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Management Education

Management Education reflects a sophisticated level of knowledge

and skills concerning a wide range of contemporary management
topics. It also implies a well-developed understanding of strategic
thinking and planning in a globally competitive world.

Professionally, going for a management education degree provides

the skills needed to gain additional management responsibility. For
the entrepreneur, the knowledge gained in earning an MBA can make
the difference between success and failure in highly competitive
environment.Management education in India Management Education
in India is well developed as over the years quite a good number of
management institutes have come up with innumerous management
programs in India to cater to the rising demands of management
education in India. The demand of management education has
increased in India also due to the robust economic growth for over a
decade. Indian market has attracted Foreign Direct Investment and
Foreign Institutional Investment in various sectors of the economy. Be
it Information Technology, Engineering, Retail, Tourism or any other
sector; there is a great demand of managers in every field. The
competition in the open market economy has also increased the
demand for well-trained professional who can manage business.
With increase in number of working professionals aspiring for masters
degree in management; executive management in India has gained
quite popularity here. Besides this, career prospects in business
management and technology management in India are far much
brighter. Some of the institutes in India also offer online management
education that is extremely helpful for those who are not able to
continue with regular classes due to various reasons. Management
education in India can be obtained in various fields like Marketing,
Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Logistics, Information
Technology, Systems, International Trade and Business, Consumer
Behavior, Risk Management, and many others.

Top B-schools to challenge new AICTE rule

New Delhi: Several top private business schools in India have
decided to petition high courts and the government against a
contentious new rule by the All India Council for Technical Education
(AICTE), the nation's apex regulating body for technical education...
The institutes that will fie the petition include Xavier Labor Research
Institute (XLRI) in Jamshedpur, Birla Institute of Management
Technology(BIMTECH), the Management Development Institute and
S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) in
Mumbai among others. These institutes had met on Monday to
finalize the strategy for opposition of the new rule.

The private b-schools are opposed against a notification by the

AICTE that had been received on December 28, 2010 that prevented
private b-schools from conducting their own admission tests for the
postgraduate diplomas in management.

The private b-schools have alleged that the implementation of the

new rule could dwindle the quality of management education in India.

According to the notification by the AICTE, individual institutions have

also been barred from conducting their own group discussions (GD)
and personal interviews (PI). Instead, the states have been directed
to conduct the GDs and PIs, which are part of the second phase of
the procedure for admission into b-schools.

The AICTE had come up with the new rule in order to make the
admission procedure into b-schools easier for MBA aspirants by
reducing the number of admission tests they have to take and also
minimize the amount of traveling that students are required to do for
the GDs and PIs of individual b-schools. The AICTE had said that the
new rule would also help in elimination of any malpractices that b-
schools may have utilized for admissions.

However, the rule has not been welcomed by b-schools and they
have argued that the rule kills their autonomy in admissions and
would in turn lead to a decline in the quality of education at top
private b-schools.

BIMTEECH Director H. Chaturvedi has said that the new rule would
kill the growth ofmanagement education in India and take the nation
back 20 years when we were yet to go global with education.

The institutes that have decided to petition against the rule have also
garnered the support of Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad
(IIM-A) Director Bakul Dholakia. Dholakia had earlier challenged
attempts by former human resource development minister Arjun
Singh at impinging into the autonomy of the IIM.

Is Management Science, Art Or Both?

In general sense, management is the art of handling the different
aspects of the organization. And it is also a type of science like the
mathematics is a formal science then management is also came in
the category of the formal science. But if take a look keenly then,
management is totally an art. This is an art that how we communicate
with the general people, which came in the management. It is the
ability and art of a manager that handles the organization in well
manner and keeps growing the organization level because of using
his abilities.

Let us suppose that a person came to a manager in very angry mode,

and after taking to the manager, he is convinced according to the
manager point of view, then it was the art of a manager that he has
handled the customer in a friendly way.
Management is not totally depend upon the manager's ability, it also
the team work of the other organization members, who contribute
there effort for the organization. Again it is an art that a group of
people work together for so long time and reach to some high level,
because of there managerial skills and abilities.
It is believed that management is both an art as well as science. The
reason is that different sources justify it with different reasons.
According to Webster's College Dictionary, management is an art
because it provides the skills for conducting human activities and it is
a science because the skills and techniques which are used in
management are precise applications. Scientific principles which are
used in management, give the managers specific body of information
to guide their behavior. It is also considered an art by the people who
think that it is a skill borne of personality and ability.
Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in
business - November 28th, 2009
The strange thing about my utter lack of education in
management was that it didn't seem to matter. As a
principal and founding partner of a consulting firm that
eventually grew to 600 employees, I interviewed, hired, and
worked alongside hundreds of business-school graduates,
and the impression I formed of the M.B.A. experience was
that it involved taking two years out of your life and going
deeply into debt, all for the sake of learning how to keep a
straight face while using phrases like "out-of-the-box
thinking," "win-win situation," and "core competencies."
When it came to picking teammates, I generally held out
higher hopes for those individuals who had used their
university years to learn about something other than
business administration.

After I left the consulting business, in a reversal of the usual

order of things, I decided to check out the management
literature. Partly, I wanted to "process" my own experience
and find out what I had missed in skipping business school.
Partly, I had a lot of time on my hands. As I plowed through
tomes on competitive strategy, business process re-
engineering, and the like, not once did I catch myself
thinking, Damn! If only I had known this sooner! Instead, I
found myself thinking things I never thought I'd think, like,
I'd rather be reading Heidegger! It was a disturbing
experience. It thickened the mystery around the question
that had nagged me from the start of my business career:
Why does management education exist?

Last Night I think too much on this topic and as of my point

of view I don't think it was necessary 10-15 years before but
now a days competition is very high in every business and
one can't fight alone with this competition until he/she is
aware about some insights of business.

Many new companies emerge in today's market scenarion

but got bursted because they don't have knowledge of new
factors coming to the business place and same with Core

Are Ethics just Business Pretence?

Tamoghna said: (Thu, Oct 7, 2010 12:33:55 PM)

Ethics are actually not meant to be but they are very subtly
and efficiently put to business pretence in all social spheres
to make better use of the meek. Be it political, be it social
or be it corporal, ethics are quite wrongly made use of to
deviate people from freedom of thought evaluation and
exercising them on free will.
Maya said: (Tue, Oct 19, 2010 02:52:44 PM)

Frankly speaking ethics varies from person, institutes,

companies etc. Thus no one can have same view on ethics. I
personally believe its in the eyes of oneself as how they
perceive it. It is not actually a business pretending its their
duty toward the society where they are benefiting. Many
companies have set examples by providing their best to the
society. They should have good people practices and
transparency in their dealings. No company is isolated from
the outside world they are using the resources and thoughts
they are specially bounded to give the returns.

Amey said: (Wed, Jan 26, 2011 12:05:20 AM)

Ethics basically are the unwritten rules of conduct in any

walk of really depends upon what philosophy your
organisation believes in. for ex. tata group is always been
associated with doing the things ethically, whereas what
Satyam did was completely unethical. and I truly believe the
true way to succed in business is to do the things ethically.

Is Leaders Born or are they made in Business


P.B.Madhavi said: (Fri, Jun 11, 2010 09:28:25 PM)

I think that everyone has the leadership quality but only

some are confident about that, thus becomes visionary
leaders leading everyone towards the compelling cause for
the job to be accomplished.
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Uthayan said: (Sat, Jun 12, 2010 08:02:14 PM)

ya , any one can study in school but only a people with high
confident level and facing a any situation brave can lead the
team. but this character is not linked with birth so this are
learned from thier environment they living
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Vignesh Bharathi said: (Sun, Jun 13, 2010 12:25:46

Every one borns with leadership quality,but the exposure to

the soceity is minimum.There are great leaders who have
not visited schools or never completed their schoolings. How
is it possible for them?.Its the burning desire inside every
one to work for others benefit. That makes one to become a
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Vjnreddy said: (Fri, Jun 25, 2010 07:58:15 PM)

Every one is leader. Everyone have the own leadership


Business schools are only for improving our leadership

qualities and to shine our qualities.
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Pretty said: (Mon, Jun 28, 2010 12:23:28 AM)

Leaders are born this can be supported by there fact that

our great national leader Gandhi was a born leader he did
not went for any business school. So leadership qualities are
inborn business schools helps to refine and sharpen such
skill. It's difficult for business schools to inculcate any
leadership quality
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Nagaraju said: (Mon, Jul 5, 2010 08:38:33 AM)

In my point of view leader is nothing but he has to manage

all those things what ever he want do that should be taken
by him a challenge. He should talk loudly, innocently about
the situation occur at any point of time. The leader has to
think in a positive manner. Almost all this type of persons
would came from childhood because they don't care any
one. Some peoples only came from business schools from
childhood they behave like leader at any point of time and
they learnt so many things also by absorbing past and
present situations in the country.
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Sweety said: (Mon, Jul 5, 2010 01:37:37 PM)
I do accept that leader are born,leader are the one who can
win heart of human through doing social services or
developing nation with their innovative thought,and their
passion to do thing for benefit of all and not as an

Example : Nelson mandela, Dirubhai Ambhani and


Business school are meant to gain knowledge,sharpen their

skill to execute, youngster who are not exposed to practical
A person without passion to do is similar to dead body for
business school.
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Arvind Balodhi said: (Tue, Jul 6, 2010 01:34:51 PM)

I agree that the leader we had in the past or present are not
from any business schools but we must understand that the
leadership quality they are having is the result of the
situtation or circumstances faced by them. And the same
thing is done by the business schools, they are giving the
their students virtual situations to act so that the Leadership
qulitiy or power a student (or anyone) is already having
which is hidden inside can come out.

Everyone can't be a leader because everyone is not facing

the same situations. The circumstances of everyone is
different. For example carbon is same but from the same
carbon we have two allortopes diamond and grahite. As
diamond get strong pressure and heat it is diamond and if
graphite also suffered that heat and pressure it could also
be diamond.

A person come with all the positives and negatives with him,
it is the circumstances which make the persons mind to
respond. If he responded positively he can be diamond and
if negativly a graphite.



There must be followers else who will value leaders.

Leaders are leaders because there are followers, if all will be
leaders then we can't get the conclusion.
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Shrishti said: (Tue, Jul 6, 2010 02:45:43 PM)

Leadership quality is not inborn but is adapted by the

individual as per the environment. It is due to the fact that
which type of surrounding we have and which type of people
we are interacting.. Leadership quality is enhanced due to
the type of circumstances we have faced and its actually the
criteria depends on how much we are able to handle the

So definitely all this should be learned by the situations in

life not before life..
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Narsimham said: (Wed, Jul 7, 2010 11:40:02 PM)

One of the greatest skill that God has given to every

individual by Birth, its Leadership quality, it always teaches
a great lesson about Human life. Every leader has to deal
with problems and lead the people with insignficant
potential and empower others to achieve their objectives.
One day or other everyone will exhibts their Leadership skill
when they face with obstalces.
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Nitin Tyagi said: (Mon, Jul 12, 2010 09:11:12 PM)
I think leadership quality is come from our environment and
to some extent it is come from birth. Some people shade
themselves according to situation and handle them with
ease.... that is leadership quality.
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Solotiger said: (Wed, Jul 14, 2010 07:49:34 PM)

Practising thing can make anything possible in any way.

leadership quality need the calmness and to have stuff on
that job
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Arun Kumar said: (Thu, Jul 15, 2010 12:06:23 AM)

Leaders born this statement is true. Gandhi was our national

leader and their family also. They are running country till
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Vikash,Vizag said: (Tue, Aug 17, 2010 10:38:29 PM)

From present scenario we can say leaders are made by the

situations. It depend upon the place (enviornment) where
they born.

In business schools we are getting opputunity to enhance

our leadership qualities by creating hypothetical situations.
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Sanyog Garg said: (Wed, Aug 18, 2010 04:25:12 PM)

I feel that in this current scenario, Leader can be developed

by allowing him/her to experience and take decisions. Apart
from TATA, Birla and Ambani there are lot of companies that
are being directed well by leaders. And those leaders are not
born. There are thousands of companies that performed
very well even in recession.
In my opinion, in current scenario, a leader is a person who
give direction to all resources in a company in order to keep
that company sustainable and to grow more and more.

So, Chanda kochhar from ICICI, Indira Nooi etc etc all are
good professionals and leaders of today's business scenario.

If we talk in context of current global world then Leasers

can be created and managers can be guided!!
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Sabrz said: (Mon, Aug 23, 2010 11:56:50 AM)

According to me leaders are not born, the situation, the

environment he faced only make him a leader, the schools
and education only improve the leadership quality. So only
all companies who were recruiting peoples doesn't directly
appointing them as a leader, they check whether they are
suited for that task whether he can able to manage the
situation and so.......
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Phasehymn said: (Sat, Sep 11, 2010 03:37:41 PM)

The way I see it is the leaders are born, its only that his
qualities are hidden. Whatever these b schools does are
mere refining their qualities. You cannot change a person
who has never took an initiative in life. A leader always does
that. Talking of b schools they already take the persons who
have certain leadership qualities which they find through no.
Of test and GDs they conduct. No school or b school can
change a person into leader unless the person is born with
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Anurag said: (Sun, Sep 19, 2010 12:31:57 PM)

Leadership quality is a born quality, some has it little and

some one has more. And that person devlop their quality
them self. Other person can motivate other person only. B
school just give a direction that people. Leader ship quality
devloded by hard working.
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Saloni said: (Tue, Sep 28, 2010 12:04:44 AM)

Leadership quality is not a born quality. It depends on the

environment we are living in, how we handle different
situations we take it confidently or rather depends on other.
It depends on how much we believe in ourselves and how
confidently we do our work.
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Gaurav said: (Tue, Oct 5, 2010 04:25:42 PM)

Well, if you people talking about true leadership quality then

its can achieve only no one find it as fathers property
because there are many more example that they are
belonging to small family and became the great leader and
lots of example for that one's family had many more leaders
but one could not so leader ship quality came after some
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Narasimha said: (Wed, Oct 6, 2010 02:11:12 PM)

Leadership is an art. It comes from the environment that we

have on our surroundings. Every person contains leadership
qualities, but lack of confidence levels at them they are
always in a back. So leadership is an enthusiastic skill that
depends on the persons ability and confident.
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Sarvan said: (Thu, Oct 7, 2010 10:06:37 PM)

Leadership is in every individual, but the question is who

realizes it at the deciding situation. Even a born leader can
fail and a studied leader can fail. But the leader in yourself
can never fail. Trust yourself and be LEADER.
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Fairoz said: (Thu, Nov 4, 2010 09:53:00 PM)

Leadership is a property those who face all the difficult

situations in their life while doing some social services and
when he is positioned to do work for the country. For ex
when he/she is positioned in government services.
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Balaji said: (Tue, Nov 9, 2010 07:15:56 AM)

Leadership is an individual is not related to studied because

some big leaders are not studied in schools he is only
studied for life so he success his career.
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Mani Babu said: (Tue, Nov 9, 2010 12:05:27 PM)

Leaders are not made in business schools. Leader would

have punctuality, friendly nature, mingle nature, and good
communication with others. These qualities are required for
business schools. Leaders are not born. Leaders are created
by themselves.
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Ritesh said: (Fri, Nov 12, 2010 09:01:55 PM)

I think every one have leadership qualities but some people

have in born talent. Business school is just improve, shape
your leadership quality.
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Viji said: (Wed, Nov 24, 2010 08:57:01 PM)

Through B-schools one can only improvise his knowledge

and leadership qualities to deal with problems. It is not that
a perfect leader is made by the B-schools. Leadership
quality in a person is developed by his own experience in
the society and his nature to deal with the things.
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Abinash Kaushik said: (Sun, Dec 12, 2010 09:24:11 PM)

People take birth with different interest and attitudes. It is

fortunate for the people who take birth with leadership
qualities but it is not necessary that they would perform well
as it is all about courage, confidence, motivating skills and
circumstances which an individual faces through his/her life.
It is also a real fact that each man possess same things
difference is just in way of thinking and interest. No doubt
business schools try to emerge leadership qualities in a man
to its best.

