 Healthy
15 Give shelter to 58 Cartoon pooch
16 Store event 59 Motored
17 Large spades 60 Unfair slant
18 Analysis; 61 Fly high
examination 62 Sutured
20 Word attached to 63 At __ with; not
chance or cent speaking to
21 Encourage
22 Ladder steps DOWN
23 Persists 1 Gather crops
25 Flying mammal 2 All at __;
26 Makes points suddenly
28 Small garden 3 Failed to notice
pavilion 4 Burrell & others
31 Comes into sight 5 Jerseys & tunics 27 Soothing drink 44 __ together;
32 Shindig 6 BBQ utensil 28 Hair color united for a
34 Massage 7 Trick 29 Member of the purpose
36 Unpleasant 8 Sixth sense, for wedding party 46 Irritate
37 TV personality short 30 __ practice; 47 Greek god of
Shore 9 Tiny rusty love
38 Location 10 Mentally sharp 32 Bowler’s targets 48 Change the
39 Part of a sock 11 Put on pounds 33 “I’m a little decor of
40 Travis or Quaid 12 Like a bump teapot, short __ 49 Large continent
41 Praise on __ stout…” 50 In the __; aware
42 Fesses up 13 Part of the eye 35 Finest 52 Happy
44 __ of; lacking 19 Bonkers 37 Facts & figures 53 Clutter
45 As cool __ 21 Does drugs 38 Certain 55 Word with want
cucumber 24 Military force 40 Staircase piece or classified
46 Congressional 25 Rubber ducky’s 41 Beer barrels 56 Wrath
runners place 43 Become 57 “Game of
47 Clear the slate 26 Narrow cut proficient in Thrones” network

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14 Chicago Tribune | Section 1 | Saturday, December 26, 2020

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Saturday, December 26, 2020 | Section 2

CHICAGO SPORTS Chicago’s best sports section, as judged by the Associated Press Sports Editors

Keeping an eye on the world
of sports during the pandemic:


women cut
season short
The Duke women’s basketball
team ended its season Friday
amid the coronavirus pandemic.
“The student-athletes on the
Duke women’s basketball team
have made the difficult deci-
sion to conclude their current
season due to safety concerns,”
said Michael Schoenfeld, Vice
President for Public Affairs &
Government Relations and
Chief Communications Officer
for Duke University.
“We support their decision, as
we have supported the choices
BULLS made by all student-athletes

He’s just
at Duke during this unprece-
dented time. Duke will maintain
our current schedule of compe-
tition in other sports and will
continue to observe our rigor-
ous health and safety protocols,
which include daily testing for all

student-athletes and are based on
guidance from leading medical
The men’s basketball team
planned to keep playing.
The women’s basketball team
has been on pause since Dec. 16
because of two positive COVID-
19 tests and contact tracing

within the program’s travel party.
The Blue Devils (3-1) postponed
games against Miami, N.C. State
and UNC Wilmington. The
team’s next scheduled contest was
against Louisville on Thursday.
The Blue Devils are the first
Power Five team to drop out
Why the Bulls inserted rookie after starting this season. The
Patrick Williams into the starting
Ivy League opted out of playing
winter sports in November before
the basketball season started. A
lineup ahead of veteran Otto Porter few other schools also decided
not to play.
By Jamal Collier New coach Kara Lawson,
above, who was hired in July, had

he Bulls inserted rookie Patrick Williams — who did said this month: “I don’t think
not start a game during his lone year at Florida State we should be playing right now.
before he was drafted fourth overall last month — That’s my opinion on it.”
into their starting lineup for their season opener That came a day after Duke
Wednesday. The 19-year old became the youngest player in men’s coach Mike Krzyzewski
franchise history to begin the season as a starter. questioned why college basket-
Williams’ play was one of the few bright spots in a 124-104 ball was being played in the midst
loss to Atlanta that otherwise was a debacle. He had 16 points of the pandemic.
on 5-for-11 shooting with four rebounds, one assist and one “I would just like for the safety,
block in his NBA debut. the mental and physical health of
“I think the first regular-season game was just big for me just players and staff to assess where
for experience,” Williams said after practice Thursday. “I we’re at,” Duke’s Hall of Fame
would’ve loved to get the win, but obviously we’ve got some coach said after a loss to Illinois
things to work on. Got some film to watch from that game and on Dec. 8.
we’ve been watching the film to get better from that.” Krzyzewski cited the rise in
Cracking the starting lineup in his first game is the latest COVID-19 cases as the basis of
accomplishment in his rapid rise the past few months and a his argument.
nod to how smoothly he has transitioned to the NBA. There are “People are saying the next six
still areas where Williams’ game must continue to grow, but weeks are going to be the worst,”
Krzyzewski said at the time. “To
Turn to Bulls, Page 5 me, it’s already pretty bad.”
— Associated Press

“We’ve had some
Offense looks to keep rolling in must-win really good teams
here and teams
By Colleen Kane GAME 15 that have had the
and Dan Wiederer Bears at Jaguars opportunity to play
Noon Sunday, CBS-2
The Bears will try to keep their on Christmas.”
playoff hopes alive when they play
1-13 Jacksonville on Sunday at games. — Heat coach Erik Spoelstra
TIAA Bank Field. Production begets self- after improving to 8-0
Each of the last two games this assurance, which often begets in Christmas Day games
season are must-wins for the 7-7 more production. The snowball following a 111-98 victory
Bears as they take aim at the has started to roll. over the Pelicans
NFC’s seventh playoff seed. “We’ve got a lot of momentum
Meanwhile, the Jaguars will try to right now,” Trubisky said. “It all
ignore fans’ wishes for them to starts with the way we’re practic- THE NUMBER
tank for the No. 1 draft pick and ing. And it really starts with our

instead will look for their first win mindset up front — how these
since Sept. 13. guys are attacking practice, our
As the Bears prepare for Week tempo in and out of the huddle.
16, here’s a snapshot look at the We’ve been putting together some
game. really good practices and it’s Saints running back Alvin
CHRIS SWEDA/CHICAGO TRIBUNE showing on game day. We’re going Kamara tied the NFL single-
Pressing question Bears running back David Montgomery puts a move on Texans corner-
back Keion Crossen (35) on Dec. 13.
out there and playing clean,
playing smart.”
game record of Hall of Fame
running back Ernie Nevers
Can the Bears offense continue In last week’s road win over of the Chicago Cardinals
its late-season surge with another open date. They’ve rediscovered a defense, a Jaguars unit that has Minnesota, the offense did a by scoring six times on the
big output Sunday? reliable running game behind a allowed more than 400 total yards terrific job avoiding mistakes. The ground in the Saints’ 52-33
In short: absolutely. The of- cohesive offensive line. They’re in nine of 14 games. inventory: Just one penalty. One victory over the Vikings on
fense has scored at least 20 points getting steadiness and efficiency Trubisky said this week he has sack taken. Only one turnover. Friday afternoon. Nevers set
before halftime in each of the last from quarterback Mitch Trubisky. felt an energizing combination of Two runs for negative yardage. the mark in a 1929 victory
three games. The Bears are aver- And — wait for it — best of all, they focus and confidence in the hud- over the crosstown Bears.
aging 31 points since their Week 11 now get to face the NFL’s worst dle recently. At practice and in Turn to Bears, Page 2

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2 Chicago Tribune | Chicago Sports | Section 2 | Saturday, December 26, 2020

