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Fitness Fun

for Everyone...
A. STAR SERIES WARM UP • Breathe deeply & calmly • 9 - Stand in the Inner Winner position
9. Tight Rope
5. Trap Opener
relaxing your stomach region. with your belly button drawn in.
• 1 - Straighten up. Stand tall in the Inner Winner posture. Ears, • 5A - Let your head hang loosely • Take a step forward as if on a tight rope.
shoulders, hips, knees & ankles should be in a straight line. forward, and gently roll it from Make sure your knee is over your ankle
• Pull your belly button in towards your spine. one side to the other. and not over your toes.
• 5B - Using your fingers, gently Allow the heel of your back foot to lift.
• 2A - From the Inner Winner posture, spread your arms and massage the area just below the Balance in this position for 20 seconds.
legs into the Star. back of your head. Move down Repeat on the opposite side.
2A. Star • Facing forward, place one hand in
to the base of your neck.
the air with the other at your side. • 5C - Then relax your shoulders 10. Washing Machine
• 2B - Breathe in as you & slowly roll them backwards &
slowly stretch one arm • 10 - Standing tall in Inner Winner
forwards. Enjoy for 15 seconds. posture with your feet wider than your
overhead, while slowly
5A. 5B. 5C. shoulders, gently rotate your trunk from
bending your entire spine 1. Inner
6. The Eagle side to side. Easy does it.
to the opposite side and Winner • 6 - In the Inner Winner posture, bring your arms out
sliding the other hand • Let your arms flop loosely, as you shift
to the sides and gently draw your shoulder blades your weight from knee to knee.
down your thigh. Relax at the together. Breathe in as you slowly raise your arms,
end of the stretch, breathing out • Swing gently from side to side. Breathe
touching your hands together above your head. calmly and deeply. Enjoy for 15 seconds.
and in again. Perform slowly Slowly lower your arms to your sides as you breathe
2B. Tilting Star twice to each side. Easy does it. out. Perform 3 times.
3. Twirling Star 7. Hummingbird • 11 - Stand in the Star position, 11. The Triangle
• 3 - In the Star position with belly button drawn
• 7A - Next, make keeping your stance wide with
inwards, gently turn your head to look at one
small backwards your belly button in.
hand. Slowly twist your entire spine to watch
circles with your • Turn your foot outward as you shift
your hand as it goes behind you. Relaxing in
hands and arms your weight to one side. Feel the
this position breathe out and in.
drawing your groin area gently stretching.
• Perform slowly twice to each side. Enjoy the
shoulder blades Place your knee over ankle and
slow gentle stretch.
together. elbow above your knee as you
8. Butterfly • 7B - Sway gently from extend your
• 4A - From the Star position, raise your arms in 12. Shaking It Loose
side to side in the arm, torso,
Hands up
Hummingbird . and ribs.
position. 4B - Bring your left elbow
Enjoy for 10 seconds. Easy does it.
across your torso toward your right 7A. 7B. • Older adults should place their hand
knee. Repeat the movement using
(instead of elbow) on their knee.
your right elbow and left knee. • 8 - Place your hands behind your head & gently draw
Stretch for 10 seconds to each side.
• Remain upright as you continue to your elbows backwards. Slowly and gently press your
alternate sides for 15 seconds. head backwards & resist with your hands for a count
• 12 - Shake limbs loosely for 15 seconds.
Breathe freely. Enjoy. of 2 and release. Breathe freely. Perform 3 times.
• This one is pure fun.
• Individuals with balance • Now relax your neck. Gently massage the back of
disorders should use caution your neck & head as you relax your stomach region
with slow, easy breathing. We are done!
if attempting this exercise.
4A. Hands up 4B. Twisting Star