But it is all about the theoretical knowledge and some

amount of practical experience which are imparted by the
business schools. The real field is something different. A
true leader is on who is dynamic, confident, positive and
who doesn't moves back in any kind of situation. Being
confident may be inborn but tackling the situation is to be
learnt from the circumstances. Surely business schools
produce big leaders but the basic nature of man never
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Amey said: (Wed, Jan 26, 2011 12:59:49 AM)

leaders are only as good as the situations they face, so

these business schools create these simulated situation for
the budding leaders which is good.
some are saying people like Dhirubhai Ambani never went
for formal training but one should consider that both his
sons went to top management schools in the world to
become successful leaders.
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Engineering Students are wasting their Time in
Management Studies; they have Another Way to go

Hello! I want to initiate the topic "Engineering Students are

wasting their Time in Management Studies".

In my opinion, now a days technology is growing very fast not

only in development but also in services. Banks, Railways,
Telecoms, etc. All the industries from small scale to large
scale based on the technology. Therefore to manage such
type of industries or organization, technical as well as
managerial skills should be necessary, One should not be able
to manage the organization until unless he or she doesn't
have the technical skills in this HI-TECH world.

In India, Engineering Studies gives the strength to an

individual to crack the top level MBA entrance Exams.
According to one Statics more then 80% Engineering students
get admission in IIM's, thus this statics shows that
Engineering students are the only right persons who are
eligible for Management Studies.

So, Engineering Students are not wasting their time in

Management Studies, but they have other ways also.
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Vjnreddy said: (Sat, Jun 26, 2010 05:11:35 PM)

Some students have the good ideas to make our country at

ranking. but they don't know how to apply the thoughts.

M.B.A teaches the leadership qualities and how to manage

one organization/institution.
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Radhakrishnan said: (Wed, Jun 30, 2010 11:14:06 AM)

Engineering students should have managing capability in

order to steadily cope up with this environment....So M.B.A
is the right option to develop their
skills,confidence,leadership quality and every thing which
leads profit to the corporate industry
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Nitin said: (Sun, Jul 4, 2010 12:02:44 PM)

Hello! good morning one and all. I want to initiate the topic
"Engineering Students are wasting their Time in
Management Studies".

Some students have the good ideas to make our country at

ranking. but they don't know how to apply the thoughts. I
don't think the engineers are wasting thier time in
management studies. In India,most of the Engineering
colleges are giving the strength to an individual to crack the
top level MBA entrance Exams.

This is not only the way. They had different ways with
thoughts. Thanks for giving me this oppurtunity.
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Mincy said: (Sun, Jul 4, 2010 04:13:19 PM)

Management studies is the right option for the engineering

students if they want to come across world wide.
Technology is developing now a we also should
develop our thoughts world wide. It's correct way to say tat
'my mba study made me to view everythin technically' an
not the right way of telling 'it gets wasted'.
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Srividhya said: (Wed, Jul 7, 2010 09:47:58 PM)

According to my opinion Management studies improves the

individuals skill,leadership which is in need to overcome the
demands found in corporate world. So i think Engineer's are
not wasting time in management studies.
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Ramanjaneyulu said: (Sun, Jul 11, 2010 09:06:26 PM)

The engineering students doesn't waste your time to study

the engineering because some members are complete
engineering course they don't get gobs. India
IT(Information Technology) organization very back. So my
opinion student study other way CA and MEDICINE these
are course to get good jobs after studying. Every students
have most important communication skills.
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Braj said: (Tue, Jul 13, 2010 12:43:48 AM)

Of course, day by day no. of students from engineering

college in MBA is increasing in India but what happen with
them outside the country ?
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Nani said: (Wed, Jul 14, 2010 12:20:46 PM)

As resources and standards of education are lacking,

technical students are not getting their correct postion and
many other reasons like lab facilities ,quality of faculty also
responsible for skilled engineers in india.
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Dev said: (Wed, Jul 14, 2010 09:17:24 PM)

According to my opinion Management studies improves the

individuals skill, leadership which is in need to overcome the
demands found in corporate world.And after doing both the
studies the level of the person increases so he/she has
better opportunity of good job having good salary.

So i think Engineer's are not wasting time in management

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Neeraj said: (Sat, Aug 7, 2010 11:42:39 AM)

As a professional engineer you are required to manage your

team or else at least interact with people who are managing
you. management skills definitely would help and thus it is
indeed a good use of time to do a management course.
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Ram Prasad said: (Wed, Sep 15, 2010 11:59:07 PM)

I agree to my friends views, with that I would like to add

something new that we need to understand that the sea
changes. The transformation from regulation to
liberalization, from protection to globalization, from planned
economy to market-oriented economy all demand a new
approach to deal with all types of problems. So to cope and
equip our self we need to have managerial skills by doing
management courses only.
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Arjan Singh Grover said: (Fri, Sep 17, 2010 12:03:00

For our growing infrastructure. Technology, Industry,

Engineering and management are both important. For the
development of the country. Its not important to make a
building but also important to manage them for efficient and
effective working of the building. For this we require both
engineering and management.
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Stanley said: (Fri, Sep 17, 2010 12:38:19 PM)
Good morning to one and all present here. I'm not going to
lecture about this topic I just want to convey my thoughts
about this topic in front of you. If engineering studies may
waste their time means no more engineering college and
courses would not be developed. Each and every students
can have a knowledge about what they will do and what
they are doing.

Engineering studies provide the knowledge as well as

leadership among different categories. So my opinion is
engineering studies may not waste their time it may utilise
their own time. Thank you.
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Jyothsna said: (Tue, Sep 21, 2010 07:42:12 PM)

Hello good evening everyone according to me engineering

students are not wasting their time for management
studies, that is because till graduate level they are only with
the technical aspects and later they are willing to know
about the marketing, sales, dealing people in the society. So
I do not support that they are wasting their time.
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Nischala said: (Tue, Sep 21, 2010 07:47:44 PM)

Although there are many other ways for the engineering

graduates to go most of them opt for management. Up to
me I feel that there is no need for an engineering graduate
to go for MBA when they have 1 or 2 management subjects
during their graduation.
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Keerthi said: (Thu, Sep 23, 2010 02:21:21 PM)

Good morning to one and all. I am here to express my

opinion about the topic.
Most of the engineering graduates have proper knowledge
about there future and what they want to do in future. But
having technical knowledge is not enough they should be
skilled in management too. Management studies not only
improves the leadership qualities but also it helps the
employee to overtake the problem during crisis by properly
managing the company orteam. I accept with one of my
friend's opinion that having two three subjects on
management it can make an engineering graduate to have
some basic knowledge about management.

So I don't think engineering students are wasting time in

management studies.
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Krishna said: (Fri, Sep 24, 2010 12:03:48 PM)

Studying MBA after B.TECH is not a bad idea at all. But the
thing which effects the decision what we made was the
choice of branch in MBA. So if you choose a right choice
then you will become the leader in both technical and
management business.
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Krithika said: (Thu, Sep 30, 2010 08:45:57 PM)

Engineering students in fact chosen their career as

engineers, should go well in their path. Doing MBA lies
apart. But since our country need its mind power to be
displayed, engineers should do lot in their core to get more
advanced technological advancement. Hence my opinion is
that as engineers they should contribute to their area.
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Sunita Singh said: (Wed, Oct 6, 2010 10:16:33 PM)

Managent study is an option for engineering students if they

think that they can enhance their career in management
field in that case it can be a good option and going for a
management study might be easier then masters degree of
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Ankit said: (Thu, Oct 7, 2010 11:55:36 PM)

For the purpose for building career purpose doing MBA not
but if we think ad a bad idea but as a resource for
development of the country it is better to do M. Tech or
research work is good for tech students, because our
country really need.
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Svg said: (Sat, Oct 16, 2010 12:40:19 PM)

The person who gets in into MNC as software trainee doesn't

want to stay just there!he wants to grow and reach the top
level of that venture. !For this he must have managerial
skills. !but I don't say that you need always a degree in
management for that. You gonna learn it over the time
through experience and observation of the trends in
corporate world!.

So the bottom line is the if there well and good if not then
also not bad!.
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P.Khilar said: (Sat, Oct 30, 2010 05:37:44 PM)

What I think is that, Engineering and Management are like

brothers. Without the technology knowledge we cannot
manage an organisation. So they are co-related. D reverse
without d knowledge of management we cant improve our
position in this world.
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Biswajit Sahoo said: (Sun, Oct 31, 2010 02:31:38 AM)
In my views, engineering study is required to tackle the top
level of the management studies. Also engineering students
having more knowledge to manage any type of company. It
is also enhance our skills, personality, wisdom, thinking
power to put our brain in any type of corporate world. In
this modern era, we engineering students urged to
persuading management studies. Also we will get more
power and money after doing management studies. We will
be also more secure after management studies.
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Kritika said: (Wed, Nov 3, 2010 11:19:04 AM)

Hello everyone, what I think is doing a mba after b-tech is

really a big +point as it enhances not only our technical
skills but on the other side managerial skills also.
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Uday Bhan Singh said: (Thu, Nov 4, 2010 02:00:18 AM)

Good evening every body. I think this is right, engineers is

wasting their time in management, now technology is
growing fast day by day, world needs high skilled engineers,
it doesn't mean man can growth after MBA. Growth is
depend upon their knowledge not their degree. Degree has
values for those who don't have capability to reach higher
post in organization and one more thing management skills
not come by taking MBA degree, it is depend upon the
persons. For example most of our political leader does not
have any management degree but they are running our
country. So management degree does not need for
engineering students.
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Su01 said: (Thu, Nov 4, 2010 02:13:31 PM)

Hi friends, According to me I feel there is nothing wrong in

an engineering student obtaining a MBA degree. MBA will
actually polish their skill set. Along with their technical skills
they get to learn management, leadership, organisation etc.
So with both technical and managerial abilities they can
even start up their own firms. It doesn't mean that only with
a MBA degree you can start your business but if engineering
students are interested in getting an MBA degree there is no
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Brahma said: (Thu, Nov 4, 2010 05:16:12 PM)

Good evening one and all. Yes my thinking also same. Now
a days every engineering student must have the
management skill then only they get good future. My
opinion is learning skill is not the waste of time.
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Srikant said: (Fri, Nov 5, 2010 06:31:24 PM)

Engineering students are not waisting their time they know

their better choice for future. In any organisation or
company technical knowledge not enough to handle all the
situation. They need well leadership, good managing ability
to solve this challenge.
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Soumik said: (Mon, Nov 8, 2010 08:00:15 PM)

Technology is advancing rapidly and engineers/technologists

are the pioneer of this rapid technological advancement,
besides this it is true that to work in a organization some
basic/fundamental managerial skills are required. Now the
topic is "engineers are wasting time doing MBA"it sounds
that engineers are doing MBA that does'n work for their
career, but it is not true because if we look at the statistics
then we can see that most of the students who are getting
admitted in IIM's or B-Schools are from engineering
background, and they are able to complete MBA, and are
highly successful-so it depicts that "they are not wasting
time doing MBA". The main stream discipline is engineers is
engineering/technology. So I think they should concentrate
on technology, and it's good to have few subjects on
fundamentals/basics on management in syllabus of
engineering. So that they can put their technical skill in a
organization efficiently and effectively, and our society will
be benefited from technological advancement more.
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Sneha said: (Wed, Nov 10, 2010 10:44:38 AM)

Engineers know what to do but how to do and when to do it

can be done only by a managers, so only degree will
not help us in the long run, thats why b, tech s are doing
MBA, definitely that is a wastage of time.
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Sakshi Singhal said: (Thu, Nov 11, 2010 12:07:49 PM)

Engineering course develops Analytical and logical skills in

an individual and when these skills are combined with
managerial skill-It becomes an Unbeatable combination.

Statistics also prove this fact as most of the students who

cracks CAT and other exams are engineers.

For any foundation your base should be strong, and

engineering provides us with this as in engineering we learn
technology and in MBA we learn how to implement these
technology in various aspects of organization.

Also today is the world of globalization that involves not only

transfer of technology, products and goods but also services
that involves human interaction, so MBA that teach us all
this with Engineering becomes a best suited Combination.
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Shilpa Deol said: (Tue, Nov 16, 2010 04:10:28 PM)

In my opinion, opting for an management studies is ones

personal interest, it does not mean that one who does
engineering and opted for management will have good
knowledge of handling an organization, I have seen many of
them who is not from a managerial background but still
running a big organization.

Now a days not only in engineering we find technical

knowledge but we also get it from other casual degrees

Being an engineering student, I disagree that when I go for

management studies only then ill get leadership qualities.
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Vidhusha said: (Wed, Nov 24, 2010 08:42:18 PM)

In my point of view pursuing MBA after engineering degree

is one's personal interest. It doesn't mean a man can grow
after MBA. Technology is growing fast day by day. Done
MBA after the Engineering Degree is added advantage. But
in India so many political leaders are running our country
without pursuing MBA. So managing skills and leadership
quality depends on ones own skills and interest.
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Surbhi said: (Mon, Dec 6, 2010 05:16:50 PM)

Depends on the interest of individual! gaining any skill is

never a waste of time. As far as it is concerned for
engineers they should consider where they can best utilize
their capabilities. Having MBA degree is not a bad option!.
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Vikram Shukla said: (Fri, Dec 24, 2010 06:28:07 PM)
According to me being an engineer is far most a complete
person with a managerial skill. As when we are working in
any plant as a maintenance engineer we have to work at a
site. At the site what to do, when to do, whrere to do, how
to do all decisions we only have to take, neither a manager
nor a person with an M. B. A. Degree will teach. Hence, I
think an M. B. A. Degree is just to get a high salary package
and a white collar job so manage ment is the technique
which an engineer can easily get by workingrather than
getting a degree.
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Vanessa said: (Tue, Jan 25, 2011 11:31:30 PM)

According to my point of view engineering students are not

wasting their time in management studies because it is the
only field from where they improve their skills
,leadership,communication with other people.From
management studies they can utilize their knowledge,skills
in a real project.They came to know how to manage a work
in good manner,it is only possible with an MBA degree.
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Whether Hard-Working or Smart-Working is


Jyoti said: (Mon, Jun 21, 2010 12:27:01 PM)

Smart work must be necessary to acheive ur goal. It is true

that without hard work u can't acheive ur goal. Some time it
happen that we do hard work but after that we'll not be
acheived our goal. Hard work does't means u would do ur
work in all day. Work smartly, manage ur time & keep ur
goal in mind. So we can achieve our goal.
Rate this: +22 -1
Shalini said: (Mon, Jun 28, 2010 08:34:39 PM)

Yes, You are absolutely right... Smart Workers are more

desirable for the tough businesses and the competitions
running around us... But it doesn't mean to stop working ...
It is justified when both goes together...
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Mahendar said: (Tue, Jun 29, 2010 08:03:33 PM)

It purely depends on the task what we have undertaken and

at this point of time we need to adapt ourselves whether to
be smart or if it requires a little more effort. But at the end
of the day smartness add value to the work.
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Shreyansh said: (Thu, Jul 1, 2010 06:03:31 PM)

As you said it depends on task. But whatever task you are

undertaking it requires one particular direction to get
completed without working smart you can't get that
direction only hard work will scatter your energy and you
can't be able to deliver that work done in time (the most
crucial requirement now a days).