Team Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday


BULLS 7 p.m. | NBCSCH 7 p.m. | NBCSCH 6 p.m. | NBCSCH



Embracing expectations
La Russa sees Sox as ‘more the roster so special to this point and to opponents knowing that the game has gotten
come in this winter and add Lance and add short,” La Russa said. “But what you see over
of a serious contender’ after Adam Eaton, it’s gotten everybody fired up,” the years is that as the bullpens have been
pair of offseason additions La Russa said. “It just makes us more of a used more, the deeper the bullpen the better
serious contender.” your chances. And that’s one of the things that
By LaMond Pope Lynn played for La Russa in St. Louis in stands out about the 2021 White Sox. We
2011 when the Cardinals won the World have legitimate starters in Lynn and Lucas
Manager Tony La Russa considers the Series, going 1-1 with a 3.12 ERA in 18 (Giolito) and Dallas (Keuchel) and we’ve got
Chicago White Sox serious contenders in outings (two starts) that season. some outstanding young talent, (Dylan)
the American League Central. “I can remember his manager (Chris Cease, (Michael) Kopech, it goes on and on.
And he’s welcoming those high expecta- Maloney) in Triple A, he would speak about “But what you end up doing is you do the
tions. not just his talent but what you really want best you can to identify that late-inning ARMANDO L. SANCHEZ/CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“You can’t be afraid of the pressure and to know about a player is what kind of tough closer. I know our front office is working Outfielder Adam Eaton, pictured in 2016, is
the challenge; you embrace it,” La Russa competitor he is,” La Russa said. “Lance got hard to make it happen but we’re also really returning to the White Sox this season on a
said Monday. glowing, 100%, A-plus remarks and grades excited based on what we saw last year that one-year deal.
La Russa shared his thoughts on the from all of those people … (H)e’s a rookie in these young guys are pitching late in the
team’s offseason additions of starting 2011 and in Game 7 of the World Series with game like they had a number of years Russa said. “I also know that it creates my
pitcher Lance Lynn and veteran outfielder a (four)-run lead, I called on Lance Lynn to experience. They have no fear and they responsibility not to let them down, and I’m
Adam Eaton during a conference call. pitch the eighth inning and he got us three have great talent. So I think we’re going to determined to prove it. You look at how
The Sox finished tied for second in the outs. have a very deep and reliable bullpen.” active they are in the community. This is a
division with the Cleveland Indians in “So we know what kind of competitor he Monday’s conference call followed a trait of the White Sox. I think we want to
2020, one game behind the Minnesota is and since 2011 to now, he’s just grown as a hearing in which La Russa pleaded guilty to reward them, those of us in uniform, want
Twins. All three made the expanded starter, the kind of front-of-the-line starter a charge of reckless driving stemming from to reward them with a winning team.
playoffs, the first postseason appearance for that does his work between his starts and a February arrest. He originally was “I have a goal, the same as when I went to
the Sox since 2008. when it’s his day to pitch he’s responsible charged with two Class 1 misdemeanor St. Louis in my press conference. I said ‘I
After falling in an AL wild-card series to for the team having a great chance to win.” counts of driving while under the influence. want to have entertaining baseball that fans
the Oakland Athletics, the Sox are looking While the Sox made a move for the La Russa expressed gratitude to the Sox, came to watch in September, that meant we
to take the next step. They changed rotation, it remains to be seen what the plan is who were aware of the arrest before hiring had a chance to win.’ And I wanted to have
managers, bringing in La Russa to replace for the ninth inning. Alex Colome, the team’s him. News of the original charges broke three million fans. And that’s a goal that we
Rick Renteria, bolstered the rotation by closer the last two seasons, is a free agent. nearly two weeks after La Russa’s return to do the same thing, that we’re so good that in
trading for Lynn and signed Eaton to a “What that does, if you have a legitimate the organization. September our ballpark’s full and I want to
one-year deal. closer, it helps you set up the rest of the “I was not surprised that they supported be the manager the year the White Sox
“The work of the front office, they’ve got bullpen and it also has an effect on your me because I know that’s their nature,” La draw three million fans.”

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Once again, there was a flow to every-

thing, which the Bears need to work hard to
“I feel like it’s definitely sustainable,”
coach Matt Nagy said. “… You want to be
able to keep these defenses on their heels.
And these last several weeks, we’ve been
able to do that. You feel it, you see it.
“Whether it’s some of the things we’ve
been able to do with tempo or whether it’s
the scheme or it’s just these players making
plays, it’s working right now. Knowing that,
we have to make sure we stay locked in.”

Player in the spotlight

It was a couple of weeks into Jaguars
training camp when coach Doug Marrone
saw undrafted rookie running back James
Robinson put on pads for the first time.
After watching him during a protection
drill, he said to himself, “Holy (expletive),
this guy might have a shot.” Marrone went
back to review the film and the information
they had on the Rockford native.
Robinson attended high school at Rock-
ford Lutheran and is the IHSA all-time
leader with 9,045 rushing yards and 158
touchdowns. He went on to rank second in
Illinois State history with 4,444 rushing
yards and 44 rushing touchdowns.
Marrone was even more intrigued, and
Robinson’s work in the preseason earned
him the Week 1 start.
“James Robinson is first of all an
outstanding person and an unbelievable pro
for a guy that was a free agent,” Marrone
said. “I mean, how he took advantage of
opportunity, how he’s never changed, how
he prepared every week, how he’s focused
on team — it’s really a breath of fresh air
when you’re around someone like him.”
In 14 starts, Robinson now holds the
record for an undrafted rookie in the BRIAN CASSELLA/CHICAGO TRIBUNE

common-draft era with 1,414 yards from Bears nose tackle Bilal Nichols, No. 98, spikes the ball to celebrate his interception against the Lions on Dec. 6 at Soldier Field.
scrimmage, and he is tied with Phillip
Lindsay and Dominic Rhodes for the most
touchdowns with 10. He has had four games
and pulled down quarterback Kirk Cousins’
arm as he and defensive lineman Akiem
Odds and ends most is his willingness to listen and take
those small little critiques that you give him
of 100 or more rushing yards and also had Hicks brought Cousins to the ground. The Bears defensive lineman Bilal Nichols and use it to his advantage,” Mack said.
83 yards receiving against the Miami Vikings recovered the fumble but were made his presence felt from the first play “He’s one of those guys who listens and he
Dolphins in September. forced to punt. last week. On the Vikings’ first snap, Nichols works at it.”
He has been limited with an ankle injury Pagano was happy to see Quinn make the abused center Garrett Bradbury with a Nichols has enjoyed seeing his hard work
this week, but Marrone told Jacksonville play but also praised the full-team effort on cyclone spin and smothered quarterback and quest to learn pay off on game days.
reporters he expects him to play Sunday. it. Kirk Cousins for a loss of 6 yards. Three “I feel like I’m playing the best football of
And defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano “It was awesome,” Pagano said. “We possessions later, on a key fourth-and-1 my career right now,” he said. “… I’ve been
said the Bears will have a challenge in facing always talk about rush and coverage and from the Vikings’ 34, Nichols shed guard locked in all season. But I’ve been able to
the “tough, tough kid” who averages 2.6 disguise and all those things working Dakota Dozier to stop Dalvin Cook for no really hit a groove [recently]. I feel like
yards after contact. together to make all those things happen. gain. everything is coming together.”
“Low center of gravity, really strong And so the coverage was phenomenal. We He sprung to his feet and flexed.
between the tackles, can bounce it outside,” had bodies on everybody. He was going In his third season, Nichols continues to Injury update
Pagano said. “He does a nice job in through his progressions. He had nowhere show signs of significant growth. Produc-
protection. He can catch it out of the to go. He had to hold the ball, and that’s all tion-wise, he has five sacks, seven tackles The Bears will be without cornerbacks
backfield. They hit him on checkdowns. we have to do in the back end is to get these for loss, 12 quarterback pressures and an Buster Skrine (concussion) and Jaylon
They’ll throw some screens to him. So quarterbacks to hold the ball for one second interception. Johnson (shoulder) again after ruling them
really good all-around back. Again, he’s a more, half a second. And (Quinn) had a None of this has been a surprise to his out following Friday’s practice.
straight-ahead, no fair dodging type of guy, great rush around the edge, beat the tackle, much more-heralded teammates on de- This will be the third straight game
and he’s not going to lose yards very often.” came around the top of the pocket, nowhere fense. A few weeks ago, defensive end Skrine has missed and the second straight
to step up, good push inside, held the ball, Akiem Hicks again offered a testimonial for for Johnson.
Keep an eye on … had nowhere to go and then got the Nichols’ eagerness to learn, a trait that has Tight end Demetrius Harris is doubtful
strip-sack.” been present since his first practice as a with a foot injury.
Defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano Pagano said he thought Quinn played his rookie. Listed as questionable are defensive
pressed his hands together and lifted them best game as a Bear, start to finish. It was a “One of the things that attracted me to linemen Akiem Hicks (ankle), Bilal Nichols
toward the sky when asked Thursday about needed development for a player who has Bilal from the beginning is that he had the (knee) and Mario Edwards Jr. (hamstring),
outside linebacker Robert Quinn recording had just two sacks, four quarterback hits, 16 right mindset to approach the game,” Hicks outside linebacker Khalil Mack (shoulder),
a strip-sack Sunday against the Minnesota tackles and three forced fumbles in 13 said. “He wanted to be better. He would be wide receiver Allen Robinson (hamstring),
Vikings. games this season. on my hip at practice, like, ‘What are we kick returner Cordarrelle Patterson (knee),
Quinn, whom the Bears guaranteed $30 The Baltimore Ravens sacked Jaguars doing? How did you do this?’ He sought the cornerback Duke Shelley (knee/foot) and
million in the most recent offseason for his quarterback Gardner Minshew II five times knowledge. To now see it coming out on the safety Deon Bush (foot).
pass-rush production, went 11 straight in Week 15. The Bears have 10 sacks over the field, it’s beautiful. It makes you smile, For the Jaguars, Robinson is listed as
games without a sack, his last coming on last two weeks and will look to build on that man.” questionable with an ankle injury, wide
Sept. 20 against the New York Giants. production whether the Jaguars choose This week, Khalil Mack piped in with receiver Collin Johnson is out with a
So it was a big moment when Quinn Minshew or veteran Mike Glennon to be added praise. hamstring injury and cornerback Sidney
circled behind Vikings left tackle Riley Reiff their quarterback this week. “One thing about Bilal that I admire the Jones IV is out with an Achilles injury.

