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PCNC 1100

Series II • 3 Axis CNC


PCNC 1100

Whether you’re in R&D,

education, manufacturing, n Table Size: 34” x 9.5” n Feed Rate: 65 IPM
or simply have a great idea n Table Slots: 3 Slots 5/8” n Axis Drives:
n Travel: 18” x 9.5” x 16.25” (X, Y, Z) High Performance Stepper Motors
for a product, you need an
n Spindle Nose to Table: 17” maximum with Microstepping Drivers
affordable precision n Spindle Center to Column: 11” n Controller:

machine to make things n Spindle Nose Diameter: 3 3/8” PC – Windows XP or Vista

happen. The PCNC n Spindle Taper: R8 n Power requirements:

n Spindle Construction: 230 VAC single phase 50/60 Hz

1100 Series II offers
Cartridge with spindle lock n Features
the serious machining n Spindle Drive: Vector Technology • Single Shot Lube Pump
capability, backed by 1100 W continuous, 2800 W peak • 15 point lubrication
industrial quality, which n Spindle Speed: 100 to 5100 RPM • PTFE Bonded Slide Ways
n Transmission: Belt Drive, 2 ratios • ISO/DIN P4 Grade Ground
is so necessary to bring
n Weight: 1130 lbs net / 1296 lbs gross Ballscrews
your ideas to life. n Shipping Dimensions:

56” x 45” x 60” (L-W-H)

With unprecedented n Work piece: 500 lbs Maximum

affordability and value,

the open architecture
design combines cast
iron construction with
personal computer
technology to address
a wide variety of needs.

At over 1100 lbs and

with a 5000 RPM
spindle, the
PCNC 1100 is fully
capable of cutting
iron, steel,
titanium, and
even chromium
alloys like 300
or 400 series

PCNC 1100

Overview industrial components and interfaces.

The PCNC 1100 series II represents a This approach minimizes the initial cost,
new approach to bench top CNC mills. reduces maintenance cost, and virtually
Designed for real work, the machine eliminates any risk of obsolescence.
has the strength, power, and accuracy The combined effect gives you a
needed to cut serious materials. highly reliable product with a low cost
Circuit boards, aluminum, and engineer- of ownership.
ing polymers are a breeze when your Tormach business practices further
machine is built to cut materials like enhance the value offered. We sell our
steel, iron, stainless steels, and titanium. machines direct or through low over-
The PCNC 1100 offers unprecedented head distributors. The machines are
value through Tormach’s unique built to stock, not to order. We sell
combination of machine design and machines, stands, options, and accessories
driven by an induction motor through
business practices. on an à la carte basis so you buy only
two belt ratios. The spindle drive
The machine’s design is focused on the what you need. You can use your own
provides infinite speed control of 100 to
needs of prototyping, R&D, and small PC, or we can provide one. Machines
2000 RPM in the low ratio, and 200 to
shop operations. The open design is include CNC control software with all
5140 RPM in the high ratio. The spindle
better suited to combined manual and functions, including 4th axis support.
is selectable for manual speed control
automatic operations than an enclosed We do not charge extra for any
or computer speed control, with safety
VMC (vertical machining center), yet control software feature or function.
interlock for tool or belt ratio change.
when combined with the Tormach® The straightforward machine design
The R8 spindle has a convenient spindle
machine stand you still have good chip is supported with extensive technical
lock for tool changes, which generally
and coolant containment and a clean documentation, telephone support, and
take less than 30 seconds with the
shop. By limiting rapid motion to less warranty service on replacement parts.
Tormach® Tooling System (conventional
than 100 IPM the machine is not only R8 tooling takes a bit longer). The over-
lower in cost, but also safer to operate.
Design Details
lap between the high and low belt ratios
By replacing a conventional ATC The motion control is based on high makes ratio changes infrequent. When
(automatic tool changer) with the performance stepper motors with a ratio change is needed the belt pulley
quick change Tormach® Tooling System, microstepping drivers. The ways have change takes about 30 seconds.
the machine is both easier to afford bonded PTFE filled acetal surfaces.
and easier to maintain. Tooling cost is Similar to brand name compounds such
significantly lower, yet the tool change as Turcite® or Rulon®, PTFE compounds
time is still less than 30 seconds. The provide low friction and long life.
machine is built to industrial standards Bellows style covers protect all ways and
and perfectly suited to work cells in ballscrews. The single shot lubrication
a lean manufacturing environment or system is plumbed to all slide ways and
dedicated secondary operations. ball nuts, with machined oil distribution
The PCNC 1100 is PC controlled, channels in every way surface.
allowing your CAD and CAM software The new Series II design brings sensor-
to coexist with the CNC control less vector technology to the spindle
program. A single workstation takes drive, providing greater power and a
your idea from concept to completion. wider speed range that ever before.
Again, this reduces your machine cost With a 230% overload capacity the mill
and improves overall turnaround time. can muscle thought the tough spots
The control system uses standard without hesitation. The spindle is belt

