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Mr. Rathert Principal
Mrs. Rosenthal Assistant Principal/House 1 Leader
Mrs. Manning Assistant Principal/House 3 Leader
Mr. Harvey Dean of Students, House 2
Mrs. Brase Assistant Principal/House 4 Leader and Athletic Administration


Parents and students will find information about activities in the newsletter, “The Falcon Flyer” and on the HS website.
Some of the important dates to remember during the 2008-2009 school year are listed below:

Important Dates to Remember:

CFHS Check-in Dates August 6 - 12
Freshmen Orientation August 12
First Day of Classes August 14
Back-to-School Night August 27
Labor Day Holiday September 1
Homecoming September 19
Picture Retakes September 22
Parent/Teacher Conferences October 14, 15
Student/Staff Holiday October 16, 17
Thanksgiving Break November 26, 27, 28
Final Exams December 15 - 19
Winter Break December 22 - 31
Winter Break January 1, 2
Second Semester Begins January 5
Winter Formal January TBD
Civil Rights Holiday January 19
Rodeo Break February 26, 27
Spring Break March 23 - 27
Parent/Teacher Conferences April 8, 10
Prom April 18
Final Exams May 22 - 28
Last Day of Classes May 28
Graduation May 28

AIMS and Terra Nova Testing Calendar AIMS:

Oct 28-30 AIMS Retests
Feb 24 Writing (make up Mar 3)
Feb 25 Reading (make up Mar 4)
April 1 Math (make up Apr 7)
April 2 Science (make up Apr 8)
Mar 31 - Apr 3 Terra Nova – Gr 9

2008 -’09 CFHS Bell Schedule (7.31.08)

Seven Classes in a Six Period Bell Schedule - Two Lunches - Late Start Wednesday - Early Release Friday

Monday - Thursday Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday*

P1: 8:30 - 9:30 Class 1 Class 1 Late Start Class 2 Class 1*
P2: 9:35 - 10:35 Class 2 Class 2 Class 1 Class 3 Class 2*
P3: 10:40 - 11:40 Class 3 Class 4 Class 3 Class 4 Class 3*
Lunch A: 11:40 - 12:05 Lunch A Lunch A Lunch A Lunch A Lunch A*
P4: 12:10 - 1:10 Class 5 Class 5 Class 4 Class 5 Class 4*
P4: 11:45 - 12:45 Class 5 Class 5 Class 4 Class 5 Class 4*
Lunch B: 12:45 - 1:10 Lunch B Lunch B Lunch B Lunch B Lunch B*
P5: 1:15 - 2:15 Class 6 Class 6 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7*
P6: 2:20 - 3:20 Class 7 Class 7 Class 6 Class 7 Release
Each Day’s Missing Class(es) (Class 4) (Class 3) (Class 2/7) (Class 1) (Class 5/6)

* Friday Times Lunch Assignments (as of 7/31/08 ~ Subject to change)

* P1: 8:30 - 9:25 Lunch A: ✧ Bauman ✧ Beal ✧ Bomeisl ✧ Cannon ✧ Casper ✧ Clarke ✧ Day ✧ Draper
✧ Engelmann ✧ Ferrante ✧ Filler ✧ Garard ✧ Glashow-Mandel ✧ Green ✧ Guido
* P2: 9:30 - 10:25 ✧ Haeger ✧ Johnson P ✧ Landau ✧ Lawson ✧ Leinbach ✧ Mackie ✧ Maleski
✧ Miller L ✧ Miller P ✧ Mollenkamp ✧ Monroe ✧ Moore ✧ Moreno ✧ O’Connor
* P3: 10:30 - 11:30 ✧ Ponce ✧ Prather ✧ Ranucci ✧ Robinson J ✧ Robinson S ✧ Rosini ✧ Rubin-Toles
Lunch A: 11:30 - 11:55 ✧ Sampson ✧ Sargus ✧ Scherf ✧ Siemons ✧ Staton ✧ Sudak ✧ Teegarden
✧ Thompson H ✧ Thompson R ✧ Tyro ✧ Vakarelov
* P4: 12:00 - 1:00
* P4: 11:35 - 12:35 Lunch B: ✧ Adelia ✧ Bacalia ✧ Bishop ✧ Brunenkant ✧ Carney ✧ Carstens ✧ Caruso
✧ Castro ✧ Dennis ✧ Earl ✧ Erbe ✧ Everist ✧ Fava ✧ Garon ✧ Gordon ✧ Grimble
Lunch B: 12:35 - 1:00 ✧ Hatfield ✧ Humphreys ✧ Jackson ✧ Johnson M ✧ Kolbert ✧ Krackow ✧ Kral
* P5 (7): 1:05 - 2:05 ✧ Lambert ✧ Langmaid ✧ Lopez ✧ Manning ✧ McCully ✧ McMannus ✧ Menke
✧ Mock ✧ Moody ✧ Netzel ✧ Robertson ✧ Shane-Boyd ✧ Snyder ✧ Testa ✧ Trull
✧ Uribarri ✧ Vollrath ✧ Waletitsch ✧ Walker ✧ Walters ✧ Walton
* Home Base Schedule
Aug 19, Sept 19, Nov 3 Important Dates
Jan 23, Feb 6, Mar 31, Apr 17 Fall Semester (starts Aug 14) Spring Semester
* P1: 8:30 - 9:23 Aug 27 Back-to-School Night 6:00 p.m. Jan 5 Second Semester Begins
* P2: 9:28 - 10:21 Sept 1 Labor Day Holiday Jan 7 Junior/Senior Alumni Day 8:30 a.m.
Sept 17 Senior Class Meeting 9:00 a.m. TBA Winter Formal
* HB: 10:21 - 11:03 Sept 19 Homecoming Jan 19 Civil Rights Holiday
* P3: 11:08 - 12:01 Sept 22 Picture Re-takes Feb 26-27 Rodeo Break
Lunch A: 12:01-12:26 Oct 14-15 Parent/Teacher Conferences* Mar 23-27 Spring Break
Oct 16-17 Student Holiday Apr 8, 10 Parent/Teacher Conferences*
* P4: 12:31 - 1:24
Oct 18 PSAT (Juniors encouraged, Gr 10, 9 welcome) Apr 18 Prom
* P4: 12:06 - 12:59 Nov 11 Veteran’s Day Holiday May 18-27 Final Exams
Lunch B: 12:59-1:24 Nov 26-28 Thanksgiving Break May 25 Memorial Day Holiday
* P5: 1:29 - 2:22 Dec 15-19 Final Exams May 28 Graduation, Last day of classes
End of Grading Periods: October 10, December 19, March 13, May 25
* P6: 2:27 - 3:20
Report Cards: October 12, January 9, March 5, June 5

School Testing Dates The 2008-’09 bell schedule is a six period day with seven classes rotating through the week. All
AIMS: classes meet four days per week. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday have six classes; Wednesday is
a late start with five classes; and Friday is an early release with five classes. Periods are 60
Oct 28-30 AIMS Retests
minutes long Monday through Thursday and 55 minutes long on Friday. Classes are abbreviated
Feb 24 Writing (make up Mar 3)
by 5 minutes on occasional Home Base days. All students in grades 9-11 must take a minimum of
Feb 25 Reading (make up Mar 4)
six classes and seniors must be enrolled in at least five. To meet the four-hour per day minimum
April 1 Math (make up Apr 7)
requirement, all seniors enrolled in five classes will be scheduled in classes 1-4 and either 5 or 6.
April 2 Science (make up Apr 8)

Terra Nova (9th Gr);

March 31 - April 3 Access a complete school calendar at
Achieve with Honor
To support a community of honor and integrity at CFHS,
I pledge to always demonstrate academic honesty and respect for self and others.
At CFHS, we strive to create an environment wherein we all act honestly and with good will.
We believe it is the right, privilege, and responsibility of each individual
(students, teachers, staff, and parents)
to contribute to and work in an environment of trust.

Honor Code Considerations

Academic Dishonesty / Cheating includes but is not limited to:
1. obtaining or giving unfair advantage
2. attempting to give or receive assistance during tests or quizzes
3. attempting to use unauthorized aids (e.g., cheat sheets, calculators, phones, etc.)
4. for self or others' benefit
5. misuse or unauthorized use of technology
6. sharing quiz or test content (questions or answers) with others
7. plagiarism (copying, failure to give credit for others' work/thoughts, submitting another's work
8. as one's own, etc.)
9. submitting same work more than once without teacher permission
10. fabrication/lying/misrepresentation/deceit
11. aiding and abetting dishonesty
12. falsification of records and official documents
13. unauthorized access to academic/administrative records or systems

Respect for self and others includes but is not limited to:
1. taking responsibility and demonstrating personal accountability (includes being honest, being on
time, being prepared, paying attention, meeting deadlines, etc.)
2. valuing others and demonstrating care, respecting diversity, abstaining from ridicule or bullying
3. taking action against wrong-doing even in the face of peer pressure, loyalty, sympathy, or fear
4. displaying sportsmanship
5. respecting the property and space of others
6. asking (and receiving permission) before borrowing, taking, using, consuming
7. cleaning up after one's self
8. avoiding profanity and obscenities
9. dressing appropriately for school environment
10. refraining from excessive public displays of affection
11. abstaining from illegal drugs (including tobacco and alcohol)
12. refraining from activity that may be harmful to self or others
13. using technology appropriately - not slamming others or misrepresenting self or others through
websites, email, or other venues; accessing others' technology only with permission

Students may purchase an activity card, which provides entry to all regular season home athletic events (except AIA regional and state
tournaments games) and designated Student Government activities such as dances, movies, and talent shows. Cards may be purchased at
student check-in. During the rest of the year, students should see the business office clerk in the main office to obtain a new card or to replace
a lost or stolen card ($5.00). Adults may purchase yearly individual or family cards as well. (The family card includes parents and the student
or students enrolled at C.F.H.S.) The activity card also serves as the student’s ID card and MUST BE CARRIED AT ALL TIMES or students
risk disciplinary consequences. Lost or stolen cards must be replaced as soon as possible.


