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In our endeavor to build and sustain the competencies of our employees for continuous
growth and development, we want to create a ³Learning Culture´ in our organisation.
The objective is to improve performance of our employees through:

a Updating knowledge & skills

a Enabling transfer of new learning to the work environment
a This ensures that the manager not only demonstrates excellence in his or her
defined role but is able to take on bigger responsibilities and deliver higher levels
of performance.
a All our learning programs are aligned with the 14 core competencies identified for
success and effectiveness in the organisation at various managerial levels. All
modules are based on the experiential learning approach

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APEX aims at inculcating grooming skills and developing the right attitudes among
our Front Line Managers, enabling them to enhance their professional and personal
performance. APEX is a reflective and interactive module and aims to remove
various barriers to growth and professional effectiveness.

a To enhance self-awareness and learn how to use this awareness for

personal and professional development
a To encourage teamwork
a To develop communication skills
a To align individual and organisati onal objectives

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The organisation¶s middle level managers have achieved high levels of proficiency in
technical and functional skills. To enable them to handle larger roles they need to be
formally introduced to the next level of managerial competencies. BTL is designed to
help middle level managers understand and achieve the required managerial
competencies, through continuous learning and practice.

a To develop leadership skills

a To foster teamwork
a To enhance self-development
a To align individual goals towards organisational objectives
a To enhance understanding of core functions and the curriculum

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To develop the potential competencies of future leaders, we have designed an LDP
program in partnership with IIM±A. The program combines skill building with the
exploration of good management practices, as well as exposure to critical new
perspectives and approaches in general management and leadership development.

a. To understand general managerial concepts and frameworks in the context of

blending the best from both Ambuja Cements and Holcim
b. To develop strategic orientation and ability to integrate long term and short
term perspectives
c. Become customer focused; create and deliver customer value
d. To manage operations strategically
e. To understand financial metrics and the impact of operating decisions on
financial performance
f. To learn how to lead team members to hi gh performance and lead by example
g. To manage change and transformation in the organisation

 + !The major focus of the program is on knowledge and skills in order to

increase operational performance and managerial effectiveness - both within and
across functions. The program focuses less on "what" to achieve and more on "how"
to achieve performance targets.


The changing market dynamics requires new HR approaches and strategies.
Assimilation as part of a global company, also poses new challenges for the

In a rapidly changing business scenario, business leaders provide direction and

resources, while Human Resources ensure an enabling organisational culture. To this
end, Ambuja Human Resources has undertaken a series of initiatives as part of the HR
Transformation Programme.

This HR Transformation programme will focus on the following systems and other
interventions in order to bring about a healthy cultural change across the organisation: -

a Employee Engagement Survey

a GET Program and Employee Value Proposition
a KRAs for all executives
a Job Evaluation ± Hay MSL
a Succession Planning and Talent Bank
a Management Development programs across all levels
a Knowledge Portal
a Development Centre
a Performance management and Dialogue
a Innovations program
a Reward and Recognition program

Ambuja Cements is a company of people. The environment brings out the best in
people, helps them fulfil their true potential. The strength of the company lies in its
µpeople power¶. The technology is cutting -edge, the facilities world class, but it¶s people
who make the difference. Respect for the individual at every level is strong and evident
in every Ambuja Cements plant or office. This is a company that truly believes that its
people are its most important asset.

HR Initiatives

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A µstretch assignment¶ requires an employee to go beyond the job description. It
challenges people to µstretch¶, learn new skills, surprising everyone, specially

As the saying goes,

"Ah, but a man¶s reach should exceed his grasp. Or, what¶s heaven for?"

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First, people who are ready to step out of their comfort zones and are enthused about
challenging themselves, are short listed.
One by one, each person is given the opportunity to grow and fulfil his or her true
The persons concerned interact with a panel of experts who assess their
backgrounds, capabilities and potential.
The most important consideration is whether the person is willing to stretch, do
whatever it takes, put it all on the line, to reach the next level« and the next.
Three important ingredients go into the µchange factor¶ for every individual:
1.Top management support
2.Self-drive and motivation
3.The Holcim factor: Holcim acts as a catalyst. It allows group companies to develop
their own formula« and often the formative mettle in the test-tube does turn to gold.

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This is a modern management tool to monitor the performance of employees at all
levels within the organisation. When the concept was explained it was
enthusiastically received. It serves literally as a measure of how each one scores on
crucial parameters.

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Under this programme middle to senior level employees are given two weeks of
intensive training focusing on their µstretch objectives¶. Each batch consists of 30
people. The programme has been designed in consultation with IIM Ahmedabad and
is followed by a 360-degree evaluation of each participant.

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is a vital tool
with a two fold objective: -

a To assess employee performance and motivate growth

a To act as a base for rewarding performance
a The appraisal cycle is as per the calendar year i.e. January to December.
a Employees confirmed on or before 31st December of the ongoing appraisal year
are eligible for appraisals in that particul ar year.
a The activity begins with the Performance Appraisal forms being rolled out by
Corporate HR to all locations and offices.
a Employees and their respective superiors complete the appraisal forms which are
reviewed by the concerned functional / unit hea ds.
a The Executive Committee reviews all the appraisals and finalizes increments
based on corporate and individual performance. Annual increments are awarded
and implemented on the 1st of January every year.