PCNC 1100

PCNC 1100 SERIES II Software features include: Additional Software

Control System • Conversational Operations In addition to the machine control
The PCNC 1100 integrates a PC - Engraving and Text Milling software, each machine is shipped with
controller with a hard wired console - Pocketing CAD and CAM software. These are
for safety and convenience. - Drilling Circular Patterns entry level programs provide everything
- Drilling Grid Patterns you need to create simple drawings
The console includes: - Keyway Cutting and then create the G code programs
• Machine Start - Thread Milling that run your mill. Tormach also offers
• Emergency Stop - Plus many more more comprehensive CAD and CAM
• Spindle Key Switch Lockout • Integrated support for reversing programs such as Alibre Design Expert,
• Spindle Auto/Manual tapping heads
TurboCAD/CAM, and SprutCAM.
• Spindle Speed and Direction • Integrated support for Tormach®
• Coolant On/Off/Auto The more advanced programs provide
touch probe
• Computer On/Off added features needed to create
- One button - center to vise corner
• LED Status Indicators - One button - center to a hole complex designs. They’ll support
• Multipurpose Input Port - Center on arc segment programming of Tormach® accessories
- Automatic work height setting such as the 4th axis or Duality Lathe.
The spindle and coolant system can
be controlled directly on the console, • Automatic tool setting, with Tormach®
or switched over to PC control where tool setter option
screen controls and M codes are used. • Code Length to 10 million lines
• DXF file conversion utility
The spindle lockout key overrides all
• Online Code Editing
spindle start commands, as does the
• Automatic Multipass with Z depth
safety interlock on the spindle access
cover. The multipurpose input port • 3D Part Program and Path Graphics
can be configured for automated tool • Zoom, Rotate, and Jog Follow Graphics
touch off, digitizing, or used as a home • Programmable Spindle Speed
reference for the 4th axis. The machine • Start at any line
control software is easy to learn yet • Single Line Mode
comprehensive in functions and features. • Programmable Tool Change Position
Those new to CNC will appreciate the • Machine Diagnostic Displays
simplified, single control screen which • Programmable Keyboard Jog Controls
provides clear and simple graphics with all • Job run time estimator
of the buttons and information displays • Elapsed time display Control Computer
needed to run most programs. It’s a • 253 Entry Tool Table We offer control computers with the
great way for a beginner to get started. • Large MDI with MDI History Recall machine control software installed, fully
Advanced users will appreciate the • Program Simulate Run configured for optimum performance
comprehensive control screens, which • 4th Axis Control and covered by a warranty by Dell.
• Online G and M Code Help Each computer has a full backup image
include information displays for all
functions and features. The additional stored on a secondary partition.
information displayed on the compre- PN 30282: Computer with
LCD Monitor & Installed Software
hensive screens is useful when dealing
with more complicated codes such as
G95 (feed per revolution), G51 (scale
axis), G99 (return point).

