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Program Wide Positive Behavior Support

Leadership Team
Action Planning Form

School Name: Mary Go Round Date: Tuesday, November 2

Leadership Team Members: Mary, Richard, Melissa, Joe _hion planning Formrt
1. Team has regular Team meetings will be held Whole Team
meetings. Team at 6:00 pm on the 1st
meetings are scheduled Tuesday of the month.
at least 1x per month
for a minimum of 1
hour. Team member
attendance is
Benchmark #3
2. Family input is solicited *Roll out on December 8th. Ms. Mary/ Ms. Melissa/ Mr.
as part of the planning * Break Room will be Richard/ Mr. Joe
process. Families are opened to display PBS
informed of the Materials.
initiative and asked to *Tucker Turtle Technique
provide feedback on will be passed out with a
program-wide adoption Turtle Craft.
and mechanisms for *Nachos and Sprite Punch
promoting family will be served.
involvement in the *Info and Brochures will be
initiative. given to families.

3. Teachers and program *Through coaching the Ms. Mary/ Ms. Melissa/ Mr.
staff respond to staff as needed Richard/ Mr. Joe
children’s problem *Team Staff Meetings
behavior appropriately *Process of Accreditation
using evidence-based will drive this as well
approaches that are
positive and provide the
child with guidance
Program Wide Positive Behavior Support
August 2009
about the desired
appropriate behavior

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Program Wide Positive Behavior Support

August 2009