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Character Requirements

Penal Clearance Certificates

Everyone who wishes to enter Australia is required to be of Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland,
good character. Syria, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, United Arab
In order for the Australian Government to determine whether Emirates, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
you are of good character, you may be asked to provide a
police certificate. Unless otherwise advised by the SOUTH AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN
Department of Immigration and Citizenship (the Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas,
department), police certificates are not required for Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Cayman
persons under the age of 16 years. Islands, Chile (Republic of), Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba,
Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador,
This form explains how to obtain a police certificate. Please French Guyana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana,
check the list of countries and areas below. If you have lived Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mayotte, Mexico,
in any one of them for a total of one year or more in the last 10 Montserrat, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama,
years, you must get a police certificate from the authorities in Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St
that country or area. Vincent & The Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago,
Turks & Caicos, Uruguay, Venezuela, Virgin Islands
If a country is not listed, please contact the nearest office of (British).
the department for further information.
Police certificates are often only available to current residents Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus,
or to citizens. Where these restrictions apply, it will be Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia,
indicated under the relevant country. For some countries, Cyprus (Republic of), Cyprus (Turkish occupied areas),
different procedures are shown for residents and Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France,
non-residents. Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy,
Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein,
Note: The term ‘residents’ under each country listing refers to Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia (Former Yugoslav
applicants who are currently residing in that particular Republic of), Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco,
country. Montenegro (Republic of), Netherlands (The), Norway,
Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, San
Details shown are subject to change without notice by the Marino, Serbia (Republic of), Slovak Republic, Slovenia,
authorities of the relevant country, and the Australian Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey,
government can take no responsibility for their accuracy. Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom,
United States of America, Uzbekistan, Vatican City.
All details concerning you that are provided to the Australian
government by a foreign government or law enforcement ASIA/PACIFIC
authority will be treated as confidential. For further details, see Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam,
information form 993i, Safeguarding your personal Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, China (People’s Republic of,
information. This form is available on the department’s The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and
website Macau), East Timor, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, India,
Indonesia, Japan, Kiribati, Korea (Republic of), Laos,
COUNTRIES AND AREAS WHERE POLICE CERTIFICATES Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands (Republic of),
MUST BE OBTAINED BY VISA APPLICANTS Micronesia (Federated States of), Myanmar, Nauru, Nepal,
New Caledonia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New
AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST Guinea, Philippines, Samoa (US), Samoa (Western),
Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand,
Cameroon, Cape Verde, Comoros, Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Wallis & Futuna.
Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea,
Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Israel, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, If a country or area is not listed, please contact the
Kuwait, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, nearest departmental office for further information
Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia,
Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Reunion, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia,

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AFGHANISTAN Phone 244 22233 8375
Relevant document – ‘Certificate’ Provide I.D. Book
Apply Residents should apply with Interior Ministry, Fee Payable
Government of Afghanistan and then the ANGUILLA
certificate has to be attested by the Ministry of Apply in person or by mail to The Commissioner of
Foreign Affairs. Police
Apply Non-residents to their nearest Afghan At Police Headquarters
consulate/embassy. Client may be asked to The Valley, Anguilla
complete a few prescribed forms and pay the Phone 809 497 2333
processing fee. Provide full name and alias(es), place(s) of
Fee Payable residence(s), purpose of the request and passport
Form apply in writing enclosing a letter of details
introduction from the department Fee payable


Relevant document – ‘Certificate of the Judicial Apply Residents and Non-residents
status’ (Vertetim i Gjendjes Gjyqesore) At Criminal Records Office
Apply application with a copy of an ID document Police Headquarters
(birth certificate, family certificate or ID card) American Road
At local post office in Albania in person or St Johns, Antigua
through any relative or friend Phone 462 0125 (local calls)
Fee payable (809) 462 2095 (overseas calls)
Form obtained at post office. The completed form Residents
must be signed by the applicant Provide Valid passport
ALGERIA Provide copy of birth certificate, a list of places and
Resident and Non-resident citizens dates of residence in Antigua and Barbuda, two
Relevant document – ‘Judicial Certificate’ (Certificat passport-type photos, a full set of fingerprints taken by
du Casier Judiciaire) a recognised police authority
Apply Ministry of Justice Fee payable
Tribunal Office Department (Wilaya) in place
of residence in Algeria ARGENTINA
Relevant document – ‘Certificado de Antecedentes
ANDORRA Penales’
Relevant document – ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ Apply Residents in person to the Registro Nacional
(Certificat de Bonne Conduite) de Reincidencia Tucuman 1353, Capital Federal –
Apply in person or by mail to Buenos Aires or Registro Provincial de las Personas
La Battlie, Website:
Avenue Tarragona 62 Edefici Les Columnes Provide Document of National Identity (DNI)
Andorre La Vieille Apply Non-residents in person at the Argentine
Principaute D’Andorre Consulate or provide form 80 (including DNI number)
Provide copy of identity card, passport or residence with Original Consent form (signed and witnessed) to
card Processing Office.
Fee payable Provide DNI number must be included on form 80
and Consent form signed and witnessed
ANGOLA Fee payable
Relevant document – Criminal Record Form form 80 available from the department or
Apply Residents in person website:
At Department of Justice

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Note clearances issued by any other authority will AZERBAIJAN
not be accepted Relevant document – ‘Police certificate’
Apply Residents Administration of Operational
ARMENIA Statistic Information of Ministry of Interior
Relevant document – ‘Police certificates’ (certificate At 7 Gusi Gadjieva Street Baku 370005
of existence/absence of criminal record) Phone (99412) 986396, 909285
Apply Residents in person to Consular Non-residents through relatives in Azerbaijan, or by
Administration of Ministry for Foreign Affairs mail as above, or to Moscow, or nearest Consulate of
At Government House Azerbaijan Republic
2 Republic Square Provide passport or ‘query’ with indication of name,
Yerevan 375010 patronymic, surname, maiden name, date
Phone (3741) 523531. Fax 151042 and place of birth, purpose of stay in Azerbaijan
Non-residents through relatives in Armenia Form standard ‘query’ or free form of ‘query’
or to nearest Armenian Embassy or
Consulate in India, Syria or Beirut BAHAMAS
Provide: passport (copy not acceptable) Relevant Document - Police Character Certificate
Fee payable Apply Residents in person
Form on application At any police station/division in Bahamas
Provide: Bahamian applicant must be in possession
AUSTRALIA of a passport, drivers license or voters cards to apply.
Relevant document – ’National Police Check’ Non-Bahamian applicant must be in possession of a
Applicants who are required to provide an Australian valid passport.
penal clearance certificate must complete the Applicants who require fingerprint checks should apply
National Police Check Application Form which is in person at the Criminal Records Office, Thompson
available from the Australian Federal Police website. Boulevard so that their fingerprint can be scanned on the application, and certificate can be ready on the
application-form.ashx pick-up date. A passport, drivers license or voters card
Apply by mail to must be submitted for identification before fingerprints
AFP Criminal Records are checked.
At Locked Bag 8550 Applicants who applied for their certificates at a
CANBERRA CITY ACT 2601 particular station will collect them from the same
Fee For details of the charges payable, see station where they applied except where a fingerprint
National Police Checks - Australian Federal Police
check is required. The certificate will be collected from
Note Fingerprints are not required Use Code 33
the Criminal Records Office, Thompson Boulevard.
when completing this form.
Apply Non-residents in writing or online
At Royal Bahamas Police Force
AUSTRIA Headquarters
Relevant document – ‘Certificate of the Penal East Street
Registry’ (Strafregisterbescheinigung) PO Box N 458
Apply Residents Nassau, Bahamas
Bundespolizeikommisariat or Bezirkhauptmanschaft Website: Royal Bahamas Police Force
At the police station or local government at last Provide: Overseas applicants, in addition to the
registered residential address information submitted, must forward a set of fingerprint
Apply Non-residents in person at the nearest and copies of the first four pages of a valid passport
Austrian Embassy or Consulate plus mailing cost before the certificate can be issued.
Provide: passport or Austrian ID with photograph Fee Payable (cheque and international money
Fee payable order payable to Bahamas Public Treasury)
Form from local police station/local government, Form Obtained on application or online at
Austrian representatives abroad or

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BAHRAIN White & Walcott Building
Relevant document – ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ Pinfold Street
Apply Residents in person or by mail to the Bridgetown, St. Michael.
Ministry of Interior By mail:
Public Security The Commissioner of Police
Criminal Investigation Directorate Police Headquarters
Non-residents in person to any Bahraini BNB Building
Embassy James Street
Provide: Residents copy of passport with Bridgetown, St. Michael,
information pages and the pages with Bahraini BARBADOS
resident stamps, 2 passport size photos, non-glossy Apply Non-residents by mail
with a blue background, full set of fingerprints taken at At The Commissioner of Police
local police Police Headquarters
station, must have police stamp on card containing BNB Building
fingerprints. Copy of CBR card or CBR number. James Street
Non-residents copy of current and all previous Bridgetown, St. Michael,
passports that contain Bahraini residence permits, BARBADOS
copy of latest Bahraini resident permit, 3 non-glossy Provide: Barbados Identification Card or passport,
passport size photos with a blue background. Copy of self-addressed envelope with sufficient return postage
CBR card or CBR number. (if applying by mail). A set of original fingerprints taken
Form to be completed and signed by the applicant by competent authorities (Police Department) with an
at the Embassy official stamp or seal attached. For persons living in
Fee payable the United Kingdom, requests for fingerprinting should
be made to the Scotland Yard.
BANGLADESH Form Application form available on Ministry of
Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade :: Barbados (under
Relevant document – ‘Police Clearance Certificate’
Travel Advice – Travelling Abroad)
Apply Resident citizens contact local police
Apply in the form of a letter including the following
Resident non-citizens contact Ministry of
Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Dhaka
Full name of applicant (Females must include all
Non-resident citizens contact local police
names: maiden names, surnames carried in previous
station in Bangladesh via a relative/friend or
marriages etc), date of birth, address while in
via nearest Bangladeshi overseas mission
Barbados, dates of arrival in and departure from
Non-resident non-citizens write to MFA or
Barbados (for non-nationals). Period of time spent
approach nearest Bangladeshi mission,
outside of Barbados, if the period is six (6) months or
which will forward request to MFA Dhaka
longer ( for nationals)
Provide: Resident citizens, resident non-citizens
Fee Payable
and non-resident citizens upon application,
authorities will advise what information/
documents should be provided, if any BELARUS
Non-resident non-citizens a photograph Relevant document – ‘Police certificate’
plus full personal details including addresses in Apply Residents in person to Central Information
Bangladesh and Analytical Administration of the Ministry of Interior
At Minsk or any regional city
BARBADOS Non-residents in person or by mail to nearest Belarus
Embassy in country of residence, or via relatives in
Relevant Document – ‘Police Certificate of Character’
Belarus, or by mail to:
Apply Residents
Ministry of Interior
At In person:
Gorodskoy val, 2 Minsk
Bridgetown Division of the Royal Police Force

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Provide: passport original or certified copy, Hamilton
application HMCX Bermuda
Phone 222 2665 Provide: full name, including previous names and
addresses in Bermuda, present and previous
BELGIUM nationalities/citizenship, date and place of birth, date
Relevant document – ‘Extract from Judicial Record’ of arrival in Bermuda and date of departure,
(Extrait du Casier Judiciaire [French], ‘Uittreksel uit het occupations and places of employment in Bermuda,
Strafregister’ [Flemish]) written request from Australian office or post for the
Apply by fax (0032 2 552 27 82) police certificate
At 115 Bld de Waterloo Note Certificates may need to be released directly
1000 Bruxelles to the Australian office or post
Provide: (i) If applying in person: a passport or BOLIVIA
Belgian ID card Relevant document – Certificado de Antecedentes
(ii) If applying by mail from Belgium: a Apply Residents in person to Policia Nacional
signed letter providing full name (with Dirección Nacional de Fiscalización y Recaudaciones
Non-residents must appoint a Notary Public or a
pre-marital name if applicable), date and
friend/relative living in Bolivia with power of attorney to
place of birth, address in Belgium and request a penal clearance certificate on their behalf at
reason for request Policia Nacional Dirección Nacional de Fiscalización y
(iii) If applying by mail from outside Belgium: Recaudaciones
a letter signed by each applicant giving full At the nearest Policia Tecnica Judicial
names in capital letters, all given names, Fee payable
date and place of birth, nationality and
reason for request, a copy of passport or BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA
identity document Relevant Document – Certificate of non-conviction
Fee none payable (no need to provide coupons) (Uvjerenje o nekaznjavanju)
Apply Residents Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP)
BELIZE at place of residence or place of birth
Apply Immigration Office AND
At Barrack Road Municipal court at place of residence (Opcinski
Belize City sud/Osnovni sud)
Provide: full name (including former name(s) if Non residents Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) at
applicable), date and place of birth, passport place of last residence or place of birth; in person or
number, period of residence in Belize, a set authority may be given to a relative, friend or lawyer in
of fingerprints and 3 photographs Bosnia to act on applicant’s behalf
Fee payable AND
Municipal court (Opcinski sud/Osnovni sud) at place of
BERMUDA last residence: in person or authority may be given to
Relevant document – Police certificate a relative, friend or lawyer in Bosnia to act on
Apply Residents in person applicant’s behalf
At Police Headquarters Provide: ID card, birth certificate or citizenship
Administration Department certificate
10 Headquarters Hill Fee payable
Prospect Devonshire, DV 02 Form application form, requiring full applicant’s
BERMUDA details, obtainable at police station or court
Apply Non-residents in writing
At Bermuda Police Headquarters
Administration Building
PO Box HM 530