Changes of address or telephone number should be reported as soon as possible to the registrar in the counseling office. The Health Office
and other personnel will then be notified of changes.

Announcements are read daily, but are published in postings. Please have announcement texts E-mailed to the front office receptionist no
later than 8:00 A.M. Friday for the following week’s announcement printing/copying/distribution. Announcements will be posted in all Houses,
Counseling Center, Library and Admin Office window.

Assemblies are important gatherings in which students learn civic protocol as they hear from students, faculty, and invited speakers. Students
are required to attend these assemblies. We expect students to be courteous members of the audience who:
• Enter the area quietly and proceed to their seats
• Sit immediately and remain seated throughout the assembly
• Keep feet off of seats or seat backs
• Give their full attention to the speaker(s)
• Show appreciation with applause
• Have no food, drinks, or gum in any assembly area
The parent must be on campus to sign the student out at the attendance office if requesting that a student leave campus during an assembly,


These modes of transportation and recreation are not permitted for use on the campus, other than driveways for bicycles, due to safety
concerns. Bicycle and skateboard racks are located in the front of the school. Students are required to place skateboards and bicycles in
these racks before entering the campus and are strongly encouraged to secure these items with a lock and chain.


Students are expected to remain within the boundaries of the campus during the school day and stay clear of the off limits areas except with
appropriate permission. The following areas are “off-limits” to students unless under the supervision of a teacher or with permission of a
teacher or administrator: (See Map in Appendix)
• Athletic Fields and gymnasium
• Eastern side of the administrative, library/cafeteria, or gym buildings (except for bicycle parking)
• ISS area, unless student has been assigned there
• Parking Areas - except when arriving /departing campus (see parking)
• Rear areas (west) of all three Houses
• Skyclub Wash - the natural area to the west of the Houses and the Stadium
• South of the Gym doors including the Concession Stand/Falcon’s Nest
• Tunnel area inside and outside the gymnasium
• B Building: a student may not loiter/hang out in B-Building other than passing periods


Per Catalina Foothills School District Policy (JK-R), a student shall not possess or use personal portable electronic instruments,
communication, and entertainment devices, including but not limited to cell phones, pagers, still and video cameras and equipment,
recording/playback apparatus, and other electronic equipment which may be used for similar purposes on most campuses and all school
buses. Where possession is permitted, the device must be kept in the “off” position unless the building administrator has expressly permitted
their use. At CFHS, students may possess cell phones as long as they do not disturb instruction. Students will not be dismissed from classes
to make or answer telephone calls. Students may not take unwanted pictures of other students or staff members with their cell phones or any
other devise as it is a violation of the privacy rights of individuals. Staff members who find that a student’s cell phone is disruptive will
confiscate the item for the duration of the school day for the first infraction, and will confiscate and file a behavior referral for the second
infraction. Parents may be required to pick up confiscated items from school.

Students must remain on campus from the time of arrival until dismissal, except with a pass from the attendance office to leave campus. To
leave the campus early, the parents of 9th and 10th grade students must sign them out in person at the attendance office. Junior and
seniors may leave campus with written permission from their parent or guardian for an occasional appointment, but multiple excuse notes will
need to be approved by the student’s House Leader. No student (grades 9-12) may leave campus during the lunch period unless the
parent is present at the attendance office to sign the student out. The attendance clerk may verify any written statement by telephone
before releasing a student. Return to the campus must be prearranged by the parent.

Free periods are permitted to allow students to study, make teacher contacts, and/or relax in a manner that is conducive to the enhancement
of the educational process. Students may not leave the campus during free periods unless the attendance office approves their
departure. Students may apply for a permanent pass through their House leader if their free period is their final period of the school

Procedures for attaining club status at CFHS are derived from Governing Board policy JJJ-R. In order to attain status as a school sponsored
student group, the applicants must meet all of the following criteria:
• The club must be an extension of the subject matter taught in the curriculum.
• The club must enhance the educational mission of the District.
• The club must have the approval of the building administrator and the District.
• The club must be school and/or District initiated or jointly initiated by the school and students.
• The club must have a certified staff sponsor.
• The club must follow District rules and procedures for gifts, donations. fundraising, field trips and purchases.

It is recognized that student groups that are not directly related to the educational function of the District provide many benefits to students.
Groups who wish to promote their meetings and meet on school property before or after school must abide by the following guidelines:
• Student groups must have a certified staff member present to supervise but not participate in all meetings.
• Student group membership will be composed only of CFHS students.
• Student groups must reserve space for before or after school meetings on school grounds.
• Student group meetings must be student initiated and be voluntary.
• Student groups cannot materially or substantially interfere with orderly conduct.
• Student groups may only announce the time, place and name of the club meeting.

Which Activities or Events are School Sponsored?

Parents and students should be aware that not all activities and events that are associated with CFHS are “school sponsored.” A number of
worthy events and activities are advertised at school via community bulletin boards or by word of mouth, but are neither sponsored by the high
school nor endorsed by the district. Some of these may even have “Foothills” as part of their title and seemingly be affiliated with CFHS.

There are only 3 ways in which a school event or activity is identified and communicated as “school sponsored.” If the parent receives
information in any one of the three means of communication, the event or activity is school sponsored.

1. The school event or activity is published on the school calendar in the Falcon Flyer (the school newsletter).
2. The school event or activity is approved on the School Sponsored Approval Form and is sent home with participating students.
3. The parent has approved student participation by signing the CFHS Field Trip form.

On the other hand, if the parent does not see the event or activity on the school calendar, on a school sponsored approval form
(A sample follows) or on a field trip form, the event is not school sponsored. If there is any question about whether an event is school
sponsored or not, it is the responsibility of the parent to inquire by calling the school

Keep in mind that even though a group or team is “school sponsored,” some events held in conjunction with that group might not be school
sponsored. Examples include social gatherings such as cast parties, tennis team parties, band parties, student council parties, etc. -with or
without a CFHS staff member present. These gatherings are not school sponsored unless the event is on the school calendar or publicized via
the school sponsored approval form or CFHS field trip form.
AIA Athletics/Activities
Community Schools Classes/Activities
School Sponsored Clubs
School Activities

Following are some examples of worthwhile activities, which might seem to be school sponsored but are not, unless the event appears on the
school calendar or the proper form is sent home.
• Summer travel and trips organized and chaperoned by Foothills staff members
• “Senior” ski trips or other travel (with or without a Foothills staff member being present)
• Off season participation in camps or competitions by athletic teams with their coaches;
• Private tutoring by a Foothills staff member


There is a strong connection between a student’s appearance and their academic performance and conduct. Inappropriate student
appearance may cause material and substantial disruption to the school environment or present a threat to the health and safety of student,
employees and visitors on school grounds. As per Board Policy students are expected to adhere to reasonable levels of cleanliness and
modesty. Students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate to their age level and that does not disrupt the school or educational
environment. Immodest or indecent attire is not acceptable
Examples of immodest attire are:
• See-through clothing
• Pants, shorts, skirts or skorts that do not cover the buttocks while sitting or standing
• Strapless or excessively revealing tops
• Excessive midriff exposure (more than the width of the wearer’s fist between the pants and shirt)
• Excessively revealing, low cut or low riding pants
Students are prohibited from wearing clothing advertising or promoting items illegal for use by minors including, but not limited to, drugs,
alcohol or tobacco; and from wearing clothing displaying obscenity, profanity, vulgarity, gang affiliation, racial or sexual remarks, making
reference to prohibited conduct or similar displays. Under certain circumstances or during certain classes or activities a stricter dress code
may be appropriate, and students must comply with the stricter requirement. The administration makes the final determination of the
appropriateness of the student’s appearance. Students inappropriately dressed will face the following consequences:
Step One: A letter will be sent home and a note made in the discipline record. Student could be asked to change clothing.
Step Two: Meet with an Administrator, change clothing, parents contacted, a note made in the discipline record.
Step Three: The student will be assigned one full day of ISS, and a note will be made in the discipline record.
Step Four: The student will be assigned 2 days of out of school suspension for insubordination.