PCNC 1100

Options and Machine Arm/LCD Arm

Accessories This sturdy steel arm mounts left or
All of the machine options are right of the mill and incorporates two
shipped in separate packaging and link arms, a center pivot, and adjustable
must be user installed. For example, brackets. The steel link arms have milled
when you order a machine and a access ports to allow routing your
stand, you must put the machine on computer cables through the arms. By
the stand. The options are pre- itself the arm can mount your LCD
engineered for easy assembly and computer screen and includes a tray
include all necessary hardware. for computer mouse and keyboard. In
combination with the tool tray the arm
becomes a holder for 21 TTS tool
holders with a convenient tray for
your spindle wrench, caliper, chip brush,
4th Axis
or miscellaneous.
PN 30286: LCD and Keyboard The 4th axis is fully supported by the
Mounting Arm PCNC 1100 controller. The machine
PN 30555:Tool Tray cabinet is prewired and drilled for easy
installation. You need two parts: the
Cables and Keyboards motorized rotary table itself and the
We stock a variety of cables and installation kit with the motor driver.
keyboards that are normally hard to Select from a 6” or 8” rotary table. We
find but make for a much nicer also stock tailstocks, 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw
system. Check the PCNC 1100 chucks, and 5C collet adaptors for the
operators’ manual for computer tables. Check the web site for details.
Stand configuration suggestions. PN 30289: 4th Axis - 8” Table

At more than half a ton, the PCNC PN 30279: USB A-A male/female PN 30290: 4th Axis - 6” Table

1100 needs a sturdy base. We offer 10’ extension PN 30197:Tailstock for 8”

two different welded steel stands. PN 30280: SVGA video extension w/ PN 30272:Tailstock for 6”
ferrite, 10’
The Deluxe Stand has with integral PN 30291: 3 Jaw Chuck for 8”
PN 30278: USB bulkhead mount
chip and coolant tray, backsplash, PN 30292: 3 Jaw Chuck for 6”
coolant tank and pump, tool storage PN 30293: 4 Jaw Chuck for 8”
PN 30284: USB mini keyboard with
cabinet, and computer cabinet. internal USB hub PN 30294: 5C Collet Adaptor
Coolant spray is contained within a
removable acrylic shield that fits on
the table of the mill. The Basic Stand
has chip tray, tool storage cabinet, and
computer cabinet. We also offer free
instructions for building a similar stand
from plywood and 2x4’s.
PN 30297: Deluxe Milling Machine
Stand with integral Coolant
PN 30575: Basic Milling Machine

PCNC 1100

Duality Lathe
The Duality Lathe is a patented dual
function lathe accessory. It clamps
to the mill table much the same as a
machinist’s vise. When mounted on the
mill table, it becomes a full function
CNC lathe. CNC lathe software is
included and provides manual,
semi-automated, and fully automated
CNC lathe functions. All standard
operations are supported, including
turning, facing, parting, even theading.
When you removed the lathe and set
it on your workbench it becomes a Universal
conventional manual lathe. As a manual Accessory Arm
Tormach® lathe it has all standard functions you
Tooling System The universal arm is designed to provide
would expect. Whether it’s on your a convenient mounting point for any-
Before TTS (Tormach® Tooling System) mill or on your workbench, the thing you might want to have firmly
came along, dual contact technology was Duality Lathe is always ready for your mounted on the machine head.
only available on high end 7/24 tapers. small turning jobs One example is mounting a high-speed
Our low cost tool holders bring the PN 30387: Duality Lathe die grinder or router, very handy for
advantages of dual contact geometry circuit board drilling or engraving.
to your R8 or Morse taper spindle by We offer a machined cast iron arm that
referencing both the spindle taper and clamps on the spindle nose. It has a flat
the spindle face. The PCNC 1100 has machined surface with tapped holes on
an industry standard R8 taper, three sides.
allowing the use of widely available
PN 30387: Universal Mounting Arm
R8 tooling. TTS is a precision tool
holding system that costs about the High Speed
same as standard R8 tooling but offers Accessory Spindle
significant improvements in rigidity,
required clearance, ease of tool change, We have combined the Universal
and Z height repeatability. TTS requires Spindle Accessory Arm with an
no modification to the spindle or taper. aluminum sub-plate and a precision
The tools are fully interchangeable with German made die grinder. The result is
conventional R8 tooling. Available as a variable speed side mounted spindle.
individual pieces or complete sets, TTS At 100 Watts and up to 20,000 RPM,
is equally suited for both manual and this is a great way to do engraving,
CNC operations. circuit board milling, or drilling a few
PN 30189:Tormach® Tooling System
zillion #60 holes. The kit includes both
- CNC Operators Set the die grinder and the universal arm.
PN 30478: High Speed
Accessory Spindle