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BOTSWANA Apply Non-residents can ask a representative in
Apply Criminal Records Bureau Brunei Darussalam to obtain a clearance on their
At Private Bag 0400 behalf. If this is not possible, the applicant should
Piot 22117 approach the Brunei Darussalam mission in their
Gabarone country of
BOTSWANA residence to apply. See website for
Provide: full name, date and place of birth, dates of details
residence in Botswana. New set of fingerprints, a Provide: a letter stating full name, date of birth,
letter explaining your request, certified copies of address, purpose of application, period of stay in
your work/residence permit in Botswana, certified Brunei, details of employment in Brunei (if applicable),
copies of your passports showing entry and exit into a copy of current passport and a copy of identity card
and out of Botswana. If you are outside of Botswana, stating
these documents have to be sent to the nearest the colour (if still available)
Botswana High Commission to forward to the Fee payable
Botswana Police.
BRAZIL Relevant document – ‘Conviction Status Certificate’
Relevant document – Applicants must provide three (Svidetelstvo za Sudimost)
(3) different types of penal certificate(‘Atestado de Apply Resident citizens local Court in area of
Antecedentes Criminais’) residence (under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of
Apply Residents in person to the office of the Justice)
• ‘Secretaria da Seguranca Publica’ Non-resident citizens in person at a Bulgarian
• “Justice Federal’ and Embassy or Consulate in the area of residence
• “Policia Federal’ Fee payable
in the state/city of residence for the previous ten
Non-residents (or applicants who are unable to apply Relevant Document – Casier Judiciaire
in person) can give power of attorney (Procuração) to Apply Greffier en Chef du Tirbunal
a relative/friend to obtain the document on their behalf. de Grande Instance
The power of attorney needs to specify the reason for 01 BP 526
the request and be accompanied by a certified copy of Ouagadougou 01
the applicant’s National ID card Province du Kadiogo
Fee nil Burkina Faso
Provide Applicants must also provide certified Phone +226 50 32 42 17
copies of National ID card (both sides), Brazilian tax Provide: birth certificate, revenue stamp of
card (CPF) and passport biodata page to the DIAC 200 Francs, registration fee of 125 Francs.
Processing Office. Original penal clearance must also Note Police clearances cannot be obtained
be professionally translated. outside Burkina Faso. Police certificates issued within
Burkina Faso are only valid for a period of 3 months
Relevant document – ‘Police Certificate of Good BURMA (MYANMAR)
Conduct’ Relevant document – Police Clearance/
Apply Residents in person to: Recommendation free of criminal offence
Director of Criminal Investigation Department Apply in person to the local township police office
Commissioner of Police, Provide: proof of identity (resident: NRC, resident
Police Headquarters Gadong, non-citizen: passport)
Bandar Seri Begawan, Fee payable
Negara Brunei Darussalam BE 1710
Phone 673 245 9500 ext 324

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BURUNDI Certified Criminal Record Verification (for residents
Relevant document – Extract of Police Record with prior record or non-residents with or without
Apply Resident and non-resident citizens prior record)
Commisariat General de le Police Judiciare Apply Residents with no prior record in person to
At Police HQ local police or provincial police station.
BP417 Bujumbura Residents with prior record and Non-Residents
Burundi By mail to:
Note While applications by post will be accepted, RCMP
it is preferred that non-resident citizens have a Civil Fingerprinting Services
Burundi resident apply in person at Police HQ PO Box 8885
Bujumbura on their behalf Ottawa, ON K1G 3M8
Provide: A letter of introduction and explanation of By courier to:
why the Police Certificate is required, 2 passport RCMP
photographs, certified copy of ID card, certified copy of National Police Services Building
passport if not living in Burundi Loading Dock #1
Fee BIF 1000 Information and Identification Services
Civil Fingerprinting Services
1200 Vanier Parkway
Apply Residents residing in Phnom Penh Website:
and non-citizens Provide : In Canada, you must have your fingerprints
At Ministry of Justice taken on form C-216C at your local police station or
Sothearos Blde private accredited fingerprinting agency. Depending on
Phnom Penh the police jurisdiction, a fee may be required.
Fee payable Outside Canada, contact the nearest police force
Apply Residents residing outside of which offers fingerprint forms from foreign countries
Phnom Penh that contain the following:
At Chief of Police of local police authority -rolled and flat impression of all ten fingers taken with
Fee payable black ink
-full name, date of birth and sex of the applicant
CAMEROON -the name and address of the police agency
Apply In person or they may request a family -the signature of the official taking the fingerprints
member to apply on their behalf. Note: Canadian embassies and consulates may not
At Provisional Court where person resides, in have adequate resources or facilities to provide this
Yaounde at Court of Justice and at Cameroon service.
Embassy or High Commission of country of resident. Fee payable
Non Residents – required to register their presence
and their departure to obtain a stamp in their passport Apply to Ministry of Justice
from the Commissioner of Police in the town where At Praia
they reside – this stamp will only be placed in the
passport once a check has been run with the local
court and a clear record returned.
Apply Residents in person
Provide: document of identity, passport, forms
Non-residents by mail
obtained on application.
At Fingerprint Bureau
Fee Payable
Royal Cayman Islands
Central Police Station
Relevant document – Police Certificate for Visa George Town, Grand Cayman
Purposes (for residents with no prior record), OR

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CAYMAN ISLANDS, WEST INDIES (Journalist) visa classes. Holders of other classes of
Provide: full set of fingerprints taken by a recognised visa will need to enquire directly with the PSB for local
police authority, full name, date and place of birth, procedures to obtain police clearance certificates
citizenship(s) held, dates and places of residence in Note Application procedures may differ slightly
the Cayman Islands between different provinces, districts or cities.
Fee payable Applicants are encouraged to confirm the procedure
directly with the local PSB and/or Public Notary Office.
CHILE Obtain a notarised translation of the certificate.
Apply using form 80 Provide both the original and notarised translation of
At the departmental office/post processing the “No Criminal Convictions Certificate” to the office
your application processing the application.
Provide: proof of identity Fee: payable
Form form 80 from the department or website HONG KONG
CHINA, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF Relevant document – ‘Certificate of No Criminal
Relevant document – ‘Notary Certificate of No Conviction’ (CNCC)
Criminal Convictions’ Apply Hong Kong (SAR) Police Identification
Apply Applicants (or authorised person) must apply Bureau,
in person at the Notary Public Office in the Residents in person to the CNCC Office
province/city/district of previous residence in China. Non-residents by mail to
Obtain the “No Criminal Convictions Certificate” from The Commissioner of Police
the local police station. Application by mail will not be (Att: OIC CNCC)
accepted At 14/F, Arsenal House
Provide: Citizens original ID card, original Permanent Police Headquarters
Residence Registration (hukou) booklet, original ‘No 1 Arsenal Street, Wan Chai
Criminal Convictions’ certificate (wu fan zui zheng Hong Kong
ming) from the Personal Dossier Department, and Phone (852) 2860 6557 (local)
authorisation letter (if applying via a third party). To or (852) 2860 6558 (overseas)
obtain the ‘No Criminal Convictions’ certificate from Fax (852) 2200 4321
Personal Dossier Department, applicants must apply Provide: passport or Hong Kong ID card, original
with the following documents: original ID card, original and photocopy of the referral letter from the
file card (cun tang ka), and the authorisation letter (if departmental office processing your application.
applying via a third party) Fingerprints: Residents taken at interview, Non-
Non-citizens original passport (or copy of passport, residents must obtain and send fingerprints certified
original Temporary Residence Card (ju liu zheng) or (name, rank, full name of agency and date) by the
Temporary Residence Permit, original Police police
Clearance certificate (wu fan zui ji lu zheng ming) from agency of the country of residence. Applicants must
the Chinese Public Security Bureau (PSB), and firstly lodge their visa application. A letter of referral
authorisation letter (if applying via a third party cable). from the visa office requesting the clearance must be
To obtain the Police Clearance certificate from the issued before a clearance can be applied for and this
PSB, non-citizens must provide the following referral letter must be submitted when applying to the
documents: original passport(s) (or copy of passport(s) Hong Kong authorities
– including both the current passport and any old Fee payable
passports in which the Chinese visa was attached, a Form Residents obtained at a pre-arranged
letter from the work unit or university/school where the interview with HKP or can be downloaded from the
non-citizen worked or studied while in China, and an following website . The email
authorisation letter (if applying via a third party). The address for further info is
PSB will only issue Police Clearance certificates to Non-residents obtained from email above.
applicants with Z (Work), X (Student) and J1

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MACAU Provide: Birth certificate, passport and motivational
Relevant document – ‘Certificate of criminal record’ letter.
Apply Residents over 16 to: Fee Payable
Avenida da Praia Grande
No. 804 Edf China Plaza 1
Andar Macau CONGO
Non-residents over 16 to: Relevant document - Police Criminal Record
Avenida da Praia Grande Apply Residents in person
No. 804 Edf China Plaza 1 At Municipality of their area, Dept of Home
Andar Macau Affairs or nearest Congo Embassy in the country of
or by mail - PO Box 1089 Macau SAR residence
(if outside Macau) Provide: Copy of Identity Document
Provide: Residents Macau Resident Identity Card Fee Payable
Non-residents present proof of residence in Macau
(residence permit, Identity permit of non-resident
worker and valid travel documents) Apply Residents in person to
Form further information is available on the Suprema Corte de Justicia (Supreme Court)
following website At Registro Judicial
Fee payable 300 mts sur de la Asamblea Legislativa
Edificio OIJ 3° Piso
Corte Suprema de Justicia
San José
Citizens and Non-citizens over 18 Phone (506) 295 3460
residing in Colombia Provide: proof of identity and/or present passport and
Relevant document – Certificado Judicial complete names of both parents
Apply in person at the regional centres of Fee payable
Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad Non-residents apply in person to the nearest Costa
(DAS) – appointment required, refer to Rica Embassy or Consulate Provide: 2 photos, original of Provide: proof of identity and present passport
Cedula de Ciudadania (citizens only), passport, Fee payable
photocopy of passport ID page
Fee no fee
Relevant document – Citizens and former
Relevant document – ‘Certificate of No Convictions’
residents outside Columbia: Certificado Judicial
(Potvrda o Nekaznjavanju)
Consular Apply For any prior conviction
Apply at the nearest Columbian consulate Ministry of Justice (Ministarstvo Pravosudja)
Provide: a signed application with a photo and Department for Penal Law, Criminal Records
Fingerprints. Fingerprints can be taken by the Section (Uprava za kazneno pravo,
Colombian consulate. Odjel za kaznenu evidenciju)
Fee no fee Savska 41/25 (‘Zagrepcanka’)
Website: applicants can obtain further information 10000 Zagreb
from For any current legal proceedings/charges Municipal Court
at the place of residence (Opcinski Sud)
At Residents directly at the above address in person or by
Residents Non-residents in person or by mail at nearest Croatian
Relevant document - National Police Check Embassy/Consulate
Apply In person Provide: original or certified copy of ID card (Osobna
At the Master of Justice Iskanzica), or passport (Putovnica)
Non-residents apply in person at Master of Justice, Fee payable
nearest Comore Embassy in country of residence Form application form can be downloaded from

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CUBA Northern Cyprus” OR at a Republic of Turkey
Relevant document – Police clearance ‘Certificado overseas mission
de Provide: full name, full names of parents, date and
Antecedentes’ place of birth, passport number and place of
Apply Residents in Ministerio de Justicia issue, ID card number, current and permanent
At Ministerio de Justicia Prado y Carcel addresses, occupation, army number, 2 recent
Provide: proof of identity passport size photos attested by a certifying officer
Non-residents through Cuban Consular Offices or (muktar), reason for request. A letter from DIAC must
Consultoria Juridica Internacional or through giving be provided to the client advising that a Police
relative or friend in Cuba written authority Clearance Certificate is required from the “Turkish
Provide: evidence of their legal stay (temporary or Republic of Northern Cyprus” Police authorities
definitive) and proof of identity Fee payable
Fee payable Form available from the local police office OR from
a Republic of Turkey overseas mission.
Relevant document - Police Clearance CZECH REPUBLIC
Apply Residents in person at the local police station Relevant Document – Police clearance certificate
Non-residents by mail to the Police Headquarters in (Zadost o vypis z rejstriku trestu)
Nicosia, Cyprus OR at a Republic of Cyprus overseas Apply Residents Applications for an excerpt from
mission the Penal Register can be filed with a local authority, a
Provide: For citizens of the Republic of Cyprus full municipal authority, a city authority, a district authority
name, full names of parents, date and place of birth, or local authority in the capital city of Prague, or in
passport number and place of issue, Republic of territorially segmented statutory cities by the city office
Cyprus ID card number, current and permanent or the city section office, which keeps the register or at
address, reason for request, 2 current passport size the Penal Register in Prague 4, Soudní 1 (Pražského
photos which have been certified by an authorised povstání metro station on the “C” line), at the branch
person office of the Penal Register in Brno, Husova 15
For citizens of a foreign country full name, full (building of Regional Court Brno), at the branch office
names of parents, date and place of birth, passport of the Penal Register in Ostrava, Sokolská třída 16
number and place of issue as well as the A.R.C (building B of Regional Court Ostrava), at the branch
number of the “Alien Book” OR the "Temporary office of the Penal Register in Plzeň, Stehlíkova
Residence" slip OR the “M.P” number stamped in the 3/1148 (building of District Court Plzeň - sever) and at
passport, current and permanent address, reason for the branch office of the Penal Register in Karlovy
request, 2 current passport size photos which have Vary, Moskevská 17 (building of District Court Karlovy
been certified by an authorised person. A letter from Vary).
DIAC must be provided to the client advising that a Note Authority may be given to another person to
Police Clearance Certificate is required from the act on applicant’s behalf
Republic of Cyprus Police authorities. Apply Non residents nearest Czech diplomatic
Form “Criminal Record Application” available from: mission, in person or authority may be given to another person to act on applicant’s behalf
Fee Payable (please confirm fee with the Republic Provide: Residents Czech ID or birth certificate
of Cyprus Police Authorities) Non residents passport or original birth certificate
accompanied by a Czech translation
CYPRUS Fee payable
Form see above
Processing time 1 day to 3 weeks
Relevant document – ‘Police Clearance’ (form P.19) Website: portal.justice.cz
Apply Residents In person to the local police station
Non-Residents in person at an overseas
representative office of the “Turkish Republic of

