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Exposing the New (Jew) Age

New Agers are in complete denial of the Jewish problem, the central core of
the movement is healing for the self and the world, so any authentic New
Age healer would have to address the issue of the Jews who wage total war
on the world because of their beliefs but New Agers, as a whole, completely
skirt this issue.

New Agers are Spinning a New Grave for

New Agers are in complete denial of the Jewish problem, new age "healers"
are tapping in to the great sums of upper middle class money, the New Age
mecca are the West Coast from Vancouver, BC all the way down to Jewish
owned Hollywood. If you want to be a New Age superstar then all you have
to do is validate the Torah in some way, you can respin the Bible all you
want so long as you validate the Jewish experience.

This is why New Agers are totally full of shit; any authentic shaman, healer,
New Age thought leader, book writer or lecturer would address the number
one problem of our age, the Jewish mental patterns that are causing death
and destruction to our world. The very idea of a healer is to heal, if our
world is in trauma then an authentic healer would address the issue of the
Jews who wage total war on this world because of their beliefs. New Agers
are too busy cashing in to be bothered by truth.

You can have all that glitters as gold so long as you never step on any sacred
Jewish teaching of Zionism or mention the butchery of Palestine. Nothing
Jewish should transcend the end of this age, Jewish memes are of racial
dominance and superiority of one tribe over all others has destroyed freedom
in America, bombed whole nations into ruin like Iraq. Judaism is
destroying the world, incorporating Torah memes into the New Age
pantheon will only infect the New Age with destructive Jewish thought
patterns. Judaism is insanity itself. New Agers have seemingly escaped evil
mainstream Judaic religion only to dig a new grave for humanity.

There are hundreds of New Age "head shops" along the coast. New Age
"healers" are tapping in to the great sums of upper middle class money, if I
lectured on my shamanism down there I would be revered, so long as I never
talked about Zionism or any sacred Jewish "teaching". New Agers are
milking the Jewish titty, as that saying goes: "tough titty said the kitty bit the
milk tastes good".

Hollywood is totally dominated by Jews, they have the money and anybody
catering to these elites better not stray into "anti-semitic" land by describing
the Jews as pyschotic butchers that they are. There is an unwritten code
within the New Age movement, never say anything that would upset the
Jews. The New Agers insist that we are all one, but have seemed to have
totally forgotten about that part of the self called Palestine. Never mention
anything of real importance concerning the actual problem of this world and
you can be a New Age healer. Welcome to New Age la la land, a population
of clueless, self indulgent, pharmacutically drugged, centrist pretenders,
doped on mainstream media Zionist thought patterns.

Take for instance New Age superstar Gregg Braden who's semi scientific
polemic affirm the Torah/Old Testament and other Jewish holy books at
every turn. He never talks about political reality, that the United States is
owned by the Jewish Federal Reserve and American foreign policy is
dictated by Israel, that 9112001 was an inside job by Israelis and he never
ever talks about what Israel is doing to Palestine. That would be
inappropriate, in bad taste, it would upset the "higher vibration" New Age
love vibe.
Gregg Braden is successful because he doesn't upset the apple cart, he puts
his rubber stamp of approval on the Jewish memes. He authenticates the
Jews and their unholy books in his book The God Code by saying that the
oldest name of god in the world just happens to be the Jewish name of god.
Instead of describing the Jew war god as the deranged psychotic personality
of power mongering Rabbis, he not only affirms the Jewish god but even
says the Hebrew letters YHVG (Yahweh) are imprinted on human DNA!

"Braden wants us to believe that the “Jewish” Yah/Yahweh is the oldest

name of God in the world."

"How can Braden claim YHVH (aka Jehovah) is the “oldest name” of God,
when Ra, Brahman, Amen, Osiris, Isis, Obatallah, Shiva and Gwan Shur Yin
predate Yahweh/YHVH by tens of thousands of years."

Easy, Braden knows who is buttering his bread, he never says anything
"antisemitic". In this game if you want to be a new age superstar then you
have to validate the Torah, you can respin the Bible all you want so long as
you validate the Jewish experience in some way. The Bible is authentic
according to Gregg Braden because there is a secret mathematical code
within. So how are we to heal the world if thought leader Gregg Braden
affirms the very document that is destroying us?
Now you might want to defend this guy but the facts are in about Jehovah,
Richard Dawkins lays it on the line with the best description every penned
about the Jewish god in his bestseller The God Delusion, certainly scientist
Gregg Braden reads Dawkins:

"The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in
all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-
freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic,
homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential,
megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully."

