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JSC-08476 _"

i SKYLAB 1/3


National Aeronautics and Space Adm

i, L YNDON Houston,Texas
_ •OCTOBER1973 '
TAG T_De 229-Ol/T-2h3
Time: 229:00:00 to 229:01:30
/_ Page 1 of 5/1605


229 00 06 56 CC Skylab, Houston; 1 minute from LOS. See you

again over at Carnarvon at - in 28 minutes at
00:35, 00:35.

229 00 07 12 SPT See you later, Crip.

229 00 35 03 CC Skylab, Houston. We;re A0S over Carnarvon for

14 minutes.

CC And, SPT, when you get a moment, got a favor to

ask of you.

SPT Go ahead, Bob.

CC Roger; Owen. We're still trying to figure out

this little problem about apparently some extra
wattage on the ATM C&D or at least on the coolant
loop that we discussed last night. And wonder if
you could check for us on panel 135 to verify

229 00 37 00 SPT Jack's up at the panel right now and maybe he

could check that.

CC Oh, okay.

PLT (Music) I think that might be the problem; it's

in FLOW.

CC Okay, we copy - -

PLT Want her in BYPASS, right?

CC Okay, should be in BYPASS.

CC Okay, we really don't have any telemetry to tell

us. We're under the assumption that no - no EREP
gear is on.

PLT That's affirm but I'ii check it.

TAG Tape 229-OI/T-243
Page 2 of 5/1606 _-

229 00 39 00 PLT I think the way that happened, Bob, was that we
decided not to completely load the tape recorder
the other day because we wanted to make sure we
gave it a good cleaning again a couple of weeks
from now and you had asked us to leave the - the
FLOW valve in - in FLOW after the last EREP pass
until we changed out the tane recorder _nd we
never really strung the tape recorder up because
we wanted to clean it again before we have our
next _ass.

CC Okay, Jack; we cooy that.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're getting ready to do a

data voice recorder dump. And if you can give us
the DAS for a couple of minutes, we want to update
our drifts on rate gyros Z-l, 2, and 3.

PLT You got it, Bob.

CC Thank you.

229 00 40 20 CC PLT, Jack, we'd like you to verify it for us

whether you did find any of the EREP gear on.

229 O0 44 37 CC Jack, we'd like to find out whether you had left
any of the EREP gear on or not or whether you
found any of it on.

PLT Oh, no. We shut that all down the other day.
The only thing we didn't do is string up the tape
recorder. And if you look in the tape recorder
procedures, the last thing that you do is to do a
check and go back to the BYPASS position. And we
decided not to do that complete load because we
knew we'd want to clean the tape recorder real
good again and overlook the fact that we had been
requested to leave the valve in FLOW and would
not get it back to BYPASS. So, our mistake is
not completing that procedure. We got the tape
recorder with the tape in, but it's not threaded.

229 00 _5 28 CC Okay, Jack. We - copied.

PLT The only thing unusual about the EREP gear, Crip,
is that the VTS door is open.
TAG Tape 229-01/T-2h3
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CC Roger, we were still puzzling a little bit about

even though it was flowing through the EREP gear
as to why it was picking up that much - that much

CC And now that you've gone back to BYPASS, we - we

should be able to see it in a couole of hours to
find out whether that brought it back down to

PLT Okay, well we shutt off all the EREP stuff after
that last pass - the lunar cal or whatever it was
and I just checked it again and all the switches
are off. And nothing's running.

229 00 46 27 CC Okeydoke, real fine.

CC Okay, Jack, we been talking to you and you need

to go aheand and start your next AUTO MODE.

PLT Yes, I know that but I can't because I'm waiting

for that too, but S056 has got a time out and
so does 55 and then I'll go to the next AUTO
_ MODE. I got the 82B summarysheet out in front
of me and I noticed that the last exposure is
about a 17-minute exposure. So, I think what
we're going to do is _o right on into the AUTO
MODE at 20 arc seconds and just cut that last
exoosure a little bit short but I want to wait
until the other on's time out. And that ought to
be within the next 3 minutes. There goes the 56.
\ It's timed out now. And the AUTO RASTER is on
the llne 16.

229 00 47 h3 PLT As soon as the auto raster gets through this last
pass, it's on the third one now, why I'll whistle
over to 20 arc sees off the limb.

CC Okay - -

PLT Looks like about all that'll do is cut the last

exposure on 82B about in half.

CC Okay, Jack, you don't have to - to wait for that

exposure to time out. All you need to do is to
go ahead and start the AUTO MODE. And you can
STEP 82B's mirror out to their appropriate
TAG Tape 229-01/T-2h3
Pa_e h of 5/1608 ""

229 00 h8 37 PLT Okay.

CC Yes. Using the MANUAL STEP switch, of course.

The DAS belongs to you guys again. We're about
to go over the hill. We'll see you again at MLA
in about 35 minutes from now. And that's at

CDR Hey, Crip, who was it that figured out that I

left it in FLOW instead of BYPASS?

CC Came from the EGILs back there.

CDR Wonder which one psyched it out. That's a pretty

good call, you know it.

CC Roger; concur. Looks like Bill Moon did that.

229 00 49 28 CDR ... Tell him, thanks.

229 01 25 25 CC Skylab_ Houston. We're AOS across Bermuda for

about 8 minutes.

CDR How about a little night report?

CC Stand by.

CDR Give it to you right now, if you're ready.

229 01 25 h7 CC Okay. Let us get our paper together here.

CDR You don't copy these thing down_ do you, Crio?

I always read them way to fast.

CC Oh, we're getting better all the time. No,

we're - we're recording it also. But some -
sometimes we try to copy some of it down. We
want to make sure the recorders and everthing are
going. 0kay. Shoot.

229 01 26 06 CDR Okay. Urine: 96, 155, 167. Now, I screwed up

the drinking water gun reading this morning, in
that I didn't get it. And I didn't notice it
until later in the day. So we tried to estimate
what our drinking water gun usage was. Now, Jack
was able to estimate his exactly, because he knew
how many drinks he had today. 0wen and I Just
guessed. So, we can be off five squirts,
TAG Tape 229-01/T-2h3
-- Pa_e 5 of 5/1609

probably , either way. Here comes the numbers:

5095, 8430, 5775. Okay, BMMD: 6.250 , 6.254,
6.249; 5.978, 5.980, 5.978; 6.943, 6.941, 6.943.
Okay, here's exercise: 2/36/4558, and that
includes the MI71 run 3/15/Mark I, 60, A; 20, B;
20, C; 20, D; 3/05/Mark II, 20, A; i0, B; i0, C;
and I0, F. Okay, this is the SPT's% 2/30/4500,
on the Mark I - excue me. On the Mark I he had
80 A's, h0 B's, 40 D's. Pilot, 1/05/0521,
2/57/11582 [sic], and the bike quit right at the
end. It started making noise. So we let it cool
off; he was trying to _o for an hour. We let
it cool off and it seems to be working okay. In
addition to that, the nilot had 3/20/Mark I,
50, A% 20, B; 20, D; and 20 baekhends. No
medication. Sleen; 6-i/2/q, 6-i/2/C, 6-I/2/G.
Food ion: CDR, four salt packs, and one straw-
berry drink; SPT, three salt packs and one
butter cookie; PLT, 12 salt backs, one butter
cookie, and two cherry drinks. Photo Log, here
it comes. We're going for a first tonight. We're
goin_ to try to get this riaht. T013, C148, 82,
C143. T013, C147, 82, C145. 35-millimeter:
CXI2, 16; CXI01, 00; 70-millimeter: CXII, 160.
Now we need a ma_azine change there, and if you
can wait until tomorrow's pad, if you can recommend
which mag we ouaht to put on there.

229 01 29 29 CDR Drawer A configuration: A-I and A-2 no change%

A-3, 06, C147, 10, C145; A-h, 03, CI48, 10,C143.

TAG Tane 229-02/T-2hh
Time: 229:01:30 to 229:03:00
Pa_e i of 9/1611


229 01 30 03 CDR We blew it. We didn't get the photo pad right.
Let's go back up to the top, on 16-millimeter.
T013, CI48, i0, CIh3; TO13, CIh7, i0, CI45; I
don't think there's a way we can get it right,
frankly. We only missed it by 72 percent on two
of them.

CC That 's close.

229 01 30 45 CDR Which were the only two we used. It's Just im-
possible, I guess. Okay. Flight Plan for to-
morrow looks good. And I think everybody was -
was working pretty good today. Nobody was
rushed. Everybody's Just about finished. I
think Jack's got one pad, and I'm finishing up
the dlnnp, and he 's emptying the garbage. And,
so we've got a few little things, but essen-
tially, we're - we're pretty near finished up.
Believe we've got about an hour or so, So
we're in pretty good shape. _%_lonpinglist ae-
comDlished. We got all our housekeeping done.
And by the way, I Just won't even mention it
if we do all the housekeeping, because I'm
pretty sure we will. And Jack took apart the
second tape recorder, and he reported to you
the results of that. Inoperable e0uipment ,
nothing new. Unscheduled stowage item, we moved
six blue towels from W-737 to }[-831.

229 01 32 04 CC Okay, AI. We - we've got all that. And we're

about 1 minute from LOS. %[etll pick you up again
over Madrid at 01:36. I guess we'd be interested
in hearing a few more words about the bike prob-
lem that Jack had. And I've got a number of
questions here I'll ask you at that time, also.

CDR That's a good idea. And Jack Just wandered off,

but he'll he back by the next station passage
and he can give you a briefing. I'll give you
all I - well here he comes right now.

PLT He'll be here when you get back. Are you still
there, Crib?
TAG Tape 229-02/T-2hh
Page 2 of 9/1612

229 01 32 37 CC Yes, sir. I hope you don't wander off too far,

PLT (Laughter) I haven't got cabin fever yet. A1

won't give us our liberty cards. There will be
no more liberty until morale improves.

CC Tough skipper, huh?

229 01 33 56 PLT Captain Ahab. What happened on the hike was I

decided to go for a ride, and - and I was going
to go for a half an hour, but you know, the
scenery was good and all that, and so was the
music. And it's kind of like eating strawberries
and ice cream, if you run out of the strawberries
first, you've got to get more ice cream. Well,
I had the music going, and I ran out of bike
before I ran out of music, so I kept going, and
then I ran out of music before I ran out of
bike, and so forth. But I got to 57 minutes
and the bike started vibrating a little bit,
and then it just started freewheeling, so I
had to quit. And we let it cool off, and I
think it's going to work all right now.

229 01 34 34 CC That sounds vaguely familiar.

229 01 37 07 CC Skylah, Houston. We're AOS Madrid for 8 minutes.

and I've got a few questions for you if you can
- got some time to answer them.

PLT Righto, we've got all the time in the world.

CC Gee, you're so cooperative. Okay, I got a

pile of them here. We'll just start at the
too. We'd like to get an inventory of the
batteries in the IMSS diagnostic kit, which
is locker 709, to determine if any replacement
batteries have been used. And if you can -
also please report on usage to date and antici-
pated usage of the IMSS head-mounted light. And
if you could Just - -

229 01 37 49 SPT Okay, we haven't used the head-mounted light at

all. It's got a fancy name which I won't bother
quoting. And I can't remember it. And I haven't
had a chance to inventory the batteries yet.
TAG Tape 229-03/T-2_
Page 3 of 9/1613

CC Okay, if at some time you can find that

convenient and Just record it for us, we'd
appreciate it.

SPT Okay.

CC Okay, this one is in reference to EREP i - S190

desiccants. What would you like to have from us
concerning the S190 desiccants? We can track
for you, giving how many have been baked out and
stowed and the condition and so forth. We think
from our SL-2 experience it might be easier for
you to take care of that Just - Just yourself.

229 01 38 33 PLT You're ;right. They're all baked out, and we've
got 12 of them ready to go.

CC Okay, and I understand that you concur that

you'd just as soon bake them out when you think
they need it without any turning around from us.

SPT Righto, Crip.

CC We appreciate that. And for A1, we'd like to

ask on the LBNPD, are you still using position
number 6 on the saddle?

229 01 39 03 CDR The answer is yes. I used it today, but I

didn't make it all the way through the 50 milli-
meters; I had to cut off at about a minute,
25 seconds to go, but I was using position 6.

CC Do you think you're going to stick with 6, or

are you thinking about changing it, Al?

CDR I'm thinking about moving it to 5, but I'm not

concerned. I think 6 or 5 will both be good.

CC Okay, I guess we might be interested in hearing

if you do change it from 6.

229 01 39 35 CDR Sure will, Crip. We'll keep you informed with
that. The serial number of the cuff - blood
pressure cuff and the serial numbers of the
band, and then we're going to use those numbers
that we called down the other day until we -
and if we change them, we'll sure let you know.
TAG Tape 229-02/T-24h
Page 4 of 9/1614

229 01 39 52 CC Okay, this item here you may - you may - you
may have to break out a book, if you can write
it down that's - probably satisfy it. We sent
you up a permanent general message number 14
regarding the spider, and we messed up on a
stowage location in there. We put down, right
at the end of it, an F-508, and it should have
been F-509.

CDR Okay, we got it_ Crip.

CC 0kay, thank you.

229 01 40 18 CC Okay, and we had some little difficulty under-

standing during T013 today whether the - the DAC
was on during task 3 performance over Vanguard.
The voice indicated that you did task 3 again
later for the DAC or something.

CDR That's affirm. Here's what occurred. We were

running a little bit behind, so we knew we had
to come over Vanguard and give you the informa-
tion, so we got over there, set the TV up, and
figured that the TV would correlate with DAC
task 3. But we knew they mi_,ht want film also.
So we ran 3 again later with film. So they've
had two 3's, two l's and one 2. So we gave
them essentially an extra 3, and they've got
everything, I hope, that they needed on both
tape and TV.

229 01 hl 05 CC Okay. But you were doing a TV when you came

over Vanguard at the time we were - you were
doing task 3. Is that correct?

CDR That is a fact. So everything we did was cor-

related either with TV or with film.

CC Okeydoke, very good. Next question regards

the wardroom window which you told us the other
night that you had evacuated again. We'd like
to know if you performed that per perm - per
permanent general message number i0 which
basically left the thing evacuated to vacuum.
TAG Tape 229-02/T-2h4
-- Page 5 of 9/1615

229 01 41 37 CDR We did, and I'ii tell you what, Crip. After
we evacuated, and I evacuated for about 5 or
6 hours, this still - this little cone-shaped
thing which is - which is on the inside of
both windows - it's on the inside pane of the
window'we're closest to and the inside wing of
the outside window, you can only see it when
the light is Just right. Like at night, you
can't see it. And the more l've looked at it
the more l've realized that probably that came
in the day that we did the window procedure.
And it doesn't look like moisture anymore.
It looks like some thin, white coating. But
it - it's so thin that you can't - like I say,
you can only see it when the light's right.
I don't think it111 disturb pictures. I think
it'll Just be a noticeable thing to someone when
the light shines Just correctly on the window.
And if - the window presently is evacuated,
it's got in it the best vacuum we could put
on it.

229 01 h2 37 CC Okay. I think we got all that. Appreciate

the good description of it, A1.

PLT Sa_v,Crip?

CC Yes, sir.

PLT I hope you've got some more words on this

S192 EBDU for tomorrow.

PLT I got that the first thing after I get up, and
I - guess I don't have the word as to what that

CC Yes, Jack. We _ye got a message down here

we're going to send up to you. And it's Just
a special run to - to check the thing out.

229 01 43 05 PLT Oh, okay, thank you.

SPT And, Bob, here _s you batter/r info. On the

microscope, 3 batteries; the laryngoscope,
2 batteries ; hemoglobin meter, 2 batteries ;
otoscope, h bats.
TAG Taoe 229-02/T-24_
Page 6 of 9/1616

CC Okay, appreciate that, Owen. And for Jack,

we'll try to get that message up over - for
you on the next pass so you can be taking a
look at it. And, A1, for you, you've stated
during your 509 runs that the backpack was
slipping around when you were rolling. We'd
like to know whether the harness was actually
loosening un on you during the run, or is it
Just that the harness is not adequate to pro-
vide good restraint?

229 01 43 40 CDR I think maybe it's a little of both. It gets

worse as the run progresses. The harness is
not made of very thick webbing, so when you
pull it through tight, it tends to slide over
into the corner of the - the buckle, if you
know what I mean. And so it doesn't grip too
good. But even - when you first start out doing
din [?] rolls, if you do a - a very. much of a
roll, then the backpack rolls relative to you.
As - as the run progresses it's even more.
Usually when we came to an end of a baseline
maneuver, we - we would readjust. So what I
think needs to be done - and we kind of looked
at it - we need to come up with a - an additional
use of a short strap or a long strap like we
did on T20 to stabilize that backpack, and I
think we'd have it licked. Lou Rsmon invented
a procedure for T20 that worked out real good.
And we might be able to use it on 509. I don't
think you need new straps; it just needs some-
how to incorporate a few extra little short
straps and long straps that we have here to
stabilize it better.

229 01 44 53 CC Okay, AI, we cooied all that. We're about

20 seconds now from LOS. We'll have you again
at Carnarvon at 02:10, and that will be your
ned status rep - debriefing. And if we have time
there, I'll come on and talk to you like - about
the loss-of-attitude cue card that we sent up
and also about deleting some items from your
shopping list. If not, I'ii get you at Texas
which is at 02:55. And that's the time we have
set uD for Owen's phone call. And we'll start
off on the left antenna and he may have to switch
TAG Tape 229-02/T-244
Page 7 of 9/1617

CDR Okay, we'll stand -be standing by for any

questions you've got there, Crip. Thanks.

229 01 45 31 CC Okay, thank you, A1.

TAG Tape 229-02/T-244
Page 8 of 9/1618 -_

229 02 23 36 CC AI, we're planning on shutting off the cabin

release valves tomorrow, so we'll - we'll handle
that problem, but we do want you to go ahead
and close that venting tonight.

CDR Okay, I haven't done it yet, but plan to.

Right now l'm getting the film out of S019.
Would it be okay with you if I stowed SOl9 to-
night? It would be just as easy.

CC Roger that. That's your choice.

229 02 23 58 CDR Okay. Well it's - it's had plenty of time to

warm up. l've had it inside but evacuated for -
since the last S019 pass. So, I'ii stow it
all tonight. That'll give us a few more minutes
tomorrow morning to shoot up that film.

CC Oka?T, copy that. And, A1, like to find out

about - if you've got your shopping list handy,
I'ii talk about it if you don't, we would
like to get - -

CDR Let me grab it. Okay, go ahead.

229 02 24 28 CC Okay, the items that require you to inhibit

momentum dump on it, we plan on - we td like
to go ahead and delete off of the shopping list
because that way - it ensures to us that we'll
schedule them. Stand by i. Okay, AI, we show
that you've got S019 ops tomorrow, so we don't
think you should be - be stowing that tonight.

CDR I agree with you. But I noticed you had me

stowing it first thing tomorrow morning. But I
agree a hundred percent with you.

229 02 25 14 CC Okay, that's for stowing the prism, not the

S019 itself, AI. And we're about 15 seconds
from LOS. We'll have you again over Texas
at 02:55, and I got a couple of items I'ii
run over with you in the shopping list there
_ TAG Tape 229-02/T-244
Pa_e 9 of 9/1619

CDR Okay. Well we'll do that stow i tonight -

stow i. We'll do that tonight.

CC Okay - -

CDR We'll work on the shopping list when you

call back.

229 02 25 36 CC Okay, that's fine.

229 02 59 42 CDR Hello, Crip.

229 02 59 4B CC Oh, you're back there. Good. I've _ot a

few questions I need to run by you, sir.

TAG Tape 229-03/T-245
Time: 229:03:00 to 229:10:36
Page 1 of 6/1621


229 02 59 51 CC Are you with me, AI?

CDR You bet. i00 percent.

CC Okeydoke; real good. The one we talked about

on the shopping list, have you got that h_ndy?

CDR You bet.

CC Okay. What we w_nted to do - do are delete

items 22, 23, 34, 35, 36. And those are the
MMD items that require inhibiting momentum
dump and we're - we'd feel more comfortable
if we go ahead and do our runs down here to
make sure that we don't get in a TACS problem
flying like we are.

CC You with me on that one, AI?

CDR I was just marking them off. The answer is,

we understand. I - We think the TACS is not
inhibited at the moment.

CC That's - -

CDR Let me mention something else that's going on,

that I think you're aware of. But I want to
make sure that you are. And that's the fact
that we're venting this holding tank through
the ssme airlock that the SO19 is in.

229 03 01 15 CC Think we might have had a little problem there?

CDR Well now, it's not - We don't dump through

there. It's Just that when it comes time to
put a vacuum on the backside of the bellows,
that's where we've been doing it. Now, maybe
we shouldn't and should do it somewhere else.

CC No. That's where we told you to do it. We -

we've noted that, AI. Let me t_]k about a
couple of items and - That - that is the
problem we would like to have - have it out
of the SAL before we vent - before we draw a
TAG _aoe 229-03/T-2h5
Page 2 of 6/1622 -"

vacutun on it through there. But, if you're

already in process, it's not going to help now.

CDR Okay. And we did it the other day a couple of

times, too.

CC Yes. I guess, we didn't get - get the word

squared away to you. And - Okay. On the TACS,
since you mentioned it, do you happen to have
that new cue card that we sent up to you on
loss of attitude, and how we recover?

CDR Got it right in front of me.

229 03 02 08 CC Okay. Couple of items l_d like to discuss

with you on that. We talked over there toward
the end about getting back in plane, looking
out the S190 window. And, actually, at low -
That's only going to be available for the low
Betas. At hi_h-Beta angles, it may be a
little bit difficult. And really what we're
trying to say is, use, you know, any window
you've got, STS windows, if thatls necessary,
190, if thatts available.

229 03 02 38 CDR 0kay_ Got you.

CC Also, subsequent to that, and probably working

with the ground, we are going to use the star
tracker and lock it on to get a - a good
update on where we actually are with respect
to the orbit plane. And then correct the -
the Nu Z accordingly. And want to make sure
you understood that.

CDR Okay. Sure do.

CC Okay. And, if you've had a chance to look

over it and you haven't got any questions, we
recommend going into that configuration for
tonight and really all we need you to do for
it, is to secure the six TACS switches and put
them to INHIBIT for use and we'll handle the
rest in the commanding in the computer.
TAG Tape 229-03/T-245
Page 3 of 6/1623

229 03 03 19 CDR Okay. And let me see if I've got it right.

Rate gyros, we know what they are, because
we've got the pad that you sent us lately.
C_G control, enabled, naturally that is. CMG
auto, reset: That's been that way all day, or
for several days. TACS control DAS, inhibited.
Now, TACS control, I don't know if you've
inhibited yet, because you must have enabled
it earlier today.

CC That's affirm. We're flying with that enabled

in the computer right now.

CDR So you're going to inhibit that part. And

we're going to go TACS switches INHIBITED.
And we'll go do that in a few minutes.

CC Okay. That's -that's affirmative. And, A1,

on that rate gyros, I think I better mention,
when we say as appropriate, if you ever got
into the situation, we - and you're going
down trying to find the best gyro, we don't
exp_ect you Just to go to that card we sent
you, you should go through and look at the
appropriate gyros in the axis and their out-
puts, and play that against any rates you see
outside. And pick the best one.

229 03 04 19 CDR Okay. We understand that part. You'd use

that to decide which of the good ones you
want to pick, or you want to vote on?

CC Yes, That's correct. You know, if we already

know that one is completely bad, there's no
sense even considering it.

CDR Right. And then we'd look out the window and
try to relate what was going on, maybe to the
indications - We noticed the other day that
the gyros we brought up, generally, were in
close agreement.

229 03 04 53 CC Okay. And, AI, also it's probably up at

your other panel, but on that rate gyro drift
information that you've got, I did want to
update Z-2 verbally and have you mark it on
that permanent general message number 12, if
-_ we could.
TAG Tape 229-03/T-245
Page 4 of 6/1624

CDR You drooped out, Crip. Do - Say again.

CC Okay, on permanent general message number 12,

which is the rate gyro drift, the one that
you're supposed to put in a computer if we
have a switchover, l've got an update for Z-2
that l'd like to give you verbally if - if
somebody could copy it down.

229 03 05 25 CDR Copy right now.

CC Okay, for Z-2, it's 50010, 50015, which is a

plus 0. 0013.

CDR Okay.

CC And stand by, A1, I want to check out this

condensate dump for you and get you a - a good
story on that.

CDR Seems to me there ought to be some way we

could dunD it through the same line we been
dumping the condensate through. But maybe we

CC Okay, A1, I think we see the problem is, you

have been going according to the permanent
general message number l, which is the conden-
sate dump that we first sent you. Is that

CDR Let me look.

229 03 06 29 CC We - we have sent you, in addition to that a

housekeeping gO Tango, 60 Tango, which modifies
the ws_v to do that dump.

CDR Hold on a second.

CDR Roger_ I've got that one.

CC Okay, do you have the permanent general message

number l? Or is that - is that the one that
you been using?

CDR No, I've got the one that says, "Condensate

holding tank only dump; housekeeping 60T."
TAG Tape 229-03/T-245
Page 5 of 6/1625

CC Okay, that's the procedure that we had hoped

you were dumDing by and it doesn't require you
to pull a vacuum on the tank.

229 03 07 40 CDR H_mn. Well, _then there's an error. I thought

that this was kind of the first half of a two-
part procedure. You notice the other procedures
in here, they - they kind of break it up.
It's - One of them shows you how to dump and
the other shows you how to get a vacuum back on
it. In other words, you're saying what I need
to do then is Just dump it and then leave it
like it is.

CC Yes, sir. That's -_that's what we wanted_ou

to do. And if you WouY_, _yO_ tan del_te that ....
general message number i which was the one that
required you to go about the SAL.

CDR Okay, well, I been doing twice as much, because

I thought this was, you know, Just the first
part and I had to do the other part anyway.
Okay, understand. I guess the feeling is once
you got a vacuum in the bellows as long as you
don't let it out, it Just stays there.

229 03 08 33 CC That's - EGIL is telling me yes; that's the

way it goes.

CDR Well, I kind of wondered about that one, too, but I

decided you - I can see now why I was screwed
up. Okeydokey.

CC Okay. Sorry, we didn't get the - get the word

to you to get that one squared away. I believe
that covers most of the items I have. I've sort
of gone over here into your bedtime. Let - let
me check with Flight.

CDR Okay, we got time.

229 03 09 21 CC Okay, that does it. We got about a minute and

a half before we go LOS. I really didn't have
time to read you any news tonight. I might say
that NASA announced today that it plans to
launch - launch Skylab 4, Jerry's flight, on or
about November the 9th. During the SL-4 mission,
NASA tentativelyplans to observe c_net Kohoutek.
TAG Tape 229-03/T-2h5
Page 6 of 6/1626

CDR And what's their length or are they quoting

any now?

CC I haven't heard it. Haven't heard an update

on that at all.

CDR 0kay.

CC They - they're still planning on, you know, just

makin_ sure they go - they go in to get the
Kohoutek, at least go that long. And go ahead
and wish you guys good night here. There is a
Madrid pass coming up in about 5 minutes from
now if you wanted to talk to me about anything
else. But I'm not going to give you an AOS call.

CDR Okay, good night.

CC Good night, guys.

PLT So long, Crip.

PLT Rest well. Your Marine Corps is watching you.

229 03 i0 22 CC I feel safe.

TAG Tape 229-04/T-246
TIME: 229:10:36 to 229:12:00
Page i of 4/1627


229 i0 45 14 CC Good morning Skylab, we've got you through Guam

for 2 minutes. And the CDR is the only one who
needs to rise now. He's got an ATM pass starting
in about 25 minutes.

CDR Okay, thank you, Story.

229 i0 45 41 CC And no need to acknowledge, but I've got an update

for your Sun this morning. New prize crossing
east limb at 28/1. A bright surge on the limb
was reported in this position, at 0B_B0 Zulu. No
other activity.

CDR What's its name?

CC I'ii get it for you.

229 i0 46 40 CC And Skylab, we're 20 seconds to LOS here, we'll

see you over Goldstone in 16 minutes, at 11:02.

229 ii 03 17 CC Skylab, we're AOS stateside for 18 minutes.

CDR Okay, everybody's up.

CC And AI, when that area gets around, it's going to

be active region 93.

CDR Okay.

229 Ii 05 17 CDR There is a nice bright spot on the east limb. It's
not a spot, I meant plage, a nice bright area.

CC Yes, sir.

229 ii 06 17 PLT Hello, Story.

CC Go ahead, Jack.

229 ii 06 21 PLT Yes, today we'd like to recognize an individual at

Marshall Space Flight Center who's contributed a
lot to this program, by the name of Bob Thompson.
l'm sure that you know him, and eve1_body does.
TAG Tape 229-04/T-246
Page 2 of 4/1628

We'd like you to give him a call and make sure he

knows how much we appreciate his efforts on this -
on the workshop. He had a major responsibility in
making sure that the workshop got built correctly
and he had a major responsibility of making sure
our trainers were in good shape. We're mighty
pleased with the way things turned out. And Bob
always had a very can-do attitude about everything,
and that's the kind of attitude that has made this
program, and other programs we've had in space
flight, successful. So we'd like you to make sure
Bob Thompson, over at Marshall Space Flight Center,
knows that we appreciate all his efforts.

CC Knowing him, he may be hearing you right now, but

I'll certainly call him.

229 ll l0 18 CDR Are you getting the down-link on the TV, Story?

CC That's affirm, A1, we're looking at it.

CDR Okay, well, let me give you some goodies here.

Here's the ... graph; let me roll it around for

229 ll 12 02 CDR They ought to roll a little faster now.

CC Okay, we're seeing it.

CC And, A1, we've got 3 more minutes of real time TV.

CDR Okay, let me get this out here and do this XUV MON.

CDR Did you come to the sequence?

229 ll 12 58 CC Okay, we're getting the XUVs.

CDR Okay, I'ii give you another sequence.

CDR Okay, there's two sequences. Let's take a look

at H-alpha 2.

CC Okay, we got them.

229 ll 14 16 CDR Okay, now I'm going to close the coronagraph here.
And then I'm going to go up and look at that new
TAG Tape 229-04/T-246
Page 3 of 4/1629

active region, so y'all can get a glimpse of it on

H-alpha i.

CC Okay.

229 ll 14 52 CDR Okay, it's right below the reticle there. I'll
move it up a little bit higher - be a better
view for you.

CC Okay, we can see it.

CDR Maybe we'll get a little action out ofathat thing.

CC Let's hope so, it's been pretty quiet.

CDR Boy, it sure has.

229 ll 15 25 CDR Let me give you a little XUV MON of the same spot.
I know you've got the whole thing, but - right here.

CDR I'll give you some 2's and 4's.

CC And_ A1, we're not picking up the TV real time now,

but it will be recorded at Mila at this time.

CDR Okay, I think that does it.

229 ll 16 50 CDR We'll put that detector 3 around, and scan that
area, and see what we can see, as far as the UV's

CC Okay.

CDR Take a few seconds on my frames 67 and 66, so

detector 3 may not be getting anything special.

CC A1, could you give us the frame counts on the

experiments? We've missed them the last couple
of days.

229 ll 17 45 CDR Okay, its our faults. Let me give them to yuu;
H-alpha l, 05750; 56 is 2861; 82A, 100; 82S, 553;
52 is 3262. We're going to have to get with it.
5_ is 3144.

CC Okay, thanks.
TAG Tape 229-04/T-246
Page 4 of 4/1630

PLT Hey, Story, those were put on tape last night.

They must be somewhere in your archives there.

CC Okay, we'll look.

229 ii 19 49 CC And Skylab, we're a minute to LOS. We'll see you

over Carnarvon in 40 minutes, at 12:01, and we'll
be dumping the tape recorders then.

229 ll 20 22 CC In case you didn't read me, Skylab, we're 30

seconds to LOS. We'll see you over Carnarvon in
40 minutes. We'll be dumping the tape recorders

TAG Tape 229-05/T-247
Time: 229:12:00 to 229:13:30
Page 1 of 7/1631


229 12 01 36 CC Skylab. We're AOS Carnarvon for 7 minutes.

229 12 08 07 CC Skylab. We're 30 seconds to LOS. We'll see you

over at Guam in 8 minutes.

229 12 15 56 CC Skylab, We've got you through Guam for 6 minutes.

We didn't finish our tape recorder dump over
Carnarvon. We'll be dumping a couple more minutes

CC Skylab, we're 1 minute to LOS. We'll see you

over Goldstone in 18 minutes at 12:39. And,
CDR, the last message is up on the teleprinter
pad. It refers to changes on your M509 _U ops.
And we're assuming on giving you that message
that you will be using the cue card rather than
the checklist.
CDR You assume right. We'll do it.

CC Okay, and a little later on, A1, we'll be talking

with you about changes in the cue cards versus
the checklist. If possible, we'd - we'd like
not to have you have to change both of those but
we'll talk over that philosophy, maybe stateside.

CDR Good idea. We've found the cue cards to really

be the thing.

229 12 22 05 CC Okay, we're glad to get that information.

229 12 39 5h CC Skylab, we're AOS through Goldstone and Texas

for 15 minutes.

PLT Okay, Story. Are you ready for the EREP readings?

CC Go ahead.

PLT Okay, Alfa 2 is reading 60 percent, Aifa 3 reading

86 percent, Alfa 4 reading 71 percent, Alfa 5
reading 65 percent, Alfa 6 reading off-scale low;
Bravo 2 reading 57 percent, Bravo 3 reading
76 percent, Bravo 4 reading 71 percent, Bravo 5
reading 73 percent, Bravo 6 reading 51 percent.
P Youwithme?
TAG Tape 229-05/T-247 --
Page 2 of 7/1632

CC Yes.

229 12 40 45 PLT Okay, Charlie 2 reading 45 percent, Charlie 3

reading 87 percent, Charlie 4 reading 70 percent,
Charlie 5 reading 82 percent, Charlie 6 reading
47 percent; Delta 2 reading 86 percent, Delta 3
reading 85 percent, Delta 4 reading 72 percent,
Delta 5 reading 13 percent, Delta 6 reading 57

CC Okay.

PLT Okay, I'm standing by for an aut - AUTO CAL at 45.

CC Roger.

CC And, Jack, we'll need the VIDEO switch to TV for

the down-link.

229 12 41 59 PLT Okay, my friend, l've change/ it. How are you
getting it now?

CC Okay.

CC SPT, Houston.

SPT Hello.

CC Owen, I've got a change to the ATe4 schedule pad.

Take you about a minute to copy if you've got it.

SPT l'm just setting up to start this JOP. Can you

wait a couple of minutes? How much time do we
have here?

CC It doesn't - The nearest pass that it concerns

is 17:25. So you've got all kinds of time.

SPT We'll wait.

229 12 45 02 PLT MARK. AUTO CAL.

CC Okay.

229 12 47 28 PLT MARK. S191 POWER, OFF.

CC Okay.
TAG TAPE 229-05/T-247
Page 3 of 7/1633

229 12 48 h0 SPT And for the information of the backroom, DETECTOR

number 3 peaked up right on the dark boundary of
this network cell as seen in H-alpha i. So
apparently the two were coincident on DETECTOR 3
and H-alpha.

CC Copy, 0wen.

229 12 h9 25 PLT MARK. 192 MODE to READY; READY light on.

229 12 h9 46 PLT Position 5.

229 12 49 57 PLT Position 7.

229 12 50 07 PLT Position 9.

229 12 50 19 PLT OFF position. Okay, you got everything down

there, EREP? Hello, Story. How do you read?

CC Reading you loud and clear, Just waiting for an

answer. We've got it all, Jack.

PLT Okay, l'm going to turn it off.

SPT Okay, if you still have real-time TV, the back-

room can see the network cell I'm pointed at.

229 12 51 33 CC Owen, we haven't got the lines called up, but

they will be recording it at the site.

SPT Okay, thank you.

CC CDR, Houston.

CDR Go ahead.

CC A1, about these changes to checklists and cue

cards and the things like JOP summary sheets.
When we send you up a change to a JOP summary
sheet, to be precise, you'd probably have to
change the slJmmary sheet, the teleprinter fail
sheet, and the cue cards. And we'd like some
kind of understanding of which ones that you use
and maybe you could change Just those.

CDR Okay, well, that's a good idea. On the JOP

summarysheets,the ones we're using,are -
TAG Tape 229-05/T-247
Page 4 of 7/1634

are not the teleprinter fail. We don't have

any cue cards except for flares. We'd have to
change the flare ones. But Owen's listening
in; my suggestion would be that in order to make
this teleprinter fail situation work, we'd have
to put the changes in there, too, but let's
ask his opinion.

CC Okay, and you are not using the building block

cue cards?

229 12 52 43 CDR No, the situation never comes up.

CC Okay, and how about other things? Where you've

got a cue card and a checklist, is it satisfactory
just to changy the cue card?

CDR Yes, it's desirable Just to change the cue card.

CC Okay.

CDR The only time we've gone to the checklist is for

procedures that aren't on the cue card, and that's
about it. These cue cards are working out dandy.

CC Okay, I think in the past we've been too precise

and been changing the checklist too, even though
there's a cue card to cover that procedure.

229 12 53 25 CDR We'd sure welcome any relief on the paperwork;

there is quite a lot of it. You always feel
like that you could better be using your time
up here, but you know it's important too; so
you end up doing it.

CC We're doing about the best we can, but I think

we'll be able to do better in the future.

CDR Okay, I agree with you.

229 12 54 21 CC Skylab, we're 30 seconds to LOS. We'll see you

over the Vanguard in lO minutes at 13:04.

229 13 04 14 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Vanguard for l0 minutes.

CDR Sound happy this morning.

TAG Tape 229-05/T-247
Page 5 of 7/1635

CC Yes, sir, it's - little light rain in Houston

this morning, but it's - We're doing real fine,
Just coming on duty.

CDR Well, I was shaving and looking out the window at

the Andes.

CC I'm sure that's a pretty sight.

CDR Those are as rough a mountain range as I've -

we've seen whistling over the Earth. They're
kind of compact in a small place but they rise
up high and are continually rough all the way
down the coast.

CC Roger, A1. We remember the - Pete's comment when

he was - during his reentry phase and they were
real low over the Andes and it really impressed
them also.

SPT Say, Dick. Story had some changes for the

A_4 schedule there. I'm ready to copy them.

229 13 05 30 CC Okay, give me a minute here, Owen; then I'll

have them right up to you.

PLT Hey, Dick. I've got some word on the tape


CC Roger, Jack. Go ahead.

229 13 05 53 PLT Okay, the first tape recorder that we took apart
was the one we replaced, that was serial number
22, it had 347 hours on it. It had three-eighths
to one-half of an inch more tape on the bottom
reel than on the top reel. And the reels rotated
freely, and as you know I had a busted drive
belt. And it made a 90-degree break and there
was some residue on all of those wheels down
in the drive area. Now, I have found the other
one down in the plenum bag after a little search-
ing around and that's the one that Pete's crew
replaced or took out and that was serial number 13.
It had 1 - 1710 hours on it. It had 1/8 inch
more on the bottom reel than the top reel.
Everything rotated nice and freely. It had the
.-- same failure, a busted drive belt. This time the
TAG Tape 229-05/T-247 f
Page 6 of 7/1636

break in the drive belt was angular and a

little bit serrated but it also had the same
kind of residue on the wheels down at the drive
area. Most of the residue was on the outer
sides of where the tape passed over the wheels,
but there was a little bit underneath where
the tape was strung across the wheels. Over.

229 13 07 18 CC Roger, Jack. We copied it and, while I give

Owen these changes to his ATM schedule pad, if
there're any questions about what you said, we'll
get them back to you up - after that. Owen,
you ready to copy?

SPT Go ahead.

CC Okay. The first is on the A_4 schedule pad at

the pass that starts at 17:25, Owen, and it's
at time 38, and it's - the information to the
right of limb scan 2. The ROLL should read
minus 6922, UP, four balls, LEFT, minus 815.
The latitud is minus 51 degrees. The quiet
region referred to is the southwest limb and
the next change is under - is right under there
under the information for line scan 3.

SPT Go ahead.

229 13 08 22 CC ROLL of minus 7497, UP, four balls, LEFT,

minus 900. And the next change is on the pass
beginning at 18:54 under line scan 5. The ROLL
should be minus 7718, UP, four balls, LEFT,
minus 945. And the last correction is under
the pass that starts at 20:29 and for the limb
scan 4. Okay, there the ROLL should be minus
7624, UP, four balls, LEFT, minus 925. Over.

SPT Okay. I've got all that, Dick.

CC Roger.

229 13 13 06 CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS. We're

going to see you at Goldstone a little over an
hour from now at 14:17 and we are going to dump
the date - data tape recorder at Goldstone.
Over. And we - Jack, we don't have any more
questions on your report about the tape recorder ....
We plan, I think, to send up some replacement

TAG Tape 229-05/T-247
Page 7 of 7/1637

belts for both those recorders on SL-h, so we

should have them back in operation by then.

PLT Okay. What you will want to do is make sure that

the Job can get done. Looks like there's lots of
wire bundles and stuff in there and that the belts
are put on before the wires are soldered down.
But, I think, with a little close look at it,
why, somebody can work out a way to do it.

229 13 13 55 CC Roger. And I'm sure Jerry and Bill will - and
Ed will have time in here to get hold of a tape
recorder and we'll figure out a way.

TAG Tape 229-06/T-248
Time: 229:13:30 to 229:15:00
Page 1 of 3/1639


229 14 16 58 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Goldstone for

12 minutes.

229 14 17 34 CC Skylab, Houston. We're going to have a keyhole

here at Goldstone, that is coming up in 15 seconds;
will last about a minute and a half. I'm not
sure if we are going to lose voice or not. I do
have one question for the PLT, but I think I'll
delay it for a couple of minutes. The pass is
about ll minutes long.

PLT Okay, let me ask you something. Page ll-2,

Maneuvering Experiments Checklist, step 2 asked
me to turn on two recorders, but only gives me a
select for one.

CC Roger, stand by.

PLT Okay, thank you, Dick.

229 14 18 45 CC PLT, Houston. In answer to your question, the

experiment 2 recorder is going to be recording
biomed data. It doesn't matter what the selector
position is for experiment 2. Any one of the
positions will be okay.

PLT Okay, that answers it, thanks a lot. They're both

running and they have got 1-G and 1-G select.

CC Roger. Thank you much. And we confirm they are

both running. And the question that I had for
you, Jack, had to do with the problems you had
last evening with riding the bicycle. What we
were interested in finding out was - is - did you
do any kind of troubleshooting, at all, on the
bike, or did you just - When you found out after
riding it for a long time, and it started free-
wheeling, how long did you let it cool down? And
I assume that when you got back on, the reason
you thought that it's going to work okay, was just
the fact that it was - after cooling down it seemed
to work okay? Over.
TAG Tape 229-06/T-248
Page 2 of 3/16hO

229 14 i9 42 PLT Yes, after it cooled down for about an hour, I

got on it and I Just turned over the pedals five
or six times. It ran up to the watts that I had
set and it seemed like a normal workload on the
legs. And then I turned it off, and I think later
on, A1 got on it, and it worked okay.

PLT I didn't do anymore troubleshooting on it. I

didn't know anything I could do except to get into
the load module, and I didn't want to do that.

CC Roger, understand. Thank you, Jack_ And another

thing, the experiment 2 recorder - get back to that
for Just a second. We rant it On any position
except G, Golf.

PLT Okay.

CC G or H, Golf or Hotel.

229 14 20 33 PLT Okay.

229 14 27 2h CC Skylab, Houston. We're a minute from LOS at Texas.

We're going to see you at Vanguard at lh:43.

229 14 27 54 SPT And it's GO for the ATM room. It looks like the
same network cell is not distinguishable from the
H-alpha displays. So we finished up the last couple
of steps here by pointing coordinates, and I have
to look awful closely at the H-alpha photographs
to find the same cell on the second orbit.

229 lh 28 12 CC Roger, Owen. We copy.

220 14 40 27 CC Skylab, Houston; we're AOS Vanguard for ii minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston; we're AOS Vanguard for ll minutes.

229 14 hl 24 SPT Hello, Houston. It looks like we've got a little

subflare going on in active region 92, at the
moment. No apparent X-rays associated with it,
but I finished up my network and I'm doing it -
shopping list item 3, on this small subflare.

CC Okay, O_oen. Thanks for letting us know.

TAG Tape 229-06/T-248
Page 3 of 3/1641

229 14 49 31 CDR Houston, we're now right in the midst of the take
up procedure on SUS i.

CC Roger, CDR:

229 14 50 28 CC Skylab, Houston; we're about a minute from LOS.

We're going to drop you out for about an hour, and
see you again at Hawaii, at 15:51.

TAG Tape 229-07/T-249
TIME: 229:15:00 to 229:16:30
Page I of 6_16_3


229 15 51 06 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Hawaii for 6 minutes.

229 15 53 05 CC Skylab, Houston. A couple of things - we'd like

to get a status some time during this pass if we
could, about how AI is coming along with the 509
run. We've still got about 4 minutes left. And
also, 0wen, after tou get through setting up for
this daylight cycle pass and have a couple of
minutes, I've got an answer to a couple of
questions you asked of Dr. R_mmel and Ed Michael
the other night.

SPT Okay. First, let me mention about the network

cell. It's Just possible that I may have relocated
the same original cell that I had two revs ago.
It looks a little more promising now. I am a
little surprised about the changing coordinates.
It seems a little bit too much for solar rotation.
I have the cell boundary now at the same roll:
minus 490 DOWN, minus 644 LEFT, as opposed to the
original coordinates I called out before. The
backroom might check to see if they think this is
reasonable from a standpoint of solar rotation.
And A1 is Just suiting up, down there; in fact,
he's in his suit. Maybe Jack has a later update.
And I'm ready to answer - to copy those answers.

CC Okay. We're taking a look at the - the numbers

you read down to us, Owen. On the questions you
asked, the first one had to with - with any
changes in resting 02 consumption. And the answer

we get from the guys here is that the resting 02

consumption rates on all the crewmen are within
the range of their preflight - your preflight
baseline values. And this same was also true for
the SL-2 crew. The second question that you asked
had to do with the - your mechanical efficiency in
riding - in pedalling the bicycle. And the same
answer app - applies. The mechanical efficiencies
observed are essentially the same as you had during
preflight baseline. Over.

TAG Tape 229-07/T-249
Page 2 of 6/164_

229 15 52 51 SPT Thank you.

PLT Hey, Dick, we've got A1 mounted on the ASMU, and

we're getting ready to put his hel - hat on. And
I noticed that one camera position doesn't seem
to work out in here, and that's the camera in the
dome. And I'm going to have to modify those
settings. And I want to know what - generally
in what direction they want that dome camera

229 15 55 49 CC Okay, Jack. Stand by, please.

CC PLT, Houston. On the camera, we'd Just as soon

have it Just pointed right along minus-X, just
straight down into the forward compartment from
the dome. We're about 45 seconds from LOS at
Vaugu_rd. We're going to see you - correction,
at Hawaii; and we're going to see you at the
Vanguard at 16:19.

229 15 57 _l CC SPT, Houston. We're pretty close to going over

the hill. I'm not - I don't think we will get
an answer to you on the - what we think about
that pointing for that network cell, so ...

229 16 18 33 CDR And we're starting to yaw; let's see how it works.
I'm getting a roll left; I'll correct it. I'm
also headed down; I think it's the umbilical
that 's doing that.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS at the Vanguard for

the next l0 minutes, and I need to get a word in
for the 509 guys if they can listen.

CDR We're listening, go ahead.

229 16 18 56 CC Okay, A1. We're a little bit behind on - we're

a little bit behind on - on our recorder
number 2 dump - dumping. We'd like for you to
Just hold off on the run. We'd like to dump the
recorder 2 here at the Vanguard for the next
h or 5 minutes, and we'll get back to you. We're
going to start the dump, and we'll get back to
you as soon as the dump is complete to - so that
you can continue your run. Over.
TAG Tape 229-07/T-249
Page 3 of 6/16_5

CDR Okay, I'ii Just go into a float mode here, around

the middle of the workshop. The tether, as you
can imagine, is pretty strong. I made - attempted
a left turn - left yaw, and it yawed about
90 degrees and stopped, and now It's headed back
the other way, and it's also pushing me down to-
wards the bottom. So my suspicion is that the
gas is not going to last too long.