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 10

Relevant document – Crime Certificate (Straffeattest) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Apply Residents the local Police Station Apply Residents in person
Non-residents in person or by mail to At Regional Police Office or Police Headquarters
Rigspolitiet, IT og Tele Policia Nacional
Kriminalregisteret Leopold Navarro No. 1
Postboks 93 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
DK - 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark Phone 809 221 2151
Requests may also be faxed to: 46 33 14 76 Non-residents contact the Policia Nacional for instructions
Non-citizen applicants apply to: Provide: cedula, valid passport, two passport-sized
Domhuset Nytorv photographs
1450 Copenhagen K Foreign residents and former residents should provide a
resident card and a copy of their passport
Fee payable
Provide: written and signed request together with
copy of passport, birth certificate, Central Person
Register number (CPR), non-citizen applicants provide EAST TIMOR
details of passport identification and Danish visa Relevant document – Police clearance
pages. At Office of Civil Registrations
Website: Direcao Nacional dos Registos e do Notariado Registo
Criminal (Criminal Registry) Ministerio da Justica
DJIBOUTI (Ministry of Justice) Dili, East Timor
Provide: 2 x passport size photos; civil birth
Apply Police certificates are issued by the Tribunal
de Djibouti
passport; Timor Leste ID card (for citizens)
Provide: Residents completed application form,
Forms available from Office of Civil Registrations
required fee and National ID card
Fee Nil
Foreign nationals or Non-residents
Note applicants may also be asked to provide a
completed application form, required fee,
letter from the Chief of the applicant's village to
Passport/National ID card and Proof of legal
confirm their identity and residence
residence in Djibouti
At Ministere de l’Interieur
BCN – Interpol Djibouti ECUADOR
B.P. 4239 Relevant document – Certificado de Antecedentes
Djibouti Personales
Citizens and non-citizens (over 18years of age)
DOMINICA residing in Ecuador
Apply in person through Policia Nacional del
Relevant document – Certificate of No Criminal
Ecuador Direccion Nacional de la Policia Nacional
Record (Certificado de No Antecedentes Policiales)
At Jefaturas y Subjefaturas Provinciales de la
Apply Residents and non-residents
Policia Judicial
At Criminal Investigations Department
Provide: Cedula de Identidad (ID) or passport, a
Police Headquarters
passport size photo
Reseau, Dominica
Fee payable
Phone 809 448 2222
Citizens (over 18 years of age) not residing in
Provide: passport, all previous names used, current
and previous places of residence two photographs, full
Apply through the nearest Ecuadorian Consulate
set of fingerprints taken by a recognised police
At Agregaduria de Policia (if available in the
authority (for non-residents)
Note Certificates may need to be released directly
Provide: Cedula de Identidad (ID), passport
to the Australian office or post Note Ecuadorians residing outside Ecuador can
Fee payable authorise a relative to obtain the certificate. They need to

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 11

provide their ID (cedula) as proof of relationship. This form ERITREA
may be issued at a cost of US$17.00 payable at Puente Apply Residents
Portete Y Avenida Barcelona S/N, in Guayaquil, or at the
Criminal Investigation Department
Office of Archivo Central (Police central archive) located at
Ave. Cuenca and Mideros St. in Quito. No certificates are Crime Record Office
obtainable for foreigners who reside in or have resided in PO Box 1223
Ecuador. Asmara, Eritrea
Non-residents nearest Eritrean mission
EGYPT Provide: full set of fingerprints, certified copy of
Relevant document – a ‘Certificate of Criminal passport or ID, passport photos
Status’ Fee payable
Apply Residents Ministry of Interior Comments: Eriterean nationals, no longer resident in
At the local Police Station (will forward to Eritrea, are required to provide evidence confirming
Department of Criminal Investigations, Cairo) they departed the country legally in order to obtain a
Non-residents Egyptian Embassy or Consulate, in police certificate.
Provide: fingerprints from local police ESTONIA
Fee payable Relevant document – Resident citizens ‘Criminal
Form can be bought and stamp duty paid at post Record Check’
offices in Egypt Apply in person, by mail or e-mail
At Karistusregister
(Criminal Records Register)
Relevant document – Good Conduct Certificate
(Estonian Police Board)
(Solvencia de la PolicÍa)
Pärnu mnt 139
Apply in person to the
15060 Tallinn, Estonia
Director General of National Police
Phone: 612 3468
At Cuartel Central San Salvador
Provide: Residents identity card (cedula),
fingerprints taken at the local police station, Fee payable (see website)
4 identical passport-size, full-face
photographs and one (1) of a side profile.
Non-residents should give a power of ETHIOPIA
attorney to a Salvadoran resident Relevant document – Police certificate
Provide: original documents (Salvadoran birth Apply Citizens and non-citizens residing in
certificate, cedula and passport), photographs to the Ethiopia for 6 months or longer –
nearest Salvadoran Embassy or Consulate, where Ethopian Federal Commission Forensic
fingerprints will be taken. Documents can then be Investigation Department
forwarded by applicant to Salvadoran resident PO Box 199
Fee payable Addis Ababa
Phone 251-115-512744
Provide: Citizens residing in Ethiopia – 2 passport
Residents and Non-residents size photos, copies of any passport, national identity
Relevant document – Police Certificate
cards and correspondence from the office requesting
Apply in person
the clearance papers
At Director General De Seguridad Nacional
Citizens not residing in Ethiopia –
Avenida De La Independencia Malabo
original fingerprints document from the police authority
Provide: Residence Permit and passport ID photo
in resident country, copies of relevant passport pages
Fee Nil

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 12

correspondence from the office requesting the Apply Residents and Non-Residents by mail to
clearance papers Casier Judiciaire National
At 107 rue du Landreau
FIJI 44317 Nantes Cedex 3
Relevant document – ‘Police Clearance Certificate’ (Note: French citizens born in France or in the
Apply Residents in person to territories may apply directly at
Central Police Station
Joske Street, Suva Provide: hand written signed letter indicating
Non-residents by mail to residential address, photocopy of an identity document
Commissioner of Police in French. For French Nationals applying by mail, it is
GPO Box 239, Suva, Fiji
recommended to provide a copy of civil service (piece
Provide: A letter from the departmental office/post
processing your application requesting the penal clearance; d’etat civil)
a passport sized photo; original or certified copy of Birth Note French Nationals born in France or a DOM
Certificate may apply on the internet. If born in a French
and/or certified copy of passport bio data page territory, contact the ‘tribunal d’instance’ in
Residents Clients who have lodged at the Australian High your country of birth
Commission obtain form “A” at that office. Clients who have Form not compulsory, providing letter of request
lodged an application at another DIAC office should contact indicates residential address. See also
the Central Police Station – Suva.
Fee payable
Form Clients who have lodged at the Australian High
Commission obtain form “A” at that office. Clients who have
lodged an application at another DIAC office should contact Non-French citizens and French citizens
the Central Police Station – Suva. born outside French Guyana
Apply by mail to
FINLAND Casier Judiciaire National
Relevant document – ‘Extract from Criminal Records’ At 107 rue du Landreau
(Rikosrekisteriote) 44079 Nantes Cedex 01
Apply by mail , fax or email to France
Legal Register Centre Provide: proof of identity or residence status in
At PO Box 157 country (photocopy of passport or identity
13101 Hameenlinna card and ‘Carte de Sejour’)
Phone +358 (0) 10 36 65 662 Form ‘Request for a bulletin no 3’ (Demande de B3)
Fax +358 (0) 10 36 65 783 French citizens born in French Guyana
E-mail Apply by mail to Tribunal de Grande Instance de
Website: Cayenne
Provide: reason for check, for which country and At Avenue General de Gaulle
language of extract, Finnish security code 97300 Cayenne
(henkilotunnus), full name (including Provide: identification – full name, date and place
maiden/previously used names) date and place (city of birth, current address and full names of parents
and country) of birth, citizenship, signature and return Form ‘Request for a bulletin no 3’ (Demande de B3)
mailing address
Applications can be lodged by mail, fax or e-email. FRENCH POLYNESIA
Forms can be downloaded from website in English. Relevant document – ‘Extract from Police records’
Fee payable (currently EUR 60.60) Extract costs (Extrait du Casier Judiciaire)
EUR 10.00 Non-French citizens and French
citizens born outside French Polynesia
FRANCE Apply by mail to
Relevant document – ‘Extract from Police records’ Casier Judiciaire National
(Extrait du Casier Judiciaire nº 3) 107 rue du Landreau
or through the internet at the

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 13

website - GERMANY
At 44079 Nantes Cedex 01 Relevant document – Residents –
France the ‘Police Good Conduct Certificate’
Provide: proof of identity or residence status in (Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis)
country (photocopy of passport or identity card and Apply in person to the local registration office
‘Carte de Sejour’) (Einwohnermeldeamt) with personal ID card or
Fee payable passport
Form ‘Request for a bulletin no 3’ (Demande de B3) At town/city of residence
French citizens born in French Polynesia Fee payable (currently EUR 13)
Apply in person or by mail to Relevant document – Non-residents –
Greffier en chef de la cour the ‘Police Good Conduct Certificate’ (Polizeiliches
At Cour D’Appel du Führungszeugnis)
Tribunal de Tahiti German citizens or former residents
B.P. 101 outside Germany
Papeete Apply nearest German Embassy/Consulate
Fee payable or directly by mail (not fax) to
Form ‘Request for a bulletin no 3’ (Demande de B3) Bundesamt für Justiz
Sachgebiet IV 21/IR
FUTUNA ISLAND 53094 Bonn, Germany
(See WALLIS & FUTUNA ISLANDS) Provide: full personal details and signature officially
witnessed by a German diplomatic or consular
mission, foreign government agency or a Notary
GAMBIA Public. Alternatively, enclose an officially certified copy
Apply Ministry of Justice of passport or ID card containing personal details. The
At Banjul certificate will be issued in German only
Provide: Local residents: fingerprints, which can be Fee payable (currently EUR 13)
taken at the local police station. Overseas requests: Website:
Fee payable
Relevant document – Police clearance certificate
GABON Apply Residents in person
Relevant document – Police Clearance Certificate Non-residents by mail to
Apply Residents in person Commissioner of Police
At any Judicial Court in their place of birth or Ghana Police Service (Headquarters)
nearest Gabon Embassy in the country of residence Criminal Investigation Department
Provide: birth certificate, passport. At PO Box 505
Fee Nil Accra, Ghana
Provide: a certified set of the applicant’s fingerprints
GEORGIA taken by a recognised police department in resident
Apply Residents Information Centre of country, 3 passport sized photos, completed
Ministry of Interior application form, certified copy of passport. A refugee
At 10 General Gia Gulua Street can apply for a Ghana police certificate. The applicant
Tbilisi 380014 must provide the UNHCR identification with/in lieu of a
Phone (995 32) 996233 passport
Fax (995 32) 931617 Fee payable
Non-residents to nearest Consulate of
Provide: request letter from the department

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 14

GREECE Website:
Relevant document – ‘Penal Certificate for General Fee payable
Apply Residents of Greece (including non GUAM
Greek citizens) in person at any KEP (Client Service Relevant document – ‘Court Record Clearance’
Centre) or by phone to KEP on 1502 Apply Residents to the Local Police authority
Non-citizens living in Athens can also apply in Non-residents Superior Court of Guam
person at the Minstry of Justice Records Division
96 Mesogion Street At 120 W O’Brien Drive
Athens, 11527 Hagatna 96 910
Provide: Identity Card for Greek citizens or Provide: name, date of birth, social security number
passport/resident permit for foreigners Fee payable
Apply Non-residents in person at a Greek
Embassy/Consulate GUATEMALA
Provide: Identity Card or passport Relevant document –
(1) ‘Police Clearance’, (‘Antecedentes Policiacos’)
GRENADA available from National Police, and
Apply Residents in person (2) Penal clearance ‘Antecedentes Penales’
At Criminal Records Office (indicating whether judicial process underway
Police Headquarters or outstanding) from Supreme Court)
St Georges, GRENADA Apply (1) Secretaria de la PolicÍa Nacional
Phone 809 440 2823 (2) Corte Supreme de Justicia, in person
Non-residents to the Commissioner of Police at Certificates may be issued to a third party in
address above possession of written authorisation from the
Provide: Residents 2 passport-sized photographs applicant
Non-residents 2 passport-sized photographs, full set At (1) Guatemala City, or Regional Headquarters
of fingerprints taken by a recognised police authority, (Jefatura Nacional) National Police (PolicÍa
details of periods of residency, previous addresses Nacional), in capital of relevant province
Fee payable (2) National Supreme Court,
Guatemala City
GUADELOUPE Provide: (1) national ID card (cedula de vecindad) or
passport, 2 sheets of stamped legal paper
Relevant document - Extrait de casier judiciare
(papel sellado)
Apply Residents French citizens born in
(2) national ID or passport
Guadaloupe may request the certificate
Fee payable
At Tribunal de Grande Instance de Basse-
Boulevard Felix et Boe GUINEA
97109 Basse Terre Apply Guinean citizens resident in Guinea should
OR apply to their local police station
Tribunal de Grande Instance de Pointe-Pitre There are no established procedures for
Place Gourbeyre non-citizens to obtain a police certificate
97110 Pointe-a-Pitre from Guinea
Non-residents Non-French citizens and French
citizens born outside Guadaloupe should apply by mail GUINEA - BISSAU
requesting a Bulletin no. 3 Apply Ministry of Justice
At Casier Judiciare National At Bissau
107 rue de Landreau
F-44079 Nantes Cedex 1

