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A man, the towering personality in the history of India, a man who is regarded as Patriotic

saint, who has earned the name and fame not only in India but also on other side of sea, a

man who created a cyclonic forces among Indian youth to revive the true spirit of

Vedanta in the mother land, a man who visualised the freedom of India far before, A man

who assured the potential of global leader of India a hundred years before, the list of such

phrase is unending to describe the legacy of such a great man. Even some time I feel

“language cannot endure the weight of words and feelings behind it to describe the legacy

of this man. This man was greatest and the holiest saints that our motherland has ever

begot. He is none other than the majestic Swami Vivekananda- a name that unfolds

invincible positive thoughts, abundant energy and power of concentration - a name that

epitomises the youth of Bharat. This was what I can say is OUR SWAMI

VIVEKANAND. This is not the picture of my mind, but a millions of Indian and World’s

youth have same feelings for this man. He is most accepted, regarded and inspired icon

for the youth of Bharat, because of such a blending of spectacular, unbelievable and

energetic virtues in one man is a rare in the history of evolution of human species. As far

as our Bharat, our mother land is concerned, I don’t think any son of soil, greater than this

man had occupied place in the heart of such large number of youth of India. The youth of

Bharat is under tremendous influence of technology and western life style, the science

and technology has changed the moral of society and youth of Bharat to great extent. The

picture of today’s youth with ears plugged with phones, eyes covered with dark glass,

body bound in tightly skinned clothes and brain jammed with idea of materialistic life is a

common all over nation. But when such so regarded westernized and technology driven

youth sees the picture or photo or stature of Vivekananda for a while, His sub conscious

minds starts thinking about Bharat and its glorious history. His brain starts sparking the

thoughts of nationalism. His hands and feet stop before the Swamiji and for a while his

heads bows down to the feet of great patriotic saint. Why westernisation is not able to
remove or wipe away the love for Vivekananda from young hearts of India. The answer is

that the magnetic force of his radiant thoughts still provides the energy to young life of

Bharat. Which are these thoughts? What is there in these thoughts? What is the element of

attraction in these thoughts? Why even after 150 years of his birth, still, all his works and

word seems to be as fresh as the leaves of ever growing plants. These thoughts created a

new electric fire to stir up a fresh vigour in the national veins. A flock of youth then time

became hypnotized with idea of sacrifice, nationalism and spirituality. Today the impact

of message of Swamiji’s thought is also same. To get the answers of these questions, we

will go through the following highly researched compilation.

The life story of Swami Vivekananda stars with magical child hood full of courageousness,

confidence, self esteem, razor sharpen intelligence and unbelievable power of mind

concentration. He was born in highly affluent family of Kolkatta city of then Bengal

Presidency on January 12 in the year of 1863. The father was attorney in Kolkatta High court.

The mother was house wife, a devoted worshipper of Lord Shiva and spiritually enriched

woman who had created indubitable impact on the mind and personality of Swami

Vivekananda right form child hood. In later part of life, he was highly influenced by

simplicity and spiritual power of another saint Ramakrishna who later became the Guru of

Vivekananda. His address in the world of parliament of religion at Chicago on September 11,

1893 created a strong wave of victory of Hindu religion on world platform first time. At a

time when Bharat was known mere as a land of famines, poverty, snakes, jungles, slaves and

robbers, he presented an unheard side of Bharat at the prestigious Parliament of Religions and

received huge round of applause for his knowledge of spiritualism, Vedanta, Geeta and other

religions. His marvellous outlook coupled with brilliant knowledge and tolerance for all

mesmerized whoever came in his contact.

He was able to convince religious extremists the true realism of Hindu philosophy based on

Vedanta. He first time in world conceptualized the oneness of all religions and condemned
the all heinous activities to prove and to establish the only greatness of any one religion in the


In his bold voice he uttered:

“No Hindu should become Muslim, nor Muslim to Hindu, but Hindu has to

become better Hindu and Muslim has to become better Muslim, the great souls

and persons are not property of any single individual religion of world, each

religion should have enough space to accommodate the goodness of other”.

The message delivered on 11th September, 1893 in US is still regarded relevant for universal

peace and harmony. After his return to Bharat, He established “Ramkrishna Mission” the

monastery with prime objective of welfare of all; Happiness of all. The idea of ‘Work is

worship” was made the central spirit of this institution undertaking many philanthropic

activity to help the human kind by offering service in the time of needs like, floods,

cyclones, tsunami, earth quake and other natural calamity.

The youth of Bharat has accepted him as ICON because of his towering personality

embedded with unmatched knowledge concerning with western and eastern world,

spiritualism, Vedas and Geeta made. He is one of the most favourite role models for hundred

thousand youth of Bharat. His message has invincible charm. His teachings and philosophy

about life are based on rationalisation and reflects practicalism; these have been inspiring

millions of youths not only in India but across the world. Many historic figures have also

showered praise on saint’s personality and his contribution in building India. Father of nation

Mahatma Gandhi, revolutionary leader Subhash Chandra Bose, former president S.

