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Bantam Classics

Beginning in January 2003, Bantam Classics—the imprint that

makes great literature available, accessible and affordable for
classrooms and school libraries—will be getting a makeover.
• All-new full page art, typography, and covers
• Interior text re-set for greater legibility
• Pocket-sized with high quality paper and a sturdy binding
• All for the same low price!
Each title will still contain the same complete text of the time-honored
work as well as the authoritative translations, criticism, and introductory
essays that have made the Bantam Classics line valuable to teachers,
librarians, and most importantly, students. Our first delivery of new
and improved Bantam Classics are marked below.

Alcott, Louisa May Carroll, Lewis Defoe, Daniel Eliot, George

Jo’s Boys Alice’s Adventures in Robinson Crusoe Middlemarch
0-553-21449-7 | $4.95/$7.50C | 336 pp Wonderland and Through the 0-553-21373-3 | $5.95/$8.95C | 288 pp 0-553-21180-3 | $6.99/$9.99C | 816 pp
Looking Glass
Little Women Moll Flanders Silas Marner
0-553-213458 | $3.95/$4.95C | 256 pp
0-553-21275-3 | $3.95/$4.95C | 480 pp 0-553-21328-8 | $4.95/$7.50C | 272 pp 0-553-21229-X | $3.95/$5.50C | 192 pp
Cather, Willa
Anderson, Sherwood Emerson, Ralph Waldo
My Ántonia Dickens, Charles
Winesburg, Ohio Selected Essays, Lectures & Poems
0-553-21418-7 | $4.95/NCR | 320 pp David Copperfield
0-553-21439-X | $5.95/$8.95C | 256 pp 0-553-21388-1 | $5.95/$7.95C | 400 pp
0-553-21189-7 | $5.99/$8.99C | 832 pp
O Pioneers!
Appiah, Anthony, ed. 0-553-21358-X | $4.95/$5.95C | 224 pp Great Expectations Updated! Franklin, Benjamin
Early African-American Classics 0-553-21342-3 | $4.95/$6.95C | 496 pp The Autobiography & Other Writings
0-553-21379-2 | $6.95/$8.95C | 608 pp Chaucer, Geoffrey 0-553-21075-0 | $4.95/$6.95C | 304 pp
Oliver Twist
The Canterbury Tales 0-553-21102-1 | $4.95/$6.95C | 448 pp
Austen, Jane 0-553-21082-3 | $5.99/$8.99C | 448 pp Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
Emma The Pickwick Papers Yellow Wallpaper & Other Writings
0-553-21273-7 | $4.95/$6.95C | 448 pp Chopin, Kate 0-553-21123-4 | $6.99/$9.99C | 784 pp 0-553-21375-X | $5.95/$7.50C | 272 pp
Mansfield Park The Awakening and Updated! A Christmas Carol
Selected Short Stories Grahame, Kenneth
0-553-21276-1 | $4.95/$6.95C | 400 pp 0-553-21244-3 | $3.95/$5.95C | 112 pp
0-553-21330-X | $4.95/$5.95C | 240 pp The Wind in the Willows
Northanger Abbey A Tale of Two Cities Updated! 0-553-21368-7 | $3.95/$4.95C | 256 pp
0-553-21197-8 | $4.95/$7.50C | 240 pp Collins, Wilkie 0-553-21176-5 | $4.95/$6.95C | 384 pp
The Woman in White Hardy, Thomas
0-553-21137-4 | $4.95/$7.50C | 240 pp
0-553-21263-X | $5.95/$6.95C | 576 pp Dostoevsky, Fyodor Far from the Madding Crowd
0-553-21331-8 | $5.95/$7.95C | 384 pp
Updated! Conrad, Joseph Crime & Punishment
Pride and Prejudice
0-553-21310-5 | $4.95/$6.95C | 304 pp Heart of Darkness and
0-553-21175-7 | $6.99/$9.99C | 528 pp The Return of the Native
0-553-21269-9 | $4.95/$6.95C | 384 pp
The Secret Sharer Doyle, Arthur Conan
Sense and Sensibility Updated!
0-553-21334-2 | $4.95/$7.50C | 352 pp
0-553-21214-1 | $4.95/$6.95C | 224 pp
Sherlock Holmes, Jude the Obscure
Volume 1 0-553-21191-9 | $5.95/$8.95C | 448 pp
Lord Jim
Barrie, J.M. 0-553-21361-X | $4.95/$7.50C | 288 pp 0-553-21241-9 | $6.95/$9.95C | 944 pp Tess of the d’Urbervilles
Peter Pan 0-553-21168-4 | $4.95/$6.95C | 448 pp
Cooper, James Fenimore Sherlock Holmes, Updated!
0-553-21178-1 | $4.95/$6.95C | 176 pp
Volume 2 Hawthorne, Nathaniel
The Last of the Mohicans
Brontë, Charlotte 0-553-21242-7 | $6.95/$9.95C | 688 pp
0-553-21329-6 | $4.95/$6.95C | 400 pp The House of the Seven Gables
Jane Eyre Updated!
Du Bois, W.E.B. 0-553-21270-2 | $5.95/$7.95C | 256 pp
0-553-21140-4 | $4.95/$7.50C | 464 pp
0-553-21085-8 | $5.95/$7.95C | 528 pp The Souls of Black Folk The Scarlet Letter Updated!
Brontë, Emily 0-553-21336-9 | $5.50/NCR | 224 pp 0-553-21009-2 | $3.95/$5.50C | 256 pp
Updated! Crane, Stephen
Wuthering Heights Dumas, Alexandre Hieatt, Constance (trans.)
Maggie: A Girl of the Streets
0-553-21258-3 | $4.95/$6.95C | 320 pp
and Other Short Fiction The Count of Monte Cristo Beowulf and Other Old English Poems
Burnett, Frances Hodgson 0-553-21355-5 | $4.95/$5.95C | 208 pp 0-553-21350-4 | $6.50/$9.99C | 448 pp 0-553-21347-4 | $4.95/$7.50C | 192 pp
The Secret Garden The Red Badge of Courage The Three Musketeers Homer, translated
0-553-21201-X | $3.95/$5.50C | 256 pp 0-553-21011-4 | $3.95/$4.95C | 160 pp 0-553-21337-7 | $5.95/$6.95C | 560 pp
by Allen Mandelbaum Updated!
The Odyssey of Homer
0-553-21399-7 | $5.95/$8.95 | 560 pp

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Bantam Classics

Hugo, Victor Maugham, W. Somerset Stoker, Bram Virgil, translated Updated!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Of Human Bondage Dracula by Allen Mandelbaum
0-553-21370-9 | $5.95/$7.95C | 320 pp 0-553-21392-X | $5.95/NCR | 656 pp 0-553-21271-0 | $4.95/$6.95C | 432 pp The Aeneid of Virgil
0-553-21041-6 | $5.95/$8.95 | 416 pp
Jewett, Sarah Orne Melville, Herman Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Updated! Updated!
A Country Doctor Moby-Dick Uncle Tom’s Cabin Voltaire
0-553-21498-5 | $4.95/$7.50C | 288 pp 0-553-21311-3 | $4.95/$6.95C | 608 pp 0-553-21218-4 | $5.95/$8.95C | 480 pp Candide
Billy Budd, Sailor and Other Stories 0-553-21166-8 | $4.95/$6.95C | 128 pp
Joyce, James Swift, Jonathan
0-553-21274-5 | $4.95/$7.50C | 288 pp Wells, H.G.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Gulliver’s Travels and Other Writings
Young Man Orczy, Baroness Emmuska 0-553-21232-X | $3.95/$4.95C | 544 pp The Invisible Man
0-553-21404-7 | $4.95/$6.95C | 256 pp 0-553-21353-9 | $4.95/NCR | 160 pp
The Scarlet Pimpernel Thoreau, Henry David
Kafka, Franz 0-553-21402-0 | $4.95/NCR | 272 pp
Walden and Other Writings The Island of Dr. Moreau
The Metamorphosis 0-553-21432-2 | $4.95/NCR | 176 pp
Poe, Edgar Allan 0-553-21246-X | $4.95/$6.95C | 448 pp
0-553-21369-5 | $5.95/$7.95C | 224 pp The Time Machine Updated!
The Tell-Tale Heart and
Other Writings Twain, Mark 0-553-21351-2 | $4.95/NCR | 128 pp
Kipling, Rudyard
0-553-21228-1 | $5.95/$7.95C | 432 pp A Connecticut Yankee in King The War of the Worlds Updated!
Captains Courageous
Arthur’s Court 0-553-21338-5 | $4.95/NCR | 176 pp
0-553-21190-0 | $3.95/$5.50C | 160 pp Rostand, Edmond 0-553-21143-9 | $4.95/$6.95C | 288 pp
The Jungle Books Cyrano de Bergerac Wharton, Edith
Life on the Mississippi
0-553-21199-4 | $4.95/$6.95C | 336 pp 0-553-21360-1 | $4.95/$6.95C | 208 pp
0-553-21349-0 | $4.95/$6.95C | 320 pp
The Age of Innocence
Kim 0-553-21450-0 | $5.95/$7.95C | 336 pp
Shelley, Mary Updated! Pudd’nhead Wilson
0-553-21332-6 | $4.95/$7.50C | 288 pp
Frankenstein 0-553-21158-7 | $4.95/$6.95C | 160 pp
Ethan Frome and Other Short Fiction
0-553-21247-8 | $4.95/$7.50C | 240 pp 0-553-21255-9 | $4.95/$7.50C | 256 pp
Leroux, Gaston The Adventures of
Updated! Summer
The Phantom of the Opera Smith, Adam New! Huckleberry Finn
0-553-21376-8 | $4.95/$5.95C | 288 pp 0-553-21079-3 | $4.95/$7.50C | 304 pp 0-553-21422-5 | $4.95/$6.95C | 224 pp
The Wealth of Nations
London, Jack 0-553-58597-5 | $7.95/$10.95C | 1200 pp The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Wilde, Oscar
The Sea Wolf 0-553-21128-5 | $4.95/$6.50C | 240 pp The Picture of Dorian Gray and
Solzhenitsyn, Alexander Other Writings
0-553-21225-7 | $4.95/$6.95C | 256 pp
One Day in the Life of The Prince and the Pauper
0-553-21256-7 | $3.95/$4.95C | 240 pp 0-553-21254-0 | $4.95/$6.95C | 512 pp
The Call of the Wild Updated! Ivan Denisovich
and White Fang 0-553-24777-8 | $5.99/$7.99C | 224 pp Wyss, Johann
0-553-21233-8 | $4.99/$6.99C | 304 pp
Verne, Jules Updated! Swiss Family Robinson
Stevenson, Robert Louis 0-553-21403-9 | $4.95/$7.50C | 320 pp
To Build a Fire and Other Stories Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
0-553-21335-0 | $5.95/$8.95C | 400 pp 0-553-21252-4 | $5.99/$8.99C | 384 pp
0-553-21277-X | $3.95/$5.50C | 128 pp
Machiavelli, Niccolo Updated! Kidnapped Around the World in Eighty Days
The Prince 0-553-21260-5 | $3.95/$5.50C | 240 pp 0-553-21356-3 | $3.95/$5.95C | 176 pp
0-553-21278-8 | $4.50/$6.99C | 176 pp Treasure Island From the Earth to the Moon
0-553-21249-4 | $3.95/$5.50C | 208 pp 0-553-21420-9 | $5.95/$8.95C | 208 pp
Mann, Thomas
Death in Venice and Other Stories
0-553-21333-4 | $5.95/$5.95C | 320 pp
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Modern Library Paperback Classics

Modern Library Paperback Classics have the highest

production values of any paperback classics available.
Standard features include:
• Beautiful cover design All at a competitive price!
• Superior paper quality
• Typical margin width of 5/8” For a complete list of titles,
• Generous sized font
• First rate introductions and
scholarly endnotes
• Discussion guides bound into
most books

Adams, Henry Brontë, Emily Crane, Stephen Doyle, Arthur Conan

The Education of Henry Adams Wuthering Heights Maggie, A Girl of the Streets The Adventures and Memoirs of
0-679-64010-X | $12.95/$19.95C | 560 pp 0-375-75644-2 | $6.95/$9.95C | 464 pp and Other New York Writings Sherlock Holmes
0-375-75689-2 | $8.95/$13.95C | 288 pp 0-375-76002-4 | $12.95/$19.95C | 528 pp
Alcott, Louisa May Brown, William Wells
The Red Badge of Courage Dumas, Alexandre
Little Women Clotel
& The Veteran
0-375-75672-8 | $7.95/$10.50C | 528 pp 0-679-78323-7 | $10.95/$16.95C | 256 pp The Three Musketeers
0-679-78320-2 | $8.95/$13.95C | 336 pp
0-375-75674-4 | $9.95/$14.95C | 640 pp
Anderson, Sherwood Carroll, Lewis
Dana, Richard Henry, Jr.
Winesburg, Ohio Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Eliot, George
Two Years Before the Mast
0-375-75313-3 | $8.95/$13.95C | 272 pp 0-375-76138-1 | $8.95/$13.95C | 304pp Middlemarch
0-375-75794-5 | $11.95/$17.95C | 544 pp
0-679-78331-8 | $9.95/$14.95C | 848 pp
Antin, Mary Cervantes, Miguel de
Defoe, Daniel Silas Marner
The Promised Land Don Quixote
Robinson Crusoe 0-375-75749-X | $6.95/$9.95C | 240 pp
0-375-75739-2 | $10.95/$16.95C | 352 pp 0-375-75699-X | $11.95/$17.95C | 1168 pp
0-375-75732-5 | $7.95/$9.95C | 320 pp
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Bestseller
Chesterton, G.K.
Austen, Jane The Essential Writings
The Man Who Was Thursday: Dickens, Charles
Emma 0-679-78322-9 | $12.95/$19.95C | 880 pp
A Nightmare A Christmas Carol and
0-375-75742-2 | $7.95/$10.50C | 384 pp
0-375-75791-0 | $8.95/$13.95C | 224 pp Other Stories Franklin, Benjamin
Northanger Abbey 0-375-75888-7 | $7.95/$10.50C | 368 pp
Chopin, Kate Wit & Wisdom from Poor
0-375-75917-4 | $6.95/$9.95C | 256 pp
David Copperfield Richard’s Almanack
The Awakening & Other Stories
Persuasion 0-679-78341-5 | $7.95/$10.50C | 896 pp 0-679-64038-X | $10.95/$16.50C | 128 pp
0-679-78333-4 | $7.95/$10.50C | 448 pp
0-375-75729-5 | $5.95/$8.95C | 224 pp
Great Expectations Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
Pride and Prejudice Clark, Walter Van Tilburg
0-375-75701-5 | $7.95/$10.50C | 480 pp The Yellow Wall-Paper and
0-679-78326-1 | $7.95/$10.50C | 320 pp The Ox-Bow Incident
Hard Times Other Writings
0-375-75702-3 | $9.95/$14.95C | 256 pp
Sense and Sensibility 0-679-64217-X | $6.95/$9.95C | 368 pp 0-679-78340-7 | $7.95/$10.50C | 384 pp
Free Teacher’s Guide available
0-375-75673-6 | $6.95/$9.95C | 304 pp
Collins, Wilkie
Oliver Twist Haggard, H. Rider
0-375-75784-8 | $6.95/$9.95C | 480 pp She
Brontë, Anne The Moonstone
0-375-75905-0 | $8.95/$13.95C | 368 pp
0-375-75785-6 | $6.95/$9.95C | 528 pp
Agnes Grey Douglass, Frederick and
0-8129-6713-5 | $8.95/$13.95C | 240 pp The Woman in White Hardy, Thomas
0-375-75906-9 | $7.95/$10.95C | 704 pp Jacobs, Harriet
The Return of the Native
Brontë, Charlotte Life of Frederick Douglass 0-375-75718-X | $8.95/$13.95C | 448 pp
Jane Eyre Conrad, Joseph and
Heart of Darkness & Selections Incidents in the Life of a Tess of the d’Urbervilles
0-679-78332-6 | $7.95/$10.50C | 752 pp
from The Congo Diary Slave Girl 0-375-75679-5 | $7.95/$9.95C | 544 pp
0-375-75377-X | $7.95/$11.95C | 176 pp 0-679-78328-8 | $10.95/$16.95C | 432 pp
Typhoon and Other Stories
0-8129-6728-3 | $7.95/$10.50C | 224 pp