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GUYANA request form’ (Hátósagi Erkölcsi Bizonyítvány Kérolap)
Apply Residents in person to Police Headquarters from any post office
At Eve Leary Kingston Non-residents complete application form at the
Georgetown (Clearance Office) foreign mission for forwarding on to the appropriate
Provide: right thumbprint and 3 photographs (taken authorities
at the time of application)
Fee payable ICELAND
Relevant document – Crime Certificate (Sakavottord)
HAITI Apply Residents and non-residents in person
Apply Certificate Records Office in Reykjavik:
At Police Headquarters Borgartun 7b, 150 Reykjavik, Iceland
Port-au-Prince Tel. + 354 444 1000 (switchboard)
Provide: photocopied pages of passport and birth Outside Reykjavik:
certificate extract, a set of fingerprints and 3 District Commission’s offices (Syslumadur)
photographs Fee (currently) – ISK 1.350,00
Fee payable Apply Non-residents by mail to:
Prosecutor General
HONDURAS (Sakaskra Rikisins)
At Hverfisgata 6, IS – 150 Reykjavik, Iceland
Residents – ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ (Certificado
Fee payable
de Buena Conducta)
Apply in person to the National Bureau of
Investigations (Direccion Nacional de Investigaciones), INDIA
At Tegucigalpa Relevant document – ‘Police Clearance Certificate’
Provide: passport residence book (carnet de Apply Citizens Regional Passport Office in person
residencia), certificates from Honduran ‘Ministerio de Resident non-citizens in person at the Ministry of
Gobernacion y Inmigracion’ Home Affairs of their state
Non-citizen married to a Honduran Non-residents (citizens) nearest Indian High
marriage certificate, birth certificates of Honduran Commission or Consulate or Embassy in country of
children, letters of employment/study, one (1) photo residence
7.5 x 9 cm, fingerprints taken Non-residents (other national) in writing with
Fee payable relevant information concerning the stay period
(address/time spent) along with personal particulars
HUNGARY and reason for the
issuance of PCC to Foreigners Division, Ministry of
Relevant document – ‘Police Penal Certificate’
Home Affairs, Jaisalmer House, Mansingh Road, New
(Hatósági Erkölcsi Bizonyítvány)
Delhi. Non-residents can also obtain a Police
Apply Residents Ministry of the Interior
Clearance Certificate from Senior Superintendent of
Police (SSP) if there is no FRRO office in their location
Non-residents Hungarian foreign mission, or
At Foreigners Division
authorise a family member to apply on applicant’s
Ministry of Home Affairs
behalf. Post application form by registered mail to:
Jaisalmer House
At Belügyminisztérium
26 Mansingh Road (opposite Taj Mansingh
PO Box 1943
Hotel) New Delhi – 110 001
Phone 91-011-23389517 / 23385741
Provide: ID number, full names (current and
Or at Foreigner Regional Registration Office
previous), date and place of birth, mother’s
East Block VIII
maiden name, permanent address
Level II
Fee payable
R.K. Puram, Sector-1
Form Residents obtain a ‘Police penal certificate

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 16

New Delhi – 110 022 Phone 91-011- IRAN
26711443 Relevant document – ‘Penal Certificate’
Form depends on the office conducting the Apply Residents in person to nearest “Police+10’
check/producing the certificate station or Criminal records Division of the Public and
Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office,
INDONESIA At: Dadsary-e Omunmi va Enghelab-e Tehran/Edarey-
Relevant document – ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ e-Kol-e-Sejel-e-Keyfari va Af-e-Bakhshoudegi
Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian (SKCK) Non-residents to Iranian Embassy in country of
Citizen residents (and citizen nonresidents residence (Embassy will forward request to Iranian
if they maintain their Kartu Tanda Penduduk, citizen MFA for PR&AD), or to Interpol in country of residence
non-residents without KTP follow procedures for non- (that
citizens) agency will forward request to Interpol Tehran)
Apply Local District OR Police Headquarters (Mabes Provide: 2 photographs and ID card issued by the
POLRI) General Department of Civil Status and Census
Non-citizens Badan Intelijen Keamanan registration. Personal details and fingerprints for
Mabes Polri Interpol.
Building D, Room 1013 Fee payable
At Jln Trunojoyo No 3
Kebayoran Baru IRELAND
Jakarta Selatan Relevant document – Police Certificate of Character
12110 Apply Residents in person
Phone 021 7218270 or 7398181 At local Garda Station at place of residence.
Provide: Citizen residents (and citizen nonresidents Garda Headquarters can provide contact details for
if they maintain their Kartu Tanda Penduduk) a local Garda Stations
recommendation letter from the sub-district police Apply Non-residents by mail
officer, resident identification card (KTP), birth At Write to Superintendent in charge of district
certificate, family card, photocopy of passport covering the area of your principal place of former
(including bio-data), 2 colour photos 4cm x 6cm and residence in Ireland.
for persons still studying, a permission letter from their Website:
Non-citizens resident in Indonesia 4 months or ISRAEL
longer – letter of application, photocopy of passport Relevant document – ‘Certificate Attesting
(including biodata page and page(s) containing the Existence/Non-Existence of a Criminal Record’
Indonesian (Teudat Hameidah Al Rishoum/Header Rishoum Plili)
visa and arrival/departure stamps), photocopy of Apply Residents any police station
Indonesian residence permit – Karta Izin Tinggal Non-residents nearest Israeli diplomatic/consular
Terbatas (KITAS), photocopy of Indonesian police mission, in person
registration certificate – Surat Keterangan Lapor Diri Provide: Citizens provide identity card or passport
(SKLD), reference letter from company where person Form an application form must be completed by
worked (optional) and 2 colour photos (4 cm X 6 cm) the applicant at the police station/Israeli
Fee payable diplomatic/consular mission
Form obtained from the police office Note Police Certificates will be provided directly to
Tourists: Not normally registered with police the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv for on-forwarding
and cannot obtain clearance to the relevant departmental processing office in
Refugees: Apply through UNHCR Jakarta Australia. Police certificates received at the Australian
Embassy in Tel Aviv will be forwarded to the relevant
processing office in Australia on request from the
processing office in Australia through the internal
departmental ICSE referrals system. Police certificates
will not be provided directly to applicants

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 17

PALESTINIANS RESIDENT IN SELF can only issue the certificate if the applicant
GOVERNMENT RULE AREAS is resident in that country
Non-residents in a county with no Cote
Relevant document – ‘Police certificate’
d'Ivoire Embassy or Consulate will be
Apply Director of Police
unable to obtain a police certificate
Gaza (for Gaza Strip)
Jericho (for West Bank)
At Central Police Stations in major cities JAMAICA
Provide: Residents ID or passport and 2 passport Apply Residents in person
size photos At Ministry of National Security
Non-residents (via relatives/friends/contacts) Mutual Life Building – North Tower
2 photos, copy of travel documents, list of work/home 2 Oxford Road
addresses and Power of Attorney giving the Kingston 5 JAMAICA
relatives/friends/contacts authority to apply Applicants will be issued a receipt, which they
for the certificate must then bring to:
Non-resident non-citizens (via friends/contacts 2 The Criminal Records Office
passport size photos certified, copy of travel Police Certificate Section
documents, list of work/home addresses and Power of 34 Duke Street
Attorney giving the relatives/friends authority to apply Kingston JAMAICA
for the certificate Non-residents by mail
Fee payable At Jamaica Constabulary Force
Form letter of application Criminal Investigations Branch
Criminal Records Office
ITALY 34 Duke Street
Kingston JAMAICA
Relevant document – (1) ‘General Penal Certificate’
Phone 876 922 3221 or 876 922 0125
(Certificato Generale del Casellario
Provide: Two recent passport sized photographs, one
of which must be notarised, Date and place of
(2) ‘Solicitor General’s Certificate of Pending
birth, Maiden name (if applicable), Addresses
Charges’ (Certificato dei Carichi Pendenti
where you resided in Jamaica, Name and
della Procura)
address of Australian office or post to which
Apply (1) provincial criminal records office
the certificate should be sent
(Casellario giudiziale)
Note Certificates may need to be released directly
(2) Solicitor General’s office (Procura). Both
to the Australian office or post
certificates can be obtained in person, or
Fee payable
through an authorised friend, relative or
services agency in Italy, or through the
nearest Italian diplomatic/consular authority JAPAN
At place of residence Relevant document – Police Clearance Certificate
Provide: identity documents and a statement (Tokou Shoumei)
authorising any third party to apply for the Apply Residents Tokyo Public Safety Division,
certificate Metropolitan Police Department
Fee payable At 2-1-1, Kasumigaseki
Other cities
Apply Residents at their local police station
At each prefectural Police Office
Non-residents in a country in which
Non-residents in person at Japanese Embassy or
there is a Cote d'Ivoire Embassy or
Consulate can approach the Embassy or
Provide: Family register (Japanese citizens) or
Consulate who will issue them a police
passport and alien registration card (for non Japanese
certificate. Note: The Embassy or Consulate
citizens), residential certificate, official seal, letter from

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 18

the visa processing office, fingerprints (taken where KENYA
you apply for Police Clearance Certificate). Applicants Relevant document – Kenya Certificate of
should lodge their visa application first, then obtain a Good Conduct
letter of authority from the department in order to apply Apply Director of Criminal Investigations
for the certificate. Department
Applicants residing in Australia who want a Japan At PO Box 30036
police clearance need to lodge their application then Nairobi
obtain a letter of authority from the department for the Kenya
clearance. The letter can then be used to obtain the Provide: full set of fingerprints taken at any police
police clearance station in the current country of residence.
Fee payable at some prefectures in Japan Kenyan citizens must provide their National ID card
Form obtained when applying and non-citizens must provide evidence of their legal residence in the country.
Fee payable
Relevant document – Penal Clearance/ KIRIBATI
Non-Conviction Certificate Relevant document – Police Clearance Certificate
Apply inside Jordan in person (applicant should (CB Form 16)
apply in person to get the Non-Conviction Certificate Apply using form 80
from Ministry of Justice. No one can apply on behalf of At the department office/post processing
the applicant) your application
Provide: full name, date of birth, place of birth, Form form 80 from the department or website
parents’ names, fingerprints.
Citizens identity documents (ID, passport)
Non-Citizens identity documents (ID, passport) and
Resident Permit
Fee payable KOREA)
Form obtained on application Relevant Document - Criminal History Information
Time frame: same day Record (CHIR)
Non-residents Applicants can obtain a Non- Apply Residents (both Korean citizens and non-
Conviction Certificate from outside Jordan through any citizens) apply for Criminal History Information Record
Jordanian Embassy abroad by providing the (CHIR).
documents described above. This process could take At The nearest police station
up to 2 months. Non-residents (both Korean citizens and non-
citizens) request a Criminal History Information Record
Apply Residents to Centre of Legal Statistic and At the nearest Korean consulate or Embassy,
Information General Public Prosecutor’s office Provide: Korean identification card or Foreign
At any regional city registration card (residents); copy of passport (non-
Non-residents to (nearest) Consulate of Kazakhstan residents)
providing evidence that the applicant lived in Note When the CHIR is submitted to DIAC it should
Kazakhstan, full explanation of reasons for living in be accompanied by an official English translation.
Kazakhstan. Address of registration, names of
organisations where the applicant worked or studied KOSOVO
and the applicant’s maiden name (if changed) Relevant document – Police Certificate
Fee payable Apply Residents
In person at local police station
Form available at any police station in Kosovo
Fee payable