Electronic devices (such as IPod and MP3 players or cell phones) may be used on the campus, but not in classes or academic settings unless
permission is given by the teacher. Students should think carefully before deciding to bring valuable electronic devices onto campus; the
school is not responsible nor does it have insurance to cover students’ lost or stolen property.

Elevators are in each of the major buildings on campus. Use of elevators is restricted to students who have permission from the
administration. Students requiring access to elevators are required to bring a note from a physician verifying: 1) the need for the elevator, and
2) the duration of the required usage. Notes should be taken to the Health Office where keys will be signed out after a $45 refundable deposit
is received. If a student is unable to pay the deposit, the House Leader must give prior permission. Lost keys will result in a loss of the deposit
and a charge equal to the cost incurred by the school for rekeying. This cost could be several hundred dollars. Students improperly using the
elevator, including allowing non-approved students to use the elevator with them, may have their privileges revoked.

Students will not be asked to perform errands off-campus by faculty or staff during the school day. Parent requests for students to leave
campus must be presented in written form prior to the student being released.


Fees may be charged as approved by the Governing Board for activities such as voluntary field trips, course materials, extracurricular
activities, Community School programs, etc. Fines are levied for lost, stolen, or damaged materials and equipment. As defined by A.R.S. 15-
842, students and their parents will be responsible for reimbursement for any damage to school property.

A field trip is considered an extension of the instructional program and all school rules still apply. Students may be asked to fund some or all
portions of each trip.


In each room, evacuation routes are clearly posted. At the sound of the alarm, the following student behaviors are expected:
• Students should leave rooms or outside areas as quickly as possible in an orderly fashion.
• Students in classes are expected to stay with their class and to meet in the designated area.
• Students who are on free periods should go to the nearest exit and follow nearby classes
• Students should not return to buildings until the all clear has been announced
Food and beverages are only permitted in the following areas:
• Life Skills (with supervision)
• In teacher offices /classrooms (with permission and supervision)
• Cafeteria
• Plaza
Students may not eat or drink in hallways.
Food/drink should be transported to classrooms in closed containers
Personal, student call-ins for delivery to campus (pizza, for example) is not permitted.
Vending machines are turned off during the times meals are served in the cafeteria.

All fund raising efforts must have preliminary approval from the Student Council and the Principal. Final approval will be made by the
Governing Board.

The Home Base period will meet as needed for school business and activities. Students are assigned to their second period teacher for Home
Base. Students with a free second period will be assigned to a teacher and will have this assignment noted on their schedules. Students will
receive a grade of Pass/Fail for this period and must complete all assigned tasks and accumulate no unexcused absences in order to pass.

Each grade level is assigned to one of 4 “House Leaders” for activities purposes. If you have concerns about attendance, please contact Mr.
Harvey in House 1. If you have concerns regarding discipline, please contact Mrs. Manning in House 3. If you have concerns or questions
about grades, please contact the teacher.

• Mrs. Rosenthal: House 1 Sophomores (for class activities)

• Mr. Harvey: House 2 All attendance issues; Freshman (for class activities)
• Mrs. Manning: House 3 All discipline; Seniors (for class activities)
• Mrs. Brase: House 4 Athletic issues; Juniors (for class activities)

Students may be assigned or directed by staff to report to in school supervision, “I.S.S.” The I.S.S. room is located adjacent to the attendance
office and across from the School Nurse’s office first door on the left. When students are assigned to I.S.S., parents will be notified.

Catalina Foothills High School students will be given identification cards which must be carried at all times during the school day and
which must be presented upon request by any staff member on the school premises. Failure to produce a card will be dealt with
according to the Discipline Matrix. Identification cards may also serve as the food-purchasing card when an account has been established. In
addition, students must use this card to access services of the library or to use the supervised computer lab. Lost or stolen cards must be
replaced as soon as possible and may be obtained from the Business Office Clerk in the admin office at a cost of $5.00.

Locker assignments in Houses will be issued during student check-in. Gym and music lockers will be assigned during class.
1. Students are responsible for seeing that no one else obtains the combination.
2. Students are responsible for the appearance and condition of the locker. Fines may be assigned for damage done to the outside
as well as the inside of the locker. No decorations stickers, etc. may be placed on the outside of lockers.
3. Lockers are school property and are subject to inspection and searches at the discretion of school officials. (See
4. Lockers are unsafe for purses, money, or other valuables. Students should keep valuables in their possession at all times. If this
is not possible, valuable items should be brought to the Admin Office or House desks. The school is not responsible nor does it have
insurance to cover students’ lost or stolen property. All thefts should be reported to House Secretaries and a theft report form filed.
5. Report all problems with locks or lockers to the house desk.
6. Students are not authorized to change lockers. All locker changes must be approved by the ISS staff.
7. Students may not use personal combination locks to secure lockers (other than varsity athletic lockers).
8. Students are strongly urged to use their lockers when in the P.E. area. Possessions are not secure if they are left on benches, on the
floor, etc. Students should lock up all their belongings.

The school is NOT responsible for stolen property. All lost or stolen items should be reported to Security. The student will be asked to provide
information regarding items lost or stolen. During the year, items not claimed within 30 days will be donated to a charitable organization. At
the end of the year, items will be held for one week prior to donation. Found items are located in the Security office.

Catalina Foothills High School is a closed campus. Students may NOT leave campus during lunch. Parents who would like their son or
daughter to leave campus during the lunch period must be present at the attendance office to sign their student(s) out. Students are assigned
to one of two lunch periods. Food may be purchased in the cafeteria or from the plaza grill cart using a lunch card account or cash. Milk is also
sold in the cafeteria. Students who bring their lunch to school should leave the lunch in his/her locker. Students may eat in the cafeteria or
outdoors on the plaza. Other campus areas are considered off limits for lunchtime. Every student on campus is responsible for cleaning up the
eating areas. A student may be required to clean up trash left at an area where he/she was eating, even if the student claims no responsibility
for the remaining debris. Use of the cafeteria is a privilege and those students displaying inappropriate behaviors will lose this privilege and be
subject to discipline.

Under A.R.A. 13-3620 a school employee may be subject to a class six felony criminal charge for failing to make a mandatory report
concerning a “reportable sex offense.” A school employee may also be subject to a class one misdemeanor criminal charge for failing to make
a mandatory report concerning physical injury, child abuse or neglect. School personnel are required to report allegations of physical injury,
abuse, neglect and “reportable sex offenses” concerning minors. Reports must be made to the appropriate law enforcement officials or child
protective services. Reports will always be made when a minor is the victim of serious harm, whether caused by an adult or another minor.
Reports may need to be filed for such actions as fighting, grabbing of the buttocks, “goosing” and sexual proposition.

Students wishing to display posters or pass out fliers anywhere on the campus including placing fliers on vehicles must obtain prior permission
from Mrs. Shackman. An approval stamp will be affixed, and only posters or fliers with this approval will be permitted on the campus. These
may NOT be posted on painted surfaces, glass, restrooms, or outdoors. Posters or fliers without the approved original stamp or found in non-
approved areas will be removed. Approved posters or fliers may be displayed on the bulletin boards provided in authorized places on the
campus. Non-school sponsored clubs may only post approved notices on designated bulletin boards in the House lobbies and in the cafeteria.


The Catalina Foothills School District does not sponsor nor approve of any type of Senior Prank, Senior Ditch Day, or Senior Trip.


During the 2008-2009 school year we will issue no parking permits to sophomores or to juniors, and seniors who reside within seven tenths of
a mile, or who have lost parking privileges during the 07-08 school year. Only qualified seniors will be eligible to purchase permits available
parking spaces. Cost of the permit is $75.00.
In an effort to reduce congestion and improve the safety of our parking lot, our new policy includes the following:
• We will issue permits for available spaces only.
• All spaces, except for the gated lot, will be numbered, and seniors receiving permits will be assigned a specific space for parking.
• Students are guaranteed their assigned space from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM on school days.

Information regarding the senior parking is as follows:

• Seniors who turn in a properly filled out parking form at the August 8th check-in will be allowed to purchase a parking space. Copies of
the following must be attached to the form:
1. Arizona Driver's License - current and valid
2. Arizona Vehicle Registration - current and valid
3. Proof of Arizona Insurance - current and valid
• Seniors who cannot be at the August 8 check-in must submit proper paper work in advance to Mrs. Manning in House 3.
• Seniors receiving a permit will be allowed to register up to 2 vehicles for their space. Both appropriately registered cars will receive a
sticker to be affixed in the front windshield on the drivers’ side. The decal numbers will be the same as the number for the assigned
space. There is no charge for the second decal, although proper paperwork (see above) is required for both vehicles.
• A senior may lose his/her permit, without refund, for disciplinary reasons such as outlines on the parking form.

We thank you in advance for your support of our efforts to make our parking lot safer for our students.