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Chicago Tribune | Chicago Sports | Section 2 | Saturday, December 26, 2020 3



Badgers’ Trice at home on road Giants QB Jones closer to return Legendary Jones dies at 88
D’Mitrk Trice had to play on the road The Giants might be closer to getting Basketball Hall of Famer K.C. Jones, a
Christmas Day and still got to celebrate back starting quarterback Daniel Jones. 12-time NBA champion who was one
one of his best games with his family in Jones was listed as questionable after of only seven players in history to win
the house. Trice scored a season-high being limited in practice Friday. He is championships in college and the pros
29 points, lifting No. 9 Wisconsin to an recovering from hamstring and ankle along with an Olympic gold medal,
85-76 win over No. 12 Michigan State on injuries that have sidelined him for two has died. He was 88. The Celtics said
Friday. Trice’s parents, older brother, of the last three games, but has made Jones’ family confirmed Friday that
Travis, and his grandma were among enough progress that could be behind he died at an assistant living facility in
the dozens of fans in the stands. The family used to cheer center Sunday at Baltimore. If Jones is not available, Colt Connecticut, where he had been receiving care for Alzhei-
for the Spartans when his older brother, Travis, played McCoy would start for New York (5-9), which needs to mer’s disease for the past several years. A point guard who
for Tom Izzo from 2011-15. “It was just great to see them keep winning in the NFC East, where it trails Washington excelled on defense, Jones joined with Bill Russell to lead
and for them to travel up here and us to get the win on by one game and is tied with Dallas. Whoever is at quar- San Francisco to back-to-back NCAA championships in
Christmas, it’s a big deal,” he said. “I was able to have six terback, he will not have receiver Golden Tate to target. 1955-56. The two also played on the U.S. team that won the
tickets for myself and coach Izzo was gracious enough to Tate was declared out with a calf issue. Also questionable Olympic gold medal in 1956. Jones reunited with Russell
give my older brother three tickets.” Trice is in his fifth are the Giants’ leading tackler, linebacker Blake Martinez in Boston to win eight straight NBA titles from 1959-66.
year at Wisconsin, where he steadily improved enough (ankle), and rookie defensive back Darnay Holmes (knee). He won championships as an assistant coach with the
to become a third-team, All-Big Ten player last year. “I’ve Both were limited on Friday. Fully practicing were tight Lakers in 1972 and the Celtics in 1981 before guiding the
known him since he was little and the way he was grown end Evan Engram (calf ) and tackle Matt Peart (ankle). team led by Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish
is a credit to him,“ Izzo said. The Badgers (8-1, 2-0 Big Ten) The Giants also gave versatile defensive back Logan Ryan to the 1984 and `86 championships. He was inducted into
won at the Breslin Center for the first time since 2004 and a three-year contract extension Friday. Ryan joined them the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1989.
extended their Big Ten winning streak to 10 games, dating in the offseason as a free agent from the Patriots, where “Where K.C. Jones went, winning was sure to follow,” the
to last season. Giants coach Joe Judge was an assistant. Celtics said in a statement. — News services


Week 16
By Sam Farmer | Los Angeles Times

Record against the spread: 8-8. Season: 115-104-5 (.525).

Buccaneers (9-5) at Lions (5-9)

Noon Saturday | Buccaneers by 9 ½ | O/U: 54
Good teams can step on the gas when needed,
and the Buccaneers have shown that ability
at critical times this season. Bucs 31, Lions 16

49ers (5-9) at Cardinals (8-6)

3:30 p.m. Saturday | Cardinals by 5 | O/U: 48 ½
The Cardinals smacked the 49ers in the mouth
in the opener, and that’s before San Francisco
was hit by injuries. Cardinals 27, 49ers 23

Dolphins (9-5) at Raiders (7-7)

7:15 p.m. Saturday | Dolphins by 3 | O/U: 47 ½
Marcus Mariota makes things interesting for
the Raiders, but Tua Tagovailoa is gathering
some confidence. Dolphins 28, Raiders 21

Bears (7-7) at Jaguars (1-13)

Noon Sunday | Bears by 7 ½ | O/U: 47
The Bears are finally giving the ball to David
Montgomery and letting Mitch Trubisky be
more of a game manager. Bears 28, Jaguars 17

The Dodgers celebrated their first World Series title since 1988 by defeating the Rays. TONY GUTIERREZ/AP PHOTO Colts (10-4) at Steelers (11-3)
Noon Sunday | Colts by 1 ½ | O/U: 44 ½
Steelers receivers can beat man coverage, but
THE YEAR IN SPORTS the Colts don’t play a lot of man. They play a
lot of two-deep coverage. Colts 24, Steelers 18

Memorable moments Browns (10-4) at Jets (1-13)

Noon Sunday | Browns by 9 ½ | O/U: 47
Throw out last week, and the Jets’ stunning

despite pandemic
upset of the Rams. The Browns have swagger
and an offense to back it up. Browns 35, Jets 24

Giants (5-9) at Ravens (9-5)

Noon Sunday | Ravens by 10 ½ | O/U: 44
Cancellations, shutdowns, checkered flag in seven-time cham- The Giants are done. Baltimore is playing
pion Jimmy Johnson’s final race. desperate, and Lamar Jackson is starting to
infections and quarantines “To share a moment like that, look like himself again. Ravens 28, Giants 17
dominate 2020 headlines Jimmie’s last race, to win and lock the
championship, those are moments you
By John Marshall can only dream and this is a dream.” Bengals (3-10-1) at Texans (4-10)
Associated Press said Elliott, who received a big hug Noon Sunday | Texans by 7 ½ | O/U: 46
from Johnson after his Cup-clinching Cincinnati’s defense played great against Pitts-
Sarah Fuller was a goalie on the victory at Phoenix. “Just hoping I don’t burgh on Monday, but the Texans’ offense has
Vanderbilt women’s soccer team when ever wake up.” too much firepower. Texans 28, Bengals 21
a chance at history tapped her on the While the world was waiting to snap
shoulder. out of a pandemic nightmare, Colin
The Commodores football team was Morikawa hit the kind of shot players Falcons (4-10) at Chiefs (13-1)
down a kicker because of COVID-19 around the world fantasize about. Noon Sunday | Chiefs by 10 ½ | O/U: 53 ½
issues, so coach Derek Mason reached In a battle down the stretch at the The Falcons have been playing better defense
out to soccer coach Darren Ambrose PGA Championship, the 23-year-old with Raheem Morris as coach, but Patrick
to see if Fuller might be a good option. Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller became drove the green on the 294-yard par-4 Mahomes can sling it. Chiefs 35, Falcons 20
Turns out she was. the first female to play in a SEC game on 16th hole at Harding Park, made the
Fuller, a senior, became the first Nov. 28. LG PATTERSON/AP eagle putt and went on to shoot a final-
woman to play in a Power 5 football round 64 for his first major title. Panthers (4-10) at Washington (6-8)
game with a kickoff against Missouri MVP Corey Seager said. “We were “The shot on 16 looked like it was 3:05 p.m. Sunday | Washington by 1 | O/U: 42
on Nov. 28. Two weeks later, she made ready to go as soon as the bell was out of a video game,” said Cameron Can Carolina’s offense get enough done against
history again as the first to score with called and once it did, we kept rolling.” Champ, Morikawa’s playing partner a Washington defense that can be ferocious?
two extra points against Tennessee. The NHL and NBA stopped then that August day. Washington 17, Panthers 14
Fuller’s uniform was sent to the started again in a most pandemic way: Sophia Popov’s run at the Women’s
College Football Hall of Fame. Her in bubbles. Open was like something out of a fairy-
gender-breaking accomplishment was The Tampa Bay Lightning made tale. Broncos (5-9) at Chargers (5-9)
a glimmer of inspiration amid the dark- the most of their two-month stay in The German lost 25 pounds because 3:05 p.m. Sunday | Chargers by 3 | O/U: 49
ness of a pandemic. Edmonton, winning the franchise’s of Lyme disease three years ago and The Chargers keep it rolling. Denver’s offense
“This whole time has been if I can do second Stanley Cup (with 2004) by considered giving up her professional is young, even though it has pieces to be good.
it, if I’m good enough to do it,” Fuller beating the Dallas Stars in six games. career, even working as caddie for Chargers 31, Broncos 27
said. “It wasn’t if I was a girl or not. So The Los Angeles Lakers started a couple of events in 2020. Ranked
that’s something I’ve really appreci- 2020 in mourning after Kobe Bryant, 304th in the world, she qualified for
ated. At the end of the day, they treated his 13-year-old daughter and six others the Women’s Open with a top-10 finish Rams (9-5) at Seahawks (10-4)
me like an athlete and that’s the best I died in a helicopter crash. at an LPGA Tour event two weeks 3:25 p.m. Sunday | Seahawks by 1 ½ | O/U: 47 ½
could ask for.” The Lakers honored the former earlier and became one of the most Every so often, the Rams are as flat as can be,
A pandemic turned the 2020 sports star and Hall of Famer the best way unexpected major champions with a and that has to scare them. They usually play
year into one of the strangest, filled they could, winning the franchise’s sterling four-day run at Royal Troon. well against Seattle. Rams 28, Seahawks 24
with shutdowns, cancellations, infec- record-tying 17th championship — “I almost quit playing last year,” she
tions and quarantines. the first since Kobe won his fifth in said. “Thank God I didn’t.”
But sports can inspire even in the 2009 — by beating the Miami Heat in Kim Ng provided a bit of inspira- Eagles (4-9-1) at Cowboys (5-9)
bleakest of times. And 2020, despite six games. tion when named general manager of 3:25 p.m. Sunday | Eagles by 2 ½ | O/U: 49
all the hardships and heartbreak, was “All we wanted was to do it for him,” the Miami Marlins, the first woman to Bit by bit, Jalen Hurts is proving it by the week.
filled with such moments. Lakers big man Anthony Davis said. “I hold the title in any of the major North Philadelphia is starting to get healthier on
The Kansas City Chiefs created one know he’s looking down on us, proud American sports. offense, too. Eagles 31, Cowboys 23
before the shutdowns began, winning of us.” And then there was Chris Nikic.
their first Super Bowl title in 50 years Lewis Hamilton made some of his The 21-year-old struggled to breathe,
behind what-will-he-do-next quarter- own history in 2020, racing to his hurt all over and nearly quit multiple Titans (10-4) at Packers (11-3)
back Patrick Mahomes. seventh Formula One title to match times. Nikic pushed through nearly 17 7:20 p.m. Sunday | Packers by 3 ½ | O/U: 55 ½
Another long drought ended when Michael Schmacher’s career mark. hours of pain in one of the most diffi- Two high-scoring teams in what could be a
Liverpool won the Premier League Denny Hamlin kicked off the cult races in the world, becoming the snowy shootout. It’s hard to bet against Aaron
for its first English championship in pre-pandemic NASCAR season by first person with Down syndrome to Rodgers in these spots. Packers 31, Titans 27
30 years. becoming the fourth driver to win complete the Ironman Triathlon.
The Los Angeles Dodgers kept the the Daytona 500 in consecutive years. “You are an Ironman!” the triathlon
trend going at the end of a pandem- Popular driver Chase Elliott capped tweeted after Nikic’s accomplishment. Bills (11-3) at Patriots (6-8)
ic-shortened baseball season, earning the shortened season by winning his He also gave sports fans an unforget- 7:15 p.m. Monday | Bills by 7 | O/U: 46
their first World Series title since 1988. first Cup Series championship, coming table moment in a year no one is soon Postseason seeding is in play and Josh Allen
“We never stopped,” World Series from the back of the field to take the to forget. is playing at an MVP level. Bills 34, Patriots 17