So working smart will get your job done but if one works
hard with smart thinking he/she becomes the winner at the
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Mani said: (Mon, Jul 5, 2010 03:42:31 PM)

Yes, You are absolutely right. Whenever we do smart work

effectively we will be winner at the end.
Rate this: +2 -6
Shivam said: (Mon, Jul 5, 2010 09:54:27 PM)

I am satisfied with the opinion of yours, but i think both

have equal importance because without hard work you can't
get any thing but smart work provide you a right direction
to manage your work.
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Eeshan said: (Tue, Jul 6, 2010 05:52:59 PM)

According to me we all should do hard work without hard

work nothing is possible in this world.

But that hard work must be done in a smart way to get a

perfect outcome.
Rate this: +3 -1
Chintan Shah said: (Tue, Jul 6, 2010 07:42:17 PM)

Well hard work is no doubt very fruitful, it tests an

employee patience & skills, but if the same work is done
without efforts & in shorter period then the hardwork seems
to be nothing but donkeywork.

So depending on the task, first one should search to resolve

the task smartly and then work on your skills..!
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Knk said: (Wed, Jul 7, 2010 10:05:49 AM)

Just working hard with out perfect plan yields nothing. So

work hard in a smart way with pre planned schedule in a
perfect way to acheive the desired result.
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Kingsuk said: (Thu, Jul 8, 2010 06:57:27 PM)

Today the most important thing is TIME. So we've to think

first about the goal and how to achive that. For the sake of
that at first, we need some smart work. When the main
work will starts, then we can put some hard work to it to
achive that goal. So, I think this two ar equaly important.
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Praveenpno said: (Fri, Jul 9, 2010 02:26:48 AM)

Ya, i agree with some of the points mentioned by the above

speakers. It's true both are equally important. If you are
working very hard towards some stuff with a wrong logic
then its of no use and if u are working smartly for a long
span of time then its also of no use. So,you should work
hardly with smart ideas.
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Aman Minz said: (Sat, Jul 10, 2010 07:29:02 PM)

I believe one should first plan his work and then work his
plan. So, if a smart plan is made to do the task with
commitment, one can achieve his desired goal. Smart
planning needs hard work.
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Joni said: (Wed, Jul 14, 2010 07:48:06 PM)

I believe in hard and smart working both. I am satisfy that

we should do work smartly. If we do work smartly, we can
save our time. But We should do hard work as well as
smartness. If a person have no smartness to do work then it
don't means he can not do work. Person can do good work
with hard work as rabbit story
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Jamila Akhtar said: (Fri, Aug 6, 2010 11:09:32 PM)

Smart working is desired, beause by working effectively and

efficiently goals can be achieved in modern age of
competition, but it is to be emphasised here that it does not
mean that there is any substitute for hard work. A person
who is both hard working and works smartly can achieve
Rate this: +0 -2
Satheesh said: (Wed, Aug 18, 2010 12:52:56 AM)

I agree with the point which is mentioned above person who

is doing smartwork along with hardwork can achieve thier
sucess withthin short period of time. It does'nt mean those
who are doing only hardwork can not achieve sucess it takes
some time to achieve thier sucess.
Rate this: +2 -1
Malar said: (Thu, Aug 19, 2010 06:07:29 PM)

I agree with some points of above speakers. Smart working

people should find the easy way to finish the goal as quick
as possible. The person who is working as hard but he/she
doesn't have any smartness means its not useful to
corporates. Smartness helps to achieve their goals.
Rate this: +1 -1
Sripati... said: (Wed, Sep 15, 2010 12:15:57 PM)

In my point of view both are essential to achieve the best

result in work. Because only doing hard work without any
planing will never let you get the success. And working only
smartly without labour will never let you get success. Smart
work and hard work both are important. But according to
Rate this: +5 -0
Shumi said: (Thu, Sep 16, 2010 09:46:22 AM)

Smart work is the need of the era. Olden days are known to
be hard workers era, but now in this competitive world, one
has to be smart worker, because smart workers know where
to work smartly and where to work hard and where the
blend of both these required?
Rate this: +2 -0
Dinesh said: (Mon, Sep 20, 2010 12:59:55 PM)
Smart work and hard work are essential of the success. Its
like head and tail in a coin. When both are together makes
value. So hard work should be done in a smarter way.
Rate this: +2 -0
Rajitha said: (Fri, Sep 24, 2010 09:56:23 PM)

According to me the one one who does smart work can only
withstand this competitive and materialistic world, which
considers time management as the first factor. And for
managing time we need to be smarter at our work.
Rate this: +1 -2
Helan said: (Tue, Oct 12, 2010 10:20:26 AM)

Both hard work and smart work are necessary, in a

competitive world smart work matters even more than hard
work, but without hard work nothing can be achieved.
Rate this: +1 -1
Prasool said: (Fri, Oct 15, 2010 12:27:48 PM)

Hi all, I think, a person who needs to succeed in his career

needs to work hard, for appreciation in his work his work
should be smart too, a judgement on someone's work is
scaled by considering the smartness in his work.
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Hema said: (Mon, Oct 18, 2010 08:19:19 AM)

What I believe is both the smart and hard working goes

together. For example we cant say right eye is more
important than left eye or vice-verse. So one who think and
plan smartly to achieve their goal and coordinate that plan
by means of hard working will be the achiever. It not the
problem either we win or lose but we must achieve
something will happen only by means of

"smart+hard=super working".
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Krishna said: (Wed, Oct 20, 2010 12:26:42 PM)

All above people are only talking about hard & smart work
or working smartly with hard work but one thing we are
forgetting that smart work & hard work both are different
things though these are sides of one coin but we have to
choose only one thing, head or tail.

I think smart work is always better than hard work as it

requires less time, less energy to achieve your goal, but no
one can do smart work until he knows how much of the hard
work is required for his/her aim.

Smart work can be done by using your mind, awareness &

other qualities of the person like problem solving
techniques, finding more effective solutions than others.
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Vishal said: (Sat, Oct 30, 2010 12:49:12 AM)

I totally agreed with above speakers. Smartness and hard

work are two sides of coin. If a person do only smart work
then he will only search for shortest path to reach there
which may led to some wrong path. But if a person do only
hard work he may lack in developing innovation in his work.
Therefore both are required by person to achieve
sustainable advantage.
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Amit Verma said: (Sat, Oct 30, 2010 10:08:08 PM)

"If Hard work ever had huge respect, then the Donkey
should have been the most respectable icon in the world"
Do the Work Smart not Hard.

Now in today's life we lack only one thing that is time. And
hard work requires time & patience. So, it is better to do the
smart with work not with hard work.
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Shipra said: (Thu, Nov 4, 2010 11:11:07 PM)

We all want to success in our life. Some person get success

in a short time. Because they do hard work in a smart way.
So both things are required to achieve perfect in a short
period of time.

In hard work we concentrate only on work. It is not consider

time and perfection.

But today life is so fast so their is a requirement of all that

thing. So if we do work with having a plan, time also
keeping in mind and how it will become perfect. So these
things are include in smart work. So if we want to great
position in our life than there is a requirement of smart and
hard work.
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Soumik said: (Mon, Nov 8, 2010 07:25:25 PM)

'Hard' means degree of effort we put on our work to get it

done and 'smart' means the attitude, approach we follow to
get out work done. And to complete our work we should
follow a "can do", positive attitude, planned approach to do
our work with utmost efficiency and perfection-this
constitutes smartness, so WE SHOULD DO HARD WORK
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Praveen said: (Fri, Nov 19, 2010 01:44:33 AM)

Hello to all of you. Let me give you an example which will

clear our concepts. Suppose someone has given a work to
move a stone from one place to other without any cart or
Now one way is to push the stone to that particular place.
(It need a lot of hard work).

Other option is to use a stick and a small stone. By using

these two one can make lever and easily roll the stone to
that particular place. (It will also need hard work but not as
much as before).

So we can say "Doing the hard work smartly will lead to the
Rate this: +3 -0
Abhi said: (Wed, Nov 24, 2010 04:52:13 AM)

So far as I am concerned. The smart work and the hard

work are correlated. It is the smart work that brings down
the amount of hard work you need to put in to get you are
job done. , a guy totally working hard to reach the target
without smartness may not be able to succeed at the same
time apart from smartness one need to put in some efforts.
To reach the target.
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Hemanth said: (Thu, Nov 25, 2010 10:29:28 PM)

In my view "smart work" is nothing but "working hard" with

a passion because a work with an interest makes us to be
smart at that particular task so I think both smart work and
hard work are needed to get the success.
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Nidhi said: (Tue, Nov 30, 2010 05:49:29 PM)

Sucess is like ladder. In My opinion, Both are equally

important. If a person do the hard work in a smart way
he/she can take on step up and achieve his /her goal easily.
And also if a person is taking respected time in doing
anything he/she will not see back and move up confidently.
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Suresh said: (Thu, Dec 2, 2010 09:19:09 PM)

Working for a long time doesn't makes to reach our goals

but working hard in a smarter way makes it fine to reach
our goals and also for a person it is necessary to show both
depends on its time.
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Anupama Jose said: (Sat, Dec 4, 2010 01:35:15 AM)

A work is effective only when it is a smart work. Hard work

without logic can't achieve anything instead of losing
confidence and time. So if we work or hard work, it should
be in a smart way.
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Himaja said: (Mon, Dec 6, 2010 07:55:45 PM)

In my point of view hard working as well as smart working

plays a key role for the success of a project. After a long
period of hard work on a project if the fine tuning of
document is not done rightly entire work is gone to drain.
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Anila said: (Sat, Feb 12, 2011 12:34:19 PM)

Hard worker: One who work's by his own passion and


Smart worker: One who copies what others [great men]

have done already and who adjusts his/her valuable time
into other fruitful actions which would be good for the

So, Work smartly as sometimes we do hard work but if

there is nothing to be visible then, our time and energy
spent will be a mere waste.
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Should GD be Part of Campus Placements?

Shalini Saxena said: (Sat, Jun 12, 2010 04:28:24 PM)

Yes. GD should be a part of campus placement, because GD

is the criteria for the employers to check the analytical skill
of the candidates.
Rate this: +34 -18
Krishan said: (Fri, Jun 18, 2010 09:06:46 PM)

Yes, of course. GD should be there as far as the recruitment

of an employees is concern because it give clear idea about
a person nature of thinking towards a subject.
Rate this: +35 -8
Mahendar said: (Wed, Jun 30, 2010 01:58:27 PM)

Its really a good topic. A GD on GD. GD is necessary in the

recruitment process. Because it shows how a individual can
portray himself among the team. How good is he/she to
work with the team and how good is he/she in helping
others in the team. It really reveal ones potential in the
team. It all matters how an individual present himself
according the situation.
Rate this: +21 -3
Shreyansh said: (Thu, Jul 1, 2010 05:34:52 PM)

Well i don't think it should be a part of campus recruitment

process. If i talk about a technical firm then they want
someone who can really help to solve problems applying
technical skills. Now if they want to measure it by G.D. Then
how can they know whether a person is suitable or not who
is shouting to proove his/her argument even though,
sometimes, having lack of exact knowledge.

what technical firms need is someone providing a perfect or

reliable solution if a person knows that exactly he/she will
be able to express it otherwise not. why to go for G.D.
which measures only how you handle situation or how
confident you are. Because they actually don't need a
confidence not having some basic powerful correct

Even if you are part of technical team you will be able to

express yourself if you know something or if you're team is
stuck on some problems. and that's what technical firms
look for.
Rate this: +84 -10
Pradeepan said: (Thu, Jul 1, 2010 11:53:31 PM)

Voice is a most valuable and an essential process in world.

So everybody want to achieve the voice means kindly GD is
Rate this: +3 -29
Mansi Jain said: (Sun, Jul 4, 2010 12:21:18 AM)

GD Is important because I think it not only checks one's

knowledge but also it's communication skills, which, is quite
important in corporate world.
Rate this: +8 -8
Jessy said: (Sun, Jul 4, 2010 03:57:27 PM)

GD is very much important for the person to know their

ability of speaking in english fluently as well as to know
about your aware of the environment around you. So i feel
GD the best way of filtering those who don't have capabilty
of communicating.
Rate this: +3 -12
Vinothini.K said: (Sun, Jul 4, 2010 09:44:19 PM)

I think GD is not much important because it may lead to the

elimination of a person who is well in technical side but not
good in english. on the other hand it may lead to the
selection of a person who is good in communication but lack
technical will be better if GD is considered as a
part of a level rather than keeping it as a level to cross to
reach the next level.
Rate this: +44 -2
Pramod said: (Sun, Jul 4, 2010 11:29:14 PM)

GD is the best way to examine the way in which people

present their point, their communication skill and their
leadership quality so GD should be the the part of the
Rate this: +3 -3
Vibhor said: (Mon, Jul 5, 2010 12:37:03 PM)

GD should not be a part of campus recruitment process

keeping in mind that it is not necessary that a person is
good in communication skills but he/she is very good in
technical skills ,which would be wrong for that person .
Rate this: +4 -2
Sathish.M said: (Mon, Jul 5, 2010 07:15:53 PM)

Yes, GD is important in recuritement process because it

outcomes the internal tallent of the students and their
thoughts. and also it solves many problems when we
discuss by group.
Rate this: +2 -1
Prakash Jcet said: (Mon, Jul 5, 2010 08:40:32 PM)
Group discussion is the only thing to express our beautiful
speech with meaning by killing our fearness also its a
Rate this: +3 -2
Shaik said: (Mon, Jul 5, 2010 11:50:41 PM)

GD should be a part of placement process. Its not just to

check our communication its also used to judge the person
how he/she discuss on something which will be helpful to
know about the persons atitude.
Rate this: +2 -4
Aarthy said: (Tue, Jul 6, 2010 09:01:32 AM)

Yeah of course GD is important... but the topics chosen in

GD should be a general one... So that it moves on
Rate this: +0 -3
Suma said: (Tue, Jul 6, 2010 01:20:28 PM)

GD is very much important to the person who know their

skills and it is also important for communication and
Rate this: +2 -3
Pavan said: (Tue, Jul 6, 2010 08:36:41 PM)

According to my point of view GD is important but depent

on the suitation .GD is important for check the
communication skill,leadership quality,personal attitude etc.
Rate this: +3 -2
Monalisa said: (Tue, Jul 6, 2010 09:34:04 PM)

Well what I think is GD must be a part of campus

placement. An organisation needs group effort to fullfill its
criteria or work which in turn requires good communication
skill,teamwork and leadership qualities. So a GD is all about
testing your interpersonal skills.