PCNC 1100

Electronic Handwheel
Manual operations and setup are a lot
more convenient with this electronic
handwheel. More convenient than a
conventional single wheel, the Tormach®
jog/shuttle controller contains two
wheels, a conventional electronic wheel
for precision positioning, plus an outer
wheel for quick jogging
functions. Whether
manual milling,
running rapids
a far position,
or dialing in Reversing Tapping
for a 0.0005” Heads
touch off, the Reversing tapping heads make quick
jog/shuttle wheel is work of tapped holes since they don’t
quick and efficient. Includes X, Y, Z, and require spindle reversals to back out
A (4th axis) selection buttons and a the tap. Tormach makes tapping easy
configurable step size selector button. to do through the integration of
It comes with a 3-meter cord and plugs pre-programmed in the tapping
into any USB port. macros in the PCNC 1100 software.
PN 30616: Jog/Shuttle Controller Simply specify the tap pitch and call the
macro. The tapping heads are built with
Digitizing Probe TTS mounting geometry so they are
Tormach’s precision digitizing probe interchangeable with TTS tool holders.
PN 30612:Tapping Head #0 to 1/4”
serves a variety of functions. For
reverse engineering it can be used for PN 30613:Tapping head #8 to 1/2”

anything from collecting a few position

points on a part, to building a complete Machine Vise
3D model from an automated touch A good vise is the foundation for much
matrix. For setup operations the of your work. Our 5” vise is the perfect
PCNC 1100 software includes one click size for the PCNC 1100 mill. Nickel
buttons that will allow the probe to be plated screw with needle bearings and
used to center the machine to a hole, turned steel handle provide positive
find the center of an arc, center of a clamping pressure with minimum effort.
rectangle, or the corner of a vise. Each vise includes precision ground
It can even be used to zero the hardened jaws, while optional soft jaws
machine height to your work. make for handy custom fixtures and
The probe has the same mount style as step jaws avoid the need for parallels.
TTS tools, thus allowing quick change PN 30553: 5” Machining Vise
and full compatibility. PN 30662: Aluminum Soft Jaws
PN 30668: Electronic Digitizing PN 31110: Steel Step Jaws

PCNC 1100


The people at Tormach are dedicated SHIPPING
to delivering tools, accessories, and Quotations can be requested online
components of unprecedented value in using our web based quotation system,
the world of CNC and motion control. or through FAX, email, or over the
Whether you’re involved in R&D, edu- phone. Machines and accessories can
cation, short run production, or simply also be ordered using our secure web
an entrepreneur with an idea, you shopping cart. Payment can be made
need to make things. Tormach prod- by check, credit card, or wire transfer.
ucts allow you to make what you need Capital equipment leasing is also avail-
easier, quicker, and more affordably. We able to qualified companies. Machines
want to help make your goal a reality, and machine stands are shipped via
to enable your ideas. Our mission is truck freight in North America, while
to empower people who make things. accessories are normally shipped via
Whether you’re cutting parts with our package service (UPS, USPS, FedEx).
machine tools or building your own Tormach ships worldwide in coop-
equipment using our components, our eration with established international
focus is to manifest your concepts and freight forwarding companies.
help you bring your ideas into reality.
Warranty and Support
Machines are warranted for 6 months.
Warranty service is limited to repair
or replacement of components with
telephone support, there is no on-site
Copyright Tormach LLC 2008
Specifications are subject to field service staff. Replacement parts
change without notice are stocked at our Wisconsin facility.
Additional information is available at

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