CC Roger, AI. We're sorry to interrupt, and why

don't you and Just - Jack, Just figure out the
best way Just to get stabilized there and walt a
few minutes. And then I'ii let you know as soon
as we can continue.

229 16 19 58 CDR Okay, the tether is floating me over in the cor-

ner, so I guess that'll be good enough.

CDR What luck do you think you can have operating the
umbilical, Jack? See what you can do with it.

CDR I don't know. I noticed when you touch it, it's

almost like you've got a rigid pole. So I sus-
pect anything you do to it is going to - I could
not fire a fru - thruster, and you could fly me
around the maneuvers Just maneuvering the - the

CDR Okay. Seems natural, okay. May - maybe you can

occupy that position with the umbilical all the
t Ime.

229 16 21 29 CC And, Skylab, Houston. Jack, if you have time,

we've still got about 7 minutes here at Vanguard.
We were wondering if you could let us know how
far along A1 is in the run or, A1, if you could.

CDR We Just got started a few moments ago.

CC Understand.

CDR These suited operations take a little time to get

rigged out.

CDR Have you been able to find a place, Jack, yet,

where you could sort of keep the umbilical?
TAG Tape 229-07/T-2h9
Page h of 6/16_6

CDR Uh-huh. I know it. Uh-huh.

229 16 22 37 CC And, Skylab, Houston, if I can break in real

quickly. Qne note for the SPT: we didn't get
back to you as we were going LOS there. We saw
about an 18 arc-second change in your pointing
in that one rev on that cell, and we expect only
about 6 to 7 arc seconds, so apparently you were
pointed at a different cell, and we were sorry
we didn't get the answer to you as we were going
A0S - LOS at Hawaii.

SPT Okay, now actually that was a two - change be-

cause this is the third rev I've done it. So
six or seven doubled is nearly the change that
we saw. So it looks to me like it might have
act1_lly been the same cell.

229 16 23 18 CC Roger, Owen, The way we arrived at that number -

we had looked at the telemetry from a one-rev
pass. So we think that the number that we cal-
culated was a one-rev diss - difference and not

SPT Okay, here's the reason. The second rev I couldn't

find the cell with much certainty. So I used the
same numbers that I had on the original rev. And
so it means that the second rev, I may ahve been
mispointed a bit, but the first and third revs
differed by the 18 arc seconds. And so that's
the reason I said two revs, and I think it's a
reasonably close number.

CC Okay, good. We're going to go back and look at

the - that rev also, and we'll check it out.

229 16 25 12 CDR Since this - Dick, since this umbilical isn't

particularly large relative to any you might have
to have EVA; in fact it's our EVA one; kind of
makes you wonder, if you had a maneuvering unit,
whether you wouldn't have to include in it the
cooling and 02 requirements. Either that or one
whale of a lot of gas because, if you got this
umbilical out very far, it's going to really have
an idea of its own of where it wants to go.

CC Roger; understand.
TAG Tape 229-07/T-249
Page 5 of 6/1647

CDR It not only wants - has an idea, when you get it

going, it wants to keep going too. When you stop,
then it's off your c.g., and it keeps going so it
torques you, and then you're back expending gas.
You could overpower it, we've got enough authority
to do it. It's Just that you fire a lot of bursts.

229 16 26 01 CC Roger; A1.

SPT Comment for the backroom there. The - Ass1_,_ug

that I have found the correct cell here, which I
believe I have, it would have been impossible to
locate it without the time-exposure photograph
of H-alpha 1 which I took at the beginning of
rev 1. And only with that photograph could you
come back and find it in the very nearly ...
n_twork that we see now.

CC Roger, Owen. And, A1, we've completed the recorder

2 dump, and it's running again, and you can con-
tinue with M509.

229 16 26 37 CDR Okay, we're off and flying.

CC Okay.

CDR Get the cameras going and get the old umbilical.
Whenever you're ready, well I'll attempt this
turn again.

CDR Okay. Let me know when you're ready to go.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about a minute from LOS

at Vanguard. We'll see you at Hawaii at 17:26,
and we've cleaned off that recorder. We will
not have to dump it again until 509 is over.
So you're in good shape.

CDR Okay. Thanks, Dick.

CC See you there.

CDR Let's try to get back up where we were.

TAG Tape 229-07/T-249
Page 6 of 6/1648

229 16 28 52 CDR Trying to come up to operating height here. We

us11A11y operate with it here, and I want to start
so that the data and everything is correct, l'm
going to do a left yaw in a mlnute.

TAG Tape 229-08/T-250
Time: 229:16:30 to 229:18:00
Page i of 4/1649


229 17 25 41 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Hawaii for i0 min-


SPT Roger, Dick.

229 17 27 00 CC SPT, Houston. During the LOS period we did go

back and check some of these - the numbers on
the pointing for the network cell that I thought
you would be interested in. If you have a mo-
ment to listen, I'ii pass them up to you.

SPT All right. Just a moment, please.

CC Sure thing. We've got about 8-1/2 minutes left

and no hurry.

SPT Okay, l'm ready now, Dick. Go ahead.

229 17 28 05 CC Roger Owen. On the first rev, you were - we

looked at the pointing for the first rev, the
second rev, and then the last time that we
talked about it. Maybe we've already talked
about it enough. But the difference in pointing
taken off telemetry, between the first and sec-
ond revs was about 20 arc seconds. And between
the second and third revs was about 19 arc sec-
onds. And both of those were - were larger than
the difference between the first rev of about
7-1/2. Also, the difference between the first
rev and the third rev, itself, was in excess of
30 arc seconds. It was about 34, and there we
expected much less. So - and we did get your
comment just at LOS about the H-alpha photographs,
although there was some static. But we played it
back and listened to that, too. But in essence
we still are not sure that we were pointed at
the same network cell. So the next time you do
this, you might take this into consideration
and put it into your thinking hat about - you
know - you know - some techniques to use next

229 17 29 16 SPT Okay. l'm still a little confused about that

F then, because on the secondrev, I went back to
the exact same pointing coordinates for the
TAG Tape 229-08/T-250
Page 2 of 4/1650

boundary. But then of course the particular steps

I was on required me to be displaced from the
boundary. But the second rev I intended to be -
put the boundary at exactly the same spot as I
had it on the first rev with the fine Sun sensor.
And so I don't believe there was any difference
in the coordinates of the boundary position itself.
And then on the third rev, since I thought I had
refound the correct cell, then of course I placed
the boundary at what I thought was some 20 arc
seconds away. And then I had to step even further
away to complete the step that I was on. So I
think there is some confusion about the actual
location of the pointing and the location of the
boundary of that cell. And as I was trying to
explain on the other - earlier pass, I assumed
that the boundary on the second rev was right
where it was on the first rev, because I couldn't
identify it clearly. And on the third rev then,
I had to displace about 20 arc seconds. See if
that makes sense to the backroom down there, please.

229 17 30 23 CC Okay.

229 17 30 58 CC SPT, Houston. To put this subject to bed here for

Just a few minutes: The only thing we can figure
is possibly - since we were only looking, so far,
at the real-time data that we got over the
Vanguard, and we are in the process now of pulling
out the MDRS data so we can look at that whole
rev. Possibly the point at which we picked the
numbers, you were not pointed at the cell there.
But at any rate, we'll pull out the MDRS data and
chase down and make sure that we do not have a
pointing problem. And we're convinced that we

229 17 31 30 SPT Okay, I think that's the answer right there because
you wouldn't know exactly where I put the boundary,
because for all of my later steps I was offset
from that up from 5 to 25 arc seconds. And so the
data that's on the telemetry is not the position
of the boundary, but displaced from the boundary
the appropriate number of arc seconds for the step
I was on. And I think that is the reason that the
numbers didn't appear quite reasonable at first.
TAG Tape 229-08/T-250
Page 3 of h/1651

CC Roger, (>wen. That makes sense. And be advised

there are some teleprinter messages in the printer
you might take a look at.

SPT Okay, I'ii do it when we get a chance here.

CC Okay.

SPT Is that for me? Or for who in particular, Dick?

CC Nobody in particular, you just might take a look.

SPT Okay.

229 17 33 39 CC Skylab, Houston. And this is for the PLT if he is

listening. Later on today, Jack, you are going
to be scheduled to take some pictures of a volcano
down in New Guinea. And you have onboard, that
you carried up - -

SPT Hey, Dick.

CC Go ahead.

SPT He's sort of tied up right now, and says he can't

talk to you for a minute.

CC Okay, fine, no hurry. We've got - I was just going

to try to tell him that some time in the next
couple of hours I wanted him to get out a map,
and I could point out exactly where that valcano
is. I knew he couldn't do it right now.

SPT Okay, he's tied up on 509 with AI and working on

the thrusters.

229 17 34 13 CC Roger, understand.

229 17 35 04 SPT Yes. Well, Jack, I'm just setting up for an A_

thing right now. It's going to throw the thing
out of kilter if I do. Oh yes, l'm in the middle
of a limb scan thing.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about a minute from LOS.

We'll see you at Vanguard at 17:58, and the last
two transmissions, Owen, were on air-to-ground.
TAG Tape 229-08/T-250
Page 4 of 4/1652

SPT Okay, fine. Do you know whether or not we're

supposed to knock off ATM ops so I can get some
VTR of this 509 at this interval?

CC Stand by.

229 17 35 45 SPT Okay, Jack. We'll try to get it anyway here.

CC SPT, Houston. That's affirmative. That's the

TV-36 Bravo that's listed on your pad - on your
details pad. And that was for you to support.

229 17 36 05 SPT Thank you.

229 17 57 21 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS Vanguard for 8 minutes.

229 17 58 14 CDR Okay, let's take the HHMU off, Jack.

PLT Okeydoke.

CDR All right. We've got about 1000 pounds. Maybe

we can make a rate gyro once around. I'm not sure.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're A0S at Vanguard for the

next 8 minutes, and we'd like to get a status as
to where you are in the run. The cabin pressure
we're reading is toggling between 5.5 and 5.6.

229 17 59 36 CDR Dick, did you read Jack?

CC CDR, negative. I did not.

229 17 59 42 CDR Okay, here's essentially what we have done.

TAG Tape 229-09/T-251
Time: 229:18:00 to 229:19:30
Page i of h/1653


229 17 59 47 CDR We used up the first bottle flying the maneuvers

in the middle of the workshop. Not the baseline
maneuvers, but the attitude maneuvers and the limb
motions. We then came back, put in the second
bottle and new battery, put on the SOP, took off
the umbilical and flew a baseline maneuver in
DIRECT, that was the second maneuver. The first
one we flew in CMG and then DIRECT. Then we came
back, got the HHMU, and flew the first leg of the
baseline maneuver and then the SOP ran out of
oxygen. So we came back, put the umbilical back
on, that's where we are at the moment, put the
third bottle on, and we're down to i000 pounds
in the third bottle. I flew some - a baseline
maneuver with the HHMU and the umbilical, although
it wasn't very tidy. We did make it around. Now
we're going to - we got this last i000 pounds,
l'm going to attempt to do a baseline maneuver
with the umbilical in RATE GYRO, but the amount
of fuel it uses in RATE GYRO is fantastic, and
my guess is it'll never make it around.

CC Roger; AI. Understand.

229 18 01 04 CDR Without the umbilical on, it flies very well.

The - the SOP down at the bottom on the legs
doesn't seem to bother it. The thrusters don't
appear to impinge particularly on the suit or
the equipment I'm wearing so that you get rather
pure rotations, translations and the like, or at
least as pure as we did without the suit. Now
I noticed with the HHMU, such is not the case.
The HHMU is very - is much more - unstabilizing
in the suit than out of it because of the - exhaust
from the handheld maneuvering unit strikes you
at different places, or your backpack in different
places, depending on where your hand is, and it
up - it upsets your applecart a bit. So the HHMU
is even more difficult to fly than unsuited, and
not only because of, you know, the cumbersome
suit, but the fact the thrusters impinge all over
the place on it. It's - it's much different.

.... 229 18 02 13 CC Roger; CDR.

TAG Tape 229-09/T-251
Page 2 of 4/1654

CDR Um, let me think, what else? The P - the SOP

lasted - we had a full 6000 pounds in it, and my
guess is it lasted right around 19 to 20 minutes.
And the way it runs out, I've often wondered, is
it keeps flowing, but it Just lowers the suit
pressure until finally you have no suit pressure,
but you can still hear the flow. So there is
plenty of time to - to get your helmet and gloves
off. We were concerned about that, that it'd
Just suddenly run out and you would be standing
there with no oxygen, but such is not the case.
And so there's plenty of time to get your helmets
and gloves off and go back and regroup.

CC Roger.

CDR I think one interesting thing is you - you seem to

sit a little bit further away from the backpack
in zero g than you did before, and I - I find
that the arm - the hand controller, the rotational
and translational - is a - a little bit too
close for me; it never was in training or check-
out. I don't - I've been trying to figure it
out. I assume it's Just the way the backpack sits
in zero g, the way the suit fits, or the way I'm
floating forward in the suit or something like
that, that isn't true at - at zero - at one g.

CC Roger; AI.

229 18 03 36 PLT How do you read me now, Dick?

CC Loud and clear, Jack.

PLT Okay, when are we going to get the tape recorder


CC Just be about 1 more minute.

CDR We're just sitting here, disconnecting the HHMU


CC Roger; standby a second, please.

PLT Okay, we did that last HHMU run in ID number l,

which is where it needs to be, and we're going
to do this umbilical rate gyro baseline maneuver
in ID-2.
_- TAG Tape 229-09/T-251
Page 3 of 4/1655

CDR Okay.

229 18 04 33 CC Skylab, Houston. On the 509 stuff; since you're

so close to the end of the run, we've carefully
taken a look at cabin pressure. We think it will
be okay, so just go ahead and finish it as you've
described, and we're about a minute and a half
or 2 from the LOS at the Vanguard. We're going
to go around one more rev and see you again at
Vanguard at 19:35.

CDR Okay, how do we look on our time line, Dick?

CC Stand by.

CDR Yes, that's what I was wondering. I haven't got

a watch on, but I'm suspicious we're quite a
ways behind and we'll catch up eventually during
the day, but l'm just hoping it doesn't affect
this S019 pad that I have on board.

229 18 05 22 CC Okay, AI. The - on your time line, you _ys -

you and 0wen are scheduled to eat on the time line
at about 19:00 which is i hour from now. And
then the S019 follows that at about, oh, the
last half of - 19:40 or something like that.
Just looking at it real quick.

CDR Okay, we'll make that, no trouble.

CC Yes, I - I think you will.

CDR Okay, good.

229 18 05 47 CC Skylab, Houston. The tape recorder is yours.

PLT Okay, thank you, Dick. We're ready to go again


CDR Yes. Uh huh. Ready to go? Okay.

CDR Jack, can you tell any reason that l'm sitting
so far forward? Huh?

CDR Can you move this out, Jack? Thank you. Oops.
TAG Tape 229-09/T-251
Page 4 of 4/1656

229 18 07 ii CC Skylab, Houston. As you go over the hill, we

heard the question about you sitting far forward.
It might be that the - You might make sure the
backspaceris out.

TAG Tape 229-10/T-252
TIME: 229:19:30 to 229:21:00
Page 1 of 6/1657


229 19 35 08 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Vanguard for the next

l0 minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Vanguard for l0 minutes.

CDR Okay, Dick.

CDR Hey, you've got it made; l0 minutes every hour

and a half.

229 19 35 50 CC Man, I planned it this way. One reminder, we

wanted to make sure that Jack - sometime before
this - the sunset got a Nu Z update, with the star
tracker in preparation for the S019 run that's
coming up with A1.

PLT Okay. Then you're ready for TV?

CC Stand by 1.

PLT You're going to pick it up at the site, huh?

CC Stand by l, please. That's affirmative, Jack.

The Vanguard is standing by to get your TV down-link.

PLT Okay. Here it comes.

229 19 36 28 CC And, Skylab, I had one little caution note that

EGIL wanted me to pass up to you, and that is,
since the cabin pressure is high, we'd like to
make sure that you don't open the CABIN PRESSURE
RELIEF valves, in the airlock module, on panels
300, 313, and 391, because if you do put them to
their normal - they're presently closed - if you
put them to their normal position now, they would
relieve, so we'll be watching cabin pressure for
you. And then when we ask you to, we'll ask you
to change position on those valves.

229 19 37 53 CC Skylab, Houston. Awhile ago, when I tried to get

to Jack, to - during the 509 run, and didn't get
to talk to him. What I wanted to mention, and
now may have to ask for some help from either A1
TAG Tape 229-10/T-252
Page 2 of 6/1658

or Owen down in the wardroom, but later on, in a

couple of hours, Jack is going to be taking
pictures of a volcano. It's down in - in New
Guinea, and I think it's going to be kind of hard
to find, and I think we could ease up on that
situation if you all could dig out your book that
you flew up - and I think it's in the _ardroom.
It's called General World Maps. And right toward
the end of it - right toward the end of it, in
my book at least, there's a picture of - that has
about the eastern half of Australia and New Guinea.
And if you could turn to that page, I could direct
somebody to exactly where this volcano is and
show you where the ground track is going to be.
And I think it might be a little easier for Jack
to. find later.

CC Incidentally, also, there's no particular big

rush on this, as long as we can talk about it
prior to the photography opportunity, and that
occurs at 22:19 this afternoon.

229 19 39 35 PLT Say, Dick. I've looked at all the numbers that
I've got for you on the inner and outer gimbals,
and I can't find the star. You got some more
good numbers?

CC Stand by 1.

229 19 39 51 CC Jack, I'm advised to let you know to Just go

farther with OUTER GIMBAL. We were watching and
we Just don't think you went far enough with it.
Said -

PLT I went both ways. Which way do you want me to go?

CC An OUTER GIMBAL of at least lO00 arc minutes, Jack.

PLT Okay. It was all the way from a 1000 to 1250 or

so, and didn't see it.

229 19 40 25 CC Okay. We still don't think that's enough. At

least a 1000 on one side and 1400 on other,
ASCO says.

SPT Okay, Dick, I'm looking at Australia and New Guinea.

What do you want to tell me about?
TAG Tape 229-I0/T-252
Page 3 of 6/1659

CC Okay, Owen. If you'll look up there at the top

you'll notice that the island of New Britain is -
the coordinates we're looking for are about 148.h
degrees east, and about 5_5 degrees south. And
that is on the very western tip of the island of
New Britain.

S_T Stand by.

CC Okay.

229 19 41 29 PLT No luck, Dick. I went between 1900 and 1600 and
got nothing.

CC Understand, Jack. Stand by, please. We'll try to

help you.

PLT Correction, that was 900 to 1600. And the INNER

is around minus 650, or in that neighborhood, right?

CC That's affirmative.

229 19 41 56 CC Skylab, Houston. I'm advised the star may be

anywhere on the OUTER GIMBALbetween 200 arc
minutes and 2600 arc minutes. Over.

PLT Okay. I got one now at 9 - about 900.

CC Roger; understand. Thank you much.

PLT You want me to Just let a - lock up and close the

door, right?

CC That's affirm.

229 19 42 29 PLT Okay. It's a minus 650 INNER and plus Z-92 OUTER.

CC Okay, Jack. And we've had a good Nu Z update, and

you're GO to close the door.

PLT Okay. I got a minus 6.9, on NUz; you like that?

TAG Tape 229-I0/T-252
Page 4 of 6/1660

229 19 h2 h5 CC Roger. And back to Owen. Owen, the - New Guinea

is the very large island Just to the north of the
eastern end of Australia, and the island of New
Britain is to the right of that, and Just under
that is - are the words Bismarck Archipelago.

SPT I know right where it is. I'm looking at Cape

Gloucester on Bismarck - on New Britain right now.
Is it on the western tip of New Britain there,
near Cape Gloucester?

229 19 h3 13 CC That's right, Owen. You see where the word - the
C in Cape Gloucester, and Just below that on the
island of New Britain, is a mountain peak indication -

SPT 6600.

CC That's right. Now that's - -

SPT 6600.

229 19 h3 26 CC That's right. Now that's where the volcano is,

right there. And your ground track that Jack will
be going on will be Just to the south of there
and will actually Just cross over the - the island
of New Guinea, so you'll be fairly close to it.

SPT From what I can tell on the western tip of New

Britain there is close enongh, and I don't think
we can miss it. Jack will get it.

229 19 h3 56 CC Okay. Real fine. We're about a minute from LOS

at the Vanguard. We're going to drop out for
about h minutes. And I'll call you again at

229 19 h8 56 CC Skylab, Houston. Hello, again, at Ascension; we

got you for l0 minutes.

CDR Hello, again.

229 19 h9 39 PLT How'd the ATM guys like the panel, Dick?

CC Roger; check. Stand by.

CC PLT, Houston. We're completely satisfied with

the configuration. Looks good.
_ TAG Tape 229-I0/T-252
Page 5 of 6/1661

PLT Makes it unanimous, then.

CC Roger.

229 19 52 15 CC PLT, Houston. You Just put 82 Bravo into HOLD.

We'd like you to go back to NORMAL and then STOP,


CC Okay.

PLT Okay, Dick. The tape recorder's in use. I'll give

you a quick debrief on the last ATM run. Every-
thing came off as advertised. Any questions?

CC (Laughter) That was quick. Stand by and I'll


CC Jack, the backroc_ says that was a very clear

debrief and they don't have any questions.

PLT Okay, see you in about half an hour. Thanks.

CC Roger.

229 19 58 27 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 30 seconds from LOS

at Ascension. We're going to see you at Guam at

229 20 33 13 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS at Guam for 9 minutes

and, Jack, if you will let us have the DAS, we're
going to command - enable the momentum dump.

PLT You've got it.

CC Roger.

SPT Say, Dick, do we have anything left on the VTR?

CC Say again, please, I didn't copy that last question.

SPT Roger. I Just asked if we had anything left on

the VTR?

CC Stand by.
TAG Tape 229-I0/T-252
Page 6 of 6/1662

229 20 BB h4 CC Skylab, you've got about 6-1/2 minutes on the VTR.

It is - You can use that and the tape recorder is
in the RECORD mode - RECORD cyc - we're in the
RECORD cycle.

SPT Okay, fine. Thank you, Dick.

CC Roger.

CDR And, Dick, we've Just begun the charge on BAT 6,


CC Thank you, A1.

229 20 34 38 CC Skylab, Houston. We're through commanding: DAS

is yours.

PLT Okay.

229 20 40 48 CC Skylab, Houston. We're a minute frc_ LOS. We're

going to see you at Vanguard at 21:12.

PLT Okay.

CC And, Skylab, Houston. We got two of your tomorrow

Flight Plans up that are in the teleprinter. We'll
have the other on up-linked at Vanguard.

SPT Okay.

CDR That fast. Good.

CC Sorry. Didn't copy that one.

CDR I said that fast. Good.

CDR We're just putting the SPT in the LBNP.

229 20 42 07 CC Roger.

TAG Tape 229-II/T-253
Time: 229:21:00 to 229:22:36
Page 1 of 5/1663


229 21 12 15 CC Good afternon, Skylab. We're AOS over the Van-

guard for the next ii minutes.

CDR Hey, Crip; CDR. Do you suppose you could set up

a phone call for me tonight?

CC Yes, sir. Be glad to.

CDR Okay. Thank you.

229 21 18 44 CC PLT, Houston. We're a little bit confused about

what you're doinK at the Danel there right now.
We show that you did not go into building block 6.
Can you update us a little bit, please?

PLT Yes, I'll give you the word on that, Crip. That's
correct, I did not go into building block 6, be-
cause I would not have time to complete it. There-
fore, I went down to the last rev and I pickedup
that shopping list item which I'm doing now. And
in its place I'll be substituting the building
block 6A that I didn't have time to complete at
this time.

CC Okay - -

PLT Did you copy?

CC Yes, Jack. We copied that, and that sounds good.

Thank you very much.

PLT 0keydokey.

PLT And for Jim Milligan, there in S056, there'll be

about a 9-minute exposure at Sun center with fil-
ter 3 in OFF.

229 21 20 21 CC Okeydoke, Jack, we got that; thank you.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS. We'll

see you again over Ascension in about 6-1/2 minutes
at 21:29. And, Jack, I got a small update I want
to mske to your JOP sheets. If you're still at
the panel at that pass, I'll give them to you then.
If - if not, I'll get them later.
TAG Tape 229-11/T-253
Page 2 of 5/1664

PLT Okay. I'm still here.

229 21 22 59 CC Yes, I haven't got time to give it to you now.

I'll catch you in about 6 minutes from now.

229 21 29 31 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS through Ascension for

about h-l/2 minutes. And, Jack, have you departed
the ATM C&D yet?

229 21 31 58 CC PLT, Houston. You got a moment to talk to us?

PLT Sure do, Crip.

CC Okay, Jack. To understand what you were talking

about awhile ago when you said you were going to
go back and - and pick up that building block 6,
were you going to go ahead and fill it in at the
last rev of the day after 01:ll, or when were you
planning on picking it up?

PLT Yes, that's my plan here. The problem was there

wasn't time left after I got done with the pre-
ceding building block to complete the 6A. So, I
didn't want to get it started and - and not finish
it. So, I decided that there would be time at the
end of the day in the last rev coming up tonight
if I were to pick up that shopping list item there.
And so I did that; it worked out good, and looks
like I'm going to have plenty of time to work in
6A tonight.

CC Okay, that sounds good. The - the one thing that

we Just wanted to make sure that we weren't going
to break into our JOP 9's that we had going on.
And that sounds all squared away now. Have you - -

PLT I didn't plan to cut into anything. I Just put

them head to tail, fit them in wherever they will;
if it's not too late to do it two revs later why,
that's what I plan to do.

CC Your plan sounds great. We're going to drop out

here in about h5 seconds and I'll have you again
in a couple of minutes. And copy you've already
departed the ATM C&D?

PLT Yes, sir. Is there anything I can do for you?

TAG Tape 229-II/T-253
Page 3 of 5/1665

CC Okeydoke, thank you.

229 21 33 35 PLT Yes, that's all set up for unattended.

229 21 36 02 CC $kylab, Houston. We're AOS once more through

Canary for about 8 minutes. And, Jack, I know
you're busy shuffling food around restocking your
pantry, but we copy on $052 when you closed out
that you left the mirror position in TV. And
we'd appreciate it if you get a chance, that you'd
switch it to camera 4 so that, when we do our un-
attended ops, we won't lose a frame.

PLT Okay, I'll do it right now.

229 21 36 38 CC If you - if you're going up to the C&D panel, I

could - sure appreciate it if I could get you
to change one JOP sheet for me.

PLT Here's your friendly ATM operator.

CC Okeydokey. If you've - Go ahead and put that

mirror back to the camera, and if you could get
a chance to pull out your JOP 9 sheet for me, I've
got a small flip I need to - small change I need
to __ke.

PLT I see it here before me.

229 21 37 29 CC Okay, if you'd look in building block 2 in S054,

it calls out first for a filter 3 and then a
filter 1. We - -

PLT Sure does.

CC Okay, we need to flip those around. The first

one should be a filter 1 and the second one should
be a filter 3.

PLT Sounds more reasonable that way too, doesn't it?

CC Yes. All of the other building blocks on the

various JOP sheets of build_ng block 2's are cor-
rect. That one was an error. If you could cor-
rect it on both the - the regular JOP 9 and on
the - no teleprinter JOP 9, we'd appreciate it.

PLT I'ii do it right now. Thank you, Crip.

TAG Tape 229-II/T-253
Page h of 5/1666

CC Thank you, Jack.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're going LOS. See you again

at Guam at 22:10.

PLT Okay.

229 21 44 07 CC Out.

229 22 l0 18 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS over GuAm, 7 minutes.

CC And, Skylab; Houston. For anybody, I got one

message I'd like to relay, please.

CDR Go ahead, Crip.

CC Okay. Due to the problem you ran into last

night, Jack, [sic] on the - on the ergometer,
until we can investigate the problem a little
bit further, we would like to limit ergometer
time to 30 minutes usage, and then with a
15-minute break, it may be used again.

CDR Okay. You say use 30, break 15, use 30 break 15.
Okay, understand.

CC Yes, sir.

CDR Thank you, Crip.

CC Skylab, Houston. One minute from LOS; Honeysuckle

at 22:24, about 8 minutes from now.

229 22 17 47 CC Skylab, Houston. We'll - going LOS. We'll see

you at Honeysuckle at 22:24.

229 22 24 34 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS Honeysuckle, 2-1/2 minutes.

PLT Okay, Crip. I Just took some volcano pictures.

I located the area; however, the western tip of
that island was mostly covered with clouds. The -
Part of the island was clear however, such that
I could determine that I had found the right
place. I took a couple of Hasselblads and a
couple of 300s anyway, with the thought that
perhaps some of the clouds were due to the vol-
cano. I could not see any discoloration in the
TAG Tape 229-II/T-253
Page 5 of 5/1667

water, primarily because the clouds and probably

because - perhaps because it wasn't there, any-
way. But located the area, although the volcano
may have been covered.

CC Okay, Jack. That was good spotting it anyhow,

with all the cloud cover there.

PLT Oh, it showed up right on time, right in the

right window, too. So you gave me some good fig-
ures on that.

229 22 26 l_ CC Okay. Those EREP people are plotting it right.

We're about 1 minute from LOS, now. We'll see
you again over the Vanguard at 22:51. And that's
about 25 minutes from now.

- TAG Tape 229-12/T-25h
Time: 229:22:36 to 230:00:00
Page I of 4/1669


229 22 51 09 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS over the Vanguard for

6 minutes.

CDR Say, Crip, I was looking over this procedure that

was sent up by the teleprinter a few moments ago
about this service module RCS, quad A.

CC Roger.

CDR Want to do that now, or when?

CC Stand by one moment.

229 22 55 00 CC Okay, A1. Our only constraint is that we'd like

to have site coverage on it. We've got a Canary-
Madrid pass coming up here in about 15 minutes.
If it's satisfactory, we'd be glad to do it then;
otherwise, we can put it off. We've got another
one around 01:00.

CDR Let's do it in 15 minutes. I got it in my hands,

and I'll just wander on up there in a few minutes.

CC Okay, sounds good.

CC Skylab, we're going LOS in about 30 seconds.

We'll see you again over Canary at 23:10. And,
A1, we'll be standing by to do that co-,,and module
switch there.

CDR Okay, and they're looking for feelings about how

long some of these housekeeping items take. The
first they had down was housekeeping ID, which is
vacuum cleaner bag replacement of 20 minutes.
I'd say that's about 5 to l0 minutes.

229 22 57 35 CC Copy.

229 23 i0 20 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS Canary for 14 minutes.

CDR Okay, Crip. I'm over in the comm_nd modules [sic].

CC Okay, AI. And we're ready and you can press on.
TAG Tape 229-12/T-25h
Page 2 of 4/1670

CDR Okay. I'ii call them out as I do them. It'll

_ake them simpler.

CC Appreciate it.

229 23 l0 hl CDR Okay. RCS INDICATOR, SERVICE MODULE A; that's

where it is. RCS INDICATOR switch, TANK
PRESSURE/QUANTITY; that's where it is. Verify
back, gray. That's a fact. And I Just cycled it
CLOSED_ talkback, barber pole. Okay, I'll do
that ; it's presently OPEN. Okay, and C is now
CLOSED, talkback, barber pole. SERVICE MODULE
RCS QUA/) PROPELLANT A, OPEN; talkback, two, gray.
Okay. I'm coming over to QUAD PROPELLANT, it is
barber pole, now. So I'm going to open it. Two
of them go gray. Next: SERVICE MODULE PSM l,
MANIFOLD ISOLATION, OPEN; talkback, gray. Says
"Monitor quad A fuel tank press, decrease to 176."
What we've got now, by the way, is about 198.
So, I'll let it go to 176, and then it says,
open it and close it at 176, or thereabouts.

CC Okeydoke.

229 23 13 13 CDE What do you think?

CC Proceed on.

CDR In other words, you want me to leave it right here

in 180?

CC That looks like it's stabilized there.

CDR Okay. All right now. So we've only - didn't de-

crease it to 176, gone to 180. I Just CLOSED the
MANIFOLD ISOLATION; I'll proceed from there.

CC Okay.


CLOSED; talkback, barber pole. Just a moment.
Okay, CLOSED and two barber poles. Wait 30 sec-
onds. Okay?
TAG Tape 229-12/T-254
Page 3 of 4/1671

CC Okay, A1. You don't have to wait anymore. You

can press on.

229 23 14 14 CDR Okay. It says, "SERVICE MODULE RCS PROPELLANT C,

OPEN." That 's PSM PROPELLANT, okay? Okay. C 's
OPEN; talkback is gray. RCS INDICATOR switch
MANIFOLD PRESSURE and it says, "RCS indicator
select SM, D." It is. Now, let me tell you
where the - all the switches are, so we'll know.
pole. QUAD Nk_,IUM, all of them are barber poled;
QUAD PRIMARY PROPELLANTS are all barber pole;
but I suspicion that they're OPEN. Because I
have - for example there, I didn't close that
one. Okay. Let's go over to the PSM PROPELLANT.
A's gray, B's barber pole, C's gray, D's barber
pole. And, of course, COMMAND MODULE RCS PROPEL-
LANT are both gray. And that's where they all
sit right now.

229 23 15 21 CC Okay, A1. That switch set and talkback concurs

with the way it should be.

CDR Okay. I'll shut down the comm here, Crip.


CC A1, could I - One more item, I guess, before you

rush off. It seems that a phone call tonight is
going to interfere with a little shopping trip -
I guess, getting ready for the trip. I wonder if
you'd mind putting it off until tomorrow night.

CDR Not a bit. That's a good idea.

CC Okeydoke.

CDR Thank you.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS. We'll

see you again over Honeysuckle at 23:58, 23:58.

CDR 35 minutes.

229 23 23 36 CC That's affirm.

229 23 57 53 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS Honeysuckle, 8 minutes.

TAG Tape 229-12/T-254
Page 4 of 4/1672

CC And, Owen, if you'll stay off the DAS for us,

we're going to inhibit the momentum dump for this
upcoming S019. Also we are going to update TACS
thrust to 39 pounds at pulse width,
i00 milliseconds.

SPT Roger, Bob. I'll stay off the DAS and the back-
room might be interested to look at the contrast
on DETECTOR 3 between inside the coronal hole and
outside - beyond the boundary. I'm - Just - done
the one GRATING AUTO SCAN inside the coronal hole.
I'm about to move on the outside right now; it's
a pretty good contrast.

229 23 58 50 CC Roger.

TAG Tape 230-01/T-255
Time: 230:00:00 to 230:01:30
Page 1 of 14/1673


229 23 59 45 CC And, Owen, correction on my last statement about

S019. That was incorrect. We're doing it for
JOP 7, I understand - that dump inhibit.

SPT Roger. And you're going to take care of the


CC That's affirm.

CC Owen, no need to acknowledge. Today you had a

question about whether you were on the correct
network throughout the three cycles. They made
a thorough evaluation of all the data regarding
the network study and it reveals - the only thing
we could look at was the - was the third cycle.
And we verified that you had correctly - cor-
rected properly for the solar rotation, and we're
confident that you had the same cell - cell for
all three cycles. I guess the little question
that we had earlier was the fact that you were
so far ahead of us that we didn't really catch
on to where you were. But you were right on.

230 00 01 53 SPT Okay, fine. Thanks, Bob, and I did put some
more information about that on channel A which
I expect will get dumped and a transcript over
to y'all some time about it also. But I was
reasonably confident also because the - the
numbers checked out so well. And Just for in-
formation on this - coronal hole search that
I'm doing right now. It is possible to do it
as I've been doing it. Magnesium l0 is a very
good line for that. At the present coordinates,
591, the magnesium l0 level was about 40 counts.
Only 50 are seconds away, up at - up - plus
6_1, the magnesium l0 count dropped to about
four to five counts, or a factor of lO there,
and I've been using a persistent image scope
along with the magnesium l0 detector 3 sensor
and put together - I think you can do a pretty
good Job of pointing in and out of the coronal
hole. Jack had a real good idea on aligning
the electronic crosshairs with the crosshairs
of the XUVmonitor. And we have the electronic
TAG Tape 230-01/T-255
Page 2 of 14/1674

crosshairs on monitor 2 approximately aligned

with the center of the XUV MON right now. And
I think that'll be a considerable assist to us
in such things as pointing inside the coronal
hole, but even better doing such things as point-
ing at a bright spot in the coronal hole. And
we've got it aligned - it was Jack's idea yester-
day, and it's working out real nicely.

230 00 03 19 CC Okay, we copied that, Owen. And we'll pass it

on to Ed, also. And the DAS is yours once more.

CC And by the way, we are anticipating Ed would be

over here a little bit later to talk to you

SPT Okay, fine _ Thank you, Bob.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS.

We'll see you again over Bermuda in 36 minutes
at 00:41.

230 00 05 06 SPT Roger.

230 00 41 52 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS over Bermuda for

7-1/2 minutes.

PLT Hello, there, Crip.

CC Howdy, howdy. I've got a little stack of ques-

tions for you guys. If any - if you're handy,
I could go ahead and start into them now. If
not, we can hold them up until later.

PLT You got any for me?

CC Stand by, Jack.

PLT Just putting away a hamburger and a milk shake.

CC Roger. Bet you wish you had one. Yes, I got

one. When you examined the tape recorders, you
talked about some residue. Can you tell us if
it was a solid kind of residue and what color
was it.
-- TAG Tape 230-01/T-255
Page 3 of lh/1675

PLT Yes, it was a solid residue. It was sort of a

very pale yellow, and you could scrape it off
with a screwdriver.

CC Okay. Do you associate it with the - the belt?

230 00 h3 09 PLT Well, I don't know, Crip. The belts look like
they're kind of a hard clear plastic type of
thing, and I'm not sure that would come off the
belt. Looks like it must have come from some-
where else. The belts didn't appear to have
stuff scraped off them.

CC Okay, copy that.

CDR Got any more questions?

CC Jack, let me clarify that on those belts. Those

belts were supposed to be sort of amber looking.
Did you say they're clear?

PLT Yes, they're amber, but they're translucent is

what I mean. You can see through them.

CC Roger.

CDR Crip, it didn't look like stuff from the belt.

It looked waxy or not oily, but something that
you could - It was of an oii base; it - or dirt.
It didn't have - You know, those belts are clear
plastic. ItVd be like rubbing plexiglass and
expecting to get oil stains or something. It
just didn't look like it came from the belts.
The belts looked pretty good.

230 00 _h 16 CC Okay, copy that one. And, A1, I got a few for
you if you got some time.

CDR Sure do.

CC Back on 509 today, you mentioned that you felt

you were located very far forward in the unit
and - could you verify for us that the arms
were fully extended and that the backspacer was
TAG Tape 230-01/T-255
Page 4 of lh/1676

CDR I can verify half of it. The warm - arms were

1%_11y extended. The backspacer was not removed
when Truly mentioned it. Truly mentioned it ;
we said that's it, and so we removed it, flew
it for a few seconds, and found that everything
set okay and it flew exactly the same.

230 00 44 54 CC Okay, I guess that - that last bit of information

got dropped out someplace. And I believe that
Jack mentioned about some problems with the dome
camera that prompted you to ask about the point-
in@. And we were a little bit confused as to
why you asked about it. There - and there seems
to be - I think you're awa_e that _ - the - the
decal up there by the handrail is wrong, and the
correct ones are in your checklist. Can you ex -
tell us a little bit more about that?

CDR The answer to that one is, we've been using the
ones in our checklist, and it Just doesn't come
out to point in the right direction. We suspect
that either the trainer's different, but that is
not a good suspicion, or something's different.
And so we've Just been pointing it in the right
diTection which doesn't use the same angles. I'm
sure we're getting the film in the right point,
hut we Just -but the angles don't match.

230 O0 h5 50 CC Okay, copied that. And the other day on your

unsuited runs - run numher 2 rather, you made
four HN - HHMU baseline runs. You made a nominal,
a grab-on, a push-and-go, but on the fourth one_
Jack told us that you stopped halfway through,
but you gave no description of the operating
techniques. Could you elaborate on them a little
bit for us?

CDR Okay, now, I'm - I'm - I'm having a tough time

remembering. One of the runs I tried to do, and
I think that was this one. I tried to see if I
could Just push off in a certain direction and
make midcourses and get to the right place. And
that was one of the things that we thought might
be useful with the HHMU, because it's so hs_rd to
fly otherwise. And it didn't work out too well.
If you get very much of a pushoff, you can't
_ TAG Tape 230-01_T-255
Page 5 of 14/1677

overpower it with that HHMU, it Just doesn't

have the zing. And I think that's what occurred.
We did - I did two or three of those and decided
that it Just wasn't a - a useful way. It Just
wasn't - didn't work out like we thought.

230 00 47 12 CC Okay, we copied that.

CDR You might tell Ed and Lou that, although I don't

remember specifically if that - you know, that
many runs back. When we get home and look at
the movies, I don't think we'll have any trouble
figuring it out.

CC Oka - -

SPT Bob, I have a comment if you're through with that.

CC Okay, go ahead, Owen.

SPT I wanted to let the ATM room know that I elected

not to attemptJOP 7 there at the end of that
orbit because I was uncertain about the t_m_n_
switch= Is that SR/SS switch supposed to be
left in _P for the times on the pass, or placed
down to SUN?

230 O0 47 52 CC Owen, we don't want to place that switch down to

SUN when we're operating on one gyro in the
Y-axis. That's - that's in the funny book.

SPT Okay, I was not aware of that, although I didn't

see how it affects the computer ops. And inasmuch
as it should remain in CMP, it's not clear to me
how this - the times on the pad are going to get
82B down through the extinction region. I guess
I should've started at 6 minutes and stopped it
at 20 seconds. Is that the way I should have
interpreted the ATM activity pad?

230 00 48 30 CC Owen, I'm not sure we're going to be able to get

a-quick answer for you. We're about 30 seconds
from LOS right now, and we'll have you again over -
for Canary-Madrid pass at 00:51.
TAG Tape 230-01/T-255
Page 6 of 14/1678

SPT Okay, fine, that's good. I Just didn't -

didn't want to attempt that and potentially
waste the 82B film. So, let's try to reschedule
it in the next day or so.

CC Okay, we'll make sure that we got it clear as

to how we're supposed to operate it.

SPT Roger; thank you.

CC And we're going to - And, Owen, we'll put Ed

on for this next pass in about a couple of minutes
from now.

SPT Fine; thank you.

CC You can have the J0P Sl_mary sheets out if you


230 00 49 15 SPT Okay.

230 00 50 57 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS once more across

Canary and Madrid for about i0 minutes, and we
need the DAS so we can reenable momentum dump.

SPT Okay, you have the DAS.

CC 0keydoke, and I'm turning the mike over to Ed.

SPT Hello there, E.G.G.

MCC Hello, (>wen, and troopa. Wetve got some good

words on ATM. You got the JOP s1_mmary sheet
there, Owen?

SPT Yes, I do. Go ahead.

MCC Okay; One general comment is that we'd llke

you to continue to use the shopping llst if you -
as you have in the past. It's worked out real
well. A1, you made a comment about at some
points wanting a more detailed description of
the operation. For this, you can go ahead and
use the JOP s,-m=_y sheets and the steps from
the teleprinter fail case. And Just use the
steps of your choice, but omit 52 and 54 until
after the EVA and only use 82A for very special
events. In other words, you've got those J0P
TAG Tape 230-01/T-255
__ P_e 7 of 1h/1679

summary sheets available to you, teleprinter

fail - as a shopping list, Just leaving out
those three experiments.

CDR Okay. Understand.

230 00 52 08 MCC Okay, and one general question. How about your
scheduled versus free time in the nominal ATM
passes? Would you like more scheduled or more
free time?

SPT I personally think that it's working out Just

about right. Most of the blocks are pretty full.
But then occasionally there's a little 5-minute
interval or so that shows up that allows you to
squeeze in a shopping list item that you may
have been wanting to do. So personally, I
wouldn't like to see much change. I don't know
how A1 or Jack feel about it.

CDR I think it's just perfect right now.

MCC Okay. Real good. In your prep for unattended,

you've received a note about pointing so that
the 52 crosshairs are centered. The two other
ways, of course, you can do this, are with the
bias out. Just go up 25 and right 25. That'll
get you to the right point. Or you can fly to
the values that you've previously established
with the biases in.

SPT Hello, I think you Just hit a keyhole, Ed.

MCC Okay.

SPT Hello, Ed.

230 00 53 14 MCC Okay, Owen, the comment --

SPT Hello, Ed. I think you Just hit a keyhole. We

missed your last.

MCC Roger. Okay, we'll pick it up again. The com-

ment was on the 52 pointing for unattended,
where at the end of the orbit you extended the
crosshairs. Alternate ways of doing that, if
you don't want to open up the 52 doors, if
TAG Tape 230-01/T-255
Page 8 of 14/1680

you Just go up 25 and right 25 with the bias

out, or Just fly to the values you've already
found with the biases in.

SPT Okay. That's a good point. We'll make a note

of it and list it around here on a sheet some-

230 O0 53 45 MCC JOP 15, and the location of coronal hole bounda-
ries. The 55 intensity data has worked out real
well, and we'd like you to continue to use what
you've established before and explore new ways
of pointing. The coronal hole boundaries show
up exceptionally well in magnesium I0. That
you can get on detector 3 at a grating of 19hl
or detector 1 at 3366.

SPT Now, we Just did that about 20 minutes ago, Ed.

MCC Very good. It gives a real sharp contrast. One

reason - -

SPT Were you there to hear any of the comments about


MCC I - I did not hear them. No, Owen.

SPT I see. Well, I could describe Just in a couple

of seconds, but we used the - First of all,
I took an XUV M0N time exposure at the beginning
of the orbit, so I had a general idea of what
it looked like. Then I used the - set the dim-
ming scope on the XUV MON while I was actually
hunting around through the hole. And that plus
magnesium i0 on the 55 detector enables you to
find the boundary remarkably well. I was sur-
prised. And also surprised at how sharp the
boundary was in magnesium i0, just as you said.
So I think we did what was required on the last
orbit, Just what we're talking about here, with
relatively little difficulty.

230 O0 54 55 MCC Hey, that's real good to hear. One reason

they'd like to study the coronal holes is that
it turns out that the chromospheric network
appears depressed in holes in both helium 1
and helium 2. That's in the high chromosphere
TAG Tape 230-01_T-255
Page 9 of Ih/1681

and the transition regions. And this is not

easily explained, and they'd like to explore
it quite a bit further.

SPT Do you mean across the boundary, or within the


MCC Within the hole. The whole chromospheric network

as seen in helium 1 and helium 2 is depressed.

SPT Well_ it's easy enough to get into the middle of

the hole because they're so large you can hardly

230 00 55 27 MCC Very good. In JOP hA, prominences, where you're

trying to peak up the detect - detector to find
the brightest points in the prominences, apparen-
tly you've had some difficulty in that, using
detector 3 at the grating of zero. _at you're
looking at there is oxygen 6. The problem is
that oxygen 6 has a lot of limb-brightening, but
it's not very bright in emissionas seen with
the prominence. We suggest you try to use Lyman
Beta. It doesn't have very strong limb brighte-
ning, but it also has strong emission in the
prominence. So, you ought to be able to pick out
the brighter points. You can do that by going
to detector 3 in the grating position of 28.

SPT Okay. That's a good point. You probably ought

to put that on a pad, so that we can list it
up here on the board someplace, because - Either
that or change the JOP summary sheet. Because
the JOP summary sheet is written in such a way
as to make a person think that there might he a
peak, whereas in reality the radial gradient is
so large that it really swamps out any little
peak in brightness that the prominence may pro-
vide, just as you were describing with the limb
brightening. And so, if you really wanted to
try Lyman Beta as a routine, instead of oxygen 6,
might put it on a teleprinter pad,

MCC Okay. We can put it on a pad. We'd like you to

give it a try to see how well it works. If it
TAG Tape 230-01/T-255
Page i0 of 14/1682

doesn't work out, no need to change the JOP

sun_nary sheets. We'll just go right back to
using H-alpha.

SPT Hey, that's a real good idea. Much rather try

it a time or two first. And so I'll try Lyman
Beta at grating 28.

230 O0 56 57 MCC JOP 17. You had some questions on bright point
location. And so far, you've gotten some real
good information for us. All right. You've
already partially answered this; but in terms
of bright points, can you use the XUV MON with
the camera and the scope?

