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Director : Chris Columbus

Writers : J.K. Rowling (novel), Steve Kloves (screenplay)

Stars : Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson

Genres : Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Mystery


Harry Potter can not wait to go back to school at Hogwarts. He lost it through
the summer with the Dursleys that sucks. However, suddenly a strange creature
named Dobby. Dobby the house elf is a kind of menghamba on a host.

Harry Potter Dobby forbid to return to Hogwarts. He reasoned that there will be
catastrophe that could threaten the safety of Harry Potter at Hogwarts. But the
appeal Dobby, was ignored by Harry. Harry was still returning to Hogwarts
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that.

By Harry Unexpectedly, some peculiarities arise before the catastrophe actually

occurs. ¾ platform gates can not be passed.He was forced to go to Hogwarts
driving flying with Ronald Weasley.

Other anomalies occur until at last the catastrophe came. There is someone who
transform students into stone. From the first incident occurred, revealing that
the heir to the descendants of Salazar Slytherin has returned to Hogwarts. He
has returned and opened the door of the Chamber of Secrets whose existence no
man knew. Who is he?

Harry and his friends suspected that the perpetrators of the act it is Draco
Malfoy. How not? He regarded himself as one who most deserves to learn
magic because he is a pure-blooded.Nevertheless, suspicions about who did it
also leads to Harry's own because it is known that Harry is a Parselmouth,
people who can speak the language of snakes.
After searching the information, with the help of the ladies' ghost, Moaning
Myrtle, Harry discovers the location of the Chamber of Secrets is nothing in the
toilet where Moaning Myrtle is often located. Harry finds a snake named Bacilis
monster in it. He also met with the present incarnation of Lord Voldemort by

In that place, a battle between Harry with Bacilis. With the help of the sword of
Godric Gryfindor, Harry can defeat the monster.Harry, who was wounded by
the bite of poisonous Bacilis can be saved with tears that brought Phoenix bird

Gryfindor ang him. While the incarnation of Lord Voldemort, Tom Riddle
Malfolo, destroyed along holkruknya, Harry Potter and the survivors can return
to school without fear of being haunted by the Chamber of Secrets.


• The plot is exciting and thrilling heart debarkan readers.

• The language used is easy to understand and there are attractive terms.

• Background is selected other than the kind of work.

• Filled with fantasies that are very entertaining to the readers.


• Too many characters are presented so that sometimes leaves the reader

• Coverage is selected less attractive.


• The novel is worth reading by anyone. The stories in it to train our imagination
and be able to bring us to a magical fantasy world full of wonders. In addition,
there are many messages in it that are filled with the values of friendship,
courage, and without knowing the desperate struggle.