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Growing Crystals, Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting

by Powerme

(HHO Production by Crystals & Piezoelectric)

February 15, 2011


Growing Crystals, Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting

Crystals is the Key to Harvesting energy from the enviroment.

All semiconducter electronics components are based on different types of crystals, different sizes, different geometries, each quality can be optimized to tune into different frequency.

With the new development in nano crystals, there's a handful of people conducting nano piezoelectric research at home, I hope that We can also take advantage of this development and use this new technology as a way of obtaining Energy Freedom.

There are many applications for these piezoelectric crystals, the technology is over 100 years old but not much was done until recently.

I hope that we some of you will come together and start developing devices such as Nokia Self Charging Phone Battery, Piezo Cells for Self Charging small batteries AAA-C size etc.

Current Project.Piezoelectric production of Atomize water with HHO for ICE water fuel.

I have been trying to come up with a simple low temperature method to growing micro size single crystals at low temperature that is simple enough for anyone to perform. the mainstream ZnO single cystals are fused at high temperature and vapor deposited requiring complicated setup and technical expertise.

This is a simplified version for home use. Please use all precaution, I am not responsible for anything that may occur.


1lb. Zinc powder nano. 1 gallon ammonia cleaning (ammonium hydroxide)

Hot plate with Magnetic Stirrer teflon coated stir bar. 1 liter boiling flask with rubber stopper. reflux condenser if available. water bath. thermometer

Dissolve 30 grams of ZnO in each 300 ml of 30% ammonium chloride/ hydroxide. This is best done by filling 300 ml of 30% amonnium hydroxide into the flask and place on stirrer with teflon bar. Turn on the heat to medium, Turn on Stirrer to low speed, #3. Slowly add zinc oxide to solution. When all ZnO is dispensed, cap flask and turn up stirrer to maximum, bring the heat up to 60 deg C and let it mix for 30 minutes.

Place flask in the Freezer and freeze solution to -0 degrees C. When you reach this temperature, allow an additional 1 hr.

Before reflux, bath flask in a bowl of room temperature water for 5 minutes to avoid thermal shock and breakage of flask.

Set up water bath, large boiling glass bowl with water. Put your flask of cold solution in the water bath and set up reflux condenser with water tube, if you don't have one then just cap your flask tightly and turn on heat. Allow solution to heat up to 60 degrees C, maintain 60 deg C temperature

for 2 hours, crystals will grow during this time.

Let solution cool to room temperature, Filter solution and recover crystals.

the crystals are self seeding. these crystals are not the typical large crystals that most people grow at home. the single crystals are very small, nano size, at this size, they are able to pick up all induced waves and convert waves into electrolysis of water.

There is already a thread on HHO, we can discuss HHO piezoelectric application there,

and discuss Growing of Crystals here, there are many different types of crystals, and many different method of utilizing them.


ZnO - Zinc Oxide Power, micro or nano either one is fine.

Home Made broad spectrum Lead nano crystals

I have been tinkering with crystals of Lead Sulfide, Lead Oxide, and Lead Zirconate Titanate.

Lead is an amazing element that can be adapted to a wide broad spectrum of frequency. Radiant waves is available 24 hrs a day.

This material deserves serious research and development.


Originally Posted by FRC Any comments Powerme ?


Originally Posted by FRC Any comments Powerme ? FRC

while a lot of people here wonders off to the mystics of Free Energy, the holy grail of energy if right before your eyes.

Moray used Lead sulphide, tuned specifically to Radiant Waves that non stop arrives 24hr daily, you can do the very same thing with nano crystal cells of lead sulphide tuned to a broad spectrum up to 500 thz, you can also alloy silicon and have cells that harvest energy 24 hrs daily.

methods of production is simple and can is being done at home by a very few.

coils only transforms, no more no less. no free energy. you can make your own advance components, transistors with all types of crystals.

free energy is harvesting of energy from the environment where it is abundant, they come in different wave length you just need to tune in.


Originally Posted by FRC Could you elaborate on lead. Would the lead crystals work with the HHO ? And what are the sources of these lead compounds. Thanks

on lead. Would the lead crystals work with the HHO ? And what are the sources


lead is not suitable for HHO, but it is much better in harvesting many different frequencies.

added plus is it is widely available, I obtain all off my lead from old batteries. i recycle the fluid and lead oxide alloy as it is no use for me.

with elemental lead, you can easily produce other forms with basic organic chemistry. I also use electrolysis for electro plating aloys, you can achieve precision nano scale depositing with simple molar weight timing.

and the best part, these technologies are old, very old.

The Royal Society and Cavendish Society have publications on our so called Nano scale materials dating back to the mid 1880s.

There's a Treatise in Everything, I have ust finished reading a book The Treatsie in Zinc from the late 19th century, it contains everything that I needed to know about Zinc and it's properties and qualities.

Everyone needs to abolish the LIES they hold as knowledge, it is False manipulated lies.


Originally Posted by Cherryman Hi Powerme,

Originally Posted by Cherryman Hi Powerme, I have Copper sulfate ( CuSO4.5 H2O )laying around. I

I have Copper sulfate ( CuSO4.5 H2O )laying around. I have read that it can crystalize, but is it also suitable for HHO production?

I think Copper sulfate has a dielectric constant of 10, you have the power to investigate it's properties, grow crystals it with different method and find out. the easiest way to reduce crystal size to micro nano size is virgorously stirring of dissolved solution for 30 minutes

or so, use a magnetic stirrer.

Radiant Energy NOW, 24 hrs a day can be produced at home with Lead Sulfide and Lead Oxide nano crystals.