4 For title descriptions, sample chapters, free discussion and teacher’s guides, visit our website…
Modern Library Paperback Classics

Hawthorne, Nathaniel Leroux, Gaston Orczy, Baroness Emmuska Thoreau, Henry David
The Blithedale Romance The Phantom of the Opera The Scarlet Pimpernel Walden & Other Writings
0-375-75720-1 | $7.95/$9.95C | 272 pp 0-375-76113-6 | $8.95/$13.92C | 320 pp 0-8129-6611-2 | $7.95/$10.50C | 304 pp 0-679-78334-2 | $10.95/$16.95C | 848 pp
The House of the Seven Gables Leskov, Nikolai Scott, Sir Walter Tolstoy, Leo
0-375-75687-6 | $8.95/$11.95C | 336 pp
The Enchanted Wanderer Ivanhoe Anna Karenina
The Scarlet Letter 0-8129-6696-1 | $13.95/$21.00C | 336 pp 0-679-64223-4 | $8.95/$12.95C | 592 pp 0-679-78330-X | $9.95/$14.95C | 976 pp
0-679-78338-5 | $5.95/$8.95C | 304 pp
Lewis, Sinclair Shelley, Mary Twain, Mark
Twice-Told Tales Babbitt Frankenstein Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
0-375-75788-0 | $10.95/$16.95C | 432 pp
0-375-75925-5 | $9.95/$14.95C | 432 pp 0-375-75341-9 | $7.95/$10.95C | 352 pp 0-375-75737-6 | $5.95/$8.95C | 304 pp
Hugo, Victor New! Kingsblood Royal The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Sinclair, Upton
Toilers of the Sea 0-375-75686-8 | $12.95/$19.95C | 352 pp
The Jungle 0-375-75681-7 | $8.95/$13.95C | 304 pp
0-375-76132-2 | $12.95/$19.95C | 480 pp
0-375-75950-6 | $9.95/$14.95C | 416 pp A Connecticut Yankee in King
Irving, Washington London, Jack Arthur’s Court
Stevenson, Robert Louis 0-375-75780-5 | $7.95/$10.95C | 496 pp
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow The Call of the Wild, White Fang,
and To Build a Fire Kidnapped The Prince and the Pauper
and Other Tales
0-375-75251-X | $7.95/$10.95C | 288 pp 0-375-75725-2 | $7.95/$9.95C | 432 pp 0-375-76112-8 | $8.95/$13.95C | 240 pp
0-375-75721-X | $8.95/$13.95C | 384 pp
Klondike Tales Treasure Island Pudd’nhead Wilson
James, Henry 0-375-75682-5 | $5.95/$8.95C | 240 pp 0-812-96622-8 | $9.95/$14.95C | 288 pp
0-375-75685-X | $10.95/$16.95C | 304 pp
The Turn of the Screw &
In the Cage The Sea-Wolf Stoker, Bram Wells, H.G.
0-375-75740-6 | $5.95/$8.95C | 256 pp 0-679-78337-7 | $9.95/$14.95C | 320 pp Dracula The War of the Worlds
Washington Square 0-375-75670-1 | $10.95/$16.95C | 432 pp 0-375-75923-9 | $5.95/$8.95C | 224 pp
0-375-76122-5 | $7.95/$10.50C | 288 pp Melville, Herman Stowe, Harriet Beecher Wharton, Edith
Moby-Dick Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Jewett, Sarah Orne Ethan Frome & Summer
0-679-78327-X | $11.95/$17.95C | 928 pp 0-375-75693-0 | $8.95/$12.95C | 688 pp
The Country of the Pointed Firs 0-375-75728-7 | $7.95/$10.50C | 304 pp
and Other Stories Merwin, M.S. (trans.) The Age of Innocence
Swift, Jonathan
0-375-75671-X | $8.95/$13.95C | 272 pp The Song of Roland 0-375-75320-6 | $9.95/$14.95C | 304 pp
The Basic Writings of
0-375-75711-2 | $8.95/NCR | 160 pp Jonathan Swift
Kipling, Rudyard Whitman, Walt
New! 0-375-75795-3 | $19.95/$29.95C | 1136 pp
Wish House And Other Stories Nietzsche, Friedrich Leaves of Grass
0-812-96602-3 | $12.95/$19.95C | 496 pp Basic Writings of Nietzsche 0-679-78342-3 | $13.95/$21.00C | 800 pp
Tarkington, Booth
0-679-78339-3 | $14.95/$22.95C | 896 pp The Magnificent Ambersons
Larsen, Nella
Passing 0-375-75250-1 | $12.95/$19.95C | 228 pp
Norris, Frank
0-375-75813-5 | $8.95/$9.95C | 208 pp McTeague
0-375-76129-2 | $10.95/$16.95C | 544 pp 5
Fiction & Literature

Achebe, Chinua Agee, James Atwood, Margaret Barboza, Steven, ed.

Things Fall Apart A Death in the Family Cat’s Eye The African American Book of
0-385-47454-7 0-375-70123-0 0-385-49102-6 Values: Classical Moral Stories
TR | $9.95/NCR | 224 pp TR | $13.00/$19.95C | 320 pp TR | $13.95/NCR | 496 pp 0-7679-1294-2
Unquestionably the world’s most widely “An utterly individual and original Elaine Risley, a controversial painter, TR | $19.95/$29.95C | 960 pp
read African novel, its depiction of 19th of the most deeply must come to terms with her own A treasure trove of folk stories, true
century Nigeria combines a richly identity as a daughter, a lover, artist, tales, and other pearls of wisdom
worked out expressions of human
African story with a keen awareness of and woman—but above all she must
feeling that I have ever read.” featuring a host of historical figures, The
seek release from her haunting
the qualities common to all humanity. —Alfred Kazin, African American Book of Values pro-
memories. Cat’s Eye, is a breathtak-
Free Teacher’s Guide available The New York Times Book Review vides inspiration for readers of all ages.
ing novel of a woman grappling with
Free Discussion Guide available
the tangled knots of her life.
Baum, L. Frank
Adams, Douglas Bestseller Allende, Isabel Free Discussion Guide available
The Wizard of Oz
The Hitchhiker’s Guide The House of Spirits The Handmaid’s Tale Bestseller 0-679-41794-X
to the Galaxy 0-553-27391-4 0-385-49081-X HC | $12.95/$19.95C | 240 pp
0-345-39180-2 MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 448 pp TR | $12.95/NCR | 320 pp
MM | $7.50/NCR | 224 pp This is the magnificent saga of proud Set in a frightening America of the 0-345-33590-2
and passionate women and men and near future where women—catego- MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 240 pp
0-345-41891-3 Baum’s story of Dorothy, carried by
the turbulent times through which rized in terms of whether or not they
TR | $13.95/NCR | 224 pp a cyclone from a Kansas farm to the
they suffer and triumph. are able to bear children—function
Seconds before the Earth is demol- only in the strictly defined roles assigned land of the Tin Woodman, Scarecrow
ished to make way for a galactic free- to them by men. Offred is a Handmaid
Andersen, Hans Christian and Cowardly Lion, was published in
way, Arthur Dent is plucked off the in the home of the Commander and
The Snow Queen May 1900. The original illustrations
planet by his friend Ford Prefect, a his wife. She is allowed out once a day
0-375-41512-2 by Denslow, which are reflected in the
researcher for the revised edition of to the food market, she is not permit-
HC | $13.95/$21.00C | 96 pp film and stage versions, have often
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. ted to read. Offred can remember the
YALSA Award Winner Reprinted here for the first time years before, when she was an inde- been imitated but never surpassed.
since the 19th century, these color pendent woman, had a job of her own,
Adrian, Chris a husband and child. But all of that Bedier, Joseph
New! illustrations by T. Pym make the
Gob’s Grief classic Andersen fairy tale even more is gone now...everything has changed. The Romance of Tristan
0-375-72624-1 magical. The Snow Queen is a story Free Discussion Guide available and Iseult
TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 400 pp about the strength and endurance of 0-679-75016-9
Tomo, who is eleven years old, runs off childhood friendship, and one of Baker, Julie TR | $10.00/$14.00C | 224 pp
to the Civil War and dies in his first Andersen’s best-beloved tales. Up Molasses Mountain “The first complete English edition,
battle. Gob grows up in a profound brilliantly translated.... Throughout
state of grief, and by the time he’s it retains the beauty and sense of
HC | $15.95/$23.95C | 224 pp
an adult, he has begun to make real fatality that have made it one of
In 1953, Clay, West Virginia, is a
a dream to build a machine that legendary literature’s most fascinat-
mining town where families have
might bring Tomo—indeed, all the ing tales.”
known each other for generations, —Time
war dead—back to life. and the biggest excitement of the
Free Discussion Guide available
year is when the circus comes to
town. But that spring, a strike
divides Clay and causes a tragic acci-
dent that changes 15-year-old
Elizabeth’s life in an instant.

8 For title descriptions, sample chapters, free discussion and teacher’s guides, visit our website…
Fiction & Literature

Blake, Michael Bunting, Eve Butler, William Cisneros, Sandra

Dances with Wolves Spying on Miss Müller The Butterfly Revolution Caramelo
0-449-00075-3 0-449-70455-6 0-345-33182-6 0-679-43554-9
TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 304 pp MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 160 pp MM | $6.50/NCR | 224 pp HC | $24.00/$36.00C | 464 pp
0-449-13448-2 Welcome to High Pines Summer Camp Caramelo is a vibrant novel spun in
Sudden Silence
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 320 pp for Boys. There is hiking, swimming, three parts. It begins with Lala Reyes,
Ordered to hold an abandoned army canoeing—and a revolution led by and with the journey she and her family
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 112 pp
post, John Dunbar found himself General Frank. He promises change make each summer. This is a book
alone, beyond the edge of civilization. Burroughs, Edgar Rice for the better, but little by little, he about life inside and across borders—
Thievery and survival soon forced begins to change, and the revolution a story that combines histories to make
The Land That Time Forgot
him into the Indian camp, where he turns into a nightmare. a bridge among Mexican, American
began a dangerous adventure. Free Teacher’s Guide available and Mexican-American cultures.
TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 336 pp
Free Discussion Guide available
Boffa, Alessandro Torpedoed by a German U-boat in Camus, Albert
You’re an Animal, Viskovitz the South Pacific during World War Carmelo (Spanish Edition)
The Plague
0-375-40528-3 I, a group of adventurers find them- 0-375-41509-2
HC | $18.00/$27.00C | 192 pp selves marooned on Caprona, a hid- HC | $24.00/$36.00C | 464 pp
TR | $12.00/$16.95C | 320 pp
From Italy, a wildly modern riff on den and impregnable island seem-
The Plague is at once a masterfully The House on Mango Street
Ovid’s Metamorphoses—a whirlwind ingly suspended in time, inhabited
crafted novel, eloquently understated 0-679-73477-5
of ironic fables in which the central by dinosaurs, Neanderthals, scat-
and epic in scope, and a parable of TR | $9.95/$13.95C | 128 pp
hero, Viskovitz, continually changes tered bands of humans, and cities of
ageless moral resonance, profoundly “Cisneros draws on her rich [Latino]
identities in pursuit of his one true love. fierce humanoids. As they explore
relevant to our times. Translated by heritage... and seduces with precise,
this otherworldly place, the protago-
Stuart Gilbert. spare prose, creat[ing] unforgettable
Bradbury, Ray nists struggle to unlock the fabulous
characters we want to lift off the
secret at its heart. The Stranger
Classic Stories page. She is not only a gifted writer,
0-553-28637-4 Burns, Olive Ann but an absolutely essential one.”
TR | $9.95/NCR | 144 pp
MM | $7.50/$10.99C | 368 pp —Bebe Moore Campbell,
Cold Sassy Tree The story of an ordinary man who
The New York Times Book Review
Dandelion Wine 0-385-31258-X unwittingly gets drawn into a senseless
Free Teacher’s Guide available
0-553-27753-7 TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 400 pp murder. Now, in an illuminating new
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 256 pp If the preacher’s wife’s petticoat American translation by Matthew Ward. La casa en Mango Street
showed, the ladies would make the 0-679-75526-8
Fahrenheit 451 Bestseller Carcaterra, Lorenzo
talk last a week. But on July 5, 1906, TR | $9.95/$13.95C | 128 pp
things took a scandalous turn. That Street Boys Free Teacher’s Guide available
TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 192 pp
was the day E. Rucker Blakeslee, pro- 0-345-41096-3
0-345-34296-8 Woman Hollering Creek
prietor of the general store and barely HC | $25.95/$39.95C | 336 pp
MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 192 pp 0-679-73856-8
three weeks a widower, eloped with In Naples, Italy of 1943 the only people TR | $11.00/$14.95C | 192 pp
Free Teacher’s Guide available Miss Love Simpson—a woman half left in the shattered, bombed-out city A collection of stories, whose
The Illustrated Man his age and, worse yet, a Yankee! are the lost, abandoned children whose characters give voice to the vibrant
0-553-27449-X only goal is to survive another day. and varied life on both sides of the
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 192 pp None could imagine that they would Mexican border. The women in
become fearless fighters and the un- these stories offer tales of pure
The Martian Chronicles likeliest heroes of World War II. They
0-553-27822-3 discovery, filled with moments of
are the warriors immortalized in infinite and intimate wisdom.
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 192 pp Street Boys. 9
Fiction & Literature