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 19

Non-citizens the Village Office needs to be aware of
KUWAIT your residence. If you have not already informed the
village Chief you may be required to have your
Relevant document – ‘Criminal Status Certificate’
address certified. Without the village office being
Apply Residents in person to Ministry of Interior
aware of your presence (current or past) in their
At General Department of Criminal Evidence
village, the penal certificate cannot be issued. Take
your Lao ID card and passport and ask the village
Non-residents to nearest Kuwait Embassy. A further
chief to sign and stamp the form. Lodge the completed
option is to provide power of attorney to a relative or
form at the People’s Supreme Court.
former employer’s Public Relations Officer to lodge an
Fee Payable
application on your behalf with the Kuwaiti
Note The penal certificate is usually issued within a
Ministry of Interior, General Department of
Criminal Evidence in Kuwait
Provide: Residents letter from Australian Embassy,
passport or identity card and one copy, 2 photos 4 x LATVIA
6cm Relevant document – ‘Criminal History Check’
Non-residents documentation required must be Apply Resident citizens in person to
confirmed with local authorities Ministry of Interior Information Centre
Bruninieku Street 72b
Relevant document – ‘Police certificate’
Phone +371 67208 219
Apply Residents in person or by mail to
Fax: +371 67208219
Information Centre
Apply Non-residents as above or at the nearest
Ministry of Interior
Latvian Embassy/Consulate.
At Frunze Street 469
Applications may be lodged in person or by fax,
Bishkek 720011
however the Certificate can only be received in
Phone (+996312) 667054, 662450, 662331
Non-residents as above or to nearest
Kyrgyzstan Consulate
(Consulate nearest Australia is Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia LEBANON
Phone (00603) 21632012 Relevant document – ‘Non-Conviction Certificate’
Fax (00603) 21632024 Apply Residents in person
Provide: written request with full name, nationality, At Beirut Furn El Chebbak Police Station
passport No, period of stay, purpose and address in (Beirut)
Kyrgzystan, as well as passport or copy. Tripoli El Tal Police Station (North Lebanon)
Fee payable Zahle Zahle Police Station, Serail (Bekaa)
Nabatieh Nabatieh Police Station, Serail (South
LAOS Lebanon)
Saida Sahet Saida Police Station, Serail (South
Relevant document – Penal Certificate
Apply in person or by family/friends
Or in person at any Liban Post office in Lebanon
Form Collect from the People’s Supreme Court:
Fee there is a charge levied. In addition to
KM3 Tha deua Road, Sisattanak District,
standard charge Liban Post impose an additional
service fee
At take the completed form to your Village Office
Apply Non-residents to nearest Embassy of
with two passport sized photographs. Citizens take
Lebanon/Consulate General
your Lao Family Book and ask the Village Chief to sign
Provide: residents and non-residents are required to
and stamp the form. Lodge the completed form at the
provide their ID or their passport
People’s Supreme Court.
Processing time
Residents on the spot

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 20

Non-residents 15 days LITHUANIA
Relevant document – Resident citizens – Data
LESOTHO record
Apply Commissioner of Police Apply the Ministry of Internal Affairs
(Attention: Criminal Records Bureau) Information Service (Informatikos tarnyba)
Police Headquarters At Sverentagio g. 2
At Maseru LT 01510 Vilnius
Provide: personal details of residence and Phone (+370) 5 271 7177
employment in Lesotho, and photographs. Fingerprints
may subsequently be requested LUXEMBOURG
Fee payable
Relevant document – ‘Penal Certificate’ (Bulletin No.
3 [Extrait du Casier Judiciaire])
LIBERIA Apply in person or by mail to
Non-residents can seek assistance from Palais de Justice
their local Liberian Embassy or Consulate in At 18 Cote d’Eich
obtaining a police certificate L-1450 Luxembourg
Provide: Certified copy of passport bio-data page, Provide: a letter requesting the document giving
certified copy of evidence of legal residence in Liberia, reason for request, photocopy of passport or identity
fingerprints taken at a local police station in the current card
country of residence (this will need to include
information relating to the applicant’s personal details
a passport sized photograph) and required fee REPUBLIC OF
(payable at the Liberian Embassy/Consulate). The Relevant document – ‘Certificate’ (Uverenie)
Liberian Embassy or Consulate will then forward the Apply Residents in person to the Municipal Court
request to the relevant government authority in Liberia. At place of residence
Non-residents – Macedonian diplomatic missions or
family may apply on the applicant’s behalf
Provide: ID card or passport
Relevant document – Residents –
Fee payable
‘Anthropometrical Record’
Form obtained on application
Apply in person to Police Station
At Citizens area of residence
Non-citizens Police headquarters, Tripoli MADAGASCAR
Provide: completed application form and birth Relevant document – Police Certificate
certificate or passport Apply Residents in person
At Judicial court in their area
Provide: Valid passport
Non-residents: Police Certificate issued to non
Relevant document – Extract from the Police
residents who stayed in the country for 10 years and
(Gesuch um Strafregisterauszug)
Provide: Valid passport and residence permit
Apply in person
Form: Obtained on application
Fürstlich Liechtensteinisches Landgericht
Fee Payable
At Spaniergasse 1
9490 Vaduz FL
Fee payable (currently CHF 9) MALAWI
Website: Residents and Non-residents
Apply In person
At National Police Headquarters
Lilongwe MALAWI

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 21

Attention: Superintendent Chiumbudzo Maldives Police Service
National Police Headquarters At Shaheed Hussain Adam Building
Private Bag 305 Boduthakurufaanu Magu
Capital City Male, Republic of Maldives
Lilongwe 3 Or submitted to
MALAWI Provide: Residents to provide an authenticated copy
Tel: 265 179 6333 of passport, recent passport sized photograph
Fax: 265 179 797979 (applicants are requested to submit a photo with a
Provide: certified copy of passport, set of fingerprints white background), an authenticated copy of national
taken and certified at local police station and covering identity card and a letter from the Department of
letter requesting police clearance certificate. Registration or Driving License
Fee US$20.00 Non-residents (work permit holders and dependants)
to provide an authenticated copy of passport and work
MALAYSIA permit card (if a dependant, a copy of dependant’s
Relevant document – Certificate of Good Conduct card is required along with the original visa holder’s
Apply Residents Consular Division, passport copy), recent passport sized photograph
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (applicants are requested to submit a photo with a
Malaysia white background), a
At Wisma Putra letter from their employer on original letterhead and
No 1, Jalan Wisma Putra original stamp stating the employment period in
Precinct 2 Maldives
62602 Putrajaya Phone + 960 3322112 (Ext. 3733)
Malaysia Note If applicants require Police Certificate to be
Phone (603) 88874000 posted directly to them, they are requested to submit a
Provide: 2 copies of Certificate of Good Conduct stamped self-addressed envelope with the application.
form; 2 passport sized photos; 2 photocopies of If the certificate is to be collected by a person on
Identification Card; 2 photocopies of passport (non- behalf of the applicant the name of the person should
citizens must photocopy all pages); a stamped self- be mentioned in the fourth section of the application
addressed envelope; an introduction letter from form.
employer (non-citizens only) and a signed statutory Incomplete applications may delay the processing of
declaration attested by a Commissioner for Oaths (for Police Certificates
Apply Non-residents apply at the Malaysian MALI
Embassy or High Commission in their country of Non-residents can apply to through a close family
residence member still resident in Mali:
Provide: 2 copies of Certificate of Good Conduct M Baba TRAORA
form; 2 passport size photos; 2 photocopies of Greffier en chef a la cour d’appel de Bamako
Identification Card; 2 photocopies of passport (non- Quartier Banankabougou
citizens must photocopy all pages); a stamped, self- or
addressed envelope; an introduction letter from are advised to contact their nearest Embassy or
employer (non-citizens only) and a signed statutory Consulate as they cannot obtain a police certificate
declaration attested by a Commissioner for Oaths (for directly from Mali.
Malaysians), Citizens can obtain a Casier Judiciare from the court
Website: of the city where the applicant was born.
Relevant document – Conduct Certificate/
Certifikat Ta’Kondotta
Relevant document – Police clearance certificate Apply in person
Apply Bureau of Criminal Records

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 22

At General Police Headquarters, Floriana At Jules Koenig Street
Provide: If the certificate is required for Malta or any Port Louis
European country, provide ID card ONLY. If the Provide: birth certificate, ID Card, marriage certificate
certificate is required for a country other than Malta or and fingerprints if non-resident
a European country, provide a valid passport. If Fee payable
applying from outside Malta provide a copy of valid
passport biodata page, and a fee of EURO 2.33 either MAYOTTE
by money order or by cheque made payable to Non-French citizens and French citizens born
Commissioner of Police. outside Mayotte
Note: A certificate may be collected by a close Relevant document – Extract from Police records
relative on behalf of an applicant who lives outside (Extrait du Casier Judiciaire)
Malta. The applicant should give a letter of Apply by mail to
authorisation addressed to Secretariat Office, General Casier Judiciare National
Police, Headquarters, Floriana to the relative. The At 107 rue du Landreau
relative will also need to present their ID Card 44079 Nantes Cedex 01
Fee payable France
Provide: identification
MARSHALL ISLANDS Forms ‘Request for a bulletin No 3’ (Demande de B3)
Relevant document – ‘Police certificate’ French citizens born on Mayotte
Apply Police Commissioner Apply in person or by mail to
At Department of Public Safety Tribunal de Premiere Instance de
PO Box 1222 Mamoudzou,
Majuro At B.P. 106
Marshall Islands MH 96960 97600 Mayotte
Phone (692) 625 4049, Fax (692) 625 5134 Provide: identification
MARTINIQUE Form ‘Request for a Bulletin no 3’
(Demande de B3)
Relevant document - Extrait de casier judiciare
Apply Residents French citizens born in Martinique
may request the certificate MEXICO
At B.P. 633 Relevant document – Certificate of Non-Criminal
97200 Fort de France Record (Certificado de No Antecedentes
Non-residents Non-French citizens and French Apply Mexican citizens resident in Mexico and
citizens born outside Guadaloupe should apply by mail Non-Mexican citizens in person or by power of
requesting a Bulletin no. 3 attorney
At Casier Judiciare National At Secretaría de Seguridad Pública
107 rue de Landreau Dirección General de Prevención y
F-44079 Nantes Cedex 1 Readaptación Social
France Atención Oficialia de Partes
Website: Coordinación de Archivo Nacional de
Fee payable Sentenciados
Londres No. 102 Col. Juárez
MAURITIUS Delegación Cuauhtémoc
Relevant document – Residents – Certificate from Cp 06600 México D.F.
the Director of Public Prosecutions, previously called Working hours 10:00 to 15:00 Monday to Friday
‘Certificate of Morality’ (Certificat de Moralit´e) Mexican citizens outside Mexico to:
Secretaría de Seguridad Pública Dirección General
Apply in person or by mail (or a close family
de Prevención y Readaptación Social Atención
member can apply on the applicant’s behalf) to Oficialia de partes Coordinación de Archivo Nacional
Director of Public Prosecutions, de Sentenciados

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 23

Londres No. 102 Col. Juárez Form standard application form
Delegación Cuauhtémoc Fee payable
Cp 06600 México D.F.
Working hours 10:00 a 15:00 Monday to Friday
Provide: Letter signed by the applicant, specifying MONACO
and detailing where you have been living after you Relevant document – Extract from Police Records
turned 18. (Extrait du Casier Judiciaire)
Copy of your birth certificate Apply applicants should contact the Palais de
Copy of any of the following documents: voter card –
IFE, passport, military discharge papers Justice prior to lodging a request in person or by mail
Copy of any proof of address, for example: telephone to Greffe Generale
or electricity bill At Palais de Justice
Who can pick up my Police check? 5, Rue Colonel Bellando de Castro
The applicant. If you are not in Mexico City any family MC 98015 Monaco Cedex
member or friend can request the Police check with Phone (+377) 93 15 8400
your written authorisation (original). This authorisation Provide: written request giving personal details
does not have to be notarised. including father’s name, mother’s maiden
Provide: full personal details, official ID (passport, and given names, plus
Birth certificate, Mexican voter’s card, Mexican Military Residents photocopy of ID card
Service Certificate), 3 full front view and 3 full right Resident non-citizens photocopy of both sides of
profile pictures, a full set of fingerprints, obtained at residence card
the local police station. The certificate will be issued Non-residents written request should
in Spanish only. indicate dates of residence
Fee payable Fee payable


Relevant document – ‘Police Clearance’ Apply Residents and non-residents
Apply in person or by mail to At Criminal Investigation Department
Chief of Police Police Headquarters
At Pohnpei State PO Box 177
Kolonia Plymouth Montserrat
Provide: full name, date of birth, present and previous Phone 809 491 2555
addresses, social security number Provide: photocopy of passport or birth certificate, set
Non-citizens passport and entry permit number of fingerprints, previous names used, 4 passport-sized
Fee payable photographs
Form obtained from checking officer at Police Note Certificates may need to be released directly
Station to the Australian office or post. If a person has lived in
more than one state you need more than one police
MOLDOVA clearance (one for each state).
Relevant document – ‘Police certificate’ Fee payable
Apply Residents, non-residents in person or by
mail (resident relatives of non-residents can apply on MONTENEGRO, REPUBLIC OF
their behalf) to Administration of Information Relevant document – Certificate (Uverenje)
Ministry of Interior Apply Residents Ministry of Internal Affairs (police
At Shtefan Chel Mare Ave 75 station)
Chisinau 2012 Non-residents Montenegro Embassy, in person
Phone (103732) 255517, 255852 At place of residence
Fax (103732) 226639 Form obtained at time of application
Provide: passport or certified copy, proxy for a Fee payable
relative, full name, patronymic surname, maiden
name, date and place of birth, reason certificate
required and language of wording

