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Rahul Jain

Fall 2011
MS Computer Science


Think comfort, think vacations, think shopping, think family activities in fact
think of all that you always wanted to do but could not because you had so
little time; now think robots! And there you have it all! Advances in the field of
artificial intelligence have impacted several fields from space exploration to
the medical field. Artificial intelligence engineered machines will soon replace
most manual work. True to its promise of revolutionizing the world, the world
of Computer Science has and will continue to transform the way we look at our
work and even leisure. Today technology which has wide applications has
stormed into our life impacting it tangibly and within it the sphere of AI has
made us believe that we have what we think about! The field continues to
fascinate me and today I am keen to pursue a career in AI/Gaming and it is
your university tat I am looking at to fulfill my dreams.

As we move on into the 21st century, technology translates to power in the

widest sense of the term, offering unlimited opportunities to the determined
and persevering individual. It is to find the answers to the many queries which
I have allowed to burgeon in my mind and which I am convinced lie ahead in a
more refined, disciplined and focused education that I seek to complement my
existing scholastic knowledge with an MS degree. What excites me most is the
dynamically propulsive, continuous learning and refinement that has become a
part of my academic pursuit. My unlimited interaction with the amazing
machines, the computers dictate my daily routine and I cannot imagine going
through a single day without them. Having grown with the influx of technology
in India, pursuing an education in the field of engineering has been a constant
gratifying experience for me. The intense enthusiasm which I harbored for the
field continued to attract me and today, I am glad to see myself aspiring to be
a world-class computer technologist.

At the undergraduate course for IT from the Thakur College of Engineering and
Technology, I rediscovered my unhidden passion for creativity which prompted
me to explore my potential in Artificial Intelligence. The more I ventured into
this area the more intrigued I was with the process. Though I enjoyed group
discussions, seminars and paper presentations it was project work that
stimulated me the most. At the threshold of graduate study; I am faced with
the true challenges of being a part of one of the largest career fields of my
time. A field which will definitely offer stiff competition and I must be
adequately, rather, superlatively prepared to face the new technology
revolutions which will happen on almost every day of my professional career.

The undergraduate years were fun, educative and experimental. Being an

active student, keen to learn at every given opportunity, I endeavored to excel
in both academic and nonacademic areas. My eager participation and
willingness to discover and ascertain virtually all concepts related to the field
both theoretically as well as experimentally, made me a regular at all
seminars, paper presentations and similar technical activities. I enjoyed the
tasks at hand and won laurels for my team and myself during the several
Rahul Jain
Fall 2011
MS Computer Science

projects that were assigned to me. “Computer Bazaar” was my first project and
was completed in ASP.Net with database as MS SQL. The aim of the project
was to sell computer hardware, laptops and assembled computers. The project
was a highlight in my academic pursuits. Thereafter my confidence became my
best friend and I took on my second project with enthusiasm. Titled “Sharefile”
it was developed in; the aim was to share any type of file through this
software. The popularity of both the projects was a real morale booster.

As I look back I realize that in many ways my projects which were well
appreciated, as well as my several co- curricular activities have provided me
with numerous enriching experiences, building up my confidence, teamwork
and interpersonal skills, adding to my overall development of a strong, mature,
focused and sensitive individual. Apart from my academic interests I enjoy
myself most when I am competing for excellence be it in the academic or the
co- curricular field. I am also passionate about Cricket, soccer and computer

Like all individuals striving for excellence in their particular fields I too am
working towards carving a niche for myself in this area. With my short term
goal being the transfer of all my theoretical skills and knowledge to my
practical applications which would definitely further my interests in the field
and support my aspirations of becoming a competent and proficient computer
professional in the future. My work experience of over four years with an IT
firm has provided me important insight into the subject. Here I have been
engaged in two projects. One project deals with the medical domain where I
have been busy developing software for MRI machines in renowned company
like Patni Computer Systems. In the second project I have been developing
client–server software for trading and brokerage solutions with Financial
Technologies. The technology that I have used is C++, VC++ and SQL. For the
first project which was for the Toshiba Medical System Corporation, Japan gave
me the opportunity to visit Japan where I worked at the Toshiba campus for
over six months.

It is often said that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride-well, that was
then and now in the 21st century the hard work, resolve and perseverance of
the focused and determined mind has changed the equation several times
over to make it say that wishes are those horses which the indomitable men
will undeniably ride. I aspire to venture into the brilliantly illuminated world of
Computer Science on which lies the onus of providing man with a life of
superior ease, leisure and comfort, and while the world continues to grow more
computer dependent for information and communication across the planet, it
has become increasingly possible to do so in a fast, safe and accurate way, all
with the never ending and ongoing ontogenesis and progress in this field.

The first decade of the current century is over. The need for more proliferated
and advanced technology has been felt to give in the increasing demands of
the society. Desirous of contributing to these very needs I seek your guidance
and support in emerging a competent, dedicated and successful computer
engineer. I hope you will not disappoint me.
Rahul Jain
Fall 2011
MS Computer Science