Only Technical knowledge itself cannot meet the

organisational goals. GD gives a platform to an individual to
express his views regarding a fact and it also provides
opportunity to the interview pannel to know the candidate's
communication skills or attitude towards others. It helps to
locate the deserving candidate and eliminate the rest.
Rate this: +9 -1
Haisha said: (Wed, Jul 7, 2010 11:34:39 AM)

GD is not much more important to eliminate a person by GD

itself but its important only to express thier talents
Rate this: +1 -0
Bhargava M said: (Wed, Jul 7, 2010 04:21:41 PM)

I really agree with vinothini..that gd is not necessary in

recruitment...because it could lead to elimination of people
who are having more technical knowledge..and as it can not
be skipped now a days...why dont we have a gd on technical
topics..rather than current and social topics...I think
selection based on this means would be pretty fair.
Rate this: +7 -1
Ajit said: (Fri, Jul 9, 2010 12:36:50 AM)

I think GD shold be included in the campus palcement but

topic should be choosen will be technical one.
Rate this: +2 -0
Shreyansh said: (Fri, Jul 9, 2010 01:52:27 AM)

Well if you're talking about technical recruitment a person

needs to have communication skills just to express his/her
thoughts not more than that. and this thing can be judged
easily by a personal interview.

what we can get to know about a person by GD?

-how good listener he/she is
-how fluent he/she is
-how confident he/she is
-how he/she represents thoughts

Now in technical knowledge a person needs to have

complete knowledge about a concept or aspect in that case
any body has enough confidence to represent that.

Only a little fluency needed in english. (Most of the part is

filled with technical terms)

Nobody needs to make a comment with half knowledge so

no contradiction needed.

so why to go for GD in technical process?

Rate this: +15 -2
Likitha said: (Fri, Jul 9, 2010 10:07:31 PM)

GD....what is GD? its an oppurnity to them who are afraid of

speaking in the front of ten members. Even though they
have knoweldge abt the topic they cant express it.By the
group discussion the people can share their views on the
topic and morever it gives a more than one solution to the
problem and it helps in making decisions.

It is more important in campus placements because in a

company we need to speak in front of those who doesn't
know us so to check the ability. But it is no need to worry
about the skills ,what we want is knoweldge on the
Rate this: +2 -0
Bhargava M said: (Sat, Jul 10, 2010 12:29:49 PM)
Well said likitha..but..wat happens if a person is sound in
technical side and has little knowledge regarding current
topics...he ll be leiminated simply even though he pocesses
good communication skills.

According to me GD is the filtering examination on the basis

of candidates knowledge, communication skills as well sa his
association with the group.
Rate this: +1 -2
Ajay Kumar Yadav said: (Thu, Jul 15, 2010 01:02:59

GD...means group discussion , when number of members

(8...10) are talking on any topic. technical or non technical
for making perfect deseion....... in any orgnigation number
of members are take deseion for any work aranging a GD is not much important in campus included in campus placement only for
making a man fearless and express his view infront of
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Amshavalli said: (Thu, Jul 15, 2010 03:54:14 PM)

Ya.. GD is very essential to measure one's knoweledge their

communication skill. And it is very much useful for
developing leadership quality. But it should not be the
ladder for the next level. Companies can conduct it as an
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Sumit said: (Thu, Jul 15, 2010 06:55:08 PM)

I don't think GD should be there...coz technically speaking it

may eliminate the desired candidate who is communication-
ally weak
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Kumar said: (Thu, Jul 15, 2010 08:13:46 PM)

Well i am not agree with this, GD should be there in the

interview preliminary rounds.we cant say most the
candidatures having the knowledge about the topic and in
case he dont know anything about the topic so what will
happen.. well of course it is time to testing the their
analytical skills but moreover we have technical round at the
time itself we can able to test his/her skills by giving
program or puzzle and test their skills. So i thought it wont
help us in world of innovation and creation of new things...
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Manish said: (Wed, Jul 28, 2010 06:12:07 PM)

I don't think GD should be there... bcoz technically speaking

it may eliminate the desired candidate who is
communicationally weak
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Sathya said: (Mon, Aug 2, 2010 10:54:51 PM)

According to me GD is important that is based on the job

nature. Say for example if it is an marketing job means
she/he have a good communication skill because this is the
base of the job. In a technical recruitment it's enough to a
person have communication skills just to express his/her
thoughts not more than that.
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Pradeep said: (Sun, Aug 8, 2010 12:55:34 AM)

Well i agree with this, that GD should be part of campus

placement. Because now days the number of the candidates
is growing day by day, the company have limited seat and
to recruit a few candidates, the group discussion is one of
the important process of shortlisting. Here not only the
communication skill is measured but also candidates
attitude, leadership & how he/she have the knowledge of
the world.
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Sindhuja S said: (Thu, Aug 19, 2010 12:29:33 AM)

GD is important but it can never be a deciding factor to

judge a candidate's abilities.... because we cant judge a
person completely by the way he speaks alone...
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Ponnulakshmi Balu said: (Tue, Sep 14, 2010 09:17:34

I agree the point, GD can never be a deciding factor to

judge a candidate's abilities. But communication skills,
leadership quality, easily express our points and mingle with
others these characteristics we know from other persons
through GD. So GD is must the interview process.
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Devendra Sarraf said: (Wed, Sep 15, 2010 12:54:32

GD should be the part of campus placement because of it's

shows your team leadership quality. Not only this but it also
show your communication skills. GD help to find out the
candidate that have decision making quality.
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Ritu said: (Wed, Sep 15, 2010 01:20:52 AM)

I think GD is not much important because it may lead to the

disqualified of a person who is technically strong but not
have fluent English. So, according to me, it will be better to
start the GD on technical topics rather than current topics.
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Satya said: (Wed, Sep 15, 2010 12:29:12 PM)
Well said Sathya. I agree with you. Because, GD is
conducting mainly for testing the communications skills of a
candidate. In a technical recruitment it's enough to a person
have communication skills just to express his/her thoughts
not more than that.

So my opinion is to based on the job specification and

requirements they have to conduct the GD.
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Pravinkumar Thokal said: (Wed, Sep 22, 2010 02:25:39

Hi friends, I agree that GD is most important during

recruitment because how the HR found out the your
leadership skill, your instantly thinking, your behaviour
while working with group, subject and knowledge is not too
much important but your representation skill is important?
so gd is so simple way to examine certain thing with all of
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Amandeep Narula said: (Sun, Sep 26, 2010 03:23:18

Yes, GD must play its role in campus placement when there

are a very large amount of students participating. It is
always been an elimination round. Most of the students lack
communication skills and it also determines the way of

Once you get placed in any company, then company provide

you with the sufficient technical knowledge. So I think
company should judge the analytical skills of the candidate
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Sagarika said: (Tue, Sep 28, 2010 01:36:50 PM)
Well D is important in recruitment process because
everybody who came for interview have good knowledge
about technical skill as from technical background. GD is
important to know the leadership quality of a person and
how he/she explain things which he might have or haven't
idea about the topic. He can prove himself by GD. And a
good part of gd is among many people how you take
attention towards you. It is mainly important for a company
when you go for giving presentation.
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Shikha said: (Sat, Oct 2, 2010 11:33:03 PM)

In my opinion GD should not be there in recruitment process

as technicality and intelligence of an individual cannot be
tested on the basis of a process which involves only
shouting and presenting your views as a result of which a
more a more reliable and appropriate and deserving
candidate is shown the door.
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Prashant said: (Mon, Oct 4, 2010 10:51:27 AM)

GD is a process in which a group of people put their views

on a common topic in front of other members of their group.
It provides a good measure to analyse a candidate. It may
happen that some of the candidates may not have a
required base knowledge about that topic which may lead to
them failure so I think GD should be part of selection
process but not as an elimination round.
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Jeya said: (Mon, Oct 4, 2010 11:44:51 PM)

It is a very interesting topic, as it portraits the views that we

have about a GD. GROUP DISCUSSIONS must be apart of
the recruitment process, as it brings out most of our soft
skills. In the selection process first our aptitude skills are
tested then in the interview our technical skills can be
tested. But the perfect forum to test our soft skills is the

As an IT professional we cannot sustain in the race with

technical skills alone, we need some extra skills known as
people skills or soft skills.

So how are these skills brought out during a GD is? First our
communications skills are noted by our language and
grammar, secondly are we a good team player is tested
through how well we listen and respond to our team
members, third our leadership skills - by initiating the GD,
encouraging the team members to bring out their ideas,
then others like are we able handle stress etc.
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Sweta said: (Sun, Oct 10, 2010 11:17:45 PM)

Well, I think G. D is very important for campus recruitment.

Through GD the interviewers know about a person's
personality, his thinking ability, his presence of mind, his
fluency, his hold over his own emotions. In addition to that
it is recognized whether the interviewee is a leader or
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Vikas Kngo said: (Mon, Oct 11, 2010 09:23:44 PM)

According to me in technical recruitment if one is very good

in technical but not in communication skill so he don't get
job so I think GD is not important in technical department
for communication they just recruit other person because in
that case technical student don't concentrate on the their
technical study instead they spend most of the time to
improve there communication skill.
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Ashwani Yadav said: (Sat, Oct 16, 2010 05:01:09 PM)

Yes. GD is important tool for evaluate the natural talent of

candidate and it's necessity for MNC because in working
days its dos't matter that how much % you obtain in your
school/college life.
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Amuthan said: (Sat, Oct 23, 2010 02:16:06 AM)

A company can turn very successful only if it can bring in a

technological break through or a innovation in technology. A
technological change is the one that will project the
company with distinct stature in the global arena. For such a
thing to happen it needs technically sound employees aware
of the modern trends and innovative in their thoughts. So
the major concern in this case is on the technical aspect of
the employee and this Group discussion is in no way going
to test his technical proficiency.

Moreover group discussions are normally held to check the

sociability and.

Expressibility of the candidate. Being human, Socializing is

the inbuilt ability or virtue of every human, there is nothing
to check in it. So the very need/necessity of the GD is
questioned here. !.

May be in jobs involving customer relations involving lot of

human interaction GD can be kept as a selection criteria, in
all other cases its relevancy is questionable.
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Vijay said: (Sat, Oct 30, 2010 03:14:51 AM)

GDs don't depict your analytical skills in any manner, they

most of the times turn into fish markets, so the whole
purpose of debating on rational basis is lost in playing devils
advocate with each other.

GDs in any manner don't simulate a scenario similar to

corporate board meetings where qualities such as good
listener and analyser are more important than being a good

They don't even check your sociability or innovativeness.

One thing positive about a GD if it doesn't turn into a fish

market is that it can give you a chance to make more logical
and sometimes conclusive arguments compared to others.
So it shows how you can express your ideas in whatever
little time you get in the fish market or otherwise.

It also sometimes show how much you know about the

environment you are in and how effectively you can express
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John Moses said: (Sun, Oct 31, 2010 11:38:29 AM)

GD is not important for interviews. Cos one who is a skilled

person in programming. But he/she may not have good
speaking skills. So the company will automatically loose one
good programmer. If the company wants good speaking
skills means they can provide practice to speak in English
after giving placement to him/her.
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Saptarshi said: (Wed, Nov 3, 2010 11:23:55 PM)

Consider any type of firm, technical or media related, they

all want something common in all of their employees. And
that is the "field knowledge", be it programming prowess for
a software developer job or sorting skills for a Croupier in a
casino. But along with that they also need employees who
can create a work culture, or at least sustain the present
one and not harm it. Nobody wants an employee who is
very good at technicalities but doesn't know how to behave
in a group. With teamwork as the main success mantra all
the companies need "team man" rather than geeks for their
jobs because whatever is to be done is not to be done
individually but through collaboration with fellow employees.
In that case each team is bound to have divides, discussions
and issues they need to resolve together. And during that
case if there is a man who doesn't know group behavior
then its obvious that he will disrupt the team's harmony and
soon find him in a place where no one wants to be in the
same team with him. This is why GD is important. In short
just to check whether a person has the decent behavioral
aspects and can speak without spoiling the team's harmony
and present his ideas GD is important. As for the case with a
person having less technical knowledge but eloquence over
English getting selected, there are technical interviews held
for almost every firm before they hire their employees. No
firm expects their employees to be only eloquent and do
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Naina said: (Tue, Nov 9, 2010 07:40:41 PM)

I think that Group Discussion should be included in campus

placements because it test the communication skills,
analytical skill as well as their way to forward their point in
very definate manner. So it should be included so that the
candidates who are attending the campus so atleast they
can be selected from their way of talking by looking at their
group discussion way.
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Sneha said: (Wed, Nov 10, 2010 04:17:13 PM)

Group discussion as per the name it shows how an

individual can work with the group. Recruiters in search of
candidates always look out for a person who in simple word
is a all rounder that is possess all that skill that is essential
to place one own-self in the corporate world. It checks to
see the type of communication skill one possess for it is
essential to communicate with all sorts of people in the
business and exchange ideas with them. It is this confidence
that allow the person to carry oneself in any type of
condition he is in. GD also checks for the candidates
attention to others speeches which is very essential to take
proper decision at the appropriate time. For the more one
understands the more he is free to have better decisions to
make. This all is tested through the GD and should
essentially required during campus recruitment.
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Jain said: (Mon, Nov 15, 2010 07:48:03 PM)

GD should be a part of recruitment. It shows that how

someone can represent himself/herself in a group and how
an individual can work in a team.

It also shows the potential of someone that how a human

being can carry him/herself in a team.
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Viju said: (Tue, Nov 16, 2010 11:00:01 AM)

GD is important that is based on the job nature. It checks to

see the type of communication skill one possess for it is
essential to communicate with all sorts of people in the
business and exchange ideas with them. It is this confidence
that allow the person to carry oneself in any type of
condition he is in. GD also checks for the candidates
attention to others speeches which is very essential to take
proper decision at the appropriate time. For the more one
understands the more he is free to have better decisions to
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Priya said: (Wed, Nov 17, 2010 12:04:26 PM)
In my view GD is not required in campus selections.
Because some people will speak very loudly and some
people will speaks low voice. So who speaks louder and very
fast English that persons will be selected and others not.
And they are not giving the chance to others. So everybody
should get a chance then only there interpersonal skills and
how they are expressing about the topic will be focused.
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G C Prabhakar said: (Tue, Nov 23, 2010 04:59:55 PM)

Straight forward in my view GD is one of the session that

brings out the once exposure with the society as well as
with the current issues. But main flaw in GD is some times a
technically skilled person are eliminated in this round AND
SOME TIMES GIVING CHANCE TO person who has less
technical ability. But in present competitive world we can
get success only when we have talkative power therefore I
conclude that GD IS IMPORTANT.
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Sangeeta said: (Wed, Nov 24, 2010 10:31:14 PM)

Hello friends its very interesting topic. According to my point

of view that GD should be in recruitment process because
an employees can judge the communication skills of the
candidate how he/she present their thought in a group, and
GD also help to test the interpersonal talent of individual.
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Emilin said: (Thu, Dec 2, 2010 11:12:58 AM)

In my view point GD is a good option in the placement

programe why because company can easily check one's.

