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J,E&G: In the world where knowledge is a powerful tool, and brain has been
our source of progression, let us rest our mind and let our hearts talk as we
welcome you to this year’s JS Prom bearing the theme: “Rejuvenating Love
Amidst the Changes of Time.”
J: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! Good afternoon, Geraldine
G: Good afternoon too, Jhestonie! You look so handsome today.
J: Thanks and I can return the favor to you right away for you look so
gorgeous in time for this occasion.
G: Well, There are one hundred and one reasons of getting dressed up
elegantly and ravishingly today.
J: You bet, Geraldine. Today is one of the highlights of high school life in
the pantheon of social graces & gregariousness!
J: The much-awaited social gathering of the juniors and seniors of our
school as they are poised for take-off to the world of fashion, fad &
G: And without further ado…to kick the ball rolling, let’s paint the town red
and roll out the red carpet for the grand entrance of juniors and
seniors as they take a walk of fame.
 Presentation of Prom Attendees
 Juniors & Seniors
 DMMNHS Faculty and Staff
 PTA Officials & Barangay Officials
 Guest Speaker & School Head

J: Let’s give them a resounding applause!

G: And… that wraps up the so-called DMMNHS version of “Walk of Fame”.
You guys are so hip and fabulous.
J: And to formally commence this event, please rise and feel a few
moments of solemnity for an invocation to be led by Rolly Coloma, Vice
President of the Junior High School.
 Opening Prayer Rolly Coloma
E: Please remain standing and imbibe among ourselves the virtue of
nationalism & patriotism through the singing of Philippine National
Anthem to be conducted by .

 Singing of the Philippine National Anthem

J: You may now be seated.

And to explain further the central idea of today’s soiree, let’s all
welcome the Grade 10 Coordinator, Ma’am Iryne M. Marron, for her
opening remarks.

G: Thank you very much ma’am for your inspiring message to all the
attendees today. May your words of wisdom be our moving spirit as
we enjoy the day here in the DMMNHS Gymnasium. By the way, Jhes,
what do you think is the essence of this event?

J: Well… in my own angle of vision, every JS Prom signifies the

celebration of awards and achievements of our senior students and
these legacies should be handed over to the deserving and trustworthy
inheritors…..who else? The junior students!

G: How about you Earvin?

E: Aside from the statement of JP, all the scholastic emblems held by
seniors for one school year should be bequeathed to their honorable
recipients----those symbols of academic victories, co-curricular
triumphs and team-building upheavals.

J: And now, may we witness the one of the most-awaited parts of this
event which is the traditional cotillion de honor that serves as the
prelude to the dancing portion of the Prom.

G: To showcase the gracefulness and the inclination of the DMMNHSians

today, let’s now welcome the Cotillion de Honor dancers. Let’s give
them a big hand with grace and poise!

 Cotillion de Honor Selected Junior & Senior Students

J: Thank you, cotillion de honor dancers for your awe-inspiring
performance. You guys almost moved heaven and earth in dancing!

E: That gracefulness in social dances is probably included in the roster of

specific legacies of the Senior Class to be ceded to the Junior Class.
Right partners?
J&G: Precisely Earvin.
G: At this juncture, may we call on Ms. Andrea Orpilla, JH Treasurer to
introduce to us our guest speaker for todays’ event.


J: Thank you sir for your inspiring message.

E: That gracefulness in social dances is probably included in the roster of

specific legacies of the Senior Class to be ceded to the Junior Class.
Right partners?
G: on his way to the lectern is John Carl Asuten, the auditor of the Senior
High Officers to share with us the reminiscence of their class. Lets give
him a resounding applause.

J: Thank you John Carl for sharing us your class memoirs.

G: And to interpret the vibrations not from magic crystal ball but from the
sheer guts and will power of the seniors, may we request the presence
of Vanesa Bergonia, grade 12 for student under the HUMMS strand for
the reading of the Seniors’ Class Prophecy.

 Class Prophecy Vanesa Bergonia

E: Thanks Vanesa for such eloquence to deliver the contents of our
Prophecy. I have nothing to say with regard to that but “Good Luck to
all of us….and so be it!”
J: Your road to success will always be under construction. But, with your
innate aptitude coupled with great attitude, you can shape up your
altitude with accuracy & fondness. Good luck to the members of the
Graduating Class 2019.
G: At this moment, may we request representative from the grade 12
HUMMS strand, Miguel John Tolentino for the reading of the Last Will &
 Class Last Will and Testament Miguel John Tolentino

E: We’re more than just halfway for this turnover stuff. Furthermore, no
JS Prom is considered memorable in the absence of candle-lighting
ceremony. Such ceremony symbolizes the hand-over of the candles to
the next bearers so as to lead & guide our school and its stakeholders
in reaching their dreams and aspirations.
J: The flame atop of every paraffin elucidates the road to success of the
outgoing seniors in the next chapter of their academic career. At this
point, let’s move onward and go forward to the Candle-Lighting
Ceremony. We would like to call on sir Roger U. Buco, School Principal,
the guest speaker and the alumnus who are present in this momentous
event to lead the candle lighting ceremony. Let’s give them a warm
round of applause.
 Candle-Lighting Ceremony Roger U. Buco, School Principal, the guest speaker,
the alumnus, SH and JH Coordinators and advisers followed by the Juniors
and Seniors.

J: And such odyssey of service and leadership is about to end….to turn
the hourglass upside down for the new breed of student-leaders in the
service of the DMMNHSians. And to make it happen, may we hand in
the microphone to the predecessor DMMNHS leadership by
example….SH President Liah Amor Cabanero for her bequeathal
speech. After which is the acceptance of the golden key of
responsibilities and response of the JH President, Mr. Jaymar Donato.
Let’s give them a nice big hand!

Key of Responsibilities Liah Amor Cabanero & Jaymar Donato

G: Thank you dear student leaders, Liah and Jaymar. At this moment, may
we welcome our juniors and seniors to serenade us with their golden
Rewrite the Stars

At this time, we shall witness the Seniors for their ballroom dance.