The Power Elite will never make these technologies available to the public but you have the Power to make it happen.

The Sun bombards earth with energy daily, enourmous amount of enery. For the so called 1000 watts per meter formula, typical Si photovoltaic ony harvest less that 20% of the visible spectrum, that is less than 10% or 10 watts per meter, that is simply absurd and insanely ridicilous.

Grow your own crystals that will work 24 hours daily, Radiant energy is the X ray and Gamma Ray range, and you can tap into this energy source today if you choose to make a Change.

sorry, that was 100 watts per meter square.

research has already been done on this, you can easily harvest 500 watts per meter square 24 hours a day.

Let's do this people.


powerme, Thanks for starting this thread and for all the info in the other one. I've been collecting quartz crystals for years. I've got a lot of them and wonder if they might have any use in collecting some type of energy? I always felt they might be of use in some way for energy work. I've come across some info on them regarding energy but nothing I could see how to use for creating energy off hand other than minute energy from RF signals. I seem to recall something too about compressing them with high frequency in some way as a possible way of generating energy but I don't know how it would be collected.

I've also come across info on lead and at one time was experimenting with it in a spark gap arrangement from Bruce Perreault's work on radiant energy. That's probably something different but if I recall correctly it was important to that device to use lead on one side and another metal on the other side of the spark gap. Bruce has studied Moray extensively and recently got a patent on his work (not sure why he went the patent route though).

Having had plenty of college chemistry I'll probably give this a try with the zinc oxide and a small generator I've got.

My biggest concern with all this though is hydrogen embrittlement. I don't know if it's just PTB scare tactics or what but I seem to remember that running ICE's on hydrogen can do some damage in the long term. Does anyone have any thoughts on that? I think there are some solutions to prevent or slow any damage. Ceramic additives to oil are one solution I've heard may help. Crystals I have look like these:

thanks for your interest.

hydrogen embrittlement has not been an issue on my experience, the ICE water fuel is a primitive way of utilizing what that is already available out there, ICE engines.

you can continue to staight PEM cells for production of DC electricity.

i am glad that you have extensive background in chemistry, for your crystals, they are not of much use in large form. they have to be sized proportional to the wave length that you with to work with.

easiest way is to dissolve them in soluable solutions, then stir at high speed while re-crytallization, this will yield micro and nano scale crystals.

there are many papers out there on the properties of each crystal element.

you can also dope crystals or deposit them on other material to differentiate polarities.


Originally Posted by Ordo_Ab_Chao Someone stated that Lead would be of no importance in regards to HHO, however, I don't think that's accurate at all.

Langmuir found that Lead Amalgam electrodes could create nascent hydrogen (single atoms of hydrogen). These single atoms are MUCH more reactive and produce higher energy explosions.

thank you for having pointed that out, lead alloys such as PMN-PT and PZT are good alloys for piezoelectric HHO but I have not had much result with elemental lead, I did not do much research on it either a I found that it's crytalline forms are better suited for harvesting of radiations directly.

will you be able to produce the amalgam and investigate it's properties?.

mercury is a noble element that I do not have access to it's luxuries, perhaps someone here can send me some


Originally Posted by SuperCaviTationIstic has anyone tried SLOWLY growing ice crystals in a STRONG electric field? I'm talking 10kv or more per inch. Ice is piezoelectric to begin with, but what kind of properties can be brought forth from properly aligning the dipoles while crystallizing? Who makes a permanent magnet without letting the ferrous metal cool inside a strong magnetic field? get my drift?

Has anyone seen that utube video of the guy who takes 50kv and puts the - in one glass of water and the + in an other, touches the lips of the glasses together so the water from each touches, and spreads them apart? the surface tension increased so much that he was able to pull them apart nearly an inch, and the filament of water bounced up and down like a rubber band.

Also, I read that somewhere that some high explosive (c4 maybe?) had

and EXTREMELY high dielectric constant

magnet, if it's really strong, it kind of explodes

and when you fracture a Something tells me that

if you were to crystallize ice under the tension of a strong electric field, it would be explosive.

i had come across an explosive phase of water tha i wish not to discuss.

with peizoelectic crystals, it seems that permittivity dictates HHO production. can you replicate my water fogger experiment with other piezo materials and share the result.

experiment with other piezo materials and share the result. i am getting deep kim chee as

i am getting deep kim chee as i am on a work project, I will invest my time more on work and will catch up with the thread when i get home.

good job guys, keep it up.

ewizard, can you please grow ZnO crystals and post instructables for others to follow.


our next project will be Lead Sulfide/ Oxide crystalline cells for harvesting of Radiant Energy, 24 hours.

it is a good idea to stock up on lead now, as soon as we get the ZnO water fuel successfully replicated, we will start on this project.

it will be best not to overwhelm you guys with so many information, The Power To Be is yours, and it starts by taking action.

All of my disclosures are non proprietary, it is Free for all to replicate.

The only way to re-gain the Freedom of man is to cleanse ourselves of selfishness and the sickness called greed. It is time for you to realize your true potential. You are capable of so much more.

Our projects will be interactive where you will exercise and unleash your power of creativity.

February 17, 2011


thanks guys,

I did read up on Moray, and he did use Lead Sulfide with vacuum tubes of his own design but I have no idea of his configuration.

I have discovered that All conductors in crystalline form has amplified dielectric constant, this is very easy to do.

to be able to harvest a particular frequency, you just need to have your crystals sized proportional to the length of the wave. my cells is a broad array of crystal lattice that does harvest a broad spectrum.

you guys should be aware of the properties of element at nano scale, All Lies called Laws of Science NEED NOT APPLY as they are useless.