Junior Parking Lottery

Any remaining parking spaces that are not purchased by seniors on August 8th will be released for the Junior Parking Lottery. Qualified
juniors (those with a 2.0 GPA and good attendance/discipline records) must turn in paperwork during their check-in time on August 7th to be
entered in the lottery. Juniors that live within the .7 mile radius or who are denied parking privileges due to attendance or discipline issues from

the previous year are not eligible to enter the lottery. The lottery will take place on the night of August 8th and results will be posted on the
office door no later than 9:00 AM on August 11. Lottery winners may purchase permits for $75 from Security from 9:30 AM to Noon on the
11th, or during school on August 14 - 15. Permits must be purchased no later than August 17th or they will be assigned to students on the
waiting list. Juniors not selected will be placed on the waiting list in the order in which their names were drawn. Eligible seniors on the waiting
list will take priority over juniors.

Sophomores are not allowed to park on campus under any circumstances.


Students and parents should acknowledge and understand that:

• Students are permitted to park on school premises as a matter of privilege, not of right.
• The District retains authority to conduct routine patrols of student parking lots and inspections of the exteriors of student automobiles
on school property.
• The District may inspect the interiors of student automobiles whenever a school authority has reasonable suspicion to believe that
illegal or unauthorized materials are contained inside the automobiles.
• Such patrols and inspections may be conducted without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant.
• A student who fails to provide access to the interior of the car upon request of a school official will be subject to school disciplinary
action and loss of parking permit.
• If the student fails to follow school policy and procedure related to use of vehicles, the vehicle may be “booted” or towed away and
stored, at the owner's expense. The towing charges are a minimum of $65 impound, $2.50 per mile and $7.00 per day storage. The
towing company will hold a possessory lien on the vehicle for these charges. No warnings for illegal parking are necessary before
towing. These fees are subject to change by the towing company.
• The speed limit is 10 miles per hour.
• Students must park only in their assigned parking place. The permit number on the decal must match the student parking space
• The permit decal must be affixed to the driver's side window.
• The permit decal is not transferable and is to be used only by the student who was issued the permit.
• The school is not responsible for vandalism or theft involving the permitted vehicle.
• Assigned spaces are guaranteed from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on school days.
• The parking lot is a facility provided by Catalina Foothills High School. Students use it at their own risk. The school is not responsible
for theft or damage. Students are encouraged to lock their cars at all times.

Student may lose parking permits without refund for:

Parking in unauthorized space First offense - warning (possible booting or towing of vehicle)
Second offense - towing and permanent loss of permit
Speeding First offense - warning
Second offense -permanent loss of permit
Reckless Driving First offense - permanent loss of permit
Transferring a permit to an unauthorized vehicle First offense - permanent loss of permit

Students may also lose parking permits for misconduct not directly related to parking. Accumulating more than 3 unexcused absences
in a semester, being disciplined for any alcohol or drug misconduct, or any discipline resulting in a suspension for more than 10 school days
will result in the student's parking permit being revoked.

It is a privilege, not a right, to park on school grounds. The above rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Suspension of driving
privileges, the booting of vehicles, towing at the owner’s expense, and/or suspension from school may occur, when violations of
these regulations occur.

House and main office phones are off-limits to students. Students should carry 50 cents at all times to use pay phones. (Note: the rates for
local collect calls are surprisingly high!) Pay phones are located outside of the south gym doors and the health office.

CFHS does not have staff available to take or deliver messages or belongings. If there is an emergency, parents are asked to contact the
main office to ensure contact of students. Please have a copy of your son or daughter’s daily schedule in hand to expedite the request.

Textbooks, paid for by District 16 taxpayers, are distributed to students by CFHS on a loan basis. Textbook distribution is handled through the
school library during student check-in. All textbooks are scanned electronically as they are checked out to students to insure accuracy of
inventory. Students must sign their names in ink inside the cover of each textbook assigned to them.

Textbooks are to be returned, in good condition, the end of a class and will be collected by the teacher. Students are expected to pay for lost
or stolen books and fines will be levied for damage beyond normal use. Costs will include full replacement cost at new or projected
prices plus tax and shipping. Students are encouraged to report any textbook damages or loss as soon as possible.

All visitors to campus must report to the Admin Office upon entering campus to sign in and to receive a visitor’s pass. Failure to do so
constitutes trespass and may result in charges being filed. Parents/guardians who plan on being anywhere on campus beyond the main gate
(e.g., counseling, Houses, etc.) must also sign in the front office. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our campus safe.

Any student who wishes to bring a student visitor from out of town (only out of town visitors are approved) to school must follow the following
procedures. Failure to do so will result in the guest being asked to leave campus.
• Bring a note from parents/guardians giving permission for the student to have a visitor and assuring administration that the visitor is
from out of town
• Present the note to the House Leader a minimum of 48 hours preceding the expected visit, and pick up teacher approval form
• Bring completed form to House Leader at least 24 hours prior to visit
• Take the approved visitor to the main office to sign in on the day of the visit and to receive a visitor’s pass to be worn throughout the
• Take responsibility for the visitor’s behavior while on campus

Visitors will not be approved for any of the following times or for more than one day:
• Two school days preceding school vacations
• The school week preceding final exams, during final exams or state-mandated testing period


It is recommended that students follow the course of studies outlined in the course descriptions prepared by Catalina Foothills middle schools
and high school. Please see a counselor for advisement and requirements.


CFHS offers several Advanced Placement courses. Students who pass an AP exam with a high enough score may earn college credit at
many universities without having to take or pay for the course. For further information, please contact the Counseling Office.

Cheating on examinations, tests, quizzes, assignments, etc. is forbidden.
Prohibited student behavior is as follows:
• Talking of any kind without permission is prohibited during tests or quizzes
• Glances that are directed away from a student’s own paper during tests or quizzes
• Sharing tests, etc. with another student
• Possessing an answer sheet, quiz, test, etc. not belonging to the student
• Changing grades on a report card or grade sheet
• Taking or using a teacher’s book without permission
• Leaving the testing site with the test still in the possession of the student
• Submitting work that has been copied from another student or a published work
Consequences for cheating /plagiarizing may range from loss of credit on the assignment for the first offense to a 3 day suspension
on subsequent offenses. In addition, all of a student’s teachers will be notified of the violation.

Final exams/Assessments are given at the end of the first and second semesters. Students requesting to take exams/assessments at times
other than those designated for testing must arrange a time and process with each teacher on his/her schedule. Final exam days are normally
half days and end at noon. Students are expected to leave campus at the end of the testing time. However, students are not dismissed early
from classrooms if they complete exams or assessments prior to the bell.


Students will receive quarter grades and semester grades. Quarter grades are designed to act as a progress report. The semester grade is a
combination of the two quarter grades and final exam grade, but is not necessarily a simple averaging. Individual teachers/subject teams will
determine the relative weights of activities and assignments. The semester grade is the only grade that appears on the student transcript.
Students are notified by teachers of the specific grading policies during the first week of each semester.

Students have 15 school days after quarterly or semester grades are issued to resolve discrepancies.

Students in danger of failing will receive mid-quarter progress reports in the mail. Likewise, mid-semester progress reports (quarter grades)
and semester grade cards will also be mailed.

The accepted grading scale at Catalina Foothills High School is:

A+ = 97-100
A = 93 - 96
A- = 90 - 92
B+ = 87 - 89
B = 83 - 86
B- = 80 - 82
C+ = 77- 79
C = 73 - 76
C- = 70 - 72
F = 69 and below

Students may receive an “I” under the following circumstances:
• Extenuating circumstances, e.g., a long term illness. This requires administrative approval.
• When the student is failing the course at or below 69% and the teacher has determined that an additional ten days time may be
sufficient for the student to demonstrate acceptable competence. Students will have ten (10) school days after the end of the marking
period in which to change the “I” according to the course and teacher requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to clarify with the
teacher what work needs to be completed. If, at the end of the ten (10) days, the student has not successfully met the requirements
for passing the course, the grade will become an F.
• Incompletion of competency requirements, e.g., a unit test or demonstration. The student may in fact be passing all other course work,
but the course requirements, i.e., taking the test, have not yet been met.
A grade of “I” or incomplete will not be issued under the following circumstances:
• At the culmination of the second semester.
• When a student is failing the course at or below 69% and the teacher has determined that an additional ten days time would not be
sufficient for the students to demonstrate acceptable competence.

A student may repeat a course to earn a passing or higher grade. The higher grade will be calculated to determine the new GPA, however, the
lower grade will noted on the transcript with an “R” next to it. A student may not retake a course during the school year to improve a passing
grade unless a teacher and administrator approve this action for extreme circumstances.

Students who desire to graduate a year early (i.e., in May with the current senior class) must submit a Request for Early Graduation to their
counselor preferably within the first 10 days of the fall semester but no later than the first 10 days of the spring semester. Students must be
able to complete all graduation requirements by the end of the spring semester (no summer classes). The student remains with his/her cohort
class by classification (parking, awards, etc.) and simply does not have a “senior” year. The exceptions are that a student will be reassigned to
a grade 12 Home Base for spring semester so that s/he may be included in graduation information, and that the student may have a senior
photo in the yearbook with “early graduate” notation. (Student must complete Request for Early Graduation form within the first 10 days of the
fall semester to guarantee yearbook placement.) If all requirements are successfully completed by the end of the spring semester, the student
may participate in graduation exercises and will receive a current year diploma.