Clarke, Arthur C. Cormier, Robert Bestseller Dickey, James Doyle, Arthur Conan
Childhood’s End The Chocolate War Deliverance The Lost World
0-345-44405-1 0-440-94459-7 0-385-31387-X 0-8129-67259
TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 256 pp MM | $5.50/$7.99C | 272 pp TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 288 pp TR | $8.95/$13.95C | 272 pp
0-345-34795-1 Stunned by his mother’s recent death, A masterpiece of descriptive writing, In this first book in the Professor
MM | $6.99/$8.99C | 224 pp Jerry Renault, a New England high James Dickey’s adventure pitting Challenger series, challenger—con-
From the visionary author of 2001: A school student, ponders the poster in four contemporary urban men sidered by critics to be one of the
Space Odyssey. Childhood’s End pre- his locker—do I dare disturb the universe? against Georgia’s remotest white- most finely drawn characters in sci-
dicts the next stage in mankind’s water river—and a far more fright- ence fiction—and his party embark
Courtenay, Bryce
evolution. ening human enemy—is a work of on an expedition to a remote
The Power of One Amazonian plateau where “the ordi-
Free Teacher’s Guide available rare emotional power.
nary laws of nature are suspended.”
Clavell, James TR | $14.95/NCR | 528 pp Divakaruni, Chitra
Shogun Sister of My Heart Dunn, Mark
Craven, Margaret New!
0-440-17800-2 0-385-48951-X Ella Minnow Pea
I Heard the Owl Call My Name
MM | $7.99/$9.99C | 1152 pp TR | $13.00/$19.95C | 336 pp 0-385-72243-5
A bold English adventuer. An invincible Anju is the daughter of an upper-caste TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 224 pp
MM | $6.50/$10.99C | 160 pp
Japanese warlord. A beautiful woman Calcutta family of distinction. Her “A curiously compelling…satire of
The story of a new generation of Native
torn between two ways of life, two cousin Sudha is the daughter of the human foibles, and a light-stepping
Americans in an ancient village in
ways of love. All brought together in black sheep of that same family. The commentary on censorship and
which the old culture of totems and
a mighty saga of a time and place day on which the two girls were born, totalitarianism.”
potlatch is rapidly being replaced by
aflame with conflict, passion, ambi- the same day their fathers died—mys- —The Philadelphia Inquirer
one of prefab housing and alcoholism.
tion, lust and the struggle for power. teriously and violently—Sudha and
Free Teacher’s Guide available
Danticat, Edwidge Anju have been sisters of the heart. Free Discussion Guide available
Cook, Karin Breath, Eyes, Memory Free Discussion Guide available
What Girls Learn 0-375-70504-X New! Ellis, Ella Thorp
0-679-76944-7 Dongala, Emmanuel Swimming with the Whales
TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 256 pp
TR | $13.00/$17.95C | 320 pp Little Boys Come from the Stars 0-449-70456-4
Set in the villages of Haiti and in
Karin Cook gives us a novel about 0-385-72122-6 MM | $5.50/$6.50C | 178 pp
New York’s community of Haitian
girls and their mothers, about sibling TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 256 pp Paolo and his father, a naturalist, live
exiles, Breath, Eyes, Memory is the
rivalry and kinship, about the myste- His nickname is Matapari, which means in a beautiful, isolated village in the
story of Sophie Caco, who was con-
rious tug between love and antagonism “trouble.” He is an African child of Argentinian region of Patagonia. But
ceived in an act of violence, aban-
that lies at the heart of every family. our time—brilliant, mischievous, Paolo's dream of swimming with the
doned by her mother and then, at
Free Teacher’s Guide available postmodern—caught in the cross whales will have to wait another
the age of 12, is summoned to join
fire of successive postcolonial regimes year, as his life begins to take some
her in the United States.
Cook, Thomas H. in a central African country. unexpected turns.
Free Discussion Guide available
Taken New!
Doyle, Arthur Conan Free Teacher’s Guide available
0-440-24126-X The Hound of the Baskervilles
MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 368 pp Ellison, Ralph
0-8129-6606-6 Invisible Man
The lives of three people are changed in TR | $7.95/$10.50C | 208 pp
an instant—and the consequences played 0-679-73276-4
Did the phantom dog of Dartmoor, TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 608 pp
out over three generations of encoun- who has haunted the Baskervilles for
ters and unexplained events. Based Free Teacher’s Guide available
generations, cause Sir Baskerville’s
on the SCI FI Channel miniseries. heart attack?

10 For title descriptions, sample chapters, free discussion and teacher’s guides, visit our website…
Fiction & Literature

Esquival, Laura Faulkner, William Gaines, Ernest J. Goethe, John Wolfgang von
Like Water for Chocolate Light in August A Gathering of Old Men Goethe’s Faust
0-385-42017-X 0-679-73226-8 0-679-73890-8 0-385-03114-9
TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 256 pp TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 528 pp TR | $11.00/$14.95C | 224 pp TR | $9.95/$14.95C | 512 pp
Light in August, a novel about hope- Set on a Louisiana sugarcane planta- 0-553-21348-2
Como agua para chocolate
ful perseverance in the face of mor- tion in the 1970s, A Gathering of MM | $5.95/$7.95C | 352 pp
tality, features some of Faulkner’s Old Men is a powerful depiction of This edition contains Part One—the
TR | $11.95/$18.00C | 256 pp
most memorable characters. racial tensions arising over the death original, famous story of a man called
Set in turn-of-the-century Mexico,
of a Cajun farmer at the hands of a Faust and the pact he makes with the
this romantic, earthy, and poignant The Sound and the Fury black man.
story, touched with bittersweet 0-679-73224-1 devil to sign over his soul for knowl-
moments of magic and sensuality, TR | $10.00/$14.00C | 336 pp A Lesson Before Dying Bestseller edge, power and pleasure; and selec-
celebrates food and passion. The Sound and the Fury is the 0-375-70270-9 tions from Part Two—the journey of
tragedy of the Compson family. This TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 272 pp Dr. Faust with the northern phan-
Fast, Howard edition follows the text of the novel tom, Mephistopheles, to ancient
April Morning as corrected in 1984. Greece.
AU | $32.95/$38.95C
0-553-27322-1 Free Discussion Guide available A Lesson Before Dying, set in a small Goldman, William
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 208 pp Cajun community in the late 1940s,
The Princess Bride
is about the bond forged between
Faulkner, William Flagg, Fannie Bestseller 0-345-34803-6
two men—Jefferson, convicted of
Fried Green Tomatoes MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 416 pp
Absalom, Absalom! murder and sentenced to die; and
at the Whistle Stop Cafe What happens when the most beau-
0-679-73218-7 Grant Wiggins, a college graduate
0-449-91135-7 tiful girl in the world marries the
TR | $12.00/$16.95C | 320 pp returning to his hometown to teach.
TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 432 pp handsomest prince in the world—
Thomas Sutpen comes to Jefferson, Free Teacher’s Guide available
As elderly Cleo Threadgoode chats Free Discussion Guide available
and he turns out to be less than the
Mississippi in the early 1830’s to wrest
with her visitor—the over-stuffed, man of her dreams? This is a hilari-
his mansion out of the muddy bottoms Winner 1993 National Book Critics
overwrought, menopausal Evelyn Circle Award ous parody of traditional fairy tales
of the north Mississippi wilderness. He
Couch—she casts a hypnotic narra- and epic fantasy, and a contempo-
was a man, Faulkner said, “who wanted
tive spell—and even the recipe for Gibbons, Kaye rary cult classic.
sons and the sons destroyed him.”
fried green tomatoes. As the past Ellen Foster YALSA Award Winner
Free Discussion Guide available
reaches into the present, the Whistle 0-375-70305-5
As I Lay Dying Stop Cafe touches the one thing Grahame, Kenneth
TR | $11.00/$17.00C | 144 pp
0-679-73225-X missing from her existence: life. The Wind in the Willows
“The story of a redoubtable girl who
TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 288 pp Free Discussion Guide available 0-440-40385-5
overcomes adversity with humor,
Faulkner’s harrowing account of the TR | $4.99/$6.99C | 256 pp
spunk, and determination, Kaye
Bundren family’s odyssey across the 0-553-21368-7
Gibbons’s first novel is a work of
Mississippi countryside to bury considerable subtlety and intellectual MM | $3.95/$4.95C | 256 pp
Addie, their wife and mother. Told sophistication. A terrific book.” Enter the world of the great river
in multiple first person narratives and meet the marvelous riverbank
—Jonathan Yardley,
by each of the family members. The Washington Post Book World animals: the poetic Rat, his friend
Considered one of the most influen- Mole and the boastful Toad, as they
Free Teacher’s Guide available
tial novels in American fiction in voyage down the river and into the
Free Discussion Guide available
structure, style, and drama, As I Lay Wild Wood to great adventures!
Dying is a true 20th-century classic.
Free Discussion Guide available 11
Fiction & Literature

Grey, Zane The Rainmaker Bestseller Haruf, Kent Ishiguro, Kazuo

Riders of the Purple Sage 0-440-22165-X Plainsong The Remains of the Day
0-8129-6612-0 MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 608 pp 0-375-70585-6 0-679-73172-5
An insurance dispute leaves a family TR | $13.00/$20.00C | 320 pp TR | $13.00/NCR | 256 pp
TR | $9.95/$14.95C | 320 pp
devastated and opens the door for a The Remains of the Day is a pro-
The epic story by a first-rate story- “Haunting, virtuosic, inimitable.”
lawsuit, if Rudy can find a way to file it. foundly compelling portrait of the
teller: A gunman in black shows up —San Francisco Chronicle
in a remote southern Utah town just The Runaway Jury perfect English butler and his fading,
in time to save the young and beau- 0-440-22147-1 Hayes, Daniel insular world in postwar England.
tiful rancher Jane Withersteen from MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 560 pp Eye of the Beholder James, Henry
having to marry, against her will, a Twelve men and women who have 0-449-00235-7 The Wings of the Dove
Mormon elder. been investigated, watched, manipu- MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 192 pp 0-8129-6719-4
lated and harassed by high-priced Tyler and Lymie are sick in bed and TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 752 pp
lawyers and consultants will stop at bored out of their minds. But while James drew on the memory of a
Grisham, John nothing to secure a verdict. their hometown plans a festival for a beloved cousin who died young to
The Chamber famous local artist, and folks scramble
A Time to Kill create one of the three central char-
0-440-22060-2 to find his last known works of art,
0-440-21172-7 acters, Milly Theale, an heiress with a
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 688 pp the boys hatch a clever plot.
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 528 pp short time to live and a passion for
Twenty-six-year-old Adam Hall stands Free Teacher’s Guide available
This searing courtroom drama probes experiencing life to its fullest.
on the brink of a brilliant legal career. Bestseller
Now he is risking it all for a death- the savage depths of racial violence. Hayes, Daniel Keyes, Daniel
row killer and an impossible case. Grisham delivers a compelling tale of The Trouble with Lemons Flowers for Algernon
uncertain justice in a small southern town. 0-449-70416-5
The Client 0-553-27450-3
MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 192 pp MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 224 pp
0-440-21352-5 His real name was Tyler McAllister,
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 576 pp Guterson, David Flowers for Algernon made its first
but he felt like a lemon. He had aller- appearance as a short story which
Knowing a bloody and explosive Snow Falling on Cedars gies and nightmares, and was the only
secret: the whereabouts of the most received acclaim as a moderated tele-
0-679-76402-X unfamous person in his family. But vision drama, and as a motion pic-
sought-after dead body in America, TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 480 pp one night he and a friend went swim- ture production. Now, full bodied
Mark is caught between a legal sys- 0-375-40468-6 ming at the forbidden quarry, and Tyler
tem gone mad and a mob killer des- and richly-peopled, Flowers for
AU | $39.95/$49.95C | (unabridged) found a dead body. Now he’s deter- Algernon is the daring novel of a
perate to cover up his crime. mined to find out who killed the man
0-679-44775-X starling human experiment.
The Firm AU | $18.00/$28.00C | (abridged) and why they’re now after him.
0-440-21145-X Free Teacher’s Guide available Knowles, John
0-375-40811-8 Bestseller
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 512 pp A Separate Peace
CD | $21.95/$32.95C Irving, John
When Mitch McDeere signed on with 0-553-28041-4
Free Teacher’s Guide available A Prayer for Owen Meany MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 208 pp
Bendini, Lambert & Locke a powerful 0-345-41797-6
“Compelling...heartstopping. Finely The classic of adolescent friendship
law firm of Memphis, he thought he wrought, flawlessly written.” TR | $14.95/NCR | 560 pp
and his beautiful wife, Abby, were on explores the relationship of two stu-
—The New York Times Book Review 0-345-36179-2 dents at a boys’ school during the
their way. He made a deadly mistake.
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 640 pp early days of World War II. Originally
Owen Meany believes he is God’s published in 1959, this book remains
instrument. He is. This is John Irving’s one of the most starkly moving
most comic novel; yet Owen Meany is parables ever written about the dark
Mr. Irving’s most heartbreaking character. forces that brood over the tortured
Free Discussion Guide available world of adolescence.
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Fiction & Literature

Kogawa, Joy Lowry, Lois McCarthy, Cormac Bestseller McEwan, Ian

Obasan Gathering Blue: A Companion to All the Pretty Horses Atonement
0-385-46886-5 The Giver 0-679-74439-8 0-385-72179-X
TR | $11.95/NCR | 320 pp 0-440-22949-9 TR | $13.00/$19.95C | 320 pp TR | $14.00/NCR | 368 pp
A winner of the American Book TR | $6.50/$9.99C | 240 pp 0-679-42568-3 Brilliant and utterly enthralling in its
Award from the Before Columbus Kira, an orphan with a twisted leg, AU | $18.00/$28.00C depiction of childhood, love and
Foundation, Obasan powerfully lives in a world where the weak are war, England and class, the novel is
“[McCarthy] puts most other
explores the evacuation, relocation cast aside. She fears for her future at its center a profound–and pro-
American writers to shame. [His]
and dispersal of Japanese Canadians until she is spared by the all-power- work itself repays the tight focus of foundly moving–exploration of
during World War II. Joy Kogawa’s ful Council of Guardians. Kira is a his attention with its finely wrought shame and forgiveness and the diffi-
first novel, it is based on her own gifted weaver and is given a task that craftsmanship and its ferocious energy.” culty of absolution.
experiences. no other community member can do.
—The New York Times Book Review Mishima, Yukio
Free Teacher’s Guide available
Larsen, Deborah Free Teacher’s Guide available
Free Discussion Guide available
Winner 1992 National Book Awards
The Sound of Waves
The White Winner 1992 National Book Critics
0-375-41359-6 Márquez, Gabriel Garcia TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 192 pp
Circle Awards
HC | $22.00/$33.00C | 240 pp Chronicle of a Death Foretold Set in a remote fishing village in
The tale of 16-year-old Mary Jemison, 0-345-31002-0 McCullers, Carson Japan, The Sound of Waves is a time-
taken by a Shawnee who brutally MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 160 pp less story of first love. It tells of
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
scalped her parents and sisters. She “Exquisitely harrowing.... Very Shinji, a young fisherman, and
gradually becomes integrated into strange and brilliantly conceived... MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 320 pp Hatsue, the beautiful daughter of the
her new family and adoptive culture. a sort of metaphysical murder mys- The heroine is the strange young girl, richest man in the village. They fall
tery.... The murder...will stand among Mick Kelly. The setting is a small in love, but must then endure the
Lessing, Doris the innumerable murders of mod- calumny and gossip of the villagers.
Southern town. The characters are
The Fifth Child ern literature as one of the best and
the damned, the voiceless, the rejected. Translated from the Japanese by
0-679-72182-7 most powerfully rendered.” Meredith Weatherby.
Some fight their loneliness with vio-
TR | $10.95/NCR | 144 pp —The New York Times Book Review lence and depravity, some with sex or
A self-satisfied couple intent on raising Moore Campbell, Bebe
Free Teacher’s Guide available drink, and some—like Mick—with a
a happy family is shocked by the birth quiet, intensely personal search for beauty. Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine
of an abnormal and brutal fifth child. Martin, Joe 0-345-38395-8
New! The Member of the Wedding
Fire in the Rock TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 352 pp
Lowry, Lois 0-553-25051-5 Chicago-born Armstrong Tood is fif-
The Giver MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 160 pp teen, black, and unused to the ways
TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 272 pp
0-440-23768-8 “Rarely has emotional turbulence of the segregated Deep South when
Two young men, one white and one
TR | $6.50/$9.99C | 208 pp been so delicately conveyed,” said his mother sends him to spend the
black, are growing up in the heyday
Jonas’s world is perfect. Everything is The New York Times of Carson summer with relatives in rural
of Jim Crow. Ten years later the
under control. There is no war or McCullers’s achingly real novel about Mississippi. For speaking a few
memories of that time still follow
fear of pain. There are no choices. Frankie Addams, a bored twelve-year- innocuous words in French to a
the boys. In order to remain friends,
Every person is assigned a role in the old madly jealous of her brother’s white woman, Armstrong is killed.
they must come to terms with the
community. impending marriage. This is a sensitive Free Discussion Guide available
events that continue to haunt them.
Free Teacher’s Guide available story of a young girl’s search for a way
Free Discussion Guide available out of the confusion of adolescence. 13
Fiction & Literature

