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Subject: Diplomatic Immunity

Jeffrey Liang (Huefeng) v. People

G.R. no. 125865
January 28, 2000

Petitioner Jeffrey Liang is an economist employed with the Asian Development Bank
(ADB). He was charged with two counts of grave oral defamation before the Metropolitan Trial
Court (MeTC) of Mandaluyong City. The MeTC judge then received an “office protocol” from
the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) stating that Lian is covered by immunity, thus,
immune from suits which resulted to the dismissal of his case.

Does Jeffrey Lian have diplomatic immunity?

None. The mere invocation of the immunity clause does not ipso facto result in the
dropping of charges. It is also not absolute unless done in an official capacity. In the case at bar,
slandering a person is not encompassed to be granted immunity because our laws do not allow
commission of a crime, such as defamation, in his official capacity. Hence the petition is denied.