SPT Well, I think we could use it to get to the

general vicinity. And that's the way I did do
it on the one bright spot, just perhaps, that
we looked at the other day. I think it was
yesterday. And get within, say, l0 or 20 arc
seconds of it like that. And then the thing
that I did was to use detector 3 and just step
manually - well, first of all, I hunted around,
up/down, left/right, until I thought I had it
peaked. And then after that, I left it at that
spot and searched manually by moving the 55
mirror left/right, up/down, one step at a time
until I managed to get the peak of it. And, so
if you get it within, say 20 or 3 - let's say
20 arc seconds from the XUV MON, which I think
you can, then you can fine-tune it by manually
stepping the 55 mirror. Over.

230 00 58 00 MCC Okay. Very good. Understand. Some information

about the bright points. Some of them as seen
down here are doulbe peaked; that is_ there
might be a i to 2, 3, 4, maybe 5 arc-seconds
separation between the peaks. Some develop very
rapidly; that is, become extremely bright rapidly.
We hate to use the word flare, but they have
those characteristics. They occur all over the
disk even at very high latitudes. You're going
to find exceptionally good contrast for obser-
vation in coronal holes.

SPT As a matter of fact, Ed, I did notice that

double peak yesterday when I was searching,
TAG Tape 230-01/T-255
Page ii of 14/1683

I noticed it go up/down, and then up again. So

there certainly was a double peak near the one
I was looking for. Now, I - we had a couple of
good bright points near the polar regions yester-
day. I noticed your pad says within 0.5 solar
radii, and I assumed that was because you didn't
want too much altitude difference between mag-
nesium i0 and the chromospheric line. Was there
some other reason for wanting the bright point
within half a radius?

230 O0 59 05 MCC Roger. That's the reason, Owen. You might

want to also get GRATING AUTO SCANS at both of
those peaks when you're doing a shopping list.

SPT Okay.

MCC Continue to use both the oxygen 6 and the mag-

nesium i0 in looking for bright points.

SPT Okay.

MCC General impression, from looking at the GRATING

a bright in the corona, you usually find a bright
below, but it's not necessarily true in reverse.
That is, if you're looking at a low line, it's
not necessarily true of both. So Just continue
to explore, keep your eyes open, and don't home in
in just that one particular way.

230 O0 59 46 SPT Okay. Sounds fine, And we're anxious to try a

little of the newer exploratory techniques like
this bright spot and coronal hole and boundary
and so on. So when you can work them into
schedule, we'd like to see them.

MCC Okay. We've got about a minute and a half here,

and I'll try to give you one last item here.
On JOP 13, which we've changed, some clarifying
co_mnents. For 56, we're using filters 3, 4,
and 5. Thatts in the order of increasing hard-
ness of the X-rays, which should allow us to
pass. And theY're also in the order of de-
creasing priorities. In other words, l'd like
TAG Tape 230-01/T-255
Page 12 of lh/168h

you to use filters 3, h, and 5 with that priority.

Obtain exposures greater than 5 minutes, pos-
sibly longer - -

230 01 00 26 SPT Hey, Ed.

MCC Go ahead.

SPT Did you say JOP 13, or did you mean item 13
on the shopping list?

MCC I meant item 13 on the shopping list.

SPT Okay. Understand. Now I've got it.

MCC Very good. Looking for - What they're trying

to do is to look for nonthermal processes on
the quiet Sun, so you have to look for what
might be relatively hard X-ray. Another thing,
when you're out close to the - to the limb,
they'd like you to try to use two filters; that
is, get two exposures, preferably three if yOU
can. This will give them a temperature ratio -
a ratio of emission. They can get temperatures
and then correlate this with the 52 data for -
for coronal streamers.

SPT Say, Ed, that relates particularly to S056 that

you're talking about on item 13. Would you
mind putting that on a teleprinter pad? Be-
cause I'd like to have estimates of the times
in each of those two fil - each of those three
tilters that's most desirable. And Itd ap-
preciate those comments on a teleprinter, so I
wouldn't forget it.

CC We'll get those to you, 0wen. We're going LOS.

Fave you again at Carnarvon at 01:26, and we'll
be standing by for the evening status report. The
DAS belongs to you guys again.

230 O1 01 36 SPT Okay. And thanks a lot, Bob and Ed. I appre-
ciated all the information.

230 01 26 17 CC Skylab, Houston. We're A0S through Carnarvon

for about 16 minutes. And, AI, we're standing
by for the evening status report.
TAG Tape 230-01_T-255
Page 13 of lh/1685

CDR Okay, Crip. Here it comes.

CDR Okay. Urine - start right at the top - 142, 210,

145; 5143, 8517, 5802, 6.259, 6.256, 6.257;
5.970, 5.970, 5.971; 6.945, 6.950, 6.950;
2/35/4300, 3/15/mark i; 50A, 20B, 20C, 20D; mark 2,
lO, 20A, lOB, 10C, 10F; SPT now, 2/30/4300,
mark l, 60A's, hOB's, 40D's; PLT, 2/30/6060,
1/05/054; PLT, 3/20/mark i, 50A, 20B, 20D, 20
hackbends. No medication. Sleep: 6-1/2, G;
6-1/2, G; 6-1/2, G. Food log follows. CDR,
15 salt packs, no deviations; SPT, add peanuts,
jam, and cherry drink; PLT, add two cherry drinks
and one butter cookie. Here comes the photo log.

230 01 28 35 CC One more time.

CDR Okay. What did you say, Crip?

CC I was just going to try the photo log once more.

CDR We're going to make it tonight. I made it out

myself_ Let's see if it works. Cam 509: C149,
40, CI47; Cam 509: MI51, C146, 75, C141. Now
we've got three things missing from the 16 milli-

SPT Uh oh.

230 01 29 05 CDR We've got the two 487's which we haven't taken
yet because we haven't dumped the trash. So one
of them will be taken later. We did not have
three people at a meal, so we decided to wait
until tomorrow and take the other 487. We have
not transferred the food and plan to do that
tomorrow because we still have food in our
drawers. And if we tried to transfer food when
there's still some in there, we find that we
don't have enough space. Jack in particular,
fills up his -his shelf there. So we'll get
those three tomorrow. Even though they're not
assigned, we'll get them tomorrow. Okay,
35-millimeter: CII01, 16; BBI3, 14; CXI2, 14;
CX25, 08; no EREP: drawer A: 07, C140, 20,
CI09; 05: C146, 75, CI41; 06: CI49, 40, C147;
03: C148, 12, CI43; and our spare magazine l'm
just going to quit reporting until we use some
TAG Tape 230-01/T-255
Page 14 of 14_1686

of it, and then I'll let you know because it's

at the back of the drawer, and it's always

TAG Tape 230-02/T-256
Time: 230:01:30 to 230:03:00
Page 1 of 13 /1687


230 01 30 24 CDR Okay, let'sgo on to the next. Flight Plan

deviations; it looks good tomorrow. We plan to
take some showers tomorrow, although we think
we're getting awfully clean here using washrags
and soap and then washing off. The hand
squeezer - or the washrag squeezer works pretty
well in there. It'd be nice if it were a little
bit bigger where you could put towels in there,
but it's not, and it's - but it's still accept-
able. So we'll be working tomorrow. We'll try
and catch all the ATM passes. And it - We're
going to get housekeeping done in advance, and
we'll also see what else comes off. We may give
you a call for some SO19 or something; we don't
know. Okay. Shopping list accomplished. We
accomplished all of our shopping list today ex-
cept that moving food, and I told you why and
we'll - I'll tell you what. It'llprobablyjust
save time if you don't even bother putting that
down. And we'll see when we get down to zero
food; we'll move it and tell you about it.

230 01 31 24 CC Sounds good.

CDR Okay. Inoperable equipment: now commbox 540 -

it's the one by the minus-Z SAL. The toggle
switch that goes either INTERCOM or TRANSMIT -
the one I'm holding down right now except on a
different panel, has chip - broken. It doesn't
appear to have any spring force in either direc-
tion, and it's hot mike anytime you have it on
COMM CHANNEL SELECTED. So we suspect we'll prob-
ably want to change that commbox tomorrow with
a spare, but we'll wait to hear from you. Un-
scheduled stowage item location changes: Six
peanuts from overage, which is 548 to 700, and
that's for 0wen. Twelve butter cookies from
F-550 to waste management, and that's for Owen
also; and two broken AM tape recorders we put in
D-422. You know one of them we had standing
around, and one we got out of the plenum bag. So
everything's looking cozy up here, and we're
looking forward to a day off tomorrow and getting
a lot of things done and get ready for next week.
TAG Tape 230-02/T-256
Page 2 of 13 /1688

230 01 32 30 CC Okay, A1. We got all that and I copied from one
of your comments there that that washcloth
squeezer is working okay and not leaking on you

CDR Well, it - Once I learned to put things in there

right, it started doing better. But it's still
not perfect. I - I was debating last night on
whether or not to change it, but l've deciaed not
to change and Just go a few more days. If it
squirts out too much more, I'll change that -
Teflon washer is what it looks like. It doesn't
look like a big job. I was just trying to see
if we could make it work without it. What are we
over right now, Crip? We don't have our chart out.

CC Right over Australia.

CDR Well, we're over a different part than we recall.

It looks populated in most - we've been over the
badlands and the wastelands - I guess of - of
Australia when we were looking out. We see some
cultivated fields down there and cities. I'll he
darned. Different.

230 O1 33 28 CC Yes, you should be pretty close to Perth right now.

You're right over the western edge of the - the
island - or the continent rather.

CDR Yes, we must not have looked out during those

other periods because I asked Owen Just where we
were, and he looked out and he didn't know either.

CC Okay. Hey, Ed didn't get quite few - few - through

awhile ago. And if Owen's still standing around,
I'll give the mike back to him.

CDR Good idea. Tell Ed I'm going to get - give him

an autographed Sun picture when I get home.

CC Okay.

CDR To point out some of the features he may be look-

ing for when he comes up.
-- TAG Tape 230-02/T-256
Page 3 of 13/1689

MCC I'm really waiting, A1. Owen, have you got the
shopping list out?

SPT No, as a matter of fact, I have the Hasselbald

camera in my hands right now.

230 01 3& 17 MCC Okay, we can either try to get it now, we'$e got
about 7 minutes left, or Would you prefer to try
to do it a little bit later?

SPT Okay, I've - I can go up to the ATM; I'm all set.

Go ahead.

MCC Okay, on shopping list item 15: This is primar-

ily for 82B where you primarily use it to study
bright and dark bands close to - rather than
coronal holes. If you take a look at your XUV
monitor pictures, and you look at the south pole,
you'll find that you've got, first of all, a
polar-coronal hole, then you get a bright band,
and then another dark band - this is all running
east-west. This dark band could be a filament
channel and then - and then another bright band.
This has shown up consistently close to the south
pole. We'd like you to try to explore this using
shopping list item 15. You can try to do the
pointing as you point it out from the pictures.
And then also, use magnesium lO to get yourself

230 01 35 20 SPT Okay, now, you're looking at a recent XUV MON

picture. Is that right?

MCC That's the one we're looking at today. That's


SPT Okay, let me take 30 seconds, and I want to go

up and grab the picture upstairs. Just a min-

MCC Hey, just a general comment. We've been follow-

ing how you folks have been working the ATM in
general, and I thinkyou've made a heck of a lot
of progress from what we've started out with -
in our knowledge of how to operate this machinery.
And we're getting some real good data, and you're
teaching us all how to use it. So a commendable
TAG Tape 230-02/T-256
Page h of 13 /1690

230 01 35 57 CDR Thank you, Ed. 0wen really does a lot of - He is

spending a lot of time up there and he's also doing
a lot of thinking about it; even down here when
we're eating and doing something else, he'll come
up with a good idea. Although he's not the only
one. Jack came up with that idea the other day
about using those reticles with the XUVMON, and
that's - that's helped us quite a bit. I don't
know why nobody thought of it before, but we - we
hadn't. I think Owen's up there now and ready to
chat with you some more.

SPT Yes, now, Ed. You're talking about the coronal

hole that lies just north of that first bright
band near the south pole. It'd be over around a
latitude of 70 degrees and running between the
east limb and the central meridian.

MCC Yes. Now, if you want to look at it in general,

you could say that coronal hole has got a bright
region on either side of it, and then there's a
coronal hole at the very self [sic]. So if you
looked at it over a number of days, you could
picture that they'd average out to be a band; a
bright band, dark band, bright, and dark. And - -

SPT That's right.

230 01 36 57 MCC Okay. They'd like you to explore this further

using shopping list item 15. Use magnesium l0 to
tweak it up. I'll let you think on that one a
little bit. And if you have any more comments or
questions why don't you put them back down, and
I'll give you a couple of more comments here.

SPT Okay, you Just had a keyhole there; you did say
shopping list 15, didn't you?

MCC That's right. Okay, do you have any qualm -

ques_lons on that particular item which we just
talked about?

230 O1 37 35 SPT No, I don't think so. I think it looks like 82B
is interested in getting average - an average
exposure over both inside and outside the coronal
hole regions; we can do that.
_ TAG Tape 230-021T-256
Page 5 of 13/1691

MCC Okay, very good. Shopping list item 16, the

following one: they'd like you to use this to
look for the rotational velocities in the corona.
In other words, you go to a ROLL of zero, go
8 arc seconds above the limb, and then take an
exposure on the east limb and then on the west
limb. And by comparising - comparing the Doppler
• .shift, they can get a feel for what the rotation-
al velocities are at that altitude. And we're
looking for 8 - -

SPT Okay.

MCC We're looking for 8 arc seconds above the limb,

and they recommend exposures of 10, 40, 160, and
640. That is, you start with 10, multiply by 4,
get up to 40, then 160, and 640.

230 01 38 28 SPT Okay, I'd like that up on a pad if I could, please,


MCC Okay. And also on shopping list item 16: sure

.... they'd like you to study the limb above the band
by the south pole. And here you go, again, 8 arc
seconds aOove t_e ±lmD, rlg_ aDove _ne souLn poke,
above the corona_l hole bright band, above the
filament channel, and then above the second bright
band. And the exposures would be about the same
as - as the above, and we can send those up to
you also on a pad if you like.

SPT Yes, I would appreciate it because I can't remember

all the numbers, and I don't have them - have
them all on paper yet.

230 Ol 39 02 MCC Okay. And one note of clarification. When we

talk about 56, we'll also send you up some of
that information on a pad. But the exposure times
they were talking about were greater than 5 min-
utes. It turns out in one of their - most - some
of their modes where you go long exposure, you do
get approximately 5 minutes. They'd like to get
5 minutes, preferably quite a bit longer than that,
5, i0 minutes in those single frames. And they'd
like you to do that, if you can, as many days as
possible. They - they think that'll give us some
pretty good data.
TAG Tape 230-02/T-256
Page 6 of 13/1692

SPT Okay, we can - we've given them a couple

i0- and 15-minute exposures, so we'll get some
more as time permits.

230 O1 40 01 MCC Okay, Owen, that's all I got for now. Do you have
any other comments?

SPT One other thing I told - I think it might have been

on channel A, a comment that I didn't think there
was much difference, as near as I could tell, be-
tween the H-alpha view at sunrise and at sunset.
That's a response to your question the last time
we talked. Now, having had a close look at the
network configuration this morning and having had
some difficulty finding the same networks at sun-
set as at sunrise, it leads to the possibility
again that there really may be a little difference.
And I think probably you can tell that better on
the ground by looking at some of the H-alpha 1
photographs that were returned on SL-2. And see
if you can tell any difference there on the expo-
sures early and late from the same camera and

MCC Okay, Owen. We'll - we'll do that.

230 01 40 36 SPT No, I think that takes care of it fQr this even-
ing, Ed. And appreciate collecting all this
information and having a chance to talk with you
about it.

MCC Very good, Owen. You folks are doing a great job,
and press on.

SPT Well, we're trying to get things comfortable for

you up here, Ed, and leave things in good working
shape for yon to continue and expand on it in a
couple of months.

MCC M_ only comment is don't wear out the Sun. I

don't - -
SPT It's Just warming up.
Page 7 of 13 /1693

CC I don't think you're going to wear it out, Owen.

We're about i minute from LOS. Next pass is at
MIIA at 02:13, and that's going to be your med
conference. Owen, darn - I got one question, but
I don't think I've got a chance to get it in. If,
following the med conference, we got some time,
I got a few other evening questions l'd like to
get in for you.

SPT Okay, I'm still working on that filet, so I'ii

be down there at the table.

CC Okeydoke. Sorry we interrupted it.

230 01 hl 54 CC And, Skylab. The VTR is not available for your

use. We have it rewound now for dump.

SPT Okay, I never did get that stuff on there I wanted_

we'll have to try tomorrow.

CC Okeydoke.
CDR I was Just going to ask you, Crip: we're going
to have a completely empty one, I understand,
tomorrow morning that we can put anything we want
on it.

CC That' s the intent. Yes, sir.

CDR ...

230 01 42 19 CC Over the hill.

230 02 22 5h CC Skylab, Houston. We have you for about 4-1/2 minutes.

And I've got a few more evening questions I'd
like to run by you, if possible.

CDR Okay. I'm using Story Musgrave's harness on the

bicycle. It works great.

SPT Could you read that, Robert?

CC [Jnderstood you used Story's advice on the bicycle?

SPT No. A1 is on the bicycle right now. And he Just

said that he was using Story's harness, the one
that he contributed to the design. And it's working
fine. There was some question on SL-2 about it
being satisfactory, and A1 was just pointing out
it 's working great.
TAG Tape 230-02/T-.256
L'age 8 of 13/169h

CC Oh, okay.

230 02 2] 29 SPT Now are the questions for AI, or for the other
two of us?

CC Oh, f think they got one or two for AI, here. But
they sort of go across the board.

SPT Okay. He's on the bicycle, but go ahead.

CC Okay. On the CBRM SELECT switch; we'd like to

tell you that you are free to use that from now
on. I don't guess -well, I think -made that
clear. And we can't find any reason for continuing
to restrict your use after the test we ran the
other day. So t you've got that one again, and we're
going to change that general message that restricts
its use.

SPT Okay. Do you have any idea, why on that one

occasion a couple of weeks ago, it did kick the
regulator off when I rotated it?

230 02 24 13 CC Unfortunately, no.

SPT Okay. We - I think we ought to keep our eyes

open then, to make sure it doesn't happen again.

CC That's affirmative. Okay. Unfortunately, on

the evening report in the photobit, we - I guess
we had one more problem. We'd - we'd like to
know on 509, did you use both DACs today? The
evening report indicated only the dome camera was
used. The camera at location F-10 used only
20 percent, and that was for M151. You should
have used approximately 83 percent more for M509
location at F-10.

CDR Okay. We used them both, let me check.

230 0_ 2_ 57 CC Didn't mean to break you off the bike, A1.

CDR That's okay. I think the log's right. We'll

check it.

SPT The CDR made out the report, so I'm pretty sure
there's no mistake.
TAG Tape 230-02/T-256
Page 9 of 13 /1695

CC Never happen.

SPT Never hoppen.

230 02 25 36 CC And, Owen, while Al's looking for that, I guess

you kind of attracted the whole world's attention
with your - with your spider there. And during
the next ED52 web photography, if you possibly
would, we'd like you to count the number of
radials in the web, and the number of spirals
external to the central hub. And voice record
those for us, please.

SPT Okay. Number of radials and spirals. I'll go up

and count them before I go to bed tonight.

CC Okay. Thank you very much.

SPT That's what I was going to put on TV tonight along

with the fish, if we ever had a chance to get at

230 02 26 44 CC Okay. We're about 30 seconds from LOS. We'll

have you again over Madrid in about 4 minutes from
now at 02:30.

230 02 31 i0 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS across Madrid for

8 minutes.

CDR Okay. Let me give it to you right, maybe. We'll

try for tomorrow night. I gave you the first two
correct on 16-millimeter. Let me read you some
others. M509: CI4h, 19, CI42. Crew activities:
CIh7, 00, CI45. The bum dope I gave you in addition
to that was the one at the back of the locker
was used: 02, CI47, 00, CI45. So we used all
the 509 that we should have.

CC Okay, A1, we copied that. And pertaining to Owen's

last remark, if he'd like, since we've dumped
some of the VTR, we can rewind it for him here
and give hime the first 7 minutes available to
him, if he'd like it.

CDR I'll bet he would. Can you do that?

230 02 32 07 CC It's in work.

TAG Tape 230-02/T-256
Page i0 of 13 /1696

CDR Okay. Good. Thanks, Crip.

SPT Okay, Bob.

CC AI, if I could, I'd like to answer a couple of

questions you had about S019 and the pads.

CDR Okay.

230 02 32 21 CC We talked about this the other night, but the

earliest time for starting an S019 exposure is
the first time on the pad. And this is generally
less than 60 seconds after sunset.

CDR Okay. We've been using that lately, and I think

it's been coming out pretty good.

CC Okay. In planning, we allow 60 seconds to set

up between fields and 30 seconds between exposures
on the same field. Like you not to forget that
a 270-second widening - widened exposure is about
210 seconds, and a 90 is approximately 72, and
a 30 is approximately 2h due to that time difference.

CDR Okay, understand. I had no trouble getting in

all of them today.

230 02 33 Oh CC And, if you ever get behind the timeline, don't

think anything of leaving off the last exposure
or terminating the expostire early, but Just let us
know about it at the next opportunity.

CDR Okay. Will do. I even gave them an extra this


CC Okay. And the most critical time on the pad is

the - the first start time and the sunrise time.
You should not get into trouble as long as you
shoot the fields in sequence, and you do not have
to wait for the exact start time of each field,
which I think you know.

CDR Okay. I tri - I think we're getting the hang of

this one pretty good. And it looks like we got
a lot of frames to go, so I think we can get some
pretty good data for Karl.
TAG Tape 230-02/T-256
Page ll of 13 /1697

CC Okay. And one oth - one other comment is that

once the shutter is closed, the widening mechanism
may be rewound immediately, even though it is
still turning.

CDR Okay. I understand. That cuts down the time.

CC That - -

SPT Bob?

CC Yes. Go ahead.

230 02 33 56 SPT Arabella has 12 to 15 radials. Three of them are

forked, so it starts 12 and ends up 15. The
circular webs are 15 on one side increasing to
25 on the other, and they are not all continuous
all the way arotuud. And it's about 8 inches -
no - yes, about 8 inches in diameter and spans
three quarters of a box, where the three sides
meet. And that's the general description. Over.

CC Okay. Appreciate that information. And I've got

one other question for you. Were any of the SL-4
return water bags from F-507-A9 used to package
the leaky ED72; and, if so, how many? And which
of the three parts of ED72 was leaking?

SPT Boy, you've got me cold. I don't know anything

about that.

CC Neither do I.

230 02 3_ 51 CDR You've got us all cold.

CC Let me go back to my FA0 on it.

CDR Okay.

CC We copy that you haven't had a leak, and that you

haven't used any bags. Is that correct?

SPT True to my knowledge.

CDR What - We're still missing the point.

f 230 02 35 17 CC We had understood that you had had a leak on the

ED52. Was way early in the mission.
TAC_ Tape 230-02/T-256
Page 12 of 13 /1698

CDB Isn't 52 the spider?

CC No, that - correction - I - 72, 72. I said 52

that last time.

CDR What's 72?

230 02 35 h0 CC That's that fluid mechanics thing.

SPT I don't think there's any leak in there. If there

is, I didn't know about it. I did see that little
shaker in there the other day. It ztill, as far
as I know, looked all right.

CC Well, it looks like we got our information turned

around here. Thank you.

SPT Okay, well, yeu've really got us fooled on that


CC Okay, and, Owen, you have 7 minutes of time avail-


SPT Okay, thank you.

230 02 36 16 CC Owen, one other item, and I guess this should be

for all of you. I mentioned that bit - the Sun
timing should not he selected on the A_4 C&D.
And that's in reference to the fact that we're
operating on one rate gyro in the Y-axis. And
if - if we did have a - you know, a small DELTA-
time error when we came over - looking at the
Sun, the - the computer would interpret that as
the Sun wasn't present when it was supposed to,
and it would flunk redundancy management on that

SPT Oh, I see. I hadn't appreciated that point, and

I hadn't see all the implications, so - all right,
I do remember it now, and A1 wasn't aware of it
also, and I think probably Jack. So, we'll mske
sure we stay in CS4P. I am still a little bit
puzzled about how 82B exposures could get down
below the region of - of absorption. But maybe
going do_rn to 20 seconds would have been adequate.
So I was Just a little unclear about that pad,
and I didn't want to take up that m_ny exposures
until I was sure I had it right.
TAG Tape 230-02/T-256
Page 13 of 13/1699

2B0 02 37 18 CC Okay_ we're trying to get that clarified for you

as to - on that JOP 7 and we'll - we'll get that
information to you tomorrow. We're about a minute
from LOS. This is really - should be our last
pass of the night. We'll CRO - Carnarvon at
03:05, and I can give you a call there if you
want; otherwise, I'm going to leave you alone.

SPT Okay, we'll take some news at Carnarvon.

230 02 37 _h CC Roger. Want some news at Carnarvon. We'll give -

give it to you.

r TAG Tape 230-03/T-257
Time: 230:03:00 to 230:10:30
Page 1 of 3 /1701


230 13 04 59 CC Skylab, Houston. We're A0S over Carnarvon for

6 minutes.

CDR We're working on tomorrow night's film report

but go ahead anyway.

CC Well, the first item of news is we don't under-

stand tonight's film report, even with the correc-
tions. I guess if you could read us drawer A-3
and what's in the back drawer, maybe we can get
it squared away. It sounded like we had one
transporter in both - in two spots was the problem.

CDR You still don't understand tonight's, huh?

230 03 05 43 CC No sir (laughter).

CDR Okay,we'll go get it again.

230 03 06 28 CC While we're working on that, I can - First item

of news really was something I kind of mentioned
to you the - last night that - big Skylab news
was announcement of Skylab launch - Skylab 4
launch, which was November the 9th. And
national TV news tonight showed your T013 experi-
ment which we had a chance to watch here briefly.

CDR Okay, now we just went up and checked drawer A

and we think we have it right. But the thing
that may have been confusing was, we used up a
film - we used up the camera today - the C147, 00,
45 - C145. We used that up and that's sitting at
the back of the drawer.

CC Okay, that's in the back of the drawer. What's

in A-37

230 03 07 17 CDR 06, CI49, h0, C147.

CC That - that's the same one.

CDR No, the one in the back is 02, CIh7, 00, C145.

CC Yes, are there two C147's?

TAG Tape 230-03/T-257
Page 2 of 3/i_02

CDR Yes. In A-3 is 06, C149, 40, C147. Well, 47

wasn't - it was in supply and now it's in takeup.
Wait a minute; that's not right. That can't be
possible; hold on.

230 03 08 15 SPT Think we ought to make a successful photo log a

GO/NO GO for reentry.

CC Meanwhile, I'll continue on with the news.

Hank Aaron hit home run number 702 today -
correct - today is - no, today is Friday; that
was Thursday. Hit it with two men on base to
cap a ninth run - eighth - nine-run eight innings
for the Braves and help propel them to a l0 to
2 victory over the Cubs. A1, your film report's
about like my newscast. And the Astros went down
tonight playing Philly, The score was 8 to 3.

CDR Let me try the back one again.

CC Okeydoke.

230 03 09 21 CDR 02, CI - 02, CI44, 00, CI42. Now how's that one

CC We buy that. That sounds good. And I might - -

CDR And I may Just read this one tomorrow night.

CC Right. We've got about a minute and a half left.

I guess I was just informed - I haven't got it
written down any place, that - that it looks like
the divers on the Andrea Doria have given up due
to too much turbulence right now. And I don't -
see if I can get an update on that one for you

PLT Okay, Crip. I got two things.

CC Go.

230 03 09 58 PLT I didn't turn my salt in on time for the report

and it's 13 packs today. And one other thing I
noticed was that the procedure I did on EREP
yesterday had me leave the - the FLOW valve
in - in the wrong position again. Did you want
to keep it there or did you want me to change it
back to BYPASS?
F TAG Tape 230-03/T-257
Page 3 of 3/1703

CC It should have had BYPASS on the bottom of it,

Jack. We're a little bit confused by that.

PLT Okay, I'll put in BYPASS.

230 03 l0 29 CC Okay, that may explain - we were still seeing

some watts on that thing - or what was appar-
ently wattage and that may explain it. We've
got about 30 seconds from LOS. And I guess I
can go ahead and wish you good night here.

CC And we copy. We've got about 3 minutes of

Arabella. The crimson team's going to go off for
a while, so we'll wish you good night for a couple
of days. See you again in about - -

230 03 ii 06 PLT Say, Bob, so - so far, that's the fish; Arabella's

still coming up.

CC Oh, okay.

PLT You're right, Crip. It was on the EREP pad.

CC Okay, very good. Thank you, Jack.

230 03 ii 20 CDR Crimson team's going to take a couple of days

off, huh?

CC Right.

CDR Okay, good. See you in a couple. What time -

What shift are you coming hack on?

CC Coming back on summary. Bleah_

CDR Yes, that's a toughy. Okay.

CC We'll wake you up.

CDR 0keydoke. Have fun.

230 03 ii 35 CC Night, guys.

TAG Tape 230-0h/T-258
Time: 230:10:30 to 230:12:00
Page 1 of 1/1705


230 ii 56 19 CC Good morning, Skylab. We've got you stateside

for 15 minutes.

PLT Good morning, Story. I'm up here aboard the ATM.

CC Okay, you fooled me.

CC CDE, Houston.

CDR Go ahead.

230 ll 57 hl CC A1, we've got a tropical depression developing

about 100 mines southwest of Cuba. It's heading
into the Gulf and the best photo time for it will
start at 12:10:17.

CDR I got it.

PLT Okay.

CC Okay, and you can use Hasselblad 01 if you'd

like, shutter speed 1/250 and f-stop 5.6.
And we recommend STS window number 1 and AOS will
be 12:10:17 to LOS 12:1h:58.

CDE We'll get a few.

CC Great.

CDR Story, we're going to get - get that taped [?]

and Owen and I are going to go back and sleep in
our bunks a little while. We can get everything
done through the day later. We're going to sleep
in some more.

CC Okay, we will not call you.

CDR That's good, unless you have something like that.

We'll get it and then we'll go back.

230 ll 59 12 CC Okay.


TAG Tape 230-05/T-259

Time: 230:12:00 to 230:13:30
Page i of 2 /1707


230 12 00 55 CDR Say, Story, what do you think of us giving you

some TV of it? And maybe you could either take
it -

CC A1, we were Just handing over to Texas then; say


CDR Didn't hear you.

CC We just handed over to Texas; could you say amain

about the TV?

CDR What do you think of us taking TV of that storm

because it might be of interest to folks in the
U.S. because their - you know it might - I gather
it's one that could hit the coast.

CC Stand by I.

230 12 02 23 CC AI, you've got an empty VTR. You can use the VTR
but we prefer that the photographic data come first.

CDR 0keydoke.

CDR Tell me again where this is located, Story, relative

to - to - Texas.

CC It's about i00 miles southwest of Cuba. Between

Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula.

CDR Okay, well we'll - we'll take it with both because

I think maybe the - you know, one of the advantages
of manned space flight is to give a quick look at
something that's happening. Whereas, these photo-
graphs get back in another month and they don't
do any good, by then the hurricane will have dis-
appeared from the face of the Earth. Maybe the
thing to do is to get them both, and may - ... news
might want to take a look at this. It might be a
good idea to get them both.

CC Okay, that'll be fine; we aopreciate that and you

will he able to down-link real time to Mla.
TAG Tape 230-05
Page 2 of 2/1708

230 12 04 46 CDR Story, how about giving us a good setting for the
TV too. We could do it ourselves, but it'll
give us a good starting point.

CC Okay; we'll get it.

230 12 07 56 CC CDH, Houston.

PLT Go ahead.

CC Is A1 listening, Jack?

CDR Yes.

CC Okay, for the TV settings: linear, average, f/22,

and the rest is up to him.

CC And you only have about 30 seconds of AOS while

you're looking at the - at the target, so you'd
better start the VTR and we can be recording on
the VTR and getting real time at MLA.

CDR Okay, we're set up right now, and we looked out

the window. We don't see it yet but everything
looks Rood. We'll shoot the TV first and then
get the pictures.

CC Okay, you ought to be getting it in about a

minute and 15 seconds.

CDR And you still think window i is the best, huh?

CC STS-1 still.

230 12 l0 03 CC Skylab, we're 15 seconds to LOS and also about

l0 seconds to acquisition of the target. And we
will not call you and see - until we see 10,000
in the DAS or until you call us.

TAG Tape 230-06/T-260
Time: 230:13:30 to 230:15:00
Page 1 of 5/1709


230 iB 33 01 SPT Hello, Houston, Skylab.

CC Skylab, Houston. Did you call?

SPT Yes, Dick. I'm up here at the ATM panel now and
Just noticed you'll be ready for some TV. Is
that going to be real time or do you want it re-
corded at a remote station? Over.

CC Owen, that will be tea - real time. We're pre-

sently A0S Goldstone. I'd like to give you a
GO on that after we hand over and get AOS at Texas.

SPT Okay, that'll he fine.

230 13 33 37 CC All righty.


CC SPT, Houston. If you'll st_v off the DAS, we're

going to inhi - inhibit momentum dump.

SPT Okay, and, Dick, I notice on the ATM schedule it

indicates that'll increase the time remaining a
bit. How much does it Jump?

CC Stand by.

230 13 36 ii CC Between h and 5 minutes, Owen. And I'm assuming

you're configured so the guys downstairs are not
hearing me. If so, I can give you a solar update
this morning.

SPT Why don't you hold off on the solar update a min-
ute? I - I think they've got their speaker boxes
turned off, but I'm not sure.

CC Okay, I'll keep the chatter down.

230 13 39 39 SPT Okay, Dick, let me know any time you're configured
for TV.

CC We are receiving live TV now. Stand by. Negative,

we're not. Stand by.
TAG Tape 230-06/T-260
Paae 2 of 5/1710

SPT Okay.

CC Owen, it's about a minute and a half. The DAS is

yours. And I've got one correction to this task
that you are on on the ATM. It's down at 2 min-
utes and 45 remaining. We've got a sign wrong.

SPT Okay.

230 13 40 l0 CC It should read minus 9860 in ROLL instead of plus.

SPT Okay, I've got the sign corrected, and I do notice

that the pad - our SAP for today indicates a ROLL
of 000 for the appropriate roll to give the coordi-
nates of the active regions and so on, yet we still
can't quite reach roll 000. They're really -
10800 is what we're going to have to use for roll
today. And that will mean all those coordinates
get reversed in sign. There is not very many of
them. I guess Just one set, but they'll have to
be reversed in sign.

230 13 40 52 CC Roger; that's affirm. I do have two more corr-

ections that are later in the day where we got
a sign wrong.

230 13 41 14 CC Owen, we're ready for ATM TV, and I think we have
it now. And the next two corrections: first is
in the pass starting at 19:48. Again, it's the
same. Should be at minus 9700 and that's at
2 plus 50 TIME REMAINING. And the - the next
correction is the pass that starts at 00:28.
And at 7 plus 40 TIME REMAINING, should he
minus 9600.

SPT Okay, I have those three.

SPT Yesterday, I was puzzled on the timing arrange-

ments for this JOP 7 coming up here, and I hadn't
realized that the time was - had Jumped when we
inhibited momentum dump. That clears it up for
me right there, seeing that time increase the
way it does, makes it clear how we're getting to
lower altitudes, and that was the thing that
puzzled me yesterday. I think it's a help to
have it on the ATM schedule the way it is today.
I don't remember that it was there yesterday, and
it does make it a little more clear.
TAG Tape 230-06/T-260
Page 3 of 5/1711

CC Okay.

230 13 h3 48 SPT I'm going to give you the coronagraph in Just

about 45 seconds here when this standard mode

CC Okay, we still got about 2 minutes of AOS time.

SPT Okay, we'll see the corona and part of the roll
then, before the end of the pass.

CC Owen, 1 minute until LOS; Vanguard at 13:59.

Would you like a call or you want to call me?

SPT Give us a call, I think everyone's up now.

230 13 h5 09 CC Okay.

230 13 57 19 CC 0wen, we're at Vanguard for I0 minutes.

230 lh 03 i0 CC SPT, Houston. We've still got you at Vanguard

for 5 minutes.

SPT Okay, Dick. The first of your call was cut out
there. I just got in on the end of it, but I
don't have anything else for you, I don't think.

CC Okay. Before we go LOS for this hour period,

there are a couple of things I'd like to pass up
to you about today's Flight Plan; a couple of
little items.

SPT Go ahead.

CC Okay, there is a message for you called - it's

number 2236 Alfa, which is the star tracker
magnitude test that you might accomplish today.
I think you asked for it prior to flight. Also
during the evening, there were two messages that -
we had a dropout during an up-link, and we
up-linked a single - a second copy. So if you
find duplicates, use the second copy. We think
those are the good ones - good ones. And for the
CDR this morning: he does not have to do HKI0
Alfa, but we do want him - because it has already
been done. We do want him to accomplish command
module accumulator check, which is on a message
TAG Tape 230-06/T-260
Page _ of ?/1712

that's in the teleprinter, which is 2231 Alfa.

And finally - and I guess this is really the first
order of business - we also would like to get
M_09-F3 All a accomplished this morning. And we
need to get on with that sometime in the early
part of the day. It's atmospheric _,-nagement.

230 14 Oh 37 SPT Okay, we'll take a look at that thing first then.

CC Thank you.

SPT We'll look at them all.

CC Thank you.

CC And, Owen, one other comment. That 2231 Alfa is

one of those redundant pads that I was mentioning.

SPT Say again your last, Dick.

CC Roger. The comm_nd module accumulator message is

one of the - the messages that we had to send up
twice, and so you need to be sure and use the
second copy of that one.

SPT Okay, 2231 Alfa, second copy.

230 lh 07 07 PLT Are you there, Dick?

CC That's affirm for about i more minute. I was

Just getting ready to call you, Hawaii at 15:07.
Go ahead.

PLT Okay, yesterday we did MS09-FI Alfa which turns

most of the relief valves off. And I know that -
I think they were to open them hack up again, and
they did not. And maybe some of the other guys
didn't either. So what do we do about that?

CC Stand by.

CC We'd like to leave them Just like they are, Jack.

We want - we do not want to restore the relief
valves to - to normal yet.
I-- TAG Tape 230-06/T-260
Page 5 of 5/1713

PLT Okay, Dick. Thank you.

230 lh 07 51 CC Roger.

TAG Tape 230-07/T-261
Time: 230:15:00 to 230:16:38
Page 1 of 6/1715


230 15 07 54 CC Skylab, Houston. Hawaii for 5 minutes.

SPT Hello, Dick. I got one thing of interest to the

ATM room, I think.

CC Okay, go ahead.

SPT In addition to the planned stuff on the last orbit,

I managed to get in some extra work on what I
believe to be an emerging flux region. Brand
new, at least I think that it's new, near the
center of the Sun. They can probably see it on
today's XUV MON pictures, and the coordinates I
had were minus 54.01 in roll; up/down is
minus 134, left/right is plus 107. And I did
a - a shopping list item 2, and - plus a - both
a GAS and an MAR on S055. It's got a very small
signature in H-alpha. Just a few bright spots
are beginning to show up, but the XUV siKnature
is very clear. I picked it up on the 55 detectors
and then went ahead with item number 2. And might
want to keep an eye on that and see whether or
not it's worth scheduling at some later passes,
either today or tomorrow perhaps. Over.

230 15 09 09 CC Okay, 0wen. Thanks for the words. Incidentally,

I've got a solar activity update that is very
brief; but I didn't read you before, and I can
pass up to you now.

SPT Okay, why don't you? Pleased to hear it now.

CC Okay. The Sun continues to be very quiet ss

you've probably - already - as observed. Active
region 93 remains simple. Possible surge
activity on the limb, Just south of active
region 93. We have a new active region 94 at
310 degrees at 0.4 radii. Stand by. And break.
We need the DAS, we'd like to enable momentum
dump. And I'll continue here. The new active
region 94 is about 310 degrees at 0.4 radii. It
has reversed polarity, but is not expected to
develop. And prominence 31 has shown some signs
of activity. Over.
TAG Tape 230-07/T-261
Page 2 of 6/1716

SPT Okay, I'm down in the wardroom now, but those

coordinates of active region 9h sound sort of
similar to the position of the graph specified
for work on the coronal hole on this upcoming
orbit. Could they check to make sure that that's
not going to be too close to the coordinates for
that coronal hole that was specified? Over.

CC Yes, sir. We'll sure check.

CC And, Skylab, I've got a couple or three other

notes I'd like to read up to you guys, assuming
everybody' s up.

SPT Everybody's up, wandering around one place or

the other. I think they can hear you.

230 15 l0 53 CC Okay. The DAS is yours, and we'd like to know

if you have started MS09-F3 Alfa yet.

PLT Affirmative.

CC Okay, super, thank you very much. One voice

update I've got for the CDR. After you - or in -
I think it's the SPT I'm not sure, but at any
rate, we'd llke to shoot up any film remaining
in the Nikon 01 after the volcano and the sea
mountain photog - photography this afternoon.
That camera will need to be empty for mission
day 23, and so we'd like to go ahead, and you
can shoot up that film remaining in that camera
at will.

CDR Okay, Dick.

230 15 ll h7 CC Okay. The next thing is we'd like for you

sometime today, if you get a chance, to go ahead
and replace that broken speaker intercom assembly,
and that's housekeeping 80 Foxtrot. And finally,
the last note I have for Jack is we intend to
bring home one of the taoe recorders and also
the two little yellow belts that broke, and we
Just wanted to - we were wondering where those
little yellow belts were. And you might put
them in a place that later we can stow them in
the command module and bring them home.
TAG Tape 230-07/T-261
Page 3 of 6/1717

230 15 12 00 PLT Okay, I've got them in my sleep compartment

taped to the wall, so why don't you tell me
where you want them right now, and I'll put them
the re ?

CC Okay, we don't know right now where we're going

to want them, Jack. So I'd say they're in a
good spot right now.

PLT I'll take them in the command module and stick

them on the wall or inside a locker or some place
and make sure we don't leave them behind.

230 15 12 38 CC Okay. I'll - I'll have words for you where to

put them shortly here today. We're about to go
LOS here at Hawaii. We'll see you at Vanguard
at 15:35 and that will be a site that we'll
dump the airlock module taoe recorder.

230 15 35 05 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Vanguard for

i0 minutes.

CDR Okay, Dick. We're _mning along on JOP 15A.

I went to the pointing coordinates on the pad,
looked through the persistent image scope and
found that that wasn't the darkest part of
coronal hole. So I repointed to some coordinates,
and I'll tell you what they are. First of all,
you can't get to zero roll yet, so we had to go
to 10.8.

CC Roger.

CDR And then it's minus ll9, which is down; and right -
correction - left, 475.

CC Okay, A1. I copied that. And in answer to

Owen's question that I didn't get to answer Just
prior to that last LOS, we did check and there's
over 300-second separation between the coronal
hole and that new active region, and so - and
there's no problem there.

SPT Okay, fine. Thank you.

CDR And that's plus 475, not minus 475.

CC Roger, plus 475. Thank you.

230 15 36 12 CDR In other words, down and ri_qt at 10.8 roll.

TAG Tape 230-07/T-261
Page 4 of 6 /1718

CC Okay. The next item I had was - is back to Jack

on tape recorders. What we'd like for him to do
is take the two little yellow belts and taDe and
tape them to tape recorder serial nl,mber 13. And
we believe that tape recorder is in D422. And
to Just leave it - leave those belts taped to
that tape recorder in D422, and then at the end
of the mission it'll be easy to bring them home
that way.

SPT Dick, I have one question and one comment. First

question is, I wonder if the TV last night was
any good on the fish and spider? And while
somebody's thinking up an answer to that, the
comment was, we stayed up a little late last
night and I had a good chance to see an aurora
at 04:05 Zulu Just to our - to the left of our
track, which ought to put it up over Goose Bay,
Labrador. There was a very nice aurora visible.
I did get a few photos with the 70-milimeter.
I'm not sure they're going to turn out right
because of uncertain exposure lengths. The
Nikon, which I wanted to have ready, I'd already
taken the visible lens off and didn't get it out
in time. And I'll get that remedied so it will
be stowed properly for any more. My question is,
what's the probability of another aurora at the
northern latitudes when they get up in that
region late tonight? Over.

230 15 37 h2 CC Okay, we'll sure find out, Owen, and get back to

SPT And the TV question.

CC Roger.

CC SPT, Houston. On the TV, I didn't - it wa - it

was being played in here a little bit earlier,
but I didn't have a chance to look at it myself.
But the guys that did look at it said that both
the TV on the fish and the spider was very clear
and very good.

SPT Okay, that's encouraging. Thank you.

CC And we could see the web that the - the spider

has spun very clearly.
F TAG Tape 2B0-07/T-261
Pa_e 5 of 6/1719

SPT Oh, that 's fine.

230 15 38 45 CC I've got two more notes. One is, is - has to do

with when you plan to accomplish the accumulator
check that's on message 2231 Alfa. We'd like to
do that during STADAN coverage, AI. And any time
you have a chance is, okay with us. And the
next item I have also is for AI, primarily. We
plan to start the statusing sessions with the
Canary pass this afternoon at about 22:26. That
ought to give you some time to read over the
science message we sent up this morning and t-Ik
about it. So if you have anything that you want
us to research and - in preparation for those
series of passes before that - if you think of
anything, Just let us know, we'll be glad to try
to look up the answers for you.

CDR Okay. Th_nks, Dick.


CC Yes, sir.

CDR S[meant to mention, as I _s getting up this

morning, I heard some conversation about bleeding
the cabin down. Nobody sent that message up the
other day, and we kind of wondered why they didn't,
but assumed they had a reason.

2B0 15 40 01 CC Stand by 1.

PLT And, Dick, I understand that serial number 13

tape recorder that you want to bring back, vice 22.

CC That 's affirmative, Jack.

PLT Okay, I'll take care of that right now.

CC And, CDR, Houston. Like - A reminder. Like you

to, - on S054, filter 3, to get a 6h-second
exposure. I think it's on the pad.

230 15 40 31 CDR We'll do it.

CDR It's going to turn out that more than 15 minutes

are available, so I may be able to give them a
couple of exposures at different lengths. I can
give them 3 and 5 at any length they want, really.
TAG Tape 230-07/T-261
Page 6 of 6/1720

CC Stand by on that, please.

CDR I didn't mean 54; I meant 56.

CC CDR, Houston. Backroom says that just the filter 3

exposure is what they'd like.

CDR Okay, they want one 64-second exposure?

230 15 41 33 CC That's affirmative.

CDR Okay, that'll give me about 15 extra minutes to

do some other things.

CC Okay.

CDR Ask them if they've got any thoughts on the

last 15 minutes. If not, I'ii pl_v it by ear.

CC Roger, AI. l'm listening to the backroom.

Stand by, please.

230 15 42 30 CC CDR, Houston. We'd suggest the shopping list 13

for your time if you - if something doesn't come
up that you think would be more valuable.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS at the

Vanguard. We're going to see you at Hawaii at
16:42. That's about an hour from now. And, A1,
the - the requirement for that M509-F3 Alfa came
up fairly late yesterday afternoon at a time that
the - your detail pad had already been approved,
and we Just chose to make it a voice up-link this

CDR Good, I got the impression from somebody that that

they voiced it yesterday afternoon, but we didn't
remember it.

CC I - I don't think we did. I - certainly didn't

on this shift anyway.

CDR Okay, we're in the midst of that 64-second filter 3.

In fact, - we're three quarters of the way through.

230 15 44 46 CC Roger, A1.

TAG Tape 230-07A/T-262
Time: 230:16:30 to 230:16:50
Page 1 of 4/1721


230 16 h3 Oh CC Skylab, Houston. AOS Hawaii for i0 minutes.

PLT Aloha, Dick.

CC Aloha.

CDE Say, Dick, I have a couple of comments. You

said we're going to have a statusing session later,
and I've got a couple here that might be worth
thinking about.

CC Okay, and before you get started, we'd like you

to stay off the DAS, please. We're going to
update our mission timer. We've got an error
of about 2-1/2 seconds. And go ahead.