Morris, Willie Mori, Kyoko Naylor, Gloria O’Dell, Scott

My Dog Skip One Bird Mama Day Black Star, Bright Dawn
0-679-76722-3 0-449-70453-X 0-679-72181-9 0-449-70340-1
TR | $10.00/$14.00C | 128 pp MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 256 pp TR | $13.00/$17.95C | 336 pp MM | $6.50/$9.95C | 112 pp
In 1943 in a sleepy town on the Fifteen-year-old Megumi was very “Resonates with genuine excitement Bright Dawn was a teenaged Eskimo
banks of the Yazoo River, a boy fell sad when her parents broke up. But …a big, strong admirable novel.” girl. Black Star was her part-husky,
in love with a puppy with a lively now, with her mother running off —The New York Times Book Review
mostly wolf, pet. Together they were
gait and an intelligent way of listen- on a “trip” to her own childhood about to begin the famous Iditarod
Free Teacher’s Guide available
ing. The two grew up together having home, Megumi is left to stay with dogsled race through the bitter cold
the most wonderful adventures. her father (who is never around) and of Alaska. Bright Dawn soon realized
her cranky grandmother (who is that she was not only depending on
My Cat Spit McGee Boy and the Dog Are Sleeping
unfortunately always around). Black Star for the race, but for her life.
0-375-70693-3 0-345-45389-1
TR | $11.00/$17.00C | 160 pp Naipaul, V.S. HC | $22.95/$34.95C | 336 pp The Serpent Never Sleeps
My Cat Spit McGee is one of the finest Eleven-year-old Awee came to live 0-449-70328-2
books ever written about a cat, and
A House for Mr. Biswas MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 192 pp
with Nasdijj, the Native American
is a moving and entertaining tribute writer, carrying a paper bag contain- Serena Lynn, age seventeen, turns
TR | $15.00/NCR | 576 pp
to an enduring friendship. ing all his belongings, a legacy of down an appointment to serve England’s
“Naipaul has constructed a mar- abuse, and AIDS. But this beautiful, King James I at court in order to fol-
Mori, Kyoko velous prose epic that matches the loving, and intelligent little boy also low her beloved Anthony Foxcroft
Shizuko’s Daughter best nineteenth-century novels for across the sea to the newly founded
had enormouse hope for his new
0-449-70433-5 richness of comic insight and final, colony of Jamestown. But their ship,
life. In heart-rending prose, Nasdijj
tragic power.”
MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 224 pp —Newsweek writes about their tight-knit, untra- loaded with much-needed supplies,
Yuki Okuda knows her mother Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature ditional family, and the precious founders in a hurricane, wrecking
would be proud of her grades and time they had together. Serena and Anthony in Bermuda.
her achievements in sports if she Namioka, Lensey
Nolan, Christopher Streams to the River,
were alive. But she committed sui- An Ocean Apart, a World Away New! River to the Sea
cide. And Yuki has to learn how to 0-385-73002-0 The Banyan Tree 0-449-70244-8
live with a father who doesn’t seem HC | $15.95/$23.95C | 208 pp 0-385-72068-8 MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 176 pp
to love her and a stepmother who Yanyan knows about outsiders. The TR | $13.00/NCR | 384 pp
Sacgawea, a Shashone Indian, guided
treats her badly. Most important, she teachers at her school are missionar- From the internationally acclaimed and interpreted for explorers Lewis
has to learn how to live with herself: ies from America, and she never for- author of Under the Eye of the Clock,
and Clarke as they traveled up the
a twelve-year-old Japanese girl grow- gets that they are outsiders. comes a novel of unsurpassed beauty
Mississippi, but she had adventures
ing up alone, trying to make sense of Free Teacher’s Guide available and eloquence–a loving and gritty long before that one, like the time
a tragedy that makes no sense at all. paean to the people and land of
she was captured by the Minnetarees,
Free Teacher’s Guide available Ireland. and taken away from her family and
Free Discussion Guide available
everything that she knew and loved.

14 For title descriptions, sample chapters, free discussion and teacher’s guides, visit our website…
Fiction & Literature

O’Hara, John Pasternak, Boris Potok, Chaim Sanders, Dori

BUtterfield 8 Doctor Zhivago The Chosen Clover
0-8129-6698-8 0-679-77438-6 0-449-91154-3 0-449-90624-8
TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 320 pp TR | $15.00/$21.00C | 592 pp TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 288 pp TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 192 pp
A bestseller when it was originally This edition (the only paperback 0-449-21344-7 A beautiful, trenchant story of family
published in 1935, this is a brilliant, edition now available) includes an MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 304 pp lost and found, Clover is a unique and
brutal portrait of New York’s introduction by the distinguished This best-seller and literary classic is heartfelt reading experience for all ages.
speakeasy generation. Oxford University scholar John Bayley, one of Potok’s most famous works. Scott, Sir Walter
who also did the translation. It reac- It tells of the odyssey from boyhood
Ondaatje, Michael quaints a new generation of readers with
Ivanhoe: A Romance
to manhood of two Jewish boys and 0-679-64223-4
The English Patient the controversy surrounding the orig- their fathers, amid the conflict TR | $8.95/$12.95C | 592 pp
0-679-74520-3 inal publication and places the book between generations and religious
TR | $13.00/NCR | 320 pp in the context of Soviet literary his- 0-553-21326-1
traditions Hasidic and Orthodox
With ravishing beauty and unset- tory and the fall of the Soviet Union. MM | $5.95/$7.95C | 480 pp
Jews in Brooklyn.
tling intelligence, The English Patient Ivanhoe was the first of Scott’s novels
Free Teacher’s Guide available
traces the intersection of four dam- Pierce, Tamora to take place in the middle ages, and
aged lives in an Italian villa at the end Protector of the Small: Lady Knight Old Men at Midnight the first novel in English to deal seri-
of World War II. 0-375-81465-5 0-345-43998-8 ously with issues of race.
Free Discussion Guide available TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 304 pp
HC | $16.95/$25.95C | 448 pp
Ilana Davita Dinn is the listener to
Service, Pamela F.
Keladry of Mindelan has finally Stinker from Space
Parks, Gordon whom three men relate their lives.
achieved her life-long dream of 0-449-70330-4
The Learning Tree Free Discussion Guide available
being a knight. But it’s not turning MM | $5.99/ $8.99C | 96 pp
0-449-21504-0 out as she imagined at all. In the middle of an outerspace battle,
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 240 pp
Quiñonez, Ernesto
Bodega Dreams space warrior Tsynq Yr is forced to
A true-to-life novel of growing up as Potok, Chaim
0-375-70589-9 land on Earth and switch into the
a black man in this country in this My Name Is Asher Lev TR | $12.00/$17.95C | 224 pp body of a skunk. Thank goodness
century. Hailed by critics and readers 1-4000-3104-4
Set in Spanish Harlem, this retelling Karen stops by. With her computer-
alike, The Learning Tree tells the TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 384 pages
of The Great Gatsby is street smart, whiz friend Jonathan, the three of
extraordinary journey of a family as
0-449-20714-5 darkly funny and inspired. them hatch a hair-raising scheme to
they struggle to understand the
MM | $6.99/$8.99C | 352 pp get their new friend back into orbit!
world around them and leave their
mark on a world that is better for
Here is the original, deeply moving Richter, Conrad Shute, Nevil
story of Asher Lev, a loner. Asher has The Light in the Forest
their having been in it. On the Beach
an extraordinary God-given gift that 0-449-70437-8 0-345-42019-5
Pascoe, Judy New! possesses a spirit all its own. It is this MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 128 pp TR | $19.00/$28.00C | 288 pp
force that he must learn to master “True Son,” a Lenni Lenape Indian, is
Our Father Who Art in a Tree 0-345-31148-5
without shaming his people or relin- ordered back to the white man. It was
0-375-50799-X MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 288 pp
quishing any part of his deeply felt impossible for True Son to believe that
HC | $19.95/NCR | 208 pp This classic tale chronicles the last
Judaism. It will not be easy for him, his people were white and not Indian.
This richly written novel tells the months of civilization in a world
but he knows, too, that even if it is Where did he belong now—and where
story of a how a family deals with the polluted by nuclear war. In the face of
impossible, it must be done. could he go?
loss of a parent in an imaginative sure destruction and despair, humanity
and orignal way, by a superb new Free Teacher’s Guide available
struggles to maintain both public respon-
writer. sibility and private moral integrity.
Free Teacher’s Guide available 15
Fiction & Literature

Sparks, Christine Tan, Amy Tolstoy, Leo Voigt, Cynthia

The Elephant Man The Bonesetter’s Daughter Hadji Murad Dicey’s Song
0-345-34513-4 0-345-45737-4 0-8129-6711-9 0-553-47823-0
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 288 pp TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 432 pp TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 192 pp AU | $19.99/$25.99C
John Merrick was condemned to a Tolstoy heard the tales that grew Dicey Tillerman, her brothers James
miserable life as a circus sideshow up around the warrior-hero Hadji and Sammy, and her sister Maybeth
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 416 pp
freak. But beneath that tragic exteri- Murad and wrote this sweeping tale had spent the summer on their own
or thrived the soul of a poet, the “The Bonesetter’s Daughter dramati- on a long and difficult journey to
cally chronicles the tortured, devoted that takes up the viewpoints of all
heart of a dreamer, the longings of major characters in a gripping first- find a home with the grandmother
relationship between LuLing Young
a man. person narrative. This edition they’d never met before. Now that
and her daughter Ruth…. A strong
includes newly commissioned they’d moved in with Gram, their
Strout, Elizabeth novel, filled with idiosyncratic,
end notes. troubles, Dicey hoped, would be over.
sympathetic characters, haunting
Amy and Isabelle images, historical complexity, sig-
0-375-70519-8 Udall, Brady Vonnegut, Kurt
nificant contemporary themes and
TR | $13.00/$19.95C | 320 pp suspenseful mystery.” The Miracle Life of New! Cat’s Cradle
In her stunning first novel, Amy Edgar Mint 0-385-33348-X
—Los Angeles Times
and Isabelle, Elizabeth Strout evokes 0-375-71918-0 TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 304 pp
a teenager’s alienation from her Free Discussion Guide available One of Vonnegut’s most highly
TR | $14.00/ $21.00C | 432 pp
distant mother—and a parent’s rage praised novels. Filled with humor
The Joy Luck Club Bestseller
at the discovery of her daughter’s Villaseñor, Victor and unforgettable characters, this
sexual secrets. 0-679-72768-X apocalyptic story tells of Earth’s ulti-
TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 288 pp Rain of Gold
Free Teacher’s Guide available 0-385-31177-X mate end, and presents a vision of
0-8041-0630-4 the future that is both darkly fantas-
TR | $16.95/ $25.95C | 576 pp
Swift, Jonathan MM | $7.99/$9.99C | 352 pp tic and funny, as Vonnegut weaves a
Gulliver’s Travels and “Beautifully written.... Sings with Lluvia de Oro satirical commentary on modern
Other Writings rare fidelity and beauty.... A jewel of 0-385-31516-3 man and his madness.
0-553-21232-X a book.” TR | $15.95/$23.95C | 608 pp
Available both in English and Slaughterhouse-Five Bestseller
MM | $3.95/$4.95C | 544 pp —The New York Times Book Review
Spanish, this is the true saga of 0-385-33384-6
First published in 1726, this master-
Free Teacher’s Guide available Villaseseñor’s own heritage—a TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 288 pp
piece tells the incredible tale of
Lemuel Gulliver, an English ship’s The Kitchen God’s Wife heart-rending story of poverty, 0-440-18029-5
surgeon. 0-679-74808-3 immigration, struggle and success. MM | $7.50/$10.99C | 224 pp
TR | $13.00/$20.00C | 432 pp Focused on three generations of the A seminal work in literature,
maternal side of his family, it Vonnegut’s bestselling novel reflects
explores their spiritual and cultural the mythic journey of our own frac-
MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 544 pp
roots in Mexico and the trials and tured lives as we search for meaning
Tan offers the intricate tale of a
triumphs in emigrating and building in what we are afraid to know.
woman and her daughter and how
a life in California.
their lives are affected by events from
decades ago in faraway Shanghai.

16 For title descriptions, sample chapters, free discussion and teacher’s guides, visit our website…
Fiction & Literature Discussion
We often provide discussion guides
or reading group guides for books
that are ideal for a teen reading
group, Book Talk-style meetings or
for independent readers who want a
challenge. Teachers may also like to
use these questions to generate ideas
when planning lessons.
The guide below is excerpted from
Old Men at Midnight by Chaim Potok.

The Ark Builder

1. Is there a reason to connect
Noah with the Biblical story of
the ark? Given that water is not
present in the story, what then
is the metaphor of the flood?
2. Noah says to Rachel, “You
have pictures, I have nothing.”
Wells, H.G. West, Dorothy What does he mean by this
The Invisible Man The Wedding and what is its significance?
0-553-21353-9 0-385-47144-0 3. Why wouldn't Noah draw his
MM | $4.95/$4.95C | 160 pp TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 256 pp house when first asked? What
Dorothy West, the last surviving is it about Rachel that was
member of the Harlem Renaissance, finally able to get him to draw?
TR | $5.95/$8.95C | 192 pp
offers a window into the rise of the
A gripping and entertaining tale The War Doctor
black middle class. Wise, heartfelt
of terror and suspense as well as a
and shattering, this book is West’s 1. When Davita urges Leon
potent Faustian allegory of hubris
crowning achievement. Sherov to write his war stories
and science run amok, The Invisible
Nominee 2002 The Hugo Award down, he asks her, “Who needs
Man endures as one of the signature
stories in the literature of science stories of yet another Jew?”
Willis, Connie
fiction. What is her answer? How
Passage would you have convinced
The Time Machine 0-553-58051-5 him to tell his stories?
0-553-21351-2 MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 800 pp
MM | $4.95/NCR | 128 pp Dr. Joanna Lander is a psychologist The Trope Teacher
0-375-76118-7 specializing in near-death experi- 1. Davita says to Benjamin,
TR | $7.95/$10.50C | 136 pp ences. She is about to get help from “Memory is like a ball of
When a turn-of-the-century scientist a new doctor with the power to give wooden thread, Benjamin. If
travels into the distant future in his her the chance to get as close to
the pen cannot unravel it, the
time machine, he expects to find death as anyone can.
voice can.” What do you think
progress and superior people. But she means by this statement?
Zipes, Jack, trans.
instead he discovers a world in
decay. Illus. in black-and-white. The Complete Fairy Tales of 2. The ram is a central metaphor
the Brothers Grimm in this story. Davita says, “I
0-553-38216-0 believe there is always a ram in
TR | $19.95/$29.95C | 784 pp the bush.” Later on she com-
In the most comprehensive transla- ments, “Causes, connections,
tion to date, here are the classic fairy and rams. All over the place.”
tales as the Brothers Grimm intend- What is the connection between
ed them to be—rich, stark, spiced these words and the long story
with humor and violence, resonant that Benjamin finally learns
with the rhythms of folklore and
about Mr. Zapiski?