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4 Chicago Tribune | Chicago Sports | Section 2 | Saturday, December 26, 2020




y-Green Bay 11 3 0 .786 434 339 ATLANTIC W L PCT GB No. 1 Gonzaga (6-0) did not play. Next:
Chicago 7 7 0 .500 315 318 Brooklyn 2 0 1.000 — vs. No. 16 Virginia, Saturday.
Minnesota 6 9 0 .400 393 440 Philadelphia 1 0 1.000 1
⁄2 No. 2. Baylor (6-0) did not play. Next: vs.
Detroit 5 9 0 .357 335 435 Boston 1 1 .500 1 Central Arkansas, Tuesday.
NFC EAST W L T PCT PF PA New York 0 1 .000 1 ⁄2
No. 3. Kansas (8-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Toronto 0 1 .000 11⁄2
Washington 6 8 0 .429 302 295 No. 10 Texas, Jan. 2.
Dallas 5 9 0 .357 339 433 SOUTHEAST No. 4. Iowa (7-2) lost to Minnesota 102-
N.Y. Giants 5 9 0 .357 244 311 Orlando 1 0 1.000 — 95, OT. Next: vs. Northwestern, Tuesday.
Philadelphia 4 9 1 .321 303 361 Atlanta 1 0 1.000 — No. 5. Villanova (8-1) did not play. Next:
NFC SOUTH W L T PCT PF PA Miami 1 1 .500 1
⁄2 at No. 22 Xavier, Jan. 2.
Washington 0 1 .000 1
y-New Orl. 11 4 0 .733 449 330 No. 6. Houston (6-0) did not play. Next:
Charlotte 0 1 .000 1
Tampa Bay 9 5 0 .643 401 321 at UCF, Saturday.
CENTRAL No. 7. West Virginia (7-2) did not play.
Atlanta 4 10 0 .286 355 353
Carolina 4 10 0 .286 323 356 Indiana 1 0 1.000 — Next: at Oklahoma, Jan. 2.
NFC WEST W L T PCT PF PA Cleveland 1 0 1.000 — No. 8. Tennessee (6-0) did not play. Next:
Milwaukee 1 1 .500 1
⁄2 at No. 14 Missouri, Wednesday.
x-Seattle 10 4 0 .714 413 339 Detroit 0 1 .000 1
L.A. Rams 9 5 0 .643 345 269 No. 9. Wisconsin (8-1) beat No. 12 Michi-
Chicago 0 1 .000 1
Arizona 8 6 0 .571 391 329 gan St. 85-76. Next: vs. Maryland, Mon.
WESTERN CONFERENCE No. 10. Texas (7-1) did not play Next: vs.
San Francisco 5 9 0 .357 333 352 SOUTHWEST W L PCT GB
AFC NORTH W L T PCT PF PA Texas A&M-CC, Tuesday.
San Antonio 1 0 1.000 — No. 11. Rutgers (6-1) did not play. Next:
x-Pittsburgh 11 3 0 .786 366 264 New Orleans 1 1 .500 1
⁄2 vs. Purdue, Tuesday.
Cleveland 10 4 0 .714 368 374 Houston 0 0 .000 1
⁄2 No. 12. Michigan State (6-2) lost to No. 9
Baltimore 9 5 0 .643 403 287 Memphis 0 1 .000 1
Cincinnati 3 10 1 .250 271 355 Wisconsin 85-76. Next: at Minnesota,
Dallas 0 2 .000 11⁄2
AFC EAST W L T PCT PF PA NORTHWEST No. 13. Creighton (7-2) did not play.
The Celtics’ Jayson Tatum, who scored 20 points Friday, drives to the basket during the first
y-Buffalo 11 3 0 .786 407 340 Utah 1 0 1.000 — Next: at Providence, Jan. 2. quarter against the Nets in Boston. OMAR RAWLINGS/GETTY
Miami 9 5 0 .643 352 257 Minnesota 1 0 1.000 — No. 14. Missouri (6-0) did not play. Next:
New England 6 8 0 .429 289 301 Oklahoma City 0 0 .000 1
vs. No. 8 Tennessee, Wednesday.
N.Y. Jets 1 13 0 .071 206 413 Denver 0 1 .000 1
Portland 0 1 .000 1 No. 15. Texas Tech (7-2) did not play.
Next: Incarnate Word, Tuesday. NBA ROUNDUP
Indianapolis 10 4 0 .714 399 320 No. 16. Virginia (4-1) did not play. Next:
Tennessee 10 4 0 .714 436 361 L.A. Clippers 1 0 1.000 — vs. No. 1 Gonzaga, Saturday.

Bucks ring in
Houston 4 10 0 .286 315 386 Phoenix 1 0 1.000 — No. 17. North Carolina (5-3) did not play.
Jacksonville 1 13 0 .071 275 423 Sacramento 1 0 1.000 — Next: at Georgia Tech, Wednesday.
L.A. Lakers 1 1 .500 1
AFC WEST W L T PCT PF PA No. 18. Illinois (6-3) did not play. Next: vs.
Golden State 0 2 .000 11⁄2
y-Kansas City 13 1 0 .929 435 310 Indiana, Saturday.
Las Vegas 7 7 0 .500 377 421 FRIDAY’S RESULTS No. 19. Michigan (7-0) beat Nebraska 80-
Denver 5 9 0 .357 276 395 Miami 111, New Orleans 98 69. Next: at Maryland, Thursday.
L.A. Chargers 5 9 0 .357 327 389 Milwaukee 138, Golden State 99 No. 20. Duke (3-2) did not play. Next: vs.

