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Current Financing

Dhiya Irdani’s finance growth through a combination of equity/debt investment

and internally generated cash flow. Because of the cost of inventory and marketing costs
of establishing a market presence, our business are financed primarily a financial loan in
the early stages and is expected to burn cash. It expected that additional investment will
be required with in the first year, until we break even mid to late 2011.

Funding Needs.

Near Term
Financial loan to support initial start up capital from owner, without financial assistance
the opening of the business will be delayed at certain operation cannot be performed. We
will require a finance loan to supplement the pool of our savings. The start up costs for
fabric seduction will be RM 50 000 minimum to RM 100 000 maximum.

Long Term
In the long term we may require further financing to increase manufacturing when
business grows. If demand exceeds our financial capabilities, this will result in
inefficiencies and lost sales.

Funding Plan

This business plan is part of our regular business planning process. We will revise
this plan semi-annually. In the next full year we intended to upload our business website
onto the World Wide Web. And begin advertise in the selected magazines Mingguan
Wanita and Dara to raise awareness about outfit seduction. Currently in the online female
Muslim outfit industry there is a sizeable number of competitors competing for customer
to buy online. The price of buying online has become affordable because growing
technology. Dhiya Irdani will have an advantage by being located in Malaysia-fast
delivery and appears more trusted. Currently, the internet has not been used to its full
extent in the female Muslim outfit industry in Malaysia. ………

SETUP COST One off Monthly Annual Transaction

Cost Cost Cost Cost
Registering Business Name 120.00

Registration with search 1000.00


Domain Name Registration 120.00

Web site and E-Commerce 450.00


Website design and Search 1900.00

Engine Strategy

ISP Services

Computer (basic setup with 1500.00

standard peripherals)

Broadband (cable) Optus 89.95 1079.40

Maintenance of website 1000.00 12000.00

Maintenance of stock storage 2000.00 24000.00

Secure Server for order and 23.95 287.40

settlement management

Initial build of Website 2000.00

Merchant Account on-line 30.00 360.00 0.02

Financial Forecast

Expected Annual Sales and Profit for the next 3 years:

- Year 2010: Sales - RM 156 000
Expenses - RM 120 000
Profit - RM 36 000

- Year 2011: Sales - RM 300 000

Expenses - RM 130 000
Profit - RM 170 000

- Year 2012: Sales - RM 600 000

Expenses - RM 200 000
Profit - RM 400 000