CDR Okay, one - a couple of things first that have

nothing to do with the status session. We're
not really sure on this star tracker exactly
what the ground rules are. We got a message the
other day that told us how to work it, and we
understand that. But does that mean we should
never lock it on except at those two times;
namely, when we are correcting for Nu z updates
and when we're correcting for a gyro drift?

CC Stand by.

CDR I locked it on about 30 minutes ago and got an

update for 7.7, or minus 7.7 to minus 7.9. With
0UTER-INNER significantly different than what
we've been having, but I think it's the right
star. INNER is pretty close; OUTER is off like
it usually is. And I got to thinking about it

230 16 hh 22 CC Okay, stand by just a second, A1.

CC A1, the - What we're trying to do is minimize the

door cycles on the star tracker, so I guess the
ground rule is - is we'd like not to - to do that
procedure unless we do need a Nu z update. However,
that is not to say - that does nSt preclude you
from deciding that - that you think it would help
TAG Tape 230-07A/T-262
Page 2 of h/1722

whatever operation you're in. If you think that

you need a Nuz update, go ahead and do it. But
we don't want to indiscriminately cycle the star
tracker door. Over.

CDR Okay, I think we understand that. The next one

is on these general messages - I think it's 7-B
or whatever, where you sent up the - South Atlantic
anomaly in the horn?

CC Roger.

CDR You know we did a lot of t_Iking about that before

flight. Thought we needed it. We really don't
think we need it anymore, so you can Just cease
sending them up until it looks like we do need
them. The reason - one of the reasons being that
we're Just not in an area - a time of intense
solar activity at the moment, and we Just don't
use them. I assume if we had a lot of activity,
we'd watch them, but right now we don't. So
that'll save you some work.

230 16 h6 12 CC Roger. I'm sure there'll be a couple of typists

that are - be glad to hear that, and if you do
need them later, Just let us know. And we'll

CDR Okay, now let me go down this general message

on science and talk about s_e of the things
that - and we'll see - what we can think about it.

CC Okay, let me get mine out here, AI, before you


CDR Go ahead.

CC Okay. Go ahead.

CDR Okay. We're glad to see that this ATM is up

because we're working hard on it. And we think
by using this pace, we're hoping that we can
make this 230-hours goal. That's only l0 over
how they see we're doing now and sure - I assume
that the way they're planning now, that we're
not going to run it on our day off. And we're
_-- TAG Tape 230-07A/T-262
Page 3 of 4/1723

always planning to run it on our day off, which

should soar it way past 230. But what else we're
hoping occurs, is that we don't skip any during
the day. Somehow we get every pass during each
day, and we- if - if the thing that's being
interferred with - the thing that we noticed on
the schedule is we got lots of small tasks. Most
of those small tasks we find we can do in the
middle of other tasks or later in the day. So
we're hoping that we don't miss any ATM passes
for days on end here. And we're hoping that in
addition to getting the 230 or more - we're not
so hung up on that as we are making sure that
when the EREP time comes around again, that we're
able to get as many double EREP passes in, that
are available. So we hope we get ahead somehow
in ATM before EREP comes .up, and then when EREP
comes up, we're able to work on EREP real hard.

230 16 h8 00 CC Roger; understand.

CDR Okay, and another thing - thought along on those

lines maybe, and these are Just thoughts we have
and they may not be right, you know, they may not
fit into the big picture that - that you see down
there. I've been kind of worried, although Owen
isn't - I've been worried about 5h having a bunch
of film here at the end of day 27 because I
understand we're going out day 28 and change the
film again. I guess we shouldn't be concerned
about it, but they seem to be happy. We Just
sort of wondered about it. Okay, one of the
discussions here is medical should be down about
25 hours from premission plan. We think that the
plan you got of, you know, laying off the first
half because we've already done it, was a good
one. And going down to the more normal way for
the second half because that's unexplored area
is a - is a good one too. We - we'll be able
to carry that out. The thing that I think we' re
doing additional in the medical area that needs
to be put down as experiment hours, because that's
what they are, is this work that Owen's doing on
hematology and also urinalysis - specific volume
and things. He probably - Every time he does it,
it takes him about an hour apiece, at least. And
my guess is we'll be doing it much more than
TAG Tape 230-07A/T-262
Page 4 of h/1724

25 times the rest of the mission, which ought to

be medical eval - you know, part of the medical
because that's exactly why we're doing it.

230 16 49 27 CC Roger; understand.

CDR I suspect that's somehow fallen over Just to

houskeeping, but it really isn't; it's strictly
a medical experiment.

CC We'll check and see how we're counting those

things and let you know.

CC You got anything else, Al?

230 16 _9 49 CDR Yes, talking about this visual observation. They

wanted to hear if we have any co_nent. I have
one big comment. I don't think we're using this
TV out the window enough on current events that
might be of interest to people around the world.
We're taking pictures which we won't even bring
back here for another 6 weeks or something. They
won't be developed for another 2 or 3. Whereas,
if any of these things we're doing, like volcanos,
or hurricanes, or sea mountains, or anything else,
are of current interest to people, we ought to be
figuring out how we can use this TV on them. Now
maybe somebody is figuring it out already, and
decides we can't. But it seems to me it'd be
worth more than a try. We seem to be working it
all with cameras, and not much with TV, when -
when we're missing one of the best things of
man is space, namely currency, being able to give
people on the ground a view of something that is
happening tod_v or yesterday, instead of last

r TAG Tape 230-08/T-263
Time: 230:16:50 to 230:18:00
Page 1 of 5/1725


230 16 50 52 CC Roger. I think that is a good input, AI. And -

and we'll - we'll think about that. A1, we're
about a minute and 20 seconds from LOS at
Hawaii. We're going to be down at the Vanguard
at 17:lb. We're going to dump the data tape
recorder there. And we can probably pick up -
finish our conversation when we get down there.
Two things before we go over the hill. We
wanted to know, if possible, when to expect to
do this command module accumulator test, that
was on message 2231 Alfa? That was the one -
we want to do it during STADAN in coverage, A1.
And we can pick any pass you like, including
the next one at the Vanguard, if - if you want
to. It doesn't matter to us.

CDR How about the next one at the Vanguard?

CC Okay, we'll pick it up there. And also, since

we were talking about those - the undersea
mountains and the - the two photography oppor-
tunities today, I Just talked to the EREP
officer for a little while. And there's really
not much we can help you in the way of locating
them, because they are, you know, out in the
middle of the ocean. But the one on the under-
sea mountains is a]most a nadir pass, and the
one with the undersea volcano - the - the loca-
tion of the pumice that's floating on the water
is Just to the north of the groundtrack. You
can look - and neither of these are in your book
that has the large photographs. But they are on
the map, of course, where the earth slider [?]
is. And so you might take a look at them prior
to the opportunity.

230 16 52 23 CDR Okay, I think we saw that one with the pumice
the other day, I really do.

CC Roger. It's been sighted, I'm advised, by an

airline pilot and also by a ship down there.
But it - it is in a very remote area and - and
TAG Tape 230-08/T-263
Page 2 of 5/1726

they thought, you know, it'd be a good thing for

you guys to get.

CDR Okay, well, we 'll wander up there, we 'll even

take the TV. If there's anything big enough,
we'll give it a go.

230 16 52 _3 CC Roger.

230 17 lh 05 CC Skylab, Houston. We're A0S at the Vanguard for

9 minutes. We have good data on the ground.
So, A1, any time you want to do this accumulator
check in the command module, we'll be happy to
watch you.

PLT He's on his way up. Floating fast.

CC Okay.

PLT You notice that even though there is not much of

an up or down here, we still stick with the same
old names for up there or down here.

CC Roger."

CDR Okay, how do you hear, Dick?

CC Loud and clear.

230 17 15 16 CDR Okay, mypresent indicated primary accumulator

quantity is about 31 percent, Dick.

CC Okay, I got it.

CDR Okay, on my mark, I'm going to open the reser-


CC Okay.

CDR That's the inlet.

CC Roger.

230 17 15 51 CDR MARK.

TAG Tape 230-08/T-263
Page 3 of 5/1727

CC Roger.

CDR Now, let me tell you what it did, for thinking

purposes. When I opened it, it _mmediately in-
dicated zero, gave us a caution and warning.
So I closed it. When I closed it, it now indi-
cates 25. So there's a little funny there. If
you like, I'ii open it again and kind of cycle
it until it gets down to 15.

CC Stand by just a second, please, AI.

CDR Yes, and it didn't Just kind of go down to zero.

It was almost like, you know, an instantaneous
zero. It wasn't any delay. Couldn't have come
out that fast.

230 17 16 42 CC Roger. Stand by Just a second.

CDR It's now sitting at about 25 percent.

SPT Incidentally, there's a very nice low pressure

center Just right outside our wardroom window
at the moment. Not more than 300 miles from our
present groundtrack. It might be of interest to
the people in the southern tip of South America.
Got very nice cyclonic wind flow.

CC Roger, Owen. Thank you much. And for A1, yes.

We'd like for you to open the valve once more
again. Don't cycle it, and let us watch the
data please, and then close it_

CDR Okay. Well, I'm not going to let - It says

don't go below 15. I have no way to know if it
goes below 15.

CC Stand by.

230 17 17 39 CC A1, I said that wrong, I guess. Open it. If it

goes to zero, then close it again. Over. .

CDR Okay.

CC Okay.
TAG Tape 230-08/T-263
Page h of 5/1728

CDR Okay. It went to zero. And now I have closed

it, and it is right at 15 percent or lh percent,
it looks like at the moment.

230 17 18 07 CC Roger. That's what we see on the ground here

also, A1, and you can go ahead now and do the
accumulator fill.

CDR Okay, sure will.

CDR Okay, I - Okay - what I - Let me tell you what

occurred then. I put it in FILL. It went up,
and when it indicated hS, I turned it OFF, which
dropped it back to about 31. So I'm going to
fill it a little bit more.

CC Okay, we concur.

230 17 20 20 CDR Okay, I filled to an indicated 57, and then

closed it, and it dropped down to about 51. So
it didn't drop as far that time.

CC Okay, we're - -

CDR We're sitting at 51 percent.

CC Okay, A1, and we're satisfied where we are right

now and thank you very much. Stand by 1. Yes,
go ahead and finish the procedure, but we're
satisfied with that percentage reading.

CDR Okay.

230 17 21 l0 CDR Okay, both MAIN REGS are CLOSED and our CABIN
REPRESS valve is OPEN, so everything's Just like
it was.

CC Okay, A1, thank you very much. We'll take a

look at this data and probably by the next pass
maybe I can brief you on what we think is going
on - the - We got about a minute and a half to
LOS; we're going to see you at - at Hawaii at
18:23. And I'll have some words also - stand
by 1.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're going to be LOS in about

TAG Tape 230-08/T-263
Page 5 of 5 /1729

a minute and it sounds like the comm is getting

kind of poor here. I do have some words on
S05_ film usage, that I can give to you, when
we get to Hawaii. And one word for A1, we have
set up a phone call and it's this evening Canary -
along Canary-Madrid pass, starting at 00:06. We'll
see you at Hawaii.

CDR Okay, what'd you say? Is that a private comm?

I didn't hear, Dick.

CC Yes, sir; that's your phone call.

CDR Hey, that's good. Thanks, Dick.

CC Roger.

PLT Say, Dick, I'd like you - to have - you set one
up for me, also, please.

230 17 22 26 CC Okay, Jack. Thank you.

TAG TaDe 230-09/T-264
Time: 230:18:00 to 230:19:30
Page 1 of 7/1731


230 18 21 41 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS, Hawaii for 3 minutes.

CDR Not very long.

CC Roger. I got a couple or three notes to task to

y'all about, if you don't have anything.

CDR Go ahead.

CC Okay, first of all, on the S054 question that you

asked, I have some numbers here that you might
be interested in. First of all, we have about
2618 frames remaining and when we - we're going
to leave about 200 frames on the end for a safety
buffer, and we're keeping in reserve - flare re-
serve of 360 frames, which we will reserve right
up until the EVA, in case we get a flare. The
remainder of that is going to be scheduled essen-
tially as - as follows: JOP 9 is going to get
about 900 frames, JOP 6 about 320, JOP 12 about
100, and all of the rest about 740. Now - The
numbers are not so important as the fact that -
Just be assured that we - we do intend to use up
the frames remaining for that experiment prior to
EVA, considering the reserves that we have budgeted.

CDR Okay. We can - we knew they did, but we Just kind

of wondered how they were going to do it. That's -
that's good information. Thanks, Dick.

230 18 23 07 CC Okay. And if - if any of those numbers I read too

fast and you would like to have - I'ii be glad
to pass them up to you. The - the next thingthat
I had is the answer to Owen's question about the
aurora. We talked to NOAA, and it turns out that
there is a quad aurora that's always visible in
the northern latitudes. And there was no un-
usual event last evening, other than this ever-
present aurora. The best time for viewing the
aurora today, is between 04:00 and 05:00, above
40 degrees north latitude and between Alaska and
Hudson Bay. And the aurora should get - The
brighter portion of it is towards Hudson Bay.
TAG Tape 230-09/T-264
Page 2 of 7/1732

SPT Okay, that's about where we saw it, as I mentioned

before. About over Goose Bay, Labrador, was about
where we saw it isst night. We might stay up for
it tonight.

CC Yes, I guess your specific question was on the

probability of seeing one, and we don't think there
is any different probability tonight, than there
was last night.

SPT Okay, that's fine. And I had not been aware that an
aurora that extensive was a more or less ever-
present scene on the northern sky up there. So
that's good to know, and we'll try it.

230 18 24 27 CC Okay. Next note I have here is on the co_nand mod-

ule coolant loop check that we Just performed.
And that check indicates to us that the primary
loop accumulator decay is due to a very slight leak
in the loop, as opposed to a leak through a valve
back in there - into the reservior. The leak could
be anywhere in the loop, it smounts to only about
1 percent of indicated quantity per day. At the
current leak rate, this poses no problem with our
nominal mission duration. We probably will have to
refill the accumulator a couple more times before
the end of the mission. And this includes one that
we do on entry day. And - in our present capacity
is the capability to - for greater than i0 refills.
So you can see that we got plenty of fluid.

230 18 25 h2 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about a minute from LOS at

Hawaii. We're going to see you at Vanguard at 18:52.

230 18 52 48 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS at Vanguard for

9 minutes.

SPT Okay, Houston. And we found the bright spot very

clearly on the XUV MON with the persistence image
scope, but very near the coordinates you'd selected
in the backroom. I'm into the 36A portion, so you -
that's not the position of the exact coordinate that
I am right now, but originally they were minus 12,
down and right, plus 462, with a roll of minus 10769.
So that's pretty close to the ground coordinates
and I think we should have a - a good set of build-
ing blocks.

CC Okay, good.
- TAG Tape 230-09/T-264
Page 3 of 7/1733

230 18 54 04 CC And, Skylab; Houston. We've still got about

7-1/2 minutes left in this pass. I got three items
sometime - that I would - none of which are time
critical, but would like to pass up to you. One
is a request to do some reg adjusts to - for us,
in order to increase our power capability a little
bit; and then I'd like to talk to you a little bit
about star tracker operations, and then again some
slight differences that we are going to be sending
up to you on the detail pads, concerning M092 vents.

SPT Go ahead with the reg adjust. I'm right here right
now, Dick.

CC Okay, panel 206 res - reg adjust bus 2 about l0 de-

grees clockwise. Then reg adjust - reg control fine
adjust 6 about l0 degrees counterclockwise. And
reg control fine adjust 7, l0 degrees clockwise.

230 18 55 18 CC And, Jack, I had a note here to mark the position

of the pots prior to your resetting. I'm probably
too late to catch you on that, but if you can do
that, do it.

HOU CT Vanguard Comm Tech, Houston Corm_ Tech. Net 1.

VAN CT Vanuard Comm Tech. Go ahead

HOU CT Roger; read you loud and clear. How me?

VAN CT Read you loud and clear also.

HOU CT Roger.

230 18 57 46 CC Skylab, Houston. We lost a couple of network cir-

cuits down to the Vanguard there for a couple of min-
utes and I dropped out, I think. I haven't heard
anything since I read up the numbers to Jack on the
reg adjust pot.

SPT He Just reported that he had them marked and adjust-

ed, and about that point, you dropped out.

CC Okay, real fine. I understand that the reg adjust

is - is finished. Thank you very much. We still
got about 3-1/2 minutes left, Owen, and if you can
listen, I'll talk to you Just a second about the
star tracker and M092.
TAG Tape 230-09/T-26h
Page 4 of 7/1732

SPT Okay, go ahead.

230 18 58 23 CC Okay, one - First on the star tracker. I know we've

had some difficulty in the last couple of days,
in getting a - a lockon. And I'm not sure if you
are aware of what the - what our criteria are for
changing the star tracker pad. But what it is, is
when the inner gimbal changes more than 30 arc min-
utes, we send you a new star tracker pad. This
resslts in a pad getting 3 or 4 days old onboard,
and - and allows the outer gimbal to change from
the pad's az[imuth?] quite a bit, up to a 1,O00 arc
seconds, and so - Just thought if you were aware
of - of - of that, you know - you would - wouldn't
get surprised if you have to really search on outer
gimbal quite a ways.

SPT Okay, I personally had not been aware that - of your

criteria there, but I wonder if you'd want to recon-
sider 1000 arc-seconds, if the outer gimbal drifts
that far. Really ends up taking a fair amount of
time and makes us less certain about whether or not
we've got the right star. And since it's Just a
little 3-inch sheet of paper anyway, maybe you want
to send them up a little more frequently.

CC Roger, Owen. I - -

230 18 59 B4 CDR Hey, Dick.

CC Roger, go ahead.

CDR This is the CDR. Couldn't agree with that more.

Now maybe what you'd want to do is send up a piece
of paper like you said, but every day Just give us a
voice one in the - in the morning we'd cross out the
old numbers on the piece of paper and put in the
new one. It does take a long time. And it's wasted
time too.

CC I tell you, A1, I think we'd be Just about as well

off Just to send you a pad everyday, I - It isn't
very much paper and - and it's not - not much trouble
to us.

CDR Okay, how about doing it this way. You know at -

down at the bottom on the solar activity pad, where
you put Beta angle and all that business, why don't
p TAG Tape 230-09/T-264
Page 5 of 7/1735

you Just put it on to that one? And that way we

won't have to cut out a piece of paper and it won't
be loose. It'll Just be right down at the end of
the solar activity pad everyday. Just write the
star, and the two angles, and that'll be it.

2B0 19 00 B6 CC Roger. Another suggestion here from - is - is to

Just to put the - those two pads back to back each
day. And that way you could Just have the whole
information for star tracker immediately following
the SAP, and cut them out one time.

CDR Sounds good.

CC Roger. We're about a minute from LOS at the Van-

guard. We're going to have you in Just about another
5 minutes at Ascension. We're going to dum_ the
data tape recorder at Ascension and when we get
there, I'll talk to you about this M092 vent.

230 19 01 ll CC And also, A1, we up-linked two of tomorrow's flight

plans here at the Vanguard and your next one'll be
coming up at Ascension. See you then.

230 19 05 53 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Ascension for 9 minutes.

SPT Okay, Dick. And I'ii have some information on chan-

nel A about the evolution of this bright spot for
the backroom there. I won't bother real-timing it,
and I'll put it on channel A at the end of the pass.

CC Roger, Owen. And while I'm talking to you and we're

talking about the ATM. We sent up a message, oh,
yesterday I think it was, that changed a time on
several of the building blocks and JOPs, from 320 to
520, on the exp_osure time. And on this pass, we
noticed that on J0P 17A, building block 36, an ex-
posure time of 320 was used, although we have seen
some 520s also. So, the suggestion is, we might
have missed one pen and ink. In any case, J0P 17A,
building block 36, that change should have been made.

230 19 07 01 SPT Okay, I didn't have it on here. M_ybe - I don't

remember entering them. But I will make this one
into 520 and we'll check some more.

CC Okay. That - that message number for that change -

• it was change 6 - to the J0P s_w,,ary
TAG Tape 230-09/T-264
Page 6 of 7/1736

And the message number was 21B2 Delta, I believe

it was.

230 19 08 05 CC Skylab, Houston. If you will stay off the DAS for
a few minutes, we're going to update the Y-2 gyro
drifts condensation.

SPT Say, you might ask ATOM there if the next orbit -
you've still got a listed - the target as bright
spot 1. I've completed these two building blocks
on this bright spot. I wonder if we wouldn't want
to select another bright spot in this coronal hole.
Was there an intent to keep it the same one, or is
a second target satisfactory?

CC Stand by. I'll ask.

230 19 08 52 CC Owen, the backroom suggests that they'd like to stay

on the bright spot - on the same one all the way.

SPT Okay. That has to do with the evolution that I was

Just mentioning a moment ago. This bright spot had
a very significant decay over Just the last 30 min-
utes. On detector 3, it decayed from a peak of about
1500 down to about B or 400. And I double checked
that a couple of times. It also decayed to a point
where it was no longer visible on the XUV MON with
integration. Now I can still find it on detector 3.
Four or 500 count is still way above the background,
but it's much weaker than it was Just 45 minutes
ago. And that was another reason for suggesting
that another bright spot might be better. So you
might think about it and inside the next 30 minutes
let me know if you still feel that way.

CC Roger. CDR, and did you copy my request to stay

off the DAS, please? G&S would like to up-link a
drift compensation to Y-2 gyro.

CDR Go ahead, we're clear.

CC Thank you.

230 19 09 06 CC Skylab_ Houston. We've still got about 4 minutes

here at Ascension. And I'd like to tell you about
this M092 slight change that we're making. It's
going to show up tomorrow on - first on SPT's de-
tailed flight plan, if you have a chance to listen.
TAG Tape 230-09/T-264
Page 7 of 7 /1737

CDR Go ahead, Dick. We're listening.

CC Okay, AI. I guess the situation that we're in is -

is - since we lost the meteoroid shield and this
makes this M092 vent much more pronounced. And
this, coupled with our recent TACS and gyro prob-
lems, makes us goosey about the momentum state,
and we want to make sure we do everything to do -
we can to protect it. So, what we're going to do
is up-link to the observer of each M092 run, a
window, in which we would like the M092 vents start
to fall within. For example, I'm looking at the
detail pad for the SPT tomorrow, and it says M092
vent start window and give two times. What we're
trying to avoid here is having the M092 vent fall
on top of amy of the momentum samples - any of the
four momentum samples, and there's one Just prior
to sunset and one Just after sunrise. And so the
instructions to you are, if possible, go ahead and
start the vent any time within this window. Ln any
case, do not start it early, because there's nothing
we can do to counteract that problem. However, if
you are unavoidably late and you have to bust the
last time, as soon as you come over the hill, if
you will Just let us know, then we can get a con-
tingency momentum sample. And we can - we can make
sure this way that the momentum dumps are calculated
correctly. Over.

SPT Okay, I think we understand all that, Dick. And

we'll cooperate and get them in on those windows.

230 19 ll h6 CC Okay. And for your information, the times are

fairly broad. For instance, tomorrow's window is
26 minutes long. And if - if the vent starts any-
where in there, it's perfectly okay.

CC Skylab, Houston. The DAS is yours. Thank you very

much. We're about 1 minute from LOS at Ascension.
We're going to see you at Guam at 19:51.

230 19 13 06 SPT Okay, Dick.

TAG Tape 230-I0/T-265
_-- TIME: 230:19:30 to 230:21:00
Page 1 of 6/1739


230 19 51 20 SPT Hello, Houston.

CC Skylab, Houston. Go ahead.

SPT Okay. I was wondering what the backroom had to

say about the bright point. It looks to me like
the one that I used last orbit is still not
visible on the XUV MON, although I could find it
using DETECTOR 3. Over.

CC Roger. And, Skylab; Houston. Before I answer

this one, request you stay off the DAS, so we
can inhibit momentum dump.

SPT Wilco.

230 19 51 55 CC Okay. The note that I had here was to give you -
when we came AOS on this cycle - was to request
that you run steps 1 and 5 of JOP 17 Alfa,
which is building blocks ll and lO, as scheduled,
to complete the evolution of that - of bright spot
number i. And then suggest you repeat building
block ll and building block l0 on a second
bright point. Over.

SPT Sounds like a good idea.

CC Okay.

230 19 53 04 CC Skylab, Houston. The DAS is yours.

CDR Okay.

CC And, Skylab, Houston. For Jack, his phone con-

versation we set up for Carnarvon pass at 00:42,
and we'll be reminding you again later on about

PLT Thank you, Dick.

CC Yes, sir.
TAG Tape 230-I0/T-265
Page 2 of 6/IT40

SPT Will you let me know when you are ready

configured for TV?

CC We're ready now, Owen.

SPT Okay. I'm not quite through with this first chip.
If you'll - if you're still configured to be in
that chip, I'll give you a XUV MON - or a WLC
ROLL, also.

CC Roger.

SPT There's no cue card. I'll do it for you.

CC Roger, SPT; and we're going to keep the TV do,n-

link configured for the rest of this AOS, so don't
worry about that.

230 19 57 26 CC Skylab, Houston. We're 30 seconds from LOS; we'll

see you at - at Vanguard at 20:29.

230 20 28 _l CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS at the Vanguard

for ll minutes.

CDR Okay.

CC And I had a couple of quick notes for you. The

reg adjust you did last pass for us looks real
good. We're satisfied with that. The INCO asked
me to remind you that VTR still has 30 minutes of
tape on it and it's all yours, available as you
desire. And one more note. The tropical depression
that you flew over this morning, south of Cuba,
is - has been named tropical depression Brenda.
And you're going to have the last opportunity,
for a few days, in overflying it, Just after you
wake up in the morning. And we were thinking
about sending cho - a - sending you a photo pad
and possibly getting some photo and some TV as
you fly over it. It'll be very shortly after
you wake up.

CDR Sounds like a good idea.

iP TAGTape230-I01T-265
Page 3 of 6/17hi

230 20 29 38 CC Roger. We'll - we'll plan on it and get the stuff

available to you and let you know later about that.

CDR Okay. We're working on the TV.

CC Okay.

CDR Takes three of us to do it. So it turns out that

we have to do it at night between ATM passes.
We're getting ready to do the first one here as
soon as night comes.

CC Roger. We Just can't hardly wait to see it.

CDR We're trying to come up with three little things

so that maybe they're useful. We might shoot - We're
going to shoot l0 min - i0 minutes of each. And
we may repeat ourselves some during the lO minutes,
so maybe it could be cut and be better than it is
Just in one shot.

CC Okay, A1. Sounds good.

230 20 30 57 SPT And I'm working on the second bright spot now.

CC Roger; Owen. Tban_ you.

PLT Dick, I was Just noticing I do not have change 6 to

the JOP entered in on the sheets yet. If I don't
find it, I may have to ask you to send it up again.

CC Okay, We'll make preparations to be able to get

it up to you, if - if you need it.

230 20 38 25 CC Skylab, Houston. We're a minute from LOS at the

Vanguard. We'll see you at Ascension at 20:h2.

CDR Roger,

CC And, Skylab, Houston. There's a message in the

teleprinter that are some answers to the SPT's
question regading ATM shopping list - in the
teleprinter now.

SPT Thank you.

230 20 39 03 CC Roger.
TAG Tape 230-I0/T-265
Page h of 6 /1742

230 20 42 h0 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS through Ascension,

Canary, and Madrid, for several minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're A0S at Ascension, Canary,

and Madrid for the next 18 minutes. And we were
wondering if the PLT had any luck in getting his
handheld photos of the evidence of the underground
volcano in the Pacific.

PLT Okay, Dick. I went over there and looked for it,
and I found the - the islands in the area. The
weather was scattered as shown on the - the pad.
I was unable to find the pumice flow; and I took
a few pictures in the area where it was reported
to be. However, I was unable to see it. I think
that it probably had about the same appearence
as - in - colorationwise, as may of the clouds in
the area.

230 20 4h 25 CC Okay, Jack. Thank you.

230 20 46 17 CC Skylab, Houston. We notice you're off Sun center

in - in building block 15. And - and we thought
that was to be Sun centered. Over.

CC Skylab, Houston. We notice you're in building

block 15 and not Sun centered. And weren't sure
you got our last call, and weren't - And we're
not sure the reason why and didn't quite under-
stand the pointing.

230 20 h7 37 CDR I'm not sure what he's doing, Dick, but he's using
both hands up there, so he may be getting some
special data.

SPT No, here I am now. I couldn't take time to talk

to you, Dick. The schedule sheet shows a roll
of 9700, and I see it does say Sun centered now.
But 52 is omitted, and when 52 is omitted our
normal procedure is to go to bright plage and
do the - in order to increase the number of counts
on the 55 detectors. Now, I don't think that's
going to make any difference in the data. In fact,
I don't really see why you'd specified Sun centered,
since 52 is not operating. Over.

_ r
TAG Tape 230-10/T-265
Page 5 of 6/1743

CC Roger. Stand by. Owen, we're satisfied with

the - the situation as it is, and you're doing
okay. So don't worry about the data. It - it
will he fine.

SPT Actually, I think it'll be better this way.

CC Roger.

230 20 51 22 CC Skylab, Houston. If you'll stay off the DAS for

a couple of minutes, we're going to enable
momentum dumps.

CDR Okay.

CC Thank you.

230 20 52 22 CC Skylab, Houston. We're through commanding. The

DAS is yours.

CDR Okay.

CC Skylab, Houston. We see the - the VTR is selected

to the ATM and Just wanted to make sure that was

CDR Sure glad you reminded us.

CC Roger.

CC Skylab, Houston. On the ATM console, we'd like

instead of ENABLE. It's no particular problem,
except its - warms up one of our torque amplifiers,
and we'd like to get it to INHIBIT, please.

CDR What else do you want, Dick?

CC ROLL switch to INHIBIT.

230 20 56 52 CDR Okay, we got it. Anything else?

CC One more thing. On S055, DETECTOR 1 to OFF.

TAG Tape 230-I0/T-265
Page 6 of 6 /17hh

CC Skylab, Houston. We're i minute from LOS at

Madrid. We'll see you at Guam at 21:56. We're
going to dump the data tape recorder when we get
to Guam. And also, we are shipping the JOP sum-
mary sheet change 6 out there to the site. So,
if you can tell us at AOS Guam whether or not you
need another copy on board, we'll be hap - happy
to up-link it there, if required.

SPT Dick, I doubt if I have time to try track it down

between now and then. We'll Just have to wait a
little longer.

CC Roger. We're not trying to make you hurry to make

the corrections, Owen. But at any rate, the
message will be available for up-link any time you
need it,

SPT Okay, fine. Thank you a lot. I was Just down here
working with A1 and Jack and I'm not going to
have a chance to get up there. I understand.
Thank you.

230 21 O0 02 CC Roger; understand. No problem.


TAG Tape 230-II/T-266
Time: 230:21:00 to 230:22:30
Page 1 of 2/1745


230 21 26 25 CC Skylah, Houston through G1,=m for 9-1/2 minutes.

And as a reminder, we'll be dumping the data
voice recorder here.

PLT That you, Hank?

CC Yes, sir. How are y'all doing today?

PLT By golly, there is a Hank Hartsfield. I thought

you had left the country. Welcome back.

CC Thank you. Glad to be back.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 40 seconds from

LOS; Vanguard at 07.

230 21 35 49 CC Skylab, Houston. 20 to LOS; VanguArd at 07.

230 22 06 58 CC Skylab, Houston through Vanguard, 8 minutes.

CC And, Skylab, for info, we're going to go ahead

and up-link that change number 6, the JOP s,lmmary
sheets, so if you don't find yours, you'll have
it on board.

SPT Okay, Hank. Was that in both building block 33A

and 36A? Just change everything from 03:20 to
a 05:20.

CC Let me check it.

230 22 08 28 CC Skylab, Houston. That comment was correct.

In building blocks 3, 6, 33 and 36, the time
should read 05:20 instead of 03:20.

SPT Okay. That's 3, 6, 33, and 36. Right?

CC That's right and that r and that was part of the

change number 6 to the summ,v-j sheet.

SPT Thank you.

TAG Tape 230-11/T-266
Page 2 of 2/1746

PLT Got to quit now. Hank, I didn't copy down the

time of my phone call and I believe it's over
Carnarvon. Would you have the time handy there,

CC Okay. That's 00:42.

PLT Okay, 42. Thank you.

230 22 14 12 CC Skylab, Houston. One minute to LOS; Canaries

at 26.

230 22 27 03 CC Skylab, Houston through Canaries and Madrid for

13-1/2 minutes.

230 22 29 30 CC Skylab, Houston. Sometime this evening when

it' s convenient, we're recommending that on
panel 207, you take the PRIMARY COOL, PUMP B
got secondary loop up and running, and we got
auto switchover enabled, so there's actually
no requirement for that caution and warning.
The auto switehover will turn the PRIMARY, PUMP B
off. If it does, there's the DELTA-P - because
of the fluid loss - does come on down. So,
what we were doing is preventing a caution and
warning from waking you up in the middle of the

- TAG Tape 230-12/T-267
Time: 230:22:30 to 231:00:02
Page i of 2/1747


230 22 30 40 CC Skylab, Houston. Did you copy?

PLT We copy. Say the switch again, please.

CC Okay, panel 207, PRI COOL, PUMP B, CAUTION and

WARNING, Just take it to inhibit. We don't
think the primary loops - we think it's good for
another 8 to 12 d%¥s, but we're not sure, and
we'll Just go ahead and inhibit that caution and
warning. We don't need it.


CC Roger.

230 22 39 54 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about i minute from LOS.

We'll be coming un on Honeysuckle at 14 with a
vice data recorder dump.

CDR Okay. And we've been putting, in additon to doing

this TVtoday, we've been recording it on the
chan A voice. So, you'll probably find a lot of
that on there. We've got one more TV thing to do
and then we can dump it.

CC Roger. We copy.

CDR How much is left on the TV right now?

CC You have about 8 minutes left.

230 22 40 34 CDR Okay. Perfect.

230 23 14 34 CC Skylab, Houston through Honeysuckle for 8 minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston through Honeysuckle for 7-1/2 min-

utes. And as reminder, we'll be dumping the data
recorder here.

CDR Okay.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 1 minute from LOS;

Bermuda at 58.

230 23 21 42 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 45 seconds from

LOS; Bermuda at 58.
TAG Tape 230-12/T-267
Page 2 of 2 /1748

2BO 2B 58 B7 CC Skylab, Houston through Bermuda for 4 minutes.

SPT Okay, Hank.

SPT I'm going to be starting some of these star checks,


CC Roger _ copy.

231 O00l 51 CC SPT, Houston. We'd like to inibit-inhibit the

Nu z update there, so when you do get a lockon,
it doesn't give us some bad data.

SPT Roger. I thought it probably already was; I'll

stay off the DAB.

CC That - that's on your pad there, (3wen.

231 00 02 17 SPT Oh. Thank you very much. I should have done that.

TAG Tape 231-01/T-268
Time: 231:00:02 to 231:01:30
Page i of 7/1749


231 00 03 55 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about i minute from LOS,

Canaries at 06. And a reminder to the CDR. That's
your phone call and we think that the right antenna
will be good for the whole pass.

SPT Okay, Hank. That's fine. That's all the star

checks I'm going to have a chance to make and

how about reenabling Nu z - You want me to do that

and do you want me to go get - find a star?

CC When you're through, Owen, we'd like for you to


SPT Okay. And I'll go try to find the Canopus or put

it at the right spot.

CC Okay,

CDR Okay. And that phone call is in Just 2 minutes,


i CC Roger. About 2 minutes for - for the CDR and

the - the VHF right antenna.

231 00 04 h6 CDR I'ii get it.

231 O0 06 19 CC Skylab, Houston through Canary and Madrid for

11-1/2 minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston. We've got 10-1/2 minutes left

on this pass through Canaries and Madrid.

231 00 08 36 SPT Star tracker update's reenabled and I've gone to

the pad coordinates for the star. We'll have to
wait and see how close they come next time we're

CC Roger. We copy.

CC SPT, Houston. I guess the reason we had the

trouble there with that thing in - we - it slipped
our minds too that We were in the middle of a
dump there. So it would have been difficult for
you to do very much with that star check.
TAG Tape 231-01/T-268
Page 2 of ?/i750

SPT Okay. I should have thought of that also, and -

before time for the star to set. So it wasn't
a very good check. Now the - the pad that you've
given me r@ally expired about 1 hour ago, and I
suppose tomorrow I'll have to have another pad.
I don't - unless you think the numbers will still
be close enough.

231 00 i0 27 CC Okay. I suppose we'll have to build you another

pad, Owen. However, the - the next night pass
momentum dump will be inhibited for JOP 7, if
you want to try it again.

SPT Okay. I'll Just stay at the panel a little late.

I'll be running this next pass, I think, and so
I'll Just stay at the panel a little late and
try it. Several of the stars I can pick right
up after sunset.

CC Roger.

SPT Hank, will you need an update during - on the

star tracker during the day side here?

CC Stand by 1.

231 00 13 47 CC SPT, Houston. We'll take an update.

SPT I was thinking of it the other way around. I

was going to inhibit it again and try to get most
of these stars on the day side, if you didn't
need a Nu Z update.

CC Okay, Owen. I guess we don't really need it that

had. We Just thought maybe you could give it to
us. Why don't you go ahead and do that, then?

SPT Okay, then if I finish or get - don't find time

or something, why I'll try to get you Canopus

CC Okay. Good show.

231 00 16 31 SPT Hank, are you still there?

CC Roger.
TAG Tape 231-01/T-268
Page 3 of 7/1751

SPT I wanted to m_ke sure that 82B really didn't

want a lO-second exposure every 15 seconds between
7 minutes 40 seconds remaining, and sunset. That's
the last item on the next orbit.

CC Okay. We'll check it.

231 00 17 21 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 30 seconds from LOS.

We'll be coming up on Carnarvon at 42. And a
reminder for the PLT, that's his phone call. And
we think the right antenna will also be good for

CC And, SPT, Houston. Go with the pad.

SPT Okay. I think that means what I said is a correct

interpretation of the pad. So I'll go with what
I told you.

231 00 17 57 CC That's - that's affirmative.

231 00 43 0B CC Skylab, Houston through Carnarvon for l0 minutes.

And if you can give us the DAS, we want to inhibit
momentum dump.

SPT All right. You have it.

231 00 43 55 CC Skylab, Houston. The DAS is yours. And as a

reminder, your VIDEO switch is in TV.

SPT Okay. Are you ready for the down-link now?

CC Okay. This will be recorded at the site and

they're ready.

SPT Okay.

231 00 46 14 SPT Okay. That completes the circuit of the displays

for the do_ra-link TV. And Just for your planners
back there, new region on the east limb is getting
very, very bright in the XUV.

CC Roger. We copy.

CC Skylab, Houston. Is there someone free who can

help us get the atmospheric management started
for the M509 and T020?
TAG Tape 231-01/T-268
Page )4of 7/1752

CDR You bet.

CC Okay, A1, got a few switches for you on panel 225


CDR Okay. Let me go up there.

CDR Okay. Go ahead.

231 00 47 46 CC Okay. The AM FILL, PRIMARY - we want to OPEN.

that 's PRIMARY, OPEN.

CDR Okay. We did and we hear oxygen entering the


CC Okay. And what we're going to - what we want to

do, A1, is leave those open until the PPO 2 is
4.0 psi, or the cabin pressure gets up to 5.7,
whichever occurs first. And we're going to help
you watch that. It should take about an hour and
a half to do that. And when it does - one of

those levels is reached, h psi on the PPO 2 or

5.7 total on the cabin, we want to take those
two switches to COMMAND.

CDR Okay. Understand that. You're aware, of course,

that we're still bleeding out through the water

231 00 h8 45 CC Roger. We understand.

CDR Okeydokey. Keep an eye on it.

CDR After finish of T020 tomorrow, what's the cabin

pressure going to be?

CC We'll - we'll get an answer for you here in a sec.

CDR Okay. Give me another answer too. What's our

velocity up here in statute miles per hour?

231 00 50 l0 CC CDR, Houston. We expect we'll start T020 at 5.3

and wind up at about 5.6.

TAG Tape 231-01/T-268

Page 5 of 7/1753

CDR Okay. That's not bad. I didn't realize how it

was going to get down. Do you think that this
bleed will get down that low in the night, huh?

CC That 's affirmative.

231 00 52 32 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 45 seconds from a

short LOS. We'll be picking up at Honeysuckle at
53. And at that point I'd like to give you a
few number corrections on the master alarm ano-
malies we sent up. We had some poor numbering
in that and like to correct those, if I could.

CC Those corrections will be on pages E-l, E-2, and

E-7 in the - in the Flight Plan part under the
master anomaly list.

231 00 53 57 CC Skylab, Houston. We're back with you at Honeysuckle,

4-1/2 minutes.

CDR Okay. Go ahead with your corrections, Hank. I'm

standing here with the book.

231 O0 54 28 CC Okay. On page E-I there, you probably noticed

there, we sent an item A-5 up there the other
day, and that should have item A-4.

CC That's in - under ATM, there.

CDR Uh, so. I'm under thermal; let me find it.

CC Okay. Page E-I, under master anomaly, under


CDR Okay. I - we know them by subsystem like A -

ATM and number something. Okay. Go ahead and
tell me the number again, I'll find it.

CC Okay. Page E-1. That's A - ATM, S05h, and we

sent up and ad - an additional item there. We
had it numbered number 5, and it should be
number 4. There are only three there that went
up with you.

CDR We got them. We kind of suspected as much. Go

ahead. We got that.
TAG Tape 231-01/T-268
Page 6 of 7/1754

231 00 55 27 CC Okay. And the same thing occurred on the page E-2
on the ATM S055; we sent up item _, and there's
only one ahead of it, so it should be item 2.

CDR Okay. Got that one. What's next?

CC On page E-7, we sent up an item number 9. That

was back on day 222, and it should have been
item number B-11. We've corrected item number 8,
and number l0 on messages, so that number 9
we sent up should B-11. Number ll.

CDR Okay. Well, l0 then came up on day 230. I Just

go it. Do you want me to go back and take the one
that came up earlier and call it ll, is that it?

CC That's affirmative. The - the - the - the l0 that

came up - Just came up, corrected the previous

CDR Okay.

CDR Okay. Ready for the next.

231 00 56 31 CC That's all of the corrections on that, A1.

CDR Okay. We got her.

CC PLT, are you able to copy some numbers?

CDE He's private comm right now.

PLT Yes. Go ahead, Hank.

CC Okay. Tomorrow morning, the TV of Brenda will

come during your postsleep, and I have your
acquisition time for you. That - it'll be at

PLT That 's TV of what, Hank?

CC Okay. Tomorrow morning during postsleep, we're

going to try to get some TV of the - of the
tropical storm Brenda again. And your AOS time
for Brenda is about 11:2_:52. And you should
be able to see it on up through about 11:29:30,
with closest approach at 11:28.

r __--
._ TAG Tape 231-01/T-268
Page 7 of 7/1755

231 O0 58 05 PLT Okay. I got that. You want TV and photos, right?

231 O0 58 09 CC That's affirmative. And we're about 20 seconds

from LOS now. We'll be coming up on MLA at
01:30. And we - we'll do our evening status
there, or get started on it. And we also have
a voice data recorder dump scheduled there.

TAG Tape 231-02/T-269
Time: 231:01:30 to 231:03:00
Page 1 of 11/1757


231 01 30 32 CC Skylab, Houston through Merritt Island, 13 minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston. We have a couple of things to

get up in regard to some photo settings, one in
regard to the noetilucent cloud general message
and one for the C-mount photos. And we're also
scheduled for the evening status report this site.

SPT Okay. I'd like for you to take a look at the

star tracker gimbal angles. They're quite a bit
off the ...

CC SPT, Houston. We Just keyholed. Could you say

that again?

SPT I did have it on - a lock on a star that might be

Canopus, so I didn't want to enable Nu z update
until you verified that it was a good lockon.

CC Okay. We'll check it.


i CDR And, CDR standingby to read night report whenever

you're ready.

CC We're ready.

231 01 32 26 CDR Okay. 188, 220, 163; 5186, 8571, 5843. 6.255,
6.253, 6.255; 5.958, 5.960, 5.959; 9.967, 9.965,
9.966. The exercise: CDR's not yet; SPT, 2/30/h300,
Mark I, A, 50; B, 30; D, 30. Pilot, no exercise yet.
Medication: none. Sleep: CDR, 7/G, 1/2/F; SPT,
6-1/2/G; Pilot 7/G. Here comes the food log: CDR:
one seat pack, did not eat strawberries; SPT, no
seat, add one cherry drink, one butter cookie,
and one peanut; PLT, seven salts, two butter cookies,
one grape drink. Here comes the photo log: M487-hF,
CI48, 00, CI43. M487/food transfer, CI49, 05,
CI47; Mh87-hA, CI40, 00, CI09. 35-millimeter:
CI101, ...; CXl2, 00; that one's empty; BB13, 14;
CX 25, 022. Here's the drawer A: 07, CIh0, 00,
CI09; 05, CI46, 75, CI41; 06, cIhg, 05, CI47;
03, CIh8, 00, C143; 02, CI44, 19, CIh2.

231 01 35 06 CDR On that last one - last night, we reported that the
02 transporter had one - correction, 00 remaining ,
TAG Tape 231-02/T-269
Page 2 of 11/1758

and that's what it looked like last night. And

we looked at it this morning, it looked like 19.
All I could guess was the little BB Jumped to a
different place. It must have rattled off zero
or something. Anyhow, it looks like it's 19 at
the moment. Next one, Flight Plan deviations:
everything 's okay. Shopping list accomplishment :
487-4A, 487-_F, housekeeping 60E, and all the others
that were on the Flight Plan and down in the little
areas that we could accomplish. Inoperable equip-
ment: well, we got a problem, our rope broke -
Owen broke the rope on the Mark I. And the little
Allen screw that you unscrew to replace the rope
in the handle looks like it's a - it's a size we
do not have. Now I don't remember what size we
have. I think we've got 8 and i0, and it's a 9. -

231 01 36 12 SPT Nine and three fourths.

CDR - - We've got 9 and ii and it's a i0 or something;

so we need some assistance. Any thought down there
on how we might release this Allen screw without
the proper Allen wrench? Or maybe we've got the
proper one somewhere and we Just don't know it.
That's it.

SPT I need some better star tracker coordinates it

looks like.

CC We're working it, Owen.

CC SPT; Houston. Would you try an INNER GIMBAL of

minus 636? That should be more gac - or more
_xact. It looks like you're in the right place.

231 01 37 31 CC And, SPT; Houston. If you give us the DAS, we'll

enable dump.

SPT You have it.

CC Did you copy the gimbal angle?

CC Okay, CDR, Houston. We've got a correction to your

C-mount photos pad.

CDR Okay, go ahead.

F TAG Tape 231-02/T-269
Page B of 11/1759

CC Okay. We gave you some bad settings for the Nikon.

We want you to use a shutter speed of 1/250, and
an aperture of f/4.5.

CDR I can do it.

2BI O1 B8 15 CC And we also had an error in a permanent general

message number 8-A that we sent up regarding S06B.
TAG Tape 231-02/T-269
Page 4 of ii/1760

CC Okay. Could you give us a brief s,,mma_y of what

you have on there to help us in getting the stuff
squared away?

2B1 01 40 55 CDR Okay. We put three different events on there.

We - I got a haircut from 0wen, so we got that on
there for about l0 minutes. Next, we did some
tumbling and acrobatics up in the dome area and
that's on there for about 12 minutes. And then
we gave Jack a shower and that's on there for about
8 minutes. We shot - repeated some of the steps
and we blocked it out, so that it might be applica-
ble to editing and cutting up and being useful
through the networks as opposed to Just being a
single straight run up here. We tried to give
them something that they might be able to piece
together to - to a good little couple-minutes

CC Hey, good show. We'd llke to get started on a

few questions here, if we could. Did the SPT
perform the M487-3 Bravo, yesterday?

231 Ol 41 54 SPT I tried to get it done yesterday, but had to do it

later this morning. It's already been on the
channel A.

CC Okay. Now that is accomplished. Thank you, sir.

CC And I guess you've already answered the question.