Advanced Placement test prep
titles can be found on page 46. 17
World Literature

ith the increasing interest in McCall Smith, Alexander

W world events, students will
enjoy reading about children their
Have you met Precious Ramotswe?
China Cuba
She’s the first female detective in Sijie, Dai Garcia, Cristina
own age in other countries. Botswana—a delightfully cunning
Balzac and the Little Chinese Dreaming in Cuban
and a profoundly moral woman of
Seamstress 0-345-38143-2
Africa “traditional build” who is drawn to
0-385-72220-6 TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 256 pp
her profession to “help people with
Achebe, Chinua TR | $10.00/$15.00C | 192 pp Sonar en Cubano
problems in their lives.” Alexander Free Discussion Guide available
Things Fall Apart McCall Smith’s wonderful new mys- (Spanish Edition)
0-385-47454-7 tery series from Africa is sure to Chang, Pang-Mei Natasha 0-345-39139-X
TR | $9.95/NCR | 224 pp delight you and your students. TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 336 pp
Bound Feet and Western Dress:
Free Teacher’s Guide available A Memoir
Free Discussion Guide available No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency 0-385-47964-6 Dominican
1-4000-3134-6 TR | $13.95/$21.95C | 288 pp
Fuller, Alexandra TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 240 pp Free Discussion Guide available
Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs
Tonight: An African Childhood Morality for Beautiful Girls Alvarez, Julia
Namoika, Lensey
0-375-75899-2 1-4000-3136-2 Before We Were Free
TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 240 pp Ties that Bind, Ties that Break
TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 320 pp 0-375-81544-9
Tears of the Giraffe HC | $15.95/$23.95C | 176 pp
TR | $4.99/$6.99C | 160 pp
Dongala, Emmanuel 1-4000-3135-4 Free Teacher’s Guide Available
Free Discussion Guide available
Little Boys Come from the Stars TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 240 pp
0-385-72122-6 An Ocean Apart, a World Away Germany
TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 256 pp Kalahari Typing School for Men 0-385-73002-0
0-375-42217-X HC | $15.95/$23.95C | 208 pp Lebert, Benjamin
Japin, Arthur HC | $19.95/NCR | 192 pp Free Teacher’s Guide Available
The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi Mah, Adeline Yen 0-375-70831-6
0-375-71889-3 Naipaul, V.S. TR | $11.00/$17.00C | 192 pp
TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 400 pp Chinese Cinderella: The True
A House for Mr. Biswas Story of an Unwanted Daughter Samuel, Wolfgang W.E.
Kassindja, Fauziya and Layli 0-375-70716-6 0-385-32707-2
TR | $15.00/NCR | 576 pp German Boy: A Child in War
Miller Bashir, Layli HC | $16.95/25.95C | 224 pp
Free Discussion Guide available 0-7679-0824-4
Do They Hear You When You Cry 0-440-22865-4 TR | $15.95/$23.95C | 448 pp
0-385-31994-0 Obradovic, Nadezda, ed. MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 224 pp
Free Teacher’s Guide Available Seiffert, Rachel
TR | $15.95/$23.95C | 544 pp The Anchor Book of Modern
African Stories Falling Leaves: The Memoir of an The Dark Room
Levitin, Sonia Unwanted Chinese Daughter 0-375-72632-2
The Return TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 400 pp 0-7679-0357-9 TR | $13.00/NCR | 288 pp
0-449-70280-4 TR | $14.00/NCR | 304 pp
MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 192 pp Free Discussion Guide available
Fifteen-year-old Desta belongs to a small,
isolated mountain community of Azerbaijan Danticat, Edwidge
Ethiopian Jews. She and her brother
Said, Kurban After the Dance: A Walk Through
and sister leave their aunt and uncle
Ali and Nino: A Love Story Carnival in Jacmal, Haiti
and set out on the long and dangerous
0-385-72040-8 0-609-60908-4
trip to freedom—they travel barefoot,
TR | $13.00/$20.00C | 288 pp HC | $16.00/$25.00C | 160 pp
facing hunger, thirst and bandits.
Free Discussion Guide available
YALSA Award Winner Krik? Krak!
Jewish Book Award 1988 0-679-76657-X
TR | $12.00/$16.95C | 240 pp

18 For title descriptions, sample chapters, free discussion and teacher’s guides, visit our website…
World Literature

India Japan Pakistan Puerto Rico

Delman, Carmit Mishima, Yukio Staples, Suzanne Fisher Santiago, Esmeralda
Burnt Bread and Chutney: The Sound of Waves Haveli When I Was Puerto Rican
Growing Up Between Cultures—A 0-679-75268-4 0-679-86569-1 0-679-75676-0
Memoir of an Indian Jewish Girl TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 192 pp MM | $5.50/$7.99C | 336 pp TR | $12.00/$16.95C | 304 pp
0-345-44593-7 Free Teacher’s Guide Available Free Teacher’s Guide Available
HC | $22.95/$34.95C | 288 pp Mori, Kyoko Winner 1993 ALA Best Books for Free Discussion Guide available
Shizuko’s Daughter Young Adults
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee 0-449-70433-5 Russia
Sister of My Heart MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 224 pp 0-679-81030-7
0-385-48951-X Free Teacher’s Guide Available
MM | $5.00/$8.99C | 256 pp Pasternak, Boris
TR | $13.00/$19.95C | 336 pp Free Teacher’s Guide Available Doctor Zhivago
One Bird
Free Discussion Guide available Winner 1989 ALA Best Books for 0-679-77438-6
MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 256 pp Young Adults TR | $15.00/$21.00C | 592 pp
Hesse, Herman Winner 1989 ALA Newbury Honor Books
Siddhartha Polite Lies: On Being a Woman Winner 1989 New York Times Notable Solzhenitsyn, Alexander
0-553-20884-5 Caught Between Cultures Books of the Year One Day in the Life of Ivan
MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 160 pp 0-449-00428-7 Denisovich
1-57062-721-5 TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 272 pp Poland 0-553-24777-8
TR | $6.95/$9.95C | 112 pp MM | $5.99/$7.99C | 224 pp
Latin America Opdyke, Irene Gut
Kipling, Rudyard with Armstrong, Jennifer
The Jungle Books Adams, Jerome, ed.
In My Hands: Memoirs of a
0-553-21199-4 Latin American Heroes Holocaust Rescuer Bagdasarian, Adam
MM | $4.95/$6.95C | 336 pp 0-345-38384-4 0-385-72032-7 Forgotten Fire
TR | $12.95/$19.00C | 304pp TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 288 pp 0-440-22917-0
Iran Marquez, Gabriel Garcia
Free Teacher’s Guide Available
Free Discussion Guide available
MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 304 pp
Free Discussion Guide available
Satrapi, Marjane Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Persepolis: 0-345-31002-0 Kazan, Frances
The Story of a Childhood MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 160 pp Halide’s Gift
0-375-42230-7 Free Teacher’s Guide Available 0-375-75997-2
HC | $17.95/$26.95C | 168 pp Philippines TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 376 pp
Mexico Realuyo, Bino A.
Free Discussion Guide available

Iraq Esquivel, Laura The Umbrella Country Said, Kurban

Like Water for Chocolate 0-345-42888-9 The Girl from the Golden Horn
Khedairi, Betool TR | $12.95/$17.95C | 320 pp
0-385-42017-X 1-4000-3082-X
A Sky So Close TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 256 pp
Free Discussion Guide available TR | $13.00/$20.00C | 288 pp
TR | $13.00/NCR | 256 pp Holthe, Tess Uriza
Cisneros, Sandra
Caramelo When the Elephants Dance
HC | $24.95/$37.95C | 384 pp
HC | $24.00/$36.00C | 464 pp
SLJ Best Adult Books for
Free Discussion Guide available High School Students 19
Science Fiction & Fantasy

The best in classic science fiction and fantasy for ages 12 and up.

Brooks, Terry Foster, Alan Dean

The Shannara Trilogy: Orphan Star
All available with free Teacher's Guide 0-345-46104-5
TR | $6.99/$10.99C | 240 pp
The Sword of Shannara: Part I
0-345-46146-0 Tunnel in the Sky
TR | $6.99/ $10.99 | 240 pp 0-345-35373-0
TR | $6.99/$10.99C | 240 pp
The Sword of Shannara: Part II
0-345-46145-2 Heinlein, Robert A.
Isaac Asimov Terry Brooks TR | $6.99/ $10.99 | 240 pp
Have Space Suit, Will Travel
Fantastic Voyage First King of Shannara The Sword of Shannara: Part III 0-345-46107-X
0-553-27572-0 0-345-39653-7 0-345-46144-4 TR | $6.99/$10.99C | 240 pp
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 208 pp MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 448 pp TR | $6.99/$10.99C | 240 pp
Prequel to the Shannara Trilogy
I, Robot “As a long-time fan of science fiction and fantasy, I am delighted to see this new
0-553-29438-5 The Heritage of Shannara Quartet: program. Del Rey Imagine is the perfect solution for bringing high-quality
MM | $7.50/$10.99C | 288 pp science fiction and fantasy classics to today’s teen readers. Attractively repackaged
The Scions of Shannara
Arguably the greatest science fiction and with considerable teen appeal, the paperbacks in this line will make it easy
writer who ever lived, Isaac Asimov for teachers and school librarians to identify high-quality titles to add to their
MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 432 pp
also possessed one of the most bril- collections.”
liant and original minds of our time. The Druid of Shannara —Bonnie Kunzel, co-author of First Contact: A Reader’s Selection of
0-345-37559-9 Science Fiction and Fantasy and Strictly Science Fiction
MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 384 pp
Jean M. Auel The Elf Queen of Shannara
The Clan of the Cave Bear MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 368 pp
0-553-38167-9 The Talismans of Shannara
TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 480pp
0-553-25042-6 MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 464 pp
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 528 pp
The Mammoth Hunters
TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 656pp
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 752pp
The Plains of Passage
More Science Fiction & Fantasy
TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 768pp Dick, Philip K. Gemmell, David Keyes, Greg
0-553-28941-1 Our Friends From Frolix 8 White Wolf The Briar King
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 896pp 0-375-71934-2 0-345-45831-1 0-345-44066-8
TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 224 pp HC | $24.95/$NCR | 416 pp HC | $23.95/$35.95C | 560 pp
The Shelters of Stone:
Earth’s Children New! Foster, Alan Dean Hobb, Robin McKenzie, Nancy
0-553-28942-X Drowning World Golden Fool Grail Prince
MM | $7.99/$12.99C | 912pp 0-345-45035-3 0-553-80151-1 0-345-45648-3
The Valley of Horses HC | $23.95/$35.95C | 272 pp HC | $24.95/$37.95C | 528 pp TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 576 pp
0-553-38166-0 Orphan Star
TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 512pp 0-345-46104-5
0-553-25053-1 TR | $6.99/ $10.99 | 240 pp
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 576pp

20 For title descriptions, sample chapters, free discussion and teacher’s guides, visit our website…
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Abrahams, Roger D., ed.
African Folktales
TR | $18.00/$27.00C | 384 pp

Bulfinch, Thomas
Bulfinch’s Mythology
MM | $7.50/$10.99C | 448 pp
TR | $16.95/$23.50C | 880 pp
For almost a century and a half,
Bulfinch’s Mythology has been the
definitive text for all mythology.

Campbell, Joseph
The Power of Myth
TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 320 pp
Ursula K. Le Guin Anne McCaffrey The Power of Myth is a brilliant
evocation of the noted scholar’s
Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea cycle Anne McCaffrey is one of the world’s Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern teachings on mythology.
has become one of the classic fan- most popular authors. Her first 0-345-29873-X
tasies of our time. The wind-swept novel was published in l967. Since MM | $6.99/$7.99C | 384 pp Ortiz, Alfonso
world of Earthsea is one of the great- then, she has written dozens of
Nerilka’s Story American Indian Myths and Legends
est creations in all fantasy literature, books, of which there are more than
0-345-33949-5 0-394-74018-1
frequently compared with J.R.R. twelve million copies in print. Anne TR | $18.00/$24.00C | 544 pp
Tolkien’s Middle Earth or C.S. Lewis’s McCaffrey’s best-selling Pern series MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 208 pp
One-hundred-sixty tales from eighty
Narnia. The magnificent saga begins are a wonder-filled classic of the Dragonsdawn tribal groups, offer a rich and lively
with A Wizard Of Earthsea, continues imagination. She won the Margaret 0-345-36286-1 panorama of the Native American
in The Tombs Of Atuan and The A. Edwards Award for lifetime MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 384 pp mythic heritage.
Farthest Shore, and concludes with achievement in 1999.
Tehanu—each book a treasure of The Chronicles of Pern: Hausman, Gerald and
wisdom, wonder and literary wizardry.
The Dragonriders of Pern First Fall
0-345-34024-8 Hausman, Loretta
TR | $17.95/$26.95C | 832 pp MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 336 pp
The Mythology of Horses: Horse
A Wizard of Earthsea Legend and Lore Throughout
Dragonquest Dragonseye the Ages
MM | $7.50/NCR | 192 pp 0-345-33508-2 0-345-41879-4 0-609-80846-X
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 352 pp MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 416 pp TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 288 pages
The Tombs of Atuan
0-553-27331-0 Dragonflight The Renegades of Pern Hearn, Michael Patrick, ed.
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 160 pp 0-345-45633-5 0-345-36933-5
TR | $6.99/$10.99C | 320 pp The Victorian Fairy Tale Book
MM | $6.99/$7.99C | 352 pp
The Farthest Shore 0-375-71455-3
0-553-26847-3 White Dragon The Masterharper of Pern TR | $18.00/$27.00C | 416 pages
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 208 pp 0-345-34167-8 0-345-42460-3
MM | $7.50/$10.99C | 480 pp MM | $6.99/$8.99C | 432 pp
Tyler, Royall, ed.
Get Off the Unicorn Japanese Tales
All the Weyrs of Pern 0-375-71451-0
0-345-36893-2 TR| $19.00/$28.50C | 400 pp
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 320 pp
MM | $6.99/$7.99C | 448 pp
Yeats, William Butler, ed.
The Dolphins of Pern New!
Irish Fairy & Folk Tales
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 384 pp 0-8129-68557
TR | 10.95/$16.95C | 384 pp
The Skies of Pern
0-345-43469-2 Yolen, Jane, ed. Bestseller
MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 480 pp Favorite Folktales
from Around the World
TR | $18.00/$24.00C | 512 pp 21
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Philip Pullman J.R.R. Tolkien