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 24

MOROCCO Windhoek 9000
Relevant document – Police Clearance (Fiches Phone 061-220296/7/8
Anthropometriques) Provide: certified copy of ID or passport, request letter
Citizens (resident and non-resident) and applicant must be fingerprinted at nearest police
Apply Monsieur le President du Tribunal de station.Fingerprints taken by a police officer.
Premier Instant Fee payable
At place of birth
Resident non-citizens NAURU
Apply to Service Centrale Relevant document – ‘National Police certificate’
At Casier Judicale Apply to Commissioner of Police
Rabat At Data Office
Non-resident non-citizens Nauru Police Force
Apply to nearest Moroccan Embassy/Consulate Civic Centre
Non-resident non-citizen in Australia Aiwo District Republic of Nauru
Apply to Moroccan Consulate Provide: applicant’s full name (including any previous
(in person or by phone) names they were known by), date of birth, sex, current
At Unit 2/11 West Street mailing address and addressesof former places of
North Sydney residence, contact details, copy of passport and/or any
Phone (02) 9922 4999 document that shows applicants date of birth and full
Provide: National ID Card (citizens), photocopy of name.
passport, birth certificate, details of period of stay, Fee AUD20 is payable in cash to the Revenue
place of work and residence in Morocco (non- office at Government offices, Yaren District.
MYANMAR (BURMA) Apply Citizen in person or in writing to
(See BURMA) Verification Section
Crime Investigation Department
MOZAMBIQUE Police Headquarters
Residents and Non-residents Naxal Kathmandu
Apply In person Resident non-citizen can request their embassy to
At Dept of Immigration Maputo write to
Provide: full name (including former name(s) if Interpol Section
applicable), date and place of birth, passport Police Headquarters
number, period of residence in Mozambique, Naxal
a set of fingerprints and 3 photographs. Phone +977-1-4412602 or 4420538 on
Fee payable, application will take 3 to 5 working their behalf
days Non-residents by next of kin to the Verification
Section, with a copy of passport and page with
departure stamp from Nepal or apply to nearest
NAMIBIA Nepalese overseas
Residents and Non-residents mission – mission forwards correspondence to Police
Relevant document – ‘Police Clearance’ Headquarters, Kathmandu
Apply by mail to Inspector General of Police, or Forms from Police Headquarters Department, Naxal
Applicant can also submit the request with the Provide: copy of citizenship certificate, passport and
documents to the nearest Namibian Embassy 3 passport size photos
At Private Bag 12024
Windhoek 9000 or send the Physical Address
Attention: Fingerprints Office
Cnr Jan Jonker & Lazarat Strett

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 25

NETHERLANDS ANTILLES Provide: identification
Apply Lieutenant-Governor Form ‘Request for a bulletin No 3’ (Demande de
of the Island of Curacao B3).
At Netherlands Antilles French citizens born in New Caledonia
Provide: full name, date and place of birth, Apply in person or by mail to Tribunal Civil
nationality, profession, name of last employer in At B.P. F4
Netherlands Antilles, dates of arrival and departure Noumea Cedex
from Provide: identification
Netherlands Antilles Form Request for a bulletin No 3 (Demande de B3)
Fee payable
NETHERLANDS, THE Apply Privacy Unit
Relevant document – ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ Ministry of Justice
Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag (VOG) National Office
Apply Residents at the Population Affairs PO Box 2750
Department (Burgerzaken/Publiekszaken) of Wellington
the municipality where you are registered Provide: Applications must be made using form F1
Non-residents directly at and the request must be for a Full Record of
COVOG Convictions (you must tick the Full Record of
PO Box 16115 Convictions box on form F1). Forms can be obtained
2500 BC Den Haag, Netherlands from either:
Provide: application form (downloadable from – www.Ministry of Justice
website) and valid ID document (eg. passport) – the Ministry of Justice at the above address
Note the application form for the VOG contains – by phoning +64 4 9188800
sections that need to be completed by the organisation – by fax + 64 4 9188974
that is asking you to provide the certificate. Before
submitting your application form to the municipality or NICARAGUA
COVOG, you therefore need to send the form to your Relevant document – ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’
nearest Australian Embassy/ visa office for Apply in person to Central Police Archives Territorial
completion. Please include a stamped and self- section of local police in area of applicant’s residence
addressed envelope for the return of the application Provide: identification and fingerprints
Fee currently EUR 30.05 (please check website) Fee payable
Website: further information can be obtained at: (also available in English) NIGERIA
Contact: COVOG (Central Body Certificate of Good
Relevant document – ‘Police Character Certificate’
Apply in person or by mail to:
Phone +31 (0)70 - 370 7234
The Public Relations Officer
Zone 7 Police Command Headquarters
NEW CALEDONIA Abuja, Nigeria
Non-French citizens and French Provide: Residents application and fingerprint form
citizens born outside New Caledonia (including full set of fingerprints) obtainable from local
Relevant document – ‘Extract from Police records’ police station, and 4 passport photographs
(Extrait du Casier Judiciaire) Non-residents a covering letter formally requesting a
Apply by mail to Casier Judiciaire National or Nigerian Police Clearance or alternatively a copy of
through the internet at the website the department’s letter addressed to the applicant requesting that a police clearance from Nigeria be
At 107 rue du Landreau provided, 4 x passport size photographs, copy of
44079 Nantes Cedex 01 - FRANCE

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 26

passport (bio-page and entry and departure stamps PAKISTAN
from Nigeria, and Nigerian visas or evidence of lawful Relevant document – ‘Police certificate’
stay if not a Nigerian national), and full set of Apply in person or by mail
fingerprints taken by the police in country of current Citizens and resident non-citizensDistrict
residence Superintendent of Police
Fee Western Union bank draft for the amount of Non-citizen non-residents nearest Pakistan mission
USD10.00 made payable to Police Command At according to place of (former) residence
Headquarters Provide: Citizens ID card
Resident non-citizens residence permit
NORWAY Non-resident non-citizens details of addresses and
Relevant document – ‘Transcript from Police periods of residence
Records’ Form obtained at local police station. If not
(Politiattest) available, letter may be accepted
Apply in person or by mail to your local police station
or complete an electronic request form on the internet PANAMA
at Apply in person to El Departamento Nacional de
Provide: purpose of applying for the transcript, a copy Investigaciones,
of your birth certificate, personal ID number, date of Non-residents who have a relative (up to fourth
birth, driver’s licence, bank card, passport or other ID degree) living in Panama should arrange power of
papers attorney for that person to request and obtain the
Fee payable certificate on their
OMAN At Ave 5a No 10-45
Relevant document – ‘Clearance Certificate’ Panama City
Apply Residents Royal Oman Police at place of Provide: full name, nationality, sex, date of birth,
residence reason for requesting certificate and (for non-citizens)
Non-residents applicants who wish to obtain a police date of entry into Panama
clearance from the Sultanate of Oman should fulfil the Fee payable
following requirements and post to the Consulate-
General of the Sultanate of Oman in Melbourne or the PAPUA NEW GUINEA
nearest Omani Embassy Relevant document – Police Character Check form
Provide: – a letter of request or
– 4 passport size photos (colour and recent) Overseas Character Check form
– original fingerprints from each finger on both hands, Apply Residents apply directly to:
then a print of all fingers on the one hand at the same Police Headquarters
time for bothhands. Fingerprints can be obtained from Konedobu, Port Moresby
local police, which later has to be authenticated from Non-Residents apply to:
the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and National Criminal Records Office
Trade Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary
(DFAT) in one of the capital cities of the Australian At PO Box 85 Konedobu NCD
States Port Moresby PNG
– a copy of your passport including a copy of the visa Fee payable
page Form Police Character Check form and Overseas
– enclose a pre-paid self-addressed return envelope Character Check form available from either Police
– enclose a ‘Registered Post International’ envelope Headquarters, the National Criminal Records Office or
B4 (353 x 250 mm) the Australian High Commission, Port Moresby.
– enclose US$10 (only US dollars are acceptable) Instructions are included on the form
Note please allow the process to take some time

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 27

PARAGUAY Provide: Residents the completed application form,
Relevant document – ‘Certificado de Antecedentes’ fingerprints and a photograph must be taken to the
Apply Residents in person to the Departamento de nearest office of the NBI
Identificaciones Non-residents return completed application and
Av. Boggiani y Ri 2, Ytororo, fingerprints to the NBI with the fee plus return postage
Villa Aurelia, Asuncion (stamped self addressed envelope or money). The
Provide: ID-cedula application should show the certificate is required for
Fee payable entry to Australia
Apply Non-residents Complete Form 80 Fee payable
(including ID number) to the DIAC Processing Office. At Main office address:
Provide: must provide completed Form 80 (including NBI Building, Taft Avenue, Ermita,
ID number) to DIAC Processing Office. Manila, Philippines 1000
Form Form 80 available from the department or Phone Trunkline: 523-8231 to 38
Website: Fax 526-1216, 523-7414

Relevant document – ‘Certificado de Antecedentes Relevant document – ‘Criminal Record Inquiry’
Policiales’ (Zapytanie o Karalnosc – Zapytanie o
Apply Residents in person providing current udzielenie Informacji o Osobie)
documentation – see Apply in person or by mail to
Non-residents can authorise a friend/relative in Peru Ministry of Justice
to present all the necessary documentation. The (Centralny rejestr skazanych CRS)
friend/relative must coordinate the provision of At ul, Zwyciezcow 34
documentation and forms with the requesting 03 – 938 Warszawa
individual who must have information stamped and Provide: full name, date and place of birth, current
legalised by the Peruvian Consulate in their country of residential address and occupation details. At point 12
residence. If the requesting individual does not have you must request a check in box 1, 2 (if under 16
any relatives or friends in Peru they can request a years of age) and 3. At point 13, you must indicate ‘full
penal clearance through the Peruvian Consulate in range’
their country of residence Fee payable
At Sede Central de la División Central de Form application forms can be obtained directly
Identificación Policial de la Dirección de from the CRS, Polish Ministry of Justice website
Criminalística PNP Avenida Aramburú 550, or from the Australian Embassy
Surquillo, Lima Warsaw along with a covering letter
Phone 222 7364 for the Dependencia Policial PNP
in provincial areas PORTUGAL
Fee payable Relevant document – Criminal Record Certificate
(certificado do registo criminal)
PHILIPPINES, THE Apply Residents in person to General Department
Relevant document – ‘NBI Clearance’ for Justice Administration (Direcção Geralda
Apply National Bureau of Investigations (NBI) Administração da Justiça – DGAJ). Other offices of the
Residents: in person DGAJ at Coimbra and Porto, in judicial courts or
Non-residents by mail or through municipal chambers for those in rural localities
Philippine Consulate For a complete list of NBI Non-residents by mail to Department for Criminal
Regional/ Identification Services (Direcção Serviços de
District/Satellite Offices, visit the website Identificação Criminal) At Avenida 5 de Outubro, 125
Form available from NBI offices and Philippine 1069-044 Lisboa
consulates Portugal
Phone 351 21 790 6200

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 28

Fax 351 21 790 6460 Provide: proof of identity or resident status in country
Provide: Residents and Non-residents (photocopy of passport or identity card and ‘Carte de
Identification card and passport Sejour’)
Email Form ‘Request for a Bulletin no 3’ (Demande de B3)
Fee payable ROMANIA
Relevant document – ‘Certificate of Police Clearance’
PUERTO RICO (Certificat de Cazier Judiciar)
Relevant Document - Certificado de Antecedentes Apply in person or, if non-resident, through an
Penales authorised person to the Ministry of Interior,
Apply Residents and non-residents to At General Inspector of Police
Negociado de Antecedentes Penales Convictions Register,
PO Box 70166, San Juan, PR 00936-8166 at place of birth or residence
Attention: Ruben Morales Fee payable
Form by email from the Ottawa Contact Centre at Form obtainable on application
by telephone on 1 905 280 1437
Relevant document – ‘Police certificate’
Fee payable
Apply Residents to main Information Centre for
Ministry of Interior
QATAR Novocheryomushinskaya Street 67
Relevant document – Residents – ‘Police Clearance Moscow
Certificate’ Phone (095) 3323058, 3323029,
Apply in person or by mail to Non-residents may approach nearest Russian
Ministry of Interior Mission, OR Ministry of Foreign Affairs of one’s home
Public Security General Administration country, OR Overseas Mission in their own country
Criminal Evidence Information Department (who will then approach Russian MFA). If in Australia,
At PO Box 6797, Doha apply to the Russian Consulate in Sydney, phone 02
Relevant document – Non-residents – ‘Certificate 93261188, 02 93261866, or Embassy in Canberra 02
of Good Conduct’ 62959474). For Georgian nationals in Georgia, apply
Apply in person to the Ministry of Justice In Georgia.
At any Qatari Embassy Provide: passport, application, non-residents also
Provide: a set of fingerprints taken by local police or any evidence of residence in Russian Federation, the
law enforcement agency and attested by the Ministry applicable visa and reason for stay
of Foreign Affairs in country of current residence, 4 Fee payable
passport size photos, copy of applicant’s current
passport, copy of applicant’s passport which held the RWANDA
most recent residence permit, letter addressed to the
Relevant document – Police Certificate
Qatari Ambassador explaining the reason for obtaining
Apply Residents Police Department in local
the certificate and a copy of a police clearance
district OR
certificate from home country of nationality
Department of Police
Fee payable
Ministry of Local Government
PO Box 3445
REUNION Kigali, Rwanda
Apply by mail to Non-residents Ministry of Justice letter signed by
Casier Judiciaire National nearest Rwandese Embassy representative enclosing
At 107 rue du Landreau a power of attorney for a Rwanda citizen to collect
44079 Nantes Cedex 01