You haven't seen any noctilucent clouds. We'd
like to know, is it possible that a white line
might have been present in the twilight slrlow -
airglow band which might have been noctilucent

231 01 h2 29 SPT Okay, if you're talking about that little white

band that Larry Dunkelman at Goddard has some
photographs of, I have not seen that white band at
that altitude any time since we've been up here,
although I've made a special point of looking.
There is some banded structure, however, in the
atmosphere, as it strayed from a blue into a sort
of a white, and then the blackness of space. And
those bands do appear to be different from time to
time. But, I've seen nothing that I would interpret
as being noctilucent clouds and nor have I seen that
TAG Tape 231-02/T-269
Page 5 of ll/1761

white band. I - in the sort of a faint blue layer

that Larry Dunkelman in particular has photographs
of and has described to us on several occasions.
I've been looking for cloud structures that are
some 80-millimeters high. I presume that's the
sort of altitude you're talking about.

231 O1 43 B1 CC That's correct. We're about to LOS now. We'll

be coming up on Madrid 47.

231 01 47 25 CC Skylab, Houston through Madrid for 8 minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston. On your M509 run number 3 or -3,

which seat position was used?

SPT Stand by a minute here, Hank; they're checking.

CC Okay. While they're checking there, SPT, on mission

day 20, you gave a report saying you gave Arabella
some water, did you also give water to Anita?

SPT Affirmative. Would be nice if I had a sponge I

could give her some water with, but all I could
do was sort of blow a few drops of water down into
the container.

CC Roger. We copy.

231 01 49 0_ PLT That was seat position Delta. And Al's got a
couple of words for you.

CC Okay.

CDR And, don't dump that VTR recorder yet. We'll -

we'll let you dump it in another - Just a little
while. Is that okay?

CC Okay. We had planned to dump it on the next

CONUS pass. That's about an hour from now, so - -

CDR Okay. We'll be - we'll be in good shape by then.

How much time's left on there now, by the way?

231 01 49 38 CC And - Skylab be advised the - the VIDEO switch

is in the MONITOR position. If you recorded some-
thing recently, it might not have gotten on.
TAG Tape 231-02/T-269
Page 6 of 11/1762

CDR That's what we think. And we wanted to record

something over the last couple of minutes. How
many mlnutes are left?

CC Okay. There are 3-1/2 minutes left and the previous

2 minutes was on the TV - on the ATM monitor.

CDR Okay. We'll put it on the last three. Thanks.

CC Okay. We'd like to run through some comments and

questions from biomed here, in the couple of minutes
we have left here. Would the CDR be willing to
have an R[431-I scheduled on himself. I guess we
were pretty interested in your comments concerning
the 0GI. And also we've got some baseline data
that we could use.

231 01 50 h0 CDR You bet. Be glad to do it.

CC Okay; we copy. And we'd like to know if anybody's

had any problems with taking a shower, such
low hot-water pressure.

CDR Jack's the only one that's had a shower, we'll

ask him.

PLT Shower worked great, Hank. Got a clean Marine.

231 01 51 Oh CC Okay; sounds good. Now a little bit on the hemo-

globin and urine specific gravity. Hopefully,
the hemoglobin determinations from the finger
stick or earlobe stick blood will prove to be more
accurate and more easy to accomplish. The specific
gravity ofurine is also very important when done
in conjunction with the hemoglobin determination,
since both reflect the body first status. The
urine specific-gravity procedure in permanent
message number 15 that we sent up was an attempt
to simplify. Do you think this is going to help
it a little bit?

231 01 51 39 SPT We're familiar with the message and I think it

will simplify; there'll be no problem.

CC Okay. We are evaluating, still, both the hemo-

globin and specific gravity procedures to shorten
them as much as possible.
: TAG Tape 231-02/T-269
Page 7 of 11/1763

SPT Okay. I don't think there's any shortcut on

hemoglobin. And we Just know - know how do to it,
and we Just take so long. And we'll have to do
a finger stick, of course, due to the Imreliability
of venous blood, but aside from that, why we'll
Just proceed on, whenever it's scheduled.

231 01 52 08 CC Okay. Maybe - maybe having the refractometer for

urine more accessible will cut down the time required
to do this. And we'll - -

CDR Think you're right. We'll have it stashed


CDR Looks like we're going to reach the 5.7 cabin

pressure before we reach h.O PPO 2.

CC Roger. We copy. And, Owen, we prefer - the

surgeon prefers the earlobe stick.

CDR Send him up, we'll stick his earlobe.

CC Surgeon says thanks (laughter). And, A1, we con-

cur that the - that the 2 hours really puts this
into the experiment status. And we'd llke to cut
this time and avoid the change of status if we

231 01 52 58 Subject, exercise: Do you feel a ph_slcal need

for exercise? If so, has it increased with time
in orbit? Please comment on the desirability of
a method that would allow prolonged walking or
running with near one-g bodyweight loads.

SPT You want a comment on that real time or on chan-

nel B. That might take a couple of minutes. What
do you want, Hank?

CC Okay. How about putting it on channel A, please.

CDR Okay. You wanted a comment about whether or not

we felt a - You were cut out in the middle of your
question. Why don't you repeat it quickly?

CC Okay. We would like to know if you - if you feel

a physical need for exercise, and if so has it
increased wi_.b time in orbit? And then also
TAG Tape 231-02/T-269
Page 8 of ii/176_

comment on the desirability of a method that would

allow prolonged walking or rtmnlng with near one-g
bodyweight loads.

2B1 01 53 h6 CDR Okay. Understand. We'll comment on channel A.

CC Okay, on M092: We'd llke to know if you are currently

using blood pressure cuff serial number 0.011, and
you can put that on channel A also, if you don't
know the number right off.

SPT I know. The answer is yes. We have the other one

standing by, in case of a double run, so we could
get one that's not too sweaty. But we've been
using serial ll.

CC Okay. And we'd also like to know the number of the

one you were using before.

CC You can put that on the recorder.

CDR Okay. I don't remember the other number.

CC And weLwould llke to know if the saddle settings are

still 6, 7, and 8, for the CDR, SPT, and PLT?

CDR The last run on the SPT make it 6. So that'll be

6, 6, and 8 from now on.

CC Roger. We copy 6, 6, and 8. And we're about

30 seconds from LOS. Next station contact will be
Carnarvon at 02:21, and that's our reed conference.

231 01 55 12 CC And we - we still have a few more things we'd like

to discuss with you, maybe we'll pick them up on
the Honeysuckle part of that pass.

231 02 28 56 CC Skylab, Houston. We'd llke to get you to terminate

the AM FILL now. That's taking the - on panel 225,
the AM PRI FILL and the 02 PRI FILL to COMMAND.

SPT He was on his way in to do it Just then, Hank.

CC Okay. Thank you, sir, and we also need to get the

S056 door open.

SPT That 's a good idea.

TAG Tape 231-02/T-269
Page 9 of i1/1765

CC And also we'd like to know if you're through with

the VTR, if you are, we're going to rewind her.

231 02 29 31 SPT That's affirm. Completely finished this time, so

it 's all yours.

CC Thank you, sir.

CC And, Skylab, we're about 20 seconds from LOS for a

short one. We'll be picking you up at Honeysuckle
at about 32.

SPT What time are you going to give me a wakeup call

tomorrow so I can get that hurricane, Hank?

231 02 30 07 CC Okay. I guess we can use a - a - a normal wakeup

time. That - you - you acquire the thing at approx-
imately 11:25 Z, and we suggest that you go ahead and
set up the TV camera this evening at STS window i,
so it'll be ready for you in the morning.

CDR Okay. Well, what time will that be?

CC That's 11:25. We gave you an acquisition time

awhile ago.

CDR Yes, I mean, but what time for getup?

231 02 30 37 CC ll:00's normal wakeup.

231 02 31 53 CC Skylab, Houston. We're back with you through

Honeysuckle for about 3-1/2 minutes.

CDR Okay. And, Hank, we terminated the 02.

CC Roger. Thank you, sir. And in answer to Jack's

question, we don't have our P set run out yet, but
it looks like from the cal comp that we will wake you
up at Guam in the morning. That's Just a little prior
to ii :00.

PLT Okay. That sounds good, Hank.

CC And one quick question on the photo report. We got

a squeal on our tape here about the time you were
telling us the frame count on the mag Charlie Indaia -
Charlie India 1Ol, the 35 millimeter. Could you tell
us what that frame count is?
TAG Tape 231-_02/T-269
Page I0 of 11/1766

CDR I think it's 27.

231 02 32 38 C_ Roger; we copy. 27.

CC Okay. I'd like to continue here with a few more

questions from the surgeon in regarding the M092.
We'd like to know for the CDR, did you notice any
discomfort in the saddle, and also for the SPT,
was discomfort your reason for changing your setting?

CDR This is the CDR. MY reason for changing was, I was

too far down in it, and the rubber grommet was
squeezing on my stomach, and I think it was acting
like a blood pressure cuff and preventing blood
from flowing back from my leg. I moved it out
higher so it squeezed down towards my hip like it's
done on the Earth prior to the flight, and it was
a lot better. I'm thinking about moving it one
further out like it was before.

231 02 33 33 SPT Essentially the same answer applies to the SPT.

In zero g, you Just float further down ... keep my
body at approximately the same position relative
to the iris that it is in one g.

CC Roger; we copy. And have you noticed any change

in head fullness doing the M0927

SPT SPT' s noticed none.

CDR CDR, none.

PLT l've been emptyheaded for a long time, Hank.

CC Roger. I wonder if there's any more awareness of

head fullness in doing the Mark I exercises?

CDR This is CDR. Just the normal amount that comes

when you strain hard, drop down hard.

231 02 34 28 SPT As far as the SPT is concerned, any heavy exercise

always seems to clear my head up. It did that in
one g and it does in zero g, Just the same.

PLT Hank, I haven't been noticing any head fullness

regardless of what l'm doing up here, since the
first day.
TAG Tape 2Bl-O2/T-269
Page II of 11/1767

CC Roger. We copy. We do have a - We're about

30 seconds from LOS now and we do have a few more
items we'd like to discuss with you. If it's
okay you - with you, we'd like to continue state-
side. It's 3minutes into your bedtime. That's
up to you.

CDR You bet.

CC Okay, then we'll see you over Texas at 03.

CDR And we're all ready to take the C-mount picture

if we can see it.

231 02 35 20 CC Okay.

TAG Tape 231-03/T-270
Time: 231:03:00 to 231:i0:31
Page 1 of 5/1769


231 03 03 45 CC Skylab, Houston. Stateside 16-1/2 minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston. We got about 16 minutes left,

this pass.

CC Skylab, Houston. Stateside 15-1/2 minutes.

CDR Okay, Hank, was there anything else?

CC Okay. Let's wind this up so you guys can get to

bed. Owen, we - we got a lot of static at - at
- when in the keyhole, apparently when you were
talking about your comments on the - -M092 sad-
dle. We would like to get you to repeat those
comments if you would, please.

SPT Oh, as far as why I put it at six is essentially

for the same reason A1 mentioned, namely, was to
position my body in the same position relative
to the iris as it was in one g. Here in zero g,
you simply foe - float further down into the can
and by - you have to raise the saddle up to keep
your - the iris essentially at the same spot on
your hip - above your hip bone.

231 03 06 07 CC Roger, we copy. And we'd like to know if you

noticed any nodding of the head in association
with the heartbeat. The SL 2 crew reported this
occasionally, even though it was very subtle.

SPT Oh yes, you can tell that. When you lay very
quietly, as a matter of fact, Jack just mention-
ed it to me, I think, day before yesterday on
the last run with Jack. When you lay there very
quietly, you - your heart beating will cause a
slight oscillation in the upper torso.

CC That's pretty interesting. Let me ask a couple

of questions about the food now. What perman-
ent menu changes are you now following?

231 03 06 44 SPT Let's see, as far as permanent changes, I have

no changes, although one of them might as well
TAG Tape 231-03/T-270
Paga 2 of 5/1770

become - excuse me - I do have one. Pork loin

is removed from one of my day's menu and
spaghetti is inserted. I've also been omitting
asparagus when it rolls around, because some-
body apparently doesn't know the difference be-
tween a stalk and a tip, but anyway, asparagus
normally gets omitted, but those are the only
two things that I have normally or routinely
done. I'm supplementing my diet, as you can
tell from the daily report. As far as any
changes the others may have, they'll have to
speak for themselves.

SPT Almentioned sometimes he substituted - substi-

tutes peaches for strawberries.

231 03 07 36 PLT Jack eats everything that's on the menu except

for bread and tuna fish, when they appear

PLT Plus a few extra drinks and stuff that gets re-

CC Roger, we copy. On what days did you not take

vit-m_ns and also in what locker is the third
bottle of vitamins.

SPT We've been taking vitamins regularly. There

were a few days at the - at the beginning of the
mission, approximately the first week, when we
were not on the regular diet that we were not
taking supplements. And when we didn't take the
supplements, we omitted the vitamins, but the
one vitamin bottle that we first had has been
depleted, and we've opened up the two cans - the
one can that came up with us in the command
module, which has three vitamin bottles in it
and we're Just working our way through those
three. We're working on the first of those
three bottles right now. We take them everyday.

231 0B 08 37 CC Roger, we copy. Have you water cleaned the

waste-processor exterior recently?

SPT Yes.
TAG Tape 231-03/T-270
Page 3 of 5/1771

SPT Anything else, Hank?

CC Out of curiosity, I guess, we'd like to know

what stars did you think you tracked while ago,
then we can look at our data and see if we

SPT Oh - Okay, just a minute. I'll have to get that

pad out. I was saving it until a convenient
time to talk to you about it. I'll see if I -
Just a minute, I'll get it.

CC We can hold on that, Owen, if you'd rather not

do it now; we can hold on that.

SPT Go ahead with your question.

CC Okay. That finishes up all of our questions for

the evening. I - I got a little bit of news
here if you're interested in that, if not, we
can say good night.

SPT Go ahead with the news then, and I may be look-

ing up that pad while you're at it.

231 03 09 49 CC Okay. Cambodia's top military man said Saturday

he would ask the U.S. to resume air strikes if
the Communists ignore the Indochina peace agree-
ment. The bombing of Cambodia, as you know,
stopped on August 15. A Sunday paper reports
that, in Houston, prices for at least 25 stand-
ard super market items increased almost l0 per-
cent during the past 4 weeks.

CC James Webb, the ex-NASA Administrator, will dis-

cuss the future of the U.S. Space Program at an
August 27th dinner honering Mrs. Lyndon Johnson.
The dinner, at the Hyatt-Regency Hotel, will
follow the formal dedication of the Johnson
Space Center. Dedication ceremonies will coin-
cide with the late President's birthday. Here's
a bit of Navy news. For the next 6 months the
population of Brimington, Washington- Bremerton,
Washington, will be l0 percent greater. The
Big E is docked there for repair and mainten-
ance, and there's 3000 Navy men and their
TAG Tape 231-03/T-270
Page _ of 5/1772

families in port there. From the sports world,

Hank Aaron hit number 703, yesterday. That's
number 30 for the season. And I got a couple
of scores here for the season. The Astros are
leading the Phillies 3 to 2, it's somewhere past
the 6th inning, l'm not sure. And at halftime
the Packers are beating the Oilers 20 to 14.

231 03 ii 2_ SPT Okay, Hank, sounds fine, and it looks like I'ii
have to talk to you about stars tomorrow.

CC Okay. Get a good night's rest, and we'll see

you in the morning.

SPT Okay. We've got a few more things to do around

here before we hit the pad, but we'll see you in
the morning, early.

231 03 ii 38 CC Okay.

231 03 30 51 SPT Hello, Houston. Are you there?

CC Roger. Go ahead.

SPT Hello, Houston, Skylab.

CC Skylab, Houston. Did you call?

SPT Yes, Hank. I guess we're - maybe Just about to

go LOS. I was going to give you that star
tracker information. How much time do we have?

CC About 25 seconds.

231 03 31 32 SPT Well, I guess we better let it go with doing

nothing more than saying that I got ahold of
Ngdar and Rigel. I missed Atria and Avior. I
didn't have a chance to look at Acamar. Do you
agreewith that?

CC Roger. We agree.

SPT Okay. It looks like the magnitude is somewhere

around zero capability. Maybe we could get down
to plus l, we didn't have any stars right in
the magnitude. But why don't you take a look
at it and see whether or not it matches spec
and whether or not you think a few more checks
would be worthwhile. Over.
TAG Tape 231-03/T-270
I-" Page 5 of 5/1773

CC Okay, we'll do that, Owen.

SPT See you tomorrow.

CC Good night.

231 03 32 23 SPT I was Just trying to photograph the old aurora

above Labrador and Greenland - -

TAG Tape 231-04/T-271
._ Time: 231:10:31 to 231:12:06
Page 1 of 7/1775


231 i0 54 25 CC Good morning, Skylab. We've got you for 2 minutes

through Guam.

SPT Okay, Story, just a couple of quick items. Get

underway here. First of all, I'd like to make sure
I've got an S063 pad up here; I didn't see one last
night. And the second item is, I'd like to let
Ted Bursa know that this is his day up here in
Skylab. If you'd call Ted and let him know we sure
appreciate all the work he did putting out fires,
and tracking down problems, and making sure things
were going to be working just right, why, we're
convinced it was an important factor in making sure
the ATM and other areas were all working well. And
if you'd call Ted for us, we'd appreciate it.

CC Okay, I'll sure do it. And you've got an ATM pass

coming up here pretty soon. And Jack's photography
meeting with Brenda will be in about half an hour.

231 i0 55 25 PLT I guess that's my first date with a lady since being
up here, huh?

CC Well, I don't know. You'll have to tell me about


CC We're a minute from LOS here. We'll see you over

Goldstone in 17 minutes at ll:12. And, Jack, I'll
have some TV camera settings for you at that time.
And we've got the lines up for real-time TV.

PLT Okay, thank you, Story.

CC And, 0wen, there is an S063 pad on board.

SPT Okay, I hope it came up during the night because

I didn't have one at bedtime last night.

231 l0 56 l_ CC That's affirm.

231 ii 12 24 CC Skylab, we're A0S stateside for 17 minutes.

TAG Tape 231-04/T-271
Page 2 of 7/1776

SPT Okay, Story.

CC And, Owen, your solar update this morning: the Sun

has remained quiet. Active region 93 contains a
small spot, and is moderately intense in XUV. Ac-
tive region 96, at 70 degrees point 3 [70.3], is a
new emerging feature. Slightly actlve prominences
are present on the east limb at 240 and 260. And,
0wen, sometime in the next 15 minutes, I'd like to
get a frame count on the ATM.

SPT Okay. I forgot to call it down to you last night.

2797, 2129, 74, 211, 2763, 2738.

CC Say just the H-alpha again.

SPT 2797.

231 ii 13 34 CC Okay. And if possible we'd like to get these during

the evening status report. As we come down the
final stretch here towards the EVA, we're looking
very closely at the frames remaining and scheduling
the ATM accordingly.

SPT Okay, you'd like that in the evening status report?

CC If possible, that would be fine.

SPT How about Just calling it down to you on me of the

latter - one of the last passes during the evening?
That way it saves us transferring to a book that is
downstairs, and a lot of bookwork up here. And it's
real easy for the guy on the panel to take
l0 seconds to do it.

231 ll 14 03 CC Okay, beautiful.

CC And, PLT, at your convenience, I've got your TV

camera settings for Brenda and an update.

SPT You need a star tracker there - lockon this


CC I'll see.

SPT Say again.

TAG Tape 231-04/T-271
" Page 3 of 7/1777

CC I'ii find out shortly, Owen.

CC Yes, that would be fine, at your convenience, Owen.

And the padyou've got should be good.

CDR Hey, Story, l've got a couple of additions to last

night's nightly report on exercise. Can I give them
to you now?

231 ii 16 41 CC Go ahead.

CDR Okay, CDR: 2/33/5003; 3/, Mark V, 40, A; 20, B;

20, C; 20, D; 20 situps; 2/10/Mark II, 20, A; i0,
B; i0, C; i0, F. And then let me give you the PLT
also: 2/30/6710, 05/0534; 3/20/Mark I; 50, A, 20,
B, 20, D, 20 backbends.

CC Okay.

CDR And we also replaced the SIA that we had fail. I

forget the number of the housekeeping task, but
that's accomplished.

231 ii 17 33 CC Okay.

CDR Jack did that in about 15 minutes.

PLT Okay, Story. How do you read?

CC Loud and clear, Jack.

PLT Okay, I'm up here getting the window cleaned. And,

got any new times, or are the ones I got last night

CC Those times ought to be good. Now we do have a

position that's a little different than what you got
last night. It's on the northernmost part of the
Yucatan Peninsula. It's right on the - the seashore
edge. And I've got some TV settings here for you
when you're ready to copy.

231 ll 19 52 CC If you were calling, Jack, we just handed over to


PLT Okay, go ahead with the settings, Story.

TAG Tape 231-04/T-271
Page 4 of 7/1778

CC Linear and average, f-stop 16; focus, infinity;

zoom, 25 or as desired.

PLT Okay, thank you.

CC And there's a lot of people down here been looking

at your TV pictures from yesterday.

PLT How did they come out?

CC They came out fine, and they've been on all the


PLT Already, you mean? The day-off pictures are on the

networks ?

CC Those are your TV pictures of - of Brenda.

231 ii 20 14 PLT Oh, okay.

CC The day-off pictures, during the long hours of the

night here last night, we all enjoyed looking at
them very much.

PLT There is no business like show business.

CC Boy, that's right; and it was done well.

PLT Story, is STS-1 still my best window?

CC Yes, sir.

CDR We kemp wondering; STS-1 looks parallel, to us - to

the EREP window. And you never call out the EREP
window, yet that looks like that might be even

CC I'm working on an answer for you.

231 ll 22 24 PLT Story, what's the status of this storm? Is it a

hurricane or a tropical storm?

CC It's a tropical storm now, about 55 knots. And from

down here we're still thinking that STS-1 is the
TAG Tape 231-04/T-271
Page 5 of 7/1779

PLT What's the general movement of the storm, Story?

CC It's moving at about - heading 285.

PLT At what speed?

CC Ten knots.

231 ll 25 lO CC Jack, we got a good picture down here.

PLT Okay, I'm showing you a picture out of number 4

window at this time. You can see one of the straps
there that's been tightened up to hold the sail.
The - one of the reefing lines, and there's the
edge of one of the solar panels right there.

PLT I enjoy looking out the STS windows more than the
wardroom window almost, because you get the feeling
that you're really driving a big machine. Other-
wise, you're kind of Just looking out of a porthole;
like looking into an aquarium or a - out the window
of an airplane when you're looking out the wardrocm
window. Although you can see more.

CC Okay, it's a good picture and you ought to have

acquisition of Brenda at this time.

231 ll 25 13 PLT Okay, let me whistle over to the other window here.

PLT Okay, we're just coming up on the sunrise of the

Skylab. Over here you can see it's still dark.

CC The Sun angle would be between zero and one.

PLT Okay, I've got the point of closest approach will

be at 11:28 which should be Just in a few seconds.
Is that time still good, Story?

CC It's the best we've got Jack.

CC See, if you can see, Yucatan, it's right on the

northernmost edge.

231 ii 28 27 PLT Okay, space fans, we're taking a look up here in

Skylab this morning at the tropical storm Brenda.
She's a relatively small storm; winds up to 55 knots,
TAG Tape 231-0h/T-271 P
Page 6 of 7/1780

moving at a west, northwesterly direction at this

time at about i0 knots. She's out in the Gulf of
Mexico near the Yucatan Peninsula. Name is Brenda.
If you know .anybody named Brenda, now's your chance
to tease them about their temperament.

CC Oksy, Skylab, ths/nka for the weather report. We're

i0 seconds until LOS. See you over the Vanguard
in 9 minutes, and we've started the VTR. And you
can stop it when you get done, Jack.

231 ii 29 26 PLT Okay, and are you getting real time down there now?

CC We are at this time. We'll be going LOS in about

i0 seconds here.

231 ii 29 48 PLT Okay, and one of these days before you know it the

231 ll 39 h3 CC Skylab, we're AOS over the Vanguard for 6 minutes.

PLT Okay, Story. And how did the TV come down, okay?

CC The real time came down Just fine, Jack.

PLT Okay, looked like the storm is dissipating, and

that it doesn't have it cyclonic structure that
it had yesterday. It was very difficult to -
to find a well-defined area where the storm center
was located.

CC Roger; that was kind of expected. It - along the

coast there, but we're expecting it to pick up
again when it moves out into the warm moist air
of the Gulf.

PLT I see ; well, I was hoping maybe that would be

good news for everybody, that it was headed down-

231 ll 40 35 CC Roger.

CC And, Owen, we're showing H-alpha still in the

NIGHT INTERLOCK, OVERRIDE; we'd like that in
TAG Tape 231-0h/T-271
Page 7 of 7/1781

CC Skylab, we're 1 minute to LOS. We'll see you

over Goldstone in a little more than an hour at
12:_9. We'll be dumping the tape recorders over
Goldstone. And, Owen, we' re showing H-alpha in
NIGHT INTERLOCK, OVERRIDE ; we 'd like that in

SPT I believe it has already been changed; you might

check again. I appreciate the reminder.

231 ll _5 lh CC Okay.

TAG Tape 231-05/T-272
- Time: 231:12:06 to 231:13:30
• Page 1 of 6/1783


231 12 &9 25 CC Good morning, Skylab, Houston. We've got you for
12 minutes.

PLT Hello, Dick. How are you this morning?

CC Just fine, sir, and you?

PLT Doing great.

SPT Hello there, Dick. I Just noticed awhile ago on

the solar activity pad a comment about the emerging
flux regions Just to the west of the center of
the Sun. They show up about 060 and 0.2 or 0.3.
Now are - are - These are the same - the two little
bright spots now sho_ing at H-alpha, they're the
same ones that we tracked yesterday and perhaps
the day before when they were only visible on the
XUV M0N and had no H-alpha signature. We do have
a little background history on them, on the way of
shopping list items, and I'm wondering if the
backroom thinks they might be an interesting tar-
get to study the, more or less, evolution and
birth of these active regions if they think they
are going to develop. Over.

231 12 50 19 CC Roger, (>wen. Stand by and I'll listen to them

for a second.

CC Owen, Houston. The backroom concurs, and sounds

like a good idea if you get the opportunity today.

SPT Okay, we'll keep it in mind, and we'll do a couple

of shopping list items which relate to emerging
flux regions. And if they have any other sugges-
tions about ways to work in other building blocks,
why, please let us know on the voice-link.

CC Okay, 0wen. Sure will.

23k k2 5k 05 PLT Are you getting ATM TV now Dick?

CC Stand by.
TAG Tape 231_05/T_272
Page 2 of 6/178_

CC PLT, Houston. We won't have the television until

we get Texas AOS, and that's going to be about 3
to 5 minutes from now. And I'll let you know
when we have the down-link.

PLT Okay.

PLT It appears to me that we have that prominence at

050 - is a very pronounced vertical structure to
it, that is radial from the limb. It's very, very
fait, but it looks to me about 60 arc seconds
long on H-alpha 1.

CC Roger.

231 12 53 59 CC Skylab, Houston. Our recommendation is - with

regard to shopping list items on the bright spots,
if you have time today, is shopping list items 8
and 5. Over.

PLT Roger, 8 and 5.

PLT We got a BAT CHARGE light up here, Dick.

CC I didn't copy that, PLT. Say again.

PLT We've got a BAT CHARGE light sho_-ing. What do

you see down there?

CC Stand by.

CC Jack, we don't see anything here in the power

system out of the ordinary. And we're happy with

PLT Okay.

231 12 55 42 CC And, PLT, Houston. We're dumping some of the

VTR TV you took of the storm earlier this morning.
We're looking at that now, and after we get
through with that, we'll get the ATM down-link.

PLT That's off real time.

CC And, PLT, Houston. I wonder if you could let us

know which battery the BAT CHARGE light was asso-
ciated with?
r TAG Tape 231-05/T-272
Page 3 of 6/1785

CC Skylab, Houston, for the PLT. We're ready for the

ATM TV down-link now.

PLT Okay, go ahead. You got it.

CC Roger. And could you tell us which battery the

BAT CHARGE light was associated with?

231 12 57 32 PLT Yes, I'm ....around for it; but can't seem to
find it.

CC PLT, Houston. We've got about 3-1/2 minutes of

real time left on the TV, if you want to cycle
through your switches.

PLT Okay; you'll notice right now on the A_%_ monitor 1.

I've got the crosshairs at the base of the prom-
inence at 050. And I don't know if you can pick
it up or not; it's very, very faint up here, but
it's a very whispy prominenceextending irra-
dially (?) out into the corona, and it appears here
to be about 60 arc seconds long. However, it's
extremely faint; I don't know if you can pick it
up or not.

231 12 59 07 CC We Just can't see it on - with the resolution we

have on this TV that we're looking at here in
real time, Jack. But we do see where you're
pointed on the limb.

PLT Okay; I'li give you some other TV, then.

CC Okay.

PLT Here comes the XUV on MON i.

CC Roger.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 1 minute (cough) -

1 minute from LOS at Texas. We'll see you at
Vanguard at 13:15.

PLT ... seeing TV down there, Dick?

CC We just - it just dropped out, Jack, but we got

everything you got, right uto Just before you
said that.
TAG Tape 231-05/T-272
Page 4 of 6/1786

PLT Okay, did you get the coronas?

CC Just a few seconds of it, but we probably didn't

get all of that down-link.

PLT Okay; thank you.

CC Roger.

CC Skylab, Houston. Vanguard for ii minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're at Vanguard for i0 minutes.

CC And, PLT, Houston. Sometime during this pass, I'f

like to talk to you Just a second about that BAT
CHARGE light.

231 13 lh 29 PLT Working on that right now, Dick.

CC Okay, when you get through with what you're doing

why don't you let us know what that is, and then
we can talk about it.

PLT Okay, Dick, I got them all running now. The first
time I looked at the BAT CHARGE thing, I had the
talkback barber pole and was unable to get it to
do anything. Later on it went gray, and I selected
every battery and was unable to get it to go barber
pole, although I noticed that BATs 3 and 17 had zero
amps and the volts of temperature were off-scale
low. BAT 3 we know about, of course.

CC Roger.

PLT You there, Dick?

231 13 18 31 CC Yes, sir. I am and I missed the first part of

that. But understand no joy in figuring out which
of the batteries it was. And that - we got the
numbers on BATs 3 and 17. What I was going to
pass up to you was, is - if at the last sunset
you had a - a incomplete on one of the batteries,
of course, that would cause the light to come
on. And then it would probably go out at sun-
rise. And it seemed to us that there was Just
about sunrise when - when it did go out, and we
weren't sure about that. And so you're going to
have sunset and then sunrise again before we have
TAG Tape 231-05/T-272
Page 5 of 6/1787

AOS, Hawaii. So be sure, if you do get a BAT

CHARGE light, to go ahead and figure out which
one it is, and so we - you can help us out, because
by the time we get to Hawaii, it will be gone again.

231 13 19 19 PLT Okay; well, the BAT CHARGE light has been on all the
time, and I've been unable to extinguish it by
selecting the proper CBRM. And, of course, we konw
that number 3 is down; but number 17, the volts and
temperature are reading off-scale low. I guess you
got that, but the point is I'm unable to get the
talkback to go barber pole by selecting all of the

CC Okay, I understand. We did not - I did not under-

stand that before, but do we now.

CC Skylab, Houston. You're doing the day-23 stowage

transfers this morning, or may already be Just
about complete on those. But at any rate, we wanted
to remind you that we do not want to stow all the
spider and his associates equipment. And that is
listed in the day-23 transfers, and we're sure you
wouldn't do it, but Just wanted to remind you.

SPT Okay.

CC And, PLT, Houston. We show completes on all the

batteries as of now.

PLT Okay. Well, I haven't been able to figure out yet

whythe BAT CHARGE ligh t won't go out.

231 13 21 l_ CC Okay, Jack, and we'll continue look for you. I

had a couple of other things that I wanted to pass
on to you. The - this after - we sent up a coolant
loop procedure during the evening. And the first
time it was up-linked, there was some garble in it,
so we transmitted it again. So the second time
that is appears on the - your stream of paper there,
that's the message to use.

PLT Okay, we got them separated in two now, and I don't

know which one it is. One of them has got 2325 Bravo
at the bottom of it - Bravo 2. In other words, they
both start out with 2325 Charlie l, but one of them's
got 2325 Bravo 2 at the bottom of it.

231 13 22 07 CC Okay, you should have a message, Jack, that goes all
the way through three pages. And actually the end
TAG Tape 2BI-O51T-272
Page 6 of 611788

of it should be 2325 Bravo 3. The 2B25 Bravo 2 is

the header that's in the - the middle of the message
and actually identifies the start of the second
page of it. Over.

PLT Maybe it's in the teleprinter. I'ii look.

CC Okay, we've got plenty of time and if - if that

message got cut up or you have any problems with
it, we can probably get it retransmitted to you.

PLT Yes, both of them end up with "OVER - 0WS heat

exchanger fan switch, four of them to - " and then
there's a blank, not telling me what to do; hut
they're both like that.

231 13 23 i0 CC Okay, that was the first page; and a matter of fact,
that was a correction that - on the message, and
it should have read - the position at that step
should be OWS. However, there are two more pages
of that message that should be on board, and if
they're not, we're certainly going to have to up-link
the rest of that procedure to you.

PLT We'll look them up then; thank you.

CC Okay, it sounded like what may have happened, Jack,

is that the message got cut off there, because it
appeared that a new message was starting because of
the second page identifier. And the rest of that
message may - you may Just be able to tape it back
on there if you can figure it out.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 45 seconds from LOS.

We'll see you at Hawaii at 14:24.

231 13 23 58 CDR Say, Dick, I under - I noticed that both cabin vent
valves in the command module are in BOOST ENTRY per
your instructions the other day. Do you want to leave
them there?

CC That 's affirmative, A1, and good morning.

CDR How are you doing? Yes, we've done the transfers ;
we worked - well, haven't finished; still working on

231 13 24 16 CC Okay.

TAG Tape 231-06/T-273
Time: 231:13:30 to 231:14:33
Page i of 4/1789


231 14 24 05 CC Skylab, Houston. We're ADS Hawaii for


PLT Aloha, Dick. And the BAT CHARGE light went out
and it's no longer on.

CC Roger, Jack. Would you please stay off the DAS?

We'd like to up llnk star tracker enable to the
ATMDC, please.

PLT My hand's off all the way.

231 14 24 37 CC Okay, I've got a - and Jack, if you've got time,

l've got a couple of questions on this bat
charge light we'd like to piece together and try
to put together some things that we don't quite
understand. Over.

PLT Okay. One additional thing you ought to know

right now is that 82A door, at sunset the but -
talkback went white, and never did go barber
pole. I tried to close the door, but didn't do
any good. When we came around to sunrise, the
door did not open, apparently. The talkback is
still white. I attempted to open it, cycle
close, and then open it again, but nothing

CC Roger, Jack; understand.

231 14 25 25 PLT Well, I should have said when we came around the
sunrise I tried to open it manually as I would
normally, and it would not open.

CC Roger.

CC And Skylab, Houston. We're - This is a very

short pass. We've got about B0 seconds to LOS.
We're going to have Goldstone in about B or
4 minutes. That also is going to be about a
2-minute pass. And, Jack, the questions that
I had for you, if we don't get them here, we
TAG Tape 231-06/T-273
Page 2 of 4/1790 i

might pick the answers up there. Is the first

time you reported the BAT CHARGE light on you
were in sunlight? And did you notice it then
or had you noticed it before? We're wondering
if it had come on at sunrise, at sunset, or it
Just happened to come on light. And also we'd
like to get another readout of the volts, temps,
and amps on bats 3 and 17. And, finally, on
bats 3 and 17, we want to make sure that we
understand that you found those at zero or off-
scale low during your trouble shooting this
morning. Over.

231 14 26 25 PLT I don't know when the bat charge light came on
and when I was looking at the volts and amps I
noticed 3 and 17 to be off-scale low. That was
the temperature and the voltage. The amperage
was zero.

CC Roger; understand. And could we get a readout

of 3 and 17 now?

PLT No change.

CC Okay, Jack, thank you very much. And I 'ii give

you a call at Goldstone.

231 14 26 55 PLT Okay, ... on bat 17 right now. But we are off-
scale low on ... temp.

231 14 28 56 CC Skylab, Houston; we're AOS Goldstone for next

couple of minutes. And, Jack, I did not - after
I made my last call there, you said something
about bat 17 and we didn't get that.

PLT Okay, when I called you there, bat 17 was read-

ing 8 amps plus, and the temperature and voltage
were off-scale low. Now I look back at it again
- still got the 8 amps but the temperature, and
voltage are in the normal range.

CC Okay, Jack; copy that. And one more question.

You reported at A0S Vanguard a minute ago that
the BAT CHARGE light was now out. When did it
go out and what were the circumstances on it
surrounding that?
TAG Tape 231-06/T-273
Page 3 of 4/1791

231 14 29 50 PLT I didn't notice when it went out, Dick. It went

out sometime during the last sunlit pass. I - I
don't know, I was too busy running the experiment
to notice when the thing went out.

CC Roger; understand.

PLT And battery 3 at this time is reading zero amps

but the volts and the temperature are off-scale

CC Roger.

231 14 30 28 CC Skylab, Houston, we're i minute from LOS at

Goldstone. We're going to pick you up at Hon -
Vanguard at 14:51. We're going to dump the data
tape recorder at the Vanguard and we - I have
one question for Owen, any time he has the chance,
possibly we csr. get the answer down at the Vanguard.
We reported from NOAA that during the time that
he was accomplishing the S063 experiment work at
about 13:50, Just about 40 minutes ago, it was a
good chance that NOAA thought that he might see
some aurora and we were wondering if that was a

SPT No aurora was visible.

CC Roger; thank you, Owen.

231 14 31 12 SPT Saw some last night about 03:00 up over Goose Bay,
Labrador again but apparently that's the one you
reported last night as a more or less permanent
feature of that particular location.

PLT One other piece of data, Dick; battery 7 is doing

about the same thing. It's reading lO amps but
the the volts and the temp are off-scale low.

CC Understand; bat 7, volts and amps off-scale low.

PLT Right, we still got 82A door in an unknown position.

PLT That's 82A.

TAG Tape 231-06/T-273
Page 4 of 4/1792

PLT That's 82A.

231 14 31 48 CC Roger; and Skylab, Houston requests S052

restart in STANDARD mode.

TAG Tape 231-07/T-27h
p Time: 231:14:33 to 231:16:02
Page i of 3/1793


2BI 14 51 21 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS at the Vanguard for

l0 minutes.

SPT Okay, Dick.

231 14 53 21 CC Skylab, Houston. I've got a suggestion for a

ATM door mal that we would like to get you to do
anytime before the next - the start of the next
daylight cYCle , but not to interfere with your
experiment ops on the ATM. Over.

SPT Okay, why don't you tell me right now and we can
do it - just a second, I'll mention one other
thing. I presume that JOP 9, step l, has priority
on this orbit because of a study of solar wind.
Therefore, I'm going to have to shorten this limb
l, shopping item 16, that we're doing right now.
And I propose to take about 3 minutes off of each;
this one and the next shopping list 16. Alter-
natively, I could eliminate - JOP 9, step l, but
I don't think you want me to do that. And so if
you concur with knocking about 3 minutes off of
each of these two SL-16's, I'Ll do that. And why
don't you go ahead with that _-Ifunction on the

CC Roger, (>wen. And we do concur with - we do concur

with your - suggestion. And the malwe would like
to send you to is door mal 2 on page 1_-6. We
would like for you to start through it and if you
get - and you can go ahead through block 13. If
you get that far, Owen, instead of continuing as
the mal says, what we would like for you to do at
that point is to then inhibit both door motors,
then enable both door motors and try to close the
door again. Over.

SPT Okay. It's going to be a while before I get a-

round to that, then.

231 14 55 01 CC That's okay. And Just to reiterate; you're right.

JOP 9 does have the priority, and - and what you
suggested about shortening the shopping list items
is fine with us.
TAG Tape 231-07_T-27_
Page 2 of 3/1794

231 14 57 52 CC Skylab, Houston. Two short items for you. We're

continuing to think about the battery problem that
we're having and in the interim, since we have had
some probl_,_ with that CBRM rotary switch, we
would like you to use it only as required. And
• the second thing is - is, since this is the first
day that we're observing this H092 vent start win-
dow that on the SPT's details pad, Just a reminder
about that.

SPT Okay, that's why we sort of switched at the panel,

here. I've taken the rest of this orbit, while
Jack's down there getting suited up for 92, and
I think we can make the window all right.

2B1 14 58 27 CC Okay, no problem. Thank you.

231 15 O0 26 CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS. Hawaii

at 15:59. And for your information on that 82 mal,
it will not hurt the other experiment to do that
real during the daylight pass if you have - if it's
more convenient and if you have the time. So don't
worry about that.

SPT Okay, Dick.

2B1 15 00 55 CDR Say, Dick. We wondered one thing. As far as we

know, we have not topped off the 509 bottle for
TO20, and we wondered if you wanted us to do that.
Maybe we missed it on a previous pad or something.

CC Roger, CDR. That 's affirmative. Those bottles

should be topped off. And we thought that was on
the schedule yesterday, but at any rate they - they
should be topped off.

CDR Okay.

231 15 01 24 CC Roger.

2B1 15 58 _4 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Hawaii for about lO min-

utes, and interested in the - any door real results
on 82.

CDR Dick, I went through the first two steps. I dis-

abled both motors, enabled primary work rate. So
that is what we're doing right now. On primary.
TAG Tape 231-071T-27_
Page 3 of 3/1795

CC Okay, thank you very much. And let me give you

another note about the ATM, A1.

CDR Okay.

231 15 59 13 CC Okay, since an 8052 STANDARD MODE was terminated

early, we'd like while a mode is not in progress
we'd like to cycle the main pOwer off and back on
to reset the Polaroid wheel. Over.

CDR Okay, that's on 52. Now there's a mode in opera-

tion. So when the mode - this MODE, STANDARD
stops, then I'ii do it. Okay?

CC Okay. Real fine. Thank you.

231 15 59 44 CC And also, Skylab, we have that coolant pad - that

coolant message pad that Jack is going to do this
afternoon sitting out at Hawaii. And we were
wondering if you got that message squared away,
or would you like for us to up-link it here?

CDR Just a second. Jack is looking.

CC Okay.

SPT Okay, Jack says he has three pages, and he may

have thrown away the first page. It looked like
he had to throw away the first page.

CDR Dick, why don't you Just send us the whole message

231 16 00 29 CC Roger. I think we up-linked the first page twice,

and we think the better part of valor is to up-link
you a brand new message here. So that's what we're
going to do.

231 16 00 40 SPT Okay, Dick. The LBNP vent is now closed, so the
venting is complete. And Just for the flight plan-
ners, we managed to get this vent started Just
about 2 minutes before the end of your window.
And there would have been no way to manage this
if we hadn't Juggled our flight planning schedule
here for me to relieve Jack up there. It was Just
too tight to have ever worked.

TAG Tape 231-08/T-275
Time: 231:16:02 to 231:17:30
Page 1 of 7/1797

231 16 01 02 CC Roger; understand.

CDR And, Dick, I started this building block before

effective sunrise; I Just noticed that. So you
might ask the backroom whether they want me to
run it again or Just continue on?

231 16 01 21 CC Okay; stand by.

CC CDR, Houston. We're satisfied, and we do not want

you to rerun anything. You're doing okay; so Just
press on Just like you are.

CDR Okay; sorry got ahead of the game.

231 16 02 lh CC And, Skylab, Houston. We still have about 6-1/2

minutes left in this pass. I have some non-time-
critical items to mention to both A1 and Jack.
If you have time this pass, Just let me know and
I'll t_lk to you.

CDR How about right now?

231 16 02 29 CC Okay, A1. We Just want to verify that you got the
509 bottles topped off - numbers 2 and 3. And
also that the BAT 7 charge was started today.

CDR The bottles are being topped off at the moment.

And they will be topped off in time to fly it.
The BAT 6 is still being charged. And I think
Jack's got an item a little bit later, although
I haven't checked the Flight Plan to stop that one
and start 7; and we'll do it.

CC Okay. Thank you very much on that. And I've got

a - one other thing for you, A1. We're changing
the pads that we're going to do the medical con-
ference on this evening, and the CAP CO_4will
Just let you know when it is. We're Just delaying
it one pass for some network problems. And the
other things that I had to ta1_ about were to Jack.
231 16 03 18 CDR
Okay, now 52 is finished. I'm going to turn the
MAIN POWER, OFF, and then back ON again.
Roger. Thank you much; that's correct.
Okay, Jack's listening. He's still in the can,
so he can hear what you have to say.
TAG Tape 231-08/T-275
Page 2 of 7/1798

CC Okay. I have two things. One is going back sev-

eral days to - I mean the last EREP pass that we
did when we did the S192 and EDDU business. It
turned out _hat that message we - we realized
after it was all over that it did not have an S192
DOOR CLOSE callout at the end of the message. And
we want to verify whether or not the door was
closed. If you can't remember, wetd like to verify
that the S192 DOOR switch on the C&D panel is in
the CLOSED position. And if it is in the OPEN
position, l've got a procedure for you. Over.
And this is not time critical, hut that's - that's
the question that I have.

231 16 0h 25 SPT Okay. He'll have to worry about it a little later.

CDR I'Ii worry about it for you right now. The switch
is in the OPEN position.

CC Okay; then I have several steps that I'd like to

read up to somebody anytime that they can copy.
And the other thing that I wanted to pass on to
Jack was; is - or to anybody actually - is the -
the procedure that you are going to do this after-
noon to look for some - any Coolanol leaks does
not require that you pull a certain panel off.
But the procedure that you're going to do tomorrow,
to continue on, does require that this particular
panel be pulled off. It's got about 50 screws in
it. But I thought I would Just let you know -
describe which panel it was, so that anytime today,
if you had a chance to get ahead on getting some
of those screws out, I could tell you where it is.

231 16 05 16 CDR Good idea. Tell me, step by step, the procedure
on 92, and I'll do it while you tell it to me.


CDR Keep going.

CC Okay. The next step is PANEL POWER, DISPLAY, ON.

And then CB control to closed; verify. S192 POWER,

CDR Okay.

CC Okay, now wait for the DOOR CLOSE light to come

on, and then S192 POWER, OFF.
.- TAG Tape 231-08/T-275
P_e 3 of 7/1799

231 16 06 02 CDR Okay. When I turned it ON, even though the switch
was OPEN, the DOOR CLOSE light came on. And then
it turned off as if it was headed to OPEN. And
it may be that the thing closes when you turn the
power off, I don't know. But it's in the process
of being closed now, and I'll give you a call;
it takes 60 seconds - whenever it closes.

CC Okay, real fine.

231 16 06 50 CDR Okay, it's ON. I'll shut it down now.


OFF; and EREP POWER to BUS l, OFF. And that ends

CDR You fellows have a good memory.

CC (Chuckle) We check ourselves, too.

CC Roger; and reminder, A1. You'll halve to reopen

the 52 door in order to continue operations there.
And let me real quickly describe to you the panel
that we're talking about - about taking the screws
out of.


231 16 07 _7 CC Okay, the - It's in the airlock where the - there's

a Calfax panel that covers - that has screens in
it, that covers the heat exchanger fans. And the
panel I'm talking about is toward - is outboard
from that little door with the Calfaxes on it.
And it's a panel that's Just outboard of the hinge
line of the panel that opens easily to get to the
fans. And there's a whole bunch of screws in it.
And you'll be going into there tomorrow to take a
look at - for some Coolanal leaks. And even if we
find the leak prior to that, this is also the place
that Jerry Carr will be doing some reservicing.
So getting those screws out will not be wasted
motion in any case.

231 16 08 36 CC Skylab, Houston. We're" going LOS. We'll see you

at the Vanguard at 16:30.

CDR Okay. Now is this in the lock aft compartment?

TAG Tape 231-08/T-275
Page _ of 7/1800

CC AI, we'll check on this; I am looking at - a

pict - picture of it, but I'll let you know
for sure at the Vanguard.

CDR Okay, well I put ... fans are, but I go back i

there and I don't see ... thinking of, unless

231 16 29 5& CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS, Vanguard for

8 minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're Vanguard for 8 minutes.

CDR Okay, Dick.