holiday with rout

Brooklyn 123, Boston 95 Pittsburgh, Tuesday.
x-clinched playoff spot; y- division L.A. Lakers 138, Dallas 115 No. 21. Florida State (5-1) did not play.
WEEK 16 L.A. Clippers at Denver, late Next: at Clemson, Tuesday.
FRIDAY’S RESULT SATURDAY’S GAMES No. 22. Xavier (8-1) did not play. Next: vs.
New Orleans 52, Minnesota 33 Atlanta at Memphis, 4 p.m. Seton Hall, Wednesday.
SATURDAY’S GAMES Cleveland at Detroit, 6 p.m. No. 23. Ohio State (7-1) did not play.
Tampa Bay at Detroit, noon Oklahoma City at Charlotte, 6 p.m. Next: vs. Northwestern, Saturday.
San Francisco at Arizona, 3:30 p.m.
Miami at Las Vegas, 7:15 p.m.
Orlando at Washington, 6 p.m.
Philadelphia at New York, 6:30 p.m.
No. 24. Virginia Tech (7-1) did not play.
Next: vs. Miami, Tuesday.
Middleton’s big game leads Celtics 123, Nets 95: Kyrie Irving scored
37 points with eight assists in his return to
Atlanta at Kansas City, noon
Indiana at Chicago, 7 p.m.
Toronto at San Antonio, 7:30 p.m.
No. 25. Oregon (6-1) did not play. Next:
vs. California, Thursday. to beatdown of Warriors Boston and Kevin Durant added 29 as the
Carolina at Washington, noon Minnesota at Utah, 8 p.m.
Chicago at Jacksonville, noon Houston at Portland, 9 p.m.
Nets coasted.
Cincinnati at Houston, noon Phoenix at Sacramento, 9 p.m. Wisconsin 85, Michigan St. 76 Associated Press Jarrett Allen added 11 rebounds for the
Cleveland at N.Y. Jets, noon SUNDAY’S GAMES Purdue 73, Maryland 70 Nets, who remained perfect so far this
Indianapolis at Pittsburgh, noon Dallas at L.A. Clippers, 2:30 p.m. Michigan 80, Nebraska 69
N.Y. Giants at Baltimore, noon Brooklyn at Charlotte, 6 p.m. Minnesota 102, Iowa 95 (OT) Khris Middleton scored 31 points and the season and sent the Celtics to their first loss.
Denver at L.A. Chargers, 3:05 p.m. Orlando at Washington, 6 p.m.
SATURDAY’S GAMES Bucks routed the Warriors 138-99 on Friday Irving was 7 of 10 from 3-point range in his
L.A. Rams at Seattle, 3:25 p.m. San Antonio at New Orleans, 6 p.m.
Philadelphia at Dallas, 3:25 p.m. Milwaukee at New York, 6:30 p.m.
EAST to win their first Christmas Day home game first regular-season game at TD Garden
Coppin St. at Towson, 1 p.m.
Tennessee at Green Bay, 7:20 p.m. Philadelphia at Cleveland, 6:30 p.m. SOUTH in over half a century. since he opted out of his Celtics contract
MONDAY’S GAME Boston at Indiana, 7 p.m.
Buffalo at New England, 7:15 p.m. Golden State at Chicago, 7 p.m.
Kentucky at Louisville, noon Middleton went 10 of 15 overall and 6 in 2019.
Houston at UCF, 2 p.m.
NEW ORLEANS 52, MINNESOTA 33 Phoenix at Sacramento, 8 p.m. Norfolk St. at George Mason, 3 p.m.
for 8 from 3-point range, leading a strong Jaylen Brown scored 27 with eight
Minnesota 7 7 13 6 — 33
Minnesota at L.A. Lakers, 9 p.m. Texas S. at LSU, 4 p.m. performance from deep for his team. He rebounds for the Celtics and Jayson Tatum
New Orleans 14 10 7 21 — 52 SOCCER MIDWEST totaled 58 points in his first two games of had 20 points and eight boards. The Celt-
First quarter A: 3,000. Youngstown St. at Cleveland St., noon
NO: Kamara 40 run (Lutz kick), 12:11. ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE IUPUI at Detroit, 1 p.m. the season. ics beat the Bucks in their opener, but
Min: D.Cook 15 run (Bailey kick), 8:46. CLUB W T L GF GA PTS Ohio St. at Northwestern, 1 p.m. “The weeks before the season, I just tried they couldn’t do it again in their second
Green Bay at Wright St., 3 p.m.
NO: Kamara 1 run (Lutz kick), 5:10.
Second quarter
9 4 1 36 19 31
9 0 5 26 17 27 Indiana at Illinois, 3 p.m. to put in good work, work on my game,” straight matchup against a team expected
NO: FG Lutz 30, 14:12. Man United 8 2 3 28 21 26 N. Kentucky at Oakland, 6 p.m. Middleton said. “So far, it’s been working to contend in the Eastern Conference this
Everton 8 2 4 25 19 26 Robert Morris at Fort Wayne, 6 p.m.
Min: Boone 4 run (Bailey kick), 10:14.
Chelsea 7 4 3 29 14 25 WEST
for me.” season.
NO: Kamara 5 run (Lutz kick), :38.
Third quarter Tottenham 7 4 3 25 14 25 Virginia vs. The Bucks were 20 of 37 on 3-point The Celtics led by three at the half before
Southampton 7 3 4 25 19 24
Min: I.Smith 2 pass from Cousins (kick Man City 6 5 2 19 12 23
Gonzaga at Fort Worth, Texas, 3 p.m. attempts, while the Warriors 10 of 45. being outscored 35-23 in the third quarter,
failed), 9:41. SUNDAY’S GAMES
NO: Kamara 6 run (Lutz kick), 4:38.
Aston Villa 7 1 4 24 13 22
The Warriors were outscored by 65 points including a 9-0 run that turned a three-
West Ham 6 3 5 21 19 21
Min: I.Smith 4 pass from Cousins (Bailey Wolverhampton 6 2 6 14 19 20 Binghamton at UMBC, noon in their first two games, the second-high- point edge into a 82-70 lead. It was 86-79
kick), :22.
Fourth quarter
Crystal Palace
5 3 5 17 22 18
5 3 6 19 25 18
Hartford at New Hampshire, noon
Canisius at Monmouth (NJ), 1 p.m.
est total in NBA history through two games early in the fourth when the Nets, even
NO: Kamara 7 run (Lutz kick), 12:01. Leeds 5 2 7 24 30 17 NJIT at Vermont, 2 p.m. to 71 points for the 1987-88 Clippers. The with Irving and Durant on the bench, again
Arsenal 4 2 8 12 18 14
NO: T.Hill 1 run (Lutz kick), 4:00.
Burnley 3 4 6 8 19 13
DePaul at Providence, 3:30 p.m. Warriors lost 125-99 in Brooklyn in their scored nine in a row to open a 16-point lead.
Min: Thielen 1 pass from Cousins (pass Mass.-Lowell at Stony Brook, 4 p.m.
failed), 2:10.
Brighton 2 6 6 16 22 12
SOUTH season opener.
Fulham 2 4 8 13 23 10
NO: Kamara 3 run (Lutz kick), 1:50. West Brom 1 4 9 10 29 7 Carver at Jacksonville St., 2 p.m. This was the second-most lopsided score Heat 111, Pelicans 98: Erik Spoelstra
Alcorn St. at Vanderbilt, 3 p.m.
TEAM STATS MIN NO Sheffield United 0 2 12 8 25 2
of any Christmas Day game in NBA history. remained perfect on Christmas, and a
First downs 25 36 3 points for win, 1 for tie
Total net yards 364 583 Drake at Indiana St., noon The Syracuse Nationals beat the Knicks record-tying show from Duncan Robinson
319 Leicester vs. Man United, 7:30 a.m.
IUPUI at Detroit, noon
Youngstown St. at Cleveland St., noon
162-100 on Dec. 25, 1960. helped him stay that way.
