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Diversified Portfolio Management Invest â Structured Finance

DPM Invest structured finance practice is interdisciplinary, drawing on the expe

rtise of lawyers in the areas of banking, corporate finance and securities law,
secured transactions, tax, bankruptcy and banking regulation. The partners who
practice in this area have available to them partners specializing in tax, bank
ruptcy, bank regulatory and intellectual property practice areas to assist in th
e structuring and execution of complex structured transactions.
DPM Invest has been involved since the inception of the structured finance marke
t in the structuring and documentation of a broad range of transactions in this
area, including financing structures utilizing arbitrage arrangements, trade acc
ounts receivable, credit card receivables, intellectual property, retail and dea
ler floor plan automobile loans, real estate assets, commercial bank loans, leve
raged credits, government obligations, future receivables, cell towers, commerci
al aircraft leases, rental car cash flows, franchise receivables, collateralized
debt obligations, synthetic collateralized debt obligations and other financia
l assets.
DPM Invest's experience in the area has evolved in the forefront of the structur
ed finance market. Because of the depth of its expertise, DPM Invest frequently
is called upon by investment and commercial banks to develop and document new p
roducts and structures. DPM Invest has participated in structured transactions w
hich were among the first involving asset-backed commercial paper, bank credit

cardreceivables, private label credit card receivables, intellectual property, w

holesale automobile dealer floor plan loans, heavy equipment sales receivables,
insurance premium loan receivables, trade receivable backed preferred stock, the
public offering of asset-backed securities by the U.S. subsidiary of a foreign
corporation, debtor-in-possession asset backed financing, securitization in the
international capital markets, including future flow transactions and assets sou
rced in emerging markets catastrophe bonds and synthetic risk linked securities.

DPM Invest has also assisted in the organization of special purpose entities to
serve as conduits for the issuance of asset-backed securities.
Clients in the structured finance area include issuers (including in connection
with investments made by the DPM Invest private equity clients in portfolio comp
anies) and investment and commercial banks.
Diversified Portfolio Management Invest specializes in the marketing of private
equity investment opportunities to the entire universe of investors in Alternati
ves. It represents a limited number of managers with differentiated strategies,
generally, on an exclusive basis. Managers are selected based on their performan
ce, backgrounds and management skills.
Our historic success in attracting quality members and managers has facilitated
the development of our strong relationships and excellent reputation among inves
tors in Alternative Strategies. We believe that this foundation has set the stag
e for efficient and successful capital raising efforts in the years ahead.
We believe that the quality of DPM Invest relationship with individual members a
nd investors, coupled with consequent understanding of their manager requirement
s increases the likelihood that capital inflows will increase and the likelihood
of redemptions will be reduced.