His Dark Materials Trilogy The Sally Lockhart Trilogy The Hobbit: The Enchanting THE LORD OF THE RINGS:
All YALSA Award Winners Prelude to The Lord of the Rings Complete Audio set
Free Teacher’s Guide available for all
#1 The Ruby in the Smoke
Illustrated by David Wenzel 0-553-47228-3
AU | $59.95/$79.95C
The Golden Compass: Book I MM | $5.50/NCR | 240 pp 0-345-44560-0
TR | $15.00/NCR | 144 pp Teacher’s edition
0-679-87924-2 Winner 1987 School Library Journal
HC | $20.00/$26.00C | 416 pp Best Books of the Year 0-345-33968-1
CD | $69.95/$105.00C
0-679-89310-5 Winner 1987 Horn Book Fanfare MM | $7.99/NCR | 320 pp
Teacher’s edition
TR | $10.00/$15.00C | 416 pp Winner 1987 ALA Best Books for 0-8072-8883-7
Young Adults
AU | $25.95/$38.95C The Book of Lost Tales, Vol. 1
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 368 pp #2 The Shadow in the North 0-345-37521-1
0-394-82599-3 MM | $6.99/NCR | 368 pp
0-8072-8180-8 CD | $39.95/$59.95C
AU | $37.00/$56.00C MM | $5.50/NCR | 368 pp Teacher’s Edition Book of Lost Tales, Volume II
Carnegie Medal for Best Children’s Book for Winner 1998 ALA Best Books for 0-553-47107-4 0-345-37522-X
1996 / The Guardian Award 1996 Young Adults AU | $25.95/$38.95C MM | $6.99/NCR | 400 pp

The Subtle Knife: Book II #3 The Tiger in the Well 0-553-45562-1

Sir Gawain and the Green
0-679-82671-8 CD | $39.95/$59.95C
0-375-80211-8 Knight, Pearl, & Sir Orfeo
MM | $5.50/NCR | 416 pp Free Teacher’s Guide available
TR | $10.00/$15.00C | 352 pp Translated
Winner 1990 ALA Best Books for
0-345-41336-9 Young Adults
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy 0-345-27760-0
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 304 pp MM | $6.99/NCR | 224 pp
For more Sally Lockhart The Fellowship of the Ring:
The Amber Spyglass: Book III adventures: Part One The Silmarillion
0-679-87926-9 0-345-33970-3 0-345-32581-8
HC | $19.95/$26.95C | 554 pp The Tin Princess MM | $7.99/NCR | 480 pp MM | $6.99/NCR | 480 pp
0-679-87615-4 Free Teacher’s Guide available
MM | $5.50/NCR | 304 pp The Tolkien Reader
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 480 pp The Two Towers: Part Two 0-345-34506-1
0-8072-8237-5 0-345-33971-1 MM | $6.99/NCR | 272 pp
AU (unabridged) | $45.00/$65.95C MM | $7.99/NCR | 416 pp This rich treasury includes Tolkien’s
Free Teacher’s Guide available most beloved short fiction plus his
essay on fantasy.
The Return of the King:
Part Three Unfinished Tales
0-345-33973-8 0-345-35711-6
MM | $7.99/NCR | 512 pp MM | $6.99/NCR | 512 pp
Free Teacher’s Guide available

22 For title descriptions, sample chapters, free discussion and teacher’s guides, visit our website…
Graphic Novels Star Wars®

Allston, Aaron
Star Wars®: The New Jedi Order:
Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand
MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 384 pp

Denning, Troy
Star Wars®: Tatooine Ghost
HC | $25.95/$39.95C | 624 pp

Dix, Shane and Williams, Sean

Star Wars®: New Jedi Order:
Briggs, Raymond Little, Jason Spiegelman, Art
Force Heretic I: Remnant
Ethel & Ernest: A True Story Shutterbug Follies The Complete Maus: 0-345-42870-6
0-375-71447-2 0-385-50346-6 A Survivors Tale MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 432 pp
TR | $15.00/NCR | 104 pp HC | $19.95/$29.95C | 208 pp 0-679-40641-7
HC | $35.00/$49.00C | 296 pp Foster, Alan Dean
Davis, Jim Satrapi, Marjane
New! Maus, Volume I: A Survivors Tale: Star Wars®:
Garfield Eats Crow Persepolis The Approaching Storm
0-345-45201-1 0-375-42230-7
My Father Bleeds History
0-394-74723-2 0-345-42866-8
TR | $10.95/$16.95C | 96 pp HC | $17.95/$26.95C | 268 pp MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 320 pp
TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 160 pp
Garfield Takes the Cake Free Teacher’s Guide available Star Wars®: New Jedi Order:
0-345-44978-9 Schulz, Charles Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dreams
TR | $10.95/$16.95C | 96 pp
Maus, Volume II: A Survivors Tale:
Peanuts: And Here My Troubles Began 0-345-42866-8
The Art of Charles M. Schulz 0-679-72977-1 MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 320 pp
Deitach, Kim
0-375-42097-5 TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 144 pp
The Boulevard of Broken Star Wars®: New Jedi Order:
HC | $29.95/$44.95C | 336pp
Dreams Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand
Peanuts: The World According Ware, Chris 0-345-42868-4
HC | $21.00/$32.00C | 160 pp to Lucy Jimmy Corrigan MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 384 pp
0-345-44271-7 0-375-71454-5
Groening, Matt TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 160 pp TR | $17.95/$26.95C | 380 pp
School is Hell Peanuts 2000
0-394-75091-8 0-345-44239-3
TR | $9.95/$14.95C | 48 pp TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 176 pp
Kafta, Franz with New! A Peanuts Christmas
illustrations by Kuper, Peter 0-345-45351-4
The Metamorphosis HC | $25.95/$39.95C | 160 pp
1-4000-4795-1 A Peanuts Valentine
HC | $16.00/$25.00C | 80 pp 0-345-45941-5
HC | $16.95/$25.95C | 96 pp
Katchor, Ben
The Jew of New York
TR | $15.00/$23.00C | 108 pp 23
Are your students looking for their next reading selection?
For book reports, reading groups or just for pleasure,


No matter what kind of book your students are looking for, they’ll find it in the
Ballantine Reader’s Circle–the perfect match for your independent readers!


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Laura Catherine Brown David Hollander Laura Pedersen Elizabeth Berg
0-345-43773-X | TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 352 pp 0-345-44100-1 | TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 256 pp 0-345-45830-3 | TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 368 pp 0-345-42309-7 | TR | $11.95/$16.95C | 240 pp
For nineteen-year-old Mandy Boyle, It’s the late eighties in Long Island, New Sixteen year old Hallie Palmer and her
Katie has relocated with her distant,
going away to college means a chance York, and eighteen-year-old Harlan parents are stuck in a neverending
abusive father, and she feels very much
to sever ties with her blue-collar family Kessler plays in a band, parties with whirl of arguments and misunder-
alone: her much-loved mother is dead;
and strike out on her own. friends, and struggles with a family that standings when Hallie sees a way out...
her new school is unaccepting of her.
offers anything but a Kodak moment. This is a charming coming-of-age story
Jimmy is handsome, far older than she,
that redefines the meaning of family.
and married, but as their relationship
unfolds, so too does Katie's awareness
of the pain and intensity first love
can bring.

Fannie Flagg Whitney Otto LIDIE NEWTON 0-449-00561-5 | TR | $15.95/$23.95C | 448 pp
0-449-91135-7 | MM | $14.95/$22.95C | 432 pp 0-345-38896-8 | TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 240 pp Jane Smiley The #1 New York Times bestseller, this
Folksy and fresh, endearing and affect- Spanning fifty years in the lives of a 0-449-91083-0 | TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 480 pp is the true story of a charismatic
ing, a now-classic novel about the group of quilters, this radiant novel A New York Times Notable book. horse that won America’s heart.
irrepressibly daredevilish tomboy Idgie reveals the bonds and the friction Follow Lidie’s adventures in pre-civil
and her friend Ruth—and their café. between generations as it stitches war Kansas.
together the stories of its characters.

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Independent Readers
From pleasure reading in study hall to book reports and library Book
Talk—all educators recognize the importance of getting students to
read. Finding the right books for advanced readers, intermediate readers
and, especially, reluctant readers can be tough. Independent Readers
is a program that will help educators and students find great books in
their local libraries and bookstores. Below, we've listed great books
that teens will love and that you can recommend!

King, Stephen and Straub, Peter Smith, Zadie Black, Baxter

Advanced Readers Black House White Teeth Horseshoes, Cowsocks, &
Barry, Max 0-345-44103-6 0-375-70386-1 Duckfeet: More Comentary by
Jennifer Government MM | $7.99/$12.99C | 672 pp TR | $14.00/NCR | 464 pp NPR’s Cowboy Poet & Former
“Smith is a master at detail…a post- Large Animal Veterinarian
0-385-50759-3 Maxwell, William modern Charles Dickens…[Smith’s] 0-609-61090-2
HC | $19.95/$29.95C | 336 pp
So Long, See You Tomorrow rich storytelling and wicked wit are HC | $23.95/$33.95C | 288 pp
Bird, Sarah 0-679-76720-7 suited to the sights and smells of
TR | $10.00/$14.00C | 144 pp the world that England has inherited.” Blaine, David
The Yokota Officers Club
On an Illinois farm in the 1920s, a —The Washington Post Mysterious Stranger:
TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 400 pp man is murdered, and in the same ALA Notable Book Award
A Book of Magic
moment the tenous friendship be- Free Discussion Guide available 0-375-50573-3
Bradley, Marion Zimmer tween two lonely boys comes to an end. HC | $24.95/$37.95C | 214 pp
The Mists of Avalon Free Teacher’s Guide available Tevis, Walter
Booth, Teena
0-345-35049-9 The Queen’s Gambit
TR | $16.95/$25.95C | 912 pp
Murphy, Sean 1-4000-3060-9 Falling from Fire
The Hope Valley Hubcap King TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 256 pp 0-385-72978-2
This is the magical legend of King
0-440-24089-1 HC | $15.95/$23.95C | 208 pp
Arthur, vividly retold through the
eyes of the women who wielded MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 304 pp Young, Yolanda
Burroughs, Edgar Rice
power from behind the throne— On Our Way to Beautiful: A
including the darkly bewitching
Naylor, Gloria Family Memoir Tarzan of the Apes
Bailey’s Café 0-8129-6674-0 0-345-31977-X
Morgaine, half-sister to Arthur and
0-679-74821-0 TR | $11.95/$17.9C | 240 pp MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 288 pp
high priestess of Avalon.
Free Discussion Guide available
TR | $13.00/$20.00C | 240 pp Free Discussion Guide available 0-8129-6706-2
Set in a diner where the food isn't TR | $8.95/$13.95C | 336 pp
Coe, Jonathan very good and the ambience veers
between heaven and hell, this best-
Intermediate Butler, Tajuana “T.J.”
The Rotters’ Club
selling novel is a feast for the senses Readers Sorority Sisters
and the spirit. 0-375-75758-9
TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 432 pp Atkinson, Jay TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 240 pp
Remnick, David and Ice Time: A Tale of Fathers, In this wonderful debut novel, five
Eggers, Dave
Finder, Harry, eds. Sons, and Hometown Heroes young women from diverse back-
A Heartbreaking Work of
Staggering Genius Fierce Pajamas: 0-609-80994-6 grounds pledge an African-American
0-375-72578-4 An Anthology of Humor Writing TR | $13.00/$20.00C | 336 pp sorority and learn the true meaning
TR | $14.00/NCR | 496 pp from The New Yorker of sisterhood.
0-375-76127-6 Barry, Dave Free Discussion Guide available
ALA Notable Book Award
Bestseller TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 528 pp Dave Barry Hits Below
Free Discussion Guide available
the Beltway Cormier, Robert
Golden, Arthur Roth, Philip 0-345-45919-9 The Rag and Bone Shop
Memoirs of a Geisha Portnoy’s Complaint MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 224 pp 0-440-22971-5
0-679-78158-7 0-679-75645-0 MM | $6.99/$8.99C | 176 pp
TR | $13.00/$17.95C | 304 pp Benjamin, David Free Discussion Guide available
TR | $14.95/NCR | 448 pp
“Deliciously funny...absurd and The Life & Times of the
Highsmith, Patricia Last Kid Picked Davidson, Diane Mott
exuberant, wild and uproarious.... A
Bestseller 0-8129-6658-9 Chopping Spree
The Talented Mr. brilliantly vivid reading experience.”
Ripley TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 304 pp 0-553-57835-9
—The New York Times Book Review
0-679-74229-8 MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 400 pp
Berry, Betrice
TR | $13.00/$19.95C | 304 pp Sharp, Adrienne
White Swan, Black Swan The Haunting of Hip Hop
TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 240 pp
TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 256 pp
Free Discussion Guide available 25
Independent Readers

Dick, Philip K. Katz, Jon McAllister, Troon Stine, R.L.

The Minority Report A Dog Year: Twelve Months, Four The Kid Who Batted 1.000 The Sitter
0-375-42187-4 Dogs, and Me 0-7679-0912-7 0-345-45980-6
HC | $12.95/$19.95C | 112 pp 0-8129-6690-2 TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 272 pp TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 384 pp
TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 240 pp
The Selected Stories SLJ Best Adult Books for McCafferty, Megan Tooke, C. W.
of Philip K. Dick High School Students Sloppy Firsts Ballpark Blues
Kimbro, Dennis 0-609-80790-0 0-385-50640-6
HC | $25.95/$38.95C | 496 pp
What Keeps Me Standing: TR | $10.95/$16.95C | 304 pp HC | $22.95/$34.95C | 304 pp
Feig, Paul Letters from Black Grandmothers Free Discussion Guide available
Kick Me: Adventures in Van Draanen, Wendelin
on Peace, Hope and Inspiration Second Helpings New!
Adolescence 0-385-50635-X 0-609-80791-9
0-609-80943-1 HC | $23.95/$35.95C | 240 pp TR | $10.95/$16.95C | 288 pp 0-375-82544-4
TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 288 pp Inspirational lessons in life for the Jessica’s life grows more complex as TR | $8.95/$13.95C | 224 pp
Gayle, Mike next generation written by African- she enters senior year. Wells, Ken
My Legendary Girlfriend American grandmothers, whose
strength, humor, and wisdom shine Price-Thompson, Tracy Meely LaBauve
0-7679-0973-9 0-375-75816-X
TR | $12.95/NCR | 288 pp on every page. Chocolate Sangria
TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 272 pp
Klause, Annette Curtis 0-375-50651-9
Gebhard, Nathan, and HC | $21.95/$32.95C | 288 pp Fifteen-year-old Meely LaBauve is
Mariner, Mike Blood and Chocolate growing up on Catahoula Bayou and
0-440-22668-6 R. King, Laurie living by his wits. Not since Huck
Roadtrip Nation: A Guide To
MM | $4.99/$7.50C | 288 pp Finn rafted down the Mississippi has
Discovering Your Path In Life Folly
ALA Best Book for Young Adults - Top Ten, there been a coming-of-age story like
0-345-46013-8 ALA Quick Pick-Top Ten.
TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 256 pp TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 432 pp this, told in such an utterly authentic
LeClaire, Anne D. unlettered American voice. Ken Wells
Grisham, John Rice, Ben has cooked up a zesty gumbo of a book
Leaving Eden New!
Skipping Christmas 0-345-44575-9 Pobby and Dingan —rich, poignant and often hilarious.
0-385-50841-7 TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 320 pp 1-4000-3188-5
YALSA Award Winner
HC | $14.95/$22.95C | 192 pp
TR | $10.00/$15.00C | 112 pp Logan’s Storm
Lethem, Jonathan
Hesser, Terry Spencer; with an 0-375-76067-9
Motherless Brooklyn Sherwood, Ben
afterward by A.J. Allen M.D., Ph.D. TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 304 pp
0-375-72483-4 The Man Who Ate the 747
Kissing Doorknobs TR | $13.00/$20.00C | 336 pp Junior’s Leg
0-440-41314-1 0-553-58280-1
Lionel Essrog is an orphan whose MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 272 pp 0-375-76032-6
MM | $5.50/$7.99C | 160 pp Tourettic impulses drive him to bark, TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 304 pp
Over time, Tara’s “quirks” grew and Alex Award Winner
count and rip apart our language in Free Discussion Guide available
developed: arranging her meals on startling and original ways. He works
plates, nonstop prayer rituals, until for small-time mobster Frank Minna's
she developed a new ritual wherin Young, Cathy, ed.
limo service cum detective agency.
she kissed her fingers and touched One Hot Second:
New York Times Notable Book, ALA Notable
doorknobs. Book, Booklist Editors' Choice
Stories About Desire
ALA Best Book for Young Adults, Free Discussion Guide available
ALA Quick Pick-Top Ten, HC | $10.95/$16.95C | 224 pp
Booklist Top Ten First Novel for Youth