1) communication skill (it is very important in any field to

express our ideas).
2) smartness.

3) team working.

4) leadership.

5) innovative ideas.
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Kiranya said: (Thu, Dec 16, 2010 07:12:36 PM)

yes Group discussion should be Part of Campus Placements

because this is the way the company monitors get to know
the person's ability in what way they put their ideas without
showing any arrogance ,the way they mingle with the co-
workers,how they appreciate other peoples ideas n their
support to them etc., as these all these leads to choose the
right person to right job..
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Prishii said: (Thu, Dec 30, 2010 08:52:53 PM)

GD is not necessary because in PI round the interviewer can

judge the analytical skill and communication skill of the
candidate..whereas in GD the technical knowledge can
hardly be it has the chances of elemination of
stronger candidate
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Vani said: (Fri, Jan 28, 2011 01:19:44 PM)

In my view GD plays a crucial role in recruitment process for

filtering the right candidate, by GD we can analyse about
the candidate how good his leadership qualities, listening
skills and communication skills are? which is very important
than technical, we can learn technical things in one day but
communication skills we cant. By this we vl find a right
person for a right job
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The role of business ethics: incorporating values and ethics into business

This paper examines the growing emphasis that colleges and

business firms are placing on business ethics, as well as how
business ethics inform the lives of those in business. Current
views and legislation have only enhanced the significance of
ethics codes, making them a crucial part of the corporate
landscape. The increasing relevance of the costs of
disregarding ethics in business is noted. Emphasis is placed
on the importance of stressing business ethics in society,
and on effective methods of teaching the concepts to
students so that they will carry a strong ethical sense into
the business world.


Incorporating values and ethics into business decisions have

become increasingly important to business people,
universities, government, and the public in general. The
costs of unethical behavior in business are high and rising,
possibly due to new government regulation. Because of the
scandalous last decade, the federal government is listening
to the public outrage and taking a stronger stance on
unethical business practices. Because of recent laws, it is
vital for businesses to focus on securing and monitoring
sound ethical policies. In addition, pressure is being placed
on business schools to ensure that students graduate with a
knowledge of ethical principles and the critical thinking skills
necessary to analyze and make sound ethical decisions. This
paper will examine the role American universities have taken
regarding teaching ethics to business students and the
implications this holds for students and society at large. A
brief discussion of different views regarding business ethics
will be presented including the stakeholder theory,
stockholder theory, instrumentalism, and the "invisible
handshake." This study will focus on some possible reasons
why students lack an understanding of business ethics and
on how business schools can meet the challenge of
educating students on the importance of business ethics.


Business ethics can be thought of in many different lights,

and part of the reason that business ethics has become such
a contemporary issue is because it cannot be defined
precisely. Although most people have different standards of
what is morally justifiable, society generally feels that there
are certain values that should be set as the minimum ethical
behavior. Most people believe that in order to meet the
minimum ethical standards, a business must be honest,
obey the law, and not directly infringe on the rights that our
society holds as inalienable human rights. This, however,
does not exhaust the definition of business ethics that many
believe in. Some other ethical issues involve compensation
of employees, job security for employees, hiring practices,
waste management issues, pollution, and conflicts of
interest. Sometimes companies face situations where ethical
choices are in opposition to their interests. An example of
this could be a logging company doing business in forests
around the world. One ethical consideration must be
protecting the rain forest from destruction.
Environmentalists may propose that the company stop
logging completely; however, this may bring up another
ethical issue such as the preservation of jobs for loggers.
Except where otherwise stated, this paper is primarily
concerned with ethical issues that fit in the first category of
minimum ethical standards including honesty, compliance to
the law, and fairness. This is not to undermine the
importance of evaluating the ethical implications of every
decision, but it is intended to simplify.

Celebrity Brand Endorsement: Effective


Sajith said: (Sat, Jun 12, 2010 08:46:59 AM)

According to me endorsing celebrities for advertising is not a

good idea. Although they are the stars in their own
disciplines, making them a part of commercials is not
healthy. Celebrities in India a highly venerated and
"fanified", so bringing them to ads creates a wrong
perception of their acting ie. people start creating issues like
they dont concentrate on acting since they are upto
commercials more than acting and earn lumpsum.

Apart from television stars, sportspersons are also among

the brand ambassadors for various commercial products.
This deviates them from their careers sometimes leads to
poor performance in their respective sports and also causes
a sense of hatred among the sport lovers. But yes, thinking
from an Advertising agency point of view, celebrity brand
endorsement is a vital part as they use the celebrities for
commercializing their product in a large scale so tat they
can reach the customers rapidly.

So the brand endorsement using celebrities must be

Rate this: +7 -5
Amit Gaur said: (Sat, Sep 18, 2010 02:44:32 PM)
Good morning to you all. I want to initiate on this topic.

According to me celebrity endorsement of market products

should not be given so much hype. Specially the sport

Because in India people just love their sport so they follow

the players. The sport persons for much money sometimes
endorse products not as good as they should be, so it
sometimes creates problems among people.

And secondly in order to get more glamor and money

players sometimes forget whats their first priority should be
as a player?.

So in my opinion the products should not be endorsed by

the celebrities much.

Thanks for giving me such an opportunity.

Rate this: +2 -2
Anjali said: (Sat, Sep 18, 2010 09:19:15 PM)

Good evening to all of you.

According to my point of view celebrity endorsement for the

world of advertising is in some way good but overall its not
a good idea, especially its about those celebrities who are
having a soft corner in public's heart as well as they are
being known for their importance in their field of work.

As an example respected Kiran Bedi is advertising for a

washing powder for just some sort of money and our Sport
players are breaking the records for coming in the
advertising world. As we know that they all are stars for
different age group people. And in some or other way they
are effecting the youths and other age group people. One
more example is of beers and alcohol advertisements. So in
my view its merely not a good idea.
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Shub said: (Sun, Nov 7, 2010 02:51:40 PM)

Good evening,

It is a sure thing that when a product is endorsed by a

celebrity it gets more popular and recognition. A product if
advertised by a celebrity has more effect on consumers than
when it is advertised by a common person. When a health
drink is endorsed by a sportsman, people believe it more
than when the same is advertised by a common man. So
endorsement of products by celebrities is very effective.
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Soumik said: (Mon, Nov 8, 2010 07:38:03 PM)

Celebrities (actors, sports persons) undergo a respectful

position in our society, they are very much well known to
every person in our society, and the brands (companies)
apply this sky touching worldwide popularity to advertise
their commercial products, to launch a new product, and
from this point of view nothing is wrong with it, but the 1st
priority of actors, sport persons is their own discipline, which
they have become so popular for. So it's the responsibility of
the celebrities to their professional discipline to make their
professional discipline of 1st priority.
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Jolly said: (Tue, Nov 16, 2010 02:42:30 PM)

Advertisement is for the segment which a company wants to

capture so to use a suitable brand ambassador or
ambassadress is also very important decision. More over
primary motive of business is to earn profit and every
business wants to give information or create awareness
among customer with advertisement about there products.
People wants to see full add only if ambassador is liked by
them i.e., the reason because sachin, dhoni, sehwag, and
other cricketers are hired by companies. Sharukh khan is
attached with Hindustan Unilever Promoting their products.
Samsung is become very famous because of amir khan, idea
because of abhishek and so many products which is known
because of ambassador. So I feel nothing is wrong to hire a
celebrities like katrina, ashwria, sachin, sharukh etc to
promote a product. Company will hire only those which is
liked by public and they want to see them in ads.
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Bhuvana said: (Sat, Nov 27, 2010 11:35:54 AM)

Good Morning to all.

Celebrity endorsement creates more impact on people.

People they want to show their status in their life style. So
they use what the celebrities brand. But people in the
middle class also wants to show an image as like rich people
or like celebrity. The problem is when they creates an
image, apart from their level it leads to big problems.

But in advertising company point of view they show their

product is the best in cost as well as quality. They know
people's thoughts. People always think that the product is
advertised by a celebrity or sportsman rather than common
man that is the best one.

So Advertising by celebrity or sportsman should be

Rate this: +0 -0
Abhay said: (Sat, Feb 12, 2011 04:05:30 PM)

Good afternoon friends, yes there is nothing wrong when

the celebrity doing the advertisement. As they have
achieved so much for there hard work in there life they have
every right to do so. It is people who have to think whether
they have to accept the product or not. Celebrity has the
duty to endorse the product but ultimately it is upto the
people to accept it. If the product is not good then no one
can spend the money into the product.
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Can One Contribute to the Social Sector while Being

Employed in the Corporate World?

Swagata said: (Sun, Jul 4, 2010 08:37:09 PM)

Yes! And it should be...if one wishes to one should be able

to. What's wrong with being a corporate employee??? You
cannot discard someone from a social environment
Rate this: +10 -1
Swapnil said: (Thu, Jul 15, 2010 10:22:17 AM)

Yes!Its not necessary that if u are in the corporate sector

then u cant contribute in social sector..u can contribute in
both the sectors.....and u cant discard from social
environment also...
Rate this: +4 -2
Akshay said: (Sat, Sep 18, 2010 02:43:01 PM)

Yes it is the important thing nowadays because everyone is

wants only money but no social work so everyone should
contribute to social sector.
Rate this: +3 -1
Theboss said: (Sun, Sep 19, 2010 02:35:47 PM)
It's the mind set of person who in a corporate company.
Rate this: +1 -0
Ashwini said: (Sun, Sep 26, 2010 04:39:59 AM)

If anyone thinks to contribute in social sector he can

manage it while involve in corporate world! It depends on
person to person how to deal with situation means - doing
job and contributing to social sector.
Rate this: +4 -0
Soumya Prakash Pani said: (Fri, Oct 1, 2010 11:56:33

Yes. In today's life everyone wants money but we are living

in a society. We are totally dependent on our environment.
So any how we have to contribute some part of us means
some time to social sector.
Rate this: +1 -0
Susu said: (Thu, Oct 7, 2010 02:28:07 PM)

Friends. You all are concentrating only on money but think

of the other side. The effort and the time that can be spent
for social work. It will be limiting them from doing that if a
person is employed in corporate.
Rate this: +2 -0
Raju said: (Tue, Oct 12, 2010 04:34:22 AM)

If there is Will there is way. There is no meaning in saying I

don't have time. If we think well we can do lot of
contribution to the society with little money, time and effort.
They can paying your income tax at the right time, creating
your software or website for non profit organisations and
donations to the various charity sites like rotary.

As a corporate employ if you have good money you have to

contribute more to the society since all money comes from
the society.

If you want to contribute something to society there is no

difference between corporate employ, middle-class person,
poor man. Any one contribute to the society in someway in
my opinion we all must do.
Rate this: +13 -1
Harsh said: (Thu, Oct 14, 2010 03:23:26 PM)

It will depend on your company business or the Social

organisation in which you want to involved. If both are in
same group or Aim then you could not attempt social
activity during your job tenure but if there are different type
of Product or activity of your current organization or the
Social Unit in which you want to do participate, there are no
any rule who can stop you.

This is real Good thought if everybody involved in social

sector then Our Social life will be improve.
Rate this: +1 -0
Srinath said: (Mon, Oct 18, 2010 02:43:38 PM)

Yes, ofcourse I agree with Mr. Raju to some extent.

One can! In my openion participating parallel in both sectors

for the long time couldn't be that much easy, as working in
corporate world finds finds ourselves with no time and social
work needs that, initially it feels good, but as the
responsibilities increase either in any field. May push
ourselves into great stress, even into depression of not
doing justice to any of fields.

One can search for the minds thinking the same at work,
forming a group, discussing the issues involved, sharing the
responsibilities, moving collectively can only make a good
contributer to society, but also makes oneself satisfied with
whatever being done.
Rate this: +3 -0
Tejas said: (Thu, Oct 21, 2010 09:49:14 PM)

Why we are living in such kind of society if we are thinking

the life in real manners it must be. Without society there is
no value of money. Money is for life then life is core relate
to society. We brought up in society, our future will have to
grow. Which one is necessary. ? obviously society is must
either you are corporate employee or business man.
Rate this: +1 -0
Shelly said: (Fri, Oct 22, 2010 12:03:40 AM)

Yes of course. One can b a part of social sector, while being

into corporate world. For ex: TISS (TATA Institute of Social
Sciences). TATA is one of the largest businesses in the
country but. In spite of being into the corporate world, this
initiative by TATA group shows an effort by it to be into the
social sector. Apart from this, indirectly also this is
contributing to the social sector, as the students passing out
from this institute, will be a part of the social sector.

So, in my view, corporate and social sector can definitely go

hand in hand.
Rate this: +1 -0
M.Santhoshi said: (Fri, Oct 22, 2010 02:08:42 PM)

According to my view being a corporate employee we can

also contribute our time for social activity's in weekends as
some corporates giving holiday in week ends. If we do so
some of our neighbours will also show the interest on doing
social activities.

If we are doing like this then our next generation also know
what is society and how we should work, live in society. If
we are escaping by saying no im not having time or I'm too
busy then often some days our next generation will ask to
us wt is society mam/dad just like some children don't know
about some animals.

So every one should contribute some of time for social

works in one or the other day.
Rate this: +2 -1
Neha Gupta said: (Sun, Oct 31, 2010 10:41:39 PM)

I think it does not depend on whether you belong to rich

class or poor class it all depend on your will, if you want to
contribute to society you can do it by extracting 1 hour from
your job every day or few hour from your weekend like
teaching poor class student even start with those student
who comes to your house for work, join any club which
organize activities for society.
Rate this: +1 -0
Krishna said: (Fri, Dec 3, 2010 04:49:35 PM)

Yes its certainly true that a corporate, for that matter any
one should also contribute to social sector. Its a simple
equation. We are taking many things from the society for
our personal development. Obviously as a responsible
human being we have a duty to contribute for the society.
And it does not really involve monetary contribution all the
times. We can also give moral support to many under
privileged kids of the society.
Rate this: +1 -0
Rishitha said: (Thu, Dec 9, 2010 03:10:22 PM)

Yes every body will have time at d weekends at least for one
hour so if we contribute to society our soles must satisfy
that we are doing a good thing. And it is obviously true it is
good thing we must maintain our time and effort when
working in corporates then their no possible to say that time
is not enough to contribute our society.
Rate this: +1 -0
Jaya said: (Sun, Dec 12, 2010 07:18:25 PM)

Of course one can contribute both in corporate and social

activities. Its based on individuals thinking only. We have to
take it as our responsibility to do so. Every humans are born
to helping others. So we do do our level best for our society.
Rate this: +1 -0
Shailesh said: (Tue, Dec 14, 2010 03:22:26 PM)

Yes! Contributing to the social sector doesn't mean giving

your 100%. Its just a matter of 1%. Many of the corporate
sectors are off on weekends, Taking out some time for some
social cause would really make a contribution. Many of the
students working on college projects do surveys by visiting
the NGO's just for the sake of completion of their tasks. In
this case when you are getting something from the society
why not contribute to the society.
Rate this: +1 -0
Manish Swaroop said: (Mon, Dec 20, 2010 01:57:07

Of course,one can contribute in the social sector while being

employed in corporate sector because it's our duty to have a
healthy social environment and doesn't need complete time
(i:e 24x7).All we need to do pay attention and work for this
at least twice or thrice in a month .
Rate this: +1 -0
Meenakshi said: (Tue, Jan 25, 2011 04:32:03 PM)

Hi everyone, you know when u think about ur self what u hv

done in our corporate office and surrounding you will in
office you will do ur job coz u r getting money but if you do
something around u or in ur social society that u r doing
with your happyiness u r not burdened. That is true
happiness which u get to do something for poor people or
do something for your society. U will get innerstrength yes u
have done very job.
Rate this: +1 -0

Does Morality have an Essence in Corporate Life?

