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school camp

ATKYE School Camp is an educational and recreational

camp that focuses on teaching students how to make
good decisions about their personal and professional
relationships, health, and career choices.

During their time in school, students are taught content

in many subjects, such as language, math, and the social
and physical sciences. Less time is dedicated to teaching
students how to critically examine their everyday lives.
ATKYE School Camp fills this gap. The camp’s program
focuses on helping students learn to make better
decisions by providing them with the tools to evaluate
their options with respect to their values, attitudes,
emotions, and beliefs.

The camp brings together both Kenyan and international students in an interactive and engaging
environment. Students will leave camp with new international friends, more confidence in themselves
and their potential, and a foundation for making good decisions.
The staff is composed of university professors, graduate students, and recent graduates. The
collective academic and international experiences of the staff provide each camper with the
opportunity to learn about different cultures and different universities.

p D ir e c t or
Dr. David Brinberg is a professor of marketing and psychology at Virginia Tech (USA)
and is on the Faculty of Economics at the University of Lugano (Switzerland). Dr.
Brinberg brings 30 years of teaching and research experience to the ATKYE School
Camp. He has published 5 books and over 50 journal articles. Dr Brinberg has focused
his career on developing and implementing programs to improve decision making.

assistant Director
Julien Stauffer is a research associate in the Faculty of Economics at the University of
Lugano. Julien holds a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and a master’s
degree in public communication from the University of Lugano. Over the past 5 years,
Julien has been involved in social development and education projects in Africa and
has experience in project management, social change intervention, and education.

camp instructors
The three camp instructors are completing their PhDs in
marketing. All three have substantial teaching experience
and consistently receive excellent evaluations from their
students. They have taught college students at Virginia
Tech, the University of Lugano, and the Universidad del
Pacifico (Peru) and high schools in Port Elizabeth, South
Africa. The three instructors have worked on international
development projects in Mozambique, South Africa, Peru,
and Columbia. The instructors are supported by recent
university graduates who have been involved in social de-
The staff at the AT
KYE camp are profe
velopment and education projects.
graduates from lea ssors and
ding universities in
States and Switzerl the United
camp overview
ATKYE School Camp is designed to be:
• Involving • Interesting • Interactive

Decision-making is examined in four important areas of the students’ lives: personal and professional
relationships, health, and career choice. The camp instructors use three approaches to engage students in the
process of learning to make good decisions:

• Theatre • Peer-Led Discussion • Social Media

The combination of these three approaches motivates students to be active learners. The examination of four
relevant areas of decision-making reinforces the skills learned about making good decisions.

The camp will be divided into three groups of 10 – 12 students each. Each group will have one instructor
and 1- 2 university students as assistants.

camp schedule
A Typical Day:
Each day focuses on one topic:
7:00 Wake up
Monday Personal relationships 7:30 Breakfast
Tuesday Health 8:15 First activity
Wednesday Professional Relationships 9:30 Second activity
Thursday Career Choice 11:00 Third activity
Friday Review 12:30 Lunch
1:30 Special Session
3:00 Recreation
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Evening Activity
9:00 Relax

Special Session: This session includes the option to learn from a

professional in sports, an artist with skills in graphic design, a
professional actor who provides instruction on acting and public
presentations, or a social entrepreneur who will provide guidance on
how to start your own business.

Camp Evenings: The staff summarizes the lessons from the day and encourage
students to share their thoughts. The evening activity allows students to interact
with their instructors and fellow campers in an informal way.
Students need a balance of educational and recreational activities. ATKYE School Camp in-
cludes a different recreational activity each afternoon. Current plans include:
• A trip to Watamu beach, with instruction in snorkeling, beach games, swimming, and surfing
• A treasure hunt
• A social event with international food, music and dancing
• A visit to the Kipepeo Project, a community-based enterprise and marketplace for butterfly
and moth pupae from the Arabuko Sokoke forest

In addition to the above activities, campers are offered the opportunity to engage in traditional
physical activities including:
• Volleyball
• Basketball
• Football
• Pilates
• Aerobics


camp activities
In the camp’s theatre session, campers create and perform a short play that focuses on a decision
students might make concerning the topic of the day (e.g., personal relationships). By creating
and acting in the play, students get the opportunity to consider a decision they might make in
their lives and explore how the quality of that decision could affect them. Acting also helps build
confidence and self-esteem.

The theatre activities have four components:

• Students receive instruction about how to develop and act in a play.
• Students develop the storyline, dialogue, and characters for the play with the guidance of in-
• Students have the opportunity to rehearse and perform their play.
• Students discuss the plays and critique the characters’ decisions.
Virtual communities and social networking services have grown rapidly in the past ten years.
Social media are now widespread and a favorite means of communication among the youth of
today. In the process of decision-making, becoming comfortable communicating choices is of
key importance. By communicating online, students can “pilot” their emerging
decision-making skills in a socially safe setting before attempting to integrate them into their
real life.

The camp’s social media activities:

• Present students with scenarios about decisions related to the topic of the day (e.g., health).
• Provide students with an opportunity to practice their decision making skills and learn from
exchanges between other students, instructors, and international university students.
• Provide guidance and feedback on the decision-making process.

social media

camp activities
peer-led discussions
In the camp’s peer-led discussion session, students discuss decisions they have made about the
topic of the day (e.g., personal relationships) and the process they used to make those
decisions. By reflecting on the decisions of themselves and their fellow campers, students come
to better understand the components of the decision-making process.

During peer-led discussions:

• Students describe situations in which they made both good and bad decisions about the topic
of the day.
• Students discuss what factors they believe contribute to a good or bad decision.
• Instructors provide guidance and facilitate discussion.
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registration information
The camp will provide a separate registration form to be filled
in and returned to the Bambakofi Academy.

camp size
The size of each camp session is limited to approximately 30 students to provide a per-
sonal and tailored experience for each student. The camper to staff ratio is 3-1.

The cost for the week-long camp is KSHS 8,500. Transportation to the camp is not
included. Group rates are available.
The camp is vigilant and committed to the safety of the students. Two security
guards are on the property at all times, and a nurse is available 24/7.

available dates
- 31 (July)-5 August
- 7-12 August
- 14-19 August
- 21-26 August
Accommodations and Meals
ATKYE School Camp is held at the Bambakofi Academy in Gede, Malindi. The camp
is near the beautiful beaches of the Coast Province. The facilities offer a safe, relaxing
environment to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Three meals a day are provided to
the students. We will try to accommodate any special dietary needs.

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