26 For title descriptions, sample chapters, free discussion and teacher’s guides, visit our website…
Independent Readers

Doherty, Robert Paretsky, Sara Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia

Reluctant Readers Area 51: The Truth Total Recall Midnight Predator
Sports, Outdoors 0-440-23706-8 0-440-22471-3 0-385-32794-3
MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 320 pp MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 544 pp HC | $9.95/$14.95C | 256 pp
& Adventure
Fulghum, Hunter Weathers, Beck with Michaud, Shattered Mirror
Armstrong, Jennifer Don’t Try This at Home: Stephen G. 0-385-32793-5
Becoming Mary Mehan How to Win a Summo Match, Left for Dead: My Journey Home
HC | $9.95/$14.95C | 240 pp
0-440-22961-8 Catch a Greatwhite Shark, Start from Everest Demon in My View
TR | $6.99/$9.99C | 320 pp and Independent Nation, and 0-440-23708-4 0-440-22884-0
Free Discussion Guide available Other Extraordinary Feats (For MM | $7.50/$10.99C | 352 pp HC | $4.99/$6.99C | 192 pp
Ordinary People)
Bailey-Williams, Nicole
0-7679-1159-8 Collins, Max Allan
A Little Piece of Sky TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 288 pp Fiction: Magic,
0-7679-1216-0 Dark Angel: Skin Game
TR | $9.95/$14.95C | 176 pp Jeter, Derek Intrigue & Mystery 0-345-45183-X
Song Byrd is an African American Game Day MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 272 pp
(in a mostly Hispanic neighborhood), 0-609-80794-3 Almond, David
Dark Angel: Before the Dawn
unwanted (concieved by adultery) TR | $22.95/$32.95C | 112 pp Counting Stars 0-345-45182-1
and poor. What she lacks in the YALSA Award Winner 0-385-72946-4 MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 288 pp
material sense she makes up for in HC | $16.95/$24.95C | 224 pp
The Life You Imagine
her extraordinary rich spirit. Heaven Eyes Dickinson, Peter
Free Discussion Guide available The Ropemaker
TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 304 pp 0-440-22910-3
Free Teacher’s Guide available
YALSA Award Winner TR | $5.50/$7.99C | 256 pp 0-385-72921-9
Brin, David and Lenagh, Kevin Free Discussion Guide available HC | $15.95/$23.95C | 384 pp
Krakauer, Jon Tilja has grown up in the peaceful
Contacting Aliens: An Illustrated Kit’s Wilderness
Guide to David Brin’s Uplift Universe Into Thin Air: A Personal Account Valley, which is protected from the
of the Mt. Everest Disaster 0-440-41605-1 fearsome Empire by an enchanted
0-553-37796-5 MM | $4.99/$6.99C | 256 pp
TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 208 pp 0-385-49208-1 forest. The forest’s power has begun
MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 416 pp Secret Heart to fade, and Tilja ventures into the
Brown, Rita Mae and New!
Into the Wild 0-385-72947-2 Empire to find the mysterious magi-
Brown, Sneaky Pie HC | $15.95/$23.95C | 208 pp cian who can save the Valley.
Catch as Cat Can TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 224 pp Free Discussion Guide available
0-553-58028-0 Grafton, Sue
MM | $7.50/$10.99C | 368 pp Montville, Leigh Skellig P is for Peril
At the Altar of Speed: The Fast 0-440-22908-1
The Tail of the Tip-Off 0-449-00379-5
Life and Tragic Death of Dale MM | $4.99/$6.99C | 208 pp
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 384 pp
0-553-80158-9 Free Discussion Guide available
HC | $24.95/$37.95C | 320 pp
0-7679-0992-5 Hall, Parnell
Child, Greg TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 224 pp Puzzled to Death
Over the Edge 0-553-58146-5
0-375-50609-8 MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 416 pp
HC | $24.95/$37.95C | 304 pp
The true story of four American
climbers’ kidnap and escape in the
mountains of Central Asia. 27
Independent Readers

Hammett, Dashiell Kaysen, Susanna Poupeney, Mollie

The Maltese Falcon
Students’ Lives Girl, Interrupted Her Father’s Daughter
0-679-72264-5 Campbell, Bebe Moore 0-679-74604-8 0-440-22879-4
TR | $11.00/$17.00C | 224 TR | $12.00/$17.95C | 192 pp MM | $5.50/$7.99C | 272 pp
Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine
Sam Spade, a slightly shopworn pri- After a session with a psychiatrist she’d The rich landscape of Oregon’s log-
vate eye. A perfumed grifter named never seen before, eighteen-year-old ging country in the 1930s provides
TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 352 pp
Joel Cairo, a fat man named Gutman, Susanna Kaysen was put in a taxi and fertile ground for Maggie Morrison
a beautiful and treacherous woman 0-345-40112-3 sent to McLean psychiatric Hospital. to grow up, but it is not a gentle
whose loyalties shift at the drop of a MM | $7.50/$10.99C | 448 pp Free Discussion Guide available world she lives in. There are good
dime. These are the ingredients of NAACP Image Award for Best Literary times, when she bests her brother at
Work of Fiction Livingston, Vivian with
Dashiell Hammett’s 1930’s coolly boxing or enjoys a rare piece of candy.
glittering gem of detective fiction.
Free Discussion Guide available Krantz, Sherrie But there are bad times, too, when
Free Discussion Guide available The Autobiography of Vivian her father comes home smelling of
Campbell, Rebecca 0-345-45354-9 alcohol, when her mother cries.
Jeapes, Ben Slave to Fashion TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 304 pp Free Discussion Guide available
The Xenocide Mission 0-375-76062-8
TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 288 pp Vivian Lives
0-385-75007-2 0-345-45355-7
Quintana, Anton
Fashion college has taught Katie
HC | $15.95/$23.95C | 400 pp TR | $13.95/$21.00 | 300 pp The Baboon King
Castle everything she ever needed to
Kronzek, Allan Zola and know: how to smoke cigarettes and
McCafferty, Megan TR | $4.99/NCR | 192 pp
Kronzek, Elizabeth drink; how to flirt with gay men and
straight women. Possessed of a sharp Second Helpings Free Discussion Guide available
The Sorcerer’s Companion 0-609-80791-9
eye and a stiletto tongue, Katie talks
A Guide to the Magical World TR | $10.95/$16.95C | 288 pp Stapinski, Helene
her way into the job of her dreams.
of Harry Potter Five-Finger Discount: A Crooked
0-7679-0847-3 Burt, Guy Paulsen, Gary Family History
TR | $15.00/$23.00C | 304 pp
The Hole The Beet Fields: Memories of a 0-375-75870-4
Sixteenth Summer TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 272 pp
Sedgwick, Marcus 0-440-41557-8 With deadpan humor and obvious
TR | $12.00/NCR | 160 pp
Witch Hill MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 176 pp affection, Five-Finger Discount recounts
0-385-32802-8 Homes, A.M. Free Discussion Guide available the story of an unforgettable New
HC | $15.95/NCR | 160 pp Nominee 2001 New York Public Library Jersey family of swindlers, bookies,
The fire in his home was a family tragedy Books for the Teen Age embezzlers, and mobster-wannabes.
that Jamie can’t forget. When his family
TR | $12.00/$16.95C | 240 pp Pennebaker, Ruth
sends him away to Crownhill to recover,
A teenager who wants nothing more
they don’t realize they are sending him Both Sides Now
than to be normal—even if being
to a village with its own dark history 0-440-22933-2
normal means having divorced parents
of witchcraft and ancient buried pow- TR | $5.50/$7.99C | 224 pp
and a rather strange best friend. But
ers, unleashed by Jamie’s presence. Free Discussion Guide available
when Jack’s father tells him he’s gay,
nothing will ever be normal again.

28 For title descriptions, sample chapters, free discussion and teacher’s guides, visit our website…
Independent Readers Reluctant Readers

Brashares, Ann Sachar, Louis
The Sisterhood of the Holes
Traveling Pants 0-440-22859-X
0-385-72933-2 MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 256 pp
HC | $14.95/$22.95C | 320 pp Stanley Yelnats is under a curse. A
Trigiani, Adriana White, Ruth curse that began with his no-good-
Big Stone Gap Memories of Summer Christie, Amanda dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-
0-345-43832-9 0-440-22921-9 7th Heaven: Lucy's Angel grandfather and has since followed
TR | $13.95/$19.95C | 320 pp MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 460 pp 0-375-81419-1 generations of Yelnats.
Free Discussion Guide available Newbery Honor Winner Ruth White MM | $4.99/$6.99C | 224 pp Free Teacher’s Guide available
gives readers an unforgettable story of Winner ALA Best Books for Young Adults
Big Cherry Holler David, Peter
one girl’s experience growing up with
0-345-44584-8 Spider-Man Spinelli, Jerry
a sister that develops schizophrenia.
TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 320 pp
Free Discussion Guide available 0-345-45005-1 Stargirl
Free Discussion Guide available
MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 320 pp 0-375-82233-X
Milk Glass Moon: Wilson, Jacqueline TR | $8.95/$13.95C | 208 pp
A Big Stone Gap Novel Girls Under Pressure Evans, Nicholas From the day she arrives at quiet
0-375-50618-7 0-385-72975-8 The Smoke Jumper Mica High in a burst of color and
HC | $24.95/$37.95C | 272 pp HC | $9.95/NCR | 224 pp 0-440-23516-2 sound, the hallways hum with the
0-440-22958-8 MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 576 pp murmur of “Stargirl, Stargirl.” The
Weisberg, Joseph MM | $4.99/NCR | 224 pp His name is Connor Ford and he students of Mica High are enchanted.
10th Grade falls like an angel of mercy from the At first. Then they turn on her.
0-8129-6662-7 sky, braving the flames to save the Free Discussion Guide available
TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 272 pp woman he loves but knows he can-
At the behest of his composition not have. For Julia Bishop is the Van Draanen, Wendelin
teacher, Jeremy chronicles everything partner of his closest friend, Ed Tully. Sammy Keyes and the
—a disastrously ungrammatical but Julia loves them both and is forced Search for Snake Eyes
unflinching look at sophomore year. to choose between them—which 0-440-41900-X
burns a brand on all their hearts. MM | $4.99/$6.99C | 288 pp
Sammy’s softball team is in contention
Lawrence, Iain for the Junior Slugger’s Cup. She is
Ghost Boy thrown a wild pitch by a frantic girl
0-440-41668-X in the mall. She begs Sammy to watch
MM | $5.50/$7.99C | 352 pp something for her and then dashes
Harold Kline is an albino—an out- off—and Sammy’s search for her
cast. Folks stare and taunt. It’s been leads her into situations that are just
that way for all of his 14 years. So not covered in a softball playbook.
when the circus comes to town,
Harold runs off to join it.
Free Discussion Guide available

McDaniel, Lurlene
How Do I Love Thee: Three Stories
MM | $5.50/$7.99C | 272 pp 29
Short Stories

Angus, Douglas, ed. Cather, Willa Dubus III, Andre Joyce, James
The Best Short Stories Collected Stories The Cage Keeper and Dubliners
of the Modern Age 0-679-73648-4 Other Stories 0-679-73990-4
0-449-30058-7 TR | $15.00/$21.00C | 512 pp 0-375-72774-4 TR | $10.00/$13.00C | 304 pp
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 336 pp TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 224 pp 0-553-21380-6
Chaon, Dan MM | $4.95/$6.95C | 208 pp
Angus, Douglas and Among the Missing Faulks, Sebastian and
Angus, Sylvia, eds. 0-345-44161-3 Hensgen, Jorg, eds. Kafka, Franz
Contemporary American TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 288 pp The Vintage Book of War Fiction The Metamorphosis,
Short Stories 2001 National Book Award Nominee - Fiction 1-4000-3040-4 In the Penal Colony,
0-449-91227-2 ALA Notable Book Award TR | $14.00/NCR | 416 pp and Other Stories
TR | $12.00/$16.95C | 560 pp Free Discussion Guide available 0-8052-1057-1
Free Teacher’s Guide available Jen, Gish TR | $12.00/$16.95C | 328 pp
Cisneros, Sandra Who’s Irish?: Stories
Blease, Kathleen, ed. Woman Hollering Creek: 0-375-70592-9 LaValle, Victor D.
One Dark Night: And Other Stories TR | $12.00/$17.95C | 224 pp Slapboxing with Jesus
13 Masterpieces of the Macabre 0-679-73856-8 0-375-70590-2
0-345-44044-7 TR | $11.00/$14.95C | 192 pp Golden, Marita and TR | $11.00/$16.50C | 224 pp
TR | $10.00/$15.00C | 224 pp Harris, E. Lynn, eds.
Crane, Milton, ed. Bestseller Gumbo: A Celebration of African MacLeod, Alistair
Carlson, Lori, ed. Fifty Great American American Writing Island New!
American Eyes: Short Stories 0-7679-1041-9 0-375-71304-2
New Asian-American Short Stories 0-553-27294-2 TR | $17.95/$26.95C | 832 pp TR | $14.00/NCR | 448 pp
for Young Adults MM | $6.50/$9.95C | 512 pp
0-449-70448-3 Howe, Irving, ed. Major, David C. and
Fifty Great Short Stories
MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 160 pp
0-553-27745-6 Short Shorts: An Anthology Major, John S., eds.
ALA Best Book for Young Adults
MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 480 pp of the Shortest Stories 100 One-Night Reads:
0-553-27440-6 A Book Lover’s Guide
Carver, Raymond Dark, Larry, ed. MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 224 pp 0-345-43994-5
Call If You Need Me: O. Henry Prize Stories 2002 TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 336 pp
The Uncollected Fiction and Hughes, Langston
Other Prose TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 496 pp The Ways of White Folks
0-375-72628-4 0-679-72817-1
TR | $13.00/$20.00C | 320 pp Dostoevsky, Fyodor TR | $12.00/$16.95C | 272 pp

Carver, Raymond and Best Short Stories of

Fyodor Dostoevsky
Jenks, Tom, eds.
American Short Story TR | $10.95/$16.95C | 320 pp
Masterpieces Free Discussion Guide available
MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 528 pp

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Short Stories

Vintage Anthologies

Mason, Bobbie Ann Stevenson, Robert Louis

Shiloh and Other Stories The Complete Stories of Robert
0-375-75843-7 Louis Stevenson: Strange Case
TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 256 pp of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and
Free Discussion Guide available Nineteen Other Tales
McNees, Pat, ed. TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 880 pp
Contemporary Latin American
Short Stories Twain, Mark
0-449-91226-4 Mark Twain’s Library of Humor
TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 400 pp 0-679-64036-3
TR | $15.95/$23.95C | 608 pp
Myers, Walter Dean
145th Street: Short Stories Stegner, Wallace and Stegner,
0-440-22916-2 Mary, eds.
MM | $5.50/$7.99C | 160 pp Great American Short Stories
Olsen, Tillie MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 512 pp
Tell Me a Riddle
0-385-29010-1 Warren, Robert Penn, ed.
TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 128 pp Short Story Masterpieces
Rea Award for the Short Story 0-440-37864-8
MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 528 pp
Poe, Edgar Allan
18 Best Stories Wheeler, Joe
0-440-32227-8 Christmas In My Soul:
MM | $6.99/$9.99C | 288 pp A Third Collection
Roth, Philip HC | $14.95/$22.95C | 144 pp
Goodbye, Columbus and Five
Short Stories Zapata, Celia Correasde, ed. Bolger, Dermot, ed. Fuentes, Carlos
0-679-74826-1 Short Stories by The Vintage Book of and Ortega, Julio, eds.
TR | $13.00/$17.95C | 320 pp Latin American Women: The Contemporary Irish Fiction The Vintage Book of Latin
Magic and the Real 0-679-76546-8 American Stories
Skaggs, Calvin, ed. 0-812-96707-0 TR | $16.00/NCR | 592 pp 0-679-77551-X
American Short Story: Volume 1 TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 272 pp TR | $14.00/NCR | 400 pp
0-440-30294-3 Choa, Carolyn and
MM | $7.50/$10.50C | 400 pp Su Li-qun, David, eds. Kravitz, Peter, ed.
American Short Story: Volume 2 The Vintage Book of The Vintage Book of
0-440-30297-8 Contemporary Chinese Fiction Contemporary Scottish Fiction
MM | $7.50/$10.99C | 464 pp 0-375-70093-5 0-679-77550-1
TR | $14.00/NCR | 320 pp TR | $15.00/NCR | 592 pp

Dibdin, Michael, ed. Wolff, Tobias, ed.