Amit said: (Thu, Sep 30, 2010 08:30:19 AM)

Yes, why not. Morality have an essence in corporate life,

according to me one should have morality not only in
corporate life but also in real life. Morality is one of
characteristics of human being. Morality tells the positive
attitude of the person. Person with positive attitude grows
fastly in corporate world.
Rate this: +4 -0
Prasool said: (Fri, Oct 15, 2010 12:36:15 PM)

Attitude towards the moral things makes a chance of think

about that, Morality is related with the customs that we
follows in our social life. Moreover morality is there which
scales a person in terms of his behaviour.
Rate this: +0 -0
Rashmi said: (Tue, Oct 19, 2010 08:33:06 PM)

Ofcourse, morality is needed in cooperate world, it is not

only meant for personal life. The moral values only makes a
professional's positive attitude and scales a person in terms
of behavior and these two things are required of any
successful professional. The correct attitude and behavior
towards work and company builds the success path and is in
advantage of the company also. Need is of such persons
who are loyal to company and work and loyalty comes from
Rate this: +4 -0
Rahul Bose said: (Thu, Nov 4, 2010 05:14:21 PM)

Ofcourse, morality is needed in cooperate world, it is not

only meant for personal life. The moral values only makes a
professional's positive attitude and scales a person in terms
of behavior and these two things are required of any
successful professional. Morality is one of characteristics of
human being. Morality tells the positive attitude of the
person. Person with positive attitude grows rapidly in
corporate world.
Rate this: +1 -1
Khushboo said: (Wed, Nov 10, 2010 02:45:32 PM)

Yes morality is the essence of corporate life. If we do not

follow our moral values we can get good jobs but we wont
survive long in the job. It is very essential for any human to
follow his moral values to be successful in life.
Rate this: +1 -0
Khushboo said: (Wed, Nov 10, 2010 02:54:14 PM)

Yes morality is the essence of corporate life. If we do not

follow our moral values we can get good jobs but we wont
survive long in the job. It is very essential for any human to
follow his moral values to be successful in life.
Rate this: +0 -0
Suman said: (Tue, Nov 16, 2010 10:18:28 PM)

I think that morality always hava an importance in our life.

If morally we don't have any clarity then we cant achieve
greatest success in our life, whether ti is corporate or social
life. Always a least level of honesty we should maintain.
Rate this: +0 -0
Bals said: (Thu, Nov 18, 2010 07:48:46 AM)

But I think morality is not needed for our life, but we should
be true. The person who doesn't smoke or drink is called as
morality. Nowadays person who is having very good
qualities (morality) unable to triumphs up in his life. In
above most of the people mentioned corporate world, there
manager is not going to calculate your morality, they will
calculate your true work only.
Rate this: +1 -0
Sharath said: (Mon, Nov 22, 2010 08:38:32 PM)

I think as a human being one should have moral values

own. Because even If you got job you cannot hold it much
longer. Humanity is our nature. It is not important that
where you are, but you should follow moral values.
Rate this: +0 -0
Anuradha said: (Thu, Feb 3, 2011 09:51:55 PM)

Yes Morality have an Essence in Corporate Life. Its not only

important in corporate life but also in our normal life as well
as in our normal work. A moral people give the better
solution of a problem in a better way than the other in
corporate sector.

When we are a moral people than after we become a loyal

person because loyality comes form the morality. And you
all know that how much the loyality important in that the
corporate sector.

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Will Mumbai's Film Industry ever evolve into a Truly
Modern Corporative One?

Girish said: (Thu, Oct 21, 2010 12:46:07 PM)

Well in terms of money of innovation in our storyline,

direction not really. I think we just copy for here and there
and merge them to make a film. But the real dilemma is
that these films do well while the movies which have some
refreshing new script and direction are left behind.
Rate this: +2 -3
Mukesh said: (Fri, Oct 29, 2010 01:09:01 AM)

Well every thing in the film industry depends on the viewer,

the audiences love it that's why they make it. Also most of
the movies now are copy paste or we can say that the
bollywood is losing its originality which was seen earlier in
the 80's or 90's.
Rate this: +3 -0
Shubham said: (Thu, Dec 9, 2010 03:44:42 AM)

Bollywood has its originality. The change is that it presents

movies in new way that is demanded by today generation.
Old script with new ways are presented so I think it is ever
evolve in a truly modern corporative one.
Rate this: +0 -1
Shiji said: (Sun, Dec 12, 2010 08:55:31 PM)

If we look at the recent trend in Bollywood then mostly I'v

come across movies with the same story line. No offence
but originality has blended too much. The directors mostly
take in the old scripts and make it too hipity hop or maybe
raunchy. Yes, the Indian audience do seem to demand for
this kind of movies these days but to evolve into a modern
Corporative Industry is a very far thing in the future. Plus
there is no infusion of new blood in the film industry, the
same thing has been followed through the years and if there
is any change they take it either from Hollywood or maybe
from south Indian script writers.
Rate this: +0 -1
Vineet said: (Mon, Dec 13, 2010 04:26:31 PM)

If we look in present many big production houses of

Hollywood are investing in Indian Bollywood market. The
question is why are they investing? its simple because in
India we have audience which loves all kind of movies so it
present a big market for them, invest less and earn more.
So its in the path of evolving into a truly modern corporate
Rate this: +0 -1
Manish said: (Mon, Dec 20, 2010 02:56:34 PM)

Yes, as we know the today bollywood is having the more

competition in order to make the movie hit and thats why
we are getting more promotion of the movie through print
media, TVC as well as on different public places like mall,
theater, disco-the etc. Apart from these different
promotional offers, other promotional activities like free
movie tickets, free audio cassette and promotional t-shirts
are also being used. On the other hand whenever a movie is
made by it's team, it is obvious to manage the team
keeping the view of all relevant requirements and

Do Women make Good Managers?

Jolly said: (Fri, Jul 2, 2010 01:34:58 PM)

yes womens do make good managers because they know to

handle diiferent situation at workplace with patients and are
able to make appropriate decision
Rate this: +34 -35
Suresh said: (Sun, Jul 4, 2010 01:49:22 AM)

Yes, according to my views womens are suitable for any

kind of profession. Because they have more patients
compared to men.
Rate this: +34 -21
Sweety said: (Mon, Jul 5, 2010 04:41:05 PM)

Yes I agree with you but men can handle tough situations
easily than women.
Rate this: +32 -16
Raveena said: (Mon, Jul 5, 2010 06:44:16 PM)

I think womens have more mind strength than mens. So

womens can take decisions adroitly in any delicate
situation,leads to more good things.
Rate this: +11 -18
Jyothish N said: (Tue, Jul 6, 2010 08:49:34 AM)

I hope in some difficult situations womens can't take

appropriate in this case men are more suitable.
Rate this: +17 -19
Pavan Kumar Patwa said: (Tue, Jul 6, 2010 08:25:24

According to my point of view woman is good manager

rather than man. Because till childhood they manage our
family. So i want to say girls is a good manager.

For example . pepsico chair person Indira Noori , congress

leader Sonia Gandhi etc.
Rate this: +23 -7
Suma said: (Thu, Jul 8, 2010 02:37:33 PM)

According to my view womans are good at all kind of

professions and they handle the work in different way. As a
matter of fact women have more patience than man. So
women make a good manager.
Rate this: +7 -7
Sujeetha said: (Thu, Jul 8, 2010 08:54:27 PM)

I think that women are more concious and are aware of

future activities so they planed in advance and handle them
Rate this: +7 -3
Shahansha Alam said: (Thu, Jul 8, 2010 10:39:10 PM)

I think Women can be a better manager than men. It's

scientifically proven that women can handle their
professional & personal life very well.
Rate this: +10 -2
B.Gangadhar said: (Fri, Jul 9, 2010 03:00:05 PM)

In my point of view womens are good managers. Why

because women can handle any problem, it means women
manage her family as a good way and as well as wisely. For
example we can take president of India Prathibha Devising
Paatil she handling whole India. Now a days womens are
active in any kind of competative exams. Thats reason so
many companies offers them to giving jobs. But mens also
doing well compare to womens because they don't feel
burden means they only concentrate only their work,but
womens have their family,childrens.
Rate this: +14 -5
Vani said: (Sat, Jul 10, 2010 12:36:35 PM)
Women deserve "Good managers" title. woMEN could be
equated to 'workaholic Men'. the pass percentage ratio
between boys and girls in 10 and 12 board exams is a very
good example to prove this.
Rate this: +2 -4
Kanchan Tarwani said: (Sat, Jul 10, 2010 03:07:48 PM)

I think women are more suitable to have the title "Good

Managers" as compared to men,b'coz women not only
handle household activities but also their jobs. They know
how to treat their children, family and boss in office
Rate this: +5 -3
Thahseen said: (Sat, Jul 10, 2010 04:27:42 PM)

I think women are good managers.they can handle any

situation with patience and take appropriate decisions at
right time.
Rate this: +5 -1
Nitin said: (Sat, Jul 10, 2010 08:34:21 PM)

I think it depends on the women who is going to become the

manager....all womens are not capable of becoming
manager.... it also doesnt mean that all men are capable of
becoming managers....

A good manager requires skills such as fast, quick and

correct decision making capabilities...
Rate this: +17 -0
Dinesh said: (Sun, Jul 11, 2010 11:23:56 AM)

I think a woman is good manager than a man. She have a

power to manage everything perfect and at a time. Just
example... a woman manage everything in a home. She
learn manage from her childhood.
Rate this: +2 -1
Swapna said: (Sun, Jul 11, 2010 12:05:28 PM)

All women has patience, clam and take good decision at any
time. these all qualities are naturally present in the women,
so women are "Good Manager"
Rate this: +2 -2
Praveen said: (Sun, Jul 11, 2010 11:33:14 PM)

Dear Friends, I think it's not only women or men who can be
a best or good Mgr,it;s purely base on this skill he/she has.
In my opinion men can take all kind of challenges & jump
into any situations & resolve it very patiently.
Rate this: +5 -2
Gayathri said: (Mon, Jul 12, 2010 04:53:25 PM)

It does not depend on man / woman it depends purely on

their managing skills and decision making capabilities at
times of difficult situation and how do handle escalations.
Rate this: +4 -1
Sujeetha Govid said: (Thu, Jul 15, 2010 03:36:01 PM)

I think, a individual person qualities decides it and not based

on men or women.
Rate this: +6 -0
Manikandan.K said: (Thu, Jul 15, 2010 09:02:20 PM)

The managerial skills not only depends on the skills but also
on the field in which he/she is working with.... So we can
sort this issue only if the field is known...
Rate this: +3 -2
Praveena said: (Fri, Jul 23, 2010 08:24:12 PM)

A Good Manager have leadership quality, courage, decision

making power,good communication with clients and
patience.Good Manager is not dependent on gender its fully
dependent on qualification of these people.A person who
have above mentioned qualities becomes a "Good Manager".
Rate this: +4 -0
Neha Raghuwanshi said: (Sat, Jul 24, 2010 09:53:02

Women are good managers because they have efficiency to

manage house as well as there family to. They know very
well at what time there family need and what there job so
they always maintain there work according to it, and they
are able to provide there time to both family as well as job.
Rate this: +2 -0
Rakesh said: (Tue, Aug 3, 2010 11:21:13 PM)

Womens were not at all suitable for this post(Manager). On

the Recent survey held in USA 80% of the Lady workers
were not accepted Women as their Boss. Because she
always used to make her colleagues spoiled their mind
every now and then....!
Rate this: +4 -2
Adi said: (Thu, Sep 16, 2010 09:52:14 PM)

Well, women can handle the conditions systematically and

calmly, but in tough conditions men would be more
preferable than women. So both stand equally well.
Rate this: +3 -0
Sanjiv said: (Fri, Sep 17, 2010 05:18:39 PM)

Yes I agree with @Adi, in some typical conditions men are

more chosen one, but that time not comes often it comes in
occasionally. So a women can fight that situation well. &
there are some soft or period comes where it becomes hard
to interact with the person. In sells world "soft can be hard
but hard wants some extra heat to be soft" so women can
be a good manager than men. !.
Rate this: +3 -0
Vijay Kumar Singh said: (Sat, Sep 18, 2010 12:01:44

Manage a family and manage a organization are two

different things, a illiterate woman may handle the family
with good manner but she did not handle a organization. So
any woman who can handle a family with good manner, can
not make a manager. In our Indian culture mostly domestic
violence arise from woman side, means to say mostly
woman are the cause of domestic violence and some time
woman could not success in their dual life,.

She is a wife, she is a mother if she success in one side than

other side is a desert.
Rate this: +5 -7
Rasika said: (Sat, Sep 18, 2010 02:39:27 PM)

In my point of view women will be good manager because

they know how to tackle difficult situation. Womens
motivate all the working people to work well in the
company. They concentrate on both family and organisation.
They speak friendly in nature.
Rate this: +1 -0
Sanjiv said: (Sat, Sep 18, 2010 06:50:29 PM)

Here we are talking about management, its not necessary

that most "women" are illiterate & they can not handle
others, but the thing is, "how calmly one handles big
challenges" a man is better to handle same thinking level
but a women can change or handle high thinking level too
with same energy wastage.
Rate this: +2 -0
Anjali said: (Sat, Sep 18, 2010 09:01:10 PM)

I completely agree with Sanjiv. Women can be a better

manager as they are always being treated to hold such kind
of typical situation from their childhood. So in such case
they are much polite and confident for tackling such kind of
Rate this: +2 -0
Surjit said: (Thu, Sep 23, 2010 11:25:56 AM)

As its a matter of discussion that "who is better than

whom;;in my opinion both men and woman are equally
right in their position because both have grown up in same
environmental and physical condition. So its not like that he
is better or she is better. According to condition and
problems it should b decided.
Rate this: +3 -0
Hari said: (Sat, Sep 25, 2010 09:32:14 PM)

Yes I agree with you women are good managers and they
have a lot of patience, thinking power she knows at what
situation will raise a problem for which situation the problem
can be solved than men, men will anxiety they don't have
thinking power compare to women.
Rate this: +2 -1
Vinayak Shet said: (Sun, Sep 26, 2010 04:38:20 PM)

Women's are not good manager. I agree that there would

be some great women managing organisation successfully.
According to me they are exceptions. But psychologically
women's are having less pension, they are getting angry
very fast, and there physical structure not supporting them
to work maximum time. Considering all the above point
women's are less successive manager compare to man.
Rate this: +2 -5
Sam said: (Tue, Sep 28, 2010 05:58:32 PM)

Let us not take this statement with a view of sexual

discrimination. Whether its men or women does not make
any difference. The main logic is that any one who
understands his/her profession and is performing
considerately well is a good manager. As such anyone who
is efficient enough to handle responsibilities in manner
required is a great manager and so women organising and
doing so is a good manager.
Rate this: +5 -0
Kalpana said: (Wed, Sep 29, 2010 01:13:00 PM)

Yes according to me woman is a good manager in work

place as well as at home. Today's scenario woman play
important role in our society. Woman joining hand with the
man. Nisha godrej and Roshni are the eg. Nisha Godrej, who
received her undergraduate degree from wharton and haa a
MBA form Harvard, started at the Godrej Group. She was
recently appointed president of Human Capital and
Innovation at the Godrej group. In this role, she will be in
charge of managing more than 20,000 employees.
Rate this: +3 -1
Manchu said: (Fri, Oct 1, 2010 07:20:47 AM)

Yes, of course women never fail in their work to be done. In

spite of their family it may happen but no men can compete
to any women.
Rate this: +0 -5
Swathi said: (Sat, Oct 2, 2010 10:24:17 AM)

Yes I agree with Kalpana here. We can even take the

example of Renu Challu managing director of SBH who is a
real dynamic lady and is able to manage a bank in a more
profitable way competing with its mother organisation SBI.
She really makes very dynamic decisions when ever needed
and has been successful all the time.
Rate this: +1 -0
Priti said: (Mon, Oct 4, 2010 11:59:13 PM)

According to me, being a good manager never depends on

gender. The managerial skills and scientific (technical)
education makes good managers.