Punt returns
Kickoff returns
Aston Villa vs. Crystal Palace, 10 a.m. Green Bay at Wright St., 1 p.m. “The thing I was most disappointed in is Robinson made seven 3-pointers — tying
Fulham vs. Southampton, 10 a.m.
Int. returns 2-9 0-0
Arsenal vs. Chelsea, 12:30 p.m.
Olivet at E. Michigan, 1 p.m. we just had two good days of practice with the Christmas single-game mark — and
Comp-att-int 27-41-0 21-28-2 N. Kentucky at Oakland, 2 p.m.
Sacked-yds lost 2-17 0-0 Man City vs. Newcastle, 3 p.m. Evansville at S. Illinois, 3 p.m. our execution working on getting in our scored 23 points, helping the Heat beat the
Punts 4-46.5 0-0.0 Sheffield United vs. Everton, 3 p.m. Illinois St. at Loyola of Chicago, 3 p.m. offense and making hard cuts and reads, Pelicans to start the NBA’s holiday quintu-
Fumbles-lost 2-0 0-0
SUNDAY’S MATCHES Missouri St. at N. Iowa, 3 p.m.
Possession time
36:47 Leeds vs. Burnley, 7 a.m. Robert Morris at Fort Wayne, 4 p.m.
and we did not execute much of anything,” pleheader Friday.
Rushing: Min, Cook 15-73, Abdullah 1-13,
West Ham vs. Brighton, 9:15 a.m. WEST Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “It was kind “It’s super special to play in Christmas,”
Liverpool vs. West Brom, 11:30 a.m. CS Northridge at Cal St.-Fullerton, noon of scattered and disorganized. I’m disap- Robinson said. “I certainly don’t take it for
Boone 1-4. NO, Kamara 22-155, Murray
Wolverhampton vs. Tottenham, 2:15 p.m. Long Beach St. at UC Riverside, 6 p.m.
12-72, T.Hill 5-18, Sanders 1-12, Burton 2-
10, Brees 3-(minus 3). MONDAY’S MATCHES UC Davis at CS Bakersfield, 6 p.m. pointed in that. I’ve got to take the blame granted.”
Passing: Min, Cousins 27-41-0-291. NO, Crystal Palace vs. Leicester, 10 a.m. UC Santa Barbara at UC Irvine, 6 p.m. for that. I’m the head coach.” Goran Dragic scored 18 points, Bam
Chelsea vs. Aston Villa, 12:30 p.m. Cal Poly at Hawaii, 9 p.m.
Brees 19-26-2-311, T.Hill 2-2-0-8.
Everton vs. Man City, 3 p.m. MONDAY’S GAMES
The Bucks’ only other Christmas home Adebayo had 17 and Avery Bradley
Receiving: Min, Thielen 8-97, Jefferson
6-85, I.Smith 6-53, Conklin 4-31, Cook 2- TUESDAY’S MATCHES EAST game came during the franchise’s inaugural finished with 12 for the Heat, and Spoels-
12, O.Johnson 1-13. NO, Sanders 4-83, Brighton vs. Arsenal, 1 p.m. Binghamton at UMBC, noon season in 1968. The Bucks were on the road tra improved his Christmas record as Heat
Cook 3-82, Callaway 3-26, Murray 3-24, Burnley vs. Sheffield United, 1 p.m. Hartford at New Hampshire, noon
Kamara 3-17, Trautman 2-45, T.Hill 1-19, Southampton vs. West Ham, 1 p.m. Canisius at Monmouth (NJ), 1 p.m. for Christmas the last two seasons, losing in coach to 8-0.
Johnson 1-19, Burton 1-4. West Brom vs. Leeds, 1 p.m. Mass.-Lowell at Stony Brook, 1 p.m. Philadelphia in 2019 and winning in New Precious Achiuwa and Tyler Herro each
NJIT at Vermont, 1 p.m.
Punt returns: Min, None. NO, Callaway 1-
16, Carr 1-1.
Man United vs. Wolverhampton, 3 p.m.
York in 2018. scored 11 for the Heat, who lost Jimmy
WEDNESDAY’S MATCHES They went out and delivered a domi- Butler at halftime with right ankle stiffness.
Kickoff returns: Min, None. NO, Mont- Loyola (NO) at S. Miss., 2p.m.
Tottenham vs. Fulham, 1 p.m.
gomery 2-57, Washington 1-17. Newcastle vs. Liverpool, 3 p.m.
Carver at Troy, 6 p.m.
Dillard at New Orleans, 7 p.m.
nant performance to bounce back from a Zion Williamson had 32 points and 14
Tackles-assists-sacks: Min, B.Lynch 7-
3-0, Wilson 6-3-0, H.Smith 5-3-0, Glad- COLLEGE FOOTBALL MIDWEST season-opening 122-121 loss in Boston in rebounds in 38 minutes for the Pelicans —
ney 4-2-0, Nickerson 3-2-0, C.Jones 3- BOWL SCHEDULE *-A.M. Drake at Indiana St., 4 p.m. which Celtics star Jayson Tatum banked in the rebounds and minutes both being career
0-0, Stephen 3-0-0, Mata’afa 2-2-0, Evansville at S. Illinois, 5 p.m.
J.Johnson 2-1-0, Yarbrough 2-0-0, Harris FRIDAY’S RESULT Missouri St. at N. Iowa, 5 p.m. a go-ahead 3-pointer and the Bucks’ Giannis highs. Brandon Ingram finished with 28
1-7-0, Watts 1-2-0. NO, Davis 6-2-0, Camellia Bowl Illinois St. at Loyola of Chicago, 6 p.m. Antetokounmpo missed a potential tying points.
Buffalo 17, Marshall 10 Maryland at Wisconsin, 6 p.m.
M.Jenkins 6-1-.5, Lattimore 5-1-0,
P.Williams 3-1-0, Alexander 3-0-0, SATURDAY’S GAMES Michigan St. at Minnesota, 7 p.m.
free throw in the final second. But the Pelicans shot 40% to the Heat’s
Swearinger 3-0-0, J.Jenkins 2-2-0, Jor- Gasparilla Bowl SOUTHWEST Antetkounmpo had 15 points and 13 51%.
dan 2-1-1 At Tampa, Fla. Our Lady of the Lake at UTEP, 8 p.m.
rebounds against the Warriors, but the “We made some defensive mistakes,”
Interceptions: Min, Nickerson 1-5, Hand UAB vs. South Carolina, 11* (ABC)
1-4. NO, None. Cure Bowl CS Northridge at Cal St.-Fullerton, noon two-time reigning NBA MVP shot 4 of 15 said Josh Hart, who scored 12 for the Peli-
Missed field goals: None. Coastal Carolina vs. Liberty, 6:30 p.m. Long Beach St. at UC Riverside, noon from the floor and 7 of 15 from the foul line. cans. “Lack of communication. We’ve got to
(ESPN) UC Davis at CS Bakersfield, 6 p.m.
ODDS SERVPRO First Responder Bowl UC Santa Barbara at UC Irvine, 6 p.m. Stephen Curry scored 19 points for the communicate better on the defensive end.”
Louisiana vs. UTSA, 2:30 p.m. (ABC) Fresno St. at Colorado St., 7 p.m. Warriors, and rookie James Wiseman had Robinson’s seven 3s tied the Christmas
NBA Lendingtree Bowl N. Arizona at Gonzaga, 8 p.m.
18. mark Ingram set last year.
SP OU SATURDAY W. Kentucky vs. Colorado at Arizona, 8:30 p.m.
Atlanta 1 237 at Memphis Georgia St., 2:30 p.m. (ESPN) WOMEN’S SCHEDULE
at Detroit 21⁄2 217 ⁄2
at Washington 2 229 Orlando SUNDAY’S GAMES
Cheez-It Bowl EAST
at Charlotte 31⁄2 219 Okla. City Miami vs. Oklahoma St., 4:30 p.m.
Philadelphia 8 2181⁄2 at New York Stony Brook at Mass.-Lowell, noon
(ESPN) UMBC at Binghamton, 1 p.m.
223 at Chicago
225 at San Antonio
Alamo Bowl
Texas vs. Colorado, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
New Hampshire at Hartford, 2 p.m. IN BRIEF
at Utah 8 2251⁄2 Minnesota Vermont at NJIT, 3 p.m.