CC And I think I can do a better Job of describing

that panel to you, if you're listening.

CDR Okay, go ahead.

231 16 31 14 CC Okay. It's in the STS section, A1. And it's

airlock module - it's heat exchanger module,
and the AM circulation fans are underneath
the - a panel that's got some Calfaxes on it
and the three screens that let the air be
sucked down to the fans. The panel I'm talk-
ing about is a - is a hinge line. First of
all, there's a hinge line for that panel with
the screens on it, that's outboard of the
screens. And then the panel that's outboard
of that hinge line is the panel I'm talking
about. And furthermore, there is a - another
fairing panel outboard of that one, but that
is not - that does not have all that many
screws in it. But the one I was referring to
you is outboard of the hinge line, which in
turn is outboard of the screens over the AM
circulation fans. Over.

231 16 32 05 CDR Okay, and the only one we have to take off is
the one,by the way it's got a little fireport
on it that says AM heat exchanger extinguisher
part, I guess.

CC That's affirmative.

TAG Tape 231-08/T-275
Page 5 of 7/1801

CDR Okay, and we don't have to take off the fairing

Just that one with the multiple screws, there.

CC No - that's not correct. We - we are going to

end up wanting to take off both the - flat
panel that you referred to and the - fairing
Just outboard of that and that - that's it.

CDR What I'm trying to understand is, am I going

to have to remove the screws that are common
to both the fairing and the panel, or can I
Just go around the fairing, and around the
panel, and then pull them off as a unit?

231 16 32 52 CC A1, we'll have to get an answer. And I didn't

personally do this, one of the other guys
did. But I think the answer is - the easiest
way for you to get those two _anels off would
be fine with us. But I - I don't know for sure;
we'll have to check.

CDP Okay. It's only 13 extra screws but it'll - it'll

take a little time. So we can Just pull all
of the ones around the edge of both of them
and take them off of the unit. That's obviously
the best way.

CC Okay. And, A1, - -

CDR ...

CC Go ahead.
CDR I'm waiting to hear from you though.

231 16 33 25 CC Okay. And, A1, I've got one more question,

and it has to do with the report you made about
the exerciser last night. We're wondering
if the rope broke on the exerciser at a point
where that same rope is still usable or are
you going to end up having to replace the - the
entire rope with the spare._

231 16 33 _3 CDR We need to replace the entire rope. What we've

done - It broke about 8 inches from the handle
end. We Just tied it in a knot and we're using
it that way now. But we'd really like to
remove it from the handle and remove it from
TAG Tape 231-08/T-275
Page 6 of 7/1802

the machine itself and put in the spare rope

because we got lots of spares up here.
All that Beta - not Beta but whatever that rope
is, we got a lot of it, so we'd like to jazz
it up.

CC Okay. Well, what we found so far, A1, and

we're continuing to look, though we don't
think you have a - an Allen bit wrench that's the
correct size to get that handle off the way
it was designed. And we were also wondering
if the rope was fraying very badly which might
be corrected a little bit by putting some
gray tape on the - that metal opening that the
rope comes out of. But as I understand what
you say, at least the rope now is usable
until we can come up with a better fix.

231 16 3h hl CDR You bet. But we need a better fix fast, it's
- it's wearing out. I don't think we frayed
it so much on the metal's lip because we
considered taking that off. I'm not sure it
Just isn't wear and tear on that point. As
you know that kind of goes slack and then the
revolving parts that are down in there, not
on the white drum sometlmesinterface with
that rope right there,'and it tends to braid
it somewhat.

CC Okay; understand. And, CDR, Houston. Unfor-

tunately, I'm advised that all the screws that
you referred to awhile ago are going - you'll
find that all of them are going to have to
come out in order to get the two panels that
I referred to, off.

CDR I knew it. Okay.

CC It always turns out that way, doesn't it?

231 16 35 3h CDR Yes, I guess they'd have made it in one piece,

if it wasn't a reason. It's probably screwed
into a bean right there, we Just can't see it,
or another frame or something.

CC Roger.
_ TAG Tape 231-08/T-275
i Page 7 of 7/1803

231 16 35 h8 PLT Dick, I had a pretty good view of the Straits

of Magellan and have some photographs of it.
Who should the message which I'm going to put
on channel A be addressed to? Is that visual
observation groups or what?

CC Should be addressed to the EREP Officer. He's

the one that's been coordinating all these
handheld photos that have been coming up to you
in the last few days.

PLT Okay, that's Just what I needed to know. He's

been a busy man.

CC Sure has.

SPT Is that Dr. Llewellyn?

231 16 36 19 CC It is on one of the shifts. The EREP Officer

on this shift, for your information Owen, is
Brizzolara. But John is on team l, I think.
That's Milt's team.

SPT Okay, fine. We'll send the word down to these


CC Allright.

231 16 38 08 CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS.

We'll see you at Hawaii at 17:37. That's
1 hour from now.

TAG Tape 231-09/T-276
-- Time: 231:17:30 to 231:19:03
Page 1 of 8 /1805


231 17 37 i0 CC Skylab, Houston. We're Hawaii for 7 minutes.

CDR Say again.

231 17 39 39 CC Skylab, Houston, I might pass on to you guys

that everybody on this team this morning really
enjoyed watching the down-link TV that you guys
put together yesterday on your day off. And it
really turned out real well, and it sure does
look like fun.

CDR Thank you, Dick. It is a ball up here. I wish

we could let everybody come up and take about
1 day's worth. It is really fantastic.

CC Well, it sure looks like it, and that TV work is

real good - real good. And you guys are really
doing a good Job in that department like all the

231 17 h0 13 CDR Well, we're getting a lot of pretty sharp support

from downstairs, to say the least. Everything is
working well. You are keeping us out of trouble.
We've been talking this over, over the last week
or two, and one thing I've noticed about the Job,
it's fantastically frustrating up here because
you tend to make mistakes all day long. But
fortunately y'all guys are catching them, and
keeping us from getting into any sort of trouble,
or having any sort of big probl_m_. You get up
in the morning and you say, okay, I_m going to
have an error-free day and then it's about an hour
before you say, well, I made that mistake, what's
next? And it really is nice to have somebody

231 17 h0 55 CC Well, Phil told me to tell you that we're going

to really watch you more when we get some state-
side coverage instead of all this Hawaii to
Vanguard, but he's Just kidding. We don't have
many to catch, but it's - we are really admiring
the work, so keep it up.
TAG Tape 231-09/T-276
Page 2 of 8/1806

CDR Thank you. I'm hoping he's figuring out how

we're going to get some of these double EREP
passes along toward the end of the mission,
because we hope we're going to get a lot of this
ATM out of the way here.

231 17 41 18 PLT Hey, Dick, we don't - we don't plan to quit on

15 passes. What are your plans?

CC Okay, we copy that.

CC EREP is smiling from ear to ear.

PLT I've got a request from EREP.

CC Go ahead.

PLT On this thing I'm looking for this afternoon, the

pumice flow or whatever, at FiJi. I think it
would be quite helpful if somebody down there was
able to tell me precisely how long the northeast
island in FiJi is. It looks to me to be about
100 miles. And then what I'd like you to do is
figure out how far away from the northeast tip of
that island in FiJi that this pumice flow should
be, so that I can take about, you know, three or
four of those islands and put them end-to-end out
to sea and look in the right place; because there
is a lot of'ocean to look at, if you don't know
exactly where you are looking. And I think that
would help a whole lot to locate this pumice flow.
The name of that island on my map here is
Vanu_ Levu. Do you think you could work that out?

CC We'll sure try, Jack.

231 17 42 38 PLT If it turns out that western Samoan island is more

likely to be in my field of view, it would be
helpful to know what the length of that is, and
how far it is from there. It all depends on what
the best place to look at it from is.

CC Roger. Understand, Jack. And I think you hit

the nail on the head yesterday, though, because
before you took that photography, he and I did
TAG Tape 231-09/T-276
Page 3 of 8/1807

some talking about exactly where that flow was.

And the problem is, we're Just not exactly sure
ourselves. And I think with the cloud cover and
probably with the color of that on the water was
the problem. But we'll take a look at what you
asked and get it up to you.

PLT Okay, thanks, Dick, I don't mean to be shouting a

at you. I have a hard time keeping my voice down
up here.

CC No problem.

231 17 43 h4 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 15 seconds from LOS

at Hawaii. We'll see you at Vanguard at 18:09.

231 17 44 02 CC And, Skylab, we've up-linked one of tomorrow's

flight plans that is in the teleprinter now. And
the others will be up at the next site.

231 18 08 15 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Vanguard for 9 minutes,

and we're set up to receive down-link TV.

CDR Okay. Okay, Dick. We got it set up on MON 2,

and I'll give you some integration here on the
XUVMON. You'll notice that the roll is minus 5h00.
I'm doing a MIRROR AUTO RASTER between the two
bright plages in 93, hoping to split them out in
the UV, and so I took that roll instead of the
10800 which I had earlier. So I'll give you some
integration now.

CC Roger.

CDR Y'all got a lockup, you say?

2B1 18 09 22 CC Roger, we are locked up, A1, and be advised we're

not bringing the TV into Houston here. We are
recording it at the Vanguard. We'll bring it in

231 18 l0 00 SPT ... 2 days ago if I was doing to be ready for

some science demonstrations on day 25, and you
wanted 48 hours notice. Looks like I'd better
TAG Tape 231-09/T-276
Page 4 of 8/1808

slip those a few days; I haven't had time to really

go through that kit yet. So I'll give you a call
when it does look like I'm going to have some-
thing to show you.

CC Okay, Owen, thanks for the input.

231 18 l0 30 CC And, Skylab, Houston. We had some guys go over

to the one-g trainer a while ago, and we did have
some luck with the exerciser, if you can listen
to that for a second, anybody.

CDR We 're listening.

CC Okay, what we did, A1, was get a one-eighth Allen

bit out of drawer 1 Bravo and ratchet handle. And
by inserting the one-eighth Allen bit in - into
there and then cocking it a little bit, we were
able to get quite a bit of torque on it without
endangering, you know, breaking the tool or any-
thing. And the guys that watched the - the
handle being assembled said that it was not
torqued in there. So we think that probably if you
would Just try that, and that ought not take but
a second, you know when one of you have a chance
you may can get it right out there. Even though
the tool is wrong, it worked for us.

231 18 ll 20 CDR Okay, thanks. We'll give it a go.

SPT Actually, Dick, I 'd already tried that, but I

didn't put too much torque on it because I didn't
want to break the tool. But I can try it again
with a little bit more torque.

CC Okay, well Just use your own Judgment about that,

and if it works, maybe we'll be home free, and if
not - either way, Just let us know.

SPT Okay.

2B1 18 12 29 CDR Okay, I've given them about three or four sequences
of UV MON. I'm now giving a little H-Alpha 2, and
then I'll give them H-Alpha 1. That's about all
we got.
TAG Tape 231-09/T-276
Page 5 of 8/1809

CC Roger, AI.

231 18 13 22 CDR Okay, there's H-Alpha i.

CC Roger.

231 18 13 39 CDR And l'm way ahead on this JOP, and it's timed,
so in just a second I'ii move over to Sun Center
and give them a little 52 and roll both directions.

CC Roger.

CDR We're still a little puzzled about one thing, Dick.

This says, "TV down-link, 9 minutes; XUV MON if
convenient." Do you want us to give you all
9 minutes, or just what we've given you now?

CC Stand by Just a second, AI.

231 18 14 49 CDR I don't know whether that - those words mean there's
9 minutes in there to get that in, or there -
you want all 9 minutes. I don't know what you'd
do with all 9 minutes of it.

CC CDR, Houston. The 9 minutes I think is Just the

window. It's generally the pass length or the -
or the TV window length there, and so when you
get through stepping, you know, give us each of
the required items; we're happy then.

CDR Okay, I'm going to go over to the center and

give you some things from there, adn then press

CC Okay.

231 18 16 26_ CDR Okay, here's a little XUV MON from the center.

CC Roger. Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS.

We're going to pick you up at Ascension at 18:23,
and we're going to dump the data tape recorder
at Ascension.

PLT Hey, Dick, I just wanted to mention that in addi-

tion to the whole team doing a great Job, your
team of CAP COMMS is doing a super job too in
getting the information up in a timely manner.
TAG Tape 231-09/T-276
Page 6 of 8/1810

I know there's a - a lot that goes on behind the

scenes when you're not manning the console to get
things squared away too. So we appreciate all of
the good work of the whole CAP COMMteam ...

CC Thank you, Jack.

CDR We're feeling so good up here today, we even like

Flight Directors.

CC Wow.

231 18 17 46 PLT Especially when they are better than you are.

CC (Chuckle) Roger.

SPT You even including Phil Shaffer, Al?

CC Say again.

231 18 17 59 SPT You don't mean I pressed TRANSMIT instead of INTER-

COM when I asked if he included Phil Shaffer.

231 18 23 43 CC Skylab, Houston. We're A0S Ascension for 7 minutes.

CDR One thing abut that shower last night that was
kind of interesting, Dick, is that water tends to
get in the crevices and in your hair and in under
your armpits or any place where there is an acute
angle. And when you get finished washing off -
first of all when you get the soap on there and
then spray a little water on, the soap doesn't
wash off; it sort of Just hangs there in a glob.
So when you open your eyes, you're looking right
through soapy water, or you open your mouth to
breathe, your breathing tastes of soapy water, which
is a little bit unusual. Also when - if you're
not careful, you can get a big bubble in your
mouth and nose there, and when you breathe in
through either, you - you start taking a lot of
water down. And you shake; the w_ter doesn't
appear to come off too easy; you have to sort of
brush it off. When you get finally rinsed, and
you want to - you want to dry off, you've got this
water all over you now. And there must be a quart
of it, kind of hanging on you, so you shake a bit,
TAG Tape 231-09/T-276
Page 7 of 8/1811

and some of it flies off, and some of it Just sort

of distends a little bit. And, you know, it doesn't
have a level surface anymore, but then when you
stop shaking, well, it sort of comes back in
contours around you again. So you end up having
to sort of brush it off or put your hand around
your arm, you know, and kind of swish it off; try
to get it over on the walls where you can vacuum
it. But it makes you feel real good and clean at
the end, but it's almost like bathing in kind of
a warm Jello; it's not that rigid as Jelly, but
when it gets on you, it doesn't want to get off.
And it takes a couple of towels to get the water
off finally, because there is so much sort of
standing on you.

231 18 25 38 CC Roger, A1. And I need to get one piece of

information to you. We still got about l0 minutes
of daylight left. We notice that we missed an
S054 sequence in building block 7. And we'd like
to, if possible, to work in a 64-second sequence
in filter 2 if time permits, and Sun center point-
ing is okay.

CDR Okay, will do.

CC Okay.

231 18 26 38 CDR Okay, it's started right now.

CC Roger.

231 18 27 59 CC Skylab, Houston. I got a couple words to - that

I might could pass on to Jack about the location
of the pumice, we think.

PLT Just a minute, Dick; I'll get my book.

CC Okay.

PLT Okay, ready to copy.

231 18 28 32 CC Okay, the - our best guess as to its location -

and first of all, your guess on the length of the
northeast island of the FiJi - of the two large
islands in the FiJis was very good. We measured
it, and it's very close to being exactly 100 miles.
TAG Tape 231-09/T-276
Page 8 of 8/1812

If you drew a straight line from the - from that

island over to the Samoan islands, the pumice flow,
we think, is Just south - about halfway between
those two island chains and about 100 miles south
of that - of that straight line that would connect
them. So two or three hints for you. One is, is
if you - if you mea - Just take - take a look at
the northeast FiJi island that's 100 miles long
and come out about - towards you about four islands
lengths and - and then to the south about one or
two island lengths. It's somewhere in that
general area that we think the pn_,ice is.

PLT Okay, those are the kind of words I was looking

for. Thank you.

231 18 29 35 CC Okay, I'm - I guess the only thing we're a little

bit hesitant about is, is that - even the atlas
that we're looking at and our knowledge of it, we
Just aren't very confident. So you probably are
going to have to do a good bit of loking around.

PLT I'll do it.

231 18 29 52 CC Okay, we're about 1 minute from LOS at Ascension.

We're going to see you at Guam at 19:07.

TAG Tape 231-10/T-277
Time: 231:19:03 to 231:20:30
Page 1 of 3/1813


231 19 07 25 CC Skylab, Houston. We're A0S at Guam for 6 minutes.

PLT Hey, Dick, maybe you can tell the camera guys to
worry no more about the 300. We worked the malf,
it works all right, and we got it set up with a
new roll of film.

CC Hey, real good. Thank you for letting us know.

That was the Nikon mall you were talking about,
right, Jack?

PLT Right.

CC Okay, th_k you.

PLT And if we work on it real hard and start early we

might get the right filmload on the photo log

CC Good.

231 19 12 02 CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS. We're

going to see you at the Vanguard at 19:43. And
one note that we did want to pass up to you is
we've pulled out all of the MDRS data during the
period this morning that we were having our in-
dication funnies on the batteries. And whatever
they are, they're not in the electrical power sys-
tem itself. We're satisfied that it's working
completely nominally and we're continuing to try
to chase down exactly what the problem is in the -
in your onboard indications. And we'll continue
to look at that and - and let you know if we've
learned anything else there. But it's not in the
power system. Over.

PLT Okay, Dick. We do still have the BAT CHARGE ALERT

light on.

CDR Okay, Dick. Also we repaired the mark 1 exerciser.

Your technique worked well.

231 19 12 51 CC Hey, real good. Thanks for letting us know, Al.

TAG Tape 231-I0/T-277
Page 2 of 3/181h

231 19 h5 12 CC Skylab, Houston. A0S Vanguard for ii minutes.

SPT Dick, Just for information in the baekroom. D_ring

this observation period, I got in a couple of
shopping list dates on the new merging region
over about zero point - correction, 070.h, and
that, plus a extra mirror auto raster. And I ex-
pect we ought to have a name for that tomorrow.

231 19 h6 13 CC Roger; Owen, thank you much. And one thing that
I wanted to say to the guys that are working up
in the ATM area. We'd - On the BAT CHARGER light,
obviously it is coming on and off at various in-
tervals and we don't want you to spend a lot of
time watching the thing. But if you happen to
notice if it does illuminate or go off, and par-
ticularly around sunside - sunrise and sunset, if
you will remember any other events that were as-
sociated with that and could let us know, maybe
it'll give us a clue as to what's wrong.

SPT Sounds like a good idea. We'll watch - pay a lit-

tle more attention.

CC Okay.

SPT It's been on ever since I've been up here at the

panel, which was about 5 minutes before sunrise.

CC Roger; understand, Owen.

231 19 hi 08 CC And, Owen, be advised we have named that new emerg-

merging region. It's active region 96. And that'll
start showing up on your pads tomorrow.

SPT Okay; thank you.

SPT Not as catchy as Bertha, but it'll serve to iden-

tify it.

CC Roger.

2B1 19 55 12 CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS. We're

going to pick you up at Ascension in about 3 more
minutes and I'll give you a call there.
TAG Tape 231-10/T-277
Page 3 of 3/1815

231 19 58 32 CC Skylab, Houston. We're A0S Ascension, Canary,

and Madrid - and Ascension for about i0 minutes.

231 20 07 39 CC Skylab, Houston. In about a minute we're going

to drop out for another minute or so until we
pick you back up at Canary. I'll give you a call

CDR Okay, Dick.

231 20 09 57 CC Skylab, Houston. We're locked up at Canary for

the next 7 minutes.

231 20 16 07 CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS in

Madrid. We're going to see you at G1mm at 20:43
and we're going to dump the data recorder at Guam.

TAG Tape 231-II/T-278
- Time: 231:20:30 to 231:22:00
Page i of 3/1817

231 20 4h 04 CC Skylab, we're at Guam for 8 minutes.

231 20 45 21 CC Skylab, Houston. We still got about 7-1/2 minutes

here at Guam. And we'd appreciate knowing from
CDR and PLT how the T020 status id going, if you
have the time.

SPT I'm not sure they can talk to you now or can even
hear you, Dick. Al's floating out in the middle
dome area right now and looks like he's getting
all strapped into the unit and I think they're
getting some of this on tape right now; Just a

CC Okay, - -

SPT No, he's got it cut off on the tape right now,
but they've been taping parts and they're - looks
like they're getting Just about ready to fly.

231 20 45 54 CC Understand, Owen, and it's certainly not our inten-

tion to slow that up. So, no problem.

231 20 47 27 CC Skylab, Houston. We dropped out on the S-band

lock at Guam for 30 seconds or so, and back on
the air now.

SPT Okay, I guess you got my report on how they were


CC Yes, I did.

PLT Hello, Dick. Are you there?

CC Yes, sir. Go ahead.

PLT Okay, I got the backpack on A1 and he's in the T020

and we were Just getting ready to make our first
run. And I grabbed ahold of this solenoid valve
on the backpack, and it's - it's almost too hot
to touch, and I'm wondering if that's normal.

CC Okay, stand by.

231 20 49 23 CC PLT, Houston. We - In the present configuration,

we have had electrical current on that solenoid
holding it closed. And we would not be surprised
it it's very warm. Over.
TAG Tape 231-II/T-278
Page 2 of 3/1818

PLT Okay; thank you very much, Dick.

CC Okay.

PLT And apparently you're through with the recorder

now. Right?

CC I'm sorry; if that was for me, Jack, I didn't get


PLT Okay. Looks like you're through with the recorder.

CC Roger; we are dumping it. We will be through

here Just in a few seconds and I'll let you know
when you can have it back.

PLT Okay.

231 20 50 30 CC PLT, Houston. We're through dumping the data

recorder, and it' s yours.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're 45 seconds from Guam LOS.

We're going to see you at - at Vanguard at 21:23.
And be advised, the purple team is going off duty
for a couple of days, and we've enjoyed working
these day shifts with you guys. We'll see you on
the detail shift a couple of days from now.

SPT Same here, Dick. We've enjoyed it, and we'll see
you back about EVA time_

231 20 52 34 CC Okay; sounds good.

231 21 22 54 CC Skylab, Houston through Vanguard for 9 minutes.

SPT Hello there, Hank. How are you today?

CC Oh, pretty good. How are y'all doing?

SPT Just fine up here. So you kicked those purple

guys out of the MOCR?

CC Yes, we finally got rid of them.

SPT And, for the backroom there Just a couple of notes

on the studies of these - two studies of the
TAG Tape 231-II/T-278
Page 3 of 3/1819

coronal hole near the pole. I've thrown in a

couple of extra partial mirror auto rasters in
magnesium lO which I think will be useful to you
there, so look for them in the data.

231 21 23 27 CC Roger; we copy.

2BI 21 31 15 CC Skylab, Houston. We're i minute from LOS_ the

Canaries at h2.

231 21 h2 _8 CC Skylab, Houston through Canaries and Madrid for

lh minutes.

231 21 56 16 CC Skylab, Houston, 1 minute to LOS; Honeysuckle

at Bl.

TAG Tape 231-12/T-279
Time: 231:22:00 to 231:23:30
Page i of 5/1821


231 22 31 40 CC Skylab, Houston through Honeysuckle, 7 minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston through Honeysuckle, 7 minutes.

SPT Okay, Hank.

231 22 36 17 SPT Are you still with me, Hank?

CC Roger; about 2 minutes more.

SPT Okay, Just a quick comment for the ATM science

room. That is, the steepness of the gradient
across this coronal boundary in magnesium i0 seems
to have diminished between this orbit and the last.
It was a - it seemed to be a sharper boundary on
the earlier rev. Now, I've given you a number of
MIRROR LINE SCANS back and forth across the boun-
dary both on the preceding rev and at the start
of this rev. And so you can check to see whether
or not that is true. But I think it would be
worth checking to see whether or not the boundary
is as sharp as it was for the - these two halves
of the observations.

CC Roger; we copy, Owen.

231 22 37 04 CC And, Skylab, we're coming up on a keyhole. I

don't know whether we'll have contact when we come
out of it or not, but if we don't, we'll be coming
up on Canaries at 22.

231 23 22 08 CC Skylab, Houston through Canaries and Madrid,

12 minutes.

SPT Hello, Hank. Do you read me?

CC Roger; and for info, we're going to be dumping

the data voice recorder at Madrid. That's about
minutes from now.

SPT Okay. I've got two things I wanted to relay. The

first one goes to the ATM science room and the
next one to ASCO. The first thing here: I think
we may have underway a new sort of transient event.
TAG Tape 231-12/T-279
Page 2 of 5/1822

Just in the last couple of minutes on the last

orbit, I noticed on the XUV monitor that active
region 96 has changed its configuration consider-
ably. There's now a large loop extending from
active region 96 down to the south about 1 arc
minute into another bright point down there. And
the loop extends out toward the west limb. Now,
in the last 2 minutes, I did not see any signature
on H-alpha. I had to use H-alpha 2 at this point.
No H-alpha signature, but very clearly this loop
has formed in XUV within the last 30 minutes.
Because I have looked at the scope earlier in the
preceding rev, and it was not there. And I've
got this onboard photograph which I'm looking at
right now, which very clearly shows this rather
large loop extending from one point to another and
extending out toward the west limb. So at the
very minimum, I plan to do an extra building
block l0 first thing on the beginning of next orbit
at this particular location. Fortunately, there is
about 15 minutes of extra time worked into the next
orbit, and if you have any other suggestions as
to what might be usefully done other than this
or in addition to - to this building block 10,
perhaps the science room could let me know about
it. And then the second thing is a puzzle that
I expect ASCO can clear up for me. And that has
to do with roll. Now starting the last orbit, I
should have been sitting on minus 5400 arc minutes.
I'm reasonably certain I checked it because that's
where I'd been preceding orbit, and I'm confident
that I checked it at the beginning of the orbit.
Some 5 minutes or so into the orbit, I locked on
Canopus and left it there for l0 or 15 seconds
and closed the door. Now about 20 minutes into
the orbit, I noticed that my EXPERIMENT ROLL,
instead of reading 5400 was now reading minus 4818.
That's about a change of about 600 arc minutes or
l0 degrees. Now my question is as follows: Was
our knowledge of spacecraft roll that far off?
And secondly, did our NU z and orbital plane error
get updated? I've noticed my orbital plane error
was about 8.5 degrees, both at the beginning of
the orbit and after locking onto the star. So the
orbital plane error on our display did not seem
to change much. And the - the last question is,
did this affect my ATM pointing? Because I was
relaying on that minus 5400 arc minutes to be the
TAG Tape 231-12/T-279
Page 3 of 5/1823

same as it had been the preceding orbit, in order

to return to the same spot on the Sun for this
last sequence of photographs. So if ASC0 could
clear that up for me, I'd appreciate it. Over.

231 23 25 29 CC Okay, 0wen. We copy, and we'll try to get your

answer here.

CDR Hey, Hank, if you got a few minutes, I'ii talk

about T020.

CC Okay. Go ahead.

231 23 25 47 CDR Okay. Well, we flew it. We only used one bottle.
It doesn't take a lot of gas, I've noticed, to -
to do the Jobs that it can do. Essentially we
found out - one we knew and one was brand new.
The one that was brand new is that this vehicle,
when you strap it on real tight, besides hurting
you when you strap it on tight because in order
to get it tight, you got to pull it up tight against
you; and we worried about this in one g and we
kept hoping that when we got to zero g it would
be steady enough so that - so that it wouldn't
- you wouldn't have to strap it on so tight. It
isn't true. You have to strap it on even tighter.
And even when you do, the rigidity between you
and the foot-controlled maneuvering unit and you
and that backpack, and particularly between the
backpack and the foot-controlled maneuvering unit,
is a lot less than I think anybody had _m_gined.
It turns out that when you're flying it with the
straps as tight as you can be happy with them and
you fire a few thrusters, it isn't very long be-
fore all of a sudden you're sort of half sidesaddle
on it. And you' re really quite loose on it. And
then as time progresses, if you don't stop and
check it, you get the feeling you're like in a
Jeep that's - that's going over rough ground and
you don't have a safety belt. I - it - it's man-
euvering around and you're kind of hanging on.
And, of course, that upsets the c. g. positions.
That upsets your pure rolls and pitches and yaws
and trans - you know, moves them over to another
axis, Now, we got to come - we got to come up
with some sort of improved strapping arrangement,
I believe, prior to the next run. I notice this
TAG Tape 231-12/T-279
Page 4 of 5/1824

one and then the suited run, and I think maybe

this - Bold on a second. Lou Ramon and Don Hughes
might want to think of and telemeter - teleprint
up some - sQme improved strap arrangement. Pre-
ferably one that goes across the thighs and hooks
to that hook down there between your legs in front.
I think what they're going to want to do for Jerry's
flight - by the w_y, they're going to - I think
they're going to want another unpressurized run
so that we can get to seechow well we can do with
Just straps. But for - prior to SL-4, I think what
they're going to want to do is - is get some metal
rods or something and somehow rigidize this vehicle -
the seat back to the - the - the - the backpack with
some nuts and bolts and whatever else to make that
one rigid flying unit, and then come on with some
straps that really hold you into it. Because I
believe that if - if we could rigidize the vehicle -
one which isn't - and then rigidize the man to it,
we'd have a fighting chance of - of flying it in
here quite a bit better. At least we ought to
look at that. And, of course, the other one that's
the big disadvantage which I don't think they can
fix, is the fact that it only translates, you know,
up or down. It won't translate left or right, or
forward or aft. Which means if you translate for
a certain point - if you happen to be headed pre-
cisely at it with no translation in the other two
directions, you got it made, Unfortunately, that
doesn't happen often as you know from flying air-
planes or driving cars. So immediately you got
a - let's say a Y translation. You can't get it
out. And you Just hope you get to the target be-
fore your translation builds up enough so that you
miss it. Now we knew that before we came, so we
wanted to work on the principle of the thing. So
it seems to me that we can still work on the prin-
ciple; namely, controlling a E_neuvering unit with
your feet, if we can get this thing rigidized and
somehow padded down in the seat area - we can do
that here with some Mozite things we have - so that
it's a rigid body that you're flying. It's almost
like flying a - one of these inflatable airplanes
that's got three-quarters of the air out; it Just
moves around too much.
TAG Tape 231-12/T-279
Page 5 of 511825

2BI 23 B0 01 CDR And I think you'll probably be able to see that

a little bit on TV, although the TV we ran - we -
we tightened the straps up as good as we could
and then TV didn't last too long. So the straps
did not have a chance to loosen as they do.

TAG Tape 231-13/T-280
F Time: 231:23:30 to 232:01:00
Page i of 8/1827


231 23 30 22 CC We copy, A1., and we'll certainly get ahold of Don

Hewes and see what we can work out.

CDR Okay. I think - I think we've got the necessary

things on board to somehow get some better straps.
So, if they can come up with some ideas, we'll
be working on them too, and then we can try that.
There may be something on board here we can use
to rigidize the backpack to the - the maneuvering
unit itself, and that's what we really need to do.
If we can figure out what we got on board that we
could somehow do that Job, that'd go a long way
to eliminating at least the first of the two prob-
lems. The vehicle's fun to fly; it's difficult
to fly. It's easier to move around in attitude
than the HHMU, but it's a lot - it's - the HHMU
has advantages, as far as flying translating di-
rection, because at least with the HHMUyou can
correct your translational direction which you
cannot here very simply. But, as far as attitude
is concerned, it's quite easy. It's quite inter-
esting to be setting on top of it and have it
maneuvering you. It also has a great advantage
of - it keeps your hands free. And seems to me
if we had some sort of foot-maneuvering device
that could translate in all directions but did
maneuver with your toes, or something like that,
you'd have a pretty nice device, because then you
could work and maneuver around. But in it's pres-
ent configuration with not those capabilities,
it's difficult.

CC Roger_ we copy.

231 23 33 06 CC SPT, Houston. We've got a answer here from ASC0

on your questions. It appears to us that the
experiment roll was off approximately 600 arc min-
utes prior to your update there. And the update
does look good to us, and - so that would make it
so that your pointing was off prior to the update,
but it should be okay now.

SPT Okay, but did the pointing of the instruments

change at the time of that update? Apparently -
TAG Tape 231-13/T-280
Page 2 of 8/1828

presumably, it would not. And for my last build-

ing block, I did roll to 5400 arc minutes for the
S052 experiment. That does mean that their pic-
tures will have some readjustment required of up
to l0 degrees between the beginning and the end
of the orbit.

231 24 34 09 CC Roger; we copy that. And we'll try to get an an-

swer to the other part of your question there.
We're almost LOS now. We'll be coming up on
Carnarvon at 01.

SPT Okay, 25 minutes.

232 00 01 00 CC Skylab, Houston through Carnarvon for 14 minutes.

232 O0 02 07 CC Skylab, Houston. We've got a question regarding

the exercise reporting, if it's convenient for
one of you to answer now.

SPT Okay, Hank, what's the info?

232 00 02 49 CC Okay. On the - on the tapes when we get down to

exercise reporting, we've been getting two separate
numbers before the Mark I, II, and III exercises
and we assume that one of those is a time. But
we're not sure what the other number is.

SPT Okay. It's directly off the pad. If you'll check

the pad sheet. But the first number is the type
exercise. For example; number on is upper-body,
number two is lower body, et cetera. The second
two-digit number is the time, and the third four-
digit number is the - three or four-digit number
is the watt-minutes.

CC Roger. And this morning we copied that the CDR

reported Mark IV exercises and we assumed that
that was Mark I. Is there any way to verify that?

SPT Just a minute, I'll have to check with him.

232 O0 03 52 SPT He says he did a Mark I and a Mark II. That's

the - you know those two exercises.

CC Okay. I - the nnmhers that we're talking about,

Owen, are in regard to the Mark I and II and III
and we're nor sure what the two numbers are. The
pad is talking about the ergometer, I think.
TAG Tape 231-131T-280
Page 3 of 8 11829

SPT That's right, I thought that's what you were

asking. Now after Mark I, it's a question of how
it's been read down, since that's not exactly on
the pad anywhere. So Al's Just coming on the
telephone now. He'll talk to you.

232 O0 04 19 CDR Okay, here's the way we've been doing it. As
you'll notice, it says exercise, type l, 2, and
3. Upper body ergometer is l, lower body ergom-
eter is 2, and 3 is other, with ex - it says
other hyphen explain. So, what we've been doing
for Mark I's and II's - Mark I being the thing
you pull up and down with the rope; Mark II being
those spring things. And so what we've been doing
is giving you the types which - let me give you
mine for yesterday. I'll skip the part that's -
that's the normal 33 _utes and 5003 watts. I
said 3; Mark I, 40 A, 20 C, 20 B, 20 D, and 20
situps. They - those aren't measured in watt-
minutes, they're Just something else, but we've
got a little card up here that has them broken out
into A's, B's, C's, and D's, and all that. And
then I said 2, which I shouldn't have said, I
should have said 3, 3/10; Mark II, 20 A, i0 B, i0 C,
and l0 F. Does that make sense now, Hank? Hello,

232 00 05 &0 CC Okay. We're - we're discussing it now, A1.

CDR I thought you fell asleep down there. That exer-

cise makes you tired.

CC Makes me tired Just to hear about it.

CDR In fact, I'm up there right now working on - work-

ing on the Mark I, getting ready to transition to
the Mark II.

232 00 06 lO CC Okay, let's run through that last one again. The
3 - it's - the first number 3 means, it's other.
And then the next number you used was 10. Now
can you tell us what that is?

CDR That - that's the time.

CC Okay, that's the time.

TAG Tape 231-13/T-280
Page h of 8/1830

CDR C_ay. So it was number 3 of s_ne other kind of

exerciser, for I0 minutes and then I said Mark II -
or Mark I depending on which it was. That gives
you the kind, and then I told you how many reps of
each type, and on the ground there is a card that
shows the type, and I assume that if - the only
reason we're passing that down is in case the - the
biomed people are interested in somehow quanti-
fying the exercise that we're doing on these other
devices. We can quit doing that if you want.

CC No, no, that's real good, A1. We understand it now,

and we - we like the way you're doing it.

CDR Okay.

232 00 07 ll CC SPT, Houston. Did you accomplish all of building

block 10? And if not, how much did you get in?

SPT I accomplished more than the building block 10,

so I'm also putting the XUV MON on the VTR right
now so you can get a look at it the next time you
dump it.

CC Roger; we copy. And I guess we've discussed the

pointing problem a little more during the LOS.
And the - the pointing was in error prior to the
update and the computer doesn't change the point-
ing at all after the update. You would have to
crank that around. However, after the update your
read-outs are correct.

232 00 07 59 SPT Roger. I'm Just looking at this XUV MON right
now, and the loops between these two m-_=netic
poles are continuing to develop. They still don't
have much of an H-alpha signature, but it might
be better than - to go take a look at that on
this latter - this middle part of this pass than
it would be to pick up on that coronal hole. If
you have any comment about that, why, why don't
you let me know here promptly.

CC Okay, we'll get you an answer.

SPT I got in an extra grating auto scan in addition

to the building block i0, and a couple of extra
photographs for S056.
TAG Tape 231-13/T-280
f Page 5 of 8/1831

232 00 08 52 CC Roger; we copy. And we would like for you to

stick with the pad. And we're coming up on a
keyhole. We'll drop out about a minute, here.

232 00 l0 07 CC Skylab, Houston. WE're out of the keyhole now.

We got about 5 minutes left.

CC SPT, Houston. Did you have any more questions

on that pointing in the UV update?

SPT Not right now. I've got - got to get busy over
he re.

CC 0kay.

232 00 12 Oh CC SPT, Houston. We're seeing h frames a minute on

H-alpha. Was that intentional or - -

SPT Yes, that was intentional. I wanted to do that

while I was over there looking at that active
region 96 and I Just now put it back to 1. Thanks
for the reminder.

CC Okay. We copy.

232 00 lh 08 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 1 minute from LOS.

Be coming up on Merritt Island at hS.

232 00 _8 35 CC Skylab, Houston through MLA for ll-i/2 minutes.

SPT Okay, Houston. Just a comment on that last orbit.

The active region 96 has continued to evolve and
now shows loops extending both out to the east
and out to the west. And I do have a couple of
segments - brief intervals of this, on the VTR.
I think it'd be of considerable interest to the
backroom, ATM science room, if they'd take a look
at that when the tape gets back home.

CC Roger; we copy.

232 00 h9 12 SPT About the only opportunity in the next orbit to

get another look at 96 without messing up J0P 9
would be during this interval of - let's see, I
guess there's a JOP 2B, step 5, on 93 that could
be substituted for a 96. That looks to be about
the only alteration. They might consider whether
or not they want to substitute that in the next
TAG Tape 231-13/T-280
Page 6 of 8/1832

CC Okay. We'll check that out, Owen.

SPT They'd probably also be doing that 10-minute XUV

MON down-link interval. Probably want to have an
XUV MON called up anyway during that interval.
And you might Just as well be doing work on active
region 96 during that interval.

CC Okay, we'll take a look at that.

232 00 54 27 CC SPT, Houston. On the next rev, here, we'd like

for you to work the JOP 6, building block 1 and
omit the TVD - or TV down-link that's called out
at 39 minutes remaining. And on the - at 24 minutes
remaining on the 2 Bravo, step 5, we would like to
change the target from active region 93 to 96.
And somewhere during that building block l0, give
us 5 minutes of - of data on the VTR. We have
6-1/2 minutes remaining on the VTR.

SPT Okay, 6-1/2 on there, you want 5 on the VTR, and

if we omit the TV down-link at 39 I guess that
really gives about - about 20 minutes to do work
on the - on active region 96. And so we'll do
that building block l0 and probably another
active region study in there to take advantage of
the full length of time available.

232 00 55 3h CC Owen, I think the - the - the TV there at 39

minutes remaining was during the building block i
of - of the JOP 6 there. So you won't have that
extra time. You'll be _;_ning that building block.
We Just want to omit the down-link while you were
running it. But - But - -

SPT Oh, I see, and you're right, you're right. So as

soon as we're through with JOP 6, step l, then
we'll go right on to 96 as you say. Fine.

CC That 's affirmative.

CC Skylab, Houston. I wonder if the PLT has some

words on the Coolanol inspection?

232 00 56 26 PLT Okay, Hank. Here you go. I Just completed the
procedure that you up-linked. And I didn't come
up with anything very positive. I did notice on
TAG Tape 231-13/T-280
Page 7 of 8/1833

the tape recorder compartment that the - those

two lines that run next to tape recorder number i,
that on one of them there was a - some discolor-
ation of the fiber-glass insulation. It's a little
darker brown than any of the rest. If you were
sitting in the STS area looking at the tape
recorder module with your right shoulder up against
the hatch, you would be in a line that ran verti-
cally parallel to the hatch and near the right
side of the module. And it would be the - the
one of two lines that's the furthest end of the
compartment, or the furthest away from you. And
I looked at it a long time and tried to get some
moisture off and all that. I thought that if I
rubbed it real hard and imagined a lot, I could
fancy that there was something sort of oily on it.
It - There's a line that has two right angles in it
and it rubs around the tape recorder, and from the
top right angle to the bottom right angle I no-
ticed this - I would - from my Judgment, say that
it wasn't enough to cause a si_-_ficant leak, how-
ever. I also, as you know, looked at the tool sieve
area. I didn't find anything that I considered to
be of significance there, although I did notice
that on one of the lines, way back in the - on
the wall of the STS, the line that was in tool
sieve A closest to the vent - the mol seive vent,
back on the wall, that there was same moisture on
it. However, I determined that it was water. The
lines were not discolored. The moisture on it
was beaded. Perhaps - Just - you know, Just a few
drops, not solid, but they were Just beaded. They
didn't have any odor or taste. They were - it was
not oily, and so, I determined that it was water.
So, it was my Judgment that everything's pretty
negative in searching for leaks so far.

CC Roger; we copy.

232 00 59 31 CC And, Skylab, we're about 30 seconds from LOS.

We'll be coming up on Madrid at 03.

SPT Say, and Just a comment about this BAT CHARGE

light, Hank. At the end of the last orbit, that's
TAG Tape 231-13/T-280
Page 8 of 8/1834

an hour and a half ago, the BAT CHARGE light

went out in that vicinity and it came on again
Just before sunrise. And I see it's now gone out
again after sunset this orbit. So it's - somehow
or other in phase with our orbital period. Maybe
that's some help to you.

232 01 00 08 CC Roger; we copy.

TAG Tape 232-01/T-281
Time: 232:01:00 to 232:02:30
Page i of 8/1835


232 01 03 42 CC Skylab, Houston through Madrid for 8 minutes.

CC CDR, Houston. I have a question for you on

T020 if it's convenient.

CDR Go ahead.

CC Due to the possible interference with the

equipment in the SAL, we'd like to know if you
have any comments or - or whether you had to do
anything different than in your training

232 01 04 59 CDR I had to fly to - We fly to two different places.

One time - some of the maneuvers we fly to the
SAL, some of the m_ueuvers we fly to F_3-2.
And I Just flew all of. them to FMU-2 which was
no different than half the things we were doing.
So I - I - I don't believe it had any effect
whatsoever on the training at all.

CC We copy. And do you recall what the pressure

was on the bottle after your run?

CDR Let me ask Jack.

CDR 400 pounds.

232 01 05 42 CC Roger; we copy. h00.

CC We've got another question here in regard to the

checkout procedure on the CBRM SELECT switch that
you did back on day 222; it was about i0 days ago.
And we - we were wondering if you could remember
whether you notec any occurrences s_m_lar to those
which have happened today? In other words, ref-
erence to the meter readouts on bats 3, 7 and 17;
the volts, temp, and current.

CDR I did part-of that and no, everything was

copacetic. And I reported every single thing
that was a little bit different, of which there
wasn't much.
TAG Tape 232-01/T-281
Page 2 of 8/1836

232 01 06 37 CC We copy. And I got a couple here for the SPT.

We wish to configure the H-alpha 1 camera for
unattended operations per the powerdown to
unattended operations cue card. And delete the
unattended configuration of H - H-alpha 1 that's
in your schedule pad.

SPT All right. I think the significance of that is

you don't want H-alpha to run all night. Is
that correct?

CC That's affirmative.

SPT Okay, we'll do that.

CC And we got one more thing for you regarding what

we're going to do tomorrow. In our planning,
we're going to run four orbits of J0P 15 Bravo
operations. And this is in conformity with
Ed Gibson's comments to you on the band structures
near the south limb seen in the S082A data and
on the XUV mon. Four positions are chosen above
the bright and dark band structures. In order
to get long enough integrated - integrating above
the limb, the GRATING AUTO SCAN has been changed
to a grating 3 SCAN in the building block 36.
And the extra tlme required is allowed for in
the pad schedule. The S055 MIRROR AUTO RASTER
on nearby disk structures are scheduled as fil-
lers in order to best study the bands on the

232 01 08 03 SPT Okay, I think I understand all that, Hank. If

there's a problem after looking at the schedule,
I'll give you a call back about it.

CC All righty.

CDR And thinking about this TO20 again with you,

Hank: Jack and I talked about the items in the
SAL before we started. And, of course, we
couldn't take the one out in the plus-Z. In
the minus -Z, we could've, but decided against
it on the grounds that it didn't really _ke any
difference. We could fly either above it or
could fly these other two points which were
directly opposite in the workshop and were - as -
as good targets as the two that we'd chosen
TAG Tape 232-01/T-281
Page 3 of 8/1837

232 01 09 04 CC Roger; we copy.

232 01 ll 03 CC Skylab, Houston. We're i minute from LOS.

We'll be coming up on Carnarvon at 37 with
our evening status.

CDR Hank, at the s_ time I'm supposed to give

that evening status - well maybe I could mA_e
it. I'm taking this Laccadive picture that
finishes up at 32, and I'll be down there by
37, I hope. Okay. It's already made out.

232 01 3_130 CC Okay.

232 01 37 i8 CC Skylab, Houston through Carnarvon, 9 minutes.

PLT Okay, Hank--

CDR Ready for the report?

CDR Are you ready for the night report?

CC Everybody's ready. Go ahead.

232 01 38 02 CDR Okay, that completes the report, Hank. What

do you think?

CC That - that was pretty fast. I guess it went

right by me.

CDR Must have been a comm dropout. I' ll do it

again for you. Here we come. 168, 155, 270.
How's that for a record? 5227, 8621. 5906;
6.260, 6.260, 6.264; 5.964, 5.958, 5.960; 6.956,
6.956, 6.957, 2/35/5014, 3/10/Mark I, 50,A; 20,B;
20,C; 20,D. 3/10/Mark II, 20,A; 10,B; lO,C; 10,F,
2/30/4300, 3/30/73,A; 60,B; 60,D. Okay, now for
the PLT, 1/05/0545, 3/20/Ma_k I, 50,A; 20,B; 20,D;
and 20 backbends. He'll probably give you some
more tonight; I don't think he's finished. No
medication. Sleep: 6/G, 6-1/2/G, 6/G. Here
comes the food log: CDR, 12 salt packs, no
deviations. SPT: five salt packs, one butter
cookie added. Pilot; zero salt packs, added
one grape dring and one butter cookie. Here
TAG Tape 232-01/T-281
Page 4 of 8/1838

comes the photo log: T020, FCMU, CI68, 00;

TO20, CIh6, 55, CI41. 35-millimeter: CIlO, ,
137; CXl3, 59; TV13, 00. That's Nikkon 02 for
S063. 70-millimeter: CX25, 029. No EREP.
Drawer A configuration: A-l, no chs_nge; A-2,
05, CI46, 55, CI41; A-3, 4, and the back, no
change. Flight Plan deviations: haven't had
a chance to look at the Flight Plan for
tomorrow yet. One thing we wanted to see if
we could get in with the next 3 or 4 days is
to try to put in a little spare time so that
Owen can work on this science demonstration.
We haven't got much spare time left and that's
the way we like it, but in this case we need
an ex - a couple of hours I guess sometime.
Shopping list accomplished: We did day 23
transfers. We also did day 25 transfers while
we were there. We did the normal housekeeping.
We repaired the Mark I. Unscheduled stowage
locations: One box of wipes from D-h48 to
the MDA, two boxes of wash - two boxes of
washcloths from 736 to the head and about eight
towels from 737 to the head. And that's it.

232 01 42 01 CC Roger; Al_ we copy.

