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The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett

1 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? 4 Look at

a Mary’s servant Kamala came to England this picture.

with her.
b On the journey to Yorkshire, Mary was
polite and friendly to Mrs Medlock.
c The house in Yorkshire was large.

d At the beginning, Mary felt lonely at her
uncle’s house.
e Ben the gardener told Mary she was pretty.
f The robin helped Mary to find the key to
the secret garden.
g Nobody had been in the secret garden for
ten years.
h Dickon was a selfish and bad-tempered boy.
i Mary and Colin had an argument.
j Colin was in a wheelchair when he met his
father at the end.

20 marks

2 Put the following events in the story in the right

order. Number them 1–10.
a A robin helped Mary to find the key.
b Dickon and Mary took Colin to the secret
garden in his wheelchair. a Who are the three people?
c Mary was born in India. .......................................................................................
d Mr Craven came back home, and was b Where are they?
happy because his son could walk. .......................................................................................
e Mary’s parents died.
20 marks
f Mary went to the secret garden for the first
5 Match a number from A with a letter from B to make
g Mary came to live in her uncle’s house.
complete sentences.
h Mary met Dickon and they went to the
secret garden together. A
i Colin learned to walk again. 1 Colin was worried . . .
j Mary found Colin for the first time and 2 Mary came to live in England . . .
became his friend. 3 Mary found Colin . . .
4 Mr Craven was sad . . .
20 marks 5 The servants in Yorkshire were surprised . . .
3 In the story, who has . . .? Mary, Mr Archibald Craven,
a . . . because his wife died.
Colin, Dickon, Martha.
b . . . because Colin could walk.
a . . . a wheelchair. ..............
c . . . because he thought he was going to die.
b . . . two rabbits and two squirrels. ...............
d . . . because both of her parents died.
c . . . the key to the secret garden. ..............
e . . . because she heard him crying.
d . . . eleven brothers and sisters. ...............
e . . . a crooked back. ............... 20 marks

20 marks
T Total marks

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The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett

Setting 12 Kamala was paid to _____.

a F take care of Mary b F look after the garden
Choose the best answer.
c F feed the elephants d F help in the kitchen
1 The young Englishman told Mary’s mother that 13 Mary was born in India, where her _____ was a
they should _____. British official.
a F make a flower garden b F go to the hills a F mother b F father c F brother
c F leave India d F get more servants d F uncle
2 Later that day _____ in Mary’s house. 14 Mary’s mother was very beautiful and spent all
a F three servants died b F Mary’s mother her time _____.
had a party c F the Englishman made a a F in the garden b F doing the cooking
garden d F Kamala came back c F talking to the servants d F going to parties
3 Mary did not miss her parents when they died 15 When she was in India, Mary was a very _____,
because _____. and bad-tempered little girl.
a F she didn’t live with them b F she had not a F kind, gentle b F selfish, disagreeable
known them well c F she hated them c F confused, angry d F frightened, cross
M U LT I p L e - C H O I C e

d F she had lots of friends 16 _____ was a large woman, with a very red face
4 At first Mary was taken to live with _____. and bright black eyes.
a F her grandparents b F the servants a F Martha b F Kamala
c F a family who had known her parents c F Mary’s mother d F Mrs Medlock

d F her friends 17 Martha had _____ brothers and sisters.

5 Basil sang a song about Miss Mary and her a F eleven b F twelve c F thirteen
stupid _____. d F fourteen
a F parents b F servants c F friends 18 Before he met Mary, Ben Weatherstaff’s only
d F flowers friend was _____.
6 Basil told Mary that her uncle had no _____ a F Colin b F Mr Craven c F his dog
because he was so bad-tempered. d F a robin
a F wife b F friends c F servants 19 Mary thought Mr Craven’s face was not ugly,
d F children but very _____.
7 Mary travelled _____ to her uncle’s house in a F handsome b F sad c F thin d F angry
Yorkshire. 20 When Colin was born _____.
a F north by train b F south by sea a F his father and mother went to Europe
c F east by car d F west by train b F the garden door was locked
8 Mrs Medlock thought that Mary was a _____ c F his father left him with his mother
child. d F his father made a new garden
a F disagreeable b F pretty c F happy
d F ugly 20 marks
9 Mr Craven’s house had nearly _____ rooms, but
most of them were shut.
a F a thousand b F one hundred c F fifty Dialogue
d F two hundred
Who said this?
10 Mr Craven’s house was right on the edge of the
21 ‘Why has nobody come to take care of me?’
a F Mary’s mother b F Kamala
a F town b F moor c F sea d F lake
c F Mary d F Mary’s father
20 marks 22 ‘You’re a hard little girl! Well, if you don’t care,
Mr Craven doesn’t care either.’
a F Mary b F Mrs Medlock c F Basil
Characters d F Martha
23 ‘My mother always says people should be able
Choose the best answer.
to take care of themselves, even if they are rich
11 Mary was not a pretty child, she had a thin and important.’
angry face and _____. a F Martha b F Mary c F Mrs Medlock
a F long arms and legs b F thin yellow hair d F Mr Craven
c F a tall thin body d F long thin fingers