But if I have to take a side, I will say that definitely women

can make brilliant managers, considering their some inborn
capacities. With the study of men's psychology with respect
to women's psychology, we can conclude that women are
more patient, polite and had the tact to hold the people in
positive manner. That makes them good manager as good
communication and holding people for achieving the goal is
basic need of manager.

Women knows better when to hold out the things and when
to recede, which leads to ultimate benefit of that group or
Rate this: +4 -2
Riya said: (Wed, Oct 20, 2010 10:23:15 PM)

Yes I agree with my dear friend Priti but sorry to disagree

with point that there are some inborn capacities in the
women to manage things well. This is because no one
comes to this earth learning everything. Anything anyone
learns is either from his/her environment or through
education. Such as if we say that a son of a politician will
always be a politician because politics is in his blood. But
that's not true, all he learns from his surrounding, his
environment because he is bought up in that environment.

So, it does not really depends upon the gender, who ever
has the capability to manage can be a good manager, may
be it a male or a female.
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Maya said: (Thu, Oct 21, 2010 12:39:07 PM)

According to me women is in par with men to take of all the

top notch positions. They have proven their capability in all
the fields, even government have come up with reservation
for women's. Its all a sign of progress of women fraternity.
We cannot generalise with one or few of examples, but yes
there are many women who have reached the apex of their
Rate this: +2 -1
Raja Sekhar said: (Thu, Oct 21, 2010 03:57:12 PM)

I cannot totally deny that men make better managers at the

same time women also are equally competent to be better
managers. Sometimes better than men at work place.
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Rashmi said: (Fri, Oct 22, 2010 12:54:36 AM)

Yes, of course I believe that women do prove out to be good

managers. They have the potential and skill and are not less
in any manner as compared to men. Rather, I would say
that women have more patience and are more mentally and
emotionally stronger than men due to which they can
handle adverse situations more wisely and patiently.

Though I also believe gender is not so much related with

managing but I also believe strongly that women do have
managerial skills. Women's success sign can be seen from
the fact that know government do believe in keeping
reservation for women.
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Santhosh said: (Mon, Nov 1, 2010 04:15:14 PM)
Both men and women equally excel. But "Behind every
successful men there is a women".

Woman can rule the world and can create rulers. She also
supports men as a mother, care taker, friend, wife and so
on. So what I conclude is women directly or indirectly make
better managers.
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Gayathri said: (Sat, Nov 6, 2010 08:14:26 PM)

Woman do make anything better at the critical condition.

They can manage and take decision clearly and maintain the
family as well as adjust any things occur in that life. So
woman is a good manager than man.
Rate this: +1 -1
Michael Gwedashe said: (Wed, Nov 10, 2010 07:32:28

Woman can be good managers because they are very caring

and good listeners.
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Nitin said: (Sun, Nov 14, 2010 11:09:33 PM)

I also agree with all but managership depend on skill, taking

decision at any sitaution. It not depend who take decision.
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Nidhi said: (Sun, Nov 21, 2010 10:31:22 PM)

Who can be a good manager is not at all depends on gender

or physical aspects its depend on individuals skills,
personality. But if I have to take aside then I will definitely
say that womens can be good manager because they are
very responsible and patience.
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Malai said: (Sat, Dec 4, 2010 08:21:51 PM)
Dear Friends, I think it's not only women or men who can be
a best or good Mgr, it's purely base on this skill he/she has.
In my opinion men can take all kind of challenges & jump
into any situations & resolve it very patiently.
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Hariharan said: (Sat, Dec 11, 2010 11:56:07 PM)

I basically feel women though are not physically strong their

mental capability and reacting to tough situations are far
good. When taking a decision they not only see the present
scenario but also make sure no problems arise in the future.
Moreover women are very sound in the technique of getting
the work done on time and they know how to get the work
done from different people which is more important and
necessary than hard work (smarter work).
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Bhavika said: (Wed, Dec 15, 2010 09:01:30 PM)

According to me women are good manager because the

quality required for a good manager ie decision making
power, communication, balancing the situation calmly, are
all in women.
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Bhakti said: (Sun, Jan 2, 2011 11:41:50 PM)

I feel both men and women are blessed with different

capabilities. If we both utilise our capabilities in the right
manner then we both can be good managers. Both should
work in harmony and appreciate good qualities of others. A
good manager should succeed with his team rather than
proving his superiority.
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Dipti Rathore said: (Wed, Feb 9, 2011 06:42:02 PM)
Undoubtedly YES!! Women are a good manager wheather it
is at Home management or professional front. It is
precedented since ages. Women has an innate quality of
taking a good decision at right time at right place. They
have a flair to manage any situation that come there way.
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Angita Singh said: (Fri, Feb 11, 2011 11:02:39 AM)

Well being a good manager does not depend on gender, its

the skill, knowledge and ability that defines a good manager
whether its a man or woman whoever possess it is a good
manger. Biological data speaks that woman are right brain
while man are left brain oriented as a result woman are
better at multitasking, interpersonal skills and
understanding the problems fast a while men are good at
problem solving and logical thinking. So both are good in
their own ways and society need both of them. Therefore
Indian economy became more strong when woman came
and joined the corporate and industrial world.
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We need more Entrepreneurs than Managers"

N.Khurana: I agree with the topic that we need more

Entrepreneurs than managers because focus from most if
the developed countries we soon transfer to countries like
India and china and moreover it is said India will be third
largest economy in the world by 2050 ,
This kind of growth can only be seen by India if we have
more no of Entrepreneurs.
But there are other factors to be taken into consideration
which make it compulsory and feasible to became an
Entrepreneurs like according to reports, Indian salaries will
rise much faster than the cost of living which would be
unattractive and people might start ,get into there own
venture ,this backed by government in the form of SEZ , tax
relief to increase investment and create more jobs for people
and increase the base

T.Chaturvedi: Entrepreneurs and managers are two sides of

a coin in the economy. The former establish businesses of
their own and then manage them while the latter are only
involved in managing. I think that entrepreneurs are very
much required in our economy today because Indians still
are extremely risk averse and this causes them to
undermine their potential for performance sometimes. On
the other hand the need for managers cannot be stressed
more because they are pivotal to the running of our booming
economy. An entrepreneur may not necessarily be self
sufficient and may need managers because he may not be
able to simultaneously look after all his concerns in his

Ritesh: Let us first start by defining who an entrepreneur is.

An entrepreneur is a person who takes risks, puts in effort &
perseveres to achieve the end result. At the end he may be
rewarded for his effort. He sets examples and shows other
people that a certain thing can be achieved by being an
example himself. A manager by virtue of his profession is
normally assigned a particular task & assigned some
resources. He has to complete the assignment with the
constraints imposed on him.
Khushi13: Entrepreneurs creates lot of employment in the
society. He is the one who undertakes the organization and
management of an enterprise involving independence and
risk as well as the opportunity for profit. In business there
are four main core competence roles that we see. These are
the Entrepreneur, Businessman, Investor and Manager.
Management" characterizes the process of leading and
directing all or part of an organization, often a business,
through the deployment and manipulation of resources.
An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages
any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable
initiative and risk. So I think we need more entrepreneurs
because if we don’t have entrepreneurs then we
automatically don’t have manager.

Antony Thomas: The topic is an interesting one and I do

agree with it. Entrepreneurs are the heroes in the whole
drama of economic development. Economic development
needs investment and capital accumulation and these can
be done by efficiently by entrepreneurs. Indian economy
needs to develop rapidly and there is no better way than
starting up new enterprises, businesses and industries.

Ritesh: Any person who takes initiatives & generates

innovative ideas can be termed as an entrepreneur. These
are the people who add value to the organization by making
significant contributions.

Aditya Ahuja: An entrepreneur is a person with ideas and

most of all implementation of these ideas

T.Chaturvedi: An entrepreneur is a face of capitalism as he

sets up his venture for profit. Profit can come only when he
manages his venture properly. I think these roles cannot be
dichotomized. This is because merely setting up a concern
will not set the cash registers ringing. At each stage, be it
financing the project or trying to set an identity or even
managing the logistics, all are a part of managing. To make
it, a second choice in preference sue to admiration of a
entrepreneurship is not always wise.

Rohit Gupta: Yes true said Tuhin, Managers and

Entrepreneur are two side of same coin. But one may be or
may be not related to each other

Ritesh: khushi13, I think you are mistaken by what an

entrepreneur means. It doesn’t only mean a person who
starts his own company, it refers to people who take
initiatives & take them to fulfillment
Ankit Gandhi: If you are taking country like India, yes we
need more entrepreneur to employ other people who are
anyways unemployed

T.Chaturvedi: On the contrary,Mr.Rohit, I think they have to

be related. An entrepreneur must be able to manage or else
he will be doomed.

Yogesh Srihari: I don’t think entrepreneurs have an edge

over the managers but managers are the one who manages
the productions of a particular but entrepreneurs create a
brand out of managed product. As somebody said they take
the risk of satisfying the consumer. Effective marketing &
sustainability not only requires good product but it also
needs good communication which should reach the

Ritesh: An entrepreneur should be a good manager to

manage his team & his resources. Managerial skills are
essential for an entrepreneur to succeed.

Rohit Gupta: A manager can be built with the degree only

when an Entrepreneur can be making by experience and he
can make as many managers under it which may again can
become an entrepreneur.

T.Chaturvedi: A person may start as an entrepreneur but

may develop into a manager. This is because once his
venture is setup, he need not have to struggle as he did but
just manage his business excellently.

Rajesh Patra: Well. Today in India the unemployment is

around 25%. Our new generation people after education
don’t feel comfortable to get back to farming. So they look
for job. And if they don’t get job, they ultimately get into
anti-social activities. As known "An empty mind is the house
of Devil". So we need to address this problem of
Khushi13: That’s what I am saying he is the one who takes
the initiative to start the business and creating employment.

Aditya Ahuja: It differs from person to person, some

entrepreneurs can be able managers. In India we can find
entrepreneurship at every corner even a roadside peddler is
an entrepreneur.

Jainisree: In a country like India, entrepreneurs are more

needed than managers. But an entrepreneur definitely
should be a good manager himself, to be successful

T.Chaturvedi: I think management is a concept which may

well outlast entrepreneurship principles in the long term.
Let's look at venture capital .An entrepreneur has to be
cogent to a VC and make him invest in his business. That’s
because it is still in a fledgling condition and has no
credibility. This can be done by anyone as long as his focus
is clear. But investment in established business usually
involves private equity which is a strategic move and
requires sound managerial concepts. Moreover as a business
grows up, it needs more of management skills. But the
entrepreneurial drive also sets in especially when a new
product may be formed due to innovation.

Ritesh: Entrepreneurs can also be said as true leaders. They

set examples to the rest and lead by example. We have
large number of examples in Dhirubhai Ambani,
Narayanamurthy, Kiran mazumdar etc.

N.Khurana: By saying it two side of the same coin is not

right, by this I get a feeling that these qualities is hold by the
same person and he can switch roles but as per my
interpretation a Entrepreneur is a person who is willing to
take risk and not only manage the resources he have , more
over being an entrepreneur is far more risky then being a
manger , moreover at the same time even if you are good
manager it is hard to deal with the ever changing

Rohit Gupta: Sorry to say you Rajesh: Unemployment in India

is around 4.5% according to Economic Survey of Dec 2006.
So please correct your information because as we know that
employment is not the main concern of our topic. So let back
to topic.

Antony Thomas: But we should keep in mind the fact that

not all people are talented enough to be entrepreneurs. It
takes certain innate skills to make a good entrepreneur. This
is evident from the fact that not many people who start their
own businesses end up making it successful.

N.Khurana: Just to add that one of the biggest cause of India

being a developing country despite having some of the best
talent and is far less when compared to country like china ,
is not the presence of write people in the political structure ,
if we have more Entrepreneurs they being built there wealth
might compete for the best post and get into the
government , which might effect the policies and lead to
growth and have respect politically

Ritesh: Group, let us discuss what is the difference between

a manager & an entrepreneur. The main difference between
a manager & an entrepreneur is the risk taking ability. An
entrepreneur takes risks to achieve objectives. This also
means that the rewards for success can be very high. An
entrepreneur can also be a manager but all managers are
not entrepreneurs.

Ankit Gandhi: Manager is the person who has certain

specialisation but entrepreneur job is to handle the whole job
with specialisation in every field.

Aditya Ahuja: An entrepreneur is the one with the idea and

the manager is the person who paves the way for this idea.
T.Chaturvedi: I think an entrepreneur has to manage as well
as take risks which may have more bearing on his venture
than a manager who may only affect a local area of an

Rohit Gupta: An entrepreneur makes as many Managers

he/she wants. A Manager can work under an Entrepreneur
with limited freedom to his/her job and he has not get full
right to do decision regarding the organization

Ankit Gandhi: If you see Dhirubhai Ambani he was the

entrepreneur who turned in to management with due
experience he got from entrepreneurship

N.Khurana: Just to begin with the distinction would be

Entrepreneur can be manager ,but not every manager can
be a Entrepreneur

Yogesh Srihari: Exactly as Ahuja said entrepreneur create

enterprises which should be managed by managers. Nothing
is a substitute for experience but our managers are trained
by these people having entrepreneur experience.

T.Chaturvedi: Just to add to Mr. Ritesh, the risks taken by a

manager may only affect his job if adversity strikes, whereas
an entrepreneur may end up losing his venture totally.

Antony Thomas: Excuse me, but exactly how is

distinguishing between a manager and an entrepreneur
really helping our topic? Let’s talk about why we need more
or less of why we need them and not their differences.

Aditya Ahuja: Infact every new proposal or venture needs

managerial assistance which can be provided by the
Ritesh: Companies need innovative ideas and solutions to
beat the competition. Hence there is a necessity in people
who think big & have a vision into the future. Mere
management skills won’t help as management normally
concentrates in managing the problem at hand rather than
generating innovative ideas.