CDR Okay. On this - photos I Just took of the

Laceadive Islands; it was overcast except for
the very first one. And it was a little atoll
and I shot it, and after that no islands came.
It was completely overcast, as was the west
coast of India. So that didn't turn out too
well. Maybe we can try it again next time and
we'll try to get the Antipodes here in another
20 minutes or i0 minutes or something.

232 01 42 31 CC Roger. We copy.

232 01 47 35 CC Skylab, Houston. We got 4 more minutes through


CC Skylab, Houston. We have about 3-1/2 minutes

here through Honeysuckle. How would you like to
hear some news?

CDR We'd love to.

TAG Tape 232-01/T-281
Page 5 of 8/1839

232 01 48 24 CC Today's Houston Post carried a front page story

headlined "Skylab Helps Spot Growing Gulf Storm."
The story stated that, "Weathermen aided by
Skylab astronauts watched tropical storm Brenda
blossom 800 miles southeast of Houston in the
Gulf of Mexico." The story further reported
that as the Skylab television cameras recorded
the swirling cloud mass, Astronaut Alan Bean
said, "We'll try to keep an eye on it for you
on a day-to-day basis. Not only where it is,
but how it's developing as far as size and
intensity is concerned." The story also
mentioned ATM operations and a newly hatched
minnow, the first recorded birth in spaceflight
history. Another story in the Post today talked
about the Skylab astronauts losing pounds and
gave their weights as Alan Bean, 145 pounds;
Owen Garriott, 129 pounds ; and called Jack Lousma
the space station heavyweight at a 189 pounds.
The story was a feature on the mass measuring
device developed by Dr. Bill Thornton and pointed
out the importance of being able to weight things
in space including the space traveler himself.
In another news item, fire fighters from l0 states
have flown in to Join those already battling
flames sweeping across timberland in Idaho,
Montana, Oregon, Washington, and california. The
Forest Service in Montana said a call for help
went out to every forest service region in
the country Friday. Nearly 9000 men were re-
ported battling the flames today. On the sports
scene, placekicker Chester Marcol booted four
field goals and added 3 extra points as the
Packers defeated the Oilers 33 to lb. The
Astros traded outfielder To_ Agee to the
St. Louis Cardinals Saturday, obtaining infielder
and outfielder Dave Campbell, and a player to be
nAmPd later. The Astros defeated the Phillies
B-2 last night by a two-run homer by Lee May.
However, today's game the Phillies won 5 to 3.
Also yesterday Hank Aaron hit n1_mber 704 and,
in hitting that home run, he also established
a new major league record for extra base hits
as the Braves defeated the Montreal Expos 3 to 1.
The homer was the 2378 extra base hit for Aaron
and moved him ahead of Stan Musial on the
all-time list. And the following story Just
TAG Tape 232-01/T-281
Page 6 of 8/1840

came in. It - Headline, Space Center, Houston.

Says, "Dr. Owen Garriott doubled in brass as a
barber for his fellow Skylab astronaut, Alan Bean.
A f_]m videotaped by the astronauts on Saturday
and beamed back to Earth on Sunday, showed
Garriott carefully cutting Bean's hair, then
vacuuming it away to prevent it from floating
around in the weightlessness of the cabin. The
astronauts go_ up early Sunday to look at
tropical - tropical storm Brenda, which was
moving across the Yucatan Peninsula. 'My
first date with a lady since being up here,'
Joked the third astronaut, Jack Lousma." And
that's about it for the evening. We're about
30 seconds from LOS. We'll be coming up on
Tex_q at 20 and we plan to dump the voice data

232 01 51 35 CDR Okay. Thank you, Hank.

CC And also for the SPT, when you get through with
the VTR here on this pass, we'd appreciate your
hitting your REWIND switch, and then we'll be
ready to dump stateside.

SPT Okay.

232 01 51 57 CC That's for the PLT. Sorry.

232 02 20 38 CC Skylab, Houston through Texas and Bern_da for

16 minutes. And as a reminder, we'll be dumping
the data recorder here at Texas and also at
Bermuda. At about 27 will be your med conference.

CDR We're looking forward to it.

CDR Hey, was the photo report okay - right tonight,


PLT If we got the photo report right tonight, we got

one in a row now.

232 02 21 26 CC Okay. We were Just t_Iking about it. We think

it's okay. And we understand from the pad that
you didn't get the film thread this morning.
Is that correct?
TAG Tape 232-01/T-281
Page 7 of 8/1841

CDR Didn't understand what you say. Say again.

CC Roger. We - we think the pad looks real good

to us - your - your calldown on the photos.
And we understand from the photo report that
you did not do the film thread this morning.
Is that correct?

PLT No, that's a negative. We did the film thread

and the "No change" means there was no change
to the pad you sent up.

CC Oh, okay. We copy that now.

232 02 22 03 SPT We always get our work done.

CDR Hey, Hank. Are y'all going to send up a

procedure on the teleprinter for ops doing this
condensate check tomorrow?

CC That's affirmative. And we're in the process

of reviewing that now, A1.

CDR Okay, we'll be ready.

232 02 23 13 CC It's going to be a - a - a real long procedure,

and we hesitated about it a little bit, but we
decided we might as well get the thing from
stem to stern once and for all and Just nail
down every leak that's in the system.

CDR Okay.

232 02 23 41 CC CDR, Houston. Basically, what we're planning

on doing is rigging up the water umbilical and -
through the nitrogen system and putting 35-psi
pressure in the lines, and then start tracing
all the lines that are easily accessible. And
use the stethoscope if necessary and listen for
audible leaks. At 35-psi, we ought to be able
to hear them. Then go back into the tool sieve
area and in - in - in - like panel 393 or 316
and 390 where we have lines that are hidden,
remove some of those panels with the high
torques, and get in there; listen to those.
After we've done all that, go back and do some
bubble checks with soap to see if there's any
little seeping leaks that we missed.
TAG Tape 232-01/T-281
Page 8 of 8/18{_2

232 02 24 28 CDR Okay, we'll rebuild the spacecraft for you.

CC Skylab, Houston. If it' s convenient, we' d like

to get the frames remaining off the ATM.

SPT We'll give it to you in a little bit - next

pass or so, Hank.

CC Okay.

SPT Whoops. A1 said he's on the way.

CDR Okay, H-alpha, 2081; 56, 1701_ 82A, 47;

82B, 34; 52, 2478; 54, 2327. How's that?

232 02 26 15 CC Roger; we copy.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 1 minute from

handover to Bermuda, and that'll be your reed
conference. If we don't pick you up the last
part of that pass, the next contact will be
Madrid at 41.

232 02 27 25 CDR Okay.

TAG Tape 232-02/T-282
f Time: 232:02:30 to 232:10:30
Page 1 of 1/18h3


232 02 34 Ii CC Skylab, Houston. We're back with you for about

3 minutes through Bermuda.

232 02 36 12 CC Skylab, Houston. One minute to LOS; Madrid at 41.

232 02 41 14 CC Skylab, Houston through Madrid 7-1/2 minutes.

PLT Okay, Hank. I wonder if you could enter a little

late exercise for the Kid here?

CC Would you say again? What did you say about late

PLT I didn't have all my exercise finished when the

evening status report came in, but I got it done
now. You want to copy it down?

CC Okay. Go ahead.

232 02 42 01 PLT Okay. 2/32/7050.

CC We copy.

PLT Thank you, Hank.

232 02 h7 51 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about i minute from LOS.

We'll say good night to you now and see you in
the morning.

PLT Okay, Hank. Sleep tight and thanks a lot for all
your good work today.

232 02 48 05 CC Roger; thank you.

TAG Tape 232-03/T-283
Time: 232:10:30 to 232:11:59
_ Page i of 1/1845


232 i0 45 05 CC Good morning, Skylab. We've got you for i more

minute through MLA. And we're sorry to wake you
up 15 minutes early, but the next call won't be
for an hour and 20 minutes.

CDR Okay, we're awake. Thanks.

CC And, AI, I've got Just one thing for you here.
On closing down the ATM panel for unattended ops,
we think we see HIGH VOLTAGE DETECTOR number 1
left on. It's ENABLED and we can't tell the dif-
ference between the switch being in ENABLED or
a - or a - relay failure, so you might just check
the position of that switch when you go to the

CC And we're i0 seconds until LOS. We'll see you

over Goldstone in about an hour and 20 minutes,
at 12:05.

CDR Okay that switch was on.

CC Okay. Thanks.

PLT What's that storm like this morning, Story?

CC It's up to about 90 knots now, picking up, and

still moving about 285.

232 i0 46 26 PLT Okay -

TAG Tape 232-04/T-284
Time: 232:11:59 to 232:13:30
Page 1 of 9/18_7


232 12 06 00 CC Skylab, we're A0S Goldstone and Texas for

14, minutes.

SPT Okay, fine Story. And, have any rea-tile -

real-time TV down-link or what are your plans this

CC We'll take real time on that, Owen.

SPT Okay. Looks like it'll be a couple of minutes

before l've got any ATM pictures for you.

CC Okay. And, CDR; Houston.

3 232 12 06 54 CDR Hey, Story, did I mention to you the other day that
I tried your harness on the ergometer?

CC It was passed on to me, A1.

CDR Yes, it worked okay. They - apparently somewhere

in the manufacture they doubled up some straps
that go through that little elongated loop at the
front, and it doesn't fit in there too well, so
I don't think the SL 2 group could fit it in there
Just right. I removed it from there and put it on
and it worked real well. It stabilizes you. You
don't wobble from side to side. You don't have
to hold yourself down; worked real good. I'm not
sure that now that we've got these super handle
bars that reach all the way around, you really
need it that much. But it sure does do the Job
for what it was designed. You don't have to strain,
Just stand there and pedal and use your legs.

232 12 07 48 CC Okay, thanks. I put enough parabolas on that

thing. In about 2 minutes, you'll be passing
close to a 6000-acre forest fire in Oregon, and
2 minutes beyond that there is a 26,000-acre
forest fire in California. You might be looking
out STS window number 1.

PLT Do we pass over the storm on this rev, Story?

TAG Tape 232-04/T-284
Page 2 of 9/1848

232 12 08 Ii CC Yes, that one will be at about 12:16. And you'll

be pretty far west of it.

CDR Tell us the exact time on that forest fire. We'll

see if we can catch that on TV.

CC It's about a minute and a half in STS window 1.

And the LOS of the California fire_ and no need
to acknowledge, will be about 4 minutes from now.

CC We recommend Just visually looking for the fires.

The ATM has priority on the TV down-link.

SPT How much time do we have on the TV down-link Story?

232 12 09 22 CC Stand by i. You've got all the way until 12:20

on the TV down-link.

SPT Okay, thank you.

CC And, Owen, for the SO19, we'll need a star tracker

lockon, and we'll also need star tracker control
enabled and that's 52011, 50004. And we passed
up a pad last night that ought to be good.

232 12 l0 35 CC And, Owen, an update on your solar activity. It's

been minimal. No flares reported; region 93 shows
a little growth, minor surges at 260 on the limb.
And UV data indicates that old region 77 is
rotating into the east limb.

SPT Okay. Maybe you could Just see, if you were

watching, I don't know whether you've got this real
time or not yet, that active region 96 still shows
that loop structure that it developed last evening
and we got another spot coming over the east limb,
it looks like.

CC Okay. We Just got through reviewing those films

about an hour ago.

SPT Did you see active region 96 develop?

232 12 ii 24 CC
We saw the loop, the U-shaped horn, Owen.
TAG Tape 232-04/T-284
Page 3 of 9/1849

SPT 0kay. That' s fine. It 's now developed a double

loop. It developed it, oh, about 02:00 Zulu last
night and still shows that double, multilooped
configuration on the XUV MON this morning.

CC Okay. After we put y'all to bed, we noticed some-

one up there integrating on the panel.

SPT That happened to be me. I wanted to get another

picture about 03:30 Zulu and I came up and took
a picture and closed the door again.

CC Okay.

232 12 12 15 CDR I think that computer had a breakdown. We couldn't

even see the Earth out of window 1.

CC Okay. Use any window you'd like.

CC And - it's still dark up - where we're looking

down now, A1. You'll be coming up on the termina-
tor in about another 5 or 6 minutes.

CDR The Earth is not situated exactly right for these

windows at the moment, Story. And in addition to
that, of course, like you said, it's still dark

CC Okay. We thought maybe the fires would look a

little brighter during the - the nighttime.

SPT We must have Just had some bright transient go

by the front of the S052 aperture because we got
an automatic door closure. I'll reopen it in
Just a moment.

2B2 12 14 08 CC We saw it, Owen.

SPT AI says he saw it go by the window out here.

CDR Are we close to the tropical storm now, Story?

CC About a minute and a half away from it.

CDR Jack thinks he has it in sight.

TAG Tape 232-04/T-284
Page 4 of 9/1850

PLT Are we going to have a better view of it on the

next rev, Story?

232 12 14 50 CC No; you'll be out in the Pacific on the next rev.

It's about 55 knots now and forecasted to build
a little more. It's still moving west.

PLT Okay, Story. We got it on TV now. It's a good pic-

ture. It's somewhat at a distance, but it's
quite well-defined from this distance more so
than it was yesterday.

CC Okay. We're looking at it.

232 12 15 46 PLT I think you can see the circular structure of it

better today than you could from a close-up

CC That's a great picture, Jack. And when you get

a chance, you might tell us what window you're

PLT We used window number 3 on that, Story.

CC Okay.

232 12 17 07 CC And, Jack, when you get a chance to copy, I got

three changes to your Flight Plan.

PLT Okay. Just a minute. I got to go get it.

SPT And the reason for that door closure here, a cou-
ple of minutes ago, Story, is something I don't
understand. Because I was Just rolling from
minus 5400 around to 10800 when this transient
developed and when I tried to reopen the doors,
they went open and closed again immediately. I
looked at H-alpha 2, and for some reason, the
pointing had changed by about l0 arc minutes.
We'd slid off to the left by about lO arc minutes
from the center of the Sun. So I had to repoint and
and open the doors normally. Now what caused the
pointing to change by that l0 arc minutes is some-
thing that I can't explain.

CC The MPC was not enabled, was it?

f_ TAG Tape 232-04/T-284
Page 5 of 9/1851

CDR As I recall, it was inh_bited but I was not on

the MPC at the time. So, I don't know what might
have done it.

PLT Go ahead with the changes to the Flight Plan.

232 12 18 09 CC Okay. We noticed you on TV using bottle number 4

on the T020 yesterday. We'd like you to top off
bottle number 4, Vice ntg_ber 2, which is on the
Flight Plan. And your S019 at 13:00 should be
canister 3 instead of canister 4.

PLT Okay. Now 14:05 says bottles 2 and 3. You want

2 and 4?

CC Yes, that's an error. Top off bottle 4.

PLT Okay. That 's 4 only?

CC Yes, sir. And one other thing, we'd like a digi-

tal thermometer reading of the S019 film canister
while it's still in the film vault, before the
mot - morning installation.

PLT Okay.

232 12 19 05 CC And you can use the thermometer that's located

W749 Alfa.

PLT Okay. We've got it. I'll take it to the wardroom

Just so we can measure temperature ... take it
up there.

CC Okay. Copy.

Plt It measures the temperature in the wardroom of

68.4. How does that concur with the reading
guys are getting?

CC Stand by 1. Was that an air temperature of 68?

232 12 20 06 PLT Yes, that's air temperature in the wardroom,

degrees, Fahrenheit.

232 12 20 l0 CC Okay. We'll get you an answer. We're about

l0 seconds to LOS here. We'll see you over the
Vanguard in l0 minutes.
TAG Tape 232-04/T-284
page 6 of 9/1852

232 12 30 37 CC Skylab, we're A0S over the Vanguard for l0 minutes.

SPT Okay, Story, I have the star tracker locked on,

I've closedthe door again and - no, it's still
locked on the star. Now I've - The commands you
gave me were to reenable star tracker control,
not a - update, I guess that _._aswhat you wanted,
I've not entered it in yet. Is that correct?

CC Yes, sir; that's fine.

SPT When do you want to give it a star tracker update?

232 12 31 12 CC That's already enabled, 0wen.

HPT Okay, and the other thing is I do have a BAT CHARGE

alert light on now and I have REG VOLT flag on the
power system. Yet as I rotate my CBRM SELECT around,
the barber pole on BEG VOLTS never disappears and
I never do get a barber pole until the BAT VOLTS
flag - in order to tell me what battery apparently
has the bat charge low. So it's a little puzzling
again this morning.

CC We copied that, 0wen.

232 12 32 13 CC 0wen, we're not getting any AM or ATM data yet.

As soon as we do, we'll look it over.

CC And, Owen, we did not flight-plan your collecting

the spider web today. If you get it done, it'll
be fine; otherwise, we'll schedule it for mission
day 25, tomorrow.

PLT Okay, Story, I take it to mean from the Flight

Plan that you don't want bed number 2 baked out.
Is that correct?

CC Stand by l, Jack.

CC Jack, that - we don't want bed 2 baked out.

PLT Thank you.

232 12 34 08 CC And on those PSS bottles, charge up any ones that

you've used.
TAG Tape 232-04/T-28h
Page 7 of 9/1853

PLT Okay, we've got them all recharged, we don't have

them all topped off. Understand you want them all
topped off.

CC That's affi_native, Jack.

PLT Okay, thank you.

CDR Hey, Story, Just finished photographing the plains

of Nasca and I couldn't see the - for sure, the
area that was described or called the airfield of
the ancient astronaut. But I did photograph the
entire area there. The - -

CC Okay.

232 12 35 33 CDR It was scattered clouds in most areas, and some

places it was clear. Where I could see the ground
in that vicinity, I did photograph. And maybe
some of these will come out.

CC Okay.

CDR You know, we need to be thinking about a new

approach to this picture-taklng business. For
the simple reason - in aSmost all the sites that
we've taken pictures of or couldn't take pictures
of because of clouds, we've seen previously in
really fantastic weather. And if we'd Just known
that those were the sites that eventually we're
going to want taken, we could have very simply
taken them. Because, for example, the - at Tiffany
Isles we saw - 3 or _ days ago or maybe longer ago -
beautiful weather; we could have taken some mag-
nificent shots. Yesterday when we tried, it was all
socked in and couldn't even find the islands. Same
with this area of Peru, we passed over it for 3 weeks
now and 50 percent of the time it's been Just clear
as a bell. Now maybe there's some way to get a list
of these pads up here, and get them all listed in a
little - we'll put them on a file or somewhere. And
then you can send up then and say, "We're thinking
that it's about time to get the plains of Nasca."
And we can say, "Well, we got it 2 weeks ago because
the weather was Just perfect then.
TAG Tape 232-04/T-28h
Page 8 of 9/18_4

232 12 37 30 CC Okay. We'll do it.

CDR Yes, because we're ending up trying to shoot pic-

tures of things we've seen. And then when.we try
to shoot them, we can't see them Just because the
weather is socked in about 50 percent of the time
or some percent. And we could kind of work it
both ways, you could schedule them at the same
time - we could try to get them in advance. We'd
notice what part of the world seems to be clear -
we could look on our list - if they were somehow
set up in geographical groups. And then we can
say, "Well, let's take this - looks like South
America; the whole west coast is clear today."
And then kind of - next time we pass that way
look and see if we've got anything in that vivinity
and try to take it.

CC Okay. Sounds good.

232 12 38 14 CDR That's not the complete answer but there must -
somehow we - there's a better combination than
we're working at the moment.

CC AI, do you think if we send you coordinates you

can use the slider map to find the locations?

232 12 38 hl CDR Yes, We can do that. But this description of

what you're looking for, I think, is real good.
I guess what we'd need is almost everything that's
on here with the exception of - we wouldn't need
the camera settings because we can usually figure
those out. And we wouldn't need the window. We'd
need the geographical location and the na,e of
the place so that we could look at it on the map.
And then maybe the top of it would give us a gen-
eral hint as to the area, like northwest coast of
South America. And all the northwest coast of
South America type sites would be kind of together.
And then southern tip of South America could -
sites, and then they'd be together. So we
could see if things were nice down there, and
then if they were, we could kind of glance at
the file, find the coordinates, look at the
map, and then shoot the picture.

TAG Tape 232-04/T-284
Page 9 of 9/1855

CDR Just leaving them up to us completely won't do the

Job either because we don't always have time to
look out. But some - we need a better way. I
don't know what it is exactly. We probably ought
to try another one - or another one or two.

CC Roger.

CC Skylab, we're 15 seconds to LOS. We'll see you

in a little over an hour at Goldstone at 13:h5.
And we never did get systems data through the

SPT Okay. And have you inhibited momentum dump for

me on this S019 pass, Story?

232 12 40 47 CC That's affirmative.

TAG Tape 232-05/T-285
T_m_: 232:13:30 to 232:1500
r Page i of 7/1857


232 13 45 37 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Goldstone for

the next h minutes. Over.

CDR Morning, Bruce.

CC Morning, Alan. If you all could stay off the

DAS for a few seconds, we're going to enable
the momentum dumps that were inhibited to per-
nit you to make the S019 pass this morning.
And also, due to our con_mmications - data
communications problem through Vanguard, we're
going to have to dump the data voice recorder
this pass here at Goldstone. Over.

CDR Okay. We understand. We had MOL SIEVE A

SIEVE FLOW light come on several times; msybe
i0 times over the last 20 minutes. We went
through the mal procedure, first step, it says
to shift fans, which we did, went to PRIMARY.
It still activated the SIEVE light. The
answer to this goes on to block 18. It says,
sensor failure. If it happened right out of
the blue, we'd kind of agree with it. But we
Just finished baking out BED 1 and we noticed
that it only occurs when BED 1 is in ADSORB.
When BED 1 is in DESORB, then it seems to flow
okay. The fans feel good. Both of them are
running when we select them. One is running
when we select it. When we select the other,
it runs. So we're presently sort of in a hold
mode to get some advice from you.

232 13 47 08 CC Okay. We copy all that, A1. And I'll have to

say that we'll work on it and get back with you.

CDR Okay. We're Just going to leave it alone.

We've got SIEVE A FLOW, disabled. And we're
going to enable it because it Just shifted to
DESORB in BED 1. We'll see how it lasts this
15 minutes.

PLT Hey, Bruce, I got a question on S019. When-

ever Karl asked for an unwidened exposure, of
course, we can't use his little timing knob.
TAG Tape 232-05/T-285
Page 2 of 7/1858

So we're wondering if we ought to time a full

90 seconds on our watch or if we ought to time
some reduced time which is equal to his timer.
For example, his - his 90-second timer times
on something less than 90. And if he wants those
to - times in unwidened exposures to match the
ones which are widened he ought to shoot us up
the 3 DELTA - Delta's or differences of time to
the 30 90, two 70-second exposures.

CC Okay. You've got a real valid point there,

Jack. We'll get an answer for you. How did
you do it this morning?

PLT This morning I did it full 90 seconds on the

watch and I believe that's the way we've
taken the few unwidened exposures that we have
taken in the past. Although I noticed I've
got a couple coming up on the next pass. So
I'd like to know exactly how he wants them so
we can do it precisely the way he wants.

232 13 48 35 CC Okay. We'll get it to you. We got 1 minute to

LOS here at Goldstone. Next station contact is
Vanguard in approximately 18 minutes. And back
to A1 again, we'd like you to go ahead and Just
leave the SIEVE A FLOW, disabled on the - or
on with the condensate systems checkout and we'll
be back with an answer to you. This is the
same. sort of problem that we saw in SL-1 - 2.

CDR Oh, okay. Do you think it had something to do

with bed bakeout or it Just happened at the
same time -by chance?

CC Okay. This is associated with bed bakeout.

And we've found out that every time after
you do a bakeout - and put it back on the line,
it seems to take about 6 hours to stabilize
and then everything's hunkydorey. Over.

232 13 _9 3_ CDR Okay. Well, then we'll quit worrying about

and WARNING on 207.
- TAG Tape 232-05/T-285
Page 3 of 7/1859

CC Yes. In case you didn't understand that last

hunkydorey it's the sa_ as peekaboo. Over.

CDR ...

2B2 l_ 07 16 CC Skylab, this is Houston; through Vanguard for

10-1/2 minutes. A couple of quick items for
you, if you're ready.

CDR Okay. Go ahead.

CC Okay. For the PLT and CDR at S019 operators,

we want to use the ... coronagraph for all
unwidened exposures, that is all U exposures.
And use the widener knob as your time reference
on all widened exposures. This should clear
up the misunderstanding on the pad this
morning. Over.

SPT Okay, that's clear now. Thank you.

CC And - -

CDR Okay. That's what we've been doing all along.

So everything' s okay.

CC Okay. And we'd like - -

2B2 14 08 01 CDR I've got a question on - on this procedure.

l'm working the condensate system. And l'm
over here at M168. It says "Open cabinet,
remove vent cap and flare saver from inboard
heat exchanger plate service holder storage
gimbal." I don't know what a vent cap and a
flare saver are.

CDR If that's the thing that the heat exchanger

plate sort of mounts on for stowage - is
sort of a - a stowage point and I use a
crescent wrench or the like to get it off,
I could sure do that.
TAG Tape 232-05/T-285
Page 4 of 7/1860

CC Okay. If you take a look at that QD, which

is the stowage location, on the inside of
it, it has a little fitting on it that has
a screen in it, thereby making the fitting
and everything hooked to it vented assembly.
That's the vent cap that we're talking about.
And I believe the flare saver is a little
ring or circular fitting that gets assem-
bled inside the cap on the B-nut or inside
the vent cap there.

CC Okay, it'll be - -

232 14 09 16 CDR If I could see, I could take off that little

screened arrangement that you were talking
about, that's that vent cap. Now will I have
to - what I'm trying to figure out is if
I'll have to remove that whole rig to get
the parts I want or when I pull off the
little vent cap will the flare saver come
with it?

CC Yes, Alan, the flare saver should be inside

the vent cap and concealed from your view
at the present time. Over.

CDR Okay, understand. Thanks.

CC And for the SPT, if he's up by the ATM,

we'd like to get the startracker shutter
closed, please.

232 lh l0 05 SPT For the S06h group, the last building block
required is _03-64. And when I actuated that,
it actually took a double sequence for
unexplained reasons. I Just happened to
be watching the frames and it took the normal
sequence, then immediately picked up and did
another sequence which I terminated about -
probably during the last one or two exposures.

CC We copy that, Owen. We've seen it before

and that was logged as an idiosyncrasy on the
instE_m_nt. Thank you.
TAG Tape 232-05/T-285
Page 5 of 7/1861

232 14 i0 45 CDR Okay. I've taken off the vent cap. I gather
the flare saver is the sort of cone - truncated
cone affair that seems to be in there.

CC Yes, sir.

232 14 ii 30 CC And, 0wen, some time today when you get a

chance, l've got a few questions here with
regard to the NK-02, the Nikon that you
use on S063. I don't know, you might want to
give us a call when you're ready to talk
about it, and maybe have the camera on hand
or something like that. Over.

SPT Okay.

232 14 13 57 SPT Bruce, again for the back - backroom, ATM

science room there. I've slightly modified
the procedure on steps 3 and 4 here,
because there is another bright spot to
the left of the one I'm looking at. So on
step 3, I went to the right, 5 arc seconds
for the 82B exposure to give them better
contrast. And then on step 4, I'm going to
move to the left, 5 are seconds Just re-
versing that, where I do not give them an
82B. And I think that will make the data
somewhat more meaningful for 82B.

CC We copy.

232 14 14 27 CDR Okay; still talking about flare savers.

I took off the vent cap, as I mentioned.
As I lifted the vent cap off I noticed this
truncated cone affair at which I was looking
at the Small end. Then it said remove the
outside nipple, which I did. Now, when I
removed the outside nipple, along with it came
this truncated cone and a nut and two washers.
So what I have now in one hand is a - a
little vent cap. What I have in the other is
this nipple with about a 1-inch-long, 3/8-inah-
diameter, threaded operation with a
truncated cone on the end which I thought
TAG Tape 232-05/T-285 _
Page 6 of 7/1862

was the thread - was the flare saver, but

it looks like it's part of the nipple really.

CC Okay. When you took the vent cap off, the

flare saver should have come loose with it.
Maybe it's up inside the vent cap. And
that should be two separate pieces that you
can place in the disposal bag. And then you
should have in your hand the QD nipple with
the two loose washers and I believe a large
nut. Over.

232 14 15 41 CDR Okay. Well, I looked up inside and was

careful that nothing floated free. And inside
this thing, as I look up in here, there's
the outside nut. Then there's the sort
of inside cylinder with a screen at the front
end. If I turn the screen and look in the back
end, I can see that the inside's turning.
It doesn't - That little filter thing seems
to be Just a - one piece - it's two pieces
but it's Joined together.

CC Okay. So what you're trying to tell us is that

there doesn't seem to be a flare saver up
inside that nut.

232 14 16 18 CDR No, there doesn't. There seems to be a

total of a - a nipple that's attached to this
long, 1-1nch-long thing with a truncated
cone on the end. There's two washers,
there's a nut, and then there's the - the
end piece that I took off of the vent cap.
Inside there's nothing - there's nothing
in there. Now, I could look at the outboard
one and see what's inside it. Which I'll do.

CC Okay. The flare saver hasn't become pressed

onto the end of the nipple in such a fashion
that it looks like it's part of the nipple,
has it?

PLT He's checking it.

232 14 17 35 CC Here, we got 30 seconds until LOS through

Vanguard here. Next station contact is Hawaii
TAG Tape 232-05/T-285
s Page 7 of 7/1863

in 58 minutes. I understand that - go ahead

and press on if you can't find the flare
saver. I think we can get another one
later on.

CC Okay. You don't need the first flare saver,

really. You can use the one that you come
up with later in step 5.

232 lh 18 08 CDR I took a look in one of the ones earlier

and it's the same way.

TAG Tape 232-06/T-286
Time: 232:15:00 to 232:16:30
Page 1 of 5/1865


232 15 15 59 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Hawaii for 8 min-

utes and h5 seconds. Due to our continuing
problem with data command through Vanguard, we'll
be doing a data voice tape recorder dump this
site. Over.

CDR Okay. Understand. Say, Bruce, I figured out

after looking at another QD, there Just weren't
any savers in those two that we checked. Apparent-
ly, they don't need them, one because there's no
other cone-shaped fitting that that cone-shaped
fitting is mating with; and secondly, since it's
not passing anything but Just venting air. I
guess they figured they could - not have to get
a good tight seal - because I saw one of them
later on, They're like cone-shaped washers.

232 15 16 44 CC Okay, Alan. We copy. And in the mean time, we've

gone back and checkedthe documentation and have
confirmed that in the flight vehicle, there was
no flare saver installed in the location called
out in step 3 in your procedure. Over.

CDR Okay. I've Just finished pressurizing the system

to 35 psi with nitrogen and I'm getting out my
little stethoscope and go listen here and there.

CC Okay. Let's see, copy - then you're - all right,

we'll find it.

232 15 17 25 SPT Hey, Bruce, something I noticed on the AT_ pass

today is that on this rev, for example, the JOP 9
is supposed to start at 57 minutes. And we don't
get ESR until 54:43. So it looks like they're
starting it a little early. And I plan to wait
until ESR.

CC 0kay_ We copy.

232 15 18 43 CC Skylab, this is Houston. For the PLT, if you'll

stay off the DAS for a minute, we will inhibit
momentum dump in preparation for S019 ops. And
this should give you a few extra minutes on your
time remaining clock. Over_
TAG Tape 232-06/T-286
Page 2 of 5/1866

PLT Okay, Bruce. You got the DAS, and when I see
the ... go barber pole, I'ii start.

CC Okay.

232 15 20 19 CC Okay, Jack. Dump has been inhibited. It's your

DAS, and we think we added about 7 minutes to your
time remaining clock.

PLT Right. You sure did. Now I can't start for 7

more - yes - 7 more minutes - correction,
4 minutes.

CC Okay. We'll Just keep you honest there.

PLT So what did we wind up doing? Wind up giving me

more time this orbit or less?

CC We wind up giving you more time this orbit. We're

trying to figure right now what the effective
sunset time will be, now that we have no dump

PLT All right. That's what I was wondering about

because as it was, I was about a minute away from

CC Roger,

PLT Say, Bruce. I got a PO - PAO request today.

CC Go ahead, Jack •

232 15 21 49 PLT Today is the birthday of a special person in my

life. It's my dad, and I was hoping that somebody
could give him a call and wish h_m happy birthday
for me. He lives in Jackson, Michigan. And he's
always - he always provided a good homelife for us
and took plenty of time with me and got me off to
a good start and I'm mighty thankful to him for
it. And I'd Just like somebody to call him and
tell him - and Just tell him I 'm mighty proud of
him. Happy birthday.

CC Okay. How's the telephone listed, or do you

know the number?
TAG Tape 232-06/T-286
_- Page 3 of 5/1867

PLT Just give my wife a Jingle and she'll probably

be able to give him a call.

CC Okay. We'll do that.

232 15 22 h7 PLT Say, Bruce, if there's a way to set it up, I'd

appreciate having the opportunity to talk to him
personally on the phone, if therets a way to work
it out.

CC Okay. Let us work on it.

PLT Okay. And one other thing. Today is Ron Whitten-

hagen day. Another special day for people we want
to recognize. Ron is the guy who collected to-
gether all the maps and charts and organized the
whole S191 operation with - looking for sites on
the ground through the tracking system. And he
was instrumental in getting all the sites together
and he was always very cooperative in getting us
what we needed at the time. And I'm sure he's
busy down there now working on the same thing,
and we Just want to recognize him for his extra
effort and thank him for all he's done to get the
S190 thing going well.

CC Roger. Out.

232 15 2h 05 CC Skylab, this is Houston. One minute to LOS

Hawaii. Next station contact is Vanguard at
15:h5 in approximately 21 minutes. And based on
your onboard charts, it looks like effective sun-
set will be at 7-1/2 minutes on your time-
remaining clock, taking into account the fact that
momentum dllm!_
_ has been inhibited. Over.

PLT Okay, Bruce. Thank you, I_ll work on 07:30,

232 15 2h 33 CC Roger. And I think - I think actually JOP 7 is

an extension and is set up to take you on right
down to zero there, So you might keep an eye on

PLT Roger.

232 15 h6 08 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Vanguard for the

next 9 minutes. Over.
TAG Tape 232-06/T-286
Page 4 of 5/1868

PLT Go ahead, Bruce.

CC Roger. We're standing by down here. I guess

we're curious as to how A1 is coming along with
the condensate system leak check. Other than
that, no traffic.

PLT Oh, he's applying his best medical stethoscope ...

Looks like he' s making progress.

CC Roger.

PLT How does the M509 data look, Bruce?

232 15 47 _7 CC In general it's looking real good, Jack. And

we certainly appreciate your voice commentary.
It's been outstanding. We're able to follow
things very clearly as they go along.

PLT Well, we hope so. How about the data on the tape.
Were you able to correlate it all okay?

CC Yes, we seem to have. All that we've actually

gotten out of the system has been a quick-look
data which gives us a sample every I0 seconds,
and we're processing that. We may have a change
to the plan for tomorrow coming up so that we can
get some better accelerometer data, but that one's
still in the mill. And if we process it through,
why you'll get it on the teleprinter tonight.
Over •

PLT Good, that's great_ We'll help out all we can

to make it as good as possible.

232 15 48 36 CC Okay, much obliged. And we were Just _ratching

the - the playback of the television recorders
on T020 yesterday, here in the Control Room• And
it looks like you got real good coverage on that,

PLT Yes, we did. We were able to work the procedures

without a hitch. The procedures were very clear,
and well-written, and that sure made a difference.
_- TAG Tape 232-06/T-286
Page 5 of 5/1869

PLT I didn't mean to imply that they weren't for

509, also. They were very well written for 509
as well.

CC Yes, okay, Well, as you undoubtedly know, Lou

Ramon was working the procedures for TO13, T20,
and 509 and all of them in the same shop there.

232 15 49 28 PLT Right. They were very good too. Oh, by the
way, we started the bat charge on bat 6 on time.
And we also topped off that other bottle.

CC Okay, we copy. And I guess you got the - the

bottle that you used yesterday on T20 to fill -
to top off.

PLT Yes, sir.

232 15 54 29 CC Skylab, this is Houston; 1 minute remaining until

LOS at Vanguard. Next station contact in 58 min-
utes is Hawaii at 16:52. Over.

232 15 5h 43 PLT Okay, Bruce .... , thank you.

TAG Tape 232-07/T-287
Time: 232:16:30 to 232:18:00
Page 1 of 8/1871


232 16 52 47 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Hawaii for

7 minutes and 40 seconds. Out. And we will be
dumping the data - the data voice tape recorder
this pass.

CDR Hey, Bruce, so far in the procedure I have checked

all the lines accessible, found no leaks. I'm
busily taking off the covers to the mol sieve A
and B heat exchangers, 1 and 2. I've got mol
sieve A, heat exchanger B looked at. I couldn't
find a leak in there. I'm working on heat
exchanger A, then I'm going to go over to mol
sieve B and work on it. My guess is that we can't
possibly finish this thing even near to the sche-
duled time. These fasteners up here are in pretty
doggone tight. Plus, they've all been painted two
or three times to make them look nice and so the
f little cam - you know, the high torque fastener
doesn't want to unfasten them. It doesn't want
to get down in the groove. So that takes a little
fooling around with. My guess is we're going to
have to power the - the water system up, so we
can have lunch. And could you give me qui - the
quickest procedure to do that up and down so that
once it's up, then we can eat. And then I'll
bring it back down again and continue to work on
them: except for M092.

232 16 54 35 CC Okay. Stand by. We'll get it to you.

CDR And I don't believe I'll be making that S019 ops

at all.

CC Say again, please, A1.

CC We got it.

CDE I don't think I'll be getting to that S019

because I'll be - still be working in here, I'm
pretty sure.

CC Roger. We got that.

TAG Tape 232-07/T-287
Page 2 of 8/1872

232 16 55 25 CC CDR, Houston. We don't believe there's anything

that you have to do to bring the wardroom water
system back up. You have tank l0 still hooked up
and there should be sufficient ullage pressure in
the tank to supply you for lunch. Over.

CDR Okay. I was wondering about that. That's good.


SPT ... us right now and I think we all got the word.

CC Say again, Owen.

SPT We got the word..

CC Roger. Out.

232 16 56 13 CC SPT, Houston. We show that momentum dump has

already been enabled here, even though it was our
plan to do so. Did you enable it? Over.

CC SPT, Houston. Over.

SPT Hello, how do you read me now, Bruce?

CC Loud and clear now, Owen. Did you copy our

question about mementum enable.

SPT Yes, I did. In fact, that's the first thing I

told you when I came up, but I didn't get out, also
because of a switch - I had the switch in the wrong
position up here. But I - when you first came
up, I tried to tell you that I did do that by
switch, because I wanted to be sure and get ESR
right, and I couldn't get the correct ESR until
I enabled it - my switch. Is that a satisfactory
procedure when I know you're going to do it anyway?
And as I come around sunrise Just go ahead and
flip it up here. Over.

CC Let us work that. I certainly agree with your

logic. But we'll have a plan for you.

SPT Okay. And we got the word on the ullage pressure

for lunch.

CC Roger.
_- TAG Tape 232-07/T-287
Page 3 of 8/1873

232 16 58 83 PLT Hey, Bruce, we got a S019 problem for you to worry

CC Okay. Let us have it.

PLT Okay. It worked normally first pass today, and it

went out normally on this pass, but I can't get it
back in. And I made sure everything was set
at 00, of course, to bring it back in and I tried
offsetting both the ROTATION and the TILT individ-
ually, plus or minus lO degrees from zero in
2-degree increments, and it still won't come in.
And when I first started working on it, it would
come in 2 turns and then quit. And now, it's
somewhere between there and out and it won't turn
at all, although the ROTATION and the TILT are
free to rotate in the present position. And I'm
kind of wondering if that drive train that brings
the thing in has got cold or something.

232 16 59 35 CC Okay, Jack. We copy all that. Do you get the

normal amount of force or resistance on ROTATION
and TILT mounts when you turn them? Or does it
feel like maybe they're free wheeling?

PLT No, feels like they're doing about the thing

they're supposed to do.

232 17 O0 02 CC Okay, Jack. We got 30 seconds until LOS here.

Next station contact is the Vanguard at 17:24. We
will try to work the problem in the backroom. If
you so desire, you can continue working it - up
there. And we'll be back to you over Vanguard.

PLT Okay. I notice the whole case feels pretty cold

and the TILT and ROTATION Just rotates as pretty
as can be, Just like the mirror is all the way
out there. And it went out very easily and, up
until this point, has been working very smoothly.

CC Roger. We copy. And sounds like a real good

description of the problem.

232 17 24 48 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Vanguard for

9 minutes. Over.
TAG Tape 232-07/T-287
Page 4 of 8/1874

SPT Okay, Bruce; we've got you. And one word for the
82B experimenters in the backroom. Going through
building block 36A here, I'm doing in AUTO. I also
used the PRS to accurately hold my position
l0 arc seconds off the Sun. So at the time, I
overlooked the fact that's when you scale up the
lengths of all these exposures. So you're going
to get some long exposures off the limb here.
And I'll plan to stop this sequence in another
minute or so, at the end of this MIRROR AUTO RASTER.
So it's a slight modification. I'd overlooked the
fact that the exposures were going to be scaled
up when I used the PRS.

232 17 25 38 CC Roger, we copy. And for your information, we will

continue to manage the momentudump enable and
inhibit. We understand your concern regarding the
uncertainty when sunrise is, but the way the pad
was set up we had scheduled to enable momentum
dump right at 16:55, which was during our station
pass over Hawaii and within our capability. And
guess we had intended that we would enable it at 55
and then get your clock counting down properly and
you'd have a couple of minutes to 54 remaining to
get all set up and get going. Over.

SPT Okay, sounds fine. I'll be now quite so impatient

next time. And Just for my own information,
though, is there anything wrong with me Just using
the switch here ahead of you and giving you a call
about it?

232 17 26 36 CC Well, Owen, the pad and the ground commands are all
integrated and there may be an occasion arising
where the enable momentum dump is down very -
partway through the pass. And we had Just as soon
stick with doing it by ground command if it's
feasible, although there is certainly no harm
done to the mechanical part of the stystem or
anything like that. Over.

SPT Okay, that's the answer to my question.

TAG Tape 232-07/T-287
Page 5 of 8/1875

CC And for the PLT, we're still working the problem

of the S019 auxillary mirror system. However, the
best that we can suggest, at this time, is that
you are nearing orbital noon right about now, and we
suggest that maybe the warming effect of the
Earth's albedo will help if there is something
frozen up. And if you get a chance, I'd like to
give you - like you to try it again, gently, and
see what the status is. Over.

232 17 27 31 PLT Yes, Bruce, I just tried that about a minute ago,
and it won't come in. And I'm able to look through
the optics and the mirror works okay in TILT and
ROTATION. And Just for your thinking purpose,
when it's at 00, in the bottom of the field of
view, I can just barely see the little rod that
goes along the edge of the - one of the discone
antennas. That's Just barely in the bottom of the
field of view. So you'll be able to know if
it's pointing at 00 by working out the geometry
on that. It's a rod that is parallel to the axis
of the discone antenna boom. It - just before you
get to the boom it makes a right angle break and
goes up around the outside of the antenna. You'll
be able to see it in a picture. But I can just
barely see that rod in the bottom of the field
of view at 00.

CC Okay, thank you. That's a good input. And we'll

start working on it here. I gather it feels to you
as though it's hitting some sort of a very heavy,
definite stop, as you try to retract it; as opposed
to something soft and mushy.

232 17 28 38 PLT Yes, it - when it was working it came to a fairly

rapid halt, although it wasn't a hard clanking
halt. It was like it was pushing into a - a
piece of stiff Mozite or something like that.

CC Okay. And I understand it now. On the retract

knob it's not moving either way, but the knob -
the knob itself, I think, has a clutch in it.

PLT That's right, it's not moving either way right now.
And it's out so as it's far enough you can rotate
it around.
TAG Tape 232-07/T-287
Page 6 of 8/1876

232 17 29 09 CC Okay. We should have enough to keep us busy here,

for a couple of passes. We got about 4 minutes
left in this pass. When we get a chance, we'd
like to know how A1 is coming on his condensate
system troubleshooting.

CDR I just finished getting one side of mol sieve B,

the A side - the B - the A side, and no leaks in
there. And so I'm now - I'm now taking lunch,
but I'm - then I'm going to go work on the B side.
When that's finished, I'll start working on the
panels back through the lock. When that's
finished, then I'll come get some soapy water and
do the whole thing with soap.

CC Roger, we copy. Thank you, AI.

CDR I'm getting concerned that this leak is some

sort of O-ring seal, or something where pressure
inside the line won't let the air out - the
nitrogen out, but if you pulled a vacuum on it,
something is unseating and then letting air in
from the other direction.

232 17 30 19 CC Roger. Sort of a check valve effect. We'll take

that into consideration. And we hope you - you
come up with something that is not a feature of that
sort of thing.

SPT Still with us, Bruce.

CC Yes, still here for another 2-1/2 minutes, Owen.

232 17 31 16 SPT Okay, just a word about the pointing on these

limb 1 and quite region 1 for the ATM backroom.
And the limb 1 position, it turns out, and I
presume this is where you intended, it was just
south of the dark east-west band in XUV. The
dark band being, I presume, the old filament
channel. This is just south of that, where there
is a bit of limb brightening. And it's well below
the dark band portion. Now on the quiet region l,
we're Just to the north, sort of on the boundary
between the normal chromospheric network and that
dark east-west band. I expect that part of the
55 auto raster will encompass both the normal
background and a portion of the dark east-west
band. Over.
TAG Tape 2B2-07/T-287
Page 7 of 8/1877

CC Roger. Out.

232 17 32 38 CC CDR, this is Houston, with a minute and 18 seconds

left through Vanguard. Next station contact is
Ascension at 17 plus 39 in 7 minutes. Based on
your progress, we're concerned as to whether you
think you'll be able to finish up the condensate
system check this afternoon or not, bearing in
mind that you have a M092/93, PT, and ATM pass to
get in this evening. If not, or if you have some
feelings about a breakpoint on it, we'll start
trying to jimmy the Flight Plan around. Over.

CDH I don't think I'll be able to finish it before

92/93. And I've got all - of course, I've got
all these panels off now and the screws out, and
haven't done the soap, and it's just taking a
long time to get those things out. The other's
fairly straightforward. I don't - if I meet the
rest of the schedule today, which sounds like it
is a higher priority but I don't know, then we'll
just have to pick up on it again tomorrow,

232 17 33 46 CC Okay. We're coming right up on LOS here. Our

feelings are that we'd like to get the condensate
system finished up today, but let us talk to you
again over Ascension in about 5 minutes.

232 17 40 12 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Ascension for

5-1/2 minutes. For the PLT, we can't tell which
discone it is you're looking at since they both
look the same in the photos. However, if it's
the one that is sticking out on the workshop
plus-Y side, then we confirm that you are indeed
very near the O0 position on the S019 mirror.

PLT Okay. I can also see the Earth when I see that one
at the horizon about midway through the viewfinder
about i0 minutes ago.

CC Okay; we'll check it out.

232 17 41 43 CDR And, Bruce, I thought the thing to do was once I

get this thing sort of out in the open, get all
the covers off, and everything, we'll get Owen and
Jack to listen in and look too and see if any of
us can find these leaks.
TAG Tape 232-07/T-287
Page 8 of 8/1878

CC Roger.

232 17 43 59 CC Skylab, this i$ _Quston. for th_ PT,__ W,'_

working that input you gave us on being able to

see the Earth's horizon and the mirror about
l0 minutes from your call, if you're interested
in trying it. If you use a TILT of zero and
ROTATION of 265 degrees, if the system is still
in calibration you should be able to then see the
opposite discone antenna. Over.

PLT Okay, that's a TILT of zero and ROTATION of 265.

232 17 4h 33 CC Roger. And for the Commander, we'd like you to

keep working on the condensate system checks right
straight through until it's time for you to pick
up on the M092/93 run this afternoon. We copy
that you're either eating now or you've completed
eating. Over.

SPT He's completed with eating and he's working away.

232 17 45 00 CC Roger. And that implies a scrub of the S019 ops so

although we understand that the mirror system would
probably still be operative for data taking. And
we got 43 seconds until LOS here at Ascension.
Next station contact in 39 minutes at Guam at
18:24. It's going to be a real low elevation pass.
It'll be a short contact too, about 2 to 3 minutes,
so it may be pretty noisy but we'll call you.