Radhakrishnan are some of the icons of India who have had inspiration from Vivekannada.

Swami as prophetic icon for patriotism:

The only saint in the India has got the nick name of “patriotic saint”. The Bharat was the life

for him. The Bharat was flowing in the veins and artery of his body. His hearts while beating
chanted Bharat, Bharat. Once upon a time, a follower asked to Swamiji, How can I love you?

Swamiji replied: “Love India and Serve India” This was his love for our mother land. In his

speech at Kolkata, He inspired youth:

“You must conquer the world and nothing less than this that is my idea. The

present young class of India whose only joy is calling their fore father ‘fool’,

their teacher hypocrites and their scripture ‘a lie’, requires the inspiration from

unforgettable word of Vivekananda: “ Oh India, with blind imitation of

foreigners, this blind dependence on foreigners, this slave like weakness, this

cowardice, do you wish to achieve great heights? ”

“Give up the awful disease that is creeping into our national blood, the ides of

ridiculing everything, the loss of seriousness. Give that up. Have a faith and

everything is bound to follow”.

Nobel laureate Ravindranath Tagore had once said on this saint “If you want to know India,

read Vivekananda, in him everything is positive and nothing is negative”. While Mahatma

Gandhi wrote Swami Vivekananda's writings need no introduction from anybody. They make

their own irresistible appeal. Gandhi after his visit to Belur Math, requested by youth to

comment on Vivekananda; once told “ My love to nation become 1000 fold after through

reading of Vivekananda. ”. Swamiji’s words inflamed the budding nationalists dreaming of

India’s independence in hundred thousand ways. Youth are made committed to create

revolutionary force to build up Bharat. Subhas wrote on swamiji “A yogi of the higher

spiritual level in direct communion with truth, who had for the time being consecrated his

whole life to moral and spiritual uplift of India, That is how I would describe him. If he had

been alive, I would have been at his feet. The foundation of the present freedom movement

owes its origin to Swamiji’s message.”

Swamiji’s is not only has a great and intense love for his own nation but he has two

fold mission: Nation building and world moving. He alternated between intense nationalism

and broad internationalism. Once during his tour to western world he wrote:

“Doubtless I do love India, but every day my sight grows clear”. “What is India

or England or America to us? We are the servant of that God by ignorant is

called as Man”. There is one basis of well being, social, political or spiritual to

know that I and my brother are one”.

These words of Swamiji are fuelling burning desire of an average global citizen for

international peace and harmony. Today policy makers and peace talker diplomats of world

realize the need of borderless world. We need treaty not for independence of nations, but of

interdependence of all nations. This is time to shake off ancient and orthodox prejudice of

territorial dominancy and we all have to work for building earth. The world is one. Humanity

is one. No nation or political state can pursue its self interest aggressively. "It is time to read

Vivekananda again". Maybe some of his enthusiasm and vigour to bring about a

transformation — in the way we relate to one another, think and act — will motivate those

among us who need just that little bit of inspiration to start ticking right


Youth of Bharat today talks about meaning of money, they don’t talk about meaning of life.

They are under influences of materialistic idealism of western world. The sacrifices, service

and devotion become distant words of dream. This is evident from rising rate of juvenile

suicide, high level of alcoholisms, wide spread psychological depression, vandalism and

crime. All ultimately has destroyed the vigour of youth of India and world. Many of them

fell themselves as burnt out cases. Most of them have settled down to some kind of

comfortable and adjustable life. They didn’t find any long lasting solution from so called

their mentor, guru, teacher or role model. The confused and aimless youth of India needs
leaders who have future in their bones. They want their ideal prophet with true realism. They

wants leader who has eternal guiding light and life torch to fight vagary of time and future.

Under such circumstances. Vivekananda message exhorts the young to "arise" and "awake",

to reject all doctrines and dogmas that are based on superstition and prejudice. Instead, he

encourages youngsters to mine the wisdom of ancient philosophy and tradition. In spite of his

fondness for drawing on ancient thought to aid modern living, he was hugely popular,

especially among the young and impressionable.

The most important quality that draws all sincere youth to Swami Vivekananda is his

absolute fearlessness. He used to say: “ Fly from evil and terror and misery and they will

follow you. Face them and they will flee”. Vivekananda advocated body- building and

exercise to help boost one's morale and strength. He said: "It would be better to play football

than read the Gita..." and the statement was a powerful metaphor for the way the current time

wants youth of Bharat to evolve — fearless, strong and independent in the right sense. This is

strong reflection of karma, rather than passivity and inaction.

Vivekananda saw the world as a gymnasium where one learns to become strong and fearless.

He dared to attempt to revamp all that was rotting in Indian society, and to enrich and learn

from all that was noble. I think magnetic, magical and multi dimensional power of thoughts

has made Gandhi, Subhash, Tagore, Nehru, Kiren Beddy, Golvekerji and APJ Abdul Kalam

the great admirers of Swamiji.