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 29

Non-resident/non-citizen apply by letter from Ministry Provide: Iqama, letter from Australian Embassy
of Justice signed in the Rwandese Embassy in Riyadh, 2 passport size photos, fingerprints
residence country (obtainable at Police Department)
Phone 250 85406 Forms instructions on how to seek a supporting letter
Provide: certificate of identity, 2 passport photos, from the Australian Embassy Riyadh are provided directly
identification card, passport to the applicant by the case officer. A fee is payable to the
Non-residents/non-citizens should also provide service Australian Embassy Riyadh (Department of Foreign Affairs
and Trade)
or residence visa and work permit
Fee payable
Fee payable Note Non-residents – once a person has left Saudi
Arabia no procedures exist to obtain a Certificate
Apply by mail or fax to SENEGAL
Department of Public Safety Apply Ministry of Justice
Government of American Samoa At Dakar
PO Box 1086 Fee payable
Pago Pago
American Samoa 96799 USA
Phone 684 633 1111
Fax 684 633 7296 Relevant document – Certificate (Uverenje)
Apply Residents
Provide: Full Name, Passport number, Birth
Certificate, Sex and Place of Birth Ministry of Internal Affairs (police station)
Fee Payment should be in US$ in cash or by Non-residents
money order. The certificate will be issued in the Serbian Embassy, in person
form of an abstract from the police record, and will At place of residence
be sent to you. Form obtained at time of application
Fee payable
Web site: www.American Samoa Government
Relevant document – Police clearance certificate
Apply Police, Prisons and Fire Services
Apply by mail to Commisioner of Police
At Criminal Registration Office
At Seychelles Police
PO Box 53
Police Headquarters
PO Box 46
Form To be collected from the Australian Embassy
Republic of Seychelles
Provide: identity card with the application
Provide: certified copy of birth certificate and
Fee payable
one passport size photograph.
Fee payable
SAN MARINO Apply Residents can obtain a police certificate
Apply as for ITALY from the Criminal Investigation Headquarters in
SAUDI ARABIA Non-residents can either contact relatives or friends
in Sierra Leone to assist in obtaining the certificate or
Relevant document – Current Residents – ‘No
approach the nearest Sierra Leone Embassy or
Previous Conviction Certificate’
Consulate abroad
Apply in person to Police General Headquarters or
Provide: fingerprints including the whole hand taken
Police Quarters in the area of residence in Saudi
from a police station in the country of residence,
written request outlining the reason for obtaining the
police certificate, certified copy of passport bio-data

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 30

certified copy of passport pages showing legal status Processing time 1-3 days if lodged in Slovak
and visa in Sierra Leone and required fee Republic
Fee payable Website: Slovak)

Relevant document – ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ Relevant document – ‘Certificate of No Convictions’
Apply CNCC Office (Potrdilo o nekaznovanju)
At Criminal Investigations Department Apply in person, by mail or fax to the
Block D, Ministry of Justice
#02-01A Police Cantonment Complex At Zupanciceva 3
391 New Bridge Road 1000 Ljubljana
Singapore 088762 Phone (386) 1 3695200
Phone (65) 64358275/7 (direct lines) Provide: Document/certificate of identity and reason
Website: for request
Provide: 2 recent passport photos, current and past Fee nil
international passports/travel documents showing Processing time 3 days
immigration endorsements (to allow computation of Form available at Ministry of Justice or website
period stayed in Singapore), (Slovenian)
Citizens Singapore NRIC, valid exit permit/exemption
certificate issued by CMPB, MINDEF for male SOLOMON ISLANDS
Singaporeans liable for National Service Relevant document – ‘Police Clearance Certificate’
Non-citizens Singapore work pass, Singapore Apply Central Police Station
Permanent Residence pass or evidence of authority to Att: Forensic Officer
reside in Singapore At PO Box G3
Fee payable (see www.spf-cert for details) Honiara
Residents – payment using NETS, Cashcard, Credit Provide: fingerprints
Cards - Visa or Mastercard only Fee payable at the Ministry of Finance and
Non-residents – Payment using bankdraft/cheque Treasury. Receipt to be handed in at the Central
only Police Station for processing of Police Clearance
Processing time - 2-3 weeks Certificate.
Forms available from Form ‘Police consent form and fingerprint form available from the Police Forensic officer at the
or provided by CID on production of request letter Central Police Station.
from Australian Mission or DIAC office.
SLOVAK REPUBLIC Apply Residents and Non-residents by post,
Relevant Document - Police certificate courier service, or by hand to Criminal Records
(Vypis z registra trestov) Centre, (Kriminele Rekord Sentrum)
Apply Residents Public Prosecutor’s At SAPS CRC (for attn: Sub-Section Police
office(Register trestov GP SR) Clearance Certificates)
Non residents nearest Slovak diplomatic mission in Sanlam Plaza West Building
person or by mail 271 Schoeman Street
At Kvetna 13, 814 23 Bratislava 4th Floor Room 421
Provide: Residents Slovak ID or birth certificate Pretoria 0002 or to
Non residents passport or original birth certificate Private Bag X308
accompanied by a Slovak translation Pretoria 0001
Fee payable Note applicants in Australia may also seek
Form available directly at Register trestov GP SR assistance from South African High Commission
or at local prosecutor’s office in town of residence

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 31

Provide: passport photos, full set of fingerprints, 2. if born in St Kitts, birth certificate along with a valid
name, surname, date and place of birth, identity photo ID or passport
number must be recorded on fingerprint form. 3. persons not born in St Kitts or Nevis MUST have a
Fingerprint form cannot be faxed. Applicant must be valid Temporary/Work Permit, letter of employment
fingerprinted at nearest police station. Identity from employer and their passport
document required as proof of identity. Receipt of 4. persons who are married and their passport does
payment must accompany application. Non residents not bear their marriage title must present their
provide South African residence dates and addresses marriage certificate
Fee payable 5. persons who have attained citizenship of St Kitts
and Nevis must present their original certification
SPAIN 6. persons living overseas should provide a letter
Relevant document – ‘Certificado de Antecedentes giving permission to send the certificate to the
Penales’ Australian office or post
Apply Residents in person to the Ministerio de 7. students who are attending schools or colleges in
Justicia or Ministerio del Interior, in most provincial St Kitts or Nevis and are not nationals must present
capitals in Spain their passport and a letter from the school or college
Non-residents using form 80 indicating that they attend the said school or college
At the departmental office/post processing your 8. previous addresses in St Kitts and Nevis (non-
application residents)
Website: or 9. a set of fingerprints taken by a recognised police
Provide: National Identity Document (DNI) or passport authority (non-residents)
Fee nil Fee payable
Form form 80 available from the department or Notes - Certificates may need to be released directly
website to the Australian office or post
- A police certificate is valid for 3 months only.
SRI LANKA - One must be living in St Kitts or Nevis for a period of
6 or more consecutive months in order to obtain a
Relevant document – Police Clearance Certificate
police certificate
Apply Residents – in person or by mail
Police Headquarters, Colombo – 01,
Sri Lanka ST LUCIA
Non-residents – submit form to Sri Lanka Relevant Document – Certificate of character
Embassy/High Commission in country of residence Apply Residents in person
Form available from Sri Lanka Police website At Criminal Records Office Police Headquarters
Fee payable – see Sri Lanka Police website Castries St Lucia
Notes Provide Police Clearance Certificate and Phone 809 452 2855
to the departmental office/post processing your Apply Non residents by mail at the address above
application Provide: application form obtained from address
above (fee payable), two recent passport-sized
ST KITTS AND NEVIS photos, valid photo identification such as a National
Apply Residents and non-residents Identification Card, Driver’s licence or passport,
At Criminal Records Office residency details, a set of fingerprints taken by a
Police Headquarters recognised police authority (non-residents),
Royal St Kitts & Nevis Police Force additional funds to defray postal expenses if certificate
PO Box 189 is to be mailed
Basseterre, ST KITTS Note Certificates may need to be released directly
Phone 809 465 2241 to the Australian office or post
Provide: 1. a certified photograph Fee payable

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 32

Apply Residents and non-residents Relevant document – ‘Extract from Swiss Police
Police Commissioner Records’ (Gesuch um Auszug as dem
Criminal Records Office schweizerischen Strafregister/Demande d’extrait du
Police Headquarters Casier Judiciaire Suisse/Domanda d’estratto del
Kingstown, St Vincent Casellario Giudiziale
Phone 809 456 1810 Svizzero)
Provide: 2 passport-type photographs, valid photo Apply in person
identification (eg passport) a set of fingerprints taken At Schweizerisches Strafregister
by a recognised police authority (non-residents) Dienst für Auszüge an Privatpersonen
Note Certificates may need to be released directly Bundesrain 20
to the Australian office or post CH - 3003 Bern
Fee payable Phone 031 322 46 53
Provide: confirmation of identity (eg. passport or ID
Apply District Governor of Paramaribo Form downloadable from
At Klaina Combeweg
Paramaribo Fee payable (currently CHF 20)
Provide: birth certificate and 2 photographs
Fee payable SYRIA
Relevant document – Residents –
SWAZILAND ‘Extract of Judicial Record’
Apply Commissioner of Police Apply in person to Ministry of Interior,
At PO Box 49 At Interior Services Forces
Mbabane Directorate of Criminal Security Department
Provide: full personal details and a set of fingerprints Criminal Records Branch
certified by local police Judical Records Division
Non-residents – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
SWEDEN Provide: identification – ID card, passport or alien’s
card of residence, proof of civil status
Relevant document – ‘Extract from the criminal
Fee payable
records registry’ for purposes in another country
(utdrag ur, belastnings registret)
Apply by mail or fax to TAIWAN
Rikspolisstyrelsen Relevant document – Police Criminal Record
Kirunaenheten/Utlandsaerenden Certificate
Phone: +0046 (0)8504 45 103 Apply at the Foreign Affairs Division of any city or
Fax: +0046 (0)8504 45 111 provincial police headquarters. These include (but are
At S - 981 81 Kiruna not limited to):
9:00-11:30am and 12:30-2:30 pm weekdays 96 Yen Ping South Road, Taipei
only Phone (02) 23817494
Provide: application form RPS442, certified copy of Kaohsiung
passport or birth certificate showing full name, date 260 Chung Cheng 4th Road, Kaohsiung
and place of birth and personal identification number Phone (07) 2120800
Fee payable Provide: application form and supporting
Form available from website documentation. Visit the Taipei City Police website
or at the nearest police office or an Embassy of (see address below) for current instructions on the
Sweden. supporting documentation required
Form available from the relevant city or provincial

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 33

police headquarters, or from the Taipei City Police Provide: Letter of introduction and explanation as to
website why the Police Certificate is required, an international
Fee payable money order for USD25 made payable to the Director
Website references Taipei City Police (bilingual of Criminal Investigations Department, a certified copy
information, includes internet application of the bio-data page from their passport and certified
facility) fingerprints from a local police station in their country
www.Taipei City Police of residence
Apply Non-residents without a friend/agent in
Taiwan to apply on their behalf can apply by THAILAND
mail to: Apply Police Clearance Service Centre
Foreign Affairs Division At 1st Floor (Building 24)
Taipei City Police Department Royal Thai Police Headquarters
(Police Criminal Record Certificate) Rama 1
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
96 Yanping South Road,
Provide: Resident citizens – passport, Thai ID card,
Jhongjheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan
household registration, evidence of name change,
To apply by mail, applicants should provide the
marriage certificate or divorce certificate (if available),
1. Written statement explaining purpose of the evidence of military service (Sor Dor 9, Sor Dor 8 or
Sor Dor 48 etc.), written request from the embassy of
application. The applicant’s signature on the statement
must be the same as the signature on the applicant’s the country intended to travel, in case of minor, the
parents or the guardian must be present to give
2. Copy of the applicant’s passport bio-data page consent, in case of travelling to work, the agreement
from employer must be provided.
3. Application form (downloaded from the Taipei City
Police website listed above) Resident non-citizens – passport, and a copy,
4. A self-addressed return envelope (pre-paid postage document(s) certifying that the applicant is working,
not required) used to work or residing in Thailand, Thai work permit,
5. US$11 in cash if available
Non-resident citizens –copy of passport, copy of
Thai ID card and house registration, copy of evidence
TADJIKISTAN of name change (if available), copy of marriage or
Relevant document – ‘Police certificate’ (record of divorce certificate (if available), copy of military service
convictions) (Sor Dor 9, Sor Dor 8 or Sor Dor 48 etc.), 2
Apply Residents, non-residents in person or by photographs (1 or 2 inch size), 2 full sets of
mail (resident relatives of non-residents can apply on fingerprints (fingerprints must be taken at local police
their behalf) to: station or Thai Consulate or Thai Embassy in country
Information Administration of of residence). All copies required to be certified. In the
Ministry of Interior case that the applicant required the certificate to be
At Rudaki Street 42 returned via post, please include a self addressed
Dushanbe envelope enclosed with the postage fee (equivalent to
Provide: written statement with the reason for 5 international postage vouchers which can be
request, passport or copy, all personal details, place of purchased at your local office).
residence in Tadjikistan Non-resident non-citizens – copy of passport,
document(s) certifying that applicant is working, used
TANZANIA to work or residing in Thailand, copy of Thai work
Apply Ministry of Public Safety and Security permit (if available), 2 photographs (1 or 2 inch size), 2
At Officer-in-charge full sets of fingerprints (fingerprints must be taken at
Forensic Bureau local police station or Thai Consulate or Thai Embassy
Criminal Investigations Department in country of residence), a self addressed envelope
PO Box 9094 enclosed with the postage fee (equivalent to 5
Dar es Salaam international postage vouchers which can be
Tanzania purchased at your local office).