232 17 45 35 SPT Roger.

_- TAG Tape 232-08/T-288
Time: 232:18:00 to 232:19:30
Page 1 of 5/1879


232 18 25 45 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Guam for 2 min-

utes. How do you read? Over.

CDR Loud and clear, Bruce.

CC Okay. And for the SPT, since we are not inhibi-

ting momentum dump, due to the cancellation of
S019 ops this afternoon, add 5 minutes to the
values indicated for your clock start times for
the last half of the ATM pass, following the
ground inhibit momentum dump callout in your pad.

SPT (Laughter) Add 5 minutes to a bunch of other

stuff. Okay. I'll - I'm not at the panel right
now, Bruce, so I'll add 5 minutes to those times
when I get up there.

PLT Does that add 5 to 16 and 5 to 4 minutes, I take

it? Right?

CC That's right and we got - we'll be back to you.

232 18 27 14 CC Okay. We got 30 seconds to LOS here at Guam.

Next station contact will be good old Vanguard
again, in 3h minutes, at 19:01. And we'll have
some more words for you on the ATM schedule pad
because it appears that the last JOP there is
JOP 7, atmospheric extension. Over.

232 18 27 42 PLT Okay.

232 19 01 35 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Vanguard, with

a i0 minute and 50 second pass for the SPT. Over.

CC Skylab SPT, this is Houston. Over.

CC Hey, Owen.

CC Belay that. Skylab Pilot, this is Houston. Over.

SPT Hello, Bruce. How do you read me on this box?

CC Okay, loud and clear. You may disregard all of

our previous transmissions regarding momentum
dump enable, inhibit for this ATM pass. This is
TAG Tape 232-08/T-288
Page 2 of 5/1880

actually addressed to Jack. We will inhibit mo-

mentum dump, fr_ the ground here, at 19:03,
which is like 20 seconds. We're c_mmsnding right
now, so you 9an stay off the DAS for a second.
Vanguard is back up. They apparently had a short
circuit in one of the cables that drives the
least of their antenna drive motor, but they've
got that repaired. And we're back in normal op-
erations all the way around. Over.

232 19 03 05 PLT Okay, real good. I'll stay off the DAS, and I've
started to do J0P 9.

CC Roger. And you'll wind up with J0P 7 as sche-

duled, and everything should work out beautifully.
If the commander is around, we've got a question
for him.

SPT How do you read this squawk box now?

CC Loud and clear.

SPT Okay. You might have had a down-link problem

there for a few minutes. This is the same box
I called you three times on and you couldn't hear

CC Okay. We'll check it out.

SPT Okay, Bruce, A1 can read you. Why don't you go

ahead with your message?

232 19 03 58 CC Okay, Owen. We understand that the comm tech

aboard the Vanguard was able to read you on those
transmissions, so apparently, the problem was
somewhere between the Vanguard itself and Houston,
maybe going through Goddard. And for the CDR,
evening before last we inquired about your will-
ingness to run a M131-1. And our intent at the
time was to determine whether you would go ahead
and run the OGI and the motion sensitivity part
of it, although we only specifically addressed
OGI. But we are looking at building up a Flight
Plan now with that scheduled in. And we wondered
what your feelings are on the subject?
TAG Tape 232-08/T-288
Page B of 5/1881

232 19 04 h4 CDR Okay. Either one or both or whatever you all

would like to do down there is sure okay with

CC Okay. We'li plan on putting in the 131-1, which

is both OGI, and the MSI on the tail end of it.

CDR Say, who was - who ran through this whole proce-
dure before I'm running through it up here?

CC On the condensate system?

CDR You bet.

CC Hank went up to St. Louis and ran through it on

the backup flight article up there. However, he
tells me that they were not able to put a simu-
lated leak into the - the backup flight hardware
and they wouldn't let him actually put the soap
film or anything on the fittings. But he did as
thorough a Job as he could, under the circum-
stances. Over.

CDR Okay. I was just looking for a little advice on

cutting away this fairing with the wire cutter
or metal cutters. The fairing is a fiber - fiber-
glass sort of stuff, not fiber but some sort of
rosin build up, and I got the one away in the
forward compartment, but I - you have to be very
careful of these hatch dogs. They are right in
the spot where you want to cut. And I just
thought maybe he had a sneaky technique of doing
it. I'm still working on it. I've only got one
to go and that's this aft fairing, to cut it
away, and then that's it. And Jack Lousma has
been listening to all the places and he hasn't
heard any leaks either. So we're going to try
soap in a little while.

CC Okay. Hank was here up until Just a few seconds

ago because he's coming on at h to relieve me.
I asked him specifically about this. And what
he recommends is starting at one of the hatch
dog locations, if you can, and cutting that piece
about 2 inches wide out, working your way down
toward the condensate line to gain access there.
TAG Tape 232-08/T-288
Page h of 5/1882

232 19 06 36 CDR Okay, that's essentially what I'm doing. The

gaps in the fairing are Just not wide - are
barely wide enough to support both the hatch dog
and the tool. That's the problem.

CC Okay, I copy. Is that a problem from the - the

rounded points on the metal cutter? That is,
would it be better if the points were still sharp?

232 19 07 01 CDR Yes, that's the problem there. What I really

need is a chisel. If I hit that thing a few
licks with a chisel, I could get it started. It's
rather fragile stuff anyway. And then go from
there. I may go doe and get a screwdriver and
try to get it started. It's right at the start
place where you don't want to touch those hatch
dogs that's a little tight. Once you get through
there, you're okay.

232 19 07 21 CC Okay, we copy.

CC And, PLT, we believe that you are probably through

rolling the canister. And if you could, we'd
like to get the MPC ROLL to INHIBIT, please, to
avoid overheating the actuator.

CC And, CDR, we'd like to get the fair - 0WS HEAT

EXCHANGER FANS turned OFF since we show the dew-
point in the cluster now up above 57 degrees
Fahrenheit due to the condensate system being
shut down. Over.

232 19 08 50 SPT Bruce, say again what you wanted turned off.

CC Roger. The 0WS HEAT EXCHANGER FANS. It's back

there, I think, in the aft lock compartment.

232 19 09 02 PLT They're off now.

SPT Okay, they Just went off.

CC Okay. Thank you.

PLT Okay, Bruce, now what time do you want me to

start the extension field, 9 minutes and go to
F TAG Tape 232-08/T-288
Page 5 of 5/1883

CC Do it exactly as it is carried on the ATM sche-

dule pad since we have inhibit - inhibited mo-
mentum dump. And that will be at 4 minutes time
remaining on your clock. And we'd like you to
INHIBIT the MPC ROLL when you get a chance because
we think you're through rolling.

232 19 l0 09 PLT Okay.

232 19 ll 35 CC One minute to LOS at Vanguard. Next station

contact in 3 minutes; Ascension at 19:14. Out.

232 19 15 22 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Ascension for

the next l0 minutes. Out.

232 19 16 50 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Ascension for

the next 8 minutes. Out.

232 19 21 38 CC Skylab, Houston; 3-1/2 minutes till LOS. Out.

232 19 24 21 CC Skylab, this is Houston. One minute till LOS

at Ascension. Next station contact in 3h minutes;
Guam at 19 plus 58. Over.

232 19 24 33 CDR Okay, Bruce. We'll see you at Guam. Thank you.

TAG Tape 232-09/T-289
Time: 232:19:30 to 232:21:00
Page I of 5/1885


232 19 59 13 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Guam for the

next l0 minutes. And for the ATM operator,
we'll he enabling momentum dump here in about
3 minutes.

SPT Okay. I was Just waiting for it. What's the


CC Make that about a minute.

SPT Okeydoke.

CC And for the CDR, sometime during this station

pass here at Guam, we'd like to get a status
report from you on your troubleshooting of the
condensate loop procedure so that we can plan
out the rest of the day's activities, Over.

232 20 O0 00 SPT Okay. He heard that, Bruce. And could you get
confirmation from the ATM room, for me, that in
building block 36Alfa, they do not want the
pointing reference system operative, even
though it was two orbits ago when I ran that
similar, building block 36A instead. But on
this one, I'll leave it inoperative unless there
is a request otherwise.

CC That is correct, Owen. The pointing reference

system should be inoperative, that is, not
operative. Over.

CDR Bruce, we've got the cleanest vacuum system in

space flight history at the moment.

232 20 01 12 CC Okay, Owen, it's your DAS. Momentum dump's

enabled, and we're standing by for your tale
of cleanliness and virtue, Alan.

CDR Okay. I'll only be talking about the first

part because it's a bad system at the moment.
We have listened - Jack and I listened to all
the different places that were in the pad; no
TAG Tape 232-09/T-289
Page 2 of 5/1886

sound. I put soap suds on all but the one interior

to the mol sieves_ which I'm working on at
the moment. And those suds stay there for
minutes or hours almost, Just hanging around
and no bubbles. What worries me is l've
suspicion we either can't get to it, wherever
the leak is, or it's some O-ring somewhere that
seals up nice when you put pressure on it. But
you pull a little vacuum on it and it pulls
away from it's seat, and then that's it.

CC Okay. We copy. Do you have any feel for the

amount of additional time it will take you to
properly treat the Joints inside the mol sieves?

232 20 02 18 CDR I think I can get to all of them within the

next 30 minutes to an hour. And then putting
it all back together is going to take another
2 to B hours, would he my guess. These little
screws don't go in too easy.

CC Okay. We copy that, We're still looking at

having you do the M092/93 on time.

CDR Okay. We'll make that window, and then when

it's over, come back and work on this some more.

CC Mighty fine.

232 20 03 52 CC Skylab, this is Houston. Two items for you here.

One is that we'd like to terminate the atmos-
pheric purge through the wardroom dump fitting.
We've got the atmosphere down to the point
where we want it for the 509 run tomorrow. And
secondly, we are cancelling the coolant loop
inspection which was scheduled for the PLT
later on this afternoon at around 22:16 or 22:10.
And we're ms king this block of time available for
the PLT to assist with the condensate system:
reassembly and reconfiguration. And we will
reschedule the coolant loop inspection on a later
date. Over. So, save your con - confederate
coolant loop procedures, boys; the subject will
come up again.
- TAG Tape 232-09/T-289
Page 3 of 5/1887

232 20 05 05 CDR Okay, Bruce. The dump's stopped now.

CC Okay. And wetll let you know if th_ets any-

th_ng additional that needs to be done along
those lines.

CC SPT, Houston. Over.

SPT Go ahead.

232 20 07 34 CC Roger. Looking over your shoulder on S05_

operations, we saw that you did the -you
started out with the M30S 64 and we thought
maybe you were Just reversing the order, but
we do not see an initiate yet on the first se-
quence which was MIOS 256. Over,

SPT I appreciate the reminder. I thought I had

it on the first one instead of the second one.
I'll Just turn them around. Thank you,

CC Roger.

SPT I had m_ little timer set on the 256-second

exposure timer and it hadn't turned yellow.
In fact, it Just turned yellow about the time
you called. And I hadn't noticed that I was
really on a 64 on the panel,

232 20 08 29 CC Okeydoke. And we have _2 seconds to LOS here

at Guam. Next station contact in 30 minutes at
Vanguard at 20:38, Out.

232 20 29 13 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Vanguard for the

next 9 minutes and 50 seconds, For your infor-
mation, the momentum state is about i0 percent
higher than what we anticipated and we would
like to have you enable the TACS, six switches,
on the ATM panel, And also to enable TACS in
the computer at this time. Over.

CC Okay, And we do expect about one or two

minimum impulse bit firing during the
dump - during M092.

SPT Okay. I've got the six switches, and are you
looking for a 52010 plus a 50001.
TAG Tape 232-09/T-289
Page 4 of 5/1888

232 20 40 33 CC 52011 for enable, Owen. I thought you spoke

octal. And -

SPT We need another data word in there and I think

it's 50001 after the function command,

CC Roger, That is correct ° But 52011 is the first.

SPT Roger. I was Just checking to make sure that

we agreed on the data word that went with it,
Br uc e.

232 20 41 18 PLT Say, Bruce, I got a little more word on S019.

It's still hung up, but in looking around for
those two antennas, I found the other one by
giving myself h degrees of tilt at about
268 rotation and that's the one that's got
black background. And so it looks like I'm
pointing it at about the right place, Do you

CC Roger, Jack; we do, And have you - when you

were trying to retract, were you looking
though the optics and could you tell whether
the thing was coming in at all? Over.

PLT No, At the time I tried to retract, I was

not looking through the optics, l've been
looking through the optics since, but the
thing won't retract or extend either one.

232 20 42 ii CC Okay. We're - we're still working on the

problem in the backroom.

PLT Okay. But it looked like to me that we've

now verified that the rotation and tilt have
not slipped out of position, Is that right?

CC Roger. That's correct.

232 20 44 23 CC PLT, Houston. One more question when you have

a moment. We're wondering if you've tried
tilt to determine whether you have a full
30 degrees of tilt capability. If you haven't
already done it and you decide to do so, why
he gentle with it. We think that if it's not
completely extended, you may have something on
P_ TAG Tape 232-09/T-289
Page 5 of 5/1889

the order of i0 degrees of tilt capability, and

then the backside of the mirror would come up
against the inside of the telescoping canister.

PLT Okay. After I get an opportunity to do that, why

I'ii try it out and let you know how it works,

CC Roger. It's NTC, as we say in the space program.

PLT Okay.

232 20 _8 I0 CC Skylab, this is Houston, One minute until LOS

here at Vanguard, Next station contact is
though the Canaries at 20:59 in about ii minutes.
And for the PLT, we're working on setting up your
private family conversation for this evening.
tentatively planning on Bermuda at 01:44 for a
9-minute pass. And we'll let you know when
things are firmed up and when we've contacted
the other party to confirm it. Over.

PLT Okay, Bruce. Thank you.

232 20 59 18 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Canary and

Madrid for 13-1/2 minutes, Out,

TAG Tape 232-I0/T_290
Time: 232:21:00 to 232:22:30
Page 1 of 1/1891


232 21 06 54 CC Skylab, Houston now coming to you though Madrid.

We will be dumping the data/voice tape recorder
this pass.

232 21 08 40 CC Skylab, Houston; 4 minutes to LOS. Out.

232 21 ll 59 CC Skylab, this is Houston; 1 minute to LOS here

at Madrid. Next station contact in 27 minutes
over Guam at 21:39. Out,

232 21 38 27 CC Skylab, Houston through Guam for 4-1/2 minutes.

232 21 42 44 CC Skylab, Houston; 40 seconds to LOS. Honeysuckle

at 48.

SPT Okay, Hank. Glad to see you're back on the Job.

CC Oh, I've been listeningall day while they run

through that condensate thing. I guess we had
no luck with it.

SPT Well, not yet, anyway. But we haven't put her

back together yet. Understand you went through
it all up in St. Louis.

CC Well, I went through the mechanical part of it.

I wasn't allowed to really check the leaks or
cut anything.

232 21 48 22 CC Skylab, Houston through Honeysuckle, .

4-1/2 minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston; 1 minute to LOS. Canaries at 37.

TAG Tape 232-11/T-291
Time: 232:22:.3G to 232_2h:00
Page 1 of 3/1893


232 22 37 37 CC Skylab, Houston through Canaries and Madrid for

13 minutes.

CC And, Skylab; Houston. We would like someone

to - if it's convenient, to get up to the
ATM console and inhibit the TACS, first in the
software and then with the switches.

CDR Owen's on the way.

CC And while you're there, we'd like to get the


CDR He'll do that, too.

SPT And just for accounting purposes, we're down

to 82 frames at this point on 82B.

CC Roger; we copy.

232 22 40 32 CC Skylab, Houston. Do we still have somebody up

in the MDA?

SPT Nearby.

CC Okay. What we want to do is re - reinitiate

the cabin purge per Maneuver Checklist M509
Foxtrol 3 Alfa. And I thought while you're up
at the MDA to go ahead and get the AM FILL
as before, we'll leave those open until we
we either get h psi partial pressure 02 or
5.7 psi cabin, whichever comes first, and then
at that time we'll turn both of those switches

SPT Okay. Say again the switches, Hank.

CC Okay. On panel 225 there, the AM FILL PRIMARY,

OPEN, and the 02 FILL PRIMARY we'd like to
have OPEN.

232 22 41 49 SPT Okay. I think we got them.

TAG Tape 232-II/T-291
Page 2 of 3/1894

CC Okay. And then when - whenever it's convenient,

we'd like you to pick up in the Maneuver Experi-
ment Checklist there the cabin purge per Foxtrot 3
Alfa. I think that's on page 18-3.

SPT Stand by, Hank. I don't have that book up here.

Maybe A1 has it down in the wardroom.

CC Okay, whenever it's convenient. All we need from

you is a time or a mark whenever you do turn the
valve to dump and start the purge.

SPT Roger. Jack's got it.

232 22 42 27 CDR I just turned on the heater.

CC Roger; we copy.

232 22 42 30 CDR Okay. We finished the bubble check, Hank, and no

bubbles nowhere; and so we're breaking down the

232 22 42 hl CC All right; we copy. And I guess we are a little

disappointed we didn't find anything.

CDR Not half as disappointed as we are, I'll tell you.

CC I know that was a lot of work, but we really

appreciate you trying.

232 22 44 54 SPT Hank, just a brief comment, for the stowage peo-
ple, we talked about a couple of times before.
We don't seem to have enough of these large paper
clips up here. They're about 2 inches wide and
they have a spring that clamps them together and
then a snap on the - one of the levers - push-
buttons on the back; it will allow you to clip it
onto any of the snaps we have placed around the
spacecraft. And we need them here on the ATM
panel; we need them down in the wardroom, and
we've only got about half a dozen on board. We
could probably use three times that many. And
they might want to bring them up on the next
flight. Over.

CC Roger; we copy, Owen.

r- TAG Tape 232-ii/T-291
Page 3 of 3/1895

232 22 50 25 CC Skylab, Houston; we're about 20 seconds from LOS.

We'll be coming up on Carnarvon at 18.

232 23 17 55 CC Skylab, HousZon through Carnarvon and Honeysuckle

for 14 minutes. And we'll be dumping the data/
voice recorder here at Carnarvon.

232 23 20 15 CC Skylab, Houston. Do you have a time for us,

approximately, when you started the purge?

SPT A1 reports that it's not started yet; he's work-

ing on the condensate. But he will be starting
it in a few minutes.

CC Okay, no problem. We Just - It looked like, by

our telemetry down here, you may have already
started it. No problem.

232 23 21 45 CC Skylab, Houston; for the PLT or CDR, did the CDR
get the full protocol on the M0927

SPT Affirmative.

CC Thank you, sir.

232 23 29 09 CDR Okay, Hank, I've just started the purge for 509.

CC Roger. Thank you, AI.

CDR And l'm also going to start dumping the condensate -

the waste tank now.

232 23 29 23 CC Roger. We copy.

TAG Tape 233-01/T-292
Time: 233:00:00 to 233:01:31
Page 1 of 7 /1897


233:00:04:52 CC Skylab, Houston, through MLA for 16 minutes. Cor-

rection, make that ii minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston, for the PLT if it's convenient.

Did you ever do the full TILT tests on the S0197

CC Skylab, Houston, for the PLT. Did you do the full

tip test - fUll TILT tests on the S019?

PLT I did a partial one. I didn't do a full one. I'll

do it right now. We just got done with - we just
got done with the condensate system.

CC And, Skylab, Houston. PLT, while you're up there,

we have a question on the post-ops on S019. If you
did not do those, we need to set the film advance
lever counterclockwise to STOWAGE and close the
film hatch.

233 O0 07 16 PLT Oh, I did all that, Hank. And I Just did the full
TILT test and I get a 32.7 out of it.

CC PLT, Roger; we copy.

CC SPT, Houston. We have a few questions on S063.

SPT Go ahead.

CC Roger. First, what was the exposure setting on the

Nikon, NK02, when the film ran through?

SPT Okay, I was just turning it out of STOP, up to

either i or 2 seconds. And as I rotated the timer
out of STOP was when the - the sequencing began
and ran on through for about 9 or i0 frames. Is
that the exposure setting you're talking about or
are you talking of the one on top of the camera?

CC We wanted to know the one on the camera and also

the exposure setting on the timer.

233 00 09 34 SPT Okay, well, I was just rotating the timer settings
out of - out of OFF. Now there are two settings
on the - on the camera. The one on the back nor-
mally sets in T, and it might have been slightly
TAG Tape 233-01/T-2-9_P-
Page 2 of 7/1898

out of T _ Just a few degrees - you know,

5 or i0 degrees. It was not over in C or whatever
the third letter is. It was very near T, but it
might have been slightly out of that detent. And
the exposure setting on top should have been in T,
as I recall that it was also. I - I don't remember
making an extra_check on it after the - the - the
frames moved through. But, as I recall, it was
also in T.

233 00 l0 20 CC Roger; we copy. What did the frame downcounter

read before connecting the counter? The ti - the
downcounter is on the electric drive.

SPT Ten. 10.

CC Okay, and do you recall what the frame upcounter

read at that time?

SPT It was reading 30, I believe - either 30 or 32.

It was reading correctly because I think there
were h2 exposures and there were i0 remaining;
so the frames up checked with that at 32.

CC Okay, and one last question. What was the posi-

tion of the camera lens when the film ran through?

SPT I'm not quite sure what the - what you're asking
me, Hank. Position of the lens in what way? The
lens was attached. Is that what you mean?

CC I'm thinking we want an f-stop here, Owen.

23B 00 ii 18 SPT Okay, the f-stop was - must have been in MIN at
that time. I forgot what the MIN setting on the
B5 - on the 35-millimeter is, but I think that it's
about 4.

CC Okay, what we're trying to do here, Owen, is de-

termine if this BB15 film can be used again.

SPT Oh, okay; fair enough. I had assumed that it

could not. And I assumed that the reason that
the film cycled through was because I might have
had that knob on the back slightly out of T. Is
that the general consensus down there, that that

TAG Tape 233-01/T-292

Page 3 of 7/1899

CC We suspect that may be the - the - the problem,

Owen; we're not sure. I - I know from my experi-
ences with that camera, I know it's pretty touchy

SPT Okay.

233 00 13 35 CDR Say, Hank, when we finished putting those panels

back on with several screws, we decided to put all
the screws in gray tape and put them in locker 620
in a screw drawer we've got there. We were afraid
they might get looe down there in the heat ex-
changers and things and cause some problem. So
they're all down there in 620, in case anybody
i everwantsto put themback.

CC Roger; we copy, and we concur in that.

233 00 15 17 CC CDR, Houston. If we've got the mol sieves up and

running, I guess what we'd like to do is verify
that the M0L SIEVE A TIMER is in PRImaRY.

SPT We're checking, Hank.

CDR Okay. It is now, Hank. Let me ask you a position

you'll probably want to verify. Where do you want
to AUTO DISCONNECT switches and where do you really
want the FILL 0D on 216 connected?

CC Say again your question regarding the auto -


CDR On the AUTO DISCONNECT for the FANS, should they

be in AUTO or OFF? They've been in OFF up to now.
I'm not sure if you want them to stay there. And
about the FILL disconnect on 216.

233 00 16 43 CC Roger. We'll check it and we'll have a short LOS

here for about 3 minutes and we'll be back up over
Madrid at 19.

233 00 19 51 CC Skylab, Houston through Madrid for 8 minutes. And

CDR, Houston. In regard to your questions on the
CONDENSATE module in step 19 there, we want to
connect the FILL line that has been dangling all
during the test, back up to the FILL O_ on the
condensate module and then disconnect your water
surge and umbilical from the dump line QD and
hook that line back up to the dump 0D on the con-
densate module.
TAG Tape 23B-01/T-292
Page 4 of 7 /1900

233 00 20 29 CDR Okay. That's what we did and it's sitting there
right now. I Just didn't know if you wanted it
that way or not.

CC Right. We're putting the - the small condensate

tank back in the loop as it was when We started.

CDR Okay.

CC CDR, Houston. We're still working on that FANS

DISCONNECT switch. We think it should be in AUTO,
but we're not sure yet. We're going to give you
an answer. You say you found it in OFF?

233 00 22 61 CDR I can't remember, Hank. I have to go look at my

onboard data, but I - I don't remember. It's pre-
sently in OFF. Another question, we want to make
sure that we don't - As soon as y'all decide what
we're going to do about the condensate system, and
if we're not going to do any more, I'd like to get
that hose and things put back into a configuration
we use them in because what I'm afraid is we might
forget it, and then we get down to deactivation or
something and get in a time-critical sequence and
suddenly discover that hose is configured sort of
funny, like it is right now.

CC Roger. We - We're - we copy; and we'll stay on

top of that, A1.

233 00 25 56 CC CDR, Houston. We've checked and the FANS DISCON-

NECT switch should be in AUTO.

233 00 27 14 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about i minute from LOS.

We'll be coming up on Carnarvon at 53. And I'd
like to verify that the CDR copied my switch pos-

PLT Righto. Hank. And it's there.

CC Thank you very much, sir.

233 00 28 27 CC Skylab, Houston. For info, our telemetry shows

psi on the PP02.

233 00 53 4h CC Skylab, Houston through Carnarvon and Honeysuckle

for lh-i/2 minutes.
TAG Tape 233-01/T-292
Page 5 of 7/1901

CDR Okay.

CC And Skylab, we've been looking at this housekeep-

ing 60 Charlie you're doing here - bed bakeout.
And we notice an oversight during the checklist
that the MOL SIEVE A FAN DISCONNECT switch should
be in the OFF position for this bed bakeout. And
it's not called out there on page 9-8, and we're
in the process of working on the checklist change
for you; however, we'd like to get it OFF. And
it should go back to the AUTO position in - in
housekeeping 60 Charlie 4.

CDR Okay. We just turned it to OFF.

233 O0 55 05 CDR And, Hank, Just cranked up the tape recorder.

Going to record a little UV MON.

CC I think you must have read ATOM's mind. He was

just going to talk about that.

CDR We won't forget him.

CDR Okay. He's got several sequences and a few extra

thrown in.

CC Roger; we copy.

233 01 00 09 CDR I don't know what we did, but I noticed that the
condensate DELTA-P is higher than it's been since
we've been up here. It's up at 5.

CC Roger; we copy.

CDR That thing's never been above 4.2 since we've

been here. Maybe we - maybe the soap got in the

CDR If it gets any higher, we're going to get worried.

CC Roger; we copy.

CDR We just figured it out. We got 5.7 in the cab -

in the cabin.

CC Okay. EGIL had Just come to that same conclusion.

TAG Tape 233-01/T-292
Page 6 of 7/1902

CDR Yes, he's raining on our parade again. Hey, I'll

tell you. Are you aware that aft light h and
aft light 2 in the MDA are not working and they're
not burned-out bulbs. Apparently just had some
sort of a switch failure.

CC Understand aft h and aft 2 are not working?

CDR That's affirmative. That switch doesn't seem to

turn them off and on. I changed the bulbs because
as I thonght it was - perhaps they Just burned
out, but no - no luck. I checked the circuit
breakers, too, and they're closed.

CC Let us study that one a bit.

CDR Okay.

233 01 02 2h CDR What's the latest thoughts down there on SO19?

CC CDR, Houston. We're going to plan on normal ops

here tomorrow with it, since it seems to be free
in the tilt and the roll; however, we still don't
have an answer on the retraction problem.

CDR Okay. I guess we can Just leave it there and use

all the film up. Maybe by then we would have
solved it somehow.

CC Well, that's what we're hoping for; and I think

in general that's our plan, A1.

CDR Good one.

233 01 03 07 CC Skylab, We're about to hand over to Honeysuckle.

There'll be a short dropout here.

233 01 03 35 CC Skylab, Houston. We're back with you through

Honeysuckle. We have about 4-1/2 minutes left.

CDR Okay.

CC Skylab, Houston. Our telemetry shows that the

AM FAN, DUCT switch is still OFF and it should
be in HIGH.

CDR Just a second, Jack was Just configuring this thing

for bakeout. Now which is it?
TAG Tape 233-01/T-292
Page 7 of 7/1903

CC That's the AM FANS, DUCT. That was one of the

fans that was turned off for the condensate thing,
panel 203.

CDR Okay; Thank you, you were right. They were off;
we got them now.

CC Thank you, sir.

CC Skylab, Houston; 1 minute to LOS. Texas at 39.

233 01 07 36 CDR Okay.

TAG Tape 233-02/T-293
Time: 233:01:31 to 233:03:00
Page 1 of 7 /1905


233 01 39 09 CC Skylab, Houston, we're stateside for 14-1/2 minutes.

PLT What time is my phone call, Hank?

CC Roger, Jack. It is set up now for 01:h3, which

is about 4 minutes from now over Bermuda. However,
we have been unable to contact your father.

233 01 4l 16 PLT Hey, Hank, how about my wife? Is she home tonight?
Give her a call and if she's home, why, I'll talk
to her.

CC PLT, Houston. We've been trying to get in touch

with her to see if we had another phone number
for your dad. We'd like to keep trying and perhaos
as we can reschedule uP to as late as the next

PLT Okay, that's fine with me, Hank. That'll be -

I'll Just be standing by. I thinl maybe the next
stateside's going to be a little late, though,
isn't it?

CC Roger, that's in your sleep period. We might be

able to work something out, though, on one of the
other sites prior to that.

PLT Okay. Well, I'm going to make sure I hit the sack
by 3 o'clock. So if it's after that, why we'll
do it a different time. Otherwise, it'd be nice
if you'd keep trying to get something before that

CC Okay, we'll keep trying.

PLT Thank you.

233 01 k3 08 CC SPT, Houston. We show from our calculations that

the spacecraft is going to pass within about
125 nautical miles of - of Enid tonight. At about
03:20 will be your first acquisition and you should
be able to see that out of STS window B. And the
town is planning to turn on all their lights for
you, including the National Guard's searchlights
and all the football field lights and everything,
at about 03:20 Zttlu.
TAG Tape 233-02/T-293
Page 2 of 7/1906

SPT Amazing. Okay, I'll be watching at 03:20 and - -

PLT ...

SPT - - I don't know whether they have any link to the

MOCR to hear any cormments or not, but I'll be
looking out the window at that time. And I'll
be talking to you; let you know what I see.

CC Okay, we'll have the comm up over that pass. It's

a little past your bedtime, but this looks like
the best time to work it in.

SPT Okay, fine. Thank you very much, Hank.

233 01 44 lh CC And, CDR, Houston. If it's convenient, could you

give us the frames remaining on the ATM this pass?

SPT Yes, I'll give it to you in Just a minute, Hank.

You ssid STS window which?

CC Number 3 appears to be the best. And we were won-

dering if the wardroom window was somewhat aligned
in that direction. We're not sure. We can't seem
to get ahold of a good model here.

SPT The wardroom window is, at the moment, looking out

course flight A, somewhat to the right side of our
track if you face in a forward direction, because
of the high Beta angle. But I'll try it out of
STS 3.

CC Roger, The - Enid will be off the left side of

your groundtrack, about 125 miles northwest of
your groundt rack.

CDR Did you want a nightly report?

CC Roger, we're standing by for the status report.

CDR Well, hang on; here it comes. 139, 135, 172;

5280, 8716, 5951; 6.238, 6.238, 6.2_i; 5.980,
5.978, 5.979; 6.975, 6.971, 6.973. Exercise: CDR,
none; SPT, 2/B0/h300, 1/20 - and it's Mark I with
60 A's, 60 B's, and 40 D's; Pilot, 1/05/0554,
2/30/6760, 3/05/Mark i, 50 A, 20 B, 20 D, and
20 backbends. No medications. Sleep: 7/G; 7/G;
6-1/2/G. Here comes the food log: CDR, 13 salt,

TAG Tape 233-02/T-293

Page 3 of 7/1907

no deviations; SPT, four salt, one butter cookie

and one Jam added; PLT, 2-1/2 salt, one orange
drink, and one butter cookie added. Photo log:
no 16 millimeter; 35 millimeter follows: CXl3,
52; CI101, 37; CX25, 039. No change in drawer A
configuration. Flight Plan looks good tomorrow;
shopping list accomplished, none. Inoperable
equipment: MDA lights 2 and 4; SO19 retract.
Unscheduled stowage item location change: screws
from the heat exchanger and assorted work there
is in E-620; all water equipment fittings and the
hoses and things that came out a little bit extra,
because it hasn't been put back into configuration,
is in D-44h. That's it.

233 Ol 47 h8 CC Roger; we copied that, Skylab. And we are won-

define, on day 23, the PLT was scheduled for an
M487-3 Bravo, and we didn't get a dump tape on
that and we expected he picked that up tods,v and
wonder if he did?

PLT That's affirm. I did, Hank.

CC Okay; good show.

CC Skylab, Houston. The other day we voiced up a

little task on your shopping list for removing
the 53 high torques, or most of them, from the
cabin heat exchanger. We wondered, Just for our
planning here, did you get any of that accomplished?

CDR No, we've only got - I got - I pulled out about

seven or eight the other day and that was about

CC Okay, we copy.

233 01 49 ll PLT Hank, I wouldn't be surprised but what - my father

is over at my sister's house. Name there is
Marvin Gertz - C-E-R-T-Z, Jackson, Michigan.

CC Okay. We'll check it.

PLT Thank you.

TAG Tape 233-02/T-293
Page 4 of 7/1908

233 01 52 35 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about I minute from LOS.

We'll be coming up on Madrid at 57. That was
originally scheduled for your reed conference.
We're _oing. to move that to Carnarvon. And, Jack,
we have your father on the line and we'll be all
set up for Madrid at 57.

PLT Okay. Thanks a lot.

CC We - We don't have the best antenna for you here.

We'll - You may have to fidget with that a little.

PLT Okay. I 'll find it, Hank. Thank you.

CC PLT, Houston. If you read still, we suggest the

right antenna.

233 01 53 52 PLT Okay. Thank you, Hank.

233 01 58 36 CC Skylab, Houston through Madrid for 7 minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston. How do you read? Over.

SPT Loud and clear, Hank.

CC Okay. Skylab, Houston. We're still standing by

for those frame counts from the - at the end of
the last pass.

SPT Stand by.

SPT Okay, Hank, H-alpha is 1424, 56 reads 1263,

82A reads 25, 82B reads 69, 52 reads 210h, and
54 reads 1950. Over.

CC Roger. We copy. And Just to pass up some info

that - so you can be thinking about it, the in-
stallation of the rate gyro six pack is under
consideration now for the EVA on Frids_f. The
final decision probably won't be made for a couple
of days yet. But tonight, we're going to be
up-linking a message in which we will run a temp-
erature test on the rate gyros and that must be
accomplished prior to the EVA so we got to do it
so that if they do make a decision to do that
Friday, we'Ii be ready for it. And what this
TAG Tape 233-02/T-293
Page 5 of 7/1909

procedure does in simple terms is to compare the

temperature outputs of the - through the test
connector there with measurements that we'll make
with the digital thermometer there and see if we
can use a digital thermometer during flight to
monitor the temperatures of the case and get an
idea of what the gyro is doing inside. And we'll
be up-linking that procedure now and we'll prob-
ably give you a Flight Plan Delta tomorrow for
the SPT in which we will start you on that by
rearrangin_ and deleting some of your items there.
Probably delete the science demo, but ED52 we'll
move around and let you start on it and the
housekeeping about 14:30 around the ATM pass.

233 02 01 52 SPT Okay. Sounds fine. We'll be looking for it.

CC We have a few news items here if you'd be inter-

ested in listening here. We got about 3-1/2 min-
utes left here in Madrid.

SPT Let 's hear them.

CC Okay. The former Commander of the Laotian Air

Force was killed in a plane crash today leading
an aborted plot against the 13-year old govern-
ment of Prince Souvanna Phouma who said that his
forces smashed the coup 7 hours after it started.
Houston public schools opened today and all the
school teachers were on strike for higher wages
and other benefits. The Houston Teacher's Asso-
ciation represents most of the school district's
9000 teachers. All Mexican gulf port were closed
todaw because of Brenda. The National Hurricane
Center at Miami said the storm was moving slightly
south of due west, having reached hurricane force.
The greatest threat appears to be the coastal
sections of Mexico, between Vera Cruz and Tampico,
on Tuesday. However, forecasters say the storm
could strike anywhere along the 800 miles between
Corous Christi and the southern portion of Mexico.
The l0 fires that we ta]ked about the other day are
still out of control on more than ll0,000 acres
of range and forest lands in the west today, as
fire fighting efforts focused on northern
California near Yosemite National Park. The blazes
in four states are being fought by 6500 trained
forest fire fighters and 2000 support personnel.
TAG Tape 233-02/T-29B
Page 6 of 7/1910

The United States and six European countries have

signed a new agreement for Joint space research.
The program calls for, among other projects, co-
operative construction of a space laboratory to
be launched under our Space Shuttle Program in
Joint European development of the French-designed
LB5 rocket. A windup document covering the agree-
ment is to be signed by NASA and Israel in
Washington on September 24th. The Skylab news
today focused on your TV coverage of Brenda, the
TO20 flight yesterday, today's checks for leaks,
and your television variety show, which got good
coverage on the networks last night. In sports,
Bill Robinson, the Philadelphia Phillies B0-year
old outfielder, was having his first really solid
year in the major leagues knocked in all five runs
yesterday as the Phils beat the Astros 5 to 3.
He got four of them with a grand-slam homer in
the third inning. Today's papers report that
George Forman is expected to defend his heavy-
weight boxing championship against Joe Frazer
in the Astrodome this November. One final note,
the public affairs newsroom here reports that they
received quite a few calls these days from peonle
all over the country who have seen Skylab, and
who would like their best wishes to be rels_ved
to you.

23B 02 Oh 40 SPT Well, we want to acknowledge all those good wishes,

Hank, and relay our interest in all the folks down
there and our appreciation for having us in mind.

CC Thank you, Owen. And we're about 40 second from

LOS. We'll be coming up on Carnarvon at 33 and
that will be your med conference.

CC And, Skylab, in the event that we don't get to

talk to you past Carnarvon, Honeysuckle is a very
short pass and the next pass would be at stateside
after your bedtime, so we'll say good night now.
But we'll be standing by, have the comm up in
case you have any comments on looking at Enid -
Enid. The forecast there tonight is clear.

SPT That sounds good, H-nk. I'll be on the comm up

here in the ATM area.

233 02 05 41 CC Okay.

TAG Tape 233-02/T-293

Page 7 of 7/1911

233 02 44 12 CC Skylab, Houston. We're through Honeysuckle. We've

got about a minute here.

CC Skylab, Houston. We have about a minute through


CC And Skylab, Houston. We'd like to verify that

you did get the cabin purge started?

SPT The answer is yes, Hank, and it was - A1 reported

it earlier.

CC Okay, very good. And, 0wen, the channel 5 in Enid

is going to be carrying live any comments you may
have. And we got a late score in here. The Astros
beat the Pirates l0 to 2 and J.R. Richard is now
five and one.

SPT Okay, that's fine. And I'll be on the headset

up there in about a half hour.

233 02 45 17 CC Okay, and we're about l0 seconds from LOS. We'll

say good night and we'll be listening up over

PLT Good night, Hank.

PLT Hey, Hank, thanks again for setting up that phone

call. My dad was amazed and very pleased.

233 02 45 hl CC Okay, glad to do it. The guys down here really -

really did good work getting switched over to
Madrid in time.

TAG Tape 233-03/T-29h
Time: 233:03:00 to 233:10:30
Page i of 3/1913


233 03 17 17 SPT Hello, Houston; Skylab.

CC Hello, there.

SPT Say again there, Houston.

CC Roger. We copy you, Owen, and reading you loud

and clear.

SPT Okay. Fine, Hank. I don't think anybody's

asleep yet down below. They Just went down to
hit the pad a couple of minutes ago and we're
Just now crossing BaJa, California. I Just see
the first few lights on the land as they - as we
come across and about 30 seconds ago we Just had
sunset in the spacecraft coming over the western
Pacific - eastern Pacific, I guess.

CC Okay. And I think that window's going to be all

right for you. We ran it through the computer
and Enid should be as I said about 125 miles
north of your groundtrack.

SPT Yes, it looks real good. It looks to me like out

this window I can look - Almost - I can look
straight down essentially, on the pass over Okla-
homa City about directly over - directly beneath
me and Enid will be off a little bit to my left,
which I can see quite well. Letts see, ought to
be over Mexico about this time and coming up
north toward the border. I meant to mention, too,
Hank, about 15 minutes ago I collected Arabella's
web. She wasn't too happy about the whole idea
and have it filed away in the container for return
back when we come back in about 5 weeks.

233 03 18 55 CC Roger; we copy.

SPT Okay. We ought to Just be about ready to cross

the Mexico/U.S. border about this time and it does
look nice and clear down there. I can see several
large cities. We should be passing a little bit
TAG Tape 233-03/T-294
Page 2 of 3/1914

to the east of E1 Paso, according to our ground-

track up here. So these cities are probably still
in southern Mexico. How about northern Mexico?

23B 03 20 03 SPT Okay. Now that looks like Dallas-Ft. Worth down
there slightly to my right all lit up very clearly.

SPT And Alan Bean says to have - tell the friends

down in Ft. Worth for him and _allas as well,
hello, from him.

CC Roger.

SPT Okay. Now that must be Ardmore and up ahead of

us a little ways is Oklahoma City. And I see
Enid Just coming in at the top part of the window
now. Stands out very clearly. Boy, it's a
beautiful clear night. I can see a few thunder-
storms way off toward the northwest, towards Colo-
rado, but not a thing in the Texas/Oklahoma area.
And there's Tulsa over to the east.

233 03 22 01 SPT Okay. Wetve Just passed over Oklahoma City, I

believe, and we see Enid quite clearly off to the
northwest. It's a beautiful night out, as I
mentioned, and it's certainly the best opportunity
we've had to see this part of the country in the
evening. One of our first evening passes over
the southwest U.S. We did have a few passes in
the afternoon intervals a couple of weeks ago.
Now we're quite a ways up to the north. Looks
like we can see up into Illinois.

CC Okay. The folks in Enid should have all the

lights up for you.

SPT Okay. We've Just passed over St. Louis. We

covered it so quickly and we can see clear up
to Chicago, Illinois, now, Lake Michigan up
here. So we really have to talk fast and cover
a lot of ground, It was only about i0 minutes
ago that we saw - sped over the Pacific and we
can see - Chicago a]1 the _y around the southern
tip of Lake Michigan. So it only takes a brief
minute to pass by. And we did have a good look
all the way across the U.S. southwest and we
want to say hello and best wishes to all of our
j TAG Tape 233-03/T-294
Page 3 of 3/1915

good friends down there in the southwest, espe-

cially in Enid and down in Texas where Alan's
from as well. So we appreciate very much you
folks going to all the extra trouble to get your
lights out on and so brightly that we couldn't
miss it and we'll be looking down at your direc-
tion many other times during the daytime when we
won't have to use lights to see you. So best
wishes to you all.

233 03 23 42 CC Thank you very much , Owen, and on - before you

leave the MDA there, we'd like for you to get the
SO56 door open. That - that'll clean up the panel

SPT Okay. We'll open that door for you and certainly
appreciate having a chance to stay up a little
late and see all these sites. It was a beautiful
night, Hank. It's the prettiest night over the
U.S. we_ve had since we've been up here.

233 03 2_ 02 CC Okay. Sandy said it was supposed to be good

weather there tonight.

CC We'll say good night now. We'll close down our


SPT Okay. Just a minute here. Let me get the doors

open for you up here.

CC We Just needed that one door, S056.

SPT It's a - it's a gray right now, so you ought to

have it opened.

233 03 24 37 CC Roger; we see it.

TAG Tape 233-04/T-295
r Time: 233:10:30 to 233:12:00
Page 1 of 6/1917


233 ii 00 18 Music "Girl From Ipanema"

CDR Come in, Rio; come in, Rio.

233 ii 01 13 CDR Hello, Rio.

Music "Anchors Aweigh"

233 ii 01 50 CC Good morning, Skylab. The Cr_m_on Team's back

watching over you.

CDR Sounds great. We thought we must have Just been

passing over Rio there, Robert.

CC Well, you did, you Just passed over Ipanema Beach

about 30 minutes ago.

CDE Thought that might have been because of a local

radio station.

CC Yes, they got extended coverage.

CDR On the last Apollo flight I understood they got

a little extra music. It was local from Spain
and this time I guess we pick it up from Brazil.

CC Right.

233 ii 03 52 CC Skylab, we_ll have LOS in about i minute. We'll

see you again over the States at 11:22, about
18 minutes from now.

PLT Okay, trip, good morning.

CC Good morning, sir.

PLT What was that music you were playing, trip?

CC I think your skipper there could remind you.

CC We'll get one for you, Jack. The first one was
the "Girl From Ipanema." You guys Just passed over
Rio on this last trip.
TAG Tape 233-04/T-295
Page 2 of 6/1918

PLT How's that storm doing this morning, Bob?

CC She's a hurricane now.

CC She's a hurricane now, Jack.

PLT Are we going to make it over her this pass?

233 ll 05 30 CC Pretty close to it, yes.

233 ll 22 17 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS over the States for

lh-1/2 minutes.

CDR Okay, Crip. We wish you'd give Gary Hanisch

a call this morning and tell him we're thinking
about him up here. And we've decided to call
this one Gary Hanisch day up in Skylab. As you
know, he was our training coordinator and we
probably worked more closely with him than any-
body that we worked with during our 2-1/2 year
training period. We think he went way out of
his way to try to get us all the training that
we could think of, that he could think of.
Whatever he did - whatever it took to get us ready
to - to go on this mission in the best way pos-
sible. Sometimes I'd get up in the morning and
he'd be over there at the trainer collecting
film or leaving off some pictures or something,
and when I'd go to bed at night in the trainer,
he'd be over there picking up something else or
leaving something. So, he put in some long hard
hours and did a fantastic Job in a rather diffi-
cult and changeable atmosphere. And we really
appreciate it, so if you'd give him a call and
thank him and tell him we're dedicating this day
to him, we'd appreciate it.

233 ll 23 h2 CC Okay, we'll put that in work and in answer to

Jack's last question, you are guys - you guys
are coming over hurricane Brenda probably around
ll:3h, 35, something like that on this pass.

CDR Okay, he_s up there with his little TV camera and

I'm going up to the ATM.

CC Okeydoke, Also, we're going to need to get Jack

TAG Tape 233-04/T-295
Page 3 of 6/1919

to change out the teleprinter paper for us, please.

And we've got one more pad to come up when - when
that 's done.

CDR He 's way ahead of you, he 's already done it. So

send it up.

233 ll 24 14 CC Very good. And when you get a chance, A1, I've
got a couple of mods I need to - to make to your
Flight Plan for today.

CDR I know, you want me to do that condensate system

over again.

CC I heard you had fun with that yesterday. No, no

we're going to let you rest from that one for a
while. No, really what we want to do is put in
this rate gyro six-pack temperature-measurement
calibration that I think was mentioned to you
yesterday evening.

233 ii 25 26 CDR Okay, Crip; call it up.

CC Okay, on the general Flight Plan for -under the

SPT at 15:30, we need to delete all from "Desert
through science demo study." And to insert the
rate gyro temperature cue card procedures that
was up-linked to you this morning.

CDR Okay ; got that.

CC Okay, and under your colnmn, A1, for -you have

SO19 film installation scheduled at 13:45. Of
course, that won't be necessary because of our
problem with SO19, We want to substitute the
water servicing umbilical reconfiguration, which
we have just sent up a message also on for what
to do, because that's going to he necessary for
Jack to perform his housekeeping 8h that's coming

233 ll 26 42 CC And also, A1, you'_ve got a SO19 film stowage called
out at 24:00 and assuming that we don_t solve our
SO19 problem, you can - you can scru - that_ll be
scratched also.
TAG Tape 233-04/T-295
Page h of 6/1920

CDR Okay.

233 ii 26 56 CC Okay, and if - if Owen's detail pads are available,

he can delete his 15:30 and 15:20 entries just to
coincide with that rate gyro temp thing that we
talked about.

CC Okay, we have rewound the VTR and it belongs to

you guys 8_ain. And for your information, we will
not be updating the SAP today.

PLT What's going to be the best window for looking at

that hurricane, Crip?

233 ii 27 36 CC I'll see if I can give you one.

PLT Give you a picture of the sunrise, if you'd like