"Jiva is Shiva", he would often say, encapsulating all Vedantic thought in that simple

precept that conveyed the importance of treating all humans as equals. The roadmap to

Narayana was through "Daridra Narayana", or service to the poor and the needy. Nirvana was

not an escape route to personal salvation; it was a goal to be achieved through collective

social up lift. He guides the youth of Bharat towards serving of other with selflessness and
dedication. He wants: “Blending of high intellectual with holistic personality inspired for

service to others”. That’s why his thoughts as:

“Kill self first if you want to succeed”. Be the servant, if you will rule. That is the

real secret. “Our best work is done, our greatest influence is exerted, when we

are without thought of self”. Such a man becomes a world mover for whom this

little self is dead and God stands in his place”.

What is there in today’s picture! Young executive, bureaucrats, public servants, or leaders are

ego centric. They only work for status symbol, promotion, honours, titles, awards and

position of power. But if we follow our youth icon words “If you want to leads first serve

other unselfishly”. His dynamism and motivation wake up the youth from a self-induced

Vivekananda's days as a wandering monk shaped his social vision as he came into contact

with ground realities in a diverse India. This was to inspire Mahatma Gandhi later to go on a

Bharat Darshan to acquaint himself with the 'real' India.

2010-01-12 10:48

"Give me 100 energetic young men and I shall transform India".

That's why he felt the need to inspire the young to stir them to act.

Today’s most of problem of youth are due to their secret fear to face the unknown face the

complexities of life, face misery, face struggle, face competition and face diseases, insecurity,

frustration of failure. Vivekananda’S roaring words to this youth is “fearlessness” and

“courage”. Furthermore one swamiji work to his disciple (Sarlabala Ghosh): “Tell me how

much you have suffered and I will tell you how great you are”.

Swamiji reuttered the same spirit by saying;

“If we want o gain freedom, it must be by conquering nature, never by running

away. Cowards never wins, only way is to fight against fear and troubles if we

expect them to free before us”.

What a wonderful words, a words full of explosive energy and vitalizing vigour. Can any

Indian/Bharatiya thought youth remain immune to such a powerful thought No, no, no, never

today nor tomorrow. In his letter to Mysore Maharaja wrote inspiring words. These words

are really a torch bearer to such a morally abbrated generation of youth.

“Vanities of life are transient, but they alone line who live for others, rest are

more dead than alive”.

He wanted the youths not to be coward but be the lion in jungle of life. He said:

“Ask nothing, want nothing in return; give what you have to give; it will come

back to you. Be not a beggar. Nature want us to react, to return blow for blow,

cheating for cheating, lie for lie, to hit back with all our energy. But super divine

power tells us not to hit back, to keep control and to remain unattached”.

I think there is on any remedy better than word to highly modernize, westernized and techno-

savvy youth grooping here and there in search of peace and happiness. Thought of

Vivekananda are positive and not negative, holistic not individualistic, elevating, emerging,

strengthening and glorifying youth with success. He also says: “If you do not allow one to

become a lion, he will become a fox”. He warned the leaders, teachers and guardians of

youth. He marvelously fired the bunch of inspiring words.

“Teach your selves, teach everyone his/her real nature, call upon the real nature

of soul and see how it awakes power, purity, potential and everything that is

excellent will come”. When this sleeping soul is roosed to self conscious activity”.
He advised youth of India to follow ideas of Mahavira, Hanuman and Guru Gonind Singh.

He wanted hundred thousand young men and women, fired with zeal of holiness, fortified

with eternal faith in lord and nerved to lion courage by sympathy for poor, the fallen and

downtrodden, will go over length and breadth of the world, preaching gospel of salvation,

gospel of help and humanity, gospel of social upliftment and gospel of equality and liberty.

Swamiji expressed eternal faith in the youth if India by saying (Madras, 1847):

“My faith is in younger generation, modern generation, out of them will come my

workers. They will work out whole problems like lions”.

Today also his message inspires young budding India irrespective of their caste, color and

professional workaholic. It becomes source of fire for nationalism for students, teachers,

educators, scientist, technocrats, beurocrates, politicians, rulers and thinkers. He still provides

fuel to fire for confidence building, self sacrificing and nation building youth slowly but

steadily emerging in all part of India. For sincere and young souls, vivekananda is always

charming, young but aged with wisdom of time and with world shaking dynamism.

He stood both side of atlantic life Napoleon of vedantic India.


Moorless in cyberspace and shackled by technologies like multimedia messaging, the youth

today are sorely in need of an icon they can look up to. In fact, this is a good time to revive

the memory of modern India's most popular youth icon: Vivekananda.

Vivekananda's message to the West was that we in India were in possession of an enduring

and altruistic philosophical legacy that was crucial to keep humans connected not only with

one another but also with their environment. He highlighted the unique and redeeming
features of Indian culture, but he was also aware that India was slipping in basic socio-