Saints’ Kamara ties TD record

Phoenix 31⁄2 228 at Sacramento WEDNESDAY’S GAMES WEST
at Portland off off Houston Duke’s Mayo Bowl CS Bakersfield at UC Davis, noon
Wisconsin vs. Wake Forest, 11* (ESPN) Hawaii at Cal Poly, 6 p.m.
COLLEGE BASKETBALL Music City Bowl UC Irvine at UC Santa Barbara, 6 p.m.
SP SATURDAY Iowa vs. Missouri, 2:30 p.m. (ESPN) UC Riverside at Long Beach St., 6 p.m.
at Louisville 4 Kentucky
at Cleveland St. 1 Youngstown St.
Cotton Bowl Classic MONDAY’S GAMES News services
Oklahoma vs. Florida, 6:15 p.m. (ESPN)
Ohio State 3 at Northwestern EAST „ The Falcons have declared WR Julio
THURSDAY’S GAMES New Hampshire at Hartford, noon
at Wright St.
at UCF
Green Bay Armed Forces Bowl Stony Brook at Mass.-Lowell, noon Alvin Kamara tied an NFL record by Jones and C Alex Mack out for Sunday’s
at Illinois 51⁄2 Indiana Mississippi State vs. Tulsa, 11* (ESPN) UMBC at Binghamton, 1 p.m. running for six touchdowns in a game and game at Kansas City. Jones, a seven-time
Arizona Bowl Vermont at NJIT, 1 p.m.
Gonzaga 7 Virginia
San Jose St vs. Ball State, 1 p.m. (CBSSN) SOUTH
finished with a career-high 155 yards rush- Pro Bowl selection, will miss his third
at IPFW 3 Robert Morris
at Detroit 6 Oakland Liberty Bowl Lipscomb at Tennessee, 6 p.m. ing to help the host Saints beat the Vikings straight game with a hamstring injury.
West Virginia vs. Army, 3 p.m. (ESPN)
Samford at Vanderbilt, 7 p.m.
52-33 on Friday and clinch a fourth straight Mack, a six-time Pro Bowl pick, will miss his
SP OU SATURDAY TCU vs. Arkansas, 7 p.m. (ESPN) Our Lady of the Lake at NFC South title. first game of the season with a concussion.
Coast. Carol. 7 591⁄2 Liberty
La.-Laf. 131⁄2 551⁄2 UTSA FRIDAY, JAN. 1 Sam Houston St., 6:30 p.m. Wearing different colored shoes — one A third starter, left guard James Carpenter,
Birmingham (Ala.) Bowl Northwestern St. at Texas A&M, 7 p.m.
Georgia St. 31⁄2 491⁄2 W Kentucky
TCU vs. Arkansas, 11* (ESPN2) WEST red and one green on Christmas Day — will miss the game with a groin injury.
Oklahoma St. 21⁄2 581⁄2 Miami Peach Bowl CS Bakersfield at UC Davis, noon Kamara sprinted for a 40-yard touchdown
Portland at Pepperdine, TBA
Texas 91⁄2 631⁄2 Colorado Cincinnati vs. Georgia, 11:30*
San Francisco at BYU, 3 p.m.
on the game’s opening drive. He added College basketball: Franz Wagner had
Wake Forest Citrus Bowl Hawaii at Cal Poly, 6 p.m. scoring runs of 1, 5, 6, 7 and 3 yards against 20 points and No. 19 Michigan scored 10
Iowa 141⁄2 50 Missouri Auburn vs. Northwestern, noon (ABC) UC Irvine at UC Santa Barbara, 6 p.m.
UC Riverside at Long Beach St., 6 p.m.
a defensive front hit hard by injuries. straight points early in the second half to
Rose Bowl in Arlington, Texas
Florida 21⁄2 72 Oklahoma
CFP semifinal: Alabama vs. Notre Dame, Gonzaga at Loyola Marymount, 8 p.m. Kamara equaled a record set by Hall of pull away from Nebraska in an 80-69 victory
W. Virginia 7 42 Army 4 p.m. (ESPN) Santa Clara at San Diego, 8 p.m. Fame fullback Ernie Nevers in 1929 for the in Lincoln, Neb. The Wolverines (7-0, 2-0
Tulsa 21⁄2 49 Miss. State Sugar Bowl TUESDAY’S GAMES Chicago Cardinals. Big Ten) started slow in their first game
San Jose St. 9 63 Ball St. CFP semifinal: Clemson EAST
TCU 5 57 Arkansas vs. Ohio St., 7:45 p.m. (ESPN) DePaul at UConn, TBA “The offensive line gets the game ball for since Dec. 13 due to coronavirus concerns
SP OU JAN. 1 SATURDAY, JAN. 2 Old Dominion at Delaware St., noon sure, kudos to them,” Kamara said. “Sean but stunned the Cornhuskers (4-5, 0-2)
Gator Bowl Coppin St. at Towson, 6 p.m.
Georgia 7
Northwestern 31⁄2
Auburn North Carolina St. vs. Kentucky, 11* SOUTH (Payton, the Saints coach) dialed it up, I did with the two-minute flurry that began
Alabama 20 66 Notre Dame (ESPN) Chattanooga at N. Alabama, 1 p.m. the small part. with Isaiah Livers’ 3-pointer. Wagner close
McNeese St. at Grambling St., 1 p.m.
Clemson 71⁄2 661⁄2 Ohio State Outback Bowl
Mercer at UNC-Wilmington, 1 p.m.
“Today was a great day, we got out first it with a 25-footer that put the Wolverines
SP OU JAN. 2 Indiana vs. Mississippi, 11:30* (ABC)
Kentucky 21⁄2 511⁄2 NC State Fiesta Bowl SC St. at W. Carolina, 1 p.m. goal, division title. Gonna take it from up 53-41 with 14:38 left.
Indiana 7 661⁄2 Mississippi Iowa vs. Oregon, 3 p.m. (ESPN) MIDWEST
New Mexico St. at Kansas, noon
Iowa St. 41⁄2 571⁄2 Oregon Orange Bowl
Texas A&M 7 671⁄2 N. Carolina Texas vs. North Carolina, 7 p.m. (ESPN) Bellarmine at Evansville, 3 p.m. The Vikings (6-9) was eliminated from College football: Kevin Marks scored on
Dayton at Saint Louis, 4 p.m. playoff contention while allowing the most a 1-yard touchdown run with 1:09 left and
WEEK 16 SP OU SATURDAY College Football Championship
Lamar at Texas, 1 p.m. points since 1963. Buffalo made a final defensive stop to beat
Tampa Bay 91⁄2 54 at Detroit At Miami Gardens, Fla.
at Arizona 5 48 ⁄2
San Fran. Rose Bowl winner vs.
Ark.-Pine Bluff at Oklahoma, 7 p.m. The Saints (11-4) never punted, and set a Marshall 17-10 in the Camellia Bowl in
Miami 3 47 ⁄2
at las Vegas Sugar Bowl winner, 7 p.m. (ESPN) WEDNESDAY’S GAMES record of yards gained in a game by a Vikings Montgomery, Ala. Subbing for the national
at LA Chargers 3
COMPLETED BOWL GAMES Memphis at UCF, 11:05 a.m. opponent with 583. They might have won leader in rushing yards per game, Jaret
Myrtle Beach Bowl High Point at SC-Upstate, 1 p.m. by a greater margin if not for a pair inter- Patterson, Marks carried 35 time for 138
Cleveland 91⁄2 47 at NY Jets DEC. 21: Richmond at Furman, 1 p.m.
at Houston 71⁄2 46 Cincinnati Appalachian St. 56, North Texas 28 Nicholls at Alabama A&M, 2 p.m.
ceptions of Drew Brees. Brees completed yards for the Bulls (6-1) against one of the
Indianapolis 11⁄2 441⁄2 at Pittsburgh
Chicago 71⁄2 47 at Jacksonville
Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Hampton at Gardner-Webb, 3 p.m. 19 of 26 throws for 311 yards in his second nation’s top run defenses. Grant Wells took
DEC. 22: Nevada 38, Tulane 27
at Washington 1 42 Carolina Boca Raton (Fla.) Bowl
E. Illinois at E. Kentucky, 4 p.m.
UT Martin at Jacksonville St., 4:30 p.m.
game back from rib and lung injuries that Marshall (7-3), which had rallied from a
at Baltimore 101⁄2 44 NY Giants
at Kansas City 101⁄2 531⁄2 Atlanta
DEC. 22: BYU 49, UCF 23 Austin Peay at Tennessee St., 5 p.m. had sidelined him for four games. 10-0 deficit, to the Buffalo 20 with no time-
New Orleans Bowl
at Seattle 11⁄2 471⁄2 LA Rams DEC. 23:
SE Missouri at Tennessee Tech, 5 p.m. New Orleans native Irv Smith Jr. caught a outs. Kadofi Wright’s sack helped force
SIU-Edwardsville at
Philadelphia 21⁄2
at Green Bay 31⁄2
at Dallas
Georgia Southern 38, Louisiana Tech 3 Morehead St., 5 p.m. pair of touchdown passes in the third quar- a fourth-and-11 and Eric Black added his
Montgomery (Ala.) Bowl Temple at Tulane, 6 p.m. ter for the Vikings, the second pulling them second sack to end the threat. ... Colora-
SP OU MONDAY DEC. 23: Memphis 25, FAU 10 MIDWEST
Buffalo 7 46 at New England New Mexico Bowl Chicago St. at W. Illinois, 2 p.m.
to within 31-27. But the Saints responded do’s Jarek Broussard and Oregon State’s DEC. 24: Hawaii 28, Houston 14 with two short touchdown runs by Kamara Jermar Jefferson were voted co-offensive
and one by reserve QB Taysom Hill in the players of the year by a media panel in the
fourth quarter to put the game out of reach. AP All-Pac-12 team released Friday.

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Chicago Tribune | Chicago Sports | Section 2 | Saturday, December 26, 2020 5



Just stepping on court for Honor

opener a win for Demons Death Notices

Brunner, Santa Rose

Santa Rose Brunner left this life peacefully on
a Loved
By Shannon Ryan
Finishing the game with more points
than its opponent was a secondary victory
December 20, 2020, at the
age of 84, in her home in
Chicago, Illinois. She joins
One with
her sister, Katherine “Toots”
for DePaul.
Getting on the court was the primary
win — and it’s most impressive.
McKeever Walsh (the late
Jim, and Marty) and parents
Clifton Brunner and Frances
Bonafede, along with many
a Death
After a 28-day delay because of recur-

Notice in
dear departed friends es-
ring COVID-19 issues, DePaul on Wednes-
pecially her best friend of
day became the last men’s basketball team fifty-plus years, Pat Casey. Santa Rose
from a major conference to tip off during was a lifelong nurse, graduating from
this complicated season. Beating Western St. Anne’s Hospital School of Nursing
Illinois 91-72 at Wintrust Arena must have
felt especially rewarding.
Stepping on the court for competition was