Seniors who have completed all requirements for graduation by the end of the fall semester may elect to not take CFHS courses during the
spring semester but still participate in May graduation exercises.

CFHS Credit Requirements: Students must complete a minimum of 23* credits for graduation. (*Class of 2012 and beyond must complete 24 credits.)

English 4.0 credits English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12

Math 3.0 credits* through Algebra 2 (*Class of 2012 needs 4 credits of math)
Science 3.0 credits Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (or Field, Marine or Astronomy)
Social Studies 4.0 credits Global Issues, Western Civ, US History, Government & Civics
World Language 2.0 credits of the same language (or proficiency)
Fine Arts 1.0 credit Visual Art or Performing Art (Band, Choir, or Theatre)
Health .5 credit
PE 1.0 credit
Electives 4.5 credits
23 credits* (*Class of 2012 needs 24 credits)

Arizona State Requirements: Students must also complete all state mandated requirements including AIMS requirements.

In addition to the requirements specified in this policy, graduation eligibility and the awarding of a diploma require that a student be enrolled in
a minimum of five classes on the CFHS campus during his/her final semester.

Students should consult with a counselor regarding their plans for completion of all CFHS graduation requirements. Students and parents are
ultimately responsible for ensuring the completion of the graduation requirements.

Students who transfer to CFHS will receive credits previously granted only from regionally accredited schools. Students who wish to earn
transfer credit from another institution while enrolled at CFHS must get the course approved in advance from a CFHS counselor. In
general, students may transfer summer school credits from regionally accredited institutions, or regular credits from Pima Community College
and the University of Arizona. No more than one credit may be earned from correspondence courses or other “nontraditional” programs, and
those courses must be approved, in advance, by a counselor.


Attendance in school is essential to the academic process of students; therefore, excessive absences, either excused or unexcused, disrupt
the educational process. It is understood that there are times when parents determine other activities are vital to the student’s development
and in some cases students will need to be excused from school to participate in those activities. When this occurs the following guidelines
should be followed:
1. Parents are responsible for contacting the appropriate house leader in writing at least one week in advance of a planned absence.
2. The classroom teacher is responsible for collecting copies of materials and assignments given to the class during the absence.
Teachers are not expected to prepare these materials in advance of the absence.
3. The student and/or parent is responsible for arranging with the teacher an acceptable period of time for the return of make-up work.
4. Students who will be absent for fewer than three school days should work with a fellow student in the class to collect missing

Parents and teachers are reminded that Policy 5140 provides that students must be in attendance at least 90% of each class or credit
will be denied. A student who accumulates 10 or more absences in any course will receive an F for the course. See attendance
policies on page 17 of this handbook.

CFHS does not give credit for internships unless it is part of a Work-Based/Co-op Education or Special Education.


There are some cases where a student is unable to take Physical Education due to medical reasons. Since each student’s situation is unique,
the granting of a waiver will vary depending on the circumstances. Whenever possible, students and parents will be encouraged to find
appropriate physical education electives to fill the one year requirement. To obtain a waiver, the student must bring a note from a doctor
indicating the specific restrictions of that student. The note is brought to the student’s counselor, who will make a recommendation to the
principal. The waiver, if approved, will be signed by the principal and placed in the student’s permanent folder.

Students are instructed to make informed choices about their courses and to carefully review the course selections for the upcoming school
year. Course requests, submitted the previous spring, determine high school staffing, class sizes and the structure of the master schedule.

Ninth, tenth and eleventh grade students must be enrolled in at least six credit classes. Seniors must be enrolled in a minimum of five credit
courses at CFHS.

Because the master schedule cannot be changed, request for schedule changes will be considered only for extenuating circumstances.
Reasons that may be considered include:
• medical reasons
• course required by a senior for graduation
• completion of a course at summer school
Requests for schedule changes based on the reasons listed above should be made to the counseling department no later than the Wednesday
of the first full week of school. All requests for schedule changes are subject to limitations due to class size. Be advised that it takes time to
change a schedule. Students must remain in scheduled classes until they are notified of approval by receiving a printout of a new
schedule. During the period between the request and the actual change, the attendance policy will apply, and any absences will be transferred
to the new class.

Students may request to drop a class only if they still will maintain the minimum number of courses required (six for grades 9-11, five for
seniors). Students who are requesting to drop a course must see their counselor. The counselor will review the request with the student, and
insure the student has received required approval (parent, teacher, House Leader if necessary) before taking action. Students must remain
in scheduled classes until they are notified that a change has been approved or disciplinary consequences for nonattendance will
• A student who is approved to drop a course during the first five and a half weeks of the semester will have no notation of the course or
a grade on their transcript.
• Dropping a course between five and one half weeks and up to the nine week quarter will result in a WP (withdraw/pass) or WF
(withdraw/fail) on the student’s transcript, depending on whether s//he is passing or failing at the time of the drop.
• A student who drops a class after the nine weeks’ mark will automatically receive an F on his/her transcript as the semester grade.

Catalina Foothills High School does not permit students to audit classes.


A student may volunteer to serve as a teacher assistant during his/her free period. This service will NOT generate credit or replace a class.
To become an official TA, students must complete a Student Assistant Agreement form in Counseling. “Student Assistant – (subject)” will
then be noted on the student’s schedule, attendance records, and transcript.

Students may attend summer school at CFHS in another district but must obtain counselor approval, in advance, to insure that appropriate
courses are taken and that credit will be granted. Summer school and alternative programs are considered remedial (to recover or improve a
grade for a previously taken course). Students are not approved to take summer school courses with the intent to accelerate. (Exceptions:
CFHS Health course and approved Pima or UA courses)

The Support Services program is designed to ensure the least restrictive environment for the students who qualify to receive special services.
Whenever possible, this entails total inclusion of all the Support students into the regular classrooms. The Support Service teachers and
assistants provide observations and collaborative planning with each teacher involved with Support students. Each student is closely
monitored and provided with the necessary assistance. Different learning and behavioral strategies are discussed, planned and implemented.
The program also offers study skills classes, internships, and after school tutoring for special needs students.

CFHS Attendance Procedures
Attendance Office

Late Arrival
Please do ONE of the following:
• CFHS website has LATE forms available for parent/guardian use. The website is Go to
Attendance site to access the form. Fill in all data requested. Attendance may call parent/guardian to verify. Fraudulent e-mails will
be referred to ISS for disciplinary action. The student must sign in at the attendance office when he/she arrives at school.
• Call the Attendance Office at 209-8318 prior to the student arriving. The student must sign in at the attendance office.
• The student brings a parent/doctor note to the window; the student must sign in.
• Parent signs in the student at the Attendance Office

Leaving Early
Please do the following:
• Parent/guardian should write a note indicating time of departure to show the teacher so that the Attendance Office can avoid calls to
the classroom. The teacher will excuse the student to the Attendance Office.
• 9th and 10th graders MUST be signed out at the Attendance Office by a parent/guardian.
• If your student is in 11th or 12th grades:
o For the occasional need to leave campus early, parents/guardians of Juniors and Seniors may access the CFHS website for a
REQUEST TO LEAVE CAMPUS EARLY form. Fill in all data requested. Attendance may call parent/guardian to verify.
Fraudulent e-mails will be referred to ISS for disciplinary action.
o Student must sign out at the Attendance Office with a note written by parent/guardian with a verification number provided, or
o Parent/guardian must call the Attendance Office and provide a verification number prior to the student signing out.
• If your student becomes ill, he/she must ALWAYS report to the Health Office prior to leaving campus. If your student is in 9th or 10th
grade, the parent/guardian will be called for pick-up. If your student is in the 11th or 12th grades, they may sign themselves out after
the Health Office obtains parent approval.

CFHS has a closed campus policy. Students are not to leave campus during the academic day (during their free period, lunch or class time).
Students who have a free period at the end of the academic day may request a pass that allows them to leave campus early. Once the
student has left campus he/she may not return during the school day. A student may not leave campus during 6th or 7th period and return
solely to ride the bus. Request to Leave Campus forms requiring parental and house leader approval are available at the Attendance Office,
and house secretaries' desks at the beginning of each semester. If approved, a laminated pass will be prepared for the student to show to
security/administration when leaving campus. This pass will confirm the student's schedule, and permission to leave campus. Students who
violate this policy will receive detention for the first offense and will be suspended for subsequent offenses.

For future reference, please:



Class attendance is an integral part of the academic process; therefore, excessive absences, either excused or unexcused, may result in a
student losing credit in a class(es). It should be understood that although there are a number of procedures in place to keep students and
parents aware of attendance status as it relates to the 90% attendance requirement, it is ultimately a student/parent responsibility to keep track
of attendance in each class in order to meet the requirement.

