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World Current Affairs January, 2011 : Short Points

• Dilma Rousseff sworn in as Brazil’s first woman President.

• Pak government reduced to minority as MQM pulled out.
• US President Obama signed 9/11 health aid bill.
• Iran offered nuclear sites visit.
• China rolled out its first stealth fighter aircraft.
• Southern Sudan decided to vote on separation from biggest Africa nation.
• Pak’s MQM decided to return to ruling coalition without joining the cabinet.
• Seoul banned Germen pork import.
• Spain rejected ETA’S permanent ceasefire.
• China tested first stealth jet.
• Lebanon’s unity government collapsed.
• Nepal set up panel to amend PM poll rules.
• Russian Duma cleared US N-arms pact terms.
• UN ended Nepal Peace mission.
• Nepal parties agreed on national flag.
• 68th annual Golden Globe awards presented.
• China US signed deals worth $45bn.
• South agreed to low-level talks with North Korea.
• Talks related to nuclear programmes started between Iran and the World Powers
in Islambul.
• Maoists gave up control of Nepal ex-guerillas.
• 5.1 magnitude quakes struck off Japan’s Bonin Island.
• Najib Mikati nominated as Lebanon PM.
• Afghan Prez Hamid Karzai opened new parliament.
• Yemenis called on Prez Saleh to quit.
• Russian Prez Medvedev signed the ratification of New START N-treaty with the
• North proposed parliamentary’ talks with South Korea.
International Current Affairs January, 2011 : Descriptive Points
• Full preliminary results from a number of the South Sudan’s 10 states showed
landslides secession as high as 99% from mainland sudan. The week-long
referendum was conducted in January 2011 to determine whether the
impoverished war-ravaged region (South Sudan) is to be recognised as World’s
newest state in July 2011.
• In the single largest aircraft deal in the global aviation history, no-frill carrier
lndiGo will acquire 180 A-32 aircraft worth an estimated $ 15.6 billion from the
European manufacturer Airbus.
• China on January 11, 2011 conducted its first test-flight of a stealth fighter jet the
Chengdu J-20 which could most technically advanced warplane and thus
narrowed China’s rival the US F-22 Raptor-one of the world’s military gap with
United States.
• The 23 year old dictatorship of the former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
collapsed on January 14, 2011 after Parliament of Tunisia was dissolved and the
government was dismissed. The president Zine El Abidine was removed from his
position. Mr. Ben Ali has been in power for 23 years.
• The Social Network which is a film about Harvard-graduate Mark Zuckerbezg’s
ultra popular Facebook website swept up four awards at the Golden Globe
Awards 2011 including awards for Best Motion Picture Drama Best Director
(Motion Picture), Best Screenplay (Motion Picture) and Best original score
(Motion Picture) in January 2011.
• Argentina’s Lionel Messi has been declared World Football Federation’s Best
Male Football Player for 2010 while Brazil’s Marta has been declared World
Football Federation. Best female Football Player for 2010.
• The first DSC Prize for South Asian Literature has gone to H. N. Naqvi’s Home
Boy-a novel which captures complex loyalties of generation that belongs to
everywhere and nowhere. The award carries 50,000 US dollars as prize money.
• Serbia’s Novak Djokovic beat Britain’s Andy Murray to clinch Australian Open
2011 Men’s single title on January 30, 2011 in Melbourne.
• Belgium’s Kim Clijisters beat Li Na of China to clinch the Australian Open
(Women’s single) Tennis Championship title on January 29, 2011 in Melbourne.
It was her first Australian Open title.
• Japan beat Australia 1-0 to clinch the Asia Cup of Football in the final match held
in Doha in last week of January 2011. With this victory Japan became the most
successful team in the history of the competition.