DePaul’s Nick Ongenda dunks Wednesday

against Western Illinois.
in Chicago as an RN in 1957 and thirty
years later went back to college to receive her
BS in Nursing from College of St. Francis in Joliet.
something the Blue Demons hadn’t done Santa Rose helped her first husband, Paul Joseph
since March 11, when the NCAA shut down
as the pandemic spread across the nation.
“If we waited approximately a month
program, the game was canceled shortly
before tipoff.
“We’ve been handicapped more than I
Concepcion, M.D., run his new practice on Harlem
Avenue on the northwest side of Chicago while rais-
ing their five children. After their divorce in 1968,
she and her young children moved to Des Plaines,
for basketball, then we owe it to ourselves care to talk about,” Leitao said. “It’s in no Illinois, where for many years she worked the night
and to the game to put our best foot way an excuse from anybody, particularly shift (11 p.m. to 7 a.m.) at Northwest Community
forward,” DePaul coach Dave Leitao told me.” Hospital (Americana) as a floor nurse, and then at
players before the game. “Just making sure The rustiness from a lack of play showed Holy Family Nursing Home as charge nurse. In the It’s a final farewell; a
these games are precious. We’ve under- in the form of 20 turnovers. latter part of her career, she pursued and gained
stood that more now than ever because it But DePaul had more than enough to get a Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) sign of love and re-
had been taken away by the pandemic by Western Illinois. The Blue Demons shot certificate and worked in the Rehabilitation Unit of
we’re in. If we’re going to be thankful of the 59% from the field, making 10 of 20 Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Schaumburg, spect; an homage to a
Illinois. There she cared for hundreds of patients
opportunity, let’s go out and show it 3-pointers. who were recovering from traumatic injuries or loved one’s life. Placing
collectively.” Freeman-Liberty, who transferred from progressive, debilitating illnesses, and she gave
Since Nov. 25, DePaul saw 10 games Valparaiso, had an impressive debut. He her heart to them, making lifelong friendships with a Death Notice shows
canceled or postponed with the program scored 19 points on 8-of-12 shooting with some after they left the unit. She also mentored
suspending team activities twice as players eight rebounds, six assists and three steals. and guided new nurses, helping them with obsta- you care, and is now
tested positive for COVID-19 and others “It’s tough times, really it is,” Freeman- cles and celebrating their victories, always with a
more efficient than ever
were quarantined by contact tracing. Liberty said. “For us to get out there and play down-to-earth outlook and ready wit that kept her
Wednesday’s game, played in front of no at the level we did showed we have major a favorite (most of the time) of colleagues, supervi-
sors, patients, and their families. Personally, Santa
before with our NEW
fans because of COVID-19 safety guide- talent. We all were just anxious to get out
lines, was a makeup from when DePaul there and play the game that we love.”
Rose was an unapologetic liberal and champion
of the poor, disadvantaged, and marginalized; and
Self-Service tool.
canceled against the Leathernecks for its He made for a strong backcourt with foe of the bureaucracies, politicians, and power-
season opener. Charlie Moore, who led the way with 22 brokers who rode roughshod over them. In the 60’s
Leading up to tipoff, even players points, including four 3-pointers. He hit her house was egged because of her “We Support Features of Self-Service
wondered if they finally would take the eight straight shots during one stretch. School Busing” sign in the window. In the early 70’s
court. Nick Ongenda, a 6-foot-11 center, sup- she was the local leader for Mothers for Peace, driv- • Instant notice creation
“It can get canceled just like that,” guard plied the fun with four dunks for eight ing with her children in protest motorcades. She
also helped run the area’s Impeach Richard Nixon and review
Javon Freeman-Liberty said. “It was defi- points and six monstrous blocks.
movement. As the years went on, she volunteered
nitely fingers crossed for all of us.” He scored the first points of DePaul’s
for the local Democratic Party organization, was
• Real-time pricing
The Blue Demons still aren’t at full long-awaited season off a rebound putback a census taker, and helped so many friends who
strength; they had only eight scholarship 43 seconds after tipoff. • Pre-designed templates
needed someone on their side. Santa Rose loved to
players against Western Illinois. Five of “There was a relief,” Moore said. “Hav- dance and cut a mean figure on the dance floor, and • Enhance your notice by
those players are newcomers this season. ing several games canceled, seeing other her lovely alto found many an open mic singing the
Forward Romeo Weems, forward Dari- teams play, my team was just anxious to get old ballads, like her favorites As Time Goes By and
uploading photos and
ous Hall and freshman forward Keon out there and play. When we hit the floor, Toora Loora Looral. In recent years, after retirement, graphics
Edwards sat out because of COVID-19 relief hit us instantly. We came out with a she moved to senior independent living at Autumn
Green of Wright College in Chicago to be closer to • Immediate, printable
protocol. Weems, a first-team all-freshman great run and the energy level was there.”
Big East selection last season, averaged The Blue Demons hope the wait was her children. She enjoyed their weekly nickle-and- proof of notice
dime poker group and the “Precious Memories”
eight points while starting every game. worth it. They hope the finish to this meetings where she shared stories of old family
Jaylen Butz, a senior forward, is out season will be, too. photos she brought down to pass around. Through
indefinitely for personal reasons, a team Last season, DePaul won its first 10 the pandemic, the staff treated her very well and
spokesman said. Sophomore Markese games and built a 13-1 record. But it
Includes print listing
kept her safe. They allowed her children in for occa-
Jacobs is recovering from a knee injury he unraveled as the Blue Demons lost 11 of sional masked one-on-one visits, and for that we are in the Death Notice
suffered last season. their next 12. so grateful. Santa Rose Brunner leaves behind her
The Blue Demons’ last quarantine They beat Xavier in the first round of the children Anne-Marie, Ralph (Janet), Paul (Betty), John section of the
session ended Monday, meaning they had Big East tournament before the remaining (the late Kevin), and Mary Frances (Scott); grandchil-
only two days of practice. They have held games were called off. dren Nicole (Joe), Scotty, PJ (Madeleine), Anthony, Chicago Tribune,
Santago, Jackson, and Harris; her great-grandchild
only a few practices in the last three weeks DePaul’s next game comes Sunday at Silas, and her nieces and nephews Margie (Jack) who an online notice with
— and only six times did they have enough Providence. is her goddaughter, Jimmy (Peggy), Katie (Vinnie,
for five-on-five scrimmages. “We have a great overall team,” Moore and the late Jim), Maureen (Dave), and Colleen (the guestbook on
DePaul traveled to Iowa State for a Dec. said. “If we keep working, staying in the late Stanley); and friends Ann, Belinda, Noreen,
6 nonconference game, but after pregame gym and playing together, the sky is the and many more. She is in a heaven filled with joy
test results showed a positive case in the limit for us.” and music, with an eternal promise to watch over
and protect all those she left behind. Contact the
family for news of a Memorial service to be held
later in 2021. In lieu of flowers, please make dona-
tions in her name to the non-profit animal shelter
Sign Guestbook at

Papa, Alfredo
Age 85, passed away on December 10, 2020. Born
& raised in Calgary, Canada. Worked in the restau-
rant industry for over 30 years in Chicago, retiring
to Arizona. Alfredo embodied hospitality. Hosting
gatherings, bringing family/friends together was
what he lived for. He enjoyed cooking, model trains,
gardening and recreating in beautiful places. His
energy, sense of humor, and devotion to those he
loved will never be forgotten. Survived by his wife
of 40 years, Heidi and children: Dean Papa (Mary
Ellen), Rene Papa (Stephanee), Tony Papa (Renee),
Christina Anderson (Damon), 11 grandchildren & 2
great grandchildren. Virtual Service TBD. Send con-
tact info to:
Sign Guestbook at


life & memories


Patrick Williams gets a high five as he’s introduced in the starting lineup Wednesday.

Bulls done a little bit more (Wednesday). I feel

like I could’ve given us a defensive boost a
little bit better, just communicating with
Continued from Page 1 defense.”
Putting Williams in the starting lineup
throughout the preseason and the start of has as much to do with his success as it
the regular season Wednesday, the rookie makes sense for how Donovan wants to
does not look out of place on an NBA floor. utilize Porter. With the Bulls bench limited
“He’s extremely talented,” guard Zach while veterans Tomas Satoransky, Garrett
LaVine said. “You see flashes where it’s Temple, Denzel Valentine and Thad Young
like, man, this kid is going to be really good. are out to start the season, Porter becomes
He brings an aggression to the game. He’s the veteran to lead the reserve unit and
extremely strong. He’s NBA-ready, body- provide scoring off the bench.
wise, and it’s something that we need. He’s It also gives Donovan a chance to control GIVE THEM THE MEMORIAL
just going to keep getting better.” Porter’s minutes as the team eases him AN EXCEPTIONAL
The move also is a tactical decision by back into action after he has been ham- PERSON DESERVES
coach Billy Donovan that could pay off in a pered by injuries the past few seasons. WITH LIFE TRIBUTES
few ways. Donovan wanted to avoid a scenario where
First, the Bulls defense is a disaster. It Porter had to play more than 30 minutes a Our professional writers will assist
became clear on opening night just how game early on and should the Bulls ever you to showcase and celebrate
badly the Bulls are going to struggle play a game with a final score closer than the life of your loved ones with
defensively against the quicker, better Wednesday, Porter seems likely to be part a beautifully written tribute
shooting teams in the league and Williams of the team’s closing lineup. prominently placed within the
is already, perhaps, their most capable “From a coaching perspective, it’s a Chicago Tribune.
one-on-one perimeter defender. Starting 48-minute game,” Donovan said before the
him over Otto Porter, who is a solid team game Wednesday. “And sometimes how
defender, allows the Bulls to trade offense you start is not how you finish based on
for defense, removing some of the redun- what a lineup is doing and what another CONTACT US
dancy of having another scorer in the team is doing. … I get the interest in the  312.222.2222
starting lineup. starting piece of it, but at the same point,
In Wednesday’s opener, Porter shot even with somebody like Otto, we want to
5-of-10 for 14 points and five rebounds in 23 obviously ramp him up in a way that is safe 
minutes, but the starters already had and healthy for him. He’s been available, he
created a major deficit by the time he had a is healthy, he’s doing well, but he’s probably
chance to affect the game. one of the most experienced guys on the
“I’m here to do my job, whatever that team. And you don’t want to come out of
entails; I’m going to go do it the best I can the gates here with him absorbing 34, 35
do,” Porter said Thursday. “I could have minutes. That’s not the best thing for him.”

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Social Media Pakistan 0345-6738217