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Portfolio Rubric:

Constructing Meaning Unit

4 3 2 1
Preposition Meets all Meets all Meets all Fails to meet
Poem requirements and requirements and requirements; all
clearly demonstrates does not have requirements
demonstrates coordination a controlling
Level 1
advanced between lines; idea or sense
coordination maintains a main, of voice
between lines; controlling idea
maintains an throughout; a
insightful, main, sense of poetic
controlling idea voice
genuine sense of
poetic voice
Pieces of a Meets all Meets all Meets all Fails to meet
Poem requirements; requirements; requirements; all
constructs constructs constructs requirements
advanced adequate inadequate
Level 3 coordination of coordination of coordination
clauses and ideas clauses and ideas of ideas with
that clearly that enhances no sense of
enhances meaning; meaning; a sense voice
genuine sense of of poetic voice
poetic voice
Hint Fiction Meets all Meets all Meets all Fails to meet
requirements; story requirements; requirements; all
Level 2 shows advanced story shows shows some requirements
understanding of adequate understanding
the genre; understanding of of the genre;
coordination of the genre; coordination
clauses clearly and coordination of of clauses
effectively impacts clauses impacts does not
meaning; genuine meaning; a sense impact
sense of poetic of poetic voice meaning; no
voice sense of voice
Blitscussion Meets all Meets all Meets all Fails to meet
Revision requirements; requirements; requirements; all
revision of sentence revision of revision of requirements
structure and types sentence sentence
Level 3
greatly impacts structure and structure and
meaning, pacing, types impacts types does not
tone and/or voice meaning, pacing, impact
when compared to tone and/or voice meaning,
original post; when compared to pacing, tone
evidence of clear, original post; and/or voice
unique voice evidence of when
throughout personal voice compared to
throughout original post;
no sense of
personal voice
Tone Meets all Meets all Meets all Fails to meet
Analysis requirements; requirements; requirements; all
insightful analysis analysis and analysis and requirements
and interpretation interpretation of interpretation
Level 3 of author’s tone is author’s tone is of author’s
communicated with communicated tone is
a unique style and clearly communicated
voice unclearly
Extended Meets all Meets all Meets all Fails to meet
Metaphor requirements; requirements; requirements; all
metaphor is clearly metaphor is clearly metaphor is requirements
maintained and maintained and somewhat
Level 2 organized in an organized; a sense maintained
insightful and of poetic voice and somewhat
thoughtful way; organized; no
genuine sense of sense of
poetic voice poetic voice