The Vintage Book of Classic Crime The Vintage Book of
0-679-76855-6 Contemporary American
TR | $14.00/NCR 464 pp Short Stories
TR | $15.00/NCR | 576 pp 31
Poetry Maya

Alighieri, Dante Academy of American Poets, The Connaroe, Joel, ed.

The Divine Comedy Fifty Years of American Poetry: Six American Poets
Translated by Mandelbaum Over 200 Important Works by 0-679-74525-4
0-679-43313-9 America’s Modern Masters TR | $14.00/$19.50C | 320 pp
HC | $23.00/$35.00C | 960 pp 0-440-21877-2 This anthology presents the best work
MM | $6.99/$10.99C | 320 pp of six makers of the modern American And Still I Rise
Translated by Carlyle-Okey-Wicksteed poetic tradition: Whitman, Dickinson,
0-394-70126-7 Auden, W.H. 0-394-50252-3
Williams, Stevens, Frost and Hughes. HC | $13.00/$19.95C | 64 pp
TR | $12.00/$16.95C | 656 pp Collected Longer Poems
0-375-50875-9 Dickinson, Emily New! 0-375-41949-7
HC | $22.00/$33.00C | 360 pp Emily Dickinson: AU | $12.00/$18.00C
Translated by Ciardi
Selected Poems I Shall Not Be Moved: Poems
0-679-60209-7 Bowman, Catherine, ed. 0-679-78335-0
HC | $16.95/$25.95C | 336 pp Word of Mouth: Poems Featured 0-679-45708-9
TR | $9.95/$14.95C | 336 pp
on NPR’s All Things Considered HC | $15.95/$21.95C | 64 pp
Translated by Esolen
0-375-71315-8 Eliot, T.S. 0-553-35458-2
HC | $24.95/$37.95C | 528 pp TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 208 pp The Waste Land and Other Writings TR | $9.95/$12.95C | 64 pp
0-375-75934-4 0-679-45576-0
Translated by Hollander Byron, Lord TR | $7.95/NCR | 272 pp AU | $7.95/$10.50C
0-385-49688-2 Selected Poetry of Lord Byron
TR | $16.95/$25.95C | 736 pp 0-375-75814-3 Flores, Angel, ed. Just Give Me a Cool Drink of
TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 768 pp The Anchor Anthology of Water ‘Fore I Die: Poems
Translated by Longfellow 0-679-45709-7
French Poetry: From Nerval to
Carlson, Lori, ed. Valery in English Translation HC | $15.00/$21.00C | 64 pp
TR | $9.95/$14.95C | 432 pp Cool Salsa 0-385-49888-8 0-679-45577-9
Translated by Mandelbaum 0-449-70436-X TR | $16.00/$24.00C | 480 pp AU | $7.95/$10.50C
0-553-21339-3 MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 160 pp
MM | $5.95/$6.95C | 432 pp ALA Best Book for Young Adults Harper, Michael S. and Maya Angelou Poetry Collection
Walton, Anthony, eds. 0-375-42017-7
Translated by Zappulla Chaucer, Geoffrey, Krapp, AU | $19.95/$29.95C
0-679-75708-2 George Philip, trans. The Vintage Book of African
TR | $12.00/$17.95C | 336 pp Troilus and Cressida American Poetry Poems
0-375-75736-8 0-375-70300-4 0-553-37985-2
0-553-21339-3 TR | $12.00/$15.95C | 224 pp
TR | $9.95/$14.95C | 352 pp TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 448 pp
MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 432 pp
Purgatorio Ciuraru, Caramela, ed. Horace MM | $6.50/$9.99C | 224 pp
Translated by Hollander Beat Poets Michie, James, trans.
0-375-41332-4 The Complete Collected Poems
0-385-49699-0 Odes
HC | $35.00/$53.00C | 656 pp HC | $12.50/$18.50C | 256 pp of Maya Angelou
Coffin, Charles M., ed. TR | $10.95/$16.95C | 304 pp
Translated by Mandelbaum HC | $24.00/$37.00C | 288 pp
0-553-21344-X The Complete Poetry and Hughes, Langston
MM | $6.95/$9.95C | 448 pp Selected Prose of John Donne
Selected Poems of PLEASE NOTE:
Translated by Merwin Langston Hughes
TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 736 pp
0-375-40921-1 0-679-72818-X For Angelou’s autobiographical
HC | $30.00/$45.00C | 400 pp Collins, Billy TR | $13.00/$17.95C | 320 pp titles, please see page 6.
0-375-70839-1 Nine Horses: Poems
TR | $19.95/$29.95C | 400 pp 0-375-50381-1 Keats, John
HC | $21.95/$32.95C | 144 pp Complete Poems and Selected
Paradiso Letters of John Keats
Translated by Mandelbaum Sailing Alone Around the Room: 0-375-75669-8
0-553-21204-4 New and Selected Poems TR | $14.95/$22.95C | 640 pp
MM | $6.95/$9.95C | 464 pp 0-375-75519-5 Free Discussion Guide available
TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 192 pp

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Poetry Voice of the Poet Series,
edited by J.D. McClatchy
American Wits
CD | $19.95/$29.95C

W.H. Auden
AU | $15.95/$24.95C

Frost, Robert
CD | $19.95/$29.95C

Koch, Kenneth and Millay, Edna St. Vincent Langston Hughes

Farrell, Kate, eds. The Selected Poetry of Edna AU | $19.95/$24.95C
Sleeping on the Wing: An St. Vincent Millay
Anthology of Modern Poetry with 0-375-76123-3 Rich, Adrienne
Essays on Reading and Writing TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 192 pp 0-553-71489-9
0-394-74364-4 CD | $19.95/$29.95C
Milton, John
MM | $11.00/$14.95C | 336 pp
The Annotated Milton: Sylvia Plath
Mandelbaum, Allen and Complete English Poems 0-375-40599-2
Ricardson, Robert D., Jr., eds. 0-553-58110-4 AU | $17.95/$26.95C
MM | $6.95/$9.95C | 720 pp
Three Centuries of Five American Women
American Poetry Randall, Dudley, ed. 0-375-41635-8
0-553-37518-0 The Black Poets AU (Unabridged)
TR | $22.00/NCR | 768 pp $17.95/$26.95C
MM | $7.99/$10.99C | 384 pp Gertrude Stein, H.D.,
McClatchy, J.D., ed. New! Edna St. Vincent Millay,
Vintage Book of Contemporary Rilke, Rainer Maria Louise Bogan;
American Poetry, 2nd Edition Letters to a Young Poet Muriel Rukeyser.
1-4000-3093-5 0-394-74104-8
TR | $17.00/$26.00C | 736 pp MM | $9.00/$11.50 | 128 pp

Poems of the Sea Rimbaud, Arthur

0-375-41329-4 For a complete list visit:
Rimbaud Complete
HC | $12.50/$18.50C | 256 pp 0-375-75770-8
The Vintage Book of TR | $13.95/$21.00C | 528 pp
Contemporary American Poetry:
Sixty-Five Outstanding Poets Sapphire
0-679-72858-9 American Dreams Walker, Alice Wooldridge, Susan Goldsmith
TR | $16.00/$21.95C | 592 pp 0-679-76799-1
TR | $12.00/$16.95C | 192 pp
Absolute Trust in the Goodness poemcrazy: Bestseller
The Vintage Book of of the Earth: New Poems freeing your life
Contemporary World Poetry Black Wings & Blind Angels: 0-375-50904-6 with words
0-679-74115-1 Poems HC | $22.95/$34.95C | 320 pages 0-609-80098-1
TR | $16.00/$21.95C | 688 pp 0-679-76731-2 TR | $13.00/$20.00C | 224 pp
TR | $11.00/$17.00C | 144 pp Warren, Robert Penn and
Erskine, Albert, eds. Wordsworth, William
Medina, Tony and Rivera, Louis Schmidt, Elizabeth, ed. Six Centuries of Great Poetry: Selected Poetry of
Reyes, eds. Poems of New York A Stunning Collection of Classic William Wordsworth
Bum Rush the Page: 0-375-41504-1 British Poems from Chaucer to Yeats 0-679-64224-2
A Def Poetry Jam HC | $12.50/$18.50C | 256 pp 0-440-21383-5 HC | $24.95/$37.95C | 720 pp
0-609-80840-0 MM | $7.99/$11.99C | 608 pp 0-375-75941-7
TR | $14.00/$21.00C | 320 pp Shakespeare, William
TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 784 pp
The Poems Washington, Peter, ed.
Merrill, James 0-553-21309-1 Comic Poems Young, Kevin
Collected Poems MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 368 pp 0-375-41354-5 Jelly Roll: A Blues New!
0-375-70941-X HC | $12.50/$18.50C | 256 pp 0-375-41460-6
TR | $27.50/$41.95C | 912 pp Virgil
HC | $23.00/$35.00C | 208 pp
Mandelbaum, Allen, trans. Persian Poets
Mezey, Robert, ed. Aeneid of Virgil 0-375-41126-7
Poems of the American West HC | $12.50/$18.50C | 256 pp
0-375-41459-2 MM | $5.95/$8.95C | 416 pp
HC | $12.50/$18.50C | 256 pp 33
Drama Shakespeare
MM | $3.95/$4.95C | 240 pp
Julius Caesar
MM | $3.95/$4.95C | 176 pp
MM | $3.95/$5.50C | 176 pp
The Merchant of Venice
MM | $3.95/$4.95C | 176 pp
Alexander, George Guare, John
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Why We Make Movies: Six Degrees of Separation
Black Filmmakers Talk About the 0-679-73481-3
MM | $4.95/$6.95C | 144 pp
Magic of Cinema TR | $11.95/$17.95C | 136 pp
0-7679-1181-4 Much Ado About Nothing
TR | $15.95/$23.95C | 512 pp Hadas, Moses 0-553-21301-6
Greek Drama MM | $3.95/$4.95C | 160 pp
Aristophanes 0-553-21221-4
The Complete Plays of MM | $5.95/$8.95C | 352 pp Othello
Aristophanes 0-553-21302-4
0-553-21343-1 Hansberry, Lorraine MM | $3.95/$4.95C | 208 pp
MM | $5.95/$7.95C | 512 pp A Raisin in the Sun Bestseller Romeo and Juliet
0-679-75533-0 0-553-21305-9
Baldwin, James
MM | $5.95/$8.95C | 160 pp MM | $3.95/$5.50C | 208 pp
The Amen Corner: A Play Free Teachers Guide available
0-375-70188-5 Taming of the Shrew
TR | $11.00/$17.00C | 112 pp Ibsen, Henrik 0-553-21306-7
Four Great Plays by Henrik Ibsen MM | $3.95/$5.50C | 176 pp
Barton, John
Playing Shakespeare: 0-553-21280-X
An Actor’s Guide MM | $5.95/$8.95C | 320 pp
0-385-72085-8 Kaufman, Moisés and the Members Merlin, Joanna, Sartre, Jean-Paul
TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 288 pp Foreword by Harold Prince No Exit and Three Other Plays
of Tectonic Theater Project
Blinn, William The Laramie Project Auditioning: An Actor-Friendly Guide 0-679-72516-4
New! 0-375-72537-7 TR | $12.00/$16.95C | 288 pp
Brian’s Song 0-375-72719-1
TR | $11.00/$17.00C | 128 pp TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 240 pp
0-553-26618-7 Shengold, Nina, ed.
MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 128 pp 2002 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, &
Transgendered Literary Award Winner by
Nelson, Anne Take Ten: New 10-Minute Plays
Bolt, Robert The Guys New! 0-679-77282-0
the American Library Association
A Man for All Seasons Bestseller 0-8129-6729-1 TR | $14.00/$19.50C | 368 pp
0-679-72822-8 Lane, Eric and TR | $9.99/$14.95C | 128 pp
Shengold, Nina, eds. New! Shurtleff, Michael
TR | $9.50/NCR | 192 pp
Leading Women: Plays for O’Neill, Eugene Audition
Chekhov, Anton Actresses 2 The Iceman Cometh 0-553-27295-0
Three Plays: The Sea-Gull, Three 0-375-72666-7 0-375-70917-7 TR | $7.99/$10.99C | 288 pp
Sisters & The Cherry Orchard TR | $17.00/$26.00C | 640 pp TR | $12.00/$17.95C | 208 pp
0-679-64235-8 Music
Three Plays: Desire Under The
HC | $19.95/$29.95C | 208 pp Lawrence, Jerome
Elms, Strange Interlude, Mourning
Euripides Inherit the Wind Becomes Electra Ward, Geoffrey C. and
0-553-26915-1 0-679-76396-1 Burns, Ken
Ten Plays MM | $5.99/$8.99C | 144 pp
0-553-21363-6 TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 432 pp Jazz: An Illustrated History
MM | $6.95/$9.95C | 384 pp 0-679-76539-5
Lonergan, Kenneth New! Orlandersmith, Dael TR | $29.95/$44.95C | 512 pp
Frayn, Michael You Can Count On Me: Yellowman
Copenhagen A Screenplay 1-4000-3206-7 Westbrook, Alonzo
0-385-72079-3 0-375-71392-1 TR | $10.00/$15.00C | 112 pp Hip Hoptionary: The Dictionary of
TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 144 pp TR | $11.00/$17.00C | 128 pp Hip Hop Terminology
Noises Off New! Mamet, David
TR | $12.95/$19.95C | 240 pp
1-4000-3160-5 Oleanna
TR | $12.00/$18.00C | 176 pp 0-679-74536-X
TR | $11.00/$14.95C | 96 pp

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