Catalina Foothills School District policy states: “A student must attend at least 90% of all class sessions. (At CFHS, 90% means a student
may accumulate no more than 9 absences in a class per semester.) If a student is absent such that 90% attendance is not possible, the
student will not receive credit for the class (F)...” The policy further states that “Absences shall not be counted against the student when they
result from: (1) participation in a school-related activity; (2) suspension for misconduct; or (3) ...illness, accident or disease when the absence
is certified in written form by a healthcare professional licensed under A.R.S. Title 32, Chapter 7,13 or 17, and the student has completed all
course requirements.” If a student has absences, not medically excused, during the semester that cause class attendance to fall below 90%,
and, if there are extenuating circumstances that could be considered, a letter to the house leader/assistant principal may be written requesting
waiver of the attendance policy. (This letter should be written within one week of notification of excessive absences.) If the assistant principal
accepts the circumstances as a valid reason for attendance less than 90%, the attendance requirement MAY be waived.

The district policy has identified three levels of absence: (1) unexcused absence (in the case of truancy); (2) excused absence (in the case of
an absence being supported by a parental note or telephone call); and (3) medically excused absence as explained above. Students and
parents are cautioned that although an absence may be supported by a parental note or telephone call, only absences described in paragraph
2 above do not count against the 90% attendance requirement in each class. Please refer to Catalina Foothills School District Student
Discipline and Due Process Procedures found in Appendix B of the Student Handbook.

Verification of the medically excused absences must be filed with the Attendance Office within ten (10) days of the last day of the
period of the medically excused absence.

A notification letter will be sent to the parent/guardian from the Attendance Office when the student reaches 5 excused or unexcused absences
in one or more classes in a semester. This is the only notification that the parent/guardian will receive from the Attendance Office, regardless
of additional absences in any class. Attendance is a student/parent responsibility.


Parents/guardians are responsible for contacting CFHS by telephone on the day of an absence or within 24 hours. Calls will be taken at 209-
8318 and messages may be left 24 hours a day. The Attendance Office is located near the front gate and adjacent to the Administration
Office. Students who become ill during the school day must get approval from the Health Office prior to leaving campus. Students with
unexcused absences may not be allowed to make up work missed for those classes.

CFHS’s website has LATE/ABSENT forms available for parent/guardian use. The website is


Students are expected to be seated in the classroom when the late bell rings unless a valid pass has been issued. Students who report to
class after the late bell will be counted late for up to 14 minutes after the bell, and daily credit will be lost for any activity missed between the
time class started and the student’s arrival. Students who are more than 14 minutes late without a pass will be marked unexcused and lose
credit for the day, but are expected to attend class to participate in learning activities. Students who have signed in at the Attendance
office with a proper note or phone call and who arrive after 14 minutes will be marked with an excused absence for that class, which
counts toward the 9 allowable absences. The student has six minutes from the sign-in time to get to their classroom. If the student arrives
to the class after that six minutes, the teacher will mark the student unexcused.

Consequences per quarter for Lates:

1 - 4 Lates: Teacher consequences including verbal warning, parental contact.
Subsequent Lates: Referral to house leader for disciplinary consequences including but not limited to parental conference, in-school
suspension and out-of-school suspension.


CFHS has a closed campus and students are not to leave campus without checking out through the Attendance Office. For illness or
emergency, the student’s parent/guardian will be telephoned and permission granted by the parent/guardian before the student will be allowed
to leave. If the parent/guardian of an ill student cannot be reached by telephone, the school nurse will care for the student.

No student may leave campus for any reason without checking out through the Attendance Office. To leave campus early, the
parents of 9th and 10th grade students must sign them out in person at the Attendance Office. 11th and 12th graders may leave
campus with written permission from their parent/guardian for an occasional appointment; however, multiple excuse notes will need to be
approved by the student’s house leader. Students needing to leave a class early due to an approved appointment should have a note to show
the teacher written by a parent/guardian stating the time the student needs to be excused from class. This procedure avoids disrupting the
class with a phone call. The student will then bring the note to the Attendance Office, be signed out (or sign out if in 11th/12th grades). CFHS
personnel reserve the right to verify the authenticity of any note by calling the parent before releasing the student. Students returning from
appointments are required to check in through the Attendance Office before returning to class. It is recommended that all appointments be
made before or after school. The Attendance Office does not call classrooms to remind students of appointments.

Free periods are permitted to allow students to study, make teacher contacts and/or relax in a manner that is conducive to the enhancement of
the educational process. Students may not leave campus during free periods unless their departure is approved by the Attendance Office.

Simply stated, any student who arrives after their first class begins or needs to leave before school ends is required to report to the
Attendance Office. Checkouts due to illness must go through the Health Office. A parent/guardian will be contacted by Health Office
personnel to obtain permission for school release. In the absence of a parent/guardian, a designated emergency contact will be notified.

Any student who leaves campus in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action and will receive an unexcused
absence for the class(es) missed.


1 - 4 unexcused absences in a semester: Automated system calls home. Student may be assigned disciplinary
consequences ranging from period detention(s) to full day assignment in in-school suspension.
5 & above: Student risks suspension from 1 to 10 days and possibly a hearing for a long-term suspension.
In all cases, students may not be allowed to make up work for credit when an absence is unexcused.

CFHS uses a computerized system to notify a parent/guardian when a student has unexcused absence(s). The autodialer will call the
designated telephone number with a recorded message on the evening of the PRIOR day’s unexcused absence. Note: Some phones are set
to block computerized calls and a few students have been known to delete messages. If a parent is concerned about attendance, please call
or stop by the Attendance Office. Absences are also noted on the progress and grade reports.

1. Students are usually allowed one day to make-up work for each day of an excused absence. Excused absences do not
automatically extend deadlines for assignments given or tests scheduled prior to the absence, but students should feel free to speak
with teachers about possible extensions. Course work not made up from absences will result in a lower grade.
2. The student and/or parent is/are responsible for initiating requests for make-up work. Make-up work will reflect class assignments
missed during the absence.
3. Students who will be absent for fewer than 3 days should not contact the school for assignments but should call the teachers or
fellow students in their classes for assignments.
4. Requests for make-up work for 3 or more anticipated days of absence should be made to the school receptionist (209-8301), who
will request homework from teachers by e-mail. Teachers have 24 hours in which to return their requests. Please see “Homework or
Extended Absences” in the Academic section of the handbook.
5. Students may not be allowed to make up work for credit when an absence is unexcused.
6. Students under suspension are allowed to make up assignments for credit.


Foothills High is a community of learners. Each day we come together to learn to use our minds well and to expand our knowledge.
To be able to do these things, it is important to have a school climate that fosters behaviors that will help us accomplish these goals.
It is the role of the discipline system to educate the individual as well as to protect the safety and integrity of the academic
community and its mission.

Accordingly, our community is based upon beliefs in several important principles. One is that students take responsibility for their own
learning. In the same way, we expect students to take responsibility for behavior. Another is that this community will provide a safe and
healthy environment. To do so means that we must have thoughtful rules to ensure this environment. Last is the whole school’s desire to set
high expectations - not only academic expectations, but behavioral ones as well. Probably the strongest value in this community is that of
respect for one another. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Catalina Foothills School District Policy JK and JK-R (Student Discipline, Rules, and Due Process Procedures) and the Discipline Matrix
(Prohibited Student Conduct/Discipline Actions) are distributed to all students when they register each year. Students sign a form indicating
that they have received the Discipline Matrix and that they must share the matrix with a parent or guardian. All students are subject to the
terms and provisions of these District documents. It is the responsibility of students and parents to read and understand the Discipline Policy
and the Discipline Matrix. Teachers will review these policies with students to assist them in understanding.

When student behavior warrants, detention may be assigned before school, during lunch or free periods, or after school. This process may be
assigned by an individual teacher or by the administration.


Students are responsible for the proper care of all books, lockers, supplies, and furniture. Students who disfigure property, break windows, or
do other damage to the school property or equipment will be dealt with according to the Discipline Matrix. As defined by A.R.S. 15-842,
students and their parents will be responsible for reimbursement for any damage to school property.

Catalina Foothills High School is committed to providing a work environment where students, staff, and parents may work together comfortably
and productively, free from harassment. Harassing behavior is illegal under both state and federal law and will not be tolerated. Harassment
negatively affects morale, motivation, and the ability to learn. It is inappropriate, offensive, and illegal, and it will not be permitted on this
campus or during the time student’s wait for busses at bus stops and while traveling to and from school.

Students who are the victims of harassment should contact their House Leader. Harassment will be dealt with according to the
Discipline Matrix. Any individual bringing a harassment complaint or assisting in investigating such a complaint will not be adversely affected or
discriminated against. Complaint of such retaliation will be promptly investigated, and offenders will be dealt with according to the Discipline
Matrix. Any person who purposely fabricates a harassment complaint or who unjustly accuses another for the purpose of teasing or joking will
be dealt with according to the Discipline Matrix. Harassment is a serious matter and should be reported immediately to an administrator. Note:
students should understand that “hazing “ is considered a form of harassment, and will not be tolerated.