Rohit Gupta: Can anyone give the answer why now days
people are more interested in Entrepreneurs and not
Managers? As we have seen recently that IIMA product
refuse to join to the company and want to make their own

T.Chaturvedi: I think entrepreneurs and managers could well

be interdependent in some cases. Entrepreneurial agents
may be the brain behind a move while the managers and
give shape to the strategy to it.

N.Khurana: Just to bring the focus back to the topic we are

not here to discuss which one is better but which one will
actually help in the development of the country like India,
which I feel an Entrepreneur would do a nice job because of
the ever changing environment and that is some thing India
would need to compete with rest of the world.

Khushi13: Ritesh, can you please clarify that do you agree

with the topic or disagree.

Aditya Ahuja: But Mr Rohit only those with a vision become

an entrepreneur not everybody becomes an entrepreneur.

T.Chaturvedi: I agree with Mr.Ahuja that IIM A grad may have

had a brilliant vision and also a plan to go about it.

Yogesh Srihari: Bill gates was a drop from school, Experience

of Entrepreneur can make a great manager.

Rohit Gupta: Yes, you are right Ahuja but an Entrepreneur

should be there to make any managers.
Jainisree: A good entrepreneur is the one who selects right
business opportunity and source business opportunities and
job opportunities to others. So entrepreneurship demands
more skills than the skills needed for a manager proper
planning about financial aspects, location, technical aspects
etc. Also about the market data and government policy, etc.

Ankit Gandhi: If you take Delhi in to account, for every

twelve household there is one entrepreneur ready to serve
the customer which clarifies the importance and the
popularity of entrepreneur.

Rohit Gupta: And this is why we need more entrepreneur

than mangers to create more and more jobs to boost our

Ritesh: Entrepreneurial spirit can be nurtured in the

employees & they can be given the freedom to try different
ideas . Someday such an idea can bring a lot of revenue to
the company. For example, Google India is dedicating 20%
of the employee's time for their pet projects where they can
innovate & become entrepreneurs. "Orkut" & "Google
finance" are some of the entrepreneurial ventures born out
of the Google labs.

N.Khurana: Moreover I also like to point that it is these

Entrepreneur who first built there wealth , contribute to the
society and then even can change the political structure of
the country which would effect the policies of a country to
compete in the future and moreover have respect for there

Khushi13: An Entrepreneurs involves a manger. He is the

one who creates a manager and if we have less no. of
Entrepreneurs and what will we do with managers so I agree
that we need more entrepreneurs then managers and this
will automatically create a manager.
Aditya Ahuja: An entrepreneur is always ready to take risks
and this gives him the edge over a manager.

Yogesh Srihari: But now a days manager are trained to

compete any kind of field either to create a company and
other is to work for a company as a manager.

Rohit Gupta: An entrepreneur can handle all the managers. A

manager is specialised in a particular field and this is the job
of an entrepreneur to assemble all the jobs to make the
objective of the organization to be fulfill.

Antony Thomas: An entrepreneur is one who starts a

business. This is a very good thing for the economy as it
provides employment, or education or health care facilities
and like India needs to increase its rate of economic growth
which is currently around 8%. For this we need more
industries, output, jobs, incomes better standards of living
etc all of which contribute to the development of the
economy as a whole. A manager is definitely indispensable.
A huge organization cannot be run by an individual alone. It
is here that managers come into play.

Ankit Gandhi: Management is a subset of entrepreneurship

get more exposure as an entrepreneur to face challenges
than management.

Ritesh: What is the percentage of MBA graduates from

premier B-schools who are trying to become entrepreneurs
after graduation in India ?

T.Chaturvedi: Let's look at it this way. An entrepreneur has a

general idea and a little domain specific area. He may not be
able to handle all specializations of his venture as he may
not be a specialist. For these internal specializations, he
needs managerial positions. And managers may not have a
general picture.
Rohit Gupta: A managers with the specialized in Marketing,
Finance, HR and many mores. But an entrepreneur makes all
the things on an equal platform to run an organization.

N.Khurana: I strongly disagree that the management of the

company can be trained to became an Entrepreneur but feel
that is something which within an individual and it just
require an Opportunity not just feedback.

Aditya Ahuja: Entrepreneurship is something that comes in

naturally and with experience. For example a person cannot
be trained to take risks. Thanks everyone, requests everyone

to give a concluding statement.

Rohit Gupta: We talked all the difference between an

Entrepreneur and Managers. We also found this that without
any one of the two it’s not possible to run any organization .
Whether it is entrepreneur or manager they must have
experience to handle the situation.

Ritesh: Managers manage a company , but entrepreneurs

add value by generating path breaking ideas & nurturing
them to become innovative products. An entrepreneur is
definitely a better value add to a company than a mere
manager. Having said, I also feel that a manager can also be
an entrepreneur & contribute to the growth of the company.

Aditya Ahuja: Entrepreneurship is the first step to build an

organization while managing it is the next.

Antony Thomas: Orion, the percentage is small because the

factors that guide us are not the development of our country
or patriotism but personal gain. Also, there is a huge factor
called risk involved in entrepreneurship. This is definitely a
drag on the would be entrepreneurial mind.
T.Chaturvedi: I think that both these positions are
interdependent. An entrepreneur cannot be multifaceted and
a master of all trades. He needs managers for those where
he cannot devote his time. A manager may not necessarily
be a visionary who gives ideas. But he may work brilliantly
when shown a path and deliver results. Together both can
work in a win win situation for the economy. This is what is a
optimum situation for the economy.

Jainisree: Entrepreneurs need innovative ideas, continuous

planning, one must ensure progress and get on with the
start up problems. It is risky but definitely fruitful when one
succeeds. In a country like India where population is vast
there is need for entrepreneurs as they create opportunities
for the unemployed and government is also encouraging
thru many development camps etc.

Yogesh Srihari: Entrepreneurs can be successful to certain

extent. we require highly trained managers compete in
this highly competitive worlds..

N.Khurana: my conclusion would be that yes more

Entrepreneur should be encouraged to take this job, in this
regard some kind of opportunity should be provided and let
them go after it, it is the risk taking feature which makes the
distinction from a manager, and I believe this people are the
only one which can achieve double digit GDP for India and
maintain 6 percent growth rate.

MBA in India is highly overrated.

substantial role to play in today's job industry as every industry seek
expertise in sales and marketing from their individuals. No matter
what is the nature of the industry, there have always been desperate
needs to sell their products. Every company believes that good
administrator will reap good results through his positive and realistic
thinking. MBA is one of the highly reputed degrees for business all
over the world. MBA has got everything one needs and would require
to deal with the business issues. That is the reason that it is one of
the most reputed and highly pursued courses in India as well as all
over the world.

If MBA in India is overrated, there is a solid reason behind it. Our

Business schools are among the best in the world. The IIMs are the
most sought after B schools in the world level. Also as these days IIM
students are highest paid amongst others, it has to be overrated.

Yes it’s true that MBA in India is highly overrated this may be due to
the high salary packages given to the individuals after completing
MBA. These days everyone wants to do MBA and the main reason
for this is that the scope of growth in this field is much more when
compared to any other field. Also its open for any graduate from any
field for e.g. the scope for a simple arts graduate is nowhere but
when the same graduate completes his MBA from any top b school of
India his importance is much more increased. Not only graduates but
also software engineers are moving towards MBA because of
promising growth as well as high salary packages.

In INDIA, the concept of M.B.A is mushrooming with great altitude

and there are many institutes and universities coming up with their
agenda. If it is accomplished with merit then it’s a boon or it’s just a
formality that will surely ends up much ahead from our mediocre

Rise in MBA Salaries is Not Sustainable in the Long


Saparna said: (Thu, Jun 17, 2010 12:22:07 AM)

yup!!m sure dat salaries might not b same n longrun :( coz

of carelessness of enterprener dat company might suddenly
come under danger n salaries fa every1 might get low ....if
dat companies donar has d capability of surviving den he
might take out his danger position n can come up wid d
company :) sometimes oua outcome might go n well
preceeding way so dat can get oua salary high but t is not
sustainable coz v con say dat all companies go oly n
upgoing manner ,may suddeny have some chance 2 godown
so dat oua pay 2l get5 down ...
Rate this: +4 -19

Keerti said: (Wed, Sep 22, 2010 12:51:00 AM)

Well it depends, if the company is doing good business and
generating revenues then yes the rise is sustainable for the
long run. If for some reasons like recession it may not b
sustainable but for some exceptions. The recession that hit
India and other countries is a good example. There were
many sectors which were not effected fully by the recession.
Rate this: +17 -3

Sarthak said: (Wed, Sep 29, 2010 08:15:53 PM)

I think there are various extraneous factors which contribute to

the decision of sustainability of the MBA income in the long run.
The argument can not be generalized. If the macro factors are
favourable then the salary will hike and if there are turbulent
times then it may as well succumb.
Rate this: +3 -1

Sohini said: (Fri, Oct 1, 2010 01:15:07 AM)

Well I do agree that rise in MBA salaries is not sustainable.
This is because the business and economic cycle doesn't
permit to be so. This can be well explained by taking an
example. When the economy is booming and Business cycle
is in its peak, the salary Will go up but when there s a
downturn, the salaries are slashed. Hence as mentioned by
Sarthak the macro factors does allow the salaries to be
sustainable in the long run.
Rate this: +5 -1

Ankit said: (Thu, Oct 7, 2010 10:49:03 PM)

According to me salary of any personnel is just a compensation for the work done by the
personnel. Also the salary of the MBA personnel is fully dependent upon the market and
no buddy know about market.
Rate this: +7 -2
Poojitha said: (Fri, Oct 8, 2010 09:43:03 AM)

I think it also depends on the individual capability. The more

you struggle the more you may be paid and indirectly it
sustains for the long run.
Rate this: +4 -1

Paras said: (Wed, Nov 3, 2010 11:18:34 AM)

Hi friends,.

According to me, the salary of higher level managers could

be given in form of shares of company so that if value of
shares rises, their salary rises and if it depreciates then the
salary depreciates. This would end up the issue of salary
rise of managers and also if higher level managers work
hard for company to bring it up, they are suitably rewarded
by hike in shares and vice-versa.
Rate this: +2 -2

Manas said: (Wed, Nov 10, 2010 01:13:05 PM)

If the share value goes to Zero then what will be the salary
of a Manager. All levels of manager put their best efforts for
the company. Hence their salary must be in the right
proportion of the profit gained by the company.
Rate this: +2 -1
Debo said: (Thu, Nov 11, 2010 09:53:54 PM)

Sustainable of salary is not only depend on the future of

companies it also depended on individual also.
Rate this: +0 -0

Pradeep said: (Fri, Nov 12, 2010 11:56:51 PM)

Salary of a manager should be fixed but in case of any trouble it

should be decreased or increased. Apart from that if a manager
is performing very well, he should be encouraged by giving
some perks.
Rate this: +1 -0

Nobody can't predict about the sustainability of salary of a
manager. But its true that various factor like recession,
companies financial position has a great influence over
salary. Other than this we can't ignore the performance is
another key factor, which has direct influence on salary. So
if an manager is performing well then definitely he will get a
sustainably higher salary.

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Upma said: (Mon, Nov 29, 2010 07:37:44 PM)

I fully agree with Ankit, since one thing remains constant in

the market is the change, so it depends upon the market
situations to rise or not.
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Ron.S said: (Wed, Dec 8, 2010 10:49:46 PM)

Its not just about MBA Salaries but everything in the todays
market is not sustainable in the long run. Moreover in the
past 4-5 years in India there has been a Massive growth
towards the Interest of Students towards Management
Studies and MNC's selecting the Cream is on of the main
reason's of MBA Salaries going all the way up but if this
continuous for the next 5 years there will definite stop in the
rise because guyz if we will have 1 lakh of doc's and
advocates and 10 lakh of MBA's there would be a big % of
people willing to work on Low Salaries as Managers.
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Pradeep Kumar said: (Fri, Dec 10, 2010 12:56:36 PM)

Holding and MBA degree does not guarantee of a good salary

package. Now a days all industries are looking the person who
can actually earn business for them. They are not looking MBAs
only. If a person who does not have these degrees but has skills
can get more salary than an MBA. I have seen MBA degree
holder earn less than a regular graduate in industry.
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Amarnath said: (Thu, Dec 16, 2010 07:58:46 PM)

I agree with Pradeep that holding a MBA does not

guarantee of good salary it also all depend on particular
person performance. If person able to give it profit salary
automatically high.
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Manish Swaroop said: (Mon, Dec 20, 2010 01:44:11 PM)

All I know that- it completely depends on how well company
is doing the business because if company is making more
profits,there is the contribution of managers so they can be
paid more based on their contributions.therefore it's not
related to the either long run or short run.
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Anubhav Sharma said: (Tue, Feb 8, 2011 12:23:27 PM)

Yess I am fully agreed with my fellow speakers. Although

MBA is quite popular today yet It dosent give you the
gaurentee for high pakages. Its you who make the better
use of your degree with your personal abilities and skills.
Other than no salary is going for a long run in any field. If
you are doing good and your company is earning benefit
from you. You can enjoy pretty handsome salary. On the
other hand if your campany's finacial position is not well and
simuntaneously reccesion is hitting at that time. Then, you
should not expect good salary from your employers inspite
being an MBA or else.
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It is all about the influense of internal and external factor, every

thing in this world has possitive and negative approach. It
depends upon the situation the person face in the corporate
world. The managers can get benefints in long run. No
individual in the organisation work for the loss of the company,
so ultimately they prove themselves good in the competitive
corporate world, passing out of MBA degree only will not fetch
the salary. Its time explore himself what he/she learn from that
period of time.
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Rush for MBA is really for a big money?

The MBA is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. It is

a degree designed to give you the ability to develop your
career to its fullest potential, at an accelerated pace. What
will you get out of an MBA? Aside from a powerful life
experience, the MBA degree should supply three main value
propositions: Skills, Networks, and Brand.


These include the "hard skills" of economics, finance,

marketing, operations, management, and accounting, as
well as the "soft skills " of leadership, teamwork, ethics, and
communication that are so critical for effective management.
MBA students acquire these skills inside and outside the
classroom. Since MBA programs attract people from very
diverse industries and cultures, a program should be able to
leverage these differences and translate them into learning

An MBA degree program offers access to a network of MBA
students, alumni, faculty, and business and community
leaders. This network can be very useful when beginning a
job search, developing a career path, building business
relationships in your current career, or pursuing expertise
outside your current field. For example, entrepreneurs need
access to capital, business partners, vendors, and clients.
Arts-related businesses need access to funding and strategic
management in order to position themselves to be relevant
in the marketplace. Global businesses need access to local
business cultures as they expand their enterprises to new


The MBA degree is a recognized brand that signifies

management and leadership training. The particular school
and type of MBA program you attend also have brand
associations that can help open doors based on the school's
reputation. The strength of a school's brand is based on the
program's history, its ability to provide students with
technical skills and opportunities for personal growth, and
the reach of its alumni and industry network. A powerful
brand can give you the flexibility to make changes
throughout your career.
While the MBA could mean better positioning and
marketability in a competitive environment, and better
money, money itself should not be the primary goal. It is the
opportunity to work out of passion, out of a love for what
you do and the benefit it brings others as well as yourself.

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