Atheist Richard Dawkins, a thought leader that is actually honest about the
Jew god. Dawkins parrots the standard new age idea of self responsibility:
"There is something infantile in the presumption that somebody else has a
responsibility to give your life meaning and point… The truly adult view, by
contrast, is that our life is as meaningful, as full and as wonderful as we
choose to make it."

Gregg Braden proves his cluelessness in his book The Isaiah Effect:
Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy because first of all there
was no science back then, the Judeo memeplex is a spell on the human mind,
its not science but black magic. The Isaiah effect is the complete destruction
of the planet, he doesn't mention that Isaiah's prophecy might have
something to do with Jewish totalitarian control of the world in our times.
His pandering to Jewish interest is pathetic.
Neale Donald Walsch has bigger cojones than Braden, when questioned
about the Holocaust he says the Jews co-created their experience with the
Nazis. I totally agree. He said what was on his mind and bruised the Jew
superego, he did not validate their victim mindset.
"This point is especially contentious because Walsch says, or seems to say,
the Jews co-created their deaths in the Holocaust, and Hitler actually did
them a favor by killing them."

Holy hell! Neale Walsch just kicked over the beehive, he is saying the Jews
caused their own deaths, and you can bet that he just ignited a firestorm
because the whole idea of Judaism is that Jews are victims, eternal victims
of their judging god. This is not radical thinking within the New Age
movement, it is standard fare that we are responsible for what is happening
to us. You'd think more New Agers would make the obvious connection
that the long suffering Jews are experiencing karma.

Neale Walsch stars in the thought plagiarized movie Moses Code, James
Twywan is just another Jew fraud takes standard New Age ideas of
manifesting and puts a big Torah stamp of Moses on it. That's standard
Jewish deception as detailed by internet writer John Kaminski. The goal is
obvious, the New Age will be spun so that Jews dominate the psychic space
just as they do now.
James Twyman has been cashing in on the Indigo cult that he created. Neale
Walsch also stars in the terribly lame movie Indigo produced by Twyman,
see this scathing review:


I wrote my own scathing review here:

America is the land of overly coddled brat children, so I almost laughed out
loud about indigo child traits: "They come into the world with a feeling of
royalty (and often act like it)."

Sure, lazy children act like royalty and order their parents to do everything
for them. This is the result of an American cultural standard of putting
children on a pedestal. A spiritually advanced person doesn’t put oneself
above everyone else.

I have to agree with your analysis that the concept of Indigo children is
actually a new cultural meme. I also liked Neale Walsch's CWG books but
he's terrible in this lame movie. Self proclaimed ‘Emissary of Light’
Twyman no doubt convinced him to take part in the project.
Christians are gospel spellbound and steeped in denial just like the New
Agers, the won't talk about the real problem. Do you think if Jesus was here
today he wouldn't address the Jewish problem? He would stage outrageous
anti Jew media events because what the Jews are doing to our spirit requires
complete outrage, he would overthrow the money changers and call Jews
snakes, but there is no Jesus so what we must do is do it ourselves, but the
New Agers and Christians are to busy cashing in there Jew greenbacks to be
bothered by truth.

Pastor Texe Marrs takes on the Jews but not the Torah, how can any
preacher disavow the Bible? He laces his Jewish expose' with quotes from
the Bible which only affirms the Jews.
The New Age is spiritual fraud because it is Judaism respun, obviously if we
are to have a "new age" then the Torah and the rest of the Jewish books that
caused the current dark age would have to be superceded. New Agers are
pushing snake oil, like books on channeling "Abraham" from across the
Universe in a galaxy far, far away the advanced spiritual being just happens
to have a Jewish name! What a coincidence!
David Icke is another big headline New Ager that is a huge fraud, he frames
the conspiracy in science fiction shapeshifting lizards and absolutely refuses
to say or see that Judaism and the Torah are the source of Zionism, he says
instead that it is a Rothschild conspiracy. Rothschilds are Jew practicing
Satanists hiring other Jews to do their dirty work, no one is forced to work
for them. Its not aliens, its the Jews and if Icke can't say then maybe it's
time for him to retire. He refuses to get with the program, I am now calling
him out as a disinformationist:

This is the first essay on exposing the gigantic fraud of New Age Jew ass

17 Jan 2011

What did one New Ager say to another after reading this? "That Phishna
dude is getting us down with all this negativity, he should go meditate on his
inner child and do some emotional clearing exercises and activate his love

Do you see that "reality" is "negativity" to the New Agers deep in denial.
The reality is that humanity is being destroyed by Jews and their holy books,
not talking about is cultural suicide.

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