Students shall not possess, sell, offer to sell, purchase, offer to purchase, use, transfer or be under the influence of alcohol. The minimum
consequence for the first occurrence is confiscation, parental conference, sheriff notification and a suspension.

Drugs; Drug Paraphernalia

Students shall not possess, sell, offer to sell, purchase, offer to purchase, use, transfer or be under the influence of drugs, hallucinogens, or
medication (except that use of medication is allowed if it prescribed by a physician and used in accordance with the prescription and Governing
Board policies). The term “drugs” is defined in the discipline matrix and includes hallucinogens and imitation controlled substances. Students
shall not possess, sell, offer to sell, transfer or use drugs, hallucinogens or paraphernalia. The minimum consequence for the first occurrence
is confiscation, parental conference, sheriff notification and recommended long term suspension. In the case of selling or distributing drugs, a
ten-day suspension would be recommended pending a hearing for possible expulsion.

Drug Free School Zone

It is a crime to possess, use, and sell drugs in a “drug free school zone.” Drug free school zone is defined as any area within three hundred
feet of a school or its accompanying grounds, any public property within 1000 feet of a school or its accompanying grounds, a school bus stop
or an any school bus or vehicle contracted to transport pupils to and from any school. Students who possess, use, or sell drugs within a drug
free school zone are subject to school disciplinary action.

Any student breaking or damaging school property shall be held responsible fro the replacement or repair of that property. Disciplinary action
may also be invoked. Parents are held responsible for cost incurred by minors.


Students shall maintain discretion in the display of affection. Excessive physical display of affection distracts from the educational atmosphere
and is prohibited on school premises. Students engaging in an excessive display of affection will be dealt with according to the Discipline

When a reasonable suspicion arises that a student is involved in illegal, illicit, or disruptive behavior, the principal or designee has the authority
to conduct a search of the student’s locker, personal possessions (e.g. handbag, backpack), vehicle, or person in accordance with Catalina
Foothills School District policy.

Students who have been suspended off campus may not be on campus for any curricular or extracurricular activity (including athletic events
home or away and off campus school sponsored dances) until the suspension has ended. Suspended students who choose to enter campus
grounds may be charged with trespassing and the sheriff’s office may be notified. Additional suspension may be imposed.

CFHS is a smoke-free campus. The possession or use of all tobacco products (e.g. cigarettes, chew, snuff) or smoking paraphernalia is
prohibited on school premises and adjacent properties at all times. On the first offense, the material will be confiscated, the students will be
sent to ISS, and parents will be notified. Future violations will result in suspension.

Students without legitimate reason to be on campus, students on suspension, and non-students/staff on Catalina Foothills High School
property or within the buildings will be removed unless they qualify as an approved visitor. Those persons who loiter on campus or who refuse
to leave when directed to do so will be referred to the sheriff’s offices and charges will be filed.

All threats of violence, whether oral, written, or symbolic, against students, staff or to school facilities are prohibited. All such threats will be
promptly investigated and reported to the local law enforcement agency as required by law. Threats issued and delivered while away from
school or school activities may be grounds for disciplinary action if the threat impacts the orderly and efficient operation of the school.
Students engaging in threatening behavior will face disciplinary consequences up to and including expulsion.
The following factors will be considered in determining the extent to which a student will be disciplined for threatening behavior:
1. The background of the student, including any history of violence or prior threatening behavior.
2. The student’s access to weapons of any kind.
3. The circumstances surrounding the threat.
4. The age of the student.
5. The mental and emotional maturity of the student.
6. The cooperation of the student and his/her parent(s)/ guardian(s) during the investigation.
7. The existence of a juvenile or criminal history.
8. The degree of legitimate alarm or concern in the school community created by the threat.
9. Any other relevant information from any credible source.

Any student who has been threatened or who is aware of potential acts of violence should notify a staff member immediately.

Students in possession of knives, guns, martial arts devices, clubs, explosive devices or any other objects which could be construed as
detrimental to self or others are in violation of school rules, district policy and civil law. Catalina Foothills High School will not tolerate weapons
on campus. Students who are in possession of such objects will be recommended for a long-term suspension/expulsion hearing and the
sheriff’s office will be notified



Dances and other social functions are held to provide an enjoyable form of entertainment for students and guests. The following rules apply:

1. Students must present a Catalina Foothills High School student I.D. card for admission.
2. Administrative adherence to the dress code is somewhat relaxed for the winter formal and the prom. For example, strapless gowns
are usually acceptable. However, immodest and indecent attire is NOT acceptable. Students who are dressed inappropriately will
not be admitted to the dance.
3. The starting and ending times of the dance are advertised in advance. The decision for student arrival and departure time rests with
the student and the parent/guardian. Students will be allowed to leave the venue early, but are NOT allowed to return. Security
remains on duty 30 minutes after the dance ends.
4. School rules will be enforced and all school-sponsored events are alcohol and drug free whether or not they are held on campus.
Students and/or their guests may be required to submit to a Breathalyzer and/or have their belongings searched if there is
reasonable suspicion of possession or use of illegal substance. Violators will be subject to disciplinary measures and possible
5. Each CFHS student is allowed one guest to each dance. Guests must be signed up on the form available at the House
Coordinator’s desk no later than noon on the Friday of or immediately preceding the dance and is subject to the approval of the
House Leader. If a guest is not signed up by that time, a parent of the host must appear in person to sign in the guest at the ticket
table at the dance. A phone call or note is not sufficient.
6. CFHS students are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

The Catalina Foothills School District believes that a dynamic program of extracurricular activities is vital to the educational development of the

Interscholastic athletics function as integral part of the total curriculum promoting opportunities to develop positive relationships and good
will, to promote self-realization, all-around growth and good citizenship qualities.
Fall Winter Spring
Cheerleading Basketball Baseball
Cross Country Soccer Softball
Football Wrestling Tennis
Cheerleading Track & Field
Swimming & Diving Volleyball - Boys
Volleyball - Girls

Other AIA Activities: Band/Orchestra Speech & Debate Chess

Choir Color/Winter Guard

The purpose of Catalina Foothills High School athletics is to provide competitive extracurricular sports opportunities. To insure eligibility of our
students we must recognize that academic education is first and foremost. Students will be eligible for extracurricular activities based upon
performance in their classes. During each grading period students must attain a passing grade in all classes in order to maintain eligibility.
The following rules will be used to determine eligibility: checks will be done weekly thereafter to determine eligibility.

Quarter/Semester Grading Periods:

a. A student who has received at least one “F” at this report period will be deemed ineligible for interscholastic competition for a minimum
of one week, and must include at least 2 days of competitions. A student must be of passing status in all classes at the end of this
time period to regain eligibility. If they are not, they will go on a week-to-week grade check until they regain passing status. Grade
checks will be done on a weekly basis by the Athletic Department. The student/athlete may continue to practice with the team.
b. A student who has received an “I” may regain eligibility to compete as soon as the grade is passing, as verified by the individual
teacher. The student/athlete may continue to practice with the team.
c. As student my not withdraw from a class to circumvent the eligibility policy. A recorded grade of “W” will be treated as an “F”.
Eligibility will be verified by the Athletic Director’s office. Head coaches will be notified from the Athletic Director’s office regarding a
student/athletes eligibility.

Published regularly in the Falcon Flyer (view on-line at

Although CFHS graduation requirements far exceed the NCAA Division I and II minimum academic requirements, it remains important that all
potential college athletes coordinate with their counselor to ensure they will meet NCAA Clearinghouse eligibility.

Bus transportation is provided for students subject to Catalina Foothills District policies. The following safety rules apply at anytime that a
student is a passenger on a district vehicle. Any student who endangers the safety or well being of others will be removed from the bus
immediately and denied transportation. Referrals from a bus driver for misconduct may result in loss of bus privileges or more serious
1. The driver has absolute authority while students are on the bus or waiting to board.
2. Students must board the bus in a single file line. The driver will open the door when students form a single line.
3. Students should always cross roads in front of the bus, never behind.
4. Wherever seat belts are provided, they must be used.
5. Students will conduct themselves in a manner that will not distract the driver’s concentration, or endanger the safety of themselves or
other students. Some examples of inappropriate conduct include yelling, standing when bus is in motion, use of profanity, tampering
with safety devices, vandalism, putting anything out of the window.
6. Eating, drinking, or chewing gum is not permitted.
7. Students must carry their school ID Card at all times. They may need to present it to the bus driver to ride the bus.
8. A student who is not authorized to ride a bus must get permission from his/her House Leader before attempting to ride a bus.
9. Students may never throw (or let fall from their hand) ANYTHING out of the bus. Such misconduct will result in a minimum of 5 days
suspension from bus service.

We believe that every high school student should have access to extracurricular programs which develop a sense of personal connectedness
to their school through activities which promote participation, interaction, competition and service.