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 34

Note The Police Clearance Service Centre open:
Monday to Friday from 08:00–16:30 hours TUNISIA
(no lunch break) (closed on public holidays) Relevant document – extract from Judicial Certificate
Phone: +66 (0)2205-2168-9 (Certificat du Casier Judiciaire)
Fax:+66 (0)22051295, (0)22052165 Apply Residents to Ministry of Justice Tribunal in
Internet: area of residence
E-mail: Provide: National Identification Card
Fee nil – processing period is 7 working days Non-residents to nearest Tunisian Embassy to
TOGO complete card number 3
Apply Ministry of Justice
TOGO Relevant document – Resident citizens and
resident non-citizens – ‘Criminal Record’ (Sabika
TONGA Kaydi)
Apply in person or by mail to Officer-In-Charge of Apply in person to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in
Criminal Record (OIC) each city
At Central Police Station Residents of Ankara
PO Box 8 At Ankara Cumhuriyet Bas
Nuku’alofa TONGA Saviciligi
Provide: proof of identity or residence status in the Zemin Kat,
country (certified copy of birth certificate Sihhiye – Ankara
and/or passport) Provide: identity card (name, surname, mother’s
Form Residents obtainable from the name, father’s name, date and place of birth and
Australian High Commission, Nuku’alofa registration details)
Non-residents must write directly to the Officer-In- Fee payable
Charge of Criminal Record to request a certificate Relevant document – Non-residents currently
Fee payable residing in Turkey – Criminal Record in Foreign
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Apply In person to the General Directory of Criminal
Relevant document – Police certificate of character Records and Statistics
Apply Residents in person At Adli Sicil ve Istatistik Genel Mudurlugu
At any police station in the country Tuna Caddesi, No 10
Provide: valid Trinidad and Tobago identification card, Ankara
driver’s permit or passport Provide: identity card (name, surname, mother’s
Apply Non-residents through a representative in the name, father’s name, date and place of birth and
country or by mail registration details)
At Office of the Senior Superintendent Fee payable
Criminal Investigations Department and Relevant document – Non-residents currently
Criminal Records Office residing outside of Turkey – ‘Criminal
Police Headquarters Record’ (Sabika Kaydi)
Corner St Vincent and Sackville Streets Apply Turkish Overseas Mission
Port of Spain, Trinidad Provide: identity card (name, surname, mother’s
Phone 868 627 4140 name, father’s name, date and place of birth and
Provide: a set of fingerprints taken by a recognised police registration details).
authority stamped with the authorised agency’s seal, a copy Fee payable
of your passport showing photograph, passport number,
expiry date, date of birth and signature and MUST be
attached to the fingerprint slip
Fee payable

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 35

TURKMENISTAN Apply Residents to local police departments or
Relevant document – ‘Police certificate’ Administration of Operational Information, Ministry of
Apply Residents Ministry of Interior or local police Interior
departments. At 34T Shevchenko Avenue
Non-residents through proxy to above or to nearest Kiev 01030, or Administration Departments in any
Turkmenistan Consulate regional centre
At country of residence or Moscow consulate Non-residents to nearest Ukrainian Consulate in
(Consulate nearest Australia is India – country of residence, in Australia, Embassy of
Provide: passport or copy, name,(including Ukraine, Canberra phone 02 6230 5789, fax 02 6230
patronymic 7298
name), maiden name, date and place of birth, place of
Relevant document – ‘Criminal Status Certificate’ (or
TURKS & CAICOS ISLAND ‘Criminal Clearance Certificate’ which can be obtained
Apply Residents from the Directorate General for Criminal Security,
At at any police station in the country Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi only)
Non-residents Apply Residents in person to
At Commissioner of Police Dubai
Police Headquarters Ministry of Interior
Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Island Criminal Investigation Affairs
Provide: passport-sized photograph, a letter with Dubai Police General Headquarters
personal particulars (eg name, date and place of birth, PO Box 2533
etc), a set of fingerprints taken by a recognised police Abu Dhabi
authority Ministry of Interior
Fee payable General Police Directorate
Criminal Investigation Section
TUVALU Sharjah
Relevant document – Police Clearance Report Sharjah Police
Apply in person or by mail to Office of the Ministry of Interior
Commissioner of Police, Non-residents at any UAE Embassy
At Funafuti Provide: 2 passport size photos, form to be completed
Provide: full name, citizenship, date of birth and by applicant in person, copy of valid current passport
address in Tuvalu where applicant lives or lived and certified fingerprints form
Fee payable Fee payable
Note Ras Al Kaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and
Ajman: Check with local police department. The Dubai
UGANDA Police have an email address for persons seeking to
Relevant document – Certificate of Good Conduct obtain a penal certificate. This can only be used by
Apply Head of National Bureau of Interpol Uganda current or former residents of Dubai. Please note that
Plot 12, Mabua Road Kampala this applies to Dubai only and not the entire UAE
At PO Box 2973 (Dubai is one of seven separate Emirates that make
Kampala, Uganda up the UAE). E-mail
Provide: if by mail, include 2 passport size photos,
copy of applicant details from passport, fingerprints
from police in country of residence, and required fee
Police certificates are issued by The Association of
Fee payable
Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and cover applicants
Note applicants can obtain further information from
who have lived or currently reside in England, Wales,
email address:
Scotland, the Channel Islands (Guernsey & Jersey),
the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland.

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 36

Relevant document – ACPO Police Certificate. Residents
Apply Application forms and guidance on how to Residents of the USA will need to provide both a
apply for the police certificates for residents and non- Criminal History Record Check (as per the procedures
residents can be located online at above) and also obtain a local police clearance
otherwise contact ACPO directly: document from each city, state or county of residence
Phone 0845 601 3999 in the past 12 months. The type of clearance issued
Email depends on individual state procedures
Forms obtainable online or by contacting ACPO. Relevant document – Clearance Letter/s
Fee payable Apply in person or by mail to city, county or State
Website: Police department, depending on the procedure
For residence in the Falkland Islands used in that state
Relevant document – ‘Royal Falkland Islands Police
– Personnel Vetting’ URUGUAY
For residence in Gibraltar Relevant document – ‘Certificado de Antecedentes
Relevant document – ‘Royal Gibraltar Police – No Judiciales’, legalised by Ministerio de Relaciones
Conviction certificate’ Exteriores, Depto de documentación Consular
Apply Residents in person or by mail to the local Apply Residents in person to Dirección Nacional
police station in the jurisdiction in which you reside, if de Policía
you have lived in another jurisdiction, you should apply Ténica
to the local Guadalupe 1513, esq. Av San Martin,
police station at the last place you resided in that Montevideo or Shopping Tres Cruses,
jurisdiction. local 31, Montevideo
Non-residents apply by mail to the local police station Provide: ID-cedula
at the last place in which you resided in that Fee payable
jurisdiction Apply Non-residents Completed Form 80
Forms obtainable on application At (including ID number) to the DIAC Processing
Fee payable Office.
Provide: must also provide a completed Form 80
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (including ID number) to the DIAC Processing Office.
Non-residents Form Form 80 available from the department or
Relevant document – Criminal History Record Check Website:
Apply Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) UZBEKISTAN
Division Relevant document – ‘Police certificate’ (data of
SCU Mod D-2 existence or absence of conviction)
1000 Custer Hollow Road Apply Residents in person or by mail to:
Clarksburg, West Virginia, 26306 Central Department of Ministry of Interior
Provide: a set of both rolled/inked and plain fingerprint At Radjabi Street 1
impressions placed on a standard paper fingerprint Tashkent 700000
card, satisfactory proof of identity, consisting of full Phone (99871) 2333882
name, date and place of birth, postal address for Non-residents by proxy to above,
return of results. or to nearest Uzbekistan mission (nearest
Non-residents will need to make arrangements for the mission to Australia is Embassy in Indonesia,
return postage of results phone (6221) 5222581/5222635,
Fee payable fax (62-61) 5222582.
Phone 1304 625 5590 – general enquiries Provide: written request should be posted at Menara
Form if a blank fingerprint card cannot be obtained Rajawali, 17th Floor, Mega Kuningan Lot 5.1,
from the local police authority, further information and Jakarta Selatan 12950, addressed to the
blank FBI fingerprint forms are available on Ambassador outlining the purpose of request, and dates/purpose/place of residence in Uzbekistan.

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 37

Forms non-applicable his/her permanent residence or other evidence of the
Fee payable applicant’s (permanent) residential status
Non-Vietnamese citizens – complete a standard
VANUATU application form (provided by the Service of Justice
Apply Commissioner of Police free of charge). Application must be completed fully,
At PO Box 226 clearly and accurately. Enclose with the application a
Port Vila copy of the passport and a copy of the
Provide:full personal details (full names, including permanent/temporary residence Identity Card in
any changes of name, date and place of birth), copy of Vietnam
the applicant’s passport biodata page. At the Service of Justice in your local province.
Non-residents should include in the letter the full There is no central contact point for the Service of
address of the office where the application to enter or Justice; the contact details for the Service of Justice in
stay in Australia was lodged, as police will send details each local province can be found on their individual
direct to the processing office. Provide a copy of the websites. The website of your local province can be
applicant’s passport biodata page. found by searching for "Sở Tư Pháp" and the name of
Fee payable your local province.
Power of Attorney Vietnamese citizens residing in
Apply as for ITALY – Power of Attorney must be certified by the People’s
Committee at the Ward/Village level, where the
VENEZUELA primary applicants or the authorised recipients reside
Relevant document – ‘Certificado de Antecedentes Vietnamese citizens residing overseas
Penales’ – Power of Attorney must be certified by the
Apply Residents request penal clearance certificate Diplomatic Missions (Embassy, Consulate, High
by writing a letter directed to the Viceministro de Commission, etc.) of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Seguridad Juridica del Ministerio del Interior y Justicia in that country
indicating the date and reason for the request, Non-Vietnamese citizens who have left
attaching a photocopy of their Identity Card. The Vietnam – Power of Attorney must be certified by the
request can be made by the individual person but appropriate authorities of their home country and must
must be made in the name of the Australian Embassy be verified/stamped by Vietnamese Consular Officials
due to the fact that these certificates must be issued in accordance with the Vietnamese law and
only to public authorities regulations
Non-residents must appoint a relative or friend to act At The appropriate Service of Justice Office for
on their behalf. your circumstances, as outlined below.
At Viceministro de Seguridad Juridica del Vietnamese citizens residing in Vietnam – lodge
Ministerio del Interior y Justicia applications for Judicial Curriculum Vitae at the
Fee payableMore info at: Service of Justice of the City/Province where they reside
Vietnamese citizens residing overseas
VIETNAM – lodge applications with the Service for Justice of the
Relevant document – Judicial Curriculum Vitae last City/Province where they resided permanently
Apply Vietnamese citizens/residents – before departure from Vietnam
complete a standard application form (Don xin cap Non-Vietnamese citizens residing in Vietnam –
Phieu Ly Lich T Pháp – provided by the Service of lodge with the Service of Justice of the City/Province
Justice free of charge). Application must be where they stay
completed fully, clearly Non-Vietnamese citizens who have left
and accurately. Submit with the application a copy of Vietnam – lodge applications with the Service for
the Vietnamese National Identity Card and a copy of Justice of the last City/Province where they resided
the Household Registration where the applicant before departure from Vietnam
registers Time – 12 working days for Vietnamese citizens

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 38

permanently residing in Vietnam YEMEN
– 26 working days for Vietnamese citizens residing No established procedures exist for former residents
overseas and non-Vietnamese citizens residing in of Yemen to obtain a penal clearance
– maximum of 45 days for non-Vietnamese citizens ZAMBIA
residing overseas
Relevant document – ‘Police Clearance Certificate’
Fee VND 100,000.00/time/person
Apply in person or by mail to Zambia Police
Note There is no central contact point for the
Headquarters, Office of the Inspector-General,
Service of Justice; the contact details for the Service
At PO Box 50104
of Justice in each local province can be found on their
individual websites. The website of each province can
Provide: identification
be found by searching for "Sở Tu Pháp" and the name
Non-residents a standard fingerprinting form of an
of your local province.
overseas country must be used and signed by the
police officer taking fingerprints. An application must
VIRGIN ISLANDS (BRITISH) accompany the form stating that the applicant needs
Apply in person or by mail to a‘Police Clearance Certificate’
Police Headquarters
Tortola, BVI
Apply Residents Criminal Records Office
Phone 809 494 3822
At CID Headquarters
Provide: Residents valid passport and written
PO Box CY 683
request from Australian office or post for the police
Causeway Harare
Non-residents certified copies of the first 5 pages of
passport and written request from Australian office or
At nearest Zimbabwean Embassy or Consulate,
post for the police certificate
or to PO Box 8125
Causeway Harare
WALLIS & FUTUNA ISLANDS Provide: full name, date and place of birth, any
Non-French citizens and French citizens born previous names, and dates and addresses of
outside Wallis and Futuna Islands residence in Zimbabwe
Relevant document – ‘Extract from Police records’ Fee payable
(Extrait du Casier Judiciaire)
Apply by mail to 20 Casier Judiciaire National or
through the internet at the website
At 107 rue du Landreau
44079 Nantes Cedex 01 - FRANCE
Provide : proof of identity or resident status in Wallis
(photocopy of passport or identity card and ‘Carte de
Sejour’). Form – ‘Request for a bulletin No 3’
(Demande de B3)
French citizens born on Wallis and Futuna islands
Apply in person or by mail to
Greffier en chef de la cour
At B.P. 12
Mata Utu
98600 Uve
Provide: identification
Form ‘Demande de B3’ (request for a bulletin
No 3)

© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 2010 (Design date 06/10) – Page 39