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The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett

24 ‘I haven’t got any friends at all.’ 38 not beautiful

a F Martha b F Mary c F Mr Craven a F pretty b F bad c F old d F ugly
d F Dickon 39 often cross and angry
25 ‘You’re a strange child. Like an old woman! a F confused b F furious
Now run away and play!’ c F bad-tempered d F tears
a F Mrs Medlock c F Mary 40 to walk slowly with no special plan
c F Martha’s mother d F Martha a F whisper b F wander c F skip d F hop
26 ‘You mustn’t go wandering around the house,
you know. Mr Craven wouldn’t like it.’ 20 marks
a F Mrs Medlock b F Ben Weatherstaff
c F Martha d F Martha’s mother
27 ‘I’ve stolen a garden. Nobody goes into it, nobody Plot
wants it. I love it and nobody takes care of it.’ Choose the best answer.
a F Mary b F Dickon c F Colin 41 Mrs Medlock told Mary that she must _____.
d F Ben Weatherstaff a F go to visit Colin b F stay in her room

M U LT I p L e - C H O I C e
28 ‘What a strange house this is! So many secrets! c F play in the garden d F help in the kitchen
Does your father come and see you often?’ 42 Mary didn’t like the garden at first because she
a F Martha b F Colin c F Mary thought _____.
d F Dickon a F it was untidy and dirty

29 ‘I won’t let that boy come to the garden if you b F it had no flowers c F there were no birds
stay with him instead of talking to me!’ d F it looked ugly in winter
a F Colin b F Mary c F Martha 43 _____ told Mary about the secret garden.
d F Dickon a F Mr Craven b F Colin c F Mrs Medlock
30 ‘You’ve got your mother’s eyes. Yes, I know you. d F Martha
You’re Mr Craven’s son . . .’ 44 _____ was the only one who had been in the
a F Martha b F Mary c F Dickon secret garden in the last ten years.
d F Ben Weatherstaff a F Ben Weatherstaff b F The robin
c F Mrs Medlock d F Martha
20 marks
45 Mary found the old key in _____.
a F a hole in the garden b F her room in the
house c F a tree d F the robin’s nest
Vocabulary 46 Dickon brought Mary a spade and some _____.
Choose the best answer. a F trees b F birds c F seeds d F roses
31 not pleasing; bad-tempered 47 Mary found Colin’s bedroom because she heard
a F confused b F shocked c F furious him _____.
d F disagreeable a F laughing b F singing c F talking
32 to look at someone or something for a long time d F crying
a F stare b F skip c F wander d F whisper 48 When he looked over the wall, Ben Weatherstaff
33 something strange that can make wonderful, was surprised to see that Colin didn’t have _____.
unusual things happen a F a crooked back and legs b F his father’s
a F angel b F shocked c F confused hair c F his mother’s eyes d F crooked arms
d F magic 49 Mrs Sowerby sent _____ to the garden for Mary
34 to jump on one foot and Colin to eat.
a F skip b F wander c F bury d F hop a F eggs and meat b F apples and pears
35 a different way of speaking the same language c F milk and fresh bread d F cake and tea
a F whisper b F dialect c F cousin d F ugly 50 When Mr Craven looked at a _____ he realized
36 a messenger from God, or a very good person how beautiful something living could be.
a F angel b F cousin c F handsome a F flower b F tree c F robin d F stream
d F magic
37 drops of water that come from your eyes 20 marks
a F stare b F horrid c F tears d F shocked
Total marks

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