Student activities at CFHS follow the athletic calendar and consist of three categories: After School Classes; Intramural Activities; and Student

After School Classes meet 1 to 4 days per week from 3:30 – 5:00 pm. These classes offer students a chance to explore new topics of interest,
continue study into subjects beyond what the regular school day can provide, and provide opportunities for students to participate in activities
not offered in the high school curriculum. Students can now take classes on-line at their-own-pace. Classes ranging from computer
programming to creative writing are offered every six weeks. Classes are created based upon student interest, are dependent on enrollment,
and may vary each trimester. Some examples of previously offered after school classes are:

AIMS Preparation Self-defense

Aerobic Kick boxing Jazz Band
Chess Drum Line
Debate Japanese
Drivers Education SAT Test Preparation
On-line Computer Courses Video Production
Modern Dance Study Skills/Time Management
Technical Theater Competency Triathlon Preparation
Volunteer Opportunities Mock Trial
Studio Art Yoga

At least one Intramural Activity is offered each trimester and typically meets from 3:30 – 5:00 pm. Intramural Activities are offered to enlarge
the scope of student participation in both athletic and academic endeavors. They provide students with the opportunity to improve basic skills
and experience athletic events in a less competitive, less demanding environment. Previously offered activities include:

Volleyball Tennis
Golf - Clinics Basketball
Ultimate Frisbee

Student Activity Information:
If you have questions or need further information about CFHS Student Activities, please contact the High School Community Schools
Coordinator at 209-8313.

The counseling office is located on the first floor of House 1. It is the desire of the CFHS counseling staff to help all students have a successful
and positive high school experience through careful educational planning, career/college exploration, decision-making, and personal problem
solving. Students may make an appointment to see a counselor during their free period by seeing the secretary in the counseling area.
Parents may leave messages on counselors’ voice mail or by calling the secretary at 209-8305.

Ongoing counseling activities throughout the school year:

• Student class schedule, graduation requirement information, and transfer credit information
• 504 conferences
• Student/parent/teacher conferences
• Personal contact with students
• Classroom guidance activities
• Intervention/Referral to appropriate services
• Terra Nova and AIMS testing
• PSAT, SAT, ACT, ASVAB assessments
• College planning
• NCAA applications
• Career exploration/development
• Matriculation and orientation of middle school students to high school

The Registrar is located in the counseling area in House 1. Please see the Registrar for any of the following:
• Registration for new students
• Transferring to another school/withdrawing
• Address changes/verification
• Records
• Transcripts
• Copies of report cards and related information


Students may use cash or charge purchases to an account using their ID card. Students will establish an account during check-in in August.
Additional deposits should be made directly with Food Services. Deposits made after 8:30 a.m. of any given school day will not be credited to
that day’s account total. Students who wish to bring their own lunches may store them in their lockers. Refrigerators are not available for
student use. The following behaviors are expected of students in the cafeteria at meals times:
1. ID cards may not be loaned to other students for use. If a student wishes to allow another student to use his/her card for a purchase,
s/he must accompany that student through the line.
2. Drinks should be covered with lids, which are available in the serving area.
3. Students are expected to clean up their own tables and to remove trays, utensils, etc. to the cleanup window area. Students who fail
to do so may have clean up duty assigned, removal of cafeteria privileges, or other disciplinary consequences.
4. Non-disposable dinnerware is not to be taken outside the cafeteria. Students who wish to eat on the plaza should request styrofoam
plates, etc. from the servers.
5. Eating on the plaza is a privilege. Failure to dispose of litter in an appropriate or proper manner could result in the loss of this privilege
for the entire student body.
6. Call-ins (pizza delivery, etc.) are not permitted.
7. By Governing Board policy, CFHS is a closed campus. Students who leave campus at meal times will have disciplinary consequences
that may include loss of parking privileges.
8. Students who do not abide by cafeteria rules may lose cafeteria privileges.
9. The cafeteria is run by an independent corporation so disciplinary infractions could result in legal action.


There are several beverage vending machines on campus for the enjoyment of all. Please take care of them. Proceeds from the sales of
these machines go directly to a student activities account. The offices do not carry change for the machines. If there is a problem, students
should report it to the main office. Machines are turned off when the cafeteria is selling meals.

The Health Office is located at the south side of the Administration Building, just inside the main gate. Students who become ill should first
report to class and then receive a pass to go to the Health Office. Students who are ill may not leave campus without checking out through the
Health Office.

Students may not have prescription or over the counter medications (O.T.C.) in their possession during the school day. The medicine must be
prescribed by the young person’s Arizona health care prescriber and accompanied by the “Request for Giving Medication at School” form
signed by the parent or guardian. Medication must be brought to the Health Office in the original container, labeled with the student’s name,
date, dosage and time it is to be given. Medication will be administered in the presence of the Health Assistant or School Nurse.

When the licensed health care prescriber feels it is necessary for the student to carry and self-administer medication, the licensed health care
prescriber shall provide written recommendations to be attached to the signed “Request for Giving Medication at School” form.

The Health Office requires each student to have a completed and signed Emergency Card and Health History form. This information is
needed for the student’s health folder to provide appropriate care on a daily and an emergency basis. Parents/guardians should notify the
school nurse if the student has a serious medical condition. Before students are allowed to attend school, all immunization records must be up
to date per Arizona state law. Parents should be sure to check that their son or daughter’s immunization record is complete.


Computer labs are located adjacent to the LIC and in each house. Unless otherwise noted, labs in the LIC are open from 7:45 AM until 4:15
PM. The multimedia lab is available for students’ use upon showing CFHS ID. PC and Macintosh computers as well as multimedia equipment
are available in the LIC. Access to the multimedia lab is through the main entrance to the LIC.
When using any of the labs, please observe the following:
1. Food or drink is not permitted.
2. Software from outside the school may not be installed or used in the labs. Rare exceptions are granted only by the media specialist,
Allen Haeger.
3. No games other than school provided educational games.
4. Computers and related equipment may not be borrowed for off campus use.
5. Work stations may not be monopolized.
6. Classes have priority over students who wish to use the lab during free periods.

Internet is available to students and staff. The District’s goal is “to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation,
and communication.” In using the Internet while on campus, students agree that they have personal responsibility to avoid misuse, and that
they will abide by the acceptable use policy. Misuse includes messages sent or received that indicate or suggest pornography and obscenity,
unethical or illegal solicitation or activities, racism, sexism, inappropriate language”. Labs are so posted.

LIC (Library Information Center)

Hours: (Unless posted otherwise)
Monday/ Tuesday/Thursday 7:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Wednesday 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM.
Friday 7:30 A.M. – 2:15 P.M.

The LIC is the hub of all information activities for the high school. It exists to serve the students, faculty and staff by providing resources and
services that are needed for a successful learning experience.

The LIC has five main areas: The main floor with books, media and computers; the professional collection and conference room in the
southwest corner; the computer lab to the north; the multi media lab to the north; and the television studio off the media lab.

Any student may use the LIC during open hours providing there is adequate room. Two classes at a time may book space in the LIC.
Remember, these rules must be observed or you will be asked to leave:
• Food & drink are not permitted.
• Loud talking is disruptive to others and is unacceptable.
• Treat the books and furniture with care. Do not move rolling chairs from the computers.
• Misuse/abuse of LIC equipment may result in disciplinary action.

Students always need a proper CFHS ID card to borrow any materials from the LIC or from the circulation desk. Students are responsible for
all items borrowed on the card!

Books may be checked out for a maximum of three weeks. Videos and periodicals circulate for one week. Reference materials may be
checked out daily after 7th period and must be returned before school the following day.


It is illegal to make or distribute copies of copyrighted software without authorization. Violation of the law may not only result in a civil suit but
also in fines up to $100,000 and a jail term of up to five years.

Students with a special project should schedule working time with the computer technician or media specialist. School projects take priority
over personal projects.

The student body is represented by the Student Council and elected class officers. Students are elected at large and by grade level.
Appointments for positions are made by a committee of student council officers. The following students are the 2007-2008 officers:


President: Soleil Schwabe
VP: Garrett Voge
Secretary: Andrew McLeod
Treasurer: Stephanie Marks

Class of 2009 Officers

President: Michael Tringali
VP Jimmy Larson
Secretary: Jessica Larson
Treasurer: Emma Kleiner

Senators: Austin Smiley, Melissa Lim, Melinda Gee, Becky Hall, Laura Stussie, Houston Traher, Hannah Bergeron

Class of 2010 Officers

President: Lizzy Roman
VP: Robert Blair
Treasurer: Mia Wright
Secretary: Elinor Brereton

Senators: Bonnie Segal, Kayla Garcia, A.J. Tomiak, Soinneah Monks, Bryn Nisbit, Jose Ruiz, Chase Alfred

Class of 2011 Officers

President: Kate Bradley
VP: Charlene Kim
Treasurer: Harrison Lutio
Secretary: Ian Choi

Senators: Katie Ciaccio, Theresa Huckleberry, Chloe Bosmeny, Kalli Harshman, Katy Graves, Kenna Hodeaux, Grace Tooley

Class of 2012 Officers

Elections TBA Fall of 2008