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5 J 39.3 ASCULTA INREGISTRAREA SI RASPUNDE LA INTREBARI How often does John go running? always Qo usually a ‘sometimes Oo @ How often does Chris get up early? never Oo sometimes oO often Qo © How often does Shelley go swimming? never Oo sometimes Qo usually o © How often does Flo have tea in the morning? sometimes o often o always oO © How often does Sylvester go to bed at 10pm? often o usually 0 always oO © How often does Dominic play soccer? never Qo usually o always o © How often does David read a newspaper? sometimes o often o always oO t J 39.4 ROSTESTE PROPOZITIILE CU VOCE TARE, FOLOSIND ADVERBELE | get up early [rarely] I rarely get up early. a © Clara plays chess with her grandfather. [never] a © Enzo eats chocolate ice cream. [always] a © Paul goes fishing in the morning. [sometimes] a © My parents drive to work. [usually] a © Gill goes shopping with her mom. [never] @ © You go to the gym in the town. [sometimes] @ @ Shelley watches TV in the evening. [usually] @ © My dog sleeps under the table. [always] a © We play baseball in the summer. [sometimes] a @ Tim rides his horse on the weekend. [usually] @ *) 125 FJ 39.5 RESCRIE PROPOZITIILE PUNAND CUVINTELE IN ORDINEA CORECTA ( CGnsh) (does) (wien) wort J(ckuda)) © (ou)(a)( | When does Claudia finish work? | When do} (go) usually} | bed? | © (steph) (does) (v2) (watch) (offen. (How) © (WMay] (often) (How) (does) running? }(go) © (ise) (your) (dad?) often) (you) (do) How) © (play) (do) (How) (you) (tenn?) (often } © [play }( do | | soccer? }| they } [When } @ (does) Jo} (How) (read (a} (book?) often ) ”» | 39.6 SCRIE RASPUNSURI LA INTREBARI, COMPLETAND SPATIILE (~ When does he go running? @ How often does she visit her family? \_ ———He aces runing __ on Sundays. four times a year, © When does Kelly go to the gym? © When does Ben play baseball? on Wednesdays. every afternoon, © When does Pete play soccer? @ How often does Marion go shopping? in the evening. twice a week © How often does Angie go to the theater? © When do you read a book? She never every evening. © How often does Jake read a newspaper? © How often does Pam make a cake? He sometimes She sometimes ~) 126 Ry 39.7 RESCRIE PROPOZITIILE CA INTREBARI FOLOSIND , HOW OFTEN" © She goes dancing every Friday. How often. does she go dancing? fp) 4, * tt ji Q I read a book every evening in bed. { i @ Jimmy plays soccer once a week. @ | phone my grandma twice a day. © Sheila gets up at 7am every day. © Sally goes to work every day. 4 a @ My daughter goes running every evening. x © | play badminton once a week. © Megan goes fishing twice a month. \ I watch TV every evening. «) Helen sometimes goes __ to the gym. t J 39.8 ROSTESTE PROPOZITIILE CU VOCE TARE, COMPLETAND SPATIILE CU CUVINTELE DIN CASETA © | Seb usually soccer on weekends. f © | She always ___dancingon the weekend. | @ | Tracy never TV in the evening a d © (‘often fishing. @ | We sometimes the bus to work & & © | Mymom never early. | @ | Dougoften tennis on Fridays. a < ‘plays take 50 gets up goes watches plays _goes— ) ~) 27 BW ce iti place si ce nu iti place \Verbe precum ,love', Jike" si hate” exprima sentimentele tale despre anumite lucruri. Aceste verbe pot fi folosite cu substantive sau cu gerunzii. | Aa 40.1 POTRIVESTE IMAGINILE CU PROPOZITIILE CORECTE S ; We love te basketball. mn Bill doesn't o eh ae We like cake. e L J | Thate tennis. ° ee Samantha likes ° | chocolate. ks oe | don't lke ° leracea | They hate ° | board games. - | Shelley loves o | piza, FP Element nou ,Love’ ke" si hate ‘Aa Vocabular Mancate sporturi stim liber Fe Abilitate noua Cum vorbesti despre ce iti place E J 40.2 ASCULTA INREGISTRAREA $I ALEGE RASPUNSURILE CORECTE "What does Doug like? fruits [") fastfood (~ © What does Doug hate? salad [| fries |) © What does Shelley love? sports [] painting (] © What does she like doing on the weekend? playing tennis |_| reading books |_| What does she not like? tennis golf [| © What does Doug love doing? watching TV [_) listening to mt © What music does Doug like? pop music (| classical music [| © What does he dislike doing? going shopping (| reading newspapers | | © What does Shelley ike doing in her free time? cooking [_] goingto the cinema |_| © What does Shelley dislike? cooking {_) scary films [_] © What does she like doing? taking photos | g museums | | 128 Ry 40.3 SCRIE OPUSUL FIECARE! PROPOZITII ss London. Tack ween like olen ) Jacl Chris likes spiders. They love Paris. Mrs. McGregor likes cats. We love soccer. We like wine. Simone loves her horse. He likes your necklace. Jean-Marie loves sports. Colin likes pizza. Douglas likes Anne. Cynthia hates dogs. We love chocolate. You like cheese. eeeo0eo0002000000 Susan likes pizza. “) t J 40.4 FOLOSESTE SCHEMA PENTRU A CREA 12 PROPOZITII CORECTE $I ROSTESTE-LE CU VOCE TARE Arnold ‘My mother 129 40.5 CITESTE BLOGUL $1 RASPUNDE CU PROPOZITII COMPLETE (What is Jane's job? | She's a doctor. J © What does she like doing in her free time? © What is her favorite food? © What does Jane not like cooking? © What does she do on the weekend? © What food does she not like? © What does Jane hate? Claire _does not like _ Oi hate) cities, but! Ry 40.6 COMPLETEAZA SPATIILE CU FORMELE CORECTE ALE CUVINTELOR DINTRE PARANTEZE (not like) swimming, but she a Jane’s world ''m Jane Petersen and | write tis bk Se, wat bout me? Wel m 25 yes okt and come {fom New York 'm a doctor, but love cools free time, vem My grandmother i rom Italy, 0 ke cooking Halla ‘fod, Its my favorite. 'm a vegetarian, so don't Cooking meat Bit leve cookin a On wenn Ve Cooking for my friends and family. What else? AOR Inmy tree time | ike Jogging, and going to / the gym with my friends, What do I not like? Wei, | don't tke fast food. Of, ‘and I hate candy! "hope you enjoy my blogl ie (love) playing tennis. (love) the country. @ Archie (like) ice cream, and he (love) pizza. Ore (love) meat, but he (hate) fish O Francis (not like) coffee, but he (like) tea. Owe (hate) Mondays, but we (love) Fridays. @ My dad (dislike) classical music, but he. (love) rock. 130 40.7 POTRIVESTE INCEPUTUL PROPOZI NLOR CU FINALUL CORECT hate cheese, © | sam likes watching soccer © | Marie loves pizza. © | I love reading history books © | Sally doesn't ke running © | Peggy does not like eating meat © | Paolo does not eat chocolate @ Jemma hates snakes. She thinks it’s delicious | because she is a vegetarian because itis tiring. ) | think it’s disgusting. because he doesn't have asweettooth. | because they‘ really interesting. She thinks they are scary. because it's exciting, 3] boring [| exciting |“ interesting. (_) © The weather in Sardinia is.. hot (1) cold (| rainy. |) @ The museum in the town is reall) exciting [_] interesting || tiring. |) © Si loves pizza because itis. disgusting | tiring (_) deli @ Samantha hates pasta because it is.. interesting |_| boring | | delicious. | ious. |) © Si doesn't like walking because it's exciting [_] tiring 1] boring. [7 «) 40.8 CITESTE EMAILUL $I RASPUNDE To: Charl | Subject: tly trip | The cafés and bars by the sea are. __| HiCharls, We're in Sardinia on holiday. t's very ht here. There a Some great cafés and bars by the ocean. They're realy exiting inthe evening. There's also an } interesting museum inthe town ike ita lot, and there | are lots of exhibits. | The ood hereis amazing. love the piza hee. tts | Allicious. Samantha hates the pasa, though, She thinks it’s really boring! | Inthe afternoons we go walking, Samantha loves | it but dont realy hate it because it’s so tring, Hope youre all wel, | 4a rz 131 Vocabular |Aa| 41.1 MUZICA SCRIE CUVINTELE DIN CASETA ‘SUB IMAGINILE CORESPUNZATOARE , or eR * 4% f @ af “dbs th a rte ) guitar player orchestra ° °e ° flute singa song band rap rum neha tiie “ee o © © play the trumpet violin | dance Pare | | concert microphone Ng seltaele {| conacor* * iexooer o © @ | harmonica jazz audience country @ album electric guitar ~~, aA ‘opera guitar @ ® @ - ~) 133 Exprimare a preferintelor Folosest ike” si love" pentru a arata cat de mult te bucuri g? Elementnou Ulizare a lui favorte™ de un lucru. ,Favorite” este folosit pentru a identifica lucrul_ Aa Vocabular Mancar si muzict care iti place cel mai mult dintr-un grup. Be Abilitate noua Cum vorbesti despre lucrurile preferate 42.1 MARCHEAZA PROPOZITIA CARE SE POTRIVESTE CU FIECARE IMAGINE Z) © Gy Grey's favorite food is tice oO Ellie's favorite color is green. oO DS Greg's favorite food is cake oO oe Nick's favorite uncle is an actor. Oo ©0 Levi's favorite sport is soccer. oO Nick's favorite uncle isa painter. |_| Levi's favorite sport is baseball. Martha’ favorite country is France. ["] e Jo's favorite movie is Puzzling People. || c Martha’ favorite country is india. | Jo's favorite book is Puzzling People. OL =~ >» e Jay's favorite instrument is the piano. Jay's favorite instrument isthe violin @ 6 Simone's favorite lesson is English.) ‘Simone's favorite lesson is science. [| oo Maya's favorite desserts ice cream. [] Maya's favorite dessertis cake. | | IL Paul's favorite drink is milk. ° fe Paul's favorite drink is orange juice ° Blake's favorite animal isthe tiger. Karina's favorite fruit is pineapple. “FER Blake's favorite animal is the snake. Karina's favorite fruit is grapes. oo Dan's favorite place is the beach. Their favorite city is London. BF Dan’ favorite place is his garden, Their favorite city is New York. oo Kate's favorite pet is her parrot. @ © jr Sanjay’s favorite season is winter, () Kate's favorite pet is her kitten. GAN. sanjay’s favorite season is spring =) © gv) Max's favorite hobby is painting. =) FT Max's favorite hobby is reading, =) Zoe's favorite pastime is'singing. [_] Zoe's favorite pastime is dancing. |_| «) 134 k y 42.2 ASCULTA INREGISTRAREA $1 COMPLETEAZA CORECT FIECARE PROPOZITIE = Un grup de persoane stau de vorba despre lucrurile lor preferate ‘i © Jenny's favorite subject at school is.. © Mike's favorite day of the week is © Colin's favorite color is. @ Sally's favorite dessert is. © Danny's favorite sport is.. @ Clarice's favorite season is... Dave's favorite type of music in the morning is.. soul jazz O mek O physics] math © biology. Monday [| Wednesday |) Friday. red yellow © purple.) icecream [chocolate cake ) apple pie.) soccer (basketball [baseball summer () fall Her love type of music is rock. Her fav rock, of music. @ Barbara likes listen to music in the evening, Ry 42.3 RESCRIE PROPOZITIILE CORECTAND GRESELILE © Ruth like orange juice. © Daniel favorite animal is the lion. @ Arnold favorite food is ice cream and pizza. @ I likes bacon and eggs for breakfast. © Craig don't like getting up in the morning, © Aziz don't like lasagna or spaghetti. © seb’s favorite type musicis hip-hop. © Miguel love going to the movie theater. » 135 [ I J CITESTE EMAILUL $| RASPUNDE HiBen, Netherton is smal very smal Only €00 peopl ie here, but here's fot todo, Inthe mornings @ lot of people | tate tht dog or a walk. Some peopl ike ogo othe park, ut the aor lacey the ver is beautit. | Drinking cote i popular ere. Some people goto Dinos caf, nd ter’ a café Inthe superar. But the } favorite place i Afredo's. l's always very busy inthe morning Dino's café is very popular at lunchtime, though, because they serve delicious pizas there, It's the favorite | place for lunch, There's a Fench restaurant called Chez Jean-Claude, but its wary expense per’ a swimming pool an a tennis cur. The tennis curtis the favorit place for young people ogo 8 the summer. nthe winter everyone likes to goto the swimming pool Taine evening, there rit much to. Ter one bar anda rghsub, but people don ke tog here Alto | people goto the nearest ty of Sichester on weekends. There areas of rights mere Norah | ao £4 Netherton is a small town, : True ( : 1e (7 False (| © Alot of people walk their dogs in Netherton, True () False Ise © The parks people's favorite place to walk their dogs. True [7] False (7) le se © Alfredo’s is always empty in the mornings. True || False se © Dino's café is people's favorite place to drink coffee. True |) False (1) alse @ Dino's is the favorite place to eat lunch True [1] False [) © Chez Jean-Claude is a cheap restaurant. True () False (1) rue |) False @ People go to the tennis court in the winter. True) False |) rue (_) False @ The bar and disco are not very popular. True (False [7] rue |) False @ People go to the city on weekends. True [) False ( True [False © There are lots of nightclubs in Slchester. True [") False ( ue [_) False 136 | 42.5 COMPLETEAZA SPATIILE FOLOSIND CUVINTELE DIN CASETA. Liz's favorite fruit is an apple Amnie's favorite sport is Joan's favorite animal is a Hassan’ favorite actor is, Pam's favorite number is Jane's favorite sport is Dora's favorite ice cream is Jim's favorite food is spaghetti Chris Minota tennis apple strawberry dolphin a badminton \aincsonanasoanmmased *) [She loves salen dancing. t J 42.6 FOLOSESTE SCHEMA PENTRU A CREA 14 PROPOZITII CORECTE SI ROSTESTE-LE CU VOCE TARE salsa